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Undercover Omega

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A folder was neatly placed in front of Katsuki which he picked up and proceeded to read up on his next mission. Undercover work has never been his forte but when the situation calls for it he sure as hell never half asses anything. And by situation they needed a male omega for the job. Omegas were rare as it was in the hero business but Katsuki, along with perhaps a handful worldwide filled that niche. Amongst those handful only two were male, and the other had a healing quirk. What was his name again? Cooling Spit?


“Soothing Spirit.” Hawks supplied, deadpanned. Katsuki made “tch” sound to simply show he acknowledged but didn’t care for his answer. Damn. He was becoming too much like Deku at this point, muttering nonsense.


“Whatever, he has healing spit.” Hawks rolled his eyes but didn’t add to the conversation.


Needless to say he was literally the only one who can accomplish the mission. His eyes scanned the profile of the perp. He was a 38 year old Alpha male by the name of Haruto, who runs an underground omega slave trade. It was disgusting to see that even in today’s modern society Omegas are still treated as filth. The file details how they found one of his lackeys, Alias named Slim Dick, (wow poor bastard) an American that frequents one of the more shady clubs downtown. 


Club Fuego


Even the name sounded lame as hell. With a loud sigh Katsuki slams the file back on the desk, causing other small notes to flutter around. 


“So what, you want me to act as an innocent omega or whatever and then pretend to get captured?” Katsuki barked, already not into the idea. Memories of  Dabi’s calloused hand around his neck, digging into his scent gland in an act of Alpha superiority resurfacing in his mind.


“Of course not, that’s far too dangerous.” Hawks admitted, shaking his head. Bakugo is an amazing hero but Hawks wouldn’t purposely put him in harms way like that. The winged hero knows first and foremost how mentally taxing undercover work can be, and if he can reduce Bakugo being exposed to any type of unsavory situations the better.


“How good is your flirting?” Hawks quipped nonchalantly as he leaned back on his chair comfortably, his hands resting lazily across his stomach. Meanwhile, Katsuki’s eyebrows nearly hit his hairline. 


“HAAAH?! What kind of shoddy agency is this?! I rather get kidnapped than to get felt up by some Slim Dick.” The blond spat in disgust. Sure he was an omega with a healthy sex life but that didn’t mean he’ll just let anyone into his pants. If anyone was going in there it was gonna be Dek-.


“Don’t be a such a prude! Besides I bet you’d be singing s different tune if his name was Big Boy or Fat Dick.” Katsuki’s lips thinned to keep his mouth from opening and exposing his grinding teeth. He also turned around to hide his suddenly hot cheeks. His boss was fucking embarrassing as fuck.


“You know what, I’m out.” Katsuki deadpanned, standing up so quick that his chair swiveled behind him. Hawks immediately stood up and reached for the explosive hero’s wrist, whom look two seconds away from blowing shit up.


“Come on Katsuki I was joking! Besides are you seriously telling me that you are willing to have more omegas get kidnapped rather than to just bat those pretty eyes and flash your scent gland on occasion?” Katsuki stiffened, jaw clenching in frustration. He hated acting like what a typical omega should be. His personality and build is far from it. But that dumb bird made a valid point. At the expense of being completely embarrassed, he could possible get valuable information to bring this whole organization down on its head. With a loud huff, the blond grabbed the back of the now slow pivoting chair and turned it toward Hawks as he sat back down. Red eyes boring into gold, Katsuki spoke in all seriousness.


“So what else does this entail? Any other hero gonna be filled in on this mission as well?” Looking like the cat that just caught the mouse, Hawks smiled widely at Katsuki’s confirmation. He leaned forward, elbows on his desk and hands underneath his chin, and answered all of his queries.


“Yes. It seems like Slim Dick or Richard Bones, which is his real name, has a needle quirk.”


“Should have called him Needle Dick instead,” Katsuki quipped, mouth running at any chance to insult someone. Hawks laughed graciously, hand slamming onto the table.


