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It's All Fun and Games: Boku no Hero Academia Oneshots

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It had taken you awhile to decide to go through with the purchase in the first place. You had tried it on, on a whim really, joking with your friends about the cut and the little sailor like buttons on the front (who puts buttons on a swimsuit?). Well it had all been fun and games until you actually saw it on yourself in the changing room mirror…it was horribly, awfully…wonderfully flattering. You had to do a double take, do a little turn and spin to make sure that you weren’t mistaken. Nope you looked absolutely perfect in it.

It hugged all of your luscious soft curves in all the right places, showed off just the right amount of your plump ass and pushed up your generous breasts just enough to be teasing but not over the top. 

When you had stepped out of the changing room, the look of surprise still on your face your friends all gasped. 

“Oh my god Y/n … It looks so good?” one said

“Are you sure that’s the same suit?” asked the other, squinting at the material.

You did a little turn around for them, grinning.

“So …the boyfriend” the first quipped and gave you a thumbs up and a wink. “Are you even going to get to the beach in that? I bet it ends up on your bedroom floor before you even hit the surf and the sun.” your other friend slapped her arm playfully, telling her not to be such a filthy sinner.

You had laughed, but in the back of your mind you couldn’t help but hope there is some truth to her prediction.  

“I’m buying it.” you said with certainty.



That had been just last weekend and with the weather already a scorcher outside; while Toshinori still wasn’t one to go out in public in his true form, especially in swimwear he was content to join you at the beach. Most of the time he would just wear one of his simple white t-shirts and swim shorts anyway so that he could join you in the water without too many nosy onlookers staring. His scars were still a sore spot for him despite the support and gratitude of the general public. You of course were always there to give his hand a little squeeze and give him an adoring smile when you could tell he was feeling anxious. That man was just the sun to you, your wonderful sunflower man.

…Though as you stare down at the swimsuit laying crisply across your shared bed you couldn’t help but feel a little anxious yourself…

What if it didn’t look as good as you thought it did? or what if it was just a bit much?

You chewed on your lower lip as you mull over your thoughts; a quiet knock on the bedroom door jars you from your worried musings.

“Y/n…Is everything alright?” you hear Toshinori ask gently from the other side of the door.  

“Yes, why? because you are here!” you couldn’t help it, you almost slap your hand over your mouth as soon as it came out.

There was a pause and then chuckling that grew into a full laugh.

“Sorry I’m almost done!” you call out as your boyfriend continues to laugh.

“Take your time.” he manages and you hear the sound of his footsteps and laughter retreating.

You shake your head at yourself…well it was his fault really, for having such a catchy phrase. Sighing you turn back to the swimsuit, hands on your hips; it was now or never…

You adjust the breast area of your suit as you walk down the hallway; even with the AC on full blast the floor still felt sticky and hot, you’ll be glad to cool off in the water. You can hear your boyfriend rummaging around in the kitchen and you take a steadying breath before entering the room.  

He’s finishing packing up a tote to take with you, just a few snacks and some bottles of water; he picks it up and moves to exit the room when he spots you.

For a moment you both just stare at each other; Toshinori’s gaze moving slowly up and down your form, heat rising in his cheeks; no doubt in yours as well.

Suddenly he coughs, quickly bringing his hand up to his mouth to stop the blood from splattering.

“Toshinori!” you say worriedly, your about to rush to his side when you hear him chuckle through his coughing and he shakes his head at you.

You pause and watch as he places the tote bag down before turning to grab a towel from the sink, wiping his hand and mouth clean of the blood. When he turns back to you his gaze is trained on you, something hot and weighty shining in his electric blue eyes.    

You watch him carefully as he moves towards you, you forget how graceful and balanced he can be and he looks like a large cat stalking it’s prey. He comes to stand in front of you, his large form towering over yours; slowly he reaches out and places his hands on your hips.

“This…You look absolutely lovely Y/n” he says finally, leaning over to press his forehead against your own.

You feel your cheeks heat up and you can’t help but giggle; he makes you feel like a school girl with a crush again.

“Thank you, I had hoped you would like it.” you reply, basking in his affection.

“I love it, I really do…” the pads of his thumbs are working circles against the material of your suit. “Y/n?”

You hum in response.

“I think we might need a little more time before we head off to the beach…that’s if…it’s alright with you?” always the gentleman, you absolutely love it.

“And…what do you have in mind before we head out?” you ask, reaching out to grip the hem of his over sized shirt.

He nudges his nose against your own, his lips just brushing yours.

“I think …It might work better if I show you.”

you shiver at his heated words and then his lips are on yours, pulling you into a searing and wonderfully slow kiss.

You sigh against him, feeling your knees shake, but it doesn’t take long for him to wrap his arms around you and pull you to his body. You moan into the kiss and he takes the opportunity to roll his tongue against your own. Your hands sneak up under his shirt, fingertips brushing against his narrow form, feeling his heated skin.

He pulls away from you suddenly and moves to nip at your neck, his fingers moving to pluck at the straps of your suit.

“Is this alright?” he breathes against your skin.

“Y-yes.” you reply shakily; definitely more than alright. You feel his finger tips dip underneath one of your shoulder straps.

“Can…can I take this off.” he kisses your neck lovingly. This man would be the death of you.

“Please.” you whisper back in reply.

He shifts slightly, pulling back from you so that he can pull the garment down. Every inch of soft skin he exposes he kisses lovingly. And when the suit pools at your feet he makes his way back up your body hands smoothing up your curves, lips brushing against you in adoration. Finally at his full height again he gazes down at you reverently and god if that doesn’t make you feel like some sort of goddess.

“Do you trust me?” he asks barely above a whisper.

“Of course.” you have zero hesitation.

You can’t help but gasp as he lifts you off your feet, taking two long strides over to the kitchen counter and setting you on it.

“I think this might make things a little easier.” he says with a small grin, you can’t help but laugh at his charm.

“Well I think things would be a lot easier if you lost the swim shorts.” You reply cheekily as your hand moves to cup his sizable bulge. He shivers at this and sucks in a shaky breath.

“I think you might be right.” he says, one hand moving to his shorts, the other moving to your thigh. With a quick shove, the shorts are falling from his narrow hips to the floor. You’re about to say something smart when he tugs you to the edge of the counter before dropping to his knees and gently pushing your generous thighs apart.

The sound you release is honestly a little embarrassing and you almost tell him to stop staring when his gaze flicks back up to meet yours.

“You’re so beautiful Y/n…” he says it like he’s in a dream.

It’s all you can do to grip his golden hair and moan out his name as he moves to lap at your folds.

“Oh Toshinori…” you moan shakily as his tongue rolls against you and his thumb comes to rub against your clit. His other hand grips the meat of your thigh, a pleasant pressure.

When it comes to your golden haired man, it never takes you long to cum, especially when his head is between your thighs and his striking eyes bore into you, taking in your shivering form. His fingers circle you tighter and his tongue dips into you and he has you screaming his name moments later, your thighs shaking in his grip.

He pulls back before it becomes to much, kissing your heated skin appreciatively.   He wipes his mouth on the back of his hand before standing, nudging himself in between your legs. Even though you just came, the sight of his impressive erection has your mouth watering and your stomach fluttering.

“Y/n.” he says softly and nuzzles his nose against your own, you sigh and try to press yourself closer to him.

You reach up and touch his collarbones, his chest, before moving down his body taking pleasure each time his muscles and skin jumps and twitches beneath your feather-light touches. Finally you move a hand down to his cock, fingers wrapping around the hot length of it; he releases a shaky moan and rests his head against your shoulder.

“Please Toshinori.” you whisper in his ear and you feel him nod against you. You help guide him to your dripping center and as he pushes in, you both shake and moan at the sensation.

Once he’s seated in you, stretching you to the brim he waits for a moment like he always does to allow you to adjust, and when you cant your hips forward just a bit he grips your plush hips and begins to move.

His movement is slow and languid and each push and pull of his hips has your mind reeling; he’s kissing at your neck and whispering sweet-nothings in your ear…it’s so perfect.

You move to grip is biceps and your other hand comes up to pet his hair, and he sighs at the contact, hips speeding up again. It isn’t long before his rhythm begins to falter and his breathing becomes heavier.

“Y/n…I-I’m close.” he shudders as you press the heels of your feet into the backs of his thighs. You crane your neck to bring your lips to his ear.

“Then come for me Toshinori.” you whisper, you’re already so close yourself.

With a surprised sputter and then a soft moan he presses forward, his hips shaking and you can feel him filling you up with his hot cum. His thumb is on you clit before you have time to register it and he’s working you towards your release.

Before he even finishes pumping the last of himself into you, your cumming with a whimper and stars in your eyes.

As you sit and collect yourself, Toshinori leans against you pleasantly. You feel a finger beneath your chin and he’s tipping you up into a lazy loving kiss that you can’t help but sigh into.

When you finally pull back a bead of sweat running from his temple down his cheek catches your attention and you chuckle, your thumb coming up to whisk it away.

“I guess we really should go to the beach to cool off now.” you say.

The smile he gives you is like the sun and the sparkle in his eyes as he laughs has your stomach doing flip-flops. God you love this man.

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You had known about this arrangement since childhood, and even in your youth you hated it. Your parents had cooed and commented with starry eyes how you and young Bakugou Katsuki would make a lovely couple. You had never met him but you already hated him, why should you marry someone you didn’t even know? It’s not that you wanted to marry for love…it’s that you didn’t want to marry at all; you thought it old fashioned and you could do just fine by yourself.

Well no matter how much you whined and complained (you even contemplated running off and sailing the seas as a fearsome bandit) the years came and went and on your eighteenth birthday your parents told you the exciting (not really) news that you would be making the long journey to see your betrothed for the very first time. Katsuki was a year older than you and you would have met him earlier but there was tension between his Kingdom and another and both of your parents had decided to put the meeting off. You had honestly hoped they would put it off forever but a-lass…

So a week after your birthday you find yourself shuffling into the royal carriage after much poking and prodding by your mother. You just hoped she hadn’t checked your luggage because you had forgone a lot of the dresses she had laid out for you in favor of your more breezy and comfortable clothing. If you are going to be stuck with an insufferable man you had never met you at least are going to be comfortable.

Normally you liked the trips you took in the carriage, especially when your father let you come along on his dignitary meetings in other Kingdoms (much to your mother’s displeasure.) He often joked with his colleagues that had you been a boy you would make a fine General and strategist; you didn’t understand why you couldn’t do that now…as a strong independent young lady.

You honestly didn’t mind when the royal party had to stop at an inn for the night. Your mother had insisted that they kept going, and would make good timing and arrive by mid afternoon, but your father said otherwise. To you it was kind of a mini adventure, anytime that you got to stay somewhere other than the Palace was a good time. Though you did briefly contempt running away and becoming a bard when you were left to your own devices after your parents and servants let you be for the night; you could after all play a mean lute.

You don’t end up running away and when morning comes you are back on the road, which honestly isn’t all that bad, at least the countryside is beautiful this time of year.  Though as the morning drags on into afternoon and the afternoon into evening, your heart and stomach clench uncomfortably…would this be the last time you would get to see the rolling green hills and distant forests? What if Katsuki was a royal ass and locked you away and refused to let you go anywhere or see anyone.

By the time your carriage is pulling through the gates of the Bakugou’s Palace and the Harold’s are joyfully announcing your party’s arrival, the sun is setting in the west and you are a ball of nerves.

Your mother is practically pulling you out of the carriage while your father gently pleads with you as a small greeting party titters and whispers in the courtyard of the palace.

“Y/n you are embarrassing your family.” your mother hisses as the Harold waits in confusion.

“I’m not going! I’m not getting married.” you reply through gritted teeth.

Your mother moves to grab your ear and tug you down out of the carriage when there is a sudden commotion. The crowd is murmuring and looking around in confusion, yelling and crashes can be heard from behind the Palace doors. Towards what you assume is the stables a horse whinnies and scuffling is heard. You crane your head out of the carriage leaning out of the doorway, your parents distracted as well.

Suddenly the crowd is gasping and people are tripping over themselves to get out of the way as a young man on a large white horse gallops past them; the doors to the Palace slam open just as the man rides out into the courtyard. A woman in a beautiful, ornate red dress stomps out, she does not look pleased.

“Katsuki! Get your ass back here!” you hear her scream, you however are no longer looking at her, favoring watching the blonde man ride past your carriage; your eyes briefly lock with his crimson ones before he’s out the gate and riding out into the town.

The crowd is talking again, louder this time and when you turn back the angry woman is joined by a gentle looking man, dressed just as ornately, and some very harried servants that appear to be trying to calm the woman down. In your distraction your mother grabs your ear and yanks you out of the carriage.

“Mooooommmmm.” you whine as she pulls you towards the castle, your father following behind looking as exasperated as your servants.

Once again the Harold announces you and your party and you bow begrudgingly with a glare from your mother. You realize that the two lavishly dressed individuals are King Masaru and Queen Mitsuki…so that means…what did she call the young man riding away on the horse? Oh…well maybe he wouldn’t come back, even if he was handsome.

The Queen angrily apologizes for her son’s behavior at dinner that night, you wonder if Katsuki takes after his mother’s personality as you watch her animated and fiery takedown of her son over a summer soup. Your mother equally apologizes for yours (you weren’t that bad, really), you earn a stern look when she catches you muttering around a mouth full of bread. Your father’s seem to bond over their exhaustion over the whole ordeal…At least dinner was good…well the food anyway.

Unfortunately Katsuki does come back late that night…

Your room is near the stables and garden and you can hear the soft clip clop of hooves and angry muttering as you sit at your vanity attempting to put your hair up for the night (the servants are always too rough).

Quietly you make your way to the window and look out; a shadow is moving down below and as your eyes adjust you can see that it’s none other than Katsuki trying to put his horse away quietly. You assume the stable boy must be asleep at this hour.

The young prince retreats into the sables for a moment, out of sight, and you almost decide to go to bed when the minutes drag on when you see him exiting the stable in a hurry, making a beeline for your side of the castle. When he grabs on to the vine covered trellis that passes by your window you realize he means to climb up it.

“Hey, just what do you think you’re doing?” you sputter, he nearly loses his hold and releases a surprised curse.

His head snaps up to look at you, his eyes wide in surprise for a moment, then he’s fixing you with a hard glare.

“Oi, who are you and what are you doing up there!” you think he wants to yell but knows he shouldn’t; his words come out in an annoyed hiss.

“Excuse me.” You begin haughtily, leaning against the cool stone of the window. “I’m Princess Y/n and this is my room.” you sniff and flip your hair.

He sputters at this.

“Well this is my Castle!” he calls back. “So move!” he starts climbing the trellis again; the nerve.

“Excuuuuuuse me but what makes you think your allowed in my room?” you call down to him.

“It’s my Castle!” he grunts out. “I’m not fucking going in the main door…my mom will kill me if she sees me.”

“She’ll just kill you tomorrow, you’re just delaying the inevitable.” you say flippantly.

“Shut up.” he hisses, he’s almost to your perch.

“You know I could just push you off when you get here.” you quip and he glares up at you…his eyes are…striking.

“You wouldn’t dare…” he grits. “And if I died you’d be so screwed.”

“I don’t think you’d die from this height.” you lean out of the window a little, looking down at the ground below. “Mmmmm maybe maimed but not dead.”

Then he’s next to you, hanging on the iron and vines of his makeshift ladder. Under his tunic you can see his biceps…well …they are certainly nice.

“Move over.” he barks, his face is kinda cute too.

“Or else?” you tease airily, giving him a smug grin.

