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Don't Leave Me

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Nari was a good pup.

Her Eomma always said so.

She always listened to her parents, doing her boring homework in time with no – many –complaints. She always cleaned her room when Eomma told her to, and she even ate those yucky veggies Appa put on her plate, unlike her older brother Jinwoo. He never listened to Eomma and Appa, always saying he was too big for that.

Nari was big too! She was five already, with all the fingers in her hand!

She was even the tallest in her class; she knew it was because she ate all the veggies, Appa always told her that veggies make pups big and strong.

It was because Nari was a big pup already – 5 years old with all the finger in her hand – that she told her Eomma she didn't need a night-light to sleep.

Jinwoo-oppa always made fun of her, saying she was a baby for using it – She was not! She was brave and strong, the light only helped her to scare the monsters in the closet away

Since she was strong enough to scare all the monsters in her closet away Nari had told her Eomma to take the light away, not even doubting when she was asked if she was sure she wanted to sleep without it.

So, after getting a goodnight kiss from Eomma and Appa - just to get more strength to fight the monster, she told her Appa, because big pups didn't need kisses to sleep – , Nari got herself ready for bed, not before telling Bubu, her stuffed bunny, and all her other friends in the shelves, that she would protect them from the monsters.

The house was completely dark and silent when Nari woke up, her brother and parents long in deep sleep.

Therefore, so should she, but…

…Nari needed to pee.

Really, really needed to pee.

It wasn't truly a problem, except...except the room was too dark. Only the light of the moon illuminated her room, the curtains and windows left open to let the summer-night breeze in to refresh it.

She didn't want to go to the bathroom. It was at the end of the corridor, very far from her room, and all the lights were off. It was too scary to go alone and Nari couldn't reach the light switches in the house – even though she was a big pup. They were for Eommas and Appas! Not for pups like Nari –

Then, she saw Bubu, who was sleeping beside her - he was afraid of sleeping alone, so Nari let him sleep on her bed, so he wouldn't feel bad - and she remembered.

She had promised that she would protect them from the monsters! How could she protect them if she was scared of going to pee in the dark?

"Nari is sorry, Bubu" she whispered to the bunny "It's too scary to go alone" her eyes filled with tears and then she sniffled "Oppa was right, Nari is just a baby. Only babies are scared of the dark" she hugged the bunny tightly, sobbing into his soft fur.

She felt so sad, disappointed in herself for not being as strong of a pup as she believed to be. The worst of all was that she really needed to pee, and if she didn't go right away she would pee all over the bed. Jinwoo-oppa would make fun of her until she was old like Halmeoni if she peed herself!

Suddenly, a lightbulb went on in her head and she remembered what her Appa told her when she asked him why he wasn't scared of the monster in her closet like she was.

"They are very scary," Appa consoled her, petting her hair gently "but your mother is always there if I need help, Isn’t she? When we are with someone we love, all the monsters seem less scary “Seeing her doubtful expression he laughed," Aren't the monster less scary when I am here?"

She stopped crying and looked to Bubu "Will you go with Nari to the bathroom, Bubu? Nari knows it's scary but if we are together it wouldn't be as much, Appa told Nari so" she reassured the bunny, seeing him freezing in fear. After a moment, the bunny accepted and she beamed, pressing him to her pajama-clad chest, kissing his head.

Rising from her bed, Nari put on her fluffy purple slippers and took Bubu from the bed. Taking a big breath she went to her door and opened it slowly, giving way to the dark hallway.

She walked slowly, terrified of the shadows made by the light entering from the window at the end of the corridor, just over the stairs and next to the bathroom door.

When she finally got to the bathroom's door, she looked in every direction, letting out a relieved sigh when she saw none of the monsters behind her.

"We did it, Bubu!" she whispered to the bunny, looking extremely proud. "The monsters were too scared of us. Appa was right". Then she opened the door and entered the bathroom after sitting Bubu at the room’s door "You have to tell Nari if you see a monster, okay Bubu? Nari is going to pee" after getting an affirmation from the bunny, she quickly went to do her business, not forgetting to wash her hands after.

She took the bunny and made her way out of the bathroom, quietly closing the door behind her – Eomma always told her not to be noisy at night, she could wake the monsters up if she made too much of a ruckus –. No longer afraid of the monsters, since they managed to scare all of them away, she went back to her room faster than before.

When she was about to get to her room, she heard a creak from behind. She saw Bubu freeze up, terrified, so she hugged him. Slowly, she turned back to see what made the sudden noise.

When she saw what it was, she gasped, dropping Bubu in her surprise.

It was a monster!

It was very, very tall and big, all black, from head to toe, and it was walking towards Nari!

Her eyes began filling with tears, misting her vision. Just when she was about to run to her parents' room, crying out for them, the monster got closer, crouching in front of her.

"Little pup, what are you doing awake? Good pups should be in their bed sleeping this late at night"

Nari sobbed. She was a good pup! She got up because she had to pee and now a monster was going to eat her and, worst of all, it was telling her she was a bad pup.

"Now, now, don't cry, little pup" soothed the monster, who had a shockingly nice and comforting voice "Why don't you tell me then what's the reason you're up so late?" The surprisingly nice monster rubbed its thumbs on her cheeks, clearing away the tears that managed to fall from her eyes. She looked up from the floor into the monster's face and gasped, eyes widening in shock.

The monster had a bunny head!

"You are a bunny?" asked Nari, completely dumbfounded. Jinwoo-oppa always told her that monsters were ugly and smelly and had a horrible voice, like the mean Ajumma from next door that screamed at them for being too noisy. However, this monster was neither of those things. It had a pretty voice and a nice scent, very calming, nothing like Appa's or Eomma’s tough. And it wasn't ugly at all, with the head of a white bunny, with long ears sticking out of its head.

He was like Bubu! It was awesome!

"Jinwoo-oppa has been lying all this time" though Nari, pouting, gaze falling to the floor “He didn't want Nari to see how awesome monsters were"

Her eyes went back to the monster when it laughed. It even had a nice laugh! Nari was starting to get truly mad at her brother for lying about monsters all this time.

"Well...I kind of am a bunny" said the monster, touching its face" But you haven't answered yet, little pup-

"Nari isn't a little pup!" she exclaimed, offended at the monster for thinking such "Nari is a big pup! Nari is five and she went to the bathroom all alone in the dark. Only big and strong pups can do that” she finished her rant, puffing her cheeks and crossing her little arms over her chest – like her Eomma did when she was mad at her brother.

The monster raised its hands up in a soothing matter "I didn't mean to offend you, Nari the big and strong pup "she smiled at him, happy with the acknowledgment of her strength "Still, I suppose you are up this late because you had to go to the bathroom. Am I right?

Nari nodded quickly, relieved that the monster understood she was not up doing bad things.

"Then I apologize for saying you were a bad pup, big and strong Nari. You're obviously a very good girl" the monster bowed its head in apology, clearly sad about thinking bad about Nari.

"It's okay, Mr. Nice Monster, you didn't know Nari is a good pup, and you said sorry. Appa always says saying sorry is important" she told it, patting its thigh in a comforting manner.

The monster put one of its big hands on hers, squeezing it softly. Then it stood up and looked down at her, her hand still held in its hand.

"I think it's time for good pups to go to bed," it told her, and she nodded, knowing it was right "let's go your room then. I will put you in bed and no one will know you were up. Okay? It will be our little secret," it said putting one of its fingers on its mouth. Nari beamed. Now neither her Eomma nor her Appa would get mad at her for getting up at night.

"Thank you, Mr. Nice Monster!" Then she turned over, in the direction of her room, and walked there, tugging Mr. Nice Monster with her.

"Wait, big and strong Nari. Are you not forgetting someone?” Nari tilted her head, not understanding what the nice monster was saying. When she saw him bending down and picking up Bubu, she gasped, her small hands covering her mouth in horror. She had completely forgotten Bubu!

When the bunny-faced monster handed Bubu to her, she instantly started kissing his head and hugging him very tightly, "Nari is so sorry, Bubu" she apologized, ashamed of forgetting her best friend "Thank you for remembering Bubu, Mr. Nice Monster, he would have been very sad if Nari left him here".

After making sure Bubu was alright, both of them made the walk to Nari's room.

Once inside, she went directly to her bed, accommodating herself and Bubu, then looking expectantly at the nice monster.

Taking the hint, the nice monster chuckled softly and took bed covers, putting them over hers and Bubu's bodies, making sure the two were covered and comfortable.

Hugging Bubu closer, Nari looked at the nice monster and asked "Mr. Nice Monster, are all the monsters as nice as you are?" Instead of answering immediately, the bunny-like monster took a seat at the edge of her bed and began to brush one of its fingers over her cheek.

"The truth is, big and strong Nari" it began with a low voice" there aren’t many good monsters out there"

She frowned, upset about what the nice monster was telling her. Eomma always said there are a lot of good people in the world, how could there be only a few nice monsters in all the closets and dark rooms in the world?

Seeing her sad expression, the nice monster explained "You are very lucky it was me at the hallway and not one of the other monsters I know, big and strong Nari" at her confused face, it continued "All the other monsters would have eaten you if they found you, they don't care if you are good or bad. They would have hurt you either way".

Nari whimpered, frightened about the prospect of being hurt by monsters, even when she was a good pup. The bunny-faced monster took her hands between its own and began to hum a sweet tune. It took a moment for Nari to realize the nice monster was releasing a very nice smell – Appa called it fer-a-mouns -. It made her body relax and all the fear inside her heart left. Looking at Bubu, Nari saw he liked the scent as much as she did.

Noticing she was once again calm, the nice monster stopped humming, but the nice smell continued to relax her, making her feel sleepy and like she was in the fluffiest cloud in the sky.

