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Michael sat on the flushing tank of the school toilet and drank moonshine from a jar. Nothing about it was special. It was his study time and he didn't really care for the school library and the useless computers that went there to die. He took another sip and read the toilet's door that was decorated with filthy drawings and crude poetry. Most of recess he had already sat there unbeknownst to the teachers and many of the students. He sighed. Before the study time ended he would have a nice buzz to pass the last classes and then he could go to his father's trailer and hang out until his work started. From his plaid jacket he produced a joint and lit it on fire. It was a Thursday which meant that his work offered all kinds of discounts and he needed to be mellow and nice so a bit of help was kindly accepted. He smoked the weed and hid the moonshine back in the flushing tank, where nobody so far had found it.

After he finished he washed his hands and face. His hair would need a good wash too he reckoned but not here. He could however ask the idiot. Erik Stevenson. Football talent and overall pain in the ass. Last Friday he had emptied one of the large water tanks over him. Which all in all wasn't that bad but his teachers had a different opinion because it was bullying or something alike. He had just gone to his next class after being drenched but the teachers kept asking him what happened. Last year he would have punched that dick but his Mom and the therapist told him to channel his anger creatively so he channeled it recreatively. All in all he had saved a shower that day. And he could stick it to Mr. Henderson who wanted his essay so badly he had to live with the soaking version. His fellow students had enjoyed the little banter he had had with their literature teacher. Henderson was his next class and he thought about what he would have done the year before. Maybe he would have kicked Henderson's ass and then swiftly would have been kicked out of school. He sighed again and searched for something to put his hair up with.

Than he heard it. Footsteps. Someone talking and other footsteps moving away. Someone entered the toilet. It was the idiot. Erik took a moment to speak than he snarled: “Mikey!” And stepped closer to him, cornering him to the wall in between two sinks. Michael was thinking about what the asshole would do today. Maybe put his head into the toilet? “Are you prim and beautiful enough to leave the room?”, Erik breathed into his face. He smelled vaguely of pancakes. “I'd never be as pretty a princess as you”, Michael answered laughing. Which he regretted immediately. He was pushed hard against the wall and Erik grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head. “Stinking trailer trash” Erik uttered and forced his massive body against Michael so the slimmer youth couldn't move anymore. “Come on Erik. Let me go.” Michael asked calmly but Erik didn't listen. Something weird happened. Usually Michael got beat up after an encounter like this or kissed the toilet or got some sort of liquid thrown at him but this time Erik didn't seem to consider any of these options. He pressed forward and pinned Michael's head with his own forehead to the wall. Then he slipped one leg in between Michael's with one hand he kept Michael in place while he opened his jeans with the other. Michael swallowed hard, he could see Erik's cock and it was angry red and hard. Erik started rubbing his dick against him by moving his whole body against his. It was surreal. Michael didn't know what to do and his stoned and drunk brain didn't exactly help with it. He could feel Eriks leg against his crotch and warmth that spread through his body. That couldn't be true. He was goddamn feeling it. He was turned on by being molested. He could feel that Erik was getting more erratic he was pumping his cock and rubbing up against his clothed erection. The harder the humping got the more his erection strained his pants. “Fuu...uck”, grunted Erik and he did something unexpected he forced his lips onto Michael's. And then he came and spluttered cum all over Michaels black shirt. As he tried to move away Michael pulled him back and rubbed against the leg that was still in between his. He came in his pants, took Erik's head in his hands and gave him a mock kiss in which he bit his lip bloody. “Thanks sugar” Michael said and tried to leave the bathroom breathless. But Erik punched him so hard in the face that he fell on the floor. Erik however left the room with the look of total fear in his eyes.

Michael went directly to Henderson's class and entered the moment the bell rang. This was madness. First of all he had been sexually abused, secondly he had liked it and now he had a bloody nose and cum and blood on his shirt. Mr. Henderson strutted over to him. “Mr. Sullivan tell me who did this.” “Our lord and savior Jesus Christ”, Michael answered and focused on the blackboard. Mr. Henderson meanwhile circled his chair. “Tell me who it was. The school needs to know when bullying happens.” Michael stared intensely at the blackboard and wished for nothing more than another joint or, equally as good, a sharp object he could put through this annoying turd's eye. “Please, tell him who it was”, one of the quiet girls in class whispered but he kept his mouth shut so Mr. Henderson wrote him down as a perpetrator for causing delay in his class. Michael would have loved to set him on fire.

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The school bell rang and sweet sweet freedom was upon him. He put the books in his locker and started to walk out. Everyone was in a hurry to get to the bus or to their cars but he just walked past all that. Not that he couldn't take the bus or the car his mom had bought him but he preferred walking. The walk to the trailer park would give him time to think and that was really needed. He couldn't ignore the swampy wet feeling he had in his black jeans. He didn't wear boxers that day because he couldn't find a clean pair at his dad's. It was a two mile walk. He thought about Erik's face when he left the bathroom. He had looked so stunned. But why? He had started the shit.He wanted to violate him but he was in total shock after he didn't break down. Did he ruin his high? He laughed to himself. That would be so funny. Then he paused. Hopefully Erik didn't run around and tried to molest other people too. Maybe he should have said who did it. He turned onto the dirt road that led to the trailers. A young girl on a bike came towards him. "Hi Mike." She drove a circle around him. "What happened to your face?" "Idiots." "You gotta punch back." "Nah, that makes the pigs angry", he laughed and looked at her: "Why aren't you in school Shirl?" "Mom forgot." Michael nodded. He kept talking to her while walking along the sandy road. At the door he thought about his dad for a moment. So he knocked at the neighboring trailer. "Hi C.C.", an older man had opened the door. "Mike. What's up?" "Have you heard something from my dad." "Not since last week. He had talked about a job in Wichita." "Alright." "Wanna come in?" "Thanks,I'll take a nap before work." "Need something?" The older man looked intently at his face. "Nah, thanks." C.C. shrugged and closed the door.

His dad's trailer was stuffed to the brim with booze and pills. Michael made a beeline for his bed and sat down. He noticed that he was hungry. He hadn't eaten since the day before. So he rummaged through the cupboards and pulled a bag of chips out. Barbecue. Well then. He started to eat and hated every bite. He hated food. But it was necessary. He finished the chips and drank two beers in the process while listening to the political talk radio his dad always listened to. After that he sprawled on the bed. He needed to wash his face and probably change. But he needed to sleep. So he activated the alarm on his phone and slept in his stained clothes.

It was nearly five when he woke up. He had to work in less than an hour. The snooze button was a treachery invention. He noticed his hard on when he shifted on the bed. He had dreamed about being fucked in school. Probably by the moron. His dick was really annoying so he started to touch it. He kept thinking about his encounter while he massaged the shaft. He came embarrassingly fast and added his own cum to his shirt and stained the inside of his jeans further. "Fuck", he muttered. He had wasted ten more minutes. In overdrive he washed his face and changed into the polo shirt he wore to work. Thank god it stank so much of food that no one would smell that he hadn't showered in at least three days. His face was clean but one of his eyes was swollen and starting to turn black. He shrugged, threw his plaid jacket on and went outside. It had started to rain. The air wasn't fresh but swampy still. He sprinted to the road and caught his bus to town. On the bus he put his long dirty blond hair in a bun. His coworkers, all girls, were quite jealous of his hair. It nearly reached his hips and was straight and healthy. He didn't know why it stayed this good given the fact he didn't exactly take good care of himself. His phone rang and he contemplated getting the call before he answered. "Hi mom." "Hi darling." His mother was talking in her manager voice. "What's up?", he asked and knew what would happen. His mom was working in the management of a tech firm selling shitloads of managing tools. "Honey, I have to travel to Vancouver tomorrow, which means I will not be home in between there and Singapore." He knew it. "And then Sidney?", he asked. "Of course, but maybe there is a thing in Delhi first", she said."Alright." "I love you honey." "... you too." For more than a year he wasn't able to tell his mother he loved her. But she hadn't really noticed so far and by the amount of time she saw him she wouldn't in the near future. He put his phone away and watched the bus' drive into town.

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His manager was already stressed out when he arrived. "You're late." "Am not?" "Anyway go to the back and unload the produce." He strut through the diner without acknowledging much. There were customers already and he didn't need to look at them to know it wasn't the kind that gave good tips. Not that he cared, but his coworkers surely did. He made a beeline through the kitchen and opened the door to the grimy alley behind the diner. The truck driver was already unloading. He grunted a sound of gratitude when Michael started to help. They shoved the boxes through the door and into the kitchen where a young black guy started to bring it into the cold storage. The delivery man tapped Michael on the back. "You wanna smoke?" "Yeah." He took the cigarette and leaned against the wet brick wall. The driver looked at him. "How old're you?" "17.""Mh..." The man fell silent while they finished their cigarettes.Then he let him sign the papers and hopped into the truck. "See ya." "Yes Sir", answered Michael with a mock salute. The driver grinned while he backed out the little back alley.

The backdoor opened and a girl nearly fell through it. "Mike!!!" He nodded. He had forgotten her name but she went to his school. "Do you know about the party? You know that you're invited, don't you?" "What party?" "My party on Friday dummy." She smiled a diabetes inducing sugary smile. "Alright." She looked at him."Aren't you excited?" He shrugged and rummaged through his pockets to get a new smoke. "Ty already told me you're weird." Her smile had faltered and she looked uneasy. "Why do you want me to come?" He exhaled the smoke into her face and already thought about just leaving her in the alley. "Ah... you know... ehm..." "What do you want?" Now he had to laugh about her. She was here because she wanted booze or weed for her party and he was the safest person to ask.

He definitely knew who this Ty was the girl was talking about. One of his coworkers and the girlfriend of the idiot. She had him deliver booze to her party. She had counted on a freebie if she invited him and therefore hadn't been happy when he made her pay. Her stupid rape-y boyfriend hadn't been happy either. He had tried to punchMichael but he made him chase him through the whole house which ended with Erik fully clothed in the pool and Michael on a mad dash through the neighborhoods nicest gardens. To him it was a fun night. At least something had happened.

The girl was now ready to speak up and he had to feign interest. "Well, a bit booze would be good." "Which kind do you want? Beers? Or straight up moonshine?" He laughed and watched her squirm. She had never done such a thing and he could basically smell that this wasn't her own doing. "I... just bring what you brought for Ty?" He nodded and took a last drag from his cigarette. "'m needing to work now." He said and had one foot inside the diner already when she dashed at him and dragged him out. He let her manhandle him. Curious he looked at her. She didn't strike him as the aggressive type and he didn't know what he could have said that made her angry. Then he saw her face. She wasn't angry she was unsure but determined. "What's up?" He asked irritated. "I... erm..." She looked at her feet. "You gotta tell me... darlin'" He smiled at her and took her hands. In reality he didn't really care but this was turning interesting. A nice well behaved girl normally didn't talk to him longer than she had to. "You know my boyfriend..." She gulped visibly uncomfortable, so Michael sat down on one of the many empty wooden containers that littered the street and she sat without hesitation on his leg. That wasn't what he had planned. He just knew that his lanky 6'2 were intimidating to some people, mostly because he looked like the nut case straight out a serial killer horror movie. Now he had a strange girl on his knee. This day was turning out weirder and weirder.

She faced him and said: "My boyfriend thinks my blowjobs are bad and he wants to leave me because of it." She started toying with her necklace. Most conveniently it was cursive writing of a name."Hannah... your boyfriend is a colossal prick." She laughed and snorted a bit. "Sorry." She hastily said. "No offense taken." She fell silent again then turned around and pressed her lips against his. Slowly he responded. She gently pressed her tongue against his lips and he granted entrance. It felt... weird. He had done this before and enjoyed it but this was weird. This day was in its entirety just weird. He kept kissing her back until she suddenly stopped panting. She knelt on the floor between his legs and started mouthing at his clothed cock. This was bad. He knew it was bad but he couldn't bring himself to stop her. She opened his jeans and didn't comment on the amount of cum stains inside or his probably grimy dick. "You have to tell me if I'm doing something wrong." She looked up to him with a hopeful glare and then went down on his member. She started by licking the tip carefully taking it inside her mouth and sucking it inside. He immediately knew what her dickhead boyfriend hated. "Hollow your cheeks more. Don't let the teeth touch ... ah." She complied. His cock slit in and out of her mouth.He could feel his legs go numb from the awkward seat but he couldn't care less. She let her tongue lap along the shaft. "Hollow cheeks remember." He interjected and she kept going. Her tender hands found his balls and started massaging them. He hummed pleased then said. "You could hum a bit too." So she did and he noticed his orgasm building. "Keep it up!", he said. She tried to swallow but didn't achieve it. It nonetheless did the trick. Michael shuddered and cum shot into her mouth. She pulled away fast and the rest of the load splattered all over her face and a bit landed on her corporate clad boobs. "Sorry Hannah." She looked at him part angry part embarrassed. "You're a pig. Look at my make-up!" She shrieked. He took a cigarette out of his pocket and laughed. His wet cock was getting cold but he enjoyed the post coital haze. Hannah on the other hand got up and rushed inside. Probably to clean herself.

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His boss didn't allow him to work the front of the diner because of his black eye. So he had been stuck in the kitchen the whole evening with the choleric cook and the black kid that didn't talk. After work he strutted to the bus stop. He had to go home. Not his dad's trailer but home home. So he took the bus in the opposite direction and watched the town flying by. He observed how the houses first got smaller and the lots larger until the houses started to grow again.He left the bus in a very wealthy looking neighborhood and walked along the streets until he reached a little street with modern buildings made of glass and concrete. He walked up to one of the houses. Parked in the huge driveway was a Tesla. He made one step onto the paved way to the door when the lights on the neighboring house went on.

"Don't walk any further! I'm armed. This is the neighborhood watch speaking." Michael turned to the bright light. "Hello Mrs. Parker." A woman stepped down from her porch into the light. She was carrying an impressive shotgun for such a thin middle aged woman. "Oh, hello Michael. I thought you were one of the robbers." Michael sighed. "What robbers?" Mrs. Parker started to walk over to him carefully avoiding to step on the freshly watered grass. "Listen Michael, I don't know where you've been. But it's not save outside, so go inside and we'll talk." She ushered him to the door and made him open it. They stepped into a nice foyer with a white couch and white walls. Immediately the lights inside turned on. "Oh Michael! Who did that to you." She was all over his eye before taking a step back. "You smell like fried chicken! Did a black boy do this? You know they commit more crime. They're really dangerous!" She would have talked more if Michael hadn't adamantly shook his head. "No. I've been working. This happened in school." "A bully? Should I call your lawyer." Michael shook his head again. "No, it was in sport. I was clumsy." "But..."He just walked inside. "You wanted to tell me about the robbers,Mrs Parker?", he asked politely so she would drop the topic of his eye. "Ah yes."

They walked inside together. There was a nice big open room with a living room and dining room area and a big open kitchen. Everything was white. Michael opened a wine fridge and produced a bottle of white wine and two glasses. Mrs. Parker opened the bottle with seasoned handling of the waiter knife. She looked at Michael then poured him half a glass and filled hers pretty liberally. "You know thePaiges?" "With the old cars?" "Yes them! They have been robbed and not only that." She nearly emptied her glass in one gulp. "The thieves bound them up and they were trapped in their house for the whole night and most of the next day. Their daughter Tammy found them. It was so shameful. Of course they had to go to the toilet. But that wasn't possible. It was a mess. And I'm terrified. My children don't visit often. What if the robbers bind me up and I soil myself and some strange police man has to see me like that. "Mrs. Parker emptied her glass and refilled it. "So please Michael. Lock the door. There are evil people out there." She emptied her glass again and stood up. "I have to go home. The dogs don't like to be alone." "Thanks for the warning Mrs. Parker." She nodded to him and left the house with little wavering steps shotgun still in hand. He locked the door behind her.

