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Today started as it always did on a Saturday. The young man woke up to a bundle of fur just above his head and the bright light hitting his eyes bluntly. He sighed, sniffing in the air, slowly blinking his eyes and rubbing the morning crust off. He smiled when he saw a paw reach out from his right side and heard a small grunt. Tilting his head up, his ash colored kitty let out a small string of purrs. The man giggled softly and reached up to scratch the ball of warmth’s head. 

“Hi, Ruby. Sleep well?” The young man yawned, arching his back and squinting at his clock. It wasn’t late, thankfully only 8:04 am. Sighing once more, the redhead sat up in bed to stretch. He saw Ruby jump down and scamper off to wherever she needed too. 

The young mans name was Kirishima Eijirou, a 20 year old college student in his Sophomore year at UA Academy. He had almost shoulder length red hair and was around 5 feet and 6 inches tall. For his age, this was considered short in American standards for men. He wasn’t too confident about it. Especially since people often mistake him for a high schooler, given his baby face and younger appearance. Sometimes occurrences like these make him face palm in disbelief. “Too young” looking to see an R rated movie? Yeah right. He was an adult and had an ID and drivers license and all that Jazz. He was fed up.

Other than this.. Kirishima always started his morning with a cup of hot chocolate. He slowly made his may to the kitchen, yawning and stretching the whole way there. He crinkled his nose and sneezed as the blunt light hit him once more. The sun always made him sneeze.

His phone then went off abruptly, causing Kiri to jump slightly, waking him up immediately. He mumbled and walked back to his room again. Who would be calling him at this hour? Mina, probably. She was at work mostly likely and bored out of her mind.

He then knew he was right when he answered the phone and heard her laugh (basically a cackle) and say something ineligible to one of her coworkers. He smiled

“Hey, hun! How are you?” Mina cheerily said, kind of screaming into her phone. Kirishima turned down his volume.

“I’m good, just woke up. You?” Kirishima held the phone with his cheek and shoulder and he headed back to kitchen with hot chocolate in his mind.

“Oh, good. Just harassing Yaoyarozu and Uraraka. They both say hi. Oh god, my nails are chipping.. oh anyways, how was your night? Meet anyone? Anyone cute?” She was typing something on her keyboard.

Kirishima hummed and smiled. “Well.. I left early. Speed dating is very awkward. There was really only one cute guy but he was married and thats a big nono, so..” kirishima poured hot water into a cup, following with mixing powder.

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry you didn’t find anyone, love. Those places are always kind of sketchy anyways. The last time I went to one there was this super old guy and he kept offering me money for a ‘fun night’ and it was gross as fuck. Kept touching my hands and shit, nuh Uh!” She exclaimed. Kiri snorted. Mina always have the full version of a story.

“Well, the place I went to wasn’t that bad. It was just.. well, not everyone sat with me. I got kind of bored.” The young man softly spoke as his spoon was mixing chocolate powder into almost boiling water. He watched mindlessly as it became light brown and thick.

“Oh well, they are are all pieces of dog scat. I told you that the guys there are creepy! A lot of people go there for hookups, too. Sorry, sweety.” Mina sounded empathetic. She knew Kirishima had a hard time finding someone who liked him romantically. She just didn’t understand. Kiri was the sweetest and most adorable guy! Any man would be lucky to have him. She huffed and shook her head. “Assholes, assholes..”

Stirring still and blowing his drink, Kiri chewed his lip. “Hm, thanks.. and it’s okay, I was kind of desperate anyways.. but I don’t want to go there again. Plus it smelled like cheese and eggs. Old cheese and eggs.”

“Um. Ew. Glad you booked out of there. Oh, hey! You should come over here to visit. You’re not doing anything, right? We have a new person here that’s been hired and I have to teach him what to do.. I kinda wanna pass him to Yao, lol.” Mina spun in her loud, creaky desk chair.

“I can come! Uh, I have to shower first and I’ll be there, so just a moment.” Kirishima then sipped his drink and hummed. So yummy.

“Ok, see ya. Bye.” Beep. He pressed end call but she already hit it. She was super fast at everything (except productivity) and he always wondered how.

He quickly walked to his room with his drink in his hand, taking off his t shirt and boxers. The shower head quickly spat droplets that soon turned into a stream, filling the bathroom with a hiss. Kirishima sipped the last of his drink and slowly felt his way into the now steaming water. He hummed and closed his eyes feeling the warmth on his skin.

He figured he smelled bad, always feeling like he did. He really didn’t however, most of the time. Kiri always showered twice a day. He took his soap and attacked the problem areas first like his armpits, chest, below the belt, and feet. His tummy never covered the view of his feet. He was chubby, but not over weight in an unhealthy way. He was plump in a charming way, but only to others. Not himself. He hated his body.

