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Green Hero, Black Rabbit

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It started out just like any other day in the life of Izuku Midoriya. He arrived at school about ten minutes before classes began, a miracle given that he had been sidetracked on the way due to a villain going berserk in the downtown Musutafu area. He had stayed to watch the Pro Hero Kamui Woods battle the villain who had snatched an old lady's purse only for his spotlight to be stolen by a new hero Mt. Lady making her debut. After the duo captured the villain, Izuku continued on his way to school where he tried to steer himself away from everyone in the hallways as he walked to his middle school classroom and take a seat at his desk near the back of the room. Classes were normal for the most part, but it was when the teacher started to walk in front of his desk that things began to spiral downhill for the curly-haired boy.

"…you want you be heroes, no?"

The classroom erupted in cheers and whistles and a few students showed off their quirks. Izuku remained quiet as his classmates enveloped the room in small fits of pandemonium, hoping to avoid the topic of his own quirk.

"Oi sensei, don't group me with the rest of these losers," Bakugo laughed before he made a scene, standing on his desk and declaring his superiority over everyone.

"What the hell Bakugo!" exclaimed a kid with elongated fingers.

"Oh, didn't Midoriya wish to enter U.A as well?"

Everyone turned to the green haired boy. He was hiding his face and had flinched the second he heard his name. 

Then all at once, the room erupts into roars of laughter. Izuku stares straight ahead, letting his classmates’ scorn lash at him from all sides. Izuku faces the front of the classroom and keeps staring until a miniature explosion blossoms up from his desk and sends him tumbling back to the floor.

“Forget having a weak-ass quirk.” The voice makes Izuku’s limbs lock where they are. “You don’t even have a fucking quirk! So, where do you get off putting yourself on the same level as me?”

Looking at his face is too much, so Izuku goes back to staring straight ahead, covering his head with his arms in the process hoping in some way to protect himself. “I-I’m just applying to a school,” he says. “I-It has nothing to do with you.”

“Fuck that, Deku, I know a challenge when I see one!” A step forward, and Izuku stares straight ahead and waits. “Are you trying to fucking die?”

“N-no Kacchan,” Izuku says. “I-I’m just trying to get into a school. T-That’s all. T-There’s nothing wrong with trying.”

His classmates jeer with derisive laughter, and it's a while before any sort of order is returned to the class. While classes move towards winding down, Izuku immerses himself in online news reports. Heroics had always put him at ease and helps both distract him from the walking time bomb that is Katsuki Bakugo, as well as help him remind himself of his goal to be a hero.

"We're not done yet Deku," said an all but familiar voice. Before Izuku could even blink, his hero notebook that he had been adding a new entry to for Mt. Lady was pulled out from under his arms. He looked up to see Bakugo holding the snatched notebook above his head with a menacing smile drawn across his face. Izuku makes a grab for the notebook to no avail as Bakugo twitches it out of his reach with a flick of his wrist.

"Lots of heroes have tales told about them from the beginning. People look at them and know that they're destined for greatness. When I'm the only one who gets into U.A from this crap middle school they will realized that I'm the next big thing. That's not ego talking, I just know I'm that good. So, here's a word of advice nerd. Don't think about applying our else." Bakugo faked a friendly smile to the boy. As he said the last part, he used his quirk on the notebook turning it into a crisp mess, earning a shout from Izuku before he threw it out the window. As Bakugo turned to leave with his lackeys he stopped at the door before turning back to Izuku one last time. "You know, if you really want to be a hero that badly there might be a better way. Just take a swan dive off the roof of a building and pray that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life."

Almost immediately Izuku turned to say something to the explosive boy before being silenced by the intimidating glare from Bakugo as he made small explosions in his hand. Laughing as the flinch that the timid boy made, the trio exited the classroom and proceeded to walk towards the school exit.

As the cried died out in the classroom, the boy remained where he was, trying to calm himself as his mind began to go haywire. The voices of his classmates rang in his ears as the comment from Bakugo began wrapping around him. “You can't just become a hero! You can't do anything! He's quirkless, useless! Just take a swan dive off the roof of a building and pray that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life.” He saw himself, standing over the edge of the school building, eyes lifeless as he stared out into the horizon inching closer to the railing. The next moment he was falling, the pavement moving towards him at a rapid rate. As he approached the ground all he could hear was a voice that sounded so much like his own. “Now my pain can finally end…”


Izuku wrenched himself back to reality as he painted and shrunk into a ball on the floor. He laid there on the ground as he tried to regulate his breathing to normal levels. It had never been that bad before. He didn’t know how much time he spent on the ground, but eventually he got himself back to normal breathing and pulled himself onto his feet. He finished packing his backpack and started to walk towards the window that Bakugo threw his now charred notebook out of. However, when he reached his hand out to pull his head out of the window he stopped.

If you really want to be a hero that badly there might be a better way. Just take a swan dive off the roof of a building and pray that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life."

The boy froze again. Hoping to not submit himself to another panic attack, he opted to just walk down to the koi pond that he knew lay in the courtyard outside his window and search for the mangled book from there. As he walked down the empty halls of Aldera he tried everything to keep his mind occupied. He listened to the echoing resonance of his footsteps bouncing off the walls, the slight breeze creeping through open windows and the quiet mutterings of the teachers in various classrooms, anything to keep the voices of his classmates out of his thoughts.

By the time that the boy reached koi pond on the outside of the building, the gripping feeling in his chest had finally subsided for the moment. He quickly found his swiped notebook floating on the edge of the pond while a few curious resident fish were nibbling at the water-lodged pages. Letting out a long sad sigh, Izuku fished the battered notebook out of he pond, checking it once over if there was any serious damage, and packed it with the rest of his things.

‘Stupid Kacchan,’ Izuku thought, ‘doesn’t he realize that if I were to do that they would likely figure out it was because of him? If word got out about it then he would never be able to become a hero.’ The greenette walked the usual route home as he grumbled over Bakugo’s words. As he approaches the local bridge that he usually walks under, he pauses as a strange sound causes him to look up.

He stiffens as his gaze catches the side of the bridge, “Just take a swan dive and pray that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life." Izuku violently shakes his head, desperately trying to bury the dark thoughts back into the depths of his mind. He hears the strange sound again.

‘What was that? It sounded like a manhole=’

Before he could finish the thought he was frozen by a chilling voice as a greenish-grey slime enveloped his body.

“Perfect, a medium sized invisibility cloak to help get away from that muscle head. This must be my lucky day.” The slime villain fully climbed out of the sewer as he enveloped the young boy with his body, trying to suffocate the boy by forcing tendrils of his slime down his throat.

Izuku struggled in vain to try and free himself from the sludge as he clawed more and more sludge away from his mouth. Fear and desperation gripped his mind as he tried everything with the hope of escaping the liquid prison.

“No need to struggle so much kid, it’ll all be over soon. You’re my hero.”

The greenette tried one last desperate attempt to kick himself out of the sludge, when he was quickly stopped from taking a new breath of air he also lost his hold over his mind as thoughts began running at a mile per minute. He began to hear the voices again. ‘You can't do anything! He's quirkless, useless! You’re just a useless Deku! You can’t be a hero! Just take a swan dive…No one will care if you’re gone…’ If Izuku could cry at this point he would, but the terror he was feeling kept him from doing so.

‘I just want the pain to end…’ Izuku thought.

Suddenly a loud voice proclaimed its entrance before a sudden force pulled Izuku from the sludge. “DO NOT WORRY CITIZEN.”

‘All Mi-‘


The resulting air pressure dispersed the sludge onto the pavement and walls of the bridge. The sight was the last thing Izuku saw before he passed out.

When he came to, he felt felt himself being slightly jostled on his shoulders by a pair of hands.


Izuku was already having a one in a million day, if you had told him that today would be the day that he would be attacked by a villain he would have probably said home. If you added that he would be saved by a hero then he might of gone full otaku and ask tons of questions about the pro hero as well as talk about his quirk. If you happened to also mention that the hero who saved him was going to be his idol he might have just fainted right there.



The greenette barely registered the pro hero’s words, the dark thoughts coursing through his mind only minutes before completely forgotten, only caring for the fact that All Might was standing right in front of him. The boy quickly fell to his knees and bowed with his hero notebook extended towards the pro hero.

“All Might it’s such and honor to meet you. Can I have your autograph?


All Might pointed to the notebook that was extended out to him. Confused, Izuku opened the notebook only to almost squeal with delight as he saw the pro’s big signature stretching across two blank pages.

“Thank you so much! I will treasure this forever, it will be a family heirloom.” The young otaku declared as the pro hero sweat dropped.


Izuku’s head shot back towards the hero. He needed to find some way for him to remain a bit longer. He needed to ask him the question he asked himself everyday. ‘I need to hear it from him…’

“Wait, All Mi-“ the boy started as he grabbed the pro’s pantleg… right as the hero in question took a mighty building jumping leap.

“Kid. I like my fans as much as the next hero, but you need to let go!” The voice shook Izuku out of his thoughts as he realized he was clinging to All Might’s leg as the two of them soared through the air.

“No way! If I let go now I’ll die!” With a sigh, the hero landed with a thud on a nearby rooftop, Izuku dropping off his leg and shakily standing back up on his own. All Might turned to the boy with a bewildered expression on his face.


As the pro turned away to leap again, Izuku was able to regain his composure and shout out, “All Might, please wait!”

The pro stopped if only for a second, concerned if there was something wrong with the boy. He quickly cursed himself as he felt his limit slip away from him as steam began to emit from his bulging muscles. ‘Crap, I’m out of time…’ he thought.

Izuku was on his knees with his head bowed and tears welling up in his eyes. He took a deep breath and blurted out, “Even if I don’t have a quirk, can I be a hero?” There was a brief pause before the boy continued. “Can even someone without a quirk be like you?”

“Without a quirk?” repeated All Might. The steam he was emitting was getting thicker now, completely unnoticed by the boy.

“I’ve never been interested in the popularity aspect of heroics, but I’ve always wanted to be a person who saves people, and I can’t think of any other example of that desire than to be somebody like you.” The greenette opened his eyes to find a blond skinny man coughing up blood looking over him. He suddenly shrieked, “Eh! Who are you! You’re not All Might. A fake? That it you’re a fake!” Izuku pointed an accusatory finger at the unknown man.

“Trust me kid… I am indeed All Might.” Said the man.

“That can’t be true!” said Izuku as he shot up to his feet. “All Might is the worlds greatest hero! Fearless… He saves everyone with a smile...” Izuku tried to convince himself that this man wasn’t indeed his idol, but the logic of the situation was quickly starting to eat away at his denial.

The blond man sighed and looked at the boy. “What I’m about to show you can’t ever be talked about past this point. You understand young man?” Izuku nodded his head still in shock as the man pulled up the side of his shirt. What he saw was alarming. “Pretty gross huh? It’s an injury I got from a villain five years ago.”

“Five years ago? You mean you’re fight with toxic chainsaw?!” exclaimed Izuku.

All Might chuckled, “You really know your stuff. No this was a fight that wasn’t released to the public. I was in the hospital for a while afterwards where they had to remove and realign much of my internal organs. Right now, I can only work as a hero for about three hours a day.”

There was a small pause before the wounded pro continued.

“I’m sorry young man, but the world of a pro hero is dangerous. No matter the risks a person would be willing to put themselves at, no matter how brave or intelligent or strong they think they are… they wouldn’t be able to become a pro without a quirk. That will be a dream too far out of reach for them.”

Izuku collapsed to his feet as All Might turned to open the door to the roof access. Before he left the roof, he turned one last time to the boy. “It’s not bad to dream. But you also have to consider what’s realistic, young man.” The door closed and Izuku was left in silence. He stared straight ahead towards the roof railing as the voices once again began to ring in his head. He wanted so desperately to shut them off, but he seems to no longer be in control of himself.

He inched closer and closer to the edge as the voices got louder and louder in his mind. ‘You’re just a useless Deku! You can’t be a hero! You need to be realistic! Just take a swan dive off a roof…’ Izuku reached out to grasp the ledge when suddenly he heard an explosion go off. He looked up to see a cloud of black smoke rising over the buildings on the horizon about 6 blocks down.

‘That sound…’ Izuku thought. ‘It sounded kind of like…’ he was interrupted by more explosions going off. Some of which caused the boy to freeze in terror.

“Those are Kacchan’s explosions!”

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Izuku bolted from the top of the roof of the building and made his way towards the growing cloud of smoke and sounds of explosions. It had been a while since he heard the first explosion and he was worried if he was running towards a more serious situation than he first thought. Bakugo should be fine through as he hasn’t heard any more of the explosive blonde’s explosions and a while, so he assumed that whatever pros on the scene had pulled him away from any immediate danger.

As he rounded the last corner, he saw the assembled crowd behind a barricade with emergency services vehicles close by. The three pro heroes Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady and Death Arms stood at the front of the crowd as they looked down a burning alleyway. As he finally approached the assembled crowed, he was able to make out the same silhouette of the sludge villain that had nearly suffocated him not even an hour before.

‘Did all might drop him when I grabbed his leg earlier? Was this my fault?’ The greenette thought as he berated himself.

He shook his head. ‘I should go make sure Kacchan is ok. No need to beet myself up over this right now. The heroes can handle it.’ He started to walk toward the parked EMT vehicles when a frantic bystander rhetorically asked a question that made his blood freeze.

“Is that boy going to be ok?”

Without thinking Izuku turned toward the woman who spoke catching an even more horrific sight as he took in the full extent of the standoff between the villain and the heroes. There, struggling in the middle of the sludge villain was boy with ash blond hair and frantic red eyes.

“Kacchan?!” Izuku exclaimed as his brain tried to process what he was seeing.

The explosive blond was writhing and struggling to breath as he tried to shoot off his quirk at his attacker. All the while creating more of a challenge for the present pro heroes to attempt any sort of rescue. As Izuku stood there in horror, just another person in the crowd, he briefly locked eyes with his childhood tormentor who seemed to be looking back at him with an expression that could only be described as pure terror. In the next moment, Izuku quickly found himself running towards the boy, only to be stopped as another’s hand grabbed his backpack and tried to pull him back.

“Let go! I have to help him!” called Izuku, not even registering that the man was trying to say something to him.

“Even after everything he did to you?”

“Yes!” Izuku replied without even thinking. He squirmed out of his backpack straps and vaulted over the barricade ignoring the protests of the heroes as he continued towards the villain.

‘What am I doing?’

As the boy ran headfirst towards danger, a man dressed in a fancy bartender outfit set a yellow backpack on the ground and proceeded to walk away from the crowd, appearing to let out a sigh as he departed. Across the square was another man, skinny and dressed in loose fitting clothing, who watch with horror and surprise as the quirkless green-haired boy from before continued to run straight at the villain before him with nothing but the clothes on his back.

As Izuku ran closer to the villain, his mind started to panic as he realized he had no idea how he was going to do anything against the villain that stood before him. Thinking quickly, he saw a small piece of debris the size of softball a little off to his left. ‘I could use that, but where should I aim? His body is mostly just sludge so if I hit him where there isn’t any vital weakness it will probably just go through. The only things I can make out from the sludge are… his eyes!

Izuku crouched down as he neared the rock quickly grapping onto it and throwing it with all his might at the nearest eye of the villain. Surprised and caught off guard by the move, the villain was unable to stop the projectile from connecting directly with his right eye.

The villain screamed and suddenly stopped moving from the sudden attack from the greenette. Seeing a chance, Izuku quickly ran up to the villain where Bakugo had been immobilized and started clawing at the sludge. As he freed the explosive boy’s mouth, he was suddenly met with, “Stupid Deku! What the hell are you doing here!”

Izuku looked right into the blonde’s eyes, “I’m sorry Kacchan, my feet moved on their own.” The boy replied as tears started to well up in his eyes while he continued to claw again at the sludge. “You just looked like you needed help.”

They were interrupted by a cry from the sludge villain. “Stupid brat! You’re gonna pay for that!” He reared back a few tendrils as he prepared to attack the defenseless teens. Izuku quickly shut his eyes as he took one last attempt to pull Bakugo free of the sludge. However, the perceived attack never came and instead there was only a slight gust of wind. Looking up, he saw no other than the number one hero standing in between the villain’s attack and himself.


All Might thrusted his fist out.


The attack didn’t even hit. The wind pressure caused the sludge villain to explode out into the alleyway as rain began to start pouring.

“Did he change the weather with just a punch!” a member of the crowd shouted.

As the crowd began cheering for All Might, Izuku was pulled aside by the pro heroes and scolded for rushing in by himself. It got even worse when the pros discovered that he didn’t have a quirk and further reiterated their point saying that he had no business trying to play hero when it should be left to the professionals like them who had quirks. Across the square EMT’s were frantically looking over Bakugo for injuries and praising him for his bravery during the incident. Izuku had to work extra hard as he attempted to keep the voices in his head at bay until he could leave the area.

Taking a deep breath, Izuku walked toward his backpack that had been left on the ground during the whole incident and started to walk home. He had his dreams crushed by his idol and had been punished for doing hero work all in the same day. He started to wonder if the day could possibly get any worse.


Of course things could get worse. The greenette turned around to meet an explosion that made direct contact with his right shoulder. Crying in pain, the boy was shot backwards as he tumbled onto the ground. When he got onto his knees and looked up, he was meet with the angry face of Bakugo looking down at him. His had was still smoking, not even trying to hide the fact that he had attacked the boy, but Izuku could have almost sworn that he saw something else flicker in the boy’s red eyes as they looked at each other.

“You didn’t save me got it! I don’t need you help! You’re just useless Deku and you will always be useless Deku, understand?!”

With that, Bakugo turned and made his exit. Izuku on the other hand stayed where he was as he looked at the ground. His breathing starting to become erratic and uneven as he tried to quell the voices once more. ‘You’re just a useless Deku! You can’t be a hero! You need to be realistic! You don’t belong! You’re useless…worthless!’ Izuku pounded his fist on the ground and bit into the inside of his cheek in an attempt to calm himself down. After taking a few more breaths, he slowly got back up and continued down the road back home. He was met with All Might sliding into view. 

“I AM HERE!” The pro hero managed to say before changing into his skeletal form and spewing blood from his mouth.

“A-All Might!” Izuku interjected as he tried to collect himself after the roller coaster of a day he had had up to this point.

“Kid, I came to apologize,” replied the pro.

“F-For what? I’m the one who probably caused you to drop the sludge villain. Shouldn’t I be apologizing to you for that?” Izuku asked.

“Young Midoriya, why did you go out there to save that student?” All Might asked.

Izuku paused for a moment, thinking over his answer. He recalled the moment where he saw the terrified look and Bakugo’s eyes and had suddenly begun sprinting forward only to initially be stopped by another bystander before eventually breaking free.

“I don’t know. I just… felt my body move on its own.” 

All Might smiled at that. “Do you know what makes a great hero? What nearly every pro hero has said was the event that pushed them down their own path to greatness?”

Izuku looked up. His face must have said enough because the pro hero continued.

“Well, one of the most telltale signs is that their body moves before they think.”

Izuku’s eyes opened into a shocked expression as tears began to well up in his eyes for the who knows how much time before clutching his chest as he falls to his knees.

“Young Midoriya, you can become a hero!” All Might declared.

Izuku felt the dam break in his eyes. All the bullying, ridicule, pain and suffering that he had endured ever since being ousted as quirkless nearly ten years ago flooded his body. He wailed and sobbed his guts out as his idol looked at him with a look of respect and appreciation. A look he probably hadn’t seen since before being diagnosed. He thought back to that dreaded day almost ten years ago. ‘This is what I needed to hear.’



He was alone, sitting in a dark room with only the light from the computer monitor. The screen showed a paused image of the clip that he had watched over one thousand times since it had first been posted on the internet. The clip of his idol’s debut, standing atop a mountain of debris as he smiled brightly and declared. “NEVER FEAR. FOR I AM HERE.”

Izuku remembered how he would watch the video almost every day and brightly declare that once he got his quirk, he would be just like him. How he would save people with a bright smile and tell them everything would be ok. That dream was quickly shattered to pieces when the doctor showed him his x-rays and quirk test results that told him he wouldn’t develop a quirk.

“It’s not gonna happen kid.” the doctor had said.

Izuku’s mother Inko could tell that the news was not taken at all well by her son. On the entire ride home all he had done was stare straight ahead with his eyes glazed over. When they arrived back at there house, he went straight to his room having still not spoken a word since the doctor had broken the news. Inko was worried but said nothing as she began to fix dinner for the evening. When she finally went to go and call the boy for dinner, she opened his door to find him staring teary eyed at the paused monitor as he turned to face her.

“He’s always smiling…” said the boy. “Do you think I can be like him?... Can I be a hero too?...” the boy asked with droplets of tears starting to fall down his small face.

The mother, on the verge of crying herself, slowly walked towards her son before collapsing onto her knees and enveloped him in a loving hug as she began to start crying.

“I’m sorry Izuku… I’m so sorry…” she said softly as she rubbed her face with his while her tears continued.



‘That’s not what I wanted to hear that day mom…’ Izuku thought as he remembered the past. ‘What I needed to hear was…’

“You can become a hero!” All Might declared again as Izuku said the words in his mind as he was brought back to reality once again. “-and I deem you worthy of inheriting my power.”

The tears stopped flowing as confusion set in.

“What?” the boy said confused for a moment as he looked by at the pro hero like a deer in headlights. “What do you mean inherit your power?”

The pro let out a hearty laugh, “I’ve avoided telling people the truth about my quirk ever since I became a top hero. You know whenever the tabloids ask about my quirk, I usually deflect it, right? Most speculate that it’s a strength augmentation quirk as I have such boundless strength. Well, that’s not quite true.” The pro stopped to take a quick breath before continuing. “My quirk is actually a stockpiling quirk. One user takes it and improves it, then passes it on for the next one to improve and strengthen the quirk for future generations. The name of this quirk is called One For All.” All Might explained, opening his palm and letting light shine from it.

“One… For… All…”

“Yes, One For All. This power has been entrusted to the next generation by many people, praying that it would work for the good of humanity. That all of there hopes would become one. I believe that you are the one who can take hold of this sacred torch and inherit my power. Will you accept?

Izuku was speechless. All Might said he was worthy to inherit his quirk. He could get a quirk! He could finally reach the starting line of his peers and walk the path of becoming a hero just like he always dreamed of.

“I…Yes!” Izuku shouted. Again, tears welled up in his eyes as he tried desperately to reign in his emotional storm.

All Might smiled at Izuku’s enthusiasm.

“Good. Meet me at Dagobah Beach tomorrow morning and we will start.” All Might said.

“Y-Yes sir!”

For the first time since he could remember, Izuku returned home felling ecstatic and hopeful for the future. He had to take a quick detour and get some bandages for the attack that Bakugo laid on him before his second meeting with All Might, but to his relief he was able to wrap up the wound and hid it from his mother. Inko of course pulled him into a teary-eyed hug the moment he walked into the door, saying how worried she was when she saw him on the news running to save Bakugo from the villain. After finally getting herself back under control, she let the boy go to his room to wash up for dinner.

Izuku let out a sigh of relief when he closed the door to his room. Relieved at the fact that he had managed to hide the burn mark for his mother. She had enough to worry about as is. He quickly pulled off his shirt and looked to inspect the burn more closely. He was stocked at the damage as it was far worse than anything the explosive blonde had done before. There was a clear mark in the shape of a hand print the stretched from the front side of his shoulder to the base of his collarbone and went about halfway down his right pec. He smelled the faint odor of burning flesh as he tried to clean the wound and wrap it up once more.

‘Jeez, I save the guy and instead of maybe lowering the brutality he bumps it up a notch. Maybe that guy in the crowd was righ-’

Izuku stopped what he was doing and blinked a few times. He shuddered as he tried to think with any logical reasoning for how a random adult on the street seemed to know about his history with Bakugo.

‘Could he have been our teacher? But that doesn’t make any sense because he lives in the opposite direction of the school. Plus, wouldn’t he want Bakugo to be saved?’



A man dressed in a fancy bartender outfit in in an unknown location in Japan entered a dark room where another sat looking at the ceiling through his large industrial grade breathing mask.

“Master,” the man began. “I come with a report.”

“Ah Kurogiri,” the other man spoke in a low and cold tone. “what news have you brought me?”

“Master,” the one known as Kurogiri said. “there’s been a development in project ascendant.”

“Oh?” the Master replied.

“I’m afraid there had been a major setback in its development.” Kurogiri waited in silence for a log time as he allowed his master to take in the news. He knew better than to say anything that could interrupt.

“That is unfortunate…” Master finally replied. “I wasn’t expecting this. No matter. I would like for you to table your actions with the project for now. Focus on Tomura. I believe he may be a better asset to invest in for now.”

Kurogiri bowed to the man and prepared to make his departure. “I look forward to bringing you more good news in the future.”

With the others departure, the Master was left alone in the room again. He chuckled to himself finally after a few long moments before standing up to walk to the window that sat on the wall at the other end of the room.

“I can say I’m shocked but not surprised. No matter. The seeds that will uproot and bring down this fragile society have already been put into place. Prepare yourself All Might, because the events that will ensure both yours and societies downfall have already been put into motion.”

Chapter Text

Izuku found himself waking up a bit earlier than expected the next morning. It was Saturday so he didn’t have to worry about going to school or dealing with Bakugo. He grimaced as he moved to sit up, his body still sore from the events of the previous day. He turned over to his desk as he heard the chime of his cell phone screaming “I AM HERE!” Still groggy, he got up to check his phone, only to nearly yelp when he read the contents of the message.

‘Young Midoriya! I look forward to seeing you at Dagobah Beach so we can continue where we left off yesterday.’

Izuku nearly fainted from excitement as he realized the events that transpired yesterday were indeed not a dream, and that he also had All Might’s phone number! He quickly rushed to his closet at threw on a pair of workout shorts and a loose-fitting white t-shirt with the kanji word for ‘t-shirt’ printed on the front in black writing. After making a quick bit of food for himself, as well as writing a note to his mom that he was going out, he began to head to Dagobah Beach. When he got there, he was shocked when he saw that the place looked more like a dump than a public beach. All Might was standing in his skinny form right outside.

“Young Midoriya, you’ve arrived.”

“All Might, why have you chosen this place of all locations to train?” he responded.

“Why, that’s because we’re going to clean it, of course! Or should I say, you’re going to clean it. Consider this your training!” replied the incognito pro hero.

Izuku blinked for a moment with a confused look before regaining his composure, “Why is that?”

“As it is right now, and not to put you down or anything like that, but your skinny twig of a body is nowhere close to hold the power of my quirk. If I gave it to you now, your limbs could have a chance of exploding off your body.” All Might explained.

Izuku blinked again for a moment as he tried to process the information, “WHAT?!”

“That’s why you need training and it’s the reason why we’re going to clean this beach. But there’s another reason as well. Being a hero is more than just fighting villains and being famous, it’s also about being a public servant and looking out for the community.”

Izuku nodded as All Might continued, he already had the belief the heroes were people that were meant to help others, but he felt a sense of admiration for his idol as he confirmed that the two had similar views on heroics.

“Sometimes, heroes will do public service by cleaning up the junk of society, like this beach.” All Might continued. “This place once used to be beautiful, but when junk started floating up after being pushed here by currents and people started leaving their trash, it became as it is today.” the pro gestured to the piled of garbage that littered itself across the horizon as he finished his explanation. “We have ten months till the entrance exams at U.A, and by the time you have made this beach spotless you will be both ready for my quirk as well as the exams. It will be difficult, but I believe you can do it.”

Izuku looked back towards his idol and now mentor. The blond was giving him a genuine smile of admiration and respect as he gave a thumbs up to the third-year middle school student. Izuku looked back at the dump of a beach that lay before him, then looking down at his own two hands. ‘This is it.’ He thought to himself, ‘This is my starting line. No more useless Deku, no more quirkless nobody. I will master the power of One For All and prove that the faith All Might has given me wasn’t wasted. I will get into U.A, and I will be a hero!’

“Alright. I’ll do it!” shouted Izuku, earning a loud laugh and another big smile from his mentor.

For the next few hours, Izuku hauled trash from the beach into All Might’s truck that he brought along for the purpose of moving the collected garbage to an actual dump a small distance away. When the truck was full, All Might would then drive the trash to the dump and come back, allowing Izuku some time to rest between trips doing more body related stretching and aerobics. At the end of the day, Izuku was more sore than he had ever been in his life.

“That was a good first day, but you must remember that this is only the beginning. We have ten months to maximize your development, so I’ve developed a plan! Here!” All Might said.

The blonde man handed Izuku a notebook called ‘All Might’s All-American Dream Guide’. Inside it was packed with notes and suggestions from everything from a meal plan to scheduled time for cleaning the beach, doing homework, and getting a proper night’s sleep.

“Remember that taking care of your body is just as important as pushing yourself to your limits. Follow this and you should be able to get my quirk before the entrance exam no problem.”

Izuku looked over the contents of the book very quickly before looking back at All Might.

“Yes, sir!”

“Good! Get some rest, Young Midoriya! I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.”



A lot of things had changed for Izuku Midoriya in the following months. The first thing of course was the training he did with All Might everyday right after school for three hours. The first roadblock in his way was obviously his mother. It took a long and complicated explanation, along with a few twisted truths and white lies, to convince her about the after-school training as well and the meal plan All Might had recommended. He of course didn’t mention his mentor’s involvement nor that he was going to get One For All, but rather explained that he still wanted to try for U.A and that he made some tough realizations after the sludge villain incident.

Inko had no real reason to refuse. Deep down she felt that her son wasn’t telling her the whole truth, similar to how he seemed to brush of her concerns about his classmate’s treatment of him due to his quirkless status, but she also saw a glint of determination in her son’s eyes that she hadn’t seen in a long time. There was also her feeling of guilt that it was her fault her son was quirkless in the first place, and how she felt that what she had said after their visit to the doctor all those years ago nearly crushed the last bit of her son’s dreams. So instead she accepted her son’s decision, albeit with the promise that he does not overdo anything and get seriously hurt when he was out training.

The second thing that changed was his attitude toward his classmates, especially Bakugo. It wasn’t that the greenette insinuated anything with the explosive blonde, in fact it was almost the opposite. When he went back to school after the sludge villain incident, he found most of his classmates standing around the boy complimenting him on his bravery and further reiterating that the boy was going to be a great hero. While the ‘Explosion’ user had small tells of annoyance on his face, most of it showed an arrogant smirk as he basked in the praise. The whole ordeal reminded Izuku how the pro heroes on the scene had berated him for helping the boy when he had no quirk.

‘If it wasn’t for me, he would probably be dead, yet I’m the one who gets berated while he gets the praise.’ Izuku thought. He subconsciously started rubbing the scar he had received after the whole ordeal when the blonde had attacked him. Due to his best efforts, his skin still showed the outline of the handprint. At that moment, Izuku felt an emotion take hold of him that he hadn’t felt before. He was angry. It didn’t last very long, only a few seconds before he reined in the emotion, but it was enough time for him to consider walking up and punching Bakugo in the face. He shook his head and sat down at his desk to wait for school to start.

As for the relationship with the rest of his classmates, Izuku quickly began to accept what he already knew. People flocked to those with powerful quirks like moths to a light. If their quirk was seen as strong or heroic, others would praise them for these things even if they were a bully like Bakugo. On the other hand, if the quirk was seen as weak or villainous, or in his case non-existent, people were quick to write them off or see them as useless and avoid them. I almost sickened Izuku that people could be so narrow minded, he had spent years analyzing and brainstorming effects and applications of quirks and he could list hundreds of extremely practical useless for some of his classmate’s quirks that people called useless.

‘Like a flock of sheep, the whole lot of them.’ thought the boy.

Despite his new opinions of his classmates, and the fact the Izuku finally read the room and stopped talking about heroics in front of other people, the torment from his classmates didn’t stop. While Izuku never got hit with Bakugo’s explosions again, besides the very rare times when he would step in to defend someone when he found the ‘Explosion’ user bullying another student in the school yard, the greenette was still subject to the constant harassment that was due to him being quirkless.

In the following month’s Izuku began to isolate himself even further from his peers and classmates. He took to eating his lunch on the roof of the school, mostly so he could still work on his hero notebooks, as taking them out in front of others only led to more jeers. Although, he had to sometimes skip eating on the roof when he was having a bad day. If he was up there on those days, he worried that something similar to when All Might left him on the roof would happen, only that there wouldn’t be something to stop him that time. While the voices had gotten better ever since All Might had begun training him, they were still there and there were days where it took him longer than usual to get them under control.

One day shortly after the end of the seventh month of his training, Izuku was taking a quick water break while looking over his progress thus far. According to his mentor, he was just on track to finish cleaning up the beach by the time of the entrance exams. Izuku wasn’t surprised as he had been following the training plan to the letter. While he wanted to push himself at training his body more around three months in, as he felt like he needed to catch up to others, his mentor had suggested that he hold off as pushing himself too hard would lead to problems. To curb his desires, the greenette settled for more training to his mind instead, doing more quirk analysis in his hero journals as well as doing more studying for the written part of the entrance exams.

Thinking back, Izuku suddenly remembered a question that he had wanted to ask his mentor for a while but had totally forgotten, “Hey All Might,” the skeleton man turned to his successor. “Before you received One For All, what was your quirk?”

The pro hero’s eyes widened in shock before he was able to compose himself. He bit his lip as a slight look of shame washed over his face. “Before I tell you young Midoriya, can you promise to not interject until I finish my explanation?”

“Sure, but explanation for what?”

“Well you see young Midoriya,” the pro began. “Before I received One For All… I was quirkless as well.”

All Might could see the look of shock and slight bit of anger rise into his successor’s facial expression, but he was relieved to see that the boy respected his agreement and did not look to interrupt him.

“I can understand why you are angry or disappointed in me,” the pro continued. “When we first met, I was hypocritical when I told you couldn’t be a hero without a quirk. Especially since I was trying to do the same thing when I was your age.” The pro was relieved when the look of anger seemed to reside from his successor’s face, but he knew he wasn’t out of the woods yet. “However, when I saw you all I could see was a weak quirkless fanboy, I didn’t know who you really were, so I said what I said in hopes of trying to save you from the fate I experienced in middle school growing up. A quirkless kid trying to play hero only to be beaten senseless and bullied because of a hopeless dream.” All Might noticed the slight wince from the boy as he said this. “That being said, I was never more wrong in my life, and I hope you can forgive me one day for what I said.”

Izuku stared at his mentor for a few more seconds before nodding his head in understanding. He shifted his gaze towards the water and thought for a few moments before speaking. “The bullies, how did you deal with them?”

All Might quirked an eyebrow, wondering why his successor was asking such a question before slapping himself mentally as he realized that the boy was probably in a similar situation. “Young Midoriya, are you bullied at school?”

Jumped up quickly and started waving his arms sporadically as he tried to answer his mentor’s question. “N-No, I-I mean well… yes there is some jeering and put downs from my classmates but that’s pretty much the end of it. I doubt it’s nowhere close to what you went though growing up if you were being beaten.” Izuku didn’t want to lie to his mentor like he did to his mom, heck he just hoped that the situation would never come up, but he stupidly got lost in the moment and slipped up when All Might told him about his own troubles. It wasn’t that he didn’t want his mentor’s help, but rather he just wanted for the past to stay in the past and not worry about the information getting back to his mother about just how bad his relationship with her one good friend’s son really was.

All Might wanted to push the boy for more information but decided against it and simply responded with, “I just want you to know young Midoriya, if you ever feel like you need an adult to help you if things goes too far, you can count on me. You can trust me.”

“Thank you All Might,” smiled the boy.



“My real name is Toshinori Yagi,” replied All Might. “You may as well use it when I’m in this form.” the pro hero gestured to his skeletal stature.

“O-Ok, thank you Toshinori.”

The pro smiled, “You’re welcome my boy. Now what do you say we get back to it?”




March 1st was not a good day for the Midoriya family. It was the date that Izuku’s father decided to cut ties with his wife and son. Inko remembered not being surprised when she heard the news, devastated of course but not surprised. Hizashi Midoriya had left to take a job overseas about three months beforehand and about a month after his son had been diagnosed quirkless by the doctor. Izuku didn’t remember much about the man, but his father was always a sore spot of conversation between him and his mother.

For Inko, the day was almost suffocating. It was a constant reminder that the man she had loved unconditionally for almost five years had suddenly got up and broke her heart, and it was all because the genetic lottery deemed that there son would end up in the ever diminishing percentage of quirkless people in the rising generations. She had always seemed to blame herself for Izuku’s quirklessness, but the reminder that her beloved husband left because of it took further blows to her self-esteem.

Izuku would always try to cheer her up when the day approached but found it near impossible to do anything when the day had actually arrived. Izuku loved his mother more than anything and wanted to do anything to help her, but the best he could do on this day was to remain at home and just be there for her. He had taken the day off from school, calling in sick, and explained to Toshinori, yeah it still felt weird to call him that, that he wouldn’t be able to train today. The pro hero made no argument as it was the first day that the boy had taken off in nearly nine months.

When Izuku woke up that day, he went into the kitchen to find that his mother was already making breakfast. He quickly walked up behind her without saying a word and hugged her from behind. He felt his mother stop for a moment before turning to face him, he moved his head from her back to find her smiling at him with tears welling in her eyes. The hugged each other tightly for nearly a minute, still not saying a word before he went to go sit down at the table while she finished breakfast.

“How’s school been going?”

“Very well, I finally passed Katsuki in class rankings so now I’m top of the class,” replied the younger Midoriya. He had stopped calling the boy Kacchan but couldn’t refer to him as Bakugo without rising suspicion from his mother, and today was NOT the day we wanted his relationship with the ‘Explosion’ user to be found out. He was happy when he caught a small smile escape from his mother’s lips.

“That’s wonderful dear, I’m so proud of you. Your...” his mother stopped before she could finish the sentence. A dreadful silence enveloped the household as Izuku frantically tried to find a way to break it without further upsetting his mother. Coming up with nothing irritated him, but he settled with simply smiling as he gave his thanks for the meal and started eating. He hoped that his cheery mood would be enough to shake his mother out of her depressed state.

“I’m sorry,” his mother finally said as he finished his meal. “I know I don’t make this day easy for you, but you should really get ready to go to school.” Izuku dreaded that he had to have this conversation again with his mother, but he was not going to let her stumble into the depths of her own self-pity.

“You know I can’t do that today mom, I called in sick and I even put my training on hold for the day.” The younger Midoriya replied.

The boy’s mother looked at him with a frantic look mixed with shock. He had done this before to her, but she seemed almost bewildered that he had planned to yet again toss all his responsibilities out the window. “Izuku…”

“I’m not taking no for an answer mom. Set conditions all you want as compensation, but I’m not budging on this.”

The mother let out a defeated sigh, she wanted to protest her son’s decision, but she knew he wouldn’t break. Deep down, she wanted to just wrap him up in her arms and hold him close to her body to show him that she was touched at how much he cared, but she just couldn’t do that with everything that had happened.

“Promise me that this won’t negatively impact either your schoolwork or your workout goals…”

“I’m ahead in both since I planned for this, anything else?”

The mother let out another sigh, her boy really was on top of everything. Maybe she really didn’t have to worry about him as much as she thought. “I guess I have nothing to argue with then.”

Izuku smiled as he got up and gave his mother another big hug, which was returned with everything she could muster. The spend most of the morning sitting in the living room either watching one of her favorite television shows or playing one of his mother’s boardgames that she had lying around the house. They didn’t talk much, but Izuku did see her give a faint smile a couple more times. After they had made lunch, they continued making small talk as Izuku played the game of trying to keep the conversation afloat without causing her to have another episode like she had had at breakfast. She of course did, but Izuku wasn’t surprised. He gave her space when she needed it and kept things mostly productive.

The afternoon went in a similar bout as he helped her with chores around the house before taking a break and returning to the couch with her in the midafternoon. It was then that Izuku got a great idea.

“Hey mom,” the woman in question turned to look at him. “could we go for a walk soon? There’s something I would like to show you.”

The woman nodded before they returned to their silence on the couch. After almost another hour had gone by the woman stood up and motioned to the boy that they could go now. Izuku got up and followed her outside their apartment before taking the lead himself to guide her to their destination. They walked for a while before finally arriving at Dagobah Beach.

When they had arrived there, Inko couldn’t help but be mesmerized by how beautiful the beach looked from where they were. Sure, there was still a decent pile of garbage up against the street about 200 meters down the beach but compared to how badly it looked a few years ago it was breathtaking.

“Izuku…” the woman began as tears welled in her eyes, born this time from happiness instead of despair. “It’s beautiful.”

“I took a while to get it to look like this, but it was well worth it,” he replied.

His mother turned back to him as soon as he finished the statement. Shock causing her eyes to grow as big as dinner plates. “Izuku… are you responsible for this?! How is this even possible?!”

“W-Well,” the boy stuttered as he twirled his index fingers before poking them together. “When you dedicate nearly three hours a day to removing trash from a beach as your method of working out, you find that you can do a lot if you have like eight or nine months to do it.”

Inko stared at her son like a deer in headlights for almost two minutes, attempting to comprehend what her son had just told her. When she finally started to adjust herself back to reality, she shook her head quickly before looking back at her son, her expression of shock still on her face. “You mean to tell me that all this time you have been hauling garbage off this beach for three hours a day every day ever since you asked me about that meal plan nearly nine months ago?!”

“Y-Yeah,” replied the boy. “Heroes help out the community, right?”

Inko pulled her son into the tightest hug she could possibly muster; tears began to stream down her face like a river. “Oh, my baby… I don’t deserve you. Here you are taking something that was horrendous and turning it into something beautiful. I don’t deserve you. You have a heart of gold.”

The boy hugged his mother back, “You do deserve me mom. I know I don’t say it that much, but I love you with all of my heart, and that will never change as long as I live.”

The two cried a bit more on the beach before deciding to head back to the apartment. Inko decided to make katsudon, Izuku’s favorite, as a thank you for showing her the beach as well as to thank him for what he had done for her that day. The two ate their meal as they shared a pleasant conversation about one of the shows that they had watched together earlier before deciding to retire for the night. Needless to say, they both slept soundly for the first time in a long while.



It was exactly one week before the entrance exam when Toshinori Yagi walked up to the top of the steps that let down to Dagobah Beach before suddenly stopping at the sight that lay before him. There, standing atop a run down and decayed pickup truck, stood his successor as he yelled triumphantly out toward the horizon with not a single piece of trash littering the beach horizon.

"Oh my… Oh my…  GOODNESS!!"  He yelled as he transformed into his buff form.

The sudden outburst spooked his successor to the point that he turned around too quickly and fell off the truck landing face first in the sand. The greenette quickly scrambled up onto his feet looking toward the pro hero with a look of confusion on his face. “A-All Might?!”


Izuku smiled in delight, "T-Thank you, All Might! I’m happy to make you proud and I promise to be the best hero that anyone will ever know, I'll become the next symbol of peace!”


Izuku would be lying if he said he wasn’t feeling completely overwhelmed with excitement. After more than ten years of ridicule and bullying for being quirkless he was finally going to receive a quirk, from his idol no less, and finally be able to work towards being a hero. He of course would still be facing many obstacles in the future, but the all seemed insignificant next to the fact that he was finally going to have a quirk of his own, although technically it was someone else’s power that he was being bestowed with, but he ignored that fact for now and enjoyed the moment.

“I will make you proud All Might, I will accept you power and make it my own.” Izuku had a look of determination on his face “I’m ready to be the next wielder of One for All!”

"GOOD!"  After a dramatic pause of silence, All Might reached into his head and pulled out a strand of hair, then sticking it in front of Izuku.


There was a moment of awkward silence, before Izuku tilted his head with a dumbfounded expression.



Chapter Text


There was a moment of awkward silence, before Izuku tilted his head with a dumbfounded expression.



Izuku stared between All Might and the hair in his hand, then back at him. He sighed before taking the hair and downing it in a gulp. He shivered as it went down his throat.

“Ugh…” Izuku let out after it went down.

All Might reverted to his skinny form, not wanting to tempt fate for being in his muscle form for too long.

“It should take a couple hours for the hair to process. Since you still have a week, you can use the time to get a feel for One for All. By the entrance exam you should be able to use it properly no problem.” Toshinori explained.

The two decided to pass the time by exercising. At the end of their typical three hours, Izuku started to feel something strange humming through his body. It was a very foreign sensation for the boy. ‘Is this what having a quirk feels like?’ the ‘Quirk Inheritor’ thought.

“Uh, All Mi-Toshinori?” Izuku asked.

“What is it?”

“I feel a bit different.”

The pro hero quirked an eyebrow at this, “Could you explain this feeling?”

“Like there’s power built up inside of me,” replied Izuku

Toshinori smiled brightly, “That must mean One For All has finished manifesting in your body.”

“Oh! So what should I do?”

The blonde scratched his chin, “Hmm… Well, when I first received the quirk all those years ago, I clenched my butt cheeks and yelled ‘SMASH!’” Toshinori said.

Izuku gave his mentor a blank look before sighing.

“If it’s as best as I’m gonna get...” Izuku muttered to himself. 

Izuku tried feeling for the quirk. Doing as Toshinori said, he clenched his butt cheeks, thrust his fist forward towards the sea, and yelled.


A large sonic boom engulfed the two of them in an explosion of sand. The Symbol of Peace buffed up once more before clapping his hands to disperse the cloud of sand, only to reveal Izuku standing in front of the water’s edge having left a considerable gap in the sand and water expanding tens of dozens of meters into the sea. The boy was clutching his arm in considerable pain.

Panicked, the pro sprinted over to assess the damage. The boy’s whole arm was completely purple, and it looked broken and mangled in multiple places.

“All Might… Was this supposed to happen?” Izuku asked as darks spots began to appear in his vision.

All Might didn’t answer, only lifting Izuku as carefully as he could and jumping off. Izuku blacked out from the pain he suffered soon after wards.



To say that Toshinori was shocked by the previous events would be a bit of an understatement. Of course, he knew that there was a change that the boy could potentially hurt himself when he first acquired the quirk, but he did not expect that the backfire could be this severe. He knew that only ten months of training and growth were pushing bare minimum requirements for maintaining the quirk, and that the stockpiling effect would increase the power in his successor, but he never expected for the boy’s arm to end up in the state that it was in. He was able to use nearly seventy-five percent of the quirk without drawbacks from day one. His successor on the other hand seemed to be unable to maintain any control over the quirk whatsoever.

Still holding his successor in his arms as he hopped between buildings, the pro hero managed to sneak his phone out of his pocket before calling the one person who he knew could bail him out of this precarious situation.

“Toshinori? Why are you calling me at this hour? You’re not due to meet with Nezu for another two hours.” Came the confused tone of an elderly woman from the phone.

“Chiyo, I’m sorry I have a situation. Are you in your office right now? I have someone who need your help.”

There was a moment’s pause on the other end of the line before the woman responded, “Bring them to the infirmary. I’ll be there in two minutes.” The phone clicked to signal the call had been ended.

After putting the phone back in his pocket, and readjusting his hold on his successor, All Might picked up the pace as he made his way to U.A. After landing in a courtyard just in front of the doors to the main building, the pro quickly navigated himself through the labyrinth before stopping just outside the infirmary. He threw open the doors, only to find the woman he had just called standing before him before pointing to the nearest bed for him to lay the boy in his arms own on. After giving the boy a quick once over, All Might could see a bit of shock in her eyes before she started to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, she gave the boy a kiss on the forehead before stepping back and let her quirk do its job.

“All right mister,” the pro hero shook at the words as he turned toward the woman who now stood at his side and was looking up at him. “Start talking.



Izuku was greeted with the sight of an unfamiliar room when he finally woke up. Recalling the events that had transpired before he had passed out, he quickly looked over to his arm to find it had been placed in a temporary cast.

To the boy’s left, skidding around to prepare what he could only assume were medical supplies, was a rather short woman who could only be described as grandmotherly. He felt a vague prickling that he should know her, but he couldn’t quite place her face.

It was at that point that a very sudden realization hit him. “CRAP! I need to callmymomsheisgoingtobesoworriedshedoesn’tkowwhereia-” he started rapidly mumbling out while clutching his head in his hands as his circumstances dawned on him. Before either of the adults in the room could react to the sudden outburst from the young boy, he shot up only to wince and gasp, clutching at his side, suddenly remembering that breaking his arm was what brought him to this situation.

Worry immediately shot through the two adults present as they moved to steady the frantic boy in front of them. 

“Steady now young Midoriya,” Toshinori began. “After you passed out, I took you to the infirmary here at U.A. I understand you need to contact you mother given that our training session ended quite a while ago, but please allow Recovery Girl here to check over you again before discharging you.”

Before the pro hero had finished his sentence, Izuku’s eyes widened as he realized that he did recognize the woman! “You’re Recovery Girl! The Youthful Heroine! Ohmygosh it is such an honor to meet you I have so many questions about your quirk like-” the boy’s tirade, which was slightly more coherent this time than the previous one, was cut short by Recovery Girl tapping her cane against the floor twice and raising a free hand to silence the boy.

“Sonny, while I appreciate your enthusiasm for me and my quirk, I would prefer if we had this discussion after I’ve confirmed that nothing else is wrong with you.” Izuku nodded slowly as a blush tinged his cheeks in embarrassment at his vocal outburst. Recovery Girl gave him a comforting smile before walking a bit closer and examining the boy. “Well it seems as though everything is in check,” the elder responded after a few moments. “take two of these gummies before you leave. They should help reduce the effects of my quirk given that it requires me to use your stamina to heal you.”

Izuku nodded at the woman. He understood what she meant when talking about the effects of her quirk, both because of his hero research as well as from the feeling of lethargy that had spread across his body ever since he had woken up.

“Thank you, Recovery Girl,” Izuku took the gummies and washed them down with water. “I’m going to call my mom now if that’s ok.”

“Of course, dear. You can just step out into the hallway.”

Izuku bowed to the woman as well as his mentor before pulling his phone out of his pocket and stepping outside.

“He reminds me a lot of you when you were that age,” commented Recovery Girl.

Toshinori let out a small hum of approval as he recalled the day that he laid eyes on the boy running headfirst into danger like a true hero. He was quickly interrupted with a smack to his leg before the elderly woman continued.

“That’s not a complement Mr! if he really is like you, I’ll have him here nearly every day with injuries.” shouted the angry woman.

“So you do believe he will pass the exams?” Toshinori replied with a slight smirk.

“Please, if he’s your successor I have no doubt he will get in and be the biggest pain in my neck for the next three years.”

The skinny man held up a hand for silence and put a finger in front of his lips as he pointed towards the door.

“Y-yes Mom, I’m alright…. Yeah, no everything is ok… Yeah! Recovery Girl! THAT Recovery Girl! I’m at U.A!” the two adults swore they could hear something between sobbing and excited screaming on the other end of the line. “Yeah, Mom I know… Um, well, it’s complicated to explain… I think it’s better if I tell you in person when I get back… I promise I’m ok though.”

Another pause as Izuku listened to his mother fuss over him. “Yeah, Mr. Yagi saw it happen and he apparently knows Recovery Girl and gave her a call… No, he’s been very kind to me… U-um, okay! I will!... Yeah, I’ll let them know… Okay, love you too. Bye, Mom.”

The duo heard the boy click off his phone before re-entering the infirmary. The boy walked up with a slight blush on his cheeks with his right hand scratching the back of his head before saying, “My mom wants me to give you a thank you for what you’ve done for me…”

The elderly woman chuckled, “It’s no problem dearie. You can give her my gratitude when you get back home.” The boy gave another round of thanks before the woman said something that shook him to his core. “So, you’re Toshinori’s successor to One For All huh?”

If Toshinori could take a picture of the exact reaction that appeared when the sentence registered in the boy’s brain, he would have. Missing his chance, he instead gave out a boisterous laugh before jumping in with, “Worry not young Midoriya, Recovery Girl here is one of the few people that knows the true secret of One For All. You don’t need to feel like you have to hide something here.”

“Of course, I know the secret!” the elderly woman spat. “How would I have been able to give you proper medical care without knowing?! There can be no secrets between a doctor and their patient. That’s what all the patient confidentiality is for!”

It took Izuku a bit longer to recover from the information he had just learned. When he finally started to function normally again, he answered the original question that the elderly woman had asked him. “Yes ma’am. My name is Izuku Midoriya. I was originally quirkless, but All Might, er Toshinori, saw something in me and decided to bestow One For All to me.” He finished his introduction with a small bow, missing the slight quirk of an eyebrow from Recovery Girl when he did so.

“It’s nice to meet you, young man. However, I think it’s time for you to get home so you don’t worry your mother any more than you have.”

Izuku quickly shot up and said, “Right!” he turned to thank the two one last time before making his way out of the room. After a few more minutes, when she was sure that the boy wasn’t coming back, Recovery Girl turned to the skinny blonde. A look of seriousness was painted across her face.

"Toshinori, I ran some tests on him while he was out."

The man in question turned to the short old woman with a quirked eyebrow, "Is there anything of concern?"

"Maybe, but I can't be sure quite yet." replied Recovery Girl. "Are you certain that the boy is quirkless?"

The blond man was shocked by the question. "He told me he was, and I can't think of a reason why he would lie, right?"

Recovery Girl nodded her head in agreement. "He seemed convinced when he mentioned it himself earlier, but if he's not lying then my results are concerning."

"What's wrong?" Inquired the blonde.

"His public file indicates his quirkless status, and his medical records of quirk assessment by a Dr. Tsubasa claim that all forms of testing indicated that the boy was indeed quirkless. The problem is that my test results don't support either of these claims."

All Might took in a quick breath, "You mean..."

"Toshinori," Recovery Girl was looking him dead in the eye now. "The boy already had a quirk."

Toshinori understood what the woman was implying. She wouldn’t bring this up unless she was absolutely sure of herself, and as much as the pro hero didn’t want to consider what such implications had on his successor, he knew that there were multiple situations where the development would cause trouble for the boy.

“Is there any chance that the original doctor was wrong?”

“Assuming that he performed the tests appropriately, the chances are near zero. Additionally, the fact that the boy appears to have no recollection of anything out of the ordinary that could potentially be his using of his supposed quirk, it leads to two possible situations. Three if we include him.”

Toshinori eyes widened before he quickly shot down that suggestion. “I practically caved his head in Chiyo, there’s no way he is still out there.”

“I’m just giving you all the possibilities based on what I know of the situation. What are you going to tell him?”

“For now, nothing. I’ll keep my eye on him for any development that could help us better guess what we are dealing with, but I don’t want him to burden him with this unless we are absolutely sure.”

Recovery Girl nodded. As much as she didn’t like keeping such a secret from her patient, she understood that holding off on revealing things for now was probably for the best. “I look into getting the records of his quirk tests from this Doctor Tsubasa. With any luck, he just missed something and this can all be solved quickly.”

“I hope so,” responded Toshinori.

“There’s something else…” Recovery Girl was clutching her cane as tight as possible now. A look of anger had washed over her face as she looked straight ahead at the door where the boy had walked out a little while before. “The boy Toshinori… his body is covered in scars.”

That caught the pro’s attention, he had never seen the boy without a shirt off, but he trusted the woman’s word. He immediately thought back to the conversation he had with young Midoriya only a few months before. The boy had assured him that his bullying remained only verbal, but now the pro was starting to think that his successor had not given him the whole truth.

“There was a time where he mentioned he was bullied due to his quirkless status, but he assured me that there was no physical assault happing as a part of it.”

The elderly woman nodded. It was no secret the quirkless people were treated harshly by society due to not having quirks, but it still hurt to see a child go through considerable physical trauma because of it. Quirkless or not, it wasn’t ok.

“I told the boy that he should talk to me if things got that far, and that he could trust me, but it seems that he chose not to bring it up.” There was a moment of silence between the two before it was broken by the blonde after he interpreted the silence as telling him he needed to do something about it. “I’ll bring something up to Naomasa next time I see him about investigating his middle school, but I don’t feel like I should confront the boy about it without him opening up to me first.

This drew out another nod from Recovery Girl. “Forcing him to talk about it when he clearly hasn’t would just be counterproductive. However, you can kill two birds with one stone here by being there for him should he decide to talk while also keeping on the lookout for developments regarding his potential genetic quirk.

“I’ll be sure to do that. Let me know when you make any developments on your end with this Doctor Tsubasa.”

Recovery Girl chuckled to herself while shaking her head. “You sure know to pick a successor Toshinori. We haven’t even had our entrance exams yet and you already have me basically conducting a full investigation with nearly any lead.”

The pro here gave a big smile before taking his leave. Already pulling out his phone and dialing a number on the keypad. “Naomasa, it’s me. I need you to do me a favor…”



It was almost dark by the time Izuku reached the door of his apartment. After quickly making his way inside and taking of his shoes, he turned around to face the terrifying presence of his mother. Almost tripping over his things in surprise, he quickly took a breath of air before being cut of by the older Midoriya.

