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Stiles is already over being in this bar. Scott left him sitting alone to go chat up some adorable looking guy, the old man in the corner keeps licking his lips and blowing kisses his way, and the only good looking guy in the place is sitting on the other side of the bar, his head down, nose in a book. I mean really! Who brings a book to a bar? He’s about to shoot Scott a text that he’s leaving when he suddenly shows up next to Stiles. Arm around the adorable guy’s waist.

“Stiles this is Isacc. We um...we’re going to leave. I’m going to need the room for a few hours"

“Dude! Seriously? You’re going to leave me here? I thought this was supposed to be ‘Bro’s night’! And those are your words not mine and-”

“Come on man!’s been forever…” Scott begs, he knows exactly what he’s doing. And it always works. Fucker.

“Fine! You have it until 1:30. I need to get some sleep, big game tomorrow, you know the Championship game and all!”

“Thanks dude! I owe you!” Scott exclaims, planting a kiss on Stiles’s cheek, and wrapping his arm around Isacc and pulling him towards the door.

Stiles rolls his eyes and finishes his beer. Old man is creeping ever closer.

He jumps slightly when the bartender puts a beer in front of him. He stares at it.

“Oh um...I didn’t order this”

“Guy in the leather jacket” The bartender smiles and jerks his head to where hot book reader is sitting. The book gone.

Stiles swallows and waves as the man smiles, and lifts his own beer in salut.

“You need to get over there” The bartender says, leaning forward “Dude is hot. I mean...unless Gary here is more your type”

Stiles looks over and sees old man (Gary) is 2 bar stools away.

He nods at the bartender, grabs the beer, his jacket and heads over. He skids to a halt in front of hot book guy. He is gorgeous, with dark hair and a jawline Stiles just wants to lick. The man’s eyes are a color he has never seen, a mix of brown, green and is that silver?

“Gary not your type?” The man asks, taking a pull of his beer.

“Oh he totally is! But you know, I prefer less attractive men”

Hot book guy’s eyebrows raise, and Stiles snorts.

“I’m Stiles, and thanks, you know...thanks...for the beer”

“Derek. Take a seat” Hot book guy, Derek, replies.

Stiles nods and pulls out the bar stool next to him. The bar is slowly starting to fill up. Gary is back in his corner, his eyes flickering back and forth between Stiles and Derek.

“Friend ditch you?” Derek asks, turning and facing Stiles, those eyes staring right into Stiles.

Saw that did you? Yeah...he has this annoying puppy face and people always tend to swoon over him, even if his jawline is uneven, but he’s Scott. Ugh. And did you know he has a girlfriend? Yeah! Alison, I hope she rips his balls off and...shit…” Stiles stops and groans “Sorry, my mouth tends to get away from all the time, even more so when I’ve been drinking and now you probably think I’m some fucking idiot and-”

"Hey whoa! It's all good"

After that they are off.
Stiles tells the man about his life at home. His dad is a Sheriff and he’s just about to enroll in college.
Derek says the book he's reading is for his psychology class, and background noises help him focus.

They have a few more drinks, and then Derek is pulling Stiles onto the dance floor.
Stiles laughs and wraps his arms around Derek's shoulders.
The man wraps his arms around Stiles's waist. It's then that Stiles realizes how strong and built Derek really is, his shoulders and back are solid under his hands. Stiles bites his lip to stop the moan that threatens to make itself known when he starts imagining how Derek would look naked, how it would feel to kiss and touch ever muscle and-

Derek growls deep and low in the back of his throat, grabs Stiles hand and suddenly they are outside, in the dark alleyway and Stiles is being pushed up against the side of the bar, Derek's thigh pushing up between his legs.

"Is that for me?" The man asks, his mouth coming up to kiss and nibble on the skin behind Stiles's ear, kissing down the moles covering his face.

"Obviously. You must know-oh fucking shit! How gorgeous you are" Stiles replies back

Derek huffs a laugh, his hands gripping Stiles waist harder. He's sucking and licking, and his leg is pushing slightly inwards, causing more friction again Stiles cock.

"I want…" Stiles starts, his brain is obviously losing the ability to form a coherent sentence, Derek's hands and mouth feel amazing, and they haven't even kissed yet.

"What do you want? Tell me" Derek grunts, his hands coming up under Stiles's shirt, feeling the soft skin underneath. The boy has muscles himself, he can feel them shifting under his hands.

"I fuck you" Stiles groans. He shifts himself again, so his neck is more available to Derek, his hands coming to rest on Derek's shoulders.

"I would rather fuck you" Derek replies, biting down on Stiles shoulder.