He wanted to puke. He just hated being in this house. His first deed was, to relieve himself into the greenery in the living room. Fear of robbers, casual racism and lawyers... That was his life here. He left his cock hanging out of his grimy jeans after he finished. His urine smelled really strong, he probably hadn't drank enough all day. He took the wine bottle and the glass, emptied the latter in one swig and started to drink straight out of the bottle. The bottle emptied fast and he returned to the wine fridge but nothing struck his fancy. He opened a liquor cabinet and took a bottle of cheap whiskey he had delivered a while ago. His mom had stopped to check his acquisitions on the credit card since he stopped punching everything that walked.

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He awoke in the bathtub. The water was still bubbling and smelling like the extraordinary expensive bath salts his mother used. He still wore his shirt and there were cans of beer swimming besides him. Never had he been this glad, his mother had bought a bathtub with Jacuzzi properties so the water had kept warm and he didn't freeze to death. His body felt like shit and his eye hurt. Worst of all, he was unbelievably nauseous. He just barely managed to sit up when he felt his stomach lifting itself up and then he spew the contents of his nightly binge inside the bathwater. It smelled rank and solely of alcohol. There were small remnants of the chips he had consumed in the afternoon but most of it was liquid. He puked three more times before his entrails were satisfied. After he had regained power over his body he let the soiled water drain and grabbed the shower head. With scalding hot water he showered himself off and then turned the water freezing cold to wake himself. Using all his regained strength he got out of the tub and discarded his shirt in it. From the large pile he took a new soft and expensive towel and started to dry himself. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He looked like shit. The black eye looked swollen and the rest of his face dried out and tired. Through the skylight in the bathroom he could see the sky turning slightly blueish so he had awoken before sunrise. Again. He took three aspirin with water from the sink, put one of the fluffy robes on and left the bathroom.

He followed the transparent stairs to the main floor and glimpsed the destruction of the night before. Bottles lay on the ground. He had trashed a few glasses and the TV. Everything was in disarray. His phone was on the bar so he wrote a text to the cleaning lady his mother always wanted to clear his messes. Tired he dragged his exhausted body into the kitchen. He started the expensive coffeemaker and looked out of the large window. Plans must be made for the party. He needed enough booze and a good assortment of party drugs. His fathers trailer would be his first destination. It was too early for the bus so he needed a car. His thoughts wandered to the Tesla.Oh how he hated this useless piece of shit. His mom had bought it for his sixteenth birthday and he would have loved to set the damn thing ablaze. The coffee had run through the machine. He turned it off. His stomach was pretty noisy, probably because he hadn't eaten anything in such a long time. The fridge was filled with his mom's health food she had always delivered and a few goodies for him, which he never ate. He took a vegetable wrap and went with the coffee into the living room. It still smelled like party in here. He turned the house system on and let it play his favorite playlist. Dig up her bones sounded through the house while he ate. Afterwards he put on his clothes and got his backpack.

He left the house, not without putting the alarm on. It was still pretty dark. He walked through the empty streets further into town. At a rental car place he sometimes frequented he stalled. He started to walk up to the little bureau on the vast parking lot and knocked on the window. A middle-aged man looked up from a porn mag. "Your highness?" He asked mockingly. "Mornin'Jay." Jay put the magazine away and pointed to an older pick-up. "This one?" He smiled. "Oh Jay, you know how to make a boy happy." Michael batted his eyelashes at him sarcastically. "You can blow me later." Jay answered and rummaged through a drawer to get the right key: "When will this marvelous baby be back?" "Probably tomorrow evening." "Alright. Please sign here. And that's 100 bucks up front." Michael gave him the money in cash with a small plastic bag filled with weed hidden in between the bills. "Thank you your highness." Jay smiled and Michael gave him the finger as a goodbye before he climbed in the truck.

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He drove to his father's trailer. There was a fire in front of C.C.'slot so he walked towards it after he parked the truck. "Are you alright?" He asked in the fires general direction. C.C. was alright and he had company. The trailer park's manager was there and another older man. "Michael." C.C. greeted him and gestured towards an unoccupied seat. Somebody gave him a can of beer. "What are you up to?" The manager asked. "I need to load that truck for a party." The third man smiled and Mike recognized him as Al. His father knewAl and had never said anything bad about him. "Anything we can do for you?" Mike smiled. "Actually..." Now C.C. smiled. "One or two kegs?" "Two seems too much." Al looked at him and then at his fathers trailer. "There must be enough synthetics in there to kill your whole high school. But if you want some natural just ask." "I'll gladly take it." The manager stared at the trailer then at Mike. "Your old man is on a run again, isn't he?" "Probably. He doesn't talk to me about his work." The manager nodded. "He does what he can." "What about your mom?" "Nothing new." C.C.sighed. "Boy, you need to eat more." He rummaged through a box beside him and tossed Mike a wrapped sandwich. "Thanks... m not hungry." "Eat! Goddammit." Mike unwrapped the thing and took a bite. His stomach immediately wanted to resist but he managed to get it all down. The men started to talk to each other and Michael kept on sitting there.

He lit a joint and enjoyed the coming dawn until a loud noise broke through the peacefulness. A door was shut. A woman was yelling and a car drove away with screeching tires. The woman was still cursing as a car sped by them. Mike immediately knew who's car it was. "Linda!" The other men looked to the ground as a young blonde woman approached them. She wore a sheer white night gown and no shoes. She was still screaming and angry but anyone could see that she was very pretty. She stopped in her tracks and looked to the fire. Unceremoniously she grabbed one of the decrepit looking stool sand sat down. "Come on... tell me." C.C. was quiet. The manager too and Mike just stared at her bloody knuckles and the bruises on her arms. Al was the first to brake the silence. "You knew it was coming. It's the same thing he did last time and to the last girl." She sighed and Mike handed her the smoke. "Thanks." "You gotta plan?" C.C. asked. She looked up from the fire and looked him straight in the eye. "Gonna burn all his stuff..." She stood up and strut to her trailer. Al nudged Mike. "Follow her. Don't let her do something too stupid."

So Michael did exactly that. Halfway to the trailer Linda turned around. "I never knew it hurt that bad." She massaged her bloody knuckles. "Whatcha done?" "Knocked him out of his cheap-ass shoes." Michael chuckled. "Dad's Uppercut?" "T'was a solid Sullivan." She smiled now and showed her bleached white teeth. "Guy was lucky you didn't have a gun." "Oh he was..." They had reached her trailer. It was stuffed full of girly things and clothes but there were some things that obviously didn't belong to Linda. She picked up a cardboard box from the bathroom written on the side of the box was the bright logo of a sex shop. "You still doin' cam?" Mike looked at the logo and laughed. "He was really into it. Even participated." She grunted out shoveling stuff into the box. Mike had a good look at her shapely behind. Smiling she turned around to give him the full box. "You like what you see?" "You're my cousin." She laughed and scoured through a shelf to get a lighter and something to use as an accelerant. With a jar of moonshine in her hand she shoved herself out of the cramped trailer, not without rubbing her voluminous breasts against her cousin and sticking her tongue out at his concerned expression.

Outside the sun was now nearly visible and the sky turned a murky blue-grey.Linda opened the jar and took a sip then passed it to her cousin who followed her example. She poured the remaining liquid onto the random assortment of things, grabbed a drenched sock and lighted in on fire whereupon she threw the burning garment onto the pile and watched it burn. Mike had lit a cigarette and enjoyed the little act of violence he shared with Linda. "Do you want to go to a party tonight?" He asked not looking at her face. "Am I not too old for high school parties?" "You're 19..." "Okay, maybe you're right." She smiled and grabbed his hand. They stood there in silence until the objects had shriveled up or turned into ash. "Go to school cuz." She smiled and turned to Mike who still stared into the stinking remains of Linda's boyfriend's stuff. "Yeah...", he turned to walk back to his fathers trailer, but Linda dragged him back to her and hugged him tightly. He could feel her body pressed against himself and wasn't really comfortable although he did enjoy the feeling of her huge breasts against himself. She stood on her toes and kissed him on the lips. "Thanks for stayin'!" "'ve to go Linda." He smiled but followed her into her trailer. She passed him a condom and turned on the camera. Within seconds he discarded his shirt and pants during that time Linda had slipped out of her dress.She was peppering his body with kisses, while he rolled the condom onto his hardening member. He pushed one of his hands between her legs and rubbed her wet folds. Slowly he started massaging her clitoris with his thumb while he pressed two fingers inside her. She started to moan and looked into the camera behind her. "Fuck me cousin", she screamed and he obeyed. He turned her around so she was directly facing the camera and started to push into her vagina. It took more than fifteen minutes for him to cum inside her and in the end she was riding him. After he orgasmed she put on a show rubbing her clitoris and coming a second time. Linda turned the camera off. "Thanks for helping me out." She smiled sheepishly while he pulled his cock out of her. He discarded the condom on a random surface and looked at his feet. "Let's not do this again." She nodded but kissed him passionately on the lips. "Sure cuz." While he put his clothes on his cousin busied herself with taking pictures of herself with the used condom on her breasts or face. "See you this evening?" "Sure", she smiled, while letting his sperm run down her face and photographing the whole situation.


After Mike was back in his clothes he left the trailer and strut over to the old men in front of C.C.'s trailer. "We loaded your truck", C.C. smiled and waved. Mike thanked them and went to his father's trailer to pack some other things. Having everything packed he got out the door not without taking two pills and washing them down with a mouthful of moonshine. He threw the backpack with the newly packed things in the car, got his school stuff out of it and then proceeded to walk the dirt road to the bus stop. There were other children on their way to the bus. He was by far the tallest and didn't seem to belong there. When the bus came he slumped down on a random seat and closed his eyes feeling the calming effect of the pills wash over him.

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He slowly came back to his senses in his third class for the day. Somebody had gestured at him and he shot the person an outright evil look which made the movement stop. His teacher walked slowly to his desk and asked him politely but firmly to give an answer to the question. He looked at the blackboard and summarized something about confederacy he had heard in a documentary. Then he fell silent and stared his teacher in the eyes. The young man nodded and walked away from his desk. Mike started to stare at the girl before him. It was Ty or better Tyler Erik's girlfriend. She was painting her nails and he thought about the fact that she could do that but he had to endure the teachers prodding. Something wasn't right in the state of high school. He raised his hand. "Mr. Schneider, Sir? Could I go to the bathroom?" He could. And so he shuffled through the empty building not really sure if he should not all together skip the rest of the day.

He walked into his favorite bathroom and entered his stall. After closing the door he lighted a smoke and sat down on the closed lid. Moments later he could hear a door opening and closing outside his stall and he hastily put the cigarette out, hoping the smoke would escape through the open window. He heard water running and then some mumbled curses. Curious he peeked through the gap between the door and the hinges.

It was the idiot. His nose was bleeding and he hung his head over the basin to keep his shirt stain free. Against all better judgement Mike opened the door slowly. "Did you have another lover's quarrel with Ty?" He laughed and looked at him with one normal and one black and blue eye. "Fuck you Sullivan," Erik mumbled from under the faucet. Michael shrugged and lit a joint he had carried with him while he watched the big footballer try to bent his huge frame over the sink. It hit him in that moment, that this was the very place where the other teen had molested him the day before and every bit ofhis body got tense.

"Why do you have a bloody nose Stevenson? Did you try to rape one of your team mates?" Erik's head turned red and with his red hair the contrast wasn't exactly becoming. "No...", the footballer started lame and kept his head over the sink so the blood didn't stain. "This will take forever you know?" Michael didn't know what came over him but he took two paper towels and folded them neatly. He walked over to Erik who tried to hurry away from him without lifting his head. It would have been a funny move if Michael could have watched it from the outside but at the moment he felt like dealing with an angry bull. "I won't try anything." Even though you'd deserve it, he thought. Nervously Erik side stared at him. "Open your mouth and lift your tongue." Mike said and hold the paper towels up. Erik did nothing of the sort and snorted, which let blood splatter around the sink just barely missing his shirt. "Fuck you Stevenson. Put the fucking paper under your fucking tongue." A bit taken aback the redhead took the paper cautiously and shoved it under his tongue. He looked irritated presumingly because of the feeling in his mouth but his nosebleed slowly stopped. Michael still stood behind the burly guy. He had enough time to take in Erik's physique and he noticed, not for the first time, that the muscle packed frame started to reach heavy lifting dimensions. Even without all of his muscles Erik would have still been impressive towering at at least 6'5.

Erik spitting in the sink pulled him out of his thoughts. "Like what you see faggot?" Erik snapped at him. "Maybe, but I'm not the one running around showing guys my dick." The blond grinned maliciously and put his joint out in the sink to wash it down. Again the redhead's face lit up red while he did his best not to look the other in the eyes. "Whatever, I need to get back to class." Mike smiled. He blew his bully a mock kiss and tried to leave the room. "Sullivan..." He turned around ready to fight off an attack but he just looked into the blue eyes of the huge footballer. "Thanks man..." He nodded. "See you tonight fuckface." He laughed and exited the bathroom before the idiot could do something else.

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The school day passed uneventfully. He wasn't even teased at lunch. So he walked back to the trailer park undisturbed and staggered along the dirt road kicking little stones. He had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and he planned on giving himself a mellow high with a micro dose of C.C.'s shrooms or his father's stuff. The party was in the back of his mind and he thought about dressing up a bit. He couldn't fathom what Linda would wear but he was a little afraid she would go into overdrive. C.C. waved at him from the chair in front of his trailer.

"Hey, you good?" Mike nodded, walked over, sat down and swiftly took the offered beer. "I'll drive you two tonight." He looked at him. "You don't have too. It's a rental car and I know the guy." "Yeah, but you shouldn't get a dui again." "Come on, that never happened." "Just because your mother paid everything off." "If you insist." He emptied the can and took another one of the beers. "You invited your cousin?" "Yeah." C.C. didn't look too pleased. "You know she's a wildcard." Michael snorted into his beer. "A real Sullivan. What can you do?" The old man looked at him and said in a stern voice: "Not sleeping with your cousin would be an option." "Ah...thing's already online?" He looked at his feet and a bit of red crept into his face. "Oh, and it's selling. She at least seems pleased." "Can you see my face?" Mike coughed. C.C. looked into the sky. "No, not really but you can get a good look of everything else." Both men kept silent for a moment and Mike took a third beer. It started to rain so C.C. put the awning over them. Mike started too shiver therefore he wrapped tighter in his jacket. The old man looked at him, stood up and busied himself with an old coffeemaker he had plugged in on the outside of the trailer. After the coffee had run through he put it in two cups and emptied a little flask in both of them. "Drink." "Thanks." Mike drank it. He was tired and relaxed from the alcohol and had the feeling he didn't need to go to the party but he climbed out of the chair nonetheless. "I need to sleep a bit and then get ready." "Alright. Just come to me when you want to go."

Inside his father's trailer Mike lay down on the bed. He tried to close his eyes but the events of the morning wouldn't let him sleep. The porn he produced with his cousin was the one thing but Erik Stevenson being outright civil with him was the other. In his drunk brain both of the things mashed up into one and his dick twitched curiously. Lazily he opened his jeans and started to touch himself through his underwear. The moving of fabric against his cock reminded him of the events of the last day, which in turn made him think of the things they could have done this morning, when they ran into each other. Slowly he moved his hand up and down his length thinking of Erik opening his mouth to not only take the paper towels in it. He spat in his hands and continued to imagine him licking up and down his shaft and sucking on the tip. He daydreamed about his lips slowly closing around the head and moving further down then he would bob up and down his length. He imagined his face covered in cum like his cousins was this morning and he reached his climax embarrassingly fast. His jizz stained the front of his shorts but he didn't really care. He removed the jeans completely and stripped himself of his jacket and shirt. Then he settled down onto the bed. Inside a drawer he found the vial his father micro dosed with. He took five drops, set the alarm and lay down on the crummy mattress. The good mood and the post coital haze were greatly improved by the hallucinogenics nice little high. So he started a favorites playlist and kept lying on the bed.