“Now…” the woman began with a slightly menacing tone. “would you care to explain to me why you were out way longer than you typical three hours, missed three of my phone calls, and had to be brought to Recovery Girl for treatment?” Her arms were crossed in front of her chest and she had a scowl on her face that Izuku had never seen before due to never causing his mother to be this angry.

“U-Uh, w-well you see…” Izuku stammered as he twirled and poked his index fingers together while looking down at his feet. Cutting off his initial outburst, he took a deep breath before dropping his hands to his sides and looking back up to lock eyes with his mother.

“I have a quirk.”

The spatula and ladle that were being held in his mother’s hands fell to the ground with a clank.

Chapter Text

“I have a quirk.”

The spatula and ladle that were being held in his mother’s hands fell to the ground with a clank, leaving the older Midoriya with only a face of pure shock and confusion while her mouth hung open. After the initial moments of the conversation were digested, the mother pulled both of her hands up to her mouth and began to cry with happiness. She immediately rushed to envelop the boy in one of her vice grip hugs.

“Oh my baby… my beautiful baby has a quirk. Izuku, I’m so happy for you.” The younger Midoriya returned the hug and rubbed circles across his mother’s back as she cried into his shoulder. Tears began to well up in his eyes as well. They both stayed there for a few moments longer before the boy gestured that they should probably go sit down at the table or on the couch. They chose the table and the mother went to go prepare some tea before joining her son at the table.

“What exactly happened?” the green haired woman inquired.

“W-well,” Izuku began. He had talked with Toshinori during the second half of his trip home from U.A. where he explained that he wanted to tell his mother that he now had a quirk but wanted to keep out the details of getting it from the number one pro hero. The duo had come up with a convenient cover story that Izuku was now about to feed to his mother.

“W-when I-I was out cleaning the beach during training, I suddenly felt this weird feeling in my body. It felt like I had suddenly tapped into a new level of power or energy and I was curious s-so I kind of tried tapping into it and the next thing I knew I had released this great amount of energy from my arm but I completely destroyed it in the process.”

The boy felt a twist of pain in his stomach as he saw his mother visibly wince when he described the state of his arm and tuned to look at it. He knew revealing that bit of information would cause her to only worry more, but there was no other way of justifying why he need to go to see Recovery Girl afterwards.

“S-she said that I probably used too much power when I used it the first time and need to work on the output so I don’t hurt myself.” This was another thing the boy talked about with his mentor, but it was also something that the duo agreed that he needed to work on moving forward. “I-I guess it can’t really be that surprising, when quirks first develop there are sometimes complications right?” the boy commented as he tried to relieve some of his mother’s worries.

There was a long silence where the two say quietly at the table. Izuku wanted to break it, but he knew he needed to wait for his mother’s verdict on the whole situation. The woman in question had a mix of emotions spread across her face as she tried to make sense of the information that her son had just presented her. After taking in a deep breath she finally spoke.

“I don’t know what to make of this until we talk to a quirk councilor. Until then promise me you won’t do anything to hurt yourself.”

Izuku nodded immediately. He knew breaking that promise would likely risk her not letting him apply to U.A so he needed to be very carful with how he handled the situation. The Midoriya’s choose the end their conversation lot long after that. Inko promised to get them a counseling meeting as soon as possible and Izuku promised not to use his quirk until then.



It was two days after that conversation that Inko had managed to book a session with a quirk counselor. It was obviously a curious situation that raised more than a few eyebrows from most of the parties involved. Izuku had informed Toshinori of the situation, with another promise that he would keep the truth of his quirk a secret. The pro replied that he understood, and it was probably for the best as Izuku would have had to revel the presence of his quirk eventually. The Midoriya’s waited outside the counselor’s office, albeit feeling a bit uncomfortable and out of place as all of the other children waiting in the room with their parents were noticeably younger that Izuku. The boy was gland when they were finally called.

“Izuku Midoriya?” the quirk counselor called. The question was immediately followed by the green haired duo getting up from their seats and following the man inside. The were gestured to a pair of chairs on the left side of the room and quickly sat down. The counselor took his seat across for them and pulled out a notepad. He gave a reassuring smile before continuing.

“Thank you for coming to see me today, I’m Dr. Nakamura. It appears we have quite the interesting development here with young Izuku. I received some of the details about his accident from Recovery Girl prior to your arrival, but I would like to get your full account of what happened Izuku.”

The boy nodded in response and gave the same story he told his mother to the blue-haired man. As he recalled the events, the counselor was quick to write down several things in his notepad that the boy had mentioned. When Izuku had finished, the man wrote a few more things down before fishing out a separate sheet of paper from a nearby desk. After looking over the contents of the papers for another moment he finally spoke.

“This is a truly fascinating quirk, I have never heard of one with such drawbacks before, but I think that we can assess that to the fact that Izuku here was quirkless for his entire life and hasn’t learned any measure of control.” Both Midoriya’s flinched at that statement for different reasons. Inko out of worry, and Izuku out of some disappointment in himself. Dr. Nakamura continued, “That being said, I think we can establish a sort of foundation with our time here that will allow for very basic control.” The Midoriya’s piped up at that statement.

“Izuku, if I understand things correctly, your quirk feels like a well of power inside your body?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ok, I want you to listen closely. I want you to grab onto that power like you did before but not use it, keep it in your hand and only take enough where you don’t feel any pain. Do you think you can do that?”

Izuku gulped before nodding his head, “I would like to try at least.”

“Ok, good,” the man gestured over to an open area of the room with a caring smile. “I would like you to stand over their just in case something happens, you will also be at less risk of damaging yourself on something.”

Izuku nodded and complied. He began to follow the man’s suggestion and tried tapping into his power and putting it in his hand. He pushed the smallest amount of power he could make out into his hand, only to fall to his knees from the pain as his hand began to twitch uncontrollably. He quickly stopped the flow of power, only to look up painting as he caught the distraught look of his mother and a thoughtful look from the quirk counselor.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t even handle that…” the boy replied.

“Not to worry, I still have one other option to try.” commented the man.

Izuku looked over to him with a puzzled look. How could there be another way? He just tried to use the bare minimum! What other option was there?

“Do the same thing again,” Nakamura continued. “but this time spread the energy out to not just your hand but to your body.” Izuku’s eyes lit up in understanding. The tried again and this time he felt the humming of his power flow out to the ends of his body. It caused him to tense up at first, but he adjusted quickly and was able to start moving his arms and legs with a bit of trouble.

“Good, that’s very good. How to you feel?”

Izuku looked up at the man and his mother with a happy smile on his face. “It’s a little stiff right now, but I feel lighter and stronger.”

“That’s wonderful young Izuku. How about we run some measurements and see what you’re capable of?” The boy in question nodded and proceeded to conduct some tests with approval from his mother.

There was a lot that happened by the time that the Midoriya duo that left the quirk counselor’s office. From what Izuku could control, although it wasn’t very much, the trio had discovered that Izuku could push his body to about 10% beyond its normal limits when it came to any physical activity. Given that he still had large unknown amounts of power sitting within his system, that was both shocking and curious as to what his limit would be if he didn’t have backlash. He was nowhere near close to any levels of feat when compared to strength quirks that specialized in a particular area, but it also allowed for a more well-rounded palate.

The trio agreed to register his quirk as an augmentation quirk under the name Enhanced Energy, as it seemed to fit the quirk and could somewhat explain the unfortunate drawbacks. When the paperwork was completed and registered, the mother and son finally took their leave and began to walk home. Izuku had informed Toshinori of the development and also told him to give Recovery Girl his thanks for her help. When they had finally arrived at home, Izuku finally broke the silence.

“Mom, now that I have a quirk, do you think I can be a hero?”

The woman stopped in her tracks, turning to her son as he once again asked about his dream. Only this time Inko wouldn’t say the wrong thing, this time she would make it right after her failure all those years ago. She walked up to him and pulled him into a deep loving hug.

“Quirk or not, you have proven to me that you deserve to be a hero. I know you want it more than anything in the world Izuku, but just know that no matter what you will always be my hero…” both greenette’s were on the verge of tears now. “But, just promise me that you will be safe and take care of yourself. I can’t lose you, you mean too much to me.”

And from there the floodgates opened.



The next few days found themselves going by too quickly and now Izuku found himself standing before the front gates of U.A as he prepared to take the entrance exams. A lot had happened ever since that fateful day when he had cross paths with All Might, but Izuku knew he wouldn’t have changed any of it. He was a new person with a renewed goal, and this was the beginning of his path in order to reach that goal.


Or so he thought…

Izuku flinched and turned around to see Bakugo standing behind him with a scowl on his face. The explosive teen walked to the boy and grabbed him by the front of his middle school uniform, almost lifting him off the ground as he did so and glared at the boy with menace in his eyes, "Despite everything I've said, you still decided to come? Do you really think that a quirkless nerd like you could ever attend U.A? If I see you during the exam, then I’ll just kill you myself and save some trouble." The explosive blonde let go of Izuku with a huff before walking past him and entering the campus.

Izuku on the other hand got up and dusted off his pants before turning to follow the rest of the students that were arriving as well to take the entrance exams. He made it about two steps forward before the voices clashed with him once again. ‘You’re just a useless Deku! You can’t be a hero! You need to be realistic! You’re worthless!Izuku grabbed onto a nearby tree as he tried to ground himself. The voices hadn’t been this bad in a while, so he was not as ready to deal with them at this level. He quickly tried to calm himself by taking a deep breath.

“Hey, are you ok?” a soft hand rested on Izuku’s shoulder as he turned towards the source of the voice. In front of him stood a girl shorter than his full height with brown shoulder-length hair, two long bangs beside her face, and big round brown eyes. She had a nervous expression on her face, most likely from the fact that they were all about to take the U.A exam, but Izuku could also see that some of it was directed at him.

The greenette took a deep breath and manage to suppress the voices before answering the girl with an awkward smile. “Y-yeah, sorry for worrying you. I guess I’m just a little more nervous than I originally thought.” He stretched the back of his head as he tried to hide his embarrassment.

The mystery girl gave him a weak smile before replying, “Well, it makes sense that you're nervous, but you seemed a little too worried so I thought I would ask. We should probably get going before we're late though, good luck!" The girl then hurried off towards the entrance of the building, leaving Izuku shaking.

I just talked to a girl!’ he thought as he made a slight blush appear on his face.



After completing the written portion of the entrance exams, Izuku make his way to the central auditorium in preparation for the practical. As he entered the amphitheater, looking to find his assigned seat that the school gives to organize students by groups, he froze for a moment eyeing Bakugo sitting in the seat adjacent to his empty one.

‘Oh for the love of god!’ the greenette screamed internally.

Izuku gave up on any hope of peace and moved to sit right next to the ticking time bomb, receiving a small glare from his bully, but no words with it. Izuku returned a glare of his own. After the duo broke eye contact, a pro hero Izuku recognized for his signature long blonde hair that spiked upward, Present Mic, walked up to the podium with a grin on his face.

"WELCOME ONE AND ALL HERE TODAY!! CAN EVERYBODY SAY HEEEEEY!!" he yelled, cupping his ear with a hand toward the audience, only to receive an awkward silence from the student crowd.

Present Mic just smiled as he pointed finger guns to them, quieting down a little. "Man! Tough crowd this year! Don't worry, I'm just as nervous as you all are!" He then pressed a button on a remote in his hand and large screens appeared around the room, displaying a replica city for the prospective students.

"Alright! So we'll be testing out your style through a ten-minute practice run at our replica city-district! Take anything you want and gather at your designated areas after the presentation! Ya dig!?!"

Izuku down at his paper to see what area he would be going in, but then caught sight of Bakugo also looking down at Izuku's paper, discovering that the two adversaries were assigned to different locations.

"Tch! So they don’t intend on letting friends or classmates help each other huh? It’s probably so I don't kill you." Bakugo muttered. 

‘Can’t you just tone things down a little bit?’ Izuku thought in disbelief.

It didn't take long for Present Mic to explain what the rest of the exam consisted of. The student's main goal was to obtain as many points as possible via destroying different point-valued robots within the district. There were three types of valued robots each consisting of one, two or three points based on the type. Additional rules were stated about not interfering with or attacking other examines, Izuku stole a quick glance at Bakugo that was unnoticed by the explosive blonde.

As the pro hero was about to move on to the next topic, a stiff blue haired boy with glasses shot up from his seat.

“Excuse me!” the boy shouted. He stood up out of the crowd as he continued. “This pamphlet shows there are four enemies to attack. If this is a mistake, that is unbecoming of UA, the greatest hero school in all of Japan!”

The boy’s antics caused Izuku to sweatdrop, but it didn’t seem to throw off the pro.

“Right you are Examine 2217, I was just about to get to that. You see there is an additional robot in the field that is worth zero points. It’s a bit bigger than others and is meant to be more of a distraction to you lot as you try and navigate the free-for-all. My recommendation is that you just try and avoid that one.”

The blue haired boy swiftly bowed before replying, “Thank you for the explanation.”

With that out of the way, Present Mic spoke up a final time, “Now, it’s just about time for you all to get out there and strut your stuff! As you all head out there, I want to see you all out there with fire in your eyes. Now go and show us what you’ve got. PLUS ULTRA!”

With explanations mostly out of the way, the students began to filter out of the building and prepare for the practical. Izuku changed quickly before making his way towards the bus that was for the examinees designated to testing site ‘B’. On his way to the testing site, he practiced quickly grabbing control of the bit of his power and spreading it through his body. He had gotten better at this, but he still had made no progress in upping the power output. He would just have to make do with what he had. Sighing, he pulled out the testing wristband that he was issued before he left. He was told that the robots that were neutralized by him would cause the band to display his accumulated points.

The transport finally arrived at the testing site and none of the prospective students had been prepared for the sight before them. Most thought that the “mock city” Present Mic had talked about would end up being something akin to a handful of buildings put together in clusters. What greeted them when they stepped off the shuttle from the main building was what appeared to be a walled city of a few square kilometers. Full size office buildings, apartments, and schools dotted the mock cityscape that could be seen from the outside of the wall. In one word, it was breathtaking.

Izuku looked around and saw many of the other students also seemed to be shocked at the scale of the city. ‘Who wouldn’t be though?’ he thought to himself, ‘I think what really needs to be brought to attention is the fact that there are multiple testing sites like this across U.A.’s campus. Talk about top of the line…’ He looked through the crowd, eyeing the brown-haired girl who had checked to see if he was ok earlier. Izuku moved to try and go to talk to her and wish her luck before the exam began but was soon stopped by a hand grabbing his shoulder.

“You there,” it was the blue-haired boy who interrupted Present Mic during the presentation. “the girl there seems to be focused on preparing. Are you trying to mess up her focus and try to sabotage her test results?!”

Izuku immediately formed an irritated scowl on his face. The boy was starting to remind him a bit of Bakugo and his former classmates, people that Izuku was no longer going to turn a cheek towards. He had his quirk now and people who wrote him off as a pushover were going to find that he wasn’t going to roll over anymore. That is as long as he kept the voices under control.

He pulled his shoulder from the boy’s grasp, “Well, I was going to wish her luck and thank her for helping me out with what she said to me earlier before the exams, but I guess someone such as yourself would deem that to be distracting.”

A small look of shock flushed across the other boy’s face and he started to open his mouth to respond before he was interrupted.


Many of the examinees looked around confused at one another, before Present Mic’s voice echoed around the area, “What are you all still standing out there for? The test is already started! You’re not gonna get any warnings when you’re out on hero duty… so get cracking!”

In an instant, the group of more than a hundred examinees all surged towards the large opening in the wall of the city. Izuku shook himself out of his confusion and followed the chaotic mas of people into the city. He fired up his quirk and used his enhanced abilities to eventually catch up with the masses before breaking off in his own search for points. ‘No idea if I’m strong enough to bash these robots with my bare hands, but I guess we’ll figure that out soon. I should stay on the look out for anything I could use.’

As he rounded a fake drug store on a street corner, he came face to face with a large machine. It was a large forest green robot that stood about a meter taller than Izuku. It had two wide mechanical arms painted with a large number one, and a base that seemed to resemble tank treads. What appeared to be its head swiveled and ‘faced’ Izuku. A large red lens like object sat in the middle of its head and seemed to stare at the greenette.

Target locked. Termination imminent.” Commented a rumbling voice from the machine. Its red lens started to glow.

‘Targeting system huh. Don’t want to meet what it throws at me. Guess it’s time to find out if I can break metal.’ The boy shifted to his right out of the direction the robot was facing before charging the robot with a fist aimed at the side of its head. As the fist connected Izuku saw what appeared to be small rockets firing from its arms where the boy stood a second earlier.

‘One second delay from glowing of eye to firing. Good to know.’ The boy turned to see the results of his punch. The head had been jerked to face the opposite direction, but there was no other noticeable damage. ‘Great, guess that option is ruled out.’

Target locked. Termination imminent.” Came a voice from behind Izuku. The greenette reacted immediately by jumping off the outstretched arm of the one pointer he just punched. It was a good thing he did because the moment he did the one-pointer was obliterated by the attack. Izuku turned to see another robot ‘villain’ crawling along the side of the nearby building. It seemed to be designed after a spider: the design being a bulky rectangular torso of about four to five meters and multiple large cylindrical legs of about one to two meters jutted. Each leg was painted with a white 3 on them.

‘Three-pointer fires almost immediately, noted.’ Izuku heard a beeping on his left wrist and turned to see that a ‘1’ now appeared on his testing bracelet where there used to be a ‘0’.

‘How did I get a point? I didn’t…’ The realization hit him, and a small grin stretched across his face. ‘I still get points if the robots neutralize each other.’ The boy looked back at the three-pointer, it was gearing up for another strike that the boy quickly dodged by a hair. He ended up behind the ruble of the destroyed one-pointer, he saw an arm length pipe sticking out of the rubble and quickly pulled it out, twirling it in his hands.

“They say the eyes are a weak spot in every creature. Why don’t we test that?”



In the test observation room, the U.A teachers sat as they reviewed the results that were being played out before them.

“The examines this year all seem to be top notch. Limited time, a vast area, and an unknown number of villains push them to play to their strengths and cover their weaknesses.” commented a mouse-bear? hybrid.

The others in the room nodded, “Some use information gathering to plan strategies,” one commented as the screen showed a boy with multiple arms that seems to switch into extra ears and eyes.

“Others rely on speed to pull ahead of their peers,” commented another as the blue-haired boy that has interrupted Present Mic dashed around robots on the cameras.

“Some just utilize superior power and combat ability,” replied a third as Bakugo stood in the middle of dozens of destroyed robots with a menacing smile on his face.

“The most successful students use a combination of all of these tactics take the initiative on the battlefield,” the mouse-bear? continued as an image of Izuku had been shown on the screen. The green haired boy was dodging blasts from a three-pointer that he used to take out both a one and two-pointer, before dodging a few more blasts and ending with a perfect jab into the three-pointer’s eye that caused it to go limp.

“I’m amazed he hasn’t gotten more points.”

The mouse-bear? smirked before moving his hand to a big red button to his left. “Now now, the real test is yet to come. Let’s see how he and the others react to this.” The animal pushed the button with a maniacal grin stretching across his face.



With his fast reflexes and newfound knowledge of the point system, and the careful timing of thrusts with his pipe, Izuku had accumulated a total of 15 points over the next five minutes of the test. He realized he was going to fall behind, so he quickly tried to jump to higher ground in order to scout out a big pocket for him to cash in on.

‘Two minutes left!’ came the calls of Present Mic.

‘Shit, I’m running out of time!’

Suddenly there was a loud bang that echoed behind him. He turned to look while blurting out loud, “Now what?!” The words got stuck in his mouth as he caught sight of a robot that was clearly at least ten stories tall with a big ‘0’ painted on its chest. ‘Isn’t that a bit overkill!’ the boy mentally screamed.

The titanic machine, easily double the height of the surrounding buildings, had emerged within the cratered city center only about a block and a half from where Izuku stood from his vantage point. As soon as the goliath was above ground, it began to swing its massive arms around decimating nearby buildings and other smaller robots to rubble and scrap. Dust blew down the streets, impairing the examinees vision as chunks of infrastructure rained from the sky.

‘I don’t have enough points to pass at present. I’ll use the confusion to gather another chunk of points before time is up.’ Izuku thought to himself as he turned to dash the opposite direction of the giant. Many other examinees had already taken this route, using whatever means necessary to put themselves as far away from the raging automated beast. Ask he prepared to turn and sprint down the next street, he found himself distracted by a pained scream behind him, “Owwww”.

Izuku froze as he turned toward the cry of pain, only to catch sight of the kind brown-haired girl that had comforted him earlier being pinned down by a large piece of rubble in the street. Right in the path of the zero-pointer.

For a moment everything stopped around him, there was only him and the girl lying before him as he tried to contemplate saving her and forsaking points or leaving her and acquiring the points he most desperately needed. If things couldn’t get any worse, the voices returned. ‘You’re just a useless Deku! You can’t be a hero! You need to be realistic! You’re worthless… useless… useless Deku… need to be realistic… can’t be a hero… SAVE HER!

For the first time ever, the green haired boy listened to the voices.

He sprinted back down the street, not even hearing the cries and protests of the other examines as he did so. Not even completely realizing what he was doing, he recalled what All Might had told him the day he had received One For All. ‘Stand affront your enemy, clench your buttcheeks together and yell…’


The boy jumped up into the air, leaving cracks in the concrete as he did so, soaring up to the head of the zero-pointer before letting out a devastating punch that struck the colossal robot directly in the face. The impact caused the head to cave in on itself, before the rest of the robot was pushed back by the initial force and fell onto its back.

When the destroyed robot finally hit the pavement, Izuku finally started to feel the drawbacks of his quirk in full swing. He looked down to not see just his right arm broken, but both of his legs as well as he started to fall towards the ground. Panicking, he quickly tried to quickly find a solution to his situation that didn’t involve going splat. ‘I’ve still got my left arm, a blast to the ground at the right moment when I’m about to hit it might be enough to cushion my fall but it will have to be timed perfect…’


Izuku turned to the side from where he had just been slapped across the face, not realizing that he suddenly was weightless and was floating in the air. Had he known that; he would have probably started geeking out about it.

“-and release…” the brown-haired girl said as she touched her fingertips together. Izuku fell to the ground with a thud! before the girl also crumpled to the ground next to the piece of debris she had been trapped under only moments before. She looked uncomfortable before quickly turning on her side and throwing up her lunch.

“There, now were even.”

Chapter Text

Izuku finally came to a while later. Opening his eyes to an unfortunately familiar sight as he tried to shift himself into a sitting position, despite the protests from tired muscles throughout his body.

“Glad to see you finally awake their sonny,” commented a familiar voice. Izuku turned to see the kind smile of Recovery Girl walking over from her desk at the front of the infirmary wing. The face quickly turned sour though as she prepared for the next statement. “However, I must tell you to take better care of yourself! You’ve been here twice in one week and you don’t even go to this school yet!” She slammed her cane on the top of his head, not too hard but enough to get her point across.

“I-I’m sorry, it’s only the second time that’s happened if it’s any consolation.” Recovery Girl didn’t look moved by that bit of information. “I just needed to- wait! That girl! Is she ok!?” cried the greenette as he recalled the events that led to his current predicament.

Recovery Girl let out a small smile before shaking her head. “You break three limbs and yet you still worry about another? Honestly I’m not sure who’s more self-sacrificing between you or Toshinori.” The boy rubbed the back of his head awkwardly at the last comment. “That girl is fine, she only had a sprained ankle which I healed quickly. She came and asked about you after everything had settled down and you were brought here. I told her you were fine and just needed to recover from overusing your quirk.”

Izuku breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that the girl he had rushed to save was alright. He got up to collect his things that had been brought to the infirmary for him. Taking a few gummies courtesy of the Youthful Heroine, he gave his thanks and said goodbye to the elderly woman before taking his leave. It was only once he was outside the gates that he realized the consequences of saving the girl. He had only gotten fifteen points during the practical and he had forsaken getting more for saving her. He didn’t regret running to save her, but he was regretting that he had likely wasted his chance of getting into U.A With his head hung low in disappointment, he began his walk back home.

Still in the infirmary, Recovery Girl received a call on the phone that was sitting on her desk.

“Hello how my I help you?”

“Chiyo, it’s Sakura. I got the information you requested about this Dr. Tsubasa.”

Recovery Girl’s eyes widened as she pulled the phone a bit closer to her ear. Sitting down on her desk chair she prepared herself for collecting the information surrounding the only lead she had concerning Izuku’s supposed genetic quirk.

“Ok, walk me through it slowly…”



A week after the entrance exams had commenced, Izuku was still trying to get over the pit in his stomach. The pit of course being the likely reality that the boy hadn’t passed. He’d recovered from his broken limbs almost immediately, but his poor performance at the practical still hurt. Even at dinner, he had been staring at the fish between his chopsticks for so long that his mother was starting to freak out a little. He hadn’t eaten much, but it was because he just didn’t have much of an appetite.

As he sat on the couch that evening, doing some small weight training with a dumbbell from a small set that he had recently acquired, Izuku replayed his actions in the exams through his head like he had done day after day. ‘If I had to guess, I think I did very well on the written exam,’ he thought to himself. ‘But only fifteen points on the practical exam probably won’t cut it no matter how they combine the results of both tests. Even if they favor the written, which isn’t likely given U.A’s reputation of hero students, there’s basically no way I get in. Even Toshinori hasn’t gotten in touch with me since then…he’s probably embarrassed that I screwed up and didn’t get accepted after spending so much of his time to train me and giving me his quirk. God, I should just give One For All back to him…can I do that?’

“…The results from your test should be in today or tomorrow, right?” Inko, tried to start a conversation with him. She was as nervous as he was and knew how much getting into U.A meant for her son as much as he did.

“They said a week after the exams, but there could be delays with the mailing,” he replied.

The mother walked up and kneeled in front of her son. “Even if you don’t pass, what I said to you before the exam still stands. You deserve to be a hero Izuku, and if U.A doesn’t see that, then we will look for other options.”

“Yeah,” Izuku sighed. He fought back tears in his eyes. He didn’t deserve this from his mother, not after everything he had done to keep secrets from her, but he would accept it as his atonement.

‘Mom probably thinks I tried to take the exam with my Quirk and flunked because I lost control. She’s not totally wrong in that regard either…’

He placed both of his hands on his knees as he tried to get some of the stress out of his body with a few deep breaths. ‘I should start looking…’


He jumped and spun around as Inko came running into the living room from the front door, holding a single envelope in her hands. The pit in Izuku’s stomach turned into a raging black hole as he saw the U.A stamp on it.

“It’s here!” Inko exclaimed, nervousness all over her face. “Your test results are here!”

Izuku took the envelope and retreated into his room, placing it on his desk. He probably stared at the thing for a good ten or fifteen minutes before pulling out the courage to open it. He could hear his mother pacing back and forth outside the door, which did absolutely nothing to help his own nerves. Ripping open the letter before he lost the courage to open it, the boy was surprised that instead of a letter, a small metal disk fell out and clattered onto his desk.


He yelped as a video of All Might was projected onto the wall behind his desk from the metal disk. Izuku glanced back and forth from the disk to the projection in confusion for a few seconds. “Wh-what the- All Might?! Wait but, this-this is from U.A? Huh?”


He looked like he was about to say something else that would drop further bombshells on Izuku’s already strained brain, but the hero was distracted by someone out of frame. “WHAT? SPEED IT UP? I’VE GOTTA TELL HIM A FEW THINGS THOUGH…IT’S GONNA PUSH EVERYTHING ELSE BACK? HOW MANY MORE OF THESE DO I HAVE TO DO AGAIN? JEEZ, ALRIGHT I GOT IT!”


Izuku was about to cry now, all that hard work over the last ten months wasted. The belief Toshinori had in him, his desire to go to U.A and be a top hero. All gone.

“… IF THAT WERE ALL!” Izuku blinked and looked back at the projection in confusion. All Might gestured to a video screen behind him. “OBSERVE, YOUNG MAN!”

A video began to play and Izuku realized that the girl who appeared in it was actually the same one who he had saved from the zero-pointer and who had saved him from falling to death. She looked a little nervous as she approached Present Mic, whom she had called to get his attention. “Excuse me…I’m sorry to bother you, but there was a boy in my exam with curly hair and lots of freckles, um…he’s kind of plain looking, you know?”

She was talking about him, Izuku realized. “Would it be possible to share some of my points with him? I saw his testing devise only have fifteen points, so I guess he was struggling to pass…But he got really hurt and probably lost points when trying to save me from that villain! Could you please at least give him the points he lost because of me?”

Izuku swallowed hard. “She didn’t have to do that for me…I…”


The video began playing again. Present Mic lifted a hand to pat the girl on the head, grinning in amusement. “No worries, lil’ missy. You can’t share points, but you won’t have to.”

Izuku’s face turned back to confusion as he tried to process and keep up with all the different conversations and information that was being thrown at him at lightning speeds. He didn’t have much time as All Might stepped back in front of the screen as the recording ended.


He had to be dreaming. There was no way. No freaking way. Yet there was his name in second place only to Bakugo who got seventy-seven villain points and no rescue points.

All Might’s grin got a little softer. “You passed, kid.”

The lump in his throat made it impossible for him to say anything. Izuku covered his face with one hand as tremors wracked his body and he fell to his knees. As All Might held his hand out to Izuku on the screen, a sense of nostalgia washed over the newly admitted U.A student. “COME, YOUNG MAN. THIS IS YOUR HERO ACADEMIA!”

When Inko finally was pulled out of her nervous pacing in front of her son’s door, she had been pleading for nearly the ten-thousandth time about how her son deserved and needed to get accepted by U.A. When she finally heard the door creak open, she jumped in surprise as she caught sight of her son emerging from his room.

They both held each other’s gaze for a few moments before Izuku gave a smirk followed by one of his happy smiles. That was all the information Inko needed to find out her son’s results. She began to tear up as she threw her arms around her son who responded with the same.

“Oh my baby, my precious baby… you did it…” the last words were barely more than a whisper, but they implied an emotion so strong that it didn’t need to be shown by either party to understand their importance. The green-haired duo stood there for a few more minutes, rubbing circles on each other’s backs as they came to terms with their current development. It was a new chapter for the Midoriya household. One that they were prepared to take on in force.



The staff of U.A were looking over the final scores for the examinees they had accepted into the school. The scores had all been displayed on a huge TV screen, giving them all a chance to assess the top students.

“Damn, that kid took first place without a single rescue point!” Present Mic whistled. “Katsuki Bakugo, huh? That lil’ listener is one tough kid.”

“His Quirk was basically designed for the exam,” another pointed out. “He picked off the One and Two pointers early on, then while the other examinees were running from the Zero Pointer, he went wild and stacked up a huge amount of points.”

“We might have to teach him a bit about restraint though,” inquired another.

“In contrast…” Another member of the staff pointed at the score profile for Izuku Midoriya. “The kid in second only had fifteen villain points. He showed excellent reflexes and ingenuity getting robots to target each other and going for weak points, yet the only reason he passed at all was because he got a crazy high score on rescue points.”

“We’ve had examinees take on the giant villain in the past, but it’s been years since I saw someone blow it to hell like that! I was surprised!”

Present Mic threw a fist in the air. “I couldn’t help but shout “YEAAAHHH” when I saw that power packed punch! Kid earned his spot here that’s for sure!”

“But the injuries he receives from the blow back of his Quirk are intense,” Recovery Girl mentioned. “I already know he’s going to be a regular patient of mine.”

“It’s true insofar that he needs a lot of grooming,” another hero added. “But if he gets to a point where he can use that power without blowing his body up, he’ll definitely become a talented hero. That punch reminded me of All Might!”

In the back of the room, a tired looking man in dark clothes and a silver-gray scarf eyed Izuku’s profile disdainfully. ‘What a ruckus…’



Despite it almost being the middle of the might, Izuku was running his way towards Dagobah Beach after receiving a text from Toshinori. He didn’t care what time of day it was. It had been a while since he had seen the guy and a lot of things had happened since then. He needed to see him. He spotted the lanky figure waiting for him by a small pier and shouted to get the pro’s attention.

The skeleton of a man held a thumbs up as he addressed the boy with a big smile. “Congrats on passing young Midoriya.”

“Th-thanks!” Izuku gave him a nervous chuckle as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly and looked away from the pro hero.

“For the record, I haven’t informed the school about our training. Both for an unbiased assessment of your abilities as well as the part about our secret of One For All. I don’t want you to think you got in because I told them to let you in. You got in on your own merit the whole way.”

Izuku nodded, smiling gratefully. He wouldn’t admit it, but the thought crossed his mind when he realized that he got sixty points for blasting one big robot. “I appreciate that. But I was surprised to hear you decided to become a teacher at U.A! Your main office is in the Minato Ward in Tokyo-”

“Getting creepy,” the pro hero stopped him with a raised hand. “Anyways, I had told the academy about year ago about my predicament with my injury, but that was before I met you. I had plans for them to inform me if they ever found a worthy successor for One for All…”

The boy swallowed. It made sense that All Might would look for a successor from the best hero school in the world. He’d probably intended to pick one of the talents there before he’d met Izuku at all. A candidate who already had a fantastic quirk as well as the right mindset of a hero… He shook his head. All Might of all people saw him as worthy and he needed to believe that himself too.

“Wait,” Izuku suddenly blurted out. “If you want the secret of One For All hidden but also were looking for a successor for it then does that mean not every teacher knows about your quirk?”

The pro smiled at the boy’s deduction skills. “That’s correct young Midoriya! The teachers all know about my time limit, but only Recovery Girl and Principle Nezu are aware of the true nature of One For All. They also therefore know that I have passed it on to you as well.” Izuku nodded in confirmation.

“That actually brings me to my next topic. Your quirk! It seems you have figured some bit of control over it no?” the blonde inquired.

Izuku nodded. “I can use just a tiny bit of the power spread across my whole body, but any higher amount causes me pain. If I try to push it, I end up with broken limbs.”

The pro hero nodded. “Based on my estimates, you seem to be using around one maybe two percent of the total power of One For All. In time you will be able to call upon more of that power as you are able to break down that which shackles you back.”

‘Only one or two percent!?’ thought Izuku. “The power I displayed during the practical exam was nowhere near where I need it to be in order to stand toe-to-toe with my other classmates. I only managed to pass after I went full out and nearly broke myself.”

Toshinori put a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder. “It’s true that you will be starting behind your classmates but think about the progress you have made in these past ten months. The you of before would never have been able to achieve what you have.” Izuku swallowed hard as he realized the truth to that statement. “You have worked hard and will continue to work hard young Midoriya. YOU HAVE TAKEN MY QUIRK AND WILL GROW IT INTO SOMETHING EVEN GREATER AND BECOME A HERO FAR BEYOND ANYHITNG I COULD BE.” Toshinori concluded as he transformed into his buff form.

Izuku absorbed those words and just closed his eyes, cementing them into the forefront of his mind. He needed to make sure he didn’t forget that.

“Hold up, is that All Might?!”

“No way, when did he get here?!”

All Might and Izuku flinched as a couple on the pier close by realized the pro hero’s identity. The hero stood and darted off. “We’re running, kid!”


All Might glanced over his shoulder at the boy as they hightailed it. ‘My boy, the flame I passed onto you is small, but in time, it’ll be exposed to the wind and rain and grow in strength. You will grow like a raging wildfire to take my place as I slowly fade away. Then my duty will be done…’



Sometime later and it was time for the beginning of Izuku’s first semester at U.A. the boy was checking once again for like the seventh time that he had packed everything he needed for his first day. His mom was just as frantic, asking him a thousand questions in order to confirm that her son had indeed packed everything that was necessary. When the boy had finally confirmed with his mother that everything was in order, he prepared to leave only to be stopped from another concerned call from the older Midoriya.

“Izuku,” she said. The boy in question stopped about halfway through the door and gave a concerned look back toward his mother, only to find himself wrapped up in another big hug from the woman. “I can’t say it enough, but I’m so proud of you. You’re really cool.”

A small smile broke across the U.A. student’s face as he hugged his mother back. They had been through a lot ever since they had been left by his father, and it only seemed like they were just starting to get back on the right side of things.

“Thanks mom, I’m off!” and with that the U.A student was well on his way.


Getting to U.A was the easy part of the day but trying to navigate the vast labyrinth of hallways and classrooms of the campus was a challenge in itself. As the time before homeroom ticked lower and lower, the greenette found himself sprinting through the hallways trying to find his class.

“1-A, 1-A, where the heck is it?!”

As he finished the end of his comment, he finally found the door in question. To say it was big would be an understatement, this thing was nearly three or four times his size. He actually had to throw his head back to see the top of it. ‘For people with Gigantification quirks I guess?’ He hesitantly reached his hand towards the door handle. ‘Two hero classes of twenty kids each, the crop of the best potential hero candidates. Half of them are behind these doors.’

“Get your feet off that desk immediately!”

“Fuck off four eyes!”

‘Oh for the love of god, are you kidding me?!’ Izuku mentally screamed as he recognized the two voices who were arguing behind the door. Part of him knew the people in question were admirable hero candidates, but he didn’t honestly think that the universe hated him enough to put both of them in his class. He hardened his gaze and threw open the door.

The sudden outside stimulus caused more the a few heads to turn his way as he entered the classroom. Both boys who were arguing had also been amongst those who turned to see the new student enter the classroom. Both immediately recognized the boy, but for entirely different reasons. The blue-haired kid with glasses turned and quickly walked up to the greenette and thrusted his opened hand in front of the boy. Izuku couldn’t tell if the boy was trying to be intimidating or was just overly robotic, but he kept up his stern gaze all the same.

“Greetings, I’m Tenya Iida from Somei Private Academy.” The boy in glasses stated.

Izuku softened his gaze a little bit and went to shake the boy’s hand. “Nice to meet you Tenya, I’m-”

“DEKU!” shouted Bakugo viscously. “What the fuck are you doing here?!”

“I got in same as you Bakugo.” replied the greenette coldly.

The boy’s tone confused the explosive blonde for a moment before he was right back to screaming at the useless nerd. “Where did you get the idea you could talk to me like-”

“Hey, you’re the one who destroyed the robot. The plain looking one.” came a soft voice from behind Izuku. The ‘Quirk Inheritor’ spun around to find the brown-haired girl he saved at the entrance exam standing just outside the open doorway to the classroom. Despite all of his attempts not to, he couldn’t help but grow a small blush on his cheeks when he admired how good she looked in her school uniform.

“You really did make it in after all!” she exclaimed. “Just like Present Mic said! Awesome! Man, your punch during the practical was crazy! You smashed that big robot’s head to bits with only one punch!”

Bakugo gritted his teeth as he listened to the conversation. ‘The fuck is that round face bitch talking about!? Deku doesn’t even have a quirk! How could he have destroyed a robot with just a punch? That worthless nerd, he must have cheated!’

“If you came here to socialize, pack up and get out now.” came a tired voice from behind the girl.

Those standing around the doorway turned to find what looked like a yellow caterpillar lying on the floor behind them. After a brief shuffling, a worn-out face of a man with droopy eyes sipping on a juice pouch popped out from one side of the creature. He wiggled himself past the students still in the yellow sleeping bag before emerging from behind the desk at the front of the room. As the students got a better look at him, they could see that he was a slender man dressed mostly in black with shoulder-length black hair and a silver-gray scarf around his neck.

“I’m your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa, you all took sixteen seconds to calm down and get in your seats. We will need to work on that in the future.” Without missing a beat, Aizawa reached into his sleeping bag and pulled out exactly twenty P.E uniforms that he then tossed to the seated students.

“Go put them on and meet me out on the training field just outside. You have ten minutes to do so.” The students in the room filed out quickly as they saw no room for argument in their teacher’s words.



"A quirk assessment test!?" Nearly everyone in class 1-A shouted in shock, hearing their teacher was already going to be testing them. Everyone had changed into their gym uniforms and went out into the courtyard,

"But what about the opening ceremony!?" the brown-haired girl shouted.

"If you're going to become a hero, then you won't have time for such pointless events. U.A's main appeal is how unrestricted the school is in decision making, the teachers take advantage of this for their teachings. I’m no exception." Aizawa stated.

His explanation seems to shut up the protests of the students of 1-A. Instead of shouting their concerns, they mostly took to wearing them on their faces while some seemed to somewhat accept that they must respect their teacher’s decision on the matter.

“Bakugo,” the black-haired teacher said turning to the explosive blonde. “you got the highest score on the practical exam.” The blonde gave a smirk at the praise. “What was your farthest softball throw in middle school?”

“67 meters.”

“The Ministry of Education is still pretending that we are all born equal, instead of letting those who are capable excel. If I am going to properly teach you, I need to know where you stand right now. A series of eight physical challenges will give me a good baseline so I know each of your potentials. Since the previous results you have are without your quirks, they are useless.”

Izuku was starting to get a rotten feeling about his teacher. The way he had phrased the bit about people being unequal gave him too much of a reminder of what he experienced at Aldera. He thought that U.A would be different, but now he was starting to question that statement.

Aizawa turned back to Bakugo after he finished his small lecture and tossed a softball to the ‘Explosion’ user. “Toss the ball as far as you can, using your quirk.” Bakugo grew an evil grin. He walked up to stand in the white circle that Aizawa had pointed towards and took his stance.

“DIE!” the blonde shouted as he unleashed one of his biggest explosions at the arc of his throw.

‘Must you always scream bloody murder every time you use you quirk?!’ Izuku thought.

Aizawa pulled out his phone, “All of you need to know your maximum capabilities. It’s the most rational way of figuring out your potential as a pro-hero.” The man held up his phone after seeing that the ball had hit the ground, on the screen read ‘705.2m.

“Woah! 705 meters!? Are you kidding me?” A boy with spikey red hair shouted out.

“I wanna go! That looks like fun!” A pink girl squealed.

A boy with strange elbows shouted next, “This is what I’m talking about! Using our quirks as much as we want!”

“So this looks fun, huh?” The class froze at their teacher’s chilling words. “You have three years here to become a hero. You think it’s all gonna be fun games and play time?” He adopted a wicked grin, “Idiots. Today you’ll compete in eight physical tests to gauge your potential. Whoever comes in last will be deemed to have zero potential and will be expelled immediately.” There were numerous gasps of fear and shock amongst the class. Some uttered shouts of protest.

“Like I said, I get to decide how this class runs,” Aizawa stretched a crazed grin across his face and parted his hair, “Understand? If that’s a problem, you can head home right now.”

“You can’t send one of us home!” the brown-haired girl protested further, “I mean, we just got here! Even if it wasn’t the first day, that isn’t fair!”

“Oh, and you think natural disasters are? Or power-hungry villains? Or catastrophic disasters that wipe out whole cities?” Aizawa grunted, “No. The world is full of unfairness. It’s a hero’s job to combat that unfairness whatever it may be. If you want to be a pro, you’re gonna have to push yourself to the brink. For the next three years UA will throw one terrible hardship after another at you. So go beyond.”

He smiled again, “‘Plus Ultra’ style. Show me that it’s no mistake you’re here.”



The first of the eight physical tests was a fifty meter dash. When it was Izuku’s turn to go, he immediately regretted walking up when he saw Bakugo keeping pace right next to him. The blonde was giving him of smirk of malice and a bit of delightedness as they stepped up to the starting line. Izuku immediately turned to Aizawa, “Sensei, does the timer start when we cross the line or when you say go?”

“The former.”  Aizawa replied.

‘Bakugo might try something here so it’s good to know. Can’t go full power as I won’t be able to do any of the other tests, so I’ll have to make do with my safe limit right now.’ The greenette thought.

Bakugo glared at Izuku as the both took their runners stance, ‘Time to show this nerd how useless he is. I don’t know what’s going on here, but he clearly cheated to get in. He doesn’t belong here and I’m going to remind him of his place as a pebble beneath my foot.’

Ready, Go!” the starting pistol went off.

Bakugo leaped into action and released explosions from his palms, directing the one closest to Izuku to fire right in the boy’s face. His constant explosions rushed the blonde down the course and skidded him to a halt just past the finish line. “4.13 seconds” replied the timing devise. Bakugo smirked and looked back towards the starting line only to register a brief moment of shock when he saw the Izuku hadn’t started moving yet. ‘The hell?! What is that nerd doing?!’ the blonde internally screamed.

Izuku looked back towards Aizawa still in his runner’s stance, “Sorry about the delay sensei, but I didn’t want to get caught up in the blowback of the explosions.” Aizawa just nodded. Izuku immediately fired up his quirk and took off running at a speed that surprised Bakugo. “5.25 seconds” replied the machine as the greenette sprinted across the finish line.

Bakugo clenched his teeth in fury, ‘What the hell is going on here?! How am I only just once second faster than that dam nerd?!’ The explosive blonde started grumbling curse words to himself as he watched the ‘Quirk Inheritor’ walk back towards the rest of their class.

The rest of the test followed relatively quickly with Izuku placing somewhere in the upper middle for most tests as his overall strength and agility benefited from using his quirk even if it was just at one percent of his power. He had been watching his classmates with great interest as he tried to take note of everything about their quirks so he could make entries about them in his quirk notebooks later on.

During the grip strength test one of his classmates with multiple extra arms manage to score 860kg and another black-haired girl with a long ponytail literally pulled out a vice grip from her body and crushed the devise. Izuku scored a reasonably impressive 75kg.

The standing long jump had less standout performances, although Bakugo managed to completely leap over the pit with the help of his explosions and a girl with green-hair similar to Izuku’s with a relatively blank expression on her face was able to jump a distance almost three times her shorter height which was impressive.

In the seated toe touches, a girl with horns and pink skin and hair manage to show off her flexibility by touching the bottoms of her feet with nearly no effort whatsoever. Izuku performed slightly lower on this test and made note at it was an area he needed to improve in for the future.

In the sit-ups and distance running tests, Izuku was more in his element and placed into the top five in both, much to the anger of Bakugo who Izuku had beaten out in the former of the two. A red-haired boy with spikey hair and what looked like shark teeth was also in the top five for both.

The side-stepping test was an interesting one, as only a very small purple-haired boy with what looked like small balls in the place for hair was able to use their quirk besides Izuku. The greenette was nowhere near the purple kids score though as the boy used the balls on his head to bounce between sides at incredible speeds.

The final test was the softball throw, and as Bakugo demonstrated for the class earlier, he was exempt as his score was already measured. The brown-haired girl that Izuku saved during the practical got a literal score of infinity as she sent the ball into orbit having removed the force of gravity from the ball and then throwing it. The same girl who made a vice grip during the grip strength test, as well as make an electric scooter for the long-distance run, made a freaking cannon to fire the ball reaching a distance of nearly one kilometer.

Now it was Izuku’s turn, deciding since it was the last test that he might as well give both his teacher and classmates a glimpse of what he was capable of despite the massive drawbacks. As he approached the circle from where he was going to throw, he started to feel a bit off. Trying to shake off the weird feeling, he prepared to reach for his quirk and let loose, only to feel confused and slightly panic when the power wasn’t there.

He tried again to call upon the power, confirming this time that it wasn’t there. He considered just throwing the ball anyway, but that thought was washed out as panic set in over the fact that his quirk was gone, and he had no idea if or how he was going to get it back. It was probably dumb luck, but as he frantically considered his options, the boy’s darting eyes caught sight of his teacher looking directly at him with red eyes.

‘Red eyes? Weren’t they black when he introduced himself in class? Stop, I can’t get distracted when my quirk-’ the dots connected for the greenette. ‘Thank you, past self for your ridiculous obsession with underground heroes.’

“Eraserhead,” the boy spoke. “Can you give me my quirk back, please?” Izuku wasn’t sure what demeanor he should have presented when asking that question, but he chose to go with a look of slight confidence with a victorious smirk. His classmates had looks of confusion mixed with some of shock as they looked between the standoff of their teacher and green-haired classmate.

While Aizawa was slightly shocked at the accusation, he didn’t show it. ‘This kid.’ The pro hero thought as a maniacal grin stretched across his face as he deactivated his quirk.

“I’m impressed, not many people have the ability to remain calm the first time I erase their quirk out of nowhere. Less would be able to know it’s me.”

“May I ask why you did it?”

“I was trying to prove a point to you about something, but your reaction just now has thrown that plan back in my face. Prove to me you can push past your current limit without becoming a total liability or I’m expelling you regardless of your ranking.” The pro cast Izuku a stern glare that left no room for argument.

‘Great, try and be more cryptic why don’t you.’ the greenette thought. His classmates issued some calls of protest that their teacher was being unfair to the boy, but he silenced them almost immediately by simply replying again that the world of heroes in unfair.

Bakugo on the other hand was acting very differently, ‘What the hell is that useless nerd talking about?! He doesn’t have a quirk! Why is he claiming that he does?! He’s lying so he can stay in this school probably. They would never let in a quirkless nerd like him!’

Izuku stared at the softball as he tried to figure out Aizawa’s challenge, ‘My guess is that he saw what I did during the practical and doesn’t agree with my getting in through rescue points. He doesn’t want me neutralizing my arm, but I can’t up the power without losing control and going straight to the level where my arms break.’ The boy continued to think for another few seconds before he got an idea.

Taking his stance, he winded up and threw the softball without turning on his quirk yet. As he was about to let go of the ball, he directed the full power into the last two fingers the gripped the ball as he reached his apex.


There was a blast similar to Bakugo’s that dispersed from the point of contact as the boy let loose. A rush of wind clashed into his classmates and teacher behind him as the ball cut through the air down range. ‘1204.2m’ read the distance on Aizawa’s phone. Izuku clutched the two fingers on his right hand that were clearly broken as he turned toward both the teacher and class.

“Plus Ultra,” the boy said as he looked at his teacher.

“Holy shit! He defiantly blasted that zero-pointer alright!” commented a muscular boy with large lips.

“Super manly!” said the boy with spiker red hair.

“He appears to have injured himself again,” commented Iida. “This quirk is very peculiar.”

Bakugo was standing where he was with his mouth open as he tried to stop himself from twitching. ‘What the hell! If he had a quirk it would have manifested when we were kids! Was he looking down on me all these years as he laughed behind my back?! I’m getting to the bottom of this!’ he said to himself as small explosions fired from his hands.

“HEY!” the blonde screamed as he dived towards the greenette with explosions popping from his palms. “DEKU YOU BASTERD! TELL ME HOW YOU DID THAT!”

Izuku flinched at the blonde’s words, trying to raise his hands to defend himself as the ‘Explosion’ user bared down on him. He was worried he might have a relapse with the voices if the blonde started attacking him, and that was the last thing he needed right now. He couldn’t have his classmates seeing him like that. To his surprise, Bakugo was suddenly ensnared in Aizawa’s scarf that had been previously wrapped around his neck. The blonde’s quirk being shut off from the red-eyed stare of their teacher.

“What the hell!?” said Bakugo. “Why can’t I break out of this dame thing!?”

“My scarf is a specialized hero support weapon designed specifically for capturing villains,” commented the pro hero. “Holding onto someone like you that has not one ounce of experience is child’s play. Now stop struggling and clam down. My quirk gives me horrible dry eye and I would like to stop using it as soon as possible.”

Angered but relenting, the ‘Explosion’ user relaxed and was let back down by their teacher. The blonde took one last threatening look at Izuku as if saying ‘We’re not done here Deku’ before walking back to the class, soon followed by the green-haired boy.

“One more thing,” commented Aizawa. Multiple heads turned to the pro hero as they heard his words, “Bakugo, try something like that again outside of a training exercise and you will be punished.” the black-haired man had a stern look on his face that spelled trouble when he said the last bit.

‘Empty threat’ both Bakugo and Izuku thought to themselves but for different reasons.

With all of the tests concluded, the class had lined up in front of their teacher awaiting the results for their tests. Many were slightly shaking in fear as they pondered if they were going to be the one sent home. Izuku was one of these as he wasn’t sure if he had passed Aizawa’s challenge given that Bakugo had interrupted before the pro hero could make any comment.

“Here are your results. Use this as your measurement to see where you are in relation to your peers, but keep in mind you own strengths and weaknesses as you move forward.” commented Aizawa.

  1. Momo Yaoyorozu
  2. Shoto Todoroki
  3. Katsuki Bakugo
  4. Tenya Iida
  5. Fumikage Tokoyami
  6. Mezo Shoji
  7. Izuku Midoriya
  8. Mashirao Ojiro
  9. Eijro Kirishima
  10. Mina Ashido
  11. Ochako Uraraka
  12. Koji Koda
  13. Rikido Sato
  14. Tsuyu Asui
  15. Yuga Aoyama
  16. Hanta Sero
  17. Denki Kaminari
  18. Kyoka Jiro
  19. Toru Hagakure
  20. Minoru Mineta

Izuku was impressed by his ranking of seventh overall in the class, but he then realized that not only was his quirk literally built for something like this, he had also probably gone through way more training that most of his classmates had preparing for the entrance exams. As others murmured about their own ranks as well as their relief that they weren’t going to get expelled on the first day, Izuku turned over to the short purple haired kid, now being identified as Minoru Mineta, who had fallen to his knees in tears wailing something about not being to stay in the hero course with all the hot heroines-in-training.

“Oh, and I was lying about the expulsion thing. It was a logical ruse to force out your best performances.” Aizawa continued.

There was a perpetual silence as the class digested this information, “WHAT?!” most collectively screamed.

“Well of course he was lying,” responded the black-haired girl who had now been identified as Momo Yaoyorozu. “I should have mentioned something sooner, there’s no way even a teacher at U.A has the power to expel a student over something like this.”

A few students still had uneasy gazes as they let the girl’s words sink in. Izuku however decided to rebuttal with his own comment. “I’m not so sure Yaoyorozu, I didn’t like the smirk he gave when you said he couldn’t expel us. To me it shouts, ‘That’s what you think.’” Izuku pointed back towards his teacher as he finished his comment. All eyes followed the direction of his finger that was pointing back towards the pro hero.

Aizawa gave a small chuckle before relenting, “Technically the boy is right. This test was so I could gauge each of your individual potential as heroes. Like I said at the beginning, if I deemed you to not have any potential, I would have expelled you right here right now. There is no half-assing heroics.”

The assembled student’s swallowed hard at that revelation, even Yaoyorozu, who had claimed earlier that they had nothing to worry about, was almost shaking in fear.

“Be prepared to give it your all while you here at U.A,” Aizawa continued. “If you slip up and fall below my expectations, I won’t hesitate to expel any of you. You can grab syllabuses and other materials back in the classroom. After that you dismissed for the day.” The pro dismissed his students and began to walk back into the school building.



Izuku had changed back into his uniform and was walking beside Iida as they had picked up their things before moving to walk towards the main gate of the school. They talked a little about the various events of the first day, how their teacher seems to have very unusual teaching habits, and even began talking about the functions of their quirks after they started talking about the quirk assessment test. Izuku found out that the blue-haired boy’s quirk was called ‘Engine’ where he has a mutation in his calf’s that protrude mufflers for actual engines that allow him to move at incredible speeds. Izuku thought the quirk reminded him of some hero he had written about in one of his notebooks, but he couldn’t seem to put his finger on it at that moment.

“Hey, you two!” They stopped as they heard a voice from behind. “Headed to the station? Wait up!”

“Ah the infinity girl.” Iida stated as he looked at the running girl who had now been identified as Ochako Uraraka. She was the same girl that Izuku had saved in the entrance exam. Both boys gave a happy smile as they waited for her to catch up to them.

“I’m Ochako Uraraka, and you are Tenya Iida and uh… Deku Midoriya, right?” She introduced herself with excitement.

Izuku snapped at that very moment he heard his horrible nickname come out of the girl’s mouth, “Don’t. Ever. Call me that!” Izuku growled out, as a raging anger emulated from his body, causing his two classmates to jump back in shock.

“B-but that Bakugo guy c-called you that multiple times, didn’t he?” Uraraka reasoned as she tried to calm the boy down.

That doesn’t make it Ok!” Izuku shouted back before turning around and walking away, leaving the U.A students in a state of shock and confusion. The nightmare was happening all over again, U.A was no different than Aldera. No matter what the boy did, he wouldn’t escape the ridicule. He clutched his head as he rounded the corner out of sight, the voices screeching louder in his head than ever before as he saw Bakugo and his new classmates surrounding him.

You’re nothing… quirkless…useless…just a Deku… you need to be realistic…go jump off a roof… worthless… useless… Deku… Deku… DEKU!’

