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The Broken Watcher...

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Humanity always had their own idea on the Devil's looks. Currently, he was a tall man with red hair, a black suit with red stripes, and a red tie. His skin pale and his eyes charcoal black with a red iris. An three sets of wings flowed from his back. One made of Black Oily Feathers. One as wings on a bat. And the Final were boney white. Previously, he would make his form a minotaur like beast with a bloodied butcher's cleaver, Greek mythology there, a serpent in a garden, Christianity, or an eater of hearts, Egyptian. But they never realized that all his forms were real. More or less, he chose those forms to manifest as when he visited their world. It was a big flip of the bird at his creator, who left his creation to these new "gods". Frankly, he cared less about them than he did his own father. The only problem was the new rules they set up. First, none of us can interact with large numbers of mortals at a time. Second, they need a medium in the mortal world to interact with anything. And third, there is a limit to their abilities in the mortal world, along with a limited amount of time they can spend. All in all, they really limited his actions and pissed him off.

So he bit his time. He made deals with mortals by speaking through the demons he sent to Earth. He blessed monsters with power. And he kept a close eye on the movements of the gods. Especially one. Riga El Menuhyut. Their "Craftsmen". From what his hell spawn had gathered, he bestowed his "All-Seeing-Eyes" on a new human being. Lucifer spat on the floor of his black marble castle when he heard that. And he felt anger when he found out the child's use of the eyes. Finding the names of some random bat like creatures? Switching some random people's sight and perception? These eyes had been bestowed upon kings! There power wasn't even limited to vision! He had the "pleasure" of having one of his Acolytes take the creation of the corpse of a Witness. Most recognize his name, Dr. Gamimotz. His Acolyte found so much behind the eyes, and still never scratched the surface of it. Even then, the person went MAD from the knowledge he gained. Mad enough to break ties with his master. Although, Lucifer smiled when he found his former disciple at the gate of hell, broken and beaten. He sent him to have needles pierce his head from every angle for all eternity as his reward. Now, he was currently reading the reports on Leonardo Watch, the current witness. His goals at least seem tied to uncovering the secrets of the eyes. He appears to be trying to find a way to return his sister's sight. And just like that, the devil smiled with his sharp teeth. And so he got up and looked upon his kingdom...


Meanwhile, Leonardo was currently gagged and tied in the back of a car. It's probably best to start in the beginning of this situation. Originally, he was working a nightshift at his job, pizza delivery, when he ended up getting hit by a black armored van on the road. In what seemed like an instant, his eyes were covered, his arms and legs were cuffed, and his mouth was taped. All right before he was tossed in the back seat. From what he could hear, his assailants were 4 people. Unfortunately, it seemed as if he had a concussion. He tried to see through the blindfold, but was met with a backlash from his eyes followed by a sharp pain. He thought to himself, "No way can this situation get worse". And as if the god's laughed at him, he felt a sharp and warm pain in his back, followed by cold metal and a fluid flowing into him. As he felt his mind fade, Leo could only wish for someone to find him.

When he woke up, he was chained to a wall. In what seemed like a dungeon. The assholes took his shirt off for some god damn unknown reason. The cuffs on his wrists were tight and felt like they were cutting into his skin. And a putrid smell of iron filled this room. It didn't feel like long before 2 men with what seemed like gas masks stitched to their faces came into the room. Leo couldn't help but think he'd seen them somewhere before. One was holding a pistol in his hands and stood by the door. The other one brought a cart into the room, covered by a black velvet cloth. He went and stepped in front of Leo's face and stared at him before speaking. "Witness. You hold a special tool in your skull. One capable of infinite wealth if in the right hands." The man walked to the cart he brought in, sliding his hand over the cloth. "In normal circumstances, I would have killed you and just ripped them from your skull. But from the information gathered from a former colleague, rest his soul, requires that you offer consent so that they eyes come out without damage to itself."

The man gripped the cloth and removed it, revealing a set of blades and tools that made Leo's face turn pale. He pulled out a compartment in the cart, revealing the same tools that were on the top, but made of a black steel. He picked a curved blade up first. "We'll first start with these. They give people the pain of the real deal without leaving damage on their bodies." He walked toward Leonardo once more. "Unless you'd like to give your consent to the procedure now and save us all the trouble." Leo spat in his gas-masked face. The eyes were important not just to his sister and him, but to Libra too. He's saved lives with them, and he sure as hell wasn't planning on giving it to them. Plus, it was only a matter of time before Klaus and the others found him. He then felt a sharp pain in the right side of his chest. Looking down, he saw the black blade pierce him as the man slowly twisted it in him. Leo gasped for breath from the pain. The man then slowly pulled out the blade, before plunging it straight back into his chest again. He then quickly pulled the blade out, and Leo saw what he meant. There was no wound or blood, and the pain disappeared as soon as the blade left his body. The man spoke again, "For the next few days, we'll go through every tool, and then one random one from the top. Until you give your consent to the procedure." He then grabbed a triangular black blade with what seemed like thorns in it, before plunging into Leo. First in his elbows and joints before going into his hands. And just like the other weapon, it left no wound when pulled out and no lasting pain. It felt like hours to Leo as the man finished by carving into Leo's shoulder with a scalpel. The two men left the room as a masked nurse came in and bandaged Leo's shoulder. In his mind, he only thought that he just had to last until helped arrive. But he prayed it was soon.


Three days had passed. No one had come yet. Leo know had bandaged wrists with his shoulder. As the nurse was bandaging him, he couldn't but cry. Nevertheless, he was still hopeful for the rescue by his friends.

Five days had passed now. Leo had bandaged over the top of his hands. He still kept a glimmer of hope in him before passing out. It was the first peaceful bit of rest he had without the pain.

Eight days now. Leo found himself close to giving consent to his eyes before steeling himself again. They removed the bandages over his shoulder. There wasn't much scaring on it. The gas-masked man was precise.

Nine days? Maybe Ten? Leo was losing count a bit. He found himself having thoughts. Whenever the man left, he found himself smiling at the thought of tearing him apart by his own hands, before feeling scared by the thought.

Twelve days? Thirteen? Leo noticed a new tool in the man's cart. He soon found out it was a branding iron. His face turned pale as he prayed that any of his friends would come.

