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I Have Always Known You Best

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            You sit on the bed beside him and smile, years have gone into this and now, he is finally yours. It's insane and you know it, but nothing could ever bring you more joy than seeing Shota Aizawa, the hero, Eraser Head, right where you have wanted him for years. He is in your possession and you will never let him go while you live. You fight not to smile because you know it will be maniacal if you're not careful. You reach out and stroke his hair, it's not soft like you hoped, but coarse, manly really, you grin.


            "Get your hands off of me," he growls and your eyes widen before you do smile. Somehow you know it isn't a maniacal smile, but one of quiet victory. He surprised you, your beloved Shota, always exceeding expectations. You look down into his dark eyes, only they're not dark, scarlet as his power hits you. You weren't using your quirk so he does nothing and you chuckle.


            "You always throw off my projections for you, Shota," you say and his quirk shuts off as you place your hand on his chest. He yanks at the bindings on his wrists. Black and red checkered carbon nanofiber, a match in texture to his capture weapon, but colored to match the soft red and black flannel pajamas you put him in. You put in him adult diapers, they feel like boxers so he won't realize the situation just yet.


            "Who are you?" he demands as he pulls at the binding on his ankles, they match his wrists, both secured to the frame of the bed. It is a heavy steel alloy, you supplied samples of the alloy to UA for their Support Development class, from what you have heard, they used it to slow down the teachers in faculty versus student testing. A whole bed made from it was expensive, but worth it. Shota was strong, not quirk level, but he was clever, he wouldn't be able to destroy this bed with his clever mind and all the time in the world. You look away from him, you activate your quirk, legally your quirk was labeled Telepathy, but it was something else, something more...something you didn't want the government fully understanding.


            In Shota's head, he was trying to figure you out, as you looked at him, he recalled middle school but it confused him and you grinned more.


            "Ah, Shota-senpai, did you really forget about me?" you try to pout, but you just cannot stop smiling your cat that ate the canary smile. His eyes widen and you can see your middle school self in his mind. The girl who was bullied for her quirk. Telepathy was a quirk a lot of people hated and it bugged him to see you get bullied. More than once he would erase the quirks of your harassers and you would routinely follow him around. He had assumed it was for protection. When you showed up at UA in the Support Program he had been glad you found someplace you fit in.


            "That's right, I followed you all the way to UA...I've been supporting you for years," you say as you lay down and hug his torso. "I am the one who fulfilled your desires for your hero costume and your capture weapon. Your requests were easy to fulfill with just a glance into your mind. I grew wealthy from my designs, heroes all over the world wear my inventions and even more wish that they were in my support clientele."


            "You're my support?!" he growled in surprise. In his head he evaluates the times he was pleased with the quality and fit, as if the person completing the design knew him. How well things worked, how efficiently they were improved.


            "I just popped into your mind and found what you wanted," you giggled against his chest. You inhale his scent slightly. Shota, your Shota, finally in your home. "I always was in the next room listening in when you were consulted." His mind is realizing what is going on. Stalker. Crazy fan girl. You slap his nipple and he jerks. He liked that...something to remember for later. "That's not nice. Everything I have done. I have done for you." You sit up and his mind is locked as you see his scarlet eyes. You sigh.


            "Where am I?" he demands and you grin more.


            "Do you know my name?" you ask, he stares and you wait. He is forced to blink and you pluck the knowledge. He doesn't even know your name. You laugh then. It is actually joyous and he even thinks so. Angrily, he mentally admits you sound victorious. "Well, since you don't even know my name. You are in a property I own under an alias. You've been sleeping for the last day and a half. A good thirty-six hour nap. I knew that drugging the tea in the faculty room right before the holiday would get me just what I wanted. The delay of the drug's activation made sure everyone was home before you all took good naps. I just had to wait for you to fall asleep and then I took you from that simple apartment." He blinks at that as he looks around the room. His bangs swaying at the speed he turns his head back and forth.


            The room you are in looks like his bedroom in his apartment. The cracks on the ceiling, the heavy shades on the windows. The crappy light that flickers slightly.


            "Oh this?" You say in mock surprise. "I build it just for you, I want you to feel at home while you learn to love me." You opened the curtains revealing the sky. You pull up a remote, pressing a button, and suddenly a news report appears. Behind the fake windows, massive screens were faking the sky. The high definition screens are your own design. You change the channel to see a report on an airline crash. It was going to a tropical location, popular for vacations. Shota needs to be gone...he is on a school holiday for the week. You blink before quickly pulling up your phone. You begin hacking. Shota is confused as you grin. Hacking various systems you delete one of the people on the flight. He is an old man with no family. He was moving to the country. No one was waiting for him, no one will miss him. Suddenly Shota's name appears on the flight history as if he was always on it. You have him booked for the hotel a month ago. Dates are changed and you are maniacally laughing.


            "What did you just do?" he demands and you calm down as you sit beside him again.


            "I'm so sorry, Shota, but it appears that you've just died in a plane crash," you explain with a grin. "I'll let you watch while I get your breakfast." You leave him alone and listen to his thoughts as you head upstairs. The news is going on and on about the crash. The channel goes on break and even switches stories as you cook. Shota's not a big breakfast person, but with his long nap, he is more hungry than usual and you know a traditional Japanese breakfast would be the best for him. You cook and the moment the news returns with breaking news you know it from Shota's own horrified mind. His name and face are on the screens as you enter.


