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Heavy Boots

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Heavy boots, heavier body. An exhausted assassin trudged through the wasteland to meet her partner at their rendezvous point. Athena had been without sleep for nearly a week, which was about her limit. Atlas could do a lot of things but they couldn’t completely eliminate their assassins’ need for sleep. Not that it mattered to Atlas anymore. Athena had wiped them clean off the map a year prior with the help of some vault hunters. After that, she had all but disappeared, only taking an assassination job every now and then to scrape by. That changed a bit when Nisha came into her life. They had been hired to kill each other by the same guy when they decided to call a truce and kill him instead, which worked out well. What started out as a pact for survival turned into a partnership; they often took jobs of all kinds together after that. Robbery, arson, assassination-- you name it, they did it. And despite Athena’s normal no-nonsense policy, the pair eventually found themselves in a romantic relationship as well. The gladiator was lonely and the gunslinger was convincing.

Heavy boots, heavier shield. Trusting was something Athena didn’t do easily. And once you lose her trust, it’s pretty much gone forever. Nisha had been dangerously close to losing that trust for a couple of months now. She had been signing the two of them up for underpaying jobs and making Athena do most of the work for a while. Athena didn’t want to make a big deal out of it because they were getting by. Additionally, she knew damn well if things went sour between them, someone was taking a bullet to the brain. It would be unfortunate for Athena to have to kill the first person she ever had romantic feelings for. After a year of Nisha’s companionship, she wasn’t quite sure if she loved Nisha or not. She did know she couldn’t handle another major loss.

Heavy boots, heavier backpack. Athena arrived at the broken down safe house and dropped the bag full of guns and gold at her feet. She took a seat in a three-legged chair and leaned forward, waiting on Nisha to come back with her share of the score. The gladiator had a lot on her mind. She had been contacted by a low-level programmer from the Hyperion Corporation to hunt a vault for him. Vault hunting wasn’t really her gig, but he promised a LARGE sum of money so… It was now. She hadn’t discussed it with her girlfriend yet and quite frankly she didn’t want to. The job required her to board a spaceship and head to Elpis and she wasn’t sure if Nisha would just let her disappear for… however long it takes to hunt a vault.

Heavy boots, heavier footsteps outside. After what seemed like an hour, Nisha had finally shown up. Brandishing her whip in one hand and a knapsack stuffed with loot in the other, she kicked down the door to the safe house. With a grunt, she heaved the bag up onto a nearby table then proceeded to unzip one of the pockets and pull out a Jakobs Maggie, one of the rarest pistols around. Cash and bullets trickled out of the pocket and hit the table and the floor. With a grin, she turned to her girlfriend, “Tell me Athena, have you ever seen something so beautiful?”

Athena snorted and stood up. “Yeah I’ve seen better, but it’s definitely pretty.”

“Oh I’m sorry I forgot you used to be one of those rich Atlas bastards,” Nisha said with an eyeroll.

“Oh please. You know that story forward and backward by now. Don’t give me that,” Athena quipped.

“Yeah, yeah. Torture this, kidnapping that. I know. I’m just messin’ with you,” the gunslinger replied, setting down the Maggie. “But hey with today’s haul? We won’t have to take a job for a hot minute. So we can focus on… Other things.” She leaned over to kiss Athena’s neck. Before Nisha could turn things R rated, Athena pulled away and said, “You know, I don’t think we will.”

Nisha blinked, genuinely surprised by that reaction. Thinking the worst, she asked, “You’re not breaking me off are you?” Athena shook her head then pulled out her Echo device. She scrolled through a few recorded conversations before she got to one labelled ‘Jack from Hyperion’ and hit play.

“Is this the Echo line for a certain former Crimson Lance assassin?”

“Depends. Who’s asking?”

“Name’s Jack. I work in programming for the Hyperion Corporation. I think I have a job that’s right up your alley.”

“Sorry, I don’t take corporate gigs.”

“Nonononono it’s not that kind of job. It’s more suited to your skill set.”

“...I’m going to go ahead and repeat myself. I don’t take corporate gigs.”

“Chillax. You’re not working for the company. You’d be working for me.”

“...Go on.”

“I’m putting together a group of talented individuals like yourself to hunt for a vault up on Pandora’s shithole of a moon. I could use somebody with the amount of tactical experience you have to lead the team.”

“Do you know the vault’s exact location?”