Chapter Text

Ochako stood in the hallways with a feeling of shock, confusion and a bit of terror as she saw her green-haired classmate turn the corner out of sight. She never would have expected that kind of reaction from the boy in a million years. She turned to her gobstruck classmate beside her as she tried to unravel everything that had just taken place. The boy, Tenya Iida, had a similar expression on his face as he turned to the shorter girl with similar concerns.

“D-do you know w-what that was about?” the ‘Zero Gravity’ user asked the blue-haired boy as she still tried to recover from Midoriya’s outburst.

“I can’t say that I do,” began the ‘Engine’ user. “but my guess is that that name must be a sore spot for our classmate.” Tenya was similar to Uraraka in that he never expected such an outburst from Midoriya, but his logical intuition was already giving him some idea about the potential reasoning for the boy’s actions.

“Bakugo appears to be very hostile towards Midoriya, though I can’t say why or if it’s more his general demeanor as a person. My guess is that ‘Deku’ is an insult of some kind that Bakugo calls him.” The boy stopped for a minute to catch his breath. He noticed his classmate’s eyes grow wide with a bit of terror when he had finished his statement.

“W-well,” Ochako started as she looked down at her twirling fingertips and poked the ends together in front of her. “I thought it kind of sounded like Dekiru meaning ‘You can do it.’ I thought it sounded kind of cute so I was going to ask him if I could call him it as well” Iida nodded to her in understanding before coming to another, more troubling thought himself.

“Now that I think about it, can’t the Kanji of Midoriya’s first name ‘Izuku’ be read as ‘Deku’ or ‘useless’?” the blue-haired boy questioned mostly to himself. After a moment, both student’s eyes began to widen as they connected the dots. Ochako put her hands to her mouth when she realized the full extent of what she had done.

“I-I called him useless… I called him the name that has probably be used as an insult for years…” the brown-haired girl said in horror. Bakugo was violent and showed characteristics that could be seen as bullying, so it wasn’t hard to put together him calling Midoriya that in the way he had since arriving at U.A, as well as Midoriya’s reaction to the name just now, was clearly an insult.

Iida put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her when he noticed that the girl was about to cry, “You didn’t know, yes you made a mistake, but you can make it up to him by apologizing. God knows he needs it if his reaction is anything to go by. He needs some people in his corner.”

Ochako collected herself, taking Iida’s words to heart as she nodded. She had made a mistake for sure, but the ‘Zero Gravity’ user would never do something like that again. She had hurt one of her classmates that had done nothing wrong and she was going to fix it. That was what heroes do, and if she couldn’t mend the bridge she had burned with her green-haired classmate, then why was she studying to be a hero?



Turns out, trying to apologize to someone who probably hates your guts isn’t as straight forward as you may think. Ever since arriving in homeroom on the second day of classes, Midoriya had given the cold shoulder to practically everyone that had tried talking to him, confusing many of Ochako’s classmates. He also glared at her pretty menacingly when he caught Ochako staring at him during English class. It wasn’t like she meant any offence by it, but it was just hard to focus when Present Mic was going over various English grammar rules that were pretty easy to lose focus in while the brunette was coming up with a plan about how she was going to apologize to her classmate.

That being said, Ochako did need to focus on her studies. After Aizawa had told them that dropping below his expectations could get any one of her classmates expelled, the ‘Zero Gravity’ user wasn’t going to be taking any chances. English was a very important subject, it was basically the defacto language of communication between individuals of different countries, that included pro heroes. When pros of different countries were brought together into patrols or taskforces, it was expected that they both know how to communicate with each other in the respective language.

When the students were released for their lunch break, Ochako followed Iida to the cafeteria. She hoped she could catch sight of Midoriya there and find a moment to apologize, but after searching with the blue-haired boy for nearly ten minutes they gave up. They were beckoned over to another table by Asui whose quirk was ‘Frog’ giving her assorted abilities of the amphibious creature which included strong legs. Also sitting at the table was Kirishima whose quirk was ‘Hardening’ and Ashido whose quirk was ‘Acid’.

“Uhhh,” huffed the pink-skin girl. “These classes are so hard… when are we going to do something that’s actually fun?” the pink haired girl asked as she leaned over and rested her entire upper body on the table.

“Ashido!” commented Iida. “As a student at the prestigious U.A high school it’s our duty to uphold the greatest level of excellence.” Iida continued his rant as his right arm conducted numerous chopping motions like a robot, which did nothing to help his fellow classmates take the ‘Engine’ user seriously.

“At least we have our heroics class later today, so I guess that something you can look forward to right Ashido, kero?” commented Asui.

“Yeah it’s gonna be awesome!” responded Kirishima. “I’m so pumped! I wonder which pro hero is going to be teaching us?”

Ochako thought for a minute as she tried to ponder who could possibly be teaching their heroics class. ‘From the class syllabus it can’t be Mr. Aizawa, Present Mic, Midnight or Ectoplasm as they were already teaching different classes’ the brunette thought. The instructor slot for their heroics class had been left blank where their assigned teacher should be. This of course became the big question that everyone in class 1-A was trying to get answered. If Ochako was being honest, she didn’t really care who it was that taught the class as she was just overly relieved to having gotten into U.A in the first place.

The 1-A students continued to make small talk for the rest of the lunch break before heading back to their classroom for their next lesson. Ochako was surprised to see Midoriya already sitting in his seat scribbling something in an overly worn-down notebook. Thinking she might have a chance to apologize to the boy, she began to walk over to him only to be shut down by Ectoplasm who had just walked into the room and told the 1-A students to get ready for their first Math lesson.

When it came time to begin their heroics class, Ochako was confused as to why their teacher hadn’t shown up yet. Had she not been secretly excited about the mystery behind the teacher, she probably would have taken the chance to go and speak to Midoriya.

“I AM HERE…” came a voice the Ochako knew all too well. “COMING THROUGHT THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!” exclaimed the number one pro hero All Might as he gave an awkward pose stepping through the door.

The class collectively gasped as he entered. Several students cheered while others only stared as they tried to catch up with the reality that All Might was going to be their teacher.

“Holy crap, it’s All Might!” shouted Kirishima.

“Is that his silver-age costume, kero?” asked Asui.

Ochako could only stare in disbelief as All Might flashed a triumphant grin as he strutted to the front of the room. She had heard from some of her classmates that the pro hero was going to be a teacher at U.A this year, but she never expected that the number one hero was going to be teaching first years. The pro took a look around, studying the 1-A students as he glanced across the room.


All Might bent back, then threw his fist forward, “LET’S GET INTO IT!” the pro declared holding a card that read ‘BATTLE’! “TODAY’S LESSON… WILL PULL NO PUNCHES!”

The class reacted with excitement and shouts once again.

“BUT ONE OF THE KEYS OF BEING A HERO IS…” He pointed a remote at the far wall. “LOOKING GOOD!” Four compartments slid out of the wall, each holding five boxes marked with a number. The excitement in the room boiled over at this point, several of the 1-A students standing up in excitement.


“Yes, sir!” The class responded in unison. Ochako followed her classmates in grabbing her respective suitcase before making her way to the changing rooms.



Ochako felt a little embarrassed as she exited out the tunnel to Training Ground Beta. She hadn’t been really specific when she sent in her costume design schematics, only really describing her quirk and that she wanted a costume similar to the Space Hero: Thirteen given that the pro was her favorite rescue hero. The result was a skintight pink and black space suit with pink heeled boots and a space helmet visor. If she wasn’t self-conscious about herself before she defiantly was now.

“Ah Uraraka,” came a voice from behind her. “It’s good to see you.”

Ochako spun around to find Iida standing in a full suit of white armor that seems to remind the girl of someone, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. He stood with a presence of a chivalrous knight.

“Wow Iida, you costume looks so cool! I should have more specific with mine…” Ochako commented as she gestured to herself with a slight blush on her face. Her free hand was scratching the back of her head in embarrassment.

“Nonsense, it’s lightweight in the event you want to use your quirk on yourself, and the tightness will help combat your nausea to a degree.” replied the ‘Engine’ user.

Ochako was shocked by her classmate’s assessment, why didn’t she think of or realize that? She was interrupted from thinking any more when she caught sight of Midoriya standing off by himself behind Iida. His hero outfit consisted of a thicker padded green jumpsuit with white gloves with blue stripes along the sides going up to about the first half of his forearm. He also had black elbow pads and kneepads, a red utility belt, a gray mouthguard, and red boots similar in design to the red shoes that he had worn to school.

The brunette was distracted again by All Might speaking up and getting the 1-A student’s attention, “THEY SAY THE CLOTHES MAKE THE HEROES! I HAVE TO SAY YOU ALL LOOK AWESOME!” the pro said encouragingly.

“Sir!” Iida interjected as he raised his hand. “Will we be using the same mock-city from the Entrance Exam for this training?!”


“How do we determine who wins or loses?” asked Yaoyorozu.

“Can I just blow them all away?” Bakugo demanded.

“We won’t get expelled like Mr. Aizawa said, right?” Ochako questioned nervously.

“How should we choose teams?!” Iida questioned.

“Isn’t this cape fantastic?” Aoyama queried.

Ochako could see that All Might was momentarily overwhelmed by the questions, but just grinned and bore it. “FEAR NOT! I WILL ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS!”



“Wait, why by lottery?!” exclaimed a shocked Iida.

“Pro Heroes often have to create makeshift teams with other heroes that they aren’t familiar with. There’s no way you can prepare for unexpected situations, after all.” commented Midoriya.

“I see!” Iida exclaimed. “I apologize!”


Ochako searched for her name, only to find Midoriya of all people as her partner. She turned to the green-haired boy who had done the same to her, his gaze still somewhat hostile before turning away and looking back at All Might. The pro hero then produced a pair of boxes, which were labeled as “Hero” and “Villain” respectively. He reached into the opening at the top and pulled out a pair of balls with a letter on each one. Letters A and D respectively.


Ochako looked back at the team listings only to realize that Bakugo was on team D with Iida. She looked back over at Midoriya only to see the boy’s expression hadn’t changed as was still looking at their teacher.


Ochako balled her hands into fists as the rest of their class walked with All Might to the observation room. This was it, she needed to apologize for what she said to Midoriya right here and now while they still had time before the exercise. She walked right up to the boy and took a deep breath before getting his attention.

“Hey uh… Midoriya?” the greenette turned to her, his face unreadable. “I-I just wanted to say I’m sorry for what I said to you yesterday.” The boy blinked at her as she took another breath. “I didn’t know that the way Bakugo refers to you is an insult,” she was looking down at her fingertips, twirling them around and poking them together like she had done yesterday. “…and I have no way of knowing how much that must have hurt you when I said it.” She looked him right in the eyes now. “I was wrong, and I’ll never do it again. I still need to thank you for what you did during the practical exam when you saved me, so I’ll say it now. Thank you Midoriya and I hope you can forgive me for what I said…”



Izuku was not having the best day. Ever since he left school yesterday, the voices had gotten perpetually worse, sometimes even being accompanied by painful images that were sometimes almost too much to for the greenette to handle. At school today, he had a breakdown during lunch. Thankfully he was already near a bathroom, so he was easily able to hide and collect himself away from others, but it still took him a while to calm down and he still hadn’t really fully recovered yet. It took him a while, but he eventually accepted the reality that his classmates at U.A were going to be no different than Aldera, Uraraka had convinced him of that, so he took to his old philosophy of just closing himself off from his class like he did for most of his third year in middle school.

What he was not expecting, was what Uraraka said to him right before their first heroics exercise, “…so I’ll say it now. Thank you Midoriya and I hope you can forgive me for what I said…”

Izuku just stared at the girl for a few moments, he didn’t show it, but he was shocked beyond belief that she had went and apologized to him like that, No one had done that before, and the boy was in no way prepared to handle this new situation. What was he supposed to say and think now? Part of him tried to convince the rest that things would have probably ended a lot differently had he not stormed off almost immediately yesterday, but now wasn’t the time to consider what-ifs.

Maybe he was a little too quick to judge his new classmates. He hadn’t done anything to suggest that he didn’t like it when Bakugo called him by his nickname, so he realized that it probably wasn’t fair to the girl to hold her accountable for her ignorance on the issue, it was partially his fault anyway. “Your welcome Uraraka. Maybe I shouldn’t have stormed off so quickly after I snapped at you.” It’s not like the two were about to become buddy-buddy, but Izuku acknowledged that he should probably give his classmates the benefit of the doubt before forming opinions about them. After all, if he did that, he would be no better than Bakugo.

“Great!” replied the ‘Zero Gravity’ user. “You have no idea how long I’ve been trying to get that off my chest.”

Izuku chuckled at her enthusiasm. He hadn’t actually said that he’d forgiven her for what she said, but he decided to not hold it against her for the time being. Interacting with the girl was a nice distraction from the fact that the ‘Quirk Inheritor’ was about to fight his tormentor in a no-holds-back combat exercise with quirks. He struggled to keep up is stern façade, not wanting to reveal to the brunette just how uneasy he really was.

The duo pulled out the schematics of the building they would be infiltrating and started shooting ideas of each other as they tried to come up with a plan of attack. Izuku quickly found himself leading the discussion, with Uraraka mostly giving comments on his ideas and pointing out little ideas here and there. Given their quirks as well as the enemy that they were facing, Izuku realized there was pretty much one plan that was the most obvious to use.

“When the test starts, do you think you can leave me to fight Bakugo while you try to get the jump on Iida?” the ‘Quirk Inheritor’ asked.

“Sure but are you certain you can handle him by yourself?” questioned the brunette with a bit of concern, something not unnoticed by the greenette.

“Honestly, I can’t say that I am, but it’s just something that I need to do…” Izuku trailed off.

Uraraka seemed to understand what the boy was implying, and to an extent the plan was a good one. Lead the heavy hitter from the enemy side away from the objective and try to secure it while he was occupied elsewhere. If she could get the jump on Iida, which was entirely possible given the layout of the building, all she would need to do is touch him and the bomb would be practically secured.

“Ok we’ll go with your plan.” Uraraka replied.



Bakugo and Iida were standing in the room with the bomb with the armored student pacing back and forth across the floor. Iida was deep in thought as he tried to think up ways to deal with the hero team, Bakugo on the other hand just stood in the middle of the room deep in thought.

The ‘Explosion’ user suddenly looked towards the entrance to the room while commenting, “Hey… do you really think Deku had a quirk?”

Iida turned to the blonde, “I’m assuming you mean Midoriya. I’m not sure what your problem with him is, but I don’t approve of your calling him that.” Bakugo turned one eye toward the boy holding a glare that could kill. Iida continued, “If you’re questioning if he had a quirk, my answer is of course he does. I saw him using it both during the practical exam and the quirk assessment test, he had a quirk then and he has one now.”

Bakugo wasn’t listening anymore, deep in his thought as he went over the events of this day and the last, ‘Did he trick me all these years while laughing behind my back? I’m gonna roast that damn nerd when I see him!’ he screamed in his head.



Izuku led Uraraka down the confined hallways of the target building, there was minimal lighting which reduced their visibility when they approached corners and intersections. Internally, the boy was having quite the dilemma. On one hand he was slightly terrified that he had to fight Bakugo head on with their quirks completely free of any restrictions. Of course Izuku did have the additional restriction that he was limited in the amount of power he could output, as using his full power would not only hurt himself, but he would probably kill whoever he attacked it with. However, the greenette also had a part of him that was thrilled about having the opportunity to finally knock the explosive blonde known as Katsuki Bakugo off his high horse.

He turned to his partner for the exercise, “I’m almost convinced that the minimal lighting will cause Bakugo to try an ambush so be on alert.” The brunette nodded in confirmation. Izuku turned around and continued walking in the lead, only to stop suddenly when he heard movement that wasn’t theirs. Looking up towards the nearby corner, his eyes widened when he noticed a familiar gauntlet beginning to poke around it.

“Look out!” the ‘Quirk Inheritor’ said as he fired up his quirk and dove towards the girl in order to get both of them out of the way. It was good timing as the spot where the boy had been standing only a moment before had now been reduced to a small crater. The duo jumped up to their feet as the dust settled from the attack.

“I knew you’d come for me first,” Izuku commented as Bakugo’s form appeared from the dust wearing an evil smirk. The greenette shifted in front of his partner as he took his stance to get ready for the fight that was about to happen. “Follow the plan…” the boy whispered back to her. The girl gave him a quick nod before retreating down the hall and rounding the next corner.

“Deku… you really must have gotten a few screws loose if you thought you could take me on alone,” the ‘Explosion’ user commented as he held onto his wicked grin. He showed of his crackling palms as he tried to intimidate the boy.

“Bakugo,” Izuku said rather abruptly, again catching the blonde a bit off guard. “Do you remember that day almost a year ago when I told you I wasn’t trying to compete with you by applying to U.A?” Bakugo’s eyes narrowed into a stern glare. Izuku gave off a smirk of his own, “Well… I take it back.”

The explosive blonde’s eyes widened as he grit his teeth. Izuku was almost sure he saw a vein trying to pop out of the boy’s head. Bakugo began to charge the boy while changing his expression to a sadistic grin as he pulled his right arm back, “I’m not gonna rough you up enough so that they stop the fight, but I’ll be taking you right up to that point!”

‘Starting with a powerful right hook, the same thing he has done nearly every time since first bullying me. How much more predictable can you get?’ the boy thought rhetorically.

Izuku took in a quick breath before acting. He fired up his quirk and quickly darted to the side of the blonde as he grabbed his outstretched arm. Moving his inside foot right underneath the boy, as he tucked his shoulder under the blonde’s right armpit, Izuku proceeded to flip Bakugo over his shoulder and slam him onto the ground. The impact seemed to surprise the boy as he coughed up spit and tried to breath in air.

‘An opportunity,’ Izuku thought. He quickly jumped on top of the blonde and proceeded to punch the boy as fast as he could. The greenette proceeded to land multiple direct hits to the face and stomach of the pinned boy, causing a considerable amount of damage ‘Holy shit this feels good.’ thought the ‘Quirk Inheritor’.

Getting over the initial shock of Izuku’s first move, Bakugo proceeded to launch a medium sized explosion to separate the two heroes-in-training. Izuku was thrown back a few meters from the blonde as Bakugo tried to recover from his attack.  “You’re so predictable Bakugo,” Izuku commented as he pushed himself back up to his feet. “You always start off with a big right hook in a fight. Of course I would be able to figure out how to counter it. I’ve known you for years.” Izuku didn’t mention that he had never tried until just now, but he kept that to himself.

Bakugo finally was able to push himself back to a standing position, he was coughing up a bit of blood as he tried to hold Izuku’s gaze. “That’s it Deku,” the blonde replied. “You’re dead!” He launched himself forward with his explosions, closing the gap between the two heroes very rapidly as he winded up for another punch.

‘He really does never learn, doesn’t he?’ Izuku thought as he prepared for another assault. However the greenette was surprised when Bakugo suddenly changed direction in midair while shooting was appeared to be a smokescreen explosion right into the boy’s eyes, blinding him. As Izuku tried to recover, the blonde took the initiative and landed two large explosions point blank onto the side of Izuku’s head and on his left oblique. The resulting force launched Izuku right into the nearby cement wall, where the other side of the boy’s head hit directly with the surface.

Izuku forced himself to rise from the ground as quickly as he fell, narrowly missing yet another attack from the unrelenting ‘Explosion’ user. He immediately regretted moving so fast as he felt a sudden ringing in his head and a near unbearable sense to vomit. If the drips of blood running down his head weren’t enough with all of that, the greenette was pretty certain he had a concussion.

‘I can’t win a battle of attrition, I need to find a way to get a moment to recover myself and find a better location that’s to my advantage.’ Izuku thought.

“Where’s that fancy quirk of yours now Deku!? Did you have a fun time laughing behind my back all those years?! I’ll kill you for looking down on me you worthless nerd!” shouted Bakugo.

Izuku didn’t really have time to register the explosive blonde’s words due to his head injury. After quickly surveying his surroundings he ran down the hallway to his left at full speed, hoping to put as much distance between the ‘Explosion’ user and himself.

“Damnit Deku! Get back here!” Bakugo shouted as he chased after the boy.



Ochako listened to the rumbling of explosions that shook the structure as she navigated through the many corridors of the target building. She would be lying if she wasn’t relieved that she didn’t have to fight Bakugo, but the fact the Midoriya had to face his past tormentor alone left a guilty feeling in her chest. She told herself that she needed to make it up to him by ending the exercise as fast as possible. If she could secure the objective with haste, that meant less time that the boy had to stand toe-to-toe with her explosive classmate.

She had frantically searched most of the floors as quiet as she could, hoping to not reveal her presence to Iida so that she could get the drop on him. She didn’t have much fighting experience, so her best option was to follow her green-haired classmates’ suggestion and try to sneak up on the ‘Engine’ user and render him immobile with her quirk. It was when she reached the second to last floor of the building that the ‘Zero Gravity’ user finally caught a trace of what she was looking for.

“Bakugo has really devoted himself to the mindset of being a villain,” Ochako heard from down the hall. The heroine-in-training slowed her movements as she crept up to where the voice of her classmate was coming from. “Then I must also allow myself to follow in his place and think like a villain. I am… extremely evil!”

Ochako tried desperately not to laugh at the overly serious demeanor that her classmate was displaying. Her body got the better of her though, as a spur of laughter escaped the tight grip that her hands hand placed over her mouth. The noise was not missed by the armored hero-in-training, who turned to the doorway that lead to the room and caught sight of the brunette before she could hide herself.

“Hero! You are too late to stop our evil plan! This bomb will go off whether you like it or not!” commented Iida as he tried his best impression at a maniacal laugh. Ochako had to once again try to keep herself from laughing, fortunately she was able to control herself. “Just as I knew you would come to stop us, I knew that you planned to use your quirk in a certain way! I have removed all objects within this room, so you can forget about using anything besides your fists to fight me!”

Ochako wore a slight look of shock on her face for a moment as she registered her classmate’s words. She had to hand it to him, knowing that any object unattached to the building structure could be used against him was pretty impressive. If she had many objects to work with, she could use them as ammunition or distractions in order to land a direct touch on her blue-haired classmate. ‘I’m unmatched here. If I can’t use my quirk on anything other than Iida, I might as well be trying to fight him with one hand.’ thought Ochako. ‘So much for trying to end this quickly. Midoriya, I hope you’re doing ok.’



In truth Izuku was nowhere close to being ok. He was currently sitting down and leaning against one of the walls of the target building as he hid from the anger-fueled time bomb that was Katsuki Bakugo. He had managed to somewhat recover from the head trauma that he had experienced only a few minutes before, but he was still suffering from a throbbing headache as well as still bleeding on the right side of his head.

‘Well that could have gone better, but it was about what I expected’ the greenette thought. ‘I still can’t compete with Bakugo in a straight up fight. His quirk is stronger than mine, and I don’t have the precise control that he has from his years of experience using his quirk. What I do have is knowledge, more than he does about me given that he probably never gave me the time of day before, so I need to use that as well as the terrain around me to try and turn this around.’

Izuku pondered his options. All Might has called the halfway point a little while ago, so he had probably around five or six minutes left to try and win the exercise. He couldn’t try to ditch the blonde as that would likely result in an eventual two-on-two skirmish right near the bomb where he and Uraraka would be severely outmatched in terms of firepower. He didn’t know where the ‘Zero Gravity’ user was at in regard to securing the bomb since she hadn’t checked in with him yet. Because of this, he concluded that the best option was to continue things as they were and try to deal with Bakugo before moving to assist the brunette in completing the objective.

“DEKU!” came the voice of Bakugo from somewhere down the hall outside of the room Izuku was currently occupying. “Stop running you coward! Get out here and fight me! Show me that flashy quirk of yours that you hid from me all these years!” the blonde continued.

Izuku slowly pushed himself back up to a standing position, his head throbbed in protest, but it was better than other options like hearing the voices. He moved to the side of the doorway that served as the connection between his hiding place and the hallway where Bakugo was. He eyed the ‘Explosion’ user walking down the hall towards him as he peaked through, his red eyes darting to a million different points has his hands crackled with small explosions. Izuku moved back and shifted to the other side of the doorway as he prepared to ambush the unsuspecting blonde.

‘This is the best chance I’ve got to beat him,’ thought the ‘Quirk Inheritor’. ‘I’ll need to time this just right. If I don’t completely blindside him with this attack, then it will just be a repeat of what happened during our last skirmish.’ He heart began to beast faster as he heard the blonde’s footsteps and crackling palms get closer. ‘tip tap crackle crackle tip tap crackle crackle’ Izuku heard as he took in a deep breath. He dared to inch his head forward as he tried to look around the corner of the doorway into the hall. ‘Please don’t be looking this way when you pass here…’ he thought.

Bakugo caught sight of Izuku right after the greenette threw himself into him and tackled the explosive blonde toward the closest wall. As they moved towards it, Izuku took that moment of surprise to repeatedly jab the blonde’s side as fast as he could. When they connected with the wall, Izuku continued his assault with two quick punches to the boy’s chest and gut. Bakugo tried to retaliate with an explosion from his right hand, but the greenette grabbed his wrist and redirected the blast into the wall, causing bits of debris to fall next to them. Before Bakugo was finally able to blast the boy off, the ‘Quirk Inheritor’ landed another punch to his face.

Izuku was thrown into the nearby pile of debris as he tumbled away from the explosive blonde. He ached all over from the multiple direct blasts from the ‘Explosion’ user and he still had blood dripping down the side of his head. Bakugo was worse off as he leaned over and began to cough up more blood as the explosive blonde tried to get his breathing under control. The jabs that Izuku delivered to his midsection appeared to have done more damage than previously thought.

Izuku was trying to push himself back off the ground when the blonde began to speak again. “Is that all your good for Deku?! Cheap tricks and a couple of punches?! Where’s that power you showed during your softball throw huh?!” the greenette turned to look at the boy. Bakugo continued to hold his sadistic grin.

“You can’t intimidate me anymore Bakugo!” Izuku screamed back at the blonde. “I’m done being your punching bag! I made it into this school same as you. I’m going to be a hero just like you. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to accept it!”

Bakugo grinned wider at the boy’s words. “It looks like you need to be reminded about a few things Deku. For example, my quirk lets me secrete nitroglycerine-like sweat from my sweat glands.” Bakugo then proceeded to lift one of his arms that was secured in a grenade-like gauntlet. “These gauntlets allow me to use my sweat in a ranged attack by storing it within until I pull the pin near the front, and the sweat has been filling in my gauntlets this whole time.”

Izuku’s eyes widened in horror as he caught on to what the blonde was intending as Bakugo pointed his right gauntlet right at him, his left hand moving towards the ignition pin. He heard a frantic call from All Might over the loudspeakers. “YOUNG BAKUGO STOP! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HIM?!”

“He’ll be fine as long as he dodges! Time for you to relearn your place Deku!” responded the ‘Explosion’ user.

Before Izuku could even register what was going on, he suddenly felt a tingling feeling spark in the back of his head. Drifting on autopilot, the ‘Quirk Inheritor’ watched as he perceived time slow down, or he was just moving faster as he couldn’t really tell the difference. He saw his had glide towards the closest piece of debris and almost immediately hurl it towards the explosive blonde. The debris, easily the size of a softball, quickly closed the distance between the two heroes-in-training as Bakugo pulled the pin on his gauntlet. Right as the explosion fired, the debris connected with the top of the gauntlet and directed the explosion to be aimed a few meters in front of Izuku.


The resulting explosion shook the entire building as it threw up broken pieces of debris and sent out a shockwave that sent Izuku flying backwards like a ragdoll. Bakugo continued to hold the sadistic smirk as it morphed into one of victory. He walked up slowly to the boy who lied on his side with his back to him, trying his best to get back up by the looks of it. Bakugo wanted to savor his victory, he once again confirmed that he was superior to useless Deku even if the worthless nerd did have a quirk all this time. Bakugo would always be better and Izuku was just lucky to breath the same air as him.

As he stood looking over the greenette as he relished his victory, the blonde couldn’t help but gloat. “Like I said, you’re just a pebble that lives beneath my foot. You will never be better than me De-” Bakugo was interrupted as his feet were swept out from under him.

Izuku leapt back up from his feint at defeat and jumped on top of the blonde. He punched the boy square in the nose, knocking him out when the impact sent his head into contact with the floor. Taking in a couple deep breaths as he registered what he had just done, Izuku slumped back onto the floor and laid there. “…Plus Ultra.” He finally said after a few more breaths.

“Midoriya?!” came the call of Uraraka from his earpiece. “Midoriya are you still there?!” the girl sounded very worried as she tried to get a response form the boy. Izuku groaned as he lifted his hand up to his ear.

“Uraraka? Yeah, I’m here, had some trouble with Bakugo but I just neutralized him.”

“Omygosh that’s great! The whole building shook a few moments ago so I was getting worried that you got caught up in one of his big attacks. Iida’s on to me and there’s nothing I can use my quirk and he’s just too fast.” The heroine-in-training responded.

“TWO MINUTES REMAINING!” called All Might.

“Keep him worked up, I’ll make my way over their now. We’ve still got time so don’t get desperate. Let me know what floor you’re on and I’ll meet up with you soon.”

“Ok the bomb is on floor 5. I’ll hold out till then.”



When young Bakugo had blasted young Midoriya with his gauntlet, All Might nearly rushed out of the observation room to put a stop to the fight. It was only when he saw the redirection of the blast, and that his successor was only faking being critically injured that the pro allowed the match to continue, despite some protests from the other students.

Young Bakugo was going to need a stern conversation from the number one hero about excessive use of force. Not only would it be bad for his reputation as a pro hero, but to do it against a classmate in a training exercise was even more concerning. That wasn’t even considering the other things that were going through the pro’s mind at that moment.

Chiyo had explained in detail to the pro in a later conversation just how bad the physical trauma was that his successor had been hiding on his body. To say that All Might was furious about what happened to his successor would be an understatement. The pro was livid. All Might couldn’t be sure yet, but the appearance of familiarity between his successor and young Bakugo was not unnoticed by the 8th holder of One For All. Add that to the way the ‘Explosion’ user had been acting during the entire exercise and All Might was at the very least considering that the explosive blonde had been involved.

For now he could do nothing, he would update Naomasa about his suspicions and ask the detective to look up whether or not the two boys were classmates in the past. Unless young Midoriya came clean about the bullying and abuse there was really nothing the pro could do. The last thing he was going to do was try and force the information out of his successor.

“Hey, look Midoriya’s gotten to the bomb room!” shouted young Ashido.

All Might shook himself out of his thoughts and refocused his attention back onto the screens showing the training exercise. He could worry about his successor’s wellbeing after classes.



To say that Izuku was tired after his fight with Bakugo would be the joke of the century. His body was sore all over and his head was still recovering. However the fact that the greenette had beaten the explosive blonde in a straight up fight was so intoxicating that the boy was almost bouncing of the walls as he moved towards where Uraraka was with Iida and the bomb. He got his personal victory, now it was time to get a team one.

He had explained his plan to deal with Iida to his partner over their communicators as she continued to dodge the ‘villain’ attacks and force Iida to keep the bomb away from her. It was a relatively straightforward plan, but it required precise timing on both of their ends as Iida’s moments and attacks were centered around his speed. While Izuku was able to predict a fair amount of Bakugo’s moves, he wouldn’t be able to do that with Iida.

As the greenette rounded the corner into the room with the others, he took in all of the details of the room and was impressed with Iida’s careful consideration of all loose objects being used as weapons by the ‘Zero Gravity’ user and subsequent removal of all such objects from the room besides the bomb of course.

“Surrender now Iida,” said the ‘Quirk Inheritor’ to the armored student.

“Never!” replied Iida. “You will never pry this bomb from my hands heroes! I’m too evil to let you!”

‘Jez, Uraraka wasn’t kidding when she said he’s talking this ‘being evil’ thing way to seriously. Well, asking him to surrender was at least worth a try I guess.’ thought Izuku. He turned and locked eyes with his partner. Uraraka gave a nod of confirmation before looking back at Iida.

The plan relied on getting Iida to attack one of them and performing a perfectly timed counter move in order to trip up the ‘Engine’ user. If they got his feet out from under him, then Iida was vulnerable. Their backup plan involved one of them drawing Iida away from the bomb so that the other could secure it and complete their assigned objective. This was really just in case the opportunity presented itself, as they expected Iida was able to close distances quick if he felt the bomb was being threatened.

The hero duo charged the one remaining villain, what followed was a complex game of cat and mouse as Izuku and Uraraka tried their best to create an opportunity to counter or go for the bomb but were thwarted each time by Iida’s incredible speed. Izuku had to admit that Iida was using his strengths very admirably, knowing that he had the leg up in speed on both of them as well as the fact that he only needed to keep the duo away until time ran out.

“ONE MINUTE REMAINING!” called All Might.

Izuku cursed in his head, ‘This isn’t working Iida is too smart to fall into our counter trap and he won’t likely be baited either. Were going to have to play desperate and go for the bomb.’ He turned to Uraraka as he finished the thought.

“No choice, go for the bomb!” he called out to his partner. The ‘Zero Gravity’ user nodded back to confirm she heard him.

Izuku hadn’t noticed it yet, but Iida had been getting a bit slower over the last few seconds. The ‘Engine’ user had been almost constantly on the move at high speeds for nearly the last ten minutes, and carrying the bomb around, even as just papier-mache, was starting to become too much. Because of this, the armored hero-in-training didn’t grab the bomb and run off this time but instead looked to just throw the heroes away from it.

When the greenette did notice that Iida wasn’t moving the bomb, he got another crazy idea. Instead of taking the shortest path to the bomb he took a slightly longer path that moved him closer to Iida. When the blue-haired ‘villain’ had dealt with his brunette teammate, the ‘villain’ quickly made a beeline for Izuku. While he caught him well before the boy could touch the bomb, Izuku hadn’t planed on doing so in the first place. Instead he grabbed Iida’s outstretched leg that had been sent to kick him out of the way and used the boy’s own momentum to throw him at Uraraka.

“Uraraka now!” the ‘Zero Gravity’ user turned from her spot on the ground as she saw Iida come flying at her. Understanding the message, the girl dove towards the boy while he was still in the air and smacked him on his back with all five of her fingers, effectively neutralizing him him as he remained afloat in the air.

“We did it!” the girl cried in triumph.

“The bomb! NOOO!” cried Iida still in his villain persona. He tried to flail his arms towards them, but it was all for naught as he remained floating in the air away from the building’s surfaces.


The two heroes smiled at each other as they walked over to touch the bomb. Uraraka was about to touch it when a shout came from behind them.


Izuku whipped his head back to see Bakugo pulling the pin to his other gauntlet with a look of pure malice on his face. The greenette fired up his quirk, grabbed his partner and threw her across the room with all of his strength without going overboard.


The last thing that the boy saw was the sadistic smirk of his childhood tormentor as his world was engulfed in flame.

Chapter Text

When Izuku opened his eyes, all he could see beyond himself was darkness. He was lying on the ground, head positioned looking straight up and his arms resting at his sides. He sat up, looking around and trying to make sense of his surroundings to no avail.

“Hello?” he called out into the darkness, his voice echoing as it faded into the distance. “Is anybody there?” the echoing of his last words faded out once again as the boy was left in silence.

‘What the heck is going on?!’ the greenette mentally screamed to himself.

As the boy finished his thought, he began to hear whispers out in the distance. The voices grew closer with each passing second as Izuku tried to make out where they were coming from. Izuku turned his head in all directions in rapid succession as he tried to use his ears to figure out the origin of the noises filling his ears. They became more distorted and harder to pinpoint as they grew closer and well as get louder, the formerly inaudible whispers turning into words that sent chills down Izuku’s spine.

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

The mantra continued as Izuku was frantically turning every which way to find a method of escape from the chant. He was scared, he had no idea what was going on nor how to deal with it. His terror grew as he found himself standing in the middle of a circle of shadow-like mist creatures that just seemed to phase into being from the darkness. Izuku couldn’t see any facial features on these new forms, but part of him knew that they were responsible for the mantra that was ringing like a loud, broken record in his ears.

He clutched his hands over his ears as he knelt to the floor, hoping that it would somehow block out the horrifying chanting that was ringing in his ears, it didn’t help. Izuku began to hyperventilate as the terror started to strangle him. He felt like his throat was on fire with each breath but continued to breath at a chaotic pace as he clutched his head even tighter.

‘stop it…’ the boy thought.

“You can’t be a hero without a quirk Deku,” came a voice Izuku knew all too well. The greenette looked up to see one of the mist creatures step forward and materialize into Bakugo. “so why don’t you go do yourself and everyone a favor as take a swan dive off a roof.” Izuku’s eyes widened as the fake Bakugo said the words in the exact tone Bakugo had all those months ago.

“I have a quirk now. I can be a hero…” replied a very distraught Izuku.

“Shut it you damn nerd!” Bakugo snapped at he blasted the greenette in the face sending him tumbling towards the other side of the circle of creatures. “you’re just a useless Deku!” came from the imposter as Izuku came to a stop.

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

‘stop it!’ the boy screamed in his head.

“Thanks for the new body kid, you’re my hero.” Izuku turned his head to look up at the sludge villain that had nearly killed the boy almost a year ago. The same one he had saved Bakugo from. The sludge villain once more surrounded Izuku, shoving his tendrils of sludge down the boy’s throat and nose and he tried drowning him.

“No one can come to save you this time,” commented the villain. Izuku thrashed and tried to cough up the sludge that was clogging his throat, keeping him from breathing. His entire body twitched, and his throat burned like he had swallowed molten iron. As dark spots appeared in his vision, the boy suddenly felt air move back into his lungs. Before he could understand what was going on, Izuku suddenly fell onto the ground and proceeded to cough up multiple mouthfuls of sludge.

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

“Shut up…” Izuku said weakly to the misty figures still chanting the mantra. His throat still raw from the recent assault from the sludge villain.

“Come on Deku, it’s time for class!”

Izuku froze when he recognized the voice, he turned he head slowly to look behind him as his eyes revealed what he didn’t want to be true. There stood Uraraka in front of the figures with her cheerful smile extending her hand out to the boy.

“That’s not my name…” Izuku whispered in disbelief.

“What are you talking about Deku? Of course it’s your name. You’re Deku Midoriya!” the brunette said in her still cheerful smile.

“That’s not my name!” Izuku screamed as he tried to punch the fake image of the girl. The figure dispersed into a darkened mist that quickly faded to nothing the moment he made contact.

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

“Shut up!” Izuku screamed.

“My boy, I’m sorry but you can’t be a hero…” Izuku turned with a shocked expression to see a disappointed looking All Might looking down at him.

“But… All Might… you gave me your-”

“I’m sorry but you need to be more realistic about your future.” Izuku stood there in shock as he watched his idol turn his back on him and walk out into the darkness.

“All Might! Wait!” cried Izuku as he ran after the man.

“Izuku…” cried out a soft voice that caused the greenette to freeze where he stood.

‘Please not her…’ Izuku thought

“Izuku why…” came the call of the voice again. This time more familiar than before as he tried not to cry. Izuku turned around to see his mother standing right in the center of the circle looking right at him with dozens of tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Izuku, why did you leave me?” came the cry of his mother.

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

“I SAID SHUT UP!” Izuku cried into the darkness.



Izuku bolted awake on the hospital bed of the U.A infirmary, breathing frantically as he tried to clam himself down after what he had just witnessed. It had been nothing like the greenette had ever experienced before. He shook his head as he tried to get the thoughts out of his mind, finally registering the pain and soreness he had been feeling since waking up but had been too distracted before. He laid back down on the pillow as he tried to calm himself down from the frightening dream.

“Ah you’re finally awake are you,” came the voice of Recovery Girl as she opened the door that led out to the hall. She changed expressions when she saw the look of distress on the boy’s face. “Midoriya,” she called as she hurried over to the boy. “Midoriya it’s ok. You’re safe. You’ll be a bit sore for a while, but the bandages on your chest and arms should be able to come off in about an hour.”

Izuku stiffened at the woman’s comment, but not because he was worried about the injuries. “…you saw them?” he finally said after a few moments.

Recovery Girl nodded in confirmation, knowing full well what the boy was talking about. “I actually saw them when you came in here unconscious the first time with Toshinori. I didn’t bring them up then because I figured you would tell me when you were ready.” The elderly woman replied.

Izuku stiffened again, he hated knowing that he was withholding the truth from the woman, but he just couldn’t tell her yet about what had caused his injuries in the past. They were things Izuku just didn’t want to or refused to talk about, whether they were for his own personal reasons or because he was trying to keep his mother from knowing the horrors he went through in the past. She was just starting to get better after so many years of Izuku trying to help her and he couldn’t risk that right now.

“I’m sorry… but I just can’t talk about it right now…” his words were barely above a whisper, but they seemed to convince the woman to remain silent about it for now.

“I won’t force you, but just know that I’m always here to talk sonny. However, if I see that this situation gets worse, it will have no choice but to suspend you from all hero related activities until you tell me what’s going on.” Recovery Girl’s words left no room for argument.

Izuku nodded in confirmation, but he stopped suddenly when another question entered his thoughts. “Does anyone else know?” he asked.

Recovery Girl was silent for a minute, but then quickly decided to tell the boy the truth as she needed the boy to trust her moving forward. Telling him what he wanted to hear wasn’t going to be a good long-term strategy if he wanted to get better. “I told Toshinori about them the day I found out, but I made him swear to not press you about it until you were ready. We both just want what’s best for you kid, but we can’t do that if you keep things from us.”

The injured boy felt the waves of guilt crash against him as he realized that not only Recovery Girl new his secret, but his mentor as well. It was made worse when the boy realized that he was going to have to keep them in the dark despite their concerns. “I see… I’ve got some things to think about…”

The boy’s attempt at deflection from the issue at hand was not unnoticed by the elderly woman. However, Recovery Girl chose not to make the hero-in-training any more uncomfortable than he already was after bringing up what was obviously a dark part of his past. Instead she just smiled at the boy hoping to reassure him that he could trust her in the future when he did eventually open up.

She then began to address the other elephant in the room, the thing that the boy wasn’t aware of yet and that Recovery Girl wasn’t sure about how the boy would react. “There’s something else actually…” the woman began.

Izuku looked over at her with a curious expression, blissfully unaware of what the woman was about to tell him. Recovery Girl took a deep breath as she passed the boy a mirror.

“That boy’s explosion burned a decent portion of the skin on your arms and face… I was luckily able to heal most of it with my quirk, but the spot where the burned tissue on your face also skidded across the ground when you were blown back… I’m afraid this was the best I could do.”

Izuku took hold of the mirror that the woman passed him, looking at the thing with eyes that spoke more pain than Recovery Girl thought Izuku should have for a boy his age. Izuku eyed the jagged faded discolored spot that stretched across his lower right cheek and folded over his jaw to cover a bit of his neck. The boy felt no pain there, but he didn’t need to feel the pain to know that the injury was bad, the image of his scared face told him that.

“Your mother was informed of the incident,” Recovery Girl started before Izuku snapped his eyes to the woman and interrupted her.

“You told my mother!?”

“Only about your current injury. Like I’ve told you before, I do follow patient confidentiality, but because your current injury happened during a training exercise, and because you were unconscious, I’m required by the school to inform your parents.” continued the elderly woman.

Izuku breathed a small sigh of relief that was also not unnoticed by Recovery Girl. He passed the mirror back to the woman after another few seconds before laying back down. He asked the Youthful Heroine if she could send his mother a message saying that he was awake and alright. The woman agreed and informed the boy that she would be back in about a half hour where she would give him one last check before letting him go. Recovery Girl gave the boy one last reassuring smile before she left to go give the good news to the boy’s mother.



After All Might had suddenly stopped their fight after he had finally put useless Deku in his place, Bakugo was forcefully dragged into the teacher’s lounge by a very angry Mr. Aizawa. The blonde was forcefully thrown into a chair and forced to look up at the black-haired pro. Bakugo stared back at his homeroom teacher wordlessly, waiting to hear why the man had suddenly pulled him from heroics class.

“Do you know what you just did?” Aizawa asked.

“I put that useless Deku in his place.” commented Bakugo like he was talking about the weather. The boy’s tone did nothing to calm the anger that was building up in the pro.

“You used excessive force for no reason on a classmate who had no means of defending himself! Under no circumstance would that be ok! I warned you that unauthorized behavior like you displayed yesterday would warrant punishment, and believe me you will be punished for this!” shouted Aizawa as he tried to contain his anger.

“I’M THE ONE GETTING PUNISHED?!” shouted Bakugo in disbelief.

“Of course you are!” shouted Aizawa. “You showed no restraint when attacking a classmate! I have half a mind to expel you from this school!”

“WHAT?!” shouted Bakugo again still in disbelief. “You can’t do that! I passed your exams! I got the top score in the practical! I deserve to be here!”

“First of all, cut your entitlement complex. I decide if you belong here, not some test. I don’t know where you developed this belief that you think it’s ok to act like you did when fighting Midoriya or if it’s just your attitude towards him in general, but believe me when I say this: I will not tolerate that behavior in my class EVER!” Bakugo didn’t respond, but he clenched his teeth together as he frowned at the pro.

“You’re lucky that I see some potential in you Bakugo but know that if I ever see you act this way again, I will expel you faster than All Might can run! You clearly can’t be trusted with your support items, so I’m revoking your access until I deem you fit to use them. Additionally, you are on academic suspension till the sports festival. You won’t participate in any heroics related classes or exercises and instead will sit in detention with either myself or another teacher during that time. Do I make myself clear?!”

Bakugo stared at his teacher in a defiant anger. He couldn’t even fathom how angry he was at that moment, but his logical self still held some control as he was reminded that doing anything reckless would likely lead to Aizawa following through on his threat to expel the explosive blonde. This was all shitty Deku’s fault! If he had just remembered his place than Bakugo wouldn’t be in this mess. What was even more angering is that the teachers were actually defending the useless nerd!

“Yes sensei…” Bakugo finally replied through gritted teeth. He stood up and walked out of the room with Aizawa following him. The blonde bumped into a skeleton of a man as he walked through a doorway, giving the man the stink eye as they both recovered from the collision.

“Watch it twig stack!” shouted Bakugo before continuing down the hall and rounding the corner out of sight.



Toshinori was not in a good place after the events of the battle training exercise between his successor and young Bakugo. When he saw that the ‘Explosion’ user pointed his other gauntlet at his successor and young Uraraka, he immediately called the fight as he sprinted out of the observation room. He also pressed the panic button before he left, alerting the off-duty teachers that he would need assistance at Training Ground Beta.

When the pro arrived at the scene, his heart broke a little as he found young Uraraka kneeling over his successor with tears in her eyes as she tried to get a response from the boy. Young Iida nearly had the explosive blonde in a headlock as he was yelling something about the boy being crazy. When the students realized the pro had entered the room they slightly quieted down.

All Might gave a look of disapproval at young Bakugo before telling him to remain there as he moved to check on his successor. He placed a comforting hand on the heroine-in-training’s shoulder, “It’s alright young Uraraka, let me take him and I’ll see to it that Recovery Girl fixes him right up.”

The girl nodded, still with tears in her eyes, as All Might took the boy from her arms. As he readjusted the boy, the pro got a real first look at the extent of the boy’s injuries. Young Midoriya’s arms and parts of his face were burned all over and his right cheek held a bad scrape that showed clear laceration of his muscle tissue in the area, likely from when the boy was thrown backwards after the initial blast. The pro was interrupted from his thoughts when he heard a yelp from behind him.

Carful to not hurt the boy, All Might turned to see Aizawa had wrapped up young Bakugo in his capture weapon. The number one hero could see the extreme anger in the black-haired man’s eyes. “Bakugo, you’re coming with me NOW.” The pro began dragging the boy from the building without as much of another word.

All Might followed the duo, albeit as a slower pace as to not cause any more harm to his successor. When he got outside, the pro was met with the concerned faces of many of the 1-A students. Young Yaoyorozu put her hands over her mouth in shock as she saw the full extent of the boy’s injuries, young Ashido stood frozen in horror and others like young Iida and young Todoroki just stood there with stone like expressions. Recovery Girl stood in front of the crowd as she beckoned All Might towards her so she could treat the boy.

Her treatment lasted very quickly, and the boy was then loaded onto a stretcher and transported to the infirmary by medical bots. All Might quickly called for a suspension of the exercise for the day and sent the 1-A students back inside to change out of their costumes. After drifting out of sight to shift into his base form, he made his way to the teachers lounge to talk with Aizawa.

“Watch it twig stack!” came the voice of young Bakugo as he bumped into the incognito hero. The boy continued to walk past the man before he disappeared from sight around the corner down the hall.

“You’re a complete idiot you know that?” came Aizawa’s voice from behind him. The 1-A homeroom teacher had followed the blonde out of the teacher’s lounge as was now standing alongside Toshinori in the hallway.

Toshinori bowed to the man, “Forgive me Aizawa, I let the match continue because I thought that attack by young Bakugo was going to be a one-time thing. I never would have thought a student would have such a lack of restraint when using his quirk.” he replied to the man.

Aizawa’s eyes narrowed before he took in a breath and shook his head, “From now on either another teacher or myself will be supervising your heroics classes. It’s clear we need the presence of a veteran teacher there to stop any more mistakes from happening.” Toshinori flinched at the statement but did not argue. “This is not just to address your shortcomings, but also to show the parents of the students that this won’t happen again. I can’t completely blame you though, Bakugo seems to have certain issues that you don’t normally see in our students.”

“Right you are Aizawa!” came a voice from behind the two pros the sent small shivers down their spines. They turned to see no other than Principle Nezu walking up to them in the middle of the hall. The mouse-bear? smiled with a glint in his eye that caused both to gulp. “Katsuki Bakugo is quite the interesting case!”

Aizawa quickly bowed to the creature followed by Toshinori. “I’m sorry for all the trouble Principle, rest assured I’ve dealt with the situation as will be on the lookout to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“Yes, yes that’s very good. However, I more interested in why such a thing happened in the first place.” the rodent quickly looked at Toshinori who began to sweat under his gaze.

“I have a theory sir, but unfortunately that’s all it is. I can’t give the full details as it’s not my place to say, but I believe that there is some very bad blood between young Midoriya and young Bakugo.” the blonde replied.

Nezu quirked an eyebrow at this, “Could you elaborate a bit?”

“I have no proof yet, although I do have Naomasa working on it, but I suspect that young Bakugo may be a former bully of young Midoriya.” continued Toshinori.

Nezu hummed at the information as Aizawa added to the report, “Based on my interactions with the boy just now, I can comfortably say that is a reasonable assumption.”

Nezu continued to nod as he turned his gaze back to the number one hero, “Have your detective friend contact me when he can. I would love to look into this investigation a bit myself.” There was a dangerous glint that appeared in Nezu’s eye before he turned around. Toshinori pitied the people that were about to be involved by whatever the furry creature was cooking up in that head of his.



Izuku walked back to the 1-A classroom to get his things after he was cleared from the infirmary by Recovery Girl. He had yet to call his mom himself after learning about his injury, but he was planning on doing just that as soon as he got his phone from his backpack. He threw open the door to the class only to be shocked when he found a few of his classmates were still in the room despite school having been over for almost a half hour.

“Midoriya! You’re ok!” came the shouts of Uraraka when she saw the greenette enter the room. She nearly tackled the boy to the ground as she went to hug him. Izuku was still trying to wrap his head around why his classmates were still here as the others crowed around them. Iida put a hand on Izuku’s shoulder as Ashido, Kaminari and Yaoyorozu stood around him in a semi-circle.

“W-what are you guys all doing here?” Izuku asked in disbelief.

“We wanted to make sure you were ok silly.” Ashido replied. “I mean what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t at least make sure you were ok before leaving?”

“F-friends?!” Izuku cried in almost disbelief.

“Of course, Midori!” Ashido continued with a warm smile.


“Yeah it’s your new nickname!” continued the pink girl. “It’s easy to say and it’s cute!”

Before Izuku could continue his baffled expressions at the overly energetic girl, Iida nudged him on his shoulder to get his attention. “It’s good to see you are well Midoriya, I can speak for most of our classmates when I say that we were all very worried after Bakugo’s last attack was directed at you.”

“Yeah that explosion was pretty brutal!” continued Kaminari. “You’re one tough cookie for coming out of it unscathed.”

Izuku flinched at the blonde’s words while his hand instinctively moved to his new scar on the right side of his face. He saw the eyes of his classmates follow his hand and he could see the looks of shock on many of their faces, Kaminari especially.

“Y-your face…” cried Uraraka. “You got that because of me…”

Izuku looked down at the girl who had stopped hugging him and had her hands down at her sides. She looked clearly distressed, and Izuku knew that he had to do something to reassure her that she shouldn’t blame herself for his injury. The feeling was similar to how he felt about his mother when he hid his past injuries.

“No, it’s ok Uraraka!” he began. “From what Recovery Girl said it could have been a lot worse. I don’t even feel it and I might be able to get rid of it later. Plus, it was Bakugo’s fault for using too much force so you shouldn’t feel responsible.”

The brunette seemed to calm down after that, but she still seemed to have some reservations. “You saved me a second time and it’s only our second day of classes! Can you please slow down the heroic actions a bit?”

Izuku chuckled as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly, “Well I am trying to be a hero so I’m not sure I can tone it down that much…”

The boy’s comment caused everyone, including both Iida and Yaoyorozu, to burst out laughing, much to Izuku’s confusion. The group of U.A. students continued to talk about a few other things before they began to say their goodbyes and start going their separate ways from campus. Despite Izuku’s protests, Iida and Uraraka both accompanied him to the station before leaving to catch their own trains.

When Izuku was finally alone, he began to try and break down what the heck had just happened to him ever since he left Recovery Girl’s office. Today had been a complete twist of his expectations. Izuku had been apologized to by Uraraka, had to confront Bakugo in their first training exercise, had not one but two episodes in the same day, and was told that he was apparently friends with about a quarter of his classmates. A concept that still wasn’t sitting right with the boy.

“Yep, I think I’m actually going insane,” Izuku half joked to himself.

He took his mind off the many questions he had, because he had a much bigger problem to deal with when he got home, his mother. He didn’t know if she knew it was Bakugo that had caused his injury, and he said a silent prayer that she didn’t. Izuku also began to formulate plans and excuses that would help keep his mother from seeing what lay beneath the bandages on his body. He wanted those secrets to be locked up at least for a bit longer. The last thing his mother needed was to see his hidden scars as well as the one on his face. Tonight was going to be horrible to say the least.



In a bar sitting near the Kamino ward sat a young man with very pale skin and light blue hair. The man was sitting on the floor in a dark room playing on a hand-held gaming system that provided the only source of light. After a few more moments of indiscriminate mumbling about various game mechanics, he was interrupted by the emergence of a well-dressed man in a bartender outfit. The newcomer bowed before speaking.

“Master Tomura, our sources have confirmed that All Might has indeed begun teaching at U.A.”

The blue haired man stopped his gaming and turned to the newcomer with a look of glee on his face, “That’s wonderful news Kurogiri. Send word to Sensei that the thing I requested be on standby for when we finally make out move.”

Kurogiri nodded in confirmation. The man identified as Tomura continued, “We have the heavy hitter on call, but we need to acquire some cannon fodder if our plan is to be a success. I will also need your help to acquire some intelligence to increase our success rate percentage.”

Again, Kurogiri nodded before replying, “Of course Master Tomura, I shall carry out your will.” The man disappeared in a cloud of purple mist and left Tomura alone once again.

Tomura grinned as he looked back at his paused game, “Prepare yourself All Might, my plan to beat your level is about to come to fruition. My secret weapon will clear your boss fight with ease.”

Chapter Text

It was only the third day for Izuku at U.A. and he was already beginning to question every single decision that he has ever made since meeting All Might nearly a year ago. Not only did he get ripped a new one by his frantic mother about what happened to him the previous day, he still very much loved her with all of his heart but her massive overprotectiveness really tested his patience sometimes, but he also was becoming a bit delirious as Izuku attempted to put together what the hell just happened between himself and the five of his classmates that remained behind to check on him after he recovered from his injury.

‘I still don’t understand why they waited for me. They could have just asked me about it the next day. Do they want something from me? I mean I guess since they only know me by my quirk, they must see me as someone who’s near the top and want to get on my good side. Stupid quirk biased society. I knew I shouldn’t have gone all out and draw major attention to myself, but I really wanted to beat Bakugo,’ he thought as he approached the U.A campus from the train station.

Izuku had just rounded the corner when he stopped suddenly after registering the large crowd of people assembled just in front of the main gate. He blinked twice as he took in the scene where he realized that the large group in front of him was mostly comprised of news reporters that were gobbling up his classmates like vultures. The anchors stuck dozens of microphones right in their faces asking dozens of questions about, from what Izuku could make out, All Might.

“What’s it like being taught by the number one hero?!” a reporter asked Uraraka, who had been one of the students caught up in the mob.

