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Pictures Worth A Thousand (Laughs) Words

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                                                                                             Pictures worth a thousand (laughs) words

Midoriya felt like he was in a nightmare

Scratch that he knew he was in a nightmare. Any other horrors he’s had to deal with in or out of consciousness he’s had some level of control of the situation; he could always do something.

All his power was robbed of him here. 

“And here’s Izuku in his All Might onesie,” Inko gushed showing Y/N the millionth baby picture she had of him, completely ignoring her son’s horrified expression and blissfully unaware she was giving his crush an arsenal of lifetime teasing in the form of 10 plus years of 2x3 polarized childhood shame.

“Again?” Y/N giggled. The sound that usually makes him feel like he could fly now makes him wish he was 20ft under. Every photo his mother shared brought up another round of giggles, squealing, and at least one, “AWWW!” each adding another foot to his grave. “Isn’t that like the 30th picture you have of him wearing the same onesie?”

“27th,” Inko corrected, “but I couldn’t help it he looked so cute in it, and he absolutely refused to wear anything else! It was either All Might or nothing at all! Besides, how could I say no to this face?” His mother simpered, holding up a picture of Izuku wearing his All Might onesie  and doing his all time favorite idol’s signature pose. Her face was a glowing beacon of motherly pride whilst her son’s face, which he was hiding from the girls’ view in his arms, was just a red glowing beacon.

“I can hear this picture.” Y/n said with a straight face, eyes shining with delight.

“Mom!” Izuku whined, his face flaming as he measured the depth of his imaginary grave at 27ft under, “You didn’t have to show her every single of those photos! I don’t understand why you even have that many of just me in just that!”

“Because you’re so c-”

“DO NOT finish that word! I officially despise that word and wished it never existed because of you two!” Izuku wailed, finding the courage to lift his face from his arms to look at his mother and Y/N with what he hoped was an intense and stern look. Unfortunately, because of the inferno radiating his face and higher octave in his voice, he knew he was nowhere near as intimidating as he wanted to be.

“What about adorable?”

“Or precious?”


“Pure wholesome cinnamon roll.”

“STOPITI’MALREADYDEAD!” Izuku screeched out in a rush, crumpling in on himself and wishing that he could sink into the couch cushions. The girls’ peals of laughter echoed in his head. Mustering all his willpower, Izuku managed to compose himself enough to look Y/N in the eye with, to everyone’s surprise, minimal blushing. Well, minimal for Izuku anyway.

“Speaking of synonyms, shouldn’t we get started on studying? You know, the thing you came over for in the first place?!

“Oh, is that why? For some reason I can’t remember.” Y/N drawled, cocking her head pretending to look confused but the mischievous glint in her eyes told Izuku the opposite. Izuku frowned at her in annoyance


"Oh, don't look at me like that. Besides, I am studying. I'm learning different synonyms, just like you said."

"You came over to study math!"

"I'm going back to the basics, multiplying how many pictures I see with how many years I get torment you over it."

Izuku tried to glare at her, but with his flushed cheeks and baby face (the one thing that hasn't changed at all since he was a baby,) Y/N only laughed at the attempt, causing Izuku divert his so-called glare to the ground with a pout.

"Oh, lighten up, Izuku. It's not that bad. You have to admit, these are really cute." Y/N reassured, before turning back to the photo album.

"Not that bad for you maybe," Izuku thought miserably. He looked at his crush and his mother, about to object once more before he noticed the look on Y/N face; her beautiful smile, eyes shining with mirth and excitement, completely at ease with his mother, who hadn't stopped grinning and gushing about Izuku since they sat down.

Blushing slightly, Izuku begun to relax at the sight of the most important women in his life getting along despite the circumstances of the situation not working in his favor. " Well, embarrassment aside, I guess Y/N is right: it’s not so bad. I mean, it could it could be wor-,"

“Is he wearing the onesie in every picture you have?” Y/N asked with a laugh.

