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Things Change

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(Todoroki POV.)

The school bell rings and the entire class sits down like normal, awaiting the entrance of Mr. Aizawa which will come in a few seconds. It's our third year and the school keeps the classes with the same homeroom teacher throughout our schooling due to the League of Villains' constant disruption in our society. I think they want to make sure we all have trust in each other or something, or maybe to keep a close eye on everyone and their behaviors. I can't say for sure though.

The door slides open and Mr. Aizawa appears with his puffy yellow sleeping bag draped over his shoulder. He tiredly enters the room and shuts the door behind him. "Okay class. Today we'll be doing some basic training techniques with your quirks. Some of you still need some improvement in combat with them," he states. I let out a small sigh and rest my chin in the palm of my hand as I glance to the seat to my left. Sitting beside me ever since our first year is Momo Yaoyorozu. "You all need to get into your hero costumes and pick a partner you are compatible with for today," Aizawa continues.

Yaoyorozu looks my way and gives a small smile. I sit up straight and reply with a simple nod. Ever since our exam of our first year the two of us have come to know how well we can work together in our training. Whenever we get an assignment like this we pair up if possible. Today's exercise is already off to a good start.

"Yes. Kirishima?" Aizawa says. I look back over the classroom from my seat in the back and see Kirishima with his hand up.

"So we just pair up with someone we're compatible with our quirks with and spar?" he asks for confirmation. Kirishima isn't the brightest in the class, but I know he is a strong hero in training. He's been getting better over this last year and half. He's in the top ten of the class now, ever since Bakugou has been willing to help him study when given the chance.

Aizawa nods his head. "Yes. Don't just go and pair up with your friends though. I know for a fact who you all work well with and will reassign partners if I have to," he replies with a stern glare across the class.

After we all changed into our hero costumes we made our way toward one of the many outdoor training areas around UA. "So have you decided who you're pairing up with yet Todoroki?" I looked to my right and see Midoriya walking beside me, along with Iida and Uraraka.

"I'm going to be with Yaoyorozu," I answer simply.

I see a slight twinkle in his eyes as I gave him my answer, which confused me. Yaoyorozu and I are good at training together so I don't quite understand what's going through his head. "You and Yaoyorozu both work really well together! Even just in these training exercises!" he exclaimed happily and with quite a bit of enthusiasm.

I shrug my shoulders as we continue to head to the large field before us. "Well yeah. It makes sense. Plus I enjoy her company. I like her." Iida and Uraraka both suddenly drop their jaws and stop walking. I turn my head to face them and stop. "What's wrong? Are you guys not feeling well?" I ask, confused by their odd behavior.

Uraraka's face looks a shade darker than it normally is. She looks the same whenever she and Midoriya are alone. "Todoroki you can't just say something outright like that," she finally says to me.

"Like what? I was only speaking the truth."

Iida waved his arm down in a chopping motion like he usually does when speaking. "Todoroki what Uraraka is saying is that saying you are fond of a girl to people can be something rather intimate!" he explodes.

"Intimate?" His phrasing puzzled me. I bring my hand to my chin as I try to understand what they're telling me.

"He means you can't just go around spouting whatever comes to your mind dumbass." I look back up from my thoughts and see Bakugou and Kirishima approaching us. I look at him with a questioning gaze. He gives an exasperated sigh followed by a scoff as he and Kirishima pass us. "Saying you like a girl's company and that you like her, especially one who looks like Big Boobs, is something that will give people the wrong idea if you don't like her in that way fucktard."

"Hey man, ease up a bit," Kirishima said as he pats Bakugou on the back.

"Give people the wrong idea?" I look to Midoriya and the others who all nod in agreement to Bakugou's statement.

I haven't ever considered what I say about women having an actual effect. From living with my father I've learned what not to do and say to women so I try to not repeat his actions. Yaoyorozu and I have a far better friendship than my mom and dad ever did. I haven't ever thought about being close with someone before, but if I had to choose it would definitely be someone like Yaoyorozu, if not her.

"Todoroki. Todoroki!" I snap out of my daze and look around. I'm standing in the middle of an open field with Yaoyorozu next to me. I notice that all the others have paired off and were spread out and already fighting. Yaoyorozu tilts her head and has a concerned look on her face. "Todoroki are you alright? You've seemed out of it since Mr. Aizawa started giving directions."

"What? Oh... I had something on my mind." I didn't even realize that the training had started. The last thing I remember was Bakugou talking to me. "What were the guidelines?" I ask.