“What’s All Might like in person?!” another had asked Iida, who stood next to Uraraka.

“Can you comment on the things you’ve been learning in All Might’s classes?!” came a reporter who had tried to confront Bakugo only to get an angry shout from the blonde that frightened both her and many of her co-workers away from the boy.

‘I’m. Not. Dealing with that,’ thought Izuku as he prepared to sneak around the large assembly. He made it about halfway when he crashed into a slightly older teen with scruffy light blue hair. Izuku noticed that he had his hands stuffed in his pockets and had a black hoodie pulled over his head that caused the greenette to be unable to see the teen’s eyes. Izuku thought it was a bit odd at first, but then he remembered what he was doing and decided not to comment or think about it suspiciously.

“Sorry about that,” commented Izuku in a low voice as to not alert the press. “just trying to get by the assembly to class.”

The teen only turned his head a bit towards Izuku. At the present angle, he could just make out one red eye partially hidden behind the teen’s hair. The look the teen gave Izuku caused the boy to slightly gulp before Izuku walked past him and continued to make his way towards the main gate. He nearly cursed out loud when he heard a reporter call out to him, but Izuku was saved by the timely arrival of Mr. Aizawa.

“Please stop your questioning and let my students get to class. All Might will not be coming out for an interview or a comment. All of us teachers and staff here at U.A are very busy and would kindly ask you to let us do our jobs as well as not negatively impact our students,” the pro hero commented. Izuku used the distraction to slip away from the reporters and enter the school’s grounds. He was quite surprised by his homeroom teacher’s attitude and deliverance of message towards the reporters, but Izuku caught the slightest look of irritation on Aizawa’s face as he passed the man.

“We’ve been out here waiting for nearly two days!” cried one of the reporters. “The least you guys can do is give us one measly comment!”

“Sorry but I’ve got to go,” Aizawa said as he cut the woman off before she could say anything else. “Can’t let U.A students not start their classes on time after all.” He turned his back to the reporters and walked through the gate, Izuku definitely didn’t miss the look of victory that appeared on the man’s face at the effects of what happened next.

“Stop! Come back!” came the call of the reporter as she tried to follow the pro. She immediately yelped in surprise and fell back on her bottom as the gate blared out in alarm and quickly slammed down it’s defenses as the woman tried to enter.

As many of the reporters argued and complained about the lack of gossip or information that they had been getting, no one seemed to notice the teen in a black hoodie with light blue hair slowly approach the gate as he pulled out one of his uncovered hands.

‘Time for phase one…’ the teen thought.



When Izuku first entered class 1-A, the various conversations and comments of the students within the room immediately came to a halt. Izuku sighed internally as the entire class looked at him. He saw friendly smiles coming from the five students that had remined behind the day before as well as a few other’s that Izuku guessed were because of his quick recovery. Other’s held expressions of uneasiness, either because of the former state of the boy or because of the large amount of tension that had just developed in the room due to his entrance.

One certain individual held neither a friendly smile nor expressed uneasiness at the arrival of Izuku. Bakugo eyed the boy with a look of resentment as Izuku’s presence reminded the explosive blonde of the scolding that he had received yesterday from Aizawa. Now Bakugo was going to have to sit in detention of all places instead of getting to show off his quirk and superiority to all the extras in his stupid class, and it was all that useless Deku’s fault!

It made Bakugo even more mad when a handful of the extras broke the silence by going over and welcoming the nerd back to class. They told him how glad they were that he was alright and some even had the audacity to congratulate him for his victory in the battle trial.

“The fuck are you extras saying?!” he commented. “He didn’t win that shit! I did!” most eyes had turned to him now. Many had looks of shock, but there was a mixture of other emotions dispersed amongst the class from what he could see. Bakugo almost couldn’t believe that he had to spell it out for these extras that he was the one who had won that fight yesterday. The useless nerd got the drop on him for a second there, but Bakugo had eventually put him back in his rightful place beneath him. The people back at Aldera figured it out, so Bakugo was looking forward to when all of this nonsense would blow over.

“All right that’s enough,” came the voice of Aizawa who had walked into the doorway of the classroom but was forced to wait there until the assembly of students around Izuku moved out of the way. “time to take your seats,” As the students hurried to their desks, Izuku was stopped when the pro hero addressed him directly.

“Midoriya,” Izuku stopped moving towards his desk that was inconveniently behind Bakugo as he stood at the forefront of the room. “I’m switching your seat. Given the outcome of yesterday’s halted battle training, I’m separating you and Bakugo.”

Izuku nodded slowly in understanding. He would be lying if he wasn’t secretly jumping for joy at the fact that he wouldn’t have to sit right behind his tormentor for the entirety of his classes. He had nearly gone and complained when he first learned about it during his first day at U.A. but decided against it as it would raise questions that Izuku wasn’t sure he could give convincing answers to without disclosing his past with Bakugo.

“Where will I be sitting instead Aizawa-sensei?” he asked curiously.

“I’m switching class seats 18 and 8 for simplicities sake. Kirishima,” the red-haired boy in question stood up at the call of his name. Aizawa continued, “I apologize for this inconvenience but I’m going to have to ask you to move to Midoriya’s seat and let him move to yours.”

“It’s no problem sensei,” commented the boy with a toothy grin.

The two boys moved to their new assigned seats and sat down. Izuku now sat behind Kaminari who gave him a thumbs up. Ashido sat to his right one seat up while Iida and Uraraka occupied the seats that were also to his right but one seat back and two seats back respectfully. Despite still holding his reservations about his classmates, Izuku was far more pleased with this seating arrangement than his previous predicament. From the looks of it, Kirishima didn’t seem too bothered either as he was already trying to strike up a conversation with Bakugo.

“Now that we have that settled,” continued Aizawa. “I will address the incident that occurred yesterday. Bakugo, you have a strong quirk and showed great tactical thinking and versatility during the battle trial, but there were multiple times where you deliberately used more force than necessary when fighting Midoriya. While it is true that U.A approved the use of your gauntlets as a support item, you clearly demonstrated that you cannot yet be trusted to use them appropriately.”

The class took all of this in. They were not surprised that they were being addressed together on the issue. After all, what happened yesterday was pretty shocking and eye opening to the 1-A students as they realized that not only were they getting real training from pro heroes, but there were real consequences to the training that some hadn’t yet really prepared themselves for.

“As I told you yesterday,” Aizawa continued. “you will be sitting in detention either with myself or a different member of the U.A faculty or staff during 1-A’s heroics classes until the sports festival. Your gauntlets have also been now deemed unauthorized to be used until I decide when you can be trusted again. Calm down your ego and start working to get my trust back or you will never use that gear again.”

Bakugo grit his teeth but eventually nodded back to the homeroom teacher. Many in class 1-A were not surprised by the outcome, others a bit more as they had seen the full extent of Izuku’s injuries as were fully prepared to hear Aizawa had followed through on his threat to expel a student. Izuku had the slightest look of shock on his face for a moment before he collected himself.

‘Bakugo actually got punished?! That would have never happened at Aldera. I guess this is U.A., but I only assumed he would get a slap on the wrist or maybe another verbal warning. Wait, I guess he did get one when he attacked me during the quirk assessment test. Holy shit that wasn’t an empty threat?!’ Izuku’s mind was racing as he tried to come to terms with his tormentor’s punishment and situation.

“Now Midoriya,” Izuku was pulled out of his thoughts as Aizawa called on him. “I can’t get too mad at you, but I would like to say that your decision to fight Bakugo in close quarters combat as well as your decision to focus on removing Uraraka from his second blast attack without regard for yourself was too reckless and invited to high a punishment onto yourself.”

Some people in class 1-A seemed to want to protest that statement, but they remained silent. Izuku was also slightly irritated but kept his mouth shut when he realized the pro hero still had a point to make.

“You have shown yourself to be too self-sacrificing both during the entrance exams and during your battle with Bakugo. Your initial plan was to lure him away from his partner and the objective by using yourself as bait when you knew it would be tough to fight him alone. A pro hero needs to be willing to put their life on the line, but if he or she becomes a liability to those around them then it becomes a problem.” Aizawa finished.

Izuku took in his teacher’s words as he recalled both moments where he put his own safety below that of another to help. He broke multiple limbs to save Uraraka from the zero pointer and had received an explosion to the face to protect her from Bakugo’s attack. Though he would probably do it again in a heartbeat, it couldn’t be overlooked that both times left him out of commission after the act. Had it been a real fight, he would have rendered himself incapacitated while leaving his partner to fight alone against two villains.

“I understand Sensei, I will work to avoid that in the future,” he replied.

With a hum, Aizawa turned back to look at the whole classroom. “Now that that’s out of the way, we can get to the actual important topics that need to be discussed posthaste.

The class immediately stiffened as the pro’s words. The last time he acted like this was during the quirk assessment test and some students were already dreading the planned stress inducing activity their homeroom teacher was about to reveal.

“Class 1-A needs to vote on it’s student representative,” revealed Aizawa.

‘But that’s so normal!’ thought entirely all of the students.

Immediately there was a chorus of shouts from the majority of 1-A as each student tried to talk over each other to plead their case for being given the position. Izuku didn’t join the shouting, having decided that he didn’t want the position as he didn’t want to draw any more attention to himself than he already had. There were also other reasons such as his little issue with the voices, but they were more personal.

“Stop this shouting at once!” exclaimed Iida. “This is a sacred position for students of U.A. It must be treated with the upmost courtesy and respect. Therefore, I request we hold a democratic election to decide the position!”

“But we barely know each other,” commented Ashido. “If we do it that way it will be just a popularity contest.”

“All the more reason to do it. The winner will have proven that there are already a handful of people that consider that person is the right choice,” replied Iida.

“Shouldn’t we know what we are getting into first?” commented Izuku. “I mean this is U.A. after all and we’re a heroics class. There might be more to it than just your normal student rep duties.”

The students of 1-A stopped to think about it themselves for a minute before realizing that their green-haired classmate was probably right. It was Iida who turned to and asked their homeroom teacher for the specific requirements of the position.

“Besides your typical paperwork and student council duties, the student representative has the responsibility of being the branch of communication between pro heroes and heroes-in-training. This means that if, for example, there was an emergency or villain attack involving students, the class representative has the responsibility of leading and looking out for their classmates in the absence of a teacher or pro. The vice rep is their second in command and would hold these responsibilities if the rep was elsewhere.”

The new information did cause some level of reservation to arise in many of the 1-A students who weren’t sure they wanted or could handle the responsibility. In the end there were many that dropped out of the running and the remainder listed their names on the chalkboard at the front of the class.

“Midoriya? Are you not running?” asked Iida.

Izuku shook his head, “I have my own reasons, but I’m pretty certain that I’m not the right kind of person for the position.”

Izuku saw the quirked eyebrow that Iida gave him, but the blue-haired boy didn’t protest his decision. Izuku did miss the few disappointed looks as well as others of confusion across a great number of his classmates, who unbeknownst to him had planned on voting for their green-haired classmate to take the position. The results held at 6 votes for Yaoyorozu and 5 votes for Iida, the remainder were scattered across the other four candidates.

“Right, so your rep is Yaoyorozu and your vice rep is Iida,” commented Aizawa with a board look. “Be sure that you two attend the rep meeting later this week.” The duo at the front of the room nodded to their teacher and walked back to their seats.



“I’m still surprised that you didn’t run Midoriya, I had planned on voting for you,” Iida commented as they sat down at the lunch table. Izuku was approached by both him and Uraraka at the beginning of the lunch period, where they had invited him to eat with them. Izuku saw no reason to refuse as he had to go that way regardless, and he couldn’t deny that he was a bit intrigued by the invite. What he was not expecting was a confession that someone thought he was the right person to be class representative.

“I’m flattered that you think so Iida, but the honest truth is that I personally thought others would be a better fit than me,” Izuku replied. It wasn’t technically a lie, but Izuku thought that it was best to just stick with that.

“I’m in agreement with Iida, I was planning on voting for you as well,” added Uraraka. “You came up with the plan and kept a level head when fighting both Bakugo and while we were fighting Iida. You also have saved me twice! I know Aizawa-sensei said you need to take better care of yourself, but the fact remains that you showed yourself to be truly heroic during our battle training exercise.”

Izuku smiled at both of his classmates, they really seemed to trust him with such a responsibility. It was a new feeling for the boy, something that he had thought he had lost after all of those years living in Bakugo’s shadow.

“Really it’s great that you guy’s think that, but I don’t have any relevant experience of any kind in a position like that, so I chose to just let others who were more confident take the spot-”

Izuku was suddenly cut off when an alarm began blasting over the loud-speakers, causing him to cover his ears with a painful wince. He looked over to see his classmates in similar situations as Iida grabbed the closest upper classman by the forearm. Izuku couldn’t hear properly what the third-year student was saying, because a familiar sensation that he knew all too well began to emerge.

‘No. No, please. Not now…’ the boy begged. However, the voices didn’t listen.

The mayhem that followed after the initial alarm went off caused more than a slight ruckus for Ochako and her classmates. The third-year that Iida had pulled aside told them that this alarm was reserved for situations where someone infiltrated the grounds. It was clear that its use had caused the students to fall into a blind panic. Ochako saw multiple students getting pushed to the floor as the panicking horde tried to get out of the cafeteria. She, herself was also on the verge of panic, but not because of the alarm or by the prospect of getting attacked, but because she couldn’t find her friends. She feared that they will be the victim of trampling.

Ochako finally spotted Iida through the crowd, he was looking in her direction and was shouting something about needing her to use her quirk on him as he reached towards her. She jumped up to reach over some students and slapped his palm. Ochako watched with a worried expression as Iida fired up his engines and basically crashed into the exit sign about the entrance to the cafeteria faster than she thought safe. Almost immediately after adjusting his position, a megaphone was suddenly thrown up from the crowd and the boy managed to catch it, indicating that he worked together with Yaoyorozu. Ochako couldn’t help but be impressed by her class rep and vice rep’s teamwork.

“Everybody calm down!” came the shouts of Iida. “It’s only the press who have infiltrated the grounds. The teachers are rounding them up as we speak. Please walk out in an orderly fashion and proceed to designated assembly spots.”

After Iida’s explanation of the reporters and subsequent reprimand to the students about their behavior, the alarm also stopped. Slowly every student left the cafeteria, going back to their classroom. When most were gone, Iida pushed off the ceiling to descend with Ochako deactivating her quirk as he neared the ground. She was glad that the alarm was only set off by the reporters, but she was also annoyed that they were persistent enough to find a way past the main gate.

She was about to leave along with her vice rep when she heard a shout, “Somebody get over here!” came a slightly panicked voice from behind them.

Ochako immediately turned in the voice’s direction, already running, with Iida and Yaoyorozu hot on her heels. They reached the corner of the room where a boy with wild purple hair and eyebags that had eyebags. She guessed that the boy would need probably a year’s length worth of sleep to fix them. Behind him sat Izuku on the ground, hands to his ears and knees pulled to his chest. He was breathing heavily, as if trying to get himself under control, and was visibly tensing every few seconds.

“He’s not responding,” said the boy as they came to a stop in front of him. “Do you know who he is?”

“He’s our classmate…” replied Ochako as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing. This was nothing like the boy who had saved her during the exams or battle trial. Izuku looked visibly broken as he was now. She was slightly terrified about what to do, but Yaoyorozu stepped up almost immediately to take the reins.

The class rep cautiously stepped in front of the trembling boy, just barely in his reach as she crouched down. She moved like she was approaching a wild animal, slowly moving her hand towards the boy’s shoulder in an attempt to get his attention.

“Midoriya,” she said softly. “Midoriya it’s Yaoyorozu, can you hear me?”

After a few tense seconds, the boy seemed to respond. He opened his eyes and his breathing was less sporadic. Yaoyorozu continued to smile and move slowly as she moved her hand onto the boy’s shoulder.

“It’s alright Midoriya, you’re safe,” she continued.

Ochako let a small sigh escape as Izuku seemingly calmed down a bit. He was still visibly stiff but showed signs of responsiveness as he lowers his hands from his ears. After a few more moments of silence, he looked up. For the first time since they found him in the corner, Ochako saw some comprehension in his eyes. The boy took one deep breath before looking towards the group of assembled students.

“…I’m sorry you had to see that…” came the words no louder than a whisper.

The students didn’t know how to respond. The purple haired boy decided that he should leave since the crisis seemed to be averted, so he said his goodbyes before taking one last look at Izuku. The three other 1-A students shared a worried look between themselves as they questioned what to do next.

“One of us should take Midoriya to Recovery Girl,” commented Yaoyorozu. “This might have been a relapse of his trauma during the battle training yesterday.”

“I’ll take him,” Ochako replied. “You guys need to get to class anyway to make sure everyone else is accounted for. Just inform Aizawa-sensei that I was the one who took him there.”

Both the class 1-A rep and vice rep nodded before they turned to make their leave. Ochako turned to grab the forearm of her green haired classmate before guiding him towards Recovery Girl’s office. She expected some resistance from the boy but was surprised to find none. The image of Midoriya clutching his head in the corner still burned in her mind as she pulled him along. It really made her uneasy knowing someone who she saw as one of the strongest in her class could be reduced to such a state.



Izuku was exempt from his classes when Uraraka brought him to Recovery Girl’s office and explained what happened to him. The elderly woman had obviously given Izuku a stern look that spoke ‘we need to talk’ because his classmate quickly proceeded to leave the room after she had sat Izuku down in a chair.

“Now sonny,” Recovery Girl said. “You need to tell me exactly what happened. Lie to me and I will make good on my threat from yesterday about keeping you out of heroics classes until you do.” The woman left no option for debate, this was something far beyond just a training injury or the scars on the boy’s body. If there was a serious mental issue here it needed to be solved and be solved now.

Izuku just nodded to her slowly. He took a deep breath and began to reply, “When the alarm went off, it triggered something that I’ve been trying to keep hidden for a while…” there was silence as Recovery Girl let the information sink in. There were too many questions going through her head as a potential response, but she chose to try the direct route.

“Does it have to do with what is hidden on your body?” she said after a few more moments of silence.

There was another long pause before the boy finally continued, “Kind of, it only started to get as bad as it is because of what happened yesterday. When you found me awake, I had just come out of one…” Recovery Girl thought back to the boy’s distressed state that she had found him in the previous day. She filed it as terror from what he physically went through, but now she was being told there was an extra element to it. She got herself back on track to the situation at hand, needing a bit more information from the boy.

“What was happening before the incident during your battle training exercise?” she asked.

Izuku shut his eyes and bit his lip as he internally debated how to respond to the question. On one hand he really wanted to spill it and tell her everything, but he knew the fallout would be catastrophic for many of those involved, including his mother, and he would rather avoid such an outcome. On the other hand, he could tell her a bit but not all, taking the chance that she would be satisfied for now and not ask him for any more information.

“Midoriya, I need to know what this is about. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but I can’t look the other way with this given it’s still affecting you.”

Izuku waited another few moments before finally telling her, “I-I s-sometimes hear voices that repeat the terrible comments that former classmates use to make about me…” he said in a low voice. “T-they repeat the things in and endless loop. I have mostly been able to ignore them, b-but today was the first time I really lost control.” Izuku lied on the last part. Hoping he could downplay just how bad things really were. Fortunately, Recovery Girl seemed to buy it.

“I can’t overlook this Midoriya, but because you claim this is your first real incident, I’ll not keep you from anything for now. However, you will be meeting with Hound Dog starting tomorrow for a weekly counseling session to address this issue. From there he will have the final say over your eligibility as well as how long the sessions will continue.” Recovery Girl stated all of this matter of factly, all but forcing Izuku to comply or risk formal punishment. Thankfully he did not.

After telling the boy to rest for the remainder of his afternoon classes, Recovery Girl gave Izuku the clear to return to his final class of the day. He got a few worried looks from Uraraka, Iida and Yaoyorozu, but his slight smile seemed to calm most of their worries. Class 1-A’s next period turned out to be heroics, however Izuku couldn’t change into his costume as it was still being repaired. It didn’t matter though as today was just a repeat of the battle training exercise that had been postponed yesterday. Now the remainder of the 1-A students conducted the exercise as Izuku remained in his P.E uniform, taking notes in his hero notebook on all of his classmates as they fought and showed off their quirks. As mentioned to them in homeroom, Bakugo was not present.

When their heroics class finished for the day, the 1-A students thanked All Might for his instruction and proceeded to go get changed and leave campus. Izuku found himself again walking to the train station with Uraraka and Iida, however he noticed that a thin haze of tension was building in the air as his two classmates seemed to be apprehensive about mentioning anything that had happened in the cafeteria. When they arrived at the station, Iida gave Izuku a warm smile before departing to go catch his train, laving him alone with Uraraka.

“Hey, Midoriya?” she called to him. “Are you sure you’re ok?” Izuku saw that she seemed to have a slightly worried gaze towards him as she spoke. “The way we found you was pretty scary. I know I haven’t known you for very long, but I’ve always considered you a brave and determined person. It kind of shook me a bit seeing you like that ya know?” Ochako didn’t really know what else to say to the boy, but she hoped that he could at least understand that she wanted to help.

Midoriya just sent a warm smile her way, “Thanks for your concern Uraraka, but I’m alright. I’m a little shaken up, but Recovery Girl is making me go see Hound Dog to help me get back on track. I’ll probably be right back to normal by the sports festival so you shouldn’t worry.”

As her classmate turned as waved his goodbye to her so he could catch his train, Ochako couldn’t help but think that the boy was still hiding something. However, that would soon be the least of her problems when the events that were beginning to unravel around her and her classmates were about to trigger one of the biggest news stories in recent memory.

Chapter Text

The next day of classes for class 1-A started off without much excitement for the U.A students. They had the same academic classes as usual in the morning but were in for a surprise when Aizawa made a surprising announcement right after they got back from their lunch period.

“We will be conducting a large-scale training exercise at a school facility that is off normal campus grounds. You will be supervised by me, All Might and one additional instructor when we get there,” reported the 1-A homeroom teacher.

Murmurs of excitement could be heard amongst the students before someone spoke over the rest, “Sensei, what kind of training will this be?”

Aizawa just shrugged and held up a card with the word ‘RESCUE’ printed on the front in big blocky letters. His subsequent explanation of the various exercises that the students would be partaking in only increased the levels of excitement that were already spreading through the heroes-in-training.

“Quiet down, I’m not done talking yet,” Aizawa spoke in a slightly elevated voice, closing the mouths of every person in the room almost instantly. “You can choose to wear your hero costumes if you like, but just be down in front of the school in 10 minutes or your going to be left behind with Bakugo in detention.” The explosive blonde in question grit his teeth in frustration as his teacher mentioned that he wasn’t going to be able to join the class for training exercise. Most of the students sweatdropped at the thought of having to sit in detention with the boy.

The moments that followed their dismissal rolled over pretty quickly and Izuku soon found himself sitting on the bus with the rest of his class as they made their way to their destination. He ended up sitting between Asui and Kaminari with Iida, Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, and Uraraka sitting across from them in the open layout section of the bus. His costume was still in the support department for repairs, so he wore his P.E uniform along with his combat ready white gloves and red boots, shin and elbow guards, and the newly added black combat vest that he recently cleared for use with the school.

“Midoriya, kero,” said Asui from his side to get his attention. “I tend to speak my mind most of the time, so I apologize for what I’m about to say.” Izuku raised an eyebrow at where she was going with this but said nothing. Asui continued, “What happened to you during the intruder alarm? You didn’t come back until our heroics class, and I heard Iida and Yaoyorozu whisper your name to Aizawa along with something else when they came back to class.”

Izuku didn’t show it, but he was slightly shaken from the girl’s question. He also caught the shocked looks of Iida, Yaoyorozu, and Uraraka as they were also reminded of the state that they found Izuku in after the chaos in the cafeteria had been resolved.

“Asui! That’s a very sensi-”

“It’s alright Iida,” Izuku said as he cut his vice rep off. He could tell that this conversation was making the others who were involved in his incident yesterday very uncomfortable. Izuku had already accepted that people were going to eventually learn about it, especially the teachers given that Recovery Girl would be scheduling therapy sessions with Hound Dog, but as long as they didn’t know the full extent of his situation, he was fine with it for now.

“I don’t want to talk about it too much as it’s a personal problem, but my fight with Bakugo just brought up some bad memories. I’ve been signed up for some small counseling with Hound Dog just to make sure everything’s ok. I hope that’s enough of an explanation Asui,” he finished.

The green-haired girl nodded her head in understanding, her curiosity satisfied for the moment, “I told you earlier to call me Tsuyu,” she replied.

“R-right.” Izuku replied.

His small back and forth with the girl seemed to remove the worried faces from Izuku’s classmates. Izuku gave a small sigh of relief at the loss of the tension that had suddenly arose at the mention of his incident during the alarm. The conversation quickly shifted as Kaminari spoke up at the mention of Bakugo.

“Man, I still can’t get over that fight between you two on the first day of our heroics lessons. It’s like you guys were born for combat!”

“I know right?” commented Kirishima. “That fight was super manly. You guys are so lucky to have flashy quirks like you do. All my quirk is good for is tanking damage, not the best for the pro hero spotlight honestly.”

“I disagree Kirishima,” replied Izuku. “Quirks are what you make out of them. You should never make assumptions about people based on their quirks, but instead consider the person and how they have trained and or used their quirk in various circumstances.” Izuku told it like it was, unfortunately he didn’t expect many of his classmates to agree with him. Afterall, society was still biased towards flashy and powerful quirks and wasn’t going to change anytime soon.

“You really think so?” asked Kirishima.

“Yeah c’mon dude. You would be a great hero!” added Kaminari. “Heck you would probably be a better one than Bakugo given that his personality is like rotten fruit dunked in sewage.”

Izuku just stared at Kaminari with wide eyes that were unnoticed by his nearby classmates as they all began to laugh or chuckle at the yellow-haired boy’s remark.

‘People making fun of Bakugo? I never thought I would see the day where that would be happening.’ the boy thought. ‘Maybe these guys really are different than my former classmates at Aldera…’

Back at U.A. a certain blonde sitting in detention suddenly looked up after scorching the paper that he was working on, ‘Why do I feel a really large urge to blow up anything that has to do with the color yellow or electricity?’ he thought.

When their half hour bus ride had finished, the 1-A students, minus Bakugo, stepped off the bus in front of an incredibly large dome structure with the initials ‘USJ’ printed above the main entrance.

“USJ? As in Universal Studios Japan?!” said Kaminari. He quickly yelped as he was jabbed in the side by a very irritated Jiro.

“Of course not you idiot! We’re nowhere near there!” she said with a tone that matched the look on her face.

Aizawa quickly quieted the students before leading them into the building. The 1-A students were taken by surprise as their eyes revealed dozens of different rescue zones and obstacles spread thought out the facility. Some were beginning to question how much it cost to build and maintain such a structure before they realized that this was U.A. and they could pretty much do anything. They were interrupted out of their thoughts by the arrival of a new voice.

“Why hello there everyone, I’ve been waiting for you.”

The students turned in the direction of the voice, finding it belonged to a person in a bulky white space suit with matching mask and yellow boots. To some people the person wasn’t recognized, but Ochako knew who it was immediately.

“Ohmygosh it’s the Space Hero: Thirteen! They’re my favorite rescue hero who have saved thousands of people from natural disasters all over the world! Woho!” the girl squealed.

Izuku couldn’t help but crack a wide smile due to both Uraraka’s reaction and because of his own inner hero nerd wanting to squeal at the sight of the pro hero. Thirteen directed the students to begin walking towards the center of the dome as they began to give a brief overview of the different areas of rescue provided by the U.A. facility.

“This facility was created to help prepare you students for different situational disasters that you will run into on the job,” explained Thirteen. “This facility is known as the Unforeseen Simulation Joint or USJ for short.”

Aizawa couldn’t help but notice that a certain number one hero was nowhere to be seen within the facility. As his students continued to gawk as the different simulation areas of the facility, he leaned over to Thirteen and whispered, “Hey I noticed All Might isn’t here. Did the big oaf forget he was scheduled to be at this exercise and go do another interview or something?”

“Yeah, about that,” replied Thirteen. “Word is he did a bit too much hero work today and is out of power.” The space hero held up three fingers to Aizawa as they finished their statement.

Aizawa rolled his eyes, “I swear, it’s like being the number one hero implies the number one level of irresponsibility.”

He proceeded to walk off to the side as Thirteen began to go over the guidelines for the different training exercises. The space hero spared no expense as he went over the various rules and safety procedures that the students would need to follow in respective zones to avoid injury to both themselves as well as their classmates. Many looked over to Midoriya and the scar on his face when this was brought up, the boy in question placed a hand to his face as he tried to hide it.

“Now before we split up into groups I would like to say one thing, or two, maybe three or…” the pro seemed to get lost for a moment as they tried to remember just how many points they had to make before releasing the 1-A students into the facility for their exercises. Izuku sweatdropped along with a few of his classmates at the state of the pro before they collected themselves.

“Anyway,” Thirteen said as they got themselves back on track. “As most of you many know I have a powerful quirk called Black Hole that can suck up anything I want and turn it to dust.”

Izuku nodded along with many of his classmates as he waited to see where the pro was going with this. Thirteen’s quirk was obviously greatly utilized as a rescue hero as they could turn any bit of fallen debris to dust and provide better access to hostages and save many people from dozens of disasters.

“However, it can also be very easily used to kill for seriously injure others if I’m not carful and don’t use restraint when working as a hero.”

Again, almost every pair of eyes turned to Izuku’s face once again as they 1-A students were reminded of Bakugo’s attack and the state Izuku was in after their first battle trial exercise. They saw firsthand how a quirk used without restraint could cause serious damage.

“Quirks in our society may be regulated, but don’t forget that they can be very dangerous, this training will help you learn to better control your quirks as well as learn when and how to make proper decisions about quirk use to save people’s lives.” continued Thirteen.

While once again trying to avoid attention from his classmates as they were reminded of the battle training, Izuku suddenly felt an odd feeling creep down his spine. He couldn’t seem to place what it was, but it almost seemed familiar to the boy. As his classmates applauded the noble speech from the space hero, Izuku couldn’t help but look around as he continued to get the weird felling of familiarity. His movements were not unnoticed by Aizawa, who proceeded to call the boy back to attention.

“Midoriya, please stay focused on the task at hand,” he commanded.

“I-I’m sorry sensei,” replied Izuku. “It’s just, something feels off…”

Aizawa quirked an eye at the boy before he felt a shift in the air flow behind him. He turned quickly to see a small cloud of purplish-black mist begin to manifest out of nowhere at the bottom of the staircase from where 1-A was standing. The pro’s eyes quickly grew wide with alarm.

“Hey cool,” replied Kaminari. “We’ve even got fake villains for the exercise.”

“They’re not fake,” replied Aizawa as he reached for his goggles. He turned to the space hero who stood beside them, “Thirteen, take the students and evacuate.”

The 1-A students grew worried faces at the tone their teacher spoke. This wasn’t something they heard from him before. He sounded more serious than ever and there was a bit more urgency in the man’s voice as well.

“Sensei, what’s going on?” asked Sero.

“This is no longer an exercise. Those are real villains down there, and the fact that the alarm sensors haven’t gone off yet to contact the school about the situation tells me that they’ve really thought this out.” replied Aizawa. He lifted his goggles to his face and put them over his eyes, turning to Thirteen one last time before jumping down to engage. “Protect our students.”

Before anyone in class 1-A could protest, Aizawa jumped down from the top of the staircase towards the assembled villains. Izuku wanted to stop his teacher from taking them all on by himself, but he was unable to get the man’s attention before he jumped into the fray. He also struggled to shake the feeling from his body he felt earlier as it continued to resonate on his spine and the back of his neck. As class 1-A began to turn tail and evacuate the facility with Thirteen, they were obstructed by the same mist that brought the villains into the building in the first place. Said mist quickly materialized into a semi-humanoid shape in front of the students, blocking their route of escape.

“My apologies, but I am here to make sure none of you are able to leave,” came a voice from the mist as two glowing eyes appeared within the area where his head would be. “Greetings, I am Kurogiri. We are the League of Villains, and we are here to engage All Might in battle so that the Symbol of Peace may draw his last breath.”

Many students of 1-A shook in fear at the villain’s statement. The idea that these villains were considering going toe-to-toe with All Might was painting them as highly dangerous in the eyes of the heroes-in-training. Izuku began to get the familiar felling of the voices crawling into the back of his head, but he quickly shook them off and tried to focus on analyzing the situation in order to keep them at bay.

‘Alright, he appeared out of nowhere. He must be able to emerge from a point of his choosing, but he didn’t suddenly appear before us which means it’s not instantaneous. Also, he can transport other people as well as his own physique. He must have some kind of warping quirk.’ Izuku thought.

However, before Izuku could act on any of his deductions, Thirteen had already sprung into action. One of the space hero’s finger guards popped of as they moved between the students and the mist villain, “You will not hurt these children villain!” they cried.

With the pro’s words came the all-consuming suction of a black hole as Kurogiri’s mist was torn apart and thrown into the dark oblivion. However, this move seemed to do nothing more than annoy the mist villain who had narrowed his eyes in anger at the group.

“I think not!” Kurogiri cried as he opened a small warp. Suddenly its other side opened directly behind Thirteen, causing a yelp of surprise to come from the pro hero as their quirk was turned against them. To the 1-A student’s horror, Thirteen’s suit was ripped apart at the back before the pro could stop their quirk from injuring them, causing them to fall over in pain before passing out.

“Thirteen!” cried Uraraka.

“You many have a powerful quirk but being only a rescue hero does you no justice Thirteen,” commented Kurogiri. “You lack the experience or initiative to use it in actual combat.”

“You bastard!” cried Kirishima as he ran towards the mist villain with his quirk activated.

“Now, now…” replied Kurogiri as he opened up a small gate right in front of the charging student. Kirishima could do nothing to stop himself as the rest of his class watched in continued horror as their classmate disappeared right before their very eyes into the mist. “Now that all the excitement is out of the way,” continued Kurogiri. “I can finally accomplish the mission I was tasked with. By scattering you lot across the facility so we can kill you one by one!”

“Scatter NOW!” Izuku screamed.

Most of class 1-A couldn’t even begin to move before the mist completely enveloped most of the area, turning their world into a black abyss as many were pulled down into it. In a matter of seconds, nearly all of the heroes-in-training were snatched up and scattered elsewhere across the USJ. Only Iida, Sero, Uraraka and Ojiro were able to escape the villain’s initial grasp.

“It appears I missed a few,” commented Kurogiri. “Such a pity, warping multiple people to multiple locations takes a lot out of me, so I won’t be able to disperse the rest of you for a while.” The still present heroes-in-training felt a small bit of hope at the notion that they wouldn’t fall victim to the trap set by the invaders. “I guess I’ll have to deal with you lot myself!” Kurogiri declared with a cold tone that sent shivers down the student’s spines.



For the remaining students of 1-A, the dark void that enveloped them ended with each of them falling from the sky. Kirishima was of course the first to find himself warped away from his classmates. He spared himself from any serious injury by keeping his quirk activated as he hit the ground, only suffering the wind being knocked out of him. Coughing repeatedly as he gasped for air, the boy stood up on shaky legs as he tried to get his bearings, recognizing the area as the Mountain Zone.

“Looks like we only get one little hero to play with,” came a voice from behind Kirishima. He turned to find himself surrounded in a half circle by a group of villains. Some seemed to hold weapons while others were already firing up their quirks as they prepared to attack the isolated U.A. student.

‘Jeez, ganging up on someone is so unmanly. What am I supposed to do?!’ thought Kirishima.

“Let’s savor the moment boys! Don’t want to kill him to quick now,” commented the same villain form before. Kirishima quickly deduced he must be the leader of this group of villains.

The ‘Hardening’ user fired up his quirk and took his fighting stance, preparing to face the villains surrounding him. Part of him wanted to turn tail and run, but the other knew that not only would he probably get nowhere, he would likely run into more villains and stack the odds even less in his favor.

‘I’ve got to stand my ground!’ thought Kirishima.

Elsewhere in the USJ, the rest of the scattered 1-A students were finding their situations not all that better compared to Kirishima. Asui, Mineta, and Kaminari had splashed down in the Shipwreck Zone narrowly getting eaten by the aquatic villains waiting for them. They had escaped into the boat that sat in the middle of the area but were still surrounded on all sides by villains. It also didn’t help their situation that Mineta was currently bawling his eyes out as he complained about their hopeless situation. He was quickly shut up by a slap from Asui’s tongue, but that only seemed to solve one of their current problems.

In the Landslide Zone, Yaoyorozu and Jiro stood surrounded by a circle of villains. Both girls held makeshift staffs courtesy of the 1-A rep’s quirk, but they both held looks of uneasiness as they saw the blissful looks that some of the male villains were sending their way. Both girls gripped their staffs tighter and stood back to back as Jiro also readied her earjacks, watching the villains closely as they prepared for a fight.

In the Urban Zone, Soji and Koda has used their reconnaissance skills to locate Sato in another section of the ruined city. Their classmate was currently engaging three well-built villains in a battle of fists. Their arrival allowed for the student trio to briefly overpower the villains and catch their breath amidst the chaos around them. The moment was quickly over when a larger group of villains began to emerge around the piles of rubble within the fake city, forcing the U.A students to get ready for another fight.

In the Flood Zone, Ashido and Hagakure were desperately trying to free Aoyama from a collapsed section of debris that the boy had unfortunately dislodged when he fired his naval laser at a nearby villain. Ashido was throwing her acid in all directions to keep the approaching villains at bay while Hagakure tried lifting the debris off the trapped boy. Aoyama tried to keep up his flamboyant persona despite the situation, but 1-A’s resident invisible girl could see cracks forming in the façade.

In the Inferno Zone, Todoroki immediately froze all of the villains around him in place, not realizing that Tokoyami was standing behind him and was also caught up in his attack as a result. Without changing his expression, Todoroki unfroze his avian classmate before turning back to the villains. Tokoyami was somewhat put off by his classmate’s attitude, but decided to hold his tongue given their situation, as well as the fact that the bright light from the flames in the area would hinder his ability to use his quirk effectively should more villains arrive.

Away from the rest, Izuku found himself isolated in the Downpour Zone. The cold touch of the droplets on his skin and the strength of the winds made it quite hard to see his surroundings.

“Looks like we finally get to have some fun here guys…” came a voice from Izuku’s right. He tried to turn and see the person it belonged to, but the elements made it so he could only see the outline of the villain. As his eyes adjusted, Izuku could make out two additional outlines on either side of the villain who spoke earlier. He still couldn’t make out any sort of facial features or clothing details, but he was able to make out that all three were wearing some sort of visor in front of their eyes.

‘Great, their gear makes it so the rain will not affect their vision as much as it will me. Aizawa was right, these guys really thought this through,’ thought Izuku. He fired up his quirk and readied his battle stance.

The three villains sprang into action, surrounding Izuku on multiple sides as they began unleashing attacks on the boy. Two of the villains seemed to have close combat related quirks as they pushed the attack on him with punches from one and the use of a baseball bat from the other. The third villain seemed to be the ranged attacker as they directed small yellowish orbs towards the boy that they created from their hands.

Most of the attacks were amateurish and sloppy, but the fact that there were so many of them as well as being offset to come nearly one after the other caused Izuku to remain on the defensive. The hero-in-training continued to trade blows with the villains for another five minutes or so before separating from the mysterious trio as both sides caught their breath.

“We’re getting nowhere just doing this!” commented the one with the baseball bat who Izuku had been able to identify as female. “I want my chance at All Might and this kid is wasting my time!”

“I think it’s time we got serious,” commented the villain with the ranged quirk. “It’s obvious that this one is quite the hero prospect, we might as well get a warmup with our ace in the hole before number one shows up.”

Izuku gulped heavily at the villain’s words. He was just barley holding on doing pure defense and these guys were saying that they weren’t giving it their all? Izuku was dreading his chances of survival if these guys were truly serious about ending the fight quickly. The greenette shot a curious look at the three villains as they pulled out what appeared to be a syringe like device from their pockets and watched as the villain trio began to inject themselves with the contents.

“Ah YEAH!” said the leader. Their bodies twitched for a few moments as they reeled in the effects of whatever they had just done to themselves. “Let’s see how you handle our boosted quirks rookie!” shouted the leader.

Izuku stood wide eyed as the combat fighters closed the distance between them way faster than before as hit him at the same time with their quirks. The strength had obviously been increased by whatever they had done, as Izuku was thrown backwards about six meters before finally coming to a stop. As he tried to get up, the range fighter fired more yellow orbs at him, this time bigger and faster. The orbs connected with the boy’s back, causing similar burns to Bakugo’s explosions before throwing him even farther away from the villains.

Fear was now begging to crawl up Izuku’s skin, and with this came the slightly labored breathing of terror as well as the growing whispers of the voices echoing in the back of his head. The revelation caused Izuku to freeze as he desperately tried to hold on, knowing having an attack now would likely mean the end. He jumped back up and turned back to the villains, fighting back the calls of the voices as he tried to prepare for their next attack.

“Oh, you still got some fight left in you rookie? Good!” came the excited voice of the female villain.

The onslaught continued for Izuku as he desperately tried to defend himself from his attackers. Every moment that passed brought more blows to the hero-in-training as he looked for a way to flee, causing his vision to blur and develop dark spots. The nostalgia of the blunt attacks and burns from the yellow orb villain caused Izuku’s world to warp as he found himself no longer in the USJ, but lying on the ground as Bakugo and his cronies looked down at him after his regular beatings from the group as a kid.

“Well that was hardly worth the effort…” commented one of the villains, but to Izuku it was Bakugo who said it. The moment the words had left the blonde’s lips, Izuku’s hold on the voices weakened, which sputtered to life with the same mantra that he had gotten used to hearing ever since his fight with Bakugo a few days ago.

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless…

Izuku lost control not long after that.

“Remember,” commented the leader of the villain. “We were given strict orders to keep him alive. Kurogiri told us his master wants the boy, though I can’t imagine why.”

“Yeah, I didn’t see anything that would warrant such an intr-” the female villain began to comment but was interrupted by a loud crunch along with a hissing sound.

The villains turned around to see Izuku rise up from the ground despite his wounds. Green lightening now arced across his body for the first time and red marks traced his arms, legs and face as he stared down the trio of villains with eyes glossed over, showing neither emotion nor recognition. The ground beneath him had cracked spiderwebs from the boy slamming down his front foot as he reentered his battle stance. A face of anger and seriousness was directed right at the villains who momentarily felt a bit of fear before collecting themselves.

I’ll show you who’s worthless…” commented Izuku as a maniacal grin stretched across his face.

Chapter Text

At the entrance to the USJ, the remaining heroes-in-training stood before the villain known as Kurogiri. Beside them lay a wounded Thirteen, who was currently being looked at by Uraraka and Sero, while Iida and Ojiro stood between them and the mist villain with battle stances at the ready.

“It is amusing, but futile for you to resist,” commented the villain. “I have more experience than the lot of you combined, and none of you are our Primary or Auxiliary target so there is no need to waste time keeping any of you alive.”

‘Auxiliary target?’ thought Ochako. ‘Does he mean one of our classmates?! We know All Might is their Primary target as he said as much, but an Auxiliary target is new.’

Ochako was pulled out of her thoughts as she watched Iida and Ojiro race forward towards the villain, “We’re not going to just take this sitting down villain!” shouted Iida. “With Thirteen out of commission and or class rep elsewhere, I will take responsibility as 1-A’s vice rep and protect my classmates from your clutches!”

Iida kicked at the mist villain while Ojiro followed up with a few attacks of his own, unsurprisingly their attacks did nothing beyond giving a slight annoyance to the villain.

“You pathetic teenagers, my body consists of mist. The only person that would be able to do any damage to me here is Thirteen, which is why I neutralized them as soon as I arrived,” Kurogiri monologued.

Iida grit his teeth at the confirmation that neither he nor his classmates would be able to damage the villain before them. He was brought out of his thoughts when Ojiro whispered beside him, “Iida you need to get out of here and alert the school. Aizawa said that our communications aren’t getting through, so we need someone to carry the message.”

Iida’s eyes grew wide with shock at what his classmate was suggesting, “I can’t just up and leave you! It’s my responsibility as class vice rep to look out and protect my classmates!”

“He’s right,” came the struggling voice of Thirteen from behind them. The duo turned to see that Ochako and Sero had managed to create a makeshift patch job using the latter’s quirk. “Our only chance at survival is for you to deliver our situation to the school and hope that we can last long enough for backup to arrive. If we can’t tell them what’s happening, we will all likely die.”

Iida lowered his head in grief and shame at the impossible choice that lay out before him. He knew that Ojiro and Thirteen were right, but it didn’t make it easier to accept that he was going to have to leave his classmates behind.

“We’ll be ok Iida,” Ochako said to him. “If you’re the one to do it, I know we will be here when you get back with the teachers.” The 1-A vice rep turned to see the burning determination in her eyes. The sincerity and belief in her statement emulated towards him as the boy took another moment to ready himself.

“I understand, I won’t let you down.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” exclaimed Kurogiri as he expanded his mist to attack the group of students. Ojiro and Sero engaged him as Iida waited and looked for an opening.

After a few moments passed, Iida saw his chance and bolted towards the entrance, kicking it into high gear as fast as he could. Kurogiri saw this and quickly went to intercept the blue-haired boy but Ochako stopped him. She had seen that a large piece of metal was embedded within the villain’s mist while he was fighting her classmates earlier. Following her instincts, she was able to sneak a touch on the metallic coil and remove its gravity before the villain realized what was happening. Ochako then proceeded to grip the weird object and throw it towards her classmates.

“Aim for the metal piece!” she called.

Both Sero and Ojiro immediately caught on to the scheme. Sero quickly threw his tape at the coil and reeled the villain in while Ojiro prepared one of his special combat moves utilizing his tail.

“FIVE APPENDAGE ART: FLYING TAIL!” shouted the blonde. He proceeded to jump into the air, twisting his body in a corkscrew motion before quickly reeling back and slamming his tail into the metal coil at full force. The impact sent Kurogiri flying through the air towards the assembly of villains down below the staircase. The attack gave Iida the opening he needed to kick the USJ entrance off its hinges and proceed to run back to U.A.

‘Everybody, please just hang on until I get back,’ he thought.



At the Inferno Zone, Todoroki and Tokoyami were standing across from each other as they digested their recent events. After the dual haired boy had finished interrogating the villains that unfortunately became trapped in a frozen prison by his attacks, the two U.A. students were dealing with the shock from the words that they had been told. Although neither student actually seemed to show these misgivings.

“T-the main guy said that he has some sort of s-secret weapon that can defeat All Might no problem,” said one of the villains.

“T-they told us that we would have easy pickings on the hero students while they dealt with number one. We would get paid well and we would get credit for taking down the s-symbol of piece,” commented another.

Todoroki looked at the first villain with his stoic face, “What is this weapon?”

The villain gulped in fear as he looked at the boy, “I-it’s the big black brute that stood next to the guy w-with the hands when we first got teleported here. Darn thing didn’t even speak the whole time and just stands next to the boss!”

“What do you think we should do?” asked Tokoyami.

Todoroki looked up at his classmate as he returned from his thoughts. He wasn’t one to go looking for trouble, but he wasn’t convinced that this so-called secret weapon could actually beat All Might, call it his personal intuition.

‘If my bastard of an old man can’t do it, I don’t see how any low-time villains could,’ thought Todoroki.

“We should make our way to the center of the facility. It’s on the way back to the only exit we know of anyway, and that’s where out teacher is,” stated Todoroki. He didn’t come out and say that he wanted to see this ‘Anti-All Might’ weapon for himself, but what his avian classmate didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

As the duo made their way towards the center of the USJ, they were distracted by a large surge of electricity set off in the direction of the Shipwreck Zone.

‘That must be Kaminari,’ thought Todoroki. ‘Too bad for any villains in the water.’



Eijro Kirishima was not having the greatest of times in the Mountain Zone. Despite the boy’s best efforts, he was barely able to keep up with the endless attacks from the surrounding villains. He was bleeding on the side of his head, where he had received a blow from a villain with a quirk that turned his fists into solid gold. The villain responsible for his head injury timed his attack just right, where he was able to get a clean hit in during the time Eijro deactivated his quirk in order to catch a breather.

‘I can’t keep this going for much longer,’ he thought. ‘I keep taking blows and striking these small fry villains down for the count but there’s no end to them!’

He was beginning to feel the early symptoms of quirk exhaustion. His breathing was uneasy, and his vision was starting to get blurry, but Eijro continued to stand tall despite the many bruises littering his body as well as the ever-increasing number of villains that lay at his feet.

“You’re quite the pest aren’t you little hero?” commented the leader of the group. Eijro stared back at the man defiantly, gasping for air as he felt the rising tension grow beneath his skin that was signaling that he needed to release his quirk.

‘Shit, I’m at my limit but if I stop now, I’m as good as dead!’ he screamed in his head.

The leader signaled to the remaining villains in the area what seemed like a motion to stop as they all quickly halted their advance towards the ‘Hardening’ user when they saw the signal.

“You’re commendable kiddo, for that I’m going to take you on myself and make your death quick and painless. You’ve earned that much at least,” replied the lead villain.

He began advancing towards Eijro, drawing a sheathed katana from his side before taking a stance that screamed danger to the boy. Eijro continued to hold his hardened form using nothing but pure willpower as the man before him began to prepare his attack.

“SHINING MOON FLOWER!” screamed the man as he almost instantly closed the gap and ended up behind Eijro with his katana outstretched in an end slashing position. A moment later Eijro felt an unbearable amount of pain flare up in his forearms and chest, causing him to barrel over onto his hands and knees.

“Impressive…” commented the katana wielding villain. “You’re the first person that has been able to withstand that attack without being cut.” Eijro was still barreled over and gasping for air even harder than before as the man continued to approach him at a walking pace. “Unfortunately for you, your quirk won’t be able to save you a second time. You have fought with honor young hero, and I will pray that you find happiness in the next life.”

Eijro felt terror take over his body as he began to hyperventilate. He could just watch as the villain continued to move towards him at a leisurely pace, prepping his katana for another blow as he raised it over his head. The terror as well as quirk exhaustion was beginning to quickly catch up to Eijro as dark spots began to appear in his vision. He tried to get his legs under him, his quirk to activate, his arms to push him away from the ground, anything, but his body refused to listen. As the man stood over him now, with the katana held right above his head and aimed at Eijro’s neck, the boy could only stare up in horror at the cheerful smile that stretched across the villain’s face.

“Don’t you touch him!” screamed a voice from their right.

In the blink of an eye, Eijro saw a flash of green lightning appear in his peripheral vision as a fist slammed into the cheek of the katana wielding villain, sending him backwards before slamming into a wall of rock. Eijro could only stair in wonder as the newcomer stood in front of him basked in green lightning before making quick work of the remaining villains in the area. As the dark spots neared perfect coverage of his vision, he was able to finally recognize the stranger before passing out completely.




When Izuku had finally regained control of himself after the voices took over during his fight with the three masked villains in the Downpour Zone, he found himself standing above the same three mysterious villains, only now they were all out cold. Despite this revelation, it wasn’t the most shocking thing for the boy as at that point, he also noticed the green lightning that was arching across his body.

‘Holy shit this feels amazing! It’s like I just got a power boost. Wait, am I using a larger percentage of One For All?!’ the boy began to ramble on in his mind as he tried to catch up with everything that was happening.

He took another look at his hands, feeling that there was indeed more power running through them than normal, although nothing seemed to hurt of feel out of place. However, Izuku also noticed that his gloves were noticeably torn and there was blood covering parts of his hands, as for whose blood it was the boy hand no idea. He turned back to the villains that lay unconscious as his feet, Izuku took a step back when he realized the level of damage they all had. Each one of their faces was now visible, supporting black eyes, cut lips, swollen jaws as well as other assorted cuts and a broken nose here and there.

‘Ohmygod what did I do to them while I was out?! Are they going to be ok? No, bad Izuku! We’re under attack and our classmates are likely in danger fighting for their lives. We’ll deal with this later!’ he didn’t acknowledge that he would also have to address losing control to the voices once again, but that was a discussion for another time.

He ditched his bloodied and ruined gloves as he turned away from the defeated villains and started running to find a way out of the Downpour Zone, not picking up the bit of purplish-black mist that suddenly appeared and warped the three unconscious villains out of sight. Izuku was astounded at how much faster he was moving as well as how much easier it was to leap and dive between objects compared to when he used his quirk before.

‘I should look into lessons in parkour. I bet with this new power upgrade, I could incorporate it well,’ he thought.

Izuku burst out of the Downpour Zone with haste and began making his way towards the center of the USJ. He knew that Aizawa was likely still engaged with the villains there, but he made sure to keep his ears peeled for the sounds of any of his classmates that could be in peril as he sprinted towards the central clearing. He found one not soon after as he passed by the Mountain Zone.

“…your quirk won’t be able to save you a second time. You have fought with honor young hero, and I will pray that you find happiness in the next life.”

Izuku froze as he heard the statement. He quickly planted his right foot and jumped directly to his left at nearly a ninety-degree angle as he changed his direction towards the voice. The fact that he heard ‘young hero’ and ‘next life’ almost assuring that one of his classmates was having too close of an encounter with death. As he rounded a corner of jagged rock, Izuku’s eyes widened in horror as he saw Kirishima on his hands and knees while he looked up towards a villain with a katana held above him ready to strike.

“Don’t you touch him!” Izuku called as he leapt off the side of a fallen rock and slammed his fist into the right cheek of the katana-wielding villain, sending him into one of the mountain’s rock walls. He quickly settled himself in front of his classmate before taking in the positions of the remaining five villains. Acting purely on instinct, Izuku moved into action and make quick work of them as he used the terrain to his advantage, rapidly changing directions as he delivered quick but powerful blows to the surrounding villains.


Izuku turned to see Kirishima drop face first on the ground, clearly exhausted and likely unconscious from having to take on so many villains alone. Izuku quickly ran to the boy’s side and gave him a once over. Kirishima didn’t appear to have any serious injuries, and Izuku could tell that he was still breathing, so he carefully proceeded to pick up his red-haired classmate and throw him over his shoulder.

‘I’ve got no idea where a safe area is, but I can’t just leave him here. Hopefully some of our classmates are faring a bit better than us and will be able to provide some support.’ Izuku thought.

He fired up his quirk and proceeded to carefully navigate through the Mountain Zone with his classmate slumped over his shoulder. Izuku’s mind was racing as he thought over the situation he had just saved his classmate from. Kirishima was moments away from getting his head cut off for godsake! Izuku started to worry that the rest of his classmates were likely in similar situations or could likely be already dead. He shook the thought from his head as he griped tighter onto Kirishima and picked up his pace.

‘I can’t just go jumping into situations no matter how much I want to. Kirishima can’t defend himself right now, so if I jump into danger, I can’t go on any sort of offensive without leaving him defenseless.’

Izuku’s internal turmoil continued as he eyed a red flare being shot above the Landslide Zone. Logic told him that the chances were high that it was from one of his classmates calling for help, but there was still the lingering fear that it could be a trap from the invading villains. He clenched his fists as he tried to will his body to not jump towards the flare and knowingly put both himself and his unconscious classmate in more danger, but the idea that he could be leaving his classmates to die was too overwhelming.

“I’m going to regret this…” Izuku said to himself.



Momo pulled herself back up to her feet using her staff after nearly collapsing from exhaustion because of the repeated use of her quirk and the number of “sparing matches” she had been having with the surrounding villains. Jiro was in worse shape as she lay next to her with a broken right leg. The purple-haired girl had caught a bad strike from one of their opponents a few minutes ago and was now nearly down for the count. She could still use her earjacks to create shockwaves with her support gear that could keep most of the villains at bay, but her lack of mobility put the two U.A. students in a serious predicament.

‘We can’t last much longer like this…’ thought the 1-A class rep as she gasped for air. ‘I know it was a risk shooting that flare up, but at this point we have no other option that to hope someone friendly can make it over here rather than more villains.’

Momo was right of course, she was a smart girl after all and despite the very serious and clam demeanor that she was displaying for her classmate, internally she was shivering in fear because they were both on their last legs. It wouldn’t matter if more villains showed up at this point, because they weren’t going to last very long either way. She griped her staff harder and readied her taser that she had made a little while ago as she prepared for a final stand.

“I gotta say, these chicks are better dancers than I thought!” commented the villain that stood in front of the others with a maniacal grin. Momo recalled that his quirk seemed to allow him to transform his skin into whatever material he was touching with both hands. He was currently made of one of the rock deposits that was littered across the landscape. “But I think it’s time that we-”

The villain was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a boy covered in green lightning skidding between him and the injured U.A. students. Momo instantly recognized Kirishima who was draped across the stranger’s back in an unconscious state, but her eyes widened in shock when she realized that the stranger was Midoriya.