"You smell really pretty, Mr. Nice Monster" she mumbled, her mind foggy with sleep

"Thank you, big and strong Nari" it began to rub small circles in her tiny palms, soothing her even further "Don't worry about the other monsters, okay? I'll make sure none of them hurt you. But you have to promise to me that when you see a monster like me in the dark, you have to scream very loud, okay?"

"But what if they are nice like you?" protested Nari. She liked making new friends.

"I promise you, they are really mean and they will hurt you if they get their claws on you. They are too strong, even to big and strong pups like you Nari" hearing the serious tone the nice monster, Nari pouted and tried to fight the harsh decision.

"Jinwoo-oppa always tells Nari the monsters in the dark are all evil and smelly and...and ugly. Bu-but y-you a-a-aren't any of th-those things, Mr. Nice Monster" she hiccupped, burrowing herself deeper inside the covers, releasing her hands from its hold "Maybe the other monsters aren't evil either, and they are nice and smell pretty like Mr. Nice Monster"

"Oh, sweet pup" cooed the bunny faced monster "You are just too cute and nice for this world" then with a more grave voice it asked, "Does your brother bother you a lot?"

"O-Oppa is a-always mean to-to Na-Nari, he-he te-t-tells Nari sh-sh-she is a cry-baby or...or th-that she is s-st-stupid" Nari began to truly cry, tears wetting her rosy cheeks and snot beginning to clog her nose. All the nice feelings of the smell gone.

"Hey...please don't cry. Isn't Nari a big and strong pup?" the monster began to gently wipe away her tears, trying again to calm her with its nice smell." I won't let your brother bully you again. I promise. I hate bullies"

Looking through her tear-filled eyes at the dark eyes in the bunny face of the monster, she sniffled and lifted her hand from the bed's covers, holding her pinky finger up "P-P-Pinky pr-promise?"

Wrapping its own long pinky finger around hers it said with a sure tone "Pinky promise".

"Now, do you pinky promise to not talk to the other monsters and scream if you see them?" asked the monster, still holding onto her finger.

"Pinky promise, Mr. Nice Monster" Nari answered, not wanting to disappoint it.

Liberating her hand from its hold, the monster proceeded to fix her covers, readying her to sleep. However, not wanting to fall asleep alone in the dark room, Nari immediately took the monster's hand, stopping it from leaving.

"Can you sing Nari to sleep, Mr. Nice Monster?" she asked shyly "Nari really liked your voice"

Instead of responding, the monster began to hum the same tune as before, releasing a new wave of its nice smell. All of it made Nari really sleepy, her eyes heavy.

"...It was raining, it was snowing

But all unhappiness stopped

You brought heaven to me..."

With her eyes closed and Bubu close to her chest, Nari couldn't feel anything but the nice smell and the clear and soothing voice of the monster.

"...Don’t speak so easily

Because without you, there’s no me

You’re the best of me

The best of me..."

"Sleep tight, big and strong Nari, no monster will bother you tonight. They will be quite busy"

It was the last thing Nari heard before sleep consumed her mind.

Nari still didn't understand what was going on.

Her day had begun very weirdly. Instead of waking up to her Eomma's soft voice, her sleep was interrupted by loud voices and rough hands shaking her awake from her nice dreams of big singing bunnies.

Then, after many strange questions made by a woman who called herself "Officer Choi Soyeon" - Are you Kang Nari? Are you hurt? – A nasty smelling man accompanying Officer Choi Soyeon wrapped her up in a big blanket.

The same man took her outside of the house. When she tried to look outside of the cocoon created by the fabric, the man just covered her head again and made his grip on her tighter. Nari still caught a wisp of a strange scent. Coins?

Once she was allowed to see outside of the blanket, Nari was already inside an am-bu-lance - she remembered from when her school was visited by one once - and she couldn't see anything outside of it except a lot of people dressed like Officer Choi Soyeon.

Nobody answered when she asked about her Eomma and Appa, not even when she reluctantly asked for Jinwoo-oppa. The man just told her they would go to the hospital so the doctors could tell them if she was hurt.

Why would the doctors need to tell them that? Nari already said she wasn't hurt. When told this, the man just smiled weirdly, his nasty smell becoming even nastier. He didn't say anything else after that.

They were very rude! They didn't even tell Nari their names!

As soon as they got to the hospital a nice woman with the same nasty smell as the man - why did all these people smell so bad? They should take more baths, Appa always told her that people who didn't wash become smelly - began touching her everywhere, asking if it hurt in any place.

After telling the doctor that she wasn't hurt anywhere, she was told that someone would come and talk to her. Then she was given paper and colored pencils so she wouldn't get bored and soon was left alone in the white room.

Nari managed to draw three pictures and eat the cookies a nice nurse brought her before a knock on the door startled her. The door opened and a tall man dressed in a suit entered - Hello, I am Kwon Dongsoo -, accompanied by another man, also dressed in a suit - this is Detective Lee Wonho-.

Then, they asked the same silly questions:

Are you Kang Nari? Of course, she was Kang Nari! Who else could be Kang Nari?! She was tired of people asking that

Are you hurt? No, she wasn't hurt, she was bored.

"Do you know why you are here, Nari?" Nari blinked in surprise. That was a new question. She shook her head.

"Nobody has told Nari anything, Nari wants her Eomma and Appa" she sniffled a little, feeling lonely. She didn't' even have Bubu to make her company. They said she had to leave him in her room and she wasn't happy about that.

"Nari, did you see or hear something strange last night?" asked Mr. Kwon, getting closer to her and sitting on her bed. "It is very important that you tell us if you saw something"

Nari frowned. She was confused about the man's questions. Nothing happened last night. She just went to sleep and woke up to pee...

She gasped, remembering. Mr. Nice Monster! But...should she tell them about it? What if they got mad at her for getting out of bed so late at night? What if they put her in jail?!

Seeing her hesitation, Mr. Kwon put one of his hands over her knee and looked firmly at her eyes.

"Nari, did you see something? You have to tell us" He insisted. Nari teared up, a soft whine leaving her lips.

"I-Is N-Nari g-going t-to j-jail?" she asked, sobs breaking her speech. At this, Detective Lee made his way from the wall to her bed

"Of course you won't go to jail, Nari. Jail is only for criminals and you are not one, are you?" Detective Lee put a reassuring hand on her hair, ruffling it lightly.

"B-but N-ari g-got out of-f b-bed-d a-at n-night" she confessed, weeping into her clenched fists. "A-and-d Eo-m-m-mma s-said t-that b-ba-bad-d p-pu-pups d-do thaaat!" bawled Nari. She didn't want to go to jail!

"Ah, Nari, I'm sure you had a good reason to be up late at night, you seem like a good pup," Mr. Kwon told her, poking her tummy jokingly. “Why did you get up?"

"N-nari needed to p-pee" she said sniffling some more after answering.

"You see? that's a very good reason to be up" Detective Lee said, "Even good pups need to go to the bathroom"

Nari looked at the man, hopeful at his positive answer.

"S-So N-Na-nari w-won't go to j-jail?" she asked, just to be sure.

"Of course not" affirmed the man " so now you can tell us, what did you see last night?”

"Mr. Nice Monster you said?" asked an incredulous voice, the sound of paper resonating in the office after the report was thrown harshly onto the desk.

"Yes ma'am, that's what the girl said" affirmed Detective Lee, nervous at his boss angry visage.

Said angry woman directed her gaze to the other newcomer, Mr. Kwon, who was looking at her with a dispassionate expression.

"Don't you have something to say, Mr. Kwon?" she spat at the man" Are you not an expert in dealing with children? Is this "Mr. Nice Monster" the best you could get me?!"

Mr. Kwon just raised an unimpressed eyebrow to the raging woman, not even bothered by her insulting words.

"Don't try to put the blame of your "impressive" advance on this case on others, Inspector Kim" the sarcastic tone used didn't pass unnoticed by the others in the room, making the already furious female even more so" I will let you know that Kang Nari told us a lot of information, even if it is not the clearest"

"Oh so now telling us that she saw a nice monster is going to help us solve the case?" asked Inspector Kim with an ironic tone.

"It has certainly given you more information on the people responsible for the crimes," Mr. Kwon told her in a condescending tone" more than yesterday and certainly more than whatever you have managed to get until now”

Seeing her boss reddening face, Detective Lee intervened before the woman could begin her ranting anew.

"Inspector Kim, why don't we let Mr. Kwon explain himself. At this point, anything could be useful in capturing the culprits" the man was terribly nervous, his boss was a formidable woman. An Alpha with 20 years of experience in the field. You definitely didn't want to mess with her, not when she was in this kind of mood.

The woman pursed her lips, a displeased frown marring her already hard factions. She nodded brusquely at Mr. Kwon, ordering him to continue.

"Until now, the only thing you had on the culprits is that. They are more than one, not even a specific number. They didn't leave any kind of print beyond generic foot-prints. No DNA, no remaining pheromones, nothing to know whether they are male or female, alphas, betas or omegas"

"I already know all of this," exclaimed the woman impatiently, making the man bristle in anger at the interruption. Detective Lee winced. His boss was at the end of her patience. Not a good thing.

"As I was saying, Kang Nari's declaration has given us more clues about at least one of them.

The girl obviously didn't lie. She didn’t show any signs of doing so and neither did she had a motive to do so once we told her she wasn’t going to jail" seeing he had Inspector Kim reluctant attention, he continued." Yes, you are right and "Mr. Nice Monster" is not the best lead, but she told us a lot of what she saw in this monster"

"She told us this monster was very tall, and when asked more thoroughly she said it was taller than her father, but didn’t have problems crossing the door."

