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Glenn and Daryl met nine years before shit went to hell. He could remember like it was the other day. Glenn had come into his life and moved all the furniture 'round. They made a life and had their own little family. All that is jeopardised when the dead start walking. They have to count their days as blessings, but each day gets harder, especially for Glenn.

Daryl would risk his life and more for Glenn and his son to go another day, in this hell, they call life. As an Alpha and a Mate, he just wants the best for his family.




Part of the Omegaverse™ series.
by JazamineLake /smexyndjfnf on Wattpad






ABO universe (Alpha Beta Omega)  
contains gore and sex 

V iewer discretion is advised












Alpha ~  the apex predator. Highest rank and are only purebred and royalty. When serving an Omega in heat, they go into their 'Rut' stage and breed their Omegas. They are the protectors of their pack and mate. In society, Alphas are typically domineering and stubborn. They are, of course, larger than Betas and Omegas. There are both male and female Alphas. They present at 10 to 13 years. Female Alphas do not have a penis but, they do have a knot (it's like squirting, sorry). Male Alphas have a larger penis than Betas and a knot. Which can happen in and out of heats. All Alphas are dominant in some way and they can imprint or bond with an Omega soon after meeting. An Alpha's knot is a bulbous swell of sperm and it ties with the Omega for the purpose of Breeding. Traditional Alphas court an Omega for the chance to breed and mate. Alphas are possessive and highly dangerous. 


Beta ~  a common rank. Normal and middle ranks. They aren't affected by rut or heat hormones. Although have better smell than Alphas. Betas are normal and immune to any Alpha and Omega pheromones. Pups show signs of being Alpha, Omega and Beta from young ages. 


   Omega ~ naturally submissive and very beautiful. They are breeders, so they will bare the ability to have young, male or female. However, they are only fertile for a period of time. They can trigger a PreHeat which is caused by an Alpha's Rut. Most breeders bare wider hips and are shorter in stature. Everyone has scent glands on their neck and wrist. Omegas are the mothers and the caretakers.

Female Omegas were far more popular due to religion. Male Omegas were few in numbers and mostly ridiculed for their secondary gender. Female Omegas are much more respected and have a higher pregnancy rate of a 65% chance when out of a heat and in heat, it is 100%. A male omega has a 25% chance while in heat and out of heat, it is a 15% chance. Which is why they are so downgraded. Omegas present at 10 to 13 years. Omegas will not produce young under stress and can go into a mock heat if they bond. Pregnancy works quite similar for both male and female genders. The Male Omega, however, still has their penis. It is, of course, useless for impregnation, as they are sterile. However, it is also a stimulate, meaning that it carries 4000 nerves in it and the other 4000 is in their anus, the prostate to be exact. Omegas have their heat, once not on suppressants, every month. In the anus, for male omegas, there are two separate channels, one leads to the womb and the other, well you could guess. That passage to the womb is blocked by the prostate and during a heat, it is opened by 50%. All Omega pregnancies last 9 months. Male Omegas show later than female Omegas and their scent changes like female Omegas.



    The Rut~  a primal period of time where an Alpha experiences the need to scent and breed his or her Omega. Ruts only occur when the Alpha's more primal side decides that it is safe and the best time to breed his mate. This can sometimes be dangerous to other alphas and even previous alpha or beta children. The omega and omega young are safe. This can also trigger an Omega's Pre- Heat.


Heat~   A term used to signify a time in a Submissive's (Omega's) life where she or he will have extreme urges to mate and reproduce. They give off massively strong pheromones and if not mated, they can find their mates on that day or ease themselves. The heat lasts about 10 to 24 hours. If a female or male omega is serviced during their heat, the dominant will have a 'breeding knot' and impregnate the omega. A preheat is not exactly a heat for an omega to be bred, it just makes the Ruts easier for the Omegas. Bonding between Alpha and Omega can happen quickly, however, the connection between the hosts will take time to forge.






Have any questions, feel free to ask. Byesss!




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Glenn and Daryl met ten years before shit went to hell. He could remember like it was the other day. 