Why does this happen to me...

The masked man came today with blow torch. And this time, what Leo was starting to dread started to come to life. The man started to blow torch the branding iron as he sat in front of him. And he made Leo watch as he slowly heated the end of it. "You know kid, your the first person to last this long. I bet though that your thinking that your friends will come save you." He got up and walked in front of Leo. "We spread rumors, fake intel, and lied to most of our members about where your being kept. So far, your friends have hit a bunch of dummy targets. It's be a VERY long time before they come here." And just like that, Leo broke. His face filled with despair as his thoughts withered and the men in the room laughed at his misfortune. The one in front of him lifted the branding iron and slowly aimed at Leo's collarbone, as if he was playing pool. The last thing Leo felt was the burning sensations as the man marked him with what would he would later find to be a pentagram. But for now, the searing pain stung into Leo as he cried out and screamed. And suddenly, the men disappeared and were replaced with a strange humanoid like being in the center of the room. He had 3 sets of wings, wore a black suit, and stood with a sharp-toothed smile in front of Leo.

"Good Day Mister Watch", the man said. Leo only stared him blankly. The smell of burnt flesh filled the room. "I must say, they have treated you so poorly." Leo couldn't help but think this seemed familiar. And he was right. It was the same as when Riga El Menuhyut appeared and gave him these CURSED eyes in the first place. The man swiped his hand and the shackles chaining Leo to the wall opened as he fell to his knees. "Apologies, my powers are limited here without a medium." He walked to Leo before grabbing his face. Leo gritted his teeth and looked at him with a rebellious expression. "What the hell do you gods want now?" The man was taken aback for a moment before laughing. He made a gesture as if he was wiping a tear off his eyes. "I must say witness, I do like that expression on your face. Reminds me of myself a very VERY long time ago. Apologies, but I am not one of those balls of crap you call gods. Which is good news for you as I have come to help." Leo spat blood in front of the man. "You wanna help? Then how about killing the assholes who did this to me?" The man just stared at him with red eyes. "Im afraid it doesn't work like that. For me, I have a different set of rules since I can't interact with things directly." He then grabbed both of Leo's hands and he helped him up. "But I can give you the power." Leo stared at him blankly and opened his eyes. In a separate vision, the man was covered in light. In the other, a red crimson aura covered his body, except the black eyes. And finally, his name showed and only did Leo start to smile and cry. "Of course the only cosmic being to help me would happen to be the Devil himself." He grinned. "Please, call me Lucifer."

Leo took his hands back as he straightened himself up and looked the literal devil in the eye. "You said you could help me, right? What did you mean?" Lucifer held his hand out and a small needle stuck out. "A Deal. In exchange for the power I give you, I want a few things. It'll be an equivalent exchange. First, one of your eyes." Leo stepped back and looked at him as a feeling of anger went through him. "Why does everyone want these stupid things?! I'd love it if someone suffered with it!" Lucifer looked at him. "Second, you'll become my medium in the mortal world. That means you'll have the power to make the people torturing you suffer as much as you want while I'll have a say so up here." Leo nodded. At least he'll have something to make sure anyone who tries to get to him suffers. "And third, while I have one of your eyes, you will have one of mine. This is just a sign of our bargain, but you'll see soon enough that'll become more of a blessing than those eyes. In exchange for all of that, I'll also add a bonus. How does your sister's sight and ability to walk sound?" And then Leo's face turned to awe at him. He didn't even think as he grabbed the devil's hand and squeezed as the small needle went through it. Lucifer smiled as he closed on of his eyes, and opened it again to reveal the All-Seeing-Eye.

Leo felt a sting in his eye before he found himself chained to the wall, the branding iron on his collarbone. Except for one thing, there was no pain. The gas-masked man looked at him as Leo slowly smiled and opened his eyes. The Left All-Seeing-Eye that Lucifer let Leo keep had turned red with with symbols black and cracking like lightning. And the right eye was Creviced like a dragons. And the screams that filled that room didn't belong to Leo this time.

Klaus was tired, along with most of the Libra members. They had been searching for Leo for days. They found nothing. No traces of him anywhere. The only thing they know was he was kidnapped by one of the most notorious and oldest beyondian gang groups. There were two things that made them all speechless that day. One was a call from Leo's sister that her sight had returned and that she was able to walk. Klaus and everyone was speechless. The other was from Daniel Law stating that they found Leo in a warehouse. Along with the bodies of the kidnappers. Leo was transferred to the Phantom Ward hospital. But was he the same as they had last seen him?


End of Chapter 1...

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It didn’t sit right with Klaus or Steven at first on the day after Leo’s kidnapping. Sure enough, most of them thought he was sick for starters and was running slightly late or he’d give them a call.

It was Klaus who first started getting worried. He asked KK and Zed to go and check on Leo at his apartment. They called to report it was empty, which made Klaus worry a little more, despite Steven’s assurance that Leo was alright.

That was, until Zapp was driving on his scooter to Leo’s work at the pizza place he part-timed at, only to pass by a car crash scene with Leo’s work bike thrashed and what he prayed wasn’t Leo’s blood.

When he reported his findings to the rest of the gang at the office, anyone who was in the room could feel the heat emanating from Klaus’ being. And for the next few days, they investigated, attacked, and planned.

They found out Leo was captured by a notorious gang known to attach magical artifacts to their body along with mass-producing copies of magical tools. They were hidden well and they were tight lipped. Most of the members of Libra would leave investigating to both Klaus and Steven, despite the begs of mercy from the ones they captured.

After a week and five dummy locations hit and nothing found, they were starting to lose hope. They couldn’t imagine what Leo was going through or what they wanted him for. Klaus was wearing himself thin, along with Steven. And the others couldn’t sleep knowing their friend was in the hands of the monsters they swore to guard against.

KK went through every favor she could, but none knew anything. Zapp went to gang bars and underground bars only to get people who were scared shitless to talk. Chain went to the werewolf bureau, who had their investigations at a wall themselves. Klaus and Steven went to Don Arlelelle Eruca Fulgrouche, who even he had little to no information on the group.