            "How did you do that?" he demands and you smile.


            "I've always had a talent for hacking, it was easy to get into the airline and hotel systems and leave an obvious trail to you," you purr. "Will you behave if I let you have a hand free?" He thinks about how he can attack and you sigh. "Well if that's how you want it." You open the closet and pull out a small table. You place the tray on it and look at him as you hold a bowl and chopsticks. "I will feed you until I can trust you."  


            "Why are you doing this?" he demands and you look at him.


            "If you eat, I will tell you the answer to everything you want to know," you explain and he thinks about it. He needs information to escape. You watch him, he knows you can hear his thoughts and considers using his quirk. You sigh and pull out a blindfold and his eyes widen. "I won't use this if you just eat and think your questions." He thinks about it. He doesn't like it. As he considers you turn the screens back to their sky mode.


            'Fine,' he thinks at you and you smile as you sit down. 'Why are you doing this to me?' You smile at that as he open his mouth.


            "I've loved you since the day you rescued me in middle school. I decided I would do anything for you," you explain and he eats. He thinks about how good it tastes and you say nothing.


            'That's not good enough and you know it,' he thinks as he takes another bite. You smile, he's too clever for your simple tricks. You smile as you look at him.


            "You're right, I could have waited for you to notice me because it takes you a while to notice those truly beside you," you say. "But that bitch saw you as I do. She started to stalk you. I am a practiced hand at being unnoticed, so she never saw me watching you, but I certainly saw her watching you." You growl as you think about that arrogant brat, just because she was pro hero she thought she deserved your Shota. You forced your hands to relax before you broke something. "Since she was after you, I had to get you away from her." He is genuinely confused.


            "That joke bitch," you said and his eyes widen. "Your missing underwear was her doing...not me. I didn't touch your belongings. I made your hero costume, I repaired it myself. I developed your capturing weapon just for you. I didn't need to steal your underwear. That's just gross." He glared at you.


            'Because this is normal,' he huffed mentally and you shrug.


            "While she wasn't this far into her planning, she was considering it," you state and he stares at you. "You don't believe me of course, but why should you? I have you tied to a bed in my home in a complete duplicate of your bedroom. It is crazy, but, I couldn't lose you to her. I would have been content to wait in the shadows forever, but she wanted you. I couldn't give you up to her."


            'What do you hope to gain from this?' he asked as he took another bite and you stare at him.   


            "Ideally Stockholm Syndrome," you confess and he stops chewing to stare. "I promised to tell you everything you want to know. It's the truth." He stares at you and you can see his mind going a mile a minute and you wait for him to compose himself again. He's not hungry so you put the bowl down and pick up the eye drops from the tray. "Your eyes are bothering you."


            "Stop reading my mind!" he snaps. He's scared and his mind is blocked as his eyes go red. You flick his nose hard and the pain makes his eyes close. You move quickly, straddling him, using your weight to press on his forehead, shoving it back in to the pillow. You pull the cap off the drops with your teeth. Dropping a few precious drops into each eye before you place cotton over his eyelids, then the blindfold. You tighten it with a strap so he can't wiggle it off.


            "I don't need to read your mind to know your eyes hurt," you state as you sit on his chest. His breathing is fast and you feel him against your core through your pants. You want him as you always do, but you do nothing more than sit on him as you compose yourself. You know you're insane, who relies on Stockholm Syndrome to make someone fall in love with them? His hair is spread out on the pillow and he is gritting his teeth. He can't open his eyes and he feels truly helpless. You lay down on him, moving down his body so your head is tucked under his jaw, your hips over his, your arms shove under his torso so you are hugging him. "I know I'm insane. No one sane would do this to someone they love, but I love you so much, Shota. I couldn't let her have you. You're mine. I know you better than anyone else. I know how much you love your students, I know how much you value your friends, I know how much Oboro's death destroyed you and motivated you..."


            "Shut up!" he snarls and you sigh as his head is filled with rage and grief. You stare down at him and you kiss his cheek quickly, avoiding the bite he snaps into the air, missing you by a mile.


            "I'm not a very good person, that's why I'm not a hero, but I worked hard for you. I made myself into someone you could stand by, even if I will never be a hero. I'll let you rest, you need it. When I come back, we'll see if you need that blindfold or not." You get off of him, he snarls and he fights his bonds. He knows what is holding him, he knows the feeling of his capture weapon and what's holding him is the same thing. He struggles as you watch him. You leave the room, closing the door silently.


            You lean against the door, living in Shota's head, feeling his emotions, hearing his thoughts, and slowly, you do something you know is evil. You plant an idea. You don't have Telepathy, a passive and weak quirk that scares others for petty reasons, you have something different, you don't know about any other recorded quirk like yours. You can plant ideas into people, you don't do it often. You never did it to Shota before, but if he is going to be yours...well, all bets are off. You plant the idea into Shota about how playing along might just give him a chance to be free. You grin as the idea takes easy root. Too easy. Your grin turns maniacal as you head upstairs silently. Your agency has an appointment with Emi Fukukado in two hours and you need to be there to plant a few ideas into the woman who dared to stalk your Shota.  

