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Gay BNHA Request Book

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Hey! Jupiterchan here! I'm going to give you a little short story that I wrote for the first chapter so that you can see some of my writing!

(side note: the short story is not related to BNHA, or anything at all for that matter, it's just to show you what I can do!)

I sighed a breath of relief as I inhaled the sweet smells of our towns small cafe. I picked up my coffee cup and took a long sip, relishing in the peace of the moment. A voice suddenly disrupted my peace.
“It’s been a while,” it said. My coffee cup froze halfway up to my lips as I analyzed the voice. I know I recognized it from somewhere. Then it hit me. My cup crashed to the ground, shattering on the slick tile floor. I slowly turned around to face them.
“Noah,” I said breathily. And there he was, standing in the middle of the cafe wearing a black hoodie and blue ripped jeans. He had dark bags under his eyes, it looked like he hadn’t slept in ages, his black hair making it look like he just rolled out of bed. My words got caught in my throat as I tried to speak, say something, anything, but he just looked at me with his big, dark eyes.
“Hey Eli,” he said. My eyes shone with tears. He was… really here. I thought he was dead. Two years ago he went missing, and the police had found what was supposedly his body in a lake outside of town.
“You - you’re not dead?” I cried, choking slightly on my words. He shook his head before coming over and wrapping his arms around me, pulling me into his chest. I buried my face in his chest, breathing in the earthy smells he had on him.
“Where have you been?” I sobbed. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, picking my bookbag up off my chair and steering me out of the cafe.
“I only want to explain it once in full detail,” he said slowly. I looked up at him and realized what he was saying. Leo and Axel. My other two boyfriends. Noah was our boyfriend too, before he… disappeared. I nodded and started dragging him by the hand in the direction of our apartment. It was only one block away. I jogged up two flights of stairs and pulled out my key unlocking the door. I dragged him into the living room, tears still spilling down my face.
“Wait here,” I said, turning on my heel and walking into the bedroom. It was still quite early, so Axel and Leo were still passed out in bed, neither were the morning type.
“Guys,” I said shaking them. “We have a guest.”
They both groggily got out of bed before they both realized I was crying.
“Eli!” Leo shouted, wrapping his arms tightly around me. “Why are you crying?”
My hand shakily pointed toward the door to the living room, where Noah was still sitting on the couch. Leo took my hand, dragging me out of the bedroom, Axel on our heels. They both gasped in shock, Leo dropping my hand to cover his mouth.
“Is this some kind of prank?” Axel said. “Is this some kind of goddamn prank?”
I squeezed his hand. It wasn’t a prank. It was a miracle.
Once we all settled down and the tears were no longer falling as desperately, Noah told us his story.
“Well, you all know that my parents were killed, and on the same night I was found missing. I had been distraught, and had gone to visit my aunt who I’m really close to a few towns over. I had gotten on the bus and it had been a normal ride, but when I got to my aunts house, there were police there, and my aunt and cousins were found dead. I didn’t know what to do, so I booked a night at a nearby hotel because no busses were going back to my house quite yet. In the middle of the night, someone broke into my hotel room and kidnapped me, bringing me to this abandoned warehouse. Apparently, their family’s business was my parent’s businesses biggest rival. They wanted to kill off my parents and their siblings, hoping that they could then buy the company. I wasn’t at the house when my parents murder happened, so they had tracked me down incase I had any valuable knowledge about the workings of the office. I didn’t, but they were sure I did, so they tried to torture it out of me. I still have a couple scars.”
Noah lifted up his shirt to reveal his stomach, a couple of thin lines that were obviously made by a knife marring the skin.
“After they realized I was useless in the information department, they decided to force me to be the ‘maid’ at their office. They didn’t want to let me go in case I told anyone about their ‘master plan’. It was only last week that the police found me, battered and bruised in the basement where I was supposed to be sleeping. I’ve been answering the officer's questions for the past few days, and I begged for them to keep it out of the news until I told you guys.”
The room filled with silence.
“I’m so sorry,” I whispered. “I’m sorry we didn’t even try to look for you.”
He pulled me into a hug, burying his face in my hair. “It’s ok, I’m here now aren’t I?”
I could feel Axel and Leo move into the hug as we all savored our moment of peace, all four of us together again.

