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playing for keeps

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when jeongguk wakes and wanders into the kitchen, the apartment is already filled with noise. he grumbles as he searches for something to eat, checking the time to see it’s already past noon; he’s only slightly hungover from the drinking he did last night, but he still didn’t get enough sleep and the noise in the apartment is still too much. he could get angry, but he already knows who it is—his brother, who is also jeongguk’s roommate.

and his brother’s best friend—min yoongi. and jeongguk can’t get mad at yoongi, because jeongguk has feelings for yoongi and in his ever-present quest to convince yoongi to like him back, he’s trying to be as nice as possible.

key word being trying. the problem is that yoongi doesn’t like him back, at least not like that. he treats jeongguk like a younger brother, or merely the younger brother of his best friend. he still sees jeongguk as a kid despite the fact that he’s twenty now and more than capable of being good for yoongi. jeongguk would treat him right, take him out on dates and spoil him, buy him whatever he wanted. he’d say sweet things and kiss him so gently. he’d play yoongi’s favourite video games with him, replacing his brother. that’s what they’re doing now, after all: playing video games in the living room, making too much noise.

jeongguk wanders into the room after finding a carton of orange juice to serve as his breakfast. he regards the heads of his brother and yoongi over the back of the sofa, and merely the sight of yoongi fills him with both longing and something darker: frustration. he’s liked yoongi for the majority of his life, since they were kids and yoongi came over for the first time to play with jeongguk’s brother. it’s stupid that yoongi won’t even give him the time of day now, even after jeongguk has proven to be a good friend, a good person for years.

he’s helped take care of yoongi when he’s drunk or hungover, has cooked for him, has helped him when he’s sick. yoongi is always over at the apartment, after all. jeongguk has seen him in every state, has stood by his side through everything as a silent support, sometimes even more than his own brother, yoongi’s supposed best friend.

but here yoongi is, not even paying attention to him.

it’s fucking annoying. that should be jeongguk playing games with yoongi. as much as jeongguk likes him, wants to take him out on dates and kiss him silly, he’s grown increasingly frustrated over recent months when yoongi hasn’t paid him much more attention than any one of jeongguk’s other friends. he doesn’t know what else to do to make yoongi notice him. he doesn’t know what to do to be given what he rightfully believes should be his.

and because he’s hungover and grumpy and upset with yoongi, he decides that maybe being nice isn’t the way to capture yoongi’s affection. he’s heard yoongi talking about the guys he dates, always complaining that they’re not nice guys. he’s heard yoongi brag about the guys he fucks, about how sometimes they’re mean to him, how sometimes he gets off on that. and jeongguk shouldn’t have been listening to those conversations to begin with, but what yoongi doesn’t know he knows won’t hurt.

so he snaps, “can you two shut the fuck up?”

both of them turn to look at him over the sofa, his brother’s expression one of offense at the words, and yoongi’s of surprise.

“i was sleeping,” adds jeongguk.

“it’s two in the fucking afternoon,” says his brother. “we can’t accommodate for you when you’re not even sticking to a normal human schedule.”

“i’m paying rent, too,” snaps jeongguk. “you could at least let me live here without aggravating me.”

jeongguk’s brother deems the conversation useless and scoffs, turning back to the screen. but yoongi looks at him for moments longer, holding his gaze with something apologetic in his eyes. “sorry, gguk,” he says. “we’ll be quieter from now on.”

again, that ache resounds within him. yoongi is just so lovely. jeongguk wants him to be his, wants to have that smile all the time. but being caring and kind has never worked out for him, so he has to change his tactics. he takes a few steps forward so he can see yoongi more fully, particularly what he’s wearing—as expected, it’s not much. another problem with yoongi being over all the time is that he tends to wear much less clothing than is good for jeongguk’s health. although he bundles up when he goes outside, yoongi sheds his clothes the moment he’s behind closed doors, often wearing basketball shorts that show off his legs and thin shirts or sweatshirts that ride up when he raises his arms.

