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In Which We Explore The First Week At UA

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The car slowed to a halt at the front gates, and Hisashi turned the keys and killed the engine. He looked at his son, seated beside him, who was vibrating with excitement.

"Nervous?" he asked.

Izuku beamed at him. "Nope! Excited!"

Hisashi chuckled, and forced his tight grip on the steering wheel to loosen. He loved his son, but he knew his little firestarter sometimes lacked restraint. He had been much the same in his high school days, but he had grown out of it. Mostly. Sometimes he still lost himself in his inventions. Those tended to be his best pieces.

However, that was all nice and fine in a private studio, but in a shared space restraint was an important quality to have, so you didn't disturb other people. Oh well, he thought, nothing he could do about it now. Maijima could deal with it. Probably. "I'll be back at around 1'o clock with the things for your room. You packed what you wanted to take with you in boxes, like I said, right?"

Izuku rolled his eyes. "Yes, dad. I didn't forget after the billions of post-its you stuck on my door." 

Hisashi smiled and combed a hand through his crimson hair. He felt like there was something else he needed to say, but lost his track of thought when he saw a familiar vehicle approach. "That must be Katsuki and Mitsuki. Oh yes, I'll be taking a lift from Masaru when bringing over your things, because he has a bigger car, so no need to look for this one." Was that it? No. "Now go greet your friend."

"Bye dad," Izuku called, halfway out of the door, flame trailing from his finger tips. It was not without reason Hisashi had fire-proofed the car.

"Bye-" Oh, now he remembered, "-and don't set anything on fire!"

Izuku didn't answer. UA was filled with capable pro-heroes anyway, Hisashi thought. It would be fine.


Katsuki was out of the car before it had even rolled to a stop.

"Hey," Mitsuki called after him. "Slow down, brat! No goodbye's? No 'I love you''s? I'm talking to you!"

Katsuki kept walking.

"Fine then! don't give your poor, old mother a hug before she doesn't see you the entire week! And when I tragically pass away today in a car accident-"

Katsuki sighed. The hag was just going to keep on nagging wasn't she? "Fine," he growled, before turning back, walking up to her like a convict to the firing squad, and embracing her tightly. 

Mitsuki hugged her son back and buried her face in his hair. "I'll miss you," she murmured after a few seconds.

"It's just five days, mom. I'll be back in the weekends," her boy replied, his voice muffled. 

"Still. I'm your mother, it's my job to miss you." She pulled back slightly so she could look at his face. He wasn't smiling, but he wasn't scowling either. Eh, she'll take it. "I'm proud of you, Katsuki. You'll be a great hero."

Katsuki scoffed. "Of course I will-"

"-If you get rid of that ego. Now get in their and show those so called pro's why you took first place in the Entrance Exam, just like your momma taught you!"

"You're a fucking fashion designer, you hag! You didn't teach me anything!"

"Fine then, I see how it is! Good luck on your first day!" She pulled out of the embrace and got in the car. "And I fucking love you, even though you're a brat!"

"Love you too, hag!" Katsuki yelled back.

"Hah! I knew it! You do care about your family!" The engine started purring.

"What the fuck does that mean!? Of course I do, I'm not some psychopath!" Katsuki called after her, but his mother was already driving away, cackling.

Fucking hag, the blonde thought fondly, before he focused on the green-haired nerd walking his way. Quickly, he put his scowl back in place.

He waited until Izuku was beside him, and they entered UA together.


Principal Nedzu had memorized his welcome speech to the letter and could recite it in his sleep, so he only kept half his attention on what he was saying. He was much more interested in the new students. Aizawa's class wasn't present, which was unsurprising considering none of Aizawa's classes had ever sat through the welcoming ceremony after his first year of teaching. The man really didn't like listening to pointless drivel.

"-it will be expected of you to give it your all, and we are sure-" Yada yada yada. It was times like these that he envied Aizawa. Every year it would seem like a good idea to make his speech as boring as possible to torment the new students, until he's at the podium and harshly reminded he's the one supposed to be giving it. And every year Aizawa would not show up. What a brat.

He still took a substantial amount of satisfaction from seeing a student fall asleep, waking up when his head slipped from where it was resting on his hand, and then pulling his head back up suddenly. Sadly, the jerky movement's momentum only almost made the student's chair tip.

Nedzu had to suppress a chuckle anyway to continue his speech unhindered.

"-Furthermore, the new UA dorms will allow for-" Ah, yes, the dorms. Who's plan had that been again? Probably Aizawa's. He liked creating problems for Nedzu, like a few hundred teenagers on the UA campus, and then leaving them for Nedzu to solve. But Nedzu would have his revenge this year. He suppressed another chuckle, this one much darker, as he remembered that he put almost every student that might cause trouble in Aizawa's class. Maybe not the most responsible behaviour from a principal, but he had to get his fun somehow.

Also, someone was talking through his speech. How rude!

He pricked his ears, trying to determine from which direction the muttering came and to discern the words, while simultaneously continuing his orientation speech. How long was it again? No matter, this muttering was interesting.

His eyes found a green-haired teen in the back of the room, seated in the Support Department segment. His shoulder seemed to be on fire, and one of his classmates was surreptitiously and unsuccesfully trying to put it out. Midoriya Izuku, son of the famous Midoriya Hisashi, who is also an UA graduate, Nedzu remembered. Quirk: Fire Core. Has a preference for genetics, bioscience, and chemistry, but is a genius with engineering and physics in general.

Current activity: Analyzing principal Nedzu.

"-most likely original DNA donors would either be rats, mice, or dogs. Bears are unlikely. Shares little similarities to humans, but that is not unusual these days. Said to be an animal with a quirk, but taking into account his altered appearance that would either mean his parents were also quirked - a normal mouse, rat, or dog wouldn't be able to give birth to something of his size, unless he was considerably smaller - or those are the result of lab experiments.

"Might also be an alien, but unlikely."

Oh yes, Nedzu thought, as he continued to listen in to young Midoriya's mutterings. This year would be very interesting.


Shinsou Hitoshi was so utterly fucked.

The voices in his head were mocking him, whispering things. Things like, of course you'll be expelled on your first day, you were never meant to be here. They sounded like his old classmates. The circle in which he was standing seemed so small, and the ball seemed too heavy. He knew he should have trained his body better. He just hadn't known he would be tested the first day and be expelled if he failed.

Even that purple midget beat him in the foot race, just by clinging to his classmates!

Hitoshi breathed out. Well, there was nothing he could do about it. He moved his arm back. Maybe he could still-

"What are you doing? It's like you don't even want to be a hero?"

Hitoshi blinked. 

As if he did not want to be a hero? Does that man even realized what he went through? Did he even know what his quirk was?

"If you want to be a hero, you'll have to give it your all. No matter how far you throw that ball, if you don't give it your best shot I'll expel you."