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“You’re just gonna hurt people with that quirk!” he heard someone yell. Izuku was out walking to school when he heard a shout, and what seemed like a smack. His legs seemed to move on his own again, and he rushed towards the sound. As he got closer he could make out three figures standing in the darkened alley way.
“Hey!” he shouted. Two of the figures turned to face him, while one was left lying on the ground.
“Dang it, a UA kid!” one of them said. He never really got a good look at their faces before they took off down the street, leaving the other boy out of breath, heaving a relieved sigh.
“Hey, are you ok?” Izuku said, crouching down next to him. The boy nodded and grabbed the outstretched hand Izuku had held out for him.
“Thanks,” the boy whispered. Now Izuku could really get a good look at the boy. He had black hair that framed his face and bright red eyes. Not like Kacchan’s red, but more of a soothing red.
He pulled the boy into a hug, and the boy stiffened, before relaxing into it. Izuku doesn’t know why he does it, he just remembers how middle school was for him, and wants to reassure this boy that it will get better.
“Kirishima,” he hears the boy say, his voice muffled into his shoulder. He lets the boy go and cocks his head to the side.
“My names Kirishima Eijirou,” he repeated.
“Midoriya Izuku,” Izuku replied. The boy nodded and gave a slight smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.
“What do you want to be when you grow up Kirishima?” he asked him.
The boy hesitated before replying, “I want to be a hero. But nobody thinks I can be one.”
Izuku’s eyebrows raised. This boy is seeming more and more like himself.
“You know what I think?” he said. Kirishima shrugged and looked towards the ground. “I think anyone can be a hero. You just have to try harder than you did yesterday.”
Kirishima looked surprised at his response, but still seemed closed off.
“It’s perfectly normal for you to feel like this you know. I know I’ve felt it too. People were always telling me I couldn’t be a hero. But look where that got me?”
Izuku pulled out his wallet to reveal his provisional hero license. Kirishima’s eyes widened.
“You seriously think I can be a hero? Even with my quirk?” he asked.
“What’s your quirk?” Izuku questioned.
“Um, I can make my skin harden, so it’s basically unbreakable. But I’ve hurt so many people with it…” Kirishima said, tears coming to the corners of his eyes.
Izuku put his arm around him, pulling the younger boy closer to him.
“I know a lot of people with quirks like yours at UA. Anyone who thinks you’re not good enough is wrong,” he said.
“You really think so?” Kirishima asked. Izuku turned to face him, and put their foreheads together.
“I know so.”
The next year, Kirishima Eijirou was accepted into UA.

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Bakugou heaved a sigh as he ran another lap, already sick of these extra classes he has to take. Seriously, why couldn’t he have just passed in the first place? He kept jogging, ahead of a lot of the others.

“Hey Lord Explosion Murder!” he heard a cheery voice call. Growling, he whipped his head around to see the smiling face of Shindou Yo.

“What the fuck do you want?” Bakugou asked, speeding up his pace. Earthquake fucker doesn’t even need to be here, why’s he showing up now?

“Aw, don’t want to see me?” Shindou asks cockily. Bakugou huffed and kept running.

‘He’s not worth it,’ Bakugou thought. Shindou didn’t seem to care that he was unwanted there, as he kept jogging beside Bakugou, pace never faltering.

“Who was your red headed friend at the exam? Kirishima, right? God, was he cute,” Shindou said, sighing dreamily.

“Wha - fuck off! Keep your hands off of shitty hair!” Bakugou growled.

“Hmm, protective eh?” Shindou smirked. Bakugou swung his fist in his direction, landing a solid hit right on his shoulder.

“Ow! The fuck man?” Shindou said, holding his shoulder.

Bakugou didn’t look behind him as he jogged off the track, the hot air hitting him as he stepped into the locker room.

“Ugh,” Bakugou huffed. Sparks crackled in his palms but they quickly died out as he realized he had to get back to his dorm soon. Quickly changing out of his gym clothes, he pulls on a pair of jeans and a hoodie. As he started to pack up his bag, a pair of hands grabbed him by the shoulders, pushing him up against the lockers.

Turning his head, Bakugou was able to make out that head of dark brown hair, but was surprised to see not a green and black hero suit, but a v necked black tank top with a large orange X across the front. And goddamn did he have nice abs.

“Shakey fucker, what are you doing here?” Bakugou asked, voice cracking as Shindou leaned his face in closer to Bakugou’s. Looking down, he was face to face with Shindou’s prominent collar bones, and he could see exactly how his arm muscles flexed. The tank was so skintight on him that every muscle was outlined, hugging his waist perfectly.