the very sight of yoongi’s soft, thin legs has jeongguk swallowing tightly. so maybe it’s not just about wanting to date yoongi, to be sweet to him. maybe yoongi has been the object of jeongguk’s sexual fantasies since he even knew what sexual fantasies were, imagining yoongi sucking him off, imagining yoongi between his legs. he doesn’t have much of a preference either way, as long as yoongi is naked and jeongguk gets to touch him, gets to touch those legs and his waist and his perky little ass. as long as he gets to fuck yoongi one way or another.

and that sight, too, has more anger stirring within him. for years, he’s been trying to make advances on yoongi, but worse than being rejected is the fact that yoongi doesn’t even seem to notice any of them. the memory of every single one of those times surfaces against his will, a dark creature stirring within him and causing him to say, “maybe put some more clothes on while you’re at it. wouldn’t want someone to mistaken you for a slut.”

jeongguk,” his brother snaps, but jeongguk is already turning and heading back to his bedroom, feeling worse than before he opened his mouth.


after spending the entire day brooding over the botched morning, jeongguk decides he needs something to take his mind off of yoongi. he’s done well enough for years, even if that ache is always deep within him. no matter how many people he fucks or many people fuck him, he still wants yoongi at the end of the day. but at least for a few hours, maybe even a whole night if he’s lucky, he can pretend that it’s not yoongi he wants to be in bed with instead.

he heads out early, drinking enough that he can feel a buzz but not enough for him to stay drunk for longer than a few hours. he doesn’t want to deal with another hangover tomorrow. he goes to a gay club he often frequents, trying to flirt with a few guys he might want to take home, but nothing amounts to more than making out on the dance floor and one sloppy blowjob in the bathroom which isn’t even satisfying since the other guy is drunk off of his ass and his teeth keep grazing jeongguk’s cock.

he gets fed up before he’s able to find someone to take home, and by the time he leaves the club, it’s not even midnight and he’s even angrier than before he arrived, plus he’s not even drunk anymore. jeongguk stews in that anger as he takes a cab home, each little inconvenience on the way only proving to heighten how upset he is. he can’t even pull someone at a fucking bar tonight—and he’s going to blame that on this morning too, because it’s easier.

by the time he gets back to the apartment, he’s about ready to slam his fist through the wall out of frustration. but when he gets inside, flipping on a light, he finds something else instead: a note on the dining room table from his brother saying that he’ll be out of town all weekend for something with work. the apartment is left to jeongguk, which is probably for the best; he’d only pick a fight with his brother right now and he’s sure the frustration will remain for the next few days.

he knows he ought to just go to bed, or at least drink some water and watch a comedy sketch on youtube to try and lift his mood. but then he turns toward the living room and realizes the apartment isn’t empty at all.

min yoongi is sleeping on the sofa.

as always, emotion floods through jeongguk seeing him—but this time, it’s all the frustration and none of the longing. it’s yoongi’s fault that jeongguk was rejected tonight, his fault that jeongguk couldn’t find someone to go home with, because jeongguk is only fixated on yoongi. it’s yoongi’s fault that he’s so upset in the first place, because yoongi won’t pay attention to him. it’s yoongi’s fault that nothing seems to be going right in jeongguk’s life at all, because jeongguk would be much happier and more motivated and more satisfied if he could be with yoongi.

worst of all, it’s yoongi he wants to be with. he doesn’t even care about those guys at the club, the ones that he couldn’t manage to pull. they’re all replacements for yoongi, anyway, and it’s yoongi he imagines when he’s fucking someone else. imagines it’s yoongi’s cock in his mouth, yoongi’s ass in his hands. but it’s never good enough, because it’s not real. because yoongi is never actually there.

but right now—yoongi is here. he’s lying on his stomach on the sofa, those stupid basketball shorts of him riding up to reveal so much of his soft, pale thighs. even his shirt has ridden up to reveal the careful curve of his waist, the dip in his back. jeongguk’s mouth positively waters.

see, it’s yoongi he wants. it’s yoongi he wants to feel, wants to taste. and why shouldn’t jeongguk just have him, now that he has the chance? there’s no one to stop him.

