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Kai Chisaki certainly considered himself to be, above all else, a visionary, a Messiah meant to save the world from itself. He saw the world for what it truly was. A vile, rotten cesspool, filled to the brim with filth and ugliness, and plagued by a disease called quirks. Despite possessing a powerful one himself, he never considered it to be the blessing that other people did, not that he felt above using it to achieve his goals of course. He was going to be the one to set the world right again, and rule the underworld with an iron fist, so he begrudgingly realized that he would need the power of his quirk to accomplish said goal. No matter how much it sickened him.

Some might call him insane for his beliefs. That quirks were a sickness, infecting the populace with Hero and Villain Syndrome. But he knew the truth that they were all just blind to, that’s why they needed him to be their guide and show them the way to purity.

Perhaps that’s why he found you, you were meant to be his reward for all the good he was doing. It’s only been a few weeks, but he’s sure that it’s a day he won’t ever forget. Not ever, he thinks, gazing down at your form spread out over the sheets in sheer, manic glee as he recalls the all too vivid day…


In hindsight, pulling you out of the way of that moving vehicle could be seen as the starting point to the chain reaction that sent him down this long and winding road of obsession. Not that he would change it for anything in the world.

He had merely acted without much thought when he reached out his white gloved hand to pull you out of the way, touching you as little as possible. He simply wasn’t in the mood to get himself soiled with your blood that would go flying everywhere should you get hit. Touching your shirt seemed like a small price to pay if it meant avoiding being covered in bodily fluids.

You turned around, your (e/c) blown wide in shock and blinking up at him stupidly. Your features were obviously that of foreign descent, not that cared enough to guess what country you came from. It was far too beneath him.

“Umm… thank you. That definitely would have been horribly messy.” You said, your Japanese was relatively decent, if a bit too formal.

He glared, noting with quiet contempt that you didn’t seem affected by it, probably because you were too stupid to know when to be afraid. “The only reason I did it was because I’d rather not get covered in blood and gore. If I could have avoided it, I wouldn’t have bothered.”

You seemed more amused than perturbed by his attitude, and he was beginning to wonder if you were very brave or just hopelessly stupid. “Well thank you for the assistance nonetheless, even more so considering what a hassle it was for you.”

If there were just a few less people out and about he might have decided to use his blasted quirk on you, consequences and mess be damned. Instead he turned on his heel. “Perhaps next time, whatever filthy quirk you have will be able to save you.” He fully intended to walk away and never think about this incident again, however, what you said next was more than intriguing enough to make him stop and give you a second glance.

“That would make sense, if I actually had a quirk. I’ll be sure to ask for one in my next life.”

He turned around to look at you, you were already walking away, but it looked like you were lost, you kept looking at your phone and then back to the street signs and buildings as if you were trying to translate the writing.

“You were born quirkless?” He’d never actually met someone who was genuinely born quirkless, only those that had lost their quirks due to his drug. He could only imagine what it must be like to feel so clean and pure.

You only gave him a brief glance as you continued to scrutinize your surroundings, more than likely surprised that he was still standing there, let alone talking to you. “Yup. No special power for me, unless you count the massive amounts of food I can eat without gaining a pound as a quirk, but I’m pretty sure that’s just called a high metabolism.” You chuckled, the sound not nearly as annoying as he thought it might be.

“Then you’re one of the lucky ones.”

It seems that was the comment that got him your full attention, your head lifting up to stare wide eyed at him. “Lucky? That’s certainly not the word most people would use when describing a quirkless individual. Do you have something against them by chance? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but now you’ve got my curiosity peaked.”

Kai thought about it, why he was still here, why he was still talking to you, and the only answer he could come up with was that he was interested to see what your reaction would be to learning his views. Would you agree? Look at him like he was insane? He wanted to know, so he figured there couldn’t be any harm in enlightening you.

“Have you ever heard the theory that quirks were caused by a strain of virus carried by rats?” You gave a quick shake of your head, (h/c) strands bouncing around your face as he continued. “Quirks are a sickness, they ravage humanity with Hero and Villain syndromes and people seem content to go along with it. It sickens me that the world has fallen so low as to rely on abilities and deformities that we were never meant to have in the first place. It’s unnatural and disgusting.”

He was expecting some kind of reaction from you, he didn’t think you’d jump right into agreeing with him, that would have been too perfect. His best guess was that you were going to think he was crazy, most outside of the Shie Hassaikai thought he was, why should one quirkless girl be any different. The reply you gave him definitely didn’t fit into either of those categories.

“That’s certainly an interesting way of looking at it, from an evolutionary standpoint at least. I’ll admit that when looking back on human history and development, quirks are definitely not what I would have expected human evolution to progress towards. So perhaps your rat theory does have some merit. Almost like a second coming of The Black Death or something.” You said, having moved closer to the wall of a building while the two of you spoke.

“You don’t think I’m crazy for thinking this? Most people would have stopped listening after I used disease and quirk in the same sentence.”

“No.” You chuckled. “There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion that differs from the norm, sometimes it’s what we need to progress and move forward. Culture and society are constantly changing and adapting to new things as time goes on, but we wouldn’t be able to do that if it wasn’t for someone else stepping forward and saying that something needs to be done or fixed if we are to ever move on from the ways of the past. Your views may be a bit extreme, but definitely not crazy. After all, no one ever said passion was a bad thing.”

You couldn’t have possibly known how pleased he was by your words as you looked up into his eyes, eyes that even his underlings flinched at when attempting to hold his gaze for too long, but you just stared right at him, unflinching with a small smile tugging at your lips. It set his pulse racing pleasantly, and if he didn’t already know that he was in top physical health, he might have thought something was wrong with him.

“You looked as if you were lost, perhaps I can help you find your way.” He honestly felt like taking apart his own brain when the words left his mask covered mouth, but it was too late now, you were already agreeing.

“If it’s not too much trouble, that would be amazing! I can speak Japanese fairly well, but reading it is another story entirely.” You said pulling out your phone to show him an address for a local hotel, he took note of how soft and clean your hands looked, not a speck of filth to be seen. “I’m here on a study trip with a group of classmates and I went wandering off to look around, ended up getting lost along the way and was too embarrassed to ask for directions.”

“It’s three blocks away, follow me.” He ordered, turning on his heel. He didn’t bother to see if you were tagging along behind him or not, he knew you would obey.

The walk was kept silent and he was pleased that you didn’t seem to want to fill the time with pointless chatter as most people would have, but a small part of him was a bit disappointed as well, he wouldn’t have minded hearing you speak more of those intellectual views of yours. He wondered what else you might have to say about his views on the world. He might have even asked if the two of you had not just reached your destination.

There was someone rushing over, a blonde girl with blue scales around her yellow eyes was marching over to you. “Where in the Nine Circles of Hell did you run off too?! We’ve been worried sick! Don’t you ever scare me like that again.” She said, pulling you into a tight hug.

He wanted to obliterate the annoyance as soon as she touched you. It was blasphemous that this piece of garbage would even think to touch someone as clean as you with their dirty hands. He was even more annoyed that you didn’t seem bothered by this, just reached up to pat her filthy head.

“Sorry Nell, I went for a walk and got a little turned around. But this guy helped me out!” You turned around, to say thank you one last time and maybe get his name, but he was already gone.

Nell just gave you a look, like you had lost your marbles. “What guy (Y/N)? Don’t tell me your seeing ghosts again like you did in elementary school. Was this one at least hot?” She jeered with a barking laugh, bumping her shoulder against yours and motioning for you to follow her towards the hotel entrance.

“That was one time! And you know it was only because Mike was hiding in the attic of that old house to purposely try and scare us. What ten year old wouldn’t have been terrified.”

“Right… sure that’s all it was.” She teased.

“I swear to God, he was right there not even two seconds ago!” You were amazed he managed to slip away in so short a time span. “But he did seem pretty antisocial so he probably didn’t want to hang around longer than necessary. Still though,” You look back over your shoulder one more time to see if you can spot that green jacket. “kind of cliche to just up and leave like that without a word.”

“You didn’t answer my question though, was your mystery man easy on the eyes?”

You did have to smile a bit at that. “He did seem pretty handsome from what I could see of him. He was wearing a black dust mask over his mouth and nose, so all I could see of him were his gold eyes. It’s a shame I didn’t get to find out his name, he was interesting to talk too.” You sighed. “But oh well, it would be a miracle if I ever ran into him again in a city this big.”

From up on the roof of another building, Kai watched and listened, a plan already forming in his head. He had to agree with you, it was a shame you couldn’t have spoken more. He found himself pleased with the sound of your voice and wondered what his name would sound like rolling off your tongue, the thought had him shuddering in pleasure. He was not one to question himself on anything, if he wanted something or had a goal, he would find a way to accomplish it. And he most definitely wanted to interact with you again.

“I’ll come find you again soon (Y/N), then we will both get what we want.”

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Meetings and problems with Eri’s security had kept him from being able to see you again for the next two days and he was beginning to get antsy. He just couldn’t understand why it was so hard for the moronic filth that worked under him to follow his orders to his exact specifications.

“How hard is it to keep track of one little girl?” Kai was sitting at his desk, elbows propped up on the immaculate surface with his head set on his gloved hands.

“I’ll see to it that someone much more reliable is placed at her door. She won’t be getting out again Overhaul. I’ll make sure of it.” Chrono said, already making a mental note of who to put in charge of the girl.

“See that you do. I won’t tolerate failure and stupidity, not even from you. I have more important things to do with my time then making sure you all can do your jobs properly.” He said, shooting an icy glare at the silver haired man. “Now is there anything else left for today?”

“No. We’re getting the final shipments of Trigger sent out to our buyers and the League of Villains is currently under our surveillance, so far they’ve done nothing but recruit more members. Nothing else to report, unless you have something you want me to do.”

Good. Now that he had the rest of the day free, he could finally go and find you again. He had missed the sound of your voice and was eager to be in your clean presence once more. “No. I have something to do away from the base, so you’re in charge while I’m gone. Don’t call me unless it’s an emergency.”

“Very well.” He answered, shutting the door behind him. He was curious to say the least, but he knew better than to question his boss’s motives. He was loyal to Overhaul and only to Overhaul and he obeyed without question.

Kai removed his plague doctor mask and replaced it with a clean black dust mask. He would have preferred to keep his face cover of choice as it was better for keeping out the filth, but he had a feeling you might find it to be a bit too much this early on. He hoped you appreciated it when the time came, since he was going out of his way to make you feel comfortable around him. He wouldn’t have done this for just anyone after all.


It was almost like fate, the way he found you again.

You were staring at a bulletin board on a relatively quiet street, a small smile on your face as you attempted to read the postings.

“Not lost again are you?” He spoke up, walking towards you as if it was just a random coincidence that he was running into you again.

You whipped around, a big smiles reaching across your face. “No. Not this time.”

“I suppose that’s something at least. I’d hate to find your mangled body on the side of the road, especially since I went through the trouble of saving you yesterday.” He said, coming to stand beside you.

“Well luckily for both of us, I’ve been doing my best to pay attention to my surroundings today. And my friends made sure I turned my phones GPS on, on the off chance I end up being out too late again.”

He nodded, making a mental note of that little detail, just in case it became relevant again later on. He really didn’t want to have to deal with anymore hassle then necessary when it come to this.

“You pulled quite the vanishing act the other day by the way. I didn’t even get the chance to say thank you for helping me.” You said, turning around back to the board to drot some things down in a notepad.

Your movements caused him to suddenly take notice of what you were wearing, a small black dress that came to the tops of your knees and a loose blue flannel shirt to act as a jacket, unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up to your elbows. The back of the dress barely covered the curve of your ass and he had an insane urge to grab you and pull you back into his chest, to keep others from seeing what wasn’t theirs. It was a ridiculous notion, the very idea of physical touch usually had him squirming in discomfort, but for some reason, the idea of touching your smooth pale skin didn’t bother him nearly as much as he thought it might

“Yes. Well your companion seemed to be taking you to task for your absence, I figured that since you had made it back I could just leave.” He was grateful that your back was turned, otherwise you would have seen the way he was carefully memorizing the shape and curve of your slim waist and the way it lead down to your ass and shapely legs. You were far too thin in his opinion, not unhealthily yet, but it was something that would need to be remedied in the future.

“Nell was pretty peeved at me for not telling her where I was going. Made me promise to text her every now and then to let her know that I’m okay.” You said absently, shoving the notepad and pen back into your shoulder bag before turning around to give him your full attention.

“So, since we’ve run into each other again, would it be too much trouble to get my savior’s name? So I can thank you properly. It’s the least you can do since you left me hanging yesterday.” You teased him, locking your arms behind your back and making direct eye contact with him. It still amazed him that you could do that without flinching.

This was the real reason he had left the other day, he wanted an excuse to talk to you again, one that would be easy to believe, one that wouldn’t make you suspicious. “My name is Kai, Kai Chisaki.”

“Well, it’s nice to officially meet you Chisaki-san. My name is (F/N) (L/N). I would offer to shake your hand, but I’m guessing that those gloves and mask you’re wearing aren’t exactly a fashion statement.” You said, eyeing his gloved hands and sending him another radiant smile as a consolation.

He was right, the sound of your voice speaking his name really was enticing. He felt shivers run through his body and for a brief moment, he wondered how you would sound screaming the name Kai or Overhaul, over and over again till your throat was raw and sore. 

He was also quite pleased that you had taken notice of that little detail about his person. It proved how perceptive and intelligent you were. He valued common sense and intelligence almost as much as he valued cleanliness, and you were proving to have both in spades.

“I was sure I wouldn’t see you again since this is a pretty big city, do you live or work around here?” You said, walking over to a vending machine to pop in a few yen, hitting the button for a bottle of water before taking a seat on a bench and removing your shoulder bag.

“Both. I just happened to be out for a walk when I noticed you.” He followed along behind you, glaring at a few passing street thugs who eyed you up and down and making them flee under the weight of his golden gaze. He supposed it couldn’t be helped, you were an attractive girl, even he could see that, and a foreigner to boot, it was to be expected that you would get some attention. He just hopped you weren’t the type to enjoy attention from the wrong people. That just wouldn’t do.

“I see, well thank you for stopping to say hello. I was certain that after our interaction the other day, you would be a total asshole if I ever saw you again. Turns out you’re not too bad.” You took a deep swig of the water you had just purchased and he found himself entranced watching the way your throat moved as you greedily sucked it down. Your lips let go of the bottle, gasping for breath. “Are summers here always so hot or is this day just above average terrible? It’s almost as bad as that time I visited Vegas in the middle of August.”

“Are you not used to the heat?” He asked, hoping to glean some kind of information about you. If he could learn some of your preferences for things, he could better prepare.

You shake your head. “It’s not that I’m not used to it, it’s just that where I come from isn’t a big city like this, so I think all this concrete and asphalt radiating heat is just starting to cook me a little. Still better than the below zero temps we get in the winter time though.” You chuckled lightly, just as your phone started to ring.

“Oh, excuse me for just one sec. Please don’t go disappearing on me again.”

Kai nods his head in affirmation, and watches as you briefly walk away and begin speaking in what he assumes is your native language. It seems it wasn’t just the sound of his own language that he liked hearing you speak, but your own as well. The sound was soft and it was easy to pick up on how much easier it was for you to speak then Japanese. He’ll enjoy hearing you speak it for him every now and then once he’s gotten you better acquainted with Japanese. You needed to be able to communicate with him on all levels first and foremost, how else was he supposed to make this easier on you.

Even with your back turned to him, he could see the way you laughed and smiled at whoever you were talking to, and he didn’t like it one bit. A purity like yours should only be shared with those who are most deserving, and he was the only candidate for that position in his opinion.

He would have continued to stew in his jealousy, though he’d never say that’s what he felt out loud, when he noticed that you had left your bag unattended. He had no shame in making sure you were still completely occupied with your phone call before rummaging through it. There wasn’t much, a few pens, the notepad he had seen in your hand, a book of Japanese writing, but it was your wallet that truly interested him, pulling it out and using his own phone to take a quick picture of your ID and passport before putting it away and stepping back to his original spot.