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            You walk into your office later than intended after a small detour, but your disguise in place. Once you went professional Support, you made sure to go by an alias and various ways to augment your face. The long lavender wig was the most important part. It acted like a cape, shrouding your body so people could never really get a good read on your...assets. You made sure to compliment the wig with a specialty goggle pair and mask. The goggles were actually functional, helping you to design and calculate, working with your pupils and a pair a specialty gloves that allowed you to design in augmented reality. One of your greatest tricks was to pull up something on your goggles and then mess with it while using the gloves as you read minds. The mask was unnecessary and only functional when you were fabricating something and needed air filtering. It was mostly to hide your face.


            "Boss, the client is here," you personal assistant, Feng, states as he begins walking beside you. You hired Feng because he was a cutthroat support designer with little patience for failure. He made you look more gentle and kind, especially with his sharp features, sharp eyes, sharp brows, sharp jaw, sharp cheeks, he looked like he was a hawk ready to strike. He also understood why you hired him and played the role beautifully. The seed you planted in his mind to be endlessly loyal to you helped. He had admired you when you first met and when you hired him, the seed blossomed beautifully. Feng was yours...hopefully you could do the same to Shota.


            " I'll head in now," you sigh as you walk to the conference room. You open it up to see Emi Fukukado and two of her agency's middlemen. "Sorry about the delay. I get lost in the lab sometimes when upsetting events occur."


            "In a place this big, I'm not surprised!" Emi giggled and you smirk, she missed your comment about events. You think about how you saw her spying on your Shota from an alley. Like some villain from a bad movie. Amateur and boorish. "A pleasure to meet you, GA!" You shake her hand and loath the feeling of her inferior gloves.


            "How can Guardian Angel Support help you?" Feng demands and you sit down. Guardian Angel Support was the name of your company, but most people thought that was your wasn't, but you never corrected this misunderstanding. You pull up Ms. Joke's outfit, ugh, what a disgusting mess of a costume.


            "I need an update!" Emi cried and you begin to read her. She wants something that will catch Shota's eye. You fight the smirk. She hasn't been watching the news, she doesn't know about your faking his death...yet.


            "Which direction do you want to go?" you ask and she grinned.


            "Sultry humor!" she cries and you can see it in her mind, something like a fake bosom she can pop off and have a leotard under with her usual smiley faces on under over her breasts. Ridiculous, but so fitting. You are glad your goggles hide the half lid of your eyes that would do Shota proud.


            "So something sexual on top, but with a humorous second layer," you state and Emi's face brightens.


            "Exactly!" she cries. You wave your hands in front of yourself. Your augmented design begins to form and once it looks like a simple design, Feng turns on the screen behind you and you appear to throw nothing and the design appears on the screen. The dress looks like an simple evening gown, the gloves come to the elbows and there is one shoulder. A lovely dress really, you could never give in on your convictions just because you hate your client. After all, you don't have to like someone to be an exemplar in your field. Emi is impressed with the speed. You snap and then the second layer is revealed. Boxer shorts with a smiley face on the butt over a leotard with the two smiley faces over the breasts.


            "Something like this?" you ask even though you can hear her mind screaming in joy.


            "Damn! You're even better than I heard!" she cried. "Do you really only do this for a few heroes?" Then you hear something truly interesting.


            'Have you touched his body, you purple headed bitch!' Emi's thoughts growl and you are so shocked you almost gasp. You didn't anticipate this. You nod.


            "I keep my client list small on purpose. I spend the majority of my time developing materials for other support to use in their designs, but I like to keep a collection of heroes under my name," you say putting some sorrow into your voice.     


            'I bet you love feeling up my Eraser when he comes here!' her brain roars while her smiling face looks happily at you. Doesn't she know you are supposed to have Telepathy? Or is she trying to get you scared? Or is she just too stupid to realize you could be listening in at any time? You decide to play dumb like you aren't listening to the thoughts of the room.


            "How do you decide on your heroes?" Emi's handler asks and you shrug.


            "Usually I just meet with them, but sometimes their agency requests I do the design and they sign a contract to use my materials only for their costumes," you say as you focus on Emi. She is picturing hitting you. Amazing. You never thought this joke of a stalker would have some bite to her. She could be a problem. Still, you have the kill shot and she doesn't even realize it.


            "Will you take me?!" Emi asks and you smile beneath your mask. Time to finish her.


            "Yes," you make yourself sound vulnerable. "I should admit...I was originally going to decline your request because I was content with my...client list...but...due to the news..." Emi's instincts are good, she knows something is up, but she's not sure what.


            "What happened?" one of her agency escorts asks. You are smiling beneath your mask.


            "You didn't hear?" you ask and the three exchange a look, even Feng looks ignorant. "One of my clients...Eraser Head...he was just listed as on the passenger list of the airplane that went down in the Pacific." Emi's brain seems to stop. It is actually pretty fun to listen to. You swallow a laugh that is trying to build in your throat. She has images of Shota in her mind, it is very flattering and you agree with her thoughts as you move your body so it looks like you are in a contemplative position, looking at the desk, but your goggles hide that you are studying Emi's face very carefully.


