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Twist Of Fate

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Diana, Mina, Alec, Jace and Izzy set out on a warm August evening for demon hunting. Izzy wasn't pleased that her parabatai Charlotte Carstairs and Charlotte's twin brother Liam couldn't come. She even begged Hodge to let Lottie and Liam come with them, but he was firm in his decision to forbid them from joining the others. Lottie and Liam had gotten into trouble and in retaliation, Hodge had grounded them and told them to stay in for a week, which meant they weren't allowed to help with any investigation, just eat, study, train and sleep. Mina shook her thoughts of her siblings being grounded. Mina hated leaving them alone. They were mischievous, yes, but they were family. She thought of her deceased siblings Lucie and James, as Isabelle excitedly picked out her fluorescent heels and flowing long white dress. Mina had the ability to see  ghosts, which was really rare between Shadowhunters, especially because she could hear and see ghosts that didn't want to be seen or heard she had figured it out when she was 4 years old, and when the one and only Will Herondale, her namesake and uncle, came to meet her; he was the first ghost she had ever met. He had  died happy and easily moved on, much like her older siblings did. But all of them came back, and were always there, if Mina or her siblings needed help. They were always there for them, as well as Mina's 'cousins' , 'aunts' and 'uncles' too. She was snapped out of her thoughts as Alec and Diana were waving their hands in front of her face. Mina blinked, startled, and glancing at them while Jace and Izzy were watching her worriedly. Diana and Alec frowned. "Let's go." Mina grinned cheerfully.  Mina kept one hand on her sword, Durendal. Forged by Wayland the Smith, it was the twin to Cortana, which her youngest sister Emma wielded, having been chosen by the blade at birth. She fiddled with the pommel of the hilt.  "Gather round. We're dealing with a rogue Faerie here. Be careful, don't listen to what they say, and under no circumstances, let them get away. This Faerie has commited various crimes, murder of other Downworlders etc. They were possessed by some sort of demon apparently. They also denied all crimes when in front of the Seelie Court, which is suspicious, because the Fae can't lie. Be on your guard. And bring them back alive." Diana whispered. Mina walked slowly towards the forest. Something felt wrong. Just then, she saw a hooded figure out of the corner of her eye, then a flash of light. As she whirled around, she could see the hooded figure recede into the forest. "Wait!" As she ran towards the forest, taking out Durendal and brandishing it, to cut through the foliage, she stilled. Where was everyone else? Suddenly she realised. The light must have been a portal into the Seelie Kingdom. The hooded figure stopped. It turned, savagely, and began running towards Mina.  Mina held out her sword in front of her. "I'm not afraid of you." she proclaimed openly.  The figure laughed throatly, regally. "Shadowhunter. Or not. Demon blood? I can taste it on the air you breathe. Half and half you are." the figure rasped. Mina clenched the hilt of the sword tighter. "Shut up. Fae or not, I'll guarantee your death." The figure smiled wickedly, showing rows of pearly-white sharp teeth. "No you won't. Because I know a secret. Something about your siblings." Mina clenched her jaw. "What. What could you possibly know about them." "They have demonic powers. And those powers are so powerful, that some people want to get their hands on them. To use them." "Who? Tell me, and I might let you live." Mina was annoyed. She couldn't let anything happen to Emma, Lottie and Liam.  "No." Mina exploded with rage. Taking her sword, she quickly cleaved through the Fae.  Then, she was back in the forest. The Fae's body was next to her. Using her stele, she quickly drew the iratze to heal onto her arm, which had a cut from the Fae's claws. She whistled, to alert Alec, who was up on the hill, scouting.  Suddenly, her legs gave out, and she fell into unconsciousness.  Before she fell into unconsciousness she thought she heard Alec and Diana shouting her name. Mina's eyes flew open as she saw a familiar green-gold eyed warlock hovering over her, as blue sparks disappeared in his hands. "Well, well, look who's finally awake," Magnus said softly before Mina could say anything. "Your parabatai summoned me, saying that you were really badly injured. She brought you here along with Isabelle Lightwood, cupcake." He sounded really concerned. "I-Is Diana still here?" Mina questioned, her voice was hoarse and weak. Magnus shook his head, "No, she is not. I've sent them out of the institute and promised them they can return as soon as you are feeling well and awake," Magnus sighed. "Would you like to tell me what happened?" Mina was hesitant, she knew she could trust Magnus, but this wasn't a small deal. "We were on a mission in the Seelie Court," Mina explained. "And then I was walking in the woods when there was like a flash of light, but it was a portal, it wasn't a regular portal. And then a faerie began chasing after me, but it wasn't that what bothered me, but the fact that the faerie knew that I am half-Shadowhunter, half-Warlock, and that faerie said that Emma, Lottie and Liam have really powerful warlock powers, and some people want to get a hold of them." Mina said quickly, feverishly. Magnus stared at Mina, his face was unreadable. "You need to be more careful, Mina. And keep an eye on Lottie and Liam so nothing will happen to them." "What about Emma?" Mina frowned. "Emma is safe, with Jem and Tessa. Don't worry, she'll be fine. But the twins have a penchant for getting into trouble. They're quick to anger, and fiercely protective. I admire them, but I want to keep them safe too. I'll double the wards on your house, just in case something does happen." Magnus sighed. "I've spent too much time here already. My clients are probably wondering where I've gotten to. Cupcake, please don't get into more scrapes. And look after yourself. You guys are my favourite Shadowhunter family after all, I would hate for anything to happen to you. Give my regards to Jem and Tess." With a flourish, he waved his hands through the air, forming a Portal, and swiftly exited. As Mina watched the portal disappear, the orange sparks soundlessly pooling on the floor, she mulled over the faerie's words. What powers could they possibly have?

When Mina next woke up, she met the eyes of her father and mother. Their expressions mirrored each other, full of worry and panic. As Mina met their eyes, they visibly relaxed.  "How are you, dear?" Tessa said, smiling a little, her face still contorted with worry. "In pain, Mum." Jem squeezed his daughter's hand gently. "You gonna tell us what happened?" Mina started telling them, but was interrupted by a loud bang. A familiar voice could be heard. "Let me IN! I want to see her! I don't CARE that she's HURT, just let me SEE HER!" As the figure burst open the door and entered the room, Mina smiled. It was Diana. Diana proceeded towards her, but stopped suddenly when she noticed Tessa and Jem in the room as well. "Hello Mr and Mrs Carstairs. I'm sorry for disturbing you, I'll come back later..." Tessa smiled up at her. "Diana, it's okay, come here. You weren't hurt right?" Diana shuffled forward, a little shyly. "No, Mrs Carstairs." Tessa hugged Diana gently with one arm. "Can you do me a favour, Diana? Can you make sure this one," gesturing to Mina with her head, "doesn't stress her body out during the next few days?" Diana smiled a little. "I'll try, but we all know how stubborn she can be." At this, Jem and Tessa smiled. "Your siblings would like to see you, but I told them to leave you alone, until tomorrow. And I'll ask Maryse if Izzy can stay the night. Try not to sleep before dinner." Jem said. "I'll see you in a bit, Mina mine." Diana left to go and manage the twins, who were probably restless and worried.  Tessa gently stroked Mina's hair. "My adventurous Mina. Be careful. You are the treasure of our hearts." Smiling, Mina slowly drifted off to sleep.

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It had been a week since what happened in the Seelie Court. Mina was feeling a lot better now.
She was currently walking wordlessly thought the halls of the Institute. Isabelle, Alec, Jace, Lottie and Liam weren't grounded, so they all went to the Pandemonium club to look for more clues.
Diana meanwhile went to the mundane market to buy something to make dinner, before Isabelle decided to take matters into her own hands.
Maryse, Robert and Max were off in Idris, after Mina assured Maryse that she'd be fine, Maryse finally gave in, but had told Mina if she needed help, by sending a fire message. Jem and Tessa visited again along with Emma, who fussed over her older sister, not that Mina minded it. Emma loved when her father and sister played violin, so Mina played only for Emma.
She silently pushed the doors to the music room open, the only sound, the creaking of the door as they moved. She reached the piano that was placed towards the back of the room and sat down at it. She loved coming here. She had a love for the music, she loved to sing and play, she knew to play violin and piano, as well surprisingly she learned to play the guqin, along with Diana and Jace. The three of them were taught by Mina's dad how to play the guqin, and he told them how Mina's grandmother, Wen Yu Carstairs used to always play guqin, especially at night, but Wen Yu never got a chance to teach her son to play it.
Mina placed her fingers over the keys, and played, closing her eyes.
She played very similar to her dad.
She played, reminiscing when her parents took her, Lottie and Liam to London, and when she, Lottie and Liam met Jessamine Lovelace for the first time. She thought about the day when she met Alec, Isabelle and Diana. She thought about when she met Jace, she had played after she asked him to train with her and how he had refused, but in the end had agreed to one duel; if she beat him, he would train with Mina, Alec, Diana and Isabelle. She, in the end had beat him, and gave him two pieces of advice, number one, never be overconfident, and number two, never let your guard down. And she thought about the day she and Diana became parabatai.
When Mina finished, she opened her eyes and stared wide eyed. Raw emotion was coursing through her. 
She had never played like this.
She jumped, startled as she heard someone clapping and turned only to find Hodge Starkweather watching her with a small smile. "You play beautifully, Mina."
"Thank you, Hodge," Mina said smiling. "How long have you been here?"
"I came here when I heard you playing the piano and didn't want to interrupt you," Hodge paused. "I'm going to the greenhouse, if you need me."
"Very well." Mina nodded as she watched Hodge leaving.
A minute later the grand doors swung open.
Jace appeared and he looked very grim. He was soon followed by Alec, Lottie and Liam who were frowning.
"Something has happened, hasn't it?" Mina said as Liam handed her a dark brown bag.
Jace nodded. She opened the bag and saw four cupcakes,
a tea and a coffee, and smiled gratefully at her brother before taking a bite of the cupcake.
"I assume two cupcakes are for Diana and two for me? And one coffee for me and one for Diana?" Lottie hummed in agreement.
Jace chuckled as he saw frosting on her nose, wiping the frosting with his thumb.
"What happened?" The smile vanished from his face as he was about to answer when Isabelle and Diana walked in.
"Guess what, Mina! A mundie almost got Jace killed!" Isabelle exclaimed, as Mina and Diana glanced at Jace with raised eyebrows, who nodded. "Go on then, explain, Jace."
"I was about to, but you rudely interrupted me." Jace said, sullenly.
"A small redhead girl saw us. She had the Sight." Lottie explained.
"Have you spoken to Hodge? It's really rare to find now a mundane with sight." Diana frowned.
"Not yet, but I want to find her," Jace said. He definitely looked determined, Mina thought, and found that she was curious about the girl as well. She had a feeling that the girl wasn't ordinary.
"No, you better let the Clave handle that." said Lottie.
"Like you and Liam let the Clave handle the demonic infestation at the warehouse? And then I had to come and get you?" Mina questioned with raised brows. She was talking about the incident that had gotten the twins in trouble in the first place. "The Clave hates when a mundane sees through our glamour. They'll take her prisoner and kill her, if we don't deal with this ourselves."
"Shut up." Liam mumbled, in response to the jibe about their failure at the warehouse.
"I'll speak with Hodge and we'll decide after that," Jace said, before anyone could argue with him, Jace had left the Music room.
Mina sighed and stood up, "I'm going with him, it's better if he doesn't go alone."
Alec nodded in agreement, "Okay, but you should be careful. Especially you, Mina."
"I will, I promise, Alec." Alec hugged her and Mina left the room.
Mina was the only one who knew Alec's secrets. One of them was that he was in love with Jace. Alec and Mina respected and trusted each other, similarly to her friendship with Diana as well as her siblings. Alec was comftarble to tell her about his feelings.
"So. This girl, huh?" said Mina, catching up with him.
Jace blushed and looked away, which was really rare for Jace to blush. "What can I say? She was adorably pretty, and she was staring at me."
Mina sighed. "You always get distracted like this. Remember last time? Kaelie? You literally couldn't take your eyes off her, and you didn't notice that demon sneak up and stab you."
Jace smiled. "Well, yeah, but she couldn't take her eyes off me either. It's not my fault I'm smoking hot and the babes love me." He flexed his muscles, kissing them.
Mina rolled her eyes. "What I'm trying to tell you, Jace, is that you're getting too distracted too easily. Keep a level head."
Just then, Hodge walked around the corner. His face looked skittish, and he was fidgeting.
"Hodge. Hodge, are you okay?" Mina said, concerned.
He looked up, visibly blanching when he met Jace's eyes. He stuttered. "Y-yes. I'm fine. What was it?"
Mina was worried, but started to tell Hodge what happened. 
"-so some girl saw Jace, and you have a hunch that she might not be mundane." Hodge repeated. "You know what, fine, you two, you guys can go looking for her. But Mina, I expect you to make sure Jace doesn't get too distracted if things go south. And Jace, make sure Mina doesn't get hurt. She literally just recovered from that faerie."
Mina smiled at Jace, who fist pumped.

