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Refusal of an offer

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"You, can be a hero"

Shouta was meant to stay out later, but his patrol came to an abrupt end after he was knocked down and recovery girl demanded he headed back early. Hizashi had also insisted he go home, promising that he'd join him soon.

The two had shared a brief kiss, Shouta stopping to stare at the ring that was looped into a link on a gold chain around his wrist, matching the necklace around Shouta's own neck that was hidden by his clothes.

The two had gotten married very quietly, only inviting their kids, the Bakugou's, Nemuri, Toshinori by Hizashi's demand and of course Nedzu. It had been a small service, but nice. Romantic. Shouta was happy.

Then, he'd been on his way. And god did he regret this.

He knew Toshinori was watching the kids after the attack but He wasn't expecting Toshinori to be talking about… this, with Izuku.

He'd been quiet when he got home. He was always quiet, Shouta had no reason to be loud and after his own rough up bringing he was light on his feed.

He talked about passing his quirk onto Izuku. He talked about his Nana and how she passed on her quirk to him, about how this quirk could only be passed down via DNA. About how when the villains had attacked Bakugou he'd seen a true hero in Izuku's actions. About how when Izuku ran headfirst into the attack.

Shouta hated remembering what happened that day. Hated to think just how close to death Izuku had been.

Bakugou, Izuku and Hitoshi had been walking home from school. It was a normal day. They'd stopped by a convenience store. Hitoshi had gotten a simple rice onigiri, Bakugou had gotten a chilli tuna one and Izuku, being a sweet tooth, had gotten some milk mochi. Their usual snacks.

They'd walked under a bridge, their favourite way to go home after they'd found a cat there who was later adopted into the Aizawa-Yamada household and affectionately named muffin for its weird fur growth. Fluffy at the top, slick at the bottom.

That's where shit went downhill, fast. Where Izuku stopped being able to explain what had happened, Hitoshi fell silent at the idea of nearly losing his brother and Bakugou felt shame well in him because he couldn't protect Izuku, again.

They were jumped by a villain. One that practically possessed its target by forcing its own body into theirs, using them as a goddamn vessel. It was disgusting, and it were quirks like that that made him question if maybe, maybe some quirks were impossible to be used for good.

But then he'd remember Hitoshi, who was only put on an original path to being a villain because of people who had those very thoughts, and he'd stop himself. He'd count 3 ways the quirk could be used for good, and he'd focus on getting home to his family.

The villain was ruthless and Izuku was taken first. He was practically half choked to death by the villain. Screaming, kicking, clawing as Bakugou tried to blow him up, off of Izuku, and Hitoshi stood to the side feeling useless.

By some fucking luck, Toshinori was patrolling nearby and saved Izuku, capturing the villain and sending the boys safely on their way home. However some distraction with the press, and some careless moves on Toshinori's part, made the slime villain get out. And on his rampage he recognised the three boys and took Bakugou has his next victim.

Even though he knew realistically he stood no chance, Izuku ran at full speed to try save Bakugou. Even though he knew how bad it hurt to be choked that way he ran forward. Maybe it was the horror of knowing how it felt that pushed him to do it.

Shouta leaned his head against the wall, trying to ignore the heavy feeling in his gut as he remembered the events. He didn't like this. He didn't like that Toshinori hadn't spoken to him first, sure he didn't own Izuku but he was his father. That was his kid. This was a huge deal and he shouldn't be kept in the dark about it.

But all the same, he stayed in his shadow and listened to Izuku as he took in a deep, audible breath. He was going to let Izuku make his own choice.

"You… you want me to be your protégé?" his voice sounded breathless. Shouta knew that despite how he'd become used to his quirkless status, the boy ached to be classified as normal. He could see the longing and sadness in Izuku's eyes whenever Bakugou and Hitoshi would spar using their quirks, could see the way he looked down when the news talked about quirkless-ness.

He saw the dull look in his eyes when he woke up on bad days. Being quirkless had taken an awful toll on his already awful life. Shouta couldn't imagine how he was feeling.

But, he could imagine what would happen. Actually, he knew what would happen.

He knew Izuku would say yes.

Izuku would say yes and he would excel with Toshinori's quirk. But he'd kill his own body slowly. He'd seen Toshinori destroy his body, he'd seen the wound that he bore as the symbol of peace.