“Well…not all of them.” Inko replied. Her kind smile appeared positively wicked to Izuku.


“I did say it was either All Might or nothing, didn’t I?”

"No, please no."

“You don’t mean-,” Y/N started, face splitting into a cheshire grin.

“Oh, but I do.” Inko said, eyes sparkling with near-devilish intent as she turned the page in what seemed to be slow motion for Izuku.

"Nononononononono, this is NOT happening! Haven't I suffered enough for one night?!"

“MOM! DON'T YOU DARE...NOT THAT! ANYTHING BUT THAT! PLEASE!” Izuku’s pleas fell on deaf ears, or perhaps they couldn’t be heard over the sound of Y/N raucous laughter. Izuku was left with no choice, but to watch his mom unleash the ultimate humiliation.

His naked baby pictures.

AWWWWWWW! So cute! He’s so tiny ! Look at him! He’s awfully happy to be the center of attention!” Y/N squealed as her eyes danced all over the page, hyper focused on the infinite amount of pictures of her crush's innocent exposure, all the while, well-aware of said crush having a meltdown right beside her.

“If you think that just from the pictures, wait until you see the home vid-,”

WELLLOOKATTHETIMEWEBETTERGETSTARTEDONSTUDYING! RIGHT NOW! ” In less than a second, a red-faced Izuku grabbed Y/N's hand, dragged her down the hall to his room, and shut his door with a SLAM that echoed throughout the apartment floor.

Standing in the middle of his room, out of breath, face burning, Izuku can’t help but wonder if this is what dying feels like. " I’ll never be able to look Y/N in the face again. What if this completely ruined my chances with her? What if she never speaks to me again? What if-?"

“Izuku, I would never stop seeing or talking to you over this. How could you think that low of me?!” Y/N admonished, cutting across Izuku’s audible muttering, a little bit of hurt creeping into her tone.

“Uwah! Y-Y/N! Th-th-that’s not what…I j-just meant...” Izuku trailed off, voice failing him as he kept his eyes on his bedroom floor, pretending as if the flat surface of the apartment complex was the most fascinating thing in the world.

Y/N frowned at his skittish answer. She was not going to let this go.

“Izuku, look at me.” Y/N said sternly. 

“Hnnhng,” Izuku bemoaned eyes still glued to the floor.



Y/N sighed and stepped forward. She put her finger under his chin and lifted his face so his eyes could meet hers. She was only a few inches taller than Izuku, something that normally didn’t bother him, but after tonight it was another blow to his already obliterated ego. Izuku purposefully glanced around the room in an attempt to avoid eye contact.

“Izuku, please, look at me.” The soft plea in her voice snapped Izuku out of his shame and he finally looked her in the eye. Her eyes were gentle, but also a little sad. The embarrassment he felt disappeared, only to be replaced with guilt.

“Listen, Izuku, I would never stop seeing you, hanging out you, or stop being friends with for anything. ” Y/N said, trying to reassure him. Since he started training for UA’s entrance exams, she has noticed his self-confidence grow bit by bit each day. He was putting in 110% these days, and it was paying off physically and mentally. Despite all these changes, he was still the same Izuku; bashful, insecure, and always overthinking. She forgot how easy it was for him to crawl back into his shell.

“Y/N, d-don’t worry. I get it. I’m sorry I said all that.” Izuku stammered out, his guilt multiplying by ten. 

“No, I mean it. You're amazing. I’ve never met anyone who could deal with what you do and still get back up, more determined than ever, with a big fat smile on their face.” Y/N said, firmly still holding Izuku’s chin in place so he could see how serious she was.

“Come on, you’re just saying that.”

“Am I? Izuku, you're the most resilient person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting; you’ve been bullied and knocked down for years, and you still walk with your head held high and a strong heart.”