He awoke some time later unbelievably horny and with two fingers pressed inside his ass. His head was swimming in an unknown high coupled with his usual weed and alcohol. This was bad. He couldn't stop his fingers and started moaning. While trying to insert a third finger he noticed the uncomfortable burn, searching through the bedside table's drawer his hand found a tube of something which luckily turned out to be lube. Generously he spread the slippery substance on his hole and his hands. It made his ordeal easier but it still wasn't good. He scissored his two fingers and tried to move the third inside. It took some time until he was able too. The stretch felt weird but when his digits brushed along the inside he was overwhelmed with an immense pleasure that made his whole body shake. A sheen of sweat started covering his body. His free hand moved to his rock hard cock all the while he kept pushing against the same point inside until he felt an earth shattering orgasm roll over him. His seed covered his hand and lower abdomen but he couldn't care less. Gingerly he removed his fingers from his hole. Panting he lay on the mattress.

Then it hit him. This couldn't be right. He tried to move but it felt as if he was wading through a gelatinous substance. Panicking he maneuvered himself into an upright position which took nearly all of his strength. The stuff had to leave his system. He carried himself to the kitchen sink through an ever moving tunnel of rooms and trailers. When he finally reached the plumbing fixture he pulled an pitcher from the cupboard and filled it to the brim with water. He steadied himself and put the pitcher to his lips to start drinking. In big gulps he began downing the liquid and when his body told him to stop he kept on drinking until he could feel the first waves of upheaval which made him drink even more. His body convulsed and he started to retch. In the beginning there was nothing and he coughed and retched and tried to drink more water but then his stomach clenched and he vomited a torrent of water into the sink. More and more followed until he even retched up his sandwich and the meager remains of the breakfast he had at his mom's. In the back of his mind he started to feel the cold of his naked body and the tingle of the muscles. Then to his horror he noticed his bladder giving up and he felt hot urine trickling down his legs onto the floor. "Fuuuck...", he muttered hoarse from his purging. But it had done the trick. He felt much more sober. Looking down he saw the puddle of piss on the floor in which he barefoot stood. Annoyed he started to clean the mess on the floor and in the sink. When it was halfway okay he threw the cloth he had used into the shower. Then he heard a knock on the door.

Chapter Text

He pulled his shorts on and went to the window to find out who was knocking. Carefully he opened the door to let Linda inside. "Oh Mike, it stinks in here." She looked around and took the whole scenery in. There were pills on the table, open boxes and a lot of dirt on the floor. Empty bottles littered nearly every surface and in between lay dirty clothes. "You need to clean this shithole." She smiled and then looked disgusted into the sink. "Did you puke?" She opened the faucet and let more water run down the drain while simultaneously activating the garbage disposal. "Why are you here?" Mike looked at her and tried not to think about puking again. His voice was still weird and he must have smelled equally as bad as the trailer. She smiled. He just now noticed that she was pretty dolled up. Her hair was in nice lushes locks and she was wearing a black mini-dress that didn't look half as bad as he had imagined her party clothes. "Don't look at me like that. It's still me." She smiled and then looked at him worried. "You sure you're okay?" "Yeah." He nodded: "Just need a shower." "Yeah, and we could do something about your hair." He nodded again. "Go shower, I'll look for clean clothes." She busied herself with looking around the trailer. Mike snorted. "Don't take too many pills" He laughed and entered the bathroom.

When he exited the room with a towel around his hips the trailer looked cleaner or at least much more neat. His cousin was sitting at the table, which she had cleaned off and on which she had put his outfit for the night. A black shirt, an old grey and green flannel and black jeans he hadn't seen for a while. "I haven't found any clean underwear. And looking through your shorts is disgusting." He had to laugh. She pushed a coffee to him and he started drinking. "Now to the hair." "Y'wanna cut it?", he asked and played with the ends. She took a good look. "Nah, I wouldn't cut much. But I got an idea. What'd ya think of an undercut?" He shrugged and thought about it for a minute then nodded. "Yeah, why not." So Linda busied herself preparing everything, parted the hair to Mike's liking and started to chop the sides away. "Clean shave or stubble?" "Bit of stubble." So she took the electric shaver and gave him exactly that, afterwards she cut his ends a bit. "You look good cuz." She said smiling and letting her hand glide along the shaved sides. "Thanks." He started to braid his remaining hair. "Why're ya always doing that." "So no one'll pull my hair out." That could have been a funny statement if Linda hadn't known that her cousin had been fighting everyone he met until a short time ago.

He contemplated taking the clothes to another room, so she wouldn't see him change, but given the fact that he had fucked her just a few hours ago, he didn't really see the point in that. So he started with the jeans. When he was ready he looked at her again. She was on her phone checking her cam account. He made a coughing noise so she looked at him. "Hello stranger. Suits you hon." She smiled then stood up. "Sadly I can't do a thing about your eye." She carefully touched his face. "Which shoes should I wear?" He looked at her. "Take the high tops, your combat boots make you look like a jerk." So he did. "You got everything?" Her hand vaguely gestured to the pills and weed she had moved from the table and organized back into the boxes. He nodded and they left the trailer.

C.C. was sitting in front of his own trailer and Al was with him. "We'll take you there." He pointed at the back of the pick up which featured a keg of beer and multiple cartons with bottles even wine Mike noticed. He gave C.C. the money for it and all four of them climbed into the truck. Al and C.C. knew the way after Mike said the address and they drove off from the park.

The drive wasn't too long. To Mike's surprise they weren't that far away from his mother's house. The house they stopped in front of wasn't as futuristic as Mike's Mom's and it had a shorter driveway. There was a high fence around the garden obstructing everything from the street. When they stopped, the door was already open and people had put a few balloons around the entryway. Linda jumped out of the car first. "Gonna get someone to help us move the shit." She started walking. C.C. nodded to Mike. "Follow her, we gonna put the stuff in the driveway. Call me, if you want to get home." Now it was Mike's turn to nod. He grabbed his backpack from the car and hurried to catch up with Linda.

Chapter Text

A few boys stood around the hall behind the front door and watched the cousins approaching. "Look what the cat dragged in." One of the jocks said mockingly. He slapped the next one who stopped talking with another boy and also peeked out. "The trailer trash is arriving so Hannah has got booze after all." He smirked and pointed at the first one who had spoken. "I thought your girlfriend was a good little girl." The first one smiled and waited for the two to arrive.

Mike could feel the eyes on him, when he entered and just lazily let his own eyes wander from one to the other. "Delivery's in the driveway." He said and just walked past. All of the boys were ready to complain about him leaving them to do the work but they were distracted immediately by Linda who looked at each and everyone of them with a smile on her face. The boys walked outside contemplating who she might be.


A few hours later and the formerly neat and clean house was trashed beyond recognition. There was puke on the floors, piss on the carpets and drunken teens lying everywhere. Mike sat alone on a recliner, smoking a joint and watching a guy on the couch trying to keep his booze in. It was one of the footballers he knew hung around Erik. The latter he hadn't seen for a few hours. Him and his loudmouthed girlfriend had vanished into one of the bedrooms upstairs. Linda was sitting on the kitchen island and talking to two boys, one of them he recognized as Hannah's boyfriend. This was going to be exciting. Both of them had already grabbed Linda in the most inappropriate ways but she didn't seem to mind and Mike wouldn't do anything as long as she seemed comfortable. He looked out for Hannah who he hadn't seen for a while. She had cried two times when something broke and was apparently in the garden with her girls.

His fingers itched and his stomach growled. The horror trip from the afternoon had him skip his usual drinks and he could feel the snarling monster in the back of his head that wanted him to break shit and raise hell. Reasoning with it had nearly no effect. Even the status the house was in didn't quite scratch the itch. He started playing with his lighter and thought about setting the curtains ablaze, when the douche on the other side of the room vomited behind the couch and started to pass out. Slowly Mike climbed out of the recliner and walked over to the guy. He looked at the puke piling up in his mouth again and he waited a good moment before turning his head to the side so the stuff could dribble out.

Then a scream cut through the music and mayhem in the house. "You dirty faggot!" He saw a shoe flying and heard clattering noises from the stairs. Curious he moved to the scene. On top of the stairs stood Ty. Her breasts bare because the sheet she had apparently used to cover herself had slid down. Halfway down the stairs laid Erik. His nose swollen and bleeding again. He was just in his jeans. One of his shoes lay in the hallway the other was in Ty's hand. She was screaming incoherently and then threw the second shoe at him. He barley managed to parry the attack. His slurred movements made clear that he was incredibly drunk and Ty seemed not too far behind with her level of intoxication. Others gathered to watch the scene. Hannah stood in the backdoor with eyes swollen red from crying. "You'll never get in the same bed as me again! Fucking cock sucking asshole!" Ty screamed and stomped her foot. She threw a bottle which managed to tear a hole into the expensive looking wallpaper but missed Erik completely. The latter was just lying on the stairs and observing her in total shock. Slowly the girls attempted to climb the stairs to save Ty further embarrassment. Erik tried to use the diversion to get up and back to his girlfriend who unfortunately took notice. She screamed at him again snatched a lamp from a side table and threw it at him. He caught it but the momentum caught him off guard and he stumbled back, missing the next step and fell down the rest of the stairs. With a disgusting sound he landed on his back. The air was knocked from his lungs and he wheezed. Ty was ushered into the bedroom by the girls and everyone looked at Erik who had turned red and then white.

Chapter Text

After the ruckus had subsided the guests started moving back into the other rooms to continue to party. Linda took both of the boys with her to an unoccupied room on the other side of the house. While Mike watched her he failed to notice that he was left alone with the redheaded footballer, who was still looking far from healthy. At least the wheezing had stopped. He just looked utterly defeated. Mike knelt beside him and took the lamp, he still clutched, out of his hands. “What d'cha do asshat?” He had lit another joint to keep the wailing beast in the back of his mind in check. “I...” Erik stared at the ceiling and tried to come back to his senses. The amount of alcohol he had in his blood must have been extraordinary because he didn't manage to get a sentence out before he slowly sat up and rubbed his left shoulder. Then his face turned even whiter. He heaved. Mike helped him to get up and in the absence of a better accommodation gave him a vase that was standing about. “Come on. Let's get some fresh air.” Mike slowly pushed the huge boy to the glass door that led into the garden.

Outside the first thing Erik did was retching and then puking inside the vase he held. His whole body was shivering. After a while the boy calmed down and lifted his face up. “...fuuuuck.” He just muttered and steered himself to a pool chair. “This is the shittiest day of the shittiest week...” He laid down on the chair and put his hands over his face. Mike put his backpack down and sat on the floor beside him, putting out his joint whilst already lightning a cigarette. They sat in silence. Occasionally loud music and talk came in waves from the house. Otherwise the only audible sound was that of the pool pump constantly clearing the water, that was at this point most certainly in need of it, having caught a number of bodily fluids. “Sorry...” The word hang in the air a long time before Mike caught it. “For what?” He started to giggle. If he didn't get something to steady his inner turmoil, he wouldn't be able to last the evening without smashing somebody's face in. “You know the thing...” Eirk's face was incredibly red: “ the bathroom...” “Ah...” Mike exhaled the smoke. He had already finished his cigarette and was getting more and more on edge. Another laugh ravaged his body which made Erik visibly uneasy. “I didn't completely dislike it.” He confessed and watched Erik squirm more on the pool chair. “Oh come on...” Mike knelt beside him to get a better look of his face, he put both of his hand on the cushioned material covering the piece of furniture. The other did his best not to look him in the eye and kept watching the night sky. Then they heard laughter and Mike cautiously moved away from the other.

A window on the ground floor was open and he could see his cousin being fucked by one boy while the other stood there to have a smoke. Above them another window opened. Somebody threw a bottle and a shirt out and they heard girl's laughter. Hannah appeared in the frame and looked wearily outside. She saw them and seemed to contemplate telling the others something, when she heard the ongoings below. As much as she was out of it, she recognized straight away that one of the voices coming from below was her boyfriend. She turned white and immediately left the place by the window. The turmoil indicated that the entire crew left the room upstairs. “Oh fuck.” Mike stood up and hurried to the window on the ground floor but he came too late.

The door was opened and a fuming Hannah stood there with five other girls behind her. “You dirty asshole!” She screamed and her boyfriend caught a punch in the back of the head. Linda hurried to get out of her position and grabbed her dress. She looked at the pack of girls and then scanned the room. Noticing the open window she tried to climb out but Hannah's boyfriend caught her leg and pulled her back in. “She tricked me!” He said and pushed her amidst the group. One of the girls started to pull her hair, while another took her arms. Mike was through the window and inside the room in a heartbeat. “Son of a bitch.” His punch landed in the face of Hannah's boyfriend, who landed on the floor. Linda had kicked one of the girls away with her free legs, while the other girls tried to restrain her. Two were holding an arm each and a third her hair. Ty leapt forward and grabbed one of her legs. The naked girl screamed and kicked Ty against the brow which sent her tumbling to the floor. The second guy who had been stunned by the sudden events sprung into action and swung against Mike, who ducked away to perform the uppercut his cousin had referred to as a “Sullivan”. He caught the boy directly on the chin and would have send him to the ground too if not Hannah's boyfriend had grabbed Mike's arm and slowed the punch. He now held both of Mikes arms who struggled against the hard grip. He headbutted Hannah's boyfriend and kicked at the other all the while Linda's screams drove him on. The little monster inside him began to purr thoroughly enjoying the ongoings. The girls had now immobilized Linda fully and one had took a bottle from a side table and was approaching her with it. “You want something in your cunt?” She asked and brought the bottle between her legs. Mike's headbutt had been successful but the two boys kept him from reaching Linda. He had caught a few punches but his face lit up with glee every time one of the boys tried to attack. Which fortunately for him made both of them uneasy but not less successful in keeping him away from his cousin.

Then unexpectedly another person arrived in the room. The bottle was pulled from the girl's hand and smashed by a mighty throw on the opposing wall. Then she herself was shoved out of the room. Using the diversion Mike knocked Hannah's boyfriend to the ground again and kicked him in the back so the air left his lungs. When he turned to the other guy he saw Erik holding Linda up and away from the other girls who were visibly afraid of the huge footballer. Mike took a little chair and knocked it over the head of the other guy, snatched up Linda's forgotten dress and shoes. He laughed out when Hannah tried to jump Erik who just swatted her away like an annoying insect. “Meet you outside.” Erik turned to leave the room through the door and managed to knock another two girls out of his way. Mike jumped out of the window and ran to the pool to get his bag. In no time Erik was with him carrying Linda under his arm. “Where?” Erik asked and Mike scanned the area. He looked over the garden and saw that it ended in a forest which no doubt would line a road he knew. “Straight ahead.” He said and started to run. Seemingly with no effort Erik ran alongside him, still carrying Linda, who hadn't yet said anything.

They reached the forest and fought through it. Linda managed to get onto her own feet and pushed through the branches with no regard for her naked skin. It took some time but they reached the street. On the other side the terrain started to fall. All three of them crossed the street and stumbled down the slope. When they reached the shallow end they pressed forward through more forest and a few little streams. After a while Linda got slower and when they turned around neither could see the street nor the slope anymore so they stopped.