“No but I’ve got a pretty good hunch.”

“Where would our base of operations be?”

“Right here on Helios, baby! I’ve got the clearance to make crazy shit happen up here. And that includes running this job right under the president’s nose without him knowing.”

“Will you be providing equipment?”

“I can get you whatever you need, but if you’re not comfortable using Hyperion tech I’d suggest bring your own guns.”

“And payment?”

“Three mil for your services alone. Five if you do a damn good job. And bonuses when we crack that baby open.”


“So that’s the offer. I know you’re a certified badass and everything but I need to know you’re not gonna run out on me before the job’s through.”

“If you hire me, you’re not just paying for another merc with a gun. You’re paying for decades of experience. You’re paying for professionalism. You’re paying for loyalty to the mission above all else.”

“Yeah? That what you told General Knoxx?”

“Loyal to the mission is one thing. Loyal to people is something else.”

Athena stopped the recording there and those words stuck with Nisha. Loyal to people is something else. Nisha opened her mouth to ask for an expansion on that thought but Athena spoke first, “I took the job. The rest of the call was talking logistics. I have to be at the site of some new Hyperion hub being built out past the Highlands in two days to catch the shuttle to Helios.”

“Funny you took that job without consulting me,” Nisha laughed. “Cause I did the same damn thing.”

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Heavy boots, heavier air. Tension was high as the gunslinger and the gladiator arrived at the future site of Opportunity early that morning. The sun was barely peeking over the horizon when they reached their destination. The pair waited for a group of Hyperion lackeys to ready their ride at the shuttle loading bay with a few others like a group of kids waiting at a bus stop for their first day at a new school. Introductions were made but small talk was not. For the most part. The tall guy with a shotgun and pet drones identified himself as Wilhelm and said no more than that. The bougie bitch introduced herself as Lady Aurelia Hammerlock and gave the girls a once over. After declaring Nisha a 5 and Athena a 7, she said nothing more. She had a butler in tow who held onto a case of what Athena presumed to be weapons. Or maybe money. Who knows. The ankle biter of a robot arrived late and didn’t shut up until Nisha threatened to shoot him. Athena had already met the infamous insufferable Claptrap in T-Bone Junction a while back and tried her damndest to not lose her shit before they even achieved liftoff.

When the shuttle prep was completed, the group of vault hunting hopefuls climbed inside one by one. As Athena reached to seal the door, she heard a familiar voice scream “WAIT!” She poked her head outside to see a lanky guy with a well defined chin running to the rocket. He stopped short at the door and bent over, very out of breath.

“Thank… you…” he panted. “Sorry… I’m late.”

“And you are…?” Athena questioned.

The man straightened up and smoothed his shirt. “I’m Timo- Jack. I’m Jack.”

“You’re Jack?” Nisha asked, poking her head out the shuttle door.

“Yep! That’s me! I’m definitely Jack and not a body double,” he said with a half hearted chuckle.

Athena gave him a once over, a disgusted expression lining her face. This was definitely a weird introduction but she had seen weirder things on Pandora. With a shrug, she let him board. The newly formed team took seats in the cockpit. In their Echo conversation, Jack informed Athena she would be in charge when he wasn’t around. Athena didn’t believe for one second the self-proclaimed Jack on board was the same Jack she talked to so she went ahead and took the seat closest to the controls. Once everyone was strapped in, she pinged Helios to let them know they were ready for take off. The ship was on autopilot from that point on. The takeoff itself was smooth but the squad soon heard some thumps coming from the cargo space behind them.

“Uhhh I’m no expert on space travel but I’m preeeeeeetty sure that’s not a good sound,” Nisha said.

The crew whipped around in their chairs to find hostile bandit stowaways crawling out of the shadows, armed and ready for a mutiny.

“Well don’t just sit there! Someone take care of that!” Aurelia wailed. Jack immediately got up and cowered in a corner. Wilhelm rolled his eyes and became the first to get up and get to brawling. Whipping out his shotgun, he blasted a bandit’s head off and stabbed the stock of the gun through the same bandit’s chest. Athena hurdled over him, separating her team from the bandits with Aspis. After deflecting gunfire for a few seconds, she chucked the shield at the enemies, knocking over a handful of bandits. Nisha drew two pistols and dealt a round of headshots to the remaining stowaways. Claptrap, desperate for a piece of the action, leapt up and… digistructed a discoball? The vault hunters exchanged confused glances as the robot cycled through a number of costume changes. When his routine was done, Jack lifted his head and asked, “Is it over?”