not even yoongi.

jeongguk is quick to shed his coat, approaching the sofa awash only in the light from the kitchen. but it’s enough to see what he wants. making sure that yoongi is deep in sleep and won’t be woken by light touches, jeongguk reaches out for him and gently pulls the back of his shirt up a little more. he bites at his lower lip as he sees the swell of yoongi’s ass through his shorts, and knows that finally he’ll get to see what’s beneath. it’s been a fantasy of his for so long to finally look, to touch. yoongi’s ass and legs have been the object of his fantasies for so long that he practically salivates just imagining what he’ll see.

carefully, he hooks his fingers into the waistband of yoongi’s shorts and the boxers beneath and begins to shimmy them downward. his mouth floods with saliva when the top of yoongi’s ass is revealed, and then when more and more skin is shown as he tugs the material down as much as possible. luckily, yoongi doesn’t wake even when jeongguk has to pull a little harder to slip the material all the way down, even where it’s caught under his weight on the sofa. finally, after an agonizing wait, yoongi’s shorts and boxers have been pulled down past his knees, revealing his perfect ass and thighs.

jeongguk groans, already rubbing a hand over his clothed cock at the very sight. arousal floods him, so heavy that he could come on the spot. yoongi’s ass is so perfect that he can hardly believe he’s finally seeing it with his own eyes; the skin is smooth, a pale colour due to the lack of sunlight it, along with his legs, tends to see. it’s so round, inviting jeongguk to take a bite right out of it, and his thighs are the perfect size; thick enough for jeongguk to have something to hold onto if he were to fuck yoongi but small enough that they’d feel almost fragile in his hands, knowing that yoongi couldn’t necessarily fight against him.

when jeongguk finishes raking his eyes over what he sees, he knows he needs more. he keeps rubbing himself through his jeans until he’s fully hard, cock straining against the material trapping it. it doesn’t take much—but it never does when he thinks of yoongi. now, finally seeing yoongi’s naked body, he imagines spreading that ass and seeing yoongi’s perfect little hole, imagines splitting him open on jeongguk’s cock and pounding into him until he’s crying. he imagines those thighs wrapped around his head, imagines that ass bounding as yoongi rides him, crying out about how good it feels, how big jeongguk is, how he’ll be ruined for any other cock and he only wants jeongguk, wants to be with him forever—

jeongguk bites back a groan, having to remind himself of the present. but finally, he unbuttons his jeans and shucks them, along with his underwear. taking his cock into his hand, he smears the pre-come that has gathered over his shaft to aid in the slide. but just standing next to yoongi and watching him isn’t enough; jeongguk needs to be closer.

carefully, he puts one knee on the edge of the sofa and swings the other over yoongi’s body, sliding it between yoongi’s hip and the sofa. then he sits down on yoongi’s thighs, careful not to make the movement so sudden that yoongi wakes up. but yoongi’s breathing is still deep, no sign of disturbance, and now jeongguk is straddling the back of his legs, yoongi’s ass and thighs right there.

with his cock in hand, jeongguk begins jerking himself off more quickly. he swallows down his moans and panting as he looks down and sees what a sight it makes; his cock only inches away from yoongi’s ass. jeongguk could come all over that ass now, could mark yoongi as his in some primal way. and it might not be enough for yoongi to see the truth, but jeongguk will always know. and that’s what matters, in the end.

moving his hand faster, rougher, jeongguk can’t keep back a moan that leaves him. he wants to feel yoongi clenching around him, wants to know what it feels like to come inside yoongi, to fill him up, to make him his. and suddenly, just looking isn’t enough. not even straddling yoongi’s thighs is enough.

he needs to touch.

again, jeongguk feels saliva flood his mouth as he keeps one hand stroking his cock and uses the other to reach out. he’s thought about this so often—finally getting to touch yoongi, to feel his warm skin, to run a hand over his ass. but no amount of imagination can compare to the real thing. at first, he merely places his hand on the swell of yoongi’s ass, stomach clenching at how big his hand looks against yoongi’s ass cheek. but then he gives it a light squeeze, groaning at how soft and warm the skin is beneath his hand. he kneads yoongi’s ass cheek lightly, not enough to wake yoongi but enough to spur on his own arousal, so much pre-come on his cock that he can hear the slick sounds of his own hand moving.