At this Detective Lee continued, "We now know that Kang Yeonsu's height is 172 centimeters and the forensic team reported that her room’s door is 2 meters tall so that places the "monster" in that range of height"

Not waiting for Inspector Kim's response, Mr. Kwon continued:

"Then we can add the fact that the girl referred to a mister nice-monster and would have noticed if this monster had breasts, that gives us another crucial fact, one of them is a male. Unless, of course, they bound their chest, but that is unlikely”

"This report says she described the intruder as having a "bunny-head" what can be said about it?" asked Inspector Kim, already calmer, having taken seat back on her chair and going back to reading the report.

"Ah, yes, we suppose it refers to a rabbit mask, to hide his identity," explained Detective Lee. Inspector Kim glared at the man, making him flinch slightly.

"I know the use of masks, Lee. Thank you. Continue, Kwon"

"The mask could be part of a cult, but nothing about the scenes shows traces of ritualistic behavior. It could also belong to a gang but, once again, nothing indicates such things,” explained Mr. Kwon, looking sideways in pity to the other man.

Mr. Kwon cleared his throat before continuing, “The girl didn't mention any kind of body shape beyond big and tall, which could be attributed only to her perception, but it also eliminates suspects that are overweight or even underweight, as the girl would have found that curious and as such, mentioned it.

She also referred to the “nice smell” the monster released, making her sleepy and relaxed”.

At this Inspector Kim looked up from the report to look a Mr. Kwon, interested in the next part.

“She mentioned the lack of similitudes to her parents’ scents helping us to confirm their origin. Both her father and mother were a beta and omega, respectively”

“So it tells us that one of them is a male alpha,” sighed the woman, rubbing tiredly on her brow "We have something, at least" she conceded, grudgingly. She didn't want to see that man's smug smile. "Did the girl mention anything else of use? This still leaves us with more than half of South Korea’s population as suspects”

"Only that the “monster” sang to her and made her promise to scream if she ever saw another monster," said Mr. Kwon with a wry smile. Inspector Kim snorted at that.

"So we really have a nice monster at our hands uh?" asked Inspector Kim, looking disturbingly amused by the bizarre situation.

"A really nice monster that is related to multiple accounts of murder, not counting the brutal beating that took the life of Kang Yeonsu and Kang Soojin and the slit throat of Kang Jinwoo"

"Kang Nari was certainly enamored by him. He promised her she would never get bullied again by her brother”

Closing the door behind him, a man now identified as Mr. Nice Monster, made his way down the stairs at the end of the corridor, a lone figure waiting for him at the end of them.

"What took you so long?" asked the annoyed voice of another male.

Mr. Nice Monster laughed, jumping the last two steps of the stairs.

"A big and strong pup named Nari was out of her bed. I needed to put her to sleep before we could continue. You know how important sleep is for pups"

The annoyed countenance of the other disappeared. Shoulders dropping a little, the male got closer to the nice monster, hands taking away the rabbit mask then going around his neck.

The nice monster embraced him, bending so he could put his face on the shorter male's neck, inhaling his sweet smell, hands going to the other’s waist and fingers digging roughly into his hips.

The deep chocolatey scent of an Alpha and the citrusy-sweet fragrance of an Omega, intermingling thanks to their close contact.

"She called me Mr. Nice Monster," he muttered, face still buried in the other's neck. The Omega laughed quietly, fingers treading delicately in the Alpha's hair.

"What a funny pup” the taller man’s shoulders shook in repressed laughter at the omega’s words.

“She was cute though, a sassy little omega”

Taking a step back from the comfort of the embrace, the alpha looked deep in the eyes of the omega. Removing the cat mask on the other's face, he took his face between his hands, fingers pressing into his jaw.

Getting their faces closer, lips barely brushing, the Alpha whispered, "Just like another one I know" closing the distance separating them, they kissed messily, mouths opening instantly. Their tongues battled harshly, teeth clinking, neither of them willing to submit to the other.

Separating their lips again, a thread of saliva still connecting them, the omega laughed breathily, rubbing his face on the alpha's shoulder.

Their scenting session was abruptly interrupted by the annoying sound of an alarm.

“We should begin,” said the omega, turning off the alarm on his watch “Everything is ready”

The taller man simply nodded, separating completely from the other. Fixing the masks on their faces once again, the two males went through the archway that connected the entryway to the living room.

They had business to attend.


...Only big and strong pups like sweet Nari get to know Mr. Nice Monster.


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In terms of childhood, he had a wonderful one.

He grew up in a little cozy house, situated among many other houses just as comely. His bedroom was filled with toys and drawings, always in perfect order because he hated messes, making his Papa's life certainly easier.

He was nice to his elderly neighbors, all of them mostly old people who loved to dote on the only pup that lived in the street. Always let them pinch his cheeks and ruffle his meticulously brushed hair even though he hated being untidy.

He never made fusses about eating because he absolutely loved anything his Papa cooked. He didn't care that sometimes he got awful stomach-aches after eating, because Papa was always there for him, smiling lovingly, tucking him into bed, taking care of him, and giving all his attention to him.

Sometimes, he liked being sick more than he liked being okay. Whenever he was sick, Papa took time away from work just to take care of him all day at home. At times, he believed that his Papa knew this because he always gave him a magic soup that made his stomach clench in pain, then they could both stay in bed all day, hugging and watching his favorite cartoons.

However, there was another reason for him to prefer to stay at home sick.

He hated school.

It wasn't that he hated learning, because, honestly, he loved going to class and learn new things. He adored the way everything took a new meaning after the teacher explained it. How raining wasn't just water falling from the sky, how birds flew, why there were summer and winter, everything.

So no, it wasn't learning that made him hate school.

It was his classmates.

He hated them, hated them as much as a child could hate something or someone.

They constantly made fun of him, from how he looked, to how he acted. His very existence seemed like a joke to them.

Whoever said that children couldn’t be cruel was ignorant in the ways life worked.

Children were the cruelest because they truly don't care about you. In their little infantile minds, there are only them and their desires, their needs. Their vision of right and wrong.

They didn’t need complicated words or insults to make you feel inferior to them. They could hurt with words neither them nor you could understand, as long as they make them sound hurtful enough.

They hurt you without even meaning to. To them speaking their minds wasn't hurtful to others.

They only needed to laugh about you once, and all the class would follow them. They could isolate you completely with only a few, well placed, words.

That's what they did to him.

He was supposedly an alpha, but he didn't act like one, didn't look like one or even smell like one.

He was too quiet, too shy, too small, too submissive, never standing up for himself.

As a child, he could only open up with people he felt secure with. Sadly, that group consisted only of his beloved Papa and his elderly neighbors.

He was short and tiny, too much of a sickly pup.

His Papa always said he looked cuter, that being smaller meant he could fit longer into his Papa's lap. He was happy about that. He loved Papa with all his heart and he never wanted to be away from him.

Since he was a clingy child, he adored having anything of his Papa when he wasn't physically close to him. So before he even thought of leaving his house for school, he made sure that Papa scented him completely, so he could have his wonderfully sweet scent sticking to him all day until he could have his Papa close again.

Therefore, he became the freaky alpha boy that looked and smelled like an omega.

They never lost a chance to remember him how freaky he was. How ugly.

It only took one of his classmates making a comment about his frontal teeth to be known as rabbit-boy. It wasn't like Papa's sweet nicknames like little bunny or baby bun. Those made him warm inside, made him feel loved. Rabbit-boy made him feel ugly, unable to speak, afraid of his teeth being seen.

They laughed at his nose, how big it was: Can't you smell how much of a loser you are with that huge nose, rabbit-boy? Rabbits are supposed to have big ears, not big noses, even for that you’re a freak

None of that helped his already shy demeanor. He was too timid to speak loudly, so people always made him repeat himself, which only made him more nervous, making him stutter his words.

He was then the s-stuttering rabbit-boy with the big nose, the freaky alpha that was too much like an omega.

He didn't have friends as nobody wanted to be friends with the freak. He learned that lesson quickly when he finally mustered up enough courage to ask to be included in tag. The girl made her rejection clear with a loud - UGH! Freaky rabbit-boy talked to me! Run!

He never made the same mistake again.

So no, he didn't enjoy school, no matter how much he loved learning.

He preferred to stay at home with his Papa, never leaving his loving arms and sweet smiles. Didn't need anything else in life but his beautiful Papa, who always told him he didn't need anything but him, made him promise to never leave.

"You would never leave, would you, Jeonggukie ? You are everything I have, my sweet baby bun. Do you promise Papa you will never leave? He loves you too much."

He would NEVER leave his Papa.

He didn't need school.

Didn't need friends. Toys. Drawings. TV.

He just needed his Papa's love and Papa only needed his.

Everything was perfect.

Jeongguk had a perfect life.

Then Sohee came, and it wasn’t just Jeongguk and Papa.

It was Papa, Sohee and Jeongguk.


Sohee came as a surprise to Jeongguk.

One day, Papa just told him they were going out to meet someone special. At first, Sohee was nice. She didn't say anything mean to Jeongguk. Always listened when he talked about his drawings, about his favorite cartoons and superheroes.

He didn't like her scent very much. It was too strong, the aroma of lavender overpowering every other scent around. Nevertheless, Jeongguk didn't let it bother him too much, because Papa was happy with Sohee.

Papa's happiness meant everything to Jeongguk.

And maybe Sohee was going away too, as Mother did before her.

Afterward, it would be just Papa and Jeonggukie again.

When Papa's special time came, and Jeongguk left for his neighbor's house for a week as he always did, he thought nothing of it. Although he was unhappy about leaving his Papa alone for a week, he liked coming back home to his Papa’s hugs. They were always tighter, his scent so much stronger, filling all the house, and Jeongguk adored it.

Despite all of that, when Jeongguk's time to go back home came, nothing was the same.

Instead of his Papa’s sweet honey and almonds scent welcoming him back, the strong, overpowering stench of lavender and sweat filled his nostrils. When he looked up his Papa was beaming at him, a horrible bite mark marring his neck.