It took a few seconds for what he meant to register. He wanted Hitoshi to use his quirk. Eraserhead had said when he entered the classromm that they were not here to make friends, but Hitoshi hadn't realized that meant he would actively try to ruin any chance of friendship he had.

Except for... His eyes drifted to the sidelines, where Bakugou stood, scowling. Surely, explosion-boy, ahem, -man, wouldn't mind too much. Hitoshi opened his mouth, when his target started to talk.

Bakugou met his eyes. "I'm not the one you want, Insomnia. I didn't even get close to the fucking top score."

Oh. So now explosion-boy wanted to ruin his potential friendship too, huh? Fucking great.

His eyes still found hers, and he blinked a few times when she smiled at him.

"It's allright, Shinsou," Uraraka said. Hold on. Did she actually mean-

His mouth was dry. "Thanks, Uraraka," he said.

"You're welcome, Shin-" As that too-familiar blank look slid over her face he still hated it.

But maybe, he thought, things would be better here.

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Midoriya Izuku woke up in an unfamiliar room filled with familiar things. If it weren't for the shape of the room he probably still would have thought he was home. The walls were covered in notes and posters of both scientists and heroes, and the shelves were filled with his private projects or scientific equipment.

As always, his eyes briefly flitted to the golden concoction he had created using All-Might's hairs, safely sealed away in a glass bottle. The one from his civilian form had turned out to be genetically the same to the one from his hero form, yet... muted, somehow. He had his speculations as to the consequences of either drinking or injecting the substance, but had yet to test it. Partly because he didn't want to suffer any unpleasant and unexpected side-effects, and partly because it was the only bottle of the stuff he had. You couldn't make that much with two hairs.

His brain caught up with his hearing when he saw that it was still 05:43 on his alarm. He had thought the loud beeping that had woken him was from his alarm clock, but he should still be sleeping. What had woken him up?

He looked up to find the source of the noise, and blinked blearily at the fire alarm, its red light blinking back.

Then he looked down. His bed was on fire.

Damnit, Izuku thought, I forgot to change the sheets.


A tired Maijime Higari let his eyes drift over his equally tired students. He really wanted to massage his temples against the stress and exhaustion, but that was difficult with his helmet and gloves.

"Alright class, welcome to your second day at UA. Yesterday was just an introduction to the school-"

A student fell over, snoring. He didn't even wake when his head hit his desk. The student beside him cautiously poked his shoulder.

"I think he's dead," the student said. Some of his classmates snickered, while others threw a quiet glare at Midoriya, the cause of their exhaustion. None of them had taken kindly to having to stand outside in the cold and early morning in their pyjamas due to the fire alarm going off.

Neither had Higari, but he had a responsibility as a teacher.

Luckily, Midoriya, like his father, had a thick skin. Or maybe he simply hadn't noticed, considering how he was busily whispering with the Hatsume-girl (and Higari just knew their friendship would be the main cause of his problems the few coming years) and scribbling in a notebook.

His thoughts went back to the energy weapon (whether it was a lasergun or a death ray was up for debate) he had taken from them and decided to intervene.

"Midoriya, Hatsume," he said to grab their attention. "What are you doing?"

Hatsume glances up. "Making babies!" she called excitedly, with Midoriya nodding along distractedly where anyone alse would have been blushing fervently. Some of their classmates giggled, while Ketsu, Hatsume's childhood friend, if he remembered correctly, simply rolled her eyes and went back to... doing her homework? They didn't even have homework yet.

Oh wait, on closer inspection, she was doodling cats. At least one person here seemed to have found a non-disruptive way of dealing with their problems.

He refocused on the Hatsume-Midoriya problem. "I... see. Wait, actually, I don't. Can I see?"

Hatsume nodded and ripped the notebook away from her friend, ignoring his protests, and brought it over to Higari. She seemed excited to show it to him.

"You seemed stressed, so we designed a special type of helmet with an inbuilt massage-machine allowing for-"

But Higari had stopped listening, instead staring at the beauty on the pages. It's design was outwardly no different from his currently helmet, but it was lighter with a padded inside. Additional drawings showed the wiring that would be built in for the massage-function. He took back everything bad he had thought about those two.

Until he flipped to the previous page, showing a half-finished design for what seemed to be a nytro-powered mech-suit, and realized they had probably designed it in anticipation of the next time they would cause trouble.

Was this because he had said Aizawa was a better prankster than the principal? Higari quietly lamented his life's choices. He had thought Nedzu hadn't heard about that.

He should have known. The principal always hears.


Hatsume Mei was definitely Izuku's new best friend, for all that she didn't appreciate the fine art of linguistics.

"But to call it an electro-flash would imply it is somehow electrically powered, while we're just using chemicals! Electricity wouldn't even add anything worthwile!"

"You have to think about the sales, Izuku! Electronics are in! If we could just give the chemical reaction some kind of lightning-effect, it would be perfect for electric-themed heroes, and everyone knows those are popular."

On the opposite end of their table, Ketsu pulled a welding mask over her face and turned away from them. It was quite odd, considering she was not yet finished eating. Why would she even need a welding mask during lunch? Izuku turned those thoughts over in his head, before discarding them and refocusing on calmly swirling the bottle of liquid magnesium in his hand. Mei handed him another white canister, decorated with futuristic lines and scribbles for 'marketability' as she called it, and Izuku poured the liquid from the plastic bottle into the shell, making sure his hands didn't accidentally erupt into flame and blind them all permanently.

Ah, maybe that was what the mask was for? How kind of Ketsu that she made sure Izuku wouldn't have to worry about her safety.

"Just one more," Izuku muttered.

"So," Ketsu spoke up. "Why are you doing this again? Power Loader's assignment was to inspect the suits from the Hero Course students and see if there was room for improvement, not to make flashbangs."

"Oh, we know," Mei cheerily replied. "This is just a hobby."

Izuku couldn't see Ketsu's face behind her mask, but there was a distinct lack of surprise coming from her. "Right," she dead-panned. Mei's friend decided a change of topic was the safer bet, as opposed to continuing this conversation. "Did you hear about that one guy from 1A, with the explosions?"

Was she talking about Kachan?

"I heard he blew up half a building and almost his own arm due to a malfunction in his suit. I hope he's okay."

If it was indeed his explosive friend he doubted it was just because of a malfunction in his suit. The building was at least intentional. But if there really was a malfunction in Kachan's suit, that would mean Izuku might get to work on it! He hoped so. He hadn't really interacted much with Kachan since their arrival to UA. Dad had been right about the labaratory and development studios, they really were awesome. 

As for the part about almost blowing up his arm, well, it was Kachan.

Kachan would be okay.


"Holy fuck this is not fucking okay!" There were faint burn scars on his shoulder and the lower right of his face. At least they only made Katsuki's scowl more impressive, which was one positive.