“Yes, but not without casualty,” Athena declared, gesturing towards Aurelia’s butler who was unfortunate enough to take a bullet to the brain.

“You can’t be serious. That’s my third butler this month!” Aurelia pouted.

“Must be nice,” Nisha said, adjusting her hat.

“Well whatever the hell just happened, it doesn’t matter. That was some fancy fighting. Glad to have you two here at least,” Wilhelm nodded at Nisha and Athena. Nisha reached over to shake Wilhelm’s hand when the entire shuttle shook. The lights turned red and an alarm started blaring.

“I thought you said it was over,” Jack whined from his corner. Athena rushed over to the control panel. The monitor showed her some devastating data. A missile had pierced the engine and now half the ship’s systems were failing, including the gravitational field generator. The monitor also showed several more missiles in close proximity.

“We’ve been hit by an anti-aircraft missile and there are more on their way. Brace for impact!” Athena shouted. Aurelia folded her arms and stayed strapped to her seat. Jack whimpered and gripped a gap in the metal plating of the floor. Nisha and Wilhelm floated across the cargo hold, grasping at the walls.

“HOLD ME ATHENA!” Claptrap screeched, clamping his arms around her waist. Athena was uncomfortable but didn’t protest since the robot was grounding her. Athena felt two more blasts on the side of the ship and then… Nothing.

Athena was jerked back to consciousness by a shrill robotic voice. She slowly opened her eyes and pushed herself up. She surveyed her surroundings and to her chagrin there were now two CL4P-TP units before her having a pow wow. Behind her was the wreckage of the shuttle which Wilhelm and Nisha clambered out of. To her right, Jack was sprawled across the metal floor moaning and holding his head. To her left, Aurelia dusted off the front of her coat and muttering something about 500,000 dollars. Athena patted herself down to make sure she hadn’t lost anything. The Aspis module was still strapped to her arm and Xiphos was still strapped to her back. Her sister’s scarf was still wrapped around her neck. Nothing was out of place except maybe her pride. Eventually, all the vault hunters lined up before Claptrap and the other, bluer, Claptrap. Athena cleared her throat.

“Oh! You’re all awake!” the blue steward bot said excitedly. “That looked like a rough landing. Welcome, vault hunters and thank you for answering Hyperion's summons! Unfortunately we are under attack by Dahl military forces right now. Please take this Echo device!" The robot handed out dusty Echo devices to each member of the group. "Alright now that you have your means of communication with your new boss, allow me to take you to your contractor liaison!” The robot wheeled across the docking station to a door and the vault hunters begrudgingly followed. Scrap metal and other debris were scattered in the group’s path.

“Sorry about the mess!” their guide apologized, “Things got pretty hairy once the Lost Legion attacked!”

“That is painfully obvious,” Aurelia muttered. Wilhelm grunted in agreement.

The group reached the door and the CL4P-TP unit performed its function, flipping open a control panel and keying in a sequence. The corridor to the supply junction was now open and the vault hunters followed their new annoying companion through. A Loaderbot flew past them, smashing into a wall at the end of the corridor. The vault hunters entered the open space and were greeted with an even messier sight than before. Loaderbots littered the area, some dead, some alive and cowering. The once confident escort now crouched behind the team of killers.

“VAULT HUNTERS SIGHTED!” a gruff voice called out. A number of Dahl troops assembled, barreling straight toward the vault hunters.

“Showtime!” the yellow Claptrap yelled, running straight into the gunfire. The rest of the team followed suit except for Jack who stayed behind even the cowardly blue Claptrap. The vault hunters had only been together for mere hours and already worked together like a well-oiled machine in combat, making quick work of the troops. Bloodied and breathing heavy, Nisha turned to their guide. “What now?”

“We’ve got to get to the security controls and get to Jack! He loves me!” the robot replied, speeding toward the other side of the supply junction.

“I do?” Jack said, confused.

“Okay timeout. Jack is right there,” Wilhelm said, pointing at the man who at least claimed he was Jack. The robot stopped in its path and tilted its entire body in confusion.
“I mean I guess but that’s not the Jack I’m taking you to.”