"Yeah...yes! Ok"

Stiles whines softly when Derek pulls away. Derek smiles and pushes back into Stiles's space. "Patience" he says against the boy's neck. He can't wait to mark him up.

They go back into the bar and gather their things. The bartender looks their way and winks at Stiles.
Derek pays the tab and soon they are stumbling into a cab.

"The freebird hotel please" Derek tells the driver. He shifts, so he is as close to Stiles as possible.

"No way! That's where I'm staying too!"

The short cab ride is quiet, Stiles adjusts himself and smirks when he see Derek eyes watching him intently. He blinks when Derek reaches over and grabs his hand.

They pull up to the hotel, pay the driver and Stiles pulls out his phone and texts Scott, as Derek pushes the elevator button.

Keep the room asshole.

The elevator dings and they both step in, the elevator is covered in mirrors, showing every angle. Stiles looks around, and catches a quick glimpse at Derek's ass. He unconsciously licks his lips, he wants to feel Derek presses up against him again more than anything. As if reading his mind, the elevator dings on the 9th floor.

Penthouse?! Stiles wonders, but before he can think anymore about it, Derek is grabbing his hand and pulling him down the hallway. He pushes him against the door and kisses his neck.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean...I'm sure, but if you want to back out now, I won't judge you" Derek mumbles

"I'm sure! Yeah...never been more sure about anything in my life, you're gorgeous and I want to kiss you all over and have you touch me and-"

Stiles is cut off by Derek chuckling and pushing the door open.

The room is huge, with a living room, small kitchen and a door leading to what must be the bathroom and bedroom, Derek obviously doesn't have a roommate either. There is 1 large duffle bag on a chair with the words HALE stitched onto the side.

Stiles stands in the middle of the room, staring at the bag, why does he know that name? But suddenly there is are hands on his shoulders and he's being pushed towards the couch, he falls back onto it, and Derek follows him. His knees end up on either side of Stiles's hips, straddling him.
And then there are lips on his and they are kissing. Derek’s lips are soft against this, and the kiss is slow, soft and chaste, almost as if Derek didn’t believe what Stiles had said outside the room in the hallway. Almost giving him a way out.

Stiles pulls back, and grabs the man’s face, feeling the soft stubble under his fingers.

"I meant it Derek. I'm perfectly sure I want this! Now kiss me"

The change in Derek, makes Stiles gasp. The kiss is rough and fast, their lips open at almost the exact moment and their tongues meet in the middle. Derek pushes his hips forward and they both moan as their cocks meet.

"To...many clothes!" Derek gasps as he pulls away and leans his forehead against Stiles.
He reaches down, grabs the boy’s shirt and pulls it over his head, tossing it away.
Stiles gasps as Derek runs his hands down his chest, he stops at Stiles nipples and pinches them, enjoying as the boy under him squirms.

"Your turn" Stiles groans, he runs his hands up Derek's thighs, resting them on his belt and under his shirt. Derek lifts his arms and the shirt comes off.
Stiles can feel his mouth start to water. He knew Derek was going to be built, but this was something else. In the low light the sweat on Derek's chest and stomach glisten. Stiles leans forward and licks a strip straight down the middle of Derek's chest. His hands come up to his shoulder, those are his favorite, and then back down over his nipples and abs.

Derek scoots his hips back, bringing his legs together until he's kneeling between Stiles legs.
"Off!" He says, his hands coming up to Stiles pants and unbuttons his jeans. He moves his hands into the waistband and pulls them down.

Stiles's hips come up and his pants and pulled down over his thighs and off, tossed somewhere in the dark living room. His socks are also removed. He shivers at the cool air in the room, but groans when Derek starts kissing his inner thigh, his stubble rubbing against his cock, which twitches in interest.

Derek loves having Stiles at his mercy, he knows the boy will be loud. He grabs the bottom of his cock and licks the tip. Stiles groans loudly above him. He looks up and in the light coming in from the window, he can see Stiles eyes are closed and he's panting, his hands clenching against the couch cushions. .
"Hey...eyes open. I want you to watch me"

Stiles eyes snap open and he looks down, it takes everything he has not to come right then and there. Derek's eyes are blown wide, his lips are wrapped around him and his hand is doing something that is making Stiles moan loudly. His hands come up and rest on Derek’s shoulder blades, he moans again and squeezes.
"Man...stop...Derek you have to stop... 'm close"

Derek pulls off, grabs Stiles and kisses him.
"Bed?" He asks pulling away
Stiles nods and stands up
He looks at Derek and chuckles
"You are way to over dressed!"
"Why don't you come over here and change that"

Stiles takes a few steps forward, grabs Derek by the belt and pulls him through the bathroom, into the large bedroom, and pushes him down onto the king size bed
"Pushy" Derek smirks
"No, just really want to see you"
This time, he's straddling Derek.
Stiles kisses him softly and starts working his way down his chest, stopping at each nipple to lick and nibble them, which makes Derek arch up into his hands, so he does it again. He keeps kissing down Derek's body, kissing his abs, because seriously, and he only stops when he's finally at the buttons on Derek's jeans.
It's go time.

