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Lessons in Magic

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She huffed as she pushed the portrait closed behind her and closed her eyes in efforts to keep a calm composure. If she knew him as well as she thought she did, (and she really should after 14 years or so) he would be at her door very shortly and she did not want him to see any cracks in her façade. She started counting numbers in her head, not bothering to move from the entrance, enjoying the stillness of her dorm. She got up to 75 when she felt his hard, impatient knocks from the other side and tried not to jump in surprise.

She gave herself another 10 seconds before reaching for the door.

“You’re overreacting.”

“I beg your pardon?” She frowned, the portrait being completely shoved open.


“You bloody well heard what I said, Yaoyorozu, don’t act coy.” He bit as he pushed his way into her living quarters and plopped onto her sofa.


“I hardly think I am! Additionally, you cannot just barge your way into my dorm!” She chastised, exasperated, while softly closing the portrait who was outraged at the ‘unmannered brute’.


“S’never been an issue before, princess.” He replied, eyebrow arched, arms folded behind his head, feet kicked on her coffee table.


“Must you be so difficult?” she sighed, as she made her way to the small kitchenette to prepare tea, seeing as her uninvited guest was obviously not leaving anytime soon.


“Not anymore than you.” He snorted from his seat.


Momo rolled her eyes as she continued to make the tea in silence. When finished, she carried the cups into the living room where a lounging Bakugo had proceeded to rest his head back, eyes closed, in her absence. She ‘tsk’d’ at the sight of his feet still on her table and nudged them off as she set down the cups of tea. He growled “witch” but she briefly returned to the kitchenette in order to get sugar and a small jar of milk.


Momo sat down and prepared her tea to her liking aware of Bakugo’s staring. She finally looked up when she felt her skin prick at the intensity of his gaze. “Yes?”


“What good is it being the brightest witch in class if you don’t even use your magic outside of it?”


“One doesn’t need magic for everything. You know, muggles have managed to build empires without it. It’s rather fascinating, really.”


“You’ll end up sending your mother to St. Mungos if you keep talking like that…” She narrowed her eyes at him in warning causing him to roll his eyes. “Please, I’m far from being a bloody snitch”


“You maybe far from a snitch, but being a pureblood supremacist makes you no better”


“You’re overreacting-“ Bakugo hissed out again. “You know I don’t care about that blood bullshit.”


“You called him a mud-“Momo trailed off, feeling vile at the thought of completing the word causing Bakugo to scoff.


“Am I wrong? He is-“


“Enough!” Bakugo froze at her outburst as it was not in her nature nor upbringing to loose her temperament. “I do not know what it is that you have against that poor boy, but you must quit being so despicably cruel! We are not like our ancestors who fought and lost in an unnecessary prejudiced bloodbath, or even our parents who refuse to learn from their mistakes!” She quiets to regain her composure before continuing. “We are all people Katsuki; muggles, wizards and witches…even werewolves to some extent. We all have a right to live, regardless of blood status.”



“When did you turn into such a righteous bleeding griffindor?” She pointedly chooses to ignore him and continues.  “Furthermore, to answer your previous question, you are in fact wrong. Midoriya’s parents are not muggles you know. You’ve been calling him an incorrect slur this whole time.”


 “So you’ll feel better if I call him a squib instead? Doesn’t matter, his mother is a-”


 “I would appreciate you stop tormenting him, period. You can’t call him a squib either since he can indeed use magic. His magic is quite brilliant you know, if you would set aside whatever grudge you have on him you would see an immense similarity between the both of you.”


 “You expect me to look over the fact that he was born a sqiub and suddenly has awoken a fucking ‘grand magic potential’ just after being snuck into this school?”


“It could have been dormant…”

“Not likely. He is stealing that magic, and I’m going to prove it.”

“Doubtful.” She mutters, more to herself and they settle into a moment of silence.


“So, are we going to prance around the fact that you’re suddenly so invested in muggles because of your infatuation with that half-blood?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Momo responds, grateful she hadn’t been drinking tea for she surely would have choked.

“Don’t be daft now, I told you it doesn’t suit you.” Bakugou drawls, amusement very much evident in his tone. “You know exactly who I’m talking about.”