Just in the nick of time as you turned around and walked back over to him. “Sorry about that. My friends said they found a place for us to eat tonight, so I’m going to get going.” You said, shouldering your bag and giving him another one of those lovely smiles he was beginning to become possessive of. “I’m glad I was able to run into you again Chisaki-san, it was nice getting to talk to you again, even if it was only for a little bit.”

He might have a way to look up information on you now with what was on his phone, but he still felt like he was walking away from this empty handed. How could he ensure that he got too see you again without it seeming suspicious, better yet, how could he get you to be the one to initiate contact with him next time? Then it clicked, he had just the idea, he only hoped you’d go along with it.

“How about I give you my number? You seem to be off on your own a lot despite being in a group, so if you get lost again, or find yourself in trouble, you can call me. I have a fairly loose schedule so I can answer at almost anytime.” He said casually.

You stopped, flustered and little nervous all of a sudden. “I-I don’t… umm… that is to say, I’m not so sure I feel comfortable exchanging numbers with someone I barely know. No offense but I don’t know you from a hole in the wall.”

He had a feeling this was going to be your reaction, it was only natural, after all. But he had an ace up his sleeve to sweeten the deal. “Oh, you don’t have to give me yours, you can just take mine. If you need to use it, you can. If not, then you don’t.” He didn’t particularly like that he was giving you this bit of choice, but it would go a long way towards ingratiating himself to you should his plan work. And it would.

You seemed to think about it long and hard for a few minutes before deciding. “Alright. I suppose that’s alright then. No harm no fowl, right?” You reach into your bag, pulling out a pen and paper for him. He wrote down the number for a secondary, disposable cell phone he carried with him and handed it back to you.

“Well, I should get going, friends are waiting and all. Have a good night Chisaki-san.”

“You as well (Y/N), have a pleasant evening.”

You gave him a small wave and smile before hurrying down the street and back to your hotel. 

He desperately wanted to grab you and drag you back to the base, to keep you secure and safe and with him at all times, but he still wanted time to try and win you over before he resorted to more forceful means. Not that he wouldn’t gladly use force and threats if it got him his way, but he felt like the prize would be all the sweeter if it came to him.

He hoped you would call him on your own here soon, but if not, he could always stage a little something to happen, something to motivate you to seek him out. He would have to send someone to start watching you at all times. These last few days of not knowing what you were doing or who you were with were just too taxing, best to get some extra protection for you.

He had a lot of plans to see too.


As soon as he got back, he summoned Chrono and Mimic to his office.

“What do you need Boss?” Mimic inquired, always eager to do whatever was asked of him.

He had printed off the pictures he had taken of your ID and passport, handing them over to his underling. “Find out everything you can on this girl. I want to know anything you can tell me, I don’t care how minuscule or unimportant you might find it. I want it all.” He left no room for arguments or debate.

Mimic was even better about following orders then Chrono, he didn’t even bat an eye at the strange request. “Sure thing Overhaul. I’ll have this back to you ASAP.” He said and was out the door just as quick.

Chrono on the other hand was just a tad bit more curious than Mimic. “What was it you needed from me Overhaul?” He was immediately handed the same copies.

“Until our next batches of Trigger are made or The League makes a move, I don’t need you for anything around here. You are to go to that hotel written down and watch that girl as closely as you can without drawing attention to yourself or making contact with her. She is to be protected by any means necessary. Understood.”

To say he was stunned would be an understatement. Since when did Overhaul have an interest in anything outside the Shie Hassaikai, let alone that something being a woman? “I’ll follow your orders without fail Overhaul, even this one, but I have to ask. This doesn’t have anything to do with the Shie Hassaikai or our oppression’s, does it? This is completely personal for you.”

He was sent an icy glare. “You’re treading on thin ice Hari, and if you were anyone else, I would have killed you already.” He sighed and leaned back in his chair. “But since I know that you’re only asking so you can follow your orders better, I’ll tell you.”

Chrono waited patiently for his answer.

“Yes. This is personal. The girl there, (Y/N) is her name, and she’s quirkless. I won’t go into detail about how I met her, but let’s just say that she has some very intriguing ideas on my philosophies. She’s pure, and I desire to keep that purity all for myself.” Kai finished, looking at his computer screen to stare at your images.

“So what’s she going to be?” He asked, not judging, he would never even think to do that, but just out of curiosity. This was by far the most interest he’d ever seen Overhaul show anything outside of his research.

Kai just smirked behind his mask. “If I’m going to rule the Yakuza and the underworld, I’m going to need someone to rule by my side. Every King needs a Queen after all.”

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“I have that information you wanted Overhaul.” Mimic said, catching him before he went into his office.

Kai took the folder, noting that it seemed about an inch thick. “And you’re sure this is everything?” He wasn’t expecting much, you were young, a student studying abroad and quirkless. It wasn’t like he was expecting you to have a record or some deep dark secret, he just wanted to make sure that Mimic had done a thorough job.

Mimic nodded. “Yeah. There really wasn’t much to find on this girl, whoever she is. She’s from (Country of Origin), and seems to have lived a pretty average life with her parents and one sister. Nothing really noteworthy or remarkable other than her being quirkless.”

Kai hummed in agreement, that was about what he expected to hear, he was looking forward to going through all of the info he had just been given. Hopefully it would give him some ideas on how to make your assimilation here an easy one, he didn’t want you to fear this place like most would, he wanted you to feel at ease here and think of it as home, for that’s exactly what it was going to be.

“I want you to get a brand new bed into my room, a king preferably, along with new linens. And send someone out to start stocking up on feminine products. I’ll let you know what else I think of later on this week.” He paused to send a hard look Mimic’s way. “This girl is essentially going to be my wife from now on, she is to be given the same level of respect that you give me. Anything less is unacceptable. And see to it that everyone in this base knows that as well.”

Mimic wasn’t nearly as shocked by this as one might think, he had been the one to gather the info on you after all. There was nothing about you, save for being quirkless, that would lead Overhaul to take notice of you, at least, not on a professional level as far as he could tell. He had a feeling that maybe the young bosses repressed hormones were just finally kicking in and maybe he wanted intel on you before doing the deed, he was pretty strict on that kind of stuff. This however, was the last option he would have guessed at.

Overhaul keeping a cockwarmer around? Sure. Overhaul wanting a relationship? That was just odd. Not that he would ever voice those thoughts aloud, he preferred to keep living, thank you very much. And even if he was feeling particularly suicidal that day, his loyalty to the young boss overrode all of that anyway.

“Understood. I’ll get on that right away. Any idea when we can expect to start seeing her around? I can think of a few things that can be done around here to accommodate a woman. Lord knows there hasn’t been one around here in ages.”

“Not yet. Just get what I told you done first, then let me know about any suggestions you have.”

“Gotcha. I’ll get right on that.” And with that, he was on his way.

Kai walks into his office, shutting the door behind him as he takes a seat at his desk and opens up the file. Only briefly scanning his gaze over the relatively basic information; like your name, age, date of birth and the like, until he reaches some of the more interesting information.

Apparently you and your older sister had lost both of your parents just after you graduated high school, you took some time off so that the two of you could grieve and sort out affairs, but you did eventually enroll back in school, studying Japanese in order to apply for a job teaching English. That’s what brought you on this month long study trip, no better way to learn a language then to immerse yourself in it.

By the time Chrono had walked through the door to give him his daily report, he had read through the majority of the file, certain things about you intriguing him more than others. Like your medical records for instance, as to be expected, you were in perfect physical health. The only thing of concern to him was how skinny you were, something the two of you would begin working on immediately.

“I got those high quality cameras and microphones installed like you asked. None of them will know their there. I hid them well enough that they’ll stay out of sight but in good enough spots that you’ll have clear view and sound.”

Kai never looked up from the file. “Good. Anything else to report?”

“Only that I overheard her friends mentioning something about all of them going to a local club this evening.” Chrono said.

That perked Kai’s interest, and not in a good way, the last thing he wanted was for you to be in some filthy, grime infested place like that. The very idea of you dressing up in some revealing outfit that so many would see was enough to have him growling, let alone the idea of some scumbag trying to grind up on you in the process.

Luckily, Chrono’s next words abated the steadily rising anger he was beginning to feel.

“She told the rest of them that she would prefer to stay in tonight and to go without her. She’s all alone for the remainder of the evening.”

He felt relief wash over him, for a split second there, he thought he was going to have to venture out to this filthy club to keep an eye on you himself. “Then I can take over her security for the rest of the night. Go back in the morning.”

Chrono nodded, knowing better than too linger longer than necessary. “Yes Overhaul.”

As soon as he was alone, he got up and locked the door before taking a seat at his computer and opening the links to the cameras installed in your hotel room. They popped up almost immediately and he was instantly greeted by the sight of you waving your friends off. Good, he thought, he wanted to see how you behaved when completely alone, he needed to determine if you had any bad habits that he would need to correct you on.

He couldn’t understand what was being said in the room, since you all were speaking in your native tongue. But he could interpret body language well enough that he could tell they were still attempting to convince you to go with them, to which you adamantly declined, waving your hand in a manner that said, ‘Go on. Get out of here.’

He felt much more at ease once the others had left and you were finally alone. Nothing to exciting happening as you bustled about the room tidying it up, something he was most pleased to see. You were proving to be more and more perfect as time went on and he commended himself on making such a wonderful choice.

Although, what happened next was not what he had been expecting at all, though certainly not unwelcome in the slightest. He couldn’t believe his luck.

After your little cleaning spree, you washed your hands and proceeded to strip off your clothes, all the way down to a thin black tank top and a pair of blue panties, nothing more.

Kai felt his mouth go dry and his pants tighten as he watched you shift, pulling your long hair over your shoulder to reveal the skin of your neck and shoulders. He desperately wished he could have you here right now, so that he could lay his hands and mouth all over the tantalizing skin.

Laying down on your bed, you didn’t do anything at first, leading the young boss to think you might be taking a nap, he most definitely wouldn’t mind watching you slumber for the rest of the evening.

But it seems that he was going to get to see something much more interesting than that this night.

It was subtle at first, the way you squeeze your thighs together and pressed one hand into the base of your abdomen. Then you started to trace your fingers through the valley of your breasts, up and down until you moved to pull the collar of your shirt down and underneath your breasts, cupping one in your hand, massaging the soft flesh before rolling your pretty pink nipple into a hardened peak, repeating the process a few times before shifting your attention to the other soft mound and letting out a sweet sounding moan that made his breath deepen.

Kai is in awe, unable to believe his good fortune as he watches the show you are unknowingly putting on for him. His hands tightened on the desk, wanting to reach down and relieve himself but wanting to wait a bit, he wanted to watch you for just a bit longer before seeing to his own needs. If he was going to do something as disgusting as jerk himself off, then he wanted to time his own orgasm to yours at the very least.

By now, your other hand had drifted down into your panties, the motions clearly indicating that you were rubbing your clit and Kai cursed the fact that you hadn’t taken the offending undergarment off so that he could see you in your entirety. Finally removing one of his gloves and reaching down pull his thick cock free from the confines of his pants, he vowed that as soon as he got his hands on you, he was going to make sure that you spent the first few days tied to the bed, naked as the day you were born so he could please you in any way he saw fit.

“Fuck…” He groaned, timing his strokes to match the movements of your fingers. He hated that you were the one setting the pace, he was a control freak and as such, he wished that it was you following his movements, that you were the one watching him. He watched you, your glazed-over eyes and softly parted lips that were letting out the most sinful sounds he had ever heard, and wanted to see it in person. He wanted to be the reason you were on the verge of finding release, not because of your imagination or your fingers, but because he was the one bringing you pleasure; with his hands, his mouth, his voice, and his cock. He could just imagine how tight and wet your pussy was going to be, how soft and compliant you would be while he fucked your brains out.

After another minute or two of slowly torturing your clit, he finally got one of his wishes granted when you stopped to pull your underwear off and immediately began pumping two of your fingers in and out of your drenched slit. It seemed you were done with the foreplay and simply wanted cum already, he wasn’t sure whether he should be disappointed or not with that as he began pumping his cock faster to match your tempo. On the one hand, he really was feeling desperate for you and wanted to cum as well, on the other, he wanted you to draw it out a bit longer for him. He wanted to keep watching the way you touch yourself so he could learn some of your sweet spots, but he also just wanted to keep watching for himself.

It happened suddenly, your eyes blowing wide open, your back arching as you finally hit your peak, your mouth opening in one long whiny moan as you never let up the pressure on your clit, overstimulated enough that it was probably beginning to hurt. It was a beautiful sight, you were a beautiful sight. He was captivated by the way your eyes glazed over with satisfaction, the rise and fall of your chest with heavy breaths, the thin sheen of sweat that clung to your skin, even your flushed red cheeks were fascinating him.

The sight of you in the aftermath of your orgasm was enough to send him hurtling into his own. Gripping himself tighter, he never took his eyes off the computer screen and he imagined it was your pretty little cunt or mouth that he was fucking instead of his own hand, that it was your insides he was painting with his seed instead of his own shirt covered chest. Kai was so far gone in his lust for you that he barely even registered how filthy he had just gotten himself, he was far too frustrated to care as he took deep breaths to try and get his composure back. Frustrated because he knew that this was only a short reprieve, he wouldn’t be truly satisfied until he had you here with him and could find comfort in your body and pure, soothing presence whenever he wanted.

Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t a virgin because he had no sex drive or desire to satiate his needs, he had simply found everyone up until this point far to filthy to even consider touching them with a 10ft pole, let alone have sex with them. He was a healthy young man, so of course he had those kinds of needs, it was just a matter of finding the right person to experience them with. He felt confident enough in his knowledge on the subject, one didn’t grow up in a male dominated crime family like the Shie Hassaikai and NOT learn a thing or two, no matter how hard he might have tried.

You would never want for pleasure with him, even if you decided to be a stubborn brat at first, he would still make sure you enjoyed it. If you ever misbehaved and he was forced to take you to task for it, he vowed to never use violence and intimacy at the same time. Giving you a few good smacks on the ass and calling you a few choice names during the heat of sex was one thing, literally hitting you as a punishment during what should be a pleasurable time was not something he would be doing.

Having finally gotten his breathing under control he continued to watch you long enough to see you get up to go wash your hands before climbing into bed to go to sleep. Only once he was certain that you were going to remain in bed for the rest of the night did he eventually move to clean himself up as well. Discarding his soiled shirt and tie in the trash before making his way to his opulent shower and turning the water to as hot as he could stand. He needed to cleanse away the day’s filth.

Washing himself, he decided that this process was soon going to be much more enjoyable once he had you to help clean him, and vice versa. He almost got hard again at the thought of your wet body standing here with him, rubbed raw from a thorough scrubbing and dripping with suds. He pushed down that second wave of lust, much as he might want to spend the night indulging in his base urges, he still had important work to be done tomorrow and should see to getting a decent night’s sleep.

Stepping out of the shower and drying himself off, he slipped into a clean pair of boxers, checked your monitor one more time to make sure you were still sleeping soundly and headed off to bed himself. Climbing into his black sheets, he made a mental note to have all the next sets be white. Laying you down on anything other than the color of purity seemed wrong somehow.

You would have nothing but the best with him, he would care for you and provide for you, he would indulge any and all whims you might have, no matter how frivolous they might be. And all he would ask in return is that you give yourself up to him completely and never try to leave him or this place. Worship him and praise him and let him consume every part of you. Pleasing him should be the only thing on your mind at all times. He wanted ownership of your mind, body and soul; he wanted your love.


It was something he had never given much thought to in the past, if any at all. It always seemed like it would be nothing but a hindrance, a weakness meant to distract him from his true goal. Sure, he cared for and deeply respected the Old Boss, but it was more out of obligation than anything resembling love.