Derek pushes himself up on his elbows and watches Stiles.
The boy is focused, while he's a bit clumsy undoing Derek's belt it's kind of adorable.
His pants and socks are removed and Stiles starts working his way back up.
Gripping the base of Derek's cock, he looks up, smiles and swallows him down in one go.
"Holy fucking shit!!!" Derek yells as his cock bumps the back of Stiles's throat. The boy clearly knows exactly what he’s doing.
Derek's hand comes up and rests on the back of Stiles's head, not pushing him down, just there so he has something to hold onto.
He feels Stiles tongue do something amazing and he grips the boy's hair. This was unexpected.

Stiles moans when he feels Derek's grip tighten
"You...oh my god. Stop. I need...I need to fuck you now"
With one last suck, Stiles pulls away and climbs up to kiss Derek, who grabs him around the waist and flips him over so he's lying on Stiles. He grabs Stiles's arms and pins them over his head. Derek kisses him, bringing his mouth down over his collar bone. Stiles moans as he feels the man suck a bruise on him
"Stay there" Derek says, he climbs off the bed and rushes into the living room.

Derek opened his duffle bag and pulled out the bottle of lube and a condom. This was honestly the last thing he was going to do tonight!
He was going to go out, have a few drinks and come back to the hotel. He had a long day tomorrow, with the baseball championship in sight. He had to be on his toes and play the best game he had ever played, and here he was, getting ready to fuck an amazingly gorgeous man, who wanted him.
He kicked those thoughts out of his head, walked into the bedroom and his jaw almost dropped. Stiles was on the bed. Legs spread open, Lazily stroking himself, a finger pushing into himself

Stiles groans as he pushes a finger into himself, he has no lube but he made do. He hears Derek's breath hitch by the door, so he makes a point a shoving his finger deeper and moans louder.
Soon Derek's lips are on his, and he pulling Stiles's finger away
"Let me" he grumbles. "I want to feel you"
Stiles groans as Derek pins his hands against the headboard "Keep them there"
The next thing he knows, Derek is lubing up and pushing a finger inside him
"Oh god!!"
Stiles starts pushing down onto Derek's finger, as he adds a second one, Stiles winces at the small amount of pain that shoots up his back.

Derek can't wait to have his cock in Stiles, the boy is tight and hot and...holy shit.
He doesn't miss the fact that the boy winces in pain and tenses, that isn't good.
He slowly pulls his fingers out and kisses Stiles, whose hands are still above him, clutching the headboard. Derek laces their fingers together, kissing him gently.
"Is this...your first time with a man? Be honest…"
Stiles shakes his head "No. But it's been a long time, just...go slow. I'll be alright. I promise"
Derek kisses him softly again
“Ready?” He asks
“Yeah…” Stiles replies
Derek lubes up his fingers and slowly pushes them back into the boy, who this time moans and pushes down. His legs spreading farther.

Stiles grips the headboard harder as Derek slowly adds a third finger, curling them and...oh my god.
"That…" he pants "Do that again"
"What?" Derek asks "This?"
A starburst explodes behind his eyes, he feels himself getting harder, if that was even possible. Derek hits the spot again and Stiles can't take it, he needs the man inside him.
"I'm ready...please"
"Are you sure?" Stiles can practically hear him smiling. Jerk
"Don't make me beg"
"Why not? You would look good gorgeous for it" Derek replies, stilling his fingers, still inside Stiles.
"Oh god...please just, I need you to fuck me! Please!"

Derek smiles and removes his fingers, not missing how Stiles whimpers at the sudden emptiness.
"Hang on"
Derek rolls on the condom, lubes himself up and crawls over the boy. Stiles is panting, his gorgeous eyes are blown wide, his lips wet and swollen. Derek has never seen anything so beautiful.
He kisses him, lines himself up and pushes into the boy under him.
Derek goes slow and when he bottoms out he stops, giving Stiles some time to adjust .
Stiles groans loudly, grabs his shoulders and pulls him down.

Stiles crashes his lips against Derek's, then tilts his head back.
"Oh God...move. Please, you need to move"
Derek, the jerk, smiles against his neck.
"Don't you dare make me beg again, just move!"
And the man does, slowly at first, letting Stiles adjust to him, but after a few shallow thrusts, they become more forceful.
Derek is pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in.
Stiles kisses Derek's neck, just under his jaw, and hears the man growl. At a particularly hard thrust, Stiles bites down.
The man above him, moans loudly, and Stiles doesn't think he's ever heard a more gorgeous sound. He wraps his legs tighter around Derek's hips and hangs on.