Linda was shivering and Mike passed her her dress. She put it on but the shivering didn't stop so he gave her his flannel too. Her shoes, which were unusable in this terrain, he put into his backpack. “Forget what I said to you... this is the culmination of the shittiest week ever.” Erik sighed and sat down on the forest floor. “Oh hun... thanks for saving me though.” Linda smiled. Her face was marred by a few nasty bloody streaks she had caught from running into branches. Mike just looked at both of them, let himself fall to the ground besides Erik and started to laugh uncontrollably. It didn't take long and both of the others had to giggle with him. “So... you got dumped. You broke up the school's sweethearts and I managed to maybe kill a guy with a chair. What a night.” He laughed again. “Never again Sullivan. I'll never again go to a party with you. Y'understand?” Linda laughed and then looked at Erik: “Smile, you can start to worry when you're sober.” She sat down too. Over them the stars shone bright.

Chapter Text

After a while all three of them were shivering while they passed a joint between them. “Fuck... my dad's gonna kill me.” Erik looked at the thing in his hands and took another drag. “Why?” He coughed a bit before he answered. “I got kicked out of the starting team and we're not supposed to do drugs so...” He kept smoking and looked irritated when he noticed Mike's giggle. “You're doin' your fucking best I see.” Linda had moved a bit closer to Erik who's chest was bared because they never got his shirt back. He tensed when she leaned into him. “Relax hun, m just cold.” “Yeah, no offense but I got my fill of ladies for tonight.” That made Mike snort out and move in closer as well. Erik just looked at him but left him do as he liked. “I know you... y'know?” He now looked at Linda and she looked back a bit stunned. “How...why?” She asked unsure what would come from the boy. “My brother was in school with you and... he pays for your... you know... services?” He stumbled over his words turned beet red and looked down at his large hands. Linda patted his arm. “It's alright. At least he pays.” She smiled and then looked into the sky a slight tinge of red on her face.

Mike was the first to stand up. “We should go to a place with a roof and some form of heating.” “Got something in mind cuz?” Mike nodded and looked ahead. “If we move further a bit we'll get to the road that leads to the school. C.C. could get us there.” Erik opened his mouth and closed it again. “What? Stevenson say what you gotta say.” “I... I don't know where to go...” He stammered. Mike looked at him confused. “We'll all go to the trailer and then we can think about the rest.” Erik nodded in awe and then followed Mike through the thicket.

They reached the street in no time and fortunately Linda immediately reached C.C. with her call. A few minutes later the beat up pick-up from the car dealer arrived. “Jump in.” Silent the three sat there until they reached the trailer park. “Care to tell me what happened?” “We got in a fight C.C.”, Linda said and looked at the boys. “It was kinda my fault I guess but not really.” C.C. just nodded and cast a meaningful look at Mike. “She didn't do something wrong... she hadn't known that the boy had a girlfriend.” “Ah.” C.C. nodded again. They all climbed out of the truck. “D'you want coffee?” He asked friendly but Linda just shook her head. “I'll go home, take a shower and try to forget everything.” Barefoot, with her shoes in one hand, she limped in the direction of her trailer. C.C. looked at the boys. “You two? Coffee?” “Nah, thanks C.C. but the last thing we need is caffeine right now.” He nodded and looked at Erik. “No, thank you Sir.” The boy said and C.C. just smiled. “Alright then get inside it's cold tonight.” He kept watch until Mike and his guest were inside the trailer.

Mike could feel Erik's mind fire up when his body completely stalled. He tried to take the inside of the trailer in as it was and it obviously was too much for him. Awkwardly he was pushed inside so Mike could close the door behind them. To him, the trailer looked extraordinarily okay. Linda had done a great job organizing while he had showered, but of course it still looked and smelled positively revolting. To the right the kitchen was still littered with empty bottles and a few wrapping papers, the door to the bathroom was open and spreading a musky mildewy smell. The room to the right behind the kitchen counters was barred and secured with a big lock. On the other side was the open living room space with Mikes bed which in reality was nothing more than a mattress in front of the broken sofa. A TV was on the other side covered in dust, which might stem from the fact that the screen was cracked. The whole place was still stuffed to the brim with boxes full of pills and powders and different other substances. A big confederate flag hung above the TV together with a framed uniform jacket. Unceremoniously Mike kicked his shoes off and laid down on the mattress.

“Come on, don't stand around like that.” Erik had unconsciously wrapped his arms around his naked upper body.”I... uh... do you really take all that stuff?” He pointed at the boxes and around the trailer. “Mostly not, nah.” He answered. “Is... is it yours?” Mike smiled and slowly got what was happening. The footballer had never seen anything but weed or a few steroids and booze, a trailer stuffed to the brim with illegal substances was something out of fiction for him. “Nah... it's mostly my dad's. He's not using all of it.” He added the second sentence after he saw Erik's face. “Oh...okay.” Gingerly Erik sat down on the edge of the mattress. “I'm so fucked...” He said and stared into the black screen of the TV. “Just because you're not in the team anymore...or because of Ty? Do you think the girls gonna rat me out?” Suddenly alarmed Mike had scooted closer to the other. “No. Ty would never. She's too happy to know where to get weed and stuff. And the other girls mostly listen to her.”

He sighed and then shuddered. “You don't by chance have a shirt for me?” Pleadingly he looked at Mike who was now sitting close beside him. “I might, but don't complain if it's not clean.” The blond boy stood up and rummaged through the clothes on the floor. After a while he held a black shirt with a faded print up. “This might fit you.” Erik took it and put it on as quickly as possible. It was a tight fit and not quite long enough for his beefed up body but it was better than nothing. “Shit...” he looked so absolutely forlorn that Mike didn't know what to do. Thus he settled back next to him and patted his back. For the first time since their flight from the party, the monster in his head snarled but he did his best to ignore it.

“You sad because of Ty?” He tried to get the other to talk. The footballer didn't answer just turned to him and shook his head. “It's... my dad.” “What about him?” “He's gonna make me pay for everything.” “For what?” “Getting kicked off the starting team, getting high and getting dumped.” “What does he care?” “He will make me work the farm and train all day. I'll probably won't have any time for school and then I'll never get the scholarship. And that will prove to him that I'm a loser and he'll make me take over the farm and keep living with him and mom forever.” Mike looked irritated and smiled then. “Who gives a shit? You'll be 18 in no time and then you can do what you want.” “But I can't. I've got no money, no car and bad grades.” He let himself fall back on the mattress. “Don't sweat it. Everything might turn out great.” “You mean like my nose?” “What about it?” Erik sighed and then looked directly at Mike. “It was my dad. I told him about the team this morning. He punched me in the face and kicked me out of the tractor in the middle of a field and I had to walk to school.” “So he's a capital asshole.” Understandingly Michael nodded. “Stevenson, I don't get why you're so down about the life stuff, but as far as I got it, you can't get down any further, so let's get hammered tonight and think about everything tomorrow.” To support his words he picked up a jar of moonshine, that was conveniently next to his mattress, and took a swig before passing it to Erik.

Chapter Text

They had a good buzz going. With his dad's old radio they only managed to get some weird local political talk radio or country so they settled on the latter. With the encouragement of Willie Nelson they added a joint to their party which made Erik sing to the song. “You're not too shabby!” Mike said laughing. He just seldom had had any company since middle school and he thoroughly enjoyed it. The monster was nursing on the alcohol and his anger had subsided. “Come on!” The redhead encouraged him to sing with him and so he did. When the song ended, they laid laughing on the mattress. The space was a tight squeeze for the two boys and both their legs didn't completely fit on it. Mike took another big gulp of alcohol. They had settled on some sort of liquor he had found, because the moonshine had made them incredibly drunk in the beginning, which in turn had made Erik a bit sentimental again. So now they were drinking something with less alcohol so the night could carry on a bit longer.

“I was a shitty boyfriend anyway.” He laughed and kept smoking weed. “I always put her last. First training and school, then the family duties and then her.” “I always thought you're a match made in heaven.” Michael smirked. “You both constantly bullied me in school and she did so at work too. Also you're the golden boy and she's the golden girl. So you have to be an item, you know?” Awkwardly Erik tried to excuse his terrible behavior but Mike just waved it away. “I have dished out enough to get it.” “But you...this year you didn't.” “Yeah, because they'll throw me out of school, if I do one violent thing.” “That explains why you didn't seek revenge a single time. Last year you broke two of my fingers.” “I did?” Erik looked at him incredulous. “Yeah, in the parking lot, after we got you with the bucket full of rotten egg salad.” “Ah, I remember dimly. That was the month I was high on pain killers because I had three broken rips from the cafeteria fight.” “I had to play, train and work with the stiff fingers. It was a pain in the ass.” “Must've hurt.” “Did... not as bad though as the beating I got from my father every time I messed something up because of the fingers.” They fell silent again.

“... what happened with Ty?” “I...” He stopped and then took a deep breath. “I can't get it up with her anymore.” His face turned white and then he put his hands over his head. “Fuuuck.” He said. “I tried everything. It always worked until it didn't.” He kept lying there his face covered by his hands. In this moment Mike threw all caution out of the window and let his hand rub over the crotch of Erik's jeans. The other jerked away and stared anxiously at him. “Whhaa...” But Mike kept the movement going. “So you couldn't get it up with your girl and instead you took your frustration out on me?” He smirked and slowly opened the fly. To his surprise Erik wasn't wearing underwear and his hardening member sprung free from it's confinements. “Don't. Please.” Erik said but let his head fall back and lowered his lashes. Mike spit in his hands and started to rub along the shaft roughly simultaneously rubbing circles with his thumb around the tip. “Stop... please...” The other didn't move but his hands covered his eyes. Mike continued to pump the other's cock which leaked copious amounts of pre cum. His hand was wet. Lewd squishing noises filled the room. One of Erik's hands was pressed over his mouth and he tried to keep himself from emitting any noise. After a short while the larger boy's body began to tremble and then, when his cock started to pump out cum, Mike directed it to his face and shirt. He took his soiled hand and cleaned it on Erik's jeans. “Now we're even.” He smirked and laid down beside him trying to ignore his own aching erection.

To his surprise he could see the other still covering his face. Something clear was running out underneath his hand. “You're not cryin... fuck.” He started to laugh uncontrollably. “You can't be serious!” He started to poke him in the side, when he didn't react and started to sob, he began to shake him. He straddled the larger boy grabbing both his shoulders and shaking him roughly. “Stop this shit.” His shaking got harder and, when Erik still hadn't moved a hand, he slapped his open palm against the side of his face. “Quit whining cunt!” He screamed at the boy. Erik slowly removed his hands and stared incredulously at him, then his face suddenly darkened and he started to trash around with his legs, trying to catch Mike's arms in his hands. “Fuck you Sullivan! I'm not a faggot like you.” He started to punch Mike who gladly returned the hits with even more fervor. In seconds they were rolling around the floor punching and slapping each other around. Mike wheezed when he was pushed down onto the old carpet with his face down. He could feel the heavy body pressing him further into the stinking flooring. He tried to kick his legs up but Erik had straddled his thighs.

Then he felt something weird. His jeans were ripped down and with his ass bared he lay beneath the other. This was not happening. This could not be. He heard a weird sound and felt a wetness between his asscheeks running down in between his thighs. This fucking jackass had spit on him. Then he felt what he was dreading. Two fingers roughly entered his body. They moved in and out quickly sometimes scissoring him. It burned unbearably and he was glad his body was still flooded with alcohol and weed. When the fingers were removed he dreaded what was coming but all his apprehension made the impact no less brutal. In a single move Erik buried his hard member inside him. Instantly he started to pump in and out of the abused hole. Mike tried to crawl away burying his fingernails into the carpet. But his struggling just made it worse, because he was hauled back. One hand pressing his head further into the ground and the other hand snaking underneath him and lifting his abdomen to make the thrust reach even deeper. He didn't scream just gasp at the movements. It was as if his voice had literally been fucked out of him. His ass felt like it got torn apart. He was pretty sure he was bleeding but he couldn't take a look with his head clamped down. Slowly his mind told him to concentrate on something else. But his body was brought back to reality quickly, when shame hit him at the state his own dick was in. That traitorous slut had awoken and dripped pre cum onto the ground. Never had he hated himself this much. He felt like shit. The bruises hurt. The foreign cock in his ass hurt him on every move. But at the same time... At the same time he was incredibly hard. He could feel the other just jackhammering into him and his thrusts got more and more violent. Suddenly he felt a hotness inside him pumping into his body and squishing out between his hole and the shove of the other's cock.

After a moment that felt like an eternity he was dropped to the floor. He didn't want to turn around to look Erik in the eyes. He wanted to keep lying there until it was Sunday evening and he had to move. But he heard the other mumble. “'m not a faggot.” Was the part he could make out. Even though everything hurt he snorted and pushed himself up. He tried to pull his jeans up as best he could and then knelt on the floor. Slowly he turned around and looked up. Erik was standing there looking like shit. His face was completely white but at the same time he had red spots on his cheeks indicating he was still exhausted from what he did. Gingerly Mike pushed himself onto his legs and could feel fluid running down from his ass inside his jeans. He grimaced. The other only then realized that he was standing. He shoved hard against him and made him tumble a bit. “I'M NOT A FAGGOT!” Erik screamed at him. While slowly turning red with anger. Mike started to laugh and then got eerily quiet. He looked Erik straight into the eyes: “Yes, yes you are. And more than that you are a fucking rapist.” It took a moment for the redhead to gather what was said but as soon as it dawned on him he opened the door and ran out of the trailer.

Chapter Text

All in all in could have been worse. Mike had had incredible luck. His ass wasn't torn just heavily bruised and he had a nice excuse to lie on the bed for the whole weekend and do nothing. He hadn't really told Linda or C.C. what had happened and definitely not his mom. She had called on Saturday talking about her meetings and at the same time not really speaking with him. C.C. and Al had returned the car for him when he told them he wasn't feeling well. He knew Linda was suspecting something really bad had happened but she didn't press him which he was more than thankful for. He himself hadn't come to turn with what had happened. Again Stevenson had molested him and more. This time he had first beat and then raped him. And all of that because the jock couldn't fathom himself being gay. It would have been comical if he wasn't sitting on frozen peas to cool the bruises on his ass whilst contemplating if he was giving himself an bladder infection.

Unfortunately amidst all the turmoil he had lost his self medicating routine and the monster inside him was not just wide awake but making his always thin restraints growing oh so much thinner. He wasn't dreading going to school but he was aware that, if he wanted to give the little shit inside him full reign, it had to be done subtly. He thought about the best ways and just barely used anything but prescription free painkillers to medicate the bruises. If he was frank most of them weren't from the colossal fucktard anyway. Most of the bruises were from the unfortunate but highly entertaining fight and following mad dash through the woods. Though that didn't make anything the asshole did any better.

He thought about ways he could hurt his rapist. Personally he liked the idea of just outing him in front of the whole school but destroying all his chances to get back to into the team seemed also nice. The monster didn't like both things too much. He knew what it wanted. Had always wanted. And would always want. Violence and blood. It should make him uncomfortable but in fact he didn't really care. He had been a few times just inches away from seriously crippling someone and if one did die, so what? When bodies were built to break that easily it wasn't his goddamn problem.

A knock on the door let his mind slowly stop in it's ever darker growing thoughts. With his ass cold and numb it took a moment to get up and move to the door. Linda stood there smoking. She wore the shortest gym shorts and a bandeau top. Her hair was in a high ponytail.

“You filmin' somethin'?” He let her inside.

“Yeah, Cheerleader shit... but I don't really have a good idea.”

She immediately sat down on the bench that stood besides the table.

“You look like shit cuz.”

“Well thanks a lot.”

He tried to sit down next to her but his ass had began throbbing again so he kept standing leaning against the kitchen counters.

“Y'alright?” He looked at her tempted to tell her everything and then ruled against it.

“Yes... but I'm a bit bruised from the tussle we had.”

He laughed. She didn't look convinced but nodded and played around with a pack of pills she pulled out of one of the boxes.

