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Cause I Can't Get A Grip

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Bakugou knew every good witch needed a familiar. 

Which was why he clearly needed to summon the best one he possibly could. 

He had originally planned on binding a demon to him, to draw on its explosive power and use it as his own, to become the most powerful witch in the world as he made its magic his own. 

In the end, he’d gotten an Incubus. And normally, that would be fine. An Incubus could be powerful, incredibly useful depending on how much they fed. 

He’d ended up with Kirishima. 

The shitty haired demon was too fucking nice , with a big sweet grin and a handsome face that had made Bakugou’s heart thump in his rib cage uncomfortably the first time those ruby eyes had locked onto his own. Even that little scar over his eye was ruthlessly charming, adding just a bit of character to that perfect face made for seduction.

Could you blame him for falling into bed with his familiar? Like hell was he gonna let Kirishima have sex with anyone he fucking wanted! That would just be fucking stupid! He could still get the benefits of the familiar pact and fuck a hottie while he was at it. So sue him, he was lonely and shallow. Being a witch wasn’t exactly a fucking social job. Not that Bakugou needed it to be social but fuck it. 

It was a good stroke to the ego that Kirishima had readily agreed to the deal. 

Granted, two years into it, things were definitely a lot less master and servant than Bakugou had expected and had ended up like this. Mornings long and languorous on days they could afford to be lazy, the redhead following him into the shower with his long tail waving behind him, sharp red eyes focused on his ass as he tested the temperature for the both of them. Bakugou shivered as clawed hands slid over his hips, soft lips plucking along the side of his neck as they waited, swaying side to side. 

Sure, maybe you’re not supposed to make your familiar your boyfriend but Bakugou had never been big on rules anyway. 

Especially not when Kirishima could be anything he needed to fulfill every fantasy. It just...didn’t take long for all he needed to fulfill those fantasies to be Kirishima himself. 

The demon turned the blond around in his arms, sweeping in for a slow, lingering kiss that tasted like stale mornings and the remnants of last night’s toothpaste as Bakugou dragged the taller man into the shower, trusting the demon to keep them upright until his back hit the back wall and he moaned into his lips, Kirishima’s clever tongue gently slipping inside to tangle with his. Because fuck it was always just so good. 

Kirishima could have his breakfast and Bakugou could get fucked into the shower wall just like how he liked. 

The demon’s tail curled up along his leg, lifting it gently until it was hoisted over Kirishima’s hip, his body spread and open and god even the light drain of his energy felt good at this point, the way Kirishima practically feasted on his mouth, lips sliding down over Bakugou’s neck as the blond dug his fingers into Kirishima’s back. Sharp, shark teeth dragged over the sensitive skin, refreshing old marks that were basically branded into the witch at this point, a beacon just like the runes between Kirishima’s wings. 

They belonged to each other, they belonged together . More powerful and perfect like this rather than separate. 

Bakugou moaned softly as the demon hoisted him up higher, looping his arms beneath Bakugou’s thighs to hold him up off the slippery ground, clawed fingers digging into his thighs gently to leave little scratches that Bakugou fucking adored because of the way his pants would drag over them later. Little sparks of pain reminding him of the feeling of Kirishima’s claws all over him even when the demon would be purring at his side, his head in his lap as Bakugou mixed his potions. 

“So beautiful,” Kirishima murmured as he hoisted Bakugou higher, sharp teeth and tongue dragging over his chest, skating across his nipples. Bakugou gasped, back arching as he felt the gentle sting of a bite, the slight edge of pain sending shocks of pleasure through his body, Kirishima’s tail trailing up over his calf. “Always so pretty for me, ‘Suki. Mmm you smell so good this morning too.”

“‘Cause I smell like you after you fucking blew my back out last night,” Bakugou gasped out, Kirishima’s gentle nipping and sucking making his spine curve in an arc as he tortured his nipples till they were swollen and red, sensitive to even the brush of his nose against the peak. He moaned quietly as the tip of Kirishima’s tail flicked over his hole, testing the give. Bakugou whined and tried to spread his legs a little wider in Kirishima’s grip, biting his lip as his lover’s pierced tongue slid over his abs to trace every little bit. 

Shockingly, quick fucks were never a thing with an Incubus like Kirishima, he liked to savor his meals. 

It could be overwhelming. But let it never be said that Bakugou fucking Katsuki wasn’t an overachiever. 

Kirishima’s tail retreated to find the lube they kept in the shower, the heated water making everything all that much more , the steam making the air almost claustrophobic but it was so good to be held this close, for Kirishima’s lips to trail back up along his neck, for their cocks to grind together and for the little piercings dotting Kirishima’s to slide slickly over Bakugou’s own flesh. It was indulgent, dirty and perfect in ways Bakugou had never dreamed sex could be. He tossed his head back with a whimper, licking his lips and gasping for air through the oppressive heat. It was just so much. 