            "That's awful!" one of her escorts says. The other nodding.


            "He was your client?" the other asks and you nod.


            "I actually was his Support back in UA. I was a year younger, so a year after he went pro, I interned with the company he used for support and when I broke big, his agency began requesting Guardian Angel Support exclusively. That was back when I was still more suit design than material and equipment design," you explain. Emi is breaking. You decide to plant a seed then. She's weak, her guard is down, time to finish this. You plant a seed, she needed something of his, anything of his, a souvenir of him. She should break into his apartment at her first chance. You leave the seed and quickly stand up.


            "I would be happy to design and develop your new costume," you say, Emi isn't listening, but her agency shadows are quick to shake your hand and lead their client from your office. You smile as she goes off, Feng informs her escorts about the process of signing with your support agency. He approaches you with a suspicious look.


            "Why are you designing for that buffoon?" he demands and you smile. He is genuinely confused, he gets a weird feeling from Emi and you know why. He can tell she is dangerous and you pat him on the shoulder.


            "She's got marvelous tastes," you say and he blinks.


            " took that dress from her mind," he realizes looking at the dress on the screen. "I suppose..."


            "Oh the under outfit is stupid, but I so rarely get to design sexy," you comment and he nods at that. He is placated. He agrees, he likes to design dresses in his free time and you allow him to do them on company time if you have no pressing meetings. It's not like you're going to need to do much with her sorrow and with the help of your seed, will be making an embarrassment of herself. You head to your office, closing and locking the door behind you. With some simple computer program, you give yourself a fake phone number and call a time to the police. Shota Aizawa's apartment has some strange person hanging around it. You hang up and grin.




            The rest of the afternoon passes slowly, you work with your usual efficiency, making arrangements to attend Shota' tomorrow. Hero teams are searching the ocean, but the plane wreck is yielding little answers and the news is all about the crash and Eraser Head. You want to laugh at how well that worked out, like the Gods were giving you a present. Time with your Shota, time to make him yours.




            It seems like an eternity before you return home. You change into a simple tank top and shorts before heading down to Shota's room. The stench of human waste is strong and the look on his face speaks of shame. He couldn't hold it in and still doesn't realize that you had him in adult diapers. You open the bathroom up, letting him see that while the room looks like his own, you prepared a very nice bathroom, as big as his bedroom. You approach him.

            "Sorry, I have to work hard so that you can live this well," you say. He glared at you and you get a good read on him. He struggled a lot, his wrists and ankles are red. His eyes flash and you lose your connection. You turn the windows into televisions again. The news talks about his death and his eyes widen. You prepare a bath and bring out a wheelchair, he glares.


            "What are you planning?" he demands, eyes being dragged back to the screen.


            "You had to go to the bathroom while I was at work, I need to clean you off," you explain. Hizashi Yamada is on screen, denying an interview, he looks upset and you can hear Shota's hope that his friend doesn't buy this. You will need to take care of that. As you move beside him, Shota's eyes move to you and you sigh in contentment. He is yours. You stroke his face and as he turns to bite your hand you jab him in the neck with the needle. His eyes widen in horror as his teeth snap shut on air while you remove the empty syringe.


            "Wha..." his voice dies as the serum quickly paralyzes his body.


            "No worries, I won't hurt you physically...I would never do that," you sigh as you reach out and begin untying him. His body is twitching, but the drug was released right into his neck, affecting his spinal cord and brain quickly. "I know this is emotionally torture, so I can't say I'll never hurt you...because that wouldn't be true." As you release his wrists you rub them gently. They are raw and tender. You hiss at his pain as you feel them. He did damage to himself.


            'What did you do to me?!' his mind screams and you nearly wince. He must work with an actual Telepath to know how to focus his thoughts that well. You look at him and stroke his cheek. This is heaven.


            "That was just a paralyzing serum. Meant to keep you from fighting me," you say as you move down his body and untie his legs. Again you inspect the damage. You'll have to put padding around his skin to keep him from damaging himself like that again. You genuinely feel bad about his injuries. Once he is untied, you move him into the wheelchair. You have been training for this for a while so his deadweight is difficult, but not impossible. You get him in the chair and then you begin to move him into the bathroom.


            'A bathtub for paraplegics,' his mind hisses and he realizes you have been working on this for a long time. He feels fear and you quickly embrace him from behind.


            "I'm sorry," you whisper into his neck, he doens't want you touching him so you get out of his head for a moment so you can think. "I know...I'm insane...I'm crazy...but...I need you Shota...I need to own you...I'm sorry." You cling to him for a moment, collecting yourself as you move around him. He is staring at you and you look into his head as you begin to undress him.


            'Answer me!' he demands as you remove the flannel top.


            "I'm not always in your head Shota, I'm stealing enough of your privacy," you explain. You are a crazy woman. "What did you want?"


            'How long are you planning on doing this to me?' he demands, he's not looking at you because he can't even move his eyes. You adjust the wheelchair to make it so you can properly remove his pants. You look at him as you kneel between his legs. Staring up at him.