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Mina had her long black curls braided in two french braids. She was wearing a jacket, white top, and light ripped jeans.
Currently Mina was following Jace across the street to where the mysterious redhead girl happened to be. She looked in carefully through the window, scanning for her.
"There she is." Jace pointed at the short girl, with redhead with green eyes and freckles.
"You have a thing for green eyed girls." Mina elbowed him with a grin across her face, as Jace rolled her eyes.
"Not the point." Jace sighed.
"Really, are you sure about that?" Mina raised her eyebrows, amused, her grey eyes sparkling.
"Fine. I think she's really attractive and beautiful." Jace said softly, as if to himself while Mina smiled.
"Aww! Does little Jace have a crush?" Mina teased as Jace shook his head groaning.
"Please stop." He murmured.
Mina stared at the girl. She looked familiar.
Jace, seeing her puzzled expression asked. "What's wrong?"
"I don't know, but she looks really familiar, like I've met her before." Mina said confused.
"Whatever. It's probably nothing. Anyway, let's kidnap our mundie." Mina smiled mischievously. 
"I thought you'd never ask." Jace grinned.
"Let's go inside."
Mina winced, flinching and covering her ears as a boy wrestled with his microphone.
"Sorry about that, guys!” he yelled. “All right. I’m Eric, and this is my homeboy Matt on the drums. My first poem is called ‘Untitled.’” He screwed up his face as if in pain, and wailed into the mike. “‘Come, my faux juggernaut, my nefarious loins! Slather every protuberance with arid zeal!’”
Jace was trying his best not to laugh, his face steadily becoming more red.
Mina rolled her eyes at Jace.
"How tragic that the mundanes don't know anything about poetry." Mina shook her head with a sigh.
“‘Turgid is my torment!’” Eric wailed. “‘Agony swells within!’”
"This is a disaster." Mina and Jace grumbled as they sat on a faded green sofa a few feet away from the redhead girl, and her friend, a taller boy, around the same age. He seemed protective over her, making Jace wonder who he was, and what exactly his relationship was to her.
Jace began coughing. It was a derisive sort of cough, the kind of noise someone might make who was trying not to laugh out loud.
The redhead girl whirled around and froze, seeing Jace and Mina, who waved at her. Mina and Jace exchanged looks before standing up and walking towards the doors. Mina could see the redhead girl, standing up and quickly walking towards Mina and Jace, as the two Shadowhunters left the cafe, as they leaned against the wall.
"Her name is Clary." said Jace.
"Oh, so you already found out her name?" Mina said amused.
"We found out in Pandemonium." Jace said as Clary stopped in front of them.
"Your friend’s poetry is terrible,” Jace said, Mina snorted and looked around.
"What?" Clary blinked, startled, as if she hadn't been expecting him to say that.
"Your friend sucks at poetry. I bet even Alec could do much better." Mina said as Jace nodded in agreement.
"What? Who's Alec? What are you two talking about?" Clary repeated. "Why are you following me?"
"We are not following you. Jace and I happen to love cafes." Mina explained.
"That's bullshit. I hate cafes and mundies. Look, we are here for you." Jace said.
“Nice try. Do you want to tell me what this is about, or should I just call the police?” Clary glared.
“And tell them what?” Jace said witheringly. “That invisible people are bothering you? Trust me, the police aren’t going to arrest someone they can’t see.”
“I told you before, my name is not ‘little girl,’” she said through her teeth. “It’s Clary.”
“Oh we know,” Mina said. “Pretty name. Like the herb, clary sage. In the old days people thought eating the seeds would let you see the Fair Folk. Did you know that?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
"You don't know much, do you?" Mina questioned, she was getting bored by every minute.
“You seem to be a mundane like any other mundane, yet you can see me. It’s a conundrum.” said Jace.
“What’s a mundane?”
“Someone of the human world. Someone like you.” Mina said.
“But you’re human,” Clary said.
“We are,” he said. “But we are not like you. I was laughing at you because declarations of love amuse me, especially when unrequited,” he said. “And because that boy with you seems to be one of the most mundane mundanes I’ve ever encountered. And because Hodge thought you might be dangerous, but if you are, you certainly don’t know it.”
“I’m dangerous?” Clary scoffed. “I saw you kill someone last night. I saw you drive a knife up under his ribs, and I saw you cut and bleeding, and now you look as if nothing ever touched you."
“We may be a killer,” Mina said, “but we know what we are. Can you say the same?”
“I’m an ordinary human being, just like you said. Who’s Hodge?”
“Our tutor. And I wouldn’t be so quick to brand myself as ordinary, if I were you.” Jace leaned forward. “Let me see your right hand.
“My right hand?” Clary echoed. He nodded. “If I show you my hand, will you leave me alone?”
“Perhaps.” His voice was edged with amusement.
Clary held out her hand grudgingly, as Jace examined her arm and frowned.
"Anything?" Mina raised her eyebrow.
"Nope," Jace said. "You aren't left-handed, are you?"
"No, why?"
“Most Shadowhunter children get Marked on their right hands—or left, if they’re left-handed like I am—when they’re still young. It’s a permanent rune that lends an extra skill with weapons.” Mina explained as Jace showed her the back of his left hand.
“I don’t see anything,” Clary said.
“Let your mind relax,” Jace suggested. “Wait for it to come to you. Like waiting for something to rise to the surface of water."
“You’re both crazy.” Clary let out a deep breath and stared at the back of his hand. A design, like an eye, slowly appeared across the back of his hand.
“A tattoo?"
He smiled smugly and lowered his hand. “I thought you could do it. And it’s not a tattoo—it’s a Mark. They’re runes, burned into our skin.”
“They make you handle weapons better?”
“Different Marks do different things. Some are permanent but the majority vanish when they’ve been used.” Mina explained.
“That’s why your arms aren’t all inked up today?” Clary asked. “Even when I concentrate?"
“That’s exactly why.” Jace sounded pleased with himself. “I knew you had the Sight, at least, it’s nearly full dark. We should go.”
“We? I thought you were going to leave me alone.”
“We lied,” Mina said without a shred of embarrassment. “Hodge said Jace and I have to bring you to the Institute with us. He wants to talk to you.”
“Why would he want to talk to me?”
“Because you know the truth now,” Mina said. “There hasn’t been a mundane who knew about us for at least a hundred years.”
“About us?” she echoed. “You mean people like you. People who believe in demons.”
“People who kill them,” said Jace. “We’re called Shadowhunters. At least, that’s what we call ourselves. The Downworlders have less complimentary names for us.”
“The Night Children. Warlocks. The fey. The magical folk of this dimension.”
Clary shook her head. “Don’t stop there. I suppose there are also, what, vampires and werewolves and zombies?”
“Of course there are,” Jace informed her. “Although you mostly find zombies farther south, where the voudun priests are.”
“What about mummies? Do they only hang around Egypt?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. No one believes in mummies.”
“They don’t?”
“Of course not,” Jace said. “Look, Hodge will explain all this to you when you see him.”
Before Clary could say anything, Mina's phone began ringing as she reached into her pocket and pulled it out.
It was probably her parents to see how she was. But no, it wasn't them. Mina froze as she read the name who called her, it was Jocelyn Fairchild. A person she believed was dead.
"What's wrong?" Jace muttered.
"Nothing," Mina muttered back. "I'll be right back." She walked away from Clary and Jace as the phone began ringing again.
"Hello?" Mina said.
"I need you to listen to me, Mina," Jocelyn said with panic. "I need you to find Clary, my daughter, please, she's in danger. They've found me and I don't have much time-" There was a loud thud and someone yelling.
"What? So you faked your death, Jocelyn, I can come now to-" Mina said but Jocelyn cut her off.
"No! No, no, no!" Jocelyn was alarmed and horrified. "You are not coming, do you understand me, Mina? Find my daughter and keep her safe and take her far away from New York, take her to Devon, take her anywhere! Tell her I love her! Please-" The phone suddenly went dead.
Mina's eyes widened as she whirled around to look at Jace and Clary.
"Mina? Mina, what's wrong?" Jace asked wide-eyed, seeing her expression.
"Jocelyn Fairchild." Mina muttered. "She must have faked her death, Jace. She's hurt." Mina replied, gravely. "Something must have happened."
"Sorry, did you just say Jocelyn?"
"Why? The name mean anything to you?"
"It's my mother's name. Jocelyn Fray."
Mina shook her head and stopped dead in her tracks, "You. You're her daughter. Jocelyn Fairchild's."
There was an ominous silence.
"But didn't Jocelyn die 16 years ago, during the Uprising?" Jace replied, confused.
"She must have faked her death."
"How do you know this? The Clave would have known she was alive, and would have taken her into custody." Jace replied.
"Because when she ran, she required the help of a warlock to hide her. Why would you think she came to Brooklyn? Because it's the home of the most powerful warlock to ever live. Magnus Bane."
Clary ignored them, walking away and took out her phone, hitting the button that dialled her home number, most likely, Mina thought.
"Clary, I don't think it's a good idea to-" Mina said but cut herself off, noticing that Clary's hands had begun to shake uncontrollably. Her phone slipped out of her shaking grasp and hit the pavement hard. "She's not answering."
Clary dropped to her knees to retrieve it, but it was broken, a long crack visible across the front.
"Dammit!" Clary shouted.
"Stop that, Clary." Jace and Mina hauled her to her feet, as Jace's hand gripped her wrist.
“Give me your phone,” Clary said, grabbing the black metal oblong out of Jace's shirt pocket. “I have to—”
“It’s not a phone,” Mina said, as made Jace made no move to get it back. “It’s a Sensor. You won’t be able to use it.”
“But I need to call the police!”
Mina yelped as Clary struck out at Jace's face, her nails raking his cheek. Jace jerked back in surprise.
Clary ran toward the lights of Seventh Avenue.
Mina quickly drew an iratze on Jace's face and stared towards the direction where Clary had ran off.
"We need to go after her," Mina said softly. "She'll be in danger when she gets to her home."
Jace nodded in agreement. "Do you know where she lives?"
"We can use the tracking rune again." And with that, the black haired girl and blonde boy took off running.
Jace and Mina ran up the stairs of the building where Jocelyn lived. Mina ran into  the apartment and froze, seeing everything destroyed.
"Shit," Jace mumbled, looking around, searching among the debris.
"Jocelyn?!" Mina shouted. She ran off and looked, from room to room in alarm but to no avail.
"Mina! Your pendant!"
She stopped in her tracks when she noticed her pendant was not the normal sea blue colour, but had turned into a pale blue colour, almost silver. Demons must have been close by, maybe somewhere inside the apartment.
"Jace," Mina hissed.
Jace turned to her, "What is it?"
"Demons are somewhere here, look at my pendant."
Jace glanced at her pendant and wordlessly pulled out his seraph blades, while Mina pulled out Durendal.
A gut-wrenching scream echoed thought the apartment. Clary.
Jace and Mina ran towards the source of the scream, and found a Ravener demon half dead. Mina finished him off, and took the Sensor. As they found Clary, they noticed her neck had a huge gash in it. The Ravener demon must have stung her. Jace and Mina rushed to her; Jace took her in his arms and lay her down on the grass.
"Really? On the grass?" Mina huffed with a shake of her head.
"She's waking up," Jace whispered.
It was true, Clary slowly opened her eyes.
"Don't move," Jace said as he tore pieces of cloth from his shirt into strips.
Clary tried to sit up, and gagged again, her fingers pressing into the damp floor.
“We told you not to move,” Mina hissed. “That Ravener demon got you in the back of the neck. It was half-dead so it wasn’t much of a sting, but we have to get you to the Institute. You'll need to come with us. Hold still.”
“That thing - the monster - it talked.” Clary said as she took a shaky breath.
“You’ve heard a demon talk before.” Jace said.
“The demon in Pandemonium—it looked like a person.”
“That demon was an Eidolon demon. A shape-changer. Raveners look like they look. Not very attractive, but they’re too stupid to care.” Jace explained.
“It said it was going to eat me.” Clary gulped, her voice growing quieter.
“But it didn’t. You killed it. Congrats, on your first demon killing by the way. We'll make a Shadowhunter of you yet.” Mina said as Jace finished the knot and sat back.
“The police are here, we should—”
“Somebody probably heard you screaming and reported it. Ten to one those aren’t real police officers. Demons have a way of hiding their tracks.” Mina explained gently.
“My mom, where is she?!” Clary said.
“We'll find her. We promise. And you'll have to help us. But there’s Ravener poison coursing through your veins right now, you’ll be dead in an hour if you don’t come with us. And that would be no help to anyone.” Jace said as they got to their feet each holding out a hand to her. Clary took both their hands and they pulled her upright.
“Come on.”
As Clary began walking, she stumbled, before Jace caught her gracefully. Seeing no other way, she resigned herself to be carried by Jace.