“Yeah talk about a missed opportunity there. Anyway, it’s more like he can grow his bones into needle like structures, like icicles I’d say, and uses them as projectiles or just have them protrude out of his body. For that reason we will be filling in Red Riot for his shield.” The explosive hero nodded in approval at the choice. Although he was internally screaming knowing that Fucking Hair for Brains will NOT be able to let Katsuki live the rest of his life in peace after he sees him embarrass himself trying to seduce some nasty extra. 


God just strike him down now. 


“Additionally, Earjack will be there as well to catch any sensitive information given or if she manages to spot anything suspicious.” Okay Katsuki can deal. Only two witnesses to his debacle. He’s also eternally grateful that Deku won’t be there. He’s pretty sure that the green haired hero will never see Katsuki more than just a rival, hell friend if he’s stretching it. It still didn’t mean he wanted to make a fool of himself in front of his crush. Katsuki refuses to admit to himself how long he’s been pining for that green haired idiot (since he was four) but it’ll definitely be awkward to try to flirt with someone if the person he wants is only ten feet away. 


“Alright, sounds good. When do I start?”




Katsuki struggles with a black button down shirt he hasn’t worn since his third year in UA. It was obvious that his...pecs have gotten bigger, although his waist stayed just as trim. He popped open another button, the V of his dress shirt now exposing half of his chest so he can accommodate his grown attributes. His scent gland was also out in the open, with no blockers he’s sure to attract all kinds of pervs. Giving himself a once over in the mirror he assessed his outfit in distaste. Wearing the most hip hugging jeans from his internship with Best Jeanist (God has his hips and ass really gotten that big? Damn omega genes) and tight fitted black button down with his sleeves rolled up to expose his forearms, Katsuki was pretty confident Needle Dick will be all over him. He slapped on his favorite bracelet that Izuku gifted him for Christmas for a secret Santa their second year. Katsuki had to reel in his omega that day to try and convince his body that it was not a courting gift. Deku’s face was as red as his Santa outfit when Katsuki opened it and the blond swore that moment that he saw green eyes flash red in the One for All user when he tried it on. Of course it could had been his inner omega imagining things . An annoying ring disturbed his train of thought. He located the sound coming from his earpiece sprawled on his bed. He walked away from his body length mirror to pick up the tiny item and placed it in his ear. 


“Ground Zero here. You got sight of him?”


“Yeah,” Kirishima confirmed, the loud music blasting through their communication. 


“However there’s a change of location. He’s not at Club Fuego but at Lucky Shots.” Katsuki stayed silent for a couple of seconds before responding. Lucky shots is across town and not one of his usual hang out spots. It’s very suspicious for a creature of habit to just change his behavior out of the blue. 


“You think it’s a trap?” 


“Maybe a bro is just tired of hangin’ at the same place?” Katsuki rolled his eyes at Kirishima’s chipper response.


“Whatever. Hey Earjack make sure to scope the place good. Keep a lookout for any funny business.”


“Aye aye,” a third voice chimes in. With that said the omega walked out of his bedroom and crossed his living room to fish his keys from a bowl located on the coffee table. Time to take this shit show on the road. He just hopes that Needle Dick keeps his hands to himself, because Katsuki’s not sure if he can control blasting it off.



Katsuki arrives at the club without fanfare. He bites back a grimace from seeing a bunch of sleazy alphas look his way with lust. Finally accepting his fate, Katsuki walks with an extra sway to his hips trying real hard to ignore Kirishima in his peripheral whose trying to hide a snort. He makes his way to the bar and sits down on an empty stool and waves down the bartender.


“Give me a Jack and Coke, yeah?” The young beta nodded at the request, busying himself behind the counter. The blond sucked on his teeth while he waited, already regretting everything. When receiving his drink, Katsuki opened his wallet to pay except he was intercepted by some skinny ass brunette alpha.


“Let me get that, Gorgeous.” 


Oh my God. He wasn’t even five minutes in and his target is already talking to him. Katsuki was ready to blow up his face to get info than making shitty small talk. At least he’ll get a free drink out of this night. The omega smiled up at the man, hoping that it didn’t come out as a grimace.


