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you look so much better when i'm in control

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“It’s a good movie,” Nemuri said as the group walked along the dark street warmed by the open entrances of soba and ramen shops. “I thought I’d hate it, but it was nice to be surprised!” 


It was just a passing comment, but you said that if she liked it, then you’d give it a try. It’s easy to say things like that. Things that you don’t fully mean. 


After everyone had said their goodbyes, Aizawa came only about two meters closer to you. It hadn’t even occurred to you that he’d been loitering behind everyone else. 


He asked if you’d like to go see that movie that Nemuri was mentioning on Saturday. 




The word was spoken with purpose—a not-so subtle hint that it would be a discreet meeting between the two of you, and no one else. A date.


“Well… I’m kind of busy that day… and the whole weekend actually.” 


Who knew that such an easy sentence could make a person’s world change overnight. You certainly didn’t. His eyes fell from your face even before the words were finished, as if he knew you’d decline. His posture was one of insecurity; hands in his pockets and shoulders hiked up in anticipation.


Aizawa and yourself scarcely said a word to one another before. You admittedly clung to Hizashi or Nemuri because of the dear fact that they always spoke, and it gave you an excuse to stay quiet comfortably. It made you think that you and the man avoiding eye contact may have a lot in common, he was so quiet, but he seemed to always have a bad attitude.


His mouth was hidden inside of the long coils of the grey capture weapon around his neck, his nose and cheeks void of color. It was common for young heroes to wear their costumes during social events, in case of necessary action. “I see. Sorry to bother you.”


There was no room for you to say anything along the lines of ‘don’t worry about it’ because he turned and began walking in the opposite direction. It was a little sad to watch him go with such a dejected comment.


The rest of the night was uneventful. You bathed, watched videos, texted a few people. Hizashi asked if you had any plans for the weekend and you respond that nothing was going on. 


Aizawa was only back in your mind as sleep came in the darkness of your bedroom. You were remembering his eyes, not as they flicked away from your face, but as they stayed focused on you for an answer. Expectant, maybe a bit hopeful.


You’d apologize to him the next time you saw him. 


New mattresses are expensive, but one might have to be bought in the near future, because your back hurt. 


This was your first thought as you woke up. 


The second was that your shoulders and arms were sore beyond belief. Just a quick stretch will solve the problem. Except when you tried to raise your cramping arms over your head, it was met with resistance and more pain. 


Fully awake, your eyes only saw a brown murkiness. Then everything clicked instantly. You were lying face up, and your wrists were bound behind you, knuckles digging into the small of your back.


Your soft nightshirt was no longer there.


Panic set in immediately. You trashed and tried to move, but your legs were pinned together tightly—at your knees and ankles—and you’re upper arms were bound to your torso.


You screamed, loud and piercing, blood rushing up into your ears. The situation was too textbook to be mistaken, your fate was sealed.


The screams carried your pleas for rescue. Tears pooled, slipped, and clung as you exhausted your strength fighting against what looked like thick, black electrical tape. The ceiling above you was white, but the walls had been covered by what looked like black sheets made out of opaque plastic. 


There wasn’t anything else in the room, from what could be seen in the dim overhead lighting. There was just the bed you were laying on.


Even as you struggled and perspired, nothing freed you from the tight pinching of the tape winding around your body.


The thought came to mind to roll off the bed and attempt to stand, but the sound of a deadbolt slipping out of its lock made you freeze. You turned to the door, fear making you feel like you’d wet yourself, as it opened just a fraction to let a surprise into the room.


“Aizawa-san?” You questioned blankly, too shocked to emote. The realization was there, you knew what this was and what it meant. However, Aizawa was a hero. Some idiotic, immature notion came into your head, telling lies that he was there to rescue you.


He was wearing a black v-neck shirt with long sleeves and black boot-cut pants. His hair was still as unruly as ever. The only thing that stuck out from the norm was the noticeable deep color under his eyes. It seemed worse than usual.


“Sorry for the intrusion,” he muttered automatically. It was just a thing people said as they entered rooms. A normal thing for an abnormal situation. Neck straining, you eyed him as he came forward, painfully aware that you were stripped naked and defenseless. 


A white mug came into view, water glittering and making your throat tight and parched. “Drink.” He ordered without malice. 


