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Ainana Police Lemons

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Sogo crawled over to Tamaki and sat on his lap, tilting his head curiously.

"What are you doing?!" he glared at him.

"You're so tense, please let me help you relax~"

Was this really what Sogo was like? He honestly preferred how he acted before. Before he knew that Sogo was actually part of the terrorists.

"What do you mean relax. I'm handcuffed and captured by terrorists" he growled. "Why are you even acting like this?!" Tamaki shuffled around trying to get Sogo off his lap. But he stopped when Sogo pointed a syringe at him with some purple liquid in it.

"I'm actually a sadistic and perverted doctor~ It's hard to keep my composure at work..but I manage. Though once I met you it was more difficult. I couldn't help but break down once you left" Sogo said, smiling and blushing.

Tamaki just stared at him, he didn't want to risk Sogo injecting whatever it was into him by moving again. Still, he was at the mercy of a perverted sadist.

"I want to hurt you so much, ah. But I'll be careful not to overdo it if you want!"

"What I want is for you to cut it out!"

He looked at him for a moment with a confused expression before smiling slightly. "I won't. I've been holding back for so long. Please let me help you Tamaki-kun, I'll make it up to you by making you feel good.."

He didn't let Tamaki reply as he leaned over and kissed him. Finally he could have some fun with Tamaki. His mind flooded with thoughts of what he could do with him while he had the chance. After a few minutes he pulled away, Tamaki was glaring at him angrily. It really did hurt him when he glared and yelled at him.

"Please don't be mad at me..I swear I'll make it up to you! I'll only hurt you a little compared to those two"

"This is wrong though!"

"Wrong..?" Sogo asked looking at him with a sad expression. But that changed quickly back to a smile. "Ah but I love you so it's fine right? Just have your way with me!" he said cheerfully.

"What- No! I'm not going to do that to you! I wouldn't do that to anyone!" Tamaki yelled.

Sogo blushed deeply, holding his arms and swaying a bit, "Haa, you're such a nice person Tamaki-kun..though I guess you can't do much handcuffed. I'll do all the work and you just relax".

There was no way he was going to get through to Sogo. He was in his own world now and was going to make him feel good. Sogo wasted no time stripping down and unzipping Tamaki's pants.

"Stop it Sogo! You can make it up to me some other way!" he continued trying to reason with him.

"I told you it's fine. Let's have fun okay?" he smiled before starting to ride him.

He didn't understand. Why was he doing this? Sogo said he loved him but they've only known each others for a few days. Yet here he was giving himself to Tamaki as a way to make it up to him. As much as he wanted to shove him away he couldn't with his hands handcuffed behind his back. He didn't want Sogo to go this far just so he wouldn't be mad at him. Honestly he was even more mad at him for doing this.

"So-chan, listen to me..!" he tilted his head to try and look Sogo in the eyes. Which was hard to do since he was looking down panting. "Stop already!"

"So close though..You feel it too right?" Sogo muttered between pants.

"Damn it.." He was right, but he didn't want to reach that point, there was no going back after that.

Even if he tried to get away again Sogo would just point a syringe at him. Not that he could, he couldn't get himself to make an attempt. His body was betraying him due to the pleasure he felt.

Sogo moaned quietly once they hit their limit, he was in complete bliss being able to do this with Tamaki. "Tamaki-kun~" he panted, calming himself down. "Did I please you?"

He didn't say anything but glare at him again. Sogo sighed, he'd just have to find another way to get Tamaki to stop being angry with him. But for now they should get cleaned up and rest.

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"Do as you want with me" Sogo smiled to the officer.

Their first time he had to do all the work since the officer was handcuffed. But now the cuffs were off. He promised him that he wouldn't try to escape so he was going to keep his word. As long as it kept Sogo in a good mood.

"How about we just have normal sex?" Tamaki said, already stripping the sadistic doctor down.

"Alright. Go however deep or whatever pace you want. You can make me unable to walk if you really want to"

"..How you can say those things with a straight face..." he muttered.

Once he discarded Sogo's clothes and removed his own leftover clothes he laid Sogo down. This was his second time seeing the doctor without any clothes on. He didn't get a chance to really take a good look at his body last time either.

"Liking what you see Tamaki-kun?" Sogo grinned. "Because I like what I see and I really want you in me now"

"If you weren't a pervert I'd be telling you to shut up.." Tamaki said, leaning down and kissing him.

He spent some time just exploring Sogo's body, his hands roaming Sogo's body. This time he didn't have handcuffs on preventing him from touching Sogo's body. They didn't have to rush or stay quiet since they were alone. If anyone else from the police found out about their relationship he'd be screwed.