He watched his selective diet and vomiting and coughing of blood. He knew the true damage that Toshinori's quirk caused, what being the symbol of peace had given him. A lonely, cold and isolated life style. Sometimes he wondered what Toshinori's life would've been if he wasn't given the pressure of the symbol of peace to uphold.

He never asked if Toshinori enjoyed his job. He could see in the heavy sag in his body that it was weighing him down.

He doesn't like the idea of that becoming Izuku. Maybe its selfish of him. Izuku has a chance to be everything he's ever wanted to be, and here Shouta is not wanting him to because of some… personal feelings.

But he doesn't want his kid to be alone.

So, Shouta swears no matter what he chooses, whatever Izuku does, he will stand by his boy no matter what.

"… No"


There was a pin drop silence that dragged on, the only noise being soft mumble of voices from the tv. The trickle of the water in the fish tank. The grunting snores of porkchop who was getting so old now, Shouta dreaded the day the mangey cat died because Izuku would be absolutely heart broken. He was not excited for that.

Plus him and the cat had gotten a bit of a bond. He fed the fat cat bacon scraps and he didn't get hissed at.

There was a soft mewling, the newest kitten who was glued to porkchop was currently trying to play with the old, tired cat.

"I- I really… God, Uncle Toshinori this is really amazing and I- I really can't believe you thought of me of all people for this! But I… worked so hard to accept myself, like this, as myself. And… and I just- I really like myself now! And… I don't want to change myself. And my dad and Hitoshi have shown me that I don't need to have a quirk to be a hero" There was another deep breath.

"I want to be a different kind of Hero. I don't… Really know what kind yet, but I don't want to change myself to fit into a society that couldn't accept me as I am. As who I am."

It was then that Shouta decided to show himself.

He walked out of the hall, dropping his bag to the ground. He was in his hero outfit but had pulled on an extra jacket since he wasn't moving around a lot after he was off patrol and it was getting a bit cold. His capture weapon was still on his shoulders as he observed the people in his Livingroom.

Izuku looked up with wide eyes, he was wearing a green hoodie that Hitoshi had gotten him for a recent birthday, it had a spray paint looking rabbit face on the back of it with two X eye's on the hood. A bit edgy, but Izuku loved it. He had some black shorts on and was holding one of their more recent cats on his lap.

He looked like a deer stuck in headlights, all wide eyes and sleep mused hair. He didn't sleep much unless himself or Hizashi was in the house. It had been a thing ever since he was a child, it had flared up again more recently after the attack and a few days leading up to it since it was the anniversary of Inko's death.

Toshinori looked guilty, looking down and looking back up to Izuku. He smiled softly before standing up slowly, reaching to touch Izuku's shoulder. "It was a pleasure to spend the night with you, Izuku. And I respect your choice" Izuku smiled sadly and hugged Muffin to his chest.

Shouta nodded at Toshinori as he walked out. Giving the man a stern look before moving from the hall so he could walk out.

Shouta decided to spare bombarding Izuku instantly. He instead deciding to slowly take off his capture weapon, making sure it wasn't tangled before hanging it up. He sighed heavily and went to pick up their kitten, Candy, so she would stop bothering Porkchop, and then moved to sit on the couch next to Izuku.

He stared at the ceiling, leaning his head back as he waiting for Izuku to start the conversation.

"Did I just make a huge mistake?"

Izuku's voice was trembling now and Shouta looked at him, expression softening when he saw the tears in his eyes "We may never know Izuku. The human mind will always dwell on the what if's, on the maybe's."

Izuku sat silently, holding his feet where he sat "I think I want to be a doctor" he mumbled, Shouta quirked an eyebrow "maybe-maybe work with heroes, you know? Do stuff like that. Or maybe just… work in a normal hospital or doctors clinic. Just something in the medical field. I want- I want to be my own kind of hero. Re-define it"

Shouta studied his face for a while before grinning and tugging him into a hug "if anyone can re-define how the world sees heroes, it's you Izuku"

Izuku let out a laugh and hugged Shouta tight "thanks dad"

and sitting there, with Izuku in his arms and what he can know recognise as not the tv, but reruns of Hizashi's radio show, he knows Inko would be happy with where her son is.

Maybe, just maybe, she'd be proud of Shouta for how he raised him.

He hopes to god she is.