But you.

You would be a safe haven for him, something soft and clean and pure for him to have at the end of the day to chase away the filth of the world. You would live for him, breath for him, desire for nothing more than to please him and make him happy and crave his touch at all times. You would be his and he in turn would be your everything. He wouldn’t stand for being anything less than an omnipotent god in your eyes.

You might think of him as a monster at first, especially if he couldn’t convince you to be with him willingly, but he knew that with enough time and patience, he could worm his way into your very being and become your entire world.

After all, even a monster can become a savior when cast under the right light.

Chapter Text

Logically, Kai knew why you hadn’t called him yet, you hadn’t found yourself with a reason to call him, it still didn’t make it any less frustrating. He had been so tied up with meetings the last few days that he hadn’t had time to do more than glance at the cameras in your room. His only solace was that he knew he could trust Chrono to protect you as well as he himself would.

He knew that this obsession he had with you was getting to be a bit ridiculous, but when he thought about how you looked the other night, laid back on your bed and writhing in pleasure, he knew that he would never be able to bring himself to truly care. It wasn’t just about how badly he wanted you sexually though, it was also your mind, your voice and your caring demeanor that he wanted to grab and hold on to. You were far too good for the filthy outside world that you live in, it would be best to keep you with him forever.

His biggest dilemma with planning this, was trying to find the best way to integrate you into life here. He couldn’t just leave you locked in the  bedroom all day, that would be both cruel and unhealthy, he wanted you to be comfortable and -dare he say it- happy here. Even he knew that keeping you locked up like some kind of breakable china doll was not the way to go about that.

While it’s true that he would only ever let you out of the base sparingly and only if he was with you, he could allow you the freedom of wandering around certain areas of the complex so long as you had a guard with you. Though that would only happen after he was convinced that you would not try to run. Should he have to take you by force, he was going to make sure that you stayed by his side at all times until such a time that you learned this was where you were meant to be.

You’ll have anything you could ever want or need, your own area in the bedroom to do whatever you wanted with, a loveseat in his office to lounge on and read whenever he’s stuck in here doing work or having meetings, though the more he thinks about it, the more he likes the idea of having you sit on his lap during such times. It would certainly make the tedious events more bearable if he could feel your soft form and presence as near to him as possible, and he would have the added bonus of being able to run his hands over your body as well.

All of this wasn’t just to keep an eye on you, but to simply be near you, he had only been in your physical presence twice, but both times had shown him that he was absolutely addicted to it and he would be damned if he wasn’t going to take full advantage of it once you were with him.

A knock sounded from the door. “Overhaul, may I come in?” Chrono’s voice came from the other side. He was probably here to give him his nightly report.

“Come in.” He answered, sitting up a little straighter in his chair and glancing at the monitors, you and your filthy friends were just getting back, laughing and making jokes at one another. It sickens him how much of you they get to see on a daily basis while he’s stuck here, but he consoles himself with the knowledge that soon, you’ll be tied to his side for the rest of your days.

Kai barely looked away from the monitor as his second in command walked in. “Anything too report today?”

Chrono shook his head. “Nothing. They visited a few of the local sights and shopped around a bit, but other than that nothing happened.”

“Good. Your free to go, just be back there first thing in the morning.”

Chrono gave his affirmation and left without another word.

Kai continued to watch you as you sat on the bed and looked at your phone, a part of him hoping that maybe you were going to send him a text, though he knew that was highly unlikely. Still, a man could dream.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had to be up for yet another long session with Eri tomorrow, he may have just stayed there all night, watching you sleep has become something of a habit for him and it’s a past time he is looking forward to indulging in in person once he finally has you in his bed.

He stands and gives your image on the computer one last longing glance before heading off to his cold bed for what he hopes will be one of the last times.

“Goodnight (Y/N), sweet dreams.”


Kai is awoken sometime later by the sound of his cell phone ringing, the noise jarring him from an otherwise pleasant sleep.

“Someone better be ready to die…”

Groggily reaching over to his nightstand for the infernal device, quickly realizing that it’s not his primary phone that woke him, but his secondary. He’s quickly looking at the caller ID, recognizing the number he had so recently memorized and he hopes that this isn’t a dream as he answers it readily.

“Chisaki speaking.”

It takes a minute, but he does eventually hear your quiet voice speaking into the receiver. And your shaky tone, almost as if you’re out of breath and have been crying, immediately has him fully awake and ready to kill.

“C-Chisaki-san, I-I’m sorry for calling you so l-late, but I-I didn’t know w-who else to call. I d-don’t know where I am.”

“(Y/N), it’s fine. Just give me a description of where you are and we’ll go from there. What are you even doing out so late to begin with?”

He’s already out of bed and frantically pulling on a clean set of clothes and a new dust mask. Though you’d never be able to tell from his voice, he’s both panicked and furious. He needed to find you, now!

“I-It looks like I’m in a park. There’s a sign, I’ll send you a picture of it.”

A few seconds later his phone chimes with a message, he knows exactly where you are, it’s about a 10 minute walk and if he hurries he should be there in less time than that.

“I know right where you are just stay right there and I’ll be there shortly. Call me back if anything happens.”

“Thank you so so much Chisaki-san! I’ll see you soon.”

“See you soon.”

As he hangs up, he takes a moment to feel a sense of pride in the fact that the shaking in your voice had calmed down considerably since he answered the phone only a few minutes ago. You should always find this comfort with him.

That feeling is quickly replaced by anger though. Something must have happened for you to be this scared and lost in the city so late at night and he plans on finding the reason(s) and making them suffer fates worse than death. He’ll take them apart slowly and bring them back just as slowly, over and over again until their nerves know nothing but pain and they’re begging him to let them stay dead.

No one will ever get away with hurting you. No one.


Kai found you sitting on a bench near the sign you had sent him the picture of. When you saw him, you almost looked like you might jump up and run to him, but held yourself back. He wished you would have, he would have greatly enjoyed having you throw yourself at him.

“What happened?” He asked quickly as he took a seat next to you, his eyes raking over you, trying to see if you had any sign of outward injuries. Other then appearing a bit disheveled, you seemed physically unharmed. You were dressed in a pair of black shorts that he deemed far to short for the public eye, a bright green tank top and a pair of over worn flats.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep, I thought a walk around the block would clear my head. But halfway around…” You trailed off at this, your eyes watering up a bit and he felt that anger from before flare up and grow all the more, but he tried not to let it show in front of you.

“Go on.” He encouraged.

You tucked some hair behind your ear, giving him a brief glance before your gaze moved back to your lap. “Halfway around the block, I noticed that these 3 sketchy guys were tailing me and whispering to each other. I tried my best to ignore them, thinking that I would be back at the hotel in just a few minutes. But one of them called after me, he said something that I’d rather not repeat, and when my fight or flight response kicked in, I ran. I just turned down an alley and ran as fast as I could.” You were crying by now, big tears rolling down your face as you were no doubt reliving those few moments of terror. “They chased me for a bit, shouting about all the sick things they were going to do to me, but I eventually lost them by hiding in some small playground equipment hidden behind those trees there. And that’s when I called you. I didn’t want to call my friends and worry them, Nell tends to get pretty overprotective and so do the other’s. I didn’t want this one incident to mean I couldn’t go off on my own anymore because they’d be too worried.”

After you finished and had wiped your tears, the two of you sat in silence for a minute. You, to get your bearings back, and him, to start making plans on how to find these filthy scumbags and make them pay.

“I’m sorry if I woke you before. You sounded like you had been sleeping when I called.” You said gently, finally giving him that full eye contact that he adored so much.

“It’s alright, I’m a light sleeper and I would have had to get up early anyway. Besides, I am the one that told you I have a flexible schedule, I wouldn’t have said it unless I meant for you to be able to call me at any time.”

You laugh lightly, your sweet, innocent smile returning, just a little brighter than before and he knew that he had to protect you, for your own good. This incident proved that you were just far too innocent to be able to handle the filth of this world without him, you needed him to protect you. He will be a shield to keep you safe from the horrors of this world and he will gladly lock you up and throw away the key, never to rethink the decision.

“You never did tell me what it is you do for a living Chisaki-san. I hope I’m not prying by bringing it up.”

He wondered when you might ask about that and had been rather stuck at first on how to answer, in the end though, he decided to just rip the band aid off and tell you the truth. Well, maybe not the whole truth, but something that wouldn’t necessarily be an outright lie. He knew that you were going to have to find out about the Shie Hassaikai eventually, he just wanted you to find out in a way that wasn’t going to send you running for the hills, not that you would get very far. He may have also been curious to know how you were going to react, he hoped you would surprise him this time as much as you did during that first meeting.

“Tell me, do you know anything about Yakuza?”

You shake your head. “I know that their kind of like mobsters in a way, but that’s about it.”

Kai nodded and took a deep breath, praying that you wouldn’t try to run as soon as the next words left his mouth, he really didn’t want to have to chase you down like those pieces of trash did tonight and frighten you. “Let’s just say that I have some… loose connections with a local group in the area.” He saw the way your (e/c) eyes widened. “I don’t want to frighten you with it, but you are the one that asked. And I always feel like honesty is the best policy. Sorry if I’ve made you uncomfortable.”

You were silent for a moment, not moving or talking just staring at him. “Well, I’ll admit that that is a bit on the wild side as far as careers go, definitely wasn’t expecting organized crime to be the answer to that particular question. But,” You paused and sent him a wink and a smile. “you’ve been nothing but kind to me since we met, so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that just because your profession isn’t the best, doesn’t mean that your a bad guy. I’m quirkless, so I know what it means to be constantly judged, it would make me a hypocrite to do the same to you when I hate it being done to me.”

Once again you never ceased to amaze him, first you were so understanding and thoughtful on his opinion of quirks and now here you were, casually brushing aside what he had just told you and letting the truth roll right off your back in favor of considering how he’s treated you so far, instead of just outright judging him. You really were far too good and pure for this wretched world, it was a good thing he had found you when he did, otherwise that purity of yours could have been tainted.

“Well, I don’t want to alarm you, but I am going to see if I can find out who those guys were and make sure that if they see you again, they know to stay away.” He said, making sure to let you think he was just gonna ‘scare’ them off. He didn’t want you knowing what he had in store for them, but he also didn’t want you having to constantly glance over your shoulder in fear until he could bring you home.

You threw back your head and laughed. “You are more than welcome to chase away my creepers anytime Chisaki-san. Lord knows some of them could certainly use a few good scares to get the point across.” You may have been joking around, but you had no idea just how seriously he would take that offer.

Kai stood up, feeling lighter than he had in the last few days, further proof that you were just what he needed in his life to keep the filth away, just a few minutes in your presence was enough to have him breathing better.

“I should get you back to the hotel, you’ll be feeling tired soon now that the adrenaline is wearing off.” To both of your shocks, he held out his gloved hand for you to take. He did it without thinking, but refused to take it back now that he had made the offer.

You look back and forth between his face and his outstretched hand. “Are you sure Chisaki-san? I don’t want to if your not.” You had known a few germaphobes in the past and you could tell from a glance just how serious his case was, yet he was offering to extend those spotless hands out to you. You wouldn’t lie and say it didn’t make you feel special in a way.

He nodded, eager to feel the weight and pressure of your hand in the palm of his, even if he did have his gloves on right now. “I’m sure. Now come on, before I’m forced to carry you back when you pass out.” He answers, crooking his hand in a come hither motion.

With little to no hesitation, you reached out to place your hand in his, the smooth, cool feel of the latex closing around your hand was a bit strange, but you couldn’t help but enjoy the way his hand dwarfed yours as it did. You thought that once he’d pulled you up that he would let go, but to your surprise, he instead began walking, his hand still firmly holding onto yours the whole time.

The walk was silent, neither of you feeling the need to make small talk as Kai expertly lead you through the back alleys and side streets, never once letting go of your hand. It’s like he was afraid you were going to leave or disappear.

Coming out from one of said alleys, you found yourself directly across from the hotel. It’s bright fluorescent lights a shining beacon on the otherwise empty and dark streets. You wonder what in God’s name had made you think that going for a walk was a good idea, it’s definitely not something you’ll be doing at night here ever again now that you know what could have happened.

You were standing a bit in front of Kai, who still had yet to let your hand go. You turned around slightly to face him, fully intent on thanking him again and wishing him a good night, you really were getting tired, just like he said.

“Thank you again Chisaki-san, I rea-” Whatever you were about to say was cut off when Kai pulled gently on your arm, the momentum causing you too fall directly into his chest as he wasted no time in wrapping one arm around your lower back and tangling the other in your hair as he slanted his mouth directly across yours in what had to be the sexiest forceful kiss of your life. You weren’t sure if it was the kiss or the fact that Kai had taken his mask off that shocked you more, but it was mattering less and less as the kiss continued.

Kai wasn’t sure what had come over him, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care as he finally got a taste of you. Your lips were soft and yielding against his own as he sweeps his tongue into your sweet tasting mouth that was still slack from the shock. It only took a few moments before you were responding, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing yourself against him as much as you could and letting out the most debauched moan he had ever heard, and that includes the night he watched you pleasure yourself.

Eventually you both had to let your mouth’s part in order to take a few lungfuls of air. Not that Kai’s mouth stopped at all, continuing to assault your neck with kisses and licks. Once he was sure you weren’t going to pull away, he let his hands travel a bit, gliding down your back to rest on your ass and giving the soft, supple flesh a firm squeeze as he pulled you closer, grinding his aching erection into your front. It caused you to let out the cutest of squeaks.

“You’re even softer than I imagined.” He groaned into your ear and pressed himself even harder against you. He couldn’t believe that he was doing this in some dark, dank, filthy alley, but he was far too caught up in finally being able to touch you too really give a damn about the location.

You meanwhile, were doing your best not beg him to take you somewhere to rearrange your insides and for someone who had probably never, if only ever rarely done this, he was quite good. It had been far too long since you had been with anyone and that other night when you stayed in while the others went out had not helped to take the edge off, if anything it had only served to make you hornier.

Kai could feel the way you were squirming against him and hear the breathy little sighs and moans you made as he continued to touch you. He desperately wanted to rip your clothes off and fuck you right than and there, have you wrap your legs around his waist or press your front up to one of these filthy walls and rail you from behind. The thought both sickened and thrilled him. But he refrained, your first time together was not going to take place in some dirty back alley, he was going to make it special by fucking you on a white bed and worshiping your body all night and well into the morning.

Something did finally occur to him during this though. Was he going to be your first, the way you were going to be his? He had not considered the possibility that maybe you weren’t a virgin, that someone else had tricked you into giving up that precious gift. A gift that by all rights was his! It was a maddening thought, that someone else may have already touched you, kissed you, tasted you and been inside of you. Without realizing it, in his slowly rising anger he had bitten just a bit too hard into the junction of your neck and shoulder, causing you to respond with a sharp push on his chest at the painful action.

“Watch the teeth! I don’t want visible marks.” You mumbled, the sharp pain finally clearing your mind enough to be able to try and put a stop to whatever was happening. This was moving far too quickly, even if you were ready to beg for it at this point. Kai gave the spot an apologetic lick and a kiss, saying something into the crook of your neck that you couldn’t quite make out.

“Hmm, what was that Chisaki-san?”

He lifted his head to stare into you with those hypnotic golden eyes and you finally got a good look at his face for the first time. And fuck was he beautiful, not only could you feel just how ripped and fit he was under that black dress shirt, but now you knew that he had the face to match. If you weren’t horny before, you definitely were now.

“I apologize (Y/N), I simply got carried away in the moment.” He leaned down pressed his lips to your ear, taking the lobe into his mouth and giving it a quick suck before whispering. “And perhaps I may have wanted to leave a little something to deter others from coming around what’s mine.”