His face scrunches up and yup…he’s cute goddamnit. He opens his mouth to say something but thinks better of it and growls. You roll your eyes and step back, allowing him to swing himself into the room; cursing and muttering to himself the whole time. You go to sit on the edge of your bed, finishing the braid in your hair boredly as he shuffles around and mumbles to himself.

“The hag totally did this on purpose.” he grumbles, that piques your interest.

“The hag?” you ask

He eyes you for a moment before continuing.

“My mother…she totally put you in this room because she knows I use it as a way to sneak back into the Castle when I sneak out. Ha! bet she was planning on me coming through the front door when I saw you here.” he’s talking more to himself; he’s rather smug.

“Yeah you totally showed her.” you roll your eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean Princess?!” he snaps back; wow he’s totally pouting.

“Nothing really, how long are you planning on staying in here? Not that I really care, but I bet it would cause a scandal if the servants saw.” you reply and his brow furrows as if in contemplation.

He spots your hooded cloak in your pile of luggage (you may have been digging through your clothes and you may have just let everything lay strewn across the floor).

“I’m taking this.” he throws the garment around his shoulder and pulls the hood up to shield his face.

“Pfffftttt. Like they are totally not going to notice you in that!” you guffaw at him.

“Shut up!” he bites and makes his way to the door.

“I want that back when you’re done!” you say as he cracks open the door and peeks out.

“Yeah, yeah.” he waves you off.

The coast must be clear because he’s slipping out the door without another word and you huff.

“You’re welcome!” you call out, you’re almost sure you hear a grumbled response but you can’t really make it out.

He’s really not that bad, he’s awfully prideful and full of himself, but he’s not a bad person and he’s not a mean person, despite his explosive personality. He certainly isn’t boring so he has that going for him; you don’t really mind his company and he doesn’t seem to mind yours. Though he still hasn’t given you your cloak back…

You hadn’t been happy when after a week of staying at the Bakugou’s Palace that your parents deemed it time for them to leave and for you to start a sort of ‘trial’.

Three Months… you had to stay here three months and get used to the idea of Katsuki being your husband; three months and you had to learn the workings of the Palace and her people. You had to stay here three months… and then what? You were a bit pissed when you ask and discovered that if the Bakugou’s deemed you an unfit match then you would be sent home. Jeez if that didn’t sound like a punishment; what if you deemed them unfit? was it a two way street?

Either way the morning your parents and your servants left you glared at them the whole time they waved their goodbyes at you as the carriage retreated from the palace and out of the courtyard. This was stupid…what were you supposed to do for three months, you really hoped it wasn’t awful.

Surprisingly (a rather pleasant surprise) Mitsuki didn’t seem to be the normal type of Queen and she actually appeared to do a lot of the ruling and her husband seemed rather content to leave it that way. You could definitely see where Katsuki got his attitude from. You got along with both of his parents rather well and you were so glad that your days did not include embroidering tapestries or trying on too tight dresses.

Katsuki even began letting you sit in on the mock battle and defense strategy meetings, something that your mother would have never encouraged and your father would have thought of as ‘cute’.

While Katsuki seemed interested in the overall aspect of strategy, he didn’t quiet seem to grasp it…his ideas were always so …boisterous. When presented with a real issue that the Captain of the Guard wanted to discuss it really was no different.

“We have been seeing an increase of bandits…rather organized and armed gathering along the southern boarder, the one we share with the Monoma Kingdom” The Captain explains pointing to the area on the war map. “It would be advised if we mobilized in some fashion sooner rather than later.”

He was prompting Katsuki to think about a possible solution before enacting one himself.

The Prince looks down at the map, gazing along the Southern boarder before grabbing a triangular marble idol from off the side of the map and placing it along the boarder. He grabs two more and placed them beside the first.

“Put some Trebuchets there…that will make them think twice.” he reasons confidently.

From his seat you hear his father sigh.

“What old man!?” Katsuki barks.

You ‘tsk’ and study the board.

“Yeah you have a better idea?” his attention is on you now and you stiffen.

“Sir, I don’t think that’s-” the Captain starts but is cut off.

“If she’s so smart I wanna hear it.” The blonde retorts, his stare fiery.

You straighten, taking is as an opportunity and a challenge; returning his heated stare you walk around to stand next to him. You gaze down at the map studying it for a few moments before removing the pieces Katsuki had placed down.

“While a Trebuchet or two would definitely be more than enough to scare them off…it might not be wise.” You reply and then point South beyond their boarder. “You share this boarder with the Monoma’s, which while at piece with them, your Captain has mentioned things are always a little tense.”

Katsuki grumbles at the mention of the name but doesn’t interrupt.

“Putting Trebuchets along your boarder could come off as a threat, something that wouldn’t be good…You have two old Windmills, here and here. “You say pointing to the map. “I’d say use them as a sort of barracks, that way you have guards along the boarder; it comes off as a lot less hostile. If you fix the mills up to produce grains, you can give work to your people, feed your guards without having to ship food down there and use the extra space in the mill to store equipment, should something escalate further.” Everyone is quiet for a moment and you wonder if you just came off as an idiot; then the Captain laughs.

“My goodness! Where did you find this young lady Masaru? She is quite keen!” he says.

You let out a breath, Katsuki is staring at you with wide eyes and you can’t help but feel proud. Masaru shakes his head and smiles.

“She’ll definitely make a fine Queen one day.” he replies with a kind smile.

As the meeting wraps up Katsuki still hasn’t said a word and your beginning to wonder if you ticked him off.

“Oi, Y/n” he calls out to you after everyone else has left and you stiffen.

“Yeah?” you reply cautiously as he walks over to you.

For awhile you both just stare at each other and it’s a bit unnerving.

“You’re pretty smart.” he says finally; is his face red? Is your face red?

“Uhhh thanks!” You reply, silence falls again.

“I mean Trebuchets are pretty cool though, I’ve always wanted to launch one.” you chuckle nervously, trying to come up with something else to say.

He’s grinning though so you must have said something right?

“Yeah? Well you should join me when they do a practice run next week, I’ll let you help launch one.” he says with a confident smile.

You baulk.

“What for real?” you sputter.

“Did I stutter?” he questions and you can’t help the massive grin that forms on your face.

He totally does let you help launch a Trebuchet and it’s amazing, he also lets you spar with a few of the men and try out archery while on horse back. Honestly you haven’t had this much fun in…well ….forever. Maybe sticking around wouldn’t be so bad.

It’s a week before your three months are up and honestly you hadn’t even noticed the time pass. You’re currently squeezed into an overly ornate dress at an overly stuffy party being held at the Castle much to your disliking. Mitsuki had expressed her dislike earlier in the evening but sadly (and a bit peevishly) said that you both had to dress accordingly…mostly due to the fact that there would be a bunch of rather stuffy lords and ladies there and unfortunately everyone had to make a good impression. Not only that but there would be King’s and Queen’s from other kingdoms as well…specifically the Monoma’s.

Most of the attendees weren’t that awful, in fact some were quiet a good time to be around, and you even got to see a few of your friends from neighboring kingdoms. You were glad that Mina and Kyoka were able to attend; it had been awhile since you had seen them last.

“He’s honestly not awful.” you admit as you swirl your goblet of wine. Mitsuki had a sweet tooth when it came to wine selection, so you were making sure you weren’t drinking it too fast.

Mina chuckles as she pops some grapes into her mouth and Kyoka looks rather smug.

“You like him.” she says, pulling a grape away from Mina.

You sputter and you can feel your face heating up; you want to say it’s from being disgruntled but your know otherwise and it makes your heart clench.

“I am not!” you finally manage and your two friends burst out laughing.

“You totally do!” Mina says through her giggles.

“I-I I ppffff I pfff.” you try, your face starting to heat up more and more.

“You’re gonna marry him so hard.” Kyoka’s smile is smug.

“So what if he’s kinda cool…and has great arms …and lets me launch Trebuchets…” you’re just digging yourself into a hole. “…oh god…I…like him.”

Kyoka and Mina start to laugh harder, clutching at there sides as you fume at your realization.

Your friends continue to tease you good naturedly for awhile until you hear the Harold clapping his hands together and calling out over the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies, it is time for a dance, please, please.” almost immediately people begin pairing up, mostly possible suitors and spouses easily looping their arms together as the music starts to play a light and jovial tune.

You find yourself looking through the crowd for Katsuki as Mina grabs Lord Hanta’s hand excitedly dragging the man out into the crowd. Kyoka goes off to sit next to Lady Momo, shyly bringing the other young woman a small glass of wine.

Then there’s a tap on your shoulder and you turn, smiling expecting to see Katsuki offering his hand to you; however the blonde young man gazing back at you with a cool smile is not your betrothed.

“Hello Princess Y/n, I’m Prince Momona Neito may I have this dance.” He bows and extends his hand politely.

So this was Prince Momona…He didn’t look bad, you knew that the Bakugou’s had a strained relationship with their family though so you didn’t want to do or say anything out of place that might offend.

“Thank you Prince Neito you are very kind.” You bow, trying not to be too stiff, though you are not very interested.

He takes your hand and confidently whisks you away, out into the grand ballroom; out of the corner of your eye your almost sure you see a fiery stare and ash blonde hair but you lose sight amongst the throngs of people.

“I’ve heard some rather interesting…good interesting things about you.” Neito says as he gently sways you.

“Oh?” you aren’t quite sure what to say, you didn’t know that word had really spread about you, much less what it was about.

“I hear that you are quite brilliant, strategy, planning, aiding the people…keeping the peace.” his tone lowers as he speaks and he moves closer, as if telling you a secret.

“Oh the Windmills.” you say. “I mean I guess, it seemed like a good idea?”

He laughs and twirls you, dipping you low.

“Don’t sell yourself short.” he snaps you back up pressing you closer to him, you can feel his warmth, then he sighs. “It’s too bad you’re engaged to Katsuki, beauty and brains.

You try to laugh this off, oh wow he’s flirting with you; you don’t know why you thought this so funny.

“Oh, I mean thanks? And I mean we’re courting, not really …engaged.” you realize after the fact that you should have just kept your mouth shut when the blonde smiles at you, looking rather pleased.

“Well if that’s the case, maybe I should try to court you.” his voice is smooth, but you bristle.

“OI!” you startle at the out burst, your head whipping around.

Katsuki stands a few feet from you, arms crossed and stance wide, he does not look pleased but god you are happy to see him. Neito stops in your dance and gazes over to the other blonde coolly, a smug smile on his lips.

“Ah Prince Katsuki, to what do we owe the pleasure?” he asks.

“Well you’re dancing with my betrothed so there’s one thing…wipe that smug look of your snake face Neito!” Katsuki growls.

Was he jealous?? Oh and why did that send a delicious fire through your bones? You had to clear your head of your sudden haze or Katsuki would say something that would get him, and possibly his kingdom into hot water.

“Actually we were just discussing how you are not actually her fiancé yet Katsuki.” Monoma’s grin gets impossibly slyer.

“What did you say?!” yeah you had to do something, people are starting to stare.

“Ah, Neito, let me handle this, don’t want things to get out of hand.” you gently pull yourself away from his grasp.

“Ever the diplomat Princess Y/n, but I doubt you’ll be able to get through his thick headedness.” Katsuki takes a step forward.

“Always gotta try right? Keep the peace and all.” you quickly loop your arm around the very angry blonde and gently tug, trying to get him moving.

“Well I look forward to seeing you more Princess Y/n.” Neito replies with a wink and you practically have to drag the other man away before a shouting match, or worse…a fight breaks out.

Mina and Kyoka give you surprised looks as you march your way through the crowd; Mina mouthing ‘do you need help?’  you shake your head, you can handle this.

You manage to drag the very angry and growling Prince out of the ballroom and down the hall, trying to get as much space as possible from the party and the man you were pretty sure Katsuki wanted to kill. Finally when you could no longer hear the laughter and chatters of the party, and the music was just muffled tones through thick stone walls you pause.

“Katsuki, you really need to cool off!” you hiss and he tugs his arm away from you.

“Yea, well Monoma’s a prick…shoulda wiped that stupid smile off his face.” he barks.

“I doubt, I reeeeaalllllly doubt that would have been a good idea.” you reply, picking at your corset; god if feels too tight, you didn’t even eat or drink that much.

“Yeah well!” he starts, but doesn’t seem to know how to continue so he just let’s out an angry growl.

You sigh and lean against the wall, the stones feeling blessedly cool against your skin. Silence creeps in between you, Katsuki still looks rather upset but he doesn’t voice it any further; maybe he was trying to calm down.

“Why did you say we aren’t engaged?” he asks suddenly and when you look at him you’re surprised by his expression; he looks almost disappointed.

“I mean, I was just being truthful, we’re courting not engaged.” you say; your cheeks feel hot again, like with when you were talking with Mina and Kyoka.

After a moment he speaks again.

“Well maybe I want us to be engaged.” he says roughly, he looks angry when he says it and his cheeks are incredibly red.

“W-Wha…What?” is all you can manage and then he’s budging himself up to you, heat radiating off him.

“I like your stupid face and you’re really smart and …fuck…can I kiss you?” he looks at you, and you don’t think you’ve ever seen him look this open before, your knees shake.

“I like your stupid face too…and believe it or not you are smart…just hot headed …and yes you can kiss me.” you reply, you not sure when your voice became so breathy, or when he moved closer but, wow.

The sound he makes is somewhere between a snarl and a growl as his lips crash into yours, all fire and passion and you slump into him trying to keep up. You feel his hands grasp your hips, trying to find purchase amongst your skirts; you throw your arms around his neck, trying to pull him closer. You nearly melt when he presses one of his legs between yours and the moan you release spurs on his own in response.

Suddenly he’s pulling away from you and you wish you hadn’t sounded so needy and upset when he does because he’s got one of those stupid smug smiles on his face. It’s both handsome and infuriating.

“Let’s go back to my room.” he dips his head, nipping at your lower lip.

“Mmmm not sure we’re supposed to seal the deal before being married.” you reply. You meant it in jest but he moves away, looking worried. He opens his mouth to speak but you are quicker. “That doesn’t mean no, that just means don’t get caught.”

The slow smirk that forms on his lips shouldn’t warm your heart as much as it does. He’s kissing you again, quick and rough before he’s tugging you down the hall.

You find yourself laughing as your brisk walk turns into a sprint; you briefly stop to remove your heels before Katsuki is pulling you along once more, a broad grin spreading across his face.

His room matches him you think, all rich reds and golds; like fire and lightning though you don’t really get too much time to take it all in because he’s corralling you towards his large four poster bed. Honestly you can take in the decor later…you want to take him in now.

His hands are on the back of your dress, pulling and scrabbling at the cords as he rolls his tongue against your lips. You eagerly open your mouth and he presses in, all heat and sensuous slide.

“Okay what the fuck, does this even come off?” he pulls back and glares at the dress; you laugh.

“No I was born like this.” you goad and loop your hands around your back to try and undo the ties…well he’s put them in a knot.

“Turn around.” you hear him grunt and you shiver when you see the look in his eyes; as if in a trance, you turn. You feel his hands smooth up your waist, his surprisingly rough palms catching on the satin of your dress. For a moment you think he’s going to slowly work at the knots he’s created when suddenly he grasps the back of your dress and pulls. Your body jerks back from the force of his tug and then Riiiiiipppppp; the cool air of the room is hitting your newly exposed flesh and…oh my…he’s ripped the dress right off of you. You open your mouth to scold him, but the only sound that comes out is a wanton moan.

“Overly complicated….stupid…” you hear him muttering, as he presses a kiss to your shoulder, tongue coming out to lave at the skin. He lets the ruined dress fall to the ground, leaving you in nothing but your lower small clothes.