"Mr. Aizawa said we have a time limit of thirty minutes and to push our quirks to their limits during our fight but keep them contained in our designated area." Yaoyorozu takes a few steps away from me and takes a fighting stance. "Are you ready to fight now? I don't want you to be a sore loser if you're out of it Todoroki," she says to me with a slight mocking tone.

I felt the corners of my mouth quirk up at her comment. My left side ignites in a mixture of red and orange flames. "Fine by me. Come at me with all you've got."

The school day had finally come to an end. The rest of the day had flown by after I won against Yaoyorozu during our training session. Present Mic's class was simple and All Might was feeling under the weather today and took the day off. As of right now we should be in his class, but we were let out early. I glance around the room and see everyone packing up their bags to leave, then I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see Yaoyorozu standing by my desk. "Yaoyorozu? What is it?" I ask, a little concerned. She normally doesn't approach me like this after school is over.

"Well Todoroki, since we have some extra time today I was wondering if you'd like to join me to go and get a bite to eat in town before heading back to our dorms."

She looks quite cheerful like she always does and has a certain tone of confidence when she speaks now which I like. I stand and nod my head. "Sounds good. Let's get going." She leads the way out of the room and I follow right behind her.

I notice most of the class has already left, but my eyes drift over and see the class perverts glaring at me. Mineta and Kaminari. Those two tend to get on my nerves when it comes to the girls in our class. Mineta has no shame or filter with them. At least Kaminari isn't a complete insensitive pervert like Mineta, but he's still a pain. I glare back at them and unintentionally activate my quirk. The air in the classroom becomes cold and they both suddenly snapped their gaze away from me.

I step out into the hall and see Yaoyorozu waiting for me. She's rubbing her arms with her hands trying to get warm. "What did you do Todoroki? It's freezing now," she says as she stares at me.

"Sorry..." I didn't know how else to respond. "Here. Let me help." I hold my left hand out and ignite a small orb of fire in my palm. "Warm yourself up."

I look away and out the window as she takes a step closer to me. Even without looking at her I can feel the presence of her hands just above mine. "Thank you Todoroki." Hearing her gentle voice causes me to look back at her. Her dark eyes are staring back into mine as I focus on her face. "Come on. Let's go get some food now," she says as she takes a step backwards. She turns and once again leads the way. I lower my hand and let the flame go out. I shove my hands in my pockets as I follow after her. Her cheeks looked a little pink for some reason...

We left the campus and made our way to the train station. From there we took it a few stops down and got off. The entire way we exchanged small stories about our individual training and our most recent internships. After about a twenty five minute journey we finally arrived at a small traditional Japanese café.

"I've never been here before. This place looks nice. How do you know of it Yaoyorozu?" I focus my attention on her as we enter the small shop.

"I used to come here in junior high to eat while I studied. I liked having the company of all the people around. When at home it was usually just me and it could get pretty lonely and boring," she answers as we get in line to order.

"Did you not have any friends?" I asked with genuine curiosity.

She gave a small shrug with one shoulder. "I had school acquaintances, but no close friends. As you know my quirk requires a lot of knowledge about objects and how to create them at a molecular level," I nod, "so I had to constantly study since my goal is to be a pro hero. I didn't have much time to hang out and have close friends."

"I see." It surprises me to hear that she didn't have any close friends, but, I'm no different. I never had any friends before coming to UA. I always kept my distance from people, mainly because they were only interested in me because my father was the number two hero. I knew they most likely just wanted to be able to see him in person or something. "But you have plenty of friends now don't you?" I ask, trying to get the thought of my father out of my head.

A smile forms on her face. "Yes. I've gotten to know most of the class now and are happy to say the majority are my friends. However, I'd have to say that Jirou and you are my closest friends." She grins at me as she speaks. I feel my chest suddenly get tight and my left side is heating up. What is this feeling? Why is this suddenly happening? Did I get sick somehow? Yaoyorozu cocks her head as she looks at me and her smile fades into concern. "Are you okay Todoroki? You look a little red."

"I do?" I used my right side to regulate my temperature and could feel an instant change. "I'm fine... I was just-" A loud explosion booms through the café causing the windows to shrapnel into glass fragments and the civilians to duck for cover. Without hesitation I use my ice to create a large wall to protect all those I can from the glass. I quickly turn and face Yaoyorozu again. "Yaoyorozu! Are you okay!?"

I can tell her eyes are focused on something behind my ice wall. "Yes. I'm okay. We need to go and see what's going on though Todoroki."

I press my left palm to the ice and melt it away. In the street in front of the shop I see a trio of criminals. They look as if they had just robbed a bank and are now lost. One is yelling at the other two while they are using their quirks to scare people away. My brow furrows at the sight of these low end crooks. "Yaoyorozu. Let's take these clowns down."