Chapter Text

"Lottie! Liam! I need both of you!" Mina burst in through the doors of the Institute, shouting, carrying Clary with one arm, Jace supporting her with the other, as he pushed the other door open.
"Who is that? What happened, where have you guys been?!" shouted Diana with ferocity.
"Doesn't matter, me and Jace think it's an unmarked Shadowhunter, I'll tell you about it later, just make sure she doesn't die!" Mina replied back.
Diana hoisted Clary up with one arm, throwing her over her shoulder. "I'll get her to Hodge. Lottie, Liam, grab a stretcher."
Lottie and Liam, who had been standing still, wide eyed, had ran off already, to help out.
Mina sank to her knees, alongside Jace, who was already on the floor.
"Jace. Send Maryse a fire-message. Update her. Tell her that we don't need any more help, and tell her not to worry. I'm going to the library. Tell someone to get me when Clary's awake." Mina said, wearily.
As Mina walked to the library, she heard the scuffling of a pen writing. Curious, she looked to see who it was. The sound was coming from Hodge's room. She peeked around the door, and froze at the sound she heard. Was that, a flap of wings?
She cleared her throat. "Hodge?"
Hodge jumped, then quickly composed himself. "Yes? Ah, good, you're back."
"We bought a girl back. You might want to help heal her. Ravener got to her, she's alive, but might not be for long." Mina said, out of breath.
Hodge blanched, and ran straight to the infirmary.
Mina leaned against the wall. Why was she so tired? Slowly, sluggishly, she made her way to the library, and sank down into a chair. She reached for a book, and passed out from exhaustion. 
"Mina! Mina! Wake up! Clary's awake!" Lottie's voice rang out."Huh?" Mina replied, drowsily. "W-what time is it?"
"It's 5am, Mina." Alec's voice replied from the doorway. 
"Alec? Where were you and Izzy?"
"Taki's. But that isn't the point. Why are you in the library? Also asleep?"
"Research. I'm hoping Magnus can help me with something. And I must have nodded off, I guess." Magnus and the Carstairs family were close, because of his friendship with Tessa. 
"I'm coming with you. When you go see him." Alec said, almost defiantly, sure of himself.
Mina smiled. "Suit yourself."
"We'll go tomorrow. Or whenever that Clary girl is fine. I still don't understand why you brought her."
"Because, as Shadowhunters, our duty is to protect. Besides, I got a tipoff that she might be one of us."
"How? She's unmarked."
"Exactly. Why would there be an unmarked one of us?"
"If they were running away. If they planned not to be seen."
"Nevertheless, we should Mark her. For her own safety."
"Where am I?" Clary groaned. Her mind felt like mush. She couldn't remember much of what had happened. Then, everything slowly came back to her. The cafe, meeting Mina and Jace and- Her mum!
"Mum!" she shouted.
A tall man, with glasses loomed over her. She shrank back, frightened.
"Who are you? Where am I?" Clary asked, nervously.
"This, child, is the Institute. And I am the tutor of the Shadowhunters who reside here. I am Hodge Starkweather."
"Mr Starkweather-"
"Call me Hodge. Everyone does, around here."<
"Hodge, I want to know where my mother is. Jace and Mina said that I could find answers here; that they would help me."
"Miss Clary, we'll discuss what we're going to do, after we have breakfast, and give you your first Mark. You won't be able to help your mum without it."
Hodge slowly helped Clary get out of bed.
"The clothes you're wearing were given by Charlotte and Izzy. They're excited to meet you."
Gripping Hodge's arm tightly, Clary walked down the stairs of the Institute. Everyone stopped eating, to stare at her. "-Hi? I'm Clary." she said, nervous at the stares she was getting.
"Sit next to Izzy and Jace." She automatically went to where Jace was sitting, and sat down in between him, and a girl who was one of the most beautiful people she had ever seen in her life.
"How are you feeling Clary?" Jace asked, over the sound of everyone noisily eating their food.
"A little better. Where's the other girl? Mina?"
"She said she'd be down in a bit."
At her words, Mina came down, from the library. She sat down opposite Clary, and started grabbing food.
"God, Shadowhunters have no table manners." Clary muttered under her breath.
"Clary. We need to Mark you. For your own safety." Mina said.
At her words, everyone started shouting.

"It's a bad idea!"
"What if we have to kill her?"
"Are you sure she's not a mundane?"
"Everyone, shut up!" Mina shouted.

"Yes Jace?"
"You know how it was weird that Clary didn't immediately die to the venom? And you thought it was because she was a Shadowhunter?"
"Yeah...? What's your point here?"
"Well, I may have kept rewriting an iratze on her arm."
"Are you out of your mind, Jace?” Hodge slammed his hand down on top of the table so hard that Clary thought the wood might crack, as everyone around the table winced. “You know what the Law says about placing Marks on mundanes! You—you of all people ought to know better!”
"But it worked," Jace said. "And if I hadn't drawn iratzes on her, she would have been dead, Hodge."
"You shouldn't have done that Jace," said a beautiful girl with curly black hair and sea blue eyes, she had a strong British accent like Mina. Mina's sister, Clary thought. "You could have turned her into Forsaken, and then what? The Clave would have found out, and I don't even want to know what the consequence would have been, and what the Clave would do to you, just because of some random mundane."
"But, Lottie, she is not a-" Jace started but was cut off by the boy who sat next to Lottie. "But she is Jace, how is she not? She barely has knowledge of the Shadow World. She didn't even have any Marks, at all." The boy finished as he ran his hands thought his black curls. This must have been Liam, Clary thought.
Jace opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again.
Mina pursed her lips and sighed. She couldn't be mad at Jace. Without warning, she grabbed Clary's arm. Sure enough, there was a faded Mark. "Well. I guess that settles it. Clary, I guess you're a Shadowhunter now. You'll have to pick out a weapon, and get more marks, and learn runes. Welcome to the family. Oh, and you're coming with us tomorrow to Magnus' house. Me, Jace and Alec. I'll show you to your room."
Wordlessly, Clary and Mina got up, and went up the stairs. After they had left the raucous noise in the room behind, Clary asked. "Is it hard, being a Shadowhunter?"
"I've known it all my life. So no. To me, it isn't. But there is always a chance I could die. Or one of us can't come back."
"Oh. Okay."
"Any other questions?"
"Are you from here? Do you live here at the Institute? You don't sound at all like you're from New York." Clary questioned curiously.
"That's because I am not from New York," Mina chuckled. "I am from Devon, in England and no I don't live here in the Institute, I live with my siblings and my parents. I am mostly staying here because of Diana, my parabatai."
Clary nodded, "Do you have any other siblings other then Lottie and Liam?"
"I do, yes. A sister. Her name is Emma."
"Oh, that's nice." Clary smiled as they reached Clary's room, coming inside and sitting on the bed. "Do we know where my mum is? At all?"
"No. Not yet. But maybe Magnus might. You live under his jurisdiction, warlock-wise. As a result, he might know what happened. But I promise we'll find her." Mina squeezed Clary's hand reassuringly.
"Alec, Isabelle, Lottie and Liam don't like me being here." Clary remarked.
"Oh don't mind them! They are not really fond of mundanes. But they'll warm up eventually. They're so kind and protective to people they do know."
"I heard Jace mentioning that you were badly injured a few days ago. What happened? If you don't mind me asking?" Clary questioned.
Mina sighed, "Diana, Alec, Isabelle, Jace and I were on the mission. In the Seelie Court - that's one of the Faerie Courts - I got somehow separated from Diana, Jace, Alec and Isabelle, and I got injured by one faerie really badly. And me being injured really rarely happens, so everyone was really worried. Worried enough to call my parents to come to the Institute."
"Oh," Clary nodded wide eyed.
"But, I am fine now, I recovered already," Mina explained as she stood up. "Sorry, do you mind if I leave? I am going to eat something, I am really hungry. Jace might be upstairs in a bit, if you need someone to talk to."
"Oh! No, no don't worry, I'm sorry for keeping you." Clary nodded.
"Oh, Clary, before I forget, I want you to take this." Mina pulled out a dagger from her belt.
"Oh. Okay. Thanks." Clary said, holding the dagger by the tip.
"I'll see you later, get some rest. Wake up early tomorrow, you'll get a crash course in weapons training, from all of us."

Chapter Text

Mina first got to her room, then she'll leave for breakfast, she thought about calling her parents and tell them what happened. The time in Devon was different and it was never too late to call.
She took her phone and typed her mother's number. The phone ringed twice and someone picked up a call.
"Hello?" But it wasn't her mother, but Emma, making Mina chuckle, Emma had a habit to pick up the phones when someone familiar was calling and answer it.
"Hello, Em." Mina said smiling.
There was for a moment, silence, and then a loud shriek, "Mina!"
Mina laughed, "How have you been, Emma?"
"Great! I really miss you, when are you coming back?"
"Soon, very soon," Mina cleared her throat. "Can you call Mum? I need to talk with her."
"Sure," Emma said.
After a few moments of silence and then Tessa answered, "Hello,"
"Mom, hi! I wanted to ask you something." Mina said.
"What is it honey?" Tessa questioned.
"I wanted to ask you about Jocelyn Fairchild. Did you know that she is alive?" Mina questioned.
There was a heavy silence for few moments and then a sigh, "Yes, yes I did. Did something happen to her?"
"Her daughter Clary, is here at the Institute. How did Jocelyn know my number?" Mina asked,confused.
"I gave it to her just in case something happened to her. She knew she could trust you, she and I stayed in contact all those years. And do you not remember when you met Jocelyn, you were five years old when you met her. She begged Magnus to put protection spells on Clary, and they needed someone who could act as an Iron Sister." Tessa explained, making Mina stop dead in her tracks. Mina tried to remember when she had meet Jocelyn, when she remembered everything, a young tall women with red hair and green eyes, along with a baby girl with similar red hair and green eyes. She remembered Jocelyn who had played with her.
Mina drew in a sharp breath.
"Mina? Mina, love, are you alright?"
"Huh?" Mina said blinking. "Oh, yes I am. Just surprised."
"Oh honey," Tessa murmured. "If you or Lottie or Liam need anything, tell me. Or call.  You should go to see Magnus with Clary about her memories."
"I will," Mina smiled.
"I love you, Min-Min," Tessa paused for a moment before chuckling. "And your dad says hello and that he loves you."
Mina stifled a giggle at that with a smile, "I love him too! I should go, I am really hungry, I didn't eat anything."
"Of course, go, bye!" With that Mina hung up and returned to the kitchen.
Diana, Lottie, Liam, Jace, Alec and Isabelle were still in the kitchen. All of them except for Jace stared at her.
"What?" Mina raised her eyebrow and took a bite of her croissant.
"I don't know who is more mad, you or Jace." Alec said.
"We aren't mad, Alec." Mina sighed.
"Are you sure about that? We didn't expect you to do that. From all people, we never thought you would mark a mundane." Liam scoffed.
"She is not a mundane!" Mina snapped shouting. "For Raziel's sake! If she were mundane, she would have been long dead by now, and yet here she is in the institute alive and well! Jace and I saved her life! Do you understand?" Mina's face turned into an alarming shade of blood red, as she breathed heavily.
Everyone stared at her in shock and astonishment, no one expected Mina to react like this, not for any Shadowhunter, much less for a mundane.
It was Lottie who broke the stunned silence. "Mom and Dad were right," Lottie said. "You are really so much like your namesake."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Mina said as she took a sip of her tea. "Anyway, back to more pressing matters. Alec. What do you recommend for the new girl? Weapons wise?"

Alec sighed. "So she's short, which makes her nimble. She literally requires a light weapon. Otherwise she's not gonna be much help."  "I gave her a dagger yesterday. Will that be enough?" "If she's gonna be an effective Shadowhunter, she's gonna need to have reach. She's tiny. I would say throwing knives. She'll need Accuracy for that. Maybe also Sure-Striking. And Agility." Alec thought to himself. "Maybe Talent too." Lottie piped up. "I'll train her. We're similar builds, I could teach her some stuff." Mina smiled and ruffled Lottie's hair. "Okay. Sure you're up to it?" "Yeah! But one of you guys are gonna have to Mark her with all those runes, I'm not as good enough yet. Mina, can you?" "Course. Can one of you guys wake her up?" Jace started to get up, but Mina cut him off. "Not you Jace. I don't think she wants to be reminded of yesterday so soon. And besides, I need your help picking out good weapons. Diana. Can you go?" Diana grumbled. "Fine. But you owe me." After Clary had woken up, by a grumpy Diana - "She kicked me!" "I said I was sorry!" - Mina passed her a croissant, and some coffee. "Clary. We'll train you. A little. And you'll need more Marks." After they had finished breakfast, they went down to the training room. 

