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Meow for all: I am NOT eating that!

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These were villains?!
What could they possibly want here?
What was happening?!!

The memory of being captured by that slime villain last year sprang into her mind out of the blue and completely unbidden, the suffocating feeling, the hopelessness of the situation, kacchan getting slammed into that wall! It was all flooding back now.

Izuku could feel the panic creeping up her spine and trying to take hold, she must of grabbed her tail at some point because she was petting it frantically as her mind tried desperately to push the memories away and buzzed with possible reasons of why this group of villains would be here.

She could hear yaoyorozu asking 13-sensei a question but her voice sounded so far away as she tried to calm herself down, she couldn't afford to lose it! not now. Sensors? She was asking something about sensors?
Focus Izuku! Focus!

"Is this the only part of the school they infiltrated? For what reason?"

Todoroki's monotone voice successfully broke through the rest of her panic due to the fact that it surprised Izuku because she realized just at that moment, that she'd never actually heard todoroki speak before now...

She shook her head quickly in order to get her full focus back, it was probably a good thing that no one was looking at her right now because she knew she most likely looked ridiculous.

"13! Get the kids out of here! Try to contact the school! Kaminari! Use your quirk to try as well!"

Wait. Aizawa-sensei… He wasn't ...?

"Aizawa-sensei! You don't mean to fight them by yourself? There are too many of them for your erasure to take out!"

She cried out in concern taking half a step towards her teacher but Aizawa-sensei only put on his goggles and looked back at her.

"You can't be a good hero with only one trick."

At that he launched himself down the stairs in a single leap and quickly jumped into the fray of villains, taking them out one after the other in a brilliant display of close combat and a mastery over his capture weapon.

She was in awe, eyes wide, as she watched, she had forgotten that close combat was a specialty of his...



She started at the sound of kacchan and Iida yelling at her and she slowly turned around and ran after them with a final concerned look at their teacher.
Unfortunately they didn't make it very far.

"I'm afraid I can not allow you to leave."

That swirling mist from the plaza was suddenly in front of them and the vague shape of a man's head with bright glowing yellow eyes formed as it? he? spoke, so it was a person then? A warping quirk? Those were rare.

"So sorry for the inconvenience, but we are the league of villains and we have come to annihilate the symbol of peace. I believe he was supposed to be here today. Perchance Was something altered?"

All Might! They were after All Might? To kill him?! But why? Just because he was the symbol of peace? Or was there a deeper reason…?
Before anyone else could react kacchan and kirishima launched themselves over the class in a sudden attack on the mist villain but he was faster than them and managed to avoid their attack

"My...that was close. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised. You are UAs golden eggs, after all."

they were then quickly and entirely surrounded by the mist and in a mere blink, they vanished.



13 shouted at everyone, throwing up an arm in front of the group but it didn't matter as they were all suddenly surrounded by the mist themselves.

"You shall all be scattered! Tortured and killed!"

Izuku felt cold all over, right down to her very bones it seemed, as the mist closed in around her and the next thing she knew she was falling towards a large body of water.

The flood zone! Why'd it have to be the flood zone! She thought as she quickly held her breath and braced for the uncomfortable landing.
She mentally bristled as she plunged beneath the surface, feeling so off kilter about being submerged so suddenly that it was almost too much of a shock for her to bare.

She didn't have the luxury of freaking out about it however, as she saw something in the depths swimming towards her and it was coming in fast!

"What a delicious looking piece of bait!"

Bait?! She flailed about trying to swim back to gain some distance but she knew there was no way she could outswim him, she was out of her element here!
But she didn't have to as Asui barreled into the villain with a powerful kick, knocking him off course as she wrapped her tongue around Izuku's torso and swam them to the surface, lifting her up and placing her on the deck of a ship.

Minata was slammed roughly onto the deck after her before Asui climb over the railing.

"Thanks Asui! You're a lifesaver!"

"Call me Tsu!"

"O-ok, A-asu- um. T-ts-tsu….chan?"