Even if he was a captive he was willingly having sex at this point with a terrorist instead of taking advantage of the situation and arresting Sogo again. It's not like the doctor had his syringes with him, he could easily take him on. Yet there he was doing anything but that.

"Enough teasing, have your way with me!" Sogo whined. He was getting impatient.

"If you start giving me orders I won't do anything to you. I'll just leave you like this"

"Eheh, I can just ride you again. Ah, maybe I should ask Leader to get some aphrodisiac to get you really in the mood" he said while smiling. He wanted to have Yamato so many things he could use for such occasions.

"Stop talking already..." he said as he thrusted into Sogo who moaned loudly at the action. "Keep your perverted and sadistic ideas to yourself will you?"

"Haaa~ Are you mad? Take your anger out on me then if it helps, I don't care if your rough or easy on me~"

"You don't listen do you?" Tamaki sighed as he pounded into Sogo quickly. He said he could just fuck him until he couldn't walk so maybe fucking him senseless would do him some good. Sogo was to perverted for his own good. He was moaning loudly and was already a panting, shaking mess. "It's only been a few minutes and you're already like this?"

Sogo just moaned and yelled his name in response. Tamaki kissed him to silent him for a bit, if they weren't in a secluded house half an hour away from the city they'd probably get some kind of noise complaint. That was just how loud his lover was being.

He pulled away from the kiss. "M-More, don't hold back~" Sogo muttered out. Once he said that Tamaki went as hard and as fast as he could. He was already as deep as he could go since the beginning.

"Ah..! There! Keep going, so close~" Sogo exclaimed out.

He would tell him to stop talking again but he didn't listen the first time. Besides he was starting to enjoy hearing Sogo yell out and moan. This was one of the moments the sadistic doctor was just so cute. At least he was in charge instead of Sogo. He could only imagine the kind of things Sogo would do if he was in charge.

"So-chan.." he muttered, kissing him again. He heard a muffled whimper as they came simultaneously. If he wasn't being kissed by the officer he would of screamed out in ecstasy.

He continued to thrust into him for a bit but slower and not as rough. Eventually he stopped and just rolled onto his side, dragging Sogo with him. They just laid there before Sogo slowly sat up. "..Let's take a bath Tamaki-kun..I'll just put your handcuffs back on in the morning.."

"Okay" Tamaki said as he got up, picking Sogo up bridal style.

He carried him into the bathroom, he had noticed the door before but didn't know where it lead to until then. Setting Sogo down and turning the water on they waited for the bathtub to fill up.

"Remember not to try to promised.."

He looked over to Sogo who looked worried. "I'm staying by my word, I said I wouldn't so I won't." he said, turning the water off and lifting Sogo into the tub and climbing in afterwards.

"Just don't leave me again" Sogo muttered, leaning against him with his eyes closed. Tamaki hugged him, "...I won't.." he knew he was lying a bit. If he was rescued he'd have no choice to leave him. But saying he wouldn't leave him made Sogo sigh in relief so he just let him believe that he was telling the truth.

As they got cleaned up, Sogo talked more about what they could do, all of it was a bit perverted. He really didn't want to know what he thought of when it came to him. After they were done with their bath, Tamaki drained the tub and wrapped towels around them. Sogo changed into pajamas while Tamaki had to stick with his normal clothes. He doubted any of Sogo's clothes would fit him and he had no other clothes.

"I can ask Leader to buy some clothes for you if you want" Sogo said.

"It's fine. But do what you want. Now come here" he held his arms out. Sogo didn't hesitate to walk over and let Tamaki embrace him. They crawled under the blanket and they cuddled. Tamaki was the first one to fall asleep as Sogo watched him.

'I won't forgive you if you leave me again..I'll punish you any way I want. Ah~ What a twisted love we have'

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"I've finally got you all to myself Riku~" Tenn laughed as he stared at Riku.

He had been trying to capture Riku for a long time, but it wasn't exactly easy. Riku tended to always be with someone, that's just how likeable he was, he could draw anyone's attention. But Tenn wanted his attention solely on him and no one else.

Once he had gotten Riku alone it was easy to just knock him out and bring him home. Luckily he lived alone, so they could do whatever they wanted.

Now his hands were tied up, blindfolded and stripped of his clothes, laying on Tenn's bed. He was clearly awake since he was trying to move around and look at his surroundings, neither of which he could do.

"T-Tenn?" Riku asked moving his head toward the direction where he heard Tenn talk.