“Fair enough.” Wilhelm shrugged. The vault crew pressed forward. Athena and Nisha exchanged a troubled glance.

“What the hell did we sign up for?” Athena whispered.

“I don’t know but I’m having fun,” Nisha replied. Athena rolled her eyes.

The steward bot stopped in front of the next doorway and gestured toward a dead Loaderbot on the ground. “Oh no this one must’ve suffered a lot. People think we robots can’t feel pain but we actually feel it in slow motion and with great intensity!”

“They created us AND gave us pain receptors. You all have to admit that’s kinda messed up,” the vault hunting robot added. None of the human vault hunters responded.

Without being prompted by the blue Claptrap, the door before the group slid open and bullets whizzed by, several piercing the robot. The robot yelped and quickly powered down. Oil spewed out of the bullet wounds and splattered all over Aurelia.

“This day just keeps getting worse! First my butler, then the crash landing, now my coat is absolutely ruined. What’s next? The base explodes?” Aurelia ranted. The ground then shook.

“Why would you say that?” Athena asked.

“Hey guys more baddies coming!” the living Claptrap called out. Without even looking, Nisha pointed a pistol down the hallway and shot the two Dahl men headed for the group.

“Oh alright. You’re a 7 too,” Aurelia declared. Nisha’s face displayed a shit-eating grin. She winked at her girlfriend who was not at all impressed.

“Can we keep going?” Athena asked.

“Fiiiiine. God you’re no fun,” Nisha said.

“Not what you said last night, but okay,” Athena quipped.

Nisha had a come back prepared but couldn’t get it out before a familiar voice blared over the Echo devices the steward bot had bestowed upon the group, “Did that claptrap die? Awesome! Hey are you the vault hunters I hired?”

“This is Athena, reporting in.”

“The ex-Lance assassin? Great! Big fan! Everyone else here with ya?”

“Yes. I’ve got everyone on the roster here. Plus another guy named Jack?”

“Hi yeah, that’s me. The real Jack. Definitely not a fake!” Jack said into his own Echo device.

“Oh hey, my body double finally arrived! You sound… really attractive. Distractingly so,” the Jack on the other end of the line said.

“Oh dude… Don’t be so weird about it,” Jack groaned. Echo Jack chuckled.

Athena mouthed “what the fuck” at Nisha who shrugged.

“Come again?” Aurelia asked, “A body double? What in the world do you need one of those for?”

“It’s a long story--” Echo Jack was cut off by the sound of gunfire. “Oh shit. HELP! LOTS OF HELP! I have no idea who these asshole troops are or why they’ve got a murder-on for this space station but they’ve got me pinned!”

The vault crew rushed down the hall and into the security control room. A group of troops stood over their employer, punching and kicking him. Another squad to the vault hunters’ left shot at them and yet another group was being dropped in by jet fighter. The team ducked back into the hallway briefly and Athena took on her role as commander. “Wilhelm and Aurelia go help Jack. Nisha and I will go after the larger group. And you two…” She trailed off as she got to Claptrap and the body double. “You two stay right here.”

“Okay!” Claptrap said. He then immediately disobeyed her orders and rushed to the middle of the control room. Athena let out a sigh. This was going to be an exhaustive job.

The team paired off and took down as many troops as they could. Wilhelm called out his sentry drones and rushed towards Jack to distract the Dahl troops while Aurelia sniped them from the doorway. Athena’s shield digistructed on her arm as she drew her sword and charged at the band of flanking Dahl troops. “Shoot at her shield, assholes! It’ll be funny!” Nisha called out over the gunfire, blowing the heads off of troops from behind her girlfriend. The funky little robot circled the console in the center of the room, shooting at every troop and missing every troop. About ten shotgun shells, six sniper shots, two revolver rounds and a handful of sword slices later, the room was clear.

“Hey? Little help here?” the vault hunters’ employer moaned from his position on the floor.

“I’m on it!” Claptrap announced.

“No. Not from you. Anyone but you.”


“I gotcha,” Nisha said, mantling over a control panel and offering a hand to Jack. He took it and pulled himself up. The rest of the group joined them in the center of the room.

“Okie dokie, let’s get the ball rollin’,” Jack said, clapping his hands together. “Never been shot at before. Felt kinda fun actually. How’s everyone else feeling after that? And where’s the other me?”

“Great. We’re all great. What’s next?” Wilhelm spoke for the group.