Derek knows he's not going to last much longer, Stiles is tight, and the way he keeps moaning out his name is not helping. Derek tries to focus his attention to the boy's collarbone and neck, kissing, nibbling and sucking. Stiles will have hickeys there tomorrow. Good, something to remember him by.
It's only when Stiles wraps his legs tighter around his waist, does Derek realizes he's closer than he thought, he pushes himself forward, deeper into Stiles. He feels the pressure start to build behind his balls.
He kisses the boy hard and fast. His tongue dominating, and tasting.

Stiles moans when he feels Derek pushes deeper inside. He's so close, and he hasn't touched himself yet. Then Derek does something with his hips that has Stiles seeing stars
"Do...that ag-fuck!!" Stiles cries out "Oh my're so, fuck...amazing. I'm going to…fffuuuccckkk"
Stiles feels his cum splatter between them, onto their stomachs.
He tightens down.
The man above him yells out his name and collapses onto his elbows, which are right near Stiles's shoulders.

Derek feels Stiles tighten around him, he's gone. He cries out the boy's name as he lets go and collapses down, his arms no longer willing to hold him up. His face is pressed into Stiles's neck, and he inhales. The smell of sweat, sex and come attack his nostrils.
He knows he has to pull away eventually, knows he's most likely crushing Stiles, but he never wants to move. He feels the boy relax his legs, and run a hand through his hair
He takes the hint. He pulls out of the boy, sits up and stands.
"Where are y-"
"Just getting a cloth, gonna clean us up"

Stiles watches Derek walk into the bathroom, his eyes following. The man is gorgeous, framed by the light coming from the bathroom.
Stiles hears as the condom get dropped into the trash can, hear the water running. He must have dozed off, because he jumps when he feels a warm hand touch his chest.
"Just going to clean you" Derek whisperers
His cock, stomach and chest are cleaned, and he feels Derek crawl into the bed behind him. A strong arm wraps around his waist, and a kiss is planted between his shoulder blades.
He falls asleep feeling happy and safe in Derek's arms.

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When Stiles opens his eyes, he's warm, almost to warm. He goes to sit up when he hears a groan from behind him, and the arm around his waist tightens a fraction, the hand tickling his rib
Derek. Stiles smiles to himself.
He's about to roll over and give the man a kiss, when his phone starts ringing. The Star Wars theme blaring loudly in the suite.
He hears Derek mumble something about Star Wars being overrated, and rolls over.
Stiles stares at his phone

Scott Calling

He hits answer and before he can say anything Scott's voice is yelling.
"Where the fuck are you?! Coach is about to have a coronary, and I can't cover for you much longer!"
"Oh fuck!!! Stall him!" How the hell did he forget the game!
"I'll see what I can do. I have your uniform here! Just hurry!"
Stiles hangs up the phone and pretty much falls out of the bed, taking the sheet with him.
"Shit! Shit!"


Derek bolts up to the sound of something hitting the floor.
"What time is it?" He asks, rubbing his eyes. He lays back and stretches.
"Almost 10:00. Look! I have to go, I have an important baseball game today! I can't believe I forgot to set my alarm and now my coach is going to kill me!!"
The boy is jumping up and down, getting into his underwear, he bends down looking for his jeans.
Derek scrambles to get out from under the blankets that are wrapped around his legs.
He grabs his own underwear from near the bed, and pulls them on in a rush
How the fuck did he forget about the game this morning and...wait, what did Stiles say?
"Ball game? You're playing a baseball game?" He asks, raising his head and looking at Stiles. He finds his own pants lying in the doorway between the bedroom and bathroom. He pulls them on. He looks up and stares at the boy, who is staring back.
"Yeah! It's the championship and we're up against the best team in the league"
Stiles rushes into the living room, stops and turns around to look at Derek
"Wait...are you?" The boy asks, frowning.
Derek watches as Stiles gorgeous brown eyes flicker to his duffle bag, his brows furrowed together, then realization hits
"Hale! You're Derek Hale! We're...we're playing your team this morning...oh my god!"