"...I like it. Ribbit."

Well, at least she was happy Izuku thought while she was making large sweeps over her tail and gently squeezing at the fur to try and get as much water wrung out of it as possible, muttering all the while about how much she hated being suddenly wet.

She could shower and such just fine but that was because she *choose* to be wet at those times and she could mentally prepare for them, she could even enjoy going swimming for a little bit every once and while but unplanned or unprepared for submersion in water was very much unwelcomed.

"We sure are in a pickle."

Asu- uh..Tsuchan said as she looked over the railing at all the villains surrounding the boat.

That mist guy had asked about if something had been changed, which means they knew for sure that All Might was supposed to be teaching them here today. But how? how would they get that info? Did they sneak into the school someho-!

"The media!"

She cried out loud, both startling and confusing her two companions.

"...what about them?"

As-uhg! tsuchan! Asked, lifting her pointer finger and placing it beside her mouth while tilting her head.

"The break in during lunch yesterday! It must have been a divergence to get around the teachers and get information on All Might's schedule!"

Realization dawned on their faces as they understood what she had meant now.

"So what?! They can't actually kill All Might! Can they? I mean...HE'S ALL MIGHT!"

Mineta yelled out, flailing his arms around and pacing as he spoke before Tsuchan answered him.

"Mineta. They'd be pretty stupid if they went through all this trouble to break in here and didn't have a way to follow through on their threat. Ribbit.
I just wonder if All Might will be ok facing whatever it is."

Unfortunately Tsuchan was right, they must have a way to beat All Might and not just with their sheer amount of numbers either, as Aizawa-sensei was already proving that one pro was enough to take out a large portion of them…
No. there had to be something else up their sleeves, a weapon of some kind, maybe? Or they could hav-

"Stop muttering. You're creeping me out."

"O-oh! S-sorry!"

She hadn't realized she had been doing her muttering habit again...


"We can't worry about All Might right now.
We have to worry about the situation we're in now! Because right now, we have to fight to survive!"

She said with more confidence then she actually felt at present.
The odds were stacked against them, no question, they were on their own and were outnumbered and she didn't know where the rest of the class got sent but she did know something that could give them a chance.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! We should just hide till the pros come to rescue us!"

Mineta screamed at them but he was completely ignored as Izuku continued to speak.

"I don't think these guys know what our quirks are. If they did then there would have been no way that they would've sent Tsuchan to the flood zone."

"You're right Izuchan. They would have sent me to the fire zone if they knew."

Izuchan? Uhh..ok, not the time to dwell on that right now.

"Right. Which means our one advantage over them is they don't know what our quirks can do, that's why they haven't tried to come up on the boat after us...Tell me about your quirks."

"Well I can do basically anything a frog can do. I can also secrete a mild numbing poison and spit out my stomach but neither of those things are very helpful at the moment."

They both turned to minata who was stuck dazedly on the word secreting till Tsuchan slapped him with her tongue.

"I have these sticky balls, they stick to anything besides myself and for varying amounts of time depending on how I'm feeling. They regrow as fast as I can pull them off but if I pull off too many my head will start to bleed."

...alright. Izuku was sure there was something they could do with that she thought as her and Tsuchan stared at him, unfortunately their staring set of another freak out.

"Ahhh! I told you! My quirks not suited for combat at all! Let's just wait for the pros damn it!"

"Wait no! I-it's a great quirk! Really! And I don't think we can afford to wait mineta, we could be dead by the time the pros get here..."

She tried assuring him quickly before she told them about her quirk or at least a summarized version of it, as she couldn't tell them about OFA obviously.

"Like Tsuchan, I can do basically anything a cat can but I also have my paw gauntlets and I recently learned that I can reroute the aura from the emitter part of my quirk to build up energy in certain parts of my body to get a strength boost like you guys saw with the ball toss but I'm not really good at adjusting that part yet so the blowback causes me harm."