You whimper and tilt your head to the side as he makes his way up your neck, hot open mouthed kisses against your heated skin. His hands come to your hips, his fingertips digging in and pulling you back against his body; oh…oh; you can feel the outline of his cock through his pants and it makes your head spin.

“Oh fuck…” he groans and takes in a shaking breath as you wiggle your hips; his hold on you tightens and your sure you’ll have bruises afterwards; but for some reason it sends a sinful heat licking down your spine.

He nips at your ear, slowly rutting against you until he’s panting and your on the verge of tears, you need more and he’s being such a goddamn tease.

“Katsuki, please…I swear.” you try to sound threatening but it comes out shaky and needy and he moans at the sound.

“Yeah Princess? What do you need?” he husks, sounding very pleased with himself.

“Just…stop being such a tease!” you growl, your hand coming back to cup him; you feel rather smug at the sound that escapes him and the way his hips shutter forward.

You don’t get to bask in your victory long because he’s spinning you around and pressing a searing kiss to your mouth. He growls and backs you up further until you can feel the the silken covers of his bed against the backs of your legs; and with a shove you’re tumbling backwards with a rather unappealing noise that has him chuckling.

“Excuse me?!” you try your best to sound displeased but it’s rather hard to when he’s looking at you with such fire.

He releases a puff of air and rolls his eyes at you and then swats at your legs.

“Back up.” he says.

The sheets are decadent against your skin and the silky texture makes you shiver; you half expect Katsuki to follow you as you scoot further up the bed but instead he gazes down at you, his crimson stare sharp. Then he starts to strip and if it isn’t one of the hottest things you have ever seen; you feel your jaw drop and your mouth feels too dry suddenly. Inch after inch of pale skin revealed to you, he’s all muscle and sinew and fuck it’s not fair how good he looks.

When he’s in nothing but his small clothes you release a shaky needy sound; his cock is straining against the confines of his undergarments and you can already see a patch of wetness forming at the front of the fabric.

“Fuck… the way you’re looking at me.” he groans and licks his lips; you blush, unsure of what to say; but it seems it doesn’t matter because he’s getting on the bed, crawling up to hover over you. “You’re so fucking hot…” he husks.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” you reply breathy.

Before you can say more his lips are on yours and one of his hands comes up to cup your breast. You mewl and arch up into him, it only spurs him on and he moves to roll your nipple between his forefinger and thumb; pulling it into a peak before moving to do the same to the other side. You wrap your arms around him, fingernails digging into his back causing him to groan into the kiss and palm your breast harder.

You finally have to break away for air but that doesn’t seem to deter Katsuki who takes the chance to kiss down your body, pausing to lave at your nipples and bask in your breathy moans before moving lower. You hold your breath when he gets to your small clothes, his rough palms sliding up your legs until they are grasping at the scant fabric.

“Katsuki…” you shudder and the wolfish grin he sends you has you shaking as he tugs the last of your clothing off.

“Fuuuuuucccckkk.” he lets out a mixture of a groan and a chuckle; you feel your face heat up as he pushes your thighs apart. “God you’re already so fucking wet for me.”

“Please Katsuki.” you’re not above begging anymore.

“God, I’ll give you whatever the fuck you want Princess.” he murmurs before tugging your hips up, moving your legs up around his shoulders; when he practically hoists your lower half off the bed and up against him you let out a squeak. “You even smell good…”

You nearly scream when he mashes his mouth up against your heat, tongue flicking out and delving into your folds; his gaze is molten as he watches you keenly.

It’s sloppy and passionate and perfect, the way he laps at you like a man starved; observing you the whole time as his tongue moves in and out of you before coming up to circle your clit. You’ve never felt like this before…never been with anyone like this before; and to be honest you never wanted it to stop, but you could feel something coiling tight in your belly and you wanted it so badly.

“Oh, oh, Katsuki, I’m…” you weren’t even sure how to word it as you gripped the silken sheets below you, feebly trying to buck up into the blondes mouth.

“Yeah? You gonna cum for me Y/n?” he growls against you and it’s all you can do to whimper and nod in reply.

He works double-time after your admittance and it doesn’t take long for you to fall over the edge, pleasure blooming across your body, stars forming in the corners of your vision. He works you through your pleasure until you whine from over-stimulation; he slowly pulls away, his mouth and chin shining with your release as he gently lowers you back to the bed.

“Fuck that was hot.” he lets out a chuckle and wipes his mouth on the back of his hand before catching your half lidded stare. “You’re fucking amazing.”

You’re not sure what to say so you reach out to him and pull him into a slow, lazy kiss, you can taste yourself on his lips. It isn’t long before the kiss turns needy and you can feel his arousal digging into your hip as he ruts against you. You can feel yourself craving more, more than he’s already given you.

“Can we? Do you still want to?” He groans against your lips.

“Yes,yes,yes,yes.” you chant, hips arching up against him.

Katsuki lets out a grunt as he scrambles to his knees, hand moving to his small clothes, he catches your heated stare one last time before shoving the fabric down his thighs. You breath hitches as you look at his length, standing proud and you wonder if it will fit.

He kicks the fabric the rest of the way off and off the bed before slotting himself between your legs with a groan. His cock is hot and hard against you, it already feels amazing and you arch.

For a few moments the only sound that fills the room is your breaths and then.

“Please…” it’s almost a whisper, a secret for only your Prince to hear.

He shivers and rests his forehead against yours, adjusting his position before ever so slowly pressing into you.

Your jaw drops, your mouth open in a silent cry as he fills you inch by inch, until he’s pressed up against you entirely.

“S-shit…” his words are shaky and he’s trembling.

He lets you adjust to him, a new, tight but wonderfully full feeling. Finally you buck your hips to test the water and you moan as pleasure washes over you, you didn’t know it would feel this good.

“Katsuki.” you whine, hoping he understands; he does.

He begins a slow pace, not quiet pressing himself the whole way in as he thrusts; it isn’t until you wrap your legs around his waist, heels digging into his ass that he begins to roll his hips in deep, powerful thrusts.

“Fffffuuuuckkk, Y/n you’re so goddamn tight, so wet.” he groans as he pumps into you.

You grip at his shoulder blades, nails biting at his flesh.

“Katsuki…uuuuhhhh, so much, so good.” you whine in reply.

You can feel the same pressure building in your belly, only this feels deeper and more powerful and you raise your hips in time with his thrusts desperate to meet it. He moans and moves fast, head dipping as he bites at your neck, leaving small red marks in his wake.

You are rising higher and higher and it’s almost to much, the feeling of it all and at first you don’t realize it but your begging, pleading. Katsuki answers.

“God cum for me Y/n.” he husks against your skin, hips snapping quickly against your own.

That’s all it takes, his heated words and your cumming. You wonder if you have ascended to some sort of higher plane, the way pleasure seems to run through your veins. In the back of your mind you can hear Katsuki mirroring your pleasured moans as he spills himself into you.

The world around you stills as you come down from your high, panting, tears in your eyes. You feel the blonde sigh and sag against you and you move your hand up to brush his hair out of his eyes and run your fingers through the soft strands.

Finally with a groan he pulls out and you gasp at the sensation of him leaving you; he turns to the bedside table, a small basin with water and a rag resting upon it. He gently cleans you off before cleaning himself, both of you hissing at the cool water when it touches your sweat-prickled skin.

Then he settles down next to you, tugging you into his arms with a contented sigh.

The silence that fills the room is oddly soothing and Katsuki traces small obscure patterns along the length of your arm with his fingertips; you do the same to his chest.

“So, never thought I’d be getting fucking married.” he chuckles, his voice raw but calm and content.

You tilt your head to look up at him.

“I do have one condition.” you feel him bristle and he glances over to you. “I get to launch one of the Trebuchets on our wedding day.”

It’s quiet for a moment and then his bark of laughter fills the room.

“I’ll let you launch two fucking Trebuchets.” he says almost giddy, his eyes sparkling in mischief as he looks down at you.

You can’t help but grin back at him; you never thought you be this into getting married… 

Chapter Text

It wasn’t that you were shy, no, you couldn’t really say that. You were actually quite social and tended to be quite the chatterbox when you wanted to (Hizashi loved that). You usually weren’t afraid to speak your mind either but recently you began thinking not that you didn’t think but rather you were thinking about something very particular…. That wasn’t exactly accurate either, you thought about that… a lot, especially since you were dating a man like Hizashi. He just made you heart go pitter patter. No rather you were thinking about a very specific aspect of that.

You knew that it was impossible to keep anything from your boisterous lover, but you did your best to not let you racing mind get the better of your nerves during dinner. He had planned a lovely night out after all, fine dining and all; even bought your favorite wine even though you knew the restaurant you were at didn’t make it a habit of carrying it…probably because it was boxed, what can you say? It was still delicious!

Yes you thought you were doing rather good at hiding your active mind, but, sometimes you forget how keen your boyfriend really is.

“Whatcha’ been thinkin’ about babe?” he asks, a cheeky smile on his face; of course he had waited until you had shovelled a decent sized forkful of cheesecake into your mouth. You nearly choke.

“What makes think I’ve been thinking?” you finally manage and sip at your water…all the ice had melted.

“That noggin’ of yours is brighter than the sun babe, I know you’re always thinkin’…Just shining a little brighter than usual.” God he was such a flatterer.

“Wow you are such a sap.” you try to play it cool, but he really just makes you melt.

“Awww, Why do you gotta be like that? Just curious!” now he’s pouting and you reach across the table to smack at him playfully.

“I’ll tell you about it when we get home.” you reply, switching to your wine.

“Oooo.” he croons and you feel your face heating up; he was making this difficult.

“Shut up…” you whine; now you’re pouting.    


Hizashi is practically vibrating with excitement when you arrive back at your shared apartment; though he hasn’t asked any further questions and you don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. You decide that it’s good as you gingerly close the door behind the both of you and begin shrugging out of your jacket. Your boyfriend doesn’t seem to notice the speed in which you hang up your jacket and toe off your shoes, which… was good you suppose, he can’t see your nerves or the way that you tremble in anticipation.

As quietly as you can you come up behind him and snake your arms around his stomach; he’s managed to remove his shoes but that damn …sexy, but in the way leather jacket is still one. One of your hands moves to play with the zipper of it the other slips beneath it to pluck at the hem of his shirt. You feel Hizashi shiver and hear him exhale.

“Well hey babe; is this what you were thinking about at dinner?” he sounds smug but curious at the same time.

You kiss his shoulder and begin to tug the zipper down to his jacket; slowly feeling each of the glinting teeth come loose. Your other hand slips beneath the hem of his shirt, fingernails scritching teasingly against the hairs that trail down and disappear beneath his tight fitting jeans. He arches beneath you, breath coming in quick.

“Babe…” he breathes and moves to turn but you dig your finger into his skin.

“Ah-ah.” you coo in his ear. “I’m in control…”

You can hear the whispered fuck, and the sound of it sends zips of lightning down your spine. Slowly you move around him, nipping at his jaw; he chases your lips but you don’t let him catch you. Tsking at him you pull him further into the apartment by the lapels of his jacket.

He’s completely starry eyed and his face is flushed, and honestly? You don’t think you’ve ever seen anything prettier.

You reach the living room, spinning him around, careful not to make him too dizzy or let him run into anything. Maneuvering him around the coffee table (you really need to clean it off…did Hizashi leave his dirty coffee cup from this morning on there?). He moves to kiss you again and this time you allow it. He’s desperate, pressing needily against you, hands coming up to your blouse. You push him down onto the sofa before he can pop the first button; he looks up at you dazed, eyes glinting in the low light; the single light you had left on in the hallway plays shadows across his face.

“Babe…” it’s a low sound, a growl that you’re not even sure he really produced or rather… you had no idea he was able to produce.

Your words are caught in you throat and tangled on your tongue; there is so much you want to say to him; the sound that leaves you though is a whimper. You lean over him, pressing a heated kiss to his lips as your hands scramble at his jeans, struggling to push them from his narrow hips.

His hands are in your hair and his tongue pressed hot against yours when you finally get his pants and boxers around his thighs; he pulls back and hisses as the cool air of your shared apartment meets his heated skin.  

You coo at him, nipping at his lips as your hand smooths up his thigh, your fingertips coming to brush against his length. He bucks beneath your touch and his hand comes to clutch at your skirt; material bunching in his grasp. You’re not sure how long he’ll let you play, not when you’ve worked him up this much; so…you being the saint that you are, you spare him.

Wobbling only slightly you stand for a moment, roughly shucking your soaked panties down you legs before stepping out of them. Straddling the man below you adjust your skirt; eyes bright and glinting in mischief.

“I’m gonna ride you.” you say matter-of-factly, reaching beneath the fabric of your skirt and lining up his aching cock with your dripping core.

His hands are on your hips immediately and he lets out a string of curses as you slowly sink down on him. Your head lolls back, your breath tight and airy…it feels so good, it always feels so good.

The plush couch cushions make it difficult to keep a good rhythm, but Hizashi’s grip on you is strong and fortifying, and fuck the sounds he’s making makes you forget the ache that’s creeping into your thighs.   

“Oh god babe…babe, you are so perfect…” he’s doing his best to keep his voice in check but you can hear it begin to crack.

That shouldn’t turn you on as much as it does; maybe it a combination of his sweet words, the way in which he says them, or the heat of the moment but your level of need kicks up a notch and you moan; practically sob.

Then your being lifted and before anything more can register, your back hits the cushions and Hizashi is pulling your legs tightly against his hips.

“You’re too good to me, to good…” he growls and begins to rut into you.

You might have wanted to have him wrapped around your finger before, but the way he’s slamming into, leaves you a moaning writhing mess beneath him. With this new angle it doesn’t take long until you are teetering on the edge; begging your now thoroughly debauched boyfriend to let you cum.

“Cum for me babe, please, please, please, please…” he’s tucked his head into the crook of your shoulder, his words soft and need.

Sparks form behind your eyelids; your toes curl and warmth crashes over your body in heavy waves of pleasure. You’re certain your crying out but you can’t hear it over the rush in your ears.  As you begin to come down from your high, you feel Hizashi’s pace speed up, his thrusts becoming tighter and harsher.

“Come on baby…” you gently urge him, he nearly sobs at your voice, hips coming to press against you; his grip on your thighs bruising.

He must be biting his lip because the sound he releases is muffled and needy; hips shuttering against yours as he he finds his release.

For awhile the only sound to fill the space is your mingling breath, both of you trying to settle.

Hizashi lets out a small chuckle and rests his forehead against your own, his damp hair tickling your sweat pricked skin.

“You are outta this world, you know that?” he says dreamily.

“Mmmmm I try.” you hum contentedly. “Though I was trying to be the bossy one tonight.” you add, your fingers coming up to pinch his ribs playfully.

“Ah babe!” he yelps jerking away; he sits up and pouts at you.

“Maybe next time I’ll have to tie you up…just to make sure you behave.” you smile slyly at him.

His breath catches in his throat and then a smirk pulls at his lips; he moves to press against you again.

“Maybe next time can be now; I promise to behave…for the most part.”


Chapter Text

You were starting to think that this was all a big mistake; you pulled at the hem of your skirt feeling self conscious and suddenly very exposed, you were really out of your element here…Gingerly you squeezed into an open seat at the bar, Nemuri was supposed to already be here and honestly without the other very, at times overly confident woman by your side you feel uncomfortable.

You realized that the club is rather chilly and oh god , this is scandalous you can see your nipples through the fabric of your top…why did you listen to the 18+ Only Heroine on this clothing selection. Quickly you move your arms, crossing them on the bar top hoping it would cover you up a bit; someone sits down noisily next to you.

