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Wait, that's not hiking...

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“I’m going to kill that fucking grape kid.” Katsuki fumed as he realised what he was watching. Mineta had told him that Brokeback Mountain was a documentary about hiking. Hiking.

Sure there had been some hiking. Then the two men started fucking. Katsuki’s hand dragged down his face of it’s own volition. He cussed some more. His mind was awash with regret. Not because of the gay sex scene. Nope.

Katsuki had raised an eyebrow when the dark haired guy had reached for the blonde’s hand. Katsuki’s eyes had narrowed when the guy started removing his jacket, but when the blonde yanked down the other man’s trousers, Katsuki’s jaw dropped. He felt his body grow hot as they had sex, and he hadn’t been able to tear his gaze from the screen. It wasn’t until the scene ended that he realised he was aroused, and that Mineta had pranked him.

Katsuki spent the next five minutes cussing and rolling around on the floor with his face in his hands. He couldn’t believe he had fallen for that bastard’s words, and worse than that, he had been turned on by the scene.



Katsuki stood up and paced around his room in circles, his heart beating erratically, his hands tugging at his hair as his mind whirred into denial. This was not happening. He did not want to fuck a cowboy. This was all Mineta’s fault. Yes that’s it. The grape kid was to blame. Katsuki could feel his fury rising in his chest.

The explosive teen stormed out of his room in only his boxers, marching down the corridor to find that little shit and beat the crap out of him. His fists clenched and he began cursing under his breath as his strides grew heavier, his mind focused only on making Mineta pay for his ruined evening

“Bakugou?” A familiar voice came from a door he had just walked past. Katsuki turned to see Kirishima Eijiro peering out of his door, “How come you’re up so late? And woah you look pissed…”

“Shut up. I’m just going to murder Mineta.” Katsuki turned back to continue on his rampage,

“Huh? Come on you’ll wake everyone up.” He felt a strong hand on his wrist. He glanced back again to see Eijiro had caught up with him, and was frowning at him in disapproval. Katsuki opened his mouth to bark back at him, but Eijiro rolled his eyes and placed his hand over Katsuki’s mouth, before dragging him kicking and biting into his room.

The biting did no good of course. Eijiro’s quirk meant that he could turn his skin hard, so he wouldn’t feel a thing.

“I’ll kill you bastard!” Katsuki warned him when he finally removed his hand, “Let me go so I can put an end to that shit.”

“Tell me what he did first.” Eijiro sighed. Katsuki knew what he was doing. He was going to try and calm him down so he would leave the kid alone. Fat chance,
“The lying shit told me to watch-” He stopped himself, realising he would be admitting to what he’d seen.

“Wait you actually watched it?” Eijiro’s face instantly turned from serious to amused, “I overheard him earlier but I didn’t think you would actually-”

“You fuck! Why didn’t you stop me?” Katsuki grabbed Eijiro’s neck as if to throttle him. Eijiro simply hardened his neck as he burst out laughing, so Katsuki slammed him into his bedroom wall, cornering him, “You fucking knew what it was and you didn’t say anything?” Katsuki felt his blood boiling as he shook the other boy by his shoulders. Eijiro covered his mouth with one hand,

“S-Sorry.” He tried to apologise between his laughter, “I didn’t think-”

“You’re not even fucking sorry, shitty hair!” He wound his fists up in Eijiro’s shirt for better leverage, pulling him closer so he would be forced to pay attention, “And it’s not fucking funny!”

Eijiro’s eyes widened as he looked up at Katsuki’s face,

“How come your face is so red?” The other boy’s head tilted to the side,

“Huh? I’m not red. What are you-” Katsuki let go of Eijiro realising just how hot his body was. How was he still aroused? He realised he was holding Eijiro so close that he was embraced by his earthy, pine scent. Hoping Eijiro hadn’t noticed his erection, he turned away from him, “Fuck. This is all that grape’s fault.”

“What are you talking about?” Eijiro asked, placing a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder as he tried to get a better look at him. Katsuki’s skin grew warm where they touched, and he couldn’t help but notice that he liked it, that it was making him even more horny “Wait, don’t tell me-”

“I watched the whole fucking scene. I just wasn’t expecting…” Katsuki trailed off as he realised he’d admitted the worst possible thing. He could feel his heart clench.

Please don’t notice. Please don’t notice.

“You did?” Eijiro’s voice sounded muffled, and a little husky. Katsuki turned to see that Eijiro had one hand covering his mouth, the rest of his face completely red as he stared up at him.

Katsuki nodded, trying not to think about the two men having sex in their tent,

“He told me it was about hiking.” He fumed, wanting to justify why he had been watching it,

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Eijiro smiled, his lips all sensual and inviting “Sorry I laughed. It’s just that you looked so flustered…”

“Flustered?!” Katsuki raised his fists, but something was stirring in him, and Eijiro was eyeing him up and down as if trying to figure out what was going on under the surface. He knew him too well. Eijiro would know if he kept searching,

“Look just let me go. I’ll even wait till morning to kill the grape.” He tried,

“What’s going on with you?” Eijiro sighed as Katsuki stepped back, but that’s when he noticed. Katsuki knew the moment Eijiro spied his erection because his eyes flew wide and his body grew still. “Oh.”