“It would be hopeless to lie to you, I indeed fancy him….” She sighs in defeat knowing full well that he can read her better thank anyone else.


“He’s a ponce”


“Regardless, I’ve been rebellious enough, don’t you think?” Her voice is small as she begins to fiddle with the handkerchief in her lap.


 “You? Rebellious?” He snorts


“One thing is getting myself sorted into Ravenclaw-“ “Were you not just lecturing me about this?’ He sneers, and she huffs. “This is different…”


“What happened to change and shit?” He demands, and she can only shake her head at him.


“I will fight for change, I’ll make sure our child’s future is different. They won’t be raised into the same toxic environment we were”


“Or you could be the change and fight now and be happy. Honestly, what’s stopping you?” He’s pushing her, like he always does when he knows she is lying.


“I’m afraid.” She confesses, finally bringing herself to meet his gaze. “You are my safety net, you know. We’ve been betrothed since before we could walk and while you can certainly be exhausting to deal with at times, you are also always there…”


“Fuck, now I’m the bloody ponce.” Bakugou groans into his hands before standing from his seat to hover over her resolutely.


“Look, we’ve been together for a long arse time, but breaking this” He gestures between them. “doesn’t mean you’re losing me. I’ll still be there to fight the bad guys for you, even if I have to start with our parents.”




“You’re my safety net too, you dense witch, but I don’t want to keep being told what to do and how to live. I told you I don’t care about that shit. Let my parents strike me off the damn family tree. I’m the only heir they have.”


“Katsuki!” He only shrugged in response before plopping next to her and bringing his feet to the table again, making her his in distaste and swat at his legs. He, of course doesn’t budge and she just resigns with a final half-hearted shove.

“What happens now?” She asks out loud, more to herself if anything but he scoffs nonetheless.

“Court his trousers off, shouldn’t be too hard.” He nudges her as she tries to lean against him, and she starts to play with his hand in retaliation.

“I’m not exactly the type to court others, it’s usually the other way around.” She pinches

“Oh?” He teases

“I didn’t mean it like that! I’m just saying it’s not in my set skills. I’m extremely awkward, and I’m aware of it.” She blushes.


“Come off it, awkward or not, you’re quite the number. Blokes feel the need to let me know all the time. I’m apparently extremely lucky, blessed even” He boasts


“I’d rather you not tell me. I don’t want to be seen as just a number to impress.” She sighs

“Impress him with that bloody brain or yours then. I’m sure he’ll find that sexy. Or, maybe shorten that skirt, you’ve got killer legs.” He suggests, mischievously.


“Please, do hush up.” She implores


“Then again, you’re quite virginal. A walking wet dream.” He continues


“I will banish you from my quarters, after I spill this tea over you” She threatens

“We both know you won’t.” He dismisses


“How they made you Head boy is truly beyond me.” She mutters


He smirks.  “Because I’m smart as fuck.”


‘Not smarter than me’ She thinks

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He expects her patronus to be regal and elegant like her.

He’s vaguely aware of others in the room shouting out ‘expecto patronum’ while others, like him, are waiting for Yaoyorozu to succeed, as she usually does. Yaoyorozu has always been far ahead in every class and has been since first year so this will probably be no feat for her. She’ll summon her patronus, the professor will billow “10 points to Ravenclaw!” and everyone will be in awe of her magical prowess. 

With a graceful but practiced swish of her wand, she clearly chants the incantation and suddenly silence falls upon the room as nothing happens.

Shouto hears snickers coming from a group of Slytherin girls who have always had it in for the girl as soon as she was sorted into Ravenclaw. Being from the most powerful pureblood house, it was quite the scandal to have broken the generations of Slytherin heirs. They are quickly silenced by an irate Bakugo, whose jaw is clenched at the sight of Yaoyorozu visibly getting distraught. The action is enough to snap most students from the sight and continue their own attempts at the spell.

As she continues to try, her want movements become shaky and her voice is almost desperate. When Midoriya successfully produces what looks to be a phoenix, her eyes widen and her wand falls to the ground. He takes a step towards her, but Bakugo has already let out a stream of profanity quickly picking up her wand and is escorting her, or rather dragging her out of the class. The professor says nothing, as he’s fascinated by the other boy’s patronus. They were only practicing, no one actually expected a corporal patronus.