“I'm sorry... you know?”

“For what?”

“For getting you in trouble...”

Mike snorted. “Hannah's cum stain of a boyfriend should have been honest. That wasn't your fault.” Secretly he thought it was but he didn't give a shit because the fight had left him incredibly satisfied. He hadn't had a good one in months.
“What happened with the other jock? Heard somethin?”

She nodded and shrugged. “Shouldn't be more than a concussion.”

He just closed his eyes. Part of him was happy he hadn't killed someone with a chair of all things. It would be a tedious process to get convicted and he really liked doing what he wanted so getting sent to prison was conflicting with his desires. He couldn't hide though that he was a bit disappointed that it wasn't worse.

They stayed in the kitchen in silence. It took a while but then Linda stood up.

“Don't you need to go to work?” She asked and looked at the bag of peas defrosting and wetting the mattress.

He nodded.

“You really gonna stick to the stupid fight story?” She poked.

He nodded again.

“Alright, if you ever...”

“I'm okay Linda.”

She shrugged and left the trailer.

Chapter Text

Two hours later he was standing in the storage getting berated by his manager for his appearance and the dirty uniform. The uniform he could give to him. He could have washed it at least once this month but he just didn't care enough and even if washed the thing reeked of fryer fat. The comments on his bruises though were highly unfair. He didn't actively choose to bruise, he would much prefer to not be limping while walking and having full reign of both his eyes. But his manager just fired shot after shot and then sent him clean the storage and make an inventory of everything so he could order the missing items. He sighed and stayed in the room. To be frank he had toyed with the thought to just punch the manager in his thirty-something face. But he just had managed to keep himself in check. Armed with a mop and anti-bac spray he tackled the shelfs of the storage and moved dry goods from one place to the other, whilst also throwing stuff away. Suddenly the door opened and then closed.

He slowly turned around, his movements still hurt and turning on the spot made his hips and ass throb with pain. Ty was standing behind the door, leaning a bit against it. She eyed him cautiously before she started to speak.

“We good?”, she asked visibly unsure if she should leave the room and get away from the other teen.

Mike just shrugged. “We never been good.”

She sighed. “I know, but are we still okay?”

“What do you want?” He had turned around again and sorted things on the shelf.

“I... uhm.” Stalled she, whilst watching her manicured nails. “Can you sell me something?”

He kept on maneuvering the items around seemingly not caring about what was said. “What do you need?”

“... diet pills mostly, but weed would be nice too.” She smiled.

“I can get that.”

“We've got study time together on Mondays.” She offered and he nodded.

“Library.” He just said and kept on working.

Immediately he noticed that she had moved in his direction.

“Can I ask something?”

Michael just went silent and watched her with an attentive glare. “Shoot.”

“Why did Erik help you?”


“On Friday, why did he help you save your girlfriend?”

“She's... not my girlfriend.” Mike answered. “Why he helped me, I don't know. Probably 'cause I was the one who helped him outside.”

Ty didn't look convinced but nodded. “You nearly killed Josh by the way. He has a real bad concussion and he just doesn't press charges because he was full of amphetamines.”

“Thought he was a footballer too, aren't they on some kind of sobriety pledge?”

“Not all of them.” That made Michael nod even though he didn't really believe it.

She still didn't leave him and Michael's forced patience grew thinner by the second.

“Is there anything else?”

“Do you fuck?”

He stopped his fiddling with the cans and turned to face her. “Do I... what?”

“Do you fuck Erik? Or does he fuck you?”

He started to snicker and then broke down full on laughing. Ty didn't share his outburst and looked truly concerned. Mike's laugh only slowly ebbed down.

“We hate each other.” He answered and pointed at his black eye.

She didn't look convinced. “But he helped you get your not-girlfriend, whoever she is.”

“He did and after a little run through the woods, we managed to get along for approximately an hour before we started to kick each other's ass again.”

He contemplated telling her that her ex or on and off boyfriend had raped him a few measly hours ago but he chose not to. Not because he was ashamed but because he wanted to delay the news for a bigger more deserving audience.

“But he's gay... isn't he?”

“Why do you think he's gay?”

Tyler looked down and seemed to be suddenly distracted by her black sneakers.“He... do you think I'm hot?”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. Suddenly the room seemed to be too small and all oxygen had left his brain.


He knew how to get his revenge now. The monster was not fully satisfied but it was a good start. Without hesitation he pushed Ty to the door to block it with their combined weights and started to kiss her. She was surprised but soon put her hands on both sides of his face too keep him steady. Slowly he massaged her breasts through her shirt. One of his hands slid underneath and she in turn made him lose his shirt. She commented on the smell the thing was emitting but he didn't care. Determined he pushed her skirt up and let his hand rub in between her legs. He could already feel her becoming wet, soaking her panties and moaning in the crook of his neck. She didn't waste time and opened his jeans, again commenting about his hygiene and his missing underwear when she put her hands inside to stroke his hardening cock.
Because she was a good deal shorter than him, he had to lift her up. He just shoved her underwear to the side before he let her slip down onto his dick. She moaned and looked at him seductively, reconnecting their lips while he started to fuck into her. They both moaned and shared a few more heated kisses. He needed both hands to keep her up, she had one arm slung around his neck, the other was in between them rubbing her clitoris. It didn't take long for Mike to feel his orgasm coming. She looked a bit panicked when she noticed him coming inside her but she came shortly after. He slowly let her down onto her own feet. Her legs were still shaking but she smiled.

“Thanks.” She kissed him again and then checked her uniform.

“We see each other tomorrow.”

He nodded and she left the room.

It was glorious. He had fucked the idiot's girlfriend and this was just the start to get back at him. He opened a can of beans and wolfed them down. Since the rape he hadn't eaten anything. Just in the last moment he stopped himself from lighting a joint instead he went for a cigarette, he needed to stay alert. Then he took a piss into the bucket of cleaning water and left the storage to give his manager the inventory list and exited against his wishes through the store front. He supposed he would be fired anyway for smoking in the back room. He waved the girls goodbye and left through the front door, leaving a few customers with shocked expressions because of his look and smell.

Chapter Text

Stone cold sober Michael lay in a pool of blood. Not his own blood of course. He lay in a ditch just out of view of the street. Exactly the street he always walked back to the trailer park. Slowly he peeled himself off the muddy ground and let his eyes wander onto the dead body that was still partially draped over him. His right hand let go of the sleek looking hunting knife. He nudged the boys arm and shoulder so they could fall down onto the ground. Slowly he rose to his feet. Four fingers lay to his left, cleanly chopped of from the hand that had bled onto his jeans. He looked down his front. His jeans were soaked his shirt partly torn. His jacket hang on a tree a few steps up the hill to street. The dead body on the ground just kept on soaking the already wet earth near the little brook that carried the rainwater from the street's drains with its blood. He contemplated how he landed there while he kicked the fingers into the water.


Everything had started so well. He had gone back to school three weeks ago, after he had fucked Ty and soon he was part of her crew. Not that he cared much but she just openly met with him which made the guys she hung around with less inclined to hurt and bully him. More then Ty's actions it helped immensely that Erik just probably had the worst time of his life. There was no day he came to school on time. He looked like hell and he just stank. He smelled like farm and sweat and unwashed clothes. It was disgusting. He walked with his head hung low but still worked his ass of in training. Which prompted the coach to berate him for his looks and personal hygiene. Seemingly his father had gone nuts and brutalized him daily. He had black eyes and a broken nose. One day he came with taped fingers. The next week he arrived in school with a split lip and blood on the side of his mouth. Even though it was slowly getting cold he had no jacket to cover up with and everyone could see that his arms were covered in bruises. Some teachers tried to investigate the whole ordeal but he blocked every attempt at helping him.

With his newly found acquaintances Mike sat on the bleachers an awful lot and watched the footballers train. He saw his rapist tackle away all of the other players who were more and more afraid to cross his path on the field. The coach still hadn't put him back into the starting team and Mike was sure, he'd soon start to kill the other players just to get his place back. Something stirred inside him by the thought of Erik standing in the bloody remains of his teammates. Since fate had dealt the other this card his own grudge had subsided. He shoved all thoughts about the other in the back of his mind when a slurry question was directed at him. It was Hannah.

His new place had made his side hustle a lot more lucrative. If he continued to supply so much of his school with substances he would soon have to contact his father. Parts of the assortment were already dwindling except of course C.C.'s weed and shrooms which seemed to be on endless supply. C.C. was doing pretty well with the new customers. He even bought himself a new T.V.
Hannah looked at him through heavy lidded eyes. She was full too the prim with antidepressants and mood stabilizers. Her tearful breakdowns were a thing of the past since she was filled with the medication he was administering. Also she had grown quite fond of him.

Carefully he looked around himself and followed her down under the bleachers. She didn't wait and just sunk down in front of him. In her cheerleading uniform and with her hair in ponytails she was a sight to behold. Without him saying much she started to mouth at his clothed dick and got him hard in no time. She opened his fly with her teeth and started to lick up and down his uncovered cock without hesitation. Soon he felt his prick pulsing while she swallowed around the head. He shot his load down her throat and watched her having difficulties breathing. When he had finished cumming, he pulled his dick out. She smiled at him, when she got back to her feet. He passed her a little back of pills and she kissed him sweetly. It turned him on that he could taste his own cum on her breath. Instead of letting her go he lit a cigarette and passed it to her.

“The others don't need to know what we've done.” He grinned as she coughed up the smoke.

When they got back he could feel the eyes of the others on him but nobody said anything. Hannah cuddled up with her cheerleader friends under a blanket. Ty looked at him knowingly which in turn had him shrug. She just shook her had and kept on watching the players. Josh was sitting on the bleachers too a bit further down. His head was held up by a ruff. He wasn't as ecstatic about Mike, who hadn't in any form shown remorse for injuring him. Hannah's boyfriend, Kevin, had carried the same grudge against Mike but since he had “fixed” his girlfriend he wasn't as resentful. A good steady weed supply also helped greatly with his bitter feelings.

The training dragged on and Mike wrote his essay for the next day down, whilst passing around a variety of pills and powders and collecting money. As soon as the footballers finished and walked back to the school to change, he slowly strolled back to the parking lot with the others. Ty offered to drive him home and he declined. She looked sternly at him and made him jump in her car nonetheless. To spare himself the trouble of her fussing he played along. She drove down the road to the trailer park but suddenly took a path into the woods and stopped the car. He already knew what she was planning but let it wash over him.

She crawled over to his lap and started kissing him. Without much ado he pushed her cheerleading skirt and with it the attached panties down. She had opened his jeans and he helped her move them down. They shared a few heated kisses and he shoved her top upwards to free her breasts all the while she was massaging his cock. It didn't take long and he was buried inside of her. She rode him into the seat and he went with it. His hands were grabbing her ass and pressed her down onto his member. While she was distracted he moved one finger in between her cheeks and started circling the hole that wasn't filled with his dick. She looked shocked but didn't stop moving so he shoved the finger inside her. It went in there with relative ease. He could feel his own finger movement against his dick which made him grow even harder. A few moments he kept the digit moving in her before adding a second finger. She moaned. Being fucked by his cock and his fingers made coordinating her thrusts harder. She snook a hand between them and started rubbing her clitoris. It didn't take long and he dumped his load into her. She came as well and he could feel a bit of wetness dribbling down in between his legs.

“Sorry.” She buried her head in the crook of his neck.

“No offense taken.” Mike smiled and waited for her to move after he had removed his fingers from her.

Much less graceful than her departure from it she moved back into the driver seat and swiftly rearranged her clothes. “Fuck...” She exhaled and observed the wet spot on his shirt and legs.

“You didn't let Erik finger your back door?”

She shook her head.

“Not that he didn't want too. But even more he wanted to fuck my ass... it hurt so much when he tried I never wanted him to do it again. Which annoyed the fag to no end.”

“Figures.” Mike opened the door to get out of the car and started to smoke. She looked at him annoyed.

“I'll drive you home, you know.” She said through the open windows. “You already got what you wanted and I want to walk.” He smiled and then walked over to the driver side. “Don't take that many diet pills. You'll get even looser.” He snickered and she threw an empty bottle at him.


It had started to rain and when she slammed into back gear her four wheeler covered his jeans with dirt. He looked down and then back at her with a raised eyebrow. She gave him the finger but was full on smiling. So he waved her goodbye and started to make his way back to the street.

Out of the blue he was tackled and rolled down a slope into a ditch. The ground was already wet from the rain and it took him a while to reorientate. He felt a hard punch to the gut and wheezed. Confused he started to thrash around until his uncoordinated fists hit a target. A groan was audible and he could figure out a boy kneeling over him. He was wearing a dark jacket with the hood pulled over his head. His frame was broader than his own and he smelled of sweat. Something distinctly wrong blinked in the sparse light. Mike immediately recognized a switchblade hunting knife and ducked away from it. The cut landed in the muddy grounds and the boy who wielded it needed a few seconds to get it back out.
Mike made good use of his distraction to knee him in the crotch, which made him curl into himself. As fast as he could Mike got up and kicked the other in the side. He fell onto his back coughing but he was able to pull the knife free and slashed after Mike. He dodged the attack but it made him slip on the wet ground. The other threw himself forward, knife in hand and attacked his head. Mike grabbed the first thing that came into his reach and slammed a rock against the other. By some weird coincidence he got the other in his right elbow.
Moaning he let go of the knife. Without hesitation Mike snatched the blade up and lead a strike against him. The boy unfortunately didn't try to dodge but to defend himself from the knife by putting his hands in front of himself. The force of Mike's swing enabled him to cut all fingers but the thumb of the right hand clean off. The boy screamed and rummaged for the rock Mike had used as a weapon. He found it and let it come down fast. Mike shuffled to the side and brought the knife between them. When the other came back at him with the rock he pushed the knife upwards. The blade slipped in between the rips and the boy started wheezing he coughed up blood and let the rock fall down.
Slowly he started to remove himself from Mike, who let the knife go. The other boy then grabbed the handle pulled the knife out, light red bubbles were foaming in the corner's of his mouth. He lunged at Mike again, who wrestled the knife from his hand but couldn't grab it. It fell to the ground so he shoved the other to get it back. Right away he got the knife from the ground and shanked the other more than ten times in the side. The boy stalled and then came down like a brick wheezing a last time. A shoulder and the mutilated hand of the slowly cooling body landed on Mike's leg.

Chapter Text

Cautiously he finally pulled the hood back from the body to look at the perpetrator. It was Josh. Why had that idiot tried to kill him? Was this his plan? Was this self defense? Even if he had no single cut on himself? He didn't know what to do. So he slowly left the scene to get back to trailer park. Starting to climb back up the slope he stopped in his tracks. His clothes were covered in blood. He would never be able to walk along the street without getting noticed. He sat down on the wet floor. Rain washed down his face. If he just kept sitting there maybe the blood would just wash away. He looked at the body. What should he do? Call the cops? In seconds he had his phone in his hands. He turned it off and put it back into his jacket. Slowly he patted the jacket down. In his inside pocket he found an old cell phone. He flipped it open and dialed the first number in the phone book.

It took some time and then somebody picked up. Bar noises were audible before he heard a “Hello?”



“Got a problem?”

“Which kind?”

“The unalive kind.”

“You're in the trailer?”




“Self defense?”


“Go to C.C.. and destroy the phone.”

The call was ended and he was alone again. He turned the phone off and got up slowly to start walking. He then noticed his footprints.

“Fuuuck!” He muttered.

Annoyed he walked towards the brook and stepped inside the water. It run cold and dirty and seeped into his high tops. Disgusted he started to walk down the stream. Looking over the wheat fields that bordered the water.