“Fuck!” Katsuki panicked, his heart hammering away in his chest,

“Bakugou, it’s okay.” Eijiro sounded concerned, but Katsuki was ready to bolt,

“How is this okay?” The explosive teen could hear his voice trembling, could feel his lip quiver,

“It just is.” Eijiro said, stepping closer. He took Katsuki’s hands in his, and slowly, keeping his eyes locked on Katsuki’s he placed them on his hips.

Katsuki thought of letting go straight away, but he liked the subtle curves beneath his fingertips, and how smooth his skin was. He kept still, as Eijiro leaned closer, bringing their faces mere inches apart.


“Shh..” Eijiro placed a finger on Katsuki’s lips, before placing both hands on his chest. The heated touch felt raw and powerful, his fingers stroking slowly down Katsuki’s abbs, sending sparks of lust throughout his body. He gulped, allowing his hands to roam too, slowly exploring Eijiro’s hips, around to his lower back.

Eijiro paused at the waistband of Katsuki’s boxers, his thumbs already hooked inside, ready to pull them lower. Katsuki could no longer deny that he wanted this, to just let go and give in to his cravings. He reached down, cupping Eijiro’s ass beneath his briefs, feeling the smooth muscle beneath his skin.

Eijiro moaned, his eyes flying shut as Katsuki began massaging his ass cheeks in small circular movements. He felt the air on his skin as Eijiro tugged his boxers down, freeing his erection. He could see that Eijiro was hard too, his cock creating a solid bulge in the fabric. The sight of him aroused and pliant under his hands was such a turn on that Katsuki had to let go for a moment. He took hold of his own cock, stroking it slowly and firmly, needing the contact. He watched Eijiro’s eyes dilate with heat, his hands reaching for his own cock.

Eijiro massaged and stroked himself through the fabric of his briefs at first, and every now and then Katsuki caught sight of more skin, until finally he pulled down the dark material, allowing his cock to spring free of its confines. Katsuki’s mouth watered, and he found himself dropping to his knees.

He leaned forward, looking up at Eijiro’s smouldering expression, and ran his tongue along the length of Eijiro’s cock. The redhead gasped, then thrust his hand into Katsuki’s hair, tugging him closer.

Katsuki obliged, keen to taste him. He licked at the sensitive head of Eijiro’s erection, before taking it into his mouth, sucking and licking as much of him as he could fit inside. Eijrio felt amazing in his mouth, his lips stroking him all over,

“Fuck, Bakugou, that feels so good.” Eijiro’s voice was low and raspy, his eyes barely open as he let Katsuki suck on his cock.

Katsuki continued tugging on his own erection with one hand, while the other cupped Eijiro’s balls, rolling and playing with them. He felt as if he might climax any minute now, but he didn’t want this to be over, so he fought off his need to come and eased off with his hand, and reached up to resume playing with Eijiro’s ass.

“Ah, yeah that’s good. Right there.” Eijiro groaned as Katsuki explored him, “But wait,”

Katsuki pulled back a little, and Eijiro pulled him up so that he was standing again, breathless and blushing hard,


“I want to kiss you.” Eijiro said it so bluntly, that Katsuki was taken aback. He didn’t have time to think, as their mouths collided in a fiery blaze. Eijiro’s lips tasted sweet and seductive, making Katsuki want more and more of him as they kissed. Eijiro moaned into his mouth, as Katsuki took his cock into his hand, stroking him and deepening the kiss.

He couldn’t get enough of him.

Knock knock.

They ignored the sound, neither of them wanting to stop what they were doing,

“Kirishima?” Came a boyish voice. Katsuki paused, irritated, but before he could say anything, the door creaked open, “Are you okay? I heard-” Izuku trailed off as his gaze landed on the two boys in front of him.


“Deku you piece of shit!” Katsuki let go of Eijiro’s cock, storming over toward the door. Izuku froze.

“Bakugou wait!” Eijiro grabbed him, holding him back, “It’s our fault. We were probably being too loud.”

“S-S-Sorry!” Izuku scrunched his eyes shut, blushing furiously, “I didn’t mean to intrude.” He turned to leave,

“Wait, Midoriya!” Eijiro let go of Katsuki and moved for the door. Izuku paused,

“W-W-What?” He asked, but Katsuki noticed it too. Izuku was turned on.

“Come in for a sec.” Eijiro’s voice was calming, his hand resting on Izuku’s arm. Katsuki thought for a moment that he should be jealous, but strangely he wasn’t. Izuku opened his eyes a crack, then nodded, stepping inside the room. Eijiro shut the door behind him, “I don’t want there to be a misunderstanding,” He explained.

“Uhuh.” Izuku nodded, opening his eyes a little more. Katsuki could see him fidgeting.