"I'm glad you're awake now, it was fun at first just staring at your body and exploring it a bit, but it got boring after an hour. Though the small moans you made was cute"

"W-What?!" he blushed deeply at the fact Tenn has touched him while he wasn't even conscious.

He felt Tenn lay on top of him, he was still fully clothed, "Now that you're awake though, we can get to the real fun, Riku. I'll make you mine, no one else can have you"

"Fun..? What do you mean- Hmph-"

Tenn had cut him off by roughly kissing him. Letting his hands roam Riku's body again, enjoying the muffled whimpers Riku made. He didn't know why Tenn was doing this, honestly he had a crush on him, but never thought he'd do this to him. Now his feelings just felt complicated.

A few minutes past before Tenn stopped kissing him. Though he never stopped touching every part of Riku's body, watching as Riku moaned quietly.

"I wonder if I should prepare you...Or maybe I can just fuck you without any preparations"


"Hush Riku, I'll make sure you feel really good. Now stop moving.." he said, reaching a hand down and poking a finger into Riku. This caused him to gasp at the sensation. Tenn smiled, thrusting in and out, adding another finger after a minute. Riku could do nothing but moan as he continued, as well as arch his back and squirm a bit.


"Are you close?" Tenn asked him, inches from his ear.


He pulled his fingers out when Riku said that, leaving him a whimpering mess. "Should I just leave you like this?" he asked quietly, sitting up and straddling him. "I have no problems just watching you squirm around trying to get some kind of friction to finish the job"

Riku just tried to move against Tenn, but he just moved away when he did. Tenn laughed when Riku whimpered, he laughed seeing him like this. He got off the bed, standing up and undressing himself. Even though he couldn't see what Tenn was doing he could hear rustling of clothes, so he just took a guess.

Soon Tenn climbed back onto the bed, hovering over Riku. He considered removing the blindfold and untying him but decided to keep him tied up. But he reached over and removed the blindfold. It took a minute for Riku to adjust his eyes since he had been blindfolded for so long.

"Try to hold still Riku, this might hurt a bit~"

"Huh?- AH!~ mm..hnn.."

He had roughly thrusted into him without hesitation, he loved hearing his cute moans. "That's right, be as loud as you want, don't hold back. I want to hear every noise you make, I want to see you break and give into the temptation" Tenn said, smirking and watching Riku moaned as he arched his back more.

Riku had a hand on Tenn's arm, he had tried pushing him away but stopped after a few seconds when Tenn thrusted into him again roughly. There was no way he was getting out of this. He was at Tenn's mercy.

"Nn..ah~ Tenn..~ ha.." Riku managed to say in between panting and moaning.

"What a good boy you are Riku. You're my cute little pet now, you'll be obedient won't you? Even if you're not, I'll just punish you this way. Maybe I'll leave you a moaning mess though"

"T-There..! Ah~ ah..!"

Tenn just smiled as he pounded further into him, going as deep, hard and fast as he could. He wanted to fuck him senseless, until he couldn't walk. At least then he couldn't try to escape afterwards.

Riku moaned loudly as he came, but Tenn kept thrusted into him. After a minute he reached his own climax and had his own orgasm inside of Riku.

"You're mine now Riku and I'm not going to let you ever leave either. I'll take good care of you" he said, kissing him. He watched as Riku drifted off to sleep, clearly tired from what they just did. "Sleep well~"

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Riku had been following around an officer he had a crush on for a while. There was no way he'd ever notice a rookie like him. So to ensure no one else drew his attention, he captured him one night. Since his brother wasn't home, he could do what he wanted without worrying about being walked in on.

Tenn was sitting on a chair with his hands tied behind his back, he blinked as he slowly woke up. Looking around the room he quickly realized, he had no idea where he was. He had been walking home from work when he was suddenly knocked unconscious. It didn't help that he hadn't been paying attention, lost in thoughts about some cases.

"Where..?" he began off before he heard moving. He looked over to see a boy on the bed, he looked like he was sleeping. 'Who is that..Wait, isn't that the rookie officer? Riku? Why is he here? Is this his house?' his mind flooded with questions. Shaking his head, he decided to try and wake up the boy and get some answers. "Hey..Wake up!" he said, kicking the bed.

This woke Riku up, "Mm..what..?" rubbing his eyes as he looked over, sitting up on the bed. "Where am I? What's going on?" Tenn got right to asking questions. "Oh, you're at my house, I brought you here"

Riku stood up and walked over to him, "If you're going to ask why, it's because I want you for myself" he smiled.

"So you kidnapped me? That's nothing to be proud of" Tenn glared at him.