"Bakugou, just calm-"

"Don't fucking tell me to calm down, Moonface! When I find those fuckers who screwed up my gloves so badly I will destroy them!"

All-Might let out a sigh. "Well, young Bakugou, I did tell you not to do it, although I was more worried you'd hurt your classmates. You have nobody to blame but your own lack of restraint." Crimson eyes glared at the pro-hero and All-Might gave his student a smile, although it seemed a little hesitant. 

"Oh, Insomnia wouldn't have gotten hurt. Badly. He's a slippery fuck."

Shinsou raised an eyebrow. Had that been a compliment? Did that mean they were still sort-of-friends-probably-rivals? Then again, Bakugou was rivals with everybody. Shinsou didn't even know if he should apologize for the things he'd said during the test, considering Bakugou would have done anything to win as well. Before he could make up his mind, Recovery Girl returned.

"What are you all doing, crowding my patient!? He needs rest! Shoo! Out!" She chased the group out with her cane, whacking and waving. After that, she returned to Katsuki's bedside and took a look at his healed wounds.

"Well, young man, it seems to have healed alright. There is some scarring near your shoulder and face, only minor because you ducked away just in time, but it will fade. Might even be gone already tomorrow. Your arm was mostly protected by the inner layer of your gauntlet, so it was only badly bruised." She tutted her lips. "Honestly, what were you thinking, using a blast like that, inside a building? I honestly don't know if it had been better if the gauntlet had worked properly, because then you might have caused a collapse instead of just blasting out the wall behind you." 

Katsuki had learned his lesson about swearing, insulting, or other rude behaviour in her presence after several times of being acquainted and reacquainted with the heroine's cane, and wisely kept his mouth shut. His eyes were fixed on the ceiling, set in their familiar glaring position.

"You could have hurt your fellow students, you know. That Shinsou-boy doesn't have a physical quirk, and he could've-"

"He would have been fine," Katsuki interrupted. "No matter what his quirk would have been."

Recovery Girl sent him a stern look. "As much as I approve of your stance on quirk-equality, you can't honestly tell me he could have a bulding collapse on his shoulders and be fine. And while Uraraka and Iida might stand more of a chance, I wouldn't bet on it."

Katsuki huffed and went back to glaring at the ceiling. Maybe she had a point. "It could be I...," he trailed of, trying to force the words past his lips, "lost my temper. A bit."

Recovery Girl snorted sarcastically. "So what are you going to do, when you're done resting?" She added that last part as he tried to rise from his bed, and the blonde fell back with a huff.

Katsuki kept quiet. The nurse's hands twitched towards her cane.

"...Apologize," he grumbled.

"Exactly," she stated, matter-of-factly. And that was that.


Outside the nurse's office, some of their classmates were waiting when Hitoshi, Uraraka, and All-Might came out. Kirishima was wringing his hands anxiously. "Is everyone okay? What happened? There was this huge explosion, and all the camera's suddeny died! Was Bakugou trying to kill you or something?"

What happened? Oh yeah, they had no audio did they? Hitoshi rubbed his neck.

"That was probably my fault. I was trying to make him angry so that he would yell at me, or something." It had seemed like a valid tactic at the time. Sero, with the elbows, raised a questioning eyebrow. Hitoshi shrugged in answer, while once more feeling grateful that nobody in this class had any (big) problems with his villain quirk as long as he didn't use it on them outside of the tests. "It worked. But there was an explosion attached to his yell, and I think something was wrong with those grenade gauntlets of his, because they blew up in his face. There's some light scarring, but he'll be fine."

 "Yeah, don't worry," Uraraka piped in. "We're all fine. Except for whoever worked on his gauntlets. They're dead as a doornail."

"Now now, Uraraka, I'm sure young Bakugou didn't mean it when he said that." All present teens turned towards All-Might with a disbelieving stare, because while they had only known him Bakugou Katsuki for two days, that was long enough to give them a rough sketch of his character. All-Might coughed awkwardly in his fist, and made a mental note to tell Nedzu that whoever had worked on young Bakugou's gauntlets might need a guard detail. Then again, Nedzu was probably going to expell them, or at least give them suspension for putting a student in danger like that.

"A- Anyway, erm, lesson is over, evaluation tomorrow?" the pro-hero said and, Hitoshi honestly couldn't call it anything else, fled from the group of teens. They were all quiet for a moment, staring after the Number One Hero, Symbol of Hope, and their high-school teacher.

"Is it just me, or does All-Might seem to be easily intimidated by teenagers?" the pink girl - Mina, that was it - chimed. Hitoshi hummed in agreement.


Izuku probably should go to the dorms and do his homework, or the arcade, or the mall, or whatever other teenagers with much less interesting hobbies did in their free time. But he was busy. Busy spying on third-years.

Busy spying on third-year's, who had a whole heap of bright, golden hair, and seemed to be spinning it.

"Pardon me, but what are you doing?"

One of the third-year's looked up from her work, and smiled at the curious first-year with his cute, fluffy hair and serious, contemplative expression, as if he already fashioned himself a scientist.

"We're fixing Togata's suit. He needs a suit made out of his own hair, because his quirk allows him to become intangible, and if he uses a different material he'll just fall through it."

A quirk that allows omeone to become intangible? How? What about light, or air? Does his food fall through his stomach? Izuku mentally noted those thoughts down, before moving on to the really interesting questions.

"Did his hair always glow?"

The third-year frowns for multiple reasons. One, it's a weird question. Why would this first-year, who's only been in the school for two days, assume it didn't always glow? Reason two, is that she had wondered that herself.

"No, I don't think it did. Odd." She frowned to herself briefly before going back to work. She'd ask Togata later.

Meanwhile, Izuku had plucked a handful of hairs from the heap and was inspecting them. Their tensile strenght seemed to be lesser than those of All-Might's, but the glow was the same. Like physical sunlight.

One of the other third-years finally looked up as well and frowned at their visitor. "Hey, we need those-"

"Sorry, I think I hear a friend calling, gottagobye!" Izuku waved before he raced of, hairs still in his hand. The third-years he left behind shared a look.

"Did he just steal Togata's hair?" one of them finally said. Another dumbly nodded in answer. 


Oh god, oh shit, he couldn't believe it. 

Izuku raced back to his rooms, where his personal notes and equipment were. He suspected what he would find. All-Might could pass his quirk on. If these hairs' genetic code was similar to that of All-Might's, specifically the quirk-code, it would mean that this Togata figure was probably All-Might's successor. And he just let his hair lie around the labs, where anyone could take it.

Which means Izuku could make more of the golden All-Might liquid (and he really needed a better name for that).

Which in turn would mean the experiments could start. Those were always the most exciting part of any project.

Chapter Text

Whoever this Togata-guy was, his DNA was different from All-Might's. In fact it was different from most people's.