Daryl had been down on his luck. His drugged brother was God knows where with a bunch of a-hole Alphas that would probably get him into some stupid shit before the night was over. The busty blonde he was dating had moved on, noticing his apparent disinterest in her, like he was with most of the female betas and omegas he'd slept with. That, or they were fucked by Merle. Daryl grunted at the thought, sipping the bourbon one of his acquaintances had bought for him when the heard the news of his dumping. His 'friends', Burt and Quinn were cousins and he had known them since he was twenty, starting off as hunting buddies. Burt was thirty-seven and already balding, which he liked to blame his marriage to Jessica on. He was gaining a bit of a potbelly from all the extra beers and lack of exercise, he burped like a hog, annoying Daryl. Still, he said nothing to the fellow Alpha. Quinn was forty and happily mated to Samantha, who he took pride in coddling and showing off. Quinn, unlike Burt, kept in good shape and had a thick head of hair with dark hair and eyes. He had paid for the drinks, having to be able to afford it working at a big insurance company. It was Alphas like Quinn and Burt that pissed him off, up to now he didn't know why he still associated with them. Heh, if Merle heard him using words like that- much less thinking like that, he'd say some shit about Daryl thinkin' he was better than everyone. 


  Truth was, he couldn't care less for these people in this hick bar, especially  Burt and Quinn. They just managed to piss him off, with their ignorance and egos. Quinn had the most beautiful omega mate whom Daryl had the pleasure to meet a few times and he could tell she was more than a beautiful face. The Omega was smart and strong-willed but, with Quinn, she had to play the doll head type. He felt sorry for the gal, not to mention Burt's wife. She was simply unhappy. Sure, she had maybe felt love for the guy earlier on, but now, she didn't and Daryl could tell. However, she was trapped in a Mating because she had given Burt a son, Kyle. The pup was three now and should have his Father by his bedside right about now, instead, the fat fuck was drinking. Daryl sure as hell knew, if he ever got Mated and had a pup, he'd be by their side, no matter how annoying it got. He would not be his father or worse, Merle. But that may never happen all because of one simple thing. He prefered flat chested omegas, omegas with a certain arsenal. He liked his omegas with short hair and a fucking prick. It wasn't like he liked to admit it. For fuck sake, he spent almost twenty years denying it. But, it was getting harder to cover up when his relationships lasted a maximum of months. And it wasn't like he was getting any younger, Daryl had just hit thirty-nine. He looked damn great for it, but that didn't change the fact. Plus, he wouldn't mind having a family. A real one. A chance to settle down with some pretty thang and popping a litter or two at a quaint house just out of eyes reach, where he could teach his pups to hunt and give up late nights alone. Late nights bailing out Merle and driving around in wanna be gangs.


He wanted some normal in his life- well, as much as he could get. 


 It was then that his prayers had been answered. The bar's doors were opened in strode a group of betas. They were new 'cause Burt and Quinn took one look at them and their faces turned up. Daryl never understood that. Then they took a sip of their drinks and cursed low.



 "Look what we got 'ere, Daryl. A fuckin' Hole."



Daryl kept in the flinch at the insult. He'd always hated it. The term was meant as a way to downgrade male omegas for their lower fertility rates. Daryl had heard it all too many times and fuck, he couldn't believe the Omega that had the literal balls to walk into this place. He had to see this, so he rose his head from the drink he'd been nursing just as 'Josh Turner's Your Man' started up in the background. All the other Betas and Alphas had begun to look the same way. Two Betas, both male and probably in their late twenties and wearing plaid shirts with worn blue jeans stood near the Omega. And what an Omega indeed. The Alpha in him had him suddenly sitting up straight when honey-coloured eyes met his from across the room. The strong scent of caramel and chocolate reaching his nose and awaking all his senses. Almond-shaped eyes, highlighted by thick lashes and dark brows. Smooth caramel skin seemed to glisten in the dull lighting and raven hair was fluffed under a cap. He was a small thing, about five feet and ten with a lithe figure. The skinny jeans he wore hugging the mounds of his ass and the thin material of the shirt shaping him. The Omega looked right back at him and gave a small smile, almost nervously. Daryl immediately knew he was done for. Burt and Quinn were saying something 'cause Burt nudged him hard. He had to break the contact between him and the Omega to look over at his 'friends'.



"Don't even think about Daryl," Quinn barked. "That's how the little whores drag you in, fuckin' dirty hole." 


   What he said must have been loud, because the Omega's head snapped up and he sent a glare their way. Daryl wanted to smirk, 'brave little thing'. Beside him, Burt didn't share the same thought.


"What, you got somethin' to say, whore?"


 Daryl didn't what came over him, but before he could stop it, a low rumbling growl left his lips, earning stares from the rest of the bar and the Omega.