“I saw the flare, was that you guys?” the green-haired boy questioned as he turned his head to the two girls who were still trying to register his sudden arrival.

“Holy shit Green, since when can you do that?!” comment Jiro who was gesturing to the sparks that were running along the boy’s body. Momo too was a bit entranced by the sight but was taken out of it quickly when she noticed the level of damage that was spread across her classmate’s body.

“Midoriya, are you ok?” she commented, clearly concerned by the burns and bruises.

“Fine as I can be for now, Kirishima is unconscious. I think he overused his quirk as well as being exhausted from having to fight so many villains alone for so long.” The girls flinched at the thought of having to take on a similar number of villains that they had faced together alone, it caused shivers to go down their spines.

“Can you guys watch over him while I act as a vanguard against these guys?” Midoriya asked as he pointed back to the villains. The girls were still shocked at everything that was going on to properly answer, so Izuku took their silence as enough to warrant compliance.

“You really think that you ca-” the lead villain was silenced by a foot impacting his face from the lightning covered boy. He barreled over into the group behind him, knocking many of them over in the process as others just blinked a few times as they tried to register what just happened. Jiro and Momo were equally shocked at the display, never seeing such power from their green-haired classmate before. The boy jumped back and remained in his fighting stance, the green sparks still jumped around his body as he waited to see what the villains next move would be.

Momo was the first person to pull herself out of the trance, signaling to the girl next to her as she passed her the taser she hand been holding. “Jiro will protect Kirishima, she can’t move much anyway. You run point while I watch your back Midoriya, I’ll need to keep an eye on them as well given that neither can really move.”

She watched the boy nod back to the her in confirmation before turning back to the assembled group of villains. Momo also prepared herself for a fight as she twirled her staff in front of her as she kept tabs on all of the villains in the area. Most were standing in the large group in front of them, but there were a few scattered villains to their sides as well as a few on elevated plains.

‘I couldn’t have hoped for a much better outcome,’ thought Momo. ‘Midoriya is clearly demonstrating a power boost that could arguably put him at the top of the class in terms of raw power. We do have a new liability in Kirishima, but Jiro fits the role of protecting him perfectly and it also partially negates her injured leg. I just have to keep a level head and watch out for any surprise attacks and we should be able to hold out. At least I hope…’



Just outside the Shipwreck Zone, Tsuyu, Mineta and Kaminari were slowly making their way back to the exit as they moved through the small patch of trees and bushes that were just in front of them. The trio had surprisingly come out relatively unscathed from their encounter with the villains in the area, however that was mainly due to the efforts of Kaminari. The teen in question wasn’t in the best shape however.

“Wheeee…” came the high-pitched voice from the yellow-haired boy as he was dragged by his classmates through the trees. His face was currently stuck in a silly grin while both of his hands remained in a thumbs-up position, much to the confusion of his classmates.

“When he said he was going to go over his wattage limit, I didn’t expect this to be the outcome, kero,” said Tsuyu. Kaminari had told them earlier on the boat that he could use his biggest electrical attack in the water to shock all of the villains, but said that he would need to be grabbed almost immediately after as he would be defenseless and their was a chance some villains could remain in the fight.

“W-well, I g-guess dragging him between hiding places is b-better than being eaten by villains,” commented an extremely terrified Mineta. He had been bawling his eyes out earlier on the boat and had to be slapped by both her and Kaminari before he finally got a hold of himself. Even when they were swimming through the water filled with unconscious villains, he still frantically threw the purple balls from his head at them as a means to keep them restrained.

Now the duo of himself and Tsuyu were dragging their classmate as quietly as they could between hiding spots as they tried to find a way back to the entrance of the USJ. However, they had no real idea where they were in regard to the overall floor plan of the building as this was their first time in the facility, and they couldn’t exactly go out and get their bearings without risking being seen by villains.

Their luck seemed to turn when they saw the main staircase that their teacher jumped down from to engage the villains when they had first arrived. Tsuyu could see tears of joy pour from her classmate’s face as they realized they had nearly made it back to the entrance. However, things quickly became more complicated when they saw a villain being thrown into the staircase from an unknown location.

The duo looked at each other with worried expressions and they dragged their classmate up to a nearby rock and proceeded to peak over it while Tsuyu clamped a hand over Kaminari’s mouth to prevent his antics from being heard. They saw Aizawa still battling the villains as their leader, who was covered in disembodied hands seemed to be getting closer. The events that followed would leave horrible tastes in their mouths for the next few hours.



Izuku painted heavily as he collected himself after his latest fight with the villains in the Landslide Zone. He was exhausted and was ready to fall over and call it a day, but the slight fear and adrenaline that had been continually pumping through his system for the last twenty minutes or so gave him yet another ‘second wind’. He turned back to his classmates as they too finally took in a much-needed break from the fighting.

“Everyone alright?” asked Izuku. Both girls gave a small nod and Jiro quickly looked over the still unconscious Kirishima before also giving a thumbs up for him as well.

“Leg is really starting to hurt over here,” commented Jiro as she shifted her right leg into a straightened position, grimacing as she did so. “but I think I can manage right now as long as we don’t attract any more excitement.”

“Let’s get that in a splint and I’ll make you some painkillers,” replied Yaoyorozu. Izuku raised an eyebrow in shock before the girl continued. “I memorized the chemical formula for simple painkillers as I considered potential situations like this during hero work.” Izuku took a few more moments to recover from the shock before he was finally able to reply.

“That’s amazing! I never would have considered using your quirk like that, but I guess it makes sense as you can create any non-living thing. Can you make other first aid supplied we can use for Kirishima?”

The girl nodded before turning to look down as her side as Izuku saw the pink light of her quirk at work. In no time flat, Yaoyorozu had created a handful of first aid supplies that greatly impressed Izuku.

“That’s all I can do right now,” she replied. “My quirk is basically at its limit, I need to restore my lipid reserves before creating more objects.”

Izuku nodded to her before approaching the supplies. He let his class rep direct him on how to treat Kirishima’s injuries as she worked on Jiro’s herself. The purple-hired girl protested in pain, but she eventually relented and helped secure the splint for her leg. Kirishima was in much worse shape, as Izuku had wrapped up nearly his entire torso and both his forearms. He also placed a large patch of gauze on the boy’s headwound before securing it with the medical wrap.

“That’s about all we can do for now,” said Yaoyorozu. “We need to move them to some place safe away from these villains in case they wake up.” Izuku nodded to her and proceeded to carefully pick up Kirishima while she helped Jiro onto her good leg. The group moved to a small grove on the side of the hill where they placed both of the injured students down against the wall.

“Do you think you can watch over them alone?” asked Izuku. The class rep shot him a questioning look. “I’m probably still the most battle ready of the two of us. Our classmates may still need our help after all.”

Yaoyorozu held their gaze for a long time. Izuku was beginning to feel really uncomfortable before she finally answered, “As much as I want to tell you no, you do have a point. Plus, I doubt I could really stop you anyway. Just be sure you don’t overdo it. I don’t think you can handle another head on battle after everything you have been through.”

Izuku chuckled while scratching the back of his head awkwardly, “You definitely have a point there. I’ll be sure to let others know where you guys are when this is all over.” The class rep gave him a small smile before Izuku took off. He continued his way towards the center of the USJ as he felt a bad feeling swell up in his chest.



“Well Eraserhead?” commented the villain with the disembodied hands. “What do you think of my secret All Might killing weapon?”

Aizawa was currently drowning in pain as the big monstrosity that held him down gave a loud terrifying screech. His left arm was currently broken into a million pieces, courtesy of the same monster, and his right elbow was badly damaged as a result of getting touched by the villain with the hands. He guessed that the villain’s quirk was a decaying quirk of some kind that was activated by touch.

‘What the hell is with this thing?! I’m using my quirk on it and I still fell like I’m being held down by a hydraulic press! Is this its natural strength?!’ thought Aizawa.

“Meet Nomu, the perfect bio-engineered villain created to fight and kill All Might,” continued the hand villain. “I can’t wait for him to paint these walls with the brains of the number one hero!”

The leader was stopped from continuing by the sudden appearance of the same mist that had transported him and his comrades into the building in the first place. Aizawa watched at the mist collected and shaped itself into a rough humanoid outline with what appeared to be yellow slits for eyes. The new arrival looked towards the leader before speaking.

“Master Tomura, I apologize but I bring some disconcerting news.”

“Ah Kurogiri, were you able to deal with that pest of a hero at the entrance?” replied the now identified Tomura.

“I was able to neutralize Thirteen,” Kurogiri began while Aizawa gave the two villains a dark look of anger mixed with a bit of dread. “However, some of the students escaped my initial grasp when I dispersed them across the facility. I attempted to deal with them, but one was able to slip away from me and escape the facility before I could. He’s likely on his way to alert the U.A. staff as we speak.

Aizawa didn’t miss the look of anger that appeared on the teen’s face when the report was finished. The pro was slightly relieved to her that his students were able to hold their own against the mist villain and was even more impressed that one managed to escape and was on their way to get help. However, Aizawa was still very worried about the rest of his students that remained in the facility and, according to this Kurogiri, had been spread across the area into what he guessed were likely large groups of these low-tier villains.

“Kurogiri you idiot!” screamed Tomura as he began to scratch his neck very roughly. “We can’t take down All Might if every pro hero in a fifty-mile radius starts knocking on the door! If you weren’t my ticket out of here, I would turn you to dust right now!”

Aizawa raised an eyebrow from his position under the ‘Nomu’ creature as this Tomura had called it. The blue-haired teen was acting very much like a child who got its toy taken away. Aizawa wasn’t really sure what to make of the display, debating between making some smart remark or just laughing.

“We might as well just call it off and go home,” continued Tomura as Aizawa narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “Right after I deal with our audience!”

The teen dashed to the right as soon as he finished speaking. Aizawa turned his head only to widen his eyes in horror as he saw the villain’s hand reach out towards Tsuyu Asui’s head. The girl was behind a rock just outside the clearing, likely observing the previous events, Mineta had his head poked out beside her. Both student’s eyes were wide with shock and terror as the villain’s hand approached the girl. Aizawa jerked his head to focus on the villain, activating his quirk despite the Nomu suddenly clutching his head with its fist and applying considerable pressure.

For a few moments everything stood still as Tomura touched his student’s head with all five of his fingers, only to smirk and look back at Aizawa when his quirk didn’t activate, “You truly are impressive Eraserhead, but now you’re just being annoying. Nomu!” The monster clutching Aizawa’s head suddenly smashed it into the pavement, causing the pro to feel blood trickle down his face as he began to lose consciousness. The last thing Aizawa heard before he completely blacked out was the sound of a major impact followed by a sudden blast of air pressure.


Chapter Text

Izuku was cursing himself internally about what he had just done. It was just stupid. He had once again jumped into danger without thinking things through and had now found himself with his fist shoved directly into the hulking black figure with a beak and exposed brain. In his defense, he had done it because the villain with the hands was gripping onto Asui’s face and was about to be able to use his quirk again. When Izuku heard the villain order his muscle to stop Aizawa, he acted on instinct before his logical half could protest and launched himself at the hand villain.

Now Izuku looked up at the hulking figure who had just taken the strongest punch he could safely use, the same one he had used to knock out all of the other villains he had crossed paths with up to this point, and seemed to not even feel the least bit bothered. He heard the snickering of the hand villain behind the large figure, having pulled his hand away from Izuku’s classmate as he turned to the boy.

“That was quite the punch, I could feel the power even through my Nomu here. Too bad he has a shock absorption quirk,” commented the villain as he looked around the Nomu at Izuku. “If you want to be my new entertainment for a while, I would be happy to indulge you. Nomu!”

Before Izuku could even blink, he was thrown backwards by a swift backhand from the stoic creature. He tumbled across the ground before finally coming to a stop right in front of the main staircase, only to have to jump up to his feet and dodge immediately when the Nomu tuned the spot where he was just standing to rubble. Izuku tried to counter by sending a punch to the thing’s face, but the impact didn’t even seem to affect the creature at all as it just continued to turn into the punch and grab Izuku’s right arm.

“That’s a nice try their greenie, but I told you my Nomu here has shock absorption as his quirk. Your puny punches won’t do anything! He was built to take on twenty of All Might’s punches before even flinching,” commented the villain.

“Tomura Shigaraki, please don’t distract yourself. We are on a time limit here,” replied the mist villain.

“Quiet Kurogiri, I’m not going to get my chance at All Might today so I can at least have a little fun before we leave!” Shigaraki snapped back. “Nomu, shatter his arm for me please… slowly…”

Izuku’s eyes widened in horror before he felt a sharp pain explode in one of his fingers on his trapped hand. He turned to see that the Nomu had begun to break his fingers one by one, leaving a few moments between breaks before moving up his arm as he repeated the process. All Izuku could do was scream as his world exploded in pain. Bakugo’s bullying sessions were nothing compared to this, it was like Izuku could feel every single bone splint move as the Nomu continued to turn his right arm into a disfigured mess.

‘I need to get him off me! I guess I’ll have to use one hundred percent in my left arm, but will that be enough? Shigaraki said that he could take twenty of All Might’s punches!’ thought Izuku.

Deciding that doing anything would be better than just kneeling there and screaming bloody murder in front of his classmates and teacher, Izuku pulled back his left arm and shoved the full power of his quirk behind it. The Nomu saw the boy’s motion and readied his free arm to block the punch. However, no one would have been able to predict what was going to happen next.

When Izuku drew back his left hand, his world became dark for a moment as he watched eight shining colored stars begin to float in front of him. They drew towards one another, making a spiraling vortex at about an arm’s length before him. Mesmerized by the display, Izuku reached out towards it with his arm as he eyed a brighter green star grow within the vortex as his hand grew closer. As he was about to touch the glowing vortex, it suddenly leapt towards his opened palm and caused it to clamp down on the cluster of stars.

Just as fast as the vision appeared, Izuku instantly found himself kneeling before the Nomu with his right arm in a fire of pain and his left barreling towards the creature. He felt the full power of One For All force its way into his arm, expanding and collecting as it prepared to unleash its full force onto the creature. The impact came an instant later, throwing up dust and causing a massive shockwave to spread across the USJ. Izuku stared with wide eyes as the Nomu was forced to let go of his right arm, the pain no longer registering as his left arm now hung limp and registering pain of its own, and forced backwards as it tumbled on the ground like a ragdoll.

Everyone in the clearing watched the display of power and its resulting outcome on the creature with bewildered expressions as the Nomu continued to tumble on the ground before finally slamming into the outer wall of the USJ some two hundred meters away, causing huge spiderweb cracks to expand across the structure close to impact. The creature remained unmoving as it slumped forward with its right arm a twisted mess as well as its neck bent at a weird angle. Izuku continued to kneel on the ground with wide eyes as both of his arms hung limp at his sides, screaming in pain.

‘What the hell?! That was way more power than my previous attempt at one hundred percent the first day I received Toshinori’s quirk,’ thought Izuku.

“Y-you cheater!” screamed Shigaraki. “You broke my Nomu! It’s not fair! He was made to go toe-to-toe with All Might! What did you do to him?!”

Izuku could barely find the strength to turn towards the villain. His body screaming for him to remain still as his arms continued to cry out in pain. His classmates behind the rock had moved back to the tree line, Kaminari having come out of his obscure demeanor just a few minutes before Izuku began his skirmish with the Nomu. They watched their classmate in horror as he stared down the villain who had nearly disintegrated Asui’s face only a few minutes ago. However, before Izuku could say anything, they heard a strange sound coming from the direction that the creature had been sent down.

Izuku turned with the rest of those present in the clearing, only to have his eyes widen in shock as the creature he had just sent tumbling two hundred meters backwards began to get back up. The Nomu’s injured arm and neck began twitching in uncontrolled spasms as Izuku finally found his words, “How is he getting back up?! His neck was bent! He should at least be paralyzed or knocked out from an attack like that!” he said in bewilderment.

He heard Shigaraki chuckle to his left, “I never said he wouldn’t be able to get back up after your attack. My Nomu does have a regeneration quirk after all…” he finished his statement as Izuku quickly turned back to the creature to see it standing tall looking like it hadn’t ever been injured in the first place. His stomach dropped at the sight.

“But I heard you say his quirk was shock absorption earlier! How does he have a regeneration quirk then?!” replied Izuku.

“I never said that was his only quirk,” replied the hand villain as a maniacal smile stretched across his lips behind the hand attached to his face. “Nomu here was created to kill All Might, of course I would make sure he had multiple quirks for the job to ensure my victory.”

Izuku gave a heavy gulp, not only could the Nomu take significant punches, but the regeneration quirk made it so that Izuku sacrificing his arm to damage the creature was basically worthless. He turned back to the creature now, who was walking back to the clearing very slowly with a stoic expression on its face as it waited for its next orders.

“No more playing around with you. Nomu, kill the boy!”

Izuku widened his eyes in shock at the words as he saw the Nomu prepare to jump towards him. He shut his eyes and begged to whatever being was watching this that he could be spared, hearing the cries of his classmates from the nearby bushes. Two things happened almost immediately after he did so. First, he heard the whooshing sound of Todoroki’s ice shoot past him on his left. The other sound came right after, emulating from the entrance to the USJ as Izuku heard the slamming open of doors followed by a familiar voice being echoed across the facility.


Izuku snapped open his eyes and turned towards the voice to see his idol and mentor standing at the top of the staircase that led down to the clearing. He looed down at the assembly before him, locking eyes with Izuku for a moment before looking back at the group of villains. Izuku could clearly see that for the first time since he had known the man, the number one hero did not support his signature smile as he removed his tie from his white dress shirt.


“Finally, the main event is here! Nomu kill All Might!” shouted Shigaraki.

Izuku turned back to the Nomu, surprised to see that it was half encased in ice that he recognized as Todoroki’s. The creature wasted no time in breaking itself free from the icy prison, ripping off one of its arms in the process and almost immediately growing it back. All Might leapt down from the top of the staircase and met the creature head on about ten meters from Izuku, the shockwave from their impact forcing the boy onto his back.

A moment later, Izuku was surprised to see his classmates quirk, Dark Shadow, grab him by his collar and drag him away from the brawling hero and villain toward the tree line. Izuku winced at the sudden movement that caused his arms to drag across the ground and fire more signals of pain to his already overwhelmed brain. He was perched up towards the closest tree, eyeing the worried looks from Tokoyami, Kaminari, Asui and Mineta as they looked over his injuries on his arms. Izuku also caught eye of Todoroki standing off to the side of an unconscious Aizawa as he eyed the dueling villain and pro hero.

“Jesus Midoriya!” commented Kaminari. “How are you even conscious right now?! One of your arms looks like a shattered tree branch and the other is a purple swollen mess!”

Izuku tried to give a dry chuckle to the boy’s statement, but it quickly turned into a painful wince at the sudden movement of his arms causing another painful signal to explode in his brain. He noticed that it caused more looks of worry to appear on his classmates faces, so he tried to look for a way to calm them down.

“Do any of you know any sort of first aid?” Izuku asked. They all pretty much shook their heads, although Asui did say she had some experience with small injuries from time when her little siblings would get cuts and scrapes while she was watching them.

“Ok so that’s pretty much a no.” continued Izuku. He began to think over options before getting an idea. “Yaoyorozu is held up in the Landslide Zone not far from here watching over an injured Kirishima and Jiro. If two of you guys go over there, one to replace her and the other to bring her back, then she can bring the extra medical supplies she has as well as her knowledge on the subject.”

“Alright, I’ll go get her, kero,” replied Asui. Mineta immediately offered to go with her, claiming that going anywhere other than here would be better in his book. The duo raced off after Izuku gave them the location of their classmates, leaving him with Kaminari and Tokoyami.

“Tokoyami,” said Izuku. The teen in question immediately locking his eyes with him. “Go with Todoroki and watch All Might’s back. The mist villain and the leader are still in the clearing watching, and if that Nomu is as powerful as they claim it is, then All Might will have his hands full.

“Understood Midoriya,” replied the avian as he bowed. “I will make sure no harm befalls to the number one hero.” Tokoyami turned and hurried back towards the clearing, calling on Dark Shadow as he approached their dual-haired classmate.

“Kaminari…” the boy continued. The yellow-haired teen could hear the urgency in his voice as his name was called. “I’m sorry to ask you this, but it needs to be done.”

Kaminari was unsure where Midoriya was going with this, but the tone his classmate was using was screaming seriousness. The ‘Electrification’ user held his gaze with the boy as Izuku looked down to his twisted right arm. Kaminari followed his gaze and realized what he was going to be asked a moment before Izuku said it.

“I need you to set my arm straight.”

The boy was doing everything in his power to remain calm. Midoriya’s arm was broken in who knows how many places with obviously painful twists and bends in it from the Nomu crushing it bit by bit. Kaminari knew firsthand was setting an arm felt like and how painful it could be. He crashed into an ice-cream truck when riding his bike a few years ago, and the impact had bent his left arm at a weird angle. The EMT’s immediately set it back into place when they arrived, and he distinctly remembered crying and creaming bloody murder from the pain. That was only one single break, Midoriya was going to have to feel that who knows how many times.

He gulped and waited for what felt like an eternity before responding, “Are you sure?”

“Of course not, but it has to be done and I can’t do it myself,” replied Izuku.

Kaminari took a deep breath before replying, “Alright, I’ll do it.” He shifted over to the boy’s right side, before ripping off a part of his costume and handing it to the boy. “Bite down hard, this is going to hurt… a lot…”

Izuku just nodded before moving his head to the leather cloth and clamping down hard on it with his teeth. He gave a quick nod to Kaminari before he rested his head back onto the tree and felt his world explode into wave after wave of excruciating pain.



CAROLINA SMASH,” All Might cried as he slammed into the creature. He immediately dropped to his feet, pivoted on his right foot, then drove his right fist into the monster with another shout of, “SMASH!” He ducked down, then jumped back as the creature slammed its fist down in turn. Fumikage Tokoyami watched as the Nomu didn’t even seem to be fazed by the blows it had taken from the number one hero.

“So it’s true…” Shigaraki said as he watched their fight unfold, “You have grown either slower or weaker with time All Might. On the other hand, my Nomu is the peak being. He can take any punch you throw at him. You’d be better off trying to tear him in half!” All Might’s brow furrowed in fury and the villain’s declaration.

“IF THAT’S HOW IT IS… HOW ABOUT THIS?!” He yelled as he grabbed the monster by its waist. He bent backwards, and dropped into a suplex, driving the monsters exposed brain towards the ground. As the two made impact, dirt and dust launched into the air from the explosive force of the impact, hiding them from view. As the dust prepared to settle, Fumikage heard the voice of his quirk in his head.

Fumi! Launch me toward that mist villain now!’ screamed Dark Shadow through their linked connection. The avian obeyed his partner and summoned him immediately, watching as the black figure jumped towards the mist villain who Fumikage could now see was trying to, or had already summoned one of his warp gates.

‘Dark Shadow, what was he trying to do?’ asked Fumikage.

I sensed two warp gates near All Might and that monster! My guess is they were trying to pull something while the dust obscured his vision!’ replied the sentient quirk.

Sure enough, Fumikage saw evidence of his partner’s assumptions as the dust revealed the Nomu and number one hero. One of the creature’s hands was lying on the ground, severed from its body as its arm began the regenerating process. That was enough evidence to assume that the Nomu had reached its arm through a warp gate to get a better attack angle at the pro, courtesy of the mist villain. Thankfully, Dark Shadow was able to stop it.

The avian turned to Todoroki, who seemed to get the unspoken message as they both proceeded to turn their focus onto the two villains off to the side. They knew better than to engage them, but they realized that keeping an eye on the two was probably more important that watching All Might fight the Nomu creature. Todoroki sent a pillar of ice part of the way towards the villains before stopping.

“It was a good plan to catch the symbol of peace off guard like that,” commented the boy with his signature stoic face. “However, I recommend that you not interfere in this battle again.”

“I’d watch your mouth if I were you boy,” commented Kurogiri. “Just because I haven’t attacked you yet doesn’t mean that I fear or am intimidated by you. You just haven’t registered yourself as high enough of a treat at this time.”

Fumikage saw that the villain’s words seemed to have struck a nerve with his classmate, but Todoroki gave no reply to the villain’s comment. He just proceeded to continue to glare at the two villains as he watched for any sign of movement or malicious intent. Fumikage looked back at the villains before sneaking another quick glance at the number one hero’s fight.


Shigaraki gave a maniacal laugh at the pro’s declaration, “You fool, how many times do I have to tell you? Just punching him won’t create any results, he has shock absorption and any damage you cause he can just heal over time!”

All Might grinned as he drew back his fist. “ABSORBTION ALWAYS HAS LIMITS! YOU KNOW, THERE’S A MOTTO HERE AT OUR SCHOOL FOR TIMES LIKE THESE. I GUESS I’LL JUST HAVE TO GO BEYOND MY NORMAL STRENGTH AND GO…” All Might launched into a flurry of jabs and hooks, giving the Nomu no time to respond with its own attacks. The pro picked up speed, his movements becoming a blur as he put more punches into the creature by the second. Fumikage could only watch in amazement at the speed and power he felt from each attack. All Might then pulled his right arm back, then let it tear through the air in a massive uppercut. 

“PLUS ULTRA!” screamed All Might. His punch landed squarely in the Nomu’s gut, causing the creature’s mouth to flap open as the air was knocked from its lungs. A moment later, Fumikage watched as the impact launched the Nomu skyward. It flew up towards the ceiling, never losing momentum as it soared through the glass panels, creating a massive hole as a loud crash was heard across the USJ. A cloud of dust that was whipped up from the punch swirled around All Might as he relaxed from his previous onslaught and looked towards Shigaraki and Kurogiri.

“Now who’s next?”

Shigaraki took a step back as he began scratching his neck in anger, “No! No! No! No! No! This is bullshit! You cheated! Your supposed to be weaker! We were lied to… we lost.” He wrung his hands out in frustration. Kurogiri turned to the angry teen to offer comfort.

“Let’s not be so hasty. Master Tomura. Our Nomu may not have finished the job, but he did get to him. He’s no doubt weary from all of that fighting and the injuries he has sustained on his arms, legs and shoulders… we should take advantage of this moment while it still lasts.” The other villain suddenly stopped as he took in Kurogiri’s words, slowly turning to the number one hero as another smile stretched across his face behind the hand.

Fumikage quickly prepared Dark Shadow for battle as the villain began to make a break for All Might. He felt the air temperature drop as his classmate next to him followed suit. Both teens were so caught up in the moment that neither were able to see the steam that had begun emulating from the pro’s body.

“We’ll tear you down from your status as the precious ‘Symbol of Peace’!” Shigaraki said as he ran towards All Might with his hands outstretched, Kurogiri’s smoky form lanced closed behind towards the hero.


The sound of gunshots cracked through the air as two bullets tore down at the villains. Each landed only a few centimeters in front of them, only acting as a warning should they decide to move closer towards the number one hero. At the top of the Entrance’s stairs, stood a variety of costumed adults. Iida stood at the front with Principle Nezu standing atop his shoulder. They were flanked on both sides by nearly the entire U.A. staff. Snipe stood at the top of the stairs holding a smoking gun. Present Mic, Midnight, Cementoss, Vlad King, Ectoplasm, as well as a few others immediately jumped into action.

Kurogiri eyed the pros before turning to the hand covered villain, “It seems our time is up. I’m afraid we will have to retreat for now,” he said while creating a portal beneath the two of them. They descended into the dark, with Shigaraki’s words echoing as he screamed them to all present.

“We may have lost today, All Might. But this is just the beginning. Your time is coming, and I will be sure to tear down the society that you have created!”

Fumikage could only watch as the two villains disappeared into the black abyss, leaving only a bad taste in the mouths of every student and pro present.



By the time Toshinori Yagi could make his appearance at the USJ, things were already well on their way to being completely resolved. After nearly being caught in his true form by young Todoroki and young Tokoyami, the number one hero was saved by the arrival of Cementoss constructing a makeshift changing room for him along with bringing a fresh pair of clothes. The ‘Symbol of Peace’ quickly changed and made his way out of his hideout, giving a nod of thanks to his fellow pro for helping him keep his secret.

 He walked out into the main clearing at the bottom of the stairs, the most accurate description of the scene according to the pro would have been controlled chaos. In some sections, police and heroes were frantically moving towards securing, moving, or preparing the numerous villains in the building for arrest. Toshinori overheard that there were some villains that were still active and resisting capture, but the lack of panic in the area was enough to assure him that things were well in control.

In other sections of the clearing, the assembled 1-A students were spread out into groups as various officers, including his friend Naomasa, were going around and collecting statements from the U.A. students as they tried to piece together the various events that took place between the initial invasion by the villains up until the pros arrived. Toshinori grew worried when he noticed that a handful of his students were not present, including his successor. The pro expression turned to regret as he remembered seeing the boy with two broken arms as he knelt before that monster of a villain.

“I guess we should be relieved things didn’t turn out worse for us,” came a voice from Toshinori’s left. He turned to find Principle Nezu standing next to him at knee level.

“Forgive me Principle,” replied Toshinori as he gave a slight bow to the mouse-bear. “If I had just been here from the start things would never had gotten this bad.”

The white creature turned to look up to the man before replying, “We can’t get held up on the what-ifs my friend. We can only do so much with our own two hands. Hand you been here, there may have been casualties in the areas you found yourself in this morning. We must always remember that we can’t do everything.”

Toshinori grimaced that the Principle’s words. He knew the animal was right, but it didn’t make it any easier to accept. As if he was able to read his mind, Nezu continued as he revealed the information Toshinori wanted to know more than anything.

“Neither your successor nor the other students were gravely injured. Aizawa and Thirteen yes, but they know it comes with the job and they signed up for it. Recovery Girl treated all of our students and sent them back to the school infirmary, deeming them well enough to not need to be sent to the hospital.”

“How many?” responded Toshinori.

“Five I’m afraid. Your successor and young Kirishima suffered the worst of it. Young Jiro only suffered a simple broken leg, and young Sato and Ashido only had a few serious cuts on their arms and hands along with a concussion each. The rest of the students only had a few minor injuries each. Given the situation, it’s a miracle it was only that bad.”

Toshinori gave a long sigh as he took in the information. The fact that his students had to go through this ordeal was bad enough but having a quarter of them suffer serious injuries because of it only added salt to the wound. He especially felt as if he failed his successor, who he knows suffered greatly at the hands of the villains.

“From what I hear, we have your successor to thank for ensuring things didn’t get any worse,” continued Nezu. Toshinori perked up when he heard this. “According to reports, he saved young Kirishima from getting his head removed, as well as stopped serious injuries from occurring to young Yaoyorozu, Jiro and Asui.”

Toshinori’s eyes widened as he took in the information, the shock quickly swelling into pride that his successor was already acting like a hero far better than he was at his age. “I guess I made the right choice choosing him…” he replied.

“I believe you did Toshinori…” continued Nezu as they looked back at the clearing. “I believe you did…”

They stood there in silence for a few more minutes as they continued to watch the events unfold. Most of the villains had been contained and moved out of the building to police cars by now, and the detectives had wrapped up getting the statements from the still present 1-A students. The remaining U.A. staff began to guide the students out of the facility so that they could take them back to campus. Things had gotten a whole lot realer for this lot, and Toshinori was going to ensure that they were more than prepared if anything like this happened in the future.

He caught Naomasa’s eye looking his direction, the man motioning with his hand for him to approach. Toshinori walked toward the man with Nezu in tow, getting a feeling that his old friend wanted to talk about more than just this recent villain attack. They greeted each other like they always did, exchanging a firm handshake before Naomasa began.

“Well we’ve wrapped up getting the events from the students. We also got input from Thirteen as they were still conscious when we first got here. Unfortunately, most of the villains we captured are just low-level thugs and purse snatchers, so I doubt we are going to get any valuable information about this ‘League of Villains’” stated the detective.

 “Did you know anything about them previously?” inquired Nezu.

Naomasa shook his head, “Either this was their debut, or they have been in operation and have been very good about hiding any affiliation. My guess is the former.”

“So what do we know?” asked Toshinori.

“The villains that escaped, Kurogiri and Tomura Shigaraki, have a warping quirk and a disintegration quirk respectively. Neither has appeared in our databased before. We are working on tracking down this ‘Nomu’ you blasted through the roof. My guess is we will have located him by tomorrow, but I can’t promise anything,” continued Naomasa.

“Anything else?” asked Nezu.

“Not in regards to this incident, but I do have some news regarding that other task you two wanted me to look into.” Toshinori saw a glint appear in the animal’s eye, causing a small shiver to go down his spine. He didn’t really what to think about what was going through that rodent’s head at that moment.

“We should probably set up a meeting to go over the details, but long story short is that I’ve hit a roadblock in my investigation,” continued Naomasa.

“How so?” inquired Toshinori.

“Well I know Nezu here was able to confirm that your successor and this Katsuki Bakugo went to the same middle school in Aldera, but I was able to confirm that they have indeed been classmates for their entire tenure at the school.”

“What’s the roadblock then?” Toshinori continued to press his friend for more information.

“Well the most interesting fact is that Katsuki Bakugo’s track record at the school is spotless. Something that I find very hard to believe given the firsthand reports you two have given me concerning his behavior.”

Nezu’s brow scrunched as he heard the news. Toshinori continued to get that uneasy feeling from the Principle as silence gripped the area surrounding the three adults.

“Well that’s very interesting indeed,” said Nezu finally. “I’ll make a note that you have an appointment with me in the afternoon tomorrow so that you can come by U.A. and give me a more proper report of your findings.”

Toshinori and Naomasa could only watch the Principle as he turned off and began walking towards the staircase on his way to make his exit out of the USJ. Both could only speculate as to what was going to be said when the detective arrived at U.A tomorrow to give his full report.



In the empty bar that they used as a base, Tomura Shigaraki was pacing back in forth in utter frustration. He was angry that his plan fell to pieces, angry at the cannon fodder for not being able to handle a few kids, angry at that green-haired kid who was able to send his Nomu flying with just one punch and he was angry at All Might for taking down his Nomu like it was nothing. Kurogiri warped into the bar along side him, getting his attention before the mist villain gestured at the screen.

"Well? How'd it go?" From the computer's speakers asked a deep, calm voice.

"All Might wasn't there for a while," Tomura muttered in irritation. "He only showed up at the end, and when we did get to fight him, he blasted away Nomu without a second thought! Those kids were also annoying, all the fodder we brought with us ended up being dead weight!"

The voice behind the computer was silent for a long time before he continued, “That is quite surprising, perhaps I need to have a long conversation with a particular individual about my expectations for product quality.”

Kurogiri's gaseous form condensed so he could slip on his butler's suit. "My apologies Master, due to the sudden arrival of the heroes, I wasn’t able to retrieve the subject. He is likely in police custody for now.”

There was another long pause. "What a waste… I expect you to clean up that mess at a future date Kurogiri,” the voice replied.

“Of course Master, I live to serve.”

“Sensei,” Tomura interjected. “I want another chance to take down All Might. I need to see his face as I tear down his perfect society around him.”

"And you will have it young Tomura. But for now, let's gather a new group of individuals hand-picked for efficiency. There's no need to rush…the best plans always take time and patience. All Might will continue to deteriorate over time. Perhaps today's failure was fate telling us to hold back for a while longer. In the end it will make no difference, we will just have that much easier of a time killing him.”

Tomura grinned as his mentor’s words, already fantasizing how things will be when they finally came to fruition. “Thank you, Sensei.”

“Of course, Kurogiri would you come see me please? I have one other matter to discuss with you in private,” continued the voice.

“My pleasure, Master,” replied Kurogiri as he warped once again to the industrial warehouse on the outskirts of Kamino. He formed himself within the area and quickly stood before the man with the large-grade industrial breathing mask resting on his face and he sat down in his chair.

“Well done watching over Tomura, Kurogiri,” he said to the mist villain. Kurogiri bowed to the man and gave a quick ‘thank you’ before letting him continue. “My I ask how our other subject is doing?”

“Certainly Master, we were unable to capture him, but I believe you will be happy with the result anyway,” reported Kurogiri.

“Oh?” replied the masked man.

“Yes Master, it’s as you think. Project Ascendant may yet bear the fruit you have been looking for,” continued the mist villain.

That phrase, for the first time in nearly six years, brought a victorious smile to All for One’s face.

“Very good…”

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up to the feeling of soreness and pain in both of his arms. He opened his eyes to find himself in the familiar setting of the U.A. infirmary. His bed was perched at the end of the room against one of the windows, showing him a beautiful scene of the setting sun on the horizon of the school’s campus grounds.

‘I really need to stop putting myself in this place,’ he thought.

“Ah so you’re awake there sonny?” came the slightly irritated voice of Recovery Girl. Izuku turned away from the window to see the elderly woman slowly walking over to the bed he was lying in, cane at her side. “Do I have to give you another lecture about personal safety? Or are you actually going to tell me that you no longer plan on showing up at my doorstep half broken every other day?”

Izuku gave a slight chuckle, “If it makes you feel any better, I was just thinking about how I need to stop ending up here.” Recovery Girl kept her stern face before giving a small sigh and shaking her head slowly.

“Well at least you acknowledge it.”

Izuku suddenly remembered what had been happening before he had passed out back in the USJ. He wasn’t frantic thanks to Recovery Girl seeming to be acting like everything was fine, but nonetheless, the questions were still screaming for them to be let out.

“What happened? Is everyone ok?” he asked in a slightly urgent tone, knowing that she would get the message.

The woman gave the boy a small smile before she responded, “Ever the hero, aren’t you? Always thinking about others before yourself. Your classmates are all fine. A few had some bad injuries, but nothing I couldn’t handle myself. The four I kept here overnight were released early this morning, all at or basically at one hundred percent.”

“Did you say we were here overnight?!” replied a baffled Izuku.

“Yes I did, although you were definitely the worst of the bunch,” continued the Youthful Heroine, seeming to just gloss over the boy’s outburst. “Both of your arms were in bad shape, but the injury to your right hand was really bad, I almost had to send you to the hospital instead. However, it seems you had the right idea to have young Kaminari set your splintered bones back into place. Had he not done that, in addition to young Yaoyorozu’s pristine wrapping of the appendage, there was a high chance you could have lost function in or even could have lost your hand entirely.”

Izuku could only eye the woman with shock as he took in her words. He almost immediately turned to look at his hand, grabbing the bedsheet with his left in order to reveal the appendage. His actions were halted as Recovery Girl continued to speak.

“Before you look, I just want you to know that I did the best I could. I had to put you under so that I could do a proper surgical procedure to remove any excess bone splints in addition to making sure every bone was back in its proper place before using my quirk. Your hand won’t look deformed or crooked, but I had to make quite a few incisions around it that caused major scaring due to your injury,” explained Recovery Girl.

Izuku blinked at the woman a few times before finally turning back to the gripped bed sheets, moments away from revealing the price he had to pay in order to save his classmate from the hand villain. The boy took a few deep breaths, trying to imagine the worse possible scenario he could so that he wouldn’t be surprised by the state of his right hand. He pulled back the sheet to reveal it, his hand did not turn out as bad as he imagined, but it also wasn’t something you would want to stare at. Five or six lines about a centimeter in thickness each wrapped around the boy’s hand from his palm to his fingers up to about the first third of his forearm.

‘Two scars in four days… Mom is going to freak when she finds out…’ he thought.

“You’ve only been out for a day, if you wish you may go home once I check a few more things and give you the all clear to enjoy what remains of your weekend,” said Recovery Girl, earning a confused look from Izuku. “Classes were canceled for the rest of the week due to the attack,” she continued.

Izuku just nodded as he sat up to let the elderly woman run a couple last checks on him for any extra symptoms or signs of concussion. When she finished with that, she reached into her pocket to pull out what appeared to be a roll of thick black medical wrap.

“This is some special medical wrap that helps reduce surgical related scaring, it won’t completely remove your scars, but it will help them fade quite a bit,” she explained. “Come to my office after homeroom each day and I’ll wrap your hand for you. Also, make sure you come to see me before and after every heroics class. Before so I can secure your hand with regular medical tape, you won’t be able to punch at full power with that hand for a while, hopefully you will be fine by the sports festival. After your training, I will give you another wrap of the black before you leave. Understood?”

Izuku nodded, relieved that he was able to reduce the scaring. It would be a good comment to have in his back pocket should his mother get too frantic when she ended up seeing his hand. Unlike his body, he couldn’t just hide it from her without looking suspicious, and despite being good at keeping the truth from people, he was terrible at lying to someone if they asked him directly about something, which his mother would definitely do.

“Thank you, Recovery Girl,” he said to the Youthful Heroine as she finished wrapping his hand in the black cloth, feeling a slight warmth on his skin from the fabric as he flexed his fingers.

“No problem sonny,” replied the woman. “Now get out of my hair and take your friends with you.”

“Huh?” commented Izuku as he tilted his head in confusion at her.

“Some of your classmates have been camped outside my door for nearly two hours now, be a dear and take them away when you leave would you?” continued Recovery Girl as she began to walk away from the boy.

Izuku could only blink in confusion as he tried to register what the woman just said. Some of his classmates were here? Didn’t Recovery Girl send the injured ones back home after they had been cleared earlier? He looked around the room to find no one else in any of the infirmary beds.

‘Who could possibly be waiting for me?’ thought Izuku. ‘Why would any of them wait here for nearly two hours when they don’t even need to show up for classes? Why would they be so concerned about me?’

Edged on by his curiosity, Izuku collected himself before finally walking toward the entrance of the infirmary and out into the hallway.

“MIDORIYA!” screamed a chorus of voices as the boy was nearly tackled to the ground by more than one person.

“W-what?” cried the boy as he tried to recover from the onslaught. He felt two pairs of arms gripping around his torso as he eyed Asui, Jiro and Yaoyorozu from behind a combined mess of yellow and brown hair at the edges of his vision. He had to blink once more before his eyes finally recognized that Kaminari and Uraraka were the ones pulling him into a massive hug.

“H-hey, can’t breathe over here…” he managed to squeak out.

He was immediately released by the two, both muttering out apologies to the boy as the five students moved to surround him on three sides. Kaminari stood on his left while Uraraka stood on his right with the three others arcing in front of him.

“It’s so great you’re ok dude!” said Kaminari. “I got worried when you passed out while I was setting your busted arm. Don’t scare me like that again, eh?” he continued as he gave a friendly nudge to the boy’s side with his elbow.

“Indeed, you gave us quite the scare Midoriya,” continued Yaoyorozu. “When I got to your location with Asui-”

“I told you guys to call me Tsuyu, kero,” interjected the girl.

“Sorry, when I got to your location with Tsuyu,” continued Yaoyorozu. “we found you unconscious with a frantic Kaminari trying to get you to respond. He explained the situation and I was more than willing to wrap your arm, but the fact that we couldn’t get you to wake up was a little concerning.”

Izuku smiled at the girl, “I apologize for worrying you, but I should really be thanking you for what you did for me. Recovery Girl said my hand could have been a lot worse had you guys not done what you did…” he trailed off as he looked down at his wrapped hand, eyeing looks of concern from his classmates.

“Does…it hurt?” asked Uraraka.

“Not so much anymore, the wrap actually has some special properties that will reduce my scaring, right now it feels like a warm fluffy towel is wrapped around it.”

“I should be thanking you Midoriya, kero,” commented Tsuyu. “That villain was about to use his quirk on my face. I saw what he did to Aizawa’s elbow, so I can only imagine what would have happened if you didn’t jump in. You truly saved me Midoriya, thank you.”

Izuku didn’t know what he was feeling at that moment he heard those words from the girl. It was only the second time in his life that he had be thanked by someone for his actions. Something he was still not quite used to, or sure about how to act or respond. Luckily, he was saved from having to respond by Jiro.

“Gotta say green, that was quite the spectacle you showed. Kirishima as well as Ashido and a few others wanted to be here as well to thank you for what you did, but Recovery Girl sent the first two home to recover and the rest had some other things come up. I couldn’t even imagine what would have happened had you not jumped in to help us when Yaoyorozu shot up that flare,” said the punk girl.

“I still don’t understand why you guys decided to wait her for so long to make sure I was ok…” replied Izuku.

“Dude are you thick in the head?!” exclaimed Kaminari has he gave him a slight whack to the head. “Or course we would come to make sure you were ok. We’re your friends!”

“You are?”

“Well I can’t speak for everyone,” replied Uraraka. “but after cooperating in the battle trial and you saving me from both Bakugo’s blast and that Zero pointer during the entrance exams, I feel like the least I could do I be friends with you Midoriya.”

“I set your arm back after it was broken in dozens of places!” continued Kaminari. “How could I do that and not be your friend?!”

“You’ve proven to have quite the solid head on your shoulders, and you came to Jiro and my rescue when we needed it most. If you would have me, I would love to be friends Midoriya,” said Yaoyorozu.

“Same with me,” said Jiro.

Tsuyu just closed her eyes as she gave a small happy smile, “I just assumed we were already friends, kero.”

Izuku could only stare at his classmates one by one with wide eyes. This wasn’t normal, at least by his standards. What was he supposed to say? On top of that, could he really believe what they were saying? Considering his options, he decided to be accepting, but also a bit dismissive at the subject.

“I really don’t know what to say…”

“You don’t need to!” replied Kaminari with a smile as he gave him a friendly tap on the back. “Just accept it.”

“O-ok, well thanks guys,” replied the green-haired boy.

The assembled group collectively smiled as they began to lead the boy out of the school on their way to the train station. It was a weird experience for Izuku. For the first time since before he was diagnosed as quirkless, he was finally starting to have normal conversations with people his own age again. For so long he had been a loner, avoiding people and trying to not stand out in a crowd. Now he was chatting about heroes and daily school activities with Kaminari, Uraraka and Yaoyorozu with Jiro and Tsuyu following on their sides as they listened in on the conversation.

‘I can’t be certain yet, but maybe things might not actually be so bad for me here at U.A…’ thought the boy.



Elsewhere at U.A, a mouse-bear, the number one hero, a detective and Recovery Girl were held up in a conference room adjacent to the principal’s office. Each held a solemn look on their face as they took in the words that been spoken between them for the last thirty or so minutes.

“That’s pretty much the end of my report,” said Naomasa. “Like I said in my beginning statement, the things I’ve seen so far are strong supporters of speculation that there indeed may be a very troubled history between Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo. I can easily see the writing on the wall here after doing so many similar cases, but the fact remains that I can’t do anything to move forward legally without something more than speculation.”

Toshinori was sitting in his chair at the table with both hands balled into fists as he listened to his friends report on the investigation. The only thing he could feel right now was shame, shame that he didn’t see any signs, shame that his successor didn’t feel as if telling someone about what was happening to him would do anything, shame that his successor was suffering and there was nothing he could do about it. He was pulled from his thoughts when Recovery Girl spoke out in anger.

“Of course you have evidence!” she screamed. “Almost a third of the boy’s torso is covered in scars! Bad ones if I might add! Additionally, those scars are without a doubt mostly if not all from serious burns!”

Naomasa could only sigh as he looked at the woman with a defeated expression, “You’re right, but unless Midoriya comes forward to show them, or we can get pictures, all we have is your word that you saw them which isn’t enough.”

Recovery Girl gripped her cane harder in anger, her face showing a sour expression, but she didn’t say anything more. She knew the detective was right, no matter how much it pained her to admit it. The fact that it would be illegal to take pictures of the boy’s scared torso without his consent was the only thing that had stopped her from doing so when she first discovered his secret. Part of her was still wished she had listened to her gut and done it anyway, law be damned. However, because she never pushed the boy to reveal the cause of his injuries out of fear that it would cause him even more pain, they were now stuck in this position.

“We will just have to give the boy time,” interjected Nezu. “These things tend to find their way out on way or another. We must prepare ourselves for that eventual outcome and do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our students. Even if they must be protected from one of our own.”

The other adults shuddered as the Principle finished his last sentence, detecting a bit of malice at the end. The room was quiet for a time, the four adults only hearing the sound of the soft late spring breeze rustling the tree leaves just outside the slightly opened window. After giving one last heavy sigh, Naomasa decided it was time to move on to the next topic of the day.

“Regardless of how some of us may personally feel about the previous case, I think it’s time that we discuss the events that took place yesterday at the USJ.”

“Yes, I think that is wise,” replied Nezu. “The press is already all over us when it comes down to who to blame and how prepared we are moving forward. The sooner we are able to give them some answers the better.”

“The bad news is that my assumptions were correct about none of the captured villains in our custody knowing any useful information about this ‘League of Villains.’ However, we do have some good news in that we know their primary goal was to use the event as a means of attracting All Might into the area in order to defeat him. Given that this failed, it should be useful in helping to put the public at ease,” reported Naomasa.

“Do we have any leads on the two that escaped? Kurogiri and Tomura Shigaraki?” asked Nezu.

“Unfortunately not,” continued Naomasa. “but we were able to get a reading on the energy signature emitted from Kurogiri’s quirk. It shouldn’t take too long for us to find a method of countering it so we can lower the risk of him appearing in certain locations.”

“What about that monstrosity that I fought? The ‘Nomu’ I believe Shigaraki called it,” asked Toshinori.

The detective could only hold the pro’s gaze for a few moments as silence gripped the already tense atmosphere. Toshinori could tell that his friend was hesitant to tell him something, but he wasn’t sure what exactly it could be. All he knew was that whatever had Naomasa this riled up was not to be taken lightly.

“We were able to retrieve the creature. We found it quite a distance away from the USJ in a large crater that it likely made when it impacted the ground,” began the detective. The other three adults looked at the man with continued interest as he moved on. “It didn’t seem to be able to think for itself. It doesn’t follow our commands, but it also didn’t resist capture when we tried to detain it. My guess is it only follows orders from a specified person, Shigaraki in this case.”

The three people present nodded in understanding, not quite what to make of that information given the man’s serious demeanor. However, they quickly realized there was more to the story. Naomasa continued.

“The concerning fact hasn’t been stated yet though. As Shigaraki claimed, this Nomu was bioengineered, but it wasn’t grown in a lab like you might think. No, we found DNA evidence that this Nomu was once a man known as Hiro Kotegawa who has an unsolved disappearance case dating back to about six months ago.”

“But why does that have you so riled up?” asked Toshinori. He could tell there was still something that his friend wasn’t telling them. “I get that a missing person turning up six months later as a victim of a cruel experimentation process is nothing to brush over, but you’re not normally this serious Naomasa.”

Naomasa looked back at his longtime friend, taking another moment of silence before replying, “The problem is that Kotegawa didn’t have a Shock Absorption and Regeneration quirk on file, in fact he had neither. What I’m saying is that he somehow acquired two new quirks in a span of six months.”

The moment the words left his mouth, the conference room was flooded with an eerie silence. Toshinori’s eyes grew as wide as dinner plates as he held his friends gaze, hoping for him to suddenly break his very serious façade and laugh it all off as a really bad practical joke. But the laughter never came, instead the silence continued for the four adults as the sound of the tree leaves continued to rustle in the afternoon breeze. Nezu held a very stern face while Recovery Girl only looked down at the floor as everyone immediately reached the same conclusion.

“I didn’t want to consider it…” Toshinori began.

“None of us do my friend,” replied Naomasa.

“However, there is nothing to do but accept the reality now. You really are back… All for One.”

Toshinori could do nothing but remain in his seat as he tried to accept the reality that that man, the one responsible for so many deaths that included his late master, could still find a way to survive their last encounter where the number one hero had literally caved the man’s face in and send him flying into the nearest superstructure, only to have the entire thing collapse on top of him.

“It is quite the horrific thing indeed, to think he could survive such and injury. However, what worried me more is why he has decided to strike now,” continued Nezu.

“Even if he nearly ended my life all those years ago, he suffered similar wounds to mine,” replied Toshinori. “It shouldn’t be surprising that he would have to find time to heal as well.”

“True,” interjected Naomasa. “but I fear there may be more to it than that.”

All three adults turned to the detective, confused as to what he could possibly mean by that statement. “One of the students, Ochako Uraraka I believe, mentioned in her testimony that the villains had an auxiliary target that they were after in addition to All Might,” he continued.

It was Nezu who was the first to urge the man to continue after shocked gasps were heard from the other two adults. The Principle was of course also horrified by the development, but his personal nature was also burning with a declaration of ‘They can damn well try.’

“You believe it could one of our students?”

“That depends on what their goals for the target were. Was is a kill order like All Might or something else? My guess would be the latter, but I need more information,” replied Naomasa.

“Regardless of what we do and don’t know, these recent developments get more complicated when you take into account another interesting fact about Izuku Midoriya,” Recovery Girl said. All eyes turned to her, Toshinori expressed shock while Naomasa and Nezu held puzzled looks.

“Chiyo, you can’t mean…” began Toshinori.

“What do you mean by this?” inquired Nezu.

The elderly woman took a deep breath, “It goes without saying, but what I’m about to say can’t leave this room.” Naomasa raided and eyebrow while Nezu just held her gaze. “When Toshinori brought Midoriya here the first time he injured himself with One For All, this was about a week before the exams, I conducted some quirk tests on the boy as I wanted to see if his genetic quirk was reacting poorly with the passed down power. I was unaware that the boy was registered as quirkless, but I was even more shocked to find that the boy does indeed have a genetic quirk in his system separate from Toshinori’s quirk.”

Nezu continued to hold his stern look at the woman while Naomasa switched his to that of bewilderment. The silence in the room continued for another few moments before the white animal finally spoke up, “You think it’s possible that-”

“I only wish to bring it up given that the man has now been confirmed to be back in the land of the living. Midoriya has shown me no reason to believe that he knows of his supposed genetic quirk. Even if there is a chance of what you are thinking being the case, I would bet my life that the boy has no idea he holds an additional quirk, at least not yet,” continued Recovery Girl.

“So you haven’t told him then?” asked Naomasa.

“Not until I could tell him more than ‘You have a quirk,’” replied the elderly woman. “How would you react if you went through everything he did for the last ten years because of the fact that he supposedly didn’t have a quirk, only to find out he actually had one this whole time?” The detective bit his lip at that, knowing he had no way of countering her argument.

“Who conducted his quirk test when he was officially diagnosed as quirkless?” asked Nezu.

“A man named Dr. Tsubasa who ran a practice not far from the boy’s old school.”

“Were you able to get ahold of the medical records?”

“See that’s the interesting thing about all of this,” commented Recovery Girl. “The doctor suddenly disappeared from radar nearly four years ago when the building his practice was in suffered from an electrical fire and almost burned to the ground. Ninety percent of all his medical files, including Midoriya’s, were destroyed beyond recovery. No one has caught a whiff of the man since.”

The silence grew again within the conference room before Nezu finally stood up from his chair, “We’ve discussed a lot today, and while we can sit here and consider all of the terrible theories and connections we may have due to small piles of evidence, I believe things will be better overall if we stop here for now and pick this up another time. We shall observe the situations for now, hopefully some evidence will turn up that will be able to ease a bit of our worries and concerns in the coming weeks.”

The three other adults bowed to the small animal before exiting the room, leaving Nezu alone as he opened the adjacent door that led back to his own office. He walked up to the window and looked out at the scene below him as the sun began to disappear on horizon.

‘I sense we have only discovered the beginning of the trials that will begin to appear before us in the coming days. All I can do is prepare and hope that when they come, we as a society will be able to face whatever that man has prepared to throw our way…’ thought the white furred creature.



Izuku didn’t really know what to expect when he got back to his home after waking up in the U.A infirmary earlier that day. He really didn’t expect his mother to come crashing through the hallway and leave whatever she had cooking on the stove only to pull him into the tightest of all bear hugs. All he could do was give a warm smile and return her embrace as the Midoriya matriarch let out a few choked sobs of happiness at her son’s safe return.

“Izuku… my baby… I’m so happy your ok,” she said as she continued to cry with a small smile on her face. Izuku just continued to embrace his mother as he planted his forehead on her shoulder and allowed the woman to rock him back and forth ever so slightly as if he was still an infant.

“Yeah, I’m ok mom…” he replied. “I’m sorry to worry you, but I just had to make sure that my classmates were ok during the attack.” The woman’s hands gripped the boy’s shirt a bit tighter as he brought up the USJ. She stopped her rocking and loosened her body away from her son as she brought her eyes to his, still wet from crying.

“There’s a part of me that is so proud of you for acting heroic… but… when I think about loosing you… Izuku I can’t bear it. I can’t go through that again. Please… you’re all I have left…” Inko’s eyes watered up even more as she returned to her bear hug around her son, emitting quitter and less frequent sobs than before, but still ever so present.