Your eyes widened, you couldn’t have heard that right. You didn’t just hear a man you barely knew, a man in a foreign country that you were going to be leaving soon, say that you were his, like the two of you were in some kind of relationship or he had some kind of ownership over you. You had to have misunderstood what he said or meant. Perhaps it’s just his social awkwardness kicking in and he doesn’t know how to express himself like that properly. Yup, that was definitely what it was.

Kai felt you stiffen against him and he took your chin to lift your gaze to meet his, you were blushing and your lips were swollen from his kisses and teeth, and you seemed to want to look everywhere but in his eyes. It was cute. “What’s wrong (Y/N)? Tell me.”

“You see Chisaki-san, the thing is…” Biting your lip, you attempted to find the right words to tell him. The last thing you wanted to do was hurt his feelings or make him feel like he had done something wrong after all.

“Kai.” You heard him say.


“I would like for you to call me Kai. After what we just did, I think we are well past formality and honorifics, don’t you? Besides, I’ve been calling you by your first name from the beginning, it only seems fair that you get to do the same with me.”

Once again, you feel like he is taking this too seriously and much too fast, but you acquiesced, if only to move the conversation along so that you could return to bed and mull over these thoughts.

“Alright then Kai.” You take a deep breath. “About what you said before, when you called me yours…” You trailed off, hoping he might get the hint you were laying out for him.

“Yes. What about it?” He asked. It was obvious you were going to have to be direct and blunt with him on this.

“It’s-It’s just that we barely know each other. Don’t you think saying that is taking things a bit too far?”

Kai sighed, he should have known that you would be feeling stubborn on this, and while, no, he did not think that things were being taken too far and too fast, he would allow you to play hard to get… for now. But he was not a patient man, he wanted you, and he wanted you now, his still hard and straining cock was proof enough of that. But he was smart, he still wanted you to come to him willingly, so he would use force only if or when he needed to. Though the control freak and dominator in him shivered in pleasure at the idea of forcing you by his side, whether you want to or not. Regardless if it was by your own admission or he had too make you come to terms with it, you would realize in the end that you were most definitely his.

“You’re right of course. I suppose I got lost in the heat of the moment and wasn’t thinking about what I said. Forgive me?” He said, his lips turning up in the barest hint of a smile.

You breathed a sigh of relief at this, your posture instantly relaxing in his hold when he said that. “I had a feeling that was the case, but I figured I should bring it up all the same.” You said and leaned up on your tippy toes to give him a quick kiss on the lips, much quicker and softer than the first one. “Thank you again for helping me Kai, it really does mean a lot to me.”

He kissed you on the forehead, much as he would have liked to give you another deep, long, passion filled kiss, he refrained, if only to earn a few brownie points with you for holding back.

“It’s late and you should be off to bed. I’ll walk you up to the entrance.” He said and put his mask back on, unable to completely stop touching you, he placed his hand on your lower back to guide you.

Standing in front of the hotel doors, you stepped away from him, almost missing the heavy warmth he provided. “I know I keep saying this, but thank you so so much for what you did for me tonight Kai. I hope I can repay that kindness someday.”

“It’s nothing you need to be thanking me for, just promise me you won’t be taking anymore late night walks again. That’s all I ask.”

You laughed. “Nope. Definitely no more of those for me, once was quite enough.”

“Then I can rest easy knowing that you’ll be safe from now on.”

“Well, I should get back up there before my friends notice I’ve been missing, if they haven’t already that is.”

“Of course. I hope to see you again soon Dear (Y/N). Have a good night.”

You blushed profusely at his words and smiled, this guy really could be a charmer when he wanted to be. “Have a good night Kai, and sweet dreams.” With that final sentence, you made your way back inside.

Kai didn’t leave, not until you were completely out of sight.


Chrono was on him the moment he got back to the base and was in his office.

“Overhaul, someone came to tell me that you left in the middle of the night. Did something happen?”

Now that he didn’t have you to take care of and keep the anger at bay, he found it coming back in full force when he thought about what you had been put through tonight. “After you left, I got a call from her in the middle of the night. She had gone for a walk and 3 men chased her, she managed to loose them and called me because she was lost.” Just talking about it was threatening to set his quirk off he was so livid.

Chrono’s eyes widened a bit. “But other then being scared she was fine?”

“Yes. Fortunately.”

Chrono lowered his gaze, feeling like he had somehow let Overhaul down. “I apologize Overhaul, if I had stayed. This wouldn’t have happened.”

“It’s too late for apologies, it just means that someone reliable and trustworthy will have to start watching her at night from now on when you cannot. She said she won’t be doing that again, but I will not be taking any chances. I want her under 24 hour surveillance.”

Chrono nodded. “Understood. I’ll get you a list of guys we have who fit the bill.”

“Good. And I don’t care how you do it, but I want these fucking bastards who chased her found and brought to me. I have special plans for them after what they did to her.”

Chrono saw the dark glint in the young boss’s eyes and if he was a much weaker man, he may have felt a shred of sympathy for them. But whether they knew it or not, they had attacked the mob-wife of the Shie Hassaikai, and that was a crime that just couldn’t go unpunished.

“Got it. Anything else?”

“Send Mimic in here. I need to talk about some things with him concerning my woman’s safety and comfort.”

Chapter Text

“And your sure these are the guys?” Kai asked as he stared at the three men chained up in the white tiled room and cowering in fear.

“Yes.” Chrono answered dutifully. “They were spotted in that area and were overheard complaining about a cute little catch they failed to grab last night.”

Kai’s upper lip curled in disgust, he really did hate to have to get his hands dirty with scum like this. But to threaten you was the same as if they had threatened the Shie Hassaikai and for that, he could not allow them to keep living.

“Wait out here while I go have a talk with our guests.” Kai said, stepping into the room and glaring at the filth.

One of the guys, the biggest and probably the ringleader, immediately started shouting as soon as he stepped into the room. “Where the fuck are we?! Who the fuck are you?!”

One of the other guys seemed to have a bit more brain power than his friend though as he seemed to know who Kai was, and hastily whispered for his buddy to shut his trap. “Man, shut up! Don’t you know who that is? Green jacket, golden eyes, and a plague doctor mask, that’s Overhaul, the young boss of the Shie Hassaikai.”

“Since when do the Yakuza just go around kidnapping people off the street for no reason?”

Kai decided to speak up at this, he fully intended on enlightening them as to what they were about to die for. “Since you went after something that belongs to me.”

The big guy just looked at him like he was stupid. “We’ve never had dealings with your group before, so how could we have tried to steal from you? You got the wrong guys!” It was obvious he was starting to get scared, all his bravado was melting away.

“So you don’t remember the beautiful young foreigner you tried to chase down last night? She’s quite a sight, so I find that very hard to believe.”

All three sets of eyes widened and the smarter one’s started trying to reason with him.

“H-Hold up! We had no idea who she was! If we did, we never would have even thought to try and touch her!”

“If you just let us go, we’ll never even glance in her direction again! Promise!”

“Yeah! What they said!”

Kai almost wanted to laugh. Did they honestly think he was ever going to let them walk out that door? The only way they were getting out of this room was through the floor drains after he liquefied them.

“You three really are stupid if you think that pleading is going to get you out of here after what you put my woman through.” He loved watching the way the color drained from their greasy skin when they realized he was telling the truth. “But, that being said… I do have to thank you in a way.” He began to remove his gloves, oh so slowly. “What you did pushed her right into my arms. She was lost and terrified in an unfamiliar place and I’m the one she asked for help. So thank you for that. You’re still going to die, but I’ll be merciful and make it quick and painful instead of slow and excruciating.” He said, stepping ever closer, his gloves now completely gone.

Chrono watched from the small window on the other side of the door as all three men popped in bloody, gore filled messes as soon as Overhaul touched them, one right after the next.

Overhaul didn’t even bother to reassemble them to do it again, he simply walked right out of the room, drenched in blood and viscera and feeling a lot less angry.

“See to it that mess gets cleaned up properly and then get back to the hotel. You’re the only one besides myself that I trust to watch her during the day and not fuck it up.” He ordered, walking off without another word, he desperately needed a long hot shower.

Walking into his room and locking the door he immediately went straight for the shower, turning the water on as hot as he could stand it and spent the next hour vigorously scrubbing at his skin until he was sure that any harder and he might start to peel layers off.

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist, Kai walked over to the monitors displaying your room feed and saw that you were just starting to get ready for the day. Donning a black spaghetti strap babydoll dress and a pair of sensible flats, you were applying a bit of makeup even. It almost looked like you were getting ready to go out on a date…

An idea occurred to him then and he was instantly picking up his phone to send you a text.

Good morning beautiful, how are you doing this morning?

He waited patiently as he watched you pick up your own phone, a little smile tugging at your mouth when you read it, and began replying. His phone chimed a few seconds later. However, it was in your native language and he had to send it through a text translator to get the jist of it before he could answer.

I’m doing well, considering what happened last night and all. How about you? Did you manage to get any more sleep before you had to be up early?

Sadly no. Things were a bit chaotic when I got back so I was unable to return to bed. I’m glad that you’re doing well after your ordeal last night. I was concerned for you.

That’s very sweet of you Kai! I still can’t thank you enough for having my back the way you did. :)

Kai wondered how best to word this next message. He didn’t think you would say no, but after what you said last night about taking it slow, he worried you might decline on that principle alone. He was still adamant about having you by his side of your own volition, but that would be hard to accomplish if you were avoiding spending any real time with him.

He was just beginning to think of the right words to use when he heard a chime from his phone, another message from you.

So, I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward here, but I was wondering if you might let me buy you dinner tonight? I know you said I don’t have to thank you for your help, but I want to do something for you at the very least.

Kai could not believe his good luck. Here he was, agonizing over how to ask you on a simple date and then you come along and beat him to the punch, he might have been annoyed by it if he didn’t find it so god damn attractive. Sure, you said it was to pay him back, but it was still technically a date in his eyes. One that he was most readily going to agree to.

I would like that very much Dear (Y/N). What time were you thinking?

Excellent! Meet me at the same park from last night around 8pm? I’d suggest meeting at my hotel but I don’t need my friends turning into a bunch of nosy busy bodies. lol

I will see you at 8 then. Enjoy your day.

You as well! Try to stay out of trouble until then. :)

Kai watched you walk out of the room with your friends, smiling and laughing. He couldn’t wait until those things were for him and him alone. He was no doubt becoming greedy with your presence, but if you were going to be his, than why shouldn’t he become even more addicted to you? You were going to be tied to him for the rest of your life after all, it was best that the both of you get used to each other’s attentions. He certainly had no intention of holding himself back once you were here and he would see to it that you never questioned that.

But now was not the time for those thoughts, he had a meeting with the LOV to get too and the last thing he wanted was to listen to Shigaraki drone on and on about manners and punctuality. He really couldn’t wait for the day that he could dismantle that pompous fool and send him flying from his self perceived throne, he thought as he threw on some clean clothes and walked out of the room. He was eager to get this day done and over with so he could see you.


“Those scumbags, always looking down on us. How long do we have to keep this ‘alliance’ going before we can just kill them all and take over their operations from the inside?” Mimic asked as he sat in the back seat with Overhaul, religiously counting another stack of cash.

Kai looked down at his primary phone, texting Chrono to tell him that he needed the park to be kept as empty as possible around 8 and to leave as soon as he arrived. There was only one entrance, so it shouldn’t be too hard to discourage anyone from entering after you got there.

“Hopefully not too much longer. Those fools are trying my patience, their so scattered and disorganized, they have no idea what their doing. Their sitting on a goldmine with the name recognition they have and all their doing is standing around with their thumbs shoved up their asses.”

Mimic looked up at him. “Well, on a change of subject. I got the majority of that stuff you wanted for her. New bed, chick stuff, a waterproof tracking bracelet and someone’s going to be getting her some new clothes since we have her sizes, just as soon as you can tell me what styles you want for her.”

“I’ll let you know about that soon. In the meantime, just keep up on the things I’ve asked of you.”

Kai was rather pleased the planning stage was almost done, now all he had to do was set everything into motion. And that would start just as soon as 8pm rolled around.

They arrived back at the base and he still had a bit of time before he was supposed to meet you, just enough time to shower and change into clean clothes. Afterwards, he put on a clean dust mask and made his way outside, moving through the back alleys to avoid the more packed streets and the filth that congregated there.

He arrived at the park about ten minutes early and saw an unmasked Chrono standing near the entrance. “She got here five minutes ago.”

“Good. Your free to go now. I’ll be back in a few hours, so text me only if there’s an emergency”


Kai proceeded to walk further into the park, his chest tightening a bit when he spotted you sitting on the same bench from last night. You had changed your clothes just as he had, now wearing a loose black cold shoulder top with bright blue flowers patterned across the front, light blue skinny jeans and a pair of black ankle boots. Your hair was unbound and draped around your shoulders, and he couldn’t decide which he liked more, the idea of running his fingers through it or the idea of pulling on it.

Both, he thought, definitely both.

You looked simple and lovely and he found himself unable to resist taking his mask off and sneaking up behind the bench, quickly bending down to wrap his arms around you, pulling you back and whispering in your ear. “Hello beautiful.”

You had tensed up the moment you felt his touch, but you relaxed as soon as you heard his voice and he felt a shiver run down your body when he breathed the words out. He liked that you were so responsive to his voice and he wondered how much you might be into dirty talk. It wasn’t something he had ever tried himself, obviously, but he knew it was something he was into. He couldn’t wait to see how you would react to all the filthy things he wanted to say to you.

You turned your head a bit and caught sight of his handsome face in your periphery. He had a smug smile on his face and you couldn’t deny that it made your cunt clench with need.

“Kai! You scared the jeepers out of me! Remind me to make you wear a bell from now on.”

He chuckled. “Than how would I sneak up on you Dear (Y/N)?”

“Well if you could try and NOT give me a heart attack, that would be great.”

He released you and walked around the bench to stand in front of you. “I’ll try and keep that in mind from now on. Now, where would you like to go?” He responded, holding out his hand for you too take, just like he did last night. You took it without hesitation and if it wasn’t for the fact that you both were out in public with other people, he may have been tempted to remove his gloves. He still had yet to feel your skin with his bare hands and after that stimulating kiss last night, he knew that it was even softer and smoother than he had ever imagined.

“Well, since you obviously know the area better than me, I was thinking that you could pick and I could just pay?”

Well, if that was the case, then he knew just the place. It was quite an expensive restaurant though, not that he had any intention of actually letting you pay, he doubted you’d even be able to anyway.

“I know a place. Let’s get going.” He said, placing his mask back on and wrapping an arm around your waist, tugging you against him as he lead you away.


You knew something was up the moment you spotted the restaurant. It was by far the nicest restaurant you had ever seen and you mentally started tallying up how much money you had, concluding that you definitely didn’t have enough.

“I hope you don’t think I’m made of money here Kai, because there’s no way I could ever afford this place.”

“That’s because I have no intention of letting you pay.” He replied, only after requesting a private room for the two of you to dine in. The last thing he wanted was to share you with anyone now that he finally had a chance to be alone with you. Not to mention the thought of having to take his mask off in a room full of people while he ate was enough to make his skin crawl.

“But this was supposed to be so I could pay you back.” You pouted ever so adorably, your bottom lip sticking out just enough that he was tempted to lean over and nip at it.

The hostess took you to the private room and left the two of you alone after promising to be back soon to take your orders. Kai walked over and held out your chair for you before pushing it in and taking his own seat.

“You coming out with me is more than enough. Besides, I was trying to think of a way to ask you this morning, you just happened to beat me to it.”

You blushed at his words. So he had been considering this a date, you thought. Though after that kiss from last night, you shouldn’t have been so shocked by this. He seemed pretty interested so it stands to reason that he’d want to try going on a date, you just never expected him to be so forward about it. You wondered if he had more experience with all of this then his germaphobe personality lead you too believe.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re quite the charmer Kai? Because if not, they were either lying or stupid.” You asked, picking up the menu and scanning it over, thankfully it was written in basic Japanese, so you were able to order without having to ask for help.