After another week, all seemed loss for them as they prepared to get Leo’s affairs in order. That was until they got a calls from Leo’s sister who had a miracle happen as her ability to walk and see had miraculously returned. They at first theorized the worst that Leo had passed. But, for better or worse, Daniel Law had called and informed them of what happened.

They apparently had an anonymous tip about sketchy activity in an abandoned plaza hotel, in which they found Leo passed out on the floor in the lobby along with a few bodies. Zed and KK were sent to investigate a little more into where Leo was held while Klaus and the others visited him at the Phantom ward hospital.


Leo was extremely tired and worn from the whole ordeal. He was afraid to sleep with the thought that he might wake up chained to that wall again. He even fought the anesthetic Luciana Estevez gave him. The look of surprise on her face showed Leo that maybe somethings changed in him more than he thought.

There were two things he found looking at his reflection in the window next to his bed. One was that Lucifer kept his promise and did leave him one of the All-Seeing-Eyes. Specifically, the left one. As for his right eye, is was a black and blue eye with a slit. Like a reptile. The blue was what Leo found strange considering it was red when it was in Lucifer’s head.

But he didn’t care right now. He had a few more things to check before he worried about the small things. One of the parts in their contract was his sister’s sight and ability to walk. He’s dealt with deals with god’s before, so there was no way he was taking the Devil’s word. Whenever he thought back to what happened in that room, he’d get a headache.

The door to his room opened to a familiar voice. “Well Pubehead, you had us worried for a second.” Zapp has entered the room, along with a few other members of Libra. They all looked so tired, but it pales in comparison to how Leo looked right now. Leo’s arms were bandaged and were still bleeding earlier, his shoulder had a burnt mark of a pentagram on it, and his shoulder had slight scar’s that looked like a mix of a blade and a claw.

Klaus sat beside Leo’s bed and took one of his small bandages hands and held it in his own giant yet delicate ones. His voice was soft, as if his normal voice might break him down. “Leo. I am so sorry. I, WE, can’t even begin to imagine what you went through.” Klaus’ voice shook. It was as if he was moments away from his own breakdown.

Leo looked around at the group. They were all shook by what they saw. Leo opened his eyes, revealing the normal All-Seeing-Eye and his new reptilain like black and blue eye. Steven stepped back a bit, as if he felt chill in his own body from it. Leo’s eyes moved over them all, before his face returned to a normal blank expression. As normal tears flowed through the All-Seeing-Eye, tears of black formed in the other.

Leo’s voice was shaky as he spoke, “I’d like to be alone for awhile, if that’s alright.”

The Libra members looked at eachother first before facing Leo again and nodding. One by one, they each left the room with Klaus gently closing the door. Leo curled into a ball and cried. The worse part was behind him for now. It was time for him to heal.


KK and Zed managed to convince Daniel Law to let them through the doors of the hotel. While most of the bodies were covered or removed, they were given access to autopsy and their own search. They were first given a body found in a room with chains and many strange and bloodied tools. One of them being a branding iron. The body had a gas mask sewed onto the face, although most of it looked damaged and burnt in the shaped of clawed hand.

The glass from the sockets in mask were intact, but the eyes of the guy looked like they were burnt out. What was stranger was when Zapp cut off the mask, some goop left from the handprint got onto one of his blades. It slowly turned black as Zapp threw it to the side. What should have happened was that it should have turned into a puddle of blood. Instead, it maintained it’s sharp, hardened, and turned into boiling charcoal and obsidian.

Whoever or whatever saved Leo was definitely a mystery in itself. Wether it was friend or foe definitely depended on tomorrow. And god help it’s next target...


End of Chapter 2...

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The Devil stood upon the rebuilt skyscraper that viewed over the city of HL. With a new ‘view’ at the world, Lucifer saw hidden meanings behind the chaos of the city. It’s creation wasn’t planned and neither was it’s mergence with the Alter-world. His Father’s two best projects melded together at singular, minuscule point. Although, he did have to alter somethings to the eyes, including the ones he left in Leo’s head from their deal. One of the few fine prints that Leo too was soon to discover. Although, he thought it best to keep their deal ‘private’ by also closing the right All-Seeing-Eye.

His head twitched to the sound of wind behind him. Slowly, he turned halfway toward his brother, smiling. His brother on the other hand wasn’t. He was a slightly short, gray haired young man with a green vest.

“Ezekiel. To what do I owe the meeting?”

Ezekiel’s wings fluttered as he took a small step forward, although shaking from some fear he was too poorly trying to hide. Voice shaking as he spoke, “You shouldn’t be here brother. Our father is not supervising his creation. If the beings he put on charge see you down here...”

“Tsk,” Lucifer clicked his tongue. He looked upon his brother. “You don’t really believe they could take me on little brother?”

Ezekiel shuddered as if his safety depended on his next words. “If you were in your domain, no. But your in a place under their supervision. Your powers would be greatly limited here, just like them. Plus, you’d be outnumbered. So yes, I do believe they could ‘take you one’.”

Lucifer sighed. “Oh Ezekiel, my sweet, innocent brother”, Lucifer says as he fully turns and opens BOTH his eyes. In reply to this, Ezekiel’s own eyes were wide with both surprise and fear. Lucifer’s left eye was still the same reptilian black and red eye he was known for. In the right was the All-Seeing-Eye he got from his deal with Leo. Although, the eye was red, with it’s symbols black and mixed with demonic sigils. “Care to correct yourself?”

A cold sweat had started to form on Ezekiel’s forehead. This time, he managed to compose his voice as he spoke, “The Eye.” He looked at Lucifer and truly saw the rise in power within him. “That’s why the signal cut out. You got to the witness.” Ezekiel’s face turned to that of worry. “Did you kill him?”

Lucifer’s expression turned to confusion. “What? Father, no! He made a deal with me. In fact, I can’t tell who came out of it the best.” He put his hand over his mouth as he laughed. “The real kicker is that I made him my medium!”

Ezekiel screamed, overcome by rage and worry, “Lucifer! Have you gone mad? To give a Mortal HUMAN access to the power of an archangel, one who is fallen and capable of increasing his own power is not just foolish, but INSANE!”

Lucifer walked toward his brother and patted him on the shoulder reassuringly. “Relax. I didn’t give him my full power. Just a tiny smudge that I share at a constant rate. All in all, he’s not that powerful. Atleast,” he shrugged, “not yet.”

