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My Glee Headcanons

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After the I Kissed A Girl Episode, Finn actually apologized to Santana for outing her. The one thing that always bugged me was that although it’s nice that he assured her that the glee club would always accept her, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE OUTED HER. So, this happened:

After Ryder revealed he was molested, this happened: then this happened:

Blaine is bisexual. When he tells Kurt again (post-wedding) he says, “This doesn’t change us. I’m still me. We’re still us. But you have to accept this part of me.” Kurt takes his hand and says, “Of course.” I might make a fanfic for this.

Brittany is autistic. Inspired by this:

Emma is demisexual, Kurt is gray-asexual, and Marley is asexual. This headcanon was inspired to me by Four Ace Faces by luvtheheaven. I don’t headcanon everything in the fic, but it was a good read, and did inspire some stuff for me.

One time after the season 5 graduation episode (literally any time after that) Santana made a small biphobic joke, and for once Brittany doesn’t ignore it. She yells at Santana for it, telling her that it makes her feel like crap. Again, I might make a fanfic about this.

Quinn doesn’t use labels regarding her sexuality.

The New Directions (from seasons 1-3) have had the same group chat for 10 years.

Tina is pansexual and nonbinary. She uses she/her and they/them pronouns.