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Sins of the Father

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Toya rummaged around in the bathroom cabinet, searching for the first aid kit he’d noticed when he first started living in the apartment. He finally found the damn thing and tucked it under his arm, grabbing a handful of clean washcloths before returning to the living room. He dropped them on the couch beside Keigo and went to the kitchen to fill a bowl with hot water. 


He set the bowl on the coffee table and dipped a washcloth into it. “Lemme see your hands.”


Keigo held them out and Toya took one, turning it palm up and cradling it in his fingers, noting how cold the skin was. He gently cleaned the wounds, careful to check the deeper ones for bits of glass and used the tweezers from the first aid kit to remove them and drop on a square of gauze on his thigh. New blood oozed from the reopened wounds, but Toya left them unbandaged for the time being and lowered himself to the floor to work on Keigo’s feet.


His feet were much worse, the inside of the ‘shoes’ saturated with blood. The cuts were deeper, and so were the shards of glass Keigo had been walking on. Toya cleaned away the blood and was working on a particularly deep splinter when Keigo yelped, instinctively yanking his foot back. Toya grabbed for it, locking his long fingers around Keigo’s heel. “Don’t do that, I almost had the damn thing.”


“Well it hurts.”


Toya scoffed. “You’re the one who broke a window and decided to prance around on broken glass.”


“I didn’t break it, it broke.”


“All by itself? How?”


Keigo looked away, laughing softly. He spoke hesitantly, like he wasn’t sure he could tell Toya about it. “Maybe I did break it... It was… cold. And the window was covered with ice and it just… shattered.”


Toya raised an eyebrow. “Ice?”


Keigo shrugged and said nothing. Toya sighed. “Let’s get you cleaned up, Pretty Bird.”




He carried Keigo down the hall, not wanting to clean up a trail of bloody footprints. He tried to ignore how light Keigo was, how stiffly he held himself. Toya set him down in the bathroom. He automatically reached for the ties of Keigo’s hospital gown, pulling the knots out. The dingy fabric fell loose around bony shoulders. His jaw tightened, seeing exactly how thin Keigo had gotten. “Fuck, you’re skinny. What’d they do, lock you in a room and not feed you?”


Keigo stiffened, reflexively tugging the gown back into place as he stepped away from Toya. His eyes were uneasy and cast at the floor, his features tight. “Don’t… ask that. I don’t...“


Toya sighed. “Okay.”


Keigo looked up, surprised. “Okay?”


He shrugged. “Yeah.”


“You… don’t wanna know?”


He did. Oh, he did. But his questions could wait. This wasn’t the Keigo he knew. This was a scared, half broken shadow of his Keigo and he didn’t want to be the one that broke him completely. 


There was one question, though, that he needed answered. It would keep. At least until after he got the bird cleaned up and a little more relaxed.




Toya made sure Keigo hadn’t suffered any other injuries from his fall and once he was satisfied that he hadn’t, he left him alone. He waited until he heard the shower turn on before making his way to the master bedroom. He dug around in the dresser for a minute before finding an oversize t-shirt and a pair of shorts that might fit Keigo. He cut a long slit up the back of the shirt to make space for his wings, then knocked on the door. “Keigo? I brought you some clothes.”


The shower cut off. “I’m done.”


Toya pushed the door open, finding Keigo with a towel wrapped around him, leaning against the edge of the sink. “You alright?”


The bird nodded. “Just… tired.”


Toya nodded, passing the clothes to him. “Get dressed. I’ll grab the first aid kit and let you sleep after we get your hands and feet wrapped up.”


He grabbed the kit off the couch and returned to the bathroom. “Hop up on the counter, I’ll do your feet first.”


Keigo complied and Toya got to work, smearing squares of gauze with antiseptic and tapping them over the worst of the cuts, saving the single roll of gauze for his hands. He dabbed more antiseptic on the wounds, covering them with smaller squares of gauze before wrapping half the roll around each hand. Toya taped the ends in place. “Want me to carry you?”


Keigo shook his head, easing himself off the counter and wincing when his feet hit the floor. He stumbled, and Toya automatically reached out to support him. Keigo pushed him away, voice sharp with panic. “I’m fine!”


Toya backed off, holding his hands up. “Okay, sorry. No touching.”


“ grabbing.”


“Whichever. Bedroom’s this way.” Toya led the way out of the bathroom, showing Keigo to the bedroom. He watched as the former hero climbed into bed, then closed the door.


The quiet rage that had been burning since he saw that damn contraption on Keigo’s wings bubbled up again. What the hell had Endeavor done to him?


Toya shook his head. He needed to get out for a while, walk it off before he did something stupid. 




Toya flipped the lights on, the apartment eerily quiet. He lowered his bags to the floor, toeing off his shoes to creep down the hallway. He eased the bedroom door open, eyes darting to the bed where he’d left Keigo. 




His guard went up immediately. Of course this was a set up. Get injured on purpose, then pretend to be all helpless and-


Dabi ducked out of the way as Keigo came flying at him with a knife from the kitchen. He spun, jerking Keigo against him in a firm hold and forcing him to drop the knife. He let the bird struggle for a minute, dragging him along as he checked the apartment. 


It was empty.


Keigo broke out of his hold, scrabbling back toward the bedroom, and potentially, the knife. Dabi grabbed him again. “Stop, it’s me!”


“I fucking know, let go of me!”


“If you knew it was me, why’d you attack me?”


“Cuz I thought you were somebody else at first! Fucking let go!”


“Are you gonna attack me again if I do?”


“No! Let go already!”


Toya released him and Keigo staggered away, dropping to the floor and huddling against the wall with his knees drawn up and his head down. Toya sighed, every instinct telling him to get angry or scoff and walk away, let Keigo deal with his problems on his own, exactly the way he was raised.


He did the opposite, dropping onto the floor in front of him. Toya brushed his fingers against Keigo’s arm. Keigo jerked away, a small whine forcing its way out.


Toya edged closer, not touching Keigo, but nearly. He kept his voice low, calm. That was how to do this. Like his mother had. “You came to me for help, let me help.”




Toya sighed again. “Talk to me, Kei. At least tell me what you want me to do?” 


More silence.


He was begging at this point. “Come on .Yell at me, this is my fault anyway, right?”


Still nothing.