            "Until you love me," you whisper, once again you stroke the seed in his head that you planted, play along. You remove his pants gently and remove the soiled adult diaper, you feel his relief as you throw them away. You begin rinsing him off, cleaning his flesh of the waste he was sitting in. You do it methodically and without emotion, even as part of you wants to lick his flesh and run your fingers over his body. No...until he wants you to, you won't ever give in to what you want to do to him for pleasure. Once he is washed off, you use the medical equipment to move him into the tub. You wrap him in the safety harness for paraplegics so he won't ever be in danger of drowning.


            You check the bedding, but the adult diaper didn't leak. The sheets can go a bit longer. You pick out a different set of pajamas, these ones are plaid, a blue and green color combination. You return to the bath and set up towels on the wheelchair. You use the equipment to move him back to the chair. You wrap the towels around him so he has his modesty. He is tired. He was on alert all day, and he's emotionally exhausted now. You dry off his legs, his chest, his arms, his face, and then you work on his hair. Having used a conditioner you notice his hair is nicer. You will have to remember to continue treating his hair with conditioner. You dry him off and bring him by the bed. You pull on another adult diaper before getting the pajamas on him. With  the last of your strength you get him into bed and tie him back up. You cover him with a blanket and leave the television on.


            You shower, dress in your comfy pajamas, and then cook dinner. All things he enjoys. You head downstairs to see him watching the news. His agency is mentioning that he put in a request for vacation but never informed them he was leaving the country. You knew this when you took him. He looks unhappy as he turns to look at you. You place the tray down on the table. You sit beside him.


            "Hungry?" you ask.


            "You know the answer," he says and you nod as he opens his mouth with the first offering you make. He eats but doesn't ask you anything. You are cleaning up when the news report begins.


            "Ms. Joke was arrested today for breaking into the apartment of pro hero Eraser Head. Officials were given a tip that there was a suspicious woman around and as officers moved to confirm the location of Eraser Head, they beat her to the scene. They were investigating his apartment when she broke in and there was a scuffle, she surrendered. It appears the Pro Hero Ms. Joke was stalking Eraser Head for years and the news of his death unhinged her. Law enforcement believes this may be the reason the hero did not tell many of his inner circle where he was going. Sadly, officers found evidence that the hero was indeed on the flight..." the reporter said.


            'HOW?!' Shota's voice rang through your brain and it took all of your willpower not to react. Instead you put down the tray, so the shaking of your hands wouldn't be revealed. His voice was so strong in your head, it ached. Not good. You sat so your back was to him. You needed to compose yourself. You took a deep breath.


            "Before I went to work, I made sure to stop by your place. I wrote the flight number on your calendar in your handwriting, I wrote the return flight number there as well. I also took a bag of your things and your passport," you explain.


            "What did you do to Joke?!" he barked and you looked at him.


            "I just gave her a push to let her true self show through," you state. "She hated me for being your support and wished she could perform violence on me." He pictured himself strangling you with the checkered capture weapon. " that, but punching. So I just played the part of a grieving support and with a little pushing, she went and did all this on her own." He glares at you. He knows you are hiding something but he cannot figure it out. You aren't shaking any more as you pick up the tray and carry it upstairs.


            By the time dishes are done, the news is just repeating stories. You start streaming one of the shows you know Shota loves, he doesn't get to watch it enough, but now he can watch the whole thing. You start it streaming where he last stopped watching it and it drives him nuts that you know it.


            "I'm only reading it as you think it," you sigh. "I knew you liked the show, when I pulled it up on the menu you thought about which episode you saw last. I'm not THAT much of a stalker." He doesn't believe you fully, but you are too tired to care. You set the alarm for when you need to wake up tomorrow. You crawl into his bed and lay against him as the show plays. You pull the blanket over the both of you and sigh before closing your eyes. You pretend to sleep as you rest in Shota's head. He notices the press of your breasts against his chest. The warmth of your body. He doesn't like how good it feels. You encourage the seed you placed in his brain. Just play along with the crazy woman, pretend to fall in love, then try to escape after she trusts you. His brain eagerly sucks on the idea and you leave it alone. Let him think it is his own idea. To change Shota into as loyal a companion as need him to think that seed is all his own idea. Feng is yours...most of your staff is yours. All of their loyalty and devotion to you blossoming from the seeds you planted in their brains. You even have visited UA with gifts for the students and faculty regularly. As an alma mater few questioned this, but none suspect that you are planting seeds in the talented students. Mei Hatsume is a talent you won't let escape...she's been seeded multiple times, by the time she graduates, she'll join you, you may even make her your successor, but she will completely be yours by the time you do that. You fall to sleep knowing that Shota isn't yours...yet.  

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            You wake up feeling warm and comfortable in ways you haven't felt in years. It is a hazy return to consciousness where you are floating in a haze of pleasure. It feels so good that you feel blood pooling in your groin. Hot breath on your nipple makes you half hard. Breasts pressed to your side feel so good you go to reach only for your arms to jerk. You're tied to a bed, panic hits and you jerked to break free. As you hit the floor you truly wake up and realize in your unconscious state you slid into Shota's brain. There is a moment of confusion as you remember who you are and remember what is going on.