Ezekiel looked at his brother seriously. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that I shared my attributes with him. Some angelic and demonic qualities.” He shook his head and held his hand up. “Point is, I came out of it with enough power to take some of them down with me. They’re afraid. Why do you think your here?”

Ezekiel pauses for a moment as Lucifer’s words set in. And realization came as his expression turned hopeless. “They’re going to kill me for knowing this, aren’t they.”

Lucifer nodded, “I’m afraid so.”

Ezekiel shook for a moment before he dropped to his knees, speaking in some strange language with tears in his eyes as he punched the top of the building, leaving a small crater from the inhuman force. “I’ve been locked out!,” he cried in anguish.
“I can’t return! And they’ll most likely send one of our siblings to kill us!”

Lucifer, once again, nodded in agreement. “Well, since your here, how about you watch with me the outcome of my deal? I can offer you protection until then if you’d like.” He held out his hand.

Ezekiel looked up at his fallen brother. “Do I even have a choice?”

Lucifer smiles grimly. “Nope”

Ezekiel sighed. “Ah, what the hell.” He picked himself up and the two brothers looked upon the city.

“So, where’s he now?”

Lucifer looked at him and smiled...


Leo was discharged from the hospital for a week now, although still had some bandages here and there. Mostly just his hands and around his neck and collarbone where the pentagram was branded on him. He felt a slight itch from it. Not to mention his favorite sweater was gone so he only had the black T-Shirt he wore underneath.

Right now, he was looking for a shop that sold different types of eye-wear. Mostly sunglasses and goggles. His reasoning was because during his kidnapping, his goggles were broken, save for one measly lense. Not to mention he was fired from his pizza-delivery job for getting the delivery bike damaged.

Now, Leo found himself finding ANOTHER part-time job while trying to keep his eyes a secret from the world once again. It was then that he found himself at a bicycle shop. Mostly helmets, shirts, jackets, glasses, AND goggles. Looking through the aisles, he found a shirt with what he assumed was a metal band cover with the words ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’.

He simply brushed it off and moved to the next aisle and the next. He did end up picked some black tinted goggles though. After purchasing and leaving the shop, he decided to try them on. He was surprised how the world was so similar to the dark version behind them. Then again, maybe he just has a new perspective.

“Hey Pubehead!”

As if some invisible force was laughing, he just ran into the last person he expected, let alone wanted, to meet. He smiled nervously and turned around to the direction of the voice. “H-hey Zapp.”

Zapp walked up to him looking pissed. “Don’t you ‘Hey Zapp’ me. I was supposed to pick you up from your apartment, only to find out you didn’t even go back there.

Leo gripped his arm from the elbow. “I was there for an hour, but I thought I needed fresh air.”

Zapp looked at him dumbfounded. “An hour? You were discharged from the hospital 16 hours ago! Where were you the other 15?”

Leo replies, “Hotel.”

Zapp looked at him as if he couldn’t believe it. “Leo, if you didn’t feel saaaahhhhhhhhHH!”

Leo looked at him confusingly as if an invisible force was pushing his head down deeper into his shoulders. It was then that he heard a familiar voice speak. “Of course he didn’t feel safe.”

And out of thin air, and on top of Zapp’s head, Chain materialized. “His position was compromised. They knew who they were targeting, so they’ll most likely know where he lives.”

It was then that a small black car pulled up to them next to the sidewalk. The familiar faces of Klaus and Steven appeared when the windows rolled down. Steven spoke with a cheery voice, “Hey you three, heading to work?”

Zapp tried to answer first but Leo interrupted him and told them yes. Although he gained confused glances from Zapp and Chain, they still stepped in the car as they were driven to the most familiar place to Leo in this city. Libra Headquarters. However, on the way there, Leo almost thought he saw Lucifer ordering a hotdog from a stand with a young, gray haired man in a green vest, but passed it off as his imagination. Right now, he just wanted things to turn back to their old weird normal. But unknown to him, he was in a world with new things that go bump in the night...


End of Chapter 3...

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Lucifer was quietly drinking his coffee with Ezekiel in a cafe located on one of the moderately high buildings in HL. Although they seemed distant to the people around them, the two were discussing Leonardo Watch’s current development. Lucifer was currently wearing a pair of VERY dark tinted classes for to hide his eyes.

“How’s it look now,” Ezekiel questioned.

Lucifer’s expression changed as if he was deep in thought before returning to a normal calm one. “Well, I did expect that he wouldn’t be the same with everything that’s happened. Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t change sooner considering the city he lives in.”

Ezekiel mixed two tea spoons of sugar into his own cup, which had a sweet blend of lemon and peach tea in it. “From what I’ve observed here and heard back up in heaven, I’m surprised how he’s not snapped. If one of our siblings suffered in the same way as his sister, I don’t believe I would have controlled myself.”

Lucifer looked at him. “How are our siblings taking Father’s leave anyhow?”

Ezekiel scoffed, “Gah, they’ve all been hopeless idiots. Like all siblings. A lot of them still haven’t accepted Father’s vacation.” He took a sip of his tea and smiled. “Not that it matters anymore. Anyways, tell me more about this Watch boy. What’s he doing now?”

Lucifer put his cup down and leaned back in the chair. “Well...”


Leo was currently in a dream, although he didn’t really realize it yet. He was simply drinking coffee in Diannes Diner. Slowly, he realized the Diner was empty. He turned around and looked out the windows of the Diner. Outside, the city was as normal as it could be, except for it’s lack of people.

Leo walked out and looked. Skies were orange as if the sun was going down, all the buildings were in one piece. But there was no sound or anything. Curiousity turned to wonder. Wonder into fear. Fear into panic. And panic into absolute terror. And looking down on his hands, he see’s the cuffs that hound him to the wall broken on his wrists, and tightening.

He tried to scream, but no sound came out. And when he looked at his reflection from the many windows of the stores, he saw the man who tortured him in that room looking back.


And he woke up, drenched in sweat. He was in the Libra office in what seemed like the middle of the night. And his thoughts drifted back the those horrid memories. His captivity. What hurt most in it wasn’t the torture. It was the sense of loneliness. The thought that he’d never see anyone or anything ever again.