“I can’t say they have. But then again, I’ve never felt the need to charm anyone besides you. My line of work doesn’t require me to be charming and I believe that you already noticed I have a particular aversion to getting near other people. That alone makes it hard to form a relationship with someone.”

Just before you could reply to him, the waitress came back in to take your orders. You had ordered a yummy sounding seafood stew, and Kai ordered some sushi and an expensive sounding bottle of sake. You guessed he must have been a regular here because you never once saw him pick up his menu.

“Well, you could have fooled me, what with the way you kissed me last night.” You replied cheekily once the server had left again.

Kai felt a bit of smug satisfaction hearing this. Sure, he had seen and felt just how responsive you had been to him last night, but getting a verbal confirmation on his prowess was a nice ego boost. Not that he ever doubted himself in his ability to please you. Just thinking about that kiss had his cock hardening in his pants, your lips had been so soft and he would be lying if he said that he hadn’t fantasized about what they would feel like wrapped around his length.

“I don’t necessarily have any personal experience with women, but growing up in the kind of lifestyle that I have with the Yakuza has left me with a fair bit of knowledge concerning the opposite sex.”

You laughed nervously, feeling a bit uncomfortable at the mention of his less than legal lifestyle. While you weren’t going to jump to conclusions and judge him, it was still a bit odd knowing that you were sitting across from a man that more than likely did illegal shit to make his money. And looking around at the very expensive restaurant you currently sat in, you were torn between wanting more details and just wanting to pretend that you never heard him mention any of that.

Kai could feel the nervousness rolling off you in waves, but he did nothing to soothe you. You were going to have to get used to it, soon enough, a life with the Shie Hassaikai would be yours just as much as it was his.

The food and wine arrived a few moments later and all thoughts of Kai’s Yakuza lifestyle vanished from your thoughts at the sight of the delicious food. Kai had never seen anyone get so happy over food before, the adorable face you made upon taking your first bite was priceless. He felt his cock twitch again when he heard the loud and very dirty sounding moan you let out, and watching the way you licked the spoon was pure torture.

You noticed him staring and blushed hard. “S-Sorry, I’m a bit of a foodie, and this is some of the best seafood stew I have ever had. And considering the kind of cook my mom was, that is saying a lot. She was one of the best.”

“Was?” Kai asked for posterity’s sake. He already knew that both your parents were dead, but it would seem odd if he didn’t ask about it. The last thing he wanted right now was to tip you off on just how much he really knew about you and your personal life. He had a feeling you would not appreciate it and it would send you running for the hills in no time.

A sad smile took over your face. “Yeah, both her and my dad died in a drunk driving accident a few years ago. I’d rather not talk about it.”

“I apologize for bringing up something painful like that. If I had known…”

You shake your head, your smile coming back to its full glory already. “It’s alright, you couldn’t have known. I’d just prefer to discuss something else is all.”

Kai nodded. “Very well. How about you tell me what it is your going to school for.”


And that was how your meal progressed.

Kai was more than eager to let you do most of the talking while he asked the questions. Sometimes asking you about things he already knew about, but mostly wanting to know about everything he didn’t know. He was right to assume that you were an intelligent woman, and it was nice to have his mind stimulated after suffering with the imbeciles in his gang for so long. Having you around the base was going to prove to be quite the pleasant change of pace.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help cover the bill? I feel bad that you’re paying when it was my idea to come out in the first place.” You said, watching him pull a few rather large bills from his wallet to give to the waitress. You briefly wondered why he didn’t just use a card, but once you thought about it a bit more, you came to the conclusion that it must be because of his work. It was probably safer to use cash and not leave a paper trail. It was yet another stark reminder of that mildly uncomfortable knowledge.

“Absolutely not. I have more money then I know what to do with (Y/N), I’m happy to use it to spoil you.” He said as he stood to help you out of your chair.

“Well, if you’re sure…”

That was another thing about this that seemed odd, the two of you barely knew each other and yet he seemed so willing to go out of his way for you. To spoil you. And you had no idea what it was he wanted from you. Was he doing this in a hope that it would lead to sex? Or was it something else? You wanted to question him about it, but at the same time, you figured that you could just play it by ear and see what was going to happen. For the most part, he seemed like a fairly nice guy who just wanted to get to know you, you suppose you could just wait to see what his intentions were, if he had any at all. Besides, you were leaving the country in three weeks anyway. After that it wouldn’t matter what happened between the two of you.

Walking out of the restaurant, Kai slips his arm back around your waist as he walks you back to the hotel and you pray that none of the others are wandering around the area. It would be really difficult and awkward to have to explain to any of them why your letting someone who is basically a complete stranger drape themselves all over you. Luckily for you, Nell chose that exact moment to shoot you a text.

Hay Babes, just wanted to make sure you got your room key? We got an early day tomorrow, so the rest of us are heading to bed.

Yeah, I have it in my wallet. I should be back here shortly, I just got caught up browsing around a local antique shop.

Oki doki! Be safe while you’re on your way back. Love you!

Love you too hun!

Kai saw that you were sending out a few texts while you walked and he felt an intense wave of jealousy hit him as he wondered who exactly you were talking to and what you were saying. It was maddening that he could look down and see the words, clear as day, but didn’t know what was being said.

Getting you to use only Japanese was another thing the two of you were going to have to work on. Once you were with him, there would be no reason you should have to use your native language again, being able to speak and write in one that he couldn’t understand was unacceptable. There would be no secrets between you two, he wouldn’t stand for anything less than having you surrender yourself to him completely. You would probably argue that you needed some kind of privacy, but he would beg to differ. There would be no hiding from him, not even in the privacy of your own mind.

But for now, he knew that if he wanted to know, he would have to ask. “Something wrong?”

“No, just Nell checking up on me. She wanted to make sure I had my room key before they all went to bed.” You replied, putting your phone away.

“I see. Well it’s good that you have friends willing to look out for you like that”

It really wasn’t. In fact, it would make things more complicated, weather you wanted to stay willingly or not. If you choose to stay on your own, then they would more than likely try to convince you otherwise and if he had to force you, than there would be the problem of them looking for you and possibly knowing where you were last seen. They were going to be a thorn in his side either way, but unfortunately, he couldn’t just outright kill them or make them disappear. It would lead to too many cops and heroes patrolling the area and no matter how desperate he was for you, he would never jeopardize the Shie Hassaikai like that. But it seemed you had yet to tell them anything about him, he could only hope that it stayed that way.

The two of you did eventually make it back to your hotel, much to Kai’s disappointment. You were in the same alleyway across from the establishment as you were in the night before, reminding both of you of that kiss you shared.

“Well, I should probably get in there and get some sleep, got a long day tomorrow.” You said, turning around in his hold and looking up at his masked face. “Thank you for walking me back again Kai. This was really nice.”

Kai hummed and smirked behind the mask, his hands sliding down to grasp your hips while whispering in your ear. “Don’t tell me you’re just going to leave without giving me a proper goodbye.” His suspicions from earlier were confirmed when he felt you shiver and press yourself more against him, your ears were definitely sensitive.

“What did you have in mind? Wouldn’t a simple good night suffice?” You asked knowingly.

He pulled his mask off. “I was thinking that a good night kiss would be ideal, but someone’s being a little tease.”

You laughed at that. “Well if you insist, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining.”

Kai didn’t need to be told twice. His mouth latched onto yours almost instantly, his tongue sweeping past your lips to gain entry as he tugged you closer, grinding his half hard cock against you just like he did the night before.

Kai was in heaven when he felt your arms wind around his neck to tangle in his hair as he pulled you just a little deeper into the alleyway and away from any possible prying eyes. His mind kept chanting the one thing he so desperately wanted to say, but couldn’t for fear of scaring you off; Mine. Mine. Mine! MINE!

With a gasp, you pulled away, desperate for air. But Kai was nowhere near ready to be done with you, so he settled for trailing kisses up and down your neck, dreaming of a time when you could do nothing to stop him from littering the soft flesh with all the marks he wanted to leave.

You moaned in pleasure, feeling heat pooling in your lower belly and knew that if you didn’t stop this right now, that you probably weren’t going to be making it back to your room tonight.

“Kai!” You gasped his name, finding it harder and harder to form words as you gripped his shoulders tightly.

Kai nearly came right there in his pants when he heard you gasp his name like that, all breathy and full of pleasure. “That’s right Beautiful, say my name. I want to hear you scream it.” He breathed the words right into your sensitive ear.

You were just about to tell him to slow his roller when you felt it, Kai’s ungloved hand was slipping into your pants and straight down to your soaking wet and aching cunt. He wasted no time in slipping two long fingers inside of you with barely any resistance and grinding the heel of his palm against your clit.

“Fuck…” He groaned at the feel of your tight, wet heat surrounding his fingers. He could only imagine how you were going to feel wrapped around his cock. “You’re so wet for me, and so fucking tight…” He said, pumping his fingers faster and curling them just a bit to find that pleasure spot he heard women have.

You couldn’t believe this was happening as you gasped and moaned, bringing a hand up to block out the majority of the sounds you were making. You couldn’t believe you were getting finger-fucked in some dark, dirty alleyway in Japan by a man you hardly knew… and you were enjoying it. For someone who had no experience with women, he sure was playing you like a fucking master, you thought as he kept hitting your g-spot and your clit at the same time.

Kai could tell just from the way you were trembling and clenching down on his hand that you were close. He wanted you to cum, he really did, but first he wanted to hear you beg him for it. He wanted you to ask him like a good little girl.

“Are you getting close (Y/N)? Are ready for me to let you cum?” He asked, licking a long line up your neck and straight to your ear.

You managed to open your eyes and meet his stare, instantly becoming trapped in his swirling amber gaze. You were lost in the pleasure he was giving you and all you could manage was to nod your head.

“Then ask for it.” He ordered. “Say my name and beg me to let you cum. Use that pretty mouth of yours and say the words. Say it!” He punctuated the end of it with a sharp thrust for emphasis.

You were too far gone and needed this to end, you needed him to make you come undone and you barely even thought about it as the words he wanted slipped past your lips.

“P-Please Kai, let me come! F-Fuck! Make me cum, I want to cum for you. Please let me!?” You begged, sobbing quietly into his shoulder at this point to muffle the lewd sounds, you could hear a wet squelching noise every time he thrust back inside of you.

The sound of you begging was like music to his ears as he walked back to slam you against the wall as he doubled his efforts on your clit. “Cum for me than (Y/N), let me feel this tight little pussy squeeze down on my fingers.”

And you did, you came harder than you ever thought you could have as a silent scream was torn from your throat, your body locking up and your eyes rolling back into your head with just the littlest bit of drool leaking from the corner of your mouth. You were beautiful and Kai was determined to commit the sight to memory as he finger-fucked you all the way through it.

You gasped, trying to catch your breath after what just happened and all you could think to say it was one thing. “What did I say about taking it slow?” It would’ve been a reprimand, if you weren’t smiling and laughing breathlessly.

Kai chuckled and removed his had from your pants. “I didn’t hear you complaining, and I’m not going to apologize.” He said, looking at his soaking wet fingers in curiosity and mild disgust for a moment before a positively wicked thought came to mind and he brought the digits up to your face. “Now be a good girl and suck these clean for me.”

You looked at him in shock for a moment, completely bewildered by this seeming germaphobe wanting to do these dirty things at all. But a much bigger part of you was curious how he would react if you did do it.

So you did.

You took both of them into your mouth at the same time, never once breaking eye contact with him, and proceeded to suck them just the same as you would a cock. Bobbing your head up and down, swirling your tongue around and in between them and grazing them just the tiniest bit with your teeth before releasing them with a sounding pop. You felt powerful when you heard him groan out a curse and bite his lip, it was a good feeling.

“Dirty little minx.” He mumbled before giving you another long a languid kiss that had you both moaning and once again you were the one too pull back, much to his annoyance.

“As much as I would love for this continue Kai, I really should be getting back into the hotel. I still have to be up early.” 

Kai sighed, reminding himself that he needed to play it safe for now, soon he wouldn’t have to hold back and he could fuck you to his hearts content, anytime and anywhere he wanted. But for now… “Very well. You best get going then, before I change my mind and drag you back home with me and tie you down to the bed. If that happens, I’d never let you go.” He kissed your forehead again, just like the night before.

You laughed at that, clearly thinking he was just joking and never once suspecting that he was being genuinely honest. That he would tie you up and never let you go, no matter if you wanted it or not.

“Fine. Can you do me a favor though?”

“What’s that?” He asked curiously.

“Text me when you get home? Just for my peace of mind.”

Kai felt his heart clench a bit at the care you were showing him. This was why he wanted you, he wanted that care and affection to be his forever and now that he had gotten a taste of it, he was never going to give it up.

“I can do that. Now go on, before I change my mind about letting you go.” He said, giving you one last kiss and turning you around to push you towards the hotel entrance, making sure to give your ass a firm pat in the process.

You squeaked and turned around to glare half halfheartedly at him, but the smile you wore gave you away. “Good night Kai. See you soon.”

“Good night Beautiful.” Kai whispered back, watching you until you were out of sight before leaving himself.

Chapter Text

Five more days. That was how much longer you were set to be in Japan before you had to return home, back to regular college courses, back to your sister, back to your normal life, and…

“And away from Kai…” You said aloud, an unhappy feeling growing in your chest. You had never expected to come to this country and have a whirlwind romance with some random stranger. And even if you had been planning/wanting this to happen, you certainly never expected to find yourself liking him as much as you did. It was a bitter pill to swallow, knowing that it was all going to have to come to an end soon.

The last two weeks had been crazy to say the least. Between sightseeing and tours with your friends and classmates during the day, and then spending as much time with Kai as you could afterwards, it was a wonder you had even found the time to sleep. And keeping it from your friends was getting to be a pain, but you didn’t want to worry them or subsequently listen to their lectures on how unsafe you were being. Maybe after you get home you might tell them about what you had really been up to when you went off on ‘your own’, but for now, you just kinda wanted to enjoy this little secret as much as you could without any interference.

That’s actually what you were doing right now, waiting to meet up with Kai at that same park bench. It had kinda become synonymous with the two of you. If you wanted to meet up, it was always at this particular spot, and he always dropped you off across from the hotel in that same alley. 

It was sometimes hard to find a chance to meet up, what with your day trips around the city and his busy schedule as someone in the Yakuza, a fact you were still very uncomfortable with, but the two of you had managed to meet up a few times over the last two and a half weeks. And even when you can't find the time to see each other, you still kept in touch via texting.

He was constantly messaging you, wanting to know where you were and what you were doing, if you were being safe and if anyone was giving you any trouble while you were out and about. It was a bit annoying and very suffocating in a way, but you tried to overlook it since you figured he was probably just worried since you did seem to be a magnet for trouble here in this country.

The only time it had truly bothered you to a serious degree was a few days ago when he had called you multiple times in a row and left a fairly large number of texts, all because you had forgotten that you were going to be out for the day visiting a site that had no cell reception. You had gotten reception back just in time to miss one more call from him and had quickly excused yourself to the nearest single-person restroom to call him back.

That call had been somewhat of a nightmare. He had answered before the first ring was even done and had immediately and quite frantically began grilling you on your whereabouts that day. To which you had told him the truth, that you had completely forgotten about that little detail, in fact, the only reason you had even remembered at all was because you had tried to send him a text to ask how his morning was going so far. But by that point, you were already there and couldn’t do anything about it.

He’d calmed down after that and proceeded to apologize for his behavior, insisting that he had just gotten overly worried because he hadn’t had any problems reaching you before, so when he couldn’t this time, he may have panicked and overreacted.

As annoyed as you had been, you forgave him, he had apologized after all and admitted that he went overboard. You also just chalked it up to another case of him being socially awkward, he had obviously never been in a relationship before do to his Mysophobia and the rather illegal lifestyle he was apart of probably didn’t help matters any.