“N-no.” You shook terribly. “Aizawa-san, where am I?” 


“With me,” he answered without mirth or ridicule. “You should drink, you’re already dehydrated.”


You scowled up at him and his emotionless face. “What’s in it?” 


He blinked slowly, then brought the ceramic mug to your lips. “Water.” The first sip lead to you tasting the cold sweetness and gulping it down. It ran off your chin and beaded on your lips.


“I… have to pee.”


“No you don’t.”


“Aizawa, untie me right now!”


You thrashed and growled and screamed but all it got out of him was a slight lift of his thin eyebrows. “You’re acting like I’m the one responsible for all of this.” You couldn’t take the pain in your lower back anymore. Struggling made the soreness worse. You laid stiffly and heard yourself gasp. 


“Then who is, you bastard?”


“It’s you.” 


“What the fuck are you talking about?!” You quickly twisted onto your side, bent your legs, and heaved yourself up. It was a relief to bend forward and take pressure off of your spine. You looked him dead in the eyes, tears spilling. “Tell me why the fuck you think that you doing this is my fault, you son of a bitch!”


You yelled in pain from the tape around your legs causing blood restriction. A heavy pulse was sending nausea rattling up into your throat, but you couldn’t relent. “Tell me!” You screamed up at his face, voice shrill.


“You lied to me,” his eyes flashed red, black hair lifting away from his pale face and rising in the air as if blown up by a hot wind. “You could have just declined my invitation, but instead you lied and made me seem like a fool.”


It was your turn to avoid eye contact, not able to deny his claim. “Hizashi told me you were free all weekend, in case we all wanted to see that movie.” He scoffed, knowing the irony of the situation. “So?” You asked, carving a cut into your lip. “What was wrong with what I did? I didn’t want you to feel bad.”


“Ah, I see.” He placed the cup on the floor, watching as you readjusted so that the pulsing in your legs would lessen. “You don’t see how rude your answer to me was.”


“It wasn’t rude!” You shrieked, wrists becoming raw from how roughly you were twisting against your bindings. “Even if you were to misinterpret, read between the lines, dumbass! It was me turning you down gently! God, no wonder you’re a social outcast!”


He grabbed you roughly by the hair, leaning down to get right into your steaming face. “Me? What about you?” There was almost no distance between you and him. Grinding your teeth was becoming tiresome. “You latch onto whoever you can because, let’s face it, you have nothing in common with anyone. No one ever directs a conversation to you. At least people talk to me first. You’re a leech.”


You were thrown to the bed, the springs squeaking inside of the foam and cotton made you even more irritated. “If you don’t even like me then why did you ask me out?!” You hurled your comment back at him, humiliated and overwrought with fear.


Again, his hands loosely slid into his pockets. Aizawa’s response is simple. “Because I wanted to fuck you.”


You don’t talk back that time, instead staring him down while suppressing the majority of your tears. Sobs got caught in your fluttering chest Aizawa rubbed the back of his head, like he wasn’t proud to admit it. “Despite your personality, I thought you’d be easy…” 


“So what? Just because you can’t fuck me, you decide to kidnap me and tie me up?!” 


His eyes shot back over to you, then away again. 




“YOU’RE FUCKING CRAZY!” Your roared while writhing on the bed, desperate to rip the tape. “Let me go you fucking psycho!” 


“It’s sexy when you move around like that.” 


It was enough to make you go as still as an animal in front of a car. 


“Did you forget that you’re naked?” The question was spoken under his breath, as if it wasn’t directed at you, almost like he was ignoring your sentience. Just an animal or object under his study and observation. Such a 180 made you feel like death was clawing at your neck.


The room was warm, as was your skin. Now his steady gaze along the length of your body was the only reminder of your vulnerable state. You curled into yourself, but regretted it immediately when his eyes stayed on your ass. 


“Please,” you tried to cool yourself down in vain. “Please don’t do anything like this. It isn’t right, you’re a pro hero! Even then, this doesn’t mean I’m letting you have sex with me, you didn’t win anything!”


“It’s not about winning,” he said while placing a knee onto the edge of the bed. He crawled over your shrinking body, hair pooling over his shoulders. “I find you attractive, and I want to fuck you. It doesn’t go any deeper than that. Asking you out on a date was just an easier means to the same end.”