Izuku just continued to return her embrace as he stood there just letting his mother release all of her pent-up emotions that she had probably been holding within herself for the past twenty-four hours or so. He rested his forehead once again on her shoulder to let her know that he was there for her. A few moments later, he finally pulled back from her as she began to loosen her vice grip on his shirt, locking eyes once more as he tried to find the right words to satisfy her concerns.

“I know you’re partially reluctant on me being a hero because of what might happen, but I need you to know what happened yesterday was anything but normal. I may be weak now, but that’s why I’m at U.A. They will train me to be the best hero I can be… when that happens… I can’t promise you I won’t get hurt, but I will promise you I will do everything to make sure that fear of yours never becomes a reality,” replied Izuku.

“Izuku…” Inko quickly pulled him into another embrace, this time softer and less overwhelming than before. “Just promise me you won’t die. Promise me… you will always find you way back home.” His mother had stopped sobbing. Only letting out a small stream of tears from her eyes as she smiled into her son’s shoulder.

Izuku smiled back to her as he returned her warm embrace one last time, “I promise mom… I will always come home…”


Chapter Text

The weekend concluded and it was time for Izuku to make his return to U.A. for the first time since the USJ. He would also have to see Bakugo again after the explosive blonde ended up being the odd one out of 1-A that didn’t have to go through the villain attack. He wondered what Bakugo’s reaction must have been when he first heard the news. When Izuku finally arrived in class that morning, he was quickly greeted by Kirishima even before he had time to set his things down at his desk.

“Midoriya! Great to see you’re ok! I wanted to catch you yesterday with everyone, but I was still recovering from my own injuries. That was a super manly display you showed against those villains. You really saved me there.”

Izuku could only blink at the boy with a stoic face that showed a slight bit of shock. He still wasn’t used to all of this praise and attention, honestly part of him wasn’t sure if he ever would be. However, he was determined to improve himself as a hero, and heroes weren’t lone wolfs that closed themselves off from others, something Kaminari of all people had to say to him yesterday for him to take the situation seriously. Well maybe some heroes like their homeroom teacher Aizawa could do that, but Izuku was quite certain he didn’t was himself being directly comparable to the man anytime soon.

“T-thanks Kirishima,” Izuku finally was able to say as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “But you should be impressed with your actions as well. You were the only person who had to face so many villains alone, if anything I felt like your display was more impressive than mine…”

“You losers need to shut the fuck up!” screeched Bakugo from his desk as he leaned back in his chair. “Honestly, I feel like peeling my skin off hearing you extras complain about having a run in with a couple of small fry villains.”

“How can you say that?!” yelled a bewildered Uraraka who stood amongst more than a few baffled 1-A students at the boy’s comment. “You weren’t even there! How could you possibly understand what we went through?!”

“Can it, round face!” yelled Bakugo back at her. “If you can’t even handle a few weak villains than you have no reason to be here! Heroes fight villains all the time. If you can’t handle the heat you should follow teach’s rational and drop.”

“I had my leg broken,” commented Jiro from the crowd, pulling Bakugo’s attention towards her as she stopped herself from continuing. “Kirishima almost died, Midoriya nearly had his arms reduced to a fleshy paste, and Ashido and Sato suffered numerous smaller injuries. Do you even have an ounce of sympathy?” she continued in a slightly condescending tone.

“Watch your mouth ears…” replied Bakugo.

“No I won’t!” she continued. “We were on our own, with both of our teachers incapacitated, up against villains who seriously outnumbered us, who had carefully planned the attack, kept us from grouping up, and also had someone in their ranks who could go toe-to-toe with freaking ALL MIGHT! How in anyway should first year students with TWO DAYS of combat training possibly be expected to handle that kind of situation?!”

Nearly every eye in the classroom at that point was focused on Bakugo as they awaited his answer to the punk girl’s question. Izuku still couldn’t believe what he was seeing, Bakugo of all people had found himself backed up against a wall and singled out. It was almost like there had been a role reversal between Izuku and his mostly former tormentor. Not that things were going to stay this way of course, Izuku knew better than to think Bakugo would allow himself to retain such a position in the social hierarchy for very long. Things would likely be mostly back to normal in the next few weeks.

“As much as I would be interested to see this conversation continue, we need to start homeroom,” came the voice of Aizawa. The 1-A students jerked their eyes towards the classroom entrance, only to find their homeroom teacher wrapped up in bandages like that of an Egyptian mummy.

“Sensei!” exclaimed Iida. “Are you sure it’s good for your health to be here right now?! Couldn’t you pass your duties as a homeroom teacher off to someone else to allow for a more proper recovery?!”

“You were quite injured, kero,” commented Tsuyu.

The students could see the man roll his eyes at their concerns, “I am perfectly capable of retaining my duties as your teacher while also recovering from my injuries. Besides, I’m already banned from doing hero work because of this, I’ll die before I let myself just sit down and do nothing for nearly a month.” The 1-A students sweatdropped at his last comment.

“Regardless, you kids should consider my health the least of your worries at the moment. After all, the U.A. Sports Festival is coming up,” continued Aizawa.

Excited murmurs starting echoing through the class at their teacher’s statement. They had all grown up watching the U.A. Sports Festival when they were kids, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that they were quite enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in the event themselves. It was televised to all of Japan for god sake! Anyone that had the dream of going to U.A. was at least a little excited about their opportunity to participate in the festival if they got in.

“That being said,” continued Aizawa. “The recent villain attack at the USJ did call into question whether or not the event should be delayed or outright canceled. The U.A. staff obviously don’t believe in taking this drastic course of action, but we will be having quite the security upgrade for the event compared to the past.”

The students nodded in understanding as they were reminded of their unfortunate experiences during their time in the USJ last week. Some were still at least a little bit apprehensive given that such an event would be the perfect time to plan another villain attack, but most of the class decided to put their trust in their teachers that the new security would be more than enough to deter any more encounters.

“You all have two weeks until the day of the festival, I trust you will prepare yourselves appropriately through heroics class training. However, if you wish to train on your own time, you are allowed to reserve training areas on campus for a single hour twice a week. I look forward to seeing what you all do in the festival.

“Yes, sir!” replied the class in unison.

Classes ended up going pretty normally for Izuku given the events that had transpired over his first few days of school. He has followed Recovery Girl’s instructions about treating his previously injured hand to the number by seeing her after homeroom as well as before and after his heroics class. He had worn a glove over his right hand when he arrived that day at school as to not advertise its current state. People of course asked about it, but no one was determined enough to actually get him to show them his hand.

Before long, classes had ended, and the students of 1-A began to break off into small groups as they packed their things away and prepared to leave campus. Izuku had found himself talking a bit with Kaminari about their plans for the Sports Festival.

“I really need to find a way to increase my wattage limit if I’m going to do well,” said the yellow-haired boy with the black lightning bolt. “Plus, I’d rather not embarrass myself with my…other state…”

“You mean your stupid state?” replied Jiro who had been listening in. She could barely contain the laughter from escaping her mouth as she placed one of her hands over her wide stretching smile.

“Hey! It’s not my fault my quirk has that drawback.”

“No, but it’s still damn hilarious,” continued Jiro as she imitated the boy’s ‘two thumbs up with resting stupid face look’ for her classmates. Even Izuku stretched the tiniest of smiles at seeing the girl’s imitation of Kaminari’s hilarious drawback.

“H-hey what’s going on here?” interjected Uraraka in a confused voice from the class entrance. Most of the 1-A students turned towards the girl, now hearing quite the commotion from outside the classroom, as they caught sight of the mass crowd of students that had collected themselves in front of the doorway.

"What is the meaning of this? What business do you have with class 1-A?" Iida asked, confronting the assembled students with his signature karate-chopping gesture. A few were put off by the vice rep’s demeanor, but most were still being quite disruptive as they crowed the hallway just outside the narrow doorway.

Izuku heard Bakugo give a small scoff as he turned to see the ‘Explosion’ user get his bag and fling it over his shoulder. The blonde’s red eyes narrowed with a rather serious expression as he walked up to have a standoff with the many students blocking the door.

"Damn small fry are scouting the enemy. We're the infamous class that made it out of the villain attack, so they’re probably her to check us out before the Sports Festival." There was a weird calmness to the boy’s words. Izuku had to raise an eyebrow for a moment, trying to figure out what this seemingly level-headed student had gone and done with Katsuki Bakugo. He got his answer almost immediately after internally asking the question when the explosive blonde stopped at the forefront of the crowd and growled.

"Out of my way extras!" The assembled students were rather taken aback by this, some even stepping back out of some primal instinct of fear from the boy. Izuku immediately scrunched his face together and pinched his nose at the boy’s outburst.

"You really need to stop calling people extras just because you don't know them…" commented Izuku more to himself and the assembled crowd than Bakugo.

“Shut up, you damn nerd!” shouted Bakugo right back at him.

"Is this really how the famous class 1-A acts on a regular basis?" A sudden voice called them out within the crowd. “Honestly I’m quite disappointed if that’s the case.”

The sudden reply to Bakugo’s outburst turned most people’s eyes at the person who had walked up to the front of the group. He was a rather skinny but reasonably tall boy with messy purple hair and more bags under his eyes than you would think was possible. He looked back at Izuku and Bakugo with his hands in his pockets as he continued.

"Are all students of the hero course like this?" the boy asked. Izuku just gave a quick shake of his head while Bakugo just held the newcomer’s gaze with an angry scowl. Upon closer inspection, Izuku could have sworn that he had seen the boy somewhere before.

The boy sighed before continuing, “It makes me angry when I see people like you in the hero course.” He gestured to Bakugo, growing a more serious tone before continuing. “Like me, there are quite a few people who were enrolled in general studies or other courses because they didn't make it into the hero course.”

Izuku has a felling where the boy was going with this, in fact something similar had been on his mind before he met All Might and received the power of One For All. “Enrolled because they couldn't make it into the course no matter how hard they tried. Did you know that?"

Bakugo scoffed and rolled his eyes at the boy, "Then that just means you're just some weak small fry that isn’t good enough to be in the hero course, much like someone else I know." He glanced over at Izuku when finishing the statement.

The purple-haired boy raised an eyebrow, "Not good enough? Do you even remember what it was that determined which people got into the hero course in the first place?"

Bakugo turned back to the boy before replying, “Your point?”

"Destroying robots... can you really determine who's fit to be in the hero course by just that?"

“No, you can’t,” replied Izuku as he spoke up, earing the attention of both his classmates and those assembled outside. “Destroying heaps of metal shouldn’t be an indicator of one’s worth towards being a hero or not. However, there is only so much people can do to simulate an environment to test people on heroics without putting them in serious danger.”

The purple haired boy raised an eyebrow at Izuku, while nearly everyone else had grown deathly quiet as they waited for the green haired hero course student to continue.

“But that wasn’t the whole test wasn’t it?” Izuku continued. “There was a second option for you to score points. You know that don’t you? You must have if you took the practical for the hero course. Hero points, those acquired through heroic acts such as helping others out of difficult situations, cooperating with others to take down a more powerful foe, alerting others to danger, and the list goes on and on.”

Izuku saw the general studies student grit his teeth in slight anger at his last comment. However he didn’t want to look like a jerk for calling the boy out, “I don’t know anything about you, so I can’t gauge you on whether or not you do or do not deserve to be a hero, all I can say is that right now everyone in class 1-A, myself included, has earned the spot where they’re at.

The boy glared at Izuku before giving a slight smirk, "Well it turns out that the school has left those of us a chance to finally prove our actual worth. Depending on our results in the Sports Festival, they'll consider transferring people into the hero course," His eyes narrowed. “which means that they may also transfer people out." Needless to say, nearly all of Class 1-A recoiled from this, the thought of actually being removed from their class after everything they had been through being horrifying.

The boy turned his gaze back to the entirety of the class, "Scouting the enemy? Well that’s not me at least, I came to say it doesn't matter if you've proven worthy of being in the hero course. If you get too carried away, I'll be there to sweep your feet out from under you." He pointed his index finger right in the center of class 1-A and said, "I came with a declaration of war."

The boy turned and started walking away from the mass of students, seeming to be contempt with his actions. Just before he disappeared around the corner, Izuku’s eyes widened in recognition when he finally remembered where he had seen that mess of purple hair before.

‘He’s the boy from when-’ his thought was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a new student.

“My, my, are all of you 1-A students that high and mighty? Talking down to students of other classes just because you fought off some villains? And here I was thinking that your all supposed to be so much better than us!”

Shocked, Izuku turned his head to the other side to come face to face with another boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, leaning slightly forward as he stuck his chin out with a smirk towards him and Bakugo. He was flanked by another well-built boy with silver hair and black eyes that were surrounded by a tan colored substance.

“We came over here from 1-B because we wanted to see if you guys were the real deal given that were both fellow hero students, but you’re just a bunch of brats!” shouted the silver haired boy.

Bakugo scoffed and shoved his way passed the assembled students as he walked away, completely ignoring the cries of the silvered haired 1-B kid as he did so. Before turning the corner, he looked back at the students as he gave one last menacing glare, “I don’t care about any of you or your sally sob stories for why you did or didn’t make it into the hero course. The only thing that matters is that I’m going to be all of you and take first place in the Sports Festival, so I could care less about what happens otherwise.” With that having been said, the explosive blonde disappeared around the corner.

“As if you even could think about anyone other than yourself…” muttered Izuku. He was about to say something resembling an apology when the blonde 1-B kid continued to speak again.

“Wow, talk about your typical class 1-A stuck up am I right? How big did all of your heads get inflated after beating those villains? You should all be careful about that, don’t want to hit your gigantic heads on the ceiling or the tops of doorframes!” ranted the blonde as he started to laugh uncontrollably like a maniac.

Izuku nearly had to bite the bottom of his lip to keep himself composed before the boy. He was starting to think that there was no way to dig themselves out of the massive pit that Bakugo had dug for them in the eyes of the other U.A. students.

“Not all of us are as ‘outspoken’ as Bakugo is you know, you shouldn’t judge twenty people by your encounter with one of them.”

“Oh,” the blonde turned to look directly at Izuku now. “and just who are you exactly?” Izuku was about to answer before the blonde cut him off. “Wait, I recognize who you are now. You’re the kid that faced the villain leaders before All Might arrived to save the day, right?”

“I wouldn’t exactly phrase it that way…” replied Izuku as he held the blonde’s gaze.

The 1-B student gave a smirk before continuing, “I can’t help but notice that your hand is still wrapped up with an injury from the incident. Looks like you got a well-deserved wakeup call! Honestly, how stupid can you be to jump in so recklessly to face off against villains? Do you guys actually think so highly of yourselves that you believe that you can just take on any villains that you cross paths with?!”

Izuku could feel the emotions of protest and shock leaking out of his classmates as he stared down the 1-B student across from him. He was about to unleash a piece of his mind when the boy was suddenly chopped in the back of his neck from an orange-haired girl with teal colored eyes. She caught the now unconscious blonde in her hands before turning back to Izuku and class 1-A.

“Hey there, Itsuka Kendo from class 1-B. I apologize for my classmate Monoma’s behavior. When the news about you class being attacked by villains reached the headlines, he was practically foaming at the mouth. Anyway, Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki here are also from 1-B.” Kendo quickly gestured to the silver haired boy and then to a girl to her left with green vines for hair. “I look forward to competing against you guys from class 1-A in the Sports Festival.”

Izuku gave the girl a quick smile before replying, “It’s a pleasure to meet you all, I look forward to competing against you.”

“Just remember this! Don’t think just because you 1-A punks fought some villains doesn’t make you better than our class! We’ll show you guys were just as good if not better!” said Tetsutetsu.

“I must concur with my classmate’s statement that this would be quite a shame if it were the case. We in class 1-B will not simply be left behind because you in class 1-A have been graced with the opportunity to fight real villains, even if it was a tragic sequence of events,” continued Shiozaki.

Alright that was it, Izuku had officially had it with these people.

“So please tell me… just how stupid are you people?” he asked in a calm tone, slowly reaching for the black medical wrap on his right hand as he did so.

Shiozaki was the first of the trio to recover from Izuku’s comment, “… I’m sorry. I’m afraid either I didn’t hear you correctly or I just don’t understand.”

“No you heard me right,” continued Izuku. “I asked you how stupid you all were.” There was a moment of silence as the looks of confusion and shock remind on the faces of the 1-B students as well as many of the others in the hallway before Izuku decided to continue. Meanwhile, the 1-A students were just as confused, but for different reasons as they couldn’t need to understand where Izuku was going with his logic.

“Do you think that the incident in the USJ was just some walk in the park for us? Do you think that any of us wanted to fight real villains in the first place? Both of our teachers were seriously injured within the first few minutes of the attack! We were scattered and spread out across the facility as we faced down more than a dozen villains each with one maybe two of our other classmates with us. Some of us had to fight alone!”

There was an increasing number of looks turning to pure shock and horror across those assembled in the hallway as Izuku continued to explain just how bad the situation had been for the students of 1-A. Having finished unwrapping his right hand, Izuku stuck it out in front of him so the 1-B students could get a close look at it.

“I jumped in to face the villain leaders because one of my classmates was about to get her face disintegrated by the mastermind behind the attack. I nearly had to pay the price of having my arm turned to a flimsy paste and then ripped off my body. Do you think I wanted to face something like that?!”

There were a few collected gasps by the students in the hallway as well as from Izuku’s own classmates, no one had actually seen the state that his right hand had been in under the medical wrap before, so it was quite the shock to see just how badly their classmate had suffered from the attack.

“I could have died. Kirishima too. He was mere moments from getting his head removed from his body by one of the villains. If I hadn’t found them when I did, he wouldn’t be here right now. You guys think we wanted to look death in the face?!”

The 1-B students were in complete bewilderment by what they had just heard, sure they knew that fighting villains as well as hero work in general came with quite the fair share of risks but they had been somewhat blinded by their envy of the extra fame class 1-A had received from the USJ incident that they really hadn’t stopped to think about what their peers must have gone through to get that elevated reputation.

“Look, we just-” Kendo started before being cut off by Izuku.

“Forget it, I can at least understand where you’re coming from. I only said what I said to prove a point. Yes, we unfortunately have someone like Bakugo in our class who I can admit is quite brash and paints the rest of us in a certain light. But please understand that he is the outlier here and not the norm. The rest of us want to be great heroes that are looking towards a better and safer society. I’ll see you in the Sports Festival.”

With that having been said Izuku pulled his backpack over his shoulder and started walking to the other side of the building. He had one last appointment to complete before he could go home for the day. The remaining students could only watch him as he walked further and further away, still not having quite recovered from the whole sequence of events that had happened over the last ten minutes or so.

“Damn, I think I need to record this moment in history!” cried Kaminari. His outburst seemed to pull everyone back to reality as quite the attention of quite the number of surrounding students, especially the 1-B group, was suddenly directed towards him.

“What are you talking about?” asked Kendo.

“It’s just, that was the longest consecutive sequence of comments that I have ever heard out of Midoriya! That whole encounter was probably nearly half of all the words he’s spoken since first showing up in our class!”

Kaminari’s outburst was initially faced with comments of criticism, but everything started to change as the 1-A students thought more about it and realized that the ‘Electrification’ user might just be on to something there.



After having to take a detour to Recovery Girl’s office to get a new role of black medical wrap for his hand, much to the anger of the elderly woman for having found out he unwrapped the last one before he was supposed to. Izuku had finally arrived as his destination, the guidance counselor’s office. Home of the pro hero Hound Dog.

‘I missed my first session with him due to the USJ incident. Hopefully switching my visits from Wednesdays to Mondays won’t be much of a problem for him,’ thought Izuku.

He knocked on the door, hearing a soft grunting sound of ‘come in’ before opening the door. The pro was sitting down at his desk with a large couch facing it about a body’s length away. The man had a large headful of scruffy blonde hair that jetted out behind his head. He was writing down something Izuku couldn’t see on the notepad in in hands, taking a few moments before looking up at the boy.

“Good afternoon Midoriya, how were classes for you today?” he asked with a warm smile.

“Pretty typical,” replied Izuku as he gave a small shrug. “although there was quite the commotion right outside my classroom right after the final bell. Just some competitive talk about the Sports Festival, it’s why I happened to be a bit late.

Hound Dog continued giving the boy his warm smile as he gestured to the couch in front of him, “Completely understandable. It’s not like were on a set time limit for these sessions, as long as we can assure there are no negative effects on your psychosis, we can be in an out in a jiffy. Why don’t you take a seat?”

Izuku nodded and set his backpack down at the foot of the couch sitting slightly to one side as he leaned back into the headrest.

“Feel free to get as comfortable as you want, I want you to feel like this is a safe place. I’ve been made aware of your incident in the cafeteria from last week, but you may also choose to reveal anything else that worries you within these walls if you would like to or not. If there is something you wish to tell me but not to others, I will respect you wishes.” Izuku just nodded to the pro, asking himself a great many question within his mind as he waited for him to start asking questions.

“Let’s start off easy, could you tell me a little more about yourself Midoriya?” he asked.

Izuku closed his eyes for a moment as he took in a deep breath, “Well I guess I’ll start by talking about my mother…”

Chapter Text

The days came and went for the students of 1-A as the Sports Festival grew ever closer. Izuku had spend much of his time watching clips of the old sports festivals, taking notes on people’s applications of quirk usage as well as things to expect when competing in certain events. He also utilized his time wisely during class 1-A’s heroic’s classes, which were basically free periods for the students to practice using their quirks. Izuku make quite the effort to avoid Bakugo as much as possible during those times.

Additionally, Izuku had made reservations to use school training areas for himself after his Monday therapy sessions with Hound Dog. It was even more perfect because of the fact that most other students had made their way off campus by then, so he could come up with secret moves and tricks that he could use to catch people off guard should he make it to the one on one matches.

“Young Midoriya!” came the call of a familiar voice as Izuku was finishing his cleanup of his reserved training room. Izuku turned with a small smile in the direction of the voice, locking eyes with Toshinori who had just entered the building.

“I didn’t expect to see you here,” commented the boy. “Is there something you wanted to talk about?” Izuku finished his cleanup and grabbed his water bottle and towel as he made his way over to his mentor.

“In fact there is,” replied Toshinori. “but why don’t we start with how you are doing? I know you like to push forward my boy, but are you sure there is nothing bothering you given all that has happened? Neither me nor Chiyo and the other staff would blame you given your past and first week of classes here.”

Izuku’s gaze turned expressionless as his mentor finished his sentence, something that did not go unnoticed by the number one hero as he feared that he might have said the wrong thing. Luckily, the boy quickly seemed to recover before letting out a small sigh.

“I can understand why you may be worried, but the truth is that things are a lot better for me than you might think,” he replied with a small smile. “With something like the Sports Festival to keep my mind on focus, it doesn’t fret about the little things as much.”

Toshinori, given everything that he knew and had discussed with the others a few days ago, couldn’t help but feel that his successor wasn’t being completely honest with him. However he knew better than to continue to push the boy on the subject and instead choose to move on to what he hand come to talk about earlier.

“If you are sure my boy, then I will trust your judgment. Just know I’m here if things do change. With that said, I wanted to discuss the Sports Festival and the opportunity that you have when it comes.” He saw Izuku perk up when he mentioned this. “As you know, my time as a hero is limited and will soon come to an end. With the attack on the USJ, people will be paying more attention to the first-year events and particularly your class this year.”

Izuku frowned at his mentor’s words, being remined of the opinions of the 1-B students regarding him and his classmate’s ‘opportunity’ to face real villains at the USJ, “It’s not like we asked to be famous…”

“You are absolutely correct,” replied Toshinori. “However, as Principle Nezu told me after my fight at USJ, we cannot dwell on the past. It’s true that you and your classmates should have never had to go through something like that, and I am partially to blame. But you can use this chance to show the word what you can do. You can take this opportunity to stand proudly and declare ‘I AM HERE!’” he continued as he buffed up into his All Might form to give his signature pose alongside his catch phrase.

Izuku chuckled as his mentor’s actions, trying to imagine himself emulating the number one hero as he stood on the victor’s podium at the end of the Sports Festival. He quickly shook his head, reminding himself he had many things to get through before he could even consider doing that in the first place. He would have to prove himself better than his classmates, which included Bakugo, but he also had to watch out for those in 1-B, who seemed determined to outclass 1-A in order to prove their class was just as good if not better despite not fighting in the USJ.

“There will so many people fighting for the top spot,” replied Izuku as he looked down at his hands. “This is my change to prove that I’m on the same playing field. I may have been just a quirkless kid with a dream to be a hero a few months ago, but I will show everyone that I have what it takes to be a great hero.”

Toshinori put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, who looked up at him at the contact, “You have already proven that you have what it takes, and I know you will make others see that. I would wish you good luck, but I know you won’t need it.”

Izuku gave a small blush and looked away as he scratched his head in embarrassment, “T-thanks. Actually, there was something I wanted to ask you about regarding One For All. Do you think you could help me out before I leave?”

Toshinori gave a big smile as he buffed up once more, “CERTAINLY YOUNG MIDORIYA! WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WISH TO ASK?”

“Well I was thinking about doing something like this…”



Izuku was now officially convinced that he had no control over his decisions when it came to a certain pink haired horned girl. When classes were let out the second day before the Sports Festival, Ashido had almost immediately jumped up and slammed her hands on his desk in order to get his attention.

“Hey Midori! Are you doing anything after school the day before the Sports Festival?”

Izuku blinked at the girl, also noticing that Kaminari, Uraraka, Iida and Jiro were watching their interaction, “U-uh, not particularly,” he stammered due to the unexpected forwardness of the girl. “Did you have something planed with the others?”

While Izuku was going to do some more prep work before the event happening in two days, he had already planned to do no sort of extra physical activity. Because of this he didn’t have anything planed per say, so he figured he would at least be honest with his classmate.

Ashido smiled at him, giving off her bubbly energy that Izuku was convinced was super infectious, “Yeah! Me and some of the others were planning a get together with any many people from the class who are interested as a way to unwind and relax any nervousness before the Sports Festival. Would you like to join us?”

It took another moment before Izuku was able to register her words, ‘My classmates want to hang out with me?! What am I supposed to say? I’ve never been asked to hang out with anyone since being ousted as quirkless. Should I say that? No, that would be weird…’

“Midori?” called Ashido, trying to bring the boy back to reality.

Izuku directed his attention back to her, “S-sorry, my mind kind of wandered a bit there...”

“It’s alright,” replied Ashido with a smile. “You’re interested in hanging out right? Here let me see your phone so I can get your number in the group chat.”

A few pushed buttons later along with the encouragement of more than a handful of people quickly found Izuku committed to hanging out with nearly half of class 1-A as they discussed where they we going to go for the ‘Pre-Sports Festival Festivities’ as their pink skinned classmate put it. Yaoyorozu and Iida expressed quite the number of opinions and rules for the planed activities, which Ashido tried to mostly ignore when possible, hoping to assure everyone that participated would be well rested and prepared for the following day.

This resulted in Izuku now standing outside the biggest arcade in the Musutafu area that happened to be less than a twenty-minute trip from the U.A campus. Alongside him stood Iida, Kaminari, Ojiro and all of the 1-A girls. Kirishima and Sero were supposed to make it as well, but they ended up having family emergencies. Mineta also wanted to come, but the girls took measures to make sure that he was ditched.

While everyone else seemed to be at ease, Izuku still was feeling a bit apprehensive as he wasn’t very used to personal interactions outside of school due to his formerly quirkless status. He did his best to hide it, tagging along with Kaminari who he could at least hold a bit of a conversation with. The ‘Electrification’ user seemed to notice that Izuku was acting a bit skittish, so he tried bringing up a conversation to distract the boy.

“Anything on your mind?”

“It’s not that big of a deal, just not the best with crowds I guess,” replied Izuku. “I wasn’t the most social person before U.A, so this is still pretty new to me…”

Kaminari raised an eyebrow at his comment but said nothing, he remembered when Izuku was a bit overwhelmed after he was released from Recovery Girl’s care after the USJ incident. Most notably when Izuku seemed to be surprised that both Kaminari and their other classmates had considered him a friend. It made sense that if he didn’t have many friends before, he wouldn’t have many experiences hanging out with them.

“Are there any games that you are familiar with?” asked Kaminari. “We could start with those so you could take some time to adjust.” He noticed a small smile form on Izuku’s face when he said this. The greenette then proceeded to point to a few pinball machines a few meters down the line, they noticed a space where a group of three were open as the duo started walking towards them.

They played next to each other for a while, engaging in a bit of small talk as they tried to multitask keeping their pinballs moving. They started talking about their preparation for the Sports Festival, Izuku mentioning that he was watching old clips from past years which Kaminari admitted was a very good idea.

“Have you made any progress on your wattage limit?” Izuku asked.

The yellow haired boy gave a nervous chuckle, “Not really, I’m pretty much tapped out a 1.3 million volts. I do that and I’m out for an hour at least, but I can’t seem to even attempt anything more than 1.4 million without serious drawbacks.”

“What about your amp range?” asked Izuku.

“What do you mean?”

“Well power is your wattage, and wattage is volts multiplied by amps,” Izuku continued. “So theoretically couldn’t you lower the voltage and increase the amps? Sorry I only know basic electrical theory, but I do know that at least.”

He turned to see Kaminari was staring at him like a deer in headlights, “…I actually have no idea if I can do that.” Izuku mentally slapped himself at the boy’s comment.

“I’m sorry, you’ve had your quirk for over ten years and you never even once thought about whether or not you could adjust the level of amps in your electricity like you do volts?!”

Kaminari gave a weak chuckle as he scratched the back of his head, “Yes?”

It took a lot more mental strength than Izuku would like to admit for him to not smash his own head into his pinball machine at Kaminari’s ignorance. He wasn’t even focused on his game anymore, even if his score had been knocking on the leaderboard.

“At some point after the Sports Festival, we are getting a training room and getting to the bottom of this one way or another,” Izuku stated. Kaminari could only nod at him as his tone screamed that there was no room for argument.

Having both ended their rounds prematurely due to getting distracted by the conversation, the boys decided to continue walking around and look for some of their other classmates in the arcade. They spotted Ashido and Hagakure on the Dance Dance Revolution platforms where 1-A’s resident pink girl was displaying some killer dance moves while Hagakure was doing her best to keep up. A bit farther down they noticed Yaoyorozu and Uraraka tossing in the Skee-Ball lanes, the class president seeming to be teaching the ropes of the game to her classmate.

“Hey guys, mind if we join in?” Kaminari had asked as they approached the two 1-A girls.

“Not at all,” replied Yaoyorozu.

“Yeah having more people would be a lot of fun!” added an excited Uraraka.

Izuku ended up taking the lane next to Uraraka while Kaminari took the open lane on his other side. The four U.A. students proceeded to all start new games so they could have a bit of a competition for top rank. Each rolled their balls at various paces, Kaminari sped through his throws rather quickly while Yaoyorozu seemed to be really taking her time with each stroke as she tried to calculate the exact direction and amount of force required to land higher points.

“Hey, isn’t that Deku over there?” came a voice from behind the four students.

Ochako, who had been shocked by the use of Midoriya’s nickname when Bakugo wasn’t around, quickly stopped what she was doing to turn around. She didn’t commit her actions alone, as both Yaoyorozu and Kaminari were equally shocked to hear such a name for Midoriya in a public place. Ochako also took note of the fact that Midoriya didn’t quite turn around all the way, deciding to only twist his body slightly towards the new arrivals while turning his head to fully meet their gaze.

“O-oh, hey Imari,” replied Midoriya. It was hard to tell, but Ochako could see that the boy was shaking ever so slightly as he looked at the four boys across from the assembled U.A. students.

“It’s interesting to see you here, we never saw you outside of school at Aldera,” continued Imari. “Not that we would have wanted to hang out with you anyway.”

“And who may I ask are you four?” inquired Yaoyorozu, holding a slightly irked expression towards the assembled group of four boys across from them. They were all wearing matching school uniforms, so it was easy to tell that they all came from a different high school.

“Ah where are my manners,” replied the group leader with spikey black hair. “The name’s Tango Imari. The boys and I here actually went to the same middle school as that runt over there.” He gestured to Midoriya as he finished, who had turned his head back around and was looking away from the group of boys, still obviously uncomfortable.

“So how come you guys are hanging around that worthless reject? You should have figured out by now that he is nothing more that just a useless Deku.” Ochako saw Midoriya stiffen at the boy’s words, her friend was clearly very upset at the whole direction this conversation had been going. These boys reminded her of Bakugo in many ways.

“Hey what the hell is your problem man?!” shouted Kaminari. “There is no reason for you to talk to him that way! What did he ever do to you?!”

“Were just stating the truth here,” responded one of the other boys who had pointed ears and fangs. “It’s not like we’re being unfair. You can’t escape the fact that Deku over there has no quirk. I still don’t understand how he convinced the staff to let him into U.A. in the first place. One percent acceptance rate my ass.”

“What are you talking about?!” shouted Ochako in bewilderment. “Of course he has a quirk! He saved me at the entrance exam when he smashed a robot the size of a small building to bits! He fought against the villains with us during the USJ attack, saving four of our classmates in the process!”

“I must concur,” interjected Yaoyorozu. “Had it not been for Midoriya, both myself and another one of our classmates would have likely been killed.”

“He nearly broke his arms to pieces trying to fight the villain that went toe to toe with All Might!” continued Kaminari. “I had to set his arm back after that because he could have lost it!”

The four boys wore expressionless faces for several moments as they tried to digest the words that had been shoved in their faces by the 1-A students. The silence that had amassed between the eight high school students was abruptly cut when the four boys quickly started erupting into fits of laughter.

“Wow, you really had me for a second there,” stated Imari. “How long did you guys practice that little skit so you could pull it off without laughing yourselves? You haven’t even cracked despite us laughing at your joke! That’s impressive.”

The 1-A students could only stare at their adversaries in bewilderment. Suddenly it began to make some sense why Midoriya acted the way he did around them. If this was something that he had to deal with on a regular basis, they could only imagine what must have been going through his head every day because of the verbal abuse.

A small mutter was heard from Midoriya, pulling the attention of all seven people towards the greenette.

“What was that Deku?” replied Imari. The 1-A students glared daggers at him, deciding that he was no longer worth treating with respect given his hostile attuite toward their classmate.

Midoriya stiffened again, taking a moment to relax his shoulders before finally speaking a bit louder this time, “…I said leave me alone Imari.”

“Ah, don’t be like that Deku. I just want to know what it feels like to be a complete fraud at a top hero school like-” Imari was cut off by the arrival of a new voice.

Leave now…” said the voice from the left of the 1-A students. The assembled groups turned to see a very angry Ashido with her arms crossed in front of her chest as she glared at the group of four boys with pure malice.

“Ashido!” exclaimed a slightly happy but still angry Kaminari. “Thank god for your arrival! We need your help with these guys.”

Class 1-A’s resident pink girl scrunched her eyebrows before speaking, “I finished up my game of DDR with Toru, and I was coming to get you guys while she went to find the others so we could go grab a bite or something, but now I wished she came along with me.”

Imari had raised an eyebrow at Ashido’s sudden arrival, but still held his smug look as he turned back to Midoriya. “Still weak that you need others to stand up for you eh Deku? Can’t say I’m surprised about you still being a quirkless reject, but I do hold a bit of shock at the fact that your new classmates are still stupid enough to defend you.”

Ochako’s expression turned to shock as she saw Ashido nearly leap at the boy as she grabbed his shirt collar with her hand, “Listen here bucko, if there is one thing that I can’t stand more than villains it’s bullies. So why don’t you take your cronies and get far away from here before I decide to melt your junk off with my acid.” As she said this, Kaminari stepped up behind her and let his electricity dance around his hand at his lowest controlled power, intending to up the pink girl’s level of intimidation. Even Yaoyorozu gave the boys an expression of disgust that Ochako quickly mimicked.

Imari pulled himself back slightly in fear, waiting to recompose himself before speaking again. “Looking forward to seeing you in the Sports Festival, Deku. Not that you will compete for very long anyway.”

The four boys slowly walked away from the now five assembled U.A. students as Ochako and her classmates turned to check on Midoriya. The boy was still slightly shaking while clenching his teeth and fists as he kept his eyes closed. Ochako was growing more and more worried about her classmate, having flashbacks to his state in the cafeteria the day before the USJ attack. She suspected Yaoyorozu might be thinking something similar.

“Hey man, you ok?” asked Kaminari. Midoriya quickly turned around and pushed past his classmates as he made his way towards the exit.

“I need some air,” he replied. The words were very direct and held a bit of anger, causing even more worry to grow within Ochako. She stood there for a few more moments with the others, trying to figure out what she could do to help her classmate.

“I’m going to go after him,” she finally said. “I won’t confront him, just going to make sure he is ok.”

“I’ll go with you,” replied Kaminari.

“No,” interjected Yaoyorozu. “More than one person might overwhelm him as he is right now. Let’s allow Uraraka to go after him while we find the rest of our classmates and plan what to do next.”

Ochako nodded to the class president before turning to go after her green-haired classmate. There were too many questions rolling through her head, Midoriya was quirkless? That didn’t make any sense, he clearly demonstrated his power during the practical exam, quirk assessment test, and battel trial in front of her. He even told their teacher to ‘give his quirk back’ when Aizawa had used his Erasure quirk on him before he threw his softball. So why did those boys say he was quirkless? Why did they use that name to refer to him like Bakugo did? She of course knew firsthand just how badly Midoriya hated that name.

She burst through the entrance to the arcade and began to dart her head in all directions, looking for any sign of her classmate. A hole began to grow in her stomach when she couldn’t seem to find him, clawing up into her throat as she frantically continued the search. Nearly falling into a small panic, she suddenly picked up the faintest of small grunting sounds off to her left. Ochako turned to see that there was a small side alley in that direction, quickly moving towards it in hopes that her classmate was responsible for the faint noises.

When she rounded the corner, her panic turned to shock and concern as she watched her classmate repeatedly smash his curled fists into the brick wall of the arcade. Midoriya was wearing a spiteful expression as he smashed each fist into the wall one after the other while letting out weak cries of anger as each fist was thrown forwards. Ochako felt her heard break as she saw small tears trickled down his face while blood formed on his hands from his cut knuckles.

Her classmate didn’t even seem to recognize her presence as he kept hammering away at the wall, doing nothing but continuing to injure himself. Ochako moved towards the raging boy slowly, remembering how Yaoyorozu dealt with him the last time they had found him like this.

“Midoriya?” she called softly. The boy didn’t respond, nor did he even slow down from punching the wall. Ochako tried again.

“Midoriya, it’s Uraraka. Can you hear me?” still no response from the boy. The tears were coming faster now, more blood continued to collect on his hands as he continued to punch. Ochako was starting to fall into a panic.

“Midoriya! Midoriya!” she continued to call, yet the boy still refused to stop.

“Deku…” Ochako shot her hands up to her mouth, realizing in horror that she had used the very nickname that was causing him so much pain. It hadn’t been intentional, but the boy wouldn’t stop hurting himself and she needed to think about something else she could use to call out to him. The word was past her lips before she could stop herself.

In even more of a shock to the girl, the boy stopped. He was painting heavily, and Ochako could hear the pain he held in each breath. Midoriya turned to her, tears still dripping from his eyes, her classmate didn’t seem to be angry, just incredibly hurt.

“I-I’m so sorry!” she stammered, almost in tears herself out of fear of causing the boy more pain. “I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I of all people should know what that name means to you…”

Her classmate just continued to stare at her for a few more seconds, continuing to paint heavily. Ochako could still see the pain in his eyes as she could only stare back at him, frozen in the spot where she stood at the fact that she had called him that name once again. Midoriya suddenly collapsed to his knees, hanging his head low as he gripped his pantlegs with his bloodied knuckles. Ochako watched as the boy began to let out quiet sobs, his whole body trembling as he finally unleased whatever he had been trying to hold up since they had first encountered his old classmates.

Ochako felt herself able to move again as she let her arms fall down to her sides, she watched her classmate with all kinds of guilt as he knelt there experiencing more pain than she could probably imagine. She had no idea what the best thing was to do in this situation, but she knew that she needed to do something and she needed to do it now. Trusting her instincts, she simply knelt down in front of her crying classmate, not doing anything too fast as she slowly wrapped her arms around his trembling body, allowing him to lean his head into her shoulder.

Surprising her, Midoriya relaxed. He didn’t raise his arms to reciprocate the hug, possibly because he didn’t want to bleed over her uniform, but he did move his head so it could rest comfortably on her shoulder. The two U.A. students simply stayed there for a time, not quite sure how much time was passing, but still conscious of what was going on around them. After a time, Midoriya seemed to finally calm down, moving his head off her shoulder as he leaned back, keeping his head pointing towards the ground.

“Are you ok?” Ochako asked her classmate. She knew that there was no actual way that he could possibly be one hundred percent ok, but she needed to know that he would at least not do whatever he had just done again.

Midoriya scrunched his fists tighter on his pantlegs, “I’m better now…” that was good enough for Ochako at the current moment. She turned her attention towards his hands, they weren’t as bad as she thought they would be, likely because the boy didn’t used his quirk when he was thrashing at the wall, however Ochako still felt the need to treat them right away.

“I’m going to get some stuff from Yaoyorozu to treat your hands, do you want to come with me? Or would you rather stay here?” she asked him.

Midoriya still didn’t look at her as he responded, “I’d rather stay out here. I would like as few people to see me like this as possible…” Ochako seemed to understand what the boy wanted, so she reassured him with a soft and understanding tone as she chose her next words carefully.

“I’ll try to be as vague as possible when I ask her for the stuff to treat you, and I’ll let those of us that were there for the encounter with the others know you want to keep things contained for now. Just know that we will want to ask you about this in the future.” Ochako saw the boy give her a small nod in understanding before she turned to walk out of the alley and back to her classmates.



Izuku had moved himself to a sitting position as he was now leaning back on the brick wall of the arcade building that he had been punching a few moments before. Running into Imari, who had been one of Bakugo’s main cronies back at Aldera, along with three of his other former classmates what not expected today. Seeing them all grouped up like that, hearing that name again, it was like he had been pulled back into the horrors of his days at Aldera which he had just recently managed to escape from.

It took everything Izuku had to not break down right there in front of his classmates. The voices were louder than they had ever been before as he heard insult after insult come from his former classmates. He probably owed a lot to his classmates who were present at the time, he could distinctly remember the comments of Kaminari, Uraraka and Yaoyorozu giving him small moments of alleviated pressure from the mantra as the conversation had continued. However, it could only delay the inevitable.

As soon as Imari and the others had left, Izuku had quickly forced his way outside and into the nearby alley, away from prying eyes. Felling the voices about to take him over, Izuku did the only thing he could think of. He started punching the wall repeatedly, focusing all of his energy into keeping up his barrage as the pain allowed him enough of a distraction from the voices to keep them under control so that he could push them back down.


Izuku recalled Uraraka calling him Deku for the second time. Unlike her previous shouts that could barely be registered as noise, that one word from her lips had somehow silenced the voices in an instant. He was still in pain as he looked back at her, but he didn’t feel any anger or resentment towards the girl like he did when Bakugo or his old classmates had said it to him. It was so confusing to Izuku, and that confusion led to him loosing his grip over his emotions which allowed his dam to finally burst.

So here he was now, having cried into a girl’s shoulder for who knows how long while the same girl had begun treating his injured hands. Uraraka was very precise and diligent with her treatment, likely trying to follow Yaoyorozu’s advice for how to treat his injuries since Izuku didn’t want any of his other classmates seeing him right now.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked him. Deep down he really did, but his natural tendencies got the better of him once again and were doing everything to keep him from moving his lips. Taking his silence as uncertainty, Uraraka continued trying to get him to talk.

“I know it must be painful for you Midoriya, but I really just want to help you. What those guys were saying… it was really bothering me. They said you were quirkless… but you are so strong… please Midoriya. I just want to understand…” The fact that the girl was clearly distressed seemed to be enough for Izuku to overcome his natural tendencies and find his words once more.

“You right, it is a painful topic for me…” he began as he tried to force the words out of his mouth. “I was diagnosed as quirkless when I was four, my quirk didn’t manifest until much later. Doctor said that I’m just one of the rare anomalies that didn’t manifest a quirk until later in life.”

“But I still don’t understand,” continued Uraraka, obviously shocked that the boy had grown up for a part of his life thinking he was quirkless when he really wasn’t. “how could your middle school friends still think your quirkless if your quirk eventually manifested?”

“That’s because it didn’t…” Izuku replied. “not until after I graduated middle school.”

Now the entire girl’s face froze with complete shock, her classmate had gone through almost his entire life believing he was quirkless?! She didn’t know any quirkless people herself, as the younger generations were nearly void of them, but she heard stories about how bad they were treated by certain elements of society. If today’s encounter was any indication, it was painfully obvious that Izuku was a part of that category.

“S-so you went you that kind of treatment on a daily basis?!” Izuku’s slight nod told her everything she needed to know. Having finished wrapping one of his hands, Uraraka dropped the medical tape she was holding and moved her hands to cover her mouth as she felt tears begin to well up in her eyes.

“How did you-” she began.

“I always had my mother,” Izuku replied as he cut her off. “I would just remember her caring and gentle smile. Because no matter what, she always believed in me. There were times where I was unsure of it, but recently I found out that deep down she never thought negative of me, she was just sometimes not the best with words.”

Uraraka just stared at her classmate in awe as he revealed just how much he had gone through to get where he is now. It was unbelievable, he only had his quirk for a few months, and he was already this strong?! It somewhat made her feel inadequate, but then she realized that he probably went through so much growing up that she would defiantly have taken her circumstances over his. She wasn’t sure if she could have survived what he did.

After recovering from the shock of the revelation, the brunette slowly went back to wrapping Izuku’s other hand like she did the first. Nothing was really said for a while, both parties were just content with sitting or in her case kneeling in the comfortable silence. It was eventually broken when more questions started to pour out of the girl’s mouth.

“Does she know?”

Izuku looked down in shame, of course she would ask that. It would be only logical for him to confide in the one person that didn’t treat him like absolute garbage like the rest of society did. However, the girl didn’t know about his family situation or about his complicated relationship with Bakugo. She also didn’t know about the things that lay hidden beneath his shirt.

“No, she doesn’t,” replied Izuku, he didn’t miss the look of slight confusion mixed with a bit of irritation from the girl. “I understand that you’re probably confused, but my life is more screwed up than you might think.”

Now Uraraka looked at him with even more uncertainty, being somewhat off put by the fact that the boy couldn’t even seem tell his own mother about what was happening to him. It only created more questions she needed answers for.

“Does someone know at least?” she asked, sounding like she was begging him to at least give her the name of one person that knew what he was going through.

For the first time since their conversation started, Izuku looked back at his classmate, “Yeah, Recovery Girl knows, so does a few of the other teachers, though I don’t know exactly which ones. I’m assuming Principle Nezu knows as well.”

“Is this what you are talking with Hound Dog about?”

“It’s related to it, although I haven’t actually told him about it directly yet. He likely knows already anyway.” Izuku could tell that Uraraka really didn’t like that answer, but it was as far as he could go without being forced to reveal the more ‘colorful’ details about himself.

She had finished wrapping his second hand, placing the medical tape to the side as she wrapped it within her own. Izuku watched in silence as the girl proceeded to gently draw lines across his fresh bandages. Uraraka didn’t do a perfect job. But it was still pretty good for her first time.

“I can’t force you to tell me everything that is going on, but you need to find someone that you can tell the full story to,” she began. “I don’t care if it’s me, Hound Dog, your mother or any other person at U.A. If you would rather tell it in bits, I would be willing to listen, I’m sure any of them would too. You need to let someone in…

“I know…” Izuku replied. “But if I let the truth out, there will be people I care about that will be hurt by it.” He got up to dust himself off, taking one last big breath before preparing to walk out of the alley.

“Thank you for what you did Uraraka. I’m sorry to worry you with this, and I know I’m asking a lot of you by withholding the exact details, but I promise that I will tell you everything at some point.”

Izuku turned around and began to walk away, trying to hold onto a small sense of normality by focusing on his preparations for the Sports Festival. He knew he was going to have to do a lot of reflection about these recent events before he went to bed tonight but continuing to think about it right now probably wasn’t the best idea. That being said, his classmate still had one question that needed to be answered.

“Does Bakugo have any involvement with this?” asked Uraraka.

She watched as he stopped moving but did not look back, seeming to be debating whether to answer the question or not, but he eventually just kept walking away from her without saying a word. When he turned the corner, she finally began to walk out of the alley as well, bumping into the rest of her 1-A classmates who hand previously been in the arcade.

“Is he ok?” asked Yaoyorozu with a slight look of concern.

“He’ll be fine for now,” replied Ochako.

“What exactly happened to him?” asked a worried Ashido. Ochako didn’t miss the looks of apprehension that were on most of her classmates faces.

“I promised not to say everything, as he wants some time to figure things out first. However what I can tell you is probably most likely similar to what we have all been thinking…”

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up the next day a bit earlier than usual, still having about two hours before he had to be at U.A. to report in for the sports festival. He sat up in his bed rather slowly, feeling the rough edges of his bandaged fingers as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. The unfamiliar contact on his skin drew his focus back to his hands as they rested themselves on his lap. Looking at them reminded Izuku of yesterday’s encounter with Imari and his other former classmates at Aldera. A reminder that one’s past wasn’t so easily left behind.

Izuku was slammed into the wall inside one of his school’s emergency exit stairwells before being held in place by Imari and another of Bakugo’s cronies. The explosive blonde stood before him with another one of his ‘Hero Analysis for the Future’ notebooks as he shot Izuku an irritated look. It had been about two months since the sludge villain incident and this was both the first and last time since then that Izuku would be caught by his classmates with one in his possession.

“I thought I had gotten this through your head,” Bakugo started. “but it seems that I’ve got to remind you of your place again, you damn nerd!” He brought his hands together with the notebook in between and charred it just like had done the other one, before throwing it back at Izuku’s feet.

“I’ll say it again, you’re just a useless Deku! You have no quirk and you never will. You will never be a hero! So stop it with all of this wannabe business and just fall in line with all of the other extras,” the blonde continued as he moved closer to Izuku for the intimidation effect. Izuku however didn’t appear to even be fazed by the boy’s actions. Instead just holding the boy’s gaze with a blank expression.

After several moments of silence, Bakugo relented with his usual annoyed huff before turning around and walking out of the staircase. The other two boys released Izuku, who then proceeded to bend down to grab his notebook. To the greenette’s shock, Imari kicked the notebook away before following up with another kick to Izuku’s chest, leaving Izuku gasping for breath as he clutched his midsection.

“You realized that Bakugo isn’t the only person your pissing off with all this hero nonsense, right?” commented Imari. “How do you think those like us with quirks feel about someone like you saying he wants to be a hero? Please, a quirkless kid pretending he can be one? Makes me think that they believe they’re better than those of us who do have quirks that aren’t as flashy as Bakugo’s!”

Izuku tried standing up but was denied when Imari kicked his legs out from under him and caused him to fall on his side. He then could do nothing but try to curl up into a ball as the two boys proceeded to launch kick after kick into his midsection and back as Imari continued to berate him.

“You are… just a… worthless Deku! You… belong to… the lowest… of the low. So… stop trying to… claw you way out… to our level!” Imari continued to rant has Izuku received his beating.

Izuku pulled himself out of the memory as he tried to calm his already increasing heartrate and shallow breathing. Reminding himself of those days was not the kind of mindset he needed for the sports festival. He got up from his bed and went to go take a hot shower in hopes of calming his nerves. It seemed to help some, but there was still a bit of a lingering feeling. He quickly cleaned himself before drying off and throwing on his uniform, not once looking towards his bathroom mirror before he was fully clothed. He couldn’t be reminded anymore about his middle school days.

“Izuku? Are you already up?” called his mother.

“Uh… yeah,” replied the boy. “Sorry to worry you, just a bit jittery. Let me wash up and I’ll be out in a second.”

“It’s fine dear, don’t push yourself. I’ll start working on breakfast.”

Izuku let out the breath he was holding in, turning back towards the bathroom as he finally allowed himself to look in the mirror to brush his teeth and wash his face. He spent a few more minutes thinking to himself and letting his mind wander during his morning routine. He thought about the USJ, and how more people were going to be watching the 1st years to see the ‘famous class 1-A’ in action because of it. He recalled All Might’s words of encouragement as they were working together a few days ago during his training.

“This will be your first chance to truly show the world what you can do, an opportunity to stand proud amongst your peers and declare I AM HERE!”

‘It’s not just about establishing my position as a future hero…’ thought Izuku. ‘I also will be revealing to my former classmates and teachers that I have a quirk now. If yesterday’s encounter taught me anything, it’s that there will be some people who won’t take kindly to it. I have to display a level of strength to them, high enough to prove that they can at least digest that I go to the same school as Bakugo…’

Izuku leaned on the sink as drew in another deep breath, holding his gaze with his reflection for a long moment. He was not the same boy that he was a year ago. He had gone through more than one hell to be where he was, the first being his training to receive his quirk, the other being the USJ. He looked fear and terror in the face as he did what he could to protect his classmates, something that he would have to do once more when he stepped into the arena today. Izuku wasn’t someone that liked being the center of attention, and he was defiantly going to draw eyes when his former classmates watched the sports festival today.

“Izuku, breakfast is ready,” called his mother.

Izuku shook himself out of his serious gaze and went to go have his breakfast. He greeted his mom with a friendly ‘good morning’ before diving into his meal. The Midoriya matriarch smiled at her son before sitting down across from him to follow suit. They didn’t exchange many words as they ate their meal, opting to enjoy the comfortable silence for a while longer. When they finished, Izuku watched as his mother took the dishes towards the sink before walking back to her son. She now sat in the chair adjacent to his while resting her hand atop his own that remained on the table.

“You want to tell me what’s got you so riled up?” she asked her son.

Izuku didn’t look back at her, instead casting his head down to their hands and he tried to find the right thing to say. “Everyone going to see me during the festival…”

Inko quickly moved her hands to gently wrap around her son’s head and shoulders, while she hardly knew any of the details surrounding his circumstances, she could tell there were many things he was hiding from her about what went on with him outside their house. She never pried, fearing that her continued questioning would only make things worse if she did, but she also had her misgivings that her son was dealing with things that needed her input. She could only hope that the status quo of her comforting him when he was obviously upset was enough.

Having pulled her son’s head over to her shoulders, Inko closed her eyes as she comforted him with a soothing rub of her hand on his back. “You’re going to do great. I’ve been waiting eagerly to watch my wonderful boy complete against so many amazing people on national television. Just remember that no matter what happens, I will always be proud of you, Izuku.”

Izuku closed his eyes to stop himself from crying, wrapping his arms around his mother’s midsection. He remained like that in silence as his mother hummed a soothing tune into his ear as she rocked slightly back and forth in her chair. Izuku allowed a bright smile to slowly spread across his lips as he allowed his mother’s antics to wipe away all of his depressing thoughts.

“Thanks, Mom. I needed that,” he replied.

“I will always be here to comfort you Izuku. I know there are things you won’t tell me, but I will be ready when you do. I’m recording the whole sports festival so we can re-watch it together when you get back.” Izuku tightened his grip around the woman, letting her warmth and happiness flow into him as he prepared to head off to U.A.

“I love you, mom.”

“I love you too, Izuku.”



In a very traditional Japanese style house in the Shizuoka Prefecture, a certain heterochromatic teen was also starting to make his way to U.A. in preparation for the sports festival. He wore a gaze of ice on his stern face as he fixed the folds of his uniform and then slipped on his shoes.

“Shoto,” came the voice of his older sister Fuyumi. “did he tell you that he was going to be attending the festival?” Shoto didn’t look back at her as he blinked a few times before answering.

“Not directly, but I suspected nonetheless based on how he has been acting lately.” Fuyumi could only look away as an awkward silence rose between the two Todoroki siblings.

It was no surprise to either of them that the man in question was going to be attending. Shoto had always been the object of the man’s ambitions since his quirk came in more than a decade ago. While this saved Fuyumi and her other siblings from having to deal with him very much after that, she still felt guilty to this day that they had basically abandoned Shoto. She could only hope that by continuing to live in their family home when the others moved out, so that she could keep an eye on him, was enough to make up for it.

“She will likely be watching too you know…” continued the young woman as she saw her brother stiffen at her words.

“I’ll see you when I get back, sis,” replied Shoto as he opened the door and began walking out of their family’s home. He continued to hold his stoic facial expression as he made his way down to the station.

“You have a duty Shoto. I made you so that you could become the perfect hero! One that will shatter the legacy of All Might and become the greatest hero the world has ever seen!”

“Enji! He’s only five years old! You can’t push him this hard! You’re going to end up causing lasting damage!”