“god, hyung,” he breathes. “you’re so perfect. so pretty. everything about you is so pretty.” he gets no response, of course, but he’s not looking for one. leaning back a bit, jeongguk slides his hand down yoongi’s ass and to his thighs, squeezing and kneading the flesh there. his thighs are just as smooth and perfect as his ass, tempting and tantalizing. jeongguk can feel himself getting more desperate now, aching with hardness as he slides his hand back up and grasps at one of yoongi’s cheeks, jiggling it and watching how the flesh moves.

fuck,” he breathes, unable to hold back, and then—he spreads yoongi’s ass cheek, cock jerking in his hand when he finally gets a look at yoongi’s hole. it’s a dusty pink and puckered, looks so tight and inviting that jeongguk nearly comes on the spot. he wants so badly to sink a finger into him, to stretch him open and prepare him for jeongguk’s cock. jeongguk knows he’s not the biggest or the thickest, but he knows damn well how to use his cock, knows he could make yoongi feel so good. knows he could make him scream. knows yoongi would come on his cock so many times, would go delirious with it.

jeongguk speeds up his hand, beginning to thrust into his fist as he jerks off to the thought, the fantasies, the sight of yoongi’s perfect body. “wanna fuck you so bad,” he moans. “give you what you deserve, make you feel better than all of those other guys who fuck you.” he smooths his hand over yoongi’s other cheek, kneading the flesh more thoroughly now, sliding his hand up and down to feel all of it, to take all of it in. he begins to forget about holding in his moans, forgets to hold back his panting.

he can’t help it—he spreads yoongi’s cheek again, cock leaking a drop of pre-come directly onto his rim, and jeongguk lets out a choked, “god, f-fuck—” and he’s about to come, he’s going to come all over yoongi’s ass, it’s driving him insane—

and then yoongi wakes up.

jeongguk freezes when he feels movement beneath him, spotting yoongi turning his head as he begins to come into consciousness. yoongi makes a noise in the back of his throat, an unhappy sound at being woken, and jeongguk doesn’t know what the fuck to do. but there’s no way yoongi will go back to sleep; he tries to move his lower half but can’t because jeongguk is sitting on his legs, pinning him to the sofa. jeongguk watches as yoongi’s eyes finally blink open, dazed as he blinks at the dim light spilling in from the kitchen, and he twists around slightly, first becoming aware of the weight on him and then becoming aware that the weight is a person.

“gguk?” asks yoongi, eyebrows furrowed. “what’re you doing?”

jeongguk still hasn’t moved, too paralyzed with fear. he hadn’t thought this through enough when he decided to climb on top of yoongi, but he was so close to getting off and he realizes, with both horror and anger, that yoongi is about to ruin this again. he’s about to reject jeongguk, about to tell him to go away. jeongguk was so close to finally having yoongi and now yoongi is going to ruin it again.

so jeongguk decides he can’t that happen.

“go back to sleep, hyung,” says jeongguk, but then yoongi must be awake enough to see what’s actually happening. his eyes settle on jeongguk’s hard cock and his own bare bottom, gasping with horror when his eyes fly back to jeongguk’s.

“jeongguk!” he snaps. “what are you doing? get off of me!”

jeongguk’s face sets into a hard frown. “no.”

no?” asks yoongi. “seriously, get off. what the fuck do you think you’re—” jeongguk doesn’t give him a chance to continue, upset now that yoongi is getting so angry at him for simply doing what he deserves. because jeongguk does deserve this, after everything he’s suffered through trying to make yoongi notice him. he leans forward, grabbing yoongi’s wrists and pinning them down above yoongi’s head, using his own weight to press against yoongi’s upper thighs and wrists to keep him down.

as expected, yoongi struggles against him. “what the fuck,” he says. “jeongguk, let me go!”

no,” jeongguk growls again. “you ruined it.”