“Thanks Handsome.” He flirted and internally gagging, making sure to look up at him through hooded eyes. Alphas eat that demure omega stereotype shit right up. And by the smell the man was emitting it was working. The brunette raked his eyes up and down Katsuki’s form. His eyes bled red for a few seconds before going back to brown, obviously liking what he sees. Too bad it wasn’t mutual. The alpha was so plain, hardly any muscle mass with cringe worthy tattoos covering his arms. Was that suppose to be a dragon? It looked like a sad, fat snake with sticks for legs. Not to mention he was probably shorter than Katsuki. Not that Katsuki was short mind you, but he had a type. Tall, muscular, freckles, green eyes-.


“What’s a beautiful little thing like yourself doing in a place like this?” 

Oh shit yeah the mission.


“I was a little bored back home so I decided to drop by. Hoping to find some...,” The blond licked his lips, his smaller canine biting into his plump lips.


“Fun. Looks like I don’t have to look that far, yeah? You’ll take care of me, won’t you alpha?” He could hear Kirishima choke through his ear piece. That fucker, serves him right! Katsuki may hate doing this shit but he knows how to rile up alphas and man was he laying it on thick. Needle Dick or whatever growled in appreciation.


“Of course, I’ll take care of you real good Baby.” He then hooked his index finger and thumb underneath Katsuki’s chin, tilting his head up and toward him. Katsuki has have a mind hit to bite off those offending digits to get them away from his face.


“You really are gorgeous. Anyone tell you that you’d make a beautiful model? I know someone who runs a modeling agency. I can even take you there tonight to meet him. After we have a” He added suggestively, pumping out a wave of (disgusting) alpha pheromones.




Right when Katsuki was about to reply he hears his teammates panic in his earpiece.


“What the hell is Midoriya doing here?” Jirou whispers harshly. Kirishima oddly sounds just as panicked.


“Hawks didn’t tell us anything about him being part of the sting.”


Katsuki feels his blood turn to ice when he his vision flood with a forest of green. He comes into the club wearing an Infuriatingly tight baseball tee and just as frustratingly tight jeans that stretch across his thick thighs. Of course it wouldn’t be Deku without those dumb red sneakers. He looks more the part of going to a sports bar and grill than a club. But damn if Katsuki’s not ready to climb him like a tree. He’s accompanied by round face and fuckin’ half and half. That asshole goes clubbing? Does he even know what music is? Deku hasn’t spotted him yet and Katsuki panics In thought of him doing so. His stomach ties itself in knots uncomfortably. He doesn’t even know why, it’s not like they’re anything really. Katsuki realizes that he’s been frozen for a while and tries to play it off as if he was stunned from the compliment.


The omega shies away, pretending to look bashful while simultaneously trying not to puke.


“D-do you really mean that? I always wanted to be famous,” he utters, his red eyes sliding to meet Dick’s. The man’a grin is predatory.


“Oh yes, I can already see you as a front page model in a famous catalogue.” 


‘Yeah a fucking omega slave trade catalogue.’ Katsuki’s mind supplies grimly. He still hears Jirou and Kirishima panicking but even louder this time. 


“Why don’t I take you back to my place and you could do a little modeling for me?” He then proceeds to brush his nose against his neck, extremely close to his scent gland and gives it a lick. 




All of a sudden the man is thrown off of Katsuki by none other than Deku. The blond chances a glance at his childhood friend and is caught completely off guard with how downright feral he looks. Eyes are stained red, his nose pinched high revealing his long canines. His brows are furrowed deeply making the happy alpha almost unrecognizable. He’s never seen Izuku look this angry in his life. And fuck if he doesn’t look hot with his thick neck tense and corded, sparks of lightning running through his body.


“WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM ASSHOLE?!” Dick yells. Katsuki sees tiny spikes starting to reveal themselves under the shorter alpha’s clothes. Shit Katsuki needed to do damage control and fast.


“Ignore him,”


Izuku’s face snaps toward him, trying to control his growls.


“He touched you.” wow what? When did his voice get so deep? Katsuki had to clamp his legs together to prevent a bit slick from leaking out. Fuck, Deku also smells like absolute sin. Is he close to rutting? Shit. His omega was whining to just fucking present to his alpha. 


