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Her favorite color

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It occurs to Totoko, amidst kissing Nyaa and getting ready for some action for the night, that she doesn’t know Nyaa’s favorite color.


“Hey,” she starts and is interrupted by Nyaa catching her lips, “wait, Nyaa,” she continues in between kisses, doing her best to stop herself from going with the flow but Nyaa is doing that thing with her-


“Nyaa! What’s your favorite color!” shouts Totoko and pushes Nyaa away from her neck, looking at her with a flushed expression. Nyaa stares back at her just as surprised and something in Totoko’s face must have given away how serious she is about the issue, because Nyaa visibly comes to the conclusion that this is not worth the time, and merely stands up from her spot and goes to the bathroom.


“Wait! I’m serious!”


“Oh my gods Totoko!”


There was no sexy time for Totoko that night.



“Seriously,” says Totoko, handing Nyaa her hot latte. They went out to grab a late night dinner after their respective concerts were over with. The clock reads 10:21pm and the cold wind is biting and dry, it makes Totoko’s eyes water when she breathes in, “what is your favorite color?”


Nyaa hums, taking a pleased sip from her hot beverage before looking at Totoko and smiles, “you don’t know?”


At that Totoko’s steps falter and she returns the smile easily, “I wouldn’t be asking if I did,” and snickers when Nyaa swats at her arm in annoyance, “no seriously.”






“What? Why? Because my hair is pink?”




“What’s there to consider? Just answer the question Totoko!”


“Give me a sec, okay? I’m trying to think.”


“You’re unbelievable!”


“Love you too,” replies Totoko sweetly, batting her eyelashes and blowing a kiss in Nyaa’s direction.


Guess she won’t find out so easily.



“Choromatsu!” Calls Totoko as soon as the door is opened for her, “hi Oso,” she greets and quickly leaves her shoes behind and slides the door open to the Matsuno’s living room. Promptly she goes to sit next to Choromatsu, “hello Happi,” she says and in the same breath asks, “what’s Nyaa’s favorite color?”


“Okay, uh? Hi, yes I’m good, how are you Totoko-chan?”


“I’m good. So,” she insists and bounces her folded legs impatiently, “what’s Nyaa’s favorite color? Or you Happi,” and gestures in his direction, “both of you are Nyaa’s fans right?”


Both men hum, trying to recall their idol’s favorite color. They come up with a blank.


“Actually, I don’t think she has ever disclosed that.”


“And I don’t think anyone has asked,” adds Happi.


“Shouldn’t you know this?” Asks Choromatsu, leaning over the table to grab a tangerine and starts peeling it.


Totoko rests her forehead against the table and lets out a heavy sigh, “I know, but I never considered it. And,” she continues, sitting up while holding a finger in front of Choromatsu to keep him from talking, “in my defense, she has never asked me either!”


“Have you tried asking her?” Offers Happi with a shrug.


“I did,” Totoko groans, “Where’s your shitty eldest? He might know. Osomatsu!” She calls and stands up from the table.


Osomatsu, much to Totoko’s chagrin, doesn’t know either. And he should have just left it at that, but this is Osomatsu, so he adds a rude comment about her not being the good girlfriend she prides herself to be. Which earns him a chop against his stomach.


“Okay, time to go,” says Choromatsu hastily when he hears the commotion above them. He takes Happi’s hand and drags him outside of his house. Better leave than to deal with a whiny, hurt, Osomatsu.


Totoko still doesn’t know what Nyaa’s favorite color is.



Nyaa is already in bed, watching TV while waiting for Totoko to join her before turning in for the night. Totoko climbs into bed and snuggles up to Nyaa’s side. Letting herself breath in the scent of soap and cherry blossom lotion, Totoko relaxes against her girlfriend’s hold. Both let out equally tired sighs, letting their weight settle against the soft mattress. 


There’s a long, long pause before Totoko speaks up again,“Okay, I asked the sextuplets, I asked your fans, I even asked Mrs.Matsuno!”


“Why the sextuplet’s mom?”


Totoko shrugs, “I ran out of people.”


“Oh my Gods this is about my favorite color?”


“Well duh! Osomatsu called me a bad girlfriend for not knowing,” she replies with a pout. She feels Nyaa’s shoulder shake with restrained laughter and Totoko pouts further, hiding her face against Nyaa’s warm neck.


“You really want to know?”


“Yeah,” she replies with all the grace and poise of a pouty baby, “I should know but we never talk about those small details.”


“Hmm, but doesn’t that mean that we just care about other things?”


“I guess?” Totoko cranes her neck as far back as she can to meet Nyaa’s jade eyes, “please?”


“Okay,” replies Nyaa, letting a wicked grin slowly split across her face, “but it will cost you.”


Totoko’s eyes lid at the remark, a smirk curling her lips, “oh yeah? And what’s that?”


“Oh you know what I want,” says Nyaa, shifting so that now she’s on top of Totoko, pinning her arms to the sides of her head. Totoko feels her face heat up and a rush that travels from the bottom of her stomach to between her legs. She squirms under Nyaa’s gaze and bites her lip.


“I don’t think I do,” and she lifts her head to plant a quick kiss against Nyaa’s lips, “remind me?” She whispers against them. Nyaa smirks, pecks Totoko’s lips one last time before her whole demeanor changes.


“How does a trip to Okinawa sound? You can pay for our tickets, I’ll take care of the food.” And she pulls back and stands from her bed to retrieve her laptop, all the while talking about the trip. Totoko can only stare at the ceiling in bewilderment and vaguely wonders what she did in her past life to receive this kind of treatment.


“Look Totoko! Flights are pretty cheap!”




It’s navy blue.