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The triptych for 11th November

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The flag at Ingleside has seen it through all. Susan first put it out in the beginning, just as the news of England declaring the war on Germany reached them. She figured that it was as much as she, an old spinster of distant Glen, could do to show her support and loyalty. She never wavered in her beliefs and put it out resolutely for all victories throughout that awful four years. She put it out to wave farewell to all Blythes and Merediths embarking the train that started them on their journey to Europe. She kept it out billowing proudly and sadly for a full week after they learnt of Walter’s fate. Finally, washed and ironed and bright as new, the flag was put out in joy on 6th of October when Germany and Austria sued for peace and finally on 11th November 1918 - final capitulation of Germany and first day of ultimate final peace of their hearts after so long.

As years went by, she never forget to hang it out again twice a year - on November as everybody else did and mid September for Walter and Courcelette. She would put it out and look proudly up, keeping faith.