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Five shadows are projected from my steps,
 In this dream.
 Every time I hear this melody,
 I feel the angels reclaiming me again

I come in and out of this dream.
 Between silence and desire.
 The shadows of the leaves dance.
 So soft.

I hope he won't let me hurt this time.
 I hope this time the tune won't stop.

It grows and my steps rise, I no longer hear my worldly footprints.
 My feet are wings of glory.

The stars shine in the sky.
 As always.
 Summer is beautiful.
 As always.

But there's something new about me.
 This melody that I love so much,
 It will not cease this time.
 It is the murmur of such a soft and hoarse voice.

The world turns.
 As in all times.
 The clouds come and go, going through the sky.

Night is coming, one more evening.
 But today something is different.
 Today I feel like I'm falling down.

Today I think we're both falling.

The breeze twists around me,
 As at all times.
 The sweet aroma of the night flows
 Like a flash.

I hope he won't let me hurt this time.
 I hope this time the tune won't stop.

Am I falling into those arms? Those angels who call?
 Are you and I falling?

Are we falling without return?

Without return to the world we know?



Amparo Carranza Vélez.

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   He's falling and feeling cold.

  His body is light, he hums, trembles and crumbles. In her chest there is something that struggles to come out, it roars and beats frantic, it snatches her breath for seconds. He tries to bring his hand to this area, to confound what is happening and somehow calm that disturbing movement that scares him. But he doesn't feel his arms; Not as if they were his. They are there, somehow he knows it, but not with him. Not alive.

  A slight flash comes to his mind in the middle of the darkness. A scene. Somewhere in a world that gradually ceases to recognize. He sees his pale hands move; Fastening the cords of his shoes. The floor is concrete, white, and the atmosphere is even colder than it is now. When he is absorbed in memory, and advances a couple of steps forward, an abyss greets him in front of his noses. He feels vertigo emerge like ants running through his belly. The tips of her shoes touch the edge where the floor ends, and the bottom of the caia, dark and mysterious, smiles at her... And whisper:


   His "I" of now and that of memory are falling. That desperate feeling in his chest comes back, and he feels that he is drowning in his own panting of scary.  When the other body hits his body, watch in terror as they begin to become one.

  He try to drive him away, panicking at the thought of getting lost if "he" dominates once inside... But "he" is only smiling slightly, his eyes closed, as if falling into the void would give him a peace that he cannot and could never understand. They legs begin to fuse together; He gasps, grunts and resists as much as he can, never mind for a moment that they might crash into the ground at any second. Meanwhile "he" does not open his eyes, he gives himself to nothingness and to this fusion with gratitude. 

  Now they are both a single pair of legs with two torsos, like Siamese brothers falling into the abyss. He is about to scream in despair, but then 'he' whispers a name that makes him, in a way that he does not understand —like everything that has happened since he became aware of himself—... calm down.

  And in turn, it fills him with infinite sadness.

  "He" whispers...


  At some point he lost consciousness again. But when he are able to think again, he can realize that his body is more solid. His legs, his arms, even his nose. All belong to him, and slowly but surely they begin to obey him: he may know that he is standing.

  Try to open his eyes, his vision is blurred; The light is very intense. His body weighs as if he were carrying stones under his arms and legs. He covers his face, tries several times, and gradually gets used to the light. It's in front of him, it's like a white wall, turning pink as he approaches and black behind him. He frowns and looks down at his body. He wear strange clothes; A green fabric vest, dark pants and red shoes. At his waist is a brown leather belt, with a bag of the same material hanging on her right side. His hands are covered with mattress gloves, with detailed edges on the contours.

  There are strange pink shapes flying in the air, some colliding with he and others passing by its sides. It takes several seconds to recognize them:

  They are petals.

  He looks up to the front again, and his eyes open as he steps back a step by the strong surprise he takes when suddenly he comes across a huge cherry tree in front of him. It is about ten times taller than he is, and its powerful roots cling to coiling in the stone beneath it. In its center, a brilliant pink light emanates.

  Her voice reflects how insecure and confused he is.