Kirishima hesitantly washed his tummy. He hated it. It only had a few almost invisible stretch marks that seemed to him to be like tiger stripes on his skin. His arms are soft and squishy, warm too. But to his eyes, they were huge and ugly, gross too. His body was huggable and so soft to the touch, his chest so cute. He only had enough fat around his chest that made it look slightly bigger. He had mild breasts almost but they weren’t noticeable unless seen without a shirt. He couldn’t help but look away to his tiled wall. Sighing, he just wanted it to go away. Before he knew it, Kirishima was tearing up.

He quickly sniffed and wiped his eyes, ignoring it. He has to shower and see Ashido. He squirted strawberry shampoo on his hair and scrubbed, soon adding conditioner to mix the two. Time passed slightly and before he knew it he was on the way in his car to Ashido’s work.


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Kirishima turned his key, rendering his engine flat. He has arrived at Mina’s workplace which was a small extension of a medical facility. It was a children’s doctors office basically, with more front desk workers than nurses and doctors. Krishima grabbed his satchel, red and super totally epic looking, and tossed his keys in.

Getting out of the car, he realized he parked at a slight angle and turned red at his embarrassment. Whatever, Mina wasn’t any different. Kirishima parked by her obvious and stylized vehicle, pink and covered with stickers and completed with headlight eyelashes. Creepy. But it was her choice so whatever.

The little bell above the first front doors chimed as Kiri entered. A little old lady nodded at Kirishima from behind a colorful counter, welcoming him back. Her name was Chiyo Shujenzi, a short and hard working nurse here. She was at check in, but the woman knew Kirishima wasn’t here for a medical visit, so she went a head and opened two more doors to the back offices.

“Hi, young man. Here to see Ashido?” Her voice was small but gruff. She had to be under five feet, she was so small. Kirishima smiled and waved to her.

“Yes. Thank you.” They both made their way into the back hallway and small open pathways that led to whatever rooms were in each and every corner. Unless you knew your way around this place, you would be lost. Kiri reached Mina’s open office space, followed by Momo’s desk a few feet away. Chiyo headed back and closed the door behind her. Kirishima walked up to Mina but she was already zooming at the speed of light towards him.

“HIII! Sooooo glad you’re finally here I’m so bored.” The energetic girl leaned down only slightly to hug Kiri, patting his head. Kirishima giggled and hugged back. She smelled like a mixture of 5 different perfumes. That possibility was more likely than you think, though.

“Hi, nice to see you.” Kirishima said muffled in Mina’s shirt. She then pulled away and put her hands on her hips.

Ashido had dyed pink hair in wild curls on her head, slightly tucking behind her ears. Her eyes were light gold and she wore dark eyeshadow mixed with purple. Her cheeks were very rosy, but they were naturally very pink. She had two yellow clips on each size of her head that looked a lot like small horns. Other than zebra print work scrubs, she wore white platform shoes and and acrylic nails. It wasn’t hard to miss her in a crowd, that’s for sure.

“Come here, come sit.” They both walked through a small sitting of parents and children in a waiting room, eventually arriving at a small open area for yet another check in counter. The redhead sat on a spare chair by Mina’s desk, scanning the area. It matched her personality more than anything, describing it all would take hours.

Momo, talking with a father and three kids, waved at Kiri and continued working. She was kind and friendly when she wanted to be but put work first.

“Okayyyyy soooo.. You know the new guy I was telling you about?” Mina sat down and crossed her legs.

“The one you have to mentor?”

“Yes, him. He’s so stubborn. He’s a pretty cute guy, actually. But it’s funny cause he’s so awkward. It’s like he’s the type to not say anything unless he’s provoked or spoken too, y’know? When I taught him how to do referrals, he kept rolling his eyes at me and shoved my hands off the keyboard and got right to work. When I tried to teach him other things he barely payed attention and did it his ‘own way’. If he already knows what he’s doing, then why do I have to teach this guy?” Minas hand motions were vigorous. Kirishima giggled. He wondered where the guy was right now.

“Um, where is he? Is he doing fine by himself?” Kirishima fiddled his fingers and clicked his shoes together. “Since he knows what he’s doing, and all.”

“Uh, I think. I don’t know, boss just kind of dumped him on me. I left him in his office area to work and he waved me off so, if he doesn’t need me then whatever grumpy pants.”

“Ha, so he’s grumpy? Maybe he doesn’t like waking up early.”

“Oh no, he came here earlier than I did. Thirty minutes before I came. It was 6 o’clock I’m pretty sure when I got here so.. dude must being early or some thing. Oh and-”

Suddenly, a head of blonde hair popped in. Kirishima jumped and Mina was interrupted.

“Computer logged me out. What’s the password?” His voice was deep and rough, but kind of.. sexy. Kirishima shook his head and cleared his throat. What was he thinking!

Then he noticed his face. Oh my, was he handsome. He looked grumpy had a huge scowl on his face, but his features were so nice and pretty.. His eyes were fiery red. They were kind of like Kirishima’s, but this guys were more orange and bright.

Mina held back a laugh. She sighed and got up, motioning Kirishima to follow. He did and so did the blonde. “Really?”

