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Bittersweet Feat

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I opened my eyes and felt small arms wrapped around me along with a warm that spread on my side.


I looked down and saw some random little snotty nosed brat.


His drool spilling all over my tank top.


We were sitting in some sort of plush white high back loveseat.




"HEY!!" I screamed so he would stop getting his sticky saliva all over me.


He jumped off at the speed of light and fell to the floor covering his ears.


He sat up on the empty pine floor and raised his head up to scowl at me.


'Why this little-'


He stared at me and took his hands off his ears and back on repeatedly.


He nodded his head sideways with his eyes closed tight and stopped.


'What's wrong with this kid'


I raised my brow confusingly at the small white haired boy.


He stared up at me with his big heterochromatic eyes.


The one on the right being brown and the one on the left green.


He lifted his hands up until a book that had magically appeared, fell off the seat and hit the floor with a thick smack.


He covered his small ears again and I opened my eyes.


I could barely breath and got up to reach for my inhaler in my drawer.


I took a breath in and I was back to my senses.


Then the damn alarm starting beeping away its unbearable melody.




"I'm up!" I yelled as I knocked the thing off my desk.


It automatically stopped as its wires were now visible.


Nothing changes.


I always wake up before it goes off anyway.




My name is Kumo.


Kumo, Bakugou.


I know.


Bakugou as in the pro hero Ground Zero Bakugou.


He's my good for nothing father,at least he would be if he even tried to act like a father.


The thing is, I hate him.


Yeah, I hate him, hate him so much, so much that if hating someone could kill you I would've been dead not so far from the time I was born.


But that's not even the only reason my shitty life sucks.


I also have to deal with my annoying 'brothers' ,and I say 'brothers' because they are technically my step-brothers.


You see, I was born with a different mom than they were and I'm also older than them.


I don't even have any idea who my real mother is, and I probably never will.


All because of my so called father.


I'm hitting the shower.


I'm Kumo, and I'm an alpha.


That's right! An Alpha.


Another similarity between me and him.


Sometimes I want to believe I'm not related to him but whenever I take a glance at myself in my foggy mirror all my hopes are crushed.


It's apparent.


I'm practically a carbon copy of him.


It's all there.


The sharp red eyes the hair.


Well.....the color at least.


I look mostly like him.


The freckles and crazy hair would probably make you think twice but it would barely change your mind.


It takes me three times to straighten my hair and even then its not completely straight.


I was born with unbearable curly hair. The straightest I could get it was wavy.




It's such a pain to deal with.


The freckles aren't as much as a bother but I figure I got them from my mother.


I always wonder how she's doing or if she's even alive.


I'd have ran away from this hellhole long ago if only I'd know who she was.


I could easily track her down and show up to her doorstep.


The only thing stopping me: even if she were alive I don't think you could welcome some random girl with open arms into your home, and there could always be the possibility that she abandoned me and hated my guts, or maybe she's dead.


Having taken all that into account results in me having to endure my pointless days here.


If she really were dead, then I'd at least like to know their name.


Yes, their.


Did I mention that I don't even know if she's a she or a he.


In this world of alphas ,betas ,and omegas the possibilities could be endless.


At least my father's a pro and has money , but that's all he's got in my book.


I can at least get a good set of clothes and afford my contact lenses along with my never ending supply of glasses which break almost every month due to his brats.


Not that it even particularly matters anyway since I have to go to school in uniform.


If you saw me right now then you'd see my shoulder length wavy hair and stare at my freckled face but feel intimidated by my blazing red eyes.


A pair of disgustingly royal purple shorts complete with a matching vest and cream colored shirt under.


I opted for the male counterpart of the uniform with the condition that they forced me with wearing the frilly bow from the girl's version.


I guess I'll brush my hair and tie it into a ponytail for today I figured as I reached for my rose gold paddle brush.


Tying it up with a black elastic, a whole pack sitting in one of my drawers that was a part of my mirror dresser solely dedicated for things for my hair and that isn't an over exaggeration.

It's currently 5:25 and I'm getting my backpack and head out my bedroom door until I remember something.

My name tag.


I picked it up disgustingly off my desk.


'Kumo Bakugou' engraved into the small metal piece.


I'll pin it later.


I leave out the front door and am finally out.


I get up before anyone else in the house does ,reason being: to avoid them.


Avoiding them is the only option there is, I don't live to interact with any of them.


I especially don't want to be there when they're being all touchy.


I can't stand the smell when him and step-'mom' are together, maybe its because he's not my mom and its my pheromones reacting to the stench.


Either way ,I can't stand it and its also the reason I eat dinner in my room with a candle lit.


I don't particularly have anything against him other than his overly-cheery personality and blinding red hair.


Aside from that, he's an okay person. As long as he's not screaming while lifting his weights then I'm fine.


I don't hate him, he is my father's partner after all and at least he's not anything like him.


The only thing keeping me from being close to him is the stench he releases.


And I sometimes feel bad that its not his fault but I think its better that way.


No interaction means no problems.


Though ,the thing I detest the most is their sons.


I'm the only girl in the house and they're absolute demons.


You think I'm bad? Just live a day in my shoes and you'll wish you were never born.


They're such demons.


Worst thing is, is that whenever they try to mess with me father always takes their side and doesn't even try to hear me out.


I swear I'll get my revenge one of these days.


I'm heading towards the internet cafe now, I stop by in the morning sometimes to meet my friends or play a game or two.


Visiting as often as I do comes with its perks, I actually have went through its glowing doors for 3 years now.


My friends are mostly guys in case you were wondering. They're cool people I guess, they can be complete idiots though.


And I only have two friends that are actually girls.




And they might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm comfortable with them and I can finally be myself and vent out to any of them if I was frustrated.


They were my crowd.


We did anything together.


No one ever dares to think about messing with me, and I made a name for myself in order to make it possible.


I'm what you'd call a troublemaker.


However, I usually try my best not to cause problems, I can't keep going to school if I have a record.


Plus I go to a private school, I probably should've gotten kicked out the first time I ended up in the principal's office but they took my grades and work into consideration and gave me a 'chance'.


I gotta admit, I AM pretty smart and it came naturally so I could see why they would want to keep me, but on the other hand, I could get into any school with my qualifications so it really wouldn't matter.


This is the second school I go to this semester and I plan to keep it that way.


I may be nerdy, but I'm nerdy with a purpose.


Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm "quirkless".


Well, at least everybody thinks I am.