Deoxyirobonucleic acid, or DNA, is a molecule in the form of a double helix that holds the genetic information on a person's body, and their quirk. Both strands of the helix store the same information. With the right equipment -which Izuku had brought to his dorm room from his home, because no way he was going to let his personal projects gather dust for five days a week- it is possible to dissect this DNA and figure out a person's genetic code. The quirk, however, has always been a wild card, because they simply don't obey the laws of science which make the world turn.

Proof, Togata's DNA. Which forms a triple helix. The third strand should store the same biological information as the other two, but there's really only one thing that could have caused this. Even people with transformation quirks have only two strands, as written in DNA: A Genetical Library by Louis Demont, famous quirkologist and geneticist. 

Yet Togata has a triple helix, with the bonds between the strands splitting up. How does that even happen?

It's dark out. Izuku should probably go to sleep. Instead, he takes out his notes on All-Might's DNA. That didn't have a triple helix. However, All-Might had been quirkless before receiving One-For-All, as opposed to Togata, who could make himself intangible (he really needed to find out who he was, that quirk sounds much too interesting to just let go). Did One-For-All simply create a third strand to enhance all the existing properties? All-Might was known for his strength and speed, it was possible that the quirk functioned mostly as an enhancer, and it didn't simply enhance one's quirk, but also their body.

In that case, it should be categorized under transformation/enhancement quirks, considering All-Might had two forms. But how would that affect existing quirks? Turning yourself intangible is also a form of transformation. Which brought Izuku back to his original theory he devised when all he had to work with were All-Might's words and two hairs. One-For-All could merge quirks.

He grabs a random notebook to write his thoughts down. He had to make sure he wouldn't forget.

Because there was another weird thing, besides the triple helix. There are four major macromolecules necessary for life, namely, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Natural nucleic acids include DNA and RNA, but after the emergence of quirks a third one was discovered. These one's are called vafrementonucleic acids, and house the information on a person's quirk. This has earned it the nickname 'Quirk Factor'. This was also what Izuk had extracted from All-Might's hairs to create the golden potion. However, while DNA and RNA are essential for life, VNA is not. It binds itself to a person's DNA if it's there, but sometimes it simply isn't. Those people are quirkless.

That always bothered Izuku. If it merges with DNA, shouldn't it be passed on? And if it wasn't, how could quirkless people get kids with quirks? Not important. What was he thinking about again? Izuku casts a glance around the room and his eyes land on the pile of glowing hair he'd stolen and dumped on his desk.

That was it. This Togata-guy was weird.

The VNA was strongly concentrated in the third strand, which only reinforced his theory that it was a consequence of One-For-All. But it was also spread out through the helix, originating from the third strand. One-For-All was directly affecting Togata's original quirk. There had to be a merge-effect going on between the two, instead of just simple enhancement.

His eyes drifted to the golden liquid still stored on a shelf.

Izuku didn't need sleep. He needed answers.


Katsuki couldn't sleep.

His body still felt sore from today's battle exercise, but he'd spent a large part of his day in bed, as per Recovery Girl's orders. He wasn't tired at all. That was the only reason he couldn't sleep. It had nothing to do with the fact that he still hadn't apologized, or that in his nightmares he saw the roof caving in, or fire engulfing his new friend.

This sucks. Why couldn't everyone be fire-proof, like Izuku?

Idly, he flipped through a magazine in an attempt to distract himself, when he heard a door creak. Footsteps could be heard through the wall, but they were quiet. Whoever it was was trying to be quiet. Whether it was because he didn't want to disturb anyone or didn't want to be caught Katsuki didn't know, just like he didn't know who it was.

He had suspects, though. Two, to be clear. Suspect one was that little purple fucker, who had the room facing his, trying to sneak into the girl's dorms, and he didn't want to be caught. If so Katsuki, would obliterate him. The perv creeped him out.

Suspect two was Insomnia -who had the room right of his- because, well. It's self-explanatory.

Katsuki got up, opened the door quietly, and could just see a shadow  round the corner to the stairway. He followed, only stopping for a moment to retie his shoe. When he got to the base floor there was the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen.

Insomnia, then.

The blonde sighed, and entered. Indeed, the other teen stood in front of the coffee-machine, eyes hypnotized by the brown liquid as it filled a pot. When it was done, Katsuki spoke up.

"Hey, give me a cup too." Okay, maybe not the most polite way of asking, but it got the message across. Insomnia moved towards the cupboard, took out a cup, and poured. He didn't take out another. Ah, Katsuki thought, is this his way of getting back to me for almost getting him killed? How childish.

But then Insomnia pushed the cup into his hands, took a long gulp straight from the pot, and moved towards the living room. "That cannot be healthy," Katsuki heard himself say.

"I haven't died yet," was his reply. You've sure gotten close, though, Katsuki mentally added. Recovery Girl was right, he should apologize. The hag raised him better than this. Actually, she hadn't. But Dad had! 

"Sorry for almost blowing you up. And letting a building almost collapse on your head."

Insomnia turned, surprise on his face. "...It's nothing," he eventually said. Which, what the fuck? It's nothing?

"Uhm. It's kind of a big fucking deal, you know. With the almost dying, an' all."

Insomnia frowned. "What do you mean? It was called a battle exercise. We were doing battle. Besides, am not the one who spent the day with Recovery Girl. If anything, I should be the one apologizing." Now Katsuki was surprised.

"What the fuck should you apologize for!? You barely hurt me!" There was a note of incredulity in Katsuki's voice, and it was gaining volume. He quieted himself by taking a drink from his coffee, the hot beverage invigorating him, before he woke anyone up. This was good coffee, he though, before finishing it in one gulp and putting the cup in the sink.

"For all those things I called you? They were kind of not nice, and caused you to blow yourself up." He gestured at the faint scars on Katski's face.

Katsuki shrugged. "You were trying to win. I, on the other hand, lost my temper and put everyone in danger." He folded his arms and glared. "I apologized. Now you accept it."

Insomnia raised an eyebrow. "That's not how apologies work," he droned.

"Shut the fuck up, Insomnia."

With a great sigh, Insomnia spread his arms, coffee sloshing in its pot. "I hereby accept your apology, explosion-man. If you start using my name. Anything else?"

"Yeah, if we're on the subject of names. That nickname sucks. It's much too long. Find a better one." Insomnia sighed even deeper, and walked on towards the couch in the living room.

"Like what? And Insomnia has just as many syllables," he said sitting down. Katsuki climbed over the back rest and dropped down next to him.

"I was always partial to King Explosion Murder in middle-school. But you could just call me Bakugou, if I have to use your name. Or Katsuki." Now Insom- Shinsou's head shot up. 

"Katsuki? Are there even other people who you let call you that?" Katsuki bunched his shoulders together.