"Don't fuckin' call 'em that when you don't know shit 'bout 'em."



Quinn and Burt all give him stupid shocked looks with the two Betas that the Omega had walked in with. He downs the rest of the drink and leaves after, feeling a little stupid after losing control of his Alpha. He steps out of the bar, taking in the cool air and trying to calm himself. It would've worked if the Omega hadn't come out and joined him in the late night. Daryl kept his head low, feeling off about the whole situation. Fuck, what had he done, what was he thinking? He wasn't though, he was long gone in his head once that Omega had walked in. 



  "Thanks," he says. "For what you did in there." Daryl nods. The omega laughs and goes on saying, "Not many Alphas would do what you did. It was brave, stupidly so." He puts his palm out. "I'm Glenn Rhee."


 The Alpha sighs and takes the Omega's hand, meeting those brown eyes again. "Daryl."


"Nice to meet you, just Daryl."



  Glenn came into his life and moved all the furniture 'round. They saw each other around a lot over the period of two weeks 'cause the 'mega had distant family in town and was visiting. The Betas that he had come to the bar with, were some old highschool friends that he was catching up with. Every time they saw each other Daryl couldn't help but want the omega more. It was at the end of the second week that he finally approached Glenn. Within a months time, they had been hours of late-night calls and texts that he had to hide from his brother. Soon enough though, Daryl wanted to give Glenn something better than chats over calls, so he took a weekend and drove the 'mega out of town where they could be alone. 


It was against Daryl's motorcycle that they had their first kiss. And fuck, it couldn't be more perfect. Glenn being shy at first before letting out a purr and becoming pliant. He had taken the omega by the waist and pressed him close, their mouths melting and tongues crashing together under the night sky. He had known then, as he had known before, that Glenn was his salvation. Fuck Glenn had become his everything in the span of a couple of months. The Omega had been that amazing. Introducing Daryl to a newfound part of himself. A part that could be lighter and happier, whenever he was near the kid. Glenn made him feel alive again, after such a long time. He had begun to love the simplest things about Glenn, from the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed and how, when he was around Daryl, his fangs and scent tended to shapen. So if the 'mega laughed, the tips of his fangs would show past his lips. He also had a way with words, like how he tended to fumble over his words or just spill out entire paragraphs when he was excited. Daryl admired his bold personality and intelligence, glad to have met an Omega with one. He took Glenn out camping the next time and he showed him the huntin' ropes, which Glenn adapted to nicely. He even let the Omega use his crossbow, that he didn't trust his own brother with. He went everywhere with that God Damned stupid cap and tended to nip at his lips when he caught Daryl staring at him. It was on that camping trip that they had first their fuck. Well, he wouldn't really call it fucking. It was slower than that and way more meaningful. No, that night, they had made love, the fucking came after. Glenn had straddled him as they laid under the cool August night, and had promptly ridden him as if he'd never been ridden before. Glenn had been amazing, fuckin' tighter than anyone and his sweet scent drove him mad along with his dirty little moans as he rocked on Daryl's cock. They had kissed and Glenn had cursed, moaning about how much he loved Daryl.




He should've been scared at that moment, instead, he'd caught those honey eyes and gripped Glenn's thighs before rising up and pressing a chaste kiss to his Omega's cheek. Sweat trickling between them as their bodies moved to a beautiful rhythm. Then he whispered the words back to the Omega. 




  Daryl tried to hide Glenn from others and he was doing a pretty fine job. Glenn let him stay most of his nights in his apartment, in his bed. They'd wake up together and Daryl would leave Glenn with a lil' somethin' before they showered and had breakfast. Glenn worked at his Father's company, so he left for work at eight-thirty. Daryl had to work at the garage for nine and if his Uncle needed a hand, he'd head down to the Hunting Lounge. Then they'd both be home at seven, sit in front of the Tv and make out or have dinner while watching some stupid show that was on the air. It was serene and so domestic, this life. Sure, he'd gain some looks when he got to the bars for smelling like Glenn or having leftover marks on his neck. He couldn't care less, Glenn made him a better man and he cared for the Omega more than he liked to admit. Their little paradise went on for almost a year, Daryl figuring that he liked this life and Glenn was everything he could ask for an more. So, he wanted to finalise it all. Put a claim on that Omega's ass, and maybe a ring on that finger. But before he could do that, Daryl had some money saved up over the years, so he went house huntin'. He wanted a place that Glenn would love and he could fill up with some pups once they were settled.