“I’m going to vomit,” you coughed out, wet face pressing into the bed. 


“No you aren’t.” His voice was deadpan and calm.


Part of you wanted to know how Aizawa thought he’d get away with anything. Although, the majority of your brain implored you not to go searching for the answer. Softly, his hand brushed the tear-soaked hair away from your face, before using pressure on your shoulder to turn you on to your back.


Staring up at him with an expression of grief and disgust, you begged him, one more time. “Please don’t do this to me… I… I’m sorry.” The tears spilled freely then, even as you schemed, and pulled at the tape around your wrists. It was becoming looser.


Aizawa blew air out of his mouth, though it was unclear whether it was from guilt or frustration. Sitting back on his haunches, he took a good look at you again. Aizawa’s hands hovered midway to your body, like he was a man at an all you can eat buffet who didn’t know where to take his first bite. 


He settled on your chest, right above your sternum, before skimming his fingers downward. They slipped over the tape just above your breasts (which pinned your arms to your body) before grabbing you in each hand. You gasped and made a miserable sound, disliking how he squeezed you with inept roughness. 


“Stop!” Your cries went ignored as you were groped, his expression one of concentration as he dug his fingertips into the soft flesh of your nipples. ”Yeah,” Aizawa sighed quietly, eyes seeming far away. “I’m gonna titfuck you first.”


He moved off the bed with such speed that it made you shout in terror. Eyes jumped from one corner of the room to the next until you saw him crouching at the foot of the bed. He was messing around with something, but you didn’t wonder what. He stood and came back to the same position he was in, towering over you with his legs on either side on your ribs. Your vision leapt to his hand. 


“W-what is that?” Your struggle increased as Aizawa brought the medium-sized object up for a better view. It was purple and U-shaped. One end was oblong and bulbous while the other was thin and wide with a slight curve.


“I don’t know the name of it, I found it online.” He turned it over in his hand, examining it for himself. “The reviews were the best, so I bought it.”


“You’re going to use it on me?” You began to shiver as Aizawa quirked an eyebrow at you.


“Well, yes. It’s not for me. Obviously.”


“You said you wanted to s-start with outside stuff.” The shaking had made its way into your voice. Even if you had a gun pointed at you and a command to speak clearly, you wouldn't have been able to.


“I’ll do whatever I want. Don’t forget whose tied up.” He licked at the toy’s thicker end, coating the matte rubber in his spit, before shifting down to press it in between your bound thighs. “Don’t!” You howled, knowing it wasn’t enough preparation. Aizawa ignored you, a knee pressed against your upper legs forced you to lay still as he hooked the toy against you, and with a final curve and push, inside of you.


“Ow! Take it out!” You grimaced and squirmed. The rubber felt cold and alien, but the tapper made your clenching body inadvertently accept it farther. The thin end nestled itself right up against your clit. 


“There’s no way that hurt.” He stated dismissively. “It’s no thicker than three of your fingers.” His leg swung around to properly position himself above you again. Your chest ached with how roughly he was kneading your flesh and pulling at your nipples. “They stay soft no matter how I touch them,” Aizawa murmured to himself.


Grey clouded your vision, misery and dismay forcing you down. “That face you’re making is horrible,” he complained with a chastising tone. “How am I supposed to get hard while looking at that?” You couldn’t answer while he slipped a remote out of his pocket and clicked the first button.


You gasped at the feeling of the toy buzzing to life both inside of you and out. Your whole body stiffened at the combined sensation of your g-spot and clit being stimulated at once. Eyes widening, you opened your mouth and moaned, hips tilting back and forth in an attempt to dislodge it. “N-nooo-oh! Oh!”


“Yeah, that’s it.” Aizawa smiled for the first time that night. Or maybe ever since you met him. He pulled at your nipples and forced your body to arc upward towards him. “Feels amazing, right?” Your tongue lolled partway out of your mouth, body twitching as unwanted pleasure coursed through it. He clicked the remote a few times before dropping it next to himself, immersed in the way you reacted to the vibrations being ramped up. His shirt was thrown to the floor.