“Oof sorry I’m late, grading took me a little bit longer than normal!” Nemuri’s voice catches your attention and you turn to see her already ordering a drink; she looks so at home in her out-on-the-town outfit and you can’t help but envy her confidence. “You wanna drink?”

“Are you sure this was a good idea?” you ask and decide that a glass of wine couldn’t hurt, though your companion orders something much stronger for herself.

“Babe you’ll do just fine! You look so cute! Mmmm, Yamada’s gonna eat you up!” she licks her lips and you blush and puff out your cheeks, she can be so crass sometimes.

“I mean..I mean I can see my nipples through this shirt…and I think my ass is hanging out the back of the skirt…” you lower your voice and squeeze your legs tighter together.

“Yeah you can!” Nemuri calls out jovially and you sigh, this was definitely not your scene.

“Hey you look great sweetie and I’ll make sure no grabby hands grab you tonight…other that your loud boyfriend.” the dark haired woman reassures you and quickly throws back two shots, trembling pleasantly as the alcohol settles.

“HELLLLLOOOO LISTENERS!!” the sound is deafening and though you hear his voice everyday, there is something about it that will always send a shiver down your spine.

Immediately the crowd cheers and people are starting to empty from the bar to get to the dance floor. You feel a glass being shoved into your hands and you realize that it’s the wine Nemuri ordered you.

“Come on chug that wine!” she hoops excitedly, already getting to her feet and thrusting her hips at you. “Let’s go out there and show them what we got!”

You bring the glass to your mouth and god wine was not meant to be chugged. You manage to down it with a sputter and a cough; you barely have enough time to put the empty glass back on the bar top before Nemuri is dragging you out into the crowd.

One good thing about being friends with a woman like Nemuri is you always get good spots when it comes to venues; she is not afraid to bully her way to the front (you might apologize to the people she pushes out of the way as she drags you through the throngs of club goers). After a little jostling you find yourself at the front of the pack, right in front of the stage; Oh …Hizashi looks as good as ever and damn he left his hair down today. The sight of him sends a shiver through you and you are embarrassed to say the you feel a fluttering warmth in your lower belly.  

“ARE YOU READY TO JAAAAAMMMM?!” you find yourself shouting ‘YES!’ with the rest of the crowd.

You can see him scanning the crowd keenly, and then his eyes fall on you.  you’re close enough that you can see the way his body stiffens, then the way his stare slowly roves over you, eyes half lidded. He licks his lips and smiles, teeth glinting under the stage light; he looks positively feral.

“THEN LET’S GET DOWN YA DIG?! I WANNA SEE YA MOVIN’ AND GROOVIN’!!” his gaze keeps flitting back to you, you know he’s trying to keep his composure…

You were nowhere near as boisterous as Nemuri when it came to dancing but you were surprised how much you were getting into it. You have always loved Hizashi’s taste in music, and all of the music he himself had produced, but he seemed to be playing everything that you fancied tonight; you wonder if this was planned.

It seems like he only just started, when he’s wrapping up with his last song; a quick glance at your phone proves otherwise; oh wow …it’s been two hours.

“THANK YOU FOR COMING OUT TONIGHT YOU GORGEOUS LISTENERS.” Mic is calling out to the crowd, that’s cheering and calling for more. “I WANNA HEAR YOU GIVE A BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR NEXT DJ, YA HEAR ME?”

That’s odd, normally he gives an encore or two, but oh …he’s staring at you. The crowd continues to cheer but you barely hear them, Hizashi is beckoning you with a nod of his head and you point at yourself in surprise. Nemuri must be watching because you feel her grind up against you.

“Go get that booty giiiirrrllll.” she calls out and slaps your butt; you squeak at her indignantly, but she just laughs.

You cast a glare at your companion before you push your way through the crowd, keeping an eye on your DJ boyfriend you manage to skirt the crowd and arrive at the door labeled VIP. Before the bouncer can even ask who you are Hizashi is patting the large man on the shoulder and pulling you past him, assuring the guard that you’re with him.

You barely have time to register what’s going on, one minute you’re being pulled into the VIP dressing room and the next you are pinned up against the door, Hizashi’s leg settling in between your thighs, his body pressing against yours with a steady weight.

“Babe, babe, babe …Do you have any idea what you were doing to me out there?” he groans, moving his leg a little higher, your skirt hiking up with the movement, oh he presses right up against your heat.

“I-I ummm.” your face is heating up and god dammit you are stumbling over your words. “You like the outfit?” is all you can finally manage.

Hizashi practically purrs and dips his head, he nips at your neck, teeth barely grazing your flesh.

“Let me guess Nemuri put you up to this?” he sighs.

“Well, I mean she helped but…I guess I just wanted to surprise you?” you shiver at the feeling of him mouthing over your pulse point.

“Oh babe, you don’t have to dress like this to surprise me or get my attention but oof…” he chuckles and pulls back just far enough to stare at you. “God you are so hot, everything about you.” his hands come to rest at your hips, thumbs just barely pushing under the hem of your blouse.

“Hizashi.” you can’t help but moan, he’s already got you so riled up.

“Can I babe? please ? You’re drivin’ me crazy.” he moves to kiss at your jawline, hands sneaking further up your shirt.

“Please Hizashi, yes, yes, yes.” you want him so bad you feel like you’re burning up.

With a growl he hoists you up; squeaking you quickly wrap your legs around his waist as his hands come to grip at your exposed thighs; your skirt is practically useless. The door digs into your back a little but you honestly don’t care; looping your arms around his neck, you bury one hand in his hair, so thankful for its softness, the other grips at the back of his leather jacket.

“How are you so goddamn perfect y/n?” he says through gritted teeth, hips bucking forward; he’s already straining against the confines of his leather pants.

“I…I’m sorry?” you’re not sure how to respond.

“Never, ever be sorry babe; you are just …so good.” he presses his lips to yours; the kiss is messy and primal and it’s perfect.

You moan and tilt your head, he quickly takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth and press it against your own; you grip him tighter, legs pulling him closer to you. He starts to grind against your clothed sex, hips thrusting at first in a teasing manner and then with more need and desperation; you already know that you are completely soaked.

You want this, you want him inside of you now, you can barely think straight; pulling away you gasp for air, he’s quick to move down your neck, placing sloppy open mouthed kisses there.

“Hizashi, please…I want you, I want your cock…” he stills at that and then lets out a shaky moaning breath, hips shuttering.

“You sure babe? I mean, I haven’t even prepped you.” his voice is low and needy, but god he always wants to make sure you’re comfortable and it’s so incredibly sweet.

“I honestly don’t think you need to, I’m, I’m so wet.” the words sound so dirty on your tongue but it’s the truth; you hear Hizashi mutter a curse through gritted teeth.

“Alright, I got you, I’m going to take such good care of you.” he’s pressing his mouth to yours again and you feel one of his hands move to fumble with his belt and pants.

You are honestly surprised at how deft he is in this situation, but after a few moments you feel the head of his cock pressing up against your panties; his finger move to tug the fabric aside.

“Fuck…goddamn you’re soaked.” he husks, fingertip swiping teasingly against your dripping folds; you arch against him.

“I-ah! I can’t help it…please don’t tease me Hizashi.” you whine, trembling in his arms.

“I wouldn’t think of it sweetheart.” he kisses your temple and he grips his cock, lining himself up.

Your head falls back and you nearly cum then and there as he slowly pushes into you, inch by glorious inch until he’s seated in you fully; he lets out a groan, head coming to rest against your shoulder.

“Ohhhhh babe…so wet, so tight.” he’s shaking, trying to keep himself in check, but you want anything other than him taking it slow; you arch your hips and whimper when you feel him twitch.

“Please move.” you whine; he eagerly obeys.

There is nothing slow or graceful about the way he pumps into you, each thrust slamming you against the door and while you wonder if the club goers can hear what’s going on, you find you really don’t care. You cling to your boyfriend and urge him on with soft breathy pleas and whines.

He bites at your neck and his fingertips dig into the meat of your thighs and your positive that you are going to have marks and you can’t help but feel a little proud. Suddenly his hips shift just so and you cry out.

“Oh, oh Hizashi, just like that pleeeeaassse.” you beg and grip at his jacket, bunching the material in your fists, legs squeezing around him tighter.            

He grunts and obliges picking up the pace, tilting his hips just so and in three thrusts you are cumming; biting into his jacket to muffle your cries as galaxies form behind your eyelids. His pace is faltering as you start to come down from your high and then he’s pressing into you as far as he can go, holding on you hips tight; his head falls back and you’re pretty sure someone will be able to hear his loud moan.

Slowly after a few moments, your breathing finally calming, he gently lowers you; and while you’re pretty sure you can stand he folds his arms around you and holds you to him, his head coming to rest on your shoulder.

“Babe you never have to go out and dress up for me, you’re like perfect ya dig?” he sighs and his voice is so full of love it makes your heart flutter.

“Okay…” you say and reach out to smooth back his hair.

“Besides if you get anymore sexy I’m gonna have more competition than I already have.” he tilts his head to smile at you.

“What? I have way more competition! You’re…you’re you!” you sputter and he kisses your jaw.

“And you’re you and completely amazing!” he’s grinning goofily and he moves up to kiss you happily.

You sigh against his lips and you can’t help but smile into the kiss, basking in his affection and warmth.


Chapter Text

Dabi groans and presses his head to the passenger side window, he had long since given up the tough guy act and was now utterly miserable and making damn sure you knew about it. 

“Don’t close your eyes, it will only make it worse.” you say as you take a turn onto one of the busiest streets in Musutafu. Even if Dabi needed you to pull over there was no way you would be able to in this traffic.

“Leave me alone.” he grits out but cracks his eyes open, his unmarred skin looking unnaturally pale.

“Do you want to feel better or worse? And I’ll have you know if you puke in my car, you are going to be the one cleaning it up.” you quip, trying to merge into a new lane; you cast a quick glance to your companion before looking back to the road.

This trip had been particularly hard on Dabi, traveling by public transportation had become a bit difficult as the media began to cover the League more. Kurogiri had business else where with Tomura and wasn’t able to provide a warp gate for easy transportation. Besides sometimes you suspected the man was tired of being used as a taxi service for every little thing anyway.

Dabi grunts beside you and slowly looks back to the road, his eyes unfocused and his body tense.

“How much longer until we get there…” he asks. He really does look pitiful.

“Traffic is awful…half an hour?” you weren’t sure it was possible but he grew even paler. “Hey please don’t get sick in my car.”

“It’s not like I can control it!” he snaps.

You sigh; you had really hoped this trip would be over by now. Carefully you thought back to what you had read about car sickness, you knew without medication you really could help him control it but you could at least try to make him comfortable until you got back to your apartment.

Quickly you turn on the AC, realizing that opening the window for fresh air might not do any good; the air had been stifling today and you doubt that the damp city air would make him feel any better. Dabi sighed as the cool air filtered into the car and he even moved to adjust the fans to face him more directly.

“Okay, don’t focus on anything too close to the car.” 

“What?” he glances over to you in a confused haze.

“Don’t focus on anything too close to the car or in it, find a focal point off in the distance that you can watch. it will help ground you, make you feel less queazy and contained.”

“Why do you know so much about this?” he asks, but out of the corner of your eye you see him scanning the city skyline.

“I actually look things up.” you reply curtly, hoping he’ll drop it.

“Awww did you do research for me” he teases, a shallow smirk forming on his lips. “I didn’t know you cared so much sweet-cheeks.”

“I have the power to turn off the AC, don’t be an ass.” you give him a glare.

He snorts but obviously decides it’s not worth the trouble; he knows that you don’t make threats lightly…you’d totally do it.

The ride continues on in relative silence, a few times you half to tell the villain to slow his breathing down or he’ll hyperventilate. He doesn’t seem to happy with you bossing him around but he’d rather be told what to do for another half an hour than wind up cleaning your car.  

You do your best not to take turns too sharply or weave in and out of traffic too much, but some of it can’t be helped in a busy city. Finally though, you can see your apartment building off in the distance.

“Almost there, just a few more blocks.” the news seems to relax Dabi even more and he starts to slump in his seat and lets out a sigh.

“next time Kurogiri is going to use a warp gate; I don’t give a shit if he’s busy…” he mutters.

You couldn’t believe he was pouting over this.

Pulling into the parking garage to your building Dabi is already reaching for his seatbelt and trying to undo it.

“You know it’s still possible to get in a car accident in a parking lot. Keep your seatbelt on, you might end up through the front window.” you tease him airily as you slowly make your way to you reserved parking spot.

“Pfft, At least I’d be out of the car…” he says but leaves his seatbelt alone.

“Wow.” you scoff and shake your head at his childishness.

You pull into your spot and shut off the car; Dabi in a rush unbuckles himself and exits. You roll your eyes and calmly get out only to see him leaning against the car looking a bit sicker than before.

“Did you get up too fast?” there is laughter in your tone though you try to keep it down.

“Shut up.” he bites and takes a steadying breath. 

Finally he seems to calm down a bit and some of the color returns to his face; he glances up at you.

“I want a fucking nap after that…” he lets out an exasperated chuckle.

“There’s a perfectly good couch in my living room.” you say.

“I was thinking your bed, and you would join me.” a sly smirk grows on his lips.

“Then that’s not a nap Dabi.”


Chapter Text

You were generally a soft spoken and shy individual; you had been told more than once that you let people walk all over you and that you needed to stand up for yourself more. You couldn’t help it you really didn’t have a confrontational bone in your body even though you knew you really should be more assertive.

When you had gone to the club to watch Hizashi preform, you really hadn’t expected yourself to become the center of attention. Two guys had already offered to buy you drinks and one just wouldn’t back off, even though you tried to give little hints that you weren’t interested…you didn’t want to be overly rude.

You hadn’t noticed the time or that the music had stopped until you feel a hand at your waist and someone rest their chin on your shoulder.

“Hey babe! getting some drinks?” On the outside Hizashi’s voice is chipper as it always is, but you can hear the biting ruffled tone beneath his happy go lucky exterior. You glance at him and see him staring pointedly at the man across from you. The one that had been trying to get your number all night.

“Wait you know this guy?” the man asks bristling and puffing out his chest.

“She sure does! This peach is the rock to my roll!” he says and gives you a sloppy kiss on the cheek. “Wanna come back to the private rooms babe, it’s a bit crowded out here…”

You loved this man, he was a godsend. You quickly agree; but not wanting to be rude you say goodbye to your acquaintance. You didn’t catch the stoney glare Hizashi cast the other man as he gently ushered you through the crowd. The amount of people had dispersed from the dance floor, but the bar area was incredibly packed, and you where extremely thankful that the blonde had come when he did or you might of gotten stuck.

Finally you made it through, Hizashi nodding to the bouncer and pulling you into the blessedly empty hallway that led to the private rooms.

You sighed as soon as you stepped inside and your boyfriend closed the door behind you both, quieting the loud pumping beat of the music. You didn’t have a chance to move further into the room though because Hizashi was wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you back against his chest.

“Hizashi?” you question softly, moving to crane your neck so you could look at him. You don’t get the chance.

“I hated watching him bother you all night…” he brushes his lips against your neck before mouthing at the heated flesh.

You shiver, trying to maintain your composure.

“It was fine…you saved me in the end.” you let out a breathy laugh.

“No, I could tell you were uncomfortable…bastard.” it was rare to catch the Pro-hero in such a mood. True he was protective over you, he was absolutely smitten after all; but this…this seemed like it was something else as well…

“Are you jealous?” you ask softly.