That's how Jeongguk knew Sohee would never leave.

She and Papa had mated. She had tainted his Papa forever.

He wanted to be positive; maybe it wasn't so much of a tragedy. Maybe now he would have a Mama that loved him as much as Papa did. A nice alpha parent that would protect him from bullies, teach him how to swim or take him out on weekends to bond, alpha parent to alpha child.

Sadly, that never happened.

It began discreetly with commentaries:

"You have to stop babying him, Donghan. He's 11 years-old already"

"Raise your head, for god's sake. Start acting like the alpha you are supposed to be"

You should stop scenting him so much, Donghan. That's why the children make fun of him. He smells like a goddamned omega".




The worst of all was that Papa listened. He stopped cuddling him and didn't let him sit on his lap anymore. Whenever he was feeling sick and tried telling his Papa, Sohee quickly interrupted, distracting Papa with kisses and caresses, sending him to school even though he was truly sick.

Then came her meddling.

Sohee convinced his Papa that he needed to get out, so he could "begin growing up like a proper alpha". Therefore, he was forced to go and learn how to play baseball. He hated it, hated the dust, the sweat, his teammates, his coach. Now he could add Weak-arms Jeon to the list of nicknames he had been given.

Sohee never became the mother Jeongguk thought she could be. She never wanted to, and she made it very clear after she began living with them.

"You will call me Alpha.  I'm not your fucking mother and I will never be. Any pup I sire will never be as pathetic as you are"

Obviously, Papa never knew about that particular conversation and Jeongguk didn't even try to tell him. He knew Sohee would twist in a way she would look good and Jeongguk bad.

Papa didn't need his love anymore, he had Sohee's.

She made him stop working because Papa didn't need to work now that a true alpha lived in the house. Papa was happy, he could dedicate his full time to take care of the house, made it as lovely as he had always dreamed. Something he couldn't do when he was taking care of Jeongguk.

Lastly came Dohee.

The last nail in the coffin of Jeongguk's happy childhood.

When Papa began putting on weight, Jeongguk never considered it anything else than his Papa getting fatter.

However, it wasn't just that.

Papa was pregnant. He was having another baby, Sohee's baby.

His scent changed even further, becoming milky over the honey and lavender. He hated it.

Jeongguk hated how his Papa smelled. Hated how he talked to his belly; sweetly like how he used to talk to him before Sohee came to their lives. Hated how he never hugged him anymore, too busy fussing over the baby inside him, worried that they could "crush" it. He certainly wasn't worried when Sohee clung to him, sometimes sitting on his lap and scenting him for hours.

When Dohee was born, she was the perfect baby, pretty, with a strong flowery scent. Too much like her.

"She is an alpha," said Sohee, looking proud at the baby that lay sleeping in the bassinet beside his Papa’s bed.

Everything had changed too much.

The pregnancy made his Papa more distant, but it was the baby who took him away definitely. did not take Papa away.

The truth was that they sent Jeongguk away.

There wasn’t any space for Jeongguk in Papa, Sohee and Dohee’s world.

One day, six months after Dohee was born, Papa went to his room and sat beside him on the bed. His haggard appearance braking Jeongguk’s heart. He was always tired because Dohee never stopped screaming and crying, always demanding his attention, just like her stupid mother – Sohee said it was because she was showing everybody who was in charge, her perfect little alpha

 What a load of fucking crap.

Instead of mentioning his appearance, Jeongguk simply buried his face on his chest, hugging him tightly, and inhaling his sweet lovely aroma –tainted. tainted. Tainted. ruined -. He missed this so much, just him and his Papa, enjoying each other’s company, his loving hands running through his dark hair.

“I talked with your mother, Jeongguk,” he said, breaking the comfortable silence and hug. Jeongguk looked up, shocked at his Papa’s words.

He talked with mother? Truly?

Papa continued talking, voice weary “Sohee and I have been worried about your future, Jeongguk” He wanted to snort at that – what a joke. Sohee caring about him – but refrained, knowing it would make his Papa unhappy “And we decided,” She decided “that it would be better for you if went to live with your mother in Seoul.

Your sister needs me too much and your mother needs to finally take responsibility”


Jeongguk felt like he was choking, his chest constricting horribly.

It COULDN’T be real.

No. nononononoononooononononono

His Papa was abandoning him.

He was sending him to Seoul to a mother he could barely remember

His limbs felt like lead, he couldn’t breathe

why, why, why, why. WhY?

Why Papa?!

help me, please make it stop

However, Papa didn’t help, he didn’t even notice. Because Dohee was crying and there was nothing more important than her baby girl now.

Shut up. Shut up. SHUT. UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP

“We will pack your thing during the week and I will take you to Seoul in train this Saturday,” he said walking towards the door, not looking back at Jeongguk and closing it behind him, Dohee’s cries muted.

Truly, the last fucking Nail.

Chapter Text

His father – not Papa, not anymore, not ever again – took him to Seoul in train, just as promised.

The journey was silent from Jeongguk’s part, still in shock over his new living arrangements. His father, however, spent all the train ride speaking to Sohee over the phone, asking about Dohee and how she was faring not being with her beloved Papa.

For the first time in his life, Jeongguk hated his father as much as he had hated his classmates, Sohee and his mother. 

He could not understand how his father had abandoned him like that when Jeongguk stood lovingly by his side since he had memory.

He hated knowing that now that his father had a mate and a daughter he didn’t need Jeongguk anymore to fill his life.

Jeongguk felt stupid for believing all the lies sprouting from his father’s mouth, for thinking that someone truly loved him, him, the freaky rabbit-boy. He should have been smarter. His intelligence was one of the few things that made him proud of himself.

They arrived at Seoul before noon and his father didn’t waste any time in taking his suitcases – all his life packed in two miserable suitcases – and getting off the train.

They walked to the waiting area in the station, where his mother was waiting for them, sitting delicately on one of the plastic chairs, her legs crossed elegantly, as if she had no worries in the world, completely out of place among the rushing people.

She was an intimidating woman, very tall, as tall as his father was, even, her slender body dressed in obviously expensive clothes. Jeongguk looked a lot like her. They had the same dark hair, the same big brown eyes, even the same nose, which looked ridiculous on his face but sophisticated on hers; the same thin lips, with the stupid mole under them.

She was completely different from Sohee, who was short and voluptuous. Even their scents differed. Although both of them had the characteristic rich aroma of an alpha, Sohee’s was lavender, wild and natural, whereas his mother’s was a surprisingly warming mix of coffee and spices, incongruous with such a cold woman.

Her name was Jeon Junghwa and, as much as he wanted to deny it, she was his mother.

Jeongguk didn’t remember much about her, only what his father had told him the few times he dared to ask for her. He tended to avoid mentioning her because his father always got into horrible moods when they talked about her, his sweet scent souring unpleasantly.

His memories weren’t very heartwarming either, most of them consisting of unending discussions, screams and breaking things. His mother never involved herself with him when he was an infant, always busy with work. She didn’t time to waste with a needy omega and sickly pup.

The last time he saw her, she was walking out of their house with several suitcases, voice cold when facing his father’s tears.

“I’m sick of you, Donghan, you are fucking crazy” spat the woman looking with contempt at the broken omega“ I’m sick of your goddamned jealousy, your scandals at my office, your scenes of victimized omega. I’m getting out of here, you cannot even raise a pup correctly. Look at him! He is always sick, weak, what use do you have if you cannot even take care of your son?

He was 6 years old when his mother left but he would never forget her hurtful words or the broken expression on his father’s face, who watched heartbroken how his mate abandoned them. Less than a week after she left, the mark on his father’s neck had disappeared completely, marking the definitive end of their relationship.

He had resented her cruel attitude for years, her cold looks and indifferent responses. She never showed any interest in Jeongguk’s life and when she did it was only to criticize everything that was wrong with him. He wasn’t hurt by her leaving, but by his father's broken heart.

With the years passing, his father’s sadness became bitter resentment, which he made sure to feed to Jeongguk, transforming his resentment in hate and the hate in fear. Because his mother had become a monster in his eyes, his father’s words making sure of that.

She was a bad mate, Jeonggukie, so cruel whispered his father while hugging him “she was always mad at me, Ggukie, her yells hurt me so much. S-she h-hit m-me”

“I never wanted you to see, but she h-hit me so many times, my little bun” he sobbed, crying in his hair “Only you kept me fighting”

“She cheated on me with the whores at her office, Jeongguk, I know she did, I could smell it, the cheap perfume and lust of the other omegas on her clothes. She never wanted to admit it but I knew it”

The fear his father had instilled in him only made his resentment grow.

Why did his father send him with that woman? Did he not remember all she had done to them?

It wasn’t until they were a few steps from her that she looked up from her phone. Rising an eyebrow, she looked at his father from head to toe, a mocking smile on her face.

As much as his father had tried to straighten himself for the impending reunion with his mother – in a futile attempt to show her that his life was better without her, supposed Jeongguk – he couldn’t get rid of the bags under his eyes, not even with the concealer he hastily put on in the train. His clothes were untidy, stained with Dohee’s drool, who had gotten him dirty just before boarding the train, not giving him time to change.

With his face red from humiliation, his father quickly put his bags in front of her, with no intention of greeting her.

“Aren’t you going to say hello, Donghan-ah?” asked the woman in a mocking tone “So you are the same old omega, all bark and no bite” no deigning to wait for a response from his mortified father, she looked at Jeongguk.

“I see you already left your stain on the poor boy” she commented, frowning in disapproval. Jeongguk shivered under her penetrating gaze, intimidated “Stand up straight, boy! You are an alpha, act like it. Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you!