He made his way to the trailer park painstakingly slow. Storm drain after storm drain he used to get back to the park. It was getting colder and colder by the minute. Most of the water stank and foamed up from the flood that was let from the streets down the little streams. Sometimes the brackish water reached up to his waist and the currents made it hard to walk in. After more than an hour he was behind the park and slowly climbed up the embankment. Without hesitation he went straight to C.C.'s. The older man was sitting in front of his trailer – as always – alone with a little fire in front of him. He waved smiling and Mike shuffled along the muddy road to him.

“Mike. Are you alright?”

He asked and passed him a beer. Mike nodded and sat down. He took the phone out of his pocket and C.C. straightaway grabbed it and threw it into the fire.

“The other?”

“Turned off.”


“Down the ditch beside the road.”

“Walked the drains?”

“Yeah, but still...”

“You'll need a saw.” He turned and walked into his trailer.

“As fine parts as possible. Put them down the drains. As long as it rains you should be fine. And here.” He passed him a container of bleach. “Over everything you two touched. Destroy every footprint.”

“Should I do it alone?”

“You'll have too.” Mike nodded and tried to stand up.

“You got the weapon?”


“Get it. Take it with you. And then get rid of it far away.” Again he nodded and stood up.

“Do it fast. But don't go along the road.” Mike walked with bleach and soap in his drenched backpack. The first thing that flew into his mind was, that he would need to write the essay again. Well fuck you Josh.

Following the drains back, he reached the body much faster than he needed for his departure from it, the currents aiding him coming forward. He got out of the little brook and looked around. It seemed like nobody so far had been there. Mike hurried to Josh's body and started to saw the body in little pieces. He grabbed the hunting knife to help cutting through the flesh. Every piece he managed to cut off he shortly after threw into the water. It took hours. When he finished only the sparse moonlight illuminated the scene. He emptied the bleach over every part he noticed the body had touched. Destroying the last footsteps he carefully moved back into the stream. Afterwards he destroyed every footprint he could find.

When he reached the trailer again he was freezing cold. His feet hurt and his muscles were sore from the strain he had put on them. The only thing that felt right was his inner monster. It purred and behaved and was as calm as he never before in his whole life experienced. He felt powerful and filled with a bottomless pit of energy. Inside the trailer he looked himself up and down. He pulled his clothes off and looked at his ruined sneakers. With both arms he shoved his clothes together. Out of the piles he took a grey shirt and a black jeans and put them on. Then he slipped into his boots. He pulled a few large plastic bags out off a kitchen drawer and stuffed them full of clothes until there wasn't a single dirty sock left.

With all of the clothes he walked to the parks laundromats and filled them with all of it. He put on all three of the loaded machines at the same time and sat on a bench in front of them. It had started raining again. Hard drops fell down and disturbed the ground of the muddy road further. He lit his first smoke since the afternoon. The next morning he would need to walk to school to have one final look at his crime scene. Until then he had time to get everything else back to normal, beginning with his shoes, which he threw into the still sweltering fire in front of C.C.'s trailer.

Chapter Text

The next day nobody said anything about Josh's absence and it took nearly a whole week until the police showed up inside the school to ask about him. They even opened Josh's locker only to find his ruff sitting there on top of his notes and a prescription from his doctor. The policeman asked all of his classmates which included Mike of course. They showed him a video of Josh leaving the campus on foot walking in the same direction Ty and himself had taken a few minutes before. He just shrugged and told them that Ty had given him a ride for the part of the road they shared and then dropped him off to walk home. One of the cops told him that other students had mentioned Josh not liking him very much and he just replied that they had an altercation at a party more than a month ago. The policemen just nodded and let him go. Since nobody at school knew anything about his whereabouts the investigation was swiftly focused on Josh's family and then ebbed off completely. Only his parents were still looking for him. Plastering the town with posters of his face.

One weird coincidence the whole disappearance brought with itself: Erik got back on the team and slowly started to turn into his old confident self again. He made no move to rid Mike from his friend group but he never stuck around when it was only Mike and Ty. Which was just fine with everyone. His thoughts of revenge had left Mike the moment he had experienced the murder. It seemed so trivial to him now and he knew he would never let something alike happen again.


Winter came and snow started falling constantly, making all roads treacherous and giving them more and more snow days. Since they weren't in school they hung around together in parking lots and shops, sometimes even the dying shopping mall.

At the moment they were all crammed inside Kevin's truck. Hannah was sitting in her boyfriend's lap, Ty was sitting in the middle and Mike beside her. In the back were three footballers including Erik and another one of the cheerleaders. Together they had looked into each other's college applications giving each other tips and looking into possible full or half scholarships. Mike wasn't really at the same level looking for anything as well as Hannah. They both knew that their parents could buy them into any college they wanted. Hannah even did so much as saying it out loud while Mike kept all of it to himself. His acquaintances all thought he was depending on a scholarship since they believed he was full time living in a trailer park. None of them knew he had a plethora of expensive things at his mom's and didn't really need to wear his torn clothes or walk to school. After Hannah's confession Kevin coughed at said something about already having a scholarship and the other footballer's scoffed at it claiming his parents would be able to get him into any school he wanted as well.

The girls then made them drive into town to a coffee place. Mike climbed out of the pick up and helped Ty out. The others got out one by one and waltzed inside the little establishment. Mike was dragging behind lacking any of the excitement the others felt by having the days to themselves. He craved something more to keep his uneasiness at bay.

A hand on his back made him stop his thinking and turn his head. Kevin was keeping him from entering the coffee shop.

“Do you really know nothing about Josh's disappearance?” He looked at him with a display of annoyance and Mike couldn't figure out if it was because he was talking to him or if something else got on his nerves.

“No. And I told the police as much.”

“Yeah I know... I was just wondering.”

“Wondering? Why?” His insides started to fill with rage. How could this imbecile question him. Outwardly he kept calm and listened to what the other had to say.

“I... I just know he wanted to scare you. He was still angry about the fight. Claimed you had destroyed his chance of a professional career in football. You know... he missed the game where the talent coach was present.”

Mike nodded. “Yeah, but the guy didn't even pick Erik and he is by far the best player.”

Kevin sighed. “Right. But that didn't console him really.”

He stalled and then added: “Well, whatever... I didn't think you know anything but I promised his mom to ask.”

So that was the reason he had brought it up. Mike calmed the beast inside him and followed in Kevin's footsteps into the shop.

They entered the place and were greeted by the girls having decided what they should drink by some weird personality test in an app. One of the apps Mike knew his mom sold at the moment in Japan. He sipped his dark chocolate flavored beverage and contemplated if it was coffee at all, the sweet drink made him nauseous. So Josh had just planned to scare him, or at least Kevin thought so. Well the idiot had done it in the worst way possible and was probably completely devoured by fish by now. The police hadn't even found the place yet and now months later there wouldn't be much to find anyways.

They had stayed inside the coffee shop for a good hour, when they noticed the snowfall had thickened. Kevin's truck was thoroughly covered and the sidewalks were deserted, people staying in their homes and not walking in the cold.

“Shit...” One of the boys said and looked outside.

“Fuck it. I'll walk home.” Ty got up and two more boys with her.

Hannah looked at Kevin pleading and he nodded. “Yeah, I'll get you home.”

The other cheerleader looked at Hannah and she in turn batted her eyelashes at her boyfriend. “Ashley can come with us...”

Out of the corner of his eye Mike saw Erik squirming in his set.

“What about you, Stevenson?”

“I... uhm...”, he stopped.

“You two need to go in the same direction? Don't you?” Hannah looked at both of them.

“I'd rather wait here...” The redhead said and side eyed the other, Mike just shrugged.

“It's time you two get along.” Hannah said and looked from one to the other.

In his head Mike cursed the fact he hadn't shoved her a handful of pills in her sugary concoction to silence her forever. Kevin coughed.

“We should go. Guys, I'm sorry but I can't drive you back... I'll never get back up the road into town again.”

They left ringing the little bells by opening and closing the doors.

The two boys left in the store eyed each other warily.

“D'you wanna go home?” Erik said looking distinctly not into Mike's eyes.

“I'd prefer to stay in the shop...”

The redhead nodded and looked down at his empty cup. The girls had picked something incredible girly looking for him. All it lacked was some glitter and Mike guessed that the other wasn't happy about it. The clerk behind the counter eyed the street and then the two boys.

“I'm sorry guys but I'll rather close the shop and go home myself.”

Erik sighed and muttered something under his breath. Mike just stood up and put his plaid jacket on buttoned it up then pulled a leather jacket over it. He slipped into his skeleton gloves and put a black beanie on his head. Having a side shave was nice but he contemplated a full head of hair would fare better in the cold. Erik stood up as well. Decked out in a new white puffed up jacket and a pair of blue gloves.

“Good thing you're back on the team”, commented Mike maliciously and left into the snowstorm.

Chapter Text

For a good twenty minutes they walked quietly through the snowed in town. Mike was glad he had his boots and beanie. The footballer was limping behind him a bit with sneakers and an uncovered head, that was partially getting wet. After they had left the commercial center of the town he took a smaller road he knew brought him close to the school. Unfortunately it lead directly through the forest and wasn't exactly cleared off snow. They made slow progress on their way slipping or getting stuck in rather deep drifts.

“Damn...” Erik uttered and looked positively destroyed.

“What is it?”

“My feet are gonna fall off...”

“Don't you have any other shoes?”


“Not at home... I...” He looked down into the snow and sighed. “I hid a pair in school. You know... when my father...”

“Ah, okay, so we'll try to get into school and get them out?”

Erik looked at him incredulous. “You said we as in you and me together.”

He just shrugged and thought about what had happened between them. “If you try something funny, I'll kill you.”

The redhead stood still for a moment and then followed.


They reached the school almost an hour later. Since the police questioning Mike knew exactly where the cameras were so they approached the building from the football field. They got to the path that led to the locker rooms but Mike pulled Erik a bit further along. He made him stop at a set of stairs that were going down a bit and ended in a small padlocked metal door.

“It's the crawlspace.”

He then produced a switchblade hunting knife and broke the flimsy lock that held the chain together.

“How did you know?”

“Not my first time.”

“They didn't reinforce it?”

“Nah. Nothing was stolen so all was good.”

He slipped down into a room with limited headspace. There were tools and raunchy posters. Erik had to duck and came face to face with the picture of a naked lady on a motorcycle.



Mike walked to the end of the room and knelt on the floor. He removed a few tools and crates, took his phone out turning the flashlight on.

“Here it is.”

A small path let further underneath the building. Erik looked at the small entrance and sighed. He took his white jacket off and turned it inside out before putting it back on.

“My dads going to kill me if it gets dirty.” He answered Mike's questioning look.

The two large boys maneuvered through the small crawlspace that led them ever farther under the building. They didn't talk until Mike pointed upwards. An old piece of plywood was lying above them. Erik pushed against it and it lifted up. His head was now jutting out into a storage closet. He squeezed his large body through the opening and waited until the other boy had crawled up too. They were suddenly so close that it was hard not to touch each other. Mike peered through a tiny ventilation opening in the door, he tried not to think of the heat radiating of the other boy. Suddenly he looked down.

“Take your shoes off.”


“They'll notice the footprints, moron.”

Without more arguing Erik removed his dirty wet sneakers and stood there in dripping wet socks. Mike had to wait to take off his boots until the other was finished. And so they walked out into the hallway.

The corridor itself was just dimly lit from the signs signaling emergency escapes. The snowstorm seemed to have grown worse because there was no light shining through the windows into the classrooms and therefore not onto the tiled floor in front of them. Cautiously the two boys moved down and then turned left were Erik's locker was located.

They nearly reached it when the sound of clanking keys startled them. Without hesitation Mike opened the door to the men's room and shoved Erik into it following suit and moving them into the last stall. It was his usual he noticed belatedly. He ushered Erik to climb onto the toilet and sit himself on the flushing tank. Mike stepped on the lid and kept standing there peeking out over the stall's partition. He tried not to touch the other but their position had pushed his crotch directly into Erik's face. A shadow could be seen in the crack of the door. Carefully Mike ducked down. Then the door opened. A man muttered something walked through the room and stopped in front of their stall. Both of them held their breath. Mike could feel his knees ache from the weird position he was in. His muscles started to tremble. Before his shivering could betray their whereabouts, Erik grabbed his hands and placed them on his shoulders. The shaking immediately stopped and Mike looked grateful at him. Now they noticed that, whoever entered just checked the window and muttered to himself.

“Could make the janitor do it. It's a snow day for teachers too...” Thereupon they heard steps leave the room and the door shut close.

Immediately they realized how close they were. Mike could feel the hot breath of the other against his crotch area and the hard muscles of the others shoulders under his hands. He stepped down from the toilet and leaned against the wall. The other climbed down his elevated place and sighed.

“So Henderson is strolling around... shit... that asshat hates me.” Erik sighed.

Mike just giggled at the comment. His whole body was filled with adrenalin from their escape. He needed to steady himself before his inner turmoil made him do something incredibly stupid. Like attacking his teacher. For the first time in days he dared to confess to himself that he should take something to calm the beast.

“Can you open the water tank?”


Mike just did it himself and took the jar of moonshine out, for a moment he considered something, then he grabbed the other jar he stored there as well. It was filled with an assortment of substances he hid for emergencies. Erik looked a bit dismayed.


“I never thought it was this easy...”

Mike smiled. “People are stupid. 'm just making the best of it.”

He grabbed a tranquilizer and washed the pill down with the moonshine. After weeks of not doing much apart from smoking he felt the alcohol right away. To his surprise Erik snatched the jar and gulped down more than a little mouthful.

“Thought you get tested everyday?”

“No training at the moment.”

They silently left the stall and snook up to the door. Cautiously Mike opened it and peeked through the crack.

“Seems clear.”

He was swaying a bit when they quietly walked to Erik's locker. As soon as the shoes were out they heard the clanking of keys. This time Erik was quicker. Still pushing the locker door closed he grabbed Mike's arm and shoved him into a classroom. Unfortunately there was a big window in the door, thus they scrambled off to the corner on the hallway side, so they could hide in the blind spot. The clanking was coming closer and then stopped. Mike was pressed closed to the wall by the other and tried to calm his breathing. He could feel the other breath down against his ear and every hot puff of air made him shudder. The warmth of the other body engulfed him and combined with the heightened adrenaline he felt his dick twitch curiously. Erik pressed even closer when they heard somebody calling out in the hallway. The door to the room was opened but Henderson didn't enter. Just asking “Hello?” into the dark classroom and closing the door again muttering to himself about the fucking storm and driving home now.

The boys stood there pressed up against each other and Mike felt his brain get more and more bloodless whilst his dick started rising. The footballer noticed a change in the mood and looked down curious. He saw the red tinge on the others face who had his eyes cast down onto the floor. Before he could comment on anything he was pushed away.

“Enough cuddling. Put them shoes on.”

They heard a car start in the parking lot outside. Mike walked up to the windows to check if he could confirm it was Henderson's but as well to hide his erection from the other boy. The tranquilizer made him sway even more and he felt weak and incredibly horny. His hand slipped into his pocket and felt the knife to remind himself that he couldn't give into this. It didn't help. He just remembered the powerful feeling he had after his kill and it also went straight to his crotch. Outside the snow was nearly impenetrable thick. Coming down fast and getting blown around constantly.

“Shit...” Erik was suddenly beside him.

He seemed even taller to Mike, who at this moment did his best to not constantly think about being pushed down and fucked into. For fuck's sake. The wanker had raped him once and it hadn't been a pleasant experience, so why was he suddenly so desperate for it.

“Maybe we should stay here for a bit...” Erik exclaimed with his phone in hand writing something seemingly to his mom.

“What should we do here?”

“Dunno... maybe have a look around.” Michael turned around trying to ignore the weird burning desire that was crawling under his skin.

“Wanna raise hell?”

“I don't wanna get caught.”