“Well fuck, it’s not my fault I can’t remember a 12 digit password.” The Blonde walked in front of Kirishima. He looked to be almost 6 foot or over 6 foot. He was wearing a black sweater, grey jeans, and a scarf. I mean, it was cold, but was a scarf really necessary? Kirishima smiled.

Mina, typing in an unnecessarily long assortment of symbols, letters, and numbers, got in a small argument with the man. It wasn’t about anything in particular, but it showed that it was obvious their personalities clashed.

“Ok fine I’ll write it down for you.” Mina said with some sass, scribbling chicken scratch on a piece of paper with a messy pen.

For a moment, Kirishima made eye contact with the man. It wasn’t intentional, but Kiri looked down immediately. He turned red at being caught staring. He really couldn’t help it, the guy was really good looking. He wanted to know his name. His prayers were soon answered.

“Oh! Hey by the way, this is Kirishima. He’s my best friend. Kiri, this is Bakugou, or Mr. Grumpy arse.” Mina snickered and she was given a harsh middle finger.

“Nice to meet you, Uh.. I don’t work here but I come by here a lot!” Kiri nervously grinned and Bakugou kind of just stared back. Kirishima could have sworn his cheeks were pink.

“Y-yeah. Hi.” Bakugou looked uncomfortable in his seat all of the sudden and crossed his arms. he cleared his throat.

“Isn’t he just so cute!” Mina then cupped Kirishima face and gently shook his cheeks, widely smiling. Kirishima grunted and tried to pry her hands off. He sighed in defeat as she pinched his cheek and let go.

“Ugh, Ashido..” Kirishima blushed and looked to the side. He didn’t mind when she did that, but in front of the hottest guy ever? That was embarrassing.

Mina just hummed. “Okay, well, you two socialize cause I have to pee. See ya.” As she got up to leave, there was now only silence. The two just looked at each other. Now what?

“You just gonna stare or say something?” Bakugou said, not really snapping this time like he was with Mina.

“Ah, sorry.. Uh, do you like it here so far? Get lost yet?” Kirishima’s hands were sweaty. He really had no idea how to talk to guys whom he fancied.

“Tch, it’s okay. Yeah, this place is like a labyrinth. I don’t even know where the printer is and I fucking need it. I printed something an hour ago..”

“Oh! I can show you, I know where everything is.” Kirishima smiled and motioned for Bakugou to follow him.

Bakugou stood up. This redhead didn’t even work here and he knew where everything was. Also, why the fuck was he so cute for? Bakugou wanted an easy work day, not heart palpitations. “Thanks.”

“Here. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, so..” Kirishima shifted his small feet.

“Hmm. Thanks, kid.” Bakugou picked up his papers.

“Oh? I am twenty, I’m not a kid.” Kiri looked up Bakugou, who swallowed hard when he saw how thick Kirishima’s eyelashes were. They were pretty.

“Oh.. sorry. You look young.” Bakugou stood there still. He had to look down at Kirishima. He wondered if he could hug him without leaning down.

“It’s okay! A lot of people think I’m a teen or whatever. But it’s fine..”

Kirishima then started to talk more. He was rambling, but Bakugou couldn’t focus on that. He noticed certain features. Kirishima’s lips were soft looking, kissable. Bakugou blushed. His cheeks were full but it only made him 10 times cuter. It made the tall mans heart beat fast.

“I have to use the bathroom. Uh.. where, is.. where is it..?” Bakugou stuttered. Kirishima pointed to his left.

“Down this hallway. It’s weird, girls bathrooms are that way but guys are down there..”

“Yeah. T-thanks.” Bakugou trudged off into the bathroom. He really couldn’t take this. Thank god the guy didn’t work here or else he would have a heart attack. He was too damn cute. He looked in the mirror, noticing he had been very very red the whole time.

This guy was going to be the death of him.

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Work today wasn’t as bad Katsuki thought it would be.

The room (or more accurately a cubical) the young was put in was small, but moderately quiet. He didn’t have to to deal with many people unless it was in the phone or the rambler with the pink hair. It had been a full day and he felt content with his job so far. He was especially glad he didn’t have to deal with sticky fingered babies and kids. Well, he liked babies. Just not toddlers. They could be the devils spawn.

And that guy.. probably the highlight of his day. He would never admit it, but the stranger with red hair and sharp teeth basically stabbed his heart with cuteness. Katsuki smirked. The guy reminded him of a strawberry shark hybrid.

He felt kind of bad. He didn’t remember the guys name. Kiroshimi? Birishema? He wasn’t sure, but he wanted to find out.

It was around 9:30 pm, dark outside, and stuffy in the small flat/apartment Katsuki had. He layed in soft, clean sheets that were newly washed, smelling great. He was getting very comfy and warm but.. he really needed to pee. Damnit.

The grump slumped out of his sheets and headed towards his bathroom. He caught a glimpse of himself. He decided to see if he had any zits worth popping. Katsuki used to have a face full of them in middle school, not to mention braces. Somehow he still pulled off that look pretty well, he’d like to think.