The Slytherin girls resume their snickering and Shouto ignores the pang of jealousy and truly hopes that the abrasive blond can console Yaoyorozu.

Bakugou gives her space. He doesn’t ask her how she feels. He doesn’t lecture her. He doesn’t try console her with soothing words or gestures. He giver her space to get through her embarrassing episode of anxiety and she’s grateful.

Once she’s calmed down, she apologizes. He naturally scoffs.

“You don’t have to an overachieving swot at everything, you know.” He’s leaning against a castle wall and she resists the urge to nag him for he’s dirtying his robes. Instead she allows a small meek smile and moves to lean next to him, allowing her head to rest on his shoulder. “You should heed your own advice.”

“I am sorry you missed the class babysitting me.” She starts again causing him to nudge her head. “Stop bloody apologizing.” His tone is warning but she ignores it. “You didn’t get to-“

“It wouldn’t have mattered. I know I wouldn’t have been able to produce one anyway.”

“How are you so sure?” Momo moves her head to glance at him in question, but he stares off into the distance with a blank expression. “We are on the same sodding boat, are we not? No happy memories or overwhelming feelings of love to conjure up…”

She lets out a deep sigh and contemplates how what he said was true. The pure hearted, compassionate Yaoyorozu could not conjure up a patronus because she truly had no precious memory she held close to her heart.

“How utterly depressing” She blurts, almost cynically that it surprises her, and she feels him grunt in agreement.

“Truly fucked up, indeed.”

The rest of week was spent practicing summoning their patronus. The rest of the week was also absent of Yaoyorozu’s presence. He tried not to think about how it bothered him. The head girl is the embodiment of academic perfection so a couple of absent days are not all common for her.

Despite practicing, less than half of the class could summon a patronus, and he was not included in that small group. It surprised him that, that didn’t bother him much at all.

He ran into her, literally, on the morning of their break day. She had just rounded the corner of the grounds outside, where the air was chilly, when they collided. She let out a squeak as she fell before him, in slow motion it seemed, and he did his best to catch her mid-air to no avail. She landed in a somehow graceful heap, and laughed sheepishly, not yet looking at him or his outstretched hand.

“Ouch. My apologies! I did not mean to de so unaware of my surroundings! You see there was a cat, and I was trying to see if the poor thing was a stray. Though that is probably highly unlikely, I felt the need to check. It’s rather cold out here for a cat to be wondering around- “

“Yaoyorozu.” He interrupts the girls rambling and her eyes fly open as she jumps in surprise.

“Todoroki! What brings you around here? Oh, do pardon me, that came out incredibly rude! Also pardon me again for being so reckless, you see there was a cat and- “He allows himself to smile at her antics before cutting in again.

“Yaoyorozu, I’ll tell you after you let me help you up. I doubt the cold cement is all that comfortable.”

“Oh, right!” Her laugh is light and melodic, and he notes that her hands are soft despite the cold as he helps her up.

 “I am truly sorry” Momo begins again, and he waves her off. “If anyone should be sorry, I think its me. I scared off your cat.”

“No worries, my only concern was for it not to be caught in the harsh weathers.”  

“I was on my way to the library to study charms.” He answers her first question as he watches her pat down her robes.

“I never pegged you as an early riser.” She blurts out.

“Truth be told, I wasn’t. I rather found I now enjoy the peaceful solitude the morning brings. Additionally, the books I needed where usually already booked out by midday.” He nods his head to the direction of the library and she joins him on his trek.

“It appears I owe you another apology.” His eyebrow arches, asking for elaboration and she laughs lightly. “I may have been the one monopolizing the books.”

Nothing can stop the jump in his chest at the sound of her laugh, and nothing can stop the twitch of his lips. “Well, I can’t say I’m all that shocked.” He is not, it makes perfect sense. 

“I’ll be mindful in the future” She promises. “Truthfully, most of them are rereads for me.” She admits guiltily, and he relishes the color that graces her cheeks.