"Yes! Of course! It's just my name, don't make a fuss over it."

"Okay, Katsuki." Shinsou looked pensive for a moment. "Then I'm Hitoshi, I guess," he said, before a grin came over his face. "How many people call you Katsuki? Let me guess, your dad, your mom, and this friend you mentioned a few times who I have yet to meet."

Katsuki was of the opinion that if Hito-shin-somnia ever met Izuk he would be strapped to an operational table in seconds. They didn't have anyone with a psychic or mental quirk in their old class. Now that Katsuki thought about, Izuku would probably have most of his new classmates in a testing room, if at all possible.

"No, my parents and his dad," he replied to Hitoshi after dragging himself back from his thoughts, making a mental note to keep Izuku away from 1A for as long as possible. Maybe he could sic him on 1B?

"Wait, so what does he call you, then? Just Bakugou?"

Katsuki glared at Hitoshi for a long moment, at war with himself, before the word comes past his lips. It felt akin to pulling teeth.

"...Kachan," he grunted.

Hitoshi stared at him for a moment, unblinking, before a gleeful smile spread over his face. "That-" he started, "-is fucking adorable!"

"If you tell anyone I will fucking murder you. I mean it."

Hitoshi took a swig from his coffee pot, still grinning. "Aw, and here I thought we were friends, Katsuki!"

"You know what, fuck this shit. Name-rights revoked. It's King Explosion Murder to you, Shin-somnia!"



"Baku-, uh, goo?"

Katsuki blinked. "What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?"

Shinsou shrugged, took one look at Katsuki's confused expression, and started laughing. It was soon muffled because Katsuki was trying to smother him with a pillow. 

Kaminari found them the next morning, passed out on the couch, an empty coffee pot still in Shinsou's hand. He took the opportunity to draw on their faces with a black marker. He also took the opportunity to take a few pictures and send them to the groupchat they were quick to make. Mina asked him to put her in his will before Bakugou woke up.

Poor Kaminari never got the chance to reply.


The security cameras blanked out.

A man moved like a shadow through the UA building.

Dark clothes hid him in the night, his face obscured. His steps were quiet and he took the window into the teacher's lounge, because the door creaked ever-so-slightly when opened. He made a beeline for the attached kitchen, and stealthily switched the bags of White Jade tea with a resealed version filled with a more bitter variant. 

Then he vanished.

And if Nedzu had been awake he would have seen all this. But Nedzu had been waiting for days now for his enemy to make a move, and finally, when an anonymous caller requested the radio DJ to play a song Nedzu found most relaxing, he'd fallen asleep.

Sleep is for the weak, they say. Aizawa had a different opinion. Sleep is useful for the weak, to bring down the strong. 

Chapter Text

Kaminari Denki snapped from his daze in an instant, blinking the blur out of his eyes. In front of him was a white wall. What happened? He remembered finding Bakugou and Shinsou sleeping on the couch, drawing on their faces-

Two angry red eyes peering up at him-

-and a set of purple ones. Shinsou had woken up.

The teen blinked once more and looked around. He was standing in the bathroom. Why was he in the bathroom? A few red and yellow markers lay discarded on the floor. When he turned to leave he saw a note in the corner of the mirror.


Better hurry up if you don't want to be late for class, Pikachu.


Pikachu? Denki focused on the mirror and let out a surprised yelp when he sees his face, which was yellow, except for the red dots on his cheeks. Then he fished his phone out of his pocket, only to see he had five minutes left to pack his bags and make it to class.

Not enough time to clean it off. It was either show up to class like this or risk being expelled for being late on the third day. Denki remembered how Mr. Aizawa had grinned after their first day, and shivered. It was not a hard choice at all.


Izuku didn't feel any different than he did yesterday, besides that he could barely keep his eyes open. Now that he had secured a source, he'd gone ahead and injected a bit from the golden liquid. It seemed like it needed a while to start working, however, because his punches were nowhere near All-Might's.

Idly, he flicked a finger to check again. Nope, still normal. He glanced at the clock, and wrote down in his notebook how long ago he had injected it. Hour 10: still no apparent difference. He suppressed a yawn, only just. Maybe he shouldn't have stayed up all night. Normally, Dad would stop him when it got too late, but he wasn't here. So instead of listening to Present Mic talk about his apparently favourite word 'susurrus', Izuku tried not to fall asleep in class. After he'd gotten over the excitement of having Present Mic as a teacher, it turned out that he was a pretty ordinary teacher. Including the boring lectures. Izuku twirled his pen with his fingers. 

That's when his pen fell through his hand.

Izuku blinked, only once, the call of sleep now forgotten, then looked around to see if anyone had noticed. It didn't seem like it. Present Mic had moved on to a lecture about tenses, which is apparantly much more interesting than the fact that Izuku just magically gained a second quirk, and damnit his hair's on fire again. He patted it out before the fire alarm has a chance to go off, then started writing frantically about what just happened. 

Hour 10: My pen fell through my hand. According to the people from who I got Togata's hair, he could turn himself immaterial. I must have gotten his quirk instead of All-Might's because I used his VNA for the test! But that doesn't explain why I didn't get One-For-All as well, considering it is part of Togata's Quirk Factor. The scratching of pen on paper was accompanied by a low muttering, and the smell of smoke. This went on for a while.

Present Mic found this annoying.

"Midoriya!" he called for what felt like the hundredth time, only to be ignored for what felt like the hundredth time. Funny. He'd never had anyone ignore him. He'd never met anyone able too. Even Aizawa only acts as if he doesn't hear him. Izuku on the other hand, simply kept on writing, kept on muttering, too fast for the teacher to hear what he was saying.

Funny, and annoying. Eventually he walked over and ripped the notebook out of Izuku's grasp, who chased after it with his hands and accidentally ripped out the last page.

"No, I need-"

"You need to listen, understood? We are in class. I'll keep this for now. You'll get it back after school, so it won't distract you in your other classes."

Izuku's mouth opened and closed a few times, before he nodded mutely and stuffed the ripped page in his pocket. He could always write in something else. Present Mic spared a glance for whatever it wa that had his student so entranced and frowned, and Izuku was glad he wrote the entire section on One-For-All in code. He wasn't just going to let All-Might's secret lie around, even if the pro-hero had told him to destroy research.

Even merely thinking about it gave him shivers. Izuku shook his head, and tried to translate the thoughts in his head from Japanese to English. At least that way he could say he learned something from this lesson, later.


Principal Nedzu was sitting at the table in the teacher's lounge when Hizashi entered, with a cup of cold tea beside him. It was much too bitter for his tastes, and he knew who he had to blame for that. There was also a warm pot of coffee on the table and several suspiciously empty packets of salt underneath it. 

Hizashi decided it would be better to ignore those.