Shaking his head, Katsuki stood up. He needed to get a hold of himself. Izuku is probably reacting because he’s close to his rut and is acting on his hormones. He sees an omega in danger and instinct is making him overly protective. It takes every fiber of his will to continue on with his mission without assuring Izuku that it meant nothing.


“I wasn’t talking to you Green Bean.” the blond spat, no matter how much he wished that was true.


“Kacchan wha-,?”


“Do you know this guy?” Dick asked, still not peeling off his eyes from his challenger.


Katsuki passed by Izuku to wrap his arms around  Dick’s neck. 


“No clue. Now come on let’s go have some fun. Take me dancing.” Katsuki whispered hotly into his ear, pointedly not looking at Izuku. While he’s facing the brunette in his arms, he completely misses the shattered expression on Izuku’s face.



He knew that scent anywhere. Caramel and smoke, like campfire on a warm night. A scent that he only catches in passing. The scent of his mate.


Stop it Izuku he’s not your mate. Yet.


His eyes searched the club to the source of the mouthwatering smell only to catch sight of him with another male. Izuku would have paused to appreciate how his clothes snugged his body at just the right places. His chest exposed for all to see and jeans showing off every curve of his ass. But right now that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that alpha touching what was his. He didn’t notice he was growling or his friends holding onto his arms to try to stop him from starting any altercation. He might have calmed down, until he saw that bastard taste Katsuki. Izuku just saw red and ripped his way through the crowd effortlessly to pull off the offending male off his mate.


He doesn’t really register what the man said. If it was a challenge Izuku knows he’ll break every bone in his body with only 3% of his power. He did catch Katsuki speaking to him and he turned to answer him, only for the blond to ignore him and go to his competition.


“Kacchan wha-,?”


Then Katsuki denies knowing him. Denies whatever is between them or what could be between them. He rejects him.




It was clear as day that Katsuki didn’t want him and it was tearing him up inside. His alpha was snarling to challenge the other male but also whining pathetically that it was not good enough for their omega. What did that alpha have that he didn’t? For years he trained his body and mind to be a more fitting symbol of peace...a more fitting mate for Kacchan. Kacchan who settles for only the best. So what was he lacking? Why was he flashing his scent gland to that mediocre excuse of an alpha when all he ever got was remnants of his passing scent in locker rooms? 


“Deku-Kun,” a soft voice rang and a smooth hand touched his shoulder tentatively. That seemed to knock some sense out of Izuku, who didn’t realize he just stood frozen staring at the love of his life dance with another man. 


“Ah, sorry Ochako-San I guess I must have spaced out,” he laughed miserably with a wobbly smile. He promised himself that he wouldn’t cry for Katsuki anymore. That he would only try harder to get his attention. After his courting gift was accepted by Katsuki in the gift exchange Izuku was sure things would have changed between them. Seeing him wear his gift everyday brought out a possessive side of him that only came out when it came to Katsuki. However, it seemed that Izuku was too subtle and Katsuki mistook it as a token of friendship. He’s been too much of a coward since then to pursue the elusive omega and has only watched from afar. As if by some miracle Katsuki would come to him. Obviously that plan had backfired on him in the worst of ways.


“Come on Deku-kun, I think it’s time you get over him and try finding happiness elsewhere. There’s tons of omegas that will fall at your feet at the mere sight of you!” Ochako cheered, her pep talk falling on deaf ears.


“Is that another quirk you have?” Todoroki asked seriously. Ochako turned around and smacked him on the arm which cause Todoroki to stare at her in bafflement. 


It’s not like Izuku hasn’t tried. He’s dated (only betas) but their hair was never the right shade of blond or they were too docile. After five failed relationships he gave up, fully knowing why they never worked. They weren’t Katsuki.


He saw another male walk up to Katsuki and brush aside the other brunette he was dancing with who just pouted in the corner. 


Setting his jaw, Izuku braced himself. He was done sitting idle while others fawned over his mate. Katsuki was stubborn but so was he. 



