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Baby It's Cold Outside!

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  That morning the power went out due to the sheer power of the freezing winter outside. Karamatsu, the poor sap, was shivering so violently that Chibita thought he was going to break a bone. It was nearing 0°F and the apartment wasn't well insulated, so it was a chilly wonderland.


  Thankfully, Chibita found a bunch of candles Karamatsu bought at one point, but never used, and set them all over the house. They provided a light and heat source for when it was going to get darker, how convenient was it that Chibita found them while grabbing up all blankets and futons. Neither of them knew when the power would turn back on, but they prayed to God it would happen soon.


  Chibita bundled Karamatsu and himself up in a cluster of blankets, huddling each other close to maintain body heat. Despite, being a human heater, Karamatsu could never get warm himself, the pitiful thing. That's why he had Chibita, to quote—unquote, "keep him warm with the power of his passionate heart and fiery affection for him". Gag. Despite how Karamatsu could be a little much, Chibita loved everything about him, dramatic flare and all.


 "Chh-Ch-Chi—C-Chibita," Karamatsu said through clattering teeth, "c-c-cou-could yo-you m-make t-tuhea?"


 "Sure thing, Karaboy." Chibita said. He stood up, grabbed a thick, wooly blanket and shuffled slowly into the kitchen to start boiling water in his old tea kettle. It seemed to take forever, but eventually he fashioned two cups of fresh, hot tea for the two of them. 


  When Chibita got back from the kitchen, he noticed how Karamatsu looked as pale as a ghost and hell, even his snot was frozen solid. Chibita frowned and scurried over to the blanket pile, setting the cups down on the table they were sat next to. He took Karamatsu's hands in his and held them close. Holy shit, they were ice cold!


 "The hell, Karaboy, are you doin' alright?" Chibita asked.


 "Heh, n-never be-bet-t-t-er." Karamatsu replied.


 "C'mere, idijit." Chibita crooned in an affectionate tone. 


  Karamatsu was pulled down and engulfed in Chibita's loving arms. At that moment, he had forgotten all about the merciless  tundra in his home and focused on Chibita, whom was kissing his lips. He tasted like green tea and oden, strange combination, but not bad? Regardless, the two laid on the floor happily sucking face and keeping warm.


  Later, Chibita fished out an old heater that didn't run on electricity, thankfully, and set on it down near the kotatsu. Karamatsu seemed to be fairing better, he wasn't shaking like a wet dog anymore. In fact, he was jamming out to a radio, tapping his hand on the table to the rhythm of the song.


 "What'cha listenin' to, Karaboy?" Chibita asked, leaning closer to him.


 "Not sure, but it's pleasing to my ears." Karamatsu answered.


  The song ended and a slower, more romantic song began to play. To Chibita's surprise, Karamatsu stood to his feet and began to sway his body, then took his lover's hand and danced in place with him. Soon, they were waltzing around the room slowly and tenderly. Karamatsu spun Chibita around and brought him back to his chest.


 "Jeez, one second you're dyin' of hypothermia and now you're dancin' me around like we're at a ball, the hell." Chibita said. He couldn't lie, he was genuinely enjoying it.


 "I couldn't resist the moment. We haven't danced like this in forever, you know." Karamatsu said. It's true, they hadn't. In all honesty, they hadn't really had time to do much of anything together like this, dates or nothing.


  Chibita closed his eyes and let Karamatsu guide him, resting his head upon his torso. He let out a relaxed sigh, listening to Karamatsu hum along with the music and words. It was so calming. Just then, the power switched on and the lights flickered on, yet the two paid no mind and continued to dance with each other.


  They eventually crashed on the pile of blankets, the radio played in the background and the lights remained on. It was a pretty good day.