"Good morning, Yamada," the Principal greeted him. Hizashi returned the greeting (quietly, because he has learned not to yell around Nedzu after the third time he found mice in his office) and dropped Midoriya's notebook in the designated bin. That was to say, a plastic box with a sticker on it that said, 'confiscated things, and stuff', as opposed to the bin labeled 'electronics'. Izuku's notebook probably fell under the stuff category, he thought, but you never knew with the Support Course.

Nedzu perked up from the paperwork in front of him when Hizashi dumped the notebook in the bin. "What is that?" he asked curiously.

"It's Midoriya's. He wouldn't stop writing. I don't know what it says, because a part of it seems to be in code, for some reason. Kids these days!" Hizashi moved to leave, but not before Nedzu stopped him and offered the coffee pot. "For Aizawa," he said, and Hizashi didn't have to strain his ears to hear the silently added, 'If you tell him it came from me your mouse-friends might reappear.' Hizashi sighed deeply, like a man who has accepted his unwanted fate, and took it.

When he was gone, Nedzu walked over to the bins and took out Midoriya's notebook. It's cover was blank. Odd, Nedzu thought. He'd thought Midoriya would be more organized than this when it came to research. When he flipped it open, there are indeed pages filled with code, like Yamada had said. The ones that aren't are mostly quirk analyses, speculations about quirks, and one that seems to be a list of potential birthday gifts for 'Kachan', crammed in the top corner of a very elaborate analysis (number eleven) of this Kachan's quirk. 

Then Nedzu settled down to decode the leftover pages. He got into it so much he momentarily forgot his tea was not only bitter, but also cold now, and spat it out after he took a sip, narrowly avoiding the notebook. The principal put it down and walked over to the sink where he filled a glass of water, and returned to his work.

He took a sip. And spat that out as well when the page he was decoding seemed to be titled 'Notes on One-For-All'. 

Well, he had said Midoriya seemed to be interesting, hadn't he? The principal picked up his phone with a frown.

"Hey Yagi? I was wondering if you could go fetch me Midoriya Izuku? We need to talk. With you too, yes, it's important." Nedzu checked the time. "He should be with Nemuri now." Then he put his phone down and continued to read through Midoriya's notes, eyebrows raising, intrigued by what he read. 


The boy was oddly quiet as he followed Toshinori throught the hallways of UA. He had been surprised when the Pro-Hero took him out of class, but hadn't asked anything after Toshinori had said they were going to Nedzu's office. Not for the first time, the Pro-Hero wondered why Nedzu wanted to speak to the both of them. Toshinori hadn't spoken with Midoriya after that day with the slime villain. He'd seen him a few times walking through the building, but then he would usually turn the other way before he could be subjected to another barrage of questions about his quirk. Which was why the current quiet was so odd. Than again, those were some major eyebags. Maybe he's had trouble sleeping?

"Are you all right, young Midoriya?" Toshinori eventually inquired, looking over his shoulder, only to see that the teen had halted a few steps behind him. He was tying his shoe.

"Oh, pardon me, my shoe fell of," the boy said. "But yes, I am fine. Why do you ask?"

His shoe fell off? Odd choice of words. "You've just been quiet, is all," Toshinori clarified, deciding not to mention the boy's tired look. He wouldn't want to be rude. 

"Oh, I was just thinking. You said you could pass your quirk on, but how would that affect someone with a mutation quirk? And if they passed on your quirk, would the mutation come with it? Because it seems like One-For-All merges with other quirks, but if that's the case I shouldn't only have- Um." The boy stopped and glanced up at All-Might, who raised an eyebrow.

"Have what?" he asked.

"...A variation of my father's quirk, but rather a fusion of both my parents'. That would make much more sense." Toshinori maintained eye contact for a moment, because he didn't understand what his quirk would have to do with Midoriya's parentage, but it wasn't as if he knew anything about genetics, so he didn't realize Izuku was pulling shit out of his ass. They proceded in silence, until they arrived at Nedzu's office.

"Midoriya Izuku," the principal began once they were all seated.

Midoriya sat, fidgeting, and with his bag deposited beside him, in front of Nedzu's desk. Nedzu sat behind it on his elevated swivel chair so he was at eye height with his visitor, his fingers steeped together not unlike a movie villain, Toshinori thinks. He himself stood next to the principal. Continuing on his movie metaphor, he would be the muscly right hand of the boss, and he decided to ignore that he is known for his muscle and Nedzu technically is his boss. There was an untitled notebook on the centre of the desk. It felt oddly as if they're interrogating the boy, but that would be ridiculous. Why would the principal do that?

"How do you know about One-For-All?" Nedzu continued.

...Oh. Toshinori knew there was something he had forgotten to mention. Midoriya's eyes flickered from the principal, to the notebook, to Toshinori, and back to the principal. Then, he pointed a finger at Toshinori. "He told me."

Nedzu's stare slowly directed itself to him, one eyebrow raised in a silent query to clarify. "I, uhh, ran into him while he tried to save another teen from a villain. His legs seemed to move before he thought about it. It was quite heroic, so I thought he would be a good successor, but it quickly became clear he had another goal in mind and he declined. To be honest, I didn't really think it would ever come up again." 

Nedzu's chair swiveled in his direction, and this was not fair, now it felt like he was being interrogated! "Tell me, All-Might, do you often offer random schoolboy's your immense power after witnessing an act that could either be bravery, stupidity, or a set-up with that specific goal in mind? Or do you only do that for those with an interest in quirks?" Toshinori glanced at young Midoriya, who was staring enraptured as if it were a captivating TV-drama. A green flame flickered amidst his wild curls. He looked back at the principal, whose expression hadn't shifted in the slightest. 

"...It won't happen again?" he offered to the principal.

The principal wasn't amused, but evidently, he had bigger fish to fry. The chair swiveled back to Midoriya, now unsuccesfully attempting to pat out the small wildfire in his hair before the sprinklers would have to take care of it. Toshinori, still in his hero form like he had been when he entered the room, because he was still under the (incorrect) assumption it would make dealing with Nedzu less terrifying than his previous dealings with the principal had been, flicked his fingers and extinguished the flames. Nedzu scraped his throat.

"Well, now that question is answered, how do you know Togata is the current holder of One-For-All?" Toshinori blinked and jerked back in surprise, because that was unexpected. More importantly, why would Midoriya need to know? Unless he secretly worked for-

"You do realize his hair is laying, like, everywhere around the lab, right? Apparently they make his costume out of the stuff. So I took a little for research because it was glowing, and his DNA is seriously weird because it has a triple helix, but his VNA is similar to All-Might's or rather the imported VNA. That's what made up the third strand for the most-" Nedzu held up a hand to stop the muttering, and asked his next question with only a slightly confused tone in his voice.

"Why do you know the genetical make-up of All-Might's hair?"