Stiles throws his hands up and grabs the first shirt he sees, which is on the counter, how the hell did it end up there?! And pulling it over his head, shoving his arms into the sleeves. He manages to finds his jeans near the couch.
"How the hell did I miss it?! Derek Hale! I was looking right at your duffle bag, I mean I should have seen it and-"
"Stiles, it's fine," Derek says gently. He reaches out and touches Stiles' arm.
"Fine?! Are you fucking kidding me!? I...quite literally...slept with the enemy! Oh god! I have to go!"
Stiles pulls away, goes to the door and groans, his forehead dropping against the wood with a thump. His jeep
"My jeep is at the bar! I'll have to see if Scott can pay for a cab. Fuck!"
"Stiles, stop! Give me a second. I can drive you. I mean...we’re going to the same place anyway" Derek calls, exiting the bedroom.
Stiles turns and his mouth drops. The man’s chest is bare, his jeans open, showing a pair of black underwear. His muscles flexing as he pulls on a blue and white baseball jersey.
Number 38.


Stiles is pacing back and forth in front of the hotel room door, he keeps checking his phone and answering texts at a rapid pace.
"Um…" Derek starts "You're're wearing my shirt"
The boy looks amazing. His hair is a mess, and the shirt hangs somewhat loosely over his shoulders, but it suits him and it takes Derek everything he has not to rip it off him. And it doesn't help that he can see a few of the marks he left on Stiles chest. Red and purple in the morning light.
"Yeah well...maybe I'll keep it" Stiles snaps. He closes his eyes and looks down at the floor apologetically. "Sorry...I'm just freaking out a bit...can we go?"
"Of course. Let's go" Derek replies. He grabs his duffle bag and swings it over his shoulder.
He understands. He's going to be late and inwardly freaking out too.
They leave the room, get into the mirrored elevator, and head down to the parking garage. His car horn honks when he pushes the FOB. When they reach the car Derek opens the passenger side door for the boy.
Stiles huffs a laugh, but keeps quiet and slides into the passenger seat of the Camaro.


The interior of the car is gorgeous and matches Derek. Dark, soft and stunning.
The man gets in and starts to car, it rumbles to life
For fuck sakes, the damned thing even sounds like him, like his growl last night.
They drive in silence, pulling out of the parking garage and onto the main road. The baseball diamond is, thankfully, only a few miles away.
"Do you think there are going to be scouts and agents in the stands?" Stiles blurts out before thinking. Damn it, freak the man out, why don't you.
"I mean, you're an amazing player, everyone knows that, and I mean, you're obviously going to be drafted some day and I thought that maybe there might be some...sorry…"
Derek smiles, reaching his hand over and grasping Stiles's hand, off his lap and pulling it into his own.
"Breath. So yeah, I am Derek Hale, as for the agents and scouts in the stands...maybe haven't thought about it. But you have a great team too, only the best make it this far, and you guys have done that. So just take a deep breath ok? Everything is going to be fine"
Stiles nods and turns to look out the window. Everything is going to be fine, the man is right. It's just a game, a really, really important game.
He takes a deep breath and watches the city go by. Derek's hand still in his.


Derek squeezes the boy's hand. He's freaking out, and who can blame him, he's inwardly still freaking out too.
He honestly never considered agents or scouts in the stands. It's just a championship game, in a small town in California.
Focus, breath.
In through the nose and out through the mouth.
He's doing this for Laura and Cora. No one else matters but family.
Expect, somehow, for the boy sitting next to him, who has gotten into his head, under his skin, and in his shirt, obviously. The boy didn't take it off before they left the room. He glances to the right to see Stiles looking out the window, fingers pulling at his lip. Their hands are still linked between them.
He wants to say something to ease the boys mind, let him know that it's just a game, that none of this will even matters in the long run. But before he can think of anything to say, he's pulling into the parking lot.


Stiles closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Here we go.
He turns to Derek, to say goodbye, and is caught off guard when the man's lips meet his.
Stiles kisses back, he knows this might never happen again.
The man pulls away, and rests his forehead against Stiles'. They stay like that for a few moments.
“Derek...I have to go” Stiles says pulling away, the man lets go of his hand and looks down.
“You can go first”
Stiles leans in one more time, and kisses him quickly before getting out of the car and jogging to the nearby baseball diamond.
He waves at Scott who throws his hands up and points to coach who is suddenly standing behind Stiles.
“Bilinski!” Coach says calmly. Shit, that’s his you’re-in-such-deep-shit voice. .
Stiles moans quietly, turns around and squares his shoulders. He's in for it now.


Derek watches the boy run across the field. The last little kiss was tender, and Derek knew, that Stiles knew, this probably wouldn’t be happening again. He knew he was going to get drafted, it was really only a matter of when.
Derek takes a deep breath and steps out of the car. He sighs, says his short prayer and walks towards the diamond
In the stands he sees 2 men in suits, both looking like they don’t belong there.
Stiles as right.
He can see the boy. He’s getting yelled at by his coach, for being late. Derek had to stop himself before he goes over there and punches the coach. But it’s none of his business and he doesn’t want to cause trouble, especially with the scouts watching his every move.
He turns away and goes behind the fence, into their dugout and sits heavily on the bench. He leans his head back.