            "God damn it!" Shota snaps as he glares at you. You rub your hip which hit the floor first. It will probably bruise. You feel your shoulder which hit the floor second and it feels fine, just tender. You shake your head, it's been a long time since you got that lost into another person. You get up and make sure to pretend you don't remember the feeling of Shota's morning wood against your other hip. He liked the feeling of your breasts against him and your breath on his nipple. Your Shota's nipples are a weak point and you are patient enough to wait for him to start to play along before you show him how useful a mindreading bed partner can be. You lick your lips in anticipation as you head upstairs.


            You make breakfast and Shota is good about eating.

            "My 'memorial' is today, are you going?" he demands and you nod as you feed him. He really likes the salad you made, you'll keep that in mind, maybe make it every three days, best not to try and overload him on all his favorites.

            "I should be there as your primary support designer, plus I'm a fellow classmate of both your middle and high schools," you add on and he stares at you as he chews. "Time for the bathroom." He glares at you waiting for you to inject him again but you know exactly when the muscle relaxant in his tea kicks in because he relaxes into the bed.

            "You drugged the food," he mutters, his brain is hazy as you nod.

            "This one will give you some control to use the facilities slightly, but you won't be able to walk. Don't worry, once you start to behave, I won't use drugs anymore. I promise," you tell him, gently stroking his cheek and that seed of an idea at the same time. 'Play along and she'll give you freedom.' He is starting to embrace the idea as you untie him and get him into the wheelchair. It's tough work as you wheel him into the bathroom and get him on the toilet. You strap him on the toilet using the special paraplegic straps you bought. You leave the bathroom and make the bed. You switch the bindings out for some you made yesterday at work, these are padded and in a simple cream color. These shouldn't irritate Shota's arms anymore. You hear the toilet flush and come in to see Shota trying to unstrap himself. You quickly help him and get him into the wheelchair. He glares but looks away as you move him back to the bed.

            This time you dress him in comfy sweats like the ones he had at home. As you begin to tie him down he notices right away that you have new straps. He lets you tie him down without fighting. Playing along already, you smile and stroke his cheek, he's going to need a shave when you get back home.

            "I'm going to leave you this, it works like a limited remote. You'll have to go through channels one by one, but at least you can change the program," you tell him as you place a remote into his hand. You kiss his forehead and you want to giggle as he notices the smell of your shampoo...he likes it. You close the door and lock it before heading upstairs.




            You make sure to dress like a generic mourner for a memorial. You wear a basic black outfit and put on your trademark gear, while many will dress out of costume, others will keep their personas in place. You meet Feng at the Guardian Angel Support building, he is dressed in a proper black suit. You both get into a black company sedan and head to UA.


            The memorial is on the school grounds and as an alumni plus Shota's personal support, you get a nice seat in the second row. You notice the faculty, his friends, and a few others in the front row, whereas several years worth of students are in the rows near the back. You think that's not really fair, but you know how the politics of hero work go. Shota must be hating this at home. You bow your head like someone genuinely sad as you begin to scan minds. Most people are saddened by Shota's 'passing' and are honestly mourning. You begin to plant gentle seeds in their minds. 'Grieve, move on, and forget Eraser Head.' A simple thing that will speed up the absence of Shota from the world. Less people remembering, the less likely someone will look deeper. It goes well, but there are a few problem minds that will need watching.

            'He wouldn't do it. He wasn't there,' a mind growls, gnawing at the idea that this is a mistake. Your goggles hide your gaze as you look at Hizashi Yamada. He looks angry, not sad, you delve into his brain. Shota is all over his mind, it is rather bromantic and you feel a deep stab of guilt. You are hurting Hizashi and you don't like it. While you have always loved Shota, Hizashi was one of the people who saw him as you did. You were never jealous of their relationship because having a friend like Hizashi helped Shota and anything that helped Shota was good in your book. You didn't count on this, but you are in too deep. 'He would have told me if he was being stalked. This has to be fake...a cover up...' That's not good. You begin to look for a good way to stop this. You go through Hizashi's memories of Shota, like flipping through an album, then you find what you need.

            'Shota would only keep quiet if he wanted to protect me,' you plant the idea deep in Hizashi's brain, tying the idea to various times when Shota was curt or rude or just shut down. In truth, you think those memories are just of times when Shota was annoyed with Hizashi...but they looked good, especially how many times Shota did it in recent weeks. You will need to stop by and visit Hizashi later...maybe after the memorial, make sure your seed grows in his mind.

            You return to scanning the crowd a few of the students are beside themselves. A few are having trouble accepting that Shota is gone, Class 1-A seems to be a little broken, it has been a rough year on them. They are good kids...they probably don't deserve this. That nagging guilt is making your chest hurt a bit, but no, Shota...this is all for Shota, that bitch was going to steal him and these kids need to grow up. You shake your head and return to scanning. Shota is finally yours and no amount of guilt will make you give him up.