Chapter Text

Alec, Mina, Lottie, Liam, Diana and Jace, sat at a long table in the center of the Weapons room, their heads bent over an object between them.
Mina had told everyone who Clary's mother was, but was apprehensive about it, because the Clave would demand Jocelyn turn herself in, when they found out. 
Mina, Diana and Jace looked up as the door shut behind Clary.
“Where’s Hodge?” Mina said.
Hodge had wanted to talk to Clary again about something.
“Writing to the Silent Brothers.”
Alec repressed a shiver at that. Most Shadowhunters were unnerved by the Silent Brothers.
Clary approached the table slowly, conscious of Alec’s, Lottie's, Diana and Liam's gaze. She turned to Jace and Mina. “Hodge said I can go home.”
Mina and Jace nearly dropped their swords in shock. “He said what?!”
“To look through my mother’s things,” Clary amended. “If you go with me.”
“Jace, Mina,” Alec exhaled, but they ignored him.
“If you really want to prove that my mom was a Shadowhunter, we should look through my mom’s things. What’s left of them. And possibly if my dad was a Shadowhunter too.”
“Down the rabbit hole.” Jace grinned crookedly. “Good idea. If we go right now, we should have another three, four hours of daylight.”
“Do you want us to come with you?” Alec, Lottie and Liam asked, as Clary, Mina and Jace moved toward the door. Clary glanced back at them. They were half-out of the chairs, eyes expectant.
“No.” Mina didn’t turn around. “That’s all right. Clary, Jace and I can handle this on our own.”
Alec, Lottie and Liam shot Clary a murderous glare.
Before anyone could get out of the Weapons Room, Diana stood in front of them, "Mina, please be careful."
"I will, I-" But Diana cut her off with a wave of her hand.
"Izzy, Lottie, Alec, Liam and I, even Maryse before she left for Idris, have seen how exhausted you've been lately ever since we returned from the Seelie Court. Be careful. And when you return we'll have something to talk about." With that Diana moved from the doors and glanced at Jace, wordlessly, who gave her a short nod.
"We will, don't worry." Mina said.
Jace and Mina led the way down the hall, “Have you got your house keys?” Mina asked.
Clary glanced down at her shoes. “Yeah.”
“Good. Not that we couldn’t break in, but we’d run a greater chance of disturbing any wards that might be up if we did.” Jace said.
“If you say so.” The hall widened out into a marble-floored foyer, a black metal gate set into one wall. It was only when Mina pushed a button next to the gate and it lit up that Clary realized it was an elevator. “Jace, Mina?” Clary said.
“Yeah?” Mina replied.
“How did you know I had Shadowhunter blood? Was there some way you could tell?”
The elevator arrived with a final groan. Jace unlatched the gate and slid it open. “We guessed first,” Mina said, latching the door behind them. “It seemed like the most likely explanation. And then Jocelyn called me, and it all made sense, because you look like a Fairchild - your ancestors."
"Really?" Clary sounded curious.
"Yeah," Mina smiled. "Because the Fairchilds are famous for their green eyes and red hair, and sometimes blonde hair." Mina glanced at Clary who began smiling.
Jace pressed a button in the wall, and the elevator lurched into action with a vibrating groan that Mina felt all through the bones in her feet. “I was ninety percent sure, you were.”
“I see,” Clary said.
There must have been something in Clary's voice, because Jace and Mina turned to look at her. Her hand cracked across Jace's face, a slap that rocked him back on his heels. He put his hand to his cheek, more in surprise than pain. “What the hell was that for?” he asked, clenching his jaw, annoyed.
Mina doubled with laughter, tears spilled down her cheeks from laughter.
“The other ten percent,” Clary said, and they rode the rest of the way down to the street in silence, the only thing that could be heard was Mina's quiet giggling and Jace glaring at her.
Jace spent the train ride to Brooklyn wrapped in an angry silence. Mina who had finally stopped laughing, and Clary stuck close to them anyway, feeling a little bit guilty, especially when she looked at the red mark her slap had left on his cheek.
Mina glanced at Jace and Clary, Clary was staring intently at Jace who cocked an eyebrow. “Can I help you with something?” Jace asked.
Clary said in an unusual voice. “Those girls on the other side of the car are staring at you.”
Mina raised her eyebrow, and took a moment to notice Clary sounded...jealous? Her lips twitched into a smile. Jace assumed an air of mellow gratification. “Of course they are,” he said. “I am stunningly attractive.”
“Haven’t you ever heard that modesty is an attractive trait?” Mina retorted.
“Only from ugly people,” Jace confided. “The meek may inherit the earth, but at the moment it belongs to the conceited. Like me.” He winked at the girls, who giggled and hid behind their hair as Mina rolled her eyes.
Clary sighed. “How come they can see you?”
“Glamours are a pain to use. Sometimes we don’t bother using them.” Mina explained. When they finally arrived at the apartment, they went upstairs to check the place out. Mina sat on the stairs, waiting for them to hurry. She was scanning the building under the apartment, it looked and felt old, but there was something magical about it.
"Wilhelmina Carstairs," Mina glanced down at the doors which opened slightly, revealing an older woman standing there. "I believe your friends need help." The woman said, as the longer Mina stared at her, she sensed that she was a witch.
Mina stood up wordlessly and ran upstairs knowing that Jace and Clary most likely needed help. She ran into the living room, hearing a scream, when Jace stood and pulled out his blade.
"What's wrong?" Mina asked quietly, careful not to alert whatever was present.
"Something is here," Jace whispered as Mina quickly pulled out Durendal and looked around. A Forsaken did not tried to injure her, instead threw something to her. To Mina's horror, it was a vial mixed with the blood of a greater demon, specifically a blood of a Prince of Hell.
Mina began screaming and crying out, uncontrollably in pain and agony.
Clary stared open-mouthed in horror at Mina, as Jace killed off the Forsaken, before rushing to Mina along with Clary.
"What is happening to her?" Clary said, alarmed.
"It's about the vial. Mina, Lottie and Liam are allergic to that vial, that vial... I don't even want to talk about it." Jace said quietly and swallowed heavily.
Suddenly Mina's pendant began glowing blue, an almost violet colour. A pulse of energy shot out, making Mina's marks glow and alarming both Clary and Jace, as Mina's crying out and screaming faded away into shivers and whimpers, before her eyes rolled back into her head.
"I can help you." said Madame Dorothea, looking upstairs at them.
"Madame Dorothea? Do you know where my mother is?" Clary questioned.
"Clarissa, save your questions for later. Jace Herondale, do you want me to help your--" Madame Dorothea started but Jace cut her off.
"Yes, help her!" Jace said agitated, before he took Mina in his arms and went downstairs to the apartment of Madame Dorothea.
Mina opened her eyes and found herself in London, on Blackfriars Bridge.
"Mina?" Mina tensed and whirled around only to find Will Herondale and instantly relaxed.
"I'm not dead, right?" Mina asked, suddenly alarmed.
"No, of course not. But I put a rune on you." Will explained.
"You can do that? Wait! The pendant," Mina said wide eyed. "Why did it pulse violently, Uncle Will?"
Will was always the one who helped her when she needed it. The pendant allowed Mina to communicate with the spirits of the dead, and seek counsel. She rarely used it, but it would work when it needed to. It could protect her from harm by manifesting runes. It contained a shard of Tessa's clockwork angel. This gave further protection.
"I only let it for a few seconds, it's nothing, really." Will took several steps towards Mina until he was in front of her. Will smiled at her and hugged her. It was odd being hugged by him, because he always returned as a ghost but she was never able to touch him. Mina noticed Will was hugging her hard.
"Uncle Will... I- I can't breathe..." Will eased the strength but kept her between his arms.
"You need to be more careful," He said, his voice muffled by her hair.
"I'll try my best," Mina smiled, as he let her go.
"You should return. I think that witch tried to heal you. But who knows if she was successful."
Mina nodded, "Hodge will probably give me something to heal me when we return to the Institute."
"Be careful about him, I think he is hiding something."
"What do you mean?" Mina said, puzzled.
Will shook his head, "Just be careful around him. And I know that you've noticed that something is wrong lately. Mina. When James was growing up, me and Tessa noticed, that when he got annoyed or stressed he would turn into a shadow. There's a reason why I created the pendants. I needed to make sure no-one struggled like James did. He was too much like me. Lost in the thralls of love. I created them for your dad's sake. It allowed me to live on, in a way. Mina. Be safe."
"Alright. Thanks Uncle Will." And with that Mina closed her eyes.
Mina's eyes flew open, as she tried to sit up, but groaned in pain. She hadn't noticed Jace hovering over her, worriedly.
"Are you okay?" Jace questioned, wide eyed.
Mina nodded slowly, wordlessly. "I am still weak and in pain, but at least I'm not screaming and crying anymore, I guess. Where is Clary?"
"Right here." Clary leaned over the couch in which Mina lay in.
"I see you have healed, well at least as much as you could, without runes. I could've helped you." said Madame Dorothea. "You should pick up a card, like Clary did."
Mina shot a puzzled look to both Jace and Clary who both shook their heads.
"Me?" Mina said as she stood up walked towards the table where the cards were, as she gripped Jace's arm so she wouldn't fall somewhere.
"Yes, you are Wilhelmina Yiqiang Ke Carstairs?"
"Yes," Mina was uncomfortable. "You don't need to say my full name, witch." Mina placed her hand over the cards, she hovered her hand over them and waited. One card stuck into Mina's hand, Dorothea reached out and read it. The card was the same as Clary's..
"Same as Clary's."
"Drink this," Dorothea handed her a cup of tea.
"If this is poison, then may the angel help you."
"It's not a poison." Dorothea rolled her eyes.
Mina drunk the tea and handed the cup back to Dorothea, as Mina watched Dorothea looking at the cup. "Hmm, you are yet to find a love, unlike your - brothers, it's with the right one. I see powerful people who are protecting you and your siblings, but they are no longer al-" Mina grabbed the cup and smashed it against the floor.
"If you care, for anything more in this house, you will not finish that sentence." Mina felt a cold rush of anger. She stood up. She couldn't risk anyone knowing about the pendants. It had cost Will too much to create them. And they would be confiscated if the Clave knew they had them. 
"You know, I have no magic. I protect this place and look after it. Too many lives border on me being here. Would you risk all of that?" Dorothea said, quietly.
"Clary. Do you have everything you came for?"
Clary held up a box. It was engraved with silver etchings. It was locked. "I feel like this might give us some clues. We'll take it back to the Institute."

Chapter Text

"I don't like the fact that mundie girl is here at the institute." Lottie sighed as she put away her electrum parasol, finishing her training with Isabelle and Diana.
Isabelle rolled her eyes, "Who does? She really annoys me. Especially how Mina and Jace are always reacting to her and always helping her."
Diana was about to say something but a pain shot up through her body, as she gasped, clutching her parabatai rune.
Izzy and Lottie's heads snapped towards Diana and their eyes widened in alarm.
"Oh, angel," Lottie swore.
"We need to find them," Diana managed to gasp out, falling to the floor.
"Alec! Liam!" Izzy shouted.
As Alec and Liam rushed into the room, their faces paling once they saw Diana.
Alec swore, "I knew we shouldn't have sent them."
"She - Mina is in so much pain. She's never in pain like this." Diana's voice creaked. Diana clutched Liam's arm.
Diana's pain in her parabatai rune slowly began to fade away. Diana relaxed a bit as she leaned against Liam.
"Is she...?" Izzy questioned as she watched Diana relaxing.
"She is a bit okay now, but weak, still in pain and exhausted." Alec said, checking Diana's pulse.
"That mundane causes so much trouble." Alec said with a shake of his head.