He scanned his features. His brows weren’t bushy but they were full and dusty colored. Naturally, without any expression, he seemed to look stern. He blamed his brows for that. Katsuki also had faint freckles. They dotted his nose and under his eyes, but really noticeable unless you really looked up close, and no one ever dared to do that to him. His jaw was sharp but smooth, giving his face a strong, angular and striking look. He wasn’t perfection but he sure was handsome. Even if he knew he was good looking he never flaunted it. He didn’t want to be tacky.

Sighing, he blinked his snow tipped lashed and forgot why he was in the bathroom. Oh yeah. Pee.

Afterwards, getting back into bed, Katsuki’s phone buzzed twice. He picked it up and scowled once he saw who it was from.

Snapchat: from Midoriya

He swiped the message and opened the app. A picture? He tapped it. It was a selfie- but with someone familiar. It was that redheaded guy at his workplace.

“I didn’t know you knew Kirishima!”

Raising one brow, he re-read the caption. So his name was Kirishima? He remembered again. He felt stupid. Wasn’t even a hard name to remember.

He typed back.

“Yeah. I mean, I met him today. Why?”

He saw Deku’s little bitmoji avatar pop up and start typing. It was so dumb looking. Katsuki’s avatar was so much cooler.

“He goes to UA too! I was showing him pictures on my phone and the one of you came up. You know, the one with you giving me the F off sign? He told me he had met you!”

Katsuki huffed. Why of all pictures.

“Did he say anything about me?” Katsuki sent the message, but re-read it again. Did that sound to obvious? Or creepy even? He didn’t want Deku to know he liked this little redhead.

“He’s with me right now. He told me he enjoyed meeting you. I’ll send another selfie!!”

Scoffing, Katsuki cringed at the amount of emojis this dude used after every sentence. He almost regretted talking to him sometimes. Until right now. When the topic was important.

He opened a photo. His heart wasn’t prepared for it.

He ignored the stupid green curls in the way and only stared at the smiling Kirishima. His eyes were gorgeous and red. The quality of the photo wasn’t too great but he didn’t really care. He rubbed his chin. Katsuki always did this when he got shy or embarrassed, or particularly focused on something. Right now he was all of those things.

Expecting to close out of the image when the images timer ran out, it instead cut to another. This time, it was only Kirishima. He had a dog filter on. Katsuki swallowed. He usually thought Snapchat filters were kind of stupid but he really couldn’t help himself from smiling like an idiot.

When the image disappeared, he frowned again.

“Lol he didn’t like me taking photos but I told him you’d like it so he complied 🙃.”

Oh? Katsuki smiled. And then half laughed. He was a dork, smiling like a middle schooler with a crush but he didn’t care right now. No one could see him anyways.

“Oh by the way his snap is Red_Riotz. Thank me later.😉😆”

What the fuck was that supposed to mean. Did he know. Ah whatever, he scored the guys snap. He wasn’t really sure what he would do with it though. He wasn’t really the type to message first and whenever he did he was extremely awkward.

“Thanks I guess.” Katsuki lazily tapped his fingers. Three thumbs up and a smiling cat emoji was sent in return. He rolled his eyes. He didn’t think emojis were stupid but whenever Deku used them he thought it was super dumb. Really anything Deku did was apparently super dumb.

Suddenly, he got a new snap. From Red_Riotz. Oh? Deku must have given Kirishima his snap. By the way, it’s Gr0undZ3r0. It was awesome.

He ignored more incoming messages from Izuku and opened the new text.

“Hi! This is Kirishima from today. This is Bakugou?”

Katsuki stared for a bit. He had this guys snap now. He didn’t even have to do anything. He would have to probably thank Deku later maybe.

“Yeah it is.”

Ugh. Could he really not think of anything creative to say? Whatever. He seemed kind of nonchalant and cool this way.

“Oh cool! Well um, if you ever want to talk then I am happy to talk :) you seem pretty cool.”

Katsuki bit his lip. His cheeks were pink again. He blushes too much. It made him look so much less intimidating he wanted to be.

“You too.”

He wanted to add an emoji or something. Was that cringe? Whatever. He really didn’t want to sound boring though. Was he trying to impress this guy? No way.

Well maybe. He was cute.

“Tomorrow, are you off? I don’t have school for tomorrow so haha, if you wanna meet then we should! 🤗”

Katsuki rubbed his forehead and sighed. This guy was an absolute sweetheart. Bakugou was definitely a polar opposite. This was too much for his heart. He rarely ever had romantic interest in a lot of guys. He never really found himself going after women. He knew he was gay and had a hard time admitting so, but he wasn’t ashamed of it. He swore after high school that dating would not be a priority for him and he would focus on writing and working and being the best he could at everything he did.

But here he was trying to think of a way to flirt properly because he had never done this before.

“Sounds good, I guess. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow anyways so fuck it.”

He sent the message. And then he saw Kirshima’s little avatar. It looked just like him. It was cute.