He chuckles and nuzzles his forehead into the nape of you neck.

“I’m sorry baby…I know it’s silly…but man something about it, you dig?” he says as he kisses your shoulder through the fabric of your top.

You laugh.

“You’re cute…and I dig.” you reply and sigh as he pulls you closer, you can feel his arousal pressing against your ass. “Hizashi!”

“What can I say baby, you do crazy things to me.” he says smartly as he moves to nibble at your ear.

You can’t help but let out a small moan when one of his hands moves to your breasts,  plucking at your nipples through the material. He begins to slowly rock his hips against you, letting out small little heated puffs of air against your neck as he languidly moves.

“…Someone could see.” you whimper but press back into his erection.

“Way ahead of you sweetie, totally locked the door already.” he husks.

It’s all you can do to let out a startled gasp as his fingertips trace down you stomach to the waistline of your jeans, thumbing at the button.

“Ahhh, Y/n can I?” he gives you a particularly sharp thrust, you imagine that the leather of his pants is becoming rather uncomfortable.

“Please Hizashi.” you honestly don’t think you can take the teasing, he already has you so turned on.

“Oh babe, babe …you are so good to me.” he sighs against you.  

He gently maneuvers you to the well worn leather couch, having you kneel on the overly soft cushions, and places your hands on the back. Gently he smooths his hand down the curve of your spine and you naturally present yourself to him, letting your legs spread a little wider.

“Shit.” he says with a shaky laugh and grasps at your hips, his fingers curling around your belt. “I don’t deserve you…”

You wiggle your ass, trying to entice him further, it of course pays off. He roughly drags your pants and panties down your thigh, the denim scraping against your heated skin.

“Oh shit Y/n you’re already so wet…” he practically coos in awe when he sees your glistening folds in the low light of the room.

You can only whine as he presses the pad of his thumb against your heat, spreading your wetness lewdly. You can hear him fumbling with his belt and zipper, no easy task as he tries to please you with one hand and free himself with the other. Finally you hear him let out a hiss and a soft curse. Then he’s leaning forward nipping at you shoulder blades; you can feel his hot cock press against your backside and you let out a moan.

Your moan turns into a soft cry of ecstasy as he slips a finger into you.

“Oh yeah baby you sound so good.” he says as he lazily ruts against you, a second finger slipping inside your heated core.

You realize that he still has his leather gloves on and you are undoubtedly dribbling all over them; you know you should feel bad, but for some reason it only arouses you further.

It doesn’t take him long to bring you to the edge and over it in a wave of intense pleasure; your practically fucking yourself back on his hand when you cum.

“Please, please, please…” he’s mumbling and nuzzling his forehead against your spine.  You could never deny this gem of a man anything.

“Hizashi please fuck me…” you whimper and he lets out a shaky breath.

Your eyes roll back in your head as he presses into you, an impossibly tight fit and oh so perfect.

“Oh, YEAH!” the volume of his voice shakes the lamp on the table beside the couch and in your lust induced haze you manage to glance back at him in surprise. He grins sheepishly and mouths a ‘sorry’.

He set a quick but steady pace, you know that he won’t last long with how much he worked himself up beforehand; but that’s okay because his index and middle finger are at your clit working you rhythmically.

You can already feel a second orgasm drawing tight in your belly and Hizashi’s narrow hips begin to falter, pressing faster and harder against you.

“Y/n, please baby, please cum for me,” he’s at the end of his rope, his fingers on your clit relentless.

When he pleads to you once last time in a low desperate voice you are cumming so hard you nearly white-out. In the back of your mind you can hear him moaning and pressing into you chasing his own release as your walls clamp down around him.

When your head finally clears you can feel Hizashi pressing gentle kisses against the sweat prickled skin of your spine. He moves to brush your hair back from your forehead and kisses your sweaty temple; you whimper softly as he pulls out of you with a shiver.

Gently he’s move you to lay against him on the couch and you quickly snuggle into his arms.

For awhile you just bask in each other’s company.

“I’ll try not to make you jealous…even though the end results are pretty amazing.” you let out a tired laugh.

“Babe, I don’t need to be jealous to give you amazing results.” he grins at you and waggles his eyebrows.

You can’t help but laugh.  

Chapter Text

You had had the day off from work, and to be honest though it was nice to relax it was also incredibly boring. You and Katsuki usually tried to sync up your off days so that you would get to spend some quality time together but today had been a surprise. There had been a water main break and all water to the building you worked in had to be shut off; so everyone had gotten a surprise day off. 

Katsuki was out of town with his hero agency at a convention and wasn’t due back until later that night. So asking him to play hooky with you was out of the question. He had only been gone two days but hell you missed him. 

You had spent the first part of your day after receiving the notification from work enjoying a lazy morning, making yourself a big breakfast and getting to drink your coffee as slow as you wanted. 

Though after scrolling through your phone for an hour and then heading out for a walk around town it was only noon and you were already bored. You grab lunch at a small cafe you enjoyed and then made your way over to the park near by to bathe in the sun for awhile.

Honestly you couldn’t ask for a nicer day to have off; it would have been perfect if Katsuki was there to spend it with you.

Sighing you reach for your phone and open up your messages; boredly you send off a message to your out of town boyfriend.

Miss you 😉 There was a ping of an incoming message not a second later

Shut up… You snort and start to type back but you don’t have time to respond before another message comes in. Why are you sending me a winky face???

You pause at this and then smirk. 

No reason … 😉

The response is almost immediate.

Tell me Damnit! then What are you doing?? and 😤😤

I guess you’ll have to find out when you come home tonight 😉

You laugh it was so easy to rile him up; sitting up you smirk it dawning on you how you are going to spend your day. It might be a little risky but the payout would be amazing…


Throughout the course of the day you sent over little teases and jabs about the scandalous behavior you might be participating in. A little suggestive comment here a well placed emoji there; Katsuki was quick to respond to each that was until you sent your last text. You knew you had him hook line and sinker.

It was just a simple picture; a quick snap before stepping in the shower, and it didn’t even show that much. Just a tease of skin, the curve of you neck, the lines of your collar bones, the tops of your breasts. Katsuki’s insistent texting became eerily quiet after that and you felt a thrilling chill go through your spine. Now all you had to do was wait…


It was a little past 10pm when you heard the jingle of keys at the door of your shared apartment. You get up from the couch, quickly shutting off the T.V.

You peak out around the corner of the hallway just as the door opens, a curse introducing the man behind it; you really did have to get that sticky lock fixed.

“Hey Katsuki!” you grin acting like nothing had happened.

He glares at you the entire time; closing the door behind him and working to toe off his shoes, the whole time his crimson gaze watching.

You decide to test your luck further and you begin to saunter over to him like you were just going to give him the standard ‘welcome home’ and can ‘I take your bag?’ However that of course does not happen…

Before you can blink you are literally being tackled to the ground, though Katsuki is careful to cradle your body to his so you don’t get hurt. You’re a bit surprised, even by his standards this is a more bold move; it doesn’t stop the feeling of want that washes over you as you lay on the hallway floor pinned underneath a very flustered Pro-Hero.

“Well hello to you too!” you say smartly; you find your wrists quickly pinned to the ground. 

“Don’t play coy with me Y/n!” he grits out. His crimson stare would have been terrifying to anyone else…But you can see the lust clouding his gaze. Not to mention you can already feel his arousal digging into your hip as he lay on top of you. “You’ve been teasing me all day…” 

“Who me?” you are really pressing your luck.

“You know very well you!” he bucks his hips against you and you can’t help but let out a moan. “You’ve been a brat all day.” 

You let out another moan as ruts into you; his cock straining against the fabric of his nice dress pants. You can already tell he’s going to be needing a new outfit after this…these clothes would not be making it through the night.

“Katsuki…” you whimper at a particularly hard thrust, your panties were already soaked.

“Don’t Katsuki me…” he hisses one of his hands reaching down and gripping your hip, fingers digging in with a delicious pressure, he leans in closer, his hot breath against your ear. “You don’t get to Katsuki me after the stunt you pulled today.” 

Suddenly your being flipped over and then dragged up on to your knees; your pajama shorts doing little to hide anything, and they certainly didn’t hide your arousal. You were certain that both your panties and shorts were visibly damp at this point. Then he’s leaning over you, heat radiating off him as he presses the length of himself against you.

“I think you need to be punished don’t you?” his voice oozes charisma and command and you take one last dig at him.

“I don’t know-” there is hard slap to you ass and you yelp.

“Stop talking.” he bites out and then another smack, just as hard as the last one. “I’m through with playing…You’re going to beg for me to let you cum …and maybe if I’m feeling generous I’ll let you.” He grabs your hips tightly and pulls you back against him harshly, your clothed sex grinding into his own.

You moan and scramble for purchase, but there’s really nothing to hold on to against the polished wood floor of the hallway.

“Do you understand?” he starts to rut against you, his grip on you hips bruising.

“Y-yes…” you whine, pushing back against him only to have him angle his hips away when you try to gain more friction.

“Yes what?” he asks holding your hips in place so that you can’t shamelessly rub against him.

“Yes daddy .” you whimper.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” in your mind’s eye you can see his smirk and it makes you shudder in anticipation.

“Yes daddy, please!” you moan out.

“Good girl.” 

You feel your shorts and panties being ripped down off your hips, forced as far down as they’ll go to the curve of your knees. Then two fingers are being pressed into you and God …it’s so perfect.

Katsuki sets a brutal pace, fingers curling into you wet heat over and over, his other hand at your head, finger digging into you hair forcing your head back. It doesn’t take long for him to bring you to the edge; but as he promised before you can chase your sweet release over the precipice he pulls you back. You whine and try to fuck yourself back on his fingers, but he just pulls away more.

“I warned you Y/n” he chuckles lowly as you whimper at him. When you calm down enough he begins again.

By the fourth time he pulls you back from the edge you are nearly sobbing, you want it so bad, you need it…

“Please, please, please…” You are babbling now, there’s no holding back your need.

“You think you deserve it?” you know that he won’t be able to hold off much longer but you don’t dare tease him more.

“Please, I’ll be good, I’ll be so good.” you plead, his grip is loose enough that you can turn your head a glance at him over your shoulder.

“Shit…” he hisses as he sees your misty eyes and the heavy blush on your cheeks. Your debauched stare is what does him in and he’s scrambling at his belt and zipper. 

It only takes a few moment before he frees himself, cock hard and leaking; and only a few moments after that before he’s slamming into you. You almost sob in relief, but instead you release a loud heady moan; you wonder if you’ll get a noise complaint from your neighbors in the morning. Both of Katsuki’s hands quickly move to your hips as he begins a rough pace; you’re sure you are going to have fingertip shaped bruises after this and it only makes you moan louder.

His pace is quick and rough, bottoming out in you with each thrust; your knees ache and you can’t keep yourself from moaning with each thrust. It’s Heaven . Then his fingers are at you clit, setting a pace as brutal as his thrusting hips; sparks zipping along your spine as the heat builds in your stomach.

“You wanna cum?” he husks in you ear.

“Yesyesyes, pleeeease.” you beg as you push back into each snap of his hips, you are so close.

“Then fucking cum for me…” that’s all it takes and your falling over the edge, the pleasure so great you would have collapsed if not for Katsuki’s strong grip around you.

His pace falters as you squeeze around him, he’s bucking wildly into you; he thrusts into you twice more before pressing himself into you as far as he’ll go. Letting out a low growl his teeth dig into your shoulder as he cums.

You feel so incredibly full as he spills into you; giving one last weak thrust he sags against you with a shaky breath. He places a soft kiss on the angry bite mark he’s given you and then presses his forehead against the back of your head; breathing in your scent. 

Carefully you turn your head to kiss his cheek and then nuzzle at his jaw.

“I missed you.” you sigh in satisfaction.

“No shit.” he lets out a tired chuckle and leans into your touch.   


Chapter Text

You had actually attended U.A with him in your high school years, but had been a member of the Support Course rather than the Hero Course. That didn’t mean that you hadn’t intermingled with him; Hizashi was what one would describe a social butterfly and he loved to meet everyone no matter what course or year they were in. You were fairly outgoing yourself and became fast friends with each other and eventually Shouta as well. Of course as gossip goes, rumors eventually spread that you and Hizashi were dating. Both of you were quick to deny it, playing it off as some sort of big silly joke but…you couldn’t help but feel the sting at the time. You had developed quite the crush on the loud, boisterous boy but were too afraid to ruin your friendship with your feelings.

When it came time for graduation you had ended up moving away from Musufatu while Hizashi had stayed. You both had really tried to stay in touch, but with him becoming both a Pro-Hero and working towards his career in music and you working towards becoming a well know developer and Hero, things became hectic. It wasn’t really until recently that you both had connected again…  

You had recently been offered a position at your Alma Mater to teach Support class 1-G and you of course jumped at the chance. You wish that you had kept in touch with Hizashi more…at least for the fact you wouldn’t have looked like an idiot when you walked into the teachers lounge on the first day…

“Oh…my God…” you stare at the man across from you. He’s got a coffee cup in his hand and a fresh pot of coffee in his other poised to pour himself some of the scalding liquid.

For a moment you just stare at one another from across the room; you’re starting to get odd and concerned stares from the other teachers.

“Y/n” Shouta brushes past you with a friendly pat on your shoulder.

Suddenly Hizashi let’s out an excited scream that causes everyone to cup their hands over their ears and groan. Shouta is quick to remedy the situation by activating his quirk.

“Put everything in your hands down before you cause a mess…” the erasing hero grunts at the blonde who is practically vibrating. 

You can’t help but laugh as he fumbles with the coffee pot and cup, hastily putting them down before jogging over to you, a bright smile on his face. You find yourself gasping for air seconds later as he hoists you into the air, spinning you around as he bear hugs you.

“Hizassssshhiiii” you laugh; finally he puts you down and you have a chance to hug him back. He feels like home. 


The rest of your day goes fairly smooth, your students seem like wonderful up and coming developers and the staff is welcoming and friendly. Though if you were being honest with yourself your mind keeps flitting back to seeing Hizashi in the teachers lounge. You still had it bad for him and you sigh at the realization… You hope that you didn’t seem too distracted or flighty to your students on your first day; you didn’t want to give a bad first impression.

The last of your students is out the door after bidding you farewell and you begin to gather your paperwork and necessities. You were glad that your first day was rather lite in busy work that you had to bring home…you hadn’t exactly finished unpacking your things at home yet. You really weren’t looking forward to assembling that desk you had purchased either…you were pretty certain the manufacture had just put extra pieces in to mess with you.

You double check your bag to make sure you had everything and you move to exit the classroom.

“Hey Y/n!” your head flies up at the exclamation. Hizashi is leaning against the door frame looking as excitable as he always does.

“Jeez give a girl a heart attack will you?” you tease and push him out of the way so you can close up. He pouts.

“Awwwww, Y/n, and here I was excited to see you.” he whines.

“Hey, now I never said I wasn’t excited to see you.” you laugh, turning to face him a hand on your hip.

He grins broadly at you and his smile is infectious.

“So I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner or something?” If that question doesn’t make your heart go pitter-patter; damn the fact you hadn’t unpacked anything yet.

“Tonight?” you ask, maybe he meant later that week or better yet the weekend.


“Ugh, I still have so much unpacking to do…I want to Hizashi, I really do…” why did you have to be so unorganized.

You can see him deflate a little bit while trying to hide his disappointment; then his eyes light up.

“Why don’t I help you then?” he exclaims


“Yeah, I can stop off at my place, change into some different clothes, pick up some food on the way and then help you unpack!” he was always so upbeat and you can help but melt.