“We’re trying things out.” Eijiro said, and though his words were light, his expression was still burning with lust. Izuku looked up into his eyes at last, and Katsuki was shocked to see that he looked curious,

“Trying… You mean to see what works?” Izuku asked,

“Kinda. It’s more about what feels good.” Eijiro’s reached up to touch Izuku’s jaw. Katsuki couldn’t stand the sight of Izuku normally, but somehow this was drawing him in. He found himself wanting to touch Izuku, to see how he would react. He was so used to threatening and fighting him that he wondered what kind of expressions he would make if he made him feel pleasure instead of pain.

Taken aback by his own thoughts, Katsuki strode over to the other two boys. Before either of them could react, his reached forward, his hand sliding behind Izuku’s nape, and taking hold of him. He held him firmly as he leaned in, and dragged his teeth along the sensitive skin of his neck. He licked the area, and Izuku moaned, a sound so new and exciting that it sent ripples of pleasure straight to his crotch. He nipped Izuku, then took more skin between his teeth, worrying at it until Izuku moaned again.

“You wanna join us?” Eijiro asked Izuku as Katsuki continued teasing at his neck,

“Yes!” Izuku cried out as Katsuki’s other hand began roaming over the other boy’s body, under his tee and over his stomach. He was aware of Eijiro beside them, so he moved back a little to give him some room. Eijiro took Izuku’s jaw in both hands, and leaned in to kiss him. He was far more gentle with Izuku than he had been with Katsuki, at first anyway.

Izuku’s hand reached for Eijiro’s cock, and began tugging him as they kissed. Feeling neglected, Katsuki nipped him again. Izuku must have understood, because a moment later Katsuki could feel the boy’s other hand grab his erection, until he was jerking them both off.

“Can one of you…?” Izuku trailed off, and he was blushing again,

“You want one of us to fuck you?” Eijiro asked, his lips curving into a smile. Izuku nodded. Katsuki thought Eijiro was going to volunteer, but then he found himself grabbing Izuku’s hips, and lifting him up. Propelled on by pure primal desire, Katsuki walked over to the wall, holding Izuku up, and pressing him against the smooth surface. Eijiro followed them, looking delighted with this turn of events.

Katsuki still didn’t know what was going on in his head, but it didn’t matter because he was being driven by something other than rational thought.

He just needed to fuck Izuku. He needed it so badly it was making his heart pound away in his chest.

“Kacchan-” Izuku moaned as Katsuki began grinding against his ass. At the same time, he reached toward Eijiro’s bedside table, and the other boy must have known what he was after because he went over there himself, and pulled out a few packets of condoms. He pulled one out of it’s packet and slid it carefully over Katsuki’s cock while he nibbled Izuku’s neck some more.

Izuku was moaning and begging him to fuck him, making it hard to keep his lower body still. He lifted Izuku higher, just above his cock, until the boy had to wrap his arms and legs around Katsuki for support.

Slowly, Katsuki lowered Izuku until his erection touched the boy’s entrance. He listened to every sound Izuku made as he carefully lowered him, until he fit all the way inside. As soon as he was in, he pulled back a little, then began thrusting into him, making him moan louder than ever.

Eijiro moved to stand behind him, and whispered into his ear,

“Want me to fuck you?” He asked, his warm breath teasing at Katsuki’s ear. Could they even do that? Could the three of them all fuck at once? The idea was so tantalising that he wanted to try it either way. He grunted a ‘yes’ as he continued thrusting into Izuku.

Katsuki felt Eijiro’s lips kissing down his neck, his back, and then strong hands massaging his ass cheeks. Then the redhead began grinding against him, and Katsuki felt warm liquid at his entrance. A moment later Eijiro pressed into him, easing his way inside. Katsuki was so turned on and relaxed already that it wasn’t long before Eijiro’s cock was deep inside him.

Finally the three of them found a rhythm, and were thrusting in unison. Izuku was the only one whose cock wasn’t inside someone, so it was swinging up and down with each thrust, occasionally hitting his own stomach.

The sight was strangely erotic to Katsuki, who was doubly lucky as he was in the middle, being fucked whilst fucking Izuku. He felt pleasure coursing through him with such intensity that it was near impossible to hold back. He finally lost control and came inside Izuku, his hot liquid jetting out of him and seeping out of Izuku’s ass, dripping down his skin and onto the floor.

Izuku came next, his cock ejaculating all over his stomach. He moaned loudly, looking shocked that he was orgasming. Katsuki watched his features and knew the moment he needed to pull out. Izuku collapsed forward onto him, just as Eijiro came hard inside his ass, filling him with come. He could feel it leaking out as Eijiro slid out of him, and it left him feeling deeply satisfied.

The three of them staggered and stumbled over to the bed where they collapsed into a heap, gasping for breath and dripping wet. Izuku was coated in the white liquid, which Katsuki was eyeing up. He found himself slowly lapping at Izuku’s come, swallowing it and enjoying the sweet flavour, until the boy was clean again.

They three of them would awake the next morning, crammed into a single bed, but somehow fitting just fine.