“Like what you see Bakubabe?” Shindou asked cheekily.

“Shut the fuck up fucker,” Bakugou growled. Shindou grinned, before closing the distance between them, bringing their lips together in a heated kiss. Shindou practically shoved his tongue into Bakugou’s throat, and Bakugou let out a sound that seemed like a sin.

Pushing Bakugou further into the lockers he held his hands up by his head, mouth trailing down his jawline and neck, leaving dark marks that would be hard to cover up later.

“Fuck,” Bakugou breathed. As Bakugou looked closer, he could see the bulge in Shindou’s (well, his) pants. Looking down, he could see that he had the same little problem.

Shindou let out a moan as Bakugou thrust his hips forward, creating friction and even more tension between them. Whipping them both around, he pushed Bakugou down by his
shoulders and forced him down onto his knees in front of him.

“You like being dominated huh baby?” Shindou cooed. Bakugou growled, not liking the nickname as Shindou still held him down by his hair, other hand struggling with his pants.
Leaning forward, Bakugou took the zipper between his teeth and yanked it down, then pulled them off and down to his calves.

“Damn that’s hot,” Shindou said, breath quickening.

Just as Shindou was about to kick them off, Bakugou stopped the movement in his legs.

“No,” he said darkly. Shindou’s eyes gleamed. So Bakugou was into this.

Shindou pulled down his boxers, sighing in relief as his length was finally free. He yanked Bakugou by the hair which caused the boy to whimper, and brought his face close to his cock.
“Suck it,” he demanded. Bakugou responded right away, lips closing around the head, tongue swirling as he inched further up his length. Knowing he won’t be able to take his whole length, he let go, a loud wet popping noise echoing through the room. He licked the underside of his shaft, and toyed with his balls, earning a please moan from Shindou.

“Ahh, gonna - cum,” Bakugou moaned. Shindou suddenly stopped, remembering his goal, and pulled Bakugou off of his knees. Giving him one last kiss, he pulled him close, and whispered in his ear, “we can finish this later if you want. But you’re going to have to wear something more… enthralling.”

With that, Shindou took his leave, leaving Bakugou leaning against the lockers, wondering what the hell just happened.

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“Midoriya. Isn’t it no nut november?”

Midoriya choked on the salted peanuts he was eating, before realizing who it was and became even more embarrassed.

“Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya squealed.

“What?” he asked, puzzled. He seemed like he was actually confused, bless his soul.

“Um, Todoroki, I don’t think you know what no nut november is…” Midoriya replied, face stained a bright red. They heard laughing from the other room, but Todoroki ignored it to say, “isn’t it like, nut allergy awareness month or something?”

The laughing got louder and revealed two girls sitting behind the couch. Mina and Hagakure.

“Oh my god Todoroki, I can’t believe you don’t know what no nut november is!” they sputtered.

Todoroki’s eyebrows raised, and now he seemed genuinely confused. The hell is no nut november? If it’s not nut allergy awareness?

“The fuck Icyhot? Who doesn’t know what no nut november is?” Bakugou yelled, storming into the common room. Behind him, Sero and Kaminari were balling their eyes out from laughing so much, obviously they had been standing behind the door for a while.

“Um, me?” Todoroki replied. This made a newly revealed Ochako Uraraka enter the kitchen, Iida being dragged behind her.

“I’m here for the drama!” she yelled. That attracted the rest of Class 1A, and suddenly everyone was crowded around Todoroki, dying to tell him what it was.

“It’s when, you know, you don’t jack off for the whole month of November,” Kaminari said. Todoroki grimaced.

“Jack off?” he asked. Everyone groaned. Now how were they going to explain it to him?

“C’mon Deku. Why don’t you tell him?” Bakugou whispered, making sure only Deku could hear him. Midoriya flushed a bright red and started waving his hands around, trying to make Bakugou Baku - go.

“You know,” started Sero.

“Masturbating?” Kaminari finished. A look of realization flooded over Todoroki’s face.

“Oh,” he deadpanned.

“Have you never jacked off before?” Sero asked, laughing behind his hand. Todoroki stood up straighter and looked around at everyone staring at him.

“Why do you want to know?” he hissed, acting defensively.

“Oh my god, he has!” Kaminari squealed. Everyone started going crazy, and Midoriya was the only one to hear Todoroki mutter, “I guess I already failed no nut november.”