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The Softer Side Of Han

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Luke shivered slightly from the cool air of the Millennium Falcon and shifted slightly on the bed, trying to take away from the pain in his side.

"Quit moving, kid." Han's voice spoke out firmly as he continued to clean and bandage the wound which pained the Jedi.

"Ah... Han, it h-hurts," Luke whimpered and hid his face in one of the pillows. He tried to steady his breathing and to remain calm but it was difficult when the pain was so great. He knew this was his fault and he felt extremely guilty, Han has to go through all this trouble now just to take care of him.

"I know. You should just be glad that the lightsaber didn't hit any of your organs, only skinned the surface or else we would be in a very different situation right now." The blonde nodded in agreement and let out a moan of pain when Han pressed down on the wound. Luke didn't mean to get hurt, he was just too caught up in the moment to pay attention to his surroundings. I mean, how would he have know some guard would come up behind him and try to cut him in half with his lightsaber! He was busy fighting with Darth Vader and trying to save the galaxy, give him a break!

"I'm sorry," Luke whispered and wiped a stray tear that fell down his cheek,

"I didn't mean for this to happen." Han paused for a moment at those words and looked up at Luke,

"Kid, listen. I'm not angry, I-I just..." The man trailed off, his voice wavering a bit,

"I just am shocked and still scared. I almost lost you today," Han's hands were shaking as he went back to wrapping the bandage around Luke's side. Luke felt immense guilt and sadness wash over him. How could he ever make this up to Han?

"You could have died and what would I have been able to do? Absolutely nothing," The brunette carried on and cleared his throat, blinking away the tears in his eyes. Luke reached out and grabbed Han's larger hand and held it tight.

"But I didn't die, I am still here. I promise I won't ever leave you," Luke spoke truthfully and his voiced cracked a bit with emotion.

"I love you, Han. I always will and I will stay by your side till the end of our time." Han finished up with taking care of the wound and stood up. He climbed on the bed right next to the younger man and pulled him gently against his chest. Han buried his nose in the Jedi's hair and took a deep breathe. Luke felt him shaking slightly and could hear his heavy breathing as the man cried into his hair. Han's tears fell on Luke's silky locks and he hiccupped a bit,

"I love you too, Luke, I love you so much."

The two fell asleep like that, in a loving embrace and dreamt of their future together.