He smiles as they come to the split, finally in the corridors of the castle. “No need to apologize. If anything, now I know who to hunt down in the future.” Her eyes widen and he allows himself to smirk at the sight. “That is, if you can manage to get them before me.

Content with himself, he gives her a final nod. “I’ll see you around, Yaoyorozu.”

His blood is warm as he turns to continue down to the library, willing himself to ignore the thunderous heartbeat that is embarrassingly his.

Momo is still frozen when he disappears from her sight around the corner. She’s frozen, but her body is on fire. Her treacherous heart is surely about to implode.

Momo has spent a good amount of her 7 years at Hogwarts fancying this boy, and in her experience of fawning from afar, she cannot say she’s ever seen him smirk. Well, correction, he has smirked but only a handful of times when dueling in DADA.

What’s worse is that it was directed towards her and she doesn’t know what to do. She remembers the muggle saying she learned earlier in the week and pinches herself. Not dreaming, but definitely dazed, and that’s how Bakugou finds her.

“What’s got you looking stupid?”

“Huh?” His face twists and concern paints his face so quickly that its comical and he puts a hand on her forehead.  ‘Huh’ is not and has never been in her vocabulary.

“What the actual fuck? You’re burning up! Don’t tell me you’re sick.” He grimaces, taking a step back in precaution while swiftly retracting his hand. She ends up choking on air, which further deepens his scowl. “You should probably go to the infirmary, you’ll end up worse if you try occlumency today.”

“No! I am not sick!” She argues. They had gotten special permission after some stings where pulled to allow Bakugou to teach her occlumency in efforts to control her emotions after her anxiety episode. Occlumency is mainly used to protect the mind and thoughts, but they concluded that it might assist her in controlling her nerves. Bakugou might not be the most patient person, but what he had been teaching her was helpful.

“I don’t want to hear it. I ain’t taking any chances.” Her nose scrunches up at his comment. His mother would truly be sent to the grave if she heard him talking like that. “I trust you can make it to the infirmary on your own...?”

“What a gentleman, truly. I must insist, I am not- “

“I told you I ain’t-” He rolls his eyes at her obvious distaste “I am not taking any chances, we are done here.”

Again, she’s stuck watching the retreating from of yet another male and sighs. Boys

Bakugou eyes her skeptically when they resume her occlumency lessons in the room of requirement. Momo huffs in response and starts warming up with breathing exercises. Now that he has been teaching her for about a week, he has become rather ruthless when pushing into her mind. 

‘You’re not going to get a proper warning if someone wants to bust in, Yaoyorozu! They are not gonna ask for your bloody permission.’

As soon as she’s done, she takes her position in front of him and nods, signaling she’s ready. He only glares before immediately starting his assault.

‘Build a wall’ She remembers him demanding, but the walls are barely holding up. She vaguely recalls the muggle tale of the wolf and the three little pigs before she feels Bakugou push again. She feels a crack in her barrier and that’s all he needs to bust in. Suddenly she’s on her knees gasping as her thoughts and memories she’s tried to hide flash by her leaving her exposed.

Momo is still trying to catch her breath when Bakugou’s shoes come into her line of sight. She manages to look up and catches the grimace on his face while he extends a hand to help her up.

“Am I getting better?” She asks, breathless, as she lets him pull her up to her feet and he snorts.

“I mean, you are lasting longer, but its still fucking easy to read you. I told you to build-“

“Walls. Yes, that is precisely what I have been doing!” She interrupts him, agitated causing him to snicker. “Sure, it is, princess.”

“You doubt me?”

“Its just really bloody hard to believe when the first thing I see is you hot and bothered over that halfie.” Momo squeaks, mortified.

“Your father is one of the best legilimens, is he not? That annoying prick would be dead if your father saw what I did.”

She knows he’s right, so she can only nod with determination. “Again.”

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Momo feels particularly tired after their session and rubs her temples while making her way through the corridors by her lonesome.

‘I’d escort you, but detention calls princess.’ Bakugou had smirked causing her to roll her eyes and wonder how he ever got the position of Head Boy.

The walk to the Head common rooms from the Room of Requirements is lengthy but she doesn’t mind the exercise. The silence of the long halls brings her peace and allows her to meditate on her thoughts. Her steps are light and poised so when she hears what sounds like scrapes from the end of the corridor, she stops to look in curiosity. She frowns when its nothing and she proceeds down her path hesitantly.