“You’re much sexier when you have that face on.” He stopped rubbing at your tits to undo his fly, but you couldn’t see due to your head being thrown back. You heard his fly unzip and you thrashed around. “Oh! Stop it! Please!” You were crying, choking on your sobs but Aizawa didn’t listen. Or he did, and liked it.


The nausea came back the moment you felt his cock fall against your chest. “Wait,” you weakly protested, though it did nothing to deter him. Aizawa pressed your breasts up against himself, angling his hips to start pushing against your warm skin. He was sweat-slicked and slow. You could feel his cockhead pop out and sink back into your cleavage as he gripped you harded, making a tight passage for himself.


“You have such a nice body,” Aizawa passed the compliment to your burning ears. “I’ve wanted to do this to you since last Summer, when you wore that low-cut white t-shirt.”


The toy still buzzed against you, edging toward something awful. You convulsed under his rocking body, trying not to look at his parted lips or hazy eyes. His cock was fucking your breasts at a leisurely pace, long and thick, and you were upset to know that you couldn’t insult his size. 


The first knuckle of your thumb popped passed the stretched tape, and it made your eyes snap open. “W-what else?”




You stole yourself. Fought down the fear and bile within you, and looked up at Aizawa. “What else made you want to do this to me?”


His dick twitched against you, and he hissed out a breath. “I don’t know.”


You faked a moan and lurched upward, pulling at the tape as you did so. Maintaining eye contact is hard when you’re so repulsed. And you could feel yourself getting wet quickly. 


He needed to stay distracted.


“You always looked so pissed off,” he started. “I knew you’d be hot if someone fucked you and took that look off your face.” The tape gave way to a few more centimeters of hand. Aizawa’s pace quickened as he rutted against you, fingers rubbing against your nipples and making your chest tingly. 


“I’m still pissed off,” you forced the words out in one breath, trying with all your might not to moan while speaking. “Yeah,” Aizawa agreed. The tip hit your chin, causing you to face away from him. “At least you sound better.”


Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you


He squeezed your chest painfully hard, making you squeal and twist against him. “See? I bet if any guy heard what you sounded like just then, they’d line up to screw you. A lot of them talk about it already.”


“Shut the fuck up!” You tried in fury to buck him off of you, but it only resulted in him pressing up against your mouth. One of your hands finally slipped free.


“And get the fuck off of me!”


At once you pulled your hands out from under you and forced your body upright. Aizawa was heavier than you thought, but you heaved and tried to throw him off nonetheless. You were disadvantaged due to your upper arms being taped down. Still, you threw a punch into his side by twisting your entire torso into the movement.


He almost tipped backwards, but corrected himself and grabbed your swollen wrists. 


“That,” he growled while repositioning, pressing his hips down onto your own and forcing the toy’s flexible rubber down harder, “was a mistake.”


“Go fuck yourself!” You screeched, kicking your legs out in frustrated anger.


You cried out when he took a handful of your hair and tugged it roughly. 


His other hand went behind himself, to the toy, where he forced it in and out of you shallowly. “Ah! Oh!”


“I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re gonna beg me to keep you tied up like this just to use you. My personal fucktoy.”


That time you didn’t respond. All you could do was weakly hit and claw at his hand. You were too terrified to do anything else. “Please! Please, I’ll do anything! Just don’t do that!”


You looked up into his unsympathetic face and begged all over again. For affect, you laced your fingers together in a prayer. Aizawa squinted down at your sobbing face; red and wet and probably none too pretty. “Anything?”


“Yes,” you wheezed, sucking in a shuddering breath when he finally let go. He bought a few strands of hair with him. “Anything.”


Pondering, Aizawa held the remote and clicked it several times, eyeing you as you sighed in relief when the vibrations died down somewhat. “Suck me off.” 


Your cries petered out when the message was received loud and clear. “If I do, you won’t-?”


“Get me off and maybe I’ll be satisfied.”


Aizawa moved off the bed, leaving you to shut your eyes tight and sob faintly. “I don’t trust you at all, either with doing a good job or with not biting me.” By your shoulders Aizawa pulled you to the edge of the bed. While on your back, your head dangled partly off the mattress. “Open your mouth.” 


Vision swimming and dark, you obliged him, mouth opening just enough for Aizawa to shove something soft and squishy between your jaws. He clasped it behind your head. “Wow,” he picked your head up to examine you, “it’s a perfect fit.” There’s a hole in the middle, you gasp for air through it and test your biting strength. There’s barely any.


