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Maknae Line Struggles

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The maknae line has really been struggling during the Wings era.

First Jungkook.

Jungkook was in his final year of school, which meant exams. He was being pressured with extra school work, revision, exams as well as the stress from the comeback. As a result, he was struggling to keep up, being tired nearly all the time and struggling to keep up with the school work.

Namjoon had been helping Jungkook with his work, helping Jungkook to understand his subjects and revise effectively. Also, Namjoon was making sure Jungkook still got enough sleep and food (even feeding him extra to keep him motivated) and make sure to reassure him when he was feeling unsure or nervous.

Taehyung had also been struggling a fair bit as well.

His grandmother who had raised him, had passed away and he was devastated. It was a shock to him and he didn't expect it. Taehyung had lost his energy and wasn't feeling like himself. Feeling like nothing worse could happen in the world.

However, Hoseok had decided to dedicate himself to helping Taehyung through it. He would make sure he was looking after himself, as well as giving him praise and constant comfort. Also, offering Taehyung time to talk about his grandmother if he wanted. Attempting to cheer up the mourning boy.

Finally, there was Jimin.

Jimin was suffering the worst out of the three. It had been an existing issue that had spiralled out of control as the comeback preparations progressed. Jimin had developed an eating disorder, as well as anxiety and depression. It was a gradual thing that had quickly spiralled out of control, due to Jimins reluctance to tell anyone. He was constantly having panic attacks and collapsing that was getting a bit too concerning.

Jin and Yoongi have been trying their best to help Jimin. More specifically, Jin would help with the eating disorder and Yoongi with the depression and anxiety. It was all a spiral of things happening however Yoongi and Jin were determined to help Jimin because they couldn't stand him being so broken. As time passed, it seemed to be worsening but all they had to do is try and help Jimin the best they can.