And other than a few other little ticks he had; such as getting a bit too handsy in public, trying to buy you all sorts of expensive things that you constantly said no to and the occasional time or two where he had said something similar to that night the two of you first kissed, he has been a perfect gentleman otherwise.

He was always taking you to nice restaurants, pulling your chair out for you, opening doors for you, and showering you with compliments. But it was more than that, it was the conversations that the two of you shared that made it so easy to look past all his rather strange oddities. Because Yakuza or not, there was no denying that Kai Chisaki was a very intelligent man. And despite his extreme and somewhat controversial views on certain subjects, he never once talked about said views without some kind of reasoning or evidence to back it up. It made for a very interesting set of conversations between the two of you.

You were beginning to fall for him, and you weren’t sure how you felt about that.

The two of you had yet to discuss what was going to happen after you went home. Were you just going to end it right then and there and think of it as a nice couple of weeks spent in the heat of the moment? Or did he want to try and keep this going even after you went back home? The idea of a long distance relationship was not an appealing one to you. But there was one more option, one that you had already been considering even before this trip, Kai was just an added bonus to the equation.

You were studying Japanese so you could teach English in the country. If you could, at some point, get a teaching job here in the city, then you would be free to continue seeing each other. It was the most ideal option, all things considered and the one that you liked the most. It might take a year or two to get there, but you were willing to wait if he was. And even if something were to happen and derail whatever this thing was between the two of you, you could always just stay home and teach there or teach in a completely different city, and you’d never have to worry about running into him. It was a win win either way you looked at it.

Your phone alerted you that you had a new message. It was from Kai.

I’ll be there shortly. Stay out of trouble until I arrive.

I will! See you in a bit.

You smiled, tucking your phone back into your purse. “Guess I’ll talk to him about it when he gets here.”


Today had been a long day for the young head of the Shie Hassaikai and he was desperate to be in your calming presence. He always felt as if he could breathe a bit easier when he had you nearby. He didn’t think he’d ever been as calm and relaxed in all his life then when he was with you and it was getting harder to let you go each and every time he had to drop you off after one of your outings together.

He wasn’t just teetering on the edge any more, he was full blown obsessed, and he knew it. He wasn’t stupid enough to count this as mere fascination anymore, nor was he deluded enough to think that this was normal. He knew how far he had fallen in these last few weeks and he reveled in it. He delighted in how powerful you made him feel, just knowing that you were so small and helpless against both him and the outside world made his ego grow that much bigger. You needed him to protect and care for you, money was no problem and he could provide you with everything you could ever want or need right from the comfort of the base. He wanted to give you the best of everything, no matter what it might be.

He had nearly destroyed his office the other day when he couldn’t get a hold of you, it was the one day that he absolutely needed Chrono to handle other important matters and had to send someone else to keep an eye on you. Someone who had come back to tell him that he had lost sight of you when your group’s bus left the city limits. Needless to say, said individual is still being cleaned off the walls and floor.

There would never be a reason for you to leave his side, whether he was working in his office or in a meeting, you were going to become a permanent fixture in his day to day life and he in yours. Already he felt the ache of your absence whenever he had to leave you, after only a short amount of time he was thoroughly addicted to the rush you gave him. Though he would never admit this out loud, he never realized how lonely he had been until he found you and now that he had someone he could touch at will, he never intended to let you go.

He thought for sure that after having his finger buried in your tight, wet cunt he would have been so disgusted he would never want to look at you again. Shockingly, that was not the case, because he found himself craving you more than ever after that. The way you had squeezed down so tightly on his digits, the way you had moaned his name and begged him for release in that breathless voice, even the way you had sucked his fingers clean, none of it was making his skin crawl.

After he had left you, the first thing he did was go straight back to his room to jerk off in a scalding hot shower, an act he still felt was far beneath him. Luckily he would never have to perform such a degrading act ever again once he had you there to satiate his needs, and he yours.

He had fantasized about you dropping to your knees to suck his cock and staring up at him with those big needy eyes, putting you on all fours and pounding you from behind, or making you warm his cock while he sat in his office during a long phone call, that would certainly make those tedious sessions more bearable. But the thing that finally pushed him over the edge and made him cum was when he imagined dropping to his knees and shoving his face between your legs to feast on your sopping wet pussy. Never once in all his life did he think he would find gratification in such a vile and disgusting act, but it seemed that nothing about you was capable of giving him the same reactions that other people did. It did a lot to convince him that the two of you were made to be together.

He nodded to Chrono as he neared the park entrance, a quick indication that he was free to leave and go about his usual duties.

The sight of you sitting on that now oh so familiar bench had him stopping to stare for a moment, something he did quite often before approaching you. He found you to be simply beautiful, no matter what the situation was.

You must have sensed you were being watched because you slowly looked around and smiled when you spotted him. “Any reason you’re just standing there and watching me like a creeper?” You asked good-naturedly.

“Simply enjoying the view is all.” He replied, sitting on the bench and draping an arm around your shoulders.

You laughed sweetly and leaned into his side, a sound of contentment leaving your lips. “Always the charmer.”

Kai smiled behind his dust mask, his gloved fingers playing with the ends of your hair as you both sat in comfortable silence with one another for a time. You snuggled further into his side and he knew that this was exactly where you belonged.

“I can’t believe I have to leave in five days. I’m really going to miss this.” You mumbled without thinking, and you immediately felt him tense.

‘Here it comes…’

“Can you repeat that for me Beautiful?” Kai said, his voice tense and strained as he sat up, his posture going rigid and stiff.

You sat up with him but were unable to meet his gaze directly, constantly shifting your gaze to look around him or to your lap. You knew that he was going to be upset, you were to obviously, but he seemed a bit more so than you originally thought.

“I-I said that… umm… I’m going to miss this. Miss you and-and whatever this is when I go back home in a few d-days.” You managed to stemmer out.

He was so silent, that if it weren’t for the fact that you could still see his silhouette out of the corner of your eye, you would have thought he’d gotten up and left. You waited for what felt like an eternity before he finally responded.

However, it wasn’t the kind of response you were expecting. Not even close…


Your gaze shot up to his and you reared back at the sight of his eyes, they were wide and shaking, his pupils dilated so small that you could barely see them.


He reached out with those white gloved hands of his, one taking hold of your chin to keep you from looking away and the other wrapping around your back to keep you from moving. “(Y/N), you can’t honestly just expect me to let you go now that I’ve found you. You’re the only person I’ve ever been able to touch without feeling repulsed and I find that I’ve grown quite attached to you over these last few weeks. Please don’t make this difficult on either of us.”

You gulped, unsure of what to say to him, it was obvious that he thought you were just going to leave and let whatever this was between you two die. Maybe if you just explained the options to him he would calm down.

“K-Kai, listen to me, I’m not saying that we should end whatever this is between us if that is what you’re worried about.” You started off as gently as possible, like you were talking to a wounded animal or something. “But I do have to go home. I have my older sister to think about, not to mention my career. I want to get a job teaching here in Japan, and if we’re both still interested in pursuing this when I come back then I would love that. It’s not ideal, but it’s the only option besides a long distance relationship.”

You waited…

It was difficult to tell what he was thinking, only being able to see half his face. But what you could gauge from his expression didn’t seem promising, nor were his next words as his grip on you tightened to an almost painful degree.

“I think you might have misunderstood what I was saying.” He brought his lips down to your ear to whisper them to you, an action that normally had you moaning and turning into a puddle in his arms. Now it only served to frighten you as the words spilled forth from his mouth.

“I am not giving you a choice, you are not going to be leaving. Not now, not ever. You’re staying right here with me and that’s the end of this discussion (Y/N). I don’t want to hear another word about it. Now, let’s just enjoy the rest of our evening together, shall we?” 

Time slowed down for you after that as he loosened his hold on you, or at least it seemed like it did as your mouth fell open and closed like a gasping fish out of water. You couldn’t have heard him right, it had to be a mistake, you thought, waiting to see his eyes light up with a smile and for him to say he was joking.

But he never did that. He only kept staring at you with those hard, impassive golden eyes as it finally dawned on you that he was being completely and utterly serious. And for the first time, you found yourself afraid of him and what he might do to you.

“K-Kai, you can’t be serious, right? You can’t just expect me to give up my entire life, my friends, my sister, everything, just to stay here with you in a foreign country on a whim.” You said frantically, standing up from the bench to face him, hoping that being on your own two feet would give you some semblance of control in this crazy situation. “It’s insane! We barely know each other!”

But before you could even blink he was on you, his arm sliding back around your waist as his other gripped your hair to pull your head back, forcing you to look up at him. His mask was gone.

“I can and do expect that of you my love. You are mine, you’ve been mine since the moment I saved you from becoming roadkill.” He said forcefully. “I do not like having to repeat myself (Y/N), so when I fucking say something to you, you had best listen.” He trailed off for a moment, loosening the hold he had on your hair in favor of touching your face. “I can provide for you and give you a comfortable life, all I ask in return is that you give yourself to me and stay by my side. Say that you’re my woman and I’ll treat you like royalty, I can give you the world on a silver platter, or… you can fight me.” You no longer found his smirk attractive, now it was only bone chilling. “I’ll still treat you as good as gold, but you won’t have many privileges away from my side, if any at all. You’ll be more like a pampered pet.”

His words were finally sinking in and you were terrified beyond reason at this point, you had no idea how to respond. Every nerve in your body is telling you to run, but you can’t seem to find the strength to move as you replayed the last few weeks in your head, over and over again, trying to find where it all went wrong. If you had to guess, Kai did just say he’s been feeling this way from the very beginning.

So many things were finally starting to fall into place though. Like his constant need to know where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing at all times. His slip ups when calling you his or saying that you belonged to him, things that you simply wrote off as weird behavioral ticks or social awkwardness. There were so many red flags when you thought about it that you were beginning to feel stupid for not noticing them sooner.

You found your voice finally. “K-Kai, please let me go?! This is wrong and you’re seriously scaring the shit out of me right now!” You didn’t care how pathetic you sounded or that you were begging, all that mattered was getting as far away from this man as possible.

Kai’s hand returned to your hair as soon as he felt you struggling and he pulled you closer, pressing your bodies as close together as he could. He didn’t like the fearful look in your eyes, not one bit. A little dose of fear every now and then could be useful to keep you in line, but not this much. Not so much that it left you shaking like a leaf with tears brimming in the corners of your eyes.

“Don’t give me that look Beautiful, fear doesn’t suit your pretty face. I’m only saying this because you need to hear it, I have your best interests in mind. Just try to remember that everything that comes after this is for your own good.” He brushed his lips ever so softly against your own as he whispered. “Just trust me to take care of you.”

The kiss he gave you next was deep and passionate and if this had happened just fifteen minutes ago, you would have been putty in his arms and returning it just as good. Now you just stood there like a statue as he forced his tongue inside your mouth, trying in vain to get you to respond as you normally would have but failing spectacularly.

Kai pulled away from you, looking down at your still shell-shocked face, this was definitely not how he wanted this conversation to go. He would have preferred to bring it up over dinner, asking you to stay with him and become his. But as soon as you had mentioned leaving, it was like all his rational thoughts had flown right out the window and he was willing to do whatever was necessary to make you see reason, even if he had to force it on you. There was no choice for you to make, in his mind, you already belonged to him. Whether or not you realized that was not an issue, you would come to accept it in time, even if he had to break you down piece by piece to make that happen.

“I can see that this news of our future together has caused you some distress my love.” He said, hugging your stiff body and stroking your back in an attempt to comfort you. “Please know that I never wanted it to turn out this way, but you must understand (Y/N), I can’t let you go. You belong to me now, and while I want you to be with me by choice, I will have you by my side forcefully if I must.”

He sighed in frustration when you never responded to him, perhaps some time to think would do you some good. “I think it’s best if we parted ways for the night, clearly you need some time to think over how you want this to play out, so I will allow you to return to the hotel on your own tonight.” He took one single step away from you.

You didn’t bother acknowledging him at all as you turned away from him as quick as you possibly could and began to speed walk away, the tears brought on by fear, frustration and genuine heartbreak finally spilling over.

“One more thing before you leave my love.” His voice called out, he sounded far too smug and sure of himself.

You wanted to keep going, to ignore him and never look back but you still stopped for some reason, tensing up when you felt his hands on your hips and his lips at your ear.

“I don’t think I need to tell you that going to the cops and heroes would be a bad idea, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to remind you.” He pressed your ass back against his aching cock, the control he had over you right now was turning him on like nothing else. “If you try anything stupid like that, and I can assure you that I’ll know about it, it won’t be you that gets hurt, but one of your friends. Do try to keep their safety in mind when you make your choices, I’d hate to have to get my hands dirty unnecessarily.” He was still grinding himself on you, his voice husky as he fought to keep himself under control as best he could. “Do you understand me (Y/N)?”

You nodded quickly, wanting this to be over already.

“Not good enough. How can I believe you if you don’t say it. Come on Beautiful, it’s just one word. Say it!”

A broken sob slipped past your lips as you managed to speak. “Yes.”

“That’s my good girl.” The grinding immediately stopped and he stepped away from you again. “Now go on and think about what we discussed. Rest assured, I’ll be in touch with you tomorrow, my love. Have a good night.”

You couldn’t think, you couldn’t speak, you couldn’t do much of anything. All you were capable of was running away as fast as you could.

Chapter Text

“(Y/N)? Hay, (Y/N)!”

You jumped at the sound of Nell’s voice calling out to you, your head snapping up to look at her familiar, worried expression, the same one she’s been giving you since last night when you had come back looking like death warmed over. Her yellow eyes held nothing but concern and you hated not being able to share with her what was wrong.

You didn’t even want to think about what could happen to her if you told her about Kai. But no matter how much you wanted to confide in her this time, you wouldn’t risk putting her and the others in danger like that. Your gut was telling you that Kai Chisaki would absolutely follow through with his threat, now if only your gut could have given you some kind of warning about him from the very start, that would have been fantastic. Though if you had only paid closer attention to all those little red flags, then maybe you could have avoided this situation all together, you thought bitterly.

“What’s up babes?” You tried to sound as cheerful as you could, but you knew she wasn’t buying it, she was just waiting until you were ready to talk on your own, something that would never happen this time.

“I said, do you want to go take a picture with those statues over there?” She said, pointing out a couple of stone fox statues near the edge of the temple you were visiting.

You shrug your shoulders. “Sure. But we’ll have to use your phone, I forgot mine back at the hotel by mistake.” You were lying through your teeth, you left it on purpose, too scared to see what kinds of things Kai was going to say next. You had shoved it under your pillow last night before falling into a fitful sleep that was plagued by golden eyes watching your every move and had been too scared to touch it the next morning for fear of what might be on there. You hoped that a day away from it would help you build up the courage to look when you get back.

You desperately hoped that last night was just some cruel, elaborate joke and he was just going to ignore you now that he had gotten his rocks off at your terrified expense. You knew that was highly unlikely though.

You couldn’t sit still, you couldn’t stop looking around as if Kai might jump out at any second to grab you and you couldn’t shake the feeling that you were being watched. You wondered if this was what meth addicts meant when they said it felt like bugs were crawling under their skin. Because that’s exactly how you felt, itchy and exposed, like every piece of you was torn open and on display for his golden eyed gaze to peer at. You hated feeling this way and it took every ounce of willpower you had to keep the frustrated tears at bay as you walked over to the statues with Nell.

You failed to pay attention to your surroundings though, you were so busy looking for golden eyes and a dust mask that you completely failed to notice the set of thin dark eyes that had been watching you for close to a month now.

Chrono watched the way you looked around, knowing someone was watching you but being unable to pick out who it was from all the faces in the crowds. He sighed and honestly contemplated just grabbing you the second he got the chance to drag you back to the base, Overhaul’s fury over him acting on his own be damned.

After watching you for a month, he could see why his leader was so drawn to you. You were pleasing enough on the eyes, though that could just be because you were a foreigner and therefore ‘exotic’, a quirkless, pretty face, that’s all he thought you amounted to at first.