“Yeah! Lol. Um, how about frozen yoghurt? Or if you don’t like that then that’s okay too.”

“That’s fine. I like custard.”

“Me too! It’s my favourite thing. How does Allison’s Palace sound?”

Katsuki thought it sounded kind of stupid but he smiled. It seemed to excite the other so he could care less.

“Sounds good.”

“Oh, it’s very good! Better than any ice cream or sweet in the world! 🍦🍦”

“Sounds promising so I’ll trust your judgement.”

“You won’t regret it 😋”

He kept smiling like a big dork the whole time. Obviously this guy liked sweet stuff. Katsuki would keep that in mind.

“What time?”

“I’m probably good after 8 or 9 am.”

“9 o’clock.”

“Okay! Also it won’t be hard to find. If you have trouble I can just drive us.”


Yup. He was hanging out with him. Did he regret it? No. Was he excited for tomorrow? Very much. Would he admit that? Never in a million years. But his smile sure give it away. Was this a date? Psh. Naw. Maybe. He doesn’t know. He’s just happy.

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Was this happening?

Bakugou was fretting over what he should wear for the first time in years, let  alone worrying about what he would look like to someone else. He never cared what others thought. I mean, why should he? Why should he care right now?

He couldn’t help it. He wanted to impress Kirishima.

What do you wear to dates? ah, wait, shit. It’s not even a date. He thinks.

Katsuki picked up a discarded cardigan off of the ground and slipped it over his long sleeved V neck. Did he look stupid? I mean, it fit his muscles nicely. Should he wear his glasses? Ah, fuck it, forget about it.

He pulled on a pair of jeans and grabbed a winter jacket. Was this too fluffy? It wasn’t snowing. It was December 2nd but it wasn’t THAT cold. 



Kirishima sat on his bed, the only things on him were two towels; one on his waist and one on his head. He was still kind of wet but didn’t really bother drying off. He was trying to think of what the hell he was gonna wear. He wanted to look decent.

Standing up, he heard a small meow from under him. Kiri smiled and pet Ruby, his old, grey kitty who was more than chatty and happy to be around anyone. 

“Hey, girl. Wanna help me figure out what to wear?” Kirishima held up a very nice looking dress shirt, but Ruby only stared at it. Right, too formal. He then presented a T shirt with various cartoon character on it. Ruby only yawned. Too casual? Okay.

”Oh, how about.. this?” Kirishima smiled wide and Ruby meowed with great satisfaction. The sweater was comfy and warm. It was dark blue and gray snowflakes on it. Kiri really liked it. ”I see. I will wear this with some jeans! And maybe a scarf and gloves. Or is it too hot out for that..?” The boy was now mumbling.


Bakugous hair was messy as fuck but brushing it wouldn’t do anything. Taming curls seemed like a breeze compared to trying to comb down massive spikes that looked like dry spaghetti stuck together. They would. Not. Go. Down. Not even with gel! It was useless. He slammed down it brush and comb and ruffled his hair. He would wear a hat.

Katsuki put on some boots and tied them up, all while chewing minty gum to make sure his breath didn’t smell like shit. He brushed his teeth but was still paranoid about his breath.

He glanced in the mirror and smirked. He looked great. Once he took his jacket off, that is. He only had two jackets, either wear the puffy orange hiker jacket meant for Alaskan weather or wear the dirty looking beat up one. 

Orange one it is. He didn’t want to look bad for Kiri.




Kirishima fed Ruby some kibble, forgetting about his morning cup of hit chocolate. His stomach was full of butterflies instead, he couldn’t bare to eat anything yet. It was the morning time. Yoghurt probably wasn’t the best choice of breakfast but that was okay, Kirishima hadn’t had yoghurt in a good year due to moderation. He used to eat it every week in high school, every day in middle school. He knew it wasn’t healthy, but he was proud of himself for cutting back. He was doing very well.

Scanning the mirror, he stood with his arms out. He didn’t look terrible, right? He looked decent? The only set of judgement besides himself right now was his cat, but Ruby wasn’t even in the room. 

He wondered if Bakugou would think he was cute.. but there was probably no chance. Bakugou was beautiful, gorgeous even.. Kirishima was not that. Was it even worth having a crush on someone who would never think the same way?

Krishima sighed. He couldn’t do anything else to improve his look so he just went with what he had. He grabbed a hatch pattern scarf and wrapped it around his neck. The sweater fit him pretty well at least, not really exposing too many rolls. The jeans tucked his tummy nicely, making his legs look much better and thighs not as thick. He really didn’t like his thighs. And on the plus side, the jeans also made his bum look great. He smiled.

It was 8:40 am, so it was time to head over. It would only take ten minutes to get there, but he wanted to be early. He headed out to his car.



Google maps was being a little bitch. He couldn’t find this place. He typed it in correctly, went to the one off of Thornhead road that led straight to the mini mall area where it was located. Did he take a left instead?