Before anything else could be discussed the boat gave a horrible lurch and the sound of ripping metal filled the area, the villains must have tired of waiting she thought as she heard them yelling that they split the boat in half and that it'll be fully submerged in less than two minutes.

Two minutes? They had to think of something to do and fast. Her mind raced as she went over their quirks and their surroundings, quickly formulating a plan that would hopefully be pulled off if they timed it right and she quickly relayed it to the others, getting their approval.

Steeling her mind, she got up off the deck and she braced her leg on the railing.
Alright. Just act like kacchan! She thought as she pushed off the railing while screaming 'DDIIIEEEE!' which felt more than a little strange for it to be her yelling that phrase…

She pulled her left arm backwards and one of her paw gauntlets took form, blade like claws included and with the buzzing feeling of OFA coursings through her arm she swung her arm forward in a huge slashing motion.


The air pressure caused by her swing hit the water dead on, causing it to speed out in large choppy waves as she called for Tsuchan and mineta, tsuchan's tongue wrapped around her waist again and mineta started to fanticly toss his balls at the villains from his place in Tsuchans arms as the water rushed back to converge in the center of the whirlpool, effectively sticking them together in a huge clump.

"Guess we cleared the flood zone. Ribbit."

Tsuchan swung them to as close to the shore as she could and they waded the rest of the way in, her poor tail was soaked all over again and felt uncomfortably heavy dragging on the surface behind her and her arm was covered in a motley of bruises and it ached quite a lot but at least nothing broke.

"So...what should we do now Izuchan?"

Tsuchan asked, both her and mineta were looking at her like she had all the answers which was pretty daunting she thought.
she never really thought of herself as a leader type. But with them looking at her like that, she couldn't refuse coming up with a plan for them.

"Um...w-well, from what I can see about things, from where we are now we have two options to reach the entrance.
We could make our way around the rainstorm dome but we don't know if any villains will be hiding there and it could take too long or we can go around the outskirts of the plaza where we *know* there are villains and if we took a few down to lighten Aizawa-sensei's load…"

"DOME! dome! I vote dome!!"

Mineta shouted jumping up and down waving his arms.
Unfortunately for him after a bit more discussion he got outvoted and they made their way to the outskirts of the plaza by keeping to the water so that they weren't out in the open.

Making it to the water's edge of the plaza they saw Aizawa-sensei still taking out villains left and right and even though he showed no sign of slowing down Izuku knew that even he had a limit…


Izuku looked at who was muttering and saw that creepy hand guy watching Aizawa-sensei fight intently, he look even more unsettling up close, she could see a maniac ruby red eye from in between the fingers of the hand on his face and she felt her stomach twist in a sickening manner, as being this close, she realized that the hands were very much and terrifyingly real.

The hands guy suddenly rushed forward with more speed then Izuku would have guessed he was capable of, engaging Aizawa-sensei in a fight himself while he talked about how he had noticed that Aizawa-senseis hair would stop floating for short intervals and the time between them was getting shorter.

The three students were horrified when the villain grabbed onto Aizawa-senseis elbow and his shirt and then his very flesh started to just...decay away!
What a terrifying quirk…

Aizawa-sensei was able to break free before the damage spread any further than that, but his elbow was destroyed and rendered his arm completely useless, hanging limp at his side and swinging in angles no arm should be able to swing.

"'re so cool Eraserhead. but unfortunately for you *I'm* not the berserker fighter here."

It happened in the blink of an eye, they could only look on in shock as a monstrous being with a long beak like face, large sharp teeth, pitch black skin and an exposed brain appeared seemingly out of nowhere and began throwing Aizawa-sensei around like a rag doll.

Izuku wanted to throw up as the sickening sound of cracking bones filled the air and the pool of blood beneath their teacher grew only larger, she could feel tsuchan shaking uncontrollably beside her and she was sure that mineta wasn't any better off.

What the hell *was* that thing?!

"Heh...heh...met the artificial superhuman! But you can call him Nomu."