“Do you understand me, Bilinski!?” Coach snarls
“Yes coach” Stiles replies "It won't happen again"
"Make sure it doesn't, or I'll bench you. Now go get dressed! We play in 5 minutes! McCall go with him!”
Scott walks over and hands Stiles his bag, and together they walk to the nearby locker room.
“What the hell happened to you last night?” Scott asks. They enter the large room, and he sits on the bench.
“I should be asking you that!” Stiles snaps back, he pulls off the sweater, and takes a sniff. It smells like the man, and Stiles can feel his heart start to pound a bit faster.
"Dude! Your neck, bro! Your chest! What happened?!" Scott is off the bench and into Stiles' personal space, grabbing his head and turning his head to better see his neck. Then lowering his hands and bringing them gently over Stiles' collarbone.
The marks Derek left are a deep purple, mean looking on his neck and collar bone. He knows what Scott must be thinking.
"Scott, it's nothing" Stiles says, bringing his hands up to his best friends upper arms.
"Nothing?! You even have bruises on your hips and...oh! Was this...from last night?"
Stiles nods, and pushes Scott back towards the bench.
"Don't freak out dude ok? It was all consensual. I...I really liked it"
Scott raises his eyebrows, but says nothing. His eyes are still on Stiles' neck.
Stiles folds the sweater and puts it into his bag and pulls out his red and black jersey and white pants. Slowly putting them on.
"The real question should be, what happened to YOU last night? I’m not the one who left with a guy, when I already have a really awesome girlfriend”
“Stiles...You don’t get it”
"What? What, don’t I get?” Stiles asks. He adjusts his pants and jersey.
Scott is looking down at his hands.
“Isaac knew about Alison before we left for the hotel. He wanted to meet her and we Skyped, they are both in the stands"
"Seriously? Ok... So is this like a threesome thing happening?"
"I...we don't...we haven't talked about it. All I know is that I really like Isaac, and he likes Alison and me too, I guess"


Derek is vaguely listening to his coach telling them the plays that are expected for the game.
They are mainly the same ones they have played in various games over the past year. If he's honest, he's thinking about the scouts in the stands. He really needs to be on his game, play the best he can and not think about the boy.
He watched as the boy and his friend walked by, heading to the locker rooms.
"This is an important play guys!" His coach is saying.
He looks up at the stands and checks out the scouts.
Scout #1 is a younger man, he's quite handsome, leaning against a pretty dark haired girl who is giggling with a cute guy (isn't that the kid who left with Scott the night before?!) on her other side.
Scout #2 is older than #1, either an uncle or a father. He's sitting straight up, his eyes darting around. He takes a sip of his drink and rolls his eyes at the girl and the boy.
Derek glances over at the locker room, it's quiet. No sign of the boy and his friend.
"Alright guys!! Once the other team says 'Go!' It's go time!!!"
Derek closes his eyes and pounds his fist into his glove. He's anxious, excited and freaking out all at the same time.
Professional scouts are here to watch and judge him. He can't fuck this up! He has to concentrate on the game not-
He hears a familiar laugh, looks over and across the field, and finally sees the boy and his friend, Scott come walking past his bench. He sees Stiles shoot him a small glance.
He stares, the white pants the boy is wearing leaves very little to the imagination. Hugging every curve of his hips. He is so screwed.
"Earth to Derek!" A hand waves in front of his face
"Sorry, just…"
"Checking out the competition? Can't say I blame you" Jackson says, leaning forward.
Jackson is Derek's teammate and best friend. They had met in a peewee baseball league when they were 8.
He is checking out Stiles and Scott as they walked by, they always did have similar tastes
"I ended up going to that bar last night. You weren't there" Jackson continues, lacing up his shoes.
"Yeah I um...I met someone" Derek says, putting his baseball cap on, it was already getting hot and he didn't want to burn.
"Really?! Who?!"
"Number 24"


Stiles glances over in time to see Whitmore's head snaps around to look at him, so fast it was almost comical.
Whitmore checks him over, and turns back to Derek.
"Bilinski!" Coach calls
"Yes coach?!" Stiles calls back.
He vaguely thought about correcting coach, where his name was concerned, but decides against it. He had done it before and nothing had changed.
"You're up to bat first!"