However, some things didn't go as planned. He did get the house, but Glenn had started feeling sick a week ago, throwing up in the evening almost every day all week. He wasn't sure if it was what he thought it originally was, so he paid close attention to Glenn and coddled him a bit more. Eventually, he found that Glenn was more sensitive than before and his soft stomach had tightened. He had a certain glow to him along with the heighten change in his scent. Fuck, it was true, he had bred Glenn. Jesus, he was so fuckin' proud of his dumb self. Then, he was excited and found that he couldn't wait until Glenn told him. It took another week until his Omega came around, sat on his lap and handed him a pregnancy test. That night, Glenn moaned his name while he thrusted slowly inside him. They were also bonded that night, Glenn baring his neck and begging Daryl to Mate him. He was lucid, it wasn't like he was in Heat and wasn't aware of what he wanted and what he had asked for, so Daryl obliged. His fangs had elongated and he had sunk them into the Omega's gland on his neck, Mating them for Life. Becoming one and whole, for once. Then, he let Glenn mark him. Daryl finally knew peace as he knotted and his Mate, his future Wife and Partner for Life climaxed with him.


He thought for sure he could keep up the serenity until Merle came over one morning. The bastard had forced himself into their lives, making a whole ruckus bound to be reported. Daryl growled low and threatened to put an arrow through his skull if he didn't shut up and leave. The drugged up bastard then had the audacity to call Glenn a whore and tried to attack him. Daryl was at his brother's neck before he could stop himself, a vice grip on Merle's neck.



 "Daryl, stop. Don't fight, please. " Glenn touched his shoulder and he stepped back, letting go of Merle.


His big brother seemed just as shocked as he was. Merle glared hard, "You would you pick that omega over me- your family, your blood. "


  Daryl snarled back, "As long as Glenn's carrying my pup, then he is family- he is blood. "


Merle dressed back as Glenn hugged himself,  "You fuckin' bred him. " He laughed dryly,  "That's just great, baby brother. 'Wonda' what Pa would have to say 'bout you playin' house up 'ere with this 'mega. "




Shit, just what he needed. Will Dixon in his life again.




His father, the bastard was furious. He showed up for Daryl at the Mechanic shop he worked at, narrow blue eyes ablaze. Merle had leaned against the nearest hard surface, awaiting the impending argument. Daryl sighed and grabbed a dirty cloth to wipe his hands and then walked around to stop a few feet in front of Will. The cocksucker that 'raised him'. More like beat the crap out of him. Daryl couldn't remember the number of times he had been in the hospital along with his mom, for this asshole hitting or kicking him up. Like if he wasn't a child or Melanie Dixon wasn't a woman and an Omega. The two very things he was taught to protect as he grew to be an Alpha. His bastard of a Father was about Merle's height, six feet two, with dirty blonde hair that cropped his face and was thinning with age. He had gained a potbelly but carried the same stench of alcohol and a resting bitch face. This was the same son of a bitch that had driven their mother to suicide, here to lecture him on Male Omegas and what he was doing was 'wrong' or that he was a 'fag'. Fuck, Daryl couldn't give two shits what Will Dixon thought of him. Will starts this fun conversation by insulting Glenn and then calling him a Fag. He threatened Daryl a few times and it was all almost over until Will told Daryl he'd better leave Glenn or his pup wouldn't see the light of day. Daryl didn't know if it was bold or stupid but, it didn't bode well for Will because Daryl had growled low enough to make Merle step back. His fangs had sharpened and the Alpha dominant in him was so close to murder, instead, he took a breath and snarled, 'You touch my 'mega or pup and I'll skin you alive, making sure to use a dull blade.'


Will got the message.


  A month later, Daryl is introduced to the Rhee family in order to break the news of their new arrival and propose to Glenn. Glenn had two sisters, Gloria, a Beta female and the oldest of the three and Onika, an Alpha female who was the second eldest. Gloria had been pregnant when they met, two months to be exact. She was bonded and married to another Beta whom she had known since she started working and was a cunning woman with mischievous brown eyes. She was only a little bit shorter than Glenn and had the same raven hair in beautiful waves. Daryl immediately liked her. Then, he met Gemma Rhee, Glenn's Mother and the Omega head of the family, mated and married to Obadiah Rhee. She had been a biochemical engineer for twenty years while raising a pack and maintaining a husband. Gemma had been the most welcoming to Daryl, showing him pictures and videos of Glenn throughout the years, with a similar smile to Glenn's on her face. Her hair was peppered with greys and her dark eyes gained wrinkled when she laughed. Onika, the Alpha daughter had been easier to deal with compared to Obadiah Rhee, she had been understanding and told Daryl if he messed things up, she'd mess him up, which he happily agreed to. Lastly, Obadiah Rhee showed up at the dinner that evening after work, kissing his Mate on her cheek before hugging his daughters. When he found that Glenn had been home, he almost hugged the kid to death, then he paused sniffing Glenn and it made Daryl nervous, 'cause if Obadiah smelt the pregnancy, he had every right to kick Daryl's ass out for knocking up his son. 