“jeongguk, seriously,” grunts yoongi, trying to twist out of his grip, but jeongguk was right—yoongi isn’t strong enough to break out of his hold, especially when jeongguk is pressing all of his weight down. there’s now a note of true panic in yoongi’s voice, realizing that this isn’t just jeongguk playing some silly prank on him. “you have to let me go. i don’t know what you’re doing but you can’t do this.”

“i’m taking what’s mine,” jeongguk says, pushing yoongi’s hands harder into the sofa cushion. “for years, i’ve been trying to get you to notice me and you don’t even fucking care. so i deserve this. i deserve to have something.

“that’s not how this works,” says yoongi. “look, i’m sorry that i don’t like you the way you want me to, but that doesn’t give you the right to—to—”

“shut the fuck up,” growls jeongguk, switching both of yoongi’s wrists into one of his hands so he can use his other hand to press yoongi’s face into the sofa. he’s turned his head sideways so it doesn’t suffocate him, but yoongi still lets out a cry of surprise. “you say you don’t want this kind of attention from me but you’re always walking around in those little shorts of yours. showing off your legs and ass like the whore you are.”


“i hear you talking to my brother about all the guys you fuck,” says jeongguk. “bet you say that just so i’ll hear and get jealous. i bet you want me to do this. why else would you still be here even when my brother is gone? why else would you fall asleep like this, showing off your body? you wanted me to come home and see you like this and do something about it.”

no,” huffs yoongi, trying again to break free, with no avail. “jeongguk, stop. please just stop.”

hearing him beg ignites something new within jeongguk. he leans over even more, until his mouth is near yoongi’s ear. “you can say what you want, but i know the truth,” he whispers. “i know you want me. i know it doesn’t even have to be me—you’ll take anyone touching you, jerking off to your tight little ass. you’re such a slut, you don’t even care whose cock it is as long as it’s splitting you open.”

yoongi makes a noise of protest, but the very thought has made the arousal grow within jeongguk again. and as much as he wants yoongi, there’s something incredibly hot about imagining yoongi bending over for just about anyone, taking cock after cock until his hole is sloppy and gaping, until there are rivers of strangers’ come leaking down his thighs.

“you like your men bigger and stronger than you, huh?” asks jeongguk. “you like when they hold you down and make you struggle, make you feel small and weak. you like when they don’t give you a choice.” when yoongi opens his mouth, jeongguk shoves his head a little harder into the sofa. “don’t fucking deny it, i hear you talk about them. i hear you talk about what you like. you just want something thick and hot inside of you, just want a big cock to wreck your insides. you want to be leaking come like the little cockslut you really are.”

stop,” yoongi tries again.

“bet you can take more than one,” growls jeongguk, getting hot again at the thought. “bet you like having two in your ass and one in your mouth, bet you let strangers fuck you one after another in club bathrooms or wherever you want. do you fuck your professors, too? is that how you get such good grades, hyung? you just spread your legs for the first man with a cock who can try to satisfy your hunger for come.

“jeongguk, please,” yoongi sobs, voice breaking on the least syllable, and the sound makes jeongguk’s cock twitch. when he tries to lean even closer to yoongi, he realizes that in this position, his cock is rubbing against yoongi’s ass.

the realization has him groaning again, looking down to see where his cock is nestled so nicely against yoongi’s ass. there’s a bead of pre-come on his cock already, threatening to drip onto yoongi’s skin, and jeongguk suddenly knows he needs that, too. he needs this.

experimentally, he grinds against yoongi’s ass. yoongi lets out a cry at that as jeongguk moans, the feeling so heavenly. so he does it again and then again, until he’s worked up a steady pace of rutting his cock against yoongi’s ass.

“fuck,” he sighs. “feels so good, hyung. your ass is so good.”