Momo isn’t one to be scared, but in the words of the last DADA professor, one must have constant vigilance. With her mind preoccupied, she doesn’t notice she’s bumped into someone until she’s falling. She doesn’t know she’s falling until the someone manages to catch her elbows keeping her from the unforgiving floor.

She slowly opens her eyes, having closed them when bracing for the impact, ready to spew apologies when they die in her throat.

“I can’t say I rather enjoy running into you like this, but at least I was able to catch you this time.” Todoroki breathes and she suddenly becomes hypersensitive to the warmth from his hands on her elbows. ‘Is this where I should build walls?’ She thinks as she feels the blood rush to her face so quickly, it’s disorienting. She’s too tired from training with Bakugou, but he is going to have a field day if she cannot strengthen her occlumency. ‘Maybe I should stare into Todoroki’s eyes just to spite him.’

“I..” She finds that she’s lost for words as he steadies her back to her feet.

“The cat?” He questions and she’s sure he is teasing.

“Not this time. I’m afraid it was all my paranoia.” She admits cautiously moving away from his grasp, and instantly regrets the loss of contact.

“Paranoia?” He questions with a slight frown and it’s all she can do to keep from chewing on her bottom lip from the nerves.

“Yes. Just hearing strange sounds from the hall. Most likely nothing, but I can’t help but wonder about it. It makes me realize just how wild of an imagination I have.” She explains and he nods, seemingly content with her explanation but then raises and eyebrow in amusement. “You have a wild imagination? I would have never guessed.”

“Regardless,” She begins to huff while smoothening out the kink her skirt, refusing to let herself stare at him longer than appropriate. “I do apologize. It’s not like me to be this oblivious to my surroundings.”  

“It happens to the best of us.” Todoroki shrugs

“Right, well I’ll let you continue on your way.” She briefly wonders where he is headed to but remembers that its none of her business. It doesn’t stop him from answering, and now she’s wondering if she’s that transparent, or maybe he is a legilimens as well. “The library.”

“Oh? I’m starting to think you’re the real Ravenclaw among us.” She jokes and laughs lightly, more out of nervousness than anything.

“Hardly. There is a project I am working on that requires extensive research. I do quite enjoy the quietness of the library as well. It’s peaceful.” She wonders if he knows that her heart rate is increasing and he’s the cause. Him and his alluring eyes, his elegant jaw line, his dauntless aurora, his apparent academic commitment. She claps her hands behind her back in effort to hide the goosebumps that are surely forming on the surface of her skin.

“I agree, I have not been able to enjoy it as much this year with my Head Girl responsibilities, but I cannot deny the fact that I do enjoy having my own common room.” She comments and he tilts his head slightly down before questioning her. It’s adorable, really. “Is that where you are heading?”

“Yes.” She all but gasps, feeling a little breathless. ‘What is wrong with me?’

“I’ll walk with you then.” He nods lightly, and her eyes widen. “I would hate to make you go out of your way!”

“To my understanding” He begins to walk ahead, ignoring her considerate protests. “they are not at all far from each other.” The comment catches her off guard and keeps her rooted for a second before she has to jog the first couple of paces to reach him.  “You know where the common rooms are?”

“Yes, the position was offered to me.” He comes across nonchalant, but she picks up the slight makes of a frown on his face before it is gone back to the neutral façade the world is used to.

“You turned it down?” She blurts incredulously, but it might as well have been a squawk.  “I’m sorry, that was inappropriate, insensitive and, of course, none of my business.”

“I was being rebellious at the time and didn’t want to live up to my father’s expectations.” She lets her eyes drift to the corridor floor knowing the constricts of expectations. “I’m sorry.”

Her apology is soft and she doesn’t truly know why it slips out of her to begin with. “You have nothing to apologize for. In fact, it looks like a dodged a hex.” Shouto jokes lightly and she feels a hint of a smile appear on her face as she keeps her eyes trained ahead. “It’s truly not as demanding as I make it seem. I just wish my cohort was more involved at times.”