Finally! He turned left, reaching the mini malls entrance. Glancing at his watch which read 8:58, he huffed. Katsuki had a thing about being on time. He hated being late. Even if it was by one minute or two.

As he pulled in, he turned off stupid Siri’s google map route and turned off his car as well. Getting out of his car, noticed the place’s exterior. It was cheerful, colorful, and fairly quaint. Katsuki snorted and headed inside. There were glass bricks that were tinted kind of pink and green (which colors were often repeated throughout the building) along the walls. He spotted kirishima. Oh lord.

Kirishima had not spotted him yet, he was looking down at his phone and he shook his leg. Katsuki kind of just stood there, looking at him. The fucker had no business looking that cute. Katsuki moves his legs finally and sat down in front of kirishima abruptly, making him jump and squeak a bit.

“Oh! H-hi! Hi I didn’t see you, sorry!” Kirishima blurted. Bakugou held back a snort as his exasperated tone. I mean Katsuki could have said hi first yeah but he was too busy staring mindlessly at this cutie.

“Hi.” Bakugou shifted in his seat. We’re these chairs meant for short people? He wasn’t super duper duper tall but his knees practically lifted the goddamn table and the seats backside barely covered his lower back. But there was also the fact that he was wearing a huge and puffy jacket. Totally the chairs fault.

“Uh.. mm..” kirishima sounded nervous. He was nervous indeed. “Have you ever had frozen yoghurt before?” He almost whispered this. Bakugou nodded and hummed. Of course he did, but it kind of hurt his stomach. He wouldn’t tell Kiri that, though.

The light that illuminated their table was held on the wall by an ice cream shaped lamp. So we’re all the other tables around them. It gave off a soft glow that illuminated Kirishima perfectly. His eyes were beautifully deep and red. They were soft and innocent, and not to mention his thick lashes. They were pretty. He also had this cute little scar above his right eye. Kirishima only stared back. And then Katsuki realized his stupid arse was staring.

Krishima giggled slightly when Bakugou looked away and cleared his throat. Bakugous tinted cheeks were awfully cute.


“For a yoghurt joint it’s hot as fuck in here.” Katsuki mumbled. He shifted around a bit more as he pulled his coat off, setting it down on the chair next to him. Now it was Kirishima’s turn to stare.


He almost gasped. He hadn’t realized how toned and broad Bakugou’s shoulders were. He had not noticed the mans muscles. He obviously worked out. The cardigan seemed to be tight on purpose, almost if Bakugou knew what he was doing. Kiri’s mouth was ajar.


“You um.. look really nice. Especially with that cardigan.” Kirishima’s cheeks were also almost as red as his hair. Bakugou folded his hands and tried to ignore how loud his heart beat was right now.


“Oh, Uh.. thank you. You too.” Bakugou glanced up once, not wanting to seem rude while he was staring at his own hands in all of his shy glory. He noticed how happy that made the other guy. He was beaming and smiling.

“Thank you.. oh, I forgot. Let’s go get out yoghurt!!” Before he even finished his sentence Kiri was already pushing in his seat. This guy really did like custard, huh.


“Yeah.” Both of them made their way to the absolutely packed-with-options custard machines. He couldn’t count the flavors on his fingers and toes combined. No wonder it was called a palace. And the toppings too, holy shit. More of those than flavours. He was baffled.

“I know what I want. What about you? I love the strawberry shortcake flavour. Yummy with caramel syrup and graham cracker bits on the top!” Kirishima was excited as can be. Bakugou couldn’t help but smirk. It was like seeing a puppy get excited over a new toy.


“I don’t even know, jeez. There is so much.. I guess lemon lime maybe.” Bakugou grazed his fingers over the faded pictures above each custard dispenser. Two lemons and a lime. He didn’t bother looking for another flavour and just picked a small cup and filled it all the way up. Kirishima though.. He mixed Strawberry shortcake with vanilla. It looked super yummy. He put little bits of graham crackers and some kind of red sprinkle and then brown caramel sauce. Bakugou only put a few gummy bears on his. They looked kind of stupid to him but he didn’t want to have just a plain cup of custard.


“Okay, I’m done. You done?” Kirishima held up his medium cup of sweetness. It almost looked professionally made up. He even snuck a little cherry in there. Bakugou huffed in amusement.


“Yeah. Nice job.” They both put their cups on a scale and waited. “Thank you. I never ever get the same thing but this one is my favourite. Ah, hello.” Kirishima waved to the cashier lady who waved back and smiled.


“That’s £10 exactly.” The lady said. Bakugou glanced at Kirishima, who of course was taking out his wallet without question.


“I can pay-“ Bakugou reached into his back pocket and pulled out some money as well.


“Uh, no it’s okay! I have it-”


“Let’s split it then.”




Kirishima pulled out a five and Bakugou did so too. Bakugou would feel like a shit wad if he didn’t pay for his own yoghurt.


“Ha, that was fast. Sometimes couples take like five minutes to decide who’s paying.” The lady took the money and typed something on the register. Couple? Did she think they were a couple?