Jeongguk obeyed immediately, straightening and looking at the woman directly in the eyes. However, he couldn’t hold her gaze, that seemed to want to burn him alive. Looking down to the floor, shoulders shrunk with shame, he could hear the snort leaving his mother’s lips.

“God, you have no remedy. But what could I have expected from something raised by you, Donghan” even though the remark was meant to humiliate his father, Jeongguk still felt the shame coursing through his body.

“Are you finally taking responsibility, Junghwa?” asked his father, deciding to ignore the woman’s cruel commentaries, who only laughed, amused.

“You are the one who refused to receive support, Donghan, if I remember correctly you told me that you didn’t want me or my dirty money close to your son,” said the amused alpha “I take responsibility for my mistakes, don’t I? I married you after all”

He felt how his father tensed beside him at the heartless words, but he didn’t have time to reply to her before the woman continued “And now you are the one who wants to leave him with me, did you get bored? Or your new alpha didn’t want the leftovers from your past? We will see how long she lasts with you, we both know very well how you truly are, Donghan-ah”

To Jeongguk it was more than clear that the memories from his mother weren’t all exaggeration from his childish mind.

Without waiting for an answer from omega, the woman simply put her phone in the pocket of her long black coat, apparently bored with the “conversation”. Turning to Jeongguk, she told him:

“Well, I don’t want to keep wasting my time here. Take your things and let’s go” then, without even glancing at his father, she turned around and walked to the exit. Jeongguk just watched her leave, surprised by her abrupt departure.

“What are you waiting for, Jeongguk” asked his father, voice tight. It seemed he still didn’t recover from his mother’s attacks “Don’t think she will wait for you”

“Papa…I…” began Jeongguk, unsure of how to say goodbye to his father. However, he was roughly interrupted.

“Just leave already, Jeongguk, I want to take the next train to Busan to get home sooner,” said the man in a monotone voice “Take care”

And without saying anything else, Lee Donghan, his father, who once was Jeon Donghan, his Papa, walked to the tickets office so he could head back to his perfect family, leaving Jeongguk alone in the platform.

With his mind blank and his heart broken, Jeongguk only took his heavy suitcases and made his way to where his mother had disappeared.



Just as his first impression had shown him, his mother was a cold and calculating woman. Everything she did and said had a purpose, meticulously prepared in her mind for maximum efficiency.

It didn’t take long for Jeongguk to realize that he would have preferred to stay in Busan with Sohee than be in Seoul with his mother.

As soon as they arrived at the apartment, which looked taken out of a design magazine, with giant windows and leather couches, his mother took him directly to what was supposed to be his bedroom. A completely sterile room, with white walls, white furniture, modern, yes, but lacking any kind of color or personality, nothing at all like his room at Busan.

Once inside, she made him put the suitcases on the bed, not to moving a finger to help when she saw him struggling with their weight, only frowning –she didn’t seem to have any other reaction when it came to her son -. When he finally managed to put the on the bed, she ordered him to open them. 

Seeing his things, Junghwa only sneered, taking one of his Iron-man t-shirts between two fingers, looking at it with contempt.

 “W-what d-do y-you mean?” asked Jeongguk, confused. He didn’t understand what was the problem with the shirt. His mother’s expression only twisted further, her calm scent taking an unpleasant acrid note.

“First of all” began the woman with an impassive voice “you will direct to me as Alpha or I won’t have trouble in educating you as your father clearly never did”

Horrified, Jeongguk nodded frantically, but that didn’t seem to satisfy his mother.

“Talk boy!”

“Y-yes A-alfa, b-but I don’t u-understand what y-you mean” stuttered an intimidated Jeongguk. The woman rolled her eyes, angry at her son’s attitude.

“Your father couldn’t even teach to speak properly” she blurted. Jeongguk shrunk himself, not knowing what to answer to her merciless remarks “I mean, what’s the meaning of this clothes, you are eleven already, about to turn twelve, and you still dress as a pre-scholar pup”

“You know what, don’t even bother in answering” and without saying anything else, she exited the room, leaving Jeongguk standing alone, not knowing what to do at her mother’s behavior. Not even Sohee had been so heartless to say those things, at least she hid her insults, as to not alert his father, but his mother obviously didn’t care about destroying Jeongguk’s almost inexistent self-confidence.

When she entered the room again, she carried a big trash bag in her hands.

“It’s about time someone teaches you how to be a proper alpha, boy, none of this superheroes shit” said Junghwa in a serious tone, beginning to take all of Jeongguk’s clothes that didn’t pass her criteria and throwing it inside the bag. At the end of her purge, his suitcase only had a pair of white socks, a couple of underwear, his jeans, and three white shirts, the trash bag full to the brim with the rejected clothes, that is, everything that had any kind of childish print.

Jeongguk could only watch as his mother threw away all his belongings, everything that he had left of what used to be his happy childhood. He couldn’t stop the tears from falling when she opened the second suitcase and, seeing all the toys, comics and drawing material, only closed it again with a look of disgust, taking it away with the trash bag.

“Put your things in the closet” ordered the woman “we will go shopping for a proper wardrobe in 30 minutes. I won’t let you shame me by dressing like a toddler” she said, walking off the room with everything that made Jeongguk, Jeongguk, leaving only the husk of the alpha son of Jeon Junghwa.



Jeongguk felt empty.

He had felt empty for so long he didn’t even remember feeling another way.

Five years.

He had been living with his mother for five years.

In the beginning, it had been terrible, and, truthfully, it still was complete torture.

His mother had enrolled him in a school for “high-class” alphas, a goddamned nest of teenaged alphas with intolerable superiority complexes. According to her, a son of hers should only study in a place worthy of his social status, without omegas hindering his growth and learning.

She had forced him to keep playing baseball, arguing that it would be a waste to change him to another sport when he would be bad at all of them and, at least, he already had some experience in baseball.

The bullies didn’t disappear, no, they only increased in number and cruelty, adding fists and kicks to the mockery, enjoying showing their superiority as alphas by torturing Jeongguk in a variety of manners. They destroyed his things, spat on his food, stole his clothes from the changing room. He was never at peace.

Well, at least Busan and Seoul do have something in common” thought a sarcastic Jeongguk.

His mother never did anything, obviously, saying that he should be able to deal with them alone, that she couldn’t be fighting all his fights for him – as if she had ever done something like that for him -, berating him every time he came home beaten and with his things broken. It came to a point where she refused to keep replacing his things, forcing Jeongguk to find a part-time job so he could be able to afford to buy new materials and keep studying.

Jeon Junghwa lived under the belief that everything in life should be obtained through hard work, and if you didn’t suffer then you didn’t push yourself hard enough. Her father, Jeongguk’s grandfather, was a poor alpha with a brilliant mind for business that fought with blood, sweat and tears to build the company over which his only daughter ruled. He had educated her under that doctrine and she was doing the same to Jeongguk. At least that was what his mother told him in one of her many lectures, where she never forgot to remind him how much of an embarrassment he was to the Jeon name.

His life was ruled by his mother’s iron fist, who molded him to become the “perfect heir” to the Jeon business, a construction company of such renown that more than half of Seoul's newest edifications were built under the company management.

However, no matter how much the alpha tried, Jeongguk never changed. No matter how strict his diet was, specialized to increase muscle mass, he never grew big and strong. No matter how brutal the training session his mother’s trainer put him under, his body never grew beyond a thin layer of muscle. It didn’t matter how much his mother hit his knuckles when he stuttered, he couldn’t stop himself, never grown accustomed to her intimidating presence.

Jeongguk still was thin, small and shy, still was the freaky rabbit-boy that looked like an omega – because he didn’t smell like one, not ever again.

Nothing in him changed, because even though he was already sixteen, almost seventeen years-old, Jeongguk still hadn’t presented, his chocolate and coffee scent maintaining the milky quality characteristic of pups. 

No one could understand why he still didn’t have his first rut. All the doctors ended up giving the same answer after dozens of different tests. There was nothing wrong with his body, no hormonal problems, no atrophies, no tumors, nothing, he was completely healthy, only his body showed no signs of reaching sexual maturity. While other alphas had their first ruts at fourteen, fifteen at the latest, he was almost seventeen and his body still hadn’t matured.

After their last visit to the medic, his mother had become very silent. Normally, she wasted no time in reminding him how pathetic he was, not even being able to mature like a normal alpha, however, this time she had stayed completely quiet, didn’t utter a single word on their way to the apartment and it wasn’t until they reached it that she reacted.

Raising her hand, she slapped Jeongguk so hard his face turned harshly to the side. Bewildered, he covered his face, beginning to taste the familiar tang of blood in his mouth. He could smell the fury in her mother’s scent, spices dominating over the coffee, making him choke in fear induced by the violent pheromones.

“Sometimes I believe you’re not my son” Junghwa said as if she hadn’t just slapped him “If you didn’t look so much like I do I would have never thought you were. You were born premature, a weak baby, the doctors didn’t even think you would last more than a couple of weeks”.

“Donghan” she sighed, with a tone that could be misunderstood for fondness if not for the grimace on her face “God, what a pathetic omega. The worst mistake in my life was getting in bed with him. I was so fucking drunk and that son of a bitch took advantage and got himself pregnant by a well-off alpha”

“The bitch was smart enough to go to my father first and not to me because I would have forced him to abort you before it was too late”

Jeongguk felt his eyes fill with tears, his sight getting misty. He had thought his mother’s words did not affect him anymore, but it seemed she always found new ways to prove him wrong, showing him how heartless she was. How little she cared about him.

“My father forced me to marry him, no, not only that but to mate him as well. No Jeon will be born a bastard, he said” rolling her eyes, she sat down on one of the couches while Jeongguk was still standing in the middle of the living room, listening to her “I still remember that day, how happy he looked. Can you believe he was happy to be marrying me? While all I could do was thinking about killing him and making it look like an accident”

“I had to put up with him all the fucking pregnancy. And when you were born, barely breathing, two months before the due date, all I could think about was how much I wished you died, or him, or both of you” she looked directly at Jeongguk’s eyes, expressing with her eyes how much she had wanted their death, and as always, he could only look down, unable to respond.