Then the game was off. Lydia Martin (Jackson’s girlfriend) sing the anthem perfectly. Just like everything she does.
Coaches pull their teams aside for the pep talks and the game starts.
The Pirates (Stiles' team) are up to bat first, since they were the away team.
Stiles walk up, grabs his bat and looks at the players on the other team. Jackson is shortstop. Derek is the starting pitcher. The man's eyes grow bigger when he sees Stiles, then suddenly grow curious.
Stiles inwardly smiles to himself. When he walks up to the home plate, he spreads his legs and pushes his ass out a bit farther than necessary. He bounces a few times on the balls of his feet.
Stiles raises an eyebrow at Derek.
He sees the man bite his lip, then he blinked and his eyes focus on the catcher crouching behind Stiles.
Stiles watches as he nods and he throws the ball. Stiles swings and misses.
"Strike one!" The umpire yells from behind him
Shit! Damn! That was fast.
Stiles takes a deep breath, and this time when the ball is thrown, he swings as hard as he can.
The ball hits his bat with a loud thwack, which vibrates straight into his hands.
Stiles jumps, throws down the bat and started running
"Run Bilinski!!" He hears coach yell
"Go Stiles!!" That was Scott.
Out of the corner of his eye he sees Jackson throw the ball home, he stopped short on 3rd base, breathing heavy.
"McCall! You're next!" Coach yells.
Scott hits the ball hard enough to get Stiles home, and himself to second.
So far, so good.
Stiles sits on the bench, his eyes watching Derek. The man is focused, on point and amazing. His form is perfect. He knows exactly where he is throwing the ball and he does it with purpose.
'Who are you looking at?" Scott asks sitting down next to Stiles and grabbing his bottle of water


Derek shakes his head at the catcher. Nope. Not another curveball.
A sinker. That could work.
He nods slowly and throws the ball. The player, Reaken, hits the ball. It flies over his head, towards left field.
It’s up to Danny now.
The crowd cheers and he turns. Danny is beaming as he throws the ball back to Jackson who tossed it to him. Reaken makes it to first base.
The next batter came up. Dunbar, was obviously the baby of the opposite team. He looks about 16
Derek throws the ball and the kid hit it squarely in his path.
He reaches up and catches it before the kid could even make it to 1st base, meaning Theo was also out.
Some people in the stands cheer again
Over the cheers, Derek can also hear people booing
"What the fuck man!? He hears someone yell.
Derek turns to the other team's dugout and sees a few of the players giving him a thumbs down, a few flipping him off.
The boy is sinking low in his seat, his face red.
They lock eyes for a moment. 'Sorry' Stiles mouthed.
'That mouth' Derek suddenly remembers how good it felt against his mouth, chest and neck.
Derek tears his eyes away from the boy. He can’t think of him right now. His eyes go up to the stand and to the suits.
The suits are leaning towards each other, speaking and writing something on massive pads of paper.
"OUT!!" Derek heard the empire yell.
That was it for that inning. They were behind by a few points, if they played right, they could catch up.


Stiles jogs to his position at First base. He likes where he plays, he gets to see all the players and this time he would get to see Derek, even if he passed him, and he most likely would. The man was an amazing pitcher, he would be an even more amazing batter.
Stiles had officially broken down and told Scott what had happened
"Yeah right! Derek Hale? Him?" Scott says, pointing at Derek.
“Yep” Stiles had cleared his throat and ran a hand across his collar bone, right above where the mark's where hidden under his uniform.
"No way!"
It was then that Scott's phone pinged.
"You might want to read this," Scott said, passing his phone over. It was a message from Alison.
'Hale is officially being drafted, round 1! Dad and grandpa are going to sign him”
"Well good for him," Stiles said sadly, handing Scott back his phone
"You really like this guy don’t you? I haven't seen you look at anyone like that since Matt-" Scott stopped when Stiles sighed at him "Sorry! Sorry! The name that shall not be uttered"
Matt had been a guy Stiles had dated for about a year. He was nice at first even charming, then got possessive and became a real asshole. The last straw was when he broke Stiles' arm pushing him down the stairs. He hadn’t been able to play baseball that entire year.
"Bilinski!!" Coach yells
Stiles jumps and snaps out of it, just in time to catch the ball flying towards at his face. He catches it and tags Jackson. He out. Jackson yells out in anger, flips off Stiles and storms off.