"Fair point, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyways, my big brother isn't home so we can whatever we want!"

"How about you start with untying me and letting me go home"

"I refuse. I'm going to keep you here, we'll have a lot of fun, promise!" Riku said with a light blush. Unlike his brother he wasn't really sadistic or as perverted. He won't deny he had a lot of dirty thoughts when thinking of the officer. Tenn just continued to glare at him as Riku moved him to the bed. "Come on, I'll do anything you want. Just not let you leave"

He sat on his lap, arms wrapped around his neck. Tenn never once stopped glaring at him, but Riku didn't care. Honestly he had a good reason since he was just knocked out, woke up in an unknown place and wasn't allowed to leave.

"So what should I do?" he tilted his head before getting an idea. He leaned forward and kissed Tenn, though he didn't return the kiss. Not that he cared, as long as he could kiss him and be near him. After a few second he felt Tenn move away from the kiss.

"Cut it out. We're not lovers so don't kiss me" he said coldly.

"Hmm?" Riku blinked before smiling again. "We will be soon enough! You don't have a choice.." he pushed Tenn down. "Don't worry, I'll do all the work, I'll just ride you"

He was being just like his older brother when he first had Tamaki in his grasp. But he didn't plan on letting Tenn escape. Standing up he undressed himself and unzipped Tenn's pants, pulling his pants down. "What are you doing Riku?!"

Riku didn't respond just stare at Tenn smiling and blushing, he could almost see the lust in his eyes. He didn't hesitate to immediately starting riding him, no preparation or warning.

"Ahh!~ Hnn, so good~"

Tenn just watched him with one eye closed, there wasn't anything he could do in this situation. He doubted he could get him to listen either. It was more uncomfortable than pleasurable though since his hands were behind his back and he was laying on his arms.

"Riku this kind of hurts, my arms.."

"Ah? Oh! S-Sorry..I guess I shouldn't make you lay down with your arms like that" Riku said, helping Tenn sit up. They shuffled back further on the bed which was a bit difficult. He kissed Tenn again as an apology.

Once they were settled Riku began to thrust up and down, slow at first to get used to the sensation. He had his hands on Tenn's shoulder to keep steady. At that point he didn't even bother trying to stop Riku. He started thrusting upwards making Riku moan loudly.

"Ahhh, ah..! Hnn, r-right there!" Riku exclaimed, he tried to keep up with Tenn's pace. Honestly, he just wanted to get this over with. "You'll untie me after this right?"

"Yes~" Riku moaned out.

Riku wasn't in the correct state of mind currently, so he could use this to his advantage by making him promise such things.

"We're going to have a serious talk Riku. And you'll listen without interrupting right?"

"Hnn..a-alright.." he nodded, moaning loudly as Tenn thrusted harshly into him.

Both were close to their climaxes. They kept at it until they came simultaneously. Riku sighed, leaning against Tenn as he reached over and untied him. Tenn lifted him off his lap and set him next to him on the bed. He stood up, leaving the room only to return a minute later with a wet cloth.

"Hold still so I can clean us up" he said, cleaning Riku up. He looked kind of tired but coaxed him to stay awake. After both we cleaned up, Tenn zipped his pants up again and covered Riku with the blanket.

He lectured him about his actions, how he shouldn't kidnap people just to have sex with them against their will. By time he was done Riku had tears in his eyes. Pressing a hand on his cheek he looked him in the eyes, telling him to calm down.

"You could of at least confessed to me first and had a proper date before making a big move on me..." he smiled gently.


"Really now Riku, it's not hard to tell you liked me. You always got nervous around only me. Though the fact you're kind of a yandere is concerning, let's try to fix that okay?"

"Okay..can we rest now..?"

He chuckled, laying down on the bed, holding Riku close. He can get dressed again once they took a nap. Besides he could reach under the blanket and rub his hands over Riku's body earning a cute moan.

What a odd way to start a relationship.

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Sitting in a room, handcuffed, was the SAT officer, Tamaki. The room had varies medical equipment, how fitting since the room belonged to a doctor.

He had followed the doctor he had met before to this abandoned building. He seemed so nice, complying and answering any questions he had. Though found it strange when he saw the doctor that night walking around the city and to this place alone. Never did he think the doctor would be leading him into a trap and would use a sleep tranquilizer on him. Why didn't he react in time, maybe it was the shock of the doctor being a terrorist that stopped him.

"I'm glad you're awake. Did those two hurt you at all? I'll patch you up~"

Then there's the doctor himself, it turns out that he was sadistic and quite perverted. He didn't know if he wanted to find out just what the doctor was thinking of. Let alone what he thought of when thinking about him.