“When you actually managed to surpass the medics expectations and survived, I did the DNA test and surprise, surprise!” she said ironically “ you truly are my son. I always thought Donghan got pregnant by a no-name alpha, but no, he was actually on his heat and only used some scent maskers to cover it, searched for a rich alpha and BANG!” Junghwa began laughing loudly, a giant smile on her face, but her eyes were dead” pregnant by a Jeon, easy money in just one fuck”.

“I had to endure seven fucking years with him because my father would have never allowed a divorce, Jeons are loyal to dead” the alpha looked at her son a thin smile on her lips “And I was, did you know that, Jeonggukie? I bet your beloved Papa told you a lot of thig about me when I left, but believe me or not, I never cheated on him, no matter how much I wanted to”.

Seeing Jeongguk’s surprised expression she just laughed again “Ohhh. Did he tell you how I supposedly cheated on him? How I beat him?” she shook her head amused” I never did any of that, why would I?”

“Oh, believe me, I wanted to, see his fucking face bashed against the floor, banishing that stupid smile from his face…but I never did it, because that was what he wanted…

Suddenly furious, she threw a glass figure beside her to a wall “He wanted MY reactions, MY attention! He wanted me to know I would never get rid of him, so I did the complete opposite, ignoring him completely for seven years, he was nothing but dirt dirtying my shoes. That was his reward for marrying me”

Trying to calm herself, she began to card her fingers through her long black hair, taking deep breaths “Donghan lives for people’s attention cannot stand being ignored. Therefore, after our “wedding-night” I never touched him again, preferring to stay alone on my ruts than let him close so he could get pregnant again, even though I got sterilized after you were born and resulted to be an alpha. What a good decision” she snorted, looking him from head to toes.

“I forced him to spend his heats alone, or to suppress them, but I never had sex with him again. We slept on the same bed, but I never touched him no matter how much he tried. I never hit him either, because that would have shown him I felt something for him, even though it was only hate.

Regardless of how many tantrums he threw at my office, of how much he yelled at me, of how many things he threw at me, I never gave him a single reaction. I even learned how to close off the bond’s connection, so he felt nothing but emptiness from me.”

Her expression changed again from indifference to sadness, making Jeongguk dizzy with her sudden mood changes “The day my father died was supposed to be one of the saddest of my life yet…I was just happy to finally be free from your father, so I made my bags and left the next day”

“After a couple of months I was able to ask for a divorce, offering your father to pay for child support but he refused as if that changed the fact that he got pregnant to chain me to him”

A derisive snort left her lips “When he called to tell me he wanted you to live here I was frankly surprised. Then I discovered that some retarded alpha had mated with him I wanted to laugh. Your dear Papa changed you for a newer model, eh Jeonggukie? You were getting too old so a new mate and a new baby that needs him 24/7 was a must-do to the poor needy soul of Lee Donghan”

Standing up from her seat, she walked towards Jeongguk, stopping right in front of him“And then he sent me his leftovers, his used useless son, the shame of all the Jeon alphas”

She got closer to him, her face inches apart from his, her pungent scent filling his nostrils, making him flinch back “I’m tired of you, Jeonggukie, you’re a lost cause, nothing could make you an alpha worth of respect. Do whatever you want with the joke you call life as long as you don’t shame more than your mere existence does”

Jeongguk said nothing, couldn’t say anything, because he knew the moment he opened his mouth nothing but sobs would come out. So, for the first time in his life, he willingly followed one of his mother’s advice. 

Without saying anything, without letting a single tear fall, without moving a single muscle in his face, Jeongguk simply left the room.

He didn’t want her to know she won.

Because Jeon Junghwa won. She managed to break him completely.

And Jeongguk didn’t want her to have the pleasure of knowing that.



He could still smell the disgusting stench of triumph and pleasure coming from her.

Chapter Text


It was just another boring day in Jeongguk’s life when they met for the first time.


Normally, he stayed as late as he could at school, trying to avoid his mother’s presence to a maximum. She didn’t care as long as he maintained his good grades - the only thing that seemed to stop her from “cleaning” the taint in the Jeon family – and kept playing baseball.

Most days he truly stayed studying; not wanting to risk scoring anything less than 95% on a test. The one time he did, his mother only needed to give him a dark look of contempt for him to score 100% in the next test.

On other occasions, when he didn’t have exams, practice or work, he just wandered through Seoul’s streets until it was dark, walking wherever his feet and drifting thoughts would take him. Nobody took notice of him, an alpha with no presence, weak smell and body, most would mistake him as a beta – not an omega, not anymore -, and walk past him as if he didn’t exist. -He liked it that way - LiAr -

That day, knowing his mother was in Japan doing business, he would get to the apartment earlier and find peace in its emptiness, free of scathing remarks or disgusted looks and sneers, something he could rarely enjoy nowadays. He had even managed to change his shift at the store so he could finish his day sooner.

Sadly, his baseball coach had other plans and called for an emergency practice for the upcoming match next week. Jeongguk didn’t understand why he was called, he was only a reserve player after all – much to his mother shame, who even with all her contacts and favors couldn’t get anything better for her pathetic son –, but he also knew better than to skip it, knowing the coach would inform his mother, and she would not hesitate to make her displeasure known.

Therefore, after calling his boss to inform her of the change once again, Jeongguk was put through two hours of grueling training that left him with weak arms and shaking legs,

When he got to his workplace, the kind owner greeted him sweetly. Mrs. Hwang was an elderly woman who had the sweet smell of an omega; a sculptor that decided to open up an art store after her works didn’t produce enough profits.

His shift was very hectic, as people seemed to have found a new love for art, buying canvases and paints in bulk. Normally, Jeongguk avoided working at the register, preferring to work stocking up shelves or organizing the storage room, but the wave of costumers was so big Mrs. Hwang was unable to attend them all by herself, so he was forced to interact with client after moody client. After a while tending to register and stocking up produces, an exhausted Mrs. Hwang appeared, her face-lines deepened in worry, asking him to close up the store for her so she could go home earlier because her wife was sick.

“Please, Jeongguk-ssi, I asked the others but none of them had free time. It just for today and I’ll pay you extra hours” she begged, her sweet smell souring slightly, knowing his reticence to work alone with clients.

Jeongguk could only smile at her, agreeing to stay and make the inventory and close up the store, even if that meant staying two extra hours at work. He was truly unable to say no to the kind woman.

At least the number of clients had diminished considerably and he wouldn’t be forced to talk and smile to strangers.



It was dark when Jeongguk finally managed to close the store. Luckily, the rest of his shift had been slow and quiet, only a couple of parents buying material for forgetful pups at last minute, which helped to soothe his frayed nerves.

He took his things from the resting room and, after making sure everything was properly closed, he quickly began his walk to the closest metro station. He could have taken the bus, the stop only a street away, but it took more than 40 minutes to reach the apartment in Gangnam and he wanted to be at home as soon as possible. He was mentally and physically exhausted, his sore feet asking for a rest.

Walking through the dark streets, Jeongguk felt the heavy weight of his backpack embedding on his tired shoulders, the bag with his training clothes appeared to be filled with rocks. The only thing that seemingly wasn’t weighing his tired body down was the baseball bat held between the straps of his backpack.

He thought for a moment in calling a taxi, his body begging for it desperately, but only thinking about the cost of it was boosting his body with more energy. His mother only gave him money to move from school to work and from there to the apartment, not a single won more. She didn’t give him money for food either as she had the house filled with the things Jeongguk was allowed to eat.

If he wanted to buy extra things or give himself some luxury he had to cost it himself with his pocket money and though with the years his savings had grown exponentially, he didn’t want to spend it in an unnecessary luxury such as a taxi. It was better to save it for emergencies, such as all his things getting destroyed by his classmates –again.

On his way to the station, his mind began to wander, as it always did when walked at night. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Mrs. Hwang and her scatterbrained wife, an alpha that tended to suffer some kind of accident at least every week, be it stumbling over her own feet or taking the wrong bus and ending lost in the great Seoul. The woman was, most probably, the cause of all the gray hairs in Mrs. Hwang's head.

The elderly omega tended to be very maternal with Jeongguk, maybe seeing him as one of the pups that left her nest many years ago. She usually gifted him homemade sweets made by one of her daughters, who gave them to her constantly. Jeongguk had grown very fond of the woman and to say the truth, she was the only person that showed him any kind of affection nowadays – how sad was that? That his boss was the only human capable of showing him kindness.

Mrs. Hwang had given him the job even though he was young and inexperienced, not even counting the fact that he was cripplingly shy. To the day, Jeongguk was sure the woman gave him the job only out of pity, as one of his classmates had given him a nice purple eye that day. Still, he was grateful; the pay was decent, more than enough for his expenses, as his mother still paid for food and necessities. The working ambient was nice, his coworkers, though older than him, were polite, which was more than what he usually got. Despite all of this, what he loved the most about his job were the discounts Mrs. Hwang gave to all the employees, allowing Jeongguk to afford his art supplies, which he kept carefully hidden in a box in his closet.

Even though at the beginning his mother had thrown away all his pencils, sketching pads and drawings, she had allowed him to keep painting and drawing after the positive commentaries from his schoolteachers that continuously praised his artistic talent. Nevertheless, as Jeon Junghwa never does anything out of the goodness of her heart, Jeongguk quickly discovered that his mother only permitted one kind of art. The productive one, the kind that would be useful to the family business someday.