Kiri kind of dipped his face into his scarf and smiled. She thought they were a couple! He wished so. “Thank you.” Kiri grabbed both cups from the scale and headed back to the table.


Sitting down, Katsuki noticed Kiri didn’t sit down. He was pulling I napkins, three for each of them and setting them down nicely. Bakugou sighed. What a sweetheart, honestly. He just watched with a small smirk on his face.


“I’ll go get spoons since she forgot to give us them.” Bakugou nodded and got comfortable. When he looked up he almost regretted doing so because he would refuse to look away.


Kirishima’s arse looked really nice in those jeans.


Like, amazing. He hadn’t noticed it till now, but the guy had a really huggable looking body. He looked squishy to the touch. His thighs too, they were nice and plump. Shit. This was too weird of him to be thinking like this. They were just hanging out as friends, right? But he gulped as Kirishima pulled up his pants. Oh boy. He needed to stop. There wasn’t any reason to be a horny idiot right now.


Kirishima was quickly walking back with two small green and pink spoons and held them both up to Bakugou. He snorted and smiled a bit. He took the green one. “Thanks.” The first bite was delicious. He wasn’t expecting the sweet flavour. It stayed in his mouth even after he swallowed and smelled wonderful too. 

“How is it? I never actually tired lemon lime.” Kirishima’s mouth was full. It made his cheeks even chubbier. He kind of looked like a hamster.

“Tastes good. Yours?”

”super yummy!” Kirishima swallowed and popped the spoon back into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it. Bakugou was staring again. The redhead had some custard on his lips. God damnit. Out of all types of food it had to be white custard on his lips.

“Uh, good. Um..” Bakugou didn’t really know what to say. This wasn’t a date, but it kind of felt like one. He wasn’t sure if what Kirishima was doing was on purpose or if he was completely oblivious. 

“Mmn.” Kirishima had taken another bite and had the audacity to make that noise. Bakugou kind of flinched. The horny monster on his shoulder was really pestering him tonight wasn’t it. Clearing his throat, he took a bite himself. His custard was starting to melt a bit, so he picked it up and drank The rest of it.

“Ah, I’m done. You?” Kirishima licked his lips and wiped his face off, smiling cutely and blinking his lashes. Bakugou smirked.

“Mhm.” Katsuki felt a small spark of pain in his stomach. Ugh. He probably should have just thrown his yoghurt away. He sighed and furrowed his brows, gripping his knees.

“You okay? Oh, are you lactose intolerant? I’m sorry..” kirishima sounded a lot more concerned than he should be and stuffed his fave partially in his scarf again. His cheeks puffed out more like that. Cute.

“Uh, yeah.. it’s fine, though. I chose to eat that anyways.” Katsuki’s stomach rumbled again, causing him to groan softly in pain. Why didn’t he just order a to-go cup or something?

“Oh.. Well, maybe next time we hang out let’s not come to a dairy place.” Krishima sheepishly smiled behind his scarf. Bakugou lightly huffed in amusement.

“I guess not. But we can come back if uh, you enjoyed it.” Bakugou cleared his throat. He was bad at flirting.

Kirishima was just as inexperienced. “Ha, yeah, I like it here. Where would you wanna go instead? You kind of come off as the type of person to carry around hot sauce wherever you go.” Krishima giggled.

Katsuki blinked and then pulled out of Siracha and two packets of spice powder. “You are not wrong.”

Kirishima laughed. “Oh my! Wait.. wow, that’s really hot stuff! How do you handle that? Spicy food make my stomach hurt. Do you have high spice tolerance?” Krishima squished one of the packets in his hands gently, shaking the powder.

“Uh, I guess. I like super hot shit. A lot of stuff is boring with out spice.” Katsuki put the powder and sauce back in his bag.

“Do you like curry?” Kirishima twiddled his thumbs.

“Yeah. It’s uh, kind of my favourite..” Katsuki smirked and lidded his eyes. “Especially with Tabasco or somethin’.”

“Yummy.” Kirishima averted his gaze slightly. Was he being awkward? What time was it? He opened his phone. It didn’t feel like it but it had been an hour already. He smiled. Then he looked back up and met with firey eyes. He was being stared at, and it made him feel awkward but not as much as it did giddy. Someone like Bakugou was staring at Kirishima. Intently. “Uh. Sorry, fuck. Um..” Bakugou mumbled something after he said that. He was also getting red. Kirishima giggled. “W-what?” “I said Um. I like your eyes. So.. yeah.” He cleared his throat like he did today at least 20 times. Kirishima was all blushy now, heart beating fast and swallowing his breath. He liked his eyes? Did that mean anything? Someone could like another’s eyes and think platonically of them.. but something felt different. “T-thank you. I like yours too, they are really pretty. Like poppy topaz!” Kirishima put his scarf over his face again. Bakugou was staring at the floor, beet red and almost about to grab this cute ass fucker and kiss him right there. This felt like some kind of anime trope type of date at this point, all of the flirting and shit. “Oh. Crap. Really, Ruby?” Kirishima was now scowling at his phone. “Huh?”