"Yes, she will," Liam agreed. "I just hope she'll leave as soon as she finds her mother." Lottie and Izzy nodded in agreement.
The doors of the Training Room swung opened, revealing Clary with a boy with brown hair and brown eyes.
"Where is my parabatai, Clary?" Diana demanded.
Clary turned her gaze towards Diana not meeting her eyes, "We were attacked by Forsaken, and the Forsaken attacked her, but didn't injure her. It-it threw some vial." Clary explained, shaking.
Everyone's expressions turned dark, Lottie and Liam's the darkest of all.
"Where are they? Where are Jace and Mina? Are they in the infirmary?" Isabelle asked everything at once.
"Yes, they are," Clary nodded, as everyone ran towards the infirmary.
Diana swung open the doors of the infirmary where Hodge and Jace were along with Mina, who wasn't awake.
"How is she?" Lottie questioned as she appeared next to Diana along with Isabelle, as they both squeezed Diana's hand assuringly.
"She'll be fine. She needs to take a much needed rest. She's asleep now." Hodge explained.
Everyone relaxed once they heard that Mina was going to be okay.
"Why did you bring one more mundane to the Instititute?" Lottie questioned,not bothering to hide her annoyance.
"He didn't want to leave Clary. And she told him about the Shadow World."
"Has she LOST HER MIND?!" Liam demanded. "A mundane is not supposed to know about our world!"
"Care to explain what the hell happened while you were there?" Alec glared at Jace with a shake of his head.
"We didn't knew that the Forsaken were there," Jace swallowed and looked down at his shoes. "And as for Clary's friend.. I know that. But Clary wasn't raised as a Shadowhunter, and she isn't bound to our law. Yet. Well until the Clave finds out about her."
"One job!" Diana whispered softly as a single tear dropped down her cheek. "I asked you for one job, for you to keep an eye on my parabatai and makes sure she doesn't end up injured. But NO! You couldn't do that one simple job."
"DiDi, I am so-" Jace started but Diana cut him off.
"Don't DiDi me! What the hell, Jace? What happened? All you did is keep an eye on that mundane girl, ever since you saw her at Pandemonium!" Diana snapped.
"Diana, it wasn't his fault," said Mina weakly; everyone was startled, they weren't expecting Mina to be awake. "Don't blame him. He couldn't have known would there be a Forsaken and what the Forsaken would do. Besides, a more pressing matter is where the hell that Forsaken got the vial. There's no way a Shadowhunter could get it alone." Mina didn't tell everyone her suspicions, that she thought the witch had done something.
"Next time," Diana said as she wiped away her tears. "I am going with you, whether you like it or not. I don't care, if you disagree. I'm coming no matter what."
"We are all coming with you next time." Liam said as Alec, Isabelle and Charlotte nodded in agreement.
"May I talk something with Lottie and Liam?" Mina said as she glanced at Alec, Jace, Isabelle, Diana and Clary, meeting all their eyes in turn. "Alone." she added.
"Alright. But we'll return soon." Isabelle said as they all left the infirmary.
"What's wrong,jie-jie?" Liam questioned as he sat on his sister's bed along with Lottie.
Mina cleared her throat, "Do you remember when Alec, Jace, Isabelle, Diana and I left to the Seelie Court?"
"Yes," The twins said in unison, puzzled.
"I didn't told you everything what happened," Mina said softly. "I only told Mom, Dad and Magnus."
"Well, what else happened?" Liam questioned carefully.
"Before I killed him, the Faerie knight had told me that some people wanted to get their hands on you two and Emma. To use you three and your powers. But no one else apart from you, Diana, Mum, Dad, Emma and Magnus knows about my powers, and hopefully no-one else is going to find out. But I need to learn to control my powers better. And I can't help but wonder what are your powers. Do you know? Did you guys figure it out?" Mina said.
"No, we didn't." Lottie said, disappointed.
"It's okay, Lottie," Mina squeezed her sister's hand. "I am sure you'll figure it out soon. And besides, jie-jie Lucie discovered her power, around your age too. So don't stress."
"And until we do discover our powers," Liam said. "We'll help you with yours. And perhaps you should use your powers and check on Clary." he said, a tinge of annoyance in his voice.
"You still don't like her, do you?" Mina asked, rolling her eyes.
"Well," replied Lottie. "You know how Liam is. He rarely trusts anyone, only trusts the ones he loves. If Clary wants Liam and me to trust her, she needs to earn that trust first." Liam nodded in agreement.
Mina sighed and shook her head.
"Now that we've settled everything," Mina said. "Go on, call Clary and tell her to come here and that I wanted to talk to her and I'll use my power on her and check her."
"Very well," Liam stood up. "I'll go."
After Liam left, Mina turned to Lottie who eyed her carefully. "Do you want to use the power on me first? Then on Clary, before they come back?"
"Alright." Mina nodded hesitantly.
Seeing her hesitation, Charlotte added, "Nothing will happen. Don't worry, Willa."
Mina smiled at her childhood nickname. Mina took a deep breath and closed her eyes, before opening them again. Her eyes were no longer grey, but flashed deadly blue for a few moments before returning her natural grey colour. Mina's marks began glowing an angelic white colour, which quickly enveloped her hands.
And then she saw Charlotte's personality, a true rebel at heart, stubborn, fierce and brave, impulsive, witty, arrogant, foxy, confident and trouble maker but also incredibly kind, a trait both Mina and Charlotte had inherited from Jem.
As Mina let go of Charlotte's hands, the glow receded.
"Did it work?" Lottie questioned curiously.
"Of course." A grin appeared across Mina's face, which she quickly suppressed, as the doors of the infirmary slowly opened revealing Clary, Liam was nowhere in sight, most likely with Alec.
"Hey, you wanted to talk to me?" Clary said as Charlotte stood up and left the infirmary.
"Yeah, how's your friend?" Mina said a bit awkwardly. "I do hope Isabelle hasn't given him any food, that would be disastrous."
Clary chuckled at that, "No she didn't."
"Is he like a best friend? Or just like a normal friend?"
"A best friend, I guess." Clary shook her head. "Where did this come from?"
After making sure Clary wouldn't notice the glow of her runes and her hands, she said. "I was simply curious."
Mina's hands began glowing again and her runes turned a brighter white. Mina saw Clary's personality. She was incredibly stubborn and sarcastic, very caring and compassionate and reckless person. And most importantly, she was not evil at all.
Mina's hands and runes stopped glowing as she smiled at Clary. "How long have you two known each other?"
"We're childhood friends." Clary smiled slightly.
"That's really nice," Mina said with a small smile. She felt unnecessarily tired and exhausted.
Clary said, "You should rest. If you feel better tomorrow, we can go and see Magnus Bane about my memories. And if you need anything, tell me."
Mina nodded smiling, "I will. Good night, Clary."
"Good night, Mina!" Clary said as she left the infirmary.
A few moments later Liam and Lottie returned.
"And?" The twins questioned, in unison.
"Everything is fine with Clary, she isn't evil.  But I am really tired and everything still hurts. I need some rest."
Liam and Lottie nodded in understanding. "Good night jie-jie.They said as they both left the infirmary.

Chapter Text

As Mina rested, she had nightmares. Often, they'd be subdued by the pendant, and she wouldn't dream. But Jace had taken off the pendant when Mina had been affected by the demon vial. Her nightmares were probably enhanced by the demon blood running through her veins. Her nightmare this time, took place in some sort of mansion.

The walls were stripped bare, the windows cracked. She was in front of a Portal. She whirled to see a man, rugged, in Shadowhunter gear, with whitish blond hair. Next to him was Jace, who looked....dazed? Mina looked at Jace's arm. A Loyal To rune was etched, as well as Guidance. Mina realised the man was controlling Jace. Clary's friend was on the floor, and with a shock, Mina noticed a seraph blade was skewered through him. She reached out to help him, but the man spoke, his voice booming. "Dear daughter. Won't you join us?" Clary's voice rang out, her eyes wide with shock. "What? You You're my father?" Mina saw Clary's fiery hair out of the corner of her eye.  "Indeed. I am Valentine Morgenstern. I'm sure your mother, treacherous woman that she is, didn't tell you about me." He threw a throwing knife, directly at Mina. It passed through her. Mina looked behind her. Her heart stopped. Lottie. The knife had stabbed her stomach. She went to her, held her, but Lottie couldn't feel Mina. Mina felt hopeless. Lost. "What have you done to her?!" Clary screamed.  "Oh, don't worry. I won't kill her. Her and that brother of hers. I require them. And Jace. After all, your brother wants to meet him." Clary gasped. "My brother?"

Then, Mina heard a voice. "Mina. Min-Min. Wake up." That voice. She remembered that voice. Uncle Will.  Mina sat up, drenched in sweat. She closed her eyes, and retreated into her mind. "Uncle Will?" "I'm here." This time, Will was wearing Shadowhunter clothes in black. His curls were adorned with a top hat. He was holding a cane. "You know, this cane belonged to your father. It broke when he was protecting your mother. Turns out, I can create things in this dreamscape of yours. Take this." Mina took the cane. It had a dragon head, and was jaded. "If I'm right, I should be able to give you things, that you can take out into the real world. But at a cost. The pendant will lose half of its power. But the energy will transfer into the cane. As long as you have both the cane, and the pendant, you will be protected. Now go. Our adventurous Mina." Mina smiled at the name. As Mina awoke, she saw Diana, sitting on a chair near her. It seemed she had fell asleep while watching over Mina. Mina shook her head. Sometimes Diana was so overprotective, like a mother hen. As Mina got up, she was aware of something in her hand. The cane. She leaned on it, slowly tapping Diana awake.  "Diana. Didi. Wake up."  "Huh? W-what?" Diana said, drowsily. "Mina! You shouldn't be out of bed!"  Mina smiled. "It's fine. I feel great now." As she tied the pendant around her neck, she was aware of someone watching her. "Who's there?" Hodge stepped out of the doorway. "Just me. Glad to see you're okay now. Come down and have breakfast. Clary decided to make some food, waffles." Mina tucked the cane behind her back. "I'll be down in a bit Hodge." "Good." Hodge met her eyes. There was a peculiar gaze in them, almost like he could read her mind. Did he notice the cane? As Hodge descended the stairs, Mina filled Diana in on her dreams, and what had happened. Diana blanched at the name Valentine Morgenstern. "Do you know who he is, Mina?" Mina shook her head. "No." "He's a criminal. He had close ties with Aunt Maryse and Uncle Robert, as well as my dad." Diana looked sombre. "He tried to overthrow the Clave. And was nearly successful. If Clary's his kid, then we would know right? You used your power on her?" "Yeah. There's not a evil bone in her body. So I'm wondering, how the hell we get to that place. There was a Portal. That narrows the place down." "Ask Magnus, Mina. He'll know, I'm sure." "Is Valentine the reason your dad died?" Diana clenched her jaw. "Yeah. Your mum and dad warned Dad not to go. But Dad was scared. With me a mere child, and Jace on the way, I supposed he thought he was being noble about it." she said, bitterly. "Mum told me that it was the only time Dad shouted. He's always so calm. But not being able to stop your dad.... I think it reminded him in a way of Uncle Will. Mum and Dad wanted Uncle Will's descendants to be good people. And your dad, what he did was so much like Uncle Will, that it hurt my dad. Uncle Will would have done the same thing. He was always so protective over everyone." "I wish Dad was here. He was the type of person to make people so happy. He always smiled. And apparently Jace shares some of his mannerisms. Mum being a single parent, he was tough to manage. But Granny Imogen doted over him. Speaking of which. If we're found consulting with Downworlders, me and Jace won't hear the end of it from Gran. If we're gonna go to Magnus', we'll need to keep it on the down low."  "Course. Anything for dear old Granny Imogen." Mina smirked.