Damn that was fucking close. Deku nearly ruined the whole operation with his stupid alpha protectiveness (that had Katsuki’s omega swooning). He hopes he can still extract some information without seeming too suspicious.


“So this manager of yours, what’s his name? He some big shot in the modeling industry?” Now that they are away from Deku and Katsuki was giving him his full attention, Dick calmed down and smirked at the Omega.


“I don’t want to talk about my boss right now. How about you and I get to know each other a bit more?” The brunette practically purred, hands going straight for Katsuki’s plump ass to shove him toward his lower body. 


Damn. Here I thought he was going to be an easy one to crack.


And thank the heavens, as if they heard his prayer, a larger alpha stepped between them. Katsuki looked up to see a handsome man with a square jaw and silver hair. He wore one of those expensive ass trim cut suits (Same brand as his parent’s competitors). His crystal blue eyes hyper focused on his body. 


My eyes are up here asshole!


Katsuki felt himself being let go by Dick, who eyed the other man nervously.


“H-hey Boss.”


Katsuki’s eyes narrowed.


So this is Haruto.


Haruto ignored Dick, directing all of his attention to Katsuki. 


“My, what a beautiful specimen you are. Why haven’t I seen you around before?” His arm gently found the small of Katsuki’s back while his other pushed Dick away.


“You know what they say. Sometimes it’s just right place and right time. And am I glad that I got to be at the right time to meet such a perfect alpha as yourself.” The man laughed, and dare Katsuki say it was attractive. He can see how many omegas can fall under his trap.


“Is it true that I can be a model?” Katsuki asked timidly. Eyes trails off the side, eyebrows pinching upward in a sign of vulnerability. Haruto chuckled light heartedly, making Katsuki crane his neck upward. 


“Honey, you can be so much more with those looks of yours. I can have you modeling for Gucci, Versace, Bakugo you name it.” Katsuki hid a snort behind his hand at the mention of his parent’s company. As if they would allow this filth to bring poor omegas over to model.


“Wow, I bet your agency is so huge if you can get all those companies to collaborate you. I bet I’ve seen it. Where is it exactly? Is it that huge building next to Musutafu Bank?” Of course it wasn’t but by stroking the Alpha’s ego that Katsuki thinks he owns the second largest skyscraper in the city maybe he can get some info.


“Mmmm it is, but it’s not that one kitten. Although I’m sure you have seen it.”


“Oh? I have?”


“Yes. Why don’t we go right now? I can take some candid shots of you and we can get that portfolio started.” Katsuki bit his lip. Time to crank it to overdrive if doesn’t want to get potentially kidnapped. The blond grinded against him, his neck moved to mouth the older man’s neck.


“Ah, can’t you please tell me now? I can’t wait.” He heard the man gasp and felt him stiffen where their hips met. 


“Impatient are we baby?”


“Very. Alpha please.” He can hear Kirishima and Jirou losing their shit gain. Fuck fuck fuck Deku better not be coming, Katsuki will die of mortification. Still feeling a bit of resistance, Katsuki went for the kill and scraped his teeth on Haruto’s scent gland. The man groaned and Katsuki tried not to spit out the disgusting taste. 


“Fuck ‘mega. You’re so amazing. Alright since you’ve been so good for me. Have you been to that bait station near the Pier?” Katsuki pulled back.


“Sonoskue’s Fish n’ more?”


“Yeah, it’s that big warehouse behind it.”




Before Katsuki can grab his arm and twist him like a pretzel to arrest him Izuku did the favor for him. Except he just grabbed his face and drove his head to the floor. The blond stood there in shock while the One for All user continued to grind Haruto’s face to the now broken tiled floor.


“STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS OMEGA! HE’S MINE!!” Katsuki could not process what was coming out of his childhood friend’s mouth. Izuku looked up at him, eyes red and wild.


“I’ve been in love with you since the moment I saw you. I’ll be damned if you pick some sad excuse of an Alpha over me without a fight!” An intense blush spread across his face, hands shaking from shock. Warmth bloomed all over his body as well as some slick running down his leg. However, this was not the time to get sappy (and horny).