“jeongguk, please stop this,” yoongi tries again. jeongguk has half a mind to put his fingers in yoongi’s mouth to shut him up, but the sounds of his crying and begging are going straight to jeongguk’s cock and he likes it too much.

“bet you’d feel so good around me,” jeongguk sighs, letting go of yoongi’s head so he can reposition his cock. he nestles it between yoongi’s cheeks, using his hand to trap it there and provide more friction as he continues rutting forward, the new sensation swooping in his stomach. “shit, yeah, wanna fuck you, wanna see you split open on my cock and crying at how good i make you feel. bet your ass would be so tight even though you’re a slut—”

no,” yoongi cries, trying to wiggle out from under him, but all it does is serve to provide even more friction against jeongguk’s cock, pre-come drooling out of his tip as jeongguk fucks between yoongi’s ass in earnest. “please don’t, jeongguk, please—”

“love your perfect little body,” jeongguk sighs. “so tight, fuck. bet you like to be thrown around like a ragdoll, fucked against any surface. i could fuck you against the wall, hyung, keep you there like my prize. impale you on my cock all day, make you into my own personal cocksleeve.”

yoongi lets out a cry as jeongguk speeds up his thrusts. “hm, god, yeah, perfect little ass,” he murmurs to himself. “slutty little hole all for me, hyung. and, fuck, your legs—” he suddenly remembers how much he loves those, too, leaning back and looking down at yoongi’s thighs trapped under his own.

he gets a new idea.

“i won’t fuck you,” he says, and yoongi lets out a gasped sigh of relief. but then jeongguk says, “i wanna fuck your thighs instead.” he leans forward, grabbing yoongi’s hands so he can pull his arms behind his back instead, holding both wrists with one hand again and trapping them against the small of his back. from there, he’s able to lean back more, cock hard and bobbing as he situates himself in the right position.

he licks his hand, rubbing his saliva over his own cock and then yoongi’s thighs. it might not be enough, but he likes it rough and he doesn’t care much about how it feels for yoongi right now. he’s being too goddamn loud for that. “please,” he says. “jeongguk, no, that’s—that’s wrong.”

“what’s wrong is you being a stupid slut who will fuck anyone but me,” jeongguk says, sliding his wet hand between yoongi’s thighs to spread the spit.

“this is dirty,” yoongi cries. “please, stop, i’ll—i’ll do what you want if you stop. you can take me on a date. i don’t care, jeongguk, just don’t.”

“oh, but hyung,” sighs jeongguk, leaning up so he can position his cock between yoongi’s thighs. “this is what i want now.” with that, he presses his hips forward, sliding his cock between yoongi’s thighs and groaning at the sensation.

it’s better than he thought it would be—yoongi’s thighs are so warm and smooth, and yoongi’s instinctual reaction to the intrusion is to clench his legs together. but that only serves jeongguk, making the pressure tighter around his cock, almost like it’s yoongi’s ass instead.

“oh, fuck,” jeongguk groans, changing positions so he’s kneeling further back and leaning over yoongi, practically draped over his body. “fuck, that’s so tight, hyung—yeah, clench your legs just like that.” he groans again, slowly drawing back before pushing back in, his cock sliding between yoongi’s thighs. he can feel his cock poking out the other end, the obscene idea of it driving him wild.

finally, yoongi seems incapable of speech. he merely cries out as jeongguk begins fucking his thighs in earnest, slapping his hips against the back of yoongi’s thighs. the sound of skin against skin mingles with jeongguk’s breathy moans and curses, and he can almost pretend that he’s fucking yoongi’s ass like this.

he keeps a quick rhythm, not bothering to be gentle as he slams his hips against yoongi’s skin. he wants it to hurt, wants it to bruise so yoongi will have the reminder of this for days after. he wants yoongi to know he’s jeongguk’s now. and jeongguk lets the heat around his cock drive him closer to the edge, a white-knuckled grip on yoongi’s wrists almost hurting his own hand.