He grabbed his phone off the table next to the couch. 4:30 AM. Only a few hours before the others come to the office. And right now, the dark room was just giving him chills. So, he went out into the cold night of the city.

Even in the middle of the night, it was a mix of traffic and crowded sidewalks. Leo remembered that he lost his camera when his kidnapper’s crashed into him. Luckily he already backed up all the photos in another SD card. Still, he needed to save money if he wanted to start photographing again.

As he passed an alley, he heard someone’s voice. Looking into it, he saw two Beyondian thugs mugging a random woman. The woman was pleading, “Please, I really don’t have anything else!”

The two Beyondians looked at eachother for a second. One had a bunch of chains on his face, the other was extremely buff. “Yeah, well we don’t need any heat on us. Sorry bout this.” The buff one raised one of his fists as if getting ready to strike. The woman raised her arms and cried out, “Somebody help!”

It was then that Leo blacked out...


Ezekiel looked at his brother in disbelief. “That’s it? Really?”

Lucifer looked at him condescendingly. “Course not. That’s just what Leo’s going to remember before he wakes up back in the office. This is what happens after he blacked out...”


In the woman’s perspective, the alley was empty, except for the kid with the strange red eyes. At first she was confused and wondered where the thugs went.

Leo(?) spoke,”They’re still here, although one is soon about to bash your head in the real world.

The woman replied in a shaky voice, “Who are you?”

Leo walked around her. “What doesn’t matter is who I am. What matters is what you want. You cried for help, and I was in the area.”

She looked at him suspiciously. “Your going to help me?”

Leo looked at her with a creepy grin and red eyes. “Of course, for a price. You offer me something and I’ll make sure those two NEVER bother you again.” He closed his hands and smiled widely. “Fair, right?”

She felt a chill up her spine the more she spoke with him. “What would you even want. I don’t have slot in term’s of cash you know.”

Leo looked up and down at the person. “Hm, then how about a favor. A blank check that I cash in for if I need something from you at a later time?”

“And if I refuse,” she replied.

“Then you end up with your brains on that wall because a blunt idiot in an alley.”

She crossed her arms, “Not much of a choice, huh?”

Leo held his hand out. “So, is it a deal?”

She approached him and shook his hand. In an instant, she found herself up against the wall again with the large Beyondian about to attack when the boy appeared in front of the two and snapped the large creature’s arm back. He then grabbed the two beyondians by their heads as they screamed with black liquid leaking from their eyes and mouths before smoke started coming off their bodies.

In an instant, Leo was gone and the woman wondered what kind of deal she made as she ran from the alley.

End of Chapter 4...

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The tanned, white haired man turned around. He was currently having a smoke and staring out into space on the balcony of their office when Zed called out to him. “What do you want fish face?”

It would give ANYONE a headache on how fast these two went at eachother’s throats. And how often. Now, if you want a mental image on what just happened, Zed grabbed Zapp in a headlock and Zapp quickly went for a sucker bunch. After the world’s dumbest fight passed, the two regained their composure quickly and wiped the dirt off their clothes.

Zed paused for a moment before resuming speaking. “Have you noticed that Leo’s been acting strangely lately.”

Zapp took off his jacket and shook it while he responded, “You would be too if you were tortured for more than two weeks.” He put his jacket back in before taking out a crumbled cigarette pack. “But that’s not what you meant, was it?”

Zed crosses his arms and looked out into the city. “He’s acting too ‘normal’. I’m starting to think that he might just be putting on a brave face.”

Zapp looked at him as if he was an idiot. He spoke with a sarcastic voice, “Gee, you think?” He managed to fish his lighter out of his pockets before attempting to light one of the cigarettes. After managing to get a flame, a win comes in and blew it out, leaving Zapp groaning at his misfortune.

Zed shrugged. “One of us could try talking to him.”

Zapp finally managed to keep the flame up long enough to lit the cig in his mouth. “Already happening.”

Zed looked at him confusingly for a second. Zapp sighed. “The Chief already went and asked Leo to accompany him for errands. He’s gonna take it as a chance to see how he’s doing.”

Zed just paused for a moment. “So were you too cowardly to ask or...”

And once again, the two dropped to a tussle st eachother’s necks...


Leo was nervous. No, not nervous. Completely terrified. Here was in a car with his boss helping him do errands. He was even more tense then the time Michella told him she was getting married. Now that whole visit was a fiasco. In fact, parts of his life have been a fiasco.

Klaus, on the other hand, was currently going through a catalog and a list with a smile on his face. He actually seemed excited for this whole little trip. “What do you think Leonardo? I believe we should go here for some gardening tools. I heard that they have a type of fertilizer that lets plants grow healthier without damaging stems during growth.”

There was a pause before Klaus looked at Leonardo and noticed he was very still. “Leonardo?”

Klaus put his hand on Leo’s forehead, which was just what was needed to snap him back into reality. Until he became frantic and quickly backed away. “Apologies Leonardo, I was worrried you might have come down with something.”

Leo shook his head. “No, your fine Klaus. I’ve just been in my own thoughts lately.” Leo’s head dropped down again. Klaus just simply stared at him, which was returned with a cold and nervous sweat from Leonardo.

“Alright Leonardo. I won’t pry anymore. But I do have one question.”

Looked looked at him confusingly before Klaus pulled out a gardening catalog mixed with tools and supplies. “You see, I’ve been starting to feel like my plant haven’t been growing well lately. I’m wonder if it’s either the fertilizer I use or maybe I’m in need of new types of tools.” Klaus looked at him excitedly.

Leo started at him blankly before laughing. It was a genuine laugh that even seemed to relax Klaus. Leo managed to compose himself and smiled before speaking, “Well, we could ask someone when we get to the store. I’m sure they’ll have some professional opinions to share from their own experiences.”

Klaus nodded and returned to looking through the catalog.

“Hey, Klaus?”

“Yes Leonardo?”

Leo fidgeted in his seat. “Have you ever made a decision that seemed good at the time, but you look back at it and start to feel regret from it’s repercussions?”

Klaus closed the catalog and simply thought for a moment before looking Leo in the eyes. “I believe that our decisions make us who we are. The repercussions are just tests to see if we stick with them.”