The woman had seen the talent in his son and as the businesswoman she was, took it as an opportunity to make the company grow from just providing the workforce to erect large buildings for other companies, to design and create them and then sell the space and increase their profit. She wouldn’t tolerate his son wasting time and resources painting stupid watercolors of landscapes. As such, she only financed the materials needed to draw and design buildings and modern structures. She bought him a myriad of things of the highest quality graphite pencils, sketching pads and dozens of different rulers, compasses and protractors – only the best for a Jeon, even one as useless as Jeongguk.

Jeongguk, so stupidly naïve, thought that if he bought his own things, he would still be able to paint whatever he wanted. His mother, as always, showed him how wrong he was when, at seeing his new box of pastel colors and his half-done painting, just took them both and without an ounce of remorse destroyed all the delicate pencils and slashed the canvas before throwing them to the trash.

If it doesn’t help the business, it’s useless, kid. When will you learn that?”

She had just destroyed the pencils for which he had saved more than three months. She had just thrown to the trash a hundred thousand won. Jeongguk had wanted to cry, rage and helplessness warring inside him, but knew that his punishment would be far worse if he did, so he kept quietlike always.

Now he knew better and hid carefully his things, took care of keeping his room pristine, knowing his mother’s sharp senses would discover him instantly if he wasn’t careful. The woman most probably would be able to smell Jeongguk’s fear and suspect something was wrong, so he only painted when she out of the country in business, such as this week.

Drawing was one of the few things where Jeongguk could be himself, allowing him to express all his repressed feelings and resentment, all his hate. It was more than obvious that his art went beyond a ‘little dark’.

He would be forever grateful to Mrs. Hwang for enabling him to express himself again, to motivate him to never leave art behind, because nobody had the right to stop him from showing his feelings.

Taking note of the sudden lack of noise surrounding him, Jeongguk looked swiftly around him, mind blanking when he realized he didn’t know where he was. It seemed like his mind had wanderer longer than he thought and ended at a poorly lightened neighborhood he had never seen in his life. He didn’t even know where the metro station was.

Looking carefully at where he was, he noticed with increasing fear that the number of people walking on the sidewalks had diminished to a terrifying zero and he was the only one visible. The buildings looked old and poorly maintained, paint peeling off and mold growing on them in big patches. The streetlights were flickering or not working at all, barely illuminating the creepy street.

It seemed like there was no open business or store near, everyone closed behind security bars, taking away the possibility of hiding away inside one while trying to orientate himself.

Deciding to risk it, he took out his phone, looking everywhere, making sure nobody was close to him. Opening the map app, he checked he was five streets away from the station and if he was quick, he could still catch one of the last trains.

Pocketing his phone after memorizing the way, Jeongguk began walking towards the station in haste, eyes shifting nervously from one place to another, almost as if waiting for an attack, feeling his heart beat loudly in his ears.

When he got to the crosswalk, the light was on red so Jeongguk kept his senses alert, in case something or someone got close to him while he waited for it to change. Suddenly, just as the light changed to green, he heard a scream followed by the sound of loudly clashing metal and the angry yells of a man.

Jeongguk felt his skin crawl, fear shooting through him like an arrow. He stood in the sidewalk, completely unmoving while his mind created a hundred different scenarios. He could still hear the screams and terribly familiar sound of skin hitting skin. Everything inside him begged him to run, run as fast as his tired legs allowed him and avoid at any cost get involved with the dealings of this kind of place.

The traffic light was red once again but the street was deserted, he could cross it anyway.

He was going to run.

Jeongguk was really going to run away from there, acting like the coward everybody believed him to be, the coward he truly was.

Then, when he was about to sprint the hell away from a possible murder scene, he felt it.

The distinctive smell of rotting fruit. An omega in distress, asking for help desperately with their scent.

Something inside him woke up. For the first time in his life, Jeongguk felt the alpha that was supposedly inside of him. His blood boiled, an unnatural rage rushing through him at thought of someone hurting an omega, a potential mate, someone to protect.

Changing his mind, Jeongguk quickly jogged towards the smell’s origin, a dark alleyway situated between two old buildings where a horrible scene awaited him.

 The big figure of man, barely visible over the badly illuminated alley, was hovering over a much smaller silhouette, kicking it roughly in the abdomen.

“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOU FUCKING WHORE?!” the male roared, ignorant to the new person watching the scene. “I fucking paid for you, you belong to me. You do as I fucking say!”

As if bored of kicking the figure on the ground, he crouched and turned them on their front, shoving their head roughly into the dirt. “I was going to be gentle with you, but it’s obviously more than a whore like you deserves” Holding the figure down with one arm, the man began unbuttoning his pants with the other, not caring about the struggling omega in his hold.

Seeing what was about to happen, Jeongguk shook himself out of his horror induced shock. Dropping his things, he shakily walked toward the pair, his previous courage leaving him slowly.

“H-Hey!” Jeongguk shouted, trying to stop his trembling voice “L-Leave the omega alone” Looking up from the body under him, the man settled his sight on Jeongguk.

“Mind your own business kid! Get the fuck out of here or after I deal with this slut you will be taking his place” the man didn’t look at Jeongguk again, going back to taking his pants off. The omega, who after Jeongguk’s intervention seemed to find renewed force to fight against the man’s hold, tried desperately to kick his way out. With an annoyed grunt, the man pressed the omega’s head against the ground harshly, forcing the omega to stop his struggling and emit a moan of pain

When the man got his pants out of the way, he quickly took his hard member out, using his newly freed hand to shove the tiny shorts the omega was wearing down his legs.

Cowed by the man’s threats and not knowing what to do, Jeongguk looked frantically around him, his eyes meeting the desperate but hopeless eyes of the omega who was about to be raped. Ashamed of his inability to help, Jeongguk’s eyes searched for someone or something that could assist him. Seeing a broken piece of brick at his right, close to an upturned trashcan, he quickly took it and threw it at the man’s head, landing with incredible precision on his temple.

He may be weak-arms Jeon but he certainly knew how to aim.

Shocked by the hit, the man let go of the omega, who didn’t miss the opportunity to free himself and crawl away from him.

“You…Lil’ shi…shit” he slurred, blood seeping from the wound. He stood up, member hanging limp from his open pants under his potbelly, blood dripping down his face and neck. The man started to tumble towards Jeongguk, his eyes slowly taking a red sheen.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

An alpha.

A goddamned alpha going feral.

“I’m gonna kill you, you pathetic piece of trash” the man’s voice seemed to take an animalistic note, getting closer and closer to Jeongguk, his dominating scent reaching his nose, making him gag. The disgusting stench of sweat and alcohol, mixed with the overwhelming scent of tobacco and leather, strengthened tenfold by the rage.

Knowing he was going to be easily overpowered by the alpha that probably doubled his weight, Jeongguk began walking backward, eyes trying to search for an outing while keeping the looming figure in check so it couldn’t surprise him. The man was still a little slow thanks to the hit in the head.

From the corner of his eye, a movement caught his attention. It was the omega, who was discreetly crawling his way out of the alleyway while Jeongguk distracted the enraged alpha.

Taking a second to inspect the other’s face, Jeongguk felt his chest tightening painfully at sight. One of the omega’s eyes was swollen shut, already an ugly mottled purple, the other one filled with blood, the white disappearing behind it. His nose had blood running out of it; dripping down to his plump bruised lips, the rest of his face was a patchwork of bruises and cuts. Jeongguk didn’t even want to think on his abdomen, which had received a mighty kicking before.

Distracted by the beaten face of the omega, he almost missed his lips moving. Not able to hear or understand anything thanks to other alpha’s angry ramblings, Jeongguk quickly followed the omega’s gaze, noticing it was directed towards his things, dropped carelessly at the alleyway’s entrance.

His eyes widened in shock. The bat!

How could he forget the bat?

However, before Jeongguk could even move toward his backpack, he felt the terribly familiar feeling of a fist colliding with his stomach. He had stopped looking out for the alpha, who seemed to have recovered his bearings and wanted to teach Jeongguk a lesson.

Falling to his knees due to the force of the hit, Jeongguk felt his stomach’s content coming back, gasps and gags shaking his body while he vomited. The alpha took him by his shirt and delivered another blow to his face.

“I told you to mind your own fucking business” he growled while beating Jeongguk’s face to a pulp, who could taste the blood filling his mouth, black spots appearing on his vision.

Why the hell had he confronted this goddamned alpha?! He should have known he was going to lose no matter what. It was a lost battle from the beginning. Why had he been so stupid?

His vision was blackening and he could barely perceive what was happening around him, not comprehending the obscenities the enraged alpha was throwing at him, who had gone from breaking his face to violently shaking him while yelling.

“…And that whore is going to pay after I’m done with you, little shit! I’m going to fuck every single one of his used holes until the bitch chokes with my cum!”

Hearing the alpha’s words, he remembered the broken expression on the abused omega. Jeongguk would not be surprised if he had run off, he would not blamed him either. It was his decision to get into this mess because, for the first time in his life, he felt the alpha inside of him roaring with life, all thanks to an omega that begged for help with his scent.

Jeongguk had wanted to know how he would smell without fear contaminating his scent, the different aspects that composed it, that were capable of waking the instincts he thought inexistent, to smell directly from the source, from that long delicate neck that was slowly getting dirty with his own blood. He wanted to see the face behind the bruises that marred it, to able to portrait each feature perfectly, without the swelling and bleeding hiding them.

Only seeing his plump lips filled Jeongguk’s mind with different ways to paint their beauty on a canvas, to imitate the red coloring blood gave them.

It was because of all that that Jeongguk, with his head spinning, grabbed the alpha’s member still hanging out of his pants and twisted it with all the strength he possessed.

 The shriek of pain the alpha let out was loud enough to pierce his eardrums, but even when the man dropped him, Jeongguk still didn’t let him go, sinking his nails on the flaccid flesh and contorting it violently. When the man fell to his knees in pain, trying to free himself from the hold, Jeongguk pushed him with all the weight of his body, making him fall completely to the ground and bending his penis even further.