“It’s silicon. Though I did want to feel your lips, this way we can avoid anything troublesome.” You started to cry again, tears rolling down your forehead as blood pooled into the back of your head. “Hey, be rational,” Aizawa chided you. “This way you can’t make any mistakes.”  


When you shied away from him, Aizawa held you steady with both hands on your neck and jaw. And when he pushed in with a satisfied moan, you gagged at the saltiness of his skin. You tried hard to level your breathing, even while mewling and moaning around his dick. Aizawa sighed above you, rocking his hips languidly. You fisted your useless hands into the sheet.


His cock pressed against the back of your throat. You wanted to vomit, but nothing was coming out. The sound of the toy clicking to life again made you cry in disapproval. You’d rather be used and not be made to feel any pleasure at all.


Still, your body reacted autonomously, hips rolling and the steady thrum of the toy teased you inside and out. Aizawa held you tightly as he rammed himself farther into your throat. “Feels good, huh?” He started to pant, watching your tits bounce as he forced himself in as far as he could. You couldn’t reply in a way that mattered. 


The movements became jerky, Aizawa leaned over you and let his hips smack into your face, zipper of his pants rubbing harshly against your nose. The small breaths you were able to take felt like too little.


His hand came up to rub at the toy, adding pressure against your clit. You wanted to scream, it was like you really were an object, unable to protest. “Are you close? I’ve never seen a girl cum from a toy in real life before.”


You ground your teeth down into the soft gag, but all it resulted in was Aizawa moaning your name. It was the first time he’d ever said it to your knowledge. Even with your protesting, you knew he was right. You were almost at the edge.


Without the support of Aizawa’s other hand, your head fell and the change in angle allowed him to shove his cock straight down your throat. You really couldn’t breathe. “Look at how hungry you are for it.” He muttered and slowed his pace to watch your throat bulge. Your arms couldn’t reach him, so instead you smacked and clawed at the bed. Even in the few moments between his thrusts, your nose was too clogged to take in any oxygen.


“This is as high as this one will go,” Aizawa spoke as your vision swam. Once more he pressed the remote and watched in muted delight as you writhed and rolled. He let go of the toy in favor of holding your head even while driving into you at an unforgiving pace. 


Your eyes rolled back as your body went rigid, systems frying as you came with Aizawa fucking your throat as hard as he could. 


With your throat flexing against him, Aizawa stuttered in his movements. The gag was leaving no room for your fatigued tongue, and it lashed against his dick. “Shit,” he hissed, body going stiff as he came against your tongue and filled your mouth. It gushed out and dribbled onto your face and seeped into your hair. At least you had the wherewithal to block your throat up so it didn’t choke you.


When he pulled out and finally let you cough and cry, Aizawa paused to rub the tip, still leaking, over your stretched lips. You tried screaming at him, body striking the bed in desperation. 


The gag was slipped off of your head, and you screamed, “Turn it off! Turn it off!” The whole while, the toy buzzed against your overstimulated clit, making the feeling unbearable. 


“Oh right. Sorry.” Aizawa’s monochrome, breathless voice didn’t show any regret as he pressed the first button on the remote. All at once the toy stopped moving, and your body sagged back down. 


You spit and coughed out anything that you could taste, unfortunately mixing more vile fluids over your face. Aizawa brought a towel to clean you and you flinched. Your eyes were closed shut. 


He’s quiet as he worked to clean you up, but it regrettably didn't last. “It looked like it was good for you, too.” You don’t respond. You couldn’t. He helped you sit up, legs terrifyingly numb, and made you drink more water. It stung to do so.


Weight dipped into the bed and made your body sway. Eyes finally opening, you saw that he was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing away from you. Aizawa took a drink from a water bottle, and as he did so, your gaze lingered upon the toned muscles of his back and arms. You expected him to be scrawny to match his personality, but his body was just another thing you couldn’t internally mock him for. Make him feel smaller. To you, at least.


Unsure of what to do, fight, cry, escape, you just sat and looked at your rapist. The taste of him was still heavy on your tongue, and when you swallowed it was hard to force back a gag.