“What if they decision helped people around you too?”

“Then it wasn’t as bad a decision as we first think.”

Leo looked out the window of the car.

“Would you like to talk about what happened?”

Leo turned around out of surprise. He thought for a moment. How would anyone react if you told them you made a deal with the Devil. “Maybe. But not right now. I’d like to talk about it with everyone when I’m ready.”

Klaus nodded in agreement. “A wise and brave decision, Leonardo.”

Leo thought to himself, “I’m not brave at all,” but decided to keep that to himself. He’d rather not bring down the mood. For now, he thought it was best to enjoy the outing.

“Oh, pardon me for forgetting Leonardo.”

Leo looked at Klaus confusingly as he took out a box and handed to him. When he opened it, he found a zipper jacket with a knitted collar. It had a similar design to the turtleneck sweater he always wore.

“I was unable to find a sweater with the same design but I hope this is to your liking.

Leo took out the jacket from it’s box and put it on, smiling at how well it fit.

“Thanks Klaus...”


End of Chapter 5...

Chapter Text

Leo’s nightmares plagued him more. Although his body managed to stay asleep for atleast 8 hours a day, he still see’s his torturer in random reflections. At this point, he put it down as his mind playing tricks on him. He did finally manage to get a new part time job though at a studio for developing photo’s. It’s mostly popular among the tourists that come into the city.

Currently, his co-worker Micheal was manning the front desk while Leo was helping a couple choose which photo’s they wanted developed. The job atleast paid better than his old delivery one. Although, he did enjoy riding around HL. It did let him see some sights around. But it’s safer to see them in the image of a photo.

Now it’s been almost a week and a half since he escaped. He can barely remember how and he couldn’t care less. The pentagram they branded on him was almost a factor that kept him from being hired, but his employer lets him cover it with a few bandages. After all, who wouldn’t get injured in this city?

For the past 3 days, Leo spends 3-4 days in the week at his job at the studio, but most of the time stays at the Libra office because they still hadn’t figured out how the kidnappers knew about him in the first place. At that point, he just decided to ask Zapp to pick his stuff up from his apartment and just move out till he found one that was closer to his job and Libra’s office. All in all, his life has been starting to shape up pretty well in the city.

Although, some of the members at Libra have been wondering something. Since Michella’s sight AND ability to walk somehow returned, why was Leo still staying in the city? Well, they’re about to find out.


It started off as a normal day at the office. Libra’s, not the studio. Leo was just helping Klaus water his plants after the two decided it was great as a hobby to calm a person’s emotions. Zapp came in and tried to attack Klaus again, failed miserably went Klaus choked him out in a headlock and was STILL watering the plants.

Zed came, grabbed Zapp, and tossed him onto one of the couches sideways. Chain materialized and stepped on Zapp’s knees. That woke him up as he went into a screaming match. And Zed was cutting paper to go the park for his show. Steven came in with a cup of coffee and sat at his desk with a newspaper, and Gilbert brought tea and snacks for everyone. It was a normal day for the young witness Leo. Then again, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Atleast until the phone rang on Klaus’ desk. He put down the watering can in his hand and picked it up. Leo was lost in thought on a what he was going to eat today. Burgers weren’t really a “healthy” meal to live off of. Maybe as Salad at Diannes’ Diner? Klaus was still on the phone when he called Leo over.

“Yeah Klaus?”

“Apologies Leonardo, but Daniel Law here is saying there’s someone at the station looking for you. They say they’re your mother.”

Leo paled as everyone in the room looked at him. It got quiet as it took Leo some time to recover and respond.

“Did she say what her name was?”

Klaus went and repeated Leo’s words into the phone before nodding and looking back at Leo.

“She says her name is Sarah Watch.”

Leo’s eyes flashed red for a split second before returning to their blue. His hand’s turned to fist as he dug his nails into his palm and small droplets of blood formed at the tips. Everything was ringing for a little while before Steven shook him out of it. Leo looked back at Klaus before talking with gritted teeth.

“Tell them to tell her that I don’t want ANYTHING to do with her.”

And just like that, Leo grabbed his jacket and left through the door. Everyone’s faces were a mix of shock and surprise. Steven went to Klaus’ side and grabbed the phone from his hand. “I’ll handle this. You go make sure he’s ok.”

Klaus looked blankly at him before nodding and running after Leo. Everyone in the room was quiet. Steven was hung up on when Daniel heard his voice. As for Leo, he was in the elevator lobby waiting for it to come up to the top floor.


Leo turned around to see Klaus standing in the hallway to the left of him. Leo looked away and blankly looked at the number that showed which floor the elevator was on.

“I’m guessing your wondering why I acted that way, huh?”

Klaus nodded, accompanied by a sigh from Leo.

“You remember when we first met and I told you how a couple a months before I came to the city, me and Michella were forced into that deal? Well, our parents didn’t take it to well when they saw me groveling on the ground from the pain of my sight on steroids and my sister losing her own.”

The elevator arrived but Leo didn’t step in. Instead, he went to a bench in the lobby and sat down, patting next to him for Klaus to sit. After Klaus sat and looked at him did he continue.

“For the first two months, I was in the hospital. My dad was working with some government officials who had payed our parents to keep the eyes and the event a secret. While my dad dealt with the deal, my mom visited me and Michella. Whenever she visited my room however, she wouldn’t stop talking about how I could have let her do it. How I could have been so spineless. What kind of brother was I.”

Leo’s body and voice shook as he spoke.

“And that was just the start. When we got back home, she would treat me like I wasn’t there. She only acknowledged my existence to grind me down in secret from Michella and my dad. Other times, she rarely spoke unless it was an order. I-“

Leo grabbed his sides as tears started to form at the corners of his eyes.

“I was having a seizure from the huge flows of information I got from the eyes. I called for help and she didn’t even respond. When I was close to blacking out, I saw her pass my room. PASS! She didn’t even help me or anything! She watched before going to her own room! Dad and Michella came back from the lake and rushed me to the hospital. And she didn’t even come and see me.”

Leo’s body shuddered and shook as he cried. Klaus grabbed him into a hug, trying to comfort him. Leo grabbed back and put his head on his chest, unable to look at him the way he was now. It was awhile before he resumed.