 However, the Alpha just eyed Daryl from where he stood with cold brown eyes. Daryl had never dealt with this type of pressure because he had never had a relationship that lasted long enough for him to meet the family and now that he had, he really didn't want to mess it up. Glenn was his and he wanted to make an honest Omega out of him. He couldn't wait to ask the big question, but he needed to have Glenn's family approval first. He had gotten Gemma's when she had trapped him in the guest bedroom while he was checking the engagement ring for the tenth time since he got to the house. She almost combusted right there and then, he had to beg her not to ruin the surprise and then, he asked if he could marry Glenn. She hugged him and Fuck did it remind him of his mom. It made him think about how she wouldn't be there to see him marry the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life. Then, she kissed his cheek, nodding and welcoming him into the family. Obadiah Rhee had not been so accepting, mostly because of Daryl's age and his job. Glenn didn't care and said 'yes' when he had gotten down on one knee, his mother and sisters screaming in excitement. Gloria's husband congratulated him and then, they popped some champagne to celebrate. Obadiah blessed Glenn and Daryl's wedding a week before it and their ceremony was perfect, mainly because Merle and Will didn't attend. Glenn had walked down that aisle looking magnificent as fuck and had been given up to Daryl by his father. They had said their vows and made an oath to each other, before sealing it with a kiss. It was official, he was a married and mated Alpha. And God, anytime he woke up beside to Glenn was a gift in itself, but to see and be with this Omega-And raise a pup of his own  with him- was a miracle.









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They shopped for house gifts and baby materials, Glenn's mom came over, giving pointers that were very much appreciated. 




Another month later, Merle stopped by while Daryl was at work and Glenn had been home alone. He didn't harm him however, he simply let Glenn offer some homemade pie and then helped Glenn throw out some stuff. When Daryl got home, he had to hold in the growl that was bubbling inside him, his Mate managed to calm him down. Glenn then left them downstair to sort things out. Merle had started awkwardly, saying that Glenn made a mean Cobble Pie. Then, his older brother sighed and said he was happy for him. Daryl got up, headed to the kitchen, took out two beers and walked back into the living room, handing Merle a cold one. The brothers silently watched rugby that evening. Glenn had been proud of him that night and gave him a blowjob before bed. Eventually, he and Glenn agreed on a lime green for the baby room, something neutral, Glenn wanted, because he believed it would be a girl. Daryl had just shaken his head. By then, Merle would regularly visit and he been standing at the door while they were contemplating, adding in gruffly, 'Its a Boy,' which led Glenn to ask 'Why?'.


"He's a Dixon," the Alpha said, "Dixons are always men." 


  Reedus Alexander Dixon was born, on a cool October night. Glenn's pregnancy had been easy and honestly, a very enjoyable experience for him. Not only had Glenn been beautiful pregnant- not that he wasn't in general- but he had also been extremely horny and pliant. Fuck, it had been amazing, he was able to pamper the Omega to death during the last two months. During their honeymoon, which was paid for as a gift from Obadiah, Daryl made sure Glenn knew all of his talents. As a bowsman, he had very talented fingers, but he was skilled with his tongue too. Glenn didn't do much- because he wouldn't have it- but laid spread out like a feast for the Alpha. On some days, they had dinner at a restaurant or indoors, visited the pools and watched a cheesy show together. After they returned home, Daryl introduced Glenn to their house, and immediately fell in love with their home. Omega and Alpha Dixon moved in within another month, saying goodbye to their old homes and the people they would miss. Dary didn't have much of that to do, but once his Mate was happy, he was. The months carried on and Glenn started back working, so did Daryl, although he was worried about Glenn, the omega proved he could handle himself, a job and home life. 