            'So strange, it wasn't like him. He was a quiet guy, but something that could lead to harm coming to the students...he wouldn't keep quiet on that. Could this be faked? Is he faking his death, but if he is, that woman was caught...' a person was thinking. Now who the hell...oh shit...who else but a retired hero turned teacher with too much time on his hands. Toshinori Yagi, leave it to fucking All Might to smell a problem. You don't like this. You respect All Might, hell, you won awards because his support crew only used your specialty fabric for him after you introduced your all temperature resistance cloth. The last six years worth of his costumes were made using only materials fabricated by your company. You actually like All Might. Shit, shit, shit. hate this as you delve into the mind of a hero you like, you remind yourself that this is for Shota, your Shota. '...maybe that woman wasn't the danger he was thinking about...' Like with Hizashi, you delve into Toshinori's mind. Like with Hizashi it is easy to find the memories of Shota. Instead of coldness, you set the seed into Toshinori 'Maybe he just thought he could handle it.' But this seed you connect with Shota acting like he was dealing with something. You find the memories, for all you know it could be Shota deciding on what to have for lunch, but it doesn't matter as you tie those memories to your seed. You'll have to come back to UA and check up on both Hizashi and Toshinori. They are the two most dangerous individuals with the knowledge of Shota and the professional pull to make trouble for you. You keep your head down as the service begins. You are not shocked that Hizashi is chosen to speak. He is choked up and it is hard to see the hero without his rocker attire. Instead he looks like a lost bookworm and it you will give him special attention soon.

            "I just want to say...I've known Shota since we were in Class 1-B here at UA. A lot of people don't know, but I'm the one that picked out his hero name. He didn't have a lot of self confidence, but he wanted to be a hero," Hizashi began, his voice choked with emotion. Your think about Shota...he wasn't always confident, but he is your hero always. You love the man he's become and you want him protected from the world. "We went through a lot together...losing our friend Oboro together, what got us through it was each other...I just...I truly can't believe he is gone..." You heart cracks a bit as Hizashi's voice does and you clench your hands in your lap. You hadn't counted on feeling this guilt. Hatred for Ms. Joke was not so easy.


            The speeches are over and you cannot wait to leave, unfortunately, you are trying to not act suspicious, so you're waiting on Feng to ask before you go. As you are pretending to make small talk, you see Hizashi heading over to you. Well, shit. You pop into his mind and he remembers you. Of course, because if anyone is to remember your association with would be his best friend. Hell, Shota didn't really remember you, but of course Hizashi does. You consider running away, nah, that won't work. You pop out of his head as he reaches you.

            "Hey," he calls your name and again you have to admire his memory. Damn it. "How are you doing?" You sigh and hold your hands in front of your chest.

            "Yamada-san has always been so kind...but I'm not an underclassman anymore and you are closer to Aizawa-san," you say as you reach out and touch his shoulder. He stares at you and holds your hand to his shoulder with the other arm. "How are you holding up?" You squeeze his shoulder and his head drops. You slip into his mind and it's a mess for a moment.

            "This cannot be real, this has to be fake. She would know, she knew him best the way she followed him like a puppy all those years," he thinks.

            "I've been better," he says as he looks at you and you nod.

            "I just...I can't believe it, it's weird, I just did upgrades when he requested them. I've not spoken to him in...oh, probably four months," you lie. "Life is so funny, you grow up with someone going to school every day, following them like a lovesick puppy, then you see them for scheduled maintenance every few months. But when they feel this gaping hole in you. It has to be harder for you. You two were always closer and you work together." You squeeze his shoulder again and plant another seed. 'She seems shell shocked, she believes this, it might be true.'

            "I don't want to believe he's gone," Hizashi confesses and you quickly grab his hands.

            "If you need anything, Yamada-san, please," you pull out a card. "This is my personal card, it has my cell phone on it. If you need anything. I loved Shota like only a school girl could, but he was a brother to you. You two were two of the closest and when Shirakumo-san passed...I'm so sorry." You press your card into his hands. "If there is anything I can do to help you, Yamada-san, please, do not hesitate to call. You always treated me kindly...even better than..." You choke up and he squeezes your hands before looking at the card.

            "Would you...would you maybe come and have a drink with me?" he asks and you blink. His mind is racing, he just doesn't want to be alone and wants to spend time with someone who remembers Shota young. He wants to ask you about Shota. He's not suspecting you, but you got him thinking about Oboro and Shota and he remembers how you followed them like a lovesick puppy. Thank God you got better at stalking, geez, his memories of you are embarrassing.

            "I have time," you state.

            "Thanks...and could you call me Hizashi?" he asks and you nod.


            The bar the two of you end up at is small and known for being a hero hang out, it is quiet with a somber mood. People pass Hizashi and pat his shoulder. You remove your mask but not your goggles or wig as you drink. You make sure to place a water between each drink, not that you're drinking much. Hizashi hasn't spoken much, mostly because he doesn't know where to start. You decide to reminisce since it's what he wants.

            "I remember the first time I saw you," you state. "I was so excited I got into UA. I went to find Aizawa-san. I checked the second year listings and saw he was in 2-B and rushed to see him. You two were chatting in the back and everyone giggled when I came in but I didn't care because I was so happy to see him." Hizashi remembers it. You were a cute first year and everyone got a kick out of your excited greeting of Shota. He had asked Shota if you were his girlfriend and Shota had nearly died of embarrassment. Hizashi had thought it was riot to see Shota upset. "It's so embarrassing to remember how obvious I was with my crush. I think that's part of the reason I started using this get up." You tap your mask. "It covers my cheeks and nose so no one can see me blush."

            "You were a little obvious," Hizashi said. "Shota never really told me how you met." You shrug.