Derek watches Jackson swear and head back to the dugout. He's pissed and rightly so. He hit the ball and it was easy for the short stop to catch it and throw it to Stiles.
Derek wonders where the boy had gone to? He was in the game, but his eyes had a faraway look to them. Was he thinking of the night before? Of them together?
"Hale!" Harris, his own coach calls
Derek stands up and steps forward
"Make it count" Coach says.
Derek takes a deep breath and steps out onto the field. He heard a cheer come up from the stands but he's more focused on the pitcher.
McCall, was it?
He stands on the right side of the pitcher, he bats lefty.
Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Stiles smile.
He brings his eyes back to McCall. Watches as the kid nods and throws the pitch.
Derek knows it's not a good hit as soon as the ball hits the bat, it hits the bottom half and to far up. It’s either going to be a Foul Ball or it's going to go low.
It goes low.
Derek drops the bat and runs. He slides into first base, his foot hitting the base, just as Stiles' catches the ball.
"Safe!" Someone yells from above him.
"Need a hand?" Stiles says
It's then that Derek realizes he's still on the ground, and Stiles is above him offering him his hand. The boy is looking down at him, the sun shining behind his head.
Derek takes it and gets pulled up
The boy is strong, and for a second his balance is off causing him to take a small step towards the boy.
"Thanks" he mumbles, brushing the dust off the back of his pants.
"So scouts huh?" The boy asks
"Yep..." Derek replies. He steps away from the base and bends his knees. Ready to run
Aiden hits the ball high and straight. Derek takes off, his feet pounding. He jumps onto home plate. Followed by Aiden a few moments later.
The crowd roars.


The game lasts 10 innings. Both teams had been tied at the end of inning number 9.
After the second inning, Derek had found his footing and started getting home run after home run. Winning it for his team.
In the end the pirates lose to Derek's team (the Tigers) by only 5 points. Coach is upset, but was cordial to the other team and coach.
Stiles knows that will only last until the bus had left for the hotel. They have an extra day in town to relax and then tomorrow it is back to Beacon Hills.
Stiles grabs his duffle bag and looks around for Derek. He doesn’t see him anywhere.
Just as he is walking past the changing rooms, someone grabs his arm, pulls him into the space, pushes him against the wall and kisses him.
Stiles would recognize those lips anywhere. Derek.
The man is still in his uniform, the shirt tight, showing off his shoulders and arms.
"Dude! I'm so sorry about my team. I don't want you to think of them like that, they're awesome guys and they-mmmph!"
Derek is kissing him again, soft and chaste.
"Listen, I can't talk too long. I um...I got drafted for Round 1"
"Derek!" Stiles cries out. He knows, but doesn’t want him to know.
"Yeah. I...i have to go to Miami for negotiations and...I start training camp in a few days"
"Oh! Well how about I come by your hotel room tonight and we can celebrate" Stiles whispers, running his hand down Derek's front. He blinks when the man grabs his hand.
Derek shakes his head
"I um...I wish I could but...they want to take me out tonight to celebrate"
Stiles pulls his hand away, knowing that after tomorrow, he would be back in Beacon Hills and Derek would be heading to Miami
" what is happening here?"
The man in front of him sighs and looks down
"We, what Derek?"
"We can't do this ok?! We both need to forget last night ever happened, because it can't happen again! This is a massive opportunity here Stiles, and I can't fuck this up!" Derek dropped his hands and is pacing back and forth in front of him.
Stiles takes a few steps back, his heart sinking into his stomach
"I can't Stiles" The man says simply. His eyes locking onto Stiles.
"Ok. It was fun. Goodbye Derek" Stiles starts, backing even farther away. He can do this, he can make it sound like his heart isn’t breaking into a million pieces.
"Look I never meant to-"
"Can you just go please? You're really making this a lot harder than it has to be!" Stiles snaps.
Stiles watches as the man blinks and nods. He grabs his black duffle bag and heads for the door.
He tries to ignore when the man turns one more time, gives him a sad smile and is gone. The door slamming shut behind him.
Stiles takes a shuddering breath, falls to the floor and starts to sob into his hands.
That's where Scott finds him, sitting on the floor of the changing room. Eyes red and puffy. Heart in pieces.


Derek walks out of the bathroom and bumps into Jackson
"Hey! I was coming to find you, Gerard is-you ok?"
Derek nods and keeps walking, he brushes a tear away with his forearm. He knows he hurt the boy, broken his heart. But he had also broken his own. But at this moment, he needs to focus on his future.
But as much as he knew he did what he had to, the look on Stiles's face as he was leaving the locker room was to much.
He’s thinking of the boy, when he literally bumps into Chris Agent. Son of Gerard Argent who had signed him, and when the senior Argent retired, Chris would be his agent.
"Derek! There you are!" Chris exclaims, wrapping his arm around Derek's shoulder and leading him towards the parking lot. "We have so much to talk about! Get cleaned up, we’re taking you out on the town to celebrate! You’ll be a star!”
Derek sees Scott walk by him.
He over his shoulder and watches as Scott walks into the changing room. He turns away.
Scott will find Stiles on the floor, heartbroken and in tears.
Derek lets himself be lead towards the parking lot by Chris. He gets into the Camaro and sits for a moment. It’s for the best. It has to be.