“T-that’s not tru-,”

Y/N cut Izuku's rebuttal mercilessly short, “And a kind one, too. You are probably the nicest person I’ve gotten to know and you’re so selfless and courageous; always willing to jump in the fray and help someone. You threw yourself into that fight with the Sludge villain to save Bakugo, and here you are, trying to help me study, when you already got your own classes, and on top of that, you've also got your secret training.”

“Well, I couldn’t just leave him like that...A-as for the studying, t-that’s, well...well, I knew you needed help, b-but I also w-w-wanted t-to umm…” Izuku trailed off embarrassed and uncertain. His blush, which had started to dissipate, came back in full force. He didn’t just offered his assistance so he could help Y/N with her studies: he also did it so he could spend time with her.

But he couldn't just tell her that!

“You're also extremely smart, and not just book smart either! You're resourceful, observant, and analytical.” Raising her voice to drown out his pessimism, Y/N continued to sing Izuku praises.

Embarrassed, he dodged her eyes again. “O-Okay, Y/N. I-I get it now, so you can st-,"

“And you're so fun to be around!” Y/N continued, cheerfulness returning to her voice.

“That’s eno-”

“Not to mention your knowledge on heroes is both endearing and impressive, even if it makes you look like a big nerd.”

“HEY! I am not a…!” Izuku started to protest, trying to save at least a shred of his dignity, but then he took a look around his room, which was covered in memorabilia and merchandise that would put a museum to shame and immediately stopped talking. " I’d better quit while I’m ahead."

Y/N, knowing what Izuku was going to say, giggled, causing him to pout. Y/N quickly composed herself, smiling, eyes bright but serious as she said, "I mean it Izuku. You are wonderful. I think so, your mom knows so, and soon, when you pass that exam and make it into UA, everyone will know! Heck, you’re already a hero! You’’re my hero.”

Now, it was Y/N's turn to blush. She watched Izuku’s eyes widen and shimmer with happiness, awe, relief, and…tears?

Izuku forced his head down in an attempt to hide them, swiping his eyes furiously, sniffling softly. Not that trying to hide his crying mattered, for when Izuku spoke again his voice was choked with emotion.

“Thank you, Y/N.” 

“Anytime.” Y/N smiled down, relieved to see Izuku doing the same. God, she loved his smile, so bright and infectious, cheeks flushed with pride and a little bit of shyness. She would do anything to make sure that look stayed on his face. Unfortunately, for him anyway, there was an expression she loved even more. She had to break the ice after this heart to heart.

“Besides looking at those pictures helped clarified something I’ve been wondering for awhile now.” Y/N said, her eyes sparkling with an interest that had Izuku's stomach doing somersaults and caused his body temperature to spike up tremendously.

“A-and what..what would that be-Y/N what are you doing?! ” Izuku stammered as Y/N moved closer to him until her face was inches away from his. Izuku's heart was beating so loud he was sure she could hear it. He could feel his face turning red all the way up to his ears as Y/N's eyes roamed over his body.

Ohmygoshohmygosh a girl's in my room, she’s standing so close, smells nic- STOP IT, IZUKU! FOCUS!

“Our children are going to be beautiful.” Y/N gushed out, giving a Izuku a thousand watt smile.



There was a long pause as Izuku processed the words in his head, analyzing them, breaking them down to their basic function until-

“ AAAAHHHHH- ” Izuku let out a scream that Y/N was pretty sure shattered a window somewhere in a 5 mile radius. "-AAAAAAAAHH-" He was blushing so furiously that his whole body turned a bright crimson red (Y/N swore she saw steam coming out of his ears), as his arms flailed around. "-AAAAAAAHHH!" Izuku’s screaming was reduced to incoherent rambling which quickly became high pitched squeaking that could put a mouse on helium to shame. Y/N was enjoying the flustered spectacle her crush was making of himself until-



                                                                                                       * * *

“Oh my, leaving so soon, Y/N?” Inko asked as she watched Y/N put her shoes on and prepare to head home for the evening.