Chapter Text

Mina and Diana walked downstairs to eat breakfast. They both smiled at each other, as they caught the scent of something sweet.
"Wow," said Mina. "This smells really great! Even better than Isabelle's cooking, no offence to Iz, I do hope Clary's waffles are delicious as they smell."
Diana hummed in agreement before pushing the doors of the kitchen open.
Mina and Diana looked around the kitchen curiously. Alec, Liam and Lottie were sitting at the table, staring at the waffles as if it might grow legs and crawl up the walls.
Mina and Diana stifled giggles at their mirrored expression.
Alec looked up from the waffles, his gaze softening as he glanced at blonde and black haired girl, "How are you feeling, Mina?"
"Better." Mina said as she reached to take one waffle but Liam caught her hand. Mina stared at him puzzled.
"Maybe it was Isabelle who made it. We don't want to have get food poisoning." Liam warned.
"But it wasn't, Isabelle," Diana protested. "It was Clary who made this. And besides it smells really delicious." Diana's stomach grumbled.
"Go on, then," said Lottie. "You should try waffles first."
Mina winced, flinching as she glanced at her sister; when she looked at Lottie, all that replayed in her head was Lottie, hunched over, in pain.
"Mina?" Alec was waving his head over Mina's face worriedly.
"Y-yeah, Alec?" Mina replied as Diana shot her a worried glance.
"I asked you, are you okay? And are we going tonight to see Magnus?"
"Yeah, sure," Mina said. "And I am fine."
Diana's eyes widened when she showed the piece of waffle into her mouth, with her approval, Lottie, Alec, Liam, Mina along with Isabelle, Clary's friend and Jace who came into the kitchen a few moments after, before they began eating.
Mina looked up only to find Clary sitting across her. After Mina swallowed the bite of waffles said, "This is great, really delicious, Clary! We'll make breakfast for everyone one day, it'll be fun, just me, you, Diana and Lottie. The rest of them,", glancing at Alec, Izzy, Liam and Jace, "don't have the culinary aptitude."
Clary grinned at her, "We will, definitely."
Mina moved her blue-grey gaze to Clary's friend.
"What's your name?" Mina asked, taking a sip of her tea.
The boy looked up, startled, as if he hadn't expected to be spoken to, "Simon. Simon Lewis."
"I'm Mina. Mina Carstairs. This is Diana Herondale," Mina pointed at her parabatai. "And I assume you know everyone else's names?"
"Yes," Simon nodded. "Yes, I do."
Mina eyed him thoughtfully. "I assume you are coming tonight with us?" Mina said.
"It's not like I'm gonna stay here. Who knows what'll happen?"
"Fine. But you need to know something, then," Mina said. "You can't drink or eat anything, tonight. Because tonight at the party, there won't be human food, but faerie food."
"And you do not want to find out the consequences when you eat or drink faerie food." Diana added as Mina nodded. "Remember last time? Jace?" she said, pointedly.
Jace smiled bashfully. "What can I say? I dance beautifully. Especially when half naked."
"Do we have to bring the mundie with us?" Liam raised his eyebrows, he was annoyed and clearly didn't bother to hide it.
"I am not going anywhere without Simon," Clary snapped. "Whether you like it or not that he's coming, I don't care Liam. And besides, what's he gonna do here?"
Liam fixed his jaw with a glare at Clary. "Whatever, as if I care, if anything happens to him or he gets kidnapped, I am not coming to find him."
Surprisingly Lottie, along with Diana and Mina shot him a warning glare, which Liam simply ignored.
"This is an invitation for Magnus Bane's party," Isabelle waved her invitation in air. "And guess what? The party is tonight."
"And guess what else? Mina and Liam and I have a V.I.P invitation." Lottie said with a wink at her Lightwood parabatai. "But it's not here, it's in my room upstairs."
"I hate you," Isabelle mumbled with frown. Izzy and Lottie glanced at each other and chuckled.
"So we are definitely going?" Alec asked.
"Yup," Jace spoke. "But before we leave, wanna train for awhile?"
"Sure," Alec shrugged.
"Anyone else?" Jace asked.
"Me." Liam said.
"Me too," Isabelle and Lottie said in unison.
"Okay," Jace said. "What about you three?"
Mina and Diana glanced at each other, "We'll train as well," Mina said. "What about you, Clary?"
"I don't want to train right now. I'll stay with Simon."
"Okay." Mina said as Liam grumbled under his breath, "Typical."
"How is Mark?" Lottie asked Liam with a smile, thinking of the eldest Blackthorn sibling, and parabatai of her twin.
"Good. We talked yesterday. He said I should come again to Los Angeles, or he'll come here." Liam said, clearly missing his parabatai.
"And he should," said Mina. "come here, besides you haven't seen him since we got here."
"I'll tell him, that he should come here, perhaps Daphne can come as well." Liam smiled slightly, as Mina eyed him thoughtfully as she thought of the blonde, blue-green eyed Blackthorn girl, Mark's twin.
"Aww does little Liam have a crush?" Mina teased.
Liam groaned and buried his head in his hands, as everyone began laughing at his reaction. When they finished the breakfast, they all went to train apart from Clary and Simon.
After their training for few hours, they began getting ready to see Magnus Bane, when there were loud knocks on the Institute's doors.
"What do you think, who is it?" Mina said as she strode downstairs with Diana to see who it was. They weren't expecting anyone to come. Mina really hoped that it wasn't Diana and Jace's grandmother Imogen Herondale. She would put them all in a Malachi configuration for trying to go to a Downworlder party.
"I am not sure.." Diana said as she opened the doors of the Institute open.
On the other side of the doors stood two people they did not expect to see.
Mark and Daphne Blackthorn were grinning at the sight of their best friends.
"Well, aren't you going to say hello?" Mark said softly, his brows raised.
"Oh," Mina said very softly. "You guys didn't say you were arriving?"
"Liam didn't tell you?" Daphne said as Diana and Mina shook their heads. "He told us to come. He'd sent us a fire message to come."
Mina cursed, "Of course he didn't tell us, that little demon!"
Diana opened the doors wider and gestured for Mark and Daphne to come in.
"So," Mark started. "Word got around you have two mundanes in the Institute."
"Yeah we do," Diana said rolling her eyes. "But one isn't technically a mundane, she's an unmarked Shadowhunter."
Mark and Daphne's eyes widened in surprise, "What family does she belongs to?"
Mina and Diana exchanged looks, "We don't know yet. That's what we're trying to figure out, by going to see Magnus Bane."
"The high warlock of Brooklyn?" Daphne said. Mina nodded in response.
"Wanna come with us?" Diana asked.
"Sure," Mark said as Mina grabbed Daphne's hand.
"We shall meet you for an hour, Mark, boys are in Liam's room, down the hall." Mina said as Mark nodded.
Mina, Daphne and Diana finally found their way to Isabelle's room, after a few minutes of chatting together.
"Finally! What took you so - " Isabelle and Lottie whirled around their gazes fell on Daphne who smiled at them. Lottie squealed as she hugged Daphne tightly.
"We didn't know you were coming?" Lottie said as she pulled away from Daphne as Isabelle shot Daphne a smile.
"That's because Liam didn't tell us," Mina rolled her eyes. "Where is Clary? We are leaving soon."
"I'm not sure," Isabelle shrugged. "Are you coming with us, Daphne?"
"Yeah," Daphne nodded. "Mark is coming too."
"He is here too?" Lottie raised her brow.
"Of course he is!"
"Someone should go and wake Clary up."
"Well let me tell you, I am not going," Diana grumbled. "Last time, she kicked me!"
Isabelle began digging out more clothes from her closet. "How about this one?" Isabelle held out a red dress with a hundred skimpy straps.
"Odd, no." Lottie said.
"This?" Isabelle showed Lottie, Diana, Daphne and Mina a navy blue pencil dress.
"Uh, no. Why don't you wear that one? It might look good on you." Mina suggested pointing at the silver gossamer as Lottie, Diana and Daphne nodded in approval.
"This one?" Isabelle pulled out a short silver dress.
"Better." Diana approved.
As Isabelle started putting back all her other clothes back into her closet, Clary appeared at the door.
"Why do you care so much about a perfect outfit for a Downworld party? We are only going in hopes of unveiling some secrets about that girl." Daphne questioned.
"That 'girl' has a name." Clary snapped, tiredly, as she stepped inside the room.
"Well, if I knew your name I would have said it." Daphne rolled her eyes and turned around eyeing Clary. "I guess you're the new Shadowhunter."
"Yes." Clary answered shortly.
"You do know you are not going like that, right?" Lottie raised her eyebrows as she eyed Clary's plain blue shirt and jeans.
"Yeah, that's why I came here."
"Come with me, I'll give you my dress, that will fit you." Lottie said as she and Clary left Isabelle's room.
"So this is her?" Daphne raised her eyebrow.
"Yup," Mina said. "We should hurry up. I don't think Alec, Liam, Jace and Mark are going to wait for us."
"Liam is coming as well?" Daphne bit her lips."
Mina smirked at her, "Most likely, yeah."
The doors of Isabelle's room swung opened revealing very a very annoyed Clary and Lottie.
"What's wrong?" Diana asked.
"This," Clary gestured with her hands, at the black tank top she was wearing. "is too tight and too short."
"Well, you are going to wear that, whether you like it or not. Maybe we should get Jace's opinion. And you need to dress better. " Lottie remarked. Clary blushed at her comment. "Don't you dare. I'm wearing something over this, it's freezing outside."
"Alright," said Mina, throwing Clary a hoodie. "We really need to leave soon, let's meet the others at the library." 
Daphne, Isabelle, Diana, Lottie and Clary nodded in agreement.
They all headed towards the library, as they got closer they heard someone protesting, it was Liam. Isabelle, Mina, Lottie and Diana exchanged looks, it was really rare when Liam argued or protested with someone.
Daphne pushed the doors of the library open.
"No. And that's my final word, William. You, Mark, Charlotte, Daphne and Diana are not going. There is no need for you all to go." Hodge said firmly. "If you guys all go out, you think they won't notice all the Shadowhunters? You guys stand out. You're lucky I'm letting you go at all."
"But Hodge -" Diana started but was immediately cut off by Hodge.
"No. End of story."
"Fine." Diana huffed in annoyance.
Mina moved towards Diana soundlessly. "Don't worry, I'll tell you everything when we return from Magnus." Mina whispered as Diana nodded.
Not shortly after that, Mina, Alec, Clary, Simon, Isabelle and Jace, took the metro towards Magnus Bane's apartment.
After they found the apartment, Mina pressed the buzzer. Nothing happened. She pressed it again. She was about to press it a third time when Alec caught her wrist with a sigh. “Don’t be rude,” he said. "If they want us in, they'll let us in."
Mina shot him a glare, “Alec -”
The door flew open.
Mina blinked, startled, she hadn't expected to be opened. However entry was immediately denied to them by Magnus, who had dyed his hair roots in orange and wore some glitter eyeliner.
Magnus raked a ring-laden hand through his spiked hair and regarded them thoughtfully. “Children of the Nephilim,” he said. “Well, well. I don’t recall inviting you.”
"We have an invitation." Jace handed their invites.
“And I,” said Magnus. “Nephilim, and today my brain says that Chairman Meow should enjoy a night without having to deal with Shadowhunters -”
“Magnus Bane.” Mina stepped forward next to Isabelle. Magnus glanced at Mina. “I believe we've got some business tonight."
“Yes, I believe we do.” Magnus said softly as he threw the door open. “Come in. And try not to murder any of my guests.”
“Even if one of them spills a drink on my new shoes?” Jace said, making Mina roll her eyes.
“Even then.” Magnus grinned and started up the stairs, leaving a surprised-looking Jace holding the door. “Come on,” he said, waving the rest of them inside. “Before anyone thinks it’s my party.”
They pushed past Jace, all of them laughing nervously, apart from Mina. 
“Wait here,” Magnus said pointing around many Downworlders. “I need to speak with Mina for a minute.”
Alec shot Mina a questioning glance; she only shrugged in response.
Magnus ushered Mina into a vacant room. “What did you want to talk about? Did something happen? I haven't seen you since I healed you from that injury in Faerie.” Magnus said as he elegantly swept his arms around the air to magically produce warm Victorian chairs, a coffee table and a cup of steaming latte
“Yesterday I was injured again,” Mina explained. “Clarissa wanted to find something at her home. But then a Forsaken attacked us. It threw a vial with demon blood of a prince of hell. It activated my allergies.” she said as she took a sip of the latte. She turned to look at Magnus and wished she hadn't. He was staring at her in horror and astonishment.
"Clarissa? Who?"
"Clary. Jocelyn's child."
"You found her. So Jocelyn used the number. Is Jocelyn okay?"
"No idea. I was hoping you would know. Our tracking runes won't work for some reason."
“Did you tell your mum and dad? About the vial? ”
Mina looked away from him. “No I didn't want to worry them, Magnus.”
“I will tell them. They need to know, Mina.”
Mina shook her head, her black curls bouncing, she sighed. “That's not all.”
“Of course, there's more.” Magnus muttered. “What is it?”
"Yesterday, once I had gotten back from the house with Clary and Jace, I started having nightmares. About some man who was called Valentine Morgenstern."
Magnus dropped his latte, china shattering everywhere.
Magnus looked sick to his stomach. He waved his hand in a effort to make her continue, as he focused on wiping up the broken china.
"He said that he was Clary's father. And that he needed Jace, Lottie and Liam for something. And something about his son."
"Mina. This is bad. Very bad. It could be very likely that he's Clary's dad. But don't tell her yet. Valentine was one of the worst Nephilim I have ever met. He was ruthless and deceptive. He had no mercy. If he's alive, then he must be hiding from the Clave well." Magnus' voice shook. "We should get back to the party. Once this is all over, then I'll send you a message. I'll help you with looking for Jocelyn. There's still a block on Clary's mind. She won't be able to see most things. I'll remove that too. If he needs Lottie, and Liam, it might be because of their demon blood."
Mina started to speak but Magnus cut her off. "I know about your powers, by the way. Who do you think helped Will make those pendants? Valentine is not someone you want to challenge directly. Just, get back to the party. Make some new Downworlder friends. God, talk to Raphael if you really want to, the boy's such a bore, he needs new friends."

"I'm good friends with Lily I guess. Not Raphael though." Mina mused as Magnus nodded.
Mina walked out of the door. She looked back. Magnus was already gone.
She had to find everyone else.


Chapter Text

Mina returned back to the party, only to find Clary screaming her lungs out at Isabelle.
"What's wrong?" Mina asked, surprised at Clary's outburst.

"Well. Simon drank some faerie drink. He's a rat now." Alec explained.

Mina's eyebrows rose in surprise. She shook her head. "I warned him not to eat or drink anything."

“The Clave isn’t going to like this,” said Alec dubiously. “I’m pretty sure turning mundanes into rats is against the Law.”

“Technically she didn’t turn him into a rat,” Jace pointed out. “The worst she could be accused of is negligence.”

“Who cares about the stupid Law?” Clary screamed, grabbing hold of Isabelle’s wrist. “My best friend is a rat!”

"Clary, calm down," Mina said. "We'll find him, he couldn't have gone far."

“If he hasn’t been stepped on,” Jace pointed out, as Mina shot him a glare.

“I didn’t leave him, I wouldn't. He ran under the bar,” Isabelle protested, pointing.

“Bitch,” Clary said savagely, and flung a surprised-looking Isabelle’s hand back at her, hard.

Mina's, Alec's and Jace's eyes widened in astonishment as Clary ran towards the bar and dropped to her knees.

“It’s me, Clary,” Clary said slowly as Alec, Mina, Jace and Isabelle aproached. “Are you okay?”

“Is he under there?” Jace asked curiously.

Clary, still on her hands and knees, nodded. “Shh. You’ll frighten him off.” Clary pushed her fingers gingerly under the edge of the bar, and wiggled them. “Please come out, Simon. We’ll get Magnus to reverse the spell. It’ll be okay.”

Mina could have sworn she heard a squeak, and the rat’s pink nose poked out from beneath the bar. 

The rat, huddled in the hollow of Clary's palms, squeaked glumly. Delighted, Clary hugged him to her chest. “Oh, poor baby,” she crooned, almost as if he really were a pet. “Poor Simon, it’ll be fine, I promise—”

“I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him,” Jace said. “That’s probably the closest he’s ever gotten to second base.”

“Shut up!” Clary glared at Jace furiously.

Mina leaned towards Clary's palm and towards Simon - rat. "I warned you not to drink or eat anything from here. And yet you had to drink, the blue drink of all drinks." Mina shook her head in disapproval.

Jace reached toward Simon as if he meant to pet him. “He’s cute like that. Look at his little pink nose.”

Simon bared long yellow teeth at Jace and made a snapping motion. Jace pulled his outstretched hand back. “Izzy, go fetch our magnificent host.”

“Why me?” Isabelle looked petulant.

“Because it’s your fault the mundane’s a rat, idiot,” he said. “And we can’t leave him here.”

“You’d be happy to leave him if it weren’t for her,” Isabelle said.

“You know,” Mina said, “you could always put the rat - Simon in your backpack.”

Magnus had told them that the effects of the drink would wear off in a few hours and the effects are temporary. Clary nodded and put Simon - rat in her backpack, before putting the backpack on her back.

“If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have been here at all,” Clary said in a small voice.

“Don’t flatter yourself. He came because of Isabelle.” Jace remarked, amused.

Angrily, Clary jerked the top of the bag closed and stood up. “Let’s get out of here. I’m sick of this place.”