“But you want to?”

The redhead nodded eagerly and the other grinned.

“Then you've come to the right guy.”

Chapter Text

He grabbed Erik's arm, dragged him back into the toilet, snatched up the moonshine and shoved it into his hands.

“First drink. There's no way you'll do this shit sober.”

With a face marred by disgust Erik nearly emptied the half-full jar. Mike drank down the rest and the two of them stood still for a moment until they felt the effect. They one after the other started to giggle and then full on laughing.

“Who d'you hate most?”



They ran through the floor Erik jumped two times to rip down random decorations that were put there for spirit week. Breathless they stopped in front of Henderson's classroom. The door was locked but Mike flipped the knife open, pushed it into the crack and opened it by pushing the latch. For a moment they stood there and Erik looked at Mikes hand.

“Where'd you get that?”

“Dunno. Why?”

“Looks like Josh's. Always tried to do stupid tricks with his. Nearly cut his fingers off a bunch o'times.” Erik was too distracted by the room to notice the short shift in Mikes demeanor.

“Look at this.”

The footballer had opened the desk drawer and took out a bottle of whiskey.

“Drinking in school. What a bad influence.”

He took a swig and shoved the bottle in Mike's direction who in turn drank a whole lot more.

“Easy!” Erik laughed.

The blond boy rummaged now through the other drawers finding a bunch of tests he took out and then an evil grin spread over his face.

“Look at that dirty asshole.”

He dumped a few magazines on the desk. Naked girls stretched on the covers in compromising poses.

“Time to get another kind of school spirit on.”

He ripped one page out and looked around for glue. Putting the girl on the wall he took one of the blackboard markers. With his left hand and in very neat letters he wrote “Fuck me daddy” in a bubble above her head. Getting the idea Erik took glue and magazines and started defacing more and more walls with them, while Mike gave them balloons filled with vulgar comments. The remains of the magazines they put prominently on the desk. Mike took the tests and threw them into the sink running water over them. Erik spread the glue over the chair and put more pictures of naked women on it.

The bottle of whiskey was nearly emptied between the two of them. Neither was walking straight now and both were laughing about their oeuvre when Mike jerked.


He opened his jeans and took out his cock. Quickly he pulled out one of the drawers and started to relieve himself inside. Eriks jaw dropped while he watched the other emptying his bladder in their teacher's desk. It was a lot of piss and it stank distinctly of alcohol. After he had finished the liquid sloshed around inside the drawer when he carefully closed it.

“Fuck! That's disgusting.” Erik grinned when he looked at Mike who seemed happy about the reaction it got him.

With his beanie Mike started to rub all the surfaces they had touched. The other got the hint and did the same with his sleeve. When they decided they had finished their masterpiece they left the room giggling.

“Fuck... you're one dirty bastard.” Erik proclaimed laughing and patted the shorter boy's back which made him beam.

“Let's go to the staffroom.” Again drinking from the bottle Mike started to walk but the other made him stop.

“I'll need to do one thing.” He walked up to a locker, Mike recognized as Ty's.

He unzipped his jeans and pushed his pants down to free his cock. Piss started to trickle out and slipped into the nooks and crannys of the locker.

“Get it on others too, so she doesn't suspect you.”

Mike directed and nodded amazed at the events unfolding. He couldn't turn his gaze away from the others cock. It was still an impressive sight even when it was soft and his head was immediately back in the gutter. The alcohol made him careless and he pressed one hand down to give his hardening member a little tuck for good measure.

Erik shook the last drops against a random locker and pushed his cock back inside. Turning around to see the other drinking again.

“Staffroom, now.” He pressed out after he had put the bottle down.

Erik walked up to him and took the bottle from his hands. Their fingers touched and they looked at each other for a moment, before Erik emptied the bottle. On the way to the staffroom Mike drank an ungodly amount of water at one of the fountains and the other knew immediately why. In the staffroom Mike put his gloves on and told the other to do the same.

“Be careful.”

The shorter boy said, then he took a chair and flung it into the wall. He had used enough force to get it to stick in the drywall.

“Shit!” Erik exclaimed surprised. “I didn't knew you were that strong.”

The other laughed at that realization. “I broke your fingers.”

After Mike's throw they busied themselves with emptying all filing cabinets and throwing papers around. They even found more booze which they partially emptied in the room and let soak into scattered files. A bottle of expensive looking bourbon they kept. Mike finished his destruction spree with pissing into the water tank of the coffee maker then they left the room.

Outside the snow was still falling and they were sitting in the hallway heavily drunk and laughing. Mr. Henderson's empty bottle stood beside Mike the new one was cradled by Erik who was in an exceptionally good mood. He boasted about the things they did and how much Henderson deserved this. In his drunk mind Mike thought it a good idea to lean against the other boy while listening to him. Everything was spinning and his inner monster was purring but kept on edge, hoping something more would happen. He was too out of it to notice the other boy quieting. Only just when an arm snook around his shoulders he looked up and noticed the shift in mood. He saw the jeans of the other boy tenting or more correctly his pants because the idiot hadn't put his fly up after defiling his ex's locker.

“Whatcha plannin' Stevenson.”

He slurred and looked at the other's crotch. Erik just stared off into the hallway.

“Still 'fraid y're a fag?”

He laughed and watched intently as the redheads face flushed. Without much ado Mike straddled the other boy and opened his own jeans. Per usual he had foregone any underwear because of a severe case of outstanding laundry days. He pressed his dick against the other one's.

“See. Mine's like yours.”

He started to rub them together and was pleasantly surprised when he felt lips against his own. They didn't exactly kiss but clashed mouths together moaning at each other while Mike pumped their erections. Every so often their teeth met while Erik seemingly tried to stifle any sound the other made with his tongue. The footballer bucked upwards into the ministrations and wet sounds filled the hallway. Pre-cum covered Mike's hands and ran down in between his fingers, dripping onto their clothes. Erik kept on pushing his tongue into the other mouth and snaking his arms around the slender body to press it tight against his own.

With a grunt the footballers cum shot up and soiled both their shirts. Mike added his load shortly after, getting a lot on both of them and even on his chin. The other kissed him again. This time it was softer and one hand was at Mike's nape. It took a few moments until they parted and Erik looked at him with glassy eyes.

“Shit...” “What?” He shrugged and kept sitting with their cooling cum on himself.

“I always imagined pressing you up against a locker and do something like this...” Embarrassed the redhead looked down at their sticky crotches.

“Mhh... I'd like that.” Mike said and kissed the other again.

Chapter Text

He felt something weird against his side and it took him a while to comprehend that it was a phone vibrating. Awkwardly he got the old flip phone out of the inside pocket of his plaid jacket.


“Yes dad?”

“I'll be home tonight. There's a fight. Wanna join?”


“I placed a bet.”

“Alright, will do.”

“See you.”

“Later dad.” He hung up and looked sober for the first time in the last two hours.


“What was that?” The redhead asked confused.


“My dad wants me to fight tonight... shit... I haven't trained in ages...”


“Fight? For what? Who?” Erik looked alarmed and Mike started laughing.

“It's some kind of boxing. Probably some hillbilly meth head.” He rested his forehead against the other's. “Shit... I wanted to stay here until it doesn't snow anymore...”

He started to kiss the redhead and shoved his tongue inside his mouth, after a moment he slipped off the others lap. It took the other a moment to get up, when his hands reached down to shove his half erect cock back into his jeans Mike swatted them away.

“Let me at least blow you.”

“You don't ah...”

In seconds Mike was on his knees and licking up and down the others dick. He could taste the old cum and hummed excited by the taste.

“Fuck... that's so hot.” Erik leaned back against the lockers and let the other suck him.

The blond managed to cram nearly the whole dick in his mouth and was now rhythmically moving up and down the length. His own cock was hard and he quickly moved a hand down to touch himself. He used the same rhythm on his own meat. The first two tries to swallow around the huge member were fruitless but on the third try he could feel it pass into his throat. Soon a hand was placed on the back of his head. His face was shoved into the red pubic hair and he inhaled the sweaty smell that lingered there. The cock on his tongue was pulsing and he could feel saliva escaping through the corners of his mouth and running down the others balls and legs into his shorts. A few moments later he felt the cum shoot down his throat. Carefully he moved back and let the last few pumps land on his face. His own orgasm landed on his shirt and inside his jeans again.

“Shit, you're a dirty fag.” Erik pulled him up and kissed him despite his soiled face and the distinctly dick taste in and on his mouth.

They cleaned the few specs of cum that had landed on the floor with cleaning supplies found in the closet they entered the school through. With the two empty bottles and the drenched pair of shoes they left the building through the crawlspace again. Outside Michael managed to get the lock back on, even though it didn't seem to close fully, it would hardly be noticeable. Erik had been paranoid about tracks in the snow but the white stuff was still coming down hard and the wind moved it around a lot. Their previous tracks had already been obliterated.

They walked over the football field in relative silence and then chose a path through the undergrowth that bordered the playing field.

“Follow me.” Erik suddenly said and climbed over an enclosure onto something like a cattle track.

“You can't just...”

“Relax. It's my family's land.”

“You live this close to school?”

“Nah... there's a lot of fields in between the school and my house.”

They walked along the track and Mike could see the different little streams crisscrossing the area. It didn't take long and for the first time he stood on the opposite side of the former crime scene. Something cold other than the snow took hold of him. He stole a glimpse of the other's face but he was just walking along the path. Mike threw the bottles he still carried into the storm drain and hurried after Erik with whom he soon caught back up.

After walking nearly an hour through snow and wind they reached the end of the Stevenson's property. It almost bordered the trailer park just one overgrown stretch of land separated the two.

“I... uhm...” Erik stalled and looked intently at his shoes.

Without any hesitation Mike turned around to face him, put his hands around his neck and pulled his head down. The kiss started sweet but turned dirty fast. Erik's hands had wandered down Mike's back and caressed his ass while pressing him up against his body. Their tongues intertwined and caressed each other. Mike was already on his toes to reach the other who still massaged his behind. Before he could do anything the blond boy was pulled up. In an instant he had his legs wrapped around the other and pressed his crotch against his solid stomach. A whimper escaped him when he felt the others hand sliding inside his back pocket and pressing him closer. “Fuuuck...” He dry humped the bigger boy. Their eyes turned glassy and they kept touching and kissing each other with abandon.

Until Mike felt the other grow rigid. “Get down.”

He did as he was told but not without protesting. Then he could hear it himself. A loud engine sound waved across the field. A larger battered tractor came into their field of vision.

“Throw a snowball.”


“Please, at my face, just please... do something.”

He saw the horror in the other's eyes so Mike took a bit of snow and pushed it into the redheads face. He in turn pushed him a bit and they slowly got into their pretend snow fight. The tractor came to a hold and the driver cleared his throat.

“Do you harbor some sort of death wish?” Erik turned around grinning and Michael could already tell it was a forced grin.


“It's a fucking blizzard and you told mom you'll walk home.”

The boy shrugged. “I walked with Mike here and offered to get him home.”

“Yeah... a few hours ago. She's worried out of her mind. Nearly called dad.”

Mike saw the other boy swallow hard.

The driver climbed out the cabin and it dawned on the smaller boy that this must be Erik's brother. They looked alike but at the same time very different. Where Erik was all muscle and bulk the other was fat. Not only a bit but really fat. He was also tall but he probably only reached Mike's 6'2 his sheer mass though made him seem a lot larger than both of them. It didn't help that Erik had slumped a bit dropping his head and shoulders too seem smaller. The other waddled the few steps through the snow and came to a halt wheezing.

“Lawd... it's cold as a bitch.” The man proclaimed and then looked at Mike interested.

“You a friend of his?”

“He's part of the gang.” Erik just chimed in and looked at his brother almost apologetically.

“Ah... he's the trailer trash Ty dragged along.”

The blond boy felt his hand wander to the knife in his jacket, fully intending using it again.

“Don't call him that.” The redhead said, looking pleadingly at his brother.

“Don't get your panties in a twist... Mickey?”


“Whatever, our father ain't too fond of your kind so you better ain't gonna walk 'cross these fields alone.” The knife nearly opened in Mikes hand but he reigned himself in the best he could.

“Won't do.” He practically snarled at the other.

Mike tried to turn around and leave already waving Erik goodbye but the fat man made him stop.

“Say... I do know you from somewhere?” He scratched his triple chins and the sparse beard that grew there.

Mike shrugged and looked him straight in the eye. “I don't.”

The other ignored him again and suddenly burst into laughter. “Oh baby brother you got a damn star in your company.”

He kept on laughing which physically exerted him to an extend that he started huffing. To say both the boys were irritated was an understatement. Erik looked taken aback by his brother's behavior and Mike was waiting for whatever big announcement the other had to make. It took a while for the other to get his breathing under control.

“Spit it out Fynn... we don't have the hole day. It's gosh darn cold.” Erik interjected annoyed.

The other pointed a gloved finger at the blond whilst still grinning maliciously.

“He fucks his cousin on camera.”

The fat man started laughing again and had to put his hands in his sides to keep himself standing upright. Erik just looked at Mike and then at his brother.


“Yeah, it's her bestselling video.” He kept on giggling and looked at Mike.

“Hope you use protection. We don't need more inbred hicks in this town.” Then he bawled again at his own joke.

“Say hi to Belinda and that Fynn Stevenson is still a fan of her's and she can blow me any time.” He laughed and then turned around.

“Come on Erik. Let's go home. The trailer trash gotta earn his bread.” The redhead slowly moved casting a sad look at the other boy and climbed onto the tractor beside his brother.

“Bye...” He mumbled from his elevated stance.

“See you.” Mike pressed out through gritted teeth.

He'd never felt this humiliated in his entire life and god knew people had tried their worst. The tractor moved away across the field and he was left standing there. Dried cum of his former enemy on his face, his clothes and still wet in his jeans. Fuck this. He turned around to climb over the cattle gate and marched to his dad's trailer.

Chapter Text

He kicked an old planter in front of an abandoned trailer, the thing toppled over and discarded earth and empty bottles on the ground. A front door opened and a woman with bleached hair and heavy makeup looked outside.

“Y'alright Michael?”

“M'good...” The woman stood there smoking and watched him.

“Come on over.” She waved and he slowly walked up to the trailer.

Through a curtain of shiny pink beads he entered a sanctuary of bad taste. Everything was pink and girly. Even the mini statuettes of poodles and kittens were tinged pink by the hot pink lampshade.

“Sit down hun.” The woman said and busied herself at her counter.

The inside of the trailer was sweltering hot and he soon discovered the cast iron wood stove she had going full blast. The heat only partially explained her outfit. She wore a sheer pink negligee over a white bustier and tight black spandex pants. Her feet stuck inside puffy golden slippers. She was almost sickly thin and probably her forties. Apart from the cigarette smoke she and the trailer reeked of sweet perfume.

With a “Voila!” she put two cups of a hot beverage on the table. Mike had used the time to discard all of his jackets and winter clothing. Sitting there in his worn and faded black shirt and old rugged jeans he belatedly remembered the cum stains he was covered in and blushed. The woman just smiled when she gazed over him.

“Lover's quarrel?” She nudged the cup a bit and he took a sip.

It was straight up hot spiced rum. He had sobered up a lot on his walk home but he immediately felt the burn and the alcohol getting to him, pulling him back down into the cozy floaty embrace of his former stupor.

“Something alike...”

The woman nodded and put on a cigarette. She left the pack on the table and gestured at it. He took one and lit it on a scented candle she was burning.

“Don't take it to heart.” She pointed at his shirt.


“...yeah..” The woman nodded and smiled with a row of yellow but otherwise healthy looking teeth.

“Boys are so afraid of being called gay they miss out on a lot of fun.” She emptied her cup in one big gulp and Mike nodded shyly. Then he sat up and took another sip.