  "W-where... I am?"

  As he turn to his sides he may notice that the same shade of pink invades the whole place, and it somehow feels like in the sky, or a very high place, so he turns down. He soon repents.

  Under his feet there is grass, but to reach the tree he would have to make a big jump because under them is again the void, only this time it is not black, it is blue and something less frightening.

  Look at the rock under the tree. It also has grass, but it is only the rock that holds it here as if it were a piece of floating land. And not exactly stable, because with a strong current of wind it is enough for the rock to move, he wobbles and falls scared against the grass, feeling insecurity.Behind him, a similar path of wobbly floating rocks follows and gets lost in the distance, preventing him from knowing how many they are or where they come from. Comically, that's what scares him the most so far after all he's lived through today.

    With his irregular breathing, he tries to calm down and forces himself to get up even when his legs tremble non-stop. He has to make a strange balance with his arms extended to the sides, but he succeeds.

  The path behind it seems endless. It's a definitive no. So he try to look out to see what's beyond the cherry tree, which at some point stopped emanating that pink light and just released pink petals without stopping. It actually shakes some of his hair, which is still not able to know how it is. He can only know that he feels... curly.

  He notice that on the other side of the tree there is a path of about twenty more floating stones, then it come to a straight grass path (or rather, a huge piece of floating land a little narrow and long but definitely safer), which gets lost in the clouds because it is higher and higher.

  He stands on tiptoe trying to see beyond, but gets nothing by doing that. Nothing, of course, but a strong current of wind takes him unprepared and sends him to fly to the edge of his rock.

  He staggers again, balancing because more than half of his body is tilted towards where it definitely shouldn't be, but in vain, after a scant two seconds of struggle, another current comes and throws him like a cherry leaf.

  His scream doesn't reach his ears thanks to the powerful sound of the wind that pushes him.

  And so, it finds itself falling again. Only the vacuum becomes more and more blue as it does and one or two petal drops into its mouth and makes it choke and cough trying to pull it out. Now he can feel his body, but that only changes in that he sees and feels his limbs moving without control or purpose as he turns and screams in the air.

  The tree is out of sight in the clouds, and when he is about to give up, he feels his body collide violently with another. The impact gets his air out of him, but that's not what worries him.

  The idea of merging again with a body terrifies him, so this time he struggles as soon as he realizes that he is someone else. Although, unlike the previous one, this one does scream and react. He is definitely not another "he".

  "What the fuck..!?".

  Without taking the time to explain - it's not that they have too much, that is confirmed when he sees the earth approaching under them - they start squirming as they fall into the air. Screams, growls, and guttural sounds escape from their mouths as they struggle to distance themselves from each other. Apparently he is not merging with this new person; But their belt stuck with theirs and that made it impossible for them to go away no matter how hard they tried.

  And well... The other seems much wilder and more violent than him when he tries.

  "Let me go, damn it! Die you alone, fucking bastard!". Screams at him in anger. His voice is loud, he drills his ears a little with his screams. The blow to his stomach only adds to the nausea that caused to spin and spin again in the air.

  "I-I'm trying! We're stuck! ". He cries in panic, but still trying to calm the other down.

  He looks at him, and then towards his belts. Then, the curly haired takes a second to notice that the other is shirtless and blond, but can not detail, because the blond curses again and puts his fingers to his mouth to whistle.

  "Hey, damn beast! STOP FUCKING AND COME FOR ME NOW!". He shouts at a cloud, the most calm one looks at him thinking seriously that he has lost his senses, but in that moment the cloud fades into a huge... Dark red dragon.

  His eyes are opened to the utmost. This should be a joke.

  This time he does scream, and clings to the blond's larger body with a bad mouth, even when the latter growls and tries to drive him away. Looking under them, they're about to fall on a large piece of floating land, the size of a small island.

  "LET'S CRASH!". He cried, finally ina panic.

  The blond buffoon and arranges them so that he turns his back on the earth and the youngest to the dragon who flies quickly towards them, with his mouth open, showing his huge teeth.

  The other is trying to get the dragon to eat him!?