“fuck, fuck, fuck,” he moans, head hanging as he fucks in harder. “you’re my little slut now, hyung. make me feel so good, my toy. wanna use your body forever, keep you here so i can fuck your thighs whenever i want. god, your legs are perfect.” he uses his free hand to squeeze at yoongi’s ass as he fucks into his thighs, so slick that he can hear it.

he keeps moaning louder to cover the sound of yoongi’s dejected crying, body pounding into yoongi’s and causing him to bounce against the couch. “maybe i’ll invite my friends over, too,” he huffs. “let them have a turn. bet you’d open up for them, too, just so desperate to have any cock near you. but you’re always going to be mine. just mine. at the end of the day, i’m always going to have you.” he can barely keep his voice above a whisper at the exertion of fucking yoongi’s thighs, each thrust pushing him closer and closer to an orgasm.

jeongguk digs his nails into yoongi’s ass, spreading his cheek again. finally, it’s the sight of yoongi’s hole along with the tight heat of his thighs that has jeongguk coming. he pulls out at the last second, spilling over yoongi’s ass and thighs. he breathes hard, smearing the come with the tip of his cock, wanting yoongi’s skin to absorb it. wanting it to mark yoongi as his.

finally, yoongi’s cries have quieted in nothing more than sniffles. as he breathes hard and comes down from his orgasm, jeongguk leans over and presses a gentle kiss to yoongi’ temple.

rather than thanking him, though, yoongi just breathes in shakily and whispers, “can you please let me go now?”

as much as jeongguk does want to fuck yoongi properly, he’ll admit he’s satisfied for tonight. jeongguk’s brother is gone all weekend, after all. so jeongguk relents, getting up on his knees to allow yoongi room to wiggle out from beneath him. as he’s doing so, though, twisting awkwardly so that his front is facing jeongguk, jeongguk notices something very interesting.

yoongi is hard. his cock is aching and red, already drooling pre-come from having been rubbing against the sofa the entire time. the sight shocks jeongguk for just long enough that yoongi is able to wiggle out from under him, sliding off of the sofa and pulling his shorts up—and then jeongguk is saying, “god, you are a little slut.”

yoongi is already leaving, though, hurrying away from the sofa. but jeongguk’s fun suddenly isn’t over. he lurches over the couch, chasing after yoongi as yoongi tries to get away from him. but jeongguk is taller, legs longer, and he lunges for yoongi, grabbing him by the waist and dragging him toward the kitchen as yoongi shouts at him, struggling again.

“you’re hard,” jeongguk states, shoving yoongi against the table and capturing his wrists again. yoongi tries to twist out of his grip, face red with tears and exhaustion, but jeongguk is quicker; he shoves yoongi’s shorts down again, wrapping his free arm around him and feeling his hard cock. even as yoongi gasps and jerks away, jeongguk smirks. “fuck, look at you, you were crying and struggling the whole time, but your body tells a different story. you liked it.”

“no, i didn’t,” yoongi growls, but he can’t break out of jeongguk’s grasp when jeongguk kicks his legs apart, his own cock taking another interest once again. “let me go.

“look how your body reacts to me, hyung,” murmurs jeongguk almost sweetly, lightly stroking over yoongi’s cock. at the same time, he presses his hardening cock against yoongi’s ass once more, rubbing it there as he decides he can get off at least once more. “you want it so badly. you want me to fuck you dumb until the only thing you want is my cock.”

n-no,” yoongi gasps, but he can’t conceal his moan when jeongguk plays with the head of his cock. trying to arch his back away from jeongguk, he has nowhere to go; either he tries to get away from jeongguk’s hand and instead presses his ass back against jeongguk’s cock, or vice versa. he’s caught like this, forced to take what jeongguk gives him as jeongguk strokes him.

jeongguk pulls yoongi’s hands down with his own so he can spread yoongi’s cheeks again, fitting his cock between them so he can rub the head of his cock against yoongi’s rim. again, yoongi gasps, jerking away from the sensation but he only serves to fuck into jeongguk’s hand. “hm, yeah, just like that, baby,” groans jeongguk, timing his thrusts with his strokes of yoongi’s cock. “be a good slut for me.”