“Come on.” Mina murmured taking Clary's hand and quickly walking out, but not before meeting another glance with Magnus. The crowd was dense. Clary held her backpack in front of her, her hands wrapped protectively around it.

“Hey, pretty thing,” said one vampire who bumped Clary's shoulder really hard. “What’s in the bag?”

"Holy water," Mina said as she and Jace appearead on each Clary's side. "Try some?" Mina's lips curled into a cold smile.

“Oooh, Shadowhunters,” said the vampire. “Scary.” With a wink he melted back into the crowd.

“Vampires are really prima donnas,” Magnus sighed. “Honestly, I don’t know why I have these parties.”

“Because of Chairman Meow,” Mina reminded him with a wink, Magnus no longer looked pale and terrified as he had when he and Mina talked.
Magnus perked up. “That’s true. Chairman Meow deserves my every effort.” He glanced at Mina and the tight knot of Shadowhunters just behind her. “You on your way out?”

Jace nodded. “Don’t want to over stay our welcome.”

“What welcome?” Magnus asked. “I’d say it was a pleasure to meet you, but it wasn’t unfortunately for you all, apart from Mina. Not that you aren’t all fairly charming, and as for you—” He dropped a glittery wink at Alec, who looked astounded. “Call me?”

Alec blushed and stuttered as Mina hid her smile. Jace grasped his elbow and hauled him toward the door, Isabelle and Clary at their heels.
Mina was about to follow when she felt someone catching her arm, she turned around and saw it was only Magnus. "Be careful. And don't forget what I told you about Valentine Morgenstern." He said quietly, before squeezing her hand as Mina nodded and hurried after Clary, Isabelle was ahead of them with Alec, they seemed to argue over something, Jace was behind them, Clary was waiting for Mina. "What's up with you and Magnus Bane?" Clary asked as the two girls continued walking.

"Nothing," Mina shrugged casually. "He just wanted to tell me something." Her voice was firm, making it clear to Clary it was nothing important.
Mina stopped dead in  her tracks, Jace nearly crashing into her. Clary's backpack was open.

"What's wrong?" Clary questioned, she had stopped walking as well.
"Don't panic," Mina said. "But your backpack is open."
Clary pawed through the pack, shoving aside clothes and sketchpad, her fingernails scraping the bottom.

 "N-Nothing. Simon is not here." Clary swallowed.

“Did he climb out, perhaps?” Jace said.

“Of course he didn’t!” Clary screamed. “What, you think he wants to get smashed under someone’s car, killed by a cat—”

“Clary -” Mina started but Clary cut her off.

“Shut up! Both of you shut up!” Clary screamed, swinging the pack at Jace. “You were the one who said not to bother changing him back—”

Deftly Mina caught the pack as she swung it. Taking it out of her hand, she examined it. “The zipper’s torn,” Mina said. “From the outside. Someone ripped this bag open.”

“I didn’t…”

“We know.” Jace's voice was gentle. "Alec! Isabelle! You go ahead! We'll catch up!"

"Magnus might know where Simon is," Mina said. "We should return to his apartment." Jace nodded in agreement. The three of them returned back quickly at Magnus's apartment. Jace pressed the buzzer over Magnus’s name.

“Jace, Mina,” Clary said.

They both looked down at her. “What?”

Clary seemed to struggle for words, which surprised Mina. “Do you think he’s all right?”

“Simon?” Mina and Jace asked hesitantly in unison. Instead of saying anything, Jace pressed the buzzer again, harder this time.

"I don't know, Clary," Mina said softly. "Let's hope so."

Magnus answered this time, his voice booming through the tiny entryway. “WHO DARES DISTURB MY REST?”

Jace looked almost nervous. “Jace Herondale, Mina Carstairs and Clary Fray. Remember? We're from the Clave.”

“Oh. You two. I suppose you’d better come up.”

The warlock answered his door wearing a silk kimono printed with dragons, a gold turban, and an expression of barely controlled annoyance.

“I was sleeping,” Magnus said. “Now, exactly what did you come here for again?”

Clary held out the torn pack. “It’s Simon. He’s missing.”

“Ah,” said Magnus, delicately, “missing what, exactly?”

“Missing,” Jace repeated, “as in gone, absent, notable for his lack of presence, disappeared.”

“Maybe he’s gone and hidden under something,” Magnus suggested. “It can’t be easy getting used to being a rat, especially for someone so dim-witted in the first place.”

"He is not," Mina shook her head. "We searched for him, but we think he may be kidnapped by vampires, they probably thought that it was one of their own, the rat, not knowing it was a mundane."

"Kidnapped by vampires?" Clary shrieked.

"Of course Clary, you do remember when one of them bumped into you, and probably that was when they took rat-Simon."
Clary looked as if she might faint.

"Where’s their lair?” Jace asked.

“Their what?” Magnus mused.


“The vampires’ lair. That’s where they went, isn’t it?” Jace asked.

“I would imagine so.” Magnus looked as if he’d rather be anywhere else.

“I need you to tell me where it is.” Jace said.

"Hotel Dumort." Mina blurted out as Jace turned to her.

"How do you know? And are you sure?"

"Oh I am sure," Mina chuckled. "And I have many Downworlder friends and allies, Jace. Unlike you."

Jace seemed annoyed, "Is there a church or something near that hotel?"

"Yes," Mina said simply. "Now we should go. Good night, Magnus." Mina gave him a short nod before she left and Magnus slammed the doors shut in front of Clary and Jace's face.

Clary and Jace hurried after Mina to catch up with her.

"Why didn't you tell us that you know where Simon is?" Clary questioned.

"I wasn't sure," Mina shrugged. "And then Magnus mentioned the vampires and I remembered one of them bumped into you."

Jace was shaking his head and sighed.

"I called Diana," Mina said. "She said she'll be here soon, Daphne will come with her as well. I told Diana we'll meet them at Diamond Street."


"So, we lost the mundie. Great." Diana huffed and crossed her arms.

Daphne smirked. "All's well that ends well right?" She shot a pointed glance at Clary.

Clary stopped. "Daphne. How would you feel if you lost Mark?"

Daphne blanched. "What?"

"That's how I'd feel without Simon."

Mina shushed them. "We're here." The stained glass windows reflected a soft light into the church. Pews were touched with dust. The cross behind the altar radiated a menacing glow. 

Diana chucked Mina her stele. "You forgot this at the Institute."

Mina caught it flamboyantly. She smiled. "Thanks." Mina quickly drew a rune, which opened the cache of weapons. Everyone scrambled to get some weapons, anything for the edge against vampires.

Clary picked up a silver dagger. 

"That's for werewolves. Vampires can be staked." Mina said, taking the dagger. "You know, we won't need all this. The Dumort isn't going to kill us. And besides, we don't know if they do actually have Simon."


After they had all gotten weapons, they walked down to the Dumort. Its windows were boarded up, probably to stop sunlight from getting in. Mina strolled up to the front door, and knocked using the big brass knocker. "Hello? Anyone home?" she called out, partly in nervous laughter, partly to reassure everyone else.

The door creaked open. Behind it was a man, with dark hair, who was dressed in his pajamas and wore fluffy bunny footwear. Eliott, Mina thought.

"Hello, Eliott." Mina gave him bright smile.

"Ugh! You here to see Camille Belcourt? She is not in New York and she wouldn't be for a quite time either." Eliott said.
"I am aware of her absence in the city. I am here to see Lily Chen. Won't you let us in?" Mina said, almost flirtatiously.

"i can let you in, but I don't trust your companies." Eliott said as he eyed suspiciously Diana, Daphne, Clary and Jace. "Oh, you can trust them. I will make sure, they'll behave." Mina assured.

"Fine then, you can come inside. You can wait, while she arrives." Mina suddenly had a flashback to something Jem had told her. 

"Mundanes think that vampires cannot pass into places they haven't been invited into."

She stifled a laugh, at how ironic the situation was, and went into the room.


Chapter Text

Everyone followed Elliott upstairs to meet with Lily Chen. Elliott led them inside the hotel.
"You can sit, here," Elliott said pointing at a pile of cobweb-kissed golden couches. "I shall return with Lily, shortly."

"You guys aren't gonna sit?" Mina raised her eyebrow at Jace and Clary, as she, Diana and Daphne sat down on the couch.

"No." Clary shook her head.

Mina shrugged, "Alright."

"Do you think they are going to give us the mundie?" Daphne mused.

"I don't know," Diana said. "If they haven't eaten him yet."

Clary glanced at Diana horrified.

"What?" Diana raised her eyebrows. "It's true. Let's hope they haven't eaten him."

"Well, well, well," said a very familiar female voice behind them. "What do we have here? Nephilim, we didn't expect you. I would have expected Mina to come, not all of you." Mina turned around, standing up and saw Lily Chen, with Elliott and a few more vampires. 
Lily moved her gaze towards Mina, locking eyes with her. Lily smiled, "What brings you here, Mina? You haven't called so why the surprise visit?" Lily eyed her curiously.
"We are here because of a mundane." Mina said, sighing.

Lily stared blankly, "Mundane?" She repeated.

"Yes." Diana said impatiently.

Lily opened her mouth to say something, but someone else beat her already. "We do not have a mundane here." It was a boy who looked around fifteen years, with honey skin and black hair.

Raphael Santiago, Mina thought.

"Who do you think you are, Nephilim? Why are you here?" Raphael demanded.

"As we said, we are here because of a mundane," Daphne snapped. "Or do I need to draw on you to explain why we are here?"

Raphael looked murderous as he cursed in Spanish. He opened his mouth to say something, but his gaze fell on Mina and he closed his mouth, recognition passed across his face. His expression softened for a second.

There was a silence for a few moments.

Suddenly, a phone started ringing. Raphael cursed louder, and took a phone out of his pocket. Everyone stared at him incredulously. He picked up the phone. "This is Raphael Santiago. What do you want?"

A quiet murmuring could be heard from the phone.

"I'm fine." "Yes I've been eating." "I'll visit soon." 

Diana mouthed to Mina, "Who is he talking to?"

Mina mouthed back, "I don't know, but I would pay to be on the other side of the conversation."

Then Raphael said, "Your eldest child is here. She happens to be looking for a mundane. No, I don't know why she's here." "Of course. I'll tell her. Goodbye."

Raphael glared at Mina distastefully. "That was your mother. She wanted to know why you were looking for a mundane. And she also wants to know why all of you aren't at the Institute. She also told me to tell you, ugh, that she loves you."

Mina smiled at him. Raphael frowned. "We're looking for a rat. He's Clary's," Mina motioned to Clary with her hand, "best friend. He kinda may have drank some Faerie juice at Magnus Bane's party."

"Bane? Lily, I thought I told you not to go there." Raphael glanced at Lily, who grinned. He glanced back at Mina. 

"Sir. I think this might be the rat the Nephilim are looking for. I thought it was Zeke, but it bit me. And it's not turning back." one of the other vampires who had entered, said.

Raphael grabbed the rat. It bit him. Cursing, he dropped it. 

It scampered towards Clary, who quickly picked it up.

"I guess our work here is done. Let's go back to the Institute."

"Wait. Mina Carstairs. Tell your mother not to worry about me please. She calls from time to time."

Mina smiled. "No can do. When Mum worries about someone, she won't stop."

Raphael morphed his face into something that resembled a smile. "I don't care. Tell her to leave me alone."

Mina waved her hand, and left from the room, everyone trailing behind her.

"Oh and Raphael. We're friends now." Mina called out.

Raphael huffed. "I am not friends with Nephilim."

"I'm not completely a Nephilim. I'm half warlock."

"Nephilim blood runs true."

"Whatever. We're friends."

Lily's voice rang out. "Bye Mina! Call or drop by soon!"


Once they had all made it back out of the Hotel, they all let out a collective held breath. 

"God, that was tense. I was expecting you to be eaten alive, Mina." Daphne said.

Mina smiled. "It's my natural charm, Daph."

Jace snorted. "You mean your Downworlder connections."

"Whatever, idiot."

"Shut up. All of you."

Everyone stopped talking to look at Diana.

"What is it? What's up?" Jace said.

"Werewolves. You guys don't hear that howl?"

Suddenly, a brown wolf, its eyes a piercing blue came up before them. Mina thrust herself in front of Clary, who was shaking. 

"Stay back werewolf." Mina drew the silver knife. Mina wouldn't let Clary get hurt. 

More werewolves began circling them. The werewolves stared at the Shadowhunters for a few moments. before looking behind Diana, Mina, Jace, Daphne and Clary. Mina slowly turned around only to see Lily, Raphael, Elliott and twenty more vampires standing behind them hissing, as the werewolves began howling.
Mina's pendant let out a soft low pulse, but the colour of pendant was not blue, but dark brown. 
"Mina, be careful around the vampires and werewolves, especially now." It was soft yet a firm, feminine voice. It was Charlotte Fairchild.

“I thought they hated each other,” Clary whispered to Mina. “Vampires and werewolves.”

“They do. They never come to each other’s lairs. Never. The Covenant forbids it.” Mina sounded almost indignant. “Something must have happened. This is bad. Very bad."

“How can it be worse than it was before?”

“Because,” Jace said, “we’re about to be in the middle of a war.”