   "Damn it, stay still, useless garbage!". The other ordered to avoid the poor boy turning them around in frantic movements to stop turning his back on the dragon. "This beast needs to grab us and now I don't bring my cloak, if it tries with me it will bite me".


  "Because you do wear a shirt, idiot!". He clears as if it were obvious, amid screams that can hardly be heard because of the air. "Now, little shit, stay still...! STAY STILL, FUCK!".

  The other subjects him by wrapping his legs around his waist and taking his arms only with one of his own. Finally the dragon comes to meet him and with more delicacy than I would ever believe possible, grabs his vest and stops his fall just thirty meters from the impact. He feels the pull on his clothes and fears that it will tear, his heart beating unbridled and his breathing altered. But suddenly another doubt assails him:

  Really, how tall was he before, in the tree? Or when did it begin to fall? How deep has it gone? Can he go back up? Somehow, the lower he go, the less confident he feel.

   "Hey, little shit, are you still conscious?!". Ask the blond. His head is hidden in his tan neck while the blond clings to it so as not to fall. He can feel the breath of the dragon on his neck and the knowledge that a beast that could eat him in one bite is what is saving him from crashing into the ground next to a blond who will surely curse him until the last second of his fall, does not help to calm him too much.

  This is definitely not a good position for him.

    "I-I am!". He hesitates for a second, feeling the cold wind hitting both bodies, and then adds: "... Whe-where are we going?!".

  Look at what looks like the sea below them, and in the distance another floating island even larger than this one. The need to land in a non-violent way, but yes as fast as possible, floods him, and a little groan escapes him, which sounds like that of a frightened little animal.

  The blonde buff, his voice clearly calmer and more irritated than his when he answers:   

   "To the damn Zero Point... Again".



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   After having advanced several kilometers on the floating island with the help of the dragon, they finally begin to see in the distance what looks like a small village on the side of a lake. The one with curly hair can see wooden houses and some fires, for some reason he knows from the position of the sun that it is still early in the morning. He looks beyond, trying to record everything with his eyes; something in him asks him to satisfy this curiosity.

  But the blond growls and pushes his head down again. 

   "Hide, shit. I don't want anyone to see this stupid scene". The other bellows. Then turn to the dragon behind his back. "Beast, fly faster! Let's go to the other side of town, as far as fucking possible!".

  The dragon blows hot air over the neck of the lowest, he shakes scared and then looks up to look at the blond. He returns his angry look at his reddish eyes, which flash like a pair of rubies.

  "Why didn't we go down into town? There somebody could help us with this". The shortest beckons towards their waistlines.   

  "I told you, idiot. I don't want anyone to see us".

   The tone of his voice is sharp and dry, implying that this point is definitive. The other is silent for a few seconds, meditating on his reactions.

  "... Are you afraid they will make fun of you?". He questions with real curiosity.

  The devotes to him makes it clear that his curiosity will not be welcomed with him. Perhaps not even his comments.

   "Shut the fuck up, you bastard!".




  Minutes later the dragon descends with them in his snout and deposits them on the ground, causing the lower one to end up crushing the other boy with his weight once released. He tries to get up when he sees his angry expression, but when he remains stuck, he only manages to sit on his legs, so that his own ones wrap around the someone else's waist. The blond is definitely bigger than he is, his back is wide and he has a tattoo of a symbol in black ink on his left shoulder, several collares of red, blue and green stones —most in beak beads—, and some strange red fabrics that cover a little beyond his elbows, reinforced later with brown collar leather wristbands. It also has perforations. That added to his wild look, he finds... Frightening, and somehow beautiful at the same time.

  "Stop looking at me that way and hurry up to fix this, cursed be it". The other orders in her voice, which seems to be upset all the time.

  He has no choice but to accede.


   Then turn his attention to their belts. They are one intertwined with the other... The curly one frowns and puts his fist to his chin, thoughtful.