She didn't have a choice, seeing as her study partner would be...indisposed for the rest of the night. “Yep. I’m afraid Izuku is de- err, not feeling that well, so we thought it was best to reschedule when were both able to focus.” Y/N lied, unable to tell Inko that her son had completely blacked out. 

“Oh dear, I should probably check on him later on. I hope I didn’t take up all your time together. I was just so happy to finally meet you. Izuku talks about all the time, you know.”


"Really. He just goes on and on about you: how nice you are, how you inspire him to try harder. How pretty you are.” At the last one, Inko smiled and winked at Y/N, who blushed slightly.

" Pretty. He thinks I’M pretty."

However, Inko’s face quickly turned serious.

“Y/N. I’m really glad Izuku has someone like you in his life. I’ve noticed a change in him. Not only does have someone like you to talk to, he’s also... happier? He’s gotten so much stronger it seems, and if the reason is because of you, then, from the bottom of heart, thank you.” With that Inko bowed.

“...I’m not the one you should be thanking.”


“You should be telling that to Izuku. He’s gotten stronger because…” Y/N thought back to when she first met Izuku, him telling Y/N that he was training to get into UA, the conversation in the bedroom, and, feeling pride well up in her chest, spoke with confidence and resolve.

He is strong.

                                                                                                        * * *

"Izuku, sweetie, time to wake up. You don't want to be late for school do you?" Izuku's eyes slowly fluttered opened as Inko's voice drifted from the hall and reached his bedroom. Her words almost didn't click in his head, until he managed to glance at his clock and saw it was indeed time for him to get up and get ready. Izuku tried to move, however, as soon he did, a jolt of pain ran through his body. Izuku let out a groan. "Owww my head hurts."  Wincing with every move he made. Izuku, somehow, managed to at least sit up and plant his feet on the ground. Gingerly placing his pulsing head in his hands, Izuku let out another moan of pain. "What happened last night? I don't even remember going to sleep." Still feeling groggy, Izuku tried to recall last night's events. "Ok. I remember going to school, doing all my assignments, talking to Y/N, avoiding Kacchan, walking home with Y/N, meeting up with All Might." As Izuku shifted through his memories of the last 24 hours, his headache began to dissipate, making it easier to focus. He went over yesterday's events again and again, while he knew they were correct, something One piece of the puzzle just didn't quite fit, but, for the life of him he couldn't remember what. Glancing around his room, as if it would hold some sort of clue, his eyes landing on his desk and saw, lying face up, was his Algebra book. "Algebra? But I know I did all my homework before I got home. Why would I-? Wait. Algebra...algebra...math...MATH!"

Y/N! I WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP Y/N STUDY!" Izuku shouted, stood up straight, started running his hands nervously. How he forgot about the study date was beyond him. Not only had he had looked forward to it all day, something would never admit out loud, it had been one of most nerve-racking thing he had to endure in his life. He could remember, vividly,him being red-faced, legs shaking, arms heavy, stuttering out an attempt to invite her over to his house for a study date. She had giggled, agreeing only if they could start with as that was her weakest subject. She could told him she needed help on a college level essay and he would of still agreed in a heartbeat. Izuku practically skipped, after making sure Y/N was out of site before doing so, to the beach for his training. He was positively glowing even after the rigorous community service he was put through. 

"I must of been so tired from training, I blacked out before she could come over. It took me all day to work up the courage to ask her over, and I slept through our study session." Izuku sat back down, head in hands, as misery radiated off him in waves. Feeling sorry for himself, Izuku stood up once more, started to get ready for the day. He already wasted enough time as it is. "If I hurry now, I can catch Y/N and tell I'm sorry for falling asleep" Izuku thought, pulling on his uniform, making his way over to his desk and grabbed the Algebra book to put in his bag and huh...?

Izuku stared at the inside of his bag in confusion, there was already a Algebra book inside.