            "Knowing Aizawa-san, it was probably because he doesn't...he didn't remember it much," you correct yourself. "I was in my first year of middle school and someone found out about my Quirk. Students get really nervous when they learn someone near them has Telepathy," you sigh. "I look back now and wonder how stupid people can be. Telepathy is a curse until you can control it. Imagine knowing how everyone thinks about you until you can turn it off. It's a horrible Quirk." Hizashi considers it and wonders if you are reading his mind. "Like right now, you're wondering if I'm reading your mind." He jumps and you laugh.

            "I'm not," you lie easily on that. "I just know how people get when I mention my Quirk. Anyway, I was getting bullied, badly. I tried to avoid people and ended up putting myself in a dangerous situation. A group of upper classman girls was worried I overheard their thoughts about...I don't even know, in the bathroom one day. When I started purposely reading their minds, they were only concerned I would tell their boyfriends. I don't even know what they were worried I would tell their boyfriends about, but they enlisted said boyfriends to make sure I didn't talk. I was scared and alone and then there was Aizawa. He used his Quirk when some of the kids threatened us. He got me to the nurse, who was of course out of the office, and he started to clean me up. He was so nice and he had been so brave rescuing me." You blush and smile at your drink, remembering why you love Shota.

            "He was a hero all the way back then," Hizashi said and you nod.

            "He is to me...was to me," you state. "I kept near him because I really wanted to thank him but I always got tongue tied. I was really bad at talking to him and he was just...too perfect to me. As an adult I know he's...he was...antisocial, he can have a sour disposition, and he's not...he wasn't perfect, but to my younger self..." You laugh. "He was everything. It made me so happy when I made his capture weapon the first time. Even today, working on the sequential ones always made me feel warm." You press a hand to your heart.

            "But you got over him," Hizashi said and in his mind he wonders about you. You rub your head.

            "Yeah...well, you guys graduated and I realized that my greatest accomplishment at that time was designing one of the most boring hero costumes in UA," you laugh. "Aizawa was my crush, but his choice in costume was...less than great. I needed to up the game so I put that silly distraction of a crush to the side. Out of sight, out of mind. I got to work. With time to think about myself and realize the truth. I got over him. I mean, he will always be the boy I loved through middle school and most of high school, but we were never in a real relationship. He tolerated me and I will never be able to repay that kindness." You hold up your glass to Hizashi. "To Shota." You say and Hizashi nods slowly.

            "To Shota," he says and you drink. You get up.

            "Sadly, the world keeps turning. I have deadlines and I cannot be fighting a hangover tomorrow. I'm sorry Hizashi, I need to head out."

            "Thanks for telling me about your history," he says and you smile as you head out.




            You get home and change before you head down to Shota. He's watching news on hero activity, nothing about him.

            "Hey," you state as you look at him. He's staring at you. You pop into his head. He didn't see you at the funeral. He doesn't realize who you are. You smile. "All Might and Present Mic are going to be trouble." His eyes widen and his Quirk activates, he doesn't want you hearing what he's thinking. He' so smart. You smile at him and sit next to him. "Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

            "Yes, please," he growls and you pull out the injection. He glares but doesn't fight, his eyes close as his Quirk deactivates. You make the injection quick and offer the eye drops.

            "Would you like these?" you asked.

            "Yes, please," he says and you apply them. You wait for his muscles to relax and you untie him, moving him into the wheelchair. This does is equivalent to the tea this morning and you get him on the toilet before changing his sheets. You hear the toilet flush and you look at him.

            "Do you want a bath?" you ask and he thinks about it. In his mind he doesn't want you to touch him, but at the same time, he does want the hot relaxation a bath would provide.

            "Yes, please," he says and you sigh. He is playing along, but he's not talking. Sad, but what do you expect. You undress him and begin washing him. You make sure to 'accidentally' graze his nipples a few times while you scrub him down. He gets a special thrill when you leave the shower head spray on his chest while you shampoo and condition his hair. He likes it and he hates that he likes it when you are around. You get him in the bath, collect his clothes and put the laundry in the washing machine in the bathroom with him. You head upstairs and begin dinner. Shota's mind is ready to come out of the bath and you head downstairs to get him out of the tub before drying him off. He relaxes as you towel dry his hair. The drugs are fully relaxing him and his mind is no different. You crawl into his thoughts and as his head falls back against your bosom, his mind thinks about how good your breasts felt against his side this morning. You smile as you bring him to the bed and secure him. He is relaxed as you put on his favorite show again. You put it to the season that is his favorite and you go to finish dinner.


            Shota is half asleep as you come down with dinner. He opens his mouth like a trusting child and you can read his mind easily. He is thinking about how good he feels. How good the cloth one his skin feels, the smell of your skin, the taste of the food. The drugs are working and the idea of playing along is really good in his head right now. Oh...oh dear, you forgot the easier way of doing this. Drugs. Drugs and planting seeds might just work. You smile at Shota as his head is in a drug fueled haze.

            "I love you, Shota, everything I do, is because I love you," you say and he thinks being loved is not so bad. A rather malicious smile crosses your face. You'll start your new plan tomorrow and find time to stop by to visit Toshinori Yagi at UA some time soon.