“I don’t wanna be like him mama! I don’t want to hurt you and Toya like he does!”

Shoto pulled himself out of his fast-moving memory flashes and tightened his fists into balls while gritting his teeth angrily. If that man was going to watch him than so be it. He would spite him like he always has by refusing to use his fire, it would also make it that much easier for her to watch. He would have to thank Fuyumi later for letting him know that she would be watching.

‘I haven’t even seen her since she did that to me. How long has it been? Eight years? Nine?’ thought Shoto as he slowly moved his hand to the scar over his left eye. It was a constant reminder to him of that man’s ambitions, showing just how far he was willing to go on his ‘crusade’ that he had traveled since before Shoto or any of his siblings were born.



When Ochako walked into the waiting room after changing into her school P.E uniform like the rest of her classmates, she quickly did a scan of the room to find Midoriya. After what had happened to him yesterday, the last thing she wanted was to find him still recovering. Thankfully he appeared to be acting normal.

‘Well that’s a relief I guess, but it doesn’t change the fact that it still happened,’ she thought to herself. Her classmate’s actions from the previous day after their encounter with those other boys had left a bad taste in her mouth.

While she had kept her promise to Midoriya that she wouldn’t give the others the full details of their interaction together, she still had quite the conversation with many of her other classmates. The most vocal of the students during the discussion were obviously herself, Kaminari, Ashido and Yaoyorozu, but Jiro and Iida also had quite a bit to say on the subject as well. The results were a lot more questions than they had answers to, and all they could do was agree they needed to keep an eye on their classmate moving forward.

Ochako’s eyes shifted toward Bakugo who was leaning back on the lockers at the far side of the room. The explosive blonde was glaring daggers as the rest of class 1-A, obviously spending quite a bit of time looking in Midoriya’s direction compared to the others.

‘I might not have any concrete evidence, but the way Midoriya acted yesterday, with that same horrible nickname being used by those bullies. I just know that Bakugo had some involvement in this. They wouldn’t act the way they do if it wasn’t true,’ she thought. While she had to trust that Midoriya was doing what was necessary for his own health, Ochako didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with trying to look out for her friend’s own well-being. They had been classmates and had gone through enough for her to justify that.

She was distracted when Todoroki’s sudden calm yet deep voice sliced through the silent air that had settled around the students of class 1-A for the past ten minutes while they had prepared to walk out into the stadium.

“Midoriya.” Izuku turned his head towards the stoic faced student with a slightly confused expression. Todoroki’s sudden outburst caught the attention of more than his intended audience as now nearly all of the 1-A students were now looking at the standoff between the two male students.

“Looking at things objectively, I’m probably stronger than you,” continued the heterochromatic. “However, you displayed considerable power and tenacity when we were fighting the villains during the USJ incident. Either way, know that I’m going to beat you.”

“Holy levels of manly! Did we just witness a declaration of war between two of the strongest students in out class?” asked Kirishima.

“Shut your mouth Hair-for-brains!” yelled Bakugo. “Icy-hot got his brain on too much ice if he thinks Deku over there is a threat! I’m the one that’s going to beat all of you weak extras today!”

“Like you beat all of those villains at the USJ?” asked Jiro with a mocking tone.

“Shut up Ears! Say that again and I’ll set off an explosion right next to your head!”

“Todoroki…” came the voice of Izuku, seeming to immediately silence the small shouts and murmurs of his classmates. “May I ask why you have chosen to single me out of everyone here?” He returned the boy’s cold gaze with one of his own, not even showing and ounce of being intimidated by the slightly taller boy.

The two stood across from each other for several more moments that seemed to pass slower and slower as time went on. Finally the taller boy broke the gridlock as he turned to give Izuku the cold shoulder.

“I have my reasons, I just wanted you to know my intentions,” he replied.

“… You’re right Todoroki,” interjected Izuku, causing many of his classmates to raise their eyebrows while also drawing the dual-haired boy’s attention back to him. “You probably are stronger than me, but today isn’t about raw strength is it? Everyone will be giving it their all today, our classmates, class 1-B, the other non-heroics course students, all of us have something we want to prove. Like them I will be giving it my all today, whatever that means for who I defeat and who defeats me is yet to be seen.”

Before anyone could say another word, Iida came running into the room doing his typical robotic chopping motions as he attempted to bring the class to order.

“Everyone! They have given us the order to proceed to the stadium! Yaoyorozu, please join me at the front of the class so us representatives of 1-A may lead our fellow students to the entrance!” exclaimed the boy.

With a small nod, the 1-A class rep moved towards the front of the room and joined her blue-haired classmate at the entrance. With a quick nod of her head to her classmates, class 1-A proceeded to walk towards the stadium entrance. The following moments were filled with an eerie silence as the class only heard the pattering of their footsteps echoing across the hallway walls as the cheers of spectators grew ever closer and louder.

“HEY! HEY! HEY! WHAT’S UP SPORTS FANS?!” Called the booming voice of Present Mic from the commentary box up somewhere in the stands. The sudden screeching from the pro seemed to vibrate the thick metal door in front of them as 1-A waited to walk out onto the field. Even from their place behind the closed metal doors within the stands, they could hear the wild cheers in response to the pro’s question.

“ARE YOU ALL EXCITED FOR THIS?!” continued President Mic. Even more cheers continued to vibrate the large doorway in front of the students.


“Let them all know young Midoriya, tell them proudly ‘I AM HERE!’”

Izuku gulped, feeling a cold sweat on the back of his neck while both nervousness and bits of excitement ran through him. ‘This is it. No more hiding. Nor more running away from the spotlight. I have to take a stand.’

Even more cheering sounded from behind the metal doors, with the sounds of pneumatic systems beginning to hum to life as they prepared to be opened.


The doors hummed to life and separated in the middle as one began to retract into the ceiling while the other descended into the floor. Seemingly automatic, the group started to make their way into the center of the stadium. Izuku felt heat rising to his face with more cold drips of sweat forming on his forehead, while he felt his throat tightening at the back of his mouth and had the sudden urge vomit, but he held it back. The sun glared into his pupils and he had to shield his eyes initially, but once they adjusted, he looked around to see what must have been easily over a hundred-thousand people eyeing his class.

“Holy cow that’s a lot of people!” yelled Kaminari.

“Now I shall be able to display such a mesmerizing sparkle,” said Aoyama.

The 1-A students continued to gawk at the loud cheering and rambunctious crowd while Present Mic continued his introductions of the first-year classes.


Many of the 1-A students could feel the difference in tone between the pro’s welcoming announcement for them compared to that of their peers in 1-B. They also noticed the reduction in volume between the cheers they received and those that were being given off now.

“Do they have to make it so obvious?” asked Yaoyorozu rhetorically as she spoke with a sense of dread while lowering her forehead to her hand.

Izuku could just hum his agreement along with the most of his classmates to the raven-haired girl. He shifted his eyes towards the approaching 1-B students, catching more than a few irritated glares being shot at them from the approaching students.


Izuku turned to his other side now to catch sight of the other students approaching. He almost immediately found the gaze of a certain purple haired boy with large bags under his eyes looking in his direction.

“WITH SUPPORT CLASSES F, G AND H AND FINALLY, BUSINESS CLASSES I, J AND K!” As the final cheers from the spectators died out, the assembled first years watched as a very familiar pro took the stage.

“It’s time for our ceremonial student pledge!” exclaimed Midnight as she thrusted her flogger style whip to the side with a loud crack.

“Is that really the R-rated hero?!” yelled one of the spectators.

“Jesus, look at her costume!” exclaimed one of the general studies students.

“Is having her act as the official really appropriate for first years? She has 18+ in her name for god sake!” shouted another.

“SILENCE!” commanded Midnight as she cracked her whip to her side once more, immediately silencing students and spectators alike with the dark aura she was emitting from her body. “Our first-year representative is Katsuki Bakugo!”

“SERIOUSLY?!” came the cries of more than a few 1-A students which surprised Izuku, also raising more than a few eyebrows from the surrounding classes.

“Bakugo is our rep?” asked Ashido rhetorically.

“Well he did finish first on the entrance exam,” replied Sero. “That’s got to count for something right?”

“I wanted it to be Midoriya,” continued Kirishima, causing Izuku to be even more flabbergasted. “He seemed like the right one to give an inspirational speech after what happened in front of our class a few days ago.”

“I’m with you there,” added Kaminari.

Izuku could almost see the veins popping on Bakugo’s head. The explosive blonde shot him the most menacing look he could muster as he walked through the 1-A students towards the stage. Izuku relented, realizing that the comments will likely be forgotten quickly with the festival only just beginning. The last thing he need was more reasons for Bakugo to hate his guts, not that it would probably matter anyway.

Bakugo moved to the center of the stage, casting his death glare across the rows of assembled students until he settled for looking directly at Izuku. “I’m just going to say…” Izuku held the blonde’s gaze as Bakugo narrowed his eyes at him. “I pledge to win.”

The chorus of boos erupted mostly from the students as well as some spectators even before Bakugo made his way off the stage. Izuku could only roll his eyes as he mentally said to himself, ‘Why am I not surprised?’

“You jackass!” yelled one of the General Studies students.

“Stop acting like you better than us!” shouted another.

“Bakugo! Why must you be so disrespectful?!” inquired Iida. “You are supposed to be representing us all!”

“Stop making us look bad!” added Kaminari. “You did the same thing two weeks ago in front of our classroom!”

“Not my faut you are just steppingstones for the real hero here,” said the blonde as he brushed off their comments. He attempted to barge his way past his classmates to assume is place in file but froze at Izuku’s next words.

“That’s rich coming from you. Last time I checked, you lost to me during the battle training, nor were you even at the USJ. What makes you think were the ones who are the steppingstones here?”

Izuku didn’t really know why he just said that, in fact he didn’t even have time to consider if he should say them since the words just found their way out of his mouth. However, the look of surprise that appeared on Bakugo’s face for that fraction of a second after he finished his statement was more than enough. The blonde’s face turned back to anger and was about to scream, but he was interrupted by Midnight.

“Alright then, after that…. rather interesting speech,” continued the pro, seemingly caught off-guard. “It’s about time we moved on! Let’s get started!”

Izuku took in a calming breath as he heard Bakugo move back to his place amongst the class, relieved that he wasn’t going to have to hear another loud rant from the boy. He still didn’t know why he said what he did, but he didn’t miss the utter shock on some of his classmates faces right before he had turned back towards Midnight

“This is where the fun shall begin! Let’s find out what the first-round event of this year’s sports festival will be!” The pro announced as a large screen appeared behind her, flashing dozens of options as the students and spectators waited for selection. “And our first event is….” The whole student body waited anxiously as the selector flipped pass option after option before eventually starting to slow.

“AN OBSTACLE RACE!” Midnight announced excitedly, turning to look as a variety of instructions appeared on screen. “This will be a full participation event, which means every class is taking part! You’ll all have to run four kilometers around the outside of the stadium. There are no restrictions on quirk usage, so your free to do whatever you want, as long as you don’t leave the course or attempt to cause fatal injury to another competitor. Please being to move to the starting location!”



In a rundown bar that continued to act as a place for his operations, Tomura Shigaraki tapped his fingers in irritation. “Why do I have to watch this stupid festival Sensei? I don’t want to see a bunch of aspiring hero losers! Plus those kids from the other day will be there! I’m going to get so angry if I have to look at them for more than a second!”

“Patience Tomura, while I know this might upset you, it is for the best. Watching the U.A. Sports Festival will give you a good idea of the capabilities of your future opponents. Plus, you may just find those who could be recruited to your side in the future. The young mind is such a curious thing, give it enough of a push in the right direction, and even the most devout followers can be compelled into the darkness,” replied the voice from the screen.

“Very wise words Master,” replied Kurogiri. “You are an inspiration to us all.”

Tomura took a minute to think about Sensei’s words before a massive grin began to appear on his face. “I never thought of recruiting those pesky kids before! They certainly have some weight behind their punches after what I saw during our attack as the USJ. I’ll need to keep track of the ones that pique my interest!” he continued.

“Master are you going to be watching anyone in particular?” asked Kurogiri.

“We shall see Kurogiri…” replied the voice in a cryptic manner. All three pairs of eyes turned towards the broadcasting television as a boy with green hair was being shown in the frame. They heard the announcing voice of the pro hero Midnight giving her countdown as the frame turned to a shot of the entire class of first years preparing to begin their race.

“We shall see…”

Chapter Text

“START!” exclaimed Midnight as she cracked her whip once again. What could only be described as complete chaos followed her statement. Izuku fired up his quirk and prepared to propel himself ahead of his peers only to get a shove and then a sudden explosion right in front of his face, causing him to become disoriented with ringing ears and temporary blindness.

‘Yeah, guess that’s my punishments for that jab earlier. Nice job punching the hornet’s nest Izuku!’ he screamed to himself as he crouched down to place one of his hands on the ground to further balance himself and avoid being trampled by the other students running around him.


Izuku easily picked out the annoyed and tired gruff of Aizawa coming from the speakers, “Why did I let you drag me into this again?”


Izuku tuned out their commentary as he tried to get his bearings back in order after suffering from the blast. He was already starting to get his vision back and could also hear the faint sounds of his snapping fingers next to his ear.

‘Well it’s good for now, the rest will come back soon enough,’ he thought to himself. Once again, Izuku fired up his quirk and took off to catch up with the leaders. He was near the back of the pack but was quickly gaining on a massive group of students as he approached the tunnel that led to the outside of the stadium.


“A small choke point with a large chaotic crowd trying to rush through it, the wise ones will use their advantages to bypass being caught in the traffic jam,” continued Aizawa.

Izuku smirked as he approached the tunnel entrance that was already clogged with large groups of students trying to shove their way through. ‘Time for me to reveal my first secret that I’ve been working on these past few days!’ he thought. As he was about to run into the crowd, Izuku used his maximum controllable power in his legs to launch himself above them toward the left wall of the tunnel.


“Of course not,” Aizawa shot back. “He’s just using the power from his jumps to keep his momentum moving forward before he leaps to the opposite wall. It requires precise timing along with powerful leg strength that he has because of his quirk.” Izuku wouldn’t know but the man was giving him a small nod of respect for his actions.

Multiple heads both outside and inside the tunnel jerked up to see the green-haired boy leaping from one side of the wall to the other as a faint glow of green lightning arced across his body. Their eyes continued to widen in surprise as the boy seemed to effortlessly leap from one side of the tunnel to the other as he rushed past hundreds of competitors stuck in the mob below him within the tunnel.

‘Got to thank Cementoss later for helping me out,’ thought Izuku. ‘He was so helpful in creating environments to practice this during my personal training time. I know the tunnel entrance is always an issue for people when an obstacle course is one of the events, I’ve seen that plenty of times from my old Sports Festival recordings, so being able to do this was a big help.’

“Hey! We can’t get out!” yelled a student ahead of Izuku. The boy turned to see a giant iceberg wrapping around the tunnel’s exit with a majority of the students still stuck behind it. From the small opening at the top of the tunnel, Izuku could see Todoroki running at the head of the pack while most of Izuku’s 1-A counterparts seeming to have also made it through the heterochromatic’s ice trap along with some kids from 1-B.

‘Trying to stall the competition are we Todoroki? Well as much as I want to win, I don’t think it’s fair to add this much of a hindrance.’

“Coming through!” shouted Izuku as he adjusted his angle off the tunnel wall and dove right for the iceberg at the exit. He pulled his fist back and powered up as far as he could go, seeing that the students closest to the obstruction had wised up and were trying to back away. Not more than one second later, Izuku smashed a large enough hole in the ice to remove the obstruction.

“You’re welcome,” he said as he quickly looked back to the assembled students behind him, unable to register their mixed looks of shock, awe, and respect.

“WELL IT LOOKS LIKE OUT LEADERS HAVE FINALLY MADE IT TO THE FIRST REAL OBSTACLE OF THIS COURSE!” exclaimed Present Mic over the speakers. Izuku felt the ground rumbling as he turned to look ahead of him and widened his eyes as he saw more than ten zero-point robots from the entrance exam in the path of the leaders.


‘Well this should be interesting,’ thought Izuku as he continued to sprint down the field with his quirk activated. He could tell he was gaining on them, but he wasn’t sure if that was because he was faster or because they had to slow down due to the obstacle. He watched another giant glacier-sized iceberg was thrown into the assembled zero-pointers before hearing cries of panic as over half of them seemed to fall down withing a few seconds.

‘I hope nobody got badly hurt…’


Izuku pushed on as he neared the chaos of the first obstacle, eyeing many of his classmates smashing the robots to pieces while others tried to just make a break for it and bypass the robots altogether. It was clear to him now that there weren’t just zero-pointers, but also one, two and three pointers mixed in. As much as he wanted to bash some robots like he did that iceberg a few moments back, his logical side pushed him to just find a way with minimal engagement.

Finding a bit of a compromise, Izuku decided to just take the shortest path through the chaos and destroy any robots that got in his way. Now he could waste the least amount of time while still showing off his quirk, which was the whole point of the festival anyway. He ducked and weaved his way through robots and students alike as he progressed farther and farther through the course, destroying a robot or two here and there when they crossed paths with them in the open.

“Wahh!” came a soft cry from Izuku’s right as the boy turned to see a short blonde-haired girl with, hooves, horns and a tail matching the color of her hair. She appeared to have left her back exposed to a three-pointer robot while she had been working on finishing off two other robots that appeared to have copies of her horns embedded into them.

Izuku immediately pivoted and tackled the girl out of the way of the blast set to hit her, tumbling a few meters away from the robot before jumping back to his feet. He turned to see Kaminari jump onto the three-pointer and send out a large electrical discharge that seemed to neutralize the threat. Relaxing his posture, Izuku turned to the girl to offer a hand of support in helping her back on her feet.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I thank you sir,” replied the girl a bit choppy with her words that caused Izuku to raise an eyebrow for a minute. He shook it off as stress of the situation and gave the girl a smile while she grabbed his outstretched hand.

“No problem, good luck out there!” Izuku continued as he fired up his quirk and took off running once again to catch up with the leaders. He had cleared the first obstacle but there was still a large amount of distance to cover and he had not made much progress in closing the gap.

‘I have to stop getting distracted helping out my competitors, it’s only going to hinder my own performance at this rate…’ thought Izuku bitterly as he tried to force himself to stop getting sidetracked. Although deep down he knew that he would never be able to blatantly ignore someone in danger.


“Was that supposed to be a joke?” asked Aizawa.

The moment of silence that followed Aizawa’s question was the only answer Izuku needed for a pretty good guess at what the press box inhabitants looked like at that moment. As he continued to move towards the second obstacle, he saw Bakugo launch himself over the gap with his explosions while Todoroki simply used his ice to slide across the ropes that connected the sides to the various pillars erected between the gap. The other students quickly followed suit, although Izuku’s gaze was drawn to a crackling pink-haired girl with goggles and a bunch of other equipment.

‘What’s with all that stuff? Hero course students have to go through crazy amounts of paperwork to get even one piece of support equip- she’s from the support course…’ realized Izuku.

He watched as the girl activated some kind of grappling hook that shot to the other side of the canyon. Continuing to crackle in a way that was close to being unsettling to Izuku, the girl pressed a button on her belt that began to retract the cable connecting her equipment to the previously fired projectile. The result was the machine pulling her forward toward the other side while she used a jetpack to keep herself above ground level.

‘Well she’s very unorthodox, but surprisingly effective,’ thought Izuku. He shifted his eyes back to his own path, assessing his best course of action for clearing the second obstacle.

‘The center pillars are quite dispersed, but are they close enough for me to leap between given my boosted leg strength? Should I try to push myself a bit over my limit? It won’t break my legs, but I probably won’t be able to fully activate my quirk for the rest of this event. Is that worth the time I would save?’ he thought in rapid succession.

Taking a quick look around, Izuku realized that he would have to spend quite a bit of time on the obstacle if he used the ropes. There were too many competitors spread out amongst all of them, and he would get stuck between people if he picked the wrong path to travel.

‘Plus Ultra I guess…’

Izuku fired up in quirk to its maximum safe output, darting his eyes back and forth to find the path of constructs within the canyon that had the smallest gaps between them. After about thirty seconds, with the first jump fast approaching, he seemed to have decided the order he was going to take.

‘This path should be easy up until the last jump, it’s a bit farther than if I would have taken a different path, but I will only have to push my limit for one jump instead of tease it for multiple. I’ll just have to rely on my own power for the rest of the course.’

Finding his resolve, Izuku continued to run at full speed toward the closest construct, taking a big leap as he heard cries of protest from some of the surrounding students. As he reached the apex of his jump, he shifted himself so he would land with bent legs that would quickly be followed by his hands connecting with the ground. He had read enough articles online over the last two weeks, as well as tested some things out for himself during training, that stressed the importance of proper landing procedures when partaking in such a maneuver.

Reaching the first construct, Izuku impacted the top first with his feet that were quickly followed by his hands, making him tumble forward into a somersault that allowed his to recover flawlessly and continue his momentum as he moved towards his next jump. Next to the right, then left, forward, right again, left, forward, right…


“That’s none of my doing, while the delivery is pretty good, his moments are still pretty stiff and unrefined. My guess is he prepared to get such things ready for the festival. He still needs a lot of work, but it’s a decent start.”

‘Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence, Sensei,’ thought Izuku sarcastically.

Izuku shifted to his left one last time as he prepared to make his final jump across the canyon, his eyes widened when he took another look at the distance he had to cover. ‘Crap, its farther than I thought! I must have miscalculated the distance when I saw it earlier, but I can’t stop or else I’m going to lose momentum! What percent should I use? 12%? That might not get me there! 15%? I might pull something! Shit!’

The edge grew closer and Izuku began to panic as he needed to make a choice right now or else he risked falling. Realizing he needed to successfully make the jump if he wanted a chance to move to the next round, he waited until the last moment to pump 15% of One For All into his legs and kick off the edge of the last construct. To his relief, it didn’t feel like he pulled anything, but he could clearly feel his legs starting to burn in pain.

‘Looks like I’m done using my quirk for a while. Hopefully I’ll be ok by the start of the next event.’ Izuku quickly turned off his quirk, letting himself fall towards the edge of the canyon as he did. He hit the ground a few meters past the edge with a loud thud, twisting his body to roll forward. Taking a moment to gasp for air, he slowly pushed himself back to his feet, which were a bit shaky but still seemed to support his weight.

“Uhh… that went well…” he said to himself.

He turned to see that he had almost caught up to the leaders, only counting about twenty or so people running ahead of him toward the last obstacle of the course. Hoping the adrenaline in his system would help him ignore the pain for a while, Izuku took off at a brisk pace to give pursuit. Oddly enough, he seemed to be gaining on the others quite quickly. However, he realized why when he was able to make out what the last obstacle was.


Izuku grit his teeth at the explanation, even if he didn’t make a mistake, the only way he was going to catch up was if the others made one. He tried thinking of other options, but he was limited in how he could use his quirk since going overboard in the last obstacle. Bakugo and Todoroki were already nearly halfway done with the obstacle. He would need them to make a mistake and get blown way back if he wanted to be them.

“The mines might not pack enough of a punch to seriously hurt you, but they will send you rocketing backwards if you make a mistake.”

Izuku smirked as he just thought of a really bad idea.

For the students currently trying to navigate the minefield, the last thing they wanted to hear was the sound of an explosion. Every time one was heard, they would tense up thinking that they were about to be thrown backwards. If nothing happened, they would immediately look around to find the person that was. So when a blast far larger than any they had heard before echoed in their ears, everyone froze and turned to the direction of the noise. What they did not expect was to see Izuku Midoriya launched towards them instead of backwards.


“If you were actually paying attention, you would have seen that he collected a fair amount of them from the ground, set them all in one area, and then jumped on them at an angle that forced him forwards instead of backwards like they are intended to. He used the fact that they don’t cause any serious injury to his advantage. What a problem child.”

For Bakugo and Todoroki, the two boys watched in shock as Izuku rocketed over them into first place. Both immediately stopped their petty fighting that they had been doing with each other and focused on retaking the lead. Bakugo threw caution to the wind and used his explosions in order to get airborne and give chase, while Todoroki froze a path for himself to cut through the remaining mines without worrying about setting them off.

“Deku! Get back here!” shouted the explosive blonde as he started to gain on the greenette followed closely by Todoroki. Izuku realized that he was slowing down faster than he had anticipated and was going to likely loose first place along with not being able to clear the minefield.

‘I wanted to hide this until later, but the chance to take first place is just too good to pass up. Plus I need to clear the minefield or else I’m going to probably end up back where I started,’ thought Izuku. He slowly approached the ground with every passing second, watching as his two classmates gained on him as precious seconds ticked away from him.

‘Got to time this just right, if they detect something coming then they will easily be able to dodge. I’ll have to hit them both right as I’m about to hit the ground and they are about to pass me.’ He prepared to fire up his quirk once more, spreading it mostly in his upper body this time to avoid the risk of hurting his legs. He didn’t need to use much, only about five percent, but he needed to be precise.

The moment came second later as Izuku’s head lowered past the height of each of the boy’s shoulders as they were about three feet behind him. Sensing his chance, Izuku activated his quirk and moved his hands right in front of each boy’s midsection, earing surprised expressions from both Bakugo and Todoroki.

“Surprise!” shouted Izuku with a smirk, shifting his fingers into flicking motions as he did so. Imagining he was flicking a small bug off a desk, Izuku flicked the air right in front of each boy’s midsection. The resulting action created a powerful force of wind that blasted the two boys away from Izuku and pushed him far enough outside of the minefield.

Summersaulting onto his feet, Izuku took off in a full sprint as he tried to put as much distance between him and his classmates as possible before they got back up. His legs were yelling at him in protest, but he pushed through it, remembering that he experienced worse during his training to receive One For All. Before long he could hear the sounds of crackling ice and explosions getting closer and closer, but he could also see the entrance to the stadium and the finish line only a few hundred meters away.


Izuku closed his eyes as he put everything he had into running as fast as he could for the last few meters.


Izuku shot his eyes open as he heard he name called. He skidded to a stop taking rapid breaths and wincing from the pain of his protesting legs. He fell to his knees and put his hands on his thighs taking in a few deep breaths before lifting his head to the roaring crowd around him. He heard cheering, yells of approval and even some shouting out his name as he swiveled his head to look at every area of the stadium. It took a while before the reality set in.

‘I won…’

He felt a sense of joy spread through his body as he thought of his mother watching him kneel there in victory. Finding a bit of courage, Izuku lifted his head which a bright smile and closed his eyes while he lifted the closed fist of his left hand above his head in triumph, earning another roar of cheers from the crowd.



In the cafeteria of their high school, a group of four boys watched the screens broadcasting the U.A. Sports Festival with eyes that were nearly popping out of their skulls in shock. All they could do was stand there with gaping expressions as the excited cheers of their fellow classmates resonated through the school building, responding to the image of Izuku Midoriya kneeling on the ground of the stadium in triumph.

“That Midoriya is awesome!” said a girl to their left.

“Do you think he’s single?” asked another.

“Man, that’s one impressive quirk,” replied a boy behind them.

“He’s going to make a great hero,” commented another to their right.

The boys had still not made any movement as the cheers and comments continued to pour out of the mouths of their classmates. Many of them began to twitch a bit in fear as they began to come to terms with what they were seeing, all but their leader who still had not moved an inch since the first moments of the obstacle race.

“H-hey Imari, w-what gives?” asked one of them. “I-I thought Midoriya was quirkless…”

Imari still didn’t make any movement from where he was. This had to be some sort of trick or dream, there was no way what he just saw was actually the truth. Midoriya had a quirk, and not just any quirk. He was stronger, faster, heroic even. Not only that, but he beat Bakugo and it didn’t even look like he was trying! Izuku Midoriya, the kid who was just a weak scrawny kid that flinched at his own shadow in middle school, just won the first event in the U.A. Sports Festival.

Finally, the boy fell to his knees. He started to hyperventilate a bit as he recalled his run-in with the boy yesterday. Imari had berated him and spoke to Midoriya with that stupid nickname that Bakugo always called him. He did that, to a boy who probably could have snapped his neck in half if he had the stomach to do it. How was this happening? When did Midoriya get that quirk? He obviously had gotten it before he took the U.A entrance exam, but how long before? How many times had Imari piled on Bakugo’s bullying with that of his own while Midoriya had his quirk? Why didn’t he tell anyone he suddenly manifested one?

If reality had the ability to slap him in the face, it would have. However, Imari was smart enough to realize that telling anyone at Aldera about his newfound quirk was probably the last thing Midoriya would have ever done. Who would have believed him? Everyone including himself would have just brushed him of as trying to get attention or coming up with an excuse to stop the torment that he went through. But it would have all stopped when he actually showed off the quirk… right?

The guilt started to flood his body before he knew what was going on. Back in middle school, Imari would have been lying if he didn’t feel at least a little bad for Midoriya, but he was so afraid of Bakugo that he never voiced that unpopular opinion. Additionally, Imari was beginning to get so fed up with how the teachers seemed to allow Bakugo to get away with everything. There was clear favoritism to the kids with powerful quirks at Aldera, something Imari got angry about because his finger stretching quirk was seen as borderline useless.

‘I joined up with Bakugo and bullied Midoriya because I wanted to not be seen as worthless myself. I hated that I was looked down on my so many people because of something outside my control,’ thought Imari. ‘Midoriya was one of the few people who was lower on the totem pole than me…’ Imari froze when he came to a realization. ‘Midoriya didn’t ask to be quirkless, or I guess a late bloomer at this point… I tormented him because I didn’t want people to judge me because of something out of my control, but I did the exact thing to him…”

Imari looked back at the screen showing his former classmate kneeling on the ground in victory. What hurt him the most was that he remembered the times where Midoriya would show that same smile back when they were all just getting their quirks. He never judged a quirk as useless or weak like Bakugo did. He always got excited about any quirk, thinking of practical uses and praising how the right applications of the quirk could make a great hero.

‘What have I done…’ thought Imari.



“The first round is finally over!” Midnight announced. “Now, let’s take a look at those results!”

The hologram screen behind her lit up with a list of students who had made it into the second round. The board showed the students full name, class, as well as their respective place in the first event. Izuku was obviously number one, followed by Bakugo and then Todoroki. The rest of the forty-four spots consisted of all of class 1-A and 1-B along with a boy from 1-C, a girl from 1-D, a boy from 1-F and a girl from 1-H.

“How the hell did he make it in?” inquired Jiro out loud as she pointed to Mineta’s name in the final spot of the forty-four

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” replied the boy in question with a slightly terrifying smirk. Jiro stabbed both of his eyes with her earjacks as a sour expression appeared on her face, causing the boy to cry out in pain.

“If you didn’t make the cut, don’t worry about it!” Midnight told the mass of students. “There will be other chances for you to shine. The real competition begins now! And the press is going to be all over it!”

She cracked her whip, “Now then, why don’t we find out what our next event is? Time to spin the wheel!” The screen began to flicker multiple different event one after the other like it did previously, coming to a sudden stop after a minute of suspense. In bright blocky letters, the name of the second event was revealed, Cavalry Battle.

“Let me explain,” the heroine went on, turning towards the screen and pointing with her whip. A picture came up of Midnight, Present Mic, and Cementoss holding up Aizawa between the three of them. The 1-A homeroom teacher looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. “The participants will form eleven teams of four people as they wish. All rules of a normal calvary battle apply, except there is one small twist…”

All of the participants locked eyes with the heroine as she prepared to explain the final detail of the next event. It was clear that it was a very important detail and would likely influence who partnered up with who for the second event. Plans were already beginning to formulate in some of their minds.

“Based on the results of the Obstacle Race, each person has been assigned a point value! Points assigned go up by five starting from the bottom! Five points for forty-fourth place, ten for forty-third, and so on.”

Murmurs of understanding began to spread through the assembled students. The plan for most was clear, assemble the strongest team that averaged the lowest number of points. You would lower your chances of becoming a target while also increasing your chances of being able to grab more points.

“With the exception of first place, whose value is…TEN MILLION!”

At that moment, Izuku wanted nothing more than to have the power to disappear from existence. The crowd of students around him was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. It felt like the eyes of every student were burning into his very soul, glowing red like a demon as they all stared at him greedily. Getting ahold of his ten million points guaranteed them a spot in the next round.

Midnight grinned sadistically. “You got it! It’s survival of the fittest with a shot for those at the bottom to seize the top! Good luck, mister first place!”

‘Fucking fantastic…’ Izuku thought to himself.

The clock was ticking, and the hunt was on. Izuku watched as everyone began to split off into their own groups to strategize and recruit people to their cause. It was no surprise that he was initially left alone. Cursing internally, he did a quick scan of his surroundings, trying to recall each of the quirks his classmates and the others around him possessed and questioning whether or not they would be willing to team up with him, something in the back of him mind told him that he wasn’t going to have much luck with his own classmates.

He looked to the other students from 1-B, trying to recall the notes he made about them from the research of their quirks in the school registry. He caught sight of Kendo and Shiozaki talking amongst themselves with that horned girl he saved earlier, but he decided against asking them given their parting with him on bad terms a few days ago. Beginning to feel a bit defeated, Izuku suddenly caught sight of a familiar set of hair and eyes that gave him and idea.

Walking over to the boy, Izuku formulated everything he knew about his quirk as well as come up with a plan to convince him to team up, it wouldn’t be easy, but it would be a huge payoff if he succeeded. Grabbing the boy by the shoulder, Izuku caught his attention and spoke.

“Team up with me, and I’ll guarantee that you make it to the next round.”

Chapter Text

“Everybody ready?” asked Izuku to his three teammates. The second round was about to begin, with the eleven groups of four students each having been assembled into a circular formation inside the prepared field. You could feel the tension in the air as more than a handful of people were not so subtlety giving both him and his teammates the stink eye, likely preparing to come for their ten-million-point headband.

“You can count on me Midoriya,” answered Uraraka. She had approached him not long after Izuku secured the support of his first teammate. Izuku wasn’t completely surprised when she offered to join his team, mostly because of the fact that she stayed to comfort him after his run-in with Imari and co. back at the arcade yesterday, but was still impressed that she was willing to work with him despite it also painting a huge target on her back as well. Maybe he really could trust her…

“My babies are ready Mr. Ten Million!” replied the support girl from 1-H, Mei Hatsume. Ironically, she was the same girl that Izuku saw practically flying over the second obstacle of the first event with that jetpack of hers. She was... rather interesting.

Izuku could tell right away that she had quite the assertive and arguably quite shameless personality. Never once addressing him by his actual name, although she could have quite easily just looked at the screen that still displayed everyone’s ranking from the first round, Hatsume just address the boy as ‘Mr. Ten Million’ while she was going on about showing off her ‘babies’ to the cameras. These ‘babies’ as the hyperactive girl put it, were actually her own inventions that she was hoping to make use of free advertising to get her name out to the high-level support companies that were watching the festival.

Knowing that all eyes were going to be on him, Hatsume all but declared herself as part of his team. While she had her quirks, Izuku was already coming up with a lot of useful ideas for utilizing her inventions to his benefit in order to win. Hey, she wanted to use him to further her own goals, why couldn’t he do the same. They would both get what they wanted out of their partnership in the end. If that wasn’t a good business transaction, he didn’t know what was.

“Hmmn,” came the indifferent reply from Izuku’s ace in the hole. The general studies boy from 1-C, Hitoshi Shinso. It took a few minutes of convincing, albeit very abnormally, as well as a promise on Izuku’s end to win the boy’s support.

“Team up with me, and I’ll guarantee that you make it to the next round.”

Izuku watched as the boy turned towards him and raised an eyebrow in a mixture of surprise, confusion, and a tad bit of anger. The greenette expected such a reaction from the general studies student, Izuku had kind of called him out during the latter’s ‘declaration of war’ to class 1-A a few weeks back. As Izuku expected, this was going to be an uphill battle.

“Give me one reason why joining up with you would be a good idea,” replied Shinso.

Izuku looked right into the boy’s eyes, only displaying a triumphant smile as his response. A moment of confusing silence for Shinso followed before his previous expression of irritation turned to annoyance.

“Are you going to say something or not?!” asked the boy again, clearly becoming more irritated by the second. Izuku only continued to look right into the boy’s eyes while holding onto his triumphant smirk.

“Why the hell aren’t you talk-” the boy’s eyes widened in realization before he could finish his sentence. Taking in a deep breath, Izuku broke eye contact with Shinso before turning his head to look at the announcer’s box.

“It’s amazing to think that for a brainwashing quirk, there are really only two problems. First, you would need a verbal response in order to pull someone under your control. I confirmed as much when I read a certain individual’s file in U.A.’s student directory,” began Izuku. “The second probably isn’t even known, hell I wasn’t even quite sure of it until just now.” Izuku turned back to Shinso now, “If a target’s response isn’t directed at the person specifically, brainwashing doesn’t work either. You know I’m right, since I would bet ten thousand yen that you tried to take control of me more than once since I started talking.”

If Izuku had a camera, he would have for sure taken a picture of the boy’s expression right as he finished his explanation. Shinso was completely flabbergasted, and rightfully so. Izuku took a pretty big gamble when he chose to respond to the boy indirectly. He was only about seventy percent sure that his assumptions were correct about an indirect response being able to save him from falling under the control of the purple-haired boy’s quirk.

“I assume you’re still interested in what I have to say?” asked Izuku. Shinso nodded in reply, still not completely recovered from the idea that Izuku’s level of knowledge about his quirk was higher than his.

“Good, here’s the proposition. You join my team for the cavalry event, you’ll act as the rider while I act as the front horse. Your quirk is our ace in the hole. All goes well, you never have to use it and you are in a better position to advance in the final round. Refuse and I’ll be sure to tell everyone in my class everything I know about it if you end up making the final round anyway.”

“How do I know I can trust that you won’t just tell your class about my quirk anyway,” replied Shinso with an angry scowl, finally having recovered from his previous shock.

“Because I’m trusting you right now not to use you quirk on me.”

Both boy’s exchanged blinks for a few seconds as silence enveloped the space around them. Izuku grew a faint smile on his lips while Shinso widened his eyes in surprise once again. Izuku couldn’t tell, but Shinso has just developed a high level of respect for the boy, not the he would ever admit it. It’s not like Izuku would be any different from the others and believed his ‘brainwashing’ quirk wasn’t villainous.

The group of four students prepared themselves for battle as they hardened their formation. As he had told Shinso, Izuku was the front horse with Uraraka and Hatsume in the rear with Shinso acting as the rider. The ‘brainwashing’ user tightened the ’10,000,225’ headband around his head as the countdown to the start of the second event passed the thirty second mark.

“Everybody good on the plan?” asked Izuku to his teammates.

“It’s still a really bad idea,” replied Shinso.

“Stick around, I’m full of bad ideas,” Izuku commented.

“I’m still going to voice my objections.”

“Just trust me on this.”

“Is he always like this?”

“Pretty much,” replied Uraraka.

Izuku just smirked as he heard his rider give out a very irritated sigh. He could only hope that despite their reservations, his teammates had enough faith to follow through with his plan. Sure he had a few tricks in reserve if things got a bit chaotic, but it was always better to be ahead of the curve than having to catch up. On the bright side, he no longer felt any pain or discomfort in his legs from pushing past his limit earlier in the first event, so that was a plus.


As if on cue, nearly every one of the other ten teams in the stadium charged directly at the ‘Ten Million’ team. If Izuku was still his old self, he might have curled up into a ball and tried to be as small as possible in hopes that they would just leave him alone. But he wasn’t, and it was time to stand his ground, on his own terms.

"Okay, just like we planned. Let's go!" The green haired boy commanded to the group as they dashed forward, right into the fray.

“Don't think that just because you got lucky in the first round that you're better than me, Deku!” Bakugo shouted as his team approached. The other members of the explosive blonde’s group consisted of Ashido, Kirishima, and Sero. Izuku raised a bit of an eyebrow at Ashido teaming up with Bakugo, but he brushed it of as an ‘in the moment thing’ with only so many options for her to choose from. Afterall, it’s not like she knew Bakugo was his long-time tormentor.

"I'm coming for your points you useless nerd!"

Izuku smirked at the boy as he saw Shinso raise his arms towards his head, “Sure thing Bakugo!”

Having caught the blonde’s undivided attention, Izuku continued his smirk as he watched Shinso rip the ’10,000,225’ point headband of his forehead and slam it into Bakugo’s chest.

"What th-" was all Bakugo could get out before the sudden impact from the headband caused the boy to briefly have the wind knocked out of him, not expecting the past few moments to play out like they did.

“Now Hatsume!” cried Izuku.

He heard the ‘genius inventor’ as she called herself crackle in delight as she pressed a button that ignited the thrusters in the jetpack that Shinso was wearing as well as the boots that were worn on Hatsume’s right leg and Uraraka’s left. Along with some help from Izuku’s own quirk as well as Uraraka’s, the team of four shot themselves out of the chaos around them, but not before Izuku grabbed a little parting gift from Bakugo.

“You welcome Bakugo!” called Izuku as he ripped the boy’s ‘665’ point headband off his blonde hair with the help of his quirk. “Enjoy your place as the top!” The whole maneuver surprised not only Bakugo, but pretty much everyone else in the stadium as well.

"WHAT'S THIS? DID TEAM SHINSO PRETTY MUCH DITCH ALL OF THEIR POINTS? ISN’T THAT THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING IN THIS SITUATION?" Present Mic said over the loudspeaker, failing to hide the surprise in his voice.

"Not if you are thinking about the long term.” replied the voice of Aizawa. “Having such a huge target on your head is a major disadvantage in a scenario like this, especially for so long. It's only logical to get rid of the points as early as possible and look to build up as you go."

After landing safely away from the chaos that was now surrounding Team Bakugo, Izuku handed the snatched headband to Shinso who quickly wrapped it around his neck.

“Well at least we got that mess out of the way,” commented Izuku. “For now let's just stick to the plan and pick our battles wisely. We probably only need two more headbands of decent point value to be certain of advancing, but we are more defense oriented than offence oriented, so we need to be discreet about this and only engage with favorable odds. Hatsume, you’re up."

“With pleasure Mr. Ten Million! Time for my new babies to really shine!” replied the support course student. She pulled out two small handheld devices from her utility belt, moving one to each hand as she twisted the dials on the sides with her thumbs.

“Babies number 18 and 19! Long range ‘snatch it!’ grabbers!” exclaimed the pinkette. She pointed one at the nearest group that consisted of Hagakure as the rider along with Jiro, Sato, and Koda. They were at the edge of the fray at the center of the field but were a good choice in that none of them had and long-range oriented quirks, well Koda could possibly be a threat if he had the right animals. Izuku watched as the girl closed one of her eyes and aimed the device that seemed to be emitting a targeting laser right at the headband of 1-A’s invisible girl.

“Gotcha!” she exclaimed, pulling a trigger on the device that sent what looked like a small grappling hook at the assembled 1-A students. Izuku was momentarily concerned for his classmate’s safety, but clamed himself when he realized that it wasn’t a grappling hook that she shot, but an incredibly adhesive dart that was attached to a thinly woven carbon fiber cable. With deadly accuracy, the dark hit its mark on the invisible girl and was quickly yanked back by the built-in reeling mechanism.

“Nice job Hatsume!” exclaimed Izuku, relieved that they had already been able to grab another headband. He was even more ecstatic when he saw that the new prize’s point total was 390 which brought up his teams score to 1,055.

“Aren’t my babies just the best!” exclaimed the girl proudly, causing the rest of her teammates to sweatdrop.

Their plan was going very smoothly and within expectations. Just as Izuku predicted, nearly all of the attention in the stadium was still focused on Team Bakugo with their newfound point total. Most teams were still going for their chance at a guaranteed victory, not really making that much of a play on the point values of the other teams. Using Bakugo as a distraction, along with Hatsume’s inventions that made them a long-range threat thanks to her ‘Zoom’ quirk, Izuku and company stuck to the outside of the stadium in a defensive mindset.

They still tried to give the support course girl ample opportunities to snag a headband here and there, but they weren’t looking to take too many risks. Their biggest opponent here was time, and the faster it ran out the better their chances of passing were. With all that being said however, the group did manage to steal two more headbands from groups of 1-B students that had started going after each other.


Izuku stiffened when he heard those words, if Todoroki had the ten-million-point headband… the boy shook his head as he forced his eyes to dart around the whole field, coming to a stop as he tried to assess his location relative to the others.

“What’s up?” asked Shinso, looking down at him over the mass of four headbands that he had tied around his neck.

“We’re on full defensive mode now. unlike Bakugo, Todoroki will-” he was cut off from his sentence as the temperature around them took as sharp drop. Izuku turned his head to the right, locking eyes with the heterochromatic who was leading Yaoyorozu, Kaminari, and Iida towards his group.

“W-what’s going on?” asked Uraraka. “W-why is Todoroki coming after us? He already has more than enough points to pass!”

“He wants to eliminate completion Uraraka. Remember the waiting room?” answered Izuku. “Todoroki wants to beat me, though I don’t understand why he so fixated on it. We just need to hold out till the time is up. How long Hatsume?”

Two minutes and thirty seconds,” replied the pinkette.

Izuku cursed in his head, ‘I didn’t plan for this! I knew it was a possibility, but to have him come at us with so much time left on the clock… Well time to improvise I guess.’

“Uraraka, how much time can you handle all of us in the air?” he asked quickly, trying to formulate a new plan in his mind.

“… maybe ten or twenty seconds if I push it? I wouldn’t be able to do it again though. My quirk it better for short bursts with this many people.

‘Well, that rules out that possibility,’ thought Izuku internally.

“Shinso, be ready to use your ace at a moment’s notice.”


“Hatsume, keep watch on the clock. Utilize any defensive equipment in your arsenal to keep them away.”

“Roger that Mr. Ten Million.”

Looking back at team Todoroki, Izuku held the gaze of the dual colored boy. Internally he was freaking out. He was outmatched in speed by Iida, Todoroki and Kaminari were a deadly combo of power if they got caught in either of their attacks, and Yaoyorozu had intelligence that exceed his own and could create almost anything using her quirk. The odds were not in his favor and Izuku was hating every moment of it.

The game of cat and mouse began, to make matters worse Todoroki had frozen a smaller circular arena around the two groups, giving Izuku even less room to work with to avoid Iida. Thanks to Hatsume’s gadgets, they had avoided getting zapped by Kaminari’s powerful shockwave. Izuku could only be thankful that the boy went over his limit during that attack and was effectively just above being dead weight for the rest of the event.

“How much time Hatsume?” called Izuku as he continued to push himself to his safe maximum limit in order to stay out of Iida’s reach. They already had had way too many close calls, and had lost one of their headbands already, but Izuku was still confident that even the point total of the lowest three would still be enough to make it.

“One minute flat!” she replied.

“Give up Midoriya, I’m not letting you advance to the next round,” said Todoroki with a cold but mocking tone.

“You remember what I said earlier, right Todoroki?” replied Izuku. His reply seemed to halt the groups advance. “I told you I would be giving it my all today, as will everyone else. If that means I will lose to you here, then so be it. If that means I will survive to the next round, then I welcome the chance to continue. If that means I triumph over you… well let see if I get there first.”

Izuku saw Todoroki narrow his eyes at him, still wearing his cold tone. In his peripherals, Izuku saw Iida tense up and bend his knees ever so slightly.

‘Crap! They’re about to pull something!’ thought Izuku.

“Hatsume, when I tell you to, draw out one of those snatchers and go for one of their headbands. Shinso, when I give you the ok, activate the jetpack,” Izuku called out in rapid succession, not waiting for acknowledgement from his teammates.

His instincts were proven right once again as Team Todoroki zoomed past him as speeds Izuku couldn’t even comprehend. To his dread, Izuku saw that the dual haired boy now held two of their remaining three headbands in his left hand. Knowing he didn’t have enough time to check the clock, Izuku threw caution into the wind and prepared to follow through with the five second crafted plan he had just come up with.

“Now Shinso!” he cried. The boy complied and blasted forward towards the still stunned Todoroki. Izuku prepared to follow suit and pumped his quirk into his legs, rocketing himself forwards while leaving the two girls to remain where they were. By shear luck, Todoroki focused on Shinso first, not realizing that Izuku was going to make it to him before the purple haired boy. As he neared the heterochromatic, Izuku’s smile grew even wider when he heard Shinso speak.

“You wanna give those points back to me now?”

“As if-” Izuku watched the dual haired boy’s eyes become glazed over as he prepared to jump up and grab Todoroki’s arms.

“Do it now Hatsume!” he called, following up his shout by leaping straight up towards his classmate. As his body began to arc over Todoroki’s head, Izuku used his own arms to wrap up his opponents, creating a small window of opportunity for Hatsume to use her gadget to steal one of the headbands that were around the boy’s neck. The moment was short lived however, as Izuku saw that Todoroki seemed to have regained control of himself just after he had grabbed his arms.

Having quickly come back to his senses after falling prey to Shinso’s quirk, Todoroki’s expression grew into shock when he saw that Izuku was attempting to reclaim the two headbands that were still in his left hand. In a move that neither boy expected, Todoroki activated the fire side of his quirk. It was only for a moment, but the activation stopped Izuku’s attempt to reclaim the points before he pushed off the wall of ice that stood behind them. As Izuku sailed away from the boy, the only thing either could think of was the fact that Todoroki has used his fire side for the first time since coming to U.A.

‘What the hell was that?’ thought Izuku. ‘I know he has that part of his quirk since I read about it in the school directory, but why wait until just now to use it? Something’s not adding up here.’

In a dramatic display of acrobatics, that really was mostly just luck on his part, Izuku was able to redirect Shinso back to their teammates, close enough that Uraraka was able to activate her quirk on him before he hit the ground. After a few moments of adjustment, Team Shinso was reassembled and stood in the standoff with Team Todoroki. Before either team could get another word or action in, the signal for the end of the cavalry battle came by way of a very loud airhorn.


“That was quite the combination back there Midoriya,” commented Todoroki as he disembarked from the top of his classmates with his neck now covered in headbands. “but in the end, it looks like you’ll come up a bit short with only one headband in your possession.”

“Alright ladies and gentlemen! The results are in! In first place with 10,000,890 points, it’s Team Shinso!” exclaimed Midnight.

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock when they heard the declaration, even Izuku. They were brought out of their trance by the maniacal crackling of a familiar person to Team Shinso.

“Looks like lady luck want’s my babies to shine even brighter today Mr. Ten Million!” crackled Hatsume as she raised the stolen 10,000,225 point headband that was still attached to her support item.

“No way…” said Yaoyorozu, clearly still not quite accepting the reality that the pinkette had played the odds with the headbands around Todoroki’s neck and ended up winning the grand prize.

“Well done Hatsume!” cried Uraraka as she began to jump in a very excited manner. She seemed almost heartbroken a second ago, Izuku was glad that she had that bubbly attitude of hers.

“In second place with 1,720 points, it’s Team Todoroki!” Izuku could see the dual haired teem clench his teeth and fits in slight anger at having been defeated by Izuku because of random chance.

“In third place with 1,290 points, it’s Team Kendo!” Izuku darted his eyes around to find the orange haired 1-B girl, he saw her waving with a smile along with Shiozaki, Tetsutetsu, and that horned girl that Izuku encountered during the first event.

‘She must be from 1-B as well…’

“And finally in fourth place, as the only other team with points at 305, it’s Team Bakugo!”

“GOD DAMN IT!” came the cry of the explosive blonde which Izuku heard from the other side of the stadium.

"Congratulations to all our competitors! But especially to our sixteen finalists! We're going to take a brief lunch for our fans and students to relax before the final round and prepare the arena. Additionally, for those of you who didn’t make the final round, we will be supporting several recreational games where you can continue to showcase your quirks if you so desire! That will be all for now, enjoy the break!” continued Midnight.

‘I guess we would have made it to the next round anyway since only four teams had points by the end of it,’ thought Izuku. ‘but I can’t deny that snatching the ten million point away from them at the last second had quite the nice feeling.’

Izuku turned to Shinso and gave him a nod of approval, “You fulfilled your end of the deal, I’ll honor mine and not spill the details of your quirk to my classmates till after the festival.” The boy only seemed to give Izuku a small acknowledgment before he turned around and began walking towards the nearest tunnel. Izuku was somewhat saddened to see the boy go, despite his seemingly personal vendetta against the hero course students, Izuku thought that Shinso, with the right guidance, had the makings of a great hero.

‘If only he had been able to get enough rescue points like I did… maybe he could have even been my classmate,’ Izuku thought.

Being pulled back into reality by a hand’s firm grasp on his left shoulder, Izuku turned around in confusion to see none other than Todoroki giving him a cold stare.

“Come with me, we need to talk,” he said in a rather blunt fashion.



Izuku now stood before Todoroki as they both leaned up against opposite walls inside one of the entrance tunnels, staring at one another in silence as Izuku was starting to get a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation, but didn’t let it show. Not wanted to be alone with his classmate like this any more than he had to, Izuku chose to break the silence that had slipped between them.

“What is it that you wanted to talk about?” he asked the heterochromatic.

All Izuku initially received from Todoroki was a deafening silence as he continued staring at him with his cold eyes and stoic face. It was starting to irritate Izuku a bit. “I want to hear what you have to say Todoroki, but I can’t exactly do that if you don’t start talking.” He still didn’t receive a response, and at this point, Izuku had officially had it with the boy’s attitude. “Look, if you’re not gonna say squat then I’m getting out of here.”

“I was overpowered. So much that I broke my pledge,” replied Todoroki, finally answering Izuku’s initial question. “My teammates, that general studies boy, even your other teammates, they didn’t catch what I did.”

“You mean you using your fire?” asked Izuku as he connected the dots surrounding his classmate’s recent strange behavior. He saw Todoroki give the slightest nod in his direction before continuing.

“At the last instant, I was the only one who was overpowered… only me, who experienced that quirk of yours at full strength, noticing how it felt so similar to All Might’s power when he fought that Nomu villain at the USJ…”

If Izuku hadn’t learned to harden his emotions in the recent months leading up to applying to U.A, he probably would have given away just how distraught Todoroki’s statement was making him. Thankfully, he could somewhat hide his emotions now.

“What do you mean?” asked Izuku as he tried to keep himself calm internally. It was just barely working.

‘D-does he suspect that I got my quirk from All Might? How could he have figured it out? Has he been doing more than just watching me during training exercises?’

“I’m saying that your quirk and All Might’s give off the same feeling of power when you fight, almost as if they’re the same quirk… Midoriya…”

Izuku tensed up, realizing that Todoroki was about to figure out his biggest secret.

“… are you All Might’s secret love child or something?”

Instead of the dread and nervousness that were both at risk of overflowing his body a moment ago, Izuku could only look back at Todoroki with a bit of bewilderment as he wore a dumfound expression on his face. He was clearly not expecting that to come out of his classmate’s mouth, why did he even he even go in that direction? Did his other classmates think that about him? 


“What is it?” Todoroki asked him.

“Well… it would be kind of hard for him to be my father since I don’t exactly have one now. Well technically I do… not that that jerk thinks about me as his,” Izuku hissed out that last part. He had not one ounce of love or respect for his father, he didn’t deserve it after what he had done to his mother and himself. “He left us before I turned five. We don’t talk about him at all, the only thing I know for sure is his name, Hizashi Midoriya.” 

Todoroki raised an eyebrow but still held his cold expression, “I see… that might not be it, but I can tell that there is something you’re not telling me about your connection with All Might. I know your hiding something… I just don’t know what.”

‘At least he’s still in the dark about One For All…’

Izuku then had a thought, realizing that he had a question of his own for Todoroki, but he was unable to ask the boy when Todoroki continued to speak.

“Regardless of what it is, the connection between you and All Might is clearly there. Therefore, I have no choice but to beat you when we fight against each other in the one-on-one matches.”

“Why?” asked Izuku, having shifted his expression back to being serious to match the boy’s cold stare.

Todoroki’s eyes narrowed as he shifted his focus back to Izuku, “My old man, I’m sure you know, is the number two hero Endeavor. He’s been stuck that way forever, ever a shadow to All Might, the living legend.” There was a pause in the boy’s words before he continued. “The bastard has always desired to rise to the top and make a space for himself in history, but no mater what he has done, he can never beat All Might. He found a solution to that problem many years ago and has been working tirelessly to nurture his so called ‘project’ ever since.

“What could he possibly be doing?!” Izuku asked in a slightly worried manner, as nothing was more terrifying than letting his own mind consider what Endeavor could possibly be planning.

“…You’ve heard of quirk marriages, right?” Todoroki asked him.