   "There's no way this could have happened just because it crashed into the air; In order to get rid of it, it is necessary to open at least the buckle of one and pass it under the other before closing it again. Unless either had his belt open when he crashed, but I'm sure mine was closed. And yet at no time could you have closed yours if that were the case. Unless it was some stupid joke of fate, this...". He murmurs. "It makes no sense...".

  When he comes to himself, he looks up to see the blond looking at him with his lips between open, and a grin between anger and disbelief on his face. -oh! Sorry. I thought aloud. 

   "Hurry up! Useless!". The blond screams as he reacts, hitting the grass with his fists.

  He jumps up in surprise and rushes to nod.


  He hesitates for a second between opening the other's belt or his, until finally he chooses to go for the other's, because he doesn't want his pants to fall off when he gets up, and the other one may not care so much, as he seems to be very comfortable without clothes on his chest...

   Although, the blond seems surprised when he touches with his fingers the buckle of his pants, however, surprisingly, remains silent and watching him. That only makes him more nervous; As a result, he barely slips both of his belts off, then leaps back and drops his legs, sighing and taking out all the air in his lungs.

  "That's it! He exclaims, feeling liberated". The other just looks at him while he buckles his belt, his blond hair covering one of his eyes and a rude expression on his face. "All figured out, um... I'm sorry I bumped into you in the air and that, although I don't understand what you were doing right there at that moment. I don't even understand what I was doing in that place, or what I am doing here, talking again and again... Uhm... Ma-maybe it was bad luck, wasn't it? A-anyway, I'm sorry".

  The young blond rolls his eyes, settling down on the grass with one of his arms resting on his knee. The curly one doesn't know if it's the pose or the fact that he's bigger, coarser and more violent than he is. Or because you can controla dragon... But he manages to intimidate him with whatever gesture she makes.

  "Bad luck, uh?... Who do you think you want to fool?". He asks, frowning with an almost common grin. "I told all the people clearly that I would be ahead of me, and that no one could go ahead of me. What shit did you do at that height!? Where did you fall from? How far did you go!?".

  "Y-you are not understanding!". Exclaims the one of curls covering its face with its arms, because as the other one spoke it was approaching him until cornering him against the grass, with its strong and tattooed arms to the sides of its head. "I-I'm not from ... here! I don't know where I am and I didn't know the town until now that we flew over it! I woke up in a tree up there and before that very strange things happened to me that I am beginning to...!... I'm starting to... Forget". Murmurs in amazement as he no longer remembers the face of the person with whom he merged. He looks at the blond boy's ruby eyes on top of him and begs him with his eyes, feeling totally lost. "What is this place?".

  But the other doesn't seem to pity him at all. 

  "Zero Point. I've told you, damn it. And think not that I have swallowed a single word of your whining. I know you're from here, I've seen you before. I'm sure". The blond growls, looking away for a moment as if he was trying to remember him. It doesn't seem to work, because he exclaims in frustration. "Stop lying to me!".

  His hands on the sides of his head begin to emanate heat, so the grass under them burns and the smoke soon comes out.

  This is not good. This boy is definitely more dangerous than he thought.

    "I'm not lying to you! He repeats the curly one, trying to release his weight, without much success. I have never seen you before in my life! I swear!".

  Something in his words seems to make him stop, but the expression he gives him is even more frightening than before. It is cold and not as expressive as the others, but somehow much more intense.

  "In my life? Life? That word is... It was banned long ago. Do you still believe you are alive? How long have you been here? It is... Pathetic".

  "Eh? ". He whispers pale, stopping his attempts to get rid of the blond. "What do you mean? I am... a-alive...".

  But his voice is tinged with insecurity.

  He remembers that scene: his "I" of the past, jumping from a... building. As he begins to understand the scene, the emptiness in that boy's ruby orbs is less and less unjustified.

  The world is spinning around again, but this time it is sure it is not falling. He feels a small drop in his chest, as if he had rocks going down from there to his stomach.

  "I... Did I... Did I commit suicide?". He whispers, his barely audible voice that doubting for a second that he really said it.

   The blond smiles; It gives he chills. It seems a forced smile, without feelings... A frightening grin.

   "You seem to understand better".