As their kid grew, Reid showed a cunning and bright personality. Carrying Daryl's bright blue eyes and Glenn's dark hair. He picked up things quickly and been a quiet baby. Immediately, Daryl could sense that he would grow to be a great Alpha. 




Shit really hit the fan when Glenn had left.



 It had been temporary and only for a week at most. The trip had been so sudden, Glenn and Daryl were woken up late one night at their quaint little home just outside of North Georgia, near enough to their Uncle Jesse who owned a Hunting Range that Daryl had learnt to Hunt in. The house had been bought not six months before Reid's birth. Reedus, their pup, had been born on an October morning surrounded by his Uncle Merle and doctors. Even before then, Daryl and Glenn had been saving up from their jobs to finally settle down, after three years of knowing each other and being mated for one year. The call that night, was from Glenn's Mother, Gemma, a sweet Omega that was a retired nurse and the Mother of three children. Daryl and Gemma adored each other, the Omega dotted on him as if he were her actual son and when she had heard of their mating, she had immediately given her blessing. She had called to inform them that, Beth, Onika's Mate, was in labour and since the birthing had been earlier, there wasn't any time to schedule a flight for three nor book a hotel for the next few days. Daryl insisted that Glenn go because he had barely spent time with his sister in these last years, focusing on his own family. The stubborn Omega finally agreed and Daryl and Reedus were left alone. 


Daryl decided it would be best to take his son on their own little trip. Daryl and Reedus went to visit Uncle Jess at the Hunting Range in North Georgia Mountains. Although, he knew that Glenn would have at him if he found out, what he didn't know, couldn't hurt him. He figured it was a nice way to bond with his son and spend some quality time to make some memories. He could teach Reid how to Fish and if Glenn permitted, how to hunt. The drive was some hours long, still, Daryl kept it interesting, allowing Reedus some snacks and his choice of music. Thank God the kid fell asleep, Daryl was able to take off that noise and think. Glenn called to check up on them three times, Daryl had pulled over and for the two times, Reid spoke to him Mother, while giggling like the little horrible liar he was. The last time, Glenn questioned Darsyl on where they were going but, he didn't budge, saying that it was just a little road trip to ease their minds while he wasn't there. He'd tell his Omega where they were when they got there so that way, they couldn't leave, at least not immediately. When they arrived, Merle had already taken off to God knows where and Reid was greeted by Will Dixon while Uncle Jesse gave Daryl a familiar pat. Daryl's Father, Will, may hate Glenn, but he dotted on Reedus. 


  It pissed him off how he was ignored, even more than usual because he had Mated a Male Omega. Will had shown his hated from the moment he met Glenn, threatening Daryl's Omega and insulting him over dinner, right in front of Glenn's family. Glenn's Father, Obadiah who didn't approve all that much on Daryl had risen so fast and was in Will's face faster than Daryl. Obadiah had seemed the type to never show emotions or that he cared for his family To uphold that business image, but you so much as look at his family wrong. It had taken Daryl some time to get the Male's blessing to Marry Glenn. Either way, Will still called and visited bring gifts and money for Reid, all while completely disregarding Glenn. Glenn was his Omega, the most important person in his life- his Mate and Wife in the eyes of the Law and God. If they couldn't find a problem with that, then what was his? Not to mention the fact that if Reedus was an Omega or a Beta, Will would have never wanted anything to do with Daryl's kid. Will Dixon was the worst example for a Father, much less a GrandFather. He had been there for Merle and Daryl, if he were, it was either to kick the shit out of 'em or their Mother. So, he'd never trust that man around his Pup and Mate. For Christ's sake, Merle had, at least, noticed how Glenn made him happy, so had taken the effort to respect Glenn before Reid was born. Now, his brother would fuck up anyone that even sniffed wrongly in Glenn and Reid's way.


Will gave Reid a hug and called him, 'Champ', before heading to the Hunting Lounge. Uncle Jesse smiled at Daryl, swinging an arm over his shoulder as they went inside. For the next few days, Will hovered around Daryl and Reedus, never saying much to his own son but, able to have whole conversations with a Grandson he would've never paid attention to if he was an Omega or Beta. It wasn't like he was envious really, more like, he was worried that his father had the gall to do this shit with unknown intentions and right in front of his own son who he hated and abused. What a fuckin' hypocrite. By the third day, which was Monday, Daryl finds that the world feels quieter and he's gotten no messages or calls from Glenn since Sunday morning. He decided to call, however, had been greeted by a disconnected service. The Alpha frowned, realising his wifi was down and went into the living room where Reedus was seated while watching somethin' on his tablet. Daryl passes by, ruffling his son's hair and peaking at the data bar on the top right corner of the screen. Glenn had bought data for them so, it was odd to see that the bars were grey and empty. Daryl glanced at his pup and then made his way to the door, he stepped outside and took a moment to survey his surroundings. 