“please,” yoongi tries again, sniffling through his tears. “please stop.”

“but you love it so much. feel how hard you are.” jeongguk tightens his hand, fisting yoongi properly as he ruts between his cheeks. “you make me so hard, baby. perfect little body just for me. you know you want this. just give in, hyung.”

he’s not sure if it’s the words or merely the realization that he really can’t get away from this—either way, yoongi’s body sags just slightly and jeongguk fists his cock faster and faster, nudging the head of his own cock against yoongi’s rim. “come for me,” jeongguk says. “come all over my hand and prove to me just how much you want this.”

and yoongi does; his body seizes up for a tense second before he lets out a low moan and spills over jeongguk’s fist. he sags again after that, all of the fight gone out from him. jeongguk is almost surprised; he hadn’t thought it would come so soon, but he won’t complain. now that he’s fully hard again, though, he merely pushes yoongi onto his knees, turning him around.

“open your mouth,” he demands, and yoongi throws him a scathing look. his face is covered in tears and snot, one of the most beautiful sights jeongguk has ever seen. when yoongi doesn’t do what he wants, though, jeongguk gives him a warning slap across the face. “i said, open.

this time, yoongi does, although only a few inches. jeongguk hooks his thumb in yoongi’s mouth, opening it wider before he guides his cock inside. yoongi doesn’t even move, just keeping his mouth open, but it’s more than enough—jeongguk grabs onto the back of yoongi’s head, keeping him in place as he begins fucking yoongi’s mouth.

“fuck,” jeongguk groans, the heat around his cock even better than when he was fucking yoongi’s thighs. “god, your mouth is so perfect. made to take cock, baby. made to take my cock.” he curls his hand into yoongi’s hair, fucking his mouth a little harder. his balls slap against yoongi’s chin, the sound satisfying as he hears yoongi gurgle around his cock, beginning to choke as jeongguk forces his cock deeper with each thrust.

“gonna come,” jeongguk gasps. it’s too soon—he wants to fuck yoongi’s mouth forever, wants to force his cock down yoongi’s throat and see the bulge from the outside. he wants to make yoongi choke and gag on his cock, wants to be the only thing yoongi tastes for days. but he’ll have more time for that, he’s sure of it. for now, he thrusts a few more times into yoongi’s mouth, losing himself in the feeling, and then pulls out enough so that the head out of his cock is just inside yoongi’s mouth.

he comes like that, into yoongi’s mouth. it’s with a low moan, feeling himself spill over yoongi’s tongue, and then thrusts a few more time, more gently this time to clean off his cock before he pulls out entirely.

again, yoongi doesn’t move, doesn’t even react. it seems all the fight has gone out of him, but that’s no fun anymore. jeongguk leans over him, grasping yoongi’s chin and forcing his mouth open as jeongguk spits into it. “swallow,” he demands when he lets yoongi’s mouth close. perhaps in fear of being slapped again, yoongi complies the first time.

jeongguk breathes hard. he finally feels satisfied with the way the day has ended and what he’s gained. he finally has yoongi—and he doesn’t know what will happen next, but he certainly has his own plans. as yoongi stays slumped on the floor, staring somewhere out of the kitchen, jeongguk forces his head back and presses a wet kiss to his lips.

“thanks, hyung,” he says when he pulls away, smirking when he leans forward and slaps his cock against yoongi’s lips. “next time, i’ll fuck your little hole properly. be my good slut then too, won’t you?”

finally, yoongi’s eyes rise to him, something dead in them. “fuck you,” he spits.

“we can do that, too, if you want,” grins jeongguk, finally stepping away. “whatever my stupid little fucktoy wants.” because now that he’s had a taste of this, jeongguk knows he’ll never want anything else. of course, he still wants to take yoongi out on dates and kiss him softly and whisper sweet nothings in his ear. but that will be harder to do if yoongi doesn’t agree.

in the meantime, though, he’s happy to fuck yoongi whether or not yoongi wants him to. as it turns out, jeongguk is very good at getting what he wants.