His sigh jolted you back from the haze. Silently, you watched him recap the bottle and place it on the floor. “As expected, that was pretty disappointing.” 


Nervous anticipation reared its head once again as you began to pry at the tape around your legs. Aizawa turned, you didn’t look back at him, but you knew he was watching you. 


“Hey, did you hear me? I’m not satisfied.”


“I’m not… I’m not doing anything else.” Your words rushed out of your aching mouth. The tape held on tightly, and your fingers were too cramped, too shaky, to properly latch onto it. “Let me go.”


He was silent, watching as you struggled to do anything above nothing. “Let me go!” You slammed your hands down onto the bed, face burning. 


“There’s no use in struggling. What will you do when you break the tape? Do you plan to fight me? Do you even know where you are?”


You couldn’t speak. Instead, you watched as small tears fell from your bloodshot eyes and landed on motionless hands. Aizawa climbed back over to you, and quickly cut the tape with a straight edge razor. The amount of blood that coursed back into your legs hurt.


No fighting occurred as he pushed you back down onto the cold bed, face turned away from him. “It’s better to not fight it. I can make you feel really good.”


“How would a virgin know that?” He paused at your question, hands resting on your hips. “Hizashi told me. He’ll never be able to keep a secret, when he’s drunk.” Even with such a biting comment, you got no satisfaction from insulting him.


“Well,” Aizawa slid his hands inward to rest on your tense navel. “Thanks for helping me graduate.”


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He had trouble getting into it at first. Aizawa didn’t seem to know how to adjust or position your dead weight body. Your stare was placed on his face, not from want, but because he was the only thing in your line of sight. 


The toy was pulled out. You didn’t make a sound when it happened, but Aizawa noticed the clear glaze clinging to the toy, and the way it dripped. “You’re really wet,” he murmured while teasing his fingers against your pussy. 


Heartbeat oddly even, you watched as he slipped off his pants and positioned himself at your entrance. It was too intimate to have the both of you naked. You didn’t want to be there with him, so you disappeared as much as you could, vision unfocused as he rubbed the tip up and down against your cunt. The bastard couldn’t even be courteous enough to wear a condom.


As Aizawa pushed in, his mouth fell slack. Quickly he grabbed your hips and began to move against you. Aizawa’s dick was thick, a detail that held no value but instead only made it more difficult to ignore his presence. On the contrary, he stretched you out and made your muscles glide against him as he drove himself deeper.


“Nmmm…” The man above you moaned through closed lips, hips rolling to calmly press flush with your own. The sounds of wet skin were too close and too vivid, keeping you anchored to reality alongside the person who you wished most to kill. 


A single, hard thrust forced him too deep and it made your face contort in pain. “Again with that expression,” Aizawa groused. “It’s putting me out of the mood.” You were silent, more from despondency than selective mutism.


He stopped moving altogether, steady eyes glaring down at your punitive face. “Not feeling it, huh?” Aizawa’s thumb rubbed against your bottom lip, irked by your corpse-like stillness. “Don’t worry, we can change that together. Not like you’re giving me a choice.”


A few seconds passed where he wasn’t on the bed, again grabbing something from the floor. When he returned, he secured something to your upper thigh with a few loops of tape. It was a ‘magic wand’. 


“You don’t have to do that!” The words scrambled out of your mouth, fear making your throat close up. “I’ll act like I like it, so please don’t!”


His hand was so much bigger than your own, he easily captured both of your wrists and secured a piece of tape to constrain them. “Acting isn’t enough.” Aizawa was methodical and slow as he repositioned you on the bed with a hand hooked under your leg. The head of the huge toy pressed against the little bud of nerves above your sex, taunting. His other hand went to the wand, fingers steadying themselves against your shaky thigh as his thumb pressed and rolled against the wheel dial.   


“No-” The toy came to life instantly, though it was weak. Aizawa purposefully kept it low as he began to stroke himself. His eyes were too focused, too animal. You had to look away.


Lips pursed and face beginning to redden, you could hear Aizawa’s sighs just before they reached your skin. The tiny tremors from the wand forced your legs to twitch, and they slid around your captor’s waist as he began to calmly thrust into your dripping sex.