  The Hunter ground his teeth and went back inside to take up a gunmetal grey bolt action rifle, loading it up and taking a few extra into his pockets before heading down the stairs. He kept his eyes on the trees, noting that somethin' wasn't right. He notices his Uncle's pick up truck out front, so Jesse and Will were somewhere 'round 'ere. Daryl followed the trail to a creek and listened to the tree whispering as they bristled with the wind. The water trickled down the slopes and stones while Daryl scoped the area with the rifle. Feeling unease settle in his gut, nature was all too quiet, far too quiet. Birds didn't sing and critters stayed held up in their boroughs. A sudden gunshot rang out in the distance, causing a few birds to flutter off, followed by a blood curling scream. Daryl lept into action, running towards the source of the sound, rushing through the bushes and cutting across the creek. What he finally saw was somethin' out of those damn games Glenn liked to play. The Alpha came upon Uncle Jess and Will, who were holding their own against and a small group of people? Daryl had only been scared three times in his life- as much as he hated to admit it; when Reedus was born, when he met Glenn and when his mother had died. Now, he didn't even know what it was that he was afraid of- he couldn't even explain it. 


There were other persons- were they even considered persons?- with pale skin and bloody teeth. Their skin was deadly pale and eyes were ghostly From where Daryl stood. One was struggling against Will while Uncle Jesse reloaded, its disgusting teeth snapping at his father, who blocked with his arm and fought back. Daryl blinked when the things groaned and snarled over the sound of rushing water. He stepped back before remembering that he had the rifle on him, the Hunter shouted to his Uncle and raised the gun, aiming through the scope. He could fully see the veins of the creatures' neck and arms, an oily black substance leaking from their teeth, the rotten head bobbing his way or at his father. He fired and the bullet managed to pierce straight through one of their heads, nearest to Will. The body dropped, blood an abnormal black, spitting out through the gunshot and the sound echoing through the trees. Deathly pale eyes faced his way and the Alpha Hunter notes how they pay close attention to the sound's source, giving Will some time to escape and Jesse manages to blow another one's head off before he caught himself and jumped into the creek, running Daryl's way. Only the last one follows after then, snatching W ill's arm and sinking its teeth into the flesh earning a harsh cry from the man. He unsheathed his hunting knife and stabbed the bastard through the skull. It falls limp to the water, Uncle Jesse panted and ripped an arm off his shirt to help patch Will's wound as Daryl eyed the body in the water.


 Will hissed, "What the fuck is going on?"


He couldn't have said it any better. 


 They ran the whole way to the Lounge only to find more of these things. Daryl growled, worried about Reid who was still inside upstairs and then he recognised many of the guests from the crowd, undead lookin' freaks that once they heard 'em snapped their way. 




 Daryl's eye's flicked up towards a window, where Reedus was watching from. The pup was safe, for now. The fucking freaks growled at the sound and stared lifelessly at the window. Daryl let out a snarl before emptying his rifle into a few of the nearest freaks while Uncle Jesse and his Dad fought back as much as possible. The Alpha took it as an opportunity to run past the small herd and up the stairs, narrowly escaping the snares of those things. He swung the door open and rushed into the living room where his son was waiting. When Reid saw his Dad, he all but ran into Daryl's arms. Daryl rubbed his kids' back as he went near the window just as another cry rang out. Daryl look out the window, in shock as his father was dragged into the herd. Those freaks knawing at any piece of flesh. Uncle Jesse cursed and called out for Daryl. The Alpha then took Reid's hand and knelt. 


"Hey champ, I need you to promise me something, okay?"


"Dad, what's happening?"


"Hey, Reedus, you gotta promise me you'll stay by my side okay? No matter what, son, stay with me. Promise me, kiddo."


"I promise, Dad."


Daryl kissed his son's forehead and then rushed around the room, loading up bags with food, ammo, strapping a knife at his ankle and loading up on guns. Reedus took up his Cap, which Glenn had left with him on his head. Daryl suddenly realising that, 'Fuck, would Glenn be okay?' What the hell was goin' on and how was he going to find the Omega? How was he going to get them out of this? And now he had to find Merle, shit. Will was dead and as much as it didn't affect him, he knew that his brother may have problems. Will may have been an abusive prick, but he had been their father. 