“Uhhhh. I’m not great,” the body double piped up.

“Well, this is your life now, buddy!” Jack told him, gripping the double’s shoulder.

“Okay can we please address the body double thing? What’s that all about?” Athena asked.

“Like I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted by those Dahl assholes, it’s a long story. I’ll spare ya the details. All you need to know is you need to call him Jack out in public. Here he’s… Other Jack,” Jack explained.

“I don’t-” Athena started but Jack cut her off.

“Alright well let me get the station defenses up and running. We’ve got turrets, we’ve got lasers, we’ve got alarms, we’ve got missiles. Once I lock the place down, these assholes won’t know what hit ‘em,” Jack ranted. He started typing on the keyboard in the center of the console but before he could accomplish anything, the central monitor turned red.

“Critical failure. Helios' defense systems are being jammed,” a voice boomed over a loudspeaker in the room.

“You gotta be freakin’ kidding me. Oooookay let me try this,” Jack said, visibly sweating. He hit a red button at the top of the panel and tried typing again. This resulted in the same message. Jack muttered a few curse words and flipped a switch at the bottom of the panel. Things changed this time; the system informed him the jamming signal originated on Elpis. And then turrets descended from the ceiling, trained on Jack. Nisha shoved him out of the way and took out both turrets with one crack of her whip.

“Holy shit… That was kinda hot,” Jack said. Athena’s glare pierced the back of his head. Nisha saw that and chuckled, “Slow your roll, tiger. I’m taken.”

“Oh. Well that’s unfortunate. For whoever your significant other is,” Jack replied with a wink. Athena opened her mouth to interject but he spoke again, “Anyways plan B! If we can’t take Helios back, we need to evacuate. Escape ships are this way!” Jack hurdled over one side of the control panel and ran to the back of the room. The vault hunters followed suit. As Jack fiddled with the door controls, the ground shook and a new voice took over the loudspeaker, “We MUST take this ground!”

Before anyone else could comment, Aurelia did, “Who’s THAT woman? She sounds as if she eats with her hands.”

“She leads these jackasses I think? I dunno, but the first person to shoot her in the head gets a high five and a turbo mansion,” Jack replied.

“Dibs,” Wilhelm said.

“All yours, buddy! I’m just happy to be here,” said Claptrap.

“No one asked you,” Wilhelm snorted.

The door opened for Jack and he sprinted across the hall to the open door to the secondary docking station, vault hunters close on his heels. They all skidded to a halt when a large Dahl mech rose from a storage bay below. “Ohhh son of a taint,” Jack said, realizing the mech pilot was the voice on the loudspeaker.

“Hello, Jack,” Colonel Zarpedon said after gunning down a pair of escape ships. Without thinking, Jack fired a round of bullets from his wrist-mounted gun. The shells were stopped by an invisible barrier as a new figure came into view. A clearly alien being towered over the crew and wagged a finger at Jack.

“Naughty…” it whispered, its voice sounding distorted and almost robotic.

“Okay, that’s unnerving. RUN!” Jack yelped. He and the vault hunters backpedaled back inside and the doors slammed shut.

“What the hell was that? I didn’t sign up for this!” the body double whined.

“No idea but I get the feeling it could kill us with its brain so heh… keep running!” Jack told the group. He led them down yet another corridor. He stopped in the next room when he got an Echo call from who Athena assumed was his boss. She stared daggers into the Hyperion stooge’s back.

Nisha noticed and chuckled, “You jealous?”

“No reason to be jealous. Just defensive,” Athena replied, eyes not leaving their target.

“Sure, sure,” Nisha said with a wave. She planted a quick kiss on Athena's forehead. Athena's face immediately turned bright red and she looked around frantically to make sure no one saw that. Wilhelm, Claptrap and the body double seemingly hadn't. Aurelia, however, made direct eye contact and gave Athena a knowing smile.

"Nish," Athena whispered, "You know I don't like PDA while we're working."

"Again. You're no fun," Nisha playfully pouted.

Athena angrily stuck her tongue out at her girlfriend despite still feeling Aurelia's gaze fixed on her. The gunslinger giggled. In that instant, Jack hung up on his boss and clapped his hands together. Athena retained her professional manner and Nisha side-eyed her with a smirk. Then Jack said, “Okay I’ve got a stupid idea. We’re gonna head to the moonshot cannon. Follow me.” He jumped to the bottom of the short, empty elevator shaft on one side of the room and the vault hunters followed suit.

