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And Eve Offered Him a Choice

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"That's it," growls Ayako as she grips either arm of the chair and with all the strength she can muster, wobbles to her feet at last and adds, "I am not gonna stay a prisoner in my own fucking home!"

Her steps are shaky and uneven, but she manages to make it out the door of the bedroom she shared with her overly cautious husband, waddling down the dark corridor without an ounce of fear reflected in her bright green eyes as she passes servants and familiars alike, one of which scurries off to inform a certain someone that she has left her room. When she arrives at the topmost flight of stairs, though, Ayako finds reason to give pause and stares down the winding path with a rough swallow before looking down at her swollen belly with a weak glower, and she doesn't have a chance to take that first step when calloused hands latch onto her wrist and pull her backward gently.

"What do you think you're doing?" asks her husband, who's already puling her along the hallway and a safe distance from the stairway with a sigh, all too aware of how stubborn his Eve and wife can be at times and even more so now that she's with child, but when he looks down into her eyes he doesn't see that spark of defiance, just a longing for a little freedom and it tugs at his heart more than he cares to admit.

Ayako is all smiles as he scoops her into his arms and carries her down the stairs with the speed of a snail, calculating each step, Ayako muses, but regardless she can't stay annoyed with the bastard, and wraps an arm around his neck to support herself as she reaches up to kiss him on the cheek, grinning back at him when he looks down at her and she murmurs, "Thanks."