“So fucking yummy,” Kirishima teased, his sweet voice curling and cooing as his lubbed up tail came back, pressing into Bakugou with ease, the blond whining for more already. “How do you want me today, love? Want ridges? Impossibly huge? Maybe tentacles? Anything you want, baby, let me give it to you, make it all reality.” 

Sometimes Bakugou found it hard to reconcile Kirishima while he was feeding with the dorky demon who tried and failed to master the microwave for a good four weeks. But fuck did he love all the sides of him, digging his fingers into Kirishima’s shoulders roughly. 

“Mmmh j-just you,” Bakugou moaned as that tail worked inside of him, curling over his prostate and pulsing, making it so hard to think, pre-cum already starting to gather at the tip of his cock. It was just so fucking much , his mind filled with nothing but TV static as the redhead worked him open with no issue. “F-fuck j-just wat your cock in me, Eiji…”

Kirishima moaned into the side of his neck, biting him again gently, sweetly almost. Because Kirishima loved him back and Bakugou knew it, especially in moments like these where a meal was less about keeping Kirishima sated and more about being pressed tight and close and feeling the perfect ways their bodies fit together. 

Hell, Bakugou was glad Kirishima owned his soul in a way, they’d be together for eternity. 

The blond moaned loudly as Kirishima’s tail was slowly replaced with his cock, the texture of his piercings scraping over his inner walls making his thighs shake uncontrollably, even the sensation of the hot water on his skin almost too damned much for him to handle. He ached, gasping for more, for deeper even as Kirishima bottomed out inside of him, filling Bakugou to the brim. Even without the bells and whistles of his demonic powers, Kirishima felt fucking huge inside of him, his cock pulsing with every beat of his heart, even as the redhead pressed their foreheads together. 

“‘Suki,” Kirishima breathed out, voice rough and hot with sex and Bakugou grabbed his hair, drawing him into a kiss to shut him the fuck up because that voice would make him cum well before he was ready. 

Bakugou squeezed his legs tightly around Kirishima’s waist, feeling the way the demon’s hands gripped his thighs tightly, squeezing handprints into his flesh as Kirishima rocked his hips in slow, deep circles. Bakugou moaned with each gentle thrust, his body warming up even more until he felt like he was burning from the inside out, head tossed back against the cool tiles as though they would help him to retain the small amount of his sanity that he could. One of his hands buried itself in Kirishima’s hair, tugging enough so the demon was looking up at him, red eyes locking on red as Bakugou felt him hit his prostate dead on. 

He moaned out Kirishima’s name like the most blasphemous prayer while he was worshiped like a sacrifice at the altar of his own body. Kirishima panted loudly, watching him, pupils blown wide as he fucked up into him slow and so fucking deep , like Kirishima was carving space for himself inside of Bakugou that he would never leave. Bakugou leaned forward to kiss him again, simply breathing and whimpering into his mouth as Kirishima drilled him into the wall, thighs trembling as the pleasure crashed over him in waves to be lapped up by Kirishima’s clever, sweet tongue. 

Bakugou could spend the rest of his life being split on this cock and he’d be happy. 

“Eijirou,” Bakugou moaned, stuck on the name now, chanting it over and over again as though it were a spell that would bring him safely back to earth. But nothing could do that, not with the way Kirishima brought him higher and higher and higher, hips beginning to work harder , faster, slamming into him hard until Kirishima’s clawed hands were digging into familiar grooves in the wall, trusting Bakugou to keep himself up with his shaking legs wrapped tight around Kirishima’s hips. 

The Incubus slammed into him hard and fast, growling in his ear, telling him how much he loved him, how fucking delicious he was, how perfect he was on his cock and Bakugou felt his eyes rolling in his head as a scream was pulled from his throat near violently , cum painting their stomachs in spurts as Kirishima grinded into his prostate damn near relentlessly, until Bakugou was begging for him to cum, to fill him up, to give it to him hard goddammit. 

He whined as he felt Kirishima cum in him, fill him so much that he could feel his body shaking with it, the heat making his entire mind cut out. 

Kirishima kissed him hard and deep, tasting his pleasure one last time before the redhead was licking his lips. 

“Mmm thanks for breakfast, babe.”

Bakugou snorted at him and rolled his eyes, letting the demon slowly lower them both to the floor. 

“You better fucking clean this up, asshole.”

“Love you too, Suki.”

And, really, you weren’t supposed to love your familiar. 

But Bakugou was never good at following rules anyway.