"Daryl, get yer ass out 'ere!" Jesse barks and Daryl slips a bag with water, snacks, a knife and clothes on Reid's back.


 The pup takes his father's hand and they make their way down the stairs. Daryl with a loaded pistol in hand, he spots Jesse in a pickup truck loaded with a cooler, two tanks and some hunting supplies. Daryl looks over and finds that there are bodies, he shields Reid's face as much as he could and opens the door, letting him in before sliding on to the seat, just as Uncle Jesse sits at the Driver's side. He starts up the truck and they peel out of the Lounge. It was while they drove that Daryl smelt the fear radiating from his son as Uncle Jesse flicked through the radio channels, all of which were saying the same things. 'Mysterious disease spreads rapidly, the public is asked to stay calm- Authorities have confirmed that the disease is transmitted via bitten contact- The public has been asked to stay away from anyone that has been in contact with anyone bitten- The infection has spread to rural areas and- this message has been requested and transmitted by the President of the United States, this is not a drill. Authorities have issued a contagious disease warning, the cities and rural parts of our country as well as the world has been terrorised by cannibalistic residents. Confirming that the virus is spread by those infected by a bite, the Authorities has attempted to contain the infected residents. Residents are asked to please avoid cities and board up their home, save electricity and collect non-perishable items. We repeat avoid cities and stay safe, authorities are containing the infected. Until further notice, may God be with us all.' 


Daryl hugged his son close and Reedus looked up at him, "Where's Grandpa Will?"


 The Alpha sighed, "He was bitten, kid." He looked at Reid, "You heard what the radio warning said, champ. We have to stay away from him until he gets help."


"Oh, and are we going to be okay?"


"Ya, gonna find your mom and we'll all be fine."




It wasn't all fine. At least, not until he had Glenn in his arms again.




Uncle Jesse had been bitten when they found Merle and he had to kill him in front of Reedus. It was then that the reality of everything hit Reid hard and at nine years old, it was a lot to handle sometimes. Daryl had to drill some survival skills into the kid and as much as he hated it, he knew it was the best he could do for his son in a time like this. Since Merle had his crossbow, he managed to get it back from him and then trained Reid to use it. Then they found their way to Michigan, where Glenn's family lived and found the home in a mess. Merle grabbed a few supplies and then they just drove, Daryl wondering where in the hell that Omega could be and hoping, that just maybe, maybe, he was safe. They found themselves in Atlanta some six months later, since they needed supplies and were desperate. It was then that he had lost Reedus- well he hadn't, he went on a supply run and left Merle to supervise, only to return to a drugged-out Merle and no kid. He almost killed the man on the spot and spent the rest of the night searching for his kid. The day had come and he was sick with worry, trashing the room they were hiding out in and shooting random biters. He needed to find his son, he couldn't go back to Glenn knowing that he had failed as a Mate and an Alpha. However, his prayers were answered that evening when a blonde woman found their headquarters and in followed Glenn with a safe and happy Reedus.



  Everything had fallen in line once he had one look at Glenn. His Omega looked as beautiful and strong as ever, his dark hair a little longer and that stupid cap back on his head. He had let go of Reid, who if hadn't run up to hug Daryl, would've thought this was all a wicked dream or some delusion. His son wrapped lanky arms around him and he breathed in the pup's scent, almost bailing right there and then from the familiar aroma. Then, Glenn strolled over, touching Daryl's hair as if, he too couldn't believe his eyes. He gave a low cry and fell to his knees, falling against Daryl and Reid, sobbing tears of joy and relief. The Alpha in him purred and he took the omega's teary face, then pressed a kiss to those soft, chapped lips. Glenn's scent soared and it was like he had been rebirthed. God, he had missed this Omega, he thought as he held on tight to his family. He passed his hands over Glenn's cheeks, wiping away tears and then taking his hand, kissing them, memorising every little detail, from those honey eyes to the way the tights he wore hugged his ass. Daryl notices that Glenn's neck was bare, the bond mark healed up after so long of not being remarked, he would solve that soon. Glenn laughed and kissed him again, then hugged Daryl and Reedus. The Alpha sighed, relief filling his veins. His family was safe and more importantly, in his arms once more. Yes, all was fine now. And he would kill to keep that way.