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Once Strangers

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Admittedly Hinata spent a good amount of time focused on Sasuke, she supposed it was more admiration at the fact that he came back fully into the village. He put his training on hold for a bit. Confused, Hinata realized he was in the hospital for a bit. She was working at the hospital when he went to get a new arm. She was in the back helping with other nurses to formulate his painkillers, as they needed to be quite strong, she shivered at the thought of receiving a new arm.

Walking towards the break area she was stopped by Tsunade.

“Hinata, please take Sasuke his new formula for painkillers, it seems he needs a bit of a stronger dose,” he shook her head a bit and looked at Hinata expectantly.

Shaking her head quickly, Hinata responded, “of course, Lady Tsunade.”

“Wonderful! I thought it would be convenient for you since you live close by, it’s in the main lobby behind the desk just grab it from the receptionist on duty, his home address will be on the parcel. Thank you, Hinata.” Tsunade said as she smiled and walked back to her office.

Hinata went on to her lunch break and sat at a table, not too long after, Sakura and Ino came in and sat next to her.

“Hinata!” Ino came and sat by her friend quickly with a smile, “it feels like forever since I’ve seen you, it doesn’t help that Lady Tsunade is cutting part time hours a bit,” she sighed defeatedly. Hinata giggled at her friends knowing she wasn’t taking it too hard, she owns her family flower shop and really doesn’t NEED the hours at the hospital.

“Stop acting like you aren’t drowning in money, Ino,” Sakura said, half-jokingly and sat on the other side of Ino. The blonde simply rolled her eyes, knowingly. Her husband Sai had been doing very well with his art, winning awards and selling beautiful pieces.

“It’s nice to see you working so much, Hinata,” Sakura continued, “we need more passionate people like you, truthfully, Lady Tsunade’s been getting a bit fed up with some of the half-assed work around here.” Hinata smiled softly, every time the pair came up and sat with her she really was spending more time listening to them complain about things and sharing the village gossip.

“What have you been up to lately, Hinata?” Sakura asked. It had been a bit awkward at first, speaking with Sakura, but Hinata no longer felt upset or had any lingering feelings about Naruto, really, she was ready to move on.

“U-um, nothing really, I’ve just been spending a lot of time working and going on missions when they’re given to me.” Ino and Sakura shared a worried glance at each other.

“Have you considered trying to date anyone, Hina?” Ino asked, “You know, I was thinking that you and Kiba would make a great pair.” At that, Hinata shook her head furiously.

“Oh n-no, he’s way too much of a brother to me, I’ve never looked at him as more than that,” Hinata replied confidently.

“Hmmmm there’s gotta be someone you’re interested in, c’mon Hinata, spill the beans,” Ino kept trying to push for gossip that really wasn’t there. Hinata shook her head and smiled.

“Really there is no one, Ino-san, lately I’ve actually enjoyed the solo route and I’ve been very happy, I don’t want to push for anything, if I meet someone then great! But if not anytime soon it’s okay too,” Hinata smiled softly. Sakura looked very pleased with her response, Ino knew she was being truthful but still looked disappointed.

“Okay, but if you do meet someone we have to be the first to know, okay?” Ino said with a grin.

“Of course! You two would be the first for sure,” Hinata said happily.

“Okay but me before Sakura though, right?”
“No, she likes me more, dummy, I’d know before you.”
Ino gasped, “No! She’s not your favorite, right Hinata?!”

Hinata simply laughed and the other two began laughing as well. She was glad that she no longer felt hung up over Naruto and could hold a conversation with his wife.


At the end of her shift, Hinata walked over to the receptionist desk and asked the woman to give her Sasuke’s medication before she left for the night. Taking it, she said her goodbyes to her coworkers and began walking towards the direction their districts.

She felt a bit nervous about seeing the Uchiha, she had actually never been to the district and it made her a bit nervous to go. She knew his personality a bit and how cold he could be, so she mentally prepared herself for the moment she would knock on his door.

She made it to the district and marvelled at the buildings and how beautiful it looked, someone must have come to do a bit of cleanup. The street lights were on and it looked like an actual livable area. It made her sad to know that Sasuke was alone here. She made her way to his house and saw that a single light was on in the room just by the door. Was he waiting on his medicine?

Hinata walked up and knocked on his door three times. She saw a shadow rise from what she assumed has a futon on the floor and make its way to the door. She felt her nerves rise and she tried her best to remain calm and just breathe. The door began to open and she met eyes with Sasuke. He looked down at her and suddenly she felt tiny, his eyes were blacker than the night sky above her and she felt like he was looking straight into her soul. Snapping back into reality and quickly remembered her manners and bowed and greeted the Uchiha.

“Good Evening, Sasuke-kun,” she straightened back up and reached into her bag for the prescription. “Lady Tsunade requested that I bring you your new dose of painkillers, I hope you’re not in too much pain.” She looked up at the man in front of her.

“Good evening,” he looked at the bag she was holding and extending his good hand out to receive it, “is the amount to take the same as the other?”

Hinata had never heard Sasuke speak so much in her life, his voice was so deep.
“No, this dosage is a bit different. This one is once in the morning with breakfast and again at night with dinner, Lady Tsunade stressed the importance of eating with the pills.”

“Hn,” Sasuke gave a small nod and looked curiously at the medicine.
“Thank you,” Sasuke said and looked at the woman in front of him, was this the shy Hyuuga from his childhood? “Remind me of your name?”

Hinata looked at him, a bit dumbfounded, he was being… nice? Polite? Asking about her? She only knew him as cold and distant… though she knew very little of him.

“H-Hinata, Hyuuga Hinata,” she said and looked at him, they held eye contact for a moment, she was the first to look away, she felt her face heat up. “I should go now, I hope the new formula works better for you,” she said her goodbyes and as she straightened her back, she met eyes again with the Uchiha, her face flushed, but she didn’t look away this time, she felt a, sort of, welcoming vibe from him.

“Hn, goodnight, Hinata Hyuuga,” he said and turned to enter his home again. She turned around as well, but she knew he was still looking at her as she walked away. It was strange. Should she be worried? What was his reason for responding the way he did?

Sasuke Uchiha didn’t quite understand either.