“Alright, alright.” you laugh and he throws an arm around your shoulders as you both begin to walk down the hall.

“Now is your favorite food still spicy chicken soba?” he asks

You laugh and shake your head, you can hardly believe he still remembers after all this time.

“You know me too well Hizashi.” 

He gives your hip a small bump with his.


It was a little past seven when he arrives with dinner; which at at this point was the least of your concerns. You had been planning on doing some heavy lifting so you had thrown on a baggy paint stained shirt and a pair of shorts you often slept in. Hizashi on the other hand looked like he had just stepped out of a fashion magazine. With a plain but form fitting white t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans, his simple ensemble put yours to shame. His long blonde hair was washed of product and in a simple loose bun; you touch your frizzy, messily pulled back hair subconsciously.

“Nice place you got here!” he says as he toes off his shoes.

“What are you talking about? there are boxes everywhere!” you chuckle; talking, talking was a good distraction.

“Well the bones are good! Lot’s of space.” he walks in, gazing around the box filled room before turning to you. “So I’m starving, wanna eat and then un pack?” 

You laugh but nod in agreement, you certainly wouldn’t say no to some food.

Luckily he had picked up utensils because you had no idea which box yours were in, and you had been living off of take-out for the past two days since you moved in. 

As you ate you fell into easy conversation, it almost felt like you hadn’t been apart for all those years.

You nearly choked on your drink when he told you about a hilarious situation he and Shouta found themselves in on one of their patrols. In your attempt to catch your breath while you laugh you snorted loudly; then Hizashi was laughing and you were laughing along with him. You both find yourselves on the floor of your living room breathing heavily and trying to manage your giggles. Finally your laughter dies off and you both just lay there, smiling and staring up at the ceiling. 

“Y/n” he says after awhile.

You hum and turn to face him, his face surprisingly sober.

“This might sound totally weird, but…” he trails off and turns away from you, looking back up to the ceiling.

You wait for him to continue but the suspense is mind numbing.

Then he’s facing you again, an embarrassed smile on his face.

“I totally had a crush on you in high school.”

You sputter and your pretty sure your face is turning red.

“What?!” you finally manage.

“Yeah I totally did.” he looked so open right now, it hurt your heart.

“You did?” you say quietly and he hums.

You weigh your options.

“Do you still?” you finally throw caution to the wind.

His green eyes are piercing and so incredibly sincere.

“I…Don’t think I ever stopped.” a small sheepish smile.

You wonder if somehow you have died and this is some sort of wonderful afterlife. You find yourself scooting closer to him until you are laying side by side, just far enough away so you can watch him without seeing double. Carefully you reach out and place a hand on his chest; you can feel his heart beating wildly. He gingerly places a hand on the curve of your hip, a steady but cautious weight.

“I’d really like it…” you pause, licking your lips an action that his vibrant eyes follow and  your mouth feels dry suddenly. “ If you would kiss me…”

You feel his hand on your hip twitch and clench.

“Yeah?” he moves closer, his nose brushing yours.

“Yeah…” you reply.

And then his lips are on yours, soft and chaste and you sigh into him and try to move closer. He saves you from using your energy and pulls you to him, taking in a sharp breath as he tilts his head, lips working against yours.

Your head is spinning, this is not a dream and you are definitely not dead…this is real and you need everything he’ll give you. Your hands move to grasp at his shirt, balling the fabric in your fists, and when he pulls back for air you nip at his lower lip.

He gazes down at you startled for a moment by your bold action, then his eyes haze over with lust and he’s rolling you over on top of him, your thighs now on either side of his narrow hips.

You gasp as a rough palm comes to cradle your face and pull you back down into a searing kiss, his other arm, drapes across your lower back pinning you to him. He rolls his tongue to gently press at your lips and you don’t hesitate to open your mouth and meet his open kiss. 

All those years you could have been with each other, and all those years you both were to stupid to do anything about it. You would have laughed at the situation had you not been moaning against Hizashi’s talented mouth.

You shift in his grasp managing to get your arms out from underneath you and you rack your fingertips down his ribs, feeling the sinew and bone beneath skin and fabric. You can’t contain the heady moan that rips through you when he groans beneath you and arches; the denim of his jeans now doing nothing to mask his arousal.

Suddenly he pulls away from you and stares up at you, eyes hazy and needy. 

“So…” his voice is raw and you have to hold back a whimper. “Maybe…If you want to, we should move to the bedroom…Not trying to rush anything! It’s just-”

You don’t think you had ever seen Hizashi stumble over his words, and that was a sight in and of itself.

“Yeah.” your voice is rough too.

“Yeah?” his eyes shine.

“But we really need to unpack after.” you chuckle.

He laughs and leans forward to nip at your neck and you shiver in pleasure.

“Deal, we can start in the bedroom…”

Chapter Text

You, Katsuki and Eijirou had been close since your first year at U.A, all three of you having been classmates in Class 1A. Having been two of the only people that could put up with and calm down the explosive personality of Katsuki, you and Eijirou were often on clean up detail. 

Something about them just meshed with you and you fit in easily with them; which was often cause for second take stares and curious glances. At nearly a head shorter than both of them and mostly harmless looking you lady (at least from the outside) you seemed somewhat out of place. However once people talked to you they quickly realized why you got along so well with your two classmates

You spoke your mind, and had somewhat of a chipper, boisterous attitude. Katsuki often complained that you and Eijirou had annoying habits and personalities, but he stuck to the both of you like glue. You often would just tease him back, stating he had a shitty attitude and bad behavior which often made him crabby and pouty. To your red-haired companion this was the ultimate entertainment, it was rare that you pushed each others buttons to points where fights would break out. The loud blondes constant shouting at the two of you never counted as actual anger or animosity. 

In your second year you realized that you liked both of them more than just being your best friends…this was an awkward realization for you. It would have been bad enough if you had a crush on just one of them, but both of them? You of course never let this slip out and it became your greatest secret.

After graduation all three of you decided to stay in Musufatu, and all of you managed to get contracts with successful Hero agencies. When you had discussed your similar successes and plans Kirishima had been the one that suggested the idea of becoming roommates.

At first as you both expected Bakugou pouted and declared he would never room with two such annoying people. It was always a big act; all bark and no bite. You had teased him relentlessly about not being able to handle yours and Eijirou’s coolness and how you would just have to have fun hanging out without him. He of course quickly changed his tune, mostly just stating that he had to prove you both wrong and how there was no way you guys would survive without him.  

Two months later the three of you were moving into an apartment together. Five months later you realized this was the worst mistake you had ever made.

“Jirouuuuuuu…” you whine into your phone as you change out your hero costume. You, Jirou and Yaoyorozu had remained good friends since graduating and you would often go to hang out with them when your two roommates became too much. “Why didn’t you stop me?”

“Hey don’t drag me into this, you knew what you were getting into.” she chuckles in reply and you sigh.

“Ugh I should have just roomed with you and Yaoyorozu.” you whine as you kick off the rest of your clothes. 

“Pffffft, Y/n let’s face it you would totally be over at their place anyway if you roomed with us, your attached at the hip.”

“I wish I was attached at the hip…” you mutter and Jirou sputters and laughs.

“Oh my god! Why don’t you just get it over with and say something…this is just painful to watch at this point.” she replies.

“Yeah and say what? Oh hey guys, I know we’ve been best friends for forever and like hey would you look at that we’re roommates now to! You know what would be great? If I could have both of your dicks.” 

Jirou is wheezing on the other end of the line, trying to catch her breath through her laughter.

“I don’t think you have to say it quite like that!” she manages. “But please, for everyone’s sakes please consider maybe mentioning it?” 

You sigh, you know she’s right, this is just a problem now.

“Maybe…ugh I’m going to go take a shower…” you grumble as you grab your favorite towel. 

“Gonna think about your roommates?” Jirou asks slyly.

“Oh my god Jirou! Shut up, I don’t think about their dicks all the time!” you bark out with a surprised laugh.

“Bye Y/n” she chuckles.

“Bye Jirou.” you sigh and ruffle your hair as you hit end call. You knew she was right; you’d have to brooch the subject eventually…But for now you had about two hours before Katsuki and Eijirou got home, and you were going to take that time to relax and ruminate on your situation.

Wrapping your towel around your naked form you move to your door opening it to head towards the shared bathroom down the hall. However what meets you when you open the door causes the color to drain from your face and honestly? You just want to melt into the floor…

Eijirou and Katsuki lean against the wall opposite your door, both trying to act casual but neither daring to look at you, light blush covering their cheeks.

“Oh…my…god…NO!” you are mortified. 

At your exclamation they both look at you, the red-head opening his mouth to say something. You don’t give him a chance and you slam your door, hiding in the bedroom.

You slump against the door, your head falling into your hands…they heard, you knew it, and now everything was ruined.

“Y/n…come out please?” Eijirou urges gently.

“Nooooo…” you whine, your face feels so hot.

“Please? we’re not mad; talk to us.” he responds; Katsuki remains silent.

“I’m such an idiot…ugh…why did I think any of this was a good idea.” you groan, the back of your head smacking against the door.

“Y/n you’re BEING and idiot, open the stupid door!” the blonde finally pipes up.

“Don’t be an ass.” you hear Kirishima scold his companion.

“I’m not being an ass, she’s being stupid.” he growls, you hear a small scuffle and then “Y/n open the door or I’m going to blow it up!”

“Noooo Katsuki! We have a security deposit.” Eijirou exclaims.

“I don’t give a damn about a security deposit!”

You sigh and slowly stand up, they must hear you moving because their arguing grows quiet. 

Pulling your towel tighter around you … what’s the point in being embarrassed, any state of undress is minor to what they overheard. Readying yourself and squaring your shoulders you open the door.

The three of you just stare at each other for a while, the silence uncomfortable. 

“I’m so sorry-” you begin.

“We knew!” Eijirou interjects quickly.

Silence again, you blink and glance between the two of them; the red-head looks sheepish and Katsuki just looks annoyed.    

“…You what?” is all you finally manage.

“We’ve known like forever, but we didn’t want to make you feel weird or pressured.” Eijirou replies.

This is a lot to process and your brain just can’t keep up.

“So your telling me-”

“Oh my god!” Katsuki exclaims and stomps up to you until you are nose to nose. “We both want to kiss your stupid face, so tell me to stop now because I’m going to.” 

You open you and close your mouth like a fish out of water before deciding to just nod your head in awe when the words don’t come to you. His mouth is on you seconds later; hard and searing. Behind him you can hear the other man whining about being left out, but you hardly register it; your head is spinning.

When the blonde pulls away you are completely star struck, hazily you gaze into his fiery eyes and then down to his already bruising lips, you can hardly believe this is happening. Then Eijirou is hip checking Katsuki to make room for himself; he receives a growl but no further protest.

“We really, really wanna do this, Y/n.” he says and his shark toothed smile is gentle and reassuring.

“You don’t…mind sharing?” the saying it out loud makes you blush at the idea, it sounds so taboo … and amazing.

The two men in front of you turn to look at one another, sly grins mirroring each other.

“We’ve actually thought about it before.” Eijirou says turning back to you; oh how his stare goes straight to your core.

“We’re totally into it.” Katsuki adds and moves a bit closer. 

They wait for you to speak again.

“You’re sure?” you ask, your brain still trying to wrap around the fact that the two guys you have had a crush on since forever are openly admitting to liking you and wanting to share you.

“Never been more sure about anything!” Eijirou’s smile is so genuine.

The look on Katsuki’s face is proof enough. Your heart clenches in your chest and you feel so un believably warm.

“Okay, so how do you want to do this?” you breathe.

They grin at each other again.

“You let us take it from here.” the blonde replies and slowly circles you until he’s pressed up against your back.

“Let us take care of you, and just tell us if anything is too weird.” the red-head budges up to you, pressing you further against the man behind you.

“Trust me nothing will be weird.” you say bluntly and then curse at yourself when you hear Katsuki’s bark of laughter behind you. “Ugh don’t let all of this go to your head.”

“Pfft how many times have we told him that.” Eijirou chuckles before dipping his head, nipping at your throat teasingly.

“A-all the time.” you shiver at the feeling.

“Both of you shut up.” The rough pads of Katsuki’s thumbs press into your shoulder blades, moving to massage the muscle before playing with the towel that’s still wrapped around you. “This should come off.” his lips brush against the nape of your neck.

“Yeah…” your head is already swimming. 

You feel the man in front of you pawing at the towel and you raise your arms slightly to allow him to remove the offending material. By the time the terrycloth hits the floor Eijirou’s mouth has moved to your collarbone and Katsuki’s hands have moved to your now naked hips pulling them back against him. You gasp when you feel the blonde’s erection pressing against your ass.

“Katsuki.” you sigh in surprise and he groans, moving to nip at your shoulder.

“He’s not the only one.” Eijirou says smartly and juts his hips forward letting you feel the outline of his arousal against your stomach.

You release a heady moan at the feeling of them pressing against you; you know this is just the beginning but it’s already so amazing.

“I think we should start moving this along.” Katsuki rumbles.

“I agree.” Eijirou’s mouth is on yours, his tongue brushing against your own as he begins to gently walk you backwards.

At first your concerned that you are going to trip over the man behind you, but he keeps pace, a guiding force. Suddenly his hands leave your hips and then he’s next to the red-head who releases your lips. The two of them give you lust heavy smiles before Katsuki gives you a little push and you fall back onto the bed with a surprised squeal.

You feel like you could die a happy woman when your two lovers start stripping, inch after tantalizing inch of skin and honed muscle being revealed all for you…When they stand before you proud and completely bare, you feel your jaw drop. Your gaze running along their wonderfully muscled bodies before landing at their length’s; you hope your not drooling as you stare at the deliciously erect organs.

“Speechless Y/n?” Eijirou teases, your eyes snap up to his, your cheeks flushed.

“For once.” Your cheeks puff up at the blondes little jab at you.

“Shut up Katsuki.” though the retort comes out a little shaky.

He just grins slyly and all you can do is try to glare…and not give him the satisfaction of letting him see your eyes wander. 

Eijirou gets on the bed first, moving around you, a rough palm smoothing up your body as he comes to settle behind you. 

“Scoot.” Katsuki nods at you and you scramble backwards eagerly.

The red-head pulls you easily into his lap and moves the two of you further up the bed as your more boisterous lover crawls on to the mattress.

Now Eijirou is the one nosing at your neck, sharp teeth scraping along the heated flesh. 

The blonde captures your lips into an open mouthed kiss, his tongue moving against your own. His hands move to your breasts, rough pads of his thumbs scraping against your nipples causing them to pebble and for you to release a needy whine that he eagerly swallows down. 

Eijirou adjusts himself, fingers digging into your hips as he begins to rut against you.

“Kacchan…” you feel him murmur before sucking a bruise to your shoulder. 

Katsuki seemed to pick up on whatever the red-head was wanting him to do because he moves one of his hands away from you and you can’t help but whine at the loose of contact. Your displeasure doesn’t last long however when he rubs his fingers against your folds, spreading the embarrassing amount of wetness thats already there. He smirks against you lips.

“You want something Y/n?” he teases in between kisses. 

“Yessssss….” you moan and buck your hips, the action causing Eijirou to groan and grip you tighter.

Katsuki seems quite pleased with himself but doesn’t tease you further, slipping a finger into your heat.

You throw your head back against the red-head’s shoulder as the man before you starts a steady pace. 

“Fuck, you’re so fucking wet Y/n.” the blonde grits out and slips a second finger into you.

“So perfect.” Eijirou’s lips brush against your ear before he licks the shell, his hips still slowly rocking against you.