“After that, I knew Mom would never acknowledge me as her son again. So I decided to mirror her. I saved cash enough cash to move here with the help of my dad. I left a note and that was it. I had a goal here, and that was to fix my biggest mistake and give my sister back her sight. But I never planned on going back. Even now that Michella’s sight and ability to walk are back, I’ll never go back there!”

Leo shook and Klaus’ arms for what felt like forever to him. Klaus tried to make Leo feel better.

“I won’t pretend to know what your feeling with all that’s happened Leonardo. But know that we, I, am here for you if you need anything. You don’t have to talk to your mother, and you don’t have to try and explain things. The goal you embarked for is done. Now, no one controls your life except you. It’s time that you followed your heart and not the guilt that latched on.”

Leo let go of Klaus before going to the elevator again. He looked back at him.

“I just need to be alone for a bit.”

And the elevator doors closed as Leo left the office. Klaus went back into the room with the eyes of the members looking back at him. He sighed before returning to his desk.

“I’m going to trust you all with something. I need to know if you can keep it a secret and not reveal it.”

Everyone looked at eachother before nodding. And Klaus briefed them on what he learned.

End of Chapter 6...

Chapter Text

Leo’s eyes had turned red as he pouted. His left All-Seeing-Eye’s markings had turned black to compliment on their new red glow due to the right eye Lucifer gave him. The eye was a symbol of their deal, along with the bonus to make Leo Lucifer’s Median on Earth. But that’s another story. Right now, Leo was just sitting down and talking out loud.

“Seriously, who does she think she is? I went through hell for six months with her. I’ve been in HL for nearly 2 years. And now, suddenly, my mother wants to see me after everything she’s done? What do you think?”

Leo looked down at what he was sitting on. It was a large Beyondian with bulging limbs that had been twisted and bent in directions that no living creature could. A soft groan escaped from him. How he found himself in this situation was simply bad luck. He attempted to mug what appeared to him as an easy target. Next thing he knows, every one of his punches cancelled out in mid air and the kid bent his limbs like he was an action figure.

As for Leo, his memories when this side of him comes out usually gets put off as a dream or gets locked away until, and we’ll call him Red when this happens, takes over. In the past few days, Red has made deals with multiple people in exchange for something within his power. Every deal he makes, the stronger he grows. So far, his deals have been from saving people from random criminals. And every time, they’d owe him a favor they can’t get out of. One of them was how Leo got a new part-time job at a photo studio. He saved a manager when she was being mugged herself, although Leo doesn’t remember it when he comes back to his senses. Right now, he resumed the one-sided concersation with the broken Beyondian he sat upon.

“I’m just saying, what kind of mother does that? How does she expect the conversation to go? ‘Hey Son, I’m sorry for abandoning you because of the actions of a random god and letting you nearly die from a seizure. I hope we can be a family again.’ Hell no!”

The Beyondian under him groaned and painfully spoke.

“Please, just... let me go. I’m sorry, ok?”

Red looked at him coldly before sighing. He placed his hand on top of the guy’s head before smoke came out of his mouth and black fluids leaked from his eyes, nose, and mouth. All followed by his screams that were silent as the Beyondian went limp. He looked at the night sky and frowned.

“I bet she wants something.”


Leo woke up sweating in the Libra office, sun still down. No one was there currently, no one really would be. He could barely remember the strange dreams he just had. All he did know was that they gave him chills at night. It was then that he heard a strange chirp come from the end of the couch. He looked into big yellow eyes of Sonic the speed monkey.

“Hey Sonic, long time no see.”

Leo reached out to pat the Beyondian creature on his head, but it quickly scurried away out of fear. Leo sighed. “I’d run from me too.”

It was then that his phone started vibrating along the light shining brightly in the dimly lit room. He rubbed his eyes as he answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey Leo.”

He recognized the voice as his body straightened.


“Hey tortoise knight.”

Leo looked around the office for something to tell him the time.

“Why are you calling? It’s kinda late at night.”

Leo managed to find a small electronic clock on Steven’s desk.

“Leo, what’re you talking about? It’s...”

Leo stared out the window. The time was 8:12 AM and was still dark out. He heard a clunking sound behind, which made his heart skipped as he turned around to meet two glowing red eyes. Both that he knew too well as one was in his head once.

“Listen, Leo, about mom...”

“Hey Michella, I’m gonna need to call you back. Something just came up.”

He ended the call before she could reply and pulled a chair up.

“What are you doing here Lucifer?”

Lucifer was currently drinking something steaming from a cup but Leo couldn’t even SEE what it was. All he did know was that his presence made him nervous.

“Aw, Leo. That breaks my heart. I thought our deal would have brought us closer together. You’ve made well enough progress controlling your end of the deal.”

Realization hit Leo as he realized what he was talking about. “Those dreams I’ve been having. They aren’t dreams, are they?”

The Devil nodded. “You only think of them as dreams now because your soul is just now starting to realize it’s own changes. It won’t be long now before you start to have enough control to remember what you do.”

Leo put his head in his hands. “This can’t be happening...”

Lucifer laughed and the room seemed to get darker. “Reminds of when we first met.”

Leo looked up at him. “Is the dark skies outside also your doing?”

Lucifer stares at him blankly. “Yes and no. The Gods have sent an enforcer. A cheap attempt at mimicking an Angel of the true creator. Although they don’t hold a candle to the real ones, they have a lot of lee-way in the Mortal world. And they’ve come to try and sever our deal.”


The two paused and looked at eachother before Leo responded with an ‘Oh’.

“You’ve guessed it. They can’t kill me but they can sure as hell kill you.”

“So why are you here?”

Lucifer set his cup down as his image faltered and Leo’s eyes widened. “I’m not. I’m just ‘transmitting’ this into your, MY, eye.”

Leo put his hand over his right eye and Lucifer disappeared, reappearing as soon he removed his hand.

“Anyways. I’ve just come to warn you and check up on my newest and favorite project.” Lucifer started to fade away, but not before giving a dark smile. “I hope you don’t disappoint.”

And once again, Leo was alone in the room. He quickly ran to one of the windows and pulled down a set of the blinds to look outside. The sky was covered in dark clouds with the only light coming from the city and the occasional lightning.