“Moonshot cannon? Sounds gauche,” Aurelia said.

“It’s how we get supplies down to the moon and down to that crap hole of a planet,” Jack said, gesturing to the silhouette of Pandora in the distance. “I figure if we can shoot supplies, we can shoot people too. We gotta get down to the moon and take down that jamming signal.”

“Will we survive that?” Athena asked, concerned.

“I dunno. It’d be a pretty cool way to die though,” Jack said with a shrug.

Jack led the vault hunters across loading docks where Dahl soldiers were dropped in on jet fighters. The vault hunters continued to slice through the army men as they came. One in particular gave them some trouble; some Dahl superior dropped onto the loading dock nearest the moonshot cannon in a mech adorned with flamethrowers. The squad was able to get behind him and take out the fuel tanks, rendering the mech, and by extension, its pilot, useless. Breathing heavily, the vault hunters and Jack stood on the lift to the moonshot loading room. But the lift wouldn’t go up.

“That’s weird,” Jack said, fiddling with the control panel. "Something's probably jammed in the elevator up there." An awkward silence enveloped the group. Wilhelm and Athena exchanged a troubled glance while Jack muttered obscenities at the control panel, desperately trying to force the elevator down. He eventually slammed a fist down on the panel in anger.

"Brutish," Aurelia quipped.

Jack ignored her, "Next crazy idea. Let me work the loading terminal." He typed a sequence into the panel and a giant metal cylinder to the side descended. A walkway from the control panel to the cylinder extended. “Alright one of you get in there and I’ll send you up so you can free up that elevator.”

The group of vault hunters exchanged glances before all eyes settled on Athena. Clearly annoyed, she said, “If I must.”

She made her way down the walkway. She got about halfway when Jack said, “Watch your step. That’ll be a hell of a fall.” Athena turned around and shot him an icy glare he definitely missed because he was busy ogling her girlfriend. This money better be worth the amount of restraint she was exercising already. The gladiator carefully stepped into the giant cylinder. With a thumbs-up, Jack sent her up to the loading room. Once the loading cylinder made it to the top, Athena stepped out and scanned the room. Her first instinct was to look at the cluster of control panels in the center of the room, but she was distracted by the metal clanking coming from the corner where the elevator would be. Upon further inspection, a loader bot had been jammed in the shaft, preventing the elevator from moving. Athena immediately Echoed down to the group about it.

Jack said, "Just bash it out of there. No big deal. They can’t feel pain."

Athena drew her sword and sliced off the top part of the unfortunate bot in one fluid motion. Once the robot's limbs were dislodged, the lift descended with Athena on it. "Great!" Jack said. He joined Athena on the lift, the band of vault hunters in tow and the elevator rose once more. Up at the top, Jack pointed out the ammo and medicine vending machines and made his way to the control panel. "Son of a taint," he said, "The autoshot controls are down. What else could go wrong right now?"

"And that means…?" Nisha fished for further explanation.

"It means someone has to stay behind to actually fire the cannon. I'd suggest my body double but he's like wayyyyy too handsome to die."

"Getting reeeeeally uncomfortable," Not Jack piped up.

"Whatever. I guess I'll stay and fire it myself," Jack declared.

"With the Dahl military still attacking this place for no reason, you'll likely die," Athena pointed out.

"Well we'll all die if we stay here, sweetheart," Jack declared, resting a hand on the gladiator's shoulder. "Besides, you guys have already saved my life once today. Might as well return the favor. Self-sacrifice, baby! That's what heroes do."

"How noble," Aurelia scoffed sarcastically.

“Whatever. I better get paid if you bite it," Wilhelm said gruffly.

Jack tapped a sequence on the control panel to request a supply container. The system was the first thing to function as intended since the vault hunters arrived. When the container arrived on the loading platform, the group of six climbed inside and sealed the container. Jack pushed a button and the machine underfoot loaded the vault hunters into the cylinder Athena rode in earlier.

"Alrighty let me just put in the coordinates to Concordia. I know someone there who can probably help--" Jack was cut off by a new group of Dahl soldiers invaded the area. "Crap." He slammed his fist down on a big red button labeled "LAUNCH" which sent the group of vault hunters hurtling through space, destined for a crash landing, for the second time that day.