“Deku! What the fuck!?” Haruto’s eyes widened at the blond’s outburst.


“Deku? As in hero Deku? This was a fucking set up? You bitch!” Izuku growled at the man below him for daring to insult his mate.


Dick, who was about ten feet away tried to run through the mass of people who now crowded the investigation, but was promptly stopped by Kirishima. He tried attacking Kirishima but his quirk was rendered useless against his shield. Red Riot grabbed his wrist and placed the quirk nullifying cuffs on him. 


“I think not Dude. What you do with omegas is definitely not manly.” Izuku who watched the altercation finally got enough semblance of the situation. His eyes returning to emerald green.


“Wait…a set up?” Katsuki still couldn’t look at Izuku, his lip was trembling fro both embarrassment at being confessed to in public and excitement for Izuku feeling the same.


“Yeah, uh, I was sent on a mission to try and extract information for the underground…trade. Earjack and Hair for Brains were my back up.” Izuku’s entire face blanched in realization that he acted like a knot headed idiot in front of hundreds for no reason. Then his head turned into an interesting shade of red at the knowledge that Kacchan knows how he feels about him. He let go of Haruto to cover his face under his arms, a habit he never got rid of from middle school. Before Haruto could even move Katsuki whipped out a pair of cuffs from under his sleeve and tied them onto the ring leader. 


Detective Tsukauchi placated the crowd, wanting a smooth operation.


“Alright folks nothing to see here, as you were!” Jirou and the rest of the police who were waiting outside took the criminals, leaving behind two very embarrassed heroes. Katsuki could see Kirishima throw him a thumbs up, in which the blond pointedly ignored.


“S-so…,” Izuki babbled, trying to say anything to get rid if the tension.


“G-great job. You sure had me fooled,” he laughed unconvincingly. Katsuki rubbed his bracelet absentmindedly to ground himself before asking the very obvious question that hung between them.


Katsuki crossed his arms across his chest, diverting Izuku’s attention to his assets.

“Did you mean it?”


Mean what?” Izuku deflected, acting dumb.

“You know- about you- all these yea-.” Katsuki kept cutting himself off unable to say it without his entire face bursting to flame. Seeing Izuku’s lack of response Katsuki lost all composure and shouted.

“You’re the one who fucking said it you know what I’m talking about idiot!”

Once again he was met with silence. Like hell he was going to let Deku get away with it. Not after all these years of them dancing around their feelings.

“You know you could have ruined the whole operation right?” The green haired man at had the gall to look ashamed of his behavior. He averted his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck. His behavior doing a complete 180 from a few minutes ago.

“Ah...yeah. Sorry about that Kacchan.”


“Deku.” Katsuki growled in a no nonsense tone, his small incisors showing. The green haired alpha sighed and met Katsuki’s gaze head on.


“Yes. I meant every word Kacchan.” The omega stared at him for a couple of seconds before finally relaxing.


“Took you long enough, Nerd.” Izuku blinked, a large smile erupting on his face, his blush making his freckles stand out more.


“Me? You’re the one that never got the hint! I even gave you a courting gift!” Katsuki scoffed, but was elated to find out that his suspicions of the bracelet were not unfounded. 


“Whatever, anyway now that we’re here let’s make the best of it, yeah?” Izuku opened his mouth and closed it, unable to decipher Katsuki’s mischievous glint in his ruby colored eyes. The blond stalked his way over to his alpha (damn does it feel good to finally say that) and draped his arms around the thick neck he’s been fantasizing hooking his knees over. He hears Izuku’s breath stutter, but he moves his arms around the blond’s cinch waist possessively nonetheless. 


“What did you have in mind Kacchan?”


“We’ve waited long enough. Wanna go fuck in one of those backrooms?” Katsuki smirked seeing Izuku’s gaze absolutely predatory. His green eyes flashing a hint of red. 


“You still have your mic connected ya know!!” Kirishima’s voice screamed over the club music in Katsuki’s earpiece which the explosive hero proceeded to ignore in favor of hearing Izuku’s purr of approval.