After awhile their touches and Katsuki’s fingers; though it’s absolutely wonderful, just isn’t enough. You need more.

“Please…Kacchan…Eijirou…please.” you whine, your hand coming up to smooth down Katsuki’s chest and stomach; your other moving to tangle in Eijirou’s fiery locks.

With a growl the blonde pushes you back further onto the man behind you before grabbing the man’s cock. Eirijou lets out a surprised yelp.

“Ready, Eijirou?” Katsuki grunts, giving the dick in his hand a few strokes.

Knowing that the man in front of you was pumping the red-heads cock had you’re head spinning with how incredibly hot the whole situation was.

Then Katsuki is lining Eijirou’s aching cock up against your soaking heat. 

“Are you ready Y/n?” Eijirou’s voice is rough and strained and fuck if it isn’t one of the hottest things you’ve ever heard.

You turn to glance over your shoulder at him; he stares back, his pupils blown wide in lust.

“Yes, please, I’m so ready.” 

With Katsuki’s guiding hand and small buck of the red-head’s hips, Eijirou sheathes himself inside of you. Your loud, thankful moan drowns out the shaky grunt he releases as he bottoms out inside of you; it’s so…perfect.

“Damnit Y/n…” Eijirou releases a shaky laugh as he tries to hold himself still to allow you to adjust to him. “You feel so good.”

You rest your head against his shoulder once more, turning just slightly so you can nip at his jaw.

“Eijirou…” you whine and grind down against him. 

He sighs and rocks his hips lightly.

Then Katsuki is gripping your chin and turning you to face him before capturing your lips in a bruising kiss; his fingers moving to your clit.

The two of them set an easy but mind-blowing pace, Eijirou thrusting into you, hands gripping your thighs while the blonde strokes your clit and palms at your breasts. It isn’t long before you are approaching your first orgasm and you find yourself writhing and whining, so close to the edge.

Surprisingly they grant it without any teasing and you fall over the edge, moaning and shaking from the force of it. 

“That’s just the beginning.” Katsuki husks, his finger’s leaving your overly sensitive bundle of nerves. 

You gaze back at him hazily, just now realizing that Eijirou’s hips have stilled. 

“We’re going to fuck you so good.” the blonde nips at your bottom lip, he shifting his stance, sitting up on his knees and settling on to the balls of his feet. 

Eijirou moves as well, pulling you back against him further, gripping your thighs tightly as he pulls them further apart. You blush at the obscenity of it all. 

“Think you can take both of us?” the red-head murmurs headily, nosing at the shell of your ear affectionately.

“I….I don’t know?” you eye Katsuki’s dick; he’s pumping it slowly his gaze burning into you. 

You were already so full, but the idea of more had your mouth watering.

“Just…start slow?” you say shakily.

Katsuki grins at this and moves into place, Eijirou starts moving at a slow leisurely pace.

“You’re such a good girl, taking us both.” the blonde replies as he presses the head of his cock to your stretched opening, the red-head’s cock steadily moving in and out. 

You can only pant and whimper in reply. Katsuki begins to push in beside Eijirou with small cants of his hips, careful to gauge your reaction. 

You have never felt like this, full to the brim, tears prick at the corner of your eyes but god…it’s otherworldly. 

With one last thrust Katsuki settles inside of you, pressed up against Eijirou; the moan you release is absolutely obscene.

“Holy shit!” the blonde shouts and rests his forehead against your collarbone.

“J-just, ah, tell us when to move…”the red-head groans, you can feel his hip trembling, he stopped his movements again waiting for you to adjust.

You can only nod, your brain couldn’t process words at the moment. Finally your thoughts seem to gather and you manage to release a quivering plead.

“Please…please…Eijirou, Kacchan please, I need it.” 

That’s all it takes and they start to move; small shallow thrusts at first, continuing to gauge your reaction. When you release a wanton moan they pick up the pace.

Soon they are pistoning out of you, when Eijirou pulls back, Katsuki presses in and visa-versa. The red-heads hands grip your thighs tightly and the blondes hands press into your hipbones and your certain you are going to have bruises from both of them. You moan loudly at the thought and the feeling of being so incredibly full. 

“Fuck you’re so good Y/n.” Eijirou groans, his hips snapping up harder than before.

“Look at you taking us both, so fucking hot.” Katsuki adds, squeezing your hips tighter, his lips almost on yours, stealing your breath.

Your eyes roll back, you can barely handle it, the sensation, the praise, you’re already dangerously close again. 

Eijirou’s hips are the first to lose their rhythm and he pants against your shoulder.

“Fuck, I’m so close…” he grunts, voice strained as he tries to contain himself.

“I’m…I’m on the pill.” you manage to say in between your moans, hoping he’ll understand what you want. 

“You gonna let us fill you up Y/n?” Katsuki groans smugly. 

You can only whimper and nod, you want that so bad.

“Fuck, you’re gonna be dripping from us.” he hisses.

“Ah, Y/n I’m gonna cum…” Eijirou husks and you moan in response.

“Yes Eijirou, please…” your words are all it takes and then he’s cumming into you; he stifles his shout by biting into your shoulder.

The sensation of his cum flooding you, teeth boring down into your heated flesh and Katsuki’s wild thrusts has you cumming harder than you’ve ever cum before. You practically scream your release. 

“Ah shit, Y/n, Eijirou…Fuck!” Katsuki’s thrusts become sloppy, moving in and out of you with ease from yours and Eijirou’s release.

Three hard thrusts later he’s cumming as well, pressing into you as far as he’ll go, snarling. 

It’s hard to tell how long the three of you lay in the afterglow, catching your breath and trying to process what just happened. Finally Katsuki moves first, pulling out of you with a hiss; gently he coos at you nuzzling your neck in a rare show of softness as he carefully pulls you up and off of Eijirou. You whimper at the loss of fullness and the feeling of their mixed release dribbling down your thighs.

“You did so well.” Katsuki presses a kiss to your sweaty temple and you feel the red-head come up behind you.

“You were so good Y/n, so good to us…” Eijirou nuzzles the junction of your neck and shoulder. 

You could honestly bask in their affection for the rest of your life but you were starting to feel the after effects of your intense love making. You were tired and sweaty and covered in fluids.

“Wanna take a shower Y/n?” The red-head asks.

You nod with a contented sigh, your head lolling to the side allowing him to place soothing kisses against your skin. You glance to Katsuki who’s expression is incredibly soft for him. 

“Are you both still okay with this?” you ask.

A smug, lazy grin forms on Katsuki’s lips, you can feel Eijirou’s grin against your neck.

“Fuck, way more than okay with it Y/n.” Katsuki replies looking incredibly pleased.

“Way, way more than okay.” Eijirou adds.

You sigh, hardly believing your luck.     


Chapter Text

He had been overzealous and careless, which a lot of people mostly likely expected him to be because of his personality. You knew better…Your boyfriend actually was incredibly smart and thought through his options; so this royally ticked you off. 

You had watched fearfully as he and several other heroes had taken on an extremely tactile and dangerous villain. Even the news teams didn’t want to get too close to all of the mayhem. You had wondered as you watched from the safety of your living room if he was behaving like this because the villain was oddly familiar, not the same, but familiar. 

A Slime like villain, much like the one from his teenage years was attacking the shopping district. You didn’t blame him for it striking a cord, you were just mad that he threw himself into the fray with such abandon. He wasn’t thinking straight and it cost him.

Katsuki had wound up in the hospital after a grueling battle with three bruised ribs on one side and two broken on the other. You of course had stomped down to the hospital with angry, fearful tears in your eyes; the doctors nervously watching as you entered your significant other’s room. 

The blonde had tried to play the tough guy, another one of his defense mechanisms but you were not having it; he had really scared you this time. He had to stay in the hospital for a few days until he could come home; it would allow the doctors and nurses to make sure he’s be almost fully healed (thanks to some healing quirks on the staff). He’d have some lingering pain on the side that sustained the broken bones but that would dissipate in a few weeks. 

You had not been pleased when you went home that night; he had been stubborn and refused to acknowledge that he had been reckless and it was tearing you up inside. 

When it came time for him to come home the tension between you two had grown to a head. By the time you were ushering your bruised, moody boyfriend through the front door an argument was brewing.

“Katsuki, listen to me for one second!” you tremble, trying to keep your tone in check as you go to help him get his shoes off.

“I don’t need a lecture Y/n!” he growls, kicking out his leg the shoe whizzing past your head before you could grab it. He then kicks off his other shoe, this one slamming into the umbrella rack and knocking it over.

“What the fuck?!” you were at the end of your rope. “You are behaving like a brat!” 

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore!” he yells back, wincing when he strains his ribcage too much.

“Don’t yell at me!” you yell back.

He fumbles angrily with his jacket cursing as it gets stuck around his wrists, his ribs hurt and he‘s just so mad.

“You started it!” flinging the jacket onto the floor in a heap.

“Because you won’t listen!” you feel angry, sad tears pricking at your eyes, why can’t he see that what had happened to him really scared you.

“Because I don’t want to listen to your damn nagging Y/n! I don’t want ANOTHER lecture!” you throw your bag on the floor at this.

“I’m not nagging you absolute prick!” angry tears are spilling down your face now.

“Shut up.” it’s a dangerously low rumble in his throat, a phrase you’ve only ever heard him mumble to others.

“…Fine…” you say, everything in your being deflating, so incredibly upset and scared and now just lost and defeated.

He must have realized that his words had stung way worse than he meant because his expression softens and he reaches out to you.

“Y/n…” he sighs, you pull yourself away from his reach.

“No…I’m done…” you mutter, turning to toe off your shoes before moving to make your way towards the bedroom.

“Y/n!” he repeats more boldly, groaning as he moves too fast and his side aches.

“You didn’t want to talk before Bakugou…I don’t want to now.” you don’t even turn to acknowledge him, slowly moving down the hallway as if in a trance; retreating into your shared bedroom. The soft click of the door more weighty than any slam would have been.

Once inside you throw yourself on the bed and scream into the pillow, tears streaming down your face as you unleash your anguish into the soft fabric. The pillow smells like him and it only makes you cry more.

After awhile you doze off, having exhausted yourself. You and Katsuki had gotten back around noon; when you open your eyes and blearily look at the clock beside you on the night stand it read seven. 

You sigh and settle back, surprised that you had slept for so long, your eyes still feel tired and you have a little bit of a headache. Behind you the mattress dips as someone shifts on the bed, you tense a little bit, but relax when you hear Katsuki give a withering sigh; he must have joined you sometime while you were napping.

Turning to lay on your back, you look up at the ceiling; he’s doing the same. There’s a long expanse of silence before either of you say anything.

“I was stupid…” the blonde mumbles finally. 

You didn’t say anything, not exactly sure what to say anyway.

“I didn’t realize that my ….behavior would effect you…shit.” he runs a hand through his hair. You notice at some point he must have taken off his shirt, a melting ice pack pressed against his side. “…I’m not good at this.”

“I was scared…you really scared me…” you say finally.

“I fucking know and I’m sorry.” those words are so rare to hear from the proud man beside you and it shouldn’t make your heart clench as much as it does. Slowly you turn on your side to face him. 

“I just…want you to think…You’re so smart Katsuki but you really do some dumb stuff.” you reply and he scoffs.

“Yeah…I guess I do…” he admits and glances at you, his fiery stare soothing and alluring all at the same time.

“Can we maybe talk about all of this…” you question tentatively.

“Yeah, we can… but I want to do something stupid first.” You gasp as he hauls you up onto his lap, hissing as he stretches out his injured ribs.

“Katsuki! your side!” you stammer, you already feel the heady arousal of him pressing against your ass. Your skirt doing little to act as any barrier between your panties and him.

“Like I said something stupid.” oh that confident lopsided smirk he gives you makes you melt. 

“I don’t know if this is a good idea…” you’re resolve is chipping away as he rolls his hips up lazily; you can feel yourself getting wet.

“Just…fucking ride me Y/n.” you know he means it as a demand, but it comes out as more of a plead. 

Your hands smooth up the plains of his chest and then gently down his sides, your fingertips pausing just above his bruised skin. He hisses and bucks up when you skim over them.

“Kinda feels good.” he chuckles and you roll your eyes, he always did have a little bit of a thing for pain. 

Carefully you press a little harder and he groans, his calloused palms coming to rest on your hips, as he starts to roll up against you in a steady rhythm. You sigh and let your head loll to the side; it’s rare things are so calm between the two of you in the bedroom. One of his hands leaves your hips to slid up beneath your top, pushing up under your bra. His fingers pluck teasingly at your nipple and you can’t help but mewl.

“Fuck you look so good like this.” he groans, arching up a bit more, you’re certain that you’ve soaked through your panties and onto his sweatpants. You gaze down at him with half lidded eyes and he curses softly.

Carefully you shift just enough to grip the waist band of his pants, He arches his hips a little to make tugging down the offending material a little easier, his cock springing free from the confines of his pants. Well, you guess he decided to not wear any underwear today.

His hand that was playing with your breast moves down to pull at your panties, yanking at the band until you manage to get them off one leg; you don’t bother removing them from your person completely. He makes sure your skirt isn’t in the way before guiding you over his hard erection, one hand cupping your ass the other firmly pressing against your hip bone.

“Shit, sit on my cock Y/n.” he husks, bucking up so that his tip presses against your dripping folds.

You couldn’t deny him, especially when you were trembling in anticipation yourself.

“Ffffuuuuuccckkkkk.” he hisses as you seat yourself fully on him, taking him all in at once.

“Oh, Katsuki…” you moan, he fills you to the brim.

After allowing yourself a moment to adjust you begin a slow, leisurely pace, and surprisingly the blonde allows you to control it. His hands merely a guiding force, moving with your hips as you rock against him.   

Katsuki’s head falls back against the pillows, baring his neck in a surprising show of submission, your head swims with the hotness of it all. He grips you tighter and shifts beneath you, crooking his legs and planting his feet on the bed. You lean back against his thighs and moan as he arches, his powerful body moving both his hips and you off the mattress.

He still allows you control over the pace but he definitely is using the new position to thrust up into you harder each time you come down. When your fingers skim over his bruises, he groans and his hips shake.

“Do that again.” he grunts, staring up at you with lust filled eyes. 

You do, digging your fingers in a little bit more and he growls in pleasure. 

It’s not long before his rhythm falters and one of his hands moves to your front, thumb coming to rub tight, measured circles against your clit.

You’re breath hitches at his unrelenting pace and when he barks out his release, you’re quick to follow him over the edge. Pleasure crashing over you like waves on a beach.

He weakly thrusts into you a few more times before his hips still and he lets out a shaky breath; you slump in his lap.

After a moment you lift yourself off of him, causing both of you to hiss at the sensation before you roll over to lay next to him. His hand comes to yours, thick fingers threading through your smaller ones.

“You wanna order take-out…then…talk?” he asks as his breath levels.

“I’d like that.” you smile a little.

Katsuki leans over and kisses your sweaty temple.

“But I get to choose the place we order from.” he states, you can feel his teasing smile against your hair and you laugh.

Chapter Text

It had been too long, way too long; sometimes it almost seems like a lifetime ago; though you know you are just being dramatic. But you’ve decided you’ve earned a little drama with the amount of time you had spent away.

Two months…it had been two months, and true you could have hopped a train and been back in Musufatu in around three hours, but you had a job to do; and as much as you missed home and very much missed your dark haired lover, he had a job to do too.