But he did see more than that now. You were wickedly smart, with a level of snark that could put most gangsters to shame, and from what he could see from your interactions with your friends, fiercely loyal as well. All good traits to have if you were to be the woman that belonged to the leader of the Shie Hassaikai. Your only flaws were how soft and shy you were, though he guessed that’s probably something an alpha male like Overhaul would want in a woman.

Overhaul wanting a woman at all was just strange, let alone one he intended to keep around for more then just sex. But he supposed that even someone like Kai couldn’t hold out on basic urges forever, it made sense then that he would pick one woman and one woman only for something like that. Not for any sentimental reasons mind you, he was just far to clean and anal to ever consider sharing his bed or body with more than one person, though it was definitely a lot of both with you.

He had known Overhaul longer than anyone, save for the big boss, and he could clearly see that he was falling for you despite his best efforts not to. In a way, Chrono actually thought it was a good thing. Kai was going to do whatever it took to keep you by his side for the rest of his life, and with as possessive as he already was over you, it was only bound to get worse. Which meant that he was going to be doing even more to ensure the Yakuza rose back to power in order to give you a better life and protection, he was going to be even more defensive and meticulous when it came to their dealings and operations now. It was a win win for everyone involved. Though based on what Kai told him this morning, you might not think so at first.

“Good thing Overhaul is falling for you (Y/N)-san, that means he won’t risk breaking your mind, only your will to fight him. I’d say that’s a win for you.”


“Are you sure you don’t want to come down to the hotel bar with us?” Nell asked from the doorway, the others having already headed down from their rooms. No one besides Nell ever questioning your anti-social behavior and you weren’t sure if that made you more worried for yourself or less worried for them.

“Yeah. I want to call my sister and talk to her while it’s still early back home, so you go on without me. I’ll be fine.” In reality, you just wanted to be able to go through whatever horrors were waiting on your phone without the prying eyes of others watching you have a melt down.

Nell frowned at you, once more picking up on the subtle hints that somehow told her you weren’t being completely honest with her. “I know something happened last night to upset you and it has to do with whatever you’ve even up to when you go wandering off on your own.”

You looked down, unable to meet her eyes and unable to completely deny her accusation. “I-I don’t… I just don’t want to talk about it right now Nell… but I promise I’ll tell you all about it when we get home. Sound good?” The smile you gave her was more genuine than any of the others you had forced throughout the day and that seemed to pacify her for the time, as she came over to give you a hug.


“I promise. Now go and have a few drinks for me, okay.”

“Fine fine. Tell your sister I said hi.”

“Will do.” You lied.

The door closed and you waited a moment to make sure no one was going to come back before you reached under your pillow to take hold of your phone, the device feeling uncomfortably heavy in your hand as you plugged it in, using the time it took to charge up a bit to mentally prepare yourself.

40 Missed Calls and 16 Voicemails from Kai

25 Unread Texts from Kai

You didn’t bother listening to the voicemails, you were pretty sure the texts could tell you everything you needed to know about how he was feeling.

They read as follows:

Good morning Beautiful, I hope you slept well.

Do you have an answer for me my love?

Should we meet at our usual spot to discuss things? I would love to resume our date from last night.

You had best answer me soon (Y/N). I don’t appreciate being kept waiting.

Answer the fucking phone before I come down to that hotel and make you answer me in person when I take you over my knee!

I know you left your phone at the hotel and if you don’t fucking call me the very second you get back, I promise that you will not like the consequences!

‘How does he know that?!’

They just kept getting progressively worse from there on, some of them even starting to sound sexual to the point that it made you want to vomit. And you may have just done that if it wasn’t for his next timely call. You let it ring and go straight to voicemail for the umpteenth time today. Maybe this would be the last time.

No such luck. He sent another text.

I know you’re there (Y/N). I’m going to call one more time and if you don’t answer, I’m going to assume that you’ve decided to go about this the hard way.

‘How could he possibly know that? Is it something to do with his quirk? Come to think of it, he never told me what his quirk is.’

You felt like you were making a grave mistake by ignoring the call, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. So you let it ring.

The next text sent chills up your spine.

So you’ve settled on the hard way I see. That’s a pity, I really was hoping to make things easier on you my love, but I suppose we’ll get there in time. I’ll see you soon, try not to miss me too much.

Setting your phone down, you finally felt the weight and magnitude of the situation barring down on you. You were officially being stalked by a man who was obviously very dangerous and quite possibly a criminal. He said that he only had ‘loose’ connections to the organization he worked for, but you were beginning to suspect that that was a lie and he was more involved then he led you to believe. The amount of money he had to throw around was ridiculous and despite not knowing much about organized crime, you had enough common sense to know that someone who was only ‘loosely’ affiliated probably wouldn’t be getting paid that kind of cash.

He had already told you what would happen if you went to the police or the pros, and you weren’t willing to try and see if he was bluffing or not. You couldn’t risk putting Nell and the others in danger like that, nor could you tell them what was happening since they would all collectively agree to drag you to the nearest police station.

All you could think to do was stay as close to everyone as possible until it was time to go home. And if by some nightmarish chance the trouble followed you home, at least you’d have the home field advantage and could go to the cops and heroes you’d known since you were a kid, people you trusted to take you seriously. You would just need to avoid erasing the voicemails and texts from your phone so you could keep them as evidence.

Just yesterday, you were dreading leaving, now you couldn’t wait to get back home and forget all about Kai Chisaki and the crazy nonsense he was putting you through.

“Just a few more days. Just a few more days and I can put this all behind me.” It was a mantra you kept chanting to yourself as you bury your face in your knees and cry, one that felt more like wishful thinking than anything else.


Kai watched you cry yourself to sleep on the monitors and his hands were itching to reach out and touch you, to run over your body and comfort you as best he could despite knowing that he was the reason for these tears. He knew that he was being a bit extreme, but how else were you to learn not to disobey him. Sure he was incredibly angry that you were ghosting him and pretending like he didn’t exist, but after last night, he had a feeling that this was how things were going to go down.

With that being said though, he still had to make you understand that everything he did from now on was for your benefit and safety, no matter how cruel it might seem. He wanted you to be completely reliant on him for everything; happiness, comfort, safety, pleasure, even just your day to day necessities like bathing and eating, he didn’t want you to be able to do a damn thing without looking to him for his approval first. He was addicted to the power he had over you, it was like a drug that just got better and better with every hit, and he wanted his next fix to be permanent and never ending, because the withdrawals were driving him to the brink of insanity.

After he had gotten back last night he had given Mimic a list of some very specific things he would need for you. He needed to be able to handle you without the use of his quirk or violence. He had no intention of ever using his quirk on you unless it was for your protection and he only intended to slap you around a bit if you proved to be too stubborn for your own good, and even then he was going to try and get you to see reason before he resorted to harsher means of punishment. That’s why your punishments for this little display of unruly behavior were going to be more humiliating than painful.

He smiled wickedly behind his mask when he imagined strapping you down to the bed and taping vibrator’s to your sensitive little clit and nipples, and just leaving you there for a while while he went to work in his office. He wanted to come back and have you so out of your mind that you would beg him to fuck your pussy with his tongue and cock.

But first, that’s not how he planned to do things for the first time. No, he didn’t want fuck you during your first time together, he wanted to make love to you. Of course, it would be on his terms and his way, but he still wanted you to look back on it one day and smile fondly, even if you were begging him to stop the whole time like he knew you were going to. This was all for you, he knew that while you might be unhappy for quite some time, you would eventually come around and realize just what you meant to him, and he to you. You would fall in love with him, no matter what vile and horrible things he made you do, or did to you, you would come to see that it had all been necessary in the long run.

A sudden knock on the door, probably Chrono, ripped his attention away from both the monitor and the raging hard on that was growing in his pants.

“Come in.”

Chrono walked in, taking note of the sour look on Overhaul’s face. “I take it the call didn’t go over well?”

“She’s being stubborn and refuses to answer either my calls or my texts. I love that pride and spark of her’s, but I’m definitely going to have to work on breaking it a bit if all she’s going to do is fight me with it.” He said with an exasperated sigh.

Chrono could see how frustrated the young boss was and he knew that if things were ever going to get back to normal or improve around the base, then you are going to need to be brought home as soon as possible.

“What would you like me to do?”

Kai looked up at him, his gaze cold and calculating. “Leave her be for tonight. But starting tomorrow, I want you to grab her the very moment she finds herself alone, use minimal force if you have to. She’s bound to get overconfident and make a mistake at some point between now and the day she’s supposed to leave.”

Chrono nodded. “And on the off chance that she doesn’t? What will you do if that kind of opportunity doesn’t show itself and she makes her scheduled flight as planned?”

Kai scowled at the idea of having to deal with a headache like that, but he would if he had to. “I honestly don’t think that that will be an issue, but if it does happen, I will figure something out. I’ll have her here with me one way or another, mark my words.”


It was finally time to go home and you were feeling happier today than you had been feeling all the rest of the week! It was finally time to leave and get away from the fear and paranoia that had been haunting you for the last few days, time to get away from Kai Chisaki and all his crazy bullshit.

You had a huge smile on your face as you and everyone else packed up the last few of your things to leave for the airport. You couldn’t wait to feel that plane takeoff and wave bye bye to this country for good. Screw getting a job here, you could always just get one teaching English classes to the Japanese foreigners back home.

“You seem to be in one hell of a good mood this morning. Happy to be going back home?” Nell asked as she came walking over, the blue scales around her eyes twinkling a bit in the early morning sun.

“So happy! I can’t wait to see my sister and sleep in my own bed. But I think the first thing I want to do is head straight for The Diner to have some gooey cheesy fries.” You gushed, unable to hold back the relief and joy you were feeling.

Nell threw back her head and laughed right along with you. “I am totally down for putting on a few cheese pounds with you.” Nell said as she suddenly reached out to give you a hug. “I’m really glad you’re feeling better, but you still have to tell me what was up with you this week. Your not getting out of it.” She said, pulling back and giving you a stern look.

“I’ll tell you all about it on the plane, I promise, you just have to promise me you won’t yell and shout.” You reassured her, feeling more grateful than ever for her silent and steady support. You were going to have to plan a girls day or something to thank her for that. If it wasn’t for her and your sister, you weren’t sure what you would have done.

“I’ll do my best. Now let’s get this stuff downstairs,the shuttle bus to the airport is going to be here soon.”

You nodded and the two of you picked up your luggage and walked out the door together.


The ride to the airport was pretty uneventful, most of you talking amongst yourselves or taking quick power naps on the way.

Arriving at the airport was a completely different story however. It seemed that your flight was going to be delayed for about an hour or two, so everyone had kind of wandered off to occupy themselves until it was time to leave.

“Do you want a coffee, I’m in serious need of some caffeine right about now?” Nell asked, standing up and pointing out a little coffee shop in the airport.

You gave her a smile. “No. I’m way too hyped up for coffee right now. You go on ahead.”

“Oki doki! Be back in a jiffy!” She said and skipped off to get her fix.

After about ten minutes though, you suddenly felt the need to use the restroom. Over the last few days, you had made it a point to never go anywhere alone, not even to the bathroom, but with Nell away and all the other girls out of sight, it looked like you were going to have to brave it on your own this time. It should be fine, you thought, you’ll take your phone and carry on bag with you and there’s hundreds, if not thousands, of people here.

‘I’m as safe as can be.’

You turned to one of your male friends who was sitting next to you, tapping away at his phone, and called out his name to get his attention. “Can you watch mine and Nell’s luggage while I run off to the restroom real quick?”

“Sure. Go ahead.”

“Thanks!” You said, rushing off to find the nearest toilet.

You were just washing your hands when you heard the last of the other occupants leave the room, it made you feel a little nervous, but you would be done and out in just a second. But not even a second after thinking that, you heard the door open and someone walk in. That was good.

“(Y/N)-san, I’m going to need you to come with me.”

That relief was short lived…

You heard a male voice speak up and it felt like your fear was seizing you by the neck. Every nerve you had was on high alert and every hair on your body was standing on end as you whipped around. There was a young man in a white rain coat standing near the door, he had dark eyes and pale hair with three locks falling down and taking the shape of clock hands, probably something to do with his quirk, he couldn’t have been much older than you.

“W-Who are you and how do you know me? This is a women’s restroom, get out before someone comes in.” You were trying to sound stern, but there was no denying the tremble in your voice or the way your body was shaking in terror. You knew that Kai had something to do with this, there was no other explanation.

“No one is going to be coming in. I have someone outside to make sure of that. As for who I am,” He reached into his coat and pulled out a phone, holding it up to show what appeared to  be a live video feed… a live feed of Nell! “You can call me Chrono, Kai sent me to fetch you. He says it’s time to come home.”

“What is that?! What does she have to do with this?!” You asked frantically, self preservation long forgotten in favor of worry for your best friend. “Please! Please don’t hurt her!” You begged, throwing your pride to the wind.

“She’ll be fine as long as you come with me quietly and don’t make a fuss. If you can’t do that for me, then your going to have to watch a bullet fly through her pretty little head and maybe a few of your other friends as well.” He said without batting an eye.

You spoke without thinking. “A-Anything! I’ll do anything you say, j-just please leave them alone.” If you had to do this for them then you would, you could never live with yourself if something happened to any of them.

Chrono put the phone away, pleased that this was going so smoothly. Overhaul had been right, using others to force your hand was much easier than threatening you directly. “Good. You would have been coming with me anyway but at least this way you get to save your friends.”

You were glad that the fear and anger and adrenaline were keeping your tears in check as you hung your head low. No way in hell were you about to show this asshole how terrified you really were. He probably already knew, but you wanted to keep at least some of your dignity. 

“What do you want me to do?”

“For starters, pull the hood of your jacket up and hide as much of your hair as you can. Then, throw your bag and your phone in the trash. After that, we leave. There’s someone waiting outside with a cloaking quirk that can hide us from both the people in the airport and the security cameras. If you try anything funny, I’ll make the call to have her head blown off. Now hurry up.”

You did as he said, tucking your hair behind your back inside your jacket and pulling the hood up, even tightening the strings to make the hood hide more of your face. Then, with great reluctance, you tossed your bag into the garbage.

“Alright, we’re going to walk out that door as calmly as possible and you’re not going to speak again until I give you the go ahead, the cloaking should take effect as soon as the door is opened but it doesn’t hide voices. I’ll be taking your arm to make sure you don’t try to run off, but other than that I’m not going to touch you.” He said and motioned for you to come closer.

You did, and every step felt painful, like you were walking with lead weights tied to your legs or glass shards in your feet. And even though he warned you that he was going to be touching you, you still jerked when you felt his hand clamp down gently on your bicep.

“Now come on, we have to go. Overhaul has been rather impatient these last few days and the longer he’s kept waiting, the worse things are going to get.”

‘Overhaul? Is that what the Yakuza call him?’

You walked out the door and despite being in a crowded airport full of people, you had never felt so alone and helpless in all your life. As Chrono began dragging you away you tried searching through the throngs of people for a familiar face, but all you could see was a sea of strangers.

That, more than anything, made the tears finally fall. You were entirely alone, no one was coming for you right now, and when they did finally come, it will have already been far far too late.

Chapter Text

After dragging you out of the airport through a long hallway far away from the crowds of people, Chrono ushered you into a sleek, black car that was probably more expensive than a year’s worth of rent.

Sitting there on the smooth leather seat next to this strange man, you were surprised to find that you still felt safer here than when you were with Kai last time. Or at least you did… until he reached into a small bag and pulled out some objects that had you shrinking back in fear.

Handcuffs and a thick, black blindfold…

“I’m going to need to put these on you (Y/N)-san. Please don’t make a fuss over it, they are Overhaul’s direct orders, he doesn’t want you seeing where it is we’re going. Security purposes, you understand.”

Finally you found your voice, it was quite, but you had found it. “No, I don’t understand. You’re helping him kidnap me, do you have any idea how insane this is? Why are you doing this?”