With the alpha overwhelmed by pain, Jeongguk crawled towards his things, incapable of standing up without feeling like he was falling. Looking back at the man, he noted horrified that the alpha was getting up again, his penetrating scent becoming even more potent because of the rage consuming his senses.

Jeongguk could feel him getting closer and began to crawl faster, trying to reach the bat that seemed farther than ever while the alpha came closer and closer. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed his legs, pulling them roughly and knocking him down. Terrified, Jeongguk kicked and writhed, trying to free himself from the alpha’s hold, but it was impossible.

The alpha began to pull him towards him, feral growls coming from his throat, trying to tug his pants off while forcing him to lay face down. Never stopping his fight, Jeongguk felt the alpha win ground on his body as his legs grew tired. With a last effort, he managed to free one of his legs and kick him in the face, forcing the man to free him momentarily.

He didn’t hesitate for a moment, throwing his body towards his backpack, determined to reach the bat that could make the difference between being brutally raped and getting away relatively unscathed.

Just when he was about to grab the bat, a heavy weight knocked him down, crushing him against the ground. Jeongguk could not stop the sob of frustration. The alpha had his torso firmly secured and though his arms were free, there was nothing within his reach that could help him get free.

“Now you’re going to learn what a true alpha is, brat” grunted the alpha in his ear while trying to pull his pants down. Hopeless, Jeongguk closed his eyes, tears beginning to fall. He was tired.


While the alpha kept struggling with his belt and pants, Jeongguk felt something hard hit one of his hands. The bat?…What the hell?

Bewildered by the fact that the bat, which two seconds ago was at least a meter away, had magically reached his hand, Jeongguk lifted his head, his eyes meeting with the scared brown orbs of the omega.

Why was he still here?

Jeongguk couldn’t help keep staring at him, forgetting for a moment the alpha that apparently still couldn’t beat the belt that held his pants - he had never been more grateful for wearing one of the expensive leather belts his mother bought to him - . Watching closely the omega’s face, he saw how his lips moved, telling him something.

Narrowing his eyes, he doubted for moment before understanding.

Do it

“Do it” mouthed the omega, directing his lone bloodied eye from the bat to Jeongguk “Do It, Alpha

Do it, Alpha.



He was an alpha…

Jeongguk was supposed to be a fucking alpha and he wasn’t going to allow a drunkard shit rape him. Jeongguk wouldn’t allow that alpha to hurt the omega anymore.

Feeling how a new rush adrenaline consumed him; Jeongguk closed his hand on the cold wood of the bat. The man had loosened his grip on Jeongguk, thinking him completely submitted to his will, so Jeongguk took the opportunity to twist his body, taking the alpha by surprise.

With the bat held firmly in his fist, Jeongguk struck the alpha on the head, getting the man to release him. Not wasting a second, he stood up as fast as his body allowed him, without taking his eyes off the man that seemed immune to Jeongguk’s blows and kept recuperating.

He held the bat with both hands, doubtful of what to do. He knew the alpha wouldn’t stop until both Jeongguk and the omega were completely submitted to him. The man was drunk, stunned by the hits and feral, not the best combination.

Do it Alpha

Do it. Do it. Do it. DO IT.

Looking towards the omega, his beaten face, his small tired body held by one of the dirty walls. He only wanted to get to know that strong omega, who never, not even when he was about to be raped, shed a single tear. The omega capable of making him feel like a real alpha.

His expression turned serious, seeing Jeongguk’s hesitation,” Do it, Alpha” said the omega, revealing his voice for the first time, its softness making something inhuman twist inside of him at the order, something driving him to obey, to please, to make the omega happy.

So he did it.

Raising the bat, he let it fall violently against the alpha’s head, feeling a perverse pleasure at hearing the wood hitting flesh and bones.

He let it fall over and over, bashing the alpha’s head completely, the sound of his bones breaking creating a macabre symphony that sent shivers down his spine. The pleas of mercy from the fallen man falling into deaf ears.

Without being able to avoid it, he thought about how it would feel if the alpha on the ground, at his mercy, was his mother. The powerful and haughty Jeon Junghwa reduced to nothing more than a heap of bloody flesh, her brains painting a wonderful mess on the floor, choking on her own blood.

His rage was growing, consuming him, increasing the force behind his blows.

Head. Neck. Chest. Abdomen.

Remembering the brutal kicks the man inflicted on the omega, Jeongguk didn’t hesitate in giving him back as much of that pain as his arms allowed him, without skimping on kicks, taking special care in crushing and rubbing the sole of his boot in his crotch.

One hit, two hits, three, four, five, six, seveneightnineteneleventwelvethirteen, hit, hit, hit.

He could hear as the agonic screams decreased in intensity, blood gurgling grotesquely in his mouth, his nose mangled beyond recognition, bone, and cartilage crushed to nothing.

It was odd how much the head bled, with each blow more and more blood seemed to fly out in a curious rain that stained his arms and face. Jeongguk had never stopped to analyze the beautiful chaos it created.

Pure art.

Blood was nothing new to Jeongguk, his classmate made sure to make him bleed at least once a week, but…seeing it from the other side, how it danced on the air every time the wood hit flesh, painting everything it touched in shades of red…now he understood why his classmates enjoyed it so much.

It was magnificent. Would carmine or scarlet imitate the color better? Maybe some crimson red or ruby?…so many possibilities.

His arms were tiring, but he could not stop, did not want to stop. For the first time, he had the power. Pathetic Jeon Jeongguk had an alpha submitted to him.

Unexpectedly, an enchanting aroma reached his nose, completely covering the stench of blood. The scent was overwhelming, oranges and tangerines mixed with caramel, awaking a feeling in him not so different from what had driven him to hit the man. His muscles began relaxing involuntarily, his relentless attack on the alpha stopping abruptly.

A small hand rested on his shoulder and with it, the scent enveloped him even more, his racing heart and panting breath calming down. He let bat fall to the ground, the sound echoing in the now silent alley.

The omega’s hand began to slide softly down his arm and Jeongguk couldn’t stop himself from shuddering, the feeling and the scent wreaking havoc on his already overstimulated body.

“He’s dead, Alpha” the omega said, his soft voice sounding right in his ear while the hand sliding on his arm grasped Jeongguk’s hand firmly.

Turning his head, their eyes connected, the omega only a couple centimeters shorter. His visible eye shining strangely, a small smile adorning his bruised lips

Oddly enough, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. All that red…even more lovely.

“You…you’re beautiful”

Surprised by Jeongguk's bold declaration, the omega dropped his hand, blushing and looking away in embarrassment. Realizing what he said, Jeongguk felt his ears getting hot.

Looking down in shame, his sight stopped on the mangled face of the alpha, a wave of satisfaction invading him. He had finally confronted an alpha, one obviously stronger than he was, and managed to win, leaving him completely destroyed.

“Are you okay? That asshole got you pretty hard, I’m surprised you stayed conscious” asked the omega, voice worried while examining Jeongguk’s face, warmth filling him at his worry. It had been years since someone sounded that worried about him.

“I-I’m okay, d-don’t worry” he stuttered embarrassed “I’ve h-had worse enemies” he tried joking, smiling shyly at the omega.

The shorter male giggled, his visible eye closing up by his smile, which quickly changed into a grimace, one of his hands going to his side in pain. Remembering the omega’s wounds, Jeongguk became restless, worried about their seriousness. Motivated by the other’s kind attitude, he put a hand on his shoulder, his expression troubled.

“Are you okay though? Do you need to go to a hospital?”

 “No…please don’t worry, I’m fine” the omega comforted him, smiling softly “as you said, I’ve had worse”

Far from being comforted, Jeongguk’s worry only increased. Did he have wounds worse than these? He could barely breathe properly. Seeing his face, the omega began releasing his wonderful scent again, the caramel pronouncing over the citric notes, calming him notably.

“I’m fine, truly” assured the shorter male” I just need to rest a couple days and I’ll be better” seeing how Jeongguk was about to argue with him again, he quickly interrupted him. “I…I have to thank you…y’know, for helping me out. Nobody had ever done that”

Jeongguk felt his ears and cheeks reddening again at the shy words, a little embarrassed but still proud that someone as beautiful and with such a lovely scent as the omega was thanking him.

“I-I just d-did the right thing, anyone would have done it”

The omega shook his head vehemently “Nobody would have, I’m just a whore getting what he deserves”

“P-please, don’t say that” he begged, hurt by the harsh words. He hated how his scent lost its sweetness, souring unpleasantly with sadness.

Giving him a bitter smile, the omega only palmed the hand on his shoulder “It’s what I am, little alpha, it’s a truth I’ve accepted long ago” Jeongguk looked down at the nickname, not noticing any malice on the other’s voice but still embarrassed by it.

“Even so…nobody deserves to be treated that way” he repeated stubbornly. Sighing, the omega nodded, not wanting to argue with him.

“Well…Will you tell me your name, little alpha?”

“Eh? M-my n-name? I…” Jeongguk stuttered awkwardly, getting a laugh out of the omega, who waved a hand, unconcerned.

“You don’t have to tell me if…”

“NO!” Jeongguk interrupted sharply, wincing at the surprised expression of the omega “It’s nothing like that…sorry, my name is Jeon Jeongguk, a pleasure to meet you” he said, making a shy bow to the omega.

Smiling broadly, a little crooked tooth showing between his plump lips and his eye closing in an adorable line, the omega bowed back

“The pleasure is all mine, Jeon Jeongguk-ssi, my name is Park Jimin”


Park Jimin…


…A beautiful name for a beautiful omega…


Jeongguk had never been more grateful for getting out late.