The angle was thankfully shallow from how Aizawa had positioned you. He was more concerned with rolling the dial’s intensity up as he pushed in, and back down again as he pulled out. 


“Ah…!” Hands bound and resting on the center of your chest, you couldn’t fight the sounds that came out with every cruel, deliberate movement Aizawa made. “Ah!”


A gasp sliced through the air, sharp and quick. It was the signal that something had changed. You opened your eyes to slivers to see Aizawa was still pinning you down with his vision, though his eyes had narrowed and he had taken to biting his lower lip. And when he noticed your weary stare, he cranked the toy’s power up. 


Your body reacted despite your wishes, the vibrations forcing you to relish in unwanted gratification. As you toss your head and cried out, Aizawa turned the intensity up even further before leaving it as such. He grabbed your legs, tilted forward atop you, and began to slam down into you.




The sudden change made your neck ache. His tight grasp bruising your legs, the way he made your body bounce back against him from the power of his movements, and the pulsing of the wand against you.


It was all the world was to you.


“Aizawa-san! Please!” The idea came to mind to try and push him off, but the way your wrists were bound wouldn’t allow for any pressure to be exerted.


“Ah, say that again,” he sighed in between the heavy panting filling your ears.


“Please…” Please stop. Get off.


“Say it again, and you’ll get what you want.”


Biting down until the sharp taste of blood leaked over it, you released your tongue and opened your mouth. 


“Aizawa!” You cried, chin pressed down into your chest. “Aizawa, Aizawa! Please, Aizawa!”


His movements became rougher, hips slamming hard into your own. Your moans and cries were genuine, and so was the fury with which you said his name. Against any true desire, you were already close once again.


“Tell me it feels good.”


It didn’t take you also long as the first time to crack. Anything to end it quicker.


“It feels good!”


"What does?"


"When you f-fuck me..."


Aizawa pulled out and rubbed himself until he came against your stomach and chest. The only thing you could see in that moment was his mouth hanging open as ecstasy took him. Though he didn’t verbalize passed a low moan.


The act of such a violent round of sex forced pleasure to course strongly within you. Your nails cut deeply into the skin of his chest as you came, crying sharply as your body spasmed. “No! Oh!” Aizawa was quicker on the uptake, and the toy fell motionless with a quick turn of the dial.


His spunk cooled instantly against your burning skin, and as your hips hit the bed and your legs became sore, Aizawa looked over the mess he’d made with a disconcertingly calm expression.


To your dismay, Aizawa didn’t pause to clean you up this time around. Slowly he traced a finger against your pussy before letting it slip inside. It stung minutely.


You choked out, “Isn’t it enough?” with your voice hoarse from the abuse and crying. “You can stop.” Your attempts to kick him off were sloppy and tired. The entirety of you body felt weak and helpless. 


As luck would have it, Aizawa seemed to have contemplated your wishes. He moved away from you in order to grab the small straight edge razor. “You’re right, it is about time we stop.”


Fear twisted your stomach into knots for a few seconds in between his words and the tape being cut away from bruised skin. The moment everything was cast aside to the floor, you scrambled up to the metal headboard, clutching at hurt, inflamed wrists. 


You expected Aizawa to have something else planned, to drag this out until you would go mad, but he merely pushed himself off of the bed to put his clothes back on.


Knees pressed into a hollow chest, you could do nothing more than watch him tidy up, picking up the discarded items. He threw the towel over to you. But your eyes stayed firmly on him, not an inch of you moved.


“This might seem complicated right now, but trust me that it isn’t.” The statement did nothing to relieve any stress or terror. You opened your mouth, trying to get the words passed the swelling tissue in your throat. “Are you going to kill me?”


Aizawa pulled his shirt back over himself, where it hung loosely and disguised his powerful physique once again. “No,” he snickered dully. “I wouldn’t go that far to keep you quiet, but let me let you in on a few things.”


The cellphone he slipped out of his back pocket was your own, you could tell by the case and the background of the lock screen. The time was too far and too blurry to read. He rounded the bed and made you shrink back. Although, the most he did was offer the device up to you. 


“Read through the messages,” he stood watch as you grabbed the phone. And unlocked it. The screen was already on the message app, and shaky fingers clicked on the most recent conversation, with an unsaved number.


Your stomach dropped so severely that it ached after.