Midoriya's eyes drifted to Toshinori, who was starting to feel more and more like that day with the slime villain had been one huge mistake. Nedzu's eyes followed Midoriya's, and were now asking Toshinori for an answer. "I thought he was a fanatic fan. I didn't know he would research it," was the only thing Toshinori can excuse himself with. Nedzu cocked his head in thought, then nodded in acceptance. He runs a school for heroes, and almost everyone close to him is one. He knows they get asked for weirder things than a strand of hair, sometimes.

Internally, Toshinori let out a sigh of relief.

"Very well. Now we established you didn't gather this information through any nefarious means, we get to the crux of the matter. Why, Midoriya Izuku, do you have a notebook filled with notes on One-For-All, All-Might, and ways you might recreate it and the effects it could have on your body?" Toshinori froze in shock.

Izuku shrugged. "I'm just trying to understand quirks. Since All-Might could pass his on, it seemed like a good starting point. It hasn't worked so far, though." At that, it seemed like a weight lifted itself from Toshinori's shoulders. It hasn't worked, Midoriya said. One-For-All is still safe.

"And it won't work," Toshinori said then. "One-For-All can only be passed on if the holder wills it so. You can stop your experiments now." Midoriya's eyes widened, and he thought he saw that expression of shock, surprise, and anger on that face before, but can't really remember why. However, before Midoriya can protest Nedzu held up a hand.

"All that said, these notes are really good. While you will need to stop your research with One-for-All, you can continue researching other quirks. I would like to see the fruits of your research. Just make sure your grades don't suffer under it. Don't tell anyone about everything else we discussed here, and you may leave." Midoriya closed his mouth then, before smiling and bowing in gratitude.

"Thank you, principal Nedzu!" he said, then took his notebook, picked up his bag, and dashed out the door. Toshinori hesitated.

"Was that really wise, sir? Letting him go like that?"

"Oh yes, now that you mention it, do you think we should have told the teen I just talked to for the first time about All-For-One? Or maybe the, hypothetical, immensely powerful quirk I secretly possess?"

Toshinori winced in response. "I'm sure you made the correct decision, sir," he amended himself. Nedzu nodded, smiling. 

"Exactly. Now go and put this totally not suspicious package in Aizawa's office, as punishment for your mistake."


One-For-Allcouldn't be passed on if the holder didn't want it to.

Izuku was in the bathroom, notebook in his lap. He read through the ripped-out page he had written on his new quirk, that he'd gotten from Togata's VNA, again. He looked at his hand, contemplating. He couldn't really control his new quirk yet, but he'd only had it for a few hours. But if One-For-All couldn't be passed on, then why did he have it at all? Wasn't it completely merged yet? No, that's not the important thing now.

The important thing is that it worked. Maybe he couldn't actively use One-For-All, but the merging must be a passive side-effect, to ensure the holder wouldn't get hurt by multiple opposing quirks in his body. Meaning, he could give people quirks. He needed to perfect that formula. If he could merge people's VNA with the merge-fluid -that's a lame name- then maybe he could give quirks to people without needing One-For-All.

But wait, a tiny voice in the back of his head said, the principal said you should stop researching One-For-All. Izuku frowned. Had the principal said that? He also said your grades shouldn't suffer, the voice continued. Oh yeah. That he remembered.

Which reminded him about Power Loader's assignment.

The bell rang, and Izuku grabbed his bag, stuffed his notebook inside, and went to class, a spring in his step. Maybe he should go see if Kachan was in the Hero Course dorms after school.

Chapter Text

"What did All-Might want from you, Izuku?" Mei asked him during lunch.

Izuku paused for a moment, thinking of how he could answer this without giving away the Number One Hero's secret. "That's classified," he answered seriously, and he felt as cool as the main characters from one of those spy movies dad liked. He said they gave him inspiration for new inventions. Izuku wished he had sunglasses.

Ketsu snorted, and Mei didn't seem to think that particular topic was too important because she quickly switched subjects. "Anyway, do you have a hero student picked out yet for Power Loader's assignment? We need to review their costume and see if they can be upgraded." Her eyes lit up as she started to talk about her chosen costume. "There's this girl in 1A, who's outfit completely fails at taking advantage of her quirk! All it has is some nausea suppression, because she gets sick if she uses it!"

"What's her quirk, then?" Ketsu asked, partly interested, partly because she knew if she hadn't Izuku would have and his mouth was still full. She really didn't want him to chatter-spit it all over the table again.

"She can cancel gravity, or some-"

"Oh! Floaty girl!" Izuku said, and a piece of bread escaped his mouth. Ketsu shot him a disappointed glare that made him kind of feel like he was being scolded. Mei Ignored it.

"You know her?"

"We met briefly before the entrance exam. Her quirk is so weird, because it doesn't just cancel gravity, it also stops an objects momentum when used on it, which implies it might just be some low-level levitation. She also needs a vocal command to release objects, but not one to make them float. What were you thinking? A slingshot, boosters, grappling hooks?"

Ketsu swore she could almost hear the 'ka-ching' in Mei's head as she breathed out,"Everything."

"What about you?" Ketsu addressed Izuku. "Do you already have a costume in mind?"

Izuku shrugged. "I've already got a costume made." He had made a costume for Kachan before they came to UA, as a present for scoring first in the entrance exam. And maybe because he didn't want anyone else to make Kachan's stuff. Nobody knew him as well as he did. 

Ketsu blinked, then narrowed her eyes.  Izuku did, in fact, look dead on his feet. "We weren't supposed to make them, just review them. Is that why you look like you've barely slept the entire week?" She couldn't help the disapproving tone in her voice. But Izuku waved her away.

"No, no. I was busy, that's all. I made this costume before I came to UA. I do still need Kachan to test it though, so I'll probably visit the 1A dorms once school's done. Do either of you want to come?"

Ketsu held Izuku's eyes a little longer, before she dropped her gaze and shook her head. "Nah, we got all the information we need."

"Although it would be useful if you brought Floaty Girl with you," Mei piped up. Ketsu waved a hand.

"Just bring them to the labs, I'd like to meet this friend of yours."

Izuku beamed. "I'm sure you'll love Kachan! He's awesome!"


Uraraka, Katsuki, Kaminari and himself were playing Mario Kart, and Hitoshi was fairly certain his blonde friend was taking this more seriously than any of them. Katsuki was sandwiched in between Uraraka and Hitoshi with Kaminari sprawled out on the floor, yellow smudges still on his face. He was actually the on who had suggested the game so he could get back at Katsuki and Hitoshi, but it seemed like everyone had underestimated Katsuki's competitiveness. The blonde was glaring aggressively at the screen, as if he could scare their characters away. He had yet to lose.

"So, Katsuki, when do we get to meet this possibly villainous friend of yours?" Hitoshi asked when he received a blue shell, only for someone to steal it.

