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He'd caught you.

Even after the school's endless attempts to keep you as protected as possible. They'd upgraded every single security system they had, and even implemented new ones. And yet, he'd outsmarted them all.

And now, he has his prize. You.

It's always been you.

Why? No one really knew.

It didn't really matter. All that the world knew was that one of the strongest students in U.A was kidnapped.

And the captor was, of all people, Deku. Midoriya Izuku, Japan's most wanted criminal.

The door bursts open, and you jump up in shock. Well, as high as you can jump when you're strapped to a chair.

He says nothing as he walks over to you. Continues to say nothing as he gingerly draws patters into the back of your hand. He doesn't open his mouth as he caresses your cheek, nor when he gently rests his forehead against yours, minding the big gash you got when he hit you to knock you out.

"I love you," ah, he speaks.
You'd expected him to say something along those lines, but you had to admit his straightforwardness startled you.

"I want you to know that I love you very much." He smiles, and your heart simply shatters.

Because that right there, it was that big toothy grin that only Izuku could pull off. The one that you'd always considered adorable because it looked so big and bright on that small, plain face of his. It seemed so natural all those years ago, so why-

-Why did it look so out of place now?

What changed, apart from the fact that he'd lost his mind? Where did Izuku go? Was Deku all that was left?

That couldn't be it. Because that grin, gosh, that grin. It was too similar to Izuku's to be Deku's.

But then he opened his eyes, and you saw Deku. His emerald green eyes were now dark with insanity, the exact opposite of the way they shone with kindness all those years ago.

"D-De-" "Don't call me that!" He cut you off with a shout, eyes glinting in danger.

"I-I mean you can, if you want to. But hearing you call me by my real name would be…" He pauses to sigh lovingly. "…Perfect." 

You were positive he purred at that.

You gulped, your throat parched and uncomfortable.

Apparently, he took notice. "Oh! You must be thirsty, and hungry too! I'll go get you something nice."

He leaves the room, and you try your best not to cry.


He returns not long after, two plates of delicious looking food in his hands. You had forgotten he was an amazing cook, trained by his mother after his hopes and dreams crashed and burned like the food on the stove.

Your mind takes you back to your shared past and your heart aches.

A cold touch on your cheek pulls you back to reality.

Deku is standing in front of you, looking down at you with a happy Izuku esque smile and — for the first time since you'd seen the villain — a pair of matching joyful eyes.

It made you heart crack that little bit more.

"Eat up, sweetheart."

Another crack.

You do as he says.


"Why aren't you talking? Am I just that boring?" Izuku — yes, it's Izuku this time — pouts, and you frown.

"No, but-"

"Is there another?" He asks, cutting you off again. You had to admit it was getting kind of annoying, but whatever.


"Is there someone else? Do you love someone like I love you?" He says, and your cracked heart stops.

Did you? You weren't sure.

You'd had many crushes in middle school. You were a growing girl after all. But in U.A, you couldn't remember falling for anyone. Or at the very least, to the extent Izuku did for you.

"No…?" You say, but it sounds more like a question. He notices.

"Why do you sound unsure?" He stands up in a flash, and Deku is back. His grip on your shoulder is tight, and you can't remember how to breathe.

"Are you lying to me?" He sounds scary, looks scary.

But then, he breaks.

Tears roll down his face and he lets out an anguished cry.

You can only stare at him in shock and confusion. What was with this reaction?

"It's been years!" He yells. "I've loved you for years!"

He caresses your cheek, so cold compared to the warm touch he used to have.

Then, in a flash, Izuku is back. The crybaby boy that was always pushed that much further each day. 

Your heart felt more pain when you realised that Deku was Izuku. Deku was Izuku pushed too far. Deku was Izuku but hardened to block out the negativity the world radiated.

And so you let the tears fall. They rolled down your cheeks silently, mixing with his.

You cried for him, because Deku- no, Izuku was just a boy. A kid your age. A kid that had only one support rock left in his life to lean on and-

And it was you. And you left.

You left because you thought he was strong enough. You should've known better. You should've done more.

Maybe then, the person standing in front of you right now wouldn't be Deku the villain, but Deku the hero.

Maybe in another life, in another universe where you actually cared enough back then, you two got into U.A together by some miracle.

And so you cried for Deku because he was Izuku. And you cried for Izuku because he was your best friend. And you cried for your best friend because you loved him.

And so you cried for Deku because after all these years, his waiting paid off and you loved him too.

But he couldn't know that.