“How DARE you come to our lair?” Raphael shouted, his voice echoing. His face was scarlet, suffused with blood.
Mina's, Diana's and Daphne's expressions were horrified.
The largest of the wolves, a brindled gray monster with teeth like a shark’s, gave a panting doglike chuckle. As he moved forward, between one step and the next, he seemed to shift and change like a wave rising and curling. Now he was a tall heavily muscled man with long hair that hung in gray ropelike tangles. He wore jeans and a thick leather jacket, and there was still something wolfish in the cast of his lean, weathered face. “We didn’t come for a blooding,” he said. “We came for the two girls.”

Raphael managed to look furious and astounded at once. “Who?”

“The human girl and Nephilim girl.” The werewolf flung out a stiff arm, pointing at Clary and Mina.

"You are not getting Mina," Lily hissed. "I do not care for the human girl, but you are not touching Mina."

“You didn’t tell us you knew any werewolves.” Diana muttered to Clary.

"I did not." Clary said, simply surprised.

"Why do they want you, Mina?" Daphne asked wide eyed.

"I don't know."

“This is bad,” said Jace.

“You said that before.” Clary said as she held tightly rat-Simon to her chest.

“It seemed worth repeating.”

“Well, it wasn’t.” Clary said. “Jace. They’re all looking at me and Mina.”

Every face was turned to her; most looked astonished. Raphael’s eyes were narrowed. He turned back to the werewolf, slowly. “You can’t have them. Both the human girl and Nephilim girl,” he said. “They trespassed on our ground; therefore they are ours. Besides. Do you want to invoke the wrath of the Clave? These Shadowhunters are famous throughout the Clave. They'll definitely be noticed if they were eaten alive."

Mina shot him a glare, which he studiously ignored.

The werewolf laughed. “I’m so glad you said that,” he said, and launched himself forward. In midair his body rippled, and he was again a wolf, coat bristling, jaws gaping, ready to tear. He struck Raphael square in the chest, and the two went over in a writhing, snarling tangle. With answering howls of rage, the vampires charged the werewolves, who met them head-on in the centre of the street.

"Oh, by the angel," Daphne swore. "We need help. A help to run away at least."
Simon suddenly squirmed violently free of Clary's grasp and leaped to the floor. “Simon!” Clary screamed, Mina,Diana and Daphne whirled around and stared as Simon dashed for the corner. “Simon, stop!”

“What is he -” Jace grabbed for Clary's arm, jerking her back. “Clary, don’t chase the rat. He’s fleeing. That’s what rats do.”

"No," Mina whispered softly, staring after Simon. "We need to run, we need to follow him, maybe he knows how to get the hell out of here." Mina ran after Simon.

Clary, Jace, Diana and Daphne followed shortly. Mina took Simon-rat and held him in her hands, still running away, but a brown werewolf stopped in front of her and Clary.

Diana, Daphne and Jace were a bit further from them, but not too much further.

"Who are you? You look so familiar." Clary whispered.

Mina shot her a confused and questioned glance. Then she realised what the werewolf was going to do. "Jace! Di! Daph! If they get me and Clary, go and tell Alec and Iz! And Lottie and Liam! Go back to the Institute. We'll try and escape on our own!"

The werewolf howled before running towards Mina, she screamed as she collapsed on the ground. The werewolf took a hold of her jeans as well Clary's jeans who began screaming much louder then Mina.

Mina's vision was filled with black dots before she fell into unconsciousness.





Chapter Text

Mina woke up. She was in an unfamiliar room. There were books littered everywhere. For a second she thought she was back in Devon, or at the London Institute's library. She used to often sleep in there, amongst all the grimoires and books. It felt like home. 
She got up, and took out the silver blade she picked up before. She didn't like the fact that no-one seemed to be home.
"Clary?" she called out. She turned from side to side, anticipating an attack. She creeped forward into the next room. There was something burning in the kitchen. It smelt like....bacon?
"-you're telling me you were a Shadowhunter?" Clary's voice drifted from the kitchen. 
"Yeah. I was pretty good, if I do say so myself." another voice rang out.
Mina ran into the kitchen, brandishing the silver knife in front of her, and walking in between Clary and the man. "Clary. Step away from that man. He's a werewolf." 

The man laughed. "I am. I am Luke Garroway. But I was once Lucian Greymark. I was turned by the werewolves of Brocelind Forest."

"Why did you take me and Clary? What purpose do you have with us?"

His face softened. "Because of Clary's mother. She is my childhood friend, I grew up with Jocelyn. We stayed friends all those years after the uprising." Luke explained, in his voice there was a bit of sadness when he mentioned being friends, with Jocelyn. I wanted to tell you I am sorry, after I told you I do not care for you and Jocelyn. Circle members came here, and I couldn't let them know that I care for you. I don't suppose you could check on Simon for me, Clary, please?"

Clary left the room, muttering about how it was too early for her to do anything.

"Mina Carstairs. Hi. I assume you know about Valentine. That he's Clary's father." Mina was shocked. How did he know she knew? 

"Yeah. I haven't told her yet though. I don't want her to know, that he's a bad person."

"Coffee or tea?"

"What?" Mina blinked.

"Coffee, or tea? Which one would you like?" Luke asked.

"Tea." Mina said.

After Luke had poured her some tea, Mina sat down at the coffee table.
"I was Valentine's parabatai. He was charming, persuasive, a good person, at first. He took people under his wing, and helped them. He wanted to reform the Clave, through what he called the Circle. It was made up of the Lightwoods, me, Clary's mother, Michael Wayland, who was Robert Lightwood's parabatai, Stephen Herondale, your parabatai's father, Hodge and Valentine. But after Valentine's father died, Valentine became cruel. He kept attacking innocent Downworlders. That's how Stephen died. Ordered to death by Valentine." Luke's eyes were tearing up a little.

"Hodge? Hodge was part of the Circle?"

"Why? Do you know him well?"

"He's our tutor. Me, my siblings Lottie and Liam, Diana, Jace, Alec and Isabelle."

Luke's face darkened. "I would not trust him. Out of everyone, he was the one hit by the Clave's cruelty the most."

Just then, Clary walked in, with Simon at her heels.

Simon looked almost deathly pale. Luke stared, wide eyed at him.

"What? Have I got something on my face?" Simon said, chuckling a little.

"No. Don't worry about it." Luke said, with a strained voice.

Mina stared at Simon puzzled. "Are you sure you are okay?"

"Yes, I am." Simon said simply with raised eyebrows.

"You don't look very well. You're really pale. Like...." Mina frowned as she glanced back at Luke who shook his head.

"Like what, Mina?" Clary asked confused.

"He is too pale, kinda like a vampire." said a unfamiliar female voice from the doorway.

Mina whirled around and stared, it was a girl, she had light brown skin, amber eyes, and curly, brown-gold hair.

The girl met Mina's gaze gave her a small smile. "I am Maia Roberts."

"Mina. Mina Carstairs." Mina said.

"Oh, I know who you are," Maia said, she was still smiling as she stepped inside the room. "The only Nephilim that respects Downworlders. That has a lot of Downworlder allies and friends."

Mina blushed, her grey eyes sparkling. "I didn't know how much I was famous in the Shadow World." she remarked sarcastically.

Maia raised her eyebrow, "Well everyone knows you. And let's not forget the fact that a lot of Downworlders like you. Even the ones that despise Shadowhunters, find you unique, because you never discriminate between any Downworlder."
Mina stared in disbelief, as Maia disappeared into the other room, closing the doors behind her.

"Simon. What do you remember of when you were a rat?" Luke asked. 

"Only flashes of memory. But I think I bit the guy who looks like a drowned cat?" Simon replied.

"Short black hair, brown eyes, looks grumpy all the time?" Maia said.

"Yeah. Him." Simon said, quietly.

"Simon. If you've ingested vampire blood, you may have just accidentally become a sire of Raphael Santiago. He's someone who doesn't take sires. Or subjugates. He's the de-facto second in command of the New York Vampire Clan." Luke said, softly.

Maia walked in. "Oi. Vampire boy. Don't go outside. The skies are clear today, the sun's shining with full force." She chucked a juice carton at him. "You'll need all your strength if you want to be okay after this. You might not turn into a vampire, or you might. Unless you want to go mad, in a grave, and die."

"Simon isn't dying!" said Clary, who was strangely quiet.

"Let me call Raphael." Mina said.

Everyone stared at her. "What? He's gonna help us, and he's gonna know Simon's his sire, he can feel stuff like that."

"Many the Shadowhunter have refused help from Downworlders, based on prejudice." Luke said quietly.

"He's gonna be so annoyed." Maia said.

Mina took out her phone and called Raphael. "Who is this?"


"I suppose you're going to ask me about the rat boy."

"Yeah. We think he might have ingested some blood?"

Raphael coughed on the other side. "Tell him to meet me at the Hotel. At night. And tell him to not be an idiot."

"Cool. Bye Raph."

"Don't call me that." 

Mina could hear Lily snickering on the other side.

"Simon. Raphael wants you to meet him, at the Hotel. I'll take you there. Clary, do you want to come?"

"Okay. But we're gonna have to go back to the Institute."

"By the angel!" Mina shrieked. "Everyone at the Institute is probably worried about us!"

"We should leave," Clary said standing up.






Chapter Text

Mina and Clary returned to the Institute along with Simon, who surprisingly could still walk in the sunlight.

He probably won't even become a vampire, at least, if he doesn't end up bitten and killed, Mina thought.

They hurried down the hallway, towards the library, when they heard loud shouting and arguing.

"Who told you, to go to the Hotel Dumort? How can you be so reckless?!" Hodge yelled, his voice echoing through the hallway, making Mina wince. "And you, Daphne! Do you think your father, who is the head of the LA Institute will be pleased to hear that you've been consorting with Downworlders? To hear that you were attacked by werewolves and vampires?!"

"Do you think we should go inside?" Simon winced.

"We have to, we don't have a choice, even if Hodge will yell at us." Mina said clutching her shoulder and arm.

"What happened to your shoulder?" Clary asked.

"I hit with my shoulder against the doors when we were running away last night." Mina explained. "May the angel help us now, they'll be all annoyed and worried."

Mina pushed the doors of library open with her free hand, as everyone whirled around towards Mina, Simon and Clary and everyone stared at them.

Mina stepped inside the library, with Simon and Clary following her, "Good morning." Mina gave them a tight smile.

"GOOD MORNING? That's all you're going to say?!" Hodge yelled, he was enraged, making Mina flinch. "I wanted to summon your parents to come here, as well as Maryse and Robert!"

"But we are all fine-" Mina protested, as Simon and Clary nodded in agreement.

Hodge took a deep breath, and shook his head. Mark, Alec, Lottie, Izzy and Liam were lurking around behind Hodge. Hodge began launching into the lecture, that would have, most likely made Mina's parents, especially her mother, proud. He didn’t forget to include the part about never trusting Jace, Mina, Diana and Daphne again, and even added extra embellishments, like some bits about breaking the Law, getting tossed out of the Clave, and bringing shame on the proud and ancient names of the Herondale, Carstairs and Blackthorn families.

Winding down, he fixed Mina, Diana, Jace, and Daphne with a glare. "This is one incident I will not allow you, Diana, Jace and Daphne to shrug off!”

“We weren't planning to,” Mina said. “I can’t shrug anything off. My shoulder’s dislocated. I am not sure about Jace, Daphne and Diana.”

Hodge took a really deep breath to calm down, "You'll just spend a few days in the infirmary with Diana, Isabelle, Alec and Charlotte fussing over you, Jace and the mundane." Hodge shook his head as he left the library.

"Are you alright?" Diana asked as she approached Mina. "Thank the angel that werewolf did not bite you."

"The werewolf did not wanted to bite me," Mina said. "He wanted me and Clary, to tell us something. Seems like Clary knows him." Mina eyed Clary curiously.

"He basically raised me, along with my mom. My mom and him were childhood friends. He used to be a Shadowhunter." Clary explained as everyone stared at her wide eyed.

"Used to be a Shadowhunter?" Lottie repeated.

"Yes." Clary nodded.

"Than it must be him. No way, though. I thought he died. Lucian Graymark?" Liam questioned.

"Yes," Mina nodded. "And there's something else that Clary wants to say."

Everyone glanced at Clary questioningly.

"I think I discovered where the cup is." Clary said as everyone's jaw's dropped in shock and disbelief.

It was Liam, Lottie and Isabelle who first recovered, "Where is it then?" Liam questioned.

"I think it's at Madame Dorothea's apartment." Clary explained. "The witch's place." she hastily said, as everyone apart from Mina, Jace and Diana gave her blank stares.

"Okay then," Mina said. "We are all going tomorrow to see if it's there."

"You are not going," Diana said firmly. "You are staying here. You are still weak and you can't fight with an injured shoulder."

"But -" Mina began protesting but Diana cut her off.

"No. Mina. Listen to me on this. I'll go with Clary. You need the rest. I'll take Jace and Alec, hell, Izzy too. The twins can stay here."

As Lottie and Liam protested, Diana cut them off, whispering softly. "Both of you need to be protected. There's no safer place than the Institute. And besides, you guys need to take care of your sister."

"Listen. If you guys do go, be careful. And take Simon." Mina said softly, before limping off to the infirmary. "Raphael wanted to see him, remember? Let someone stay with Simon while he talks with Raphael.