Katsuki's hands momentarily froze on his controller, letting Bowser, stolen shell and all, fly off the rainbow bridge and allowing Hitoshi's Waluigi to take first place.

Hitoshi didn't notice his friend's odd behaviour, too busy cheering himself on. "Finally! I beat you, sucker! Eat dirt!" Uraraka and Kaminari cheered with him. After the first three round were won by Katsuki, defeating him had become a team effort.

"Yes! Go Shinsou!" Kaminari threw his fists in the air, before ducking to avoid an explosion aimed at his face.

"I want a fucking rematch! You distracted me!" Hitoshi blinked.

"What do you mean?" 

"You know what I mean! Asking me shit during a race!" Katsuki exclaimed, eyes focused on the screen as he was already choosing the next map. Kaminari frowned at him.

"Do you mean what he said about your friend? I mean, it's not nice to call people possible villains, but I doubt Shinsou meant it like that." He scrunched up his nose in confusion. "I didn't even know you had any friends outside 1A. No offence, but your personality is kinda shit."

Hitoshi smirked as Katsuki fixed Kaminari with a fiery glare promising violent retribution, and the other boy fled upstairs. Uraraka didn't even hide her chuckles. Despite her sweet features, she had a sadistic streak she didn't even try to hide. It made Hitoshi wonder if they had somehow corrupted her, or if she'd always been like that. Then she refocused. "What possibly villainous friend did you mean, Shinsou? Were you talking about Midoriya?"

Hitoshi shrugged and started talking to the girl over Katsuki's head. "Might be. Remember how Bomberman here said something about having a friend who would make a terrifying villain after the entrance exam? He never gave us a name, but I kinda want to meet the guy. Did you know he calls Katsuki-"


Hitoshi and Uraraka both glanced at Katsuki, who had tensed up on the couch, and then directed their attention to the door.

Katsuki sighed. "Well fuck," he muttered. "Guess it's the end of the line for you, Insomnia."

That was not reassuring at all, Hitoshi thought as a green-haired teen threw open the doors and entered.


After introductions were over, Midoriya Izuku seemed to be distracted by Uraraka's quirk, and it quickly became clear to Hitoshi why  Katsuki thought Midoriya would make a terrifying villain. It's not because he was evil, or had some sort of terrible power, or even a tragic backstory. At first glance, Midoriya seemed like a scatterbrained teen with little control over his quirk and curiosity in his eyes. It was the last one you had to look out for.

As if to prove Hitoshi's point, Midoriya held up one of Uraraka's hands and prodded at the finger pad on her index finger. "So, did you ever cut one of these open?" he asked, unaware of the way Uraraka's eyes widened at the question.

Midoriya simply lacked restraint, and one of these days he was going to accidentally invent a doomsday device.

"Of course not! why would I do that!?" Midoriya looked at her as if she was being stupid.

"If I could perform a vivisection on myself to find out why I keep spontaneously combusting into flames, and survive, I'd do it. Don't you want to know why you can make things float?"

Uraraka opened her mouth to protest, before closing it and she frowned in consideration. Hitoshi sighed and wondered why Katsuki couldn't reign his friend in already. He glanced at the blonde in question, who was watching the interaction with a smirk on his face. It was up to him to save their friend from her own stupidity and possibly attract the mad scientist's attention, then. Way to throw him under the bus, Kachan.

"Uraraka, no," he said in a firm tone.



Uraraka sighed dejectedly and dropped her hand. Midoriya turned to look at him.

"What about you, Shinsou? What's your quirk?"

Shinsou hesitated, for multiple reasons.

"I-" He glanced at Katsuki, who was watching him now. The blonde scowled, but softer than normal, and nodded encouragingly. Hitoshi privately thought the universe might explode if Katsuki ever smiled softly. He gathered his resolve. If Midoriya hated him for this, well, he had other friends. "I have a brainwashing quirk. If someone responds to something I say, I can make them do whatever I want."

Midoriya was quiet, then, and at first Hitoshi thought, Of course he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. But Midoriya's eyes were far away and his fingers twitched, as if he was itching to write something. When he finally started to talk again his voice quickly gained volume.

"-response necessary to possibly establish a mental connection? Does it only affect the consciousness or the subconsciousness too? Vocal chords must be different than other's. I wonder, if I were to perfectly recreate the tone and pitch, could I recreate the ability? Would need to somehow connect it to my mind, though. Is a vocal response even necessary, or only a connection between the user and the target? If that is the case, then-"

During his mumbling, Midoriya had started pacing around the room, tongues of green flame dancing all over him as he made compact gestures with his hands as if he was writing in the air. Hitoshi eyed him uneasily. "...Does he need help?" he hesitantly asked Katsuki.

"Probably, but not kind you're thinking off."

Hitoshi had been thinking of a fire extinguisher. "You don't know what kind of help I'm thinking of," he argued. 

"'Course I do. I'm fucking awesome."

"Boys," Uraraka sighed in exasparation. "If we don't get him to stop the sprinklers might go off. If he doesn't burn down the building first."

Good point. Midoriya was still pacing around the room, and there were scorch marks on the floor now where drops of flame had fallen in his wake. Hitoshi watched Katsuki concede it with a nod, before flipping over the couch and hitting his friend on his head. Softly. "Oi, you damn nerd, don't flood the building."

Midoriya snapped out of his rambling, and shot them a sheepish smile. "Sorry, that happens when I get excited about something. But Shinsou's quirk is just so interesting and-"

"Hm," Katsuki interrupts him. "Why are you here, anyway? I'd've thought you'd be busy fucking around with your new lab."

Midoriya perked up. "Oh yeah! I heard your costume got blown up during training so now we can go test the version I made for you as a present for getting into UA!" Katsuki took a moment to take all that in.

"If that costume isn't ten times better than that other piece of shit I will obliterate it," he finally said. Uraraka rolled her eyes.

"Come on, Bakugou-" she started, but Midoriya didn't seem to mind.

"Please do if you can. I haven't tested it yet, but it should be highly resistant to your explosions. Where do you leave your excess sweat here, by the way? I could have tested it if I had some of that."

"I'm not giving you anymore explosives than you need to, Izuku."

Midoriya pouted, before smiling again. "So, we're all going to the Development Studio then! Great!" Hitoshi and Uraraka were startled by his declaration.

"What? Why do we need to go to there?"

"Uraraka needs to come because, knowing Mei, she's completely disregarding Power Loader's instructions and already working on upgrades for her costume, and Shinsou needs to come because I really want to ask him some questions about his quirk. So you're all coming!" Midoriya spread his arms widely and turned to the door, and then turned around as they heard someone walk down the stairs.

"But first," he said, his hand coming up and pointing an accusing finger at a confused Tokoyami, who had just entered the room in the hopes of recollecting his poetry book he'd forgotten on the kitchen table this morning. "Who is he and why does he have a bird head?"