"Mine's already in here? But, but that can't be right. I-If this is mine then whose-?" Izuku looked at the Algebra book in his hand, examining it closely. He noticed it was slightly crumpled, as if someone had repeatdly stuffed in their bag in a hurry. Panicking, Izuku opened it up and started to flip the pages, and was greeted with scribbles, miscalculations, and erasure marks. There was only one person that was this disorganized.

"Th-this is Y/N's! B-b-but why is her book here!" All at once, an assortment of memories begun to flood in so fast, Izuku swayed a little on his feet. Bit by bit last night was becoming a clearer picture, Y/N having dinner with Izuku and his mom, Inko and Y/N chattering about Izuku, Inko dragging Y/N to the living room to look at the photo alb-.

AWWWWWWW! So cute! He’s so tiny!"

“And here’s Izuku in his All Might onesie,”

Izuku face went pale, then burn a tomato red, wrapping arms around his head, as he finally pieced last night together. He immediately wished he hadn't, hoping the shame and humiliation he went was just a horrible dream. A nightmare he'd soon rather bury deep in his memories hope it would never resurface.

"You're amazing"

"You are probably the nicest person I’ve gotten to know and you’re so selfless and courageous"

"You''re my hero"

"...Well. I guess it wasn't all bad" Izuku's mortification ebbed away a little, thinking about Y/N high opinion of him. Even, if he still thought she was over exaggerating, he appreciated the compliments still. Feeling determined, Izuku continued getting ready for school. He was still pretty embarrassed about last night but he suppose there's no use complaining about it. Y/N still wants to be friends with him, thinks he's smart, good looking ( he refused to acknowledge that other word she uses quite frequently to describe him), and want's to have children with hi-."

"Our children will be beautiful!"

Izuku.exe has stopped working.

Vaguely aware of all of school supplies clattering to the ground, Izuku became as still as a statue. A scrawny, green, black and red statute. Mind racing a million miles a minute, he was surprised that he wasn't numb from the neck down with how much blood rushing to his head, Izuku tried to gather his thoughts and composure before his mother came in and asked him what was wrong. Not that he could find the words to tell her, nor would he want to for that matter. If Izuku thought she was unbearable over just meeting Y/N, then, that, conversation would destroy him. She'd never let him hear the end of it.

" I can't believe I forgot about that! Why would she SAY that! Ohhhh. I wish there was a hole I could crawl into! Wait! Waitwaitwait. Ju-just calm down Izuku. Sh-She was probably just kidding. Yeah! You know how Y/N loves to tease you! Don't freak out or get your hopes up. She didn't mean it-"

"Didn't mean what Izuku"

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH" Startled, Izuku let out a scream, jumped and turned around to face the one person who he was dreading to see at this moment. Her beautiful E/C shone with almost a childlike innocence as she stared hard at Izuku, who, noticed only a few inches away from him. Just like last night.

"About time you answered me. Your mother and I kept calling your name but you wouldn't come out your room. We heard a bunch of noises and it sounded like you were in pain I hope your head not hurting you. That was a really nasty fall you took."

"She's so close. Soclosesoclosesoclosesoclose"

"I thought you might not be well enough for school, with you fainting last night, but I know how stubborn you are. So I came to make sure you were really OK."

It was too much too soon. Yeah, he knew he was going to have to face her eventually, but he though't it be after he'd stopped being a flustered, blushing mess.

"Izuku? Are you ok? You face is really flushed. still bothered about yesterday?" He had to play this cool. "Yeah cool, be smooth. Tell her thank for all the kind words, for always being there for him, how much she means to you. Say something. Anything!"



"ITHINKOURCHILDRENWILLBEBEAUTIFULTOO!" Izuku all but screeched, voice going several octaves higher, before slapping both hands over his mouth. Eyes widening,cheeks flushing so deeply Y/N saw his freckles disappear. Y/N didn't have time to respond before-.


"...Not again"