“Oh, it’s just my cat. She set of my house surveillance cameras because she knocked over some stuff.” He huffed and shook his head. “She’s so stupid. She must have seen a moth or something because this has happened before.”

Bakugou smirked. Cats are idiots, but they are cute.

“Oh. There’s water all over the floor? Really? I’m sorry.. I’m gonna have to go home and clean it all up..” Kirishima rubbed his forehead and sighed, looking annoyed.

“Don’t worry about it.” Bakugou cracked his knuckles and yawned.

“Alright. Sorry to leave so abruptly but I’ll see you soon, I hope!” Kirishima’s mood seemed chipper despite the fact that he looked like an angry puppy. Bakugou was trying not to snort. He looked cute even when he was mad.

“Yeah. Had fun.” Bakugou slipped on his girth of a coat and zipped it up until his face was half covered. He looked out of place in this heated restaurant with people looking at him.

“Haha, you kind of look like a carrot!” Kiri poked Bakugou in the puff of the coat on his stomach, laughing away.

“Tch.” Katsuki was visibly blushing even if half of his face was covered. Apparently being called a big carrot and being poked was now being taken as a compliment.

As they walked out, Katsuki took into notice how much shorter Kirishima was than him. He seemed to be about 5 foot 6? Or even shorter? Anyways, he thought it was cute. He liked shorter guys.

The outside wind hit them immediately. Kiri gasped and Katsuki cursed. It was flurrying now, and the wind was harsh. Kirishima wrapped his scarf around his face.

“Uh, um.. I don’t remember where I parked. There weren’t any parking spaces around the shoppe so o just.. uh..”

Kiri’s cheeks were getting pinker, mostly because of the cold but also because of embarrassment.

“What does it look like? Uh, I can help..” Katsuki wasn’t even sure how he would help but he didn’t want to leave Kirishima out in the cold with a thin sweater and a small scarf.

“Oh it’s red and it’s a cube car! It’s probably some where by the pet store, I think.” Kirishima pointed to his left and started to walk. Katsuki followed and sighed, watching his visible breath float away in the snowy air.”

“Why is it so bloody fucking crowded on a Sunday.” Katsuki scanned the somewhat visible cars through the flurries and the wind that made it hard to see anything at all. He kept walking behind a mumbling Kiri.

“I don’t know..” Kiri shivered almost violently and.. whimpered?

Katsuki was warm. He knew this coat worked well and knew it was a good idea to bring it. Both of them probably should have checked the weather forecast before dressing up. The blonde stopped Kirishima from walking, slipped his coat off and handed it to the shorter man.

Kirishima looked surprised and gasped, looking at the coat and back at Bakugou a few times before gingerly taking the coat. “You.. don’t have to.. you will be cold too..” kirishima made a puppy dog face, which almost made Katsuki’s heart collapse.

“No uh.. just take it. I grew up in the north, so.. I’m used to this weather.” Bakugou put his hands in his jean pockets and pulled out gloves. “I’ll be fine.”

Kirishima smiled wide and slipped on the jacket with some struggle because obviously this jacket was meant for a tall person. “Thank you! So much..” he zipped it up and hugged himself, making the cutest noise of contentment Katsuki had ever heard.

They both started walking when Kirishima spotted his car and pointed, smiling at Katsuki. “I found it!”

“Good..” Katsuki watched as he unlocked his car, made several attempts to pull it open, and eventually bonked his forehead on the window. Katsuki snorted.

“It’s frozen.” He walked beside Kiri and pulled hard once, successfully opening the car. When he did, it smelled like a scented candle.

“Thank you!” Kirishima stood there for a moment, and then realized he should give the jacket back, duh. It was super warm and comfy and he really liked it. He hugged it one last time and pulled it off, handing it back. “This was really warm, thanks.”

“Yeah.. you’re welcome..” Katsuki watched the other get into his car and start it, hearing Christmas music come on almost immediately. Kiri blushed and turned it down, Bakugou smirked. Cute.

“See you later! Thanks for coming.” Kirishima pulled out of his parking space and slowly wheeled off with two tiny beeps of his horn. He noticed a sticker on the back of his car that read, “I love my cat.” He snorted again. That was ironic considering the reason Kirishima was heading home.

Katsuki walked back to his own car, relishing the small flakes of snow as he put his jacket back on. It smelled sweet now, kind of like perfume. He wondered if Kirishima used perfume or he just smelled like that. He blushed and sniffed it again. Was that creepy?

Unlocking his car, he plopped himself in his seat and started it. Well, it took a few times trying but it started eventually.

Driving away, he thought about today. It was fun. He had not been out with friends in years. His social battery was very limited and he hated being out for long periods of time. But with Kirishima.. he felt comfortable. He could go out as long as Kiri wanted.

He smiled. He was in love. He just didn’t know it yet.

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