You should come over tonight, even if we don’t see a movie.” 


The message was sent maybe an hour after you’d fallen asleep back at your place.


Oh really?” 


Your own text message was sent back just a few seconds apart. 


That’s pretty bold lol. Does Hizashi know?”




You scanned the messages, breath becoming fast and unstable.


I have work tomorrow, so I can’t sleep over.


In the next message, Aizawa shared his location. “That’s fine, we can just mess around.


Mess around, mess around. 


The words echoed in your head. The casual tone he used, like this was something expected from you.


“It’s really easy to unlock a phone when you’ve got the face and fingerprint of the owner on standby.” Aizawa brushed a hand against your scalp as the phone slipped from your grasp. “You were already tied up and knocked out while those were being sent.”


You didn’t know what to do. He had you pinned. As you tried to find a way out, any way that could turn the story to your favor with the authorities or friends, something loud started to play right next to you.


It was you. It was your voice. 


“Ah… oh!” 


Your head snapped up to Aizawa, who was considering the display on his phone. You could hear it so clearly. 


Aizawa-san! Please!


“H-hey,” you dumbly reached for the phone, and Aizawa pulled away, face placid save for the small grin he wore. “Turn it off…” His own moans mixed with yours, the sounds of sex making you feel sick.


Say that again…” 


Tell me it feels good…


“Hey!” You screamed, hands darting for the phone. “Turn it off!” Aizawa pushed you away roughly, and you fell back onto the bed. 


“Tch, fine.” A single press, and it went silent. “But I hope you realize the situation you’re in.”


“You son of a bitch,” you growled as angry tears flowed heavily. “How can you possibly blackmail me after what you did?”


“After what I did,” he questioned and crossed his arms, eyes pensive as they leapt to the ceiling. “As far as I remember, we had kinky bondage sex and I made you cum twice. Is that what you’re referring to?”


Maybe it was because he didn’t expect it, too engrossed in his own egotistical prodding, but when your jumped up and threw a fist at his face, it actually connected. 


Your knuckles met the skin of his cheek, and it sent him reeling to the side. As he lost his footing and crashed to the floor, you forced your exhausted body to roll to the opposite side of the bed and drop down to the floor. Your eyes blew wide open.


He had so many things lying just out of sight on the floor. Tools and toys neatly laid out on a bath-sized towel. You grabbed the box cutter, but stood too late.


He kicked the side of your leg, the attack just strong enough to make you lose your balance. As your hip slammed into the bed frame, Aizawa grabbed your wrist until it seared in pain. You yelled, and dropped the knife.


Once again, you were pinned against the mattress by his weight. “Fuck you! I’ll kill you!”


The threat was paid no mind, Aizawa opting instead to slide a leg in between your own to push his hips against your bare navel. “This is why I like you.” You spit in his face, hoping to deter any further enjoyment from him. Aizawa laughed and covered your mouth with his. 


You tried with all of your remaining strength to push him off, but he had your wrists pushed down on either side of your head, and it felt like solid concrete.


Leg flailing uselessly, your cries were muffled against his mouth as his tongue rolled over your dry lips. You gasped, his weight forcing air out of your lungs. His tongue slid against yours, and you bit down.


You would’ve kept biting to tear the wretched thing out, but the cold, dangerous feeling of a razor against your side forced every muscle in your body to freeze. You hadn’t even realized that he’d let go of your arm.


As soon as it happened, it was over again. Aizawa pulled himself off of you and pocketed the knife. As you glared up at him, coughing and wiping your mouth, you saw that the punch didn’t leave any marks.


“I want to fuck you again, but I don’t think I can get it up while being so tired.”


He bent down and pulled something out from under the bed. It was clothing, and the colors were eerily familiar.


“If you ever feel like going to anyone to expose me, I’ll have full evidence that it was consensual. So I’d suggest not outing yourself as a crazy slut.”


“You’re a fucking monster.” You grit it out and tears clung to your eyelashes. It felt itchy, everything felt too raw and too exposed. You wanted so badly to just...


“Let’s get you home.”


You didn’t even get a chance to blink before his hand shot out and slammed into the side of your neck.

The next afternoon, when you awoke, in your soft bed in your cozy nightshirt, you didn’t bother to call out of work.