His face never changed, never even shifted. It’s like he was made of stone as he stared at you with a bored expression. At least he had the decency to answer you. “We’re criminals (Y/N)-san, I think you’ll find there’s quite a lot that we’re willing to do that most people consider wrong. I don’t have much of a moral code or conscience, especially when it comes to following the orders that Kai gives me. I’m loyal to him and him alone, so if he tells me to do something, I don’t ask questions, I simply do it. It would be in your best interest to learn to do the same, it will make your life with him much easier, I can assure you of that. Now please turn around so I can put these on you, we’ve wasted enough time as it is.”

When you failed to comply, he let out a deep sigh and narrowed his eyes even further at you. “He said you might prove to be stubborn and gave me permission to use minimal force if need be, but I would prefer to not have to do that. He’ll understand, but he won’t be happy if I bring you home with bruises. I guarantee that you’re going to want him to be in the best mood possible after what you’ve put him through the last few days. So please just do as I say…”

‘What I’VE put HIM through?! Does he fucking hear himself?!’

You wanted to fight, you really did, but what would be the point? Either way you were going to end up cuffed and blindfolded. And if you did fight him, who’s to say that he won’t threaten Nell again. So you clench your teeth and bite your tongue in favor of smacking that pompous look right off his face. “Fine.” Your voice is tight with anger.

Chrono nods. “Good. Now please turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

You do as he instructs and you immediately feel the weight of the cold metal locking around your wrists and you can’t help but tug on them to test the feel. There’s soft padding on the inside to keep them from rubbing your wrists raw. How considerate, your thoughts were anything but grateful.

Next came the blindfold. It was thick and heavy and once it’s secure around your head, you can’t see anything, not even a glow from the sunlight outside. Just pitch blackness. After that, you felt Chrono buckle your seat-belt for you and heard him tell the driver that they were ready to go.

It was not a pleasant experience, being in complete darkness while sitting in a moving vehicle, and it was even less pleasant when considering the reason for why exactly you were in this predicament to begin with. Just thinking about this entire situation was enough to have you on the verge of tears again and you hang your head low, hoping that Chrono won’t notice the wet tracks leaking through the cloth or the way you were biting your lip so hard that it threatened to start bleeding at any moment.

You weren’t sure exactly how long the drive lasted, but it couldn’t have been longer than 30 or 40 minutes before it came to a complete stop and you felt the engine turn off. Chrono got out and was around the other side in seconds, opening your door and unbuckling your seat-belt before helping you out of the car.

You assumed that he would have at least taken the blindfold off of you now that you had reached the supposed destination, but it seemed he had already guessed that’s what you were thinking as he decided to elaborate.

“The blindfold and cuffs will stay on until you are with Overhaul. Just take one step at a time, I assure you that I won’t let you fall along the way.” He didn’t bother waiting for you to respond, he just took your bicep in his hand again as he began to lead you to wherever it was that Kai was waiting for you.

You were now on the verge of panicking as your feet clumsily began to move in the direction that Chrono was guiding you in. The knowledge that, in just a short amount of time, you were going to have to face the monster that was making you suffer like this, was nerve racking. Your breathing was shallow and you felt like your heart was going to pound right out of your rib cage at any second. You almost wished that you would pass out and hit your head so hard that you would fall into a never ending coma, just so you could avoid ever seeing him again.

“Hay Chrono! Where the hell have you been!?”

You jumped at the booming male voice that suddenly sounded in the silence, made all the louder thanks to your lack of sight and you heard Chrono let out an exasperated sigh as he pulled you to a stop. It was the most emotion you had heard come from this man since the moment you first met him.

“What do you want Rappa? I’m busy at the moment, so if it’s not important then leave and let me be on my way.”

The man scoffed. “I just happened to see you walking by and got curious about your little friend here. Never took you for the bondage type. Actually, I never took you for the type of guy to like anything other than your work.”

“This is (Y/N)-san and she’s here because she’s Overhaul’s.” Chrono calmly stated.

You hated how he made it sound like you were Kai’s property and you hang your head in shame at the way he so brazenly said this as if you weren’t even there. As if you were a thing to be owned and not a person whose life he was helping to destroy.

“So this is the one the he’s been so hung up on these last few weeks. I’d heard the rumors going around but wasn’t sure if I should believe them or not.” He said nonchalantly. “So little Overhaul’s balls finally dropped huh?”

You could practically feel the rage pouring off of Chrono at this point and you tried to move away in fear, only to have him grip your arm just a bit tighter. Not enough to hurt, but just enough to remind you not to move.

“I suggest you watch your tone, and your mouth Rappa. There’s a reason your called an expendable, don’t tempt me to convince Overhaul to kill you again and leave you dead this time. You might have a powerful quirk, but you’re a dime a dozen in that regard and certainly not irreplaceable

‘Kill him… again?’

Whoever this Rappa guy was, he didn’t seem to mind the threat to his own life, merely chuckling indifferently. ”Don’t get your panties in a twist Chrono, I was mostly kidding.” You heard him say. “So if she’s here for Overhaul, than why is she looking like you’re about to drag her off to an execution or some kind of sex dungeon?

“She was being rather difficult when I went to pick her up. The cuffs and blindfold are Overhaul’s orders.” He said it with no emotion, like he was casually talking about the weather or what he ate for breakfast.

Something in you snapped and you heard yourself mumbling under your breath without thinking. “Pick me up? More like coercion and kidnapping you sick fuck.”

Both men either didn’t hear you, or they were just ignoring you. You were fine with both options.

“Not much of a man if he has to force a woman to stay by his side… but it is Overhaul, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Though, she at least sounds like she has some fight in her, that’s something at least.”

“Are you done yet? We’ve wasted enough time on you and you know how he feels about being kept waiting.” You could hear the bitter anger lacing Chrono’s voice, even as he tried to remain calm. It seemed he wasn’t joking when he said how loyal he is to Kai.

“Yeah yeah, I’m going. Got shit to do anyway.” You could hear his massive, heavy footsteps as he turned to walk away. But as he did, he stopped to say one more thing, to you this time. “And good luck to you Little Lady, you’re gonna need it.” He said with a chuckle and a nasty laugh.

Chills ran up and down your spine at those words and you couldn’t stop the whimper from slipping past your lips even if you tried.

“Come on, we’ve wasted enough time already because of that fool.” If Chrono noticed your distress, and he more than likely did, he didn’t comment on it as he began making you walk again.

You were made to walk for about another five minutes or so before you were pulled to a halt. Your ever growing fear mounting by the second when you imagined having to see Kai’s face again after what he said to you that night at the park.

You still felt sick to your stomach when you remembered the crazed look in his eyes when he kept going on and on about how you were ‘his’. Not to mention the way he had so casually talked about forcing himself on you, sure he said he wanted you to be willing, but he said that he would just as easily be fine with forcing you if he had to.

The thought that that is what you were more than likely about to face brought on a fresh wave of tears when you remembered how truly willing you would have been to sleep with him just a short week ago. You had never been more attracted to a guy in your life, and now that was tainted. Just the thought of him before all of this was enough to get you in the mood, but now, thinking about him left your cunt feeling drier than a desert.

Chrono knocked on a door and you heard a familiar voice call out for you to come in and you were quickly pushed inside of the room. You couldn’t see him, but the lack of sight enhanced your sense of smell and you were immediately hit with Kai’s unique scent, a strange, though now you found it to be rancid, mix of expensive cologne and cleaning products.

“Were you seen leaving the airport?” Kai asked, his voice was hard, so unlike the soft tone he used with you. But you had already realized that much of what you had originally thought of him was a lie, why shouldn’t his voice be any different.

“No. She was in the bathroom alone and that cloaking quirk took care of the rest. Everything went off without a hitch.” Chrono replied.

“Good. I’m putting you in charge of things until the day after tomorrow, make sure we are not disturbed unless it is a life or death situation or I specifically ask for something.” He ordered, his tone final and demanding.

“Understood. Is there anything else you need?”

“Yes, find Nemoto and send him here. I require the use of his quirk.”

“Yes Sir.”

The door closed and you were suddenly left alone with the demon in his lair. Everything was silent but you could still feel his eyes on you, he wasn’t saying a word, just leaving you standing there cuffed and blind and at his mercy. The tremors you had tried so hard to suppress were starting to rack your body and a broken sob escaped you.

It seemed that sound was what broke the spell keeping him from approaching you, because as soon as it passed through your lips, he was gently tugging the blindfold off, sharp fluorescent lights over head causing you to see spots when combined with the tears welling up in your eyes.

You blinked and looked up at him, gasping and taking a step back at the sight of him. The lower half of his face was covered as usual, but not by a dust mask, now he wore a red and gold bird mask reminiscent of plague doctor’s from the 1700s. It was frightening.

“What’s wrong my love? Is it the mask?” He casually asked, not seeming to care that you were taking steps back to avoid him. “I must apologize, I prefer this over the dust masks, it’s better for keeping out the filth, but I’m sure it’s quite jarring compared to what you’ve seen me in before.” He spoke to you as if you weren’t looking at him in terror, as if this entire situation was normal. “I can remove it for now, but I’ll have to put it back on once Nemoto arrives.” He said, reaching up to remove the horrid thing from his face.

Without another word he was coming closer to you, reaching those gloved hands out to touch you and try to pull you closer to him.

“Stay the hell away from me!” You cried, stepping back again and cowering into yourself. For the first real time in your life, you hated that you didn’t have some kind of quirk that could offer you protection.

He didn’t stop though, he didn’t even finch at your words, he simply picked your struggling form up into his arms like you weighed nothing, carrying you over to a chair and sitting down with you nestled in his lap, mumbling under his breath about how much he had missed you and hated that you had to be kept away from him for so long.

“Now don’t be like that Beautiful. It’s been nearly a week since we’ve seen each other and I’d like for us to enjoy this time we have together.” He kissed the top of your head affectionately as he ran his hands over your arms. You tried your best to jerk away from him.

“Maybe that’s something you should have thought of before you decided to kidnap me you fucking lunatic!” You shouted, struggling all the harder to free yourself from his burning touch.

Instantly, Kai’s hold on you was no longer gentle, but harsh and bruising as he easily shifted your body around, forcing you to straddle him in the chair instead of merely sitting on his lap. He reached up and gripped your jaw in one hand while the other slipped to your lower back to keep you from falling back, your hands were still cuffed after all.

“If you’re unhappy with the situation you find yourself in (Y/N), then I suggest you look to yourself to cast the blame for that. I gave you fair warning of what was to come if you tried to leave me. It’s not my fault that you chose to do things the hard way.” He said, his voice dripping with all the hurt and rage he had been feeling these last few days. He hated not being able to touch you, that the only way he got to hear your voice was through the microphones in your hotel room and the voicemail on your phone, and more than anything, he hated the way you seemed so fine with it all.

Sure you had seemed antsy and nervous, paranoid even, and he knew that he was constantly on your mind, but it wasn’t the way he wanted. He didn’t want to be a source of fear for you, he wanted to be your everything. He wanted to be the reason you smiled and laughed, he wanted you to look up at him with wonder in those big (e/c) eyes and be the only thing you saw. He wanted to be the first thing on your mind upon waking in the morning, and the last thing you thought about before falling asleep, wrapped up and safe in his arms.

He decided not to give you a chance to reply, it’s not like things were going to change with just a few words anyway. It was going to take time for you to come around to your new life with him, and as impatient as he was to have things go back to the way they were before you tried to run away from him, he knew that he would just have to wait and do what he could to make you see things his way.

“I am going to say this once and only once my love, so you had better pay attention.” He said, bringing his lips to your ear. He hated how you tried to pull away, but he just pulled you closer in response, reveling in the way you felt pressed against him. “Whether you like it or not, this is your new life and your new home now. You belong to me and I will not stand for you claiming otherwise, regardless of what you believe.” He looked you square in the eye while he spoke, his golden eyes swimming with more emotion than you could ever remember seeing in them during your short time together. “You will not speak to anyone without my expressed permission, nor will you make eye contact with them. And until you have proven to me that you can be trusted to not run away or fight me on everything, you will remain with me at all times. If I am in a meeting, doing paperwork, or out taking care of business, you are not to leave my sight or my side. If for some reason I do have to leave you for a time, then you shall be left in the care of one of my Precepts. Have I made myself clear?”

You clench your jaw at the entitled way he speaks to you, as if he owns you and not for the first time that day did you wish your hands were free so that you could punch him. “And if I refuse? If I tell you that I don’t want this, that I just want to forget I ever met you and go home? What will you do if I choose to bite and kick and snarl at every turn? You can’t think I’ll go along with this just because you tell me to Kai. This entire situation is insane, you have to know that.”

Kai sighed at the firm reluctance he heard in your voice and tried not to let it get to him. You hadn’t even been home for an hour yet and he had to keep reminding himself that he needed to be patient with you, all good things come to those who wait. To bad his patients had reached it’s limit long ago and he was more than willing to use his trump card now if it meant making a little progress with you.

“I take it Chrono showed you the live feed of that friend of yours before bringing you home?”

“Yes. But the plane has already left by now, so unless you put that person on the flight with them, then you have nothing to use against me.” You said, feeling confident in your reasoning. Now you just hoped you were right.

Kai chuckled at the overconfidence in your tone, he was going to enjoy bringing you down a peg or two with his news. After this, you might just be willing to beg him to have his way with you if it meant preventing what could happen next. Just the thought of it was hardening his cock, and he wasted no time in thrusting up against your jean clad center to let you feel exactly what you were doing to him, relishing in the sudden gasp it produced from you. “That is very true my love. But you know what else is?” He smirked and continued to grind himself up into you, watching the way you tried to hide the bit of arousal that you were beginning to feel. “The fact that with enough money, I can pay someone to keep that threat going, even in another country.” He saw the way your eyes widened in horror as his words began to process, and he leaned in close to your ear again to deliver his finishing blow, the thing he knew would make you cave.

“I have cameras set up in your house back home and I have to admit, your sisters not nearly as beautiful as you are, then again no one can compare to you in my eyes.” He smirked at the gasp you let out, a mix of both horror and ecstasy as he continued to lightly grind against you. “Still, I think someone might be willing to have some fun with her if given the right orders or payment. How do you think she would feel if they told her that it was all your fault that it was happening to her, hmm? Do you think she’d be forgiving after having a stranger pound her cunt for hours on end, telling her that precious sister could have easily stopped it by just behaving, that it could just as easily happen multiple times?”

He pulled back to see your face and he hated the broken look in your tear stained eyes. He hated that he had hurt you like this, knowing that it was going to set him back quite a bit in gaining your love and affection, but it was a necessity, he had to make you compliant enough to let him have his way. Once you stopped fighting and gave life with him a chance, he was sure that you would end up being just as happy with him as you were just one week ago, if not more so.

You couldn’t believe the words spilling from his hideous mouth, a mouth you had kissed and fantasized about on numerous occasions. Fuck you wanted to vomit! He claimed he wanted you to be happy with him, and he somehow thought that the way to do that was by threatening to have your sister raped! How stupid were you to not see him for the psychopath that he is, you thought, berating yourself once again for not seeing the signs earlier.

Just like with Chrono in the car earlier, you wanted so bad to fight back and rip into him. To tell him what a monster he was, to spit in his face and call him every insult you could think of. Instead, your thoughts were plagued by what horrible things could happen to your sister and Nell. Deep down, as much as you wished to believe that he was just blowing smoke out his ass and lying through his teeth, you knew he was telling the truth. He would absolutely have these vile atrocities committed against the people you love.

Chrono told you earlier when you agreed to go with him that he would have been taking you anyway, but at least by going quietly you could save others in the process, and you once again found yourself in that same situation. Even if you fought against Kai, he would still follow through with everything he was saying, but f you went along with him and did as he said, then you could at least protect the two people closest to you. Better you than the two of them.

There was no other option, nothing else to for you to do but make a deal with the devil…