It took all of three seconds for Izuku to connect the dots and widen his eyes in shock at what Todoroki was implying. He swallowed hard before he was able to get out his response, “Are you saying that he…”

“Looks like I won’t have to explain it to you. Yes, he did. Using his money and status as the number 2 pro hero, he forced my mother into a marriage against her will because she had a powerful quirk that he believed complemented his very well. According to him, my three older siblings were defects, I am his masterpiece. The only reason he keeps me around is to make me into a hero to surpass All Might.” Todoroki looked down at his shaking fist as he clenched it in anger, Izuku could almost feel the level of anger that his classmate held towards his father. However, what he heard next was even worse.

“In my memories, all that I can ever recall about my mother is her crying. I would hear her from my bedroom after she put me to sleep the days after I would have training sessions with my father. She would scream and yell at him afterwards, before he would slap her across the face and tell her to be silent. Then one day she couldn’t take it anymore, ‘Your left side is unsightly’ she said to me… right before she poured boiling water on my face.”

There was no description for what Izuku was feeling right now, he thought he was angry before when he brought up his own father, but this was something far worse. The voices were screeching at him again, but this time their cries weren’t directed at him, no, they were encouraging him, and Izuku wasn’t fighting it.


kill… maim… destroy… kill… maim… destroy… kill… maim… destroy…

kill… maim… destroy… kill… maim… destroy… kill… maim… destroy…


All Izuku’s pent up emotions about his own father, what he did to his mother, how she was still emotionally damaged after he left even after all of these years, they had awoken. What had happened to Todoroki’s mother, it was an even worse version of what had happened to his own. Izuku wanted one thing and one thing only in that moment, Endeavor’s corpse at his feet!

Luckily for Izuku, Todoroki continued. His voice provided Izuku with enough distraction to slowly calm himself. “My old man is here today watching the festival. I picked a fight with you today to show him what I can do without his power. I’ll beat you, the student with a close connection to All Might, and win first place without it. I’ll reject him completely.”

He now began to walk away from Izuku, turning his head over his shoulder to give one last comment. “I don’t care if you won’t tell me how you're connected to All Might. No matter what you are to him, I will rise above you with just my right side… Sorry for wasting your time.”

There was a moment of silence as Todoroki took two more steps back toward the tunnel entrance, but he was pulled back when Izuku replied to him.

Todoroki,” Izuku began, still with a bit of venom as he was still angry from his learning of the boy’s past. “I might have told you earlier that we’ll have to wait and see about whether or not you defeat me, but I’m changing my position. You will not beat me if you don’t use your left side. I’ll make sure of it.” 

The boy said nothing back, he simply turned his head to glare at Izuku for a brief moment, until he turned it back forward and walked away. The remainder of the lunch break went by very quickly for Izuku, he caught up with Uraraka, Iida, Kaminari and Yaoyorozu before they had to head back to the stadium. The group of five talked about their experiences so far as well as the fact that they had all made it to the final round of the tournament. It was a nice change of pace for Izuku. He needed this after learning what he had from Todoroki.

Before long, they heard the announcement that it was time to head back to the center of the stadium for the start of the final event. The group stood up with eagerness and began to make their way to the desired location, joining up with the other eleven finalists in front of a freshly made cement arena that had been erected in the middle of the stadium, at its front and center stood Midnight preparing to speak.

“It’s time for our final event of the day!” exclaimed the pro. “One-on-one fights between our sixteen finalists in a single elimination tournament! The rules are simple, you step outside the circle after the match starts, you get thrown out, or are unable to continue, you lose! Quirk usage is unrestricted, but we will step in if we believe anyone is overstepping their bounds.”

Nearly everyone in class 1-A looked at Bakugo and them Izuku as they were reminded of what happened between them during their first day of combat training. Bakugo didn’t say anything or make a scene, but it was pretty clear that he wanted to.

“We will now display the bracket after we run our sixteen names through a randomization process! Take a look up to the screen!”


Everyone looked up at the board as it displayed the matches for each of the sixteen finalists:

Match 1: Izuku Midoriya vs Pony Tsunotori

Match 2: Hitoshi Shinso vs Hanta Sero

Match 3: Shoto Todoroki vs Mina Ashido

Match 4: Tenya Iida vs Mei Hatsume

Match 5: Momo Yaoyorozu vs Itsuka Kendo

Match 6: Denki Kaminari vs Ibara Shiozaki

Match 7: Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu vs Eijiro Kirishima

Match 8: Katsuki Bakugo vs Ochako Uraraka

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The stadium crowd exploded into cheers at the pro’s declaration. It was no surprise that their energy had begun to skyrocket from where it was a moment ago. The one-on-one fights were always the most popular event in the U.A. Sport Festival regardless of the year in school. Afterall, who wouldn’t be excited about an all out brawl between two people showing off their quirks? It was equivalent to watching a hero vs villain fight but without having to worry about someone dying or getting seriously hurt.


The crowd cheered even louder than before as Izuku walked up to the arena. It wasn’t surprising, he had won the first event and was part of the team that took first place in the cavalry battle, thinking that he wasn’t one of the crowd favorites to win the whole sports festival would be ridiculous. It didn’t make trying to keep his cool any easier though. While he knew that there were moments during the previous events where he was captured by the cameras and broadcasted to all of Japan, the entire nation was now going to see him for every moment that he was going to be on that stage.

“You’re going to do great. I’ve been waiting eagerly to watch my wonderful boy complete against so many amazing people on national television. Just remember that no matter what happens, I will always be proud of you, Izuku.”

“This will be your first chance to truly show the world what you can do, an opportunity to stand proud amongst your peers and declare I AM HERE!”

Izuku felt all of the worries that were being to fester inside him immediately disappear as he remembered the words of his mother and mentor. He needed to remember that he did have people that believed in him, even if he had only recently discovered their existence. It was time to leave the past behind and try to move forward.


Izuku turned his head to catch sight of his opponent as she ascended the steps on the outskirts of the arena and began to walk towards him. Now getting a better look at the girl, he was able to make out more details about her compared to the small moment he was able to glance at her before saving the girl from the attack from the three-pointer in the obstacle course. Additionally to what he had been able to make out before, Tsunotori had Prussian blue eyes, a small nose, and her lower legs curved very similarly to that of the rear legs of a horse.

‘Her appearance must be a partial mutation due to her quirk,’ thought Izuku. ‘I shouldn’t underestimate her size given that horses have incredibly powerful legs. She might not have a strength augmentation based quirk like I do, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t strong.’

“I wish to thank you very much for what you did earlier Iz- Midoriya,” said the 1-B girl. It was similar to the way she had thanked him before during the race, a bit choppy and uneven. While he was a bit confused for a moment, Izuku connected the dots as he remembered Present Mic’s announcement for the girl.

‘Here’s to hoping the extra studying back in middle school pulls through…’

“Are you having trouble speaking Japanese?” asked Izuku in English.

Tsunotori’s eyes lit up in shock, “You speak English?!”

“Only a bit,” answered Izuku honestly with a small shrug. “I always had an interest in the language, so I studied it a bit extra in my spare time.” What Izuku would never tell her was that the main reason he wanted to learn the language was that he was a super All Might fanboy.

“Thank you!” exclaimed the girl with a very happy smile. “I am struggling a bit with the language. Most of my classmates can understand me but it’s still hard.”

Izuku smiled at the girl and gave a slight nod before Midnight rose her hand to give both students the signal that their match was about to start. Silenced for now, both U.A. students took their battle stances and prepared their quirks for a fight.

“READY… AND BEGIN!” exclaimed Midnight, waving a flag to signal the start of the match.

Almost immediately, Tsunotori lowered herself into a crouch with her right hand planted in front of her, leaning her head down as she did so. Thinking the girl was going to charge him, Izuku fired up his quirk and prepared to dodge, but he was in for a shock when the girl fired her horns at him instead.

‘Crap! I forgot she could do that!’

Beginning a series of tumbles and flips in order to avoid the projectiles that were being launched his way, Izuku did his best to dodge the girl’s horns as they flew through the air, sometimes missing him by only a few centimeters. He was in a predicament, at the current event sequence, Izuku was very likely to run out of stamina before Tsunotori. He needed a way to turn things around, but unless the girl was limited to the amount of horns she could shoot off her head and regrow back almost instantly, he needed a way to create an opening before moving towards her.

‘The closer I get to her, the less time I’ll have to react to her shooting more horns at me, I need a way to break her concentration and knock the horns coming at me off target at the same time…’

Izuku prepared to use the trick he pulled on Bakugo and Todoroki at the end of the obstacle course, raising his right hand held in a flicking motion that was aimed at his opponent. Tsunotori saw the boy’s actions but recognized what he was doing a second too late. The blast of air shook the arena and dispersed the horns that were barreling down on Izuku in various directions while also knocking the blonde girl backwards a few steps. Seizing the opportunity, Izuku blitzed his opponent in hopes that he could knock her out before she recovered.


Izuku got about three meters away from the girl before something happened. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck bristle and felt a small but noticeable buzzing in the very back of his skull. Before he even realized what he was doing, Izuku felt his body dart and roll to the right faster than he could process. It appeared whatever just happened to him was for the best, as four of Tsunotori’s horns seemed to come out of nowhere and had all impacted the ground where he just stood moments before.

‘What the hell was that?’ thought Izuku to himself. He glanced as his opponent, who clearly was also shocked that he had managed to dodge her attack.

The boy shot back up to his feet quickly, doing he best to focus on the fight for now. He was starting to breath heavily, realizing that he needed to find a way to engage her at close range and quickly. Unfortunately, Tsunotori seemed to realize where his strength laid. In a shock to Izuku, the 1-B girl suddenly jumped up and landed on two of her horns that had just impacted the ground moments ago, while also hovering two more horns at her sides. Tsunotori then lifted herself off the ground and moved to the edge of the arena while floating about 2 meters in the air.


‘Shit, this is even worse than before! Think Izuku! Think!’

He wasn’t given much time to react as Tsunotori immediately started to send the two horns she had been hovering next to her body towards him. However, unlike before where the projectiles just sailed past him once he dodged, Tsunotori instead continued to control them in stride. While Izuku now only had to watch the two horns being thrown at him, he also had to consider them coming from multiple directions which was a lot harder than just avoiding ten or twenty that were constantly coming from the same place.

‘Come on… there has to… be something that… I can do!’ he thought as he continued to dodge the girl’s horns coming in sporadically while Tsunotori circled him from above. ‘She’s not… sending more horns… in my direction… even though… she’s struggling to hit me…. Could it be that… her limit is four at a time?’

Izuku did his best to scan all of his surroundings, counting the two horns that Tsunotori was standing on, there were indeed only four copies of the girl’s horns that seemed to be moving within her control. The others that the girl had fired off previously were either stuck in the ground or wall outside the stadium or were lying on the ground within the arena. He had confirmed that the 1-B girl seemed to only be able to directly control four of her detached horns at a time.

While it was great that he could feel comfortable in his assumptions, it didn’t exactly help him get out of the bind that he was in. Tsunotori had already gotten one clean hit on his left shoulder with one of her horns, and Izuku could tell that he wouldn’t be able to take too many more before he would lose the match. His trick of dispersing the horns would only increase the duration of their battle of attrition, he needed a solution that would tip the balance back into his favor.

‘What would happen if she suddenly had to control a fifth horn?’ thought Izuku, eyes widening as he fully registered the thought.

Dodging the next incoming attack, Izuku twisted himself in the direction of the closest horn that remained motionless on the ground. Pushing his quirk up to maximum, Izuku sprinted away from his opponent’s incoming attacks and picked up the horn that lay on the ground, moving to pick up more as fast as he could.


“Just sit back and watch for a second and you’ll find out,” replied Aizawa.

Having acquired five of the girl’s extra horns in his arms, Izuku stopped moving and looked back at his opponent, receiving a confused look from the Tsunotori in response. Watching as her controlled horns began to be sent his way, Izuku waited until the last second before he enacted his plan.

‘This will probably only work once, better make it count!’

Jumping to his right at the last second, Izuku dodged the attack from the 1-B girl’s projectiles before firing up his quirk to his limit and letting loose. In rapid succession, Izuku threw each of the five horns in his possession right at Tsunotori, catching the girl in complete shock as Izuku saw her eyes widen quite considerably. Izuku watched as the girl tried to maneuver herself out of the way by use of the horns she was standing on, but she clearly panicked about halfway through and slipped up.

Raising her hands in front of her, Tsunotori stopped the horns that were on course to make direct impact, but in doing so, she lost her control over the horns she was standing on and began to fall. Realizing this was his chance, Izuku bolted toward the falling girl and crashed into her in midair, leading with his left shoulder. Their impact knocked the wind out of Izuku, but the boy was able to manage to land on his feet near the edge of the arena before watching Tsunotori land in front of him just a few meters out of bounds.

“Pony Tsunotori is out of bounds! Izuku Midoriya is the winner!” exclaimed Midnight.

Izuku bent over to catch his breath, hearing the roars of the crowd as he tried to recover from his impact with the 1-B girl. A few breaths later and he was making his way over to Tsunotori and offering his outstretched hand.

“That was a great fight.”

The 1-B girl smiled at him as she reached out to take his hand, “That was amazing Midoriya! How did you know I had that sneak attack planned?”

“W-well, I’m not really sure myself… I just kind of moved…” he replied. He was a bit confused about it himself, and what was that buzzing feeling?

“Really?” replied the American girl with a confused expression. “Well anyways, good luck the rest of the way!”

Izuku smiled back at her, “Thank you, give the same to your other classmates for me.”

“Of course!” replied the girl happily.

The two shook hands and exited the stadium with haste to make way for the next match.



Like most of her classmates in 1-A, Ochako joined the loud sheer that echoed throughout the stadium when Midnight announced Midoriya’s victory. In fact the only people from her class that didn’t seem to join in the cheers were Bakugo and Todoroki. The former didn’t surprise her at all, not after what she had come to learn about the boy as well as the suspicions she held after yesterday’s incident with Midoriya. She was going to get to the bottom of that mystery one way or another.

Todoroki was still a bit of an unknown for Ochako. It was clear that that the boy seemed to have a bone to pick with Midoriya, but she couldn’t think of any particular reason as to why her dual haired classmate wanted to defeat him so badly. For now she wouldn’t consider it a priority, it didn’t seem like Todoroki had any ill intentions towards her friend, but she would keep an eye out all the same.

“Woo hoo! Midori won!” came an excited cheer from Ashido.

“I knew he would pull through!” exclaimed Kaminari proudly. “He’s way too strong to be done in this early.”

“You mighty class 1-A people might want to steady yourselves before those heads of your get any bigger!” came an unknown voice from the section to their left. “You jerks just got lucky in that match. Kendo, Shiozaki and Tetsutetsu are going to-” the blonde boy who was speaking to the entire class in a very mocking tone was suddenly silenced when Kendo of class 1-B karate chopped his neck.

“Sorry about Monoma guys. He’s kind of crazy, please don’t think that all of us 1-B kids are like him,” commented the orange haired girl.

“We’re cool as long as you guys think don’t everyone in 1-A is like Bakugo,” Jiro jabbed in a small mocking tone, earning at least a few nods of acceptance from 1-B.

“You wanna fight me, Ears?!” came the angry shout of 1-A’s own annoying blonde. Earning at least a few sweatdrops from the observing 1-B students as he did so.

Ochako saw Kendo give off a small laugh before continuing, "Looks like each of us had our own resident blonde to deal with. While our class does wish to be rivals and all that, Monoma tends to take things a bit too seriously most of the time.” A few 1-A students laughed at her comment, even some 1-B kids let out a chuckle.

“I am a little curious about Midoriya though,” continued Kendo. “The way he talked to us the day the sports festival was announced… he seemed to be rather brazen and a little condescending…”

Ochako was about to protest the girl’s statements before Yaoyorozu began to talk, “While you are correct that Midoriya is rather direct when he speaks most of the time, I wouldn’t go as far as to say he is condescending. He is just quick to point out flaws in a person’s logic. He seems to have his own ideals about what makes a hero and is quite stubborn about them.”

“Don’t forget he saved many of us from immediate danger during the USJ, kero,” continued Tsuyu.

Ochako saw Kendo blink a few times before nodding her head in understanding and then moving back to her seat with Monoma in tow. Midoriya came back into the class viewing section a few minutes later, right as the match between Shinso and Sero was about to begin. The general studies boy was still a bit of a mystery to Ochako, while they had been teammates during the cavalry battle, she didn’t actually know what the boy’s quirk was since Midoriya made the agreement not to share information about it.

“BEGIN!” exclaimed Midnight as she gave the signal for the start of the next match.

Ochako watched as Sero launched his tape towards the purple haired boy, only to widen her eyes in shock when the tape stopped moving when it was about two meters from Shinso. To her even greater confusion, Sero seemed to be frozen in place momentarily before he dropped his arms to the side and turned around to walk out of the arena. Ochako could only stare at the sight that lay before here as some of those around her tried to shout in confusion towards their classmate in the ring.

“Hanta Sero is out of bounds! Hitoshi Shinso wins!” yelled Midnight from her place as match officiator.


Most of class 1-A was rightfully dumbfounded at the results of the fight. There classmate had just walked out of the ring seemingly of his own free will after only a few seconds since the beginning of the match. Something was fishy.

“What the hell was that?!” asked Kaminari.

“Sero just walked out of the ring!” exclaimed Kirishima.

“It must have had something to do with that Shinso boy’s quirk…” answered Yaoyorozu with a thought full expression on her face. “Wait, Uraraka, Midoriya wasn’t he your teammate for the cavalry battle?”

More than two dozen eyes turned towards Ochako and Midoriya who was sitting close by. The girl was a little taken aback by the sudden attention, even more so since she didn’t actually have an answer for them besides telling them that she didn’t know.

“Uhh, well… the truth is I don’t actually know what his quirk is,” she answered honestly. “When I went to join their team, he and Midoriya had already reached some kind of agreement for teaming up. Something along with the lines of joining up with him on the condition that he wouldn’t disclose information about Shinso’s quirk to others?”

“WHAT?!” came a few shocked expressions from class 1-A as they turned their full attention to their green haired classmate, Ochako included. The boy just held his gaze as he looked towards the assembled mass of his classmates that were questioning him about whether or not it was true.

“What Uraraka said is correct,” replied Midoriya, receiving a few calls of protest and others of shock from 1-A. “Shinso’s quirk is one that requires surprise and an unknown factor. His request for me to not disclose its details was a fair one. I won’t stop you from brainstorming about it, or from asking Sero about what happened to him, but I won’t say what I know about it until he is eliminated or the sports festival ends. I intend to honor the deal I made with him.” The conviction in his voice throughout the boy’s justification let no room for argument from the rest of the class.

Those that were in the area and still in the tournament from 1-A, minus Bakugo of course, along with a few others began discussing Shinso in detail soon after. They were joined by Sero when he arrived back at the seating area a few minutes later. The next match was between Todoroki and Ashido, and it was the quickest match yet.

The moment Midnight signaled for the match to begin, Todoroki immediately planted his right foot into the ground and sent a massive wall of ice right at 1-A’s resident pink girl. Ashido tried to dodge, but even her sharp reflexes were no match for the speed that the ice traveled across the ground. She was immobilized in the blink of an eye, and despite attempting to break out using her acid, Todoroki was quick to thicken the ice around her to ensure the girl stayed put.

“Mina Ashido is unable to continue! Shoto Todoroki wins!” exclaimed Midnight.

Ochako watched as Todoroki walked up to the miniature glacier he had created in the arena and began to melt it with his quirk. She followed his gaze that seemed to travel right up to the executive’s boxes that pro heroes would be sitting in, holding his stoic but also slightly scowling face as he did so.

‘He looks… so sad…’ thought Ochako as she watched the boy finish off his handy work. She was distracted when she heard a slight tightening sound come from Midoriya’s direction, turning her head to see her classmate looking at Todoroki with a very serious and calculating look. Before Ochako looked back at the arena, she also noticed that Midoriya’s hands had been tightened into fists and he had clenched his jaw down behind his mouth.

The match that followed was between Iida and Hatsume, and it was… interesting… Not only had the support girl convinced Iida to use some of the inventions that she had created, but the pinkette had also somehow hacked into the stadium’s announcement mics and proceeded to use the entire match as a sales pitch for her ‘babies’. The match went on for well over ten minutes, maybe even fifteen as Hatsume used every second to display each and every one of the inventions that she had brought with her and had given to Iida. When the girl decided she had nothing more she could talk about, she simply took her leave and jumped out of the ring, awarding Iida the victory.

“Poor Iida…” Ochako quietly said out loud.

“He’s not going to be happy about that,” answered Midoriya.

“Would you?” asked Kaminari.

Four matches had been completed so far, and three of them had been won by students in class 1-A, along with Shinso from 1-C as the fourth individual. However, it was the next three matches that were on the minds for both the 1-A and 1-B students, given that they were all class 1-A vs class 1-B matches.


Ochako cheered alongside her classmates as her black-haired classmate made her entrance towards the center of the arena. She was a bit confused as to why her class rep appeared to be quite nervous during Present Mic’s announcement, but she just chalked it up as just a bad case of bundled nerves. Yaoyorozu would be fine, she was the most composed person Ochako knew, and the 1-A class rep was also one of her class’ strongest.


The 1-A students heard their 1-B counterparts cheer for their own class rep from the observation deck adjacent to their own. Ochako tried her best to tune out the snarky comments coming out of Monoma’s mouth, but the 1-B blonde was really trying her patience, and with Kendo out in the arena, there didn’t seem to be any way to get the boy to shut up.

“Ha! You 1-A brats must really be stupid if you think your classmate has any chance of beating Kendo. I mean, I guess it’s understandable since you guys think you’re sooo much better than us,” exclaimed the blonde.

Many of Ochako’s classmates had defiantly had enough of the boy’s antics, one annoying blonde in Bakugo was more than enough for most of them, but like their classmate, no one seemed to know how to deal with Monoma. Their prayers seemed to be answered when Midoriya of all people stood up and walked over to stand in front of the boy. The greenette never spoke a word, just staring at the 1-B student with a blank expression on his face only a short distance away.

“Oh? And what are you supposed to be doing?” asked Monoma to the boy.

“Do me a favor, and shut up,” replied Midoriya. His words shocked more than a few people from both classes, but his subsequent action of chopping the boy on the back of his neck and knocking him out just like they had seen Kendo do to the boy a short while ago caused nearly the entirety of both hero course classes to go deathly silent in absolute shock.

The boy looked around, blinking in slight confusion before saying, “What? We were all thinking about it.” He then turned to the 1-B students, picking out his intended target from those assembled. “Tsunotori? Can you take him?”

The horned girl nodded to him before moving to take the unconscious boy from the greenette’s arms. Midoriya handed the blonde over, taking a moment to watch Tsunotori begin to walk back to her spot in the stands before turning to walk back to his own seat.

“BEGIN!” came the shout of Midnight, drawing the attention of the hero course students back to the arena and away from the aftermath of what had just happened.

They watched as Yaoyorozu quickly formed a shield around her right arm before creating a staff in her left. Across from her, Kendo quickly rushed the 1-A girl, expanding her fists as she closed the gap between them. Their first clash came when Kendo’s right hook connected with the raised shield of Yaoyorozu, creating a loud bang at the contact. To the surprise of many, Yaoyorozu was thrown backwards, nearly falling over at the powerful show of force from her opponent. Collecting herself, the 1-A girl shifted her weight and began her counterattack, swinging her staff at her opponent from outside the reach of her enlarged fists.

Kendo easily batted away the attack with a swipe of her fist, the force actually ripping the weapon out of Yaoyorozu’s hand. The orange haired girl quickly went of the attack again, unleashing a devastating barrage of powerful punches to the 1-A girl’s defenses, not giving Yaoyorozu any time to focus on creating something to assist herself. One final punch from the 1-B class rep sent Yaoyorozu backwards, knocking her back far enough to be ruled out of bounds.

“Momo Yaoyorozu is out of bounds, Itsuka Kendo is the winner!”

The entirety of class 1-A just sat in shock while the class 1-B students cheered in victory. Nearly every member of 1-A did not expect this outcome of that fight, they had expected it to be a lot closer at the very least. Many of them secretly reminded themselves that their 1-B counterparts were not to be taken lightly after observing the display of power from Kendo, others grew a new sense of respect for the students of 1-B. At the end of all of it, both groups of students were studying and training to be heroes in their own right.

“She panicked,” said Midoriya, drawing a considerable number of looked from 1-A. “I have no doubt that Yaoyorozu is one of 1-A’s strongest members. She handled herself phenomenally during the USJ, but it seemed something just didn’t click for her during that match. It happens, she shouldn’t beat herself up too much about it. We’re just students afterall, we need to remember that…”

The wisdom in the boy’s words was quite moving to the assembled students, Ochako included. With the USJ, their recent acceptance into U.A, as well as the sports festival occurring in nearly rapid succession, the 1-A students seemed to have forgotten the fact that they were still only just heroes in training and were far from being pro heroes. It was understandable to be nervous, but they shouldn’t dwell over everything when they still had more than two years left before they could even begin to think about going pro.

The match that followed the class rep showdown ended with a similar outcome to the previous one. Kaminari was up against the vine haired Shiozaki of 1-B. To the irritation of Midoriya, Ochako watched as their yellow haired classmate immediately decided to fire off his maximum voltage the moment the match started. She heard the greenette muttering mostly to himself about how Kaminari needed to learn restraint along with a list of other things as his opponent quickly countered the electrical surge and defeated him easily after the boy went over his limit. The result handed a second victory in a row for class 1-B over 1-A.

“1-2 in head to head matches against class 1-B, kero?” commented Tsuyu out loud as class 1-A heard the triumphed cheers of the other hero course students in their observation deck. “I have to say I’m rather surprised.”

“So only Midori had managed to beat one of them this far huh?” asked Ashido rhetorically.

“It appears that our peers in 1-B are truly a force to be reckoned with…” continued Tokoyami.

“Yeah… but Kirishima is up next! He should be able to beat that silver-haired boy from 1-B, right?” replied the pink girl. “That will make our head to head matches 2-2!”

“I hope you’re right…” commented Sero.

Ochako didn’t hear the rest of the conversation as she had to start preparing for her own match against Bakugo. Class 1-A’s resident explosive blonde had already left their class’ observation desk a little while ago, and with the match before her own about to start, Ochako needed to make her way to the waiting room so that she would be able to work up a strategy. She quickly stood up out of her seat in the stands and began to walk towards her destination, trying to keep herself calm as she prepared her resolve for what she had planned to do ever since she saw her name across for Bakugo’s on the display board.

‘I won’t get a better change than this. My suspicions about what he is to Midoriya… I’m going to make him tell me. I don’t care if I have to beat it out of him… he’s going to tell me what their relationship is. Does he even know the amount of pain Midoriya is in? Does he even care?’ thought the girl as she began to feel anger and determination flow through her veins. Ochako thought back to yesterday, how she found her classmate throwing his bloody fists into a wall before breaking down and crying into her shoulder. Midoriya… she just remembered him looking so broken…

“I getting to the bottom of this… one way or another…” Ochako whispered to herself.

She opened the door to her waiting room, catching sight of the television screen that was showing the fight between Kirishima and that Tetsutetsu boy from 1-B. Both had activated their quirks across their whole bodies as they hammered away at each other in the center of the ring. Neither boy seemed to have an advantage, and Ochako quickly realized that this fight might take a while. She opted to use her extra time strategize.

‘Bakugo is obviously stronger than me when it comes to raw strength, but I have an advantage in that if I’m able to touch him with all five of my fingers, he will have his gravity removed and will be an easier target to knock out of bounds. He will obviously know that… he will try to use his explosions to keep me away from him…’ she was interrupted by a sudden knock on the doorway behind her.

“H-hey Uraraka…” came the voice of Midoriya as Ochako caught sight of the boy in the doorway. “I wanted to wish you good luck…”

Ochako smiled in happiness at her classmate before recognizing that it seemed like the boy wanted to say more but was hesitant to continue. “Thanks Midoriya!” she began in her usual bubbly attitude. “Is there something else?”

She watched as the boy shifted his weight between his feet, continuing to act rather nervous, “It’s just… you’re going to be fighting against Bakugo, and after what happened yesterday…” the boy trailed off as Ochako began to realize where he was going with this. “I don’t want you to think you have to-”

“Midoriya, I’m going to confront him about it.” She watched at the boy jerked his head upwards to stare at her in shock with his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. The boy quickly turned into a concerned stuttering mess as panic began to overtake him.

“N-no you can’t do that! Uraraka, p-please… you shouldn’t-” he was cut off before he could get another word out.

“It’s something I have to do Midoriya. You’re my friend, and what I saw yesterday… I need to get some answers, answers I can’t ask you for because they would just hurt you more. I’ll keep my promise to you and not spill the details, at least not until we talk about it.” Ochako looked at the boy with a determined look forcing him to accept that she had made up her mind on the subject.

For a time, a steady silence passed between the two hero course students as they continued their standoff. Ochako could see the battle being fought in the boy’s eyes as he tried to decide whether he would continue trying to convince her to reconsider, or just accept her decision. In a brief moment, she saw a mask of fear move its way across the boy’s face before Midoriya moved right back to his shocked and slightly horrified expression. After what seemed like a long time, the standoff was interrupted by the announcement of Present Mic.


The 1-A students heard the cheers of the crowd echo through the halls of the stadium as they looked at one another. Each remained where they were, only moving when Present Mic finally asked for the next contestants to make their way to the arena for the final match of the first round. Taking a deep breath, Ochako began to move toward her classmate on her way out of the waiting room, she was stopped just before the entrance when the boy suddenly reached out and tightly grabbed her hand with his own, somehow avoiding touching all five of her fingertips.

“Please… just be careful…” came the quiet voice of Midoriya that was no louder than a whisper.

As a show of comfort, Ochako smiled back at the boy, although he wasn’t looking at her, and returned his squeeze around his own hand before saying, “I will… I promise.” She felt the boy’s grip release itself and Ochako quickly began to make her way to the entrance to the arena.


Ochako watched at Bakugo made his way up the stairs at the far end of the arena and began walking towards her. Taking one last deep breath, she took her first step outside of the stadium tunnel and began to walk out to meet him in the arena.


Taking their stances across from on another, Ochako returned the intense glare of her explosive classmate as she waited for Midnight to begin the match. Bakugo was eyeing her with a look of indifference as she heard him muttering something along the lines of ‘not being worth his time’.

‘We’ll see about that…’ thought the brown-haired girl.

Eyeing the referee preparing to give the signal to begin the match, Ochako took one last deep breath while she prepared to ask her opponent the question she had had on her mind almost ever since she had found Midoriya punching that wall in the alley outside the arcade.

“BEGIN!” exclaimed Midnight.

“What did you do to Midoriya when you guys were younger?” asked Ochako to the blonde right after she heard the start of the fight. She only saw a moment of shock registering on the boy’s face before it turned into one of pure rage as Ochako suddenly found herself consumed by the loud blasting of explosions and feeling of fire surrounding her.

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The crowd spectators watched as a large explosion blasted into existence between Ochako and Bakugo, courtesy of the blonde. The gravity girl was thrown backwards tumbling over herself as she tried to get her feet back under her. She wasn’t burned, at least not yet, but her ears were already ringing, and she had more than a handful of scrapes. Maybe poking the hornet’s nest wasn’t such a great idea.

“Listen here, Round Face…” came the voice of Bakugo from across the arena. He wasn’t talking in his normal loud and accusatory tone, no, this was very cold and collected. “I’ll say it once and only once. Drop it. Never ask me about that again if you know what’s good for you.” The boy stood before her with a look of pure malice, likely in an attempt to intimidate her, but Ochako wasn’t going to stop.

“And why would I do that?” she said back, getting herself back into her fighting stance. “My friend is suffering! I know you know something!” she charged at the boy, preparing to throw a punch at him as she closed the distance.

Another explosion was fired from the blonde, knocking Ochako backwards again while Bakugo shouted an angry response, “So what if I know anything?! Your shitty extra ass has no place poking your nose where it doesn’t belong! It’s time I reminded you of the extra that you are!”

Ochako wanted to argue more with the blonde, but she had difficulty getting anything out over the next few minutes as she did her best to dodge and avoid the explosions that he sent her way. It appeared that she had seriously ticked the blonde off, at least far enough that he was willing to risk engaging her directly for a time. The gravity girl did her best, avoiding any critical blow, but was unable to completely avoid Bakugo’s attacks as she started to accumulate more scrapes, small burns and bruises as the match continued.

She did however catch a break when she took advantage of a small window of opportunity to touch the boy. Ochako was unable to make contact with all five of her fingers, but she got close enough to scare Bakugo into backing off from her and getting some distance between them. Cursing internally, Ochako realized that it was going to be harder to get another chance like that again, but she welcomed the brief pause in engagement so that she could catch her breath.

“Do… do you have any idea how much pain that Midoriya is in? Do you even know how bad he has it?!” she argued to the boy. “Yesterday, when a large group of us went to the arcade to hang out and just have a good time before the Sports Festival, we crossed paths with a group of your former classmates. They called him that same horrible nickname that you use!”

Ochako took a moment to calm herself as she began to feel her emotions attempt to take control of her, what disgusted and angered her even more was that Bakugo seemed to be indifferent about what she had just said. He didn’t even respond, which just caused the girl to lose even more respect for the boy as she continued her rant.

“How are you so indifferent about this?! Do you know how much he is suffering? It hurts me just remembering it sometimes!” she exclaimed.

She saw the boy begin to twitch in anger, “That useless nerd should feel that way! He’s just a useless pebble at my foot that I can kick away or step over anytime I want! I could care less about what is happening to him.”

It took a lot for Ochako to not rush the boy in anger right then and there, luckily part of her was still thinking rationally and reminded her of her plan. She couldn’t let herself slip up, not if she wanted to defeat the blonde and get what she wanted out of him. Balling her hands in into fists, she took another moment to asses her position thus far before continuing the fight. She moved to attack the boy once more, changing how she came at him as well as looking for any openings to catch him off guard and deliver a finishing blow.

Ochako continued to be knocked backwards over and over again, she could begin to hear the negative jeers of the crowd expressing their opinions towards her opponent and his conduct, but she didn’t let that distract her from her objective. Victory was still within her grasp. Painting and forcing herself to keep going despite her exhaustion, she charged the boy once more. It boosted her confidence seeing the blonde also beginning to show signs of exhaustion as she neared him again.

“I know what you are Bakugo! You may think that you’re a promising aspiring hero, but you’re just a brute that scoffs at even the basic well-being of others!” yelled the girl.


In his ranting, Bakugo blasted the ground around him prematurely, creating a large cloud of smoke around him that obstructed his view of the brunette. Clenching his teeth in anger, the boy began to dart his eyes around rapidly as he waited for the girl to reveal herself from the smoke. A moment later, he saw the outline of the girl emerging in his peripherals at around his five o’clock. Acting on instinct, he turned and blasted her with enough force to launch her out of the ring, safety be damned. His eyes widened when he realized that it wasn’t Ochako that he blasted, but rather only the top part of her P.E uniform.

“Gotcha!” exclaimed Ochako as she emerged right behind the boy and pressed her fingers onto him. Feeling the activation of her quirk, Ochako smiled as she relished her success.

“GET YOU’RE HANDS OFF ME YOU ROUND FACE BITCH!” yelled Bakugo as he whipped around to the surprise of the girl. In a moment that Ochako could only express as pure shock, she watched as Bakugo twisted himself around and blasted her point blank in the stomach and sent her flying backwards towards the ground. Ochako felt the wind get knocked out of her as she ragdolled across the arena, but luckily stayed in bounds.

‘H-how?’ she thought to herself. ‘I got him… I know I did.’

She looked up to see the blonde’s P.E shirt flapping sporadically in the wind as it seemed to only be able to anchor itself around Bakugo’s arms. Ochako’s eyes widened in realization that she had made the mistake of assuming her victory before making sure that she confirmed her success. She had made full contact, but only with the boy’s shirt and not his actual body, she failed to remove Bakugo’s gravity.

“Nice try Round Face… but I’m not losing to some shitty extra today…” replied Bakugo with a maniacal smile.

Gritting her teeth and ignoring the pain throughout her body, Ochako rose to her feet and stared the boy down. They remained where they were, each painting considerably while Ochako displayed much more physical damage. Taking one last deep breath, Ochako raised her hands in front of her, fingers only a small distance apart as they began to noticeably shake a bit.

“Thank you Bakugo…” began the girl as a small smile stretched her face, much to the boy’s confusion. “If you didn’t push your limits like you did, my backup plan wouldn’t have been as daunting.” There was another moment of silence as Bakugo still seemed to have no idea what was going on, much to his own anger.

“Release!” exclaimed Ochako, feeling the physical drain of using her quirk flood her body. She pressed her fingertips together and looked up to the sky, holding her smile the whole time.

‘I may not have been able to match you in close combat Bakugo, but this should even our playing field when it comes to quirk usage!’ thought the girl.

Bakugo felt gravity return to his P.E. shirt before he followed the girl’s gaze. He wouldn’t admit it, but when he saw what both she and the entire stadium was looking at, there was a noticeable lever of fear bubbling in his chest. For above him, there was more than a hundred fist sized pieces or rubble that had just been allowed to free fall right on top of him.


Ochako stood where she was as she watched her ace in the hole barrel towards Bakugo as it reached terminal velocity. The concussive blast of the boy’s explosions meeting the falling debris from the arena shook the entire stadium and nearly threw Ochako off her feet as she began moving towards her struggling opponent. One final blast, much larger and more powerful and larger than the others, escaped the boy’s hands as he launched the remainder of the falling debris away from him.

The crowd watched as the smoke dissipated, revealing the explosive blonde painting heavily and on his knees about twenty meters away from the gravity girl. Ochako slowly moved one foot after another forward as she forced herself closer and closer to Bakugo, who was struggling to get back to his feet.

“S-stay… Stay away from me! You…you’re just a weak extra! You can’t beat me!” exclaimed Bakugo as he continued to fail to get back to his feet. Ochako continued to inch closer, beginning to feel lightheaded as she felt the initial signs of both physical and quirk exhaustion begin to envelop her.

“I’m not weak,” declared Ochako as she looked directly into the eyes of the boy. If she wasn’t so exhausted, she would have defiantly not missed the fear that was creeping into his eyes. “and neither is Midoriya.” Ochako moved closer, now less than ten meters away from her opponent, the entire stadium was deathly silent as they prepared for the final moments of their match.

“Stop! Stay away from me!” repeated Bakugo, there was a small level of panic in his words. He had still been unable to reach his feet, still on one of his knees as he attempted to push himself to stand.

Ochako moved closer, limping forward with every passing second as she focused on finishing the job she came for. She was tired, so very tired, but she couldn’t stop, not now. She pushed on, nearly at her objective before she finally succumbed to her exhaustion and injuries and passed out, falling forward and landing not even one meter from the kneeling boy.

Midnight after rushing up to the fallen girl and making sure she was indeed unconscious before giving her announcement, “Ochako Uraraka is unable to continue! Katsuki Bakugo is the winner!” she exclaimed.


“Uraraka fought extremely well given her disadvantage in quirk and in combat prowess. She should fell very proud of her accomplishment’s in today’s events. Had she fought anyone else, she would have had a much better chance at making the next round,” added Aizawa.

All Bakugo could do in that moment was stare at the unconscious girl in complete shock as he tried to recover from the fact that she had nearly defeated him. This wasn’t supposed to be happening! He was Katsuki Bakugo, the next number one hero! How could he have almost lost to such a weak extra?! What was happening?! He didn’t know what was going on, but there were so many thoughts and emotions going through his head at that moment, that he was glad that he wouldn’t have to be on camera for a while after that. He needed a moment to think.


Match 9: Izuku Midoriya vs Hitoshi Shinso

Match 10: Shoto Todoroki vs Tenya Iida

Match 11: Itsuka Kendo vs Ibara Shiozaki

Match 12: Eijiro Kirishima vs Katsuki Bakugo



Izuku felt the dull feeling of numbness flow over his body as he walked towards the infirmary wing of the stadium. He couldn’t even think straight as he recalled his last conversation with Uraraka right before her match with Bakugo, as well as their match itself. How could he when the girl’s actions had shocked him to his very core? She had told Izuku that she was going to confront Bakugo about their shared past, that she was going to stand up to Bakugo for him. No one had ever done that for him, not his former classmates, teachers, or even any other student at Aldera.

Up until now, Izuku had remained friendly to his classmates in 1-A, but ultimately tried to keep all of them at an arm’s length. Despite the efforts of many of them declaring they were friends, Izuku didn’t think of it the same way. To put it simply, he didn’t trust them. He couldn’t be sure they wouldn’t turn on him like all the others did after spending enough time under Bakugo’s influence. It had obviously been taking a lot longer for the students of 1-A to flip on him compared to the boy’s previous classmates, but Izuku was always sure that it would happen eventually. Uraraka threw a wrench in that.

‘I only went to talk to her before her match to because I didn’t want Uraraka to get the idea that Imari’s actions yesterday were influenced by Bakugo,’ thought Izuku. ‘I just assumed that she would give off one of her cheerful smiles and happily brush it off. I never expected her to do this… it’s not like anyone would want to confront Bakugo about something…’

Instead of doing what everyone else would do, Uraraka seemed to have actually hardened her resolve to not be pushed around by Bakugo’s explosive personality. The way she had spoken to him before her match, with such determination, it left Izuku speechless.

“It’s something I have to do Midoriya. You’re my friend, and what I saw yesterday… I need to get some answers, answers I can’t ask you for because they would just hurt you more. I’ll keep my promise to you and not spill the details, at least not until we talk about it.”

‘Maybe she really does care…’ thought Izuku. ‘Maybe U.A. really will be different… Maybe, I can find people who can really be friends with me and start over…’

Izuku was going to have to do some hard thinking when the sports festival was over. Opening up to people, it was not going to be easy. He had closed himself off from nearly everyone his own age, believing that they were no different than those at Aldera. If he was really going to open up to people again there would be may things he would have to go through first. However, that was for another time, and possibly needed to be brought up to Hound Dog during their still required weekly sessions. Right now, Izuku needed to check on his… friend.

‘Yeah, thinking that she’s my friend… even though she definitely deserves it… it just feels so wrong,’ he thought to himself.

Pulling his focus out from his thoughts, Izuku rounded the corner, bringing himself to the entrance of his destination. He spotted Recovery Girl off to the side treating someone Izuku didn’t recognize, receiving a nod from the Youthful Heroine as he entered. Scanning the room, Izuku finally found Uraraka sitting mostly upright as she leaned back on of the beds. She was obviously showing signs of exhaustion, but the girl still held that bubbly cheerful smile of hers. Her face had a piece of gauze taped to a spot on her cheek located in a similar spot to Izuku’s own facial scar from their first day of combat training, also courtesy of Bakugo.

“Oh, Midoriya!” came the cheerful voice of the girl. “You came to see me? Aren’t you in the next match though?”

“There is a bit of time before it starts,” replied Izuku. “I… I know how Bakugo can be… I wanted to make sure that you were alright…” he scratched the back of his head nervously as he said the last bit.

Seeing the girl face to face reminded Izuku of what had transpired during her fight with his former tormentor. He tried to convince himself that it wasn’t happening, but it was pretty clear that Bakugo was far angrier than his normal attitude and was upping the power of his explosions when he attacked her. It was by no means life threatening or abusive, but the boy clearly using more juice than was necessary. Knowing that it was because Uraraka was trying to stand up for him, and seeing her like that caused Izuku more pain than he had felt in a long time, rivaling the moments when Izuku would try to be supportive to his broken-hearted mother when his father was brought up.


useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless…

useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless… useless… worthless…


The guilt he felt sparked the voices to life in his head, it was nothing he couldn’t handle though. For whatever reason, they didn’t seem as potent this time, but that didn’t mean they weren’t affecting the boy. For the first time since he could remember, Izuku had been unable to keep Bakugo from hurting someone else. He had done it so many time in the Aldera school yard that he had lost count, part of him wondered why he did it, he could have just as easily not gotten involved and avoid getting explosions to the face from the blonde, but he just couldn’t do it.

He spoke up again before Uraraka attempted to respond to his previous statement, “I’m sorry… you got hurt because of me… I don’t want you to get tied up in my problems.”

“Enough Midoriya,” came the reply from Uraraka, much to the boy’s shock. “This was my choice, a stupid one at that. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time but trying to confront Bakugo about your past with him wasn’t going to get me or you anywhere. I see that now.”

Izuku could only blink dumbfounded at the girl. He didn’t know what to say, heart to heart communication wasn’t exactly his forte. The girl sitting before him had not only gotten into a fight way beyond her pay grade given his relationship with her but didn’t even seem slightly remorseful about it. In fact, Izuku could only see slight disappointment in herself that she hadn’t been able to get the answers she wanted out of Bakugo, which Izuku was secretly happy about.

He swallowed hard before replying, “I-I guess your right… I’ll try to let it go, but all of this is so new to me… someone standing up to him…” there was a moments pause before Izuku continued, where he struggled to get the two words out that he so desperately wanted to say to someone for so long. “… Thank you.”

He could feel the cracks spreading in the walls that he had built between himself and the rest of the world, and for the first time since their construction, Izuku considered letting them fall to dust as he sat down next to Uraraka’s bed. The girl continued to smile at him in her cheerful way, now sitting up straight as she turned to look directly at the boy.

“Midoriya, there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while, but I refused to go through with it after out first interaction…” she trailed off as both of them recalled their first day of class when she had first called him by his terrible nickname. “You can refuse to answer if you want, but I just can’t stop myself from asking anymore. Your nickname, does it have something to do with the fact that you were supposedly quirkless for so long?”

Izuku held the girls gaze as he registered her question, for the first time in a long time, he wasn’t filled with the anger, pain or any other of the negative emotions he felt when his nickname was brought up. He knew he had to tell her, it was the least he could do to make up for what she had to go through with Bakugo. He took a deep breadth before speaking.

“Yeah, it does. As I told you yesterday, I was diagnosed as quirkless until very recently when I suddenly developed my quirk,” he began. “As you probably know, the kanji of my first name can also be read as ‘Deku’ or ‘useless’ when my classmates found out I didn’t have a quirk, they began calling me that to always remind me that was just the quirkless, useless Deku…”

The girl could see the pain in his eyes as he spoke, becoming slightly emotional herself when she got confirmation that her suspicions about Izuku’s horrible nickname were correct. There were many other things that she wanted to ask him, but it appeared that she was content with just that information for now.

“That must have been horrible… to go through so much of your life like that, being ridiculed because of something you couldn’t control yet it was used to define you… I can’t even imagine.”

“It was, but I got through it, and now I only have to deal with Bakugo saying it which I’ve basically become desensitized to at this point after everything that’s happened at U.A,” continued Izuku. “I was afraid when you called me it the first time. I thought that the rest of our classmates would follow suit and start calling me it too, but I guess I was wrong. You even apologized to me.”

“I course I would!” exclaimed Uraraka. “I insulted you when I had no idea what I was saying! I never intended you hurt you when I said it! I thought it was a complement…”

Izuku perked up at that, “A complement?! What in the world would make you think that?”

He saw Uraraka look away from him and twirl her fingers in front of her, “To me… it sounded like a shortened version of ‘Dekiru’, you know, ‘you can do it!’. I wanted to use it as a complement about how far ahead of me you seemed to be at the time. You smashed the zero-pointer with one punch for god sake!”

Izuku just stared back at the girl, not quite being able to handle what she was saying. His nickname, being used as a complement? He never even fathomed that could ever happen. Whenever he heard the damn thing all he could remember was Bakugo standing above him after one of his usual beatings, leaving Izuku injured and usually crying.

“I-I don’t know what to say…” he said to her finally.

“No! it’s ok! There is no way that I could call you by it now. Not after everything that has happened,” replied Uraraka as she flailed her arms around her. Additional moments of silence followed the girls comment before they were interrupted by Recovery Girl walking up to the duo.

“Sorry about this sonny, but I need to give her another look over. You also need to get back to the stadium for your next match.”

“R-right, I’m glad you’re ok Uraraka. I’ll see you later,” voiced Izuku before standing up and making his way out of the infirmary wing. The girl watched him go, praying internally that she had said the right thing to him this time.

“Don’t fret about him too much dearie, he’s built a lot tougher than he looks, even if he does try to hide and gloss over many of his own problems,” continued Recovery Girl.

Ochako watched as her classmate rounded the corner out of sight, she was still very worried about him, but she decided it was best to leave him be for the time being. Afterall, she still had a phone call to make to her parents.



Before Izuku made it to the waiting room to prepare for his next match, he was stopped just outside the door by someone he knew all too well.

“What do you want Bakugo?” he told the blonde.

Bakugo pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on, walking right up to Izuku until he was almost right in front of the boy. It was obvious that he wanted something from the greenette, but Izuku had no idea what it was. Their eyes remined locked on to one another, Izuku holding his stoic face while Bakugo was clenching his teeth in anger.

“You told her how to fight me, didn’t you?” came an angry grunt from the blonde.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Don’t play games with me shitty Deku!” yelled Bakugo. “You told Round Face how she needed to fight me, that’s how she almost beat me! No way that shitty extra is smart enough to come up with that shit alone. Only you are smart enough to come up with a plan like that.”

If Izuku wasn’t so occupied with his anger towards his tormentor, he might have been surprised at the fact that Bakugo just complemented him, but unfortunately the ‘Explosion’ user’s outburst sparked a rage induced mantra from the voices instead.


make him pay… make him pay… make him pay… make him pay… make him pay…

make him pay… make him pay… make him pay… make him pay… MAKE HIM PAY!!!


It took all of Izuku’s willpower to not explode and lose control right then and there. He took a calming breath and clenched his fists to his sides as he prepared to rebuke the boy’s claim.

“Let me spell this out for you Bakugo. I… did not… tell her… anything… What Uraraka did, that was all her. I had no part in it. You want to make excuses, go ahead, you would only be lying to yourself anyway. U.A. isn’t Aldera, your classmates aren’t extras, they’re heroes-in-training, just like you.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it!” argued Bakugo. “If you didn’t tell her squat, then why did she ask me about what happened between us in the past?! You obviously told her you’re sally sob story and then gave her knowledge on me!”


Izuku huffed as he registered both statements, he walked past Bakugo on his way to the tunnel entrance to the stadium, not even looking back as the boy as he went.

“Think what you want Bakugo, but here’s a piece of advice. When you call someone a nickname that means useless, and those around you don’t share the same opinion of that person, that leads to those people asking questions…” Izuku rounded the corner as he finished the statement, hearing the inaudible yelling of his classmate echoing in the hallway from around the corner.

‘I’ve got bigger things to worry about at the moment,’ thought Izuku. ‘Like focusing on staying out of Shinso’s brainwashing control. Will he still use it even though he knows I know how to counter it? No, that’s ridiculous. He’s going to try and say something to get a reaction out of me. Either way, I need to get ready…’

As Izuku mentally prepared himself for the fight, his body continued to bring him closer to the tunnel entrance. Soon he had stepped out into the light of the mid-afternoon, hearing the cheers of the thousands of onlookers echo across the large stadium. He eyed Shinso already standing in the arena next to Midnight, eyeing him with a calculated expression as he waited for their match to begin.


The crowd grew even louder at the mention of his name, being almost deafening as Izuku finally made it to his spot across from Shinso on the other side of Midnight. He nodded to his opponent, trying to give the boy a sign of respect and acknowledgement as they waited for Present Mic to announce him as well.


The crowd was noticeably lower in volume level, but still quite loud as the mention of Shinso’s name. Perhaps the purple haired boy had gained a respectable following after making it to the final eight. Shinso looked at Izuku with a look of seriousness before opening his mouth to talk.

“Understand, I will do whatever it takes to win. Even if I have to throw my own allies under the bus to do it. I will make it into the hero course…” he said to Izuku with narrowed eyes, only to receive a smile back from the boy in reply. Both boys prepared for a fight as they felt the seconds of peacefulness quickly tick away.

“BEGIN!” exclaimed Midnight.

Izuku immediately fired up his quirk as far as he could go and charged at Shinso. He knew that the more time the boy had to attempt forcing a verbal response out of him would work to the purpleette’s advantage, so he focused on ending the match as quickly as possible. Within moments, Izuku had closed the distance between them and tackled the boy to the ground, rolling with the momentum as he tried to asses whether he was going to try and pin Shinso to the ground and make him yield, or try and throw him out of the ring.

“Someone like you will never understand what it’s like,” came the voice of Shinso. The way the boy said it actually caused Izuku to lose focus for a second and drop his grip on the boy, causing the two to separate. “I bet everyone admired you for that quirk of yours, just like they were doing just now. I bet everyone praised you for it, telling you what an awesome hero you could be.”

‘If only you knew…’ thought Izuku. The only reason he was actually stopping and listening to the boy’s words was because of their irony, especially since Izuku knew why Shinso was saying this.

“I was always told I would be a villain with this cursed quirk. Some days I just wished that I was quirkless so I could avoid the torment and rejection.” Izuku flinched at that, recalling his own memories of the past.

“But screw them all, I’ll show them. I’m going to win this thing, make it into the hero source, and prove them all wrong,” continued Shinso. “and what better way to ensure my victory than have you help me…” Izuku raised an eyebrow while Shinso smirked.


If Izuku hadn’t already been holding onto the anger he had felt towards Bakugo from their conversation moments ago, he wouldn’t have snapped. However, after so much exhaustion both mentally and physically, having to deal with Todoroki and recovering from Imari, he slipped up and responded to that cursed name without thinking.


Hitoshi smiled as he felt the effects of his quirk take hold of Midoriya. Relishing in his victory, he pushed himself back to his feet and was about to command the boy to walk out of the arena… but then he stopped when felt the cold chill running up his spine. He turned immediately back to his captive and was both confused and considerably terrified as he caught sight of the greenette still sparking the green lightning of his quirk with glazed over eyes and a maniacal grin stretching across his face. Hitoshi began shaking in fear when he also began feeling a sickening aura of killing intent leaking from the boy.

‘W-what is going on?’ he thought to himself. ‘This had never happened before… I have control of his mind! I know I do!’

Before the purpleette could decide on what to do next, Midoriya suddenly lurched his head forward and began gasping for air for a few moments. After a moment of recovery, Midoriya began looking at his hands for some reason, twisting and turning them over in front of his lowered face and flexing his fingers. Hitoshi was confused, he could still feel his quirk’s control over Midoriya, but the boy appeared to still be reacting normally. Just what was going on here?

“Well… this is rather interesting and unexpected. Can’t wait for the kiddo to explain this one to Toshi…” came the voice from Midoriya. However, it sounded off. It was like Hitoshi was hearing Midoriya’s voice, but there was also some kind of additional voice that was either mixed in or was overlapping the boy’s normal voice when he spoke. Things were just getting weirder.

“Midoriya, what the hell in going on?” Hitoshi asked to the hunched over boy, having seemingly forgotten about both the fight and using his quirk again.

“Oh the kiddo isn’t home right now, I can take a message for ya if ya want,” came the strange mixed voice again from the greenette. Hitoshi was about to say something else but was shocked into speechlessness when Midoriya raised his head to meet his gaze. The boy’s eyes… they were no longer their emerald green color, they were gray… and they were glowing…



From up in the executive box, Toshinori Yagi widened his eyes in shock when he saw his successor rise back up before young Shinso. He had looked up what the quirk was of the purple haired boy well before the match had started and was now realizing that young Midoriya had likely fallen under the control of young Shinso’s brainwashing quirk. However, he nearly ley out a loud gasp when he saw the pose his successor shifted into when he got to his feet.

‘That stature… leaning back… hands on the hips at either side… chest puffed out… he looks like…’



In an old rundown apartment sat and old man watching the crappy broadcast of the U.A. Sports Festival that was given by his run down television. Sorahiko lightly pulled at the whiskers on his chin as he glanced between his microwaved lunch and the broadcast. He had figured out pretty quickly that the green haired 1-A boy was Toshinori’s successor, not that Nana’s pupil had ever told him about the now 9th successor of One For All, the power similarity was just obvious.

The old man dropped his lunch tray and quickly rushed closer to the television when he saw the familiar pose the 9th wielder was giving off, “Impossible, that stance… it’s exactly like…”



“W-who are you? You’re not Midoriya!” accused Hitoshi, clearly very confused and off put at what he was seeing. This was a first for him, and part of him was afraid that he had just done something unfixable to Midoriya.

“Me?” replied the body of Midoriya still using that weird voice. “Well, you wouldn’t know who I am even if I introduced myself. Society’s changed and its been too long anyway, not that I care. You right though purple hair, I ain’t Izuku Midoriya.”

Hitoshi gulped as his fears were beginning to be realized, “T-then… w-who are you?”

The face of Midoriya shifted into a smile, “The name’s Nana Shimura.”