“Does he not help you?”

“Oh, he does his part. However, many find that he isn’t the most pleasant to be around. Not to mention, he finds me to be a bit of a…” ‘over-achieving, intolerable, swotty-‘

“Perfectionist?” He offers helpfully causing her to chuckle in efforts to cover up a snort that would have her mother absolutely fuming. “Yes, let’s use that!”

“I assumed it would be advantageous for you both, seeing you two are well acquainted. Correct?” It’s an innocent inquiry, but it makes her heart race nonetheless as she nods in affirmation.

“Correct. We have been acquainted since early childhood, practically birth. Our parents found that a union would be beneficial for both families.” She explains clearly, hoping not to misguide the nature of her relationship with Bakugou. It doesn’t make a difference, she argues with herself bitterly. Whatever feels she harbors for the boy walking next to her won’t make a difference at all.

“Does it bother you?” He questions and the possibility of him being legilimens resurfaces in her mind again as she tries not to trip over herself like a fool.

“As archaic as the whole notion is,” She begins after a moment to recollect her thoughts hoping to sound nonchalant. “it is what I was raised for, it’s the tradition I must uphold as.. “

“A pureblood?” He interjects dryly, causing her to face him, eyebrow arched before continuing. “the heir of my bloodline. However, it is a rather pureblood notion, is it not?”

His face starts to mildly flush in what she can assume is embarrassment and she stores the sight of him when looks at her. The rosy shade suits him quite handsomely, then again, he just handsome in general. “I’m sorry, while pureblood customs don’t sit well with me, I was probably out of line.”

“No need to apologize. Even I can recognize just how primitive pureblood customs and views are. I’m not exactly proud of it, if I’m being honest.” She admits, letting her clasped hands loosen behind her back in attempted to hide any tension.

“So, it does bother you.” He picks up astutely, and she returns to staring straight ahead in disappointment at being so easily made. It’s not surprising that he read her small movement. He is one of the top duelists in their year. Reading and interpreting sudden body movements is probably second nature to him by now.

“There would be no point in me denying it, however, there is also no point in me dwelling on the matter. I accepted this to be my future ever since I learned my own name. I just hope to be able to make a change so my own children will not be exposed to the same bigoted views I have.” She honestly explains and tries not to squirm under the intensity of his gaze she feels on her.

“That’s extremely noble of you.” He replies before finally looking away from her and she wants to sigh in relief at the weight she feels was lifted off her shoulders. “Does Bakugou agree?”

“It’s rather complicated.” She snorts softly before she can stop herself and she can hear him huff in amusement. “Conflicting morals?”

“Not quite.” She sighs. “Bakugou’s aggressive and combative nature successfully allows him to play a bigoted pureblood elitist, but I can assure you that is not the case. As the only male heir of his line and soon to take head of mine, he is scrutinized much more than outsiders to our traditions can even begin to realize. If anything, our conflicts revolve around our martial arrangement. While I strive for making a change in the future, he wishes to fight for change now beginning with our betrothal.”

“That’s rather hard to believe.” He replies dubiously and she lets herself frown at the floor. “He may have many flaws in his character but being a puppet is not one, I can assure you.”

Shouto is quiet and comes to a stop. She begins to think she said something wrong, but when she looks up, she takes note of the portrait in front of them. The entrance of the Head common rooms.

“You have a lot of faith in him.” He finally comments, and Momo spins in his direction before shrugging. “It’s only natural, given our history.”

“Thank you for the escort.” She allows herself to smile sardonically. “And thank you for listening to the convoluted pureblood ways.”

He only shakes his head and offers a small sad smile of his own. “No, thank you for confiding in me, it was quite enlightening. It seems we have much more in common than I originally thought.” Her brows furrow in confusion and before she can question anything, his smile turns genuine and she’s caught off guard. “I’ll see you class, Yaoyorozu.”

She has the mind to rush into the common room ignoring the portraits cooing in the hallway. Once inside, she braces herself with her back against the wall and takes deep breaths. She starts to compartmentalize him in her mind, trying to lock him away, but his words keep ringing in her head and her blasted curiosity clutches onto it.

‘It seems we have much more in common than I originally thought.’