You feel a wave wash over you, like warm lightning under your skin…thinking about him on the job should not get you this hot and bothered…

You shake your head and adjust your luggage in your grip only two more flights of stairs to go before you can fling yourself on the well loved couch you and Shouta have spent many a night lounging and reading on. Lounging…that sounds nice right about now…

You begin to wonder what all of your Hero training was for as you struggle to get your keys from your pocket, hold your luggage and unlock the door. Maybe it was time to reduce the size of your key-chain, you had begun to accumulate an awful lot of charms…

Finally you manage to muscle open the door, dragging your luggage behind you. Almost viciously you kick off your shoes as you shrugged out of your coat; nearly missing the hook as you toss it towards the bundle of jackets hanging from the wall.

A sigh escapes you, God you hadn’t even noticed how sore your feet felt or how stifling your jacket had been until you were free. You felt liberated and you can’t help the anticipation clawing at your spine at the thought of donning your pyjamas.

“SON OF A BITCH!” you hiss; the step up from the hallway to the living area was closer to the door than you remember.

Grumbling you stomp to the bedroom, limp in your step. You haul your suitcases up on to the bed, deciding you would have plenty of time to unload them later, fairly certain that this was one of Shouta’s later nights on patrol.

You’re shucking your clothes before you even get to your dresser. The mess you’re making on the floor of your shared bedroom a stark contrast to the tidiness it’s usually in.

Loose fitting top and shorts donned you sigh in comfort; who knew ratty old pyjamas could feel so luxurious. Fully relaxed you wonder if you boyfriend might have picked up any groceries aside from fruit pouches while you were gone; doubtful. Though you find yourself moving towards the kitchen anyway.

A flash at your feet startles you and you’re glad no one is there to see the way you prance from toe to toe…well except for the bundle of fluff staring up at you with lazy golden eyes.

“Mitzi!” you hiss at the cat; she yawns; rubs up against you and trots off towards the bedroom; no doubt to crawl through your suitcases.

Glancing around, you check to make sure the other two aren’t going to sneak up on you; they certainly take after their cool, and calculated caretaker.

Finally you make it to the kitchen, almost willing the fridge to have food in it as you walk towards it…you really didn’t want to order anything tonight, you had talked to enough people in the past two months to last you the rest of the year. However before you can barely take three steps across the cool linoleum, something is twining around you, binding you.

The air is forced from your lungs, the sound of surprise that escapes you is more of a huff as, worn, tensile fabric bite into you, pulling you. You’re ready to fight, your Quirk bubbling up, zipping along your skin. Then familiarity fills you as the shock quickly wears off and you relax yourself in the strong bindings; allowing your body to be pulled backwards.

“Some way to greet a girl.” you huff out as your back presses up against the hard line of your boyfriend’s body.

You gasp as the bonds tighten; others would see it as a warning…to you…it’s a promise.

“Mmmmm, a little rough tonight hmm?” you tease. “A little pent up Ai-” the words are knocked out of you as he tugs the bindings of his scarf roughly, thrusting his hips up to meet meet your ass; grinding himself against you.

“Don’t be coy.” he rumbles in your ear, his scruff brushing against your jawline.

“Why Eraser! And here I thought you liked my coy nature?” you want this; to rile him up further.

Fingers are tangling in your hair, blunt nail scratching at you scalp as he tugs your head to the side; harsh enough for you to yelp from the pain, but the pleasure blooms in its wake has you reeling.

His lips are at the junction of your neck and shoulder, teeth scraping along the skin; a shiver runs down your spine, a small moan slipping passed your lips.

“I have the sneaking suspicion you are goading me…” his breath is hot against you. “Seeing just how much-” you gasp as tugs you harder against him, clothed cock rutting against you. “You can get away with before I snap.” his words are low; warning; welcoming; it makes your mouth water.

“I don’t want to get away with anything…” you breath, the words are soft, almost reverent; his fingers tighten in your hair, the hand that is still holding his entrapment scarf allows some slack to slip through his grip. “I want you to snap.”

As the words slip from your mouth the bindings slip from your body and the hand from your hair; you’re being spun around, Shouta’s lips crushing against your own, your teeth clack against his and you feel weak in the knees already. He grips your rib-cage, calloused palms catching on your shirt, his thumbs tracing the underside of your breasts. You throw your arms around him, your fingers grasping at his dark hair; he’s devouring you and fuck you need it so bad.  He growls into the kiss and bites your lower lip, hard enough for you gasp and attempt to pull back out of instinct but his strong hold anchors you.

“…Too long.” he grits against you, one hand moving to grip your ass; you whine when as his cock presses against your stomach.

“I know…” you manage to reply between the onslaught of his kisses. At this point you know you could probably tease him more but honestly you don’t know if you would survive.


“Please what?” his words are dangerous whispers against your lips and tongue.

“Please fuck me.” your body feels heavy, your head fuzzy.

The growl that escapes him had you clenching; then he’s pushing you backwards, a hand at your jaw, the other at your hip. His eyes are like fire as he stares you down; you barely notice he’s crowded you up against the wall in the hallway until he thrusts against you hard enough that the cool drywall scrapes at your back.

The hand at your hip moves and he’s tugging your shorts down; you thank whatever deity gave you the good idea to not bother with panties. The material barely has time to slide down your legs before his index and middle finger are rubbing against your folds.

“You’re soaking…” he murmurs, he sounds enraptured by the notion.

“Shouta…” you start; the grip on you jaw moves to the column of your throat; your head spins. Yes .

He can read you like a book because he looks like the cat that got the cream. You nearly howl as his fingers plunge into you and the pressure of his palm against you neck increases.

“You’ve missed this.” he’s smug, love drunk.

You go to answer him but the grip on your throat tightens when you open your mouth and you only manage a small nod and whimper.

His fingers speed up and you can barely handle it; yeah sure you might have taken care of yourself while you were away, but nothing, nothing can compare to Shouta. Knowing him, he’s saved all his energy for you and you can’t help but feel absolutely spoiled.

You can feel yourself already nearing your peak; and Aizawa ever the keen observer, notices; hand tightening further, thumb coming to press against your clit. Your moans are breathy little sounds now, you vision is starting to get fuzzy and your head feels light.

Just a bit more…

Then he’s releasing your neck and you’re cumming, oh fuck… Lights pop in your vision, the sound that escapes you is raw and animalistic. His fingers fuck you through it, your walls clenching at him desperately.

Before you have the chance to come down or gain your bearings he’s hoisting you up; you can vaguely feel the wetness of his fingertips on your thigh as he pins you up against the wall. You realize that at some point he’s shoved his pants down his hips just enough to free his cock. He tugs your legs around his hips, and you have enough brain power to reckon this means you better hold on.

You nearly scream as he thrusts into you, his cock bottoming out. You clench your thighs around him, legs crossing behind him, heels digging into his ass. He snaps his hips forward, as if trying to move deeper despite already being to the root.

If you died here and now you would have no regrets.

His pace is brutal and your back cries out as the sweat on your shoulder blades causes your skin to catch on the wall; it’s wonderful. Your hands are in his hair, tugging; you’re sure it’s painful but he’s revealing in it; the sounds that rumble up from his chest have your next orgasm bubbling up inside of you.

He allows one of his hands to wander, the other an anchor at your hip. He grips your jaw again, thumb coming to press insistently at your plush lips. Quickly you open your mouth, tongue welcoming him in as he presses against it.

The sounds you two are making should land you in hell alone; the slick slap of his hips against yours, the wanton moans and whimpers that escape you, and the deep gravelly sounds he emits fill the room.

You’re going to cum you realize, he hasn’t even touched your clit and your going to cum. Your hands move from his hair, and your scrabbling at his chest, spit dripping down your chin, you beg him the best you can.

He fucks up into you, hand moving from your mouth to your hair he nearly smothers you with his body. That’s all it takes, his body this close, his grip this strong. You’re cumming again; screaming your release from your already raw throat. You feel him rumble against you, his thrusts becoming quick and disjointed; and then he’s biting your shoulder; hard enough to nearly break the skin. His moans muffled against you.

For a moment you wonder if maybe he fucked you so good that you actually ascended to the heavens. But the gentle circles his thumb makes against your hip and the soothing petting against your hair brings you back to your mortal being.

“I missed you…” you sigh, smiling as he tilts his head to look at you.

“Missed you too.” he rumbles and places a lazy kiss on your bruised lips.

“I think we should take a shower…” you sag against him. How did he still have the strength to hold you up?

“Mmmm nap first.” he replies…oh.

“All of my luggage is still on the bed…and I’m pretty sure Mitzi is in it.” you chuckle and he snorts.

Carefully he lowers you, making sure your wobbly legs can support you.

“Alright, shower…clothes, then nap.”

“Will you help me put my clothes away?” you waggle you eyebrows at him; he scoffs but looks completely content.



Chapter Text

The event had been one of the ritziest you had ever been to, the sheer amount of wealth that most likely went into just decorating the entryway alone could have probably funded you for a whole year. Though, you were a woman of expensive tastes as it was so perhaps less.

And as a woman of expensive tastes you couldn’t help take advantage of the array of wines and champagnes that glittered like crystal chandeliers on white draped tables. This of course also meant you might have gotten a little tipsy, nothing you couldn’t handle; but…with wine and glorious spirits came your insatiable need to be overly affectionate to your date.

Kuugo was doing well with putting up with your admittedly alluring advances, ever the gentleman in front of your fellow Heroes, even as you slipped your heels off under the table; scooting forward in your plush seat to press the ball of your foot to his groin. He was in the middle of talking to Yuu and Ryuko, and while his voice never wavered, you felt him tense up and slouch forward a bit in his chair.

You continued to gently knead him and swish your wine around in it’s glass while he retained his composer in front of your colleagues. But beneath the table, beneath your foot, you could feel him… twitching to life and hardening. Kuugo was a big man, if he had to stand up for any reason there would be no hiding his arousal.

You smirked when you caught his quick sideways glance at you; oh you were in so much trouble you felt yourself flush further and your panties dampen.

Then the Commissioner was calling for everyone to take their seats so they could begin the event. In the commotion and scuttle to reach seats you slipped easily beneath the table; shielded by fine white sateen. You knew Kuugo had seen you ease yourself beneath the table, you went as graceful as you could have (well as gracefully as you could have with a few glasses of wine in you), the look he sent you as you ducked down was intoxicating; hot coals burning bright, daring you to continue, urging you to.

As you settled onto the carpet you heard the muffled sounds of your expected table mates greeting Kuugo, and then finally.

“Ah, where is Y/LN?”

Above comes your date’s rumbling voice.

“She stepped out for a call, sounded rather important.”

Oh how it made you giddy to hear him lying through his teeth; just a little fib but Kuugo never lied, and it sent a thrilling spike of heat through your bones.

“Ah well I hope everything is alright!” the reply comes and then the sound of shuffling, your guests sit down,luckily the the table was rather large so you didn’t have to worry about brushing up against anyone as you began your…activities.

A moment more of shifting and murmuring before the Commissioner cleared his throat once again to gain everyone’s attention; you were already bored of what he had to say.

You moved closer, tucking yourself into the space between Kuugo’s spread legs; you could feel the heat radiating off him as you settled; your palm coming out to stroke along the length of his thigh teasingly. He didn’t move a muscle, no knock to try and remove your naughty touch, or jump in retaliation; however you did see the tent in his pants twitch and grow. You couldn’t help but grin at this, you had so much control at this moment it made your head fuzzy.

You teasingly massage along his thighs, kneading the flesh and muscle, watching greedily as his pants become tighter and tighter as you continued. Then his hand sneakily reached under the table and you deciding to only be a further minx caught his thumb in your hot mouth, sucking on the thick digit, reveling in the way your tongue smoothed over the roughness of the pad of his thumb.

He doesn’t allow you to tease for much longer, instead digging his sharp claw into your tongue, dangerously close to drawing blood, his other fingers curling around your jaw tugging you forward roughly until your nose was pressed against him. The heat that coursed through you was almost unbearable and you could feel yourself ruining you favorite pair of panties with your slick.

You knew that playtime was over, and to be honest you were drooling for the main course anyway. With shaky, excited hands you reach up, grabbing onto his belt buckle and undoing it as quietly as you could. Honestly you be more than happy to be found out as Gang Orca’s little slut but Kuugo had a reputation to uphold and you were certainly respectful of that.

You managed to get the belt off without incident, rather pleased with yourself, however you hadn’t expected the zipper to be so loud and you bit your lip as you eased it down. But finally he was unzipped and oh he wasn’t wearing any boxers! Did he plan for something like this to happen all along? You felt a feral grin split your face, you definitely would have to tease him about this later… But you had work to do now.

Gently you drew him out of his lovely pressed suit pants, marveling at the size of him, even though you’d seen him more times than you could count. You couldn’t even get your fingers fully around it and it had you positively giddy as you gave a languid stroke. You knew it probably wasn’t a great idea to tease too long, after all who knew how long the Commissioner would carry on for, and while they usually droned on for a bit you didn’t necessarily want to push your luck.

Behaving somewhat for the first time that night you gave him a few more pumps, making sure to reach every part of him before, adjusting yourself and pressing his tip to your plump lips. You kissed and nipped at the head, feeling him twitch in your grasp; then slowly, ever so slowly, you pushed him passed your lips, stifling your own moan as you tasted him.

You began a languid pace, getting used to his girth all over again, with each bob of your head you tried to take more and more of him in. You knew you wouldn’t be able to fit all of it, not here, not now; when the two of you were in the privacy of your own homes you had all the time in the world to relax and prep and get in the right mind set. But here under the dining table at a fancy event surrounded by dozens of your peers, you couldn’t get in the right head space to take him completely.

It didn’t matter, it was still perfectly debauched and you loved it. You took as much as you could, trying to keep your gagging and slurping to a minimum, but fuck you couldn’t help it, he was too good.

You could feel your own spit dripping down your chin and onto your chest; at least your attire was low cut enough that you were just dribbling on yourself and not you expensive gown. You licked along the thick vein running along the underside of his cock; he twitched in your mouth and you feel him harden further; you knew he wouldn’t last much longer and it only spurred you on.

His hand was suddenly at your head and oh! He’s threading his fingers through your hair, tugging you closer, but still careful enough to not overwhelm you. Your head absolutely swam when you feel the slight cant of his hips and his grip on you tightened further; you’re desperate for him to fill your mouth, so ready.

A few more bobs of your head and his grip was near painful and then…he’s flooding your mouth; it’s so much you can barely keep up as you try to swallow shot after shot. It was absolutely perfect.

He pet your head when he finished, and you swallowed that last of him down, rather pleased that you managed to keep yourself relatively clean.

You sat back on your heels, head still fuzzy with lust when you have a sudden realization, how the hell were you going to get out from under the table without anyone noticing?

Tucking Kuugo back into his pants and zipping him back up, you try to figure out what you were going to do. But to be honest you were too lust addled and tipsy to think of anything.

You feel a tap on your shoulder and you turn to see Kuugo’s clawed hand thumbing to the left, towards the chair you should have been sitting in

“Is that All Might?” you heard his voice rumble from above and then the creak of chairs as people turned their seats to look.

You scuttled out in the direction he had motioned, climbing into your chair a little less gracefully than you would have liked, but from what you could tell no one had seen you.

“Ah, I must have been mistaken.” he said once you were settled, and the party at the table readjusts in their seats.

“Oh! Y/LN you’re back I hope everything is - what happened to your hair?” Uwabami asked.

Shit you didn’t know she had been one of your table guests; and your hair?? Oh shit, Kuugo!

“Oh um, it’s crazy windy outside! It came out of nowhere, haha, hope it dies down by the time this is over!” you waved her off, you thought that sounded convincing enough.

“And your lipstick?”

You could faint, but that would be admitting you had something to hide.

“It’s very, VERY windy.”