End of Chapter 7...

Chapter Text

“So, what are we dealing with here Leo,” Zapp exclaimed as the two rode Zapp’s Moped down the streets of HL. He couldn’t tell him that the Enforcer was here for him. Mostly afraid of what he would say or tell to the other members of Libra. He wasn’t ready to reveal that yet.

“No clue. But whatever it is has an aura that scares me,” Leo replied.

Zapp Grinned. “Oh please, what doesn’t scare you in this city? Plus, we’ve dealt with worse.”

“True Zapp, but it’s never a bad thing to be cautious,” Steven called out over the intercom. “If what Leo is describing as powerful as we can assume, chances are we’re either dealing with a VERY old elder blood breed or something else.”

“I don’t think so. I saw crimson but not like wings. More like a pillar. Towering like a six-story building with a really REALLY bright glow.”

The two stopped at a red light at an intersection. Zapp was starting to get an ichy feeling from this whole situation. “So, all in all, how powerful do you think this thing is Leo? Compared to us.”

“Well, I’ve seen all your aura’s. Maybe you’d have a chance of landing a few blows but,” he paused for a second before he looked up. “Let me show you what we’re dealing with.”

He hacked Zapp’s eyes as everything in the world stood blue for them. Everything except the red glow they saw in the distance behind some of the buildings. Only then did Zapp start to sweat. “Holy shit. Steven, please tell me you have a plan.”

At first there was no answer. It was a slightly long pause before they started hearing talking on the other end of the communicator, but it seemed far and was too difficult to make out. Zapp tried again, “Starphase, you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here Zapp. We just got word that there’s some lunatic in some armor waving a huge sword around. He just cut down some mobile units from HLPD.”

Speaking of the Devil, strangely enough, a giant armored unit, or what was left of one, came flying at them. Zapp barely managed to avoid it with his moped as both him and Leo screamed from the shock. Only then did they see ‘it’. It was a humanoid Beyondian like creature with steel wings and with silver engraved armor. Two metallic wings stretched from it’s back. It’s helmet looked fused to it’s head, and the spaces between the armor glowed a heavenly blue. But it’s aura on the other hand. That was a pure crimson red that made Leo sweat. Zapp couldn’t see it currently, but being one of the disciples of the Blood Battle God, he could very much feel it.

Leo knew what this thing was. The Enforcer. A creature crafted by the so-called gods. And it was here for him. The scene around them was littered with corpses from the men piloting the armored units. The strange Beyondian raised the sword with both his hands and lunged at them. Zapp grabbed Leo and quickly jumped away from their vehicle as it was torn to pieces by that giant sword.

“My moped,” Zapp cried in anguish as what was left of the bike was tossed at them in a ball of fire. He quickly formed a blade that Leo had become to recognize as his Blade One, Homuramaru. “Alright, show’s over you cosplaying freak!”

A thought flashed in Leo’s head as his mind wandered to something Gamimotz said when he held him and Michella hostage. “The eyes are like the security cameras of the gods. They use it to monitor the world during drastic events.” And just like that, Leo snapped quickly back to reality just in time to see Zapp close the distance at incredible speed. Reaching out in vain, Leo tried to warn him.

“Zapp, wait! It knows what your going to do!”

But it fell on deaf ears as Zapp unleashed a barrage of slashes. None cut through as he looked at his reflection at the flat end of the sword the creature guarded with. Zapp’s own blood blade had lost it’s form, writhing in his hand as it had finished regaining its original shape. He managed to jump back quickly to where Leo was to avoid getting cut in half by the sword.

“Ok, so, that didn’t work. So, you’ve got an idea on what this thing is?”

“Not that you’ll believe me if I told you the full story. But to give you an idea, that THING is a creation of the Gods used to carry out their orders.”

A voice popped out from behind them, “Well that doesn’t seem good.”

The two turned around to see Zed coming in with a trident of blood forming in his hand. While Leo was excited, Zapp was just being an asshole with his head up his ass saying, “We don’t need your help fish face!”

“Well, you actually do seeing as how you ignored Leo’s warning about it knowing what you were going to do and nearly ended up like our master for a second.”

When they looked back at the Enforcer, they saw that it had jumped atleast 30 meters in that air and was about to crash right on top them. But, Zed and Zapp used their ‘Sky-Slicing Strands’ which the Enforcer avoided somehow but managed to hinder it’s movement. Zed called out, “Alright Leo, we’re gonna need all the information on this thing that you know. Starting with how it knew what Zapp was gonna do and fast.”

Leo was frantic as he spoke. “Ok, so the same God that was responsible for giving me these eyes and taking Michella’s, Riga, also was responsible for creating this. It’s thoughts are on it’s mission so it’s actions are ‘supposed’ to be simple. As for how it knows what your going to do, my eyes were described as similar to security cameras also. I’m guessing that’s how it knows what your going to do Zapp. Not sure for you Zed since I’ve rarely seen you fight.”

The Enforcer managed to cut the strands of blood started to charge at the three of them. Both Zapp and Zed grabbed Leo and tossed him out of the way as Zed yelled, “Get out of here Leo. This is too dangerous for you.”

They quickly summoned their weapons and charged at the metallic creature. The impact managed to knock the Enforcer back a bit but also shattered both their blood weapons. But the attack did have an effect.

“It seems we’ll have to finish this thing quick Renfro.”

Zapp looked at him.

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, but shouldn’t we wait for the others?”

Both their weapons had reformed as small sparks started appearing around Zapp and wind started flowing faster around Zed.

“If the others come, it won’t end as well. Leo’s rarely seen me fight and that’s just luck at that point. But remember that he’s seen the others fight plenty of times himself. Imagine them going up to this with all their techniques revealed. This thing already has enough power to stop blood techniques.”

Zapp clicked his tongue. “Good point.”

The two quickly charged at the Enforcer, only to be surprised as it suddenly jumped over them and started running away.

Zapp was slightly surprised. “Huh. You think we scared it?”

Zed was also confused until realization kicked in. “Oh no, it’s going after Leo!”

Zapp was surprised before worry kicked in. “Oh crap!”

The two made haste to run after the Enforcer, hoping to get to it before it got to Leo.

End of Chapter 8...