"Giving me the silent treatment? Understandable, but I'd like to talk with you" Sogo smiled, poking his cheek. "I'm sure you have a lot on your mind"

Tamaki said nothing and simply glared at him. It was true he had many questions and a lot to say to him, but he decided not to say anything. Hopefully the others would find him soon. The doctor chuckled, standing up looking through some syringes he had, the majority contained a strange purple liquid.

"What are you up to?" Tamaki finally spoke up.

"You'll find out soon enough!~" he said, turning around with a syringe in hand. It was different from the others. He watched as he pressed the needle slightly, making sure no air was trapped before walking over to him. "Please hold still, this won't hurt one bit"

He could do nothing but wince in pain as he injected the needle into his neck and emptied the syringe of the drug. Once he pulled the needle away he just smiled again as if what he did was a good thing.

"What did you just inject into me?" he growled.

"It's called aphrodisiac. It'll make you feel really good, I promise! Though I'm curious, how long will you resist it's effects until you break"

Aphrodisiac, he's heard of it but didn't really know what it did. Well, now he'd learn exactly what it could do. It took everything he had to stay focused on anything as his mind began thinking solely about Sogo. But it wasn't long before his mind gave in to those thoughts.

"Haa~ I can't wait to see you break. That's the best part~ When you start begging for me to relief you~" Sogo said with lustful eyes and kneeling before him.

His body felt hot, was this another effect of the drug? Was his plan to make him thinking only about him and yearn to be touched by him? He was answered when Sogo leaned forward and kissed him. Maybe he was getting impatient and wanted him to break quicker.

"Why..are you doing this..?" Tamaki managed to say. "Why? Because I'm quite interested in you, so I'm going to keep you for myself"

He whined when Sogo sat on his lap, he couldn't help but thrust upward to try and get some friction. He knew he should hate this, but he yearned for the doctor's touch. The sound of his voice and the way he looked at him, he loved his attention. If only he could hold him. Though maybe it was a good thing he was handcuffed or else he would've slammed him on the floor and fucked him senseless.

Sogo chuckled, "What a wonderful reaction. Do you want something? Come on, all you have to do is ask~"

At this point he didn't care, he wanted Sogo, to stay with him if he could. He felt uncomfortable in his clothes and wanted to feel the doctor. To make Sogo his, so no one else could have him. "Please..Take off your clothes and mine..."

"Okay~ Mm..Though this is no good" Sogo said, tapping the handcuffs. "Will you be a good boy and not try to run away?~"

He nodded frantically, even if he could easily overpower him, he didn't want to get away from him. Sogo reached over and grabbed one of the plushies, ripping it open and pulled out the keys. Reaching past him, his chest pressed against Tamaki's, he unlocked the cuffs. As soon as they were off he pulled Sogo's jacket off and practically stripped him down without hesitation.

Sogo stared at him before smiling widely and giggling, "So needy! I'm impressed with the results of the aphrodisiac. Since you stripped me, let me do the same okay?~"

He nodded his head as he let Sogo remove his SAT uniform. It was a relief to have their clothes removed, now he could be as close as physically possible to the doctor.

"Doctor...Sogo.." he wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close.

"Mm? What is it- Ahhh~" he didn't get to finish his sentence before Tamaki immediately thrusted into him. "Ah, ahh..No preparation or anything..You must really want this badly~" he blushed deeply, the lust in his eyes returned. "Go on then"

Again without any hesitation he began thrusting in him, not even letting him adjust or anything. Sogo even encouraged him to go as fast, hard and deep as he wanted. All he heard was the doctor moaning loudly which just made he lose control of himself more. Even after they orgasmed he kept going. He was going to do what what he had wanted to do when he was still handcuffed, to fuck him senseless on the floor.

"What a good boy!~ Have your fill..This feels amazing" Sogo said between pants and moans. This was beyond his expectations. After another orgasm in just a few minutes they stopped. Sogo's whole body ached so he let Tamaki help to sit him up.

"Sorry..I might of overdid it" Tamaki apologized, though he was glad he got to make Sogo his. "Haa, it's okay, you're my cute little pet now Tamaki-kun" he placed his hand on the officer's cheek.

He smiled at this, Sogo was his and he was Sogo's, he didn't care if he got rescued or not anymore. Since Sogo couldn't even stand now due to his aching body he cleaned the doctor up. Even helping him get dressed again before getting dressed himself. He held the doctor close, nuzzling him.

"I love you Tamaki-kun~"

"Love you too.."