“Dad's coming tonight.”

The woman smiled. “Yeah, he called me too.”

“He has a fight for me...”

She looked at him interested.

“Ah... you still trainin'?” Her cigarette butt died in a crystal pink ashtray and a new smoke was back in her mouth faster than he could look.

“Not exactly...”

The smoke she exhaled seemed pink in the weird light the lamp over them cast.

“Don't hurt yourself. You're my only nephew.” Her hand caught his and she squeezed it a bit.

He got a good look at her fake fingernails that were adorned by a plethora of rhinestones.

“Gonna do my best.” He exclaimed and lounged back on the plush chair he chose to sit in. He picked at the dried up cum and let his aunt rummage around her trailer.

The door opened suddenly and Linda shuffled inside.

“Fuck, the storm still keeps on goin' and I got no electricity.” She blurted out and only then recognized her cousin sitting there.

“Are you alright cuz?” Her hand caressed his head and he looked up at her drunk from the third full cup of rum.

“Mom... he is a minor!” She scolded her mother without any real conviction to her tone.

“What do you want Belinda darlin'?” Her mother kissed her and smeared pink lipstick on her cheek.

“Can you load these batteries for me?” She took the loading station and the camera batteries to pluck them in.

“Why're you here cuz?” Linda sat down in front of the stove crisscrossing her legs and warming her hands.

“Aunt Lu made me come in and now I'm too drunk to leave.” He smiled at his aunt who gave him another cup.

“He needs to prepare for his battle tonight.” The older woman explained and smiled when he sipped the strong alcohol.

“What? Again? Is uncle Bobby coming back today?” She looked at Mike and shook her head.

“Don't do it... last time the guy in the other match was nearly killed.”

“Yeah... by dad.”

The older woman stood there with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Belinda O'Toole, quit yapping about things you don't understand. Mike wants to fight and so he damn well can.”

“But... I just... I don't want him hurt.” She looked at her cousin out of the green eyes all three of them shared.

“I'll manage.” He just said, emptied his cup and started to put his clothes back on.

“By the way Linda, I met Erik's brother today. The one who knows you... remember?”

She looked at him and shrugged.

“I didn't know who he was then and I don't know now.”

“His name is Fynn Stevenson.”

The look on her face changed from mildly interested to full on disgusted.

“Dirty bastard!”

She said and seemed like she was ready to kill him with a dull knife. Mike looked at her interested.

“Do I want to know?”

Linda just turned her back to the wood stove and looked at him.

“Not really. Let's say his older brother was a much better man than he will ever be.”

Irritated Mike pondered if he should ask more but decided against it. He could do so another time.

“Thank you for letting me in.” He hugged his aunt who kissed him on the cheek.

“Go eat something. You're thin as a twig.”

“You're one to talk.”

She slapped his behind in a mock spanking, but smiled and opened the door for him.

“Bye Linda.”

“See you later Mike.”

He left the heat of the trailer and was instantly hit with a wave of dizziness. Being drunk inside had been a completely different thing. He nearly missed the steps up to the front door of the trailer and got up swaying. Slowly nausea spread in his gut and he just barely made it to the toilet to fall down and empty his stomach. He retched everything up until even the chocolaty concoction from the morning had left his body. Laying down on the sticky floor next to the toilet he tried to regain his composure. He could feel how cold his trailer was compared to his aunts.

His phone rang and he saw his mom's contact information on the screen. For a moment he was ready to ignore the call but he answered nonetheless.


“Michael, honey?”

“Yes mom.”

“Are you alright, my flight is delayed because of a blizzard which is absurd, because it isn't snowing a bit in New York.”

“You're in the states?”

His tone turned out a bit more worried than the hopeful one he had aimed for. He cursed under his breath when he noticed her noticing.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes mom it's just... there's a blizzard coming down here and I'm at dad's because he will come back today.”

The other side of the call turned silent for a moment.

“Okay. You're in the trailer in a blizzard? Should I call someone to get you out of there?”

“No mom. But I'm a bit worried about dad.”

That was a straight up lie. Robert Sullivan was an unstoppable force of nature himself and not intimidated by any amount of snow. Fortunately his mom bought the lie and started to pacify him, telling him his father was a strong man who always found his way home. That was the reason she had once married him, she told him. Mike nearly snorted at that comment because he knew too well that he was the reason they had to marry. His mom kept on talking about being able to come home in late December so they could have Christmas together. He let her talking wash over him after he heard she wasn't coming home soon. The call ended like all of them lately with a prolonged proclamation of her motherly love and him just mumbling an answer.

To his surprise there was a voicemail on his phone. He started it and heard Erik's voice muffled and husky, like he had to whisper. “Hope you got home well... I'm sorry for my brother. Where do you fight tonight? I'm gonna be there.” Mike was astonished by the other's inquiry but he himself did only surmise where the fight would be so he told him to come to trailer at 9.00 pm.
He lay there on the dirty sticky floor of the bathroom freezing, willing himself to get up and prepare for the impending boxing match.

Chapter Text

Mike licked sour cream from his hands. He had gone the extra mile to put toppings on his ready-made burrito. For the first time in two days he felt food in his stomach. Now that the drunkenness had subsided and his belly was filled he was able to think about the fight. He knew he should change. His cum covered shirt wouldn't be welcomed by most of the crowd so he flung it to the ground, pulled another one up inspecting the cleanliness and coming to terms with the dirty smell of it. He put it on nonetheless, it would only get worse from now on. The last time he was in one of those bareknuckle fights he not only had had bruises from top to bottom but his as well as his opponents blood on his clothes. He had made the mistake to go to school like that the following day and was swiftly let to the principal who took his time to squeeze him for what had happened. Of course he hadn't told a thing but he had been suspended all the same.

While he could hardly get back into training in a few hours, he could start to warm up. So he jumped and stretched and ducked imaginary punches until he heard an engine coming up. Sweating he opened the door to peek outside. An old battered pick up rolled down to his trailer. C.C. stood outside in the snow and Al was there too. His father exited the car and stepped into the snow storm shaking hands with the other men and talking for a short while. Then he saw his son and came over in big strides.

He hugged him and ruffled his hair.

“You look even thinner than when I left... and you lost a bunch o' hair?” He brushed along Mike's skull.

“Looks good.”

Mike tried to smile but he was nervous. His dad hadn't been home all summer. Almost since the last fight his old man so graciously won by nearly killing another man with his bare hands. And in the meantime? Mike had been raped, maybe fallen in love with his rapist and killed a boy.

“Let's go inside. I'm freezing my balls off.”

His dad got in the trailer and had a look around.

“Looks like shit. You ever clean?”

He looked at Mike who turned white.

“...sorry dad.” He mumbled but his father just started laughing.

“Everything is fine. It's not like I left the thing in pristine condition.” The older man hummed.

Rubbing the snow out of his short blond hair and looked around.

“C.C. said you made friends that are good customers?”

“Yeah.” Mike answered.

“Good... thought you'll never make any friends in high school.”

Robert Sullivan sat down and shoved a few packs of pills around. The muscles in his arms moved and revealed the strength concealed in his sinewy body. Mike was just a little bit taller than his dad but his father had a more filled out form whilst still being remarkably thin. He had an easy smile but a cautious glare and was the one women still chatted up in bars. His dad was good in playing the strong silent type that made girls fawn and women hope he'll be theirs to rescue from the torment he must be experiencing.

“Your problem is gone?”

The older man rearranged some of the packets and swiftly pressed a few buttons on another old phone. Mike nodded and sighed.

“It was... not as I imagined.”

“Well... how did it happen?”

“He attacked me with a knife. I got him good but he came at me again and then... “

His father still looked down at his phone but his knuckles had turned white.

“Go on.”

“... I... I stabbed him in his side until he stopped moving.”

Shoving his phone back into his jacket his father got up and walked up to him.

“You got rid of everything, didn't you?”


He stood there towering him even though he was shorter then his son.

“How did it feel.” Mike looked his father straight in the green eyes he had inherited.

“I... um... it felt fucking fantastic. Shit. I never felt that good. Not even after fighting.”

His father looked at him and slowly started grinning.

“Oh man... your mom should have paid for that therapy longer.”

He laughed and patted his son's back.

Mike was relieved but still a bit uneasy.

“So... what's goin' on tonight?”

“You'll fight some weirdo from the mountains. The whole thing starts at 10:00 pm so you should get ready. And don't drink before the fight. It makes you slow. I got something for you to get in the mood though.”

He nodded at the comment. The whole boxing thing was based around strange figures talking to his father and probably proposing new jobs to him. He was sure the fight itself was some sort of disguise to coordinate whatever his dad was doing besides driving drugs through the country.


“Huh?” His father was drinking a beer and watching his exercises and stretches.

“A... a friend of mine is coming here. He wants to see the fight.”

“Okay... why?”

“He was there when you called.”


“We were... kinda... breaking and entering at the time.”

“Ah.” Robert nodded and laughed.

“We trashed the school.”

“So he's trustworthy.”

“I think so.”

“Good. Maybe he'll fight too?”

For a moment Mike wanted to say that Erik wasn't the type for that but who was he kidding, he was exactly the guy who would fight to get his rocks off. He shrugged instead and answered with a “maybe”.

When 9:00 pm got closer Mike had already sweated through his shirt from stretching and constantly rehearsing his boxing stance. His father heard the knocking first and opened the door. The redheaded boy was wearing an old black jacket a black beanie and dark clothes in general. He asked for Mike who just turned up at the door behind his dad.

“Hi Erik. Come in.”

Pulling Erik's sleeve he made the boy step out of the cold and inside the now toasty trailer.

“Uhm... hello Sir.”

Erik stuttered at Mike's dad who took in all of the footballer's physique then he stretched his hand out and introduced himself as “Mr. Sullivan, you can call me Bob” which made Mike roll his eyes.

“Well, we're complete. I'll give directions to the others and then I'll be back.”

He left the trailer and closed the door leaving the two boys alone.

“You changed your shirt.”

Mike looked down at his sweaty t-shirt and laughed.

“Yes, but only because were treading on homophobe territory.”

“You didn't change your jeans.”

“I'm not gonna take them off and they will get bloody anyways.”

Erik stared at him and then averted his eyes.

More to his shoes than to the others face he mumbled: “Did you really sleep with your cousin?”

“Yes... once. She needs to earn money too, doesn't she? It was a... weird day...”

Mike stopped his rambling and was turning bright red.

“Ty too?”


Sighing the redhead crammed himself on the bench in the kitchen. Somehow it excited Mike that the other seemed a little bit jealous but at the same time he was annoyed. He had to get ready for a fight and discussing his love life didn't get him in the mood.

“What does your dad say about you being here?”

Erik looked straight into Mike's eyes.

“He's not at home 'till tomorrow evening.”

“And your mom?”


“Your asshole brother?”

“Fynn doesn't live in the same house... and Halden is probably in his room jerking off or whatever you do when you're fourteen. He doesn't care as long as dad is ignoring him.”

Remembering the talk he had with Linda Mike scooted on the bench across the other. Their knees touched because the nook wasn't made for two tall man.

“You got another brother?”

“Yes... he's playing too. Maybe he will be discovered. He's good. Dad's proud... But he was proud of me too until... until this year.”

“I don't know shit about football but aren't you the poster boy of a player? I mean, you're the best on the team?”

Erik grinned. “Thanks... but then... Kevin got the fucking scholarship...”

“Huh? But he doesn't need it at all. His parents are filthy rich? He lives in the same street as Hannah.”

“You don't say...” Erik stared down at his fingers. “But, maybe I can do courses at some community college and get a degree there. Until then I'll have to work the farm.”

“Shit. Do you know if you got a chance to still get one?”

The redhead shrugged and looked forlorn.

Mike got up and shifted close to the other on the bench. He patted the others back and then put his head on his shoulder.

A bit spaced out Erik mumbled: “If Kevin declines his or doesn't take it, it will go to me... I'm on the waiting list.”

Mike had started to nuzzle the other's neck.

“Then ask him?”

“I'll try but he's a stubborn bastard and thinks he deserves it. Josh had it first but he didn't claim it... I... I thought there wasn't a chance in hell to get it with two people in front of me but... now... being second sucks.”

He looked at his fingers he had intertwined. Mike licked a stripe up to his earlobe and licked along the soft flesh. Slowly taking it into his mouth and rolling his tongue over it.

The door opened and Bob entered. He looked at the boys sitting on one side of the table. Mike had immediately let go of the other and moved a bit away. He knew his father wasn't against fooling around with boys but having a parent watch you making out was a no go even for him.

Chapter Text

Mike was in the ring. It was located in the middle of an old barn. Illuminated by a ton of generator powered lamps he stood there in all his scrawny glory. His opponent got into the ring. He was only marginally older than him he guessed but the substance abuse had left the face looking much older. The young man had mouse brown hair that was matted down on his head. He was thin too and radiated nervous energy because he constantly twitched. Bad tattoos crept up his arms and shirtless torso, one even adorning his neck reaching up to his chin. Out of the corner of his eye Mike could see Erik's red head poking out of the crowd a bit further behind him stood Linda and looked at him worried. His father had warned him about what his opponent did to land in the ring. Something about painkillers and heroin and debts about a wife and children... He had listened to it but the blond boy's brain didn't work properly. His father had given him something to snort and he felt energy as well as rage taking a hold of him.

A man in a cheap and dirty ringmaster costume stomped inside the ring. Drunk and swaying he shouted their names. Mike didn't catch anything and didn't care. He felt invincible. The ringmaster said his bit about a good fight to start the night off and scurried away from the ring hopping on an elevated stage that was located in the back of a pick up.

A bell rang and the man charged at him. He hopped with a slight limp trying to circle around Mike and land a hit. The first few tries Mike was able to block or dodge. He saw sweat on the man's body and hopelessness in his eyes. Angered by his ability to dodge the other doubled his efforts. He got Mike against the stomach and a second hit just barley missed his ear. The impact made Mike bend a bit but he soon recovered, parried a hit from the other and got him with an uppercut against the chin. He heard his remaining teeth clash against each other and blood slipped out of the corners of his mouth. The man wailed and started to attack him again. Coordination had left his attacks and he tried to pummel Mike who blocked what he could and lead the man around to tire him out. A nasty hit got him against the brow and he felt blood seeping down his face.

Suddenly he felt a foot against his shin. This fucking meth head had tried to cheat. To say it made Mike angry was an understatement. He had been furious in the beginning but now his whole body screamed at him to destroy the fucker. No longer did he let the other throw punches at him. Fueled by rage his first hit landed against the other's sternum making him bow down a bit. The second punch got him against the side of his head and another caught him on the chin again. He toppled over. Blood was running out of the man's nose and mouth and a bruise was forming in between his tattoos.

Somehow he still managed to get back on his feet. He ran at Mike and tried to kick his legs from under him. Distantly Mike heard the annoyed shouts of the crowd but the ringmaster didn't move inside and there wasn't a referee to stop the other. When his legs didn't buckle the other ran at him and tried to grab him around the middle. Now, when he wanted unfair, Mike could give him that. He brought his elbow down hard between the shoulder blades of the guy so he had trouble breathing and let him go. Bowed down he tried to regain his breath but Mike didn't waste a second. He pushed the other and he fell down. Climbing on top of the wheezing man Mike began to pummel his face feeling bones breaking beneath his hands. Blood sprayed from the helpless man all over his shirt and jeans and covered his face. He kept on hitting until he felt arms dragging him away from the unmoving body. He noticed a few people ran up to the other to check on him but he let himself be dragged out the ring, grinning from ear to ear.

It took an hour to get his body back to reality and out of his post fight high. Linda was kneeling in front of him pushing something against his head.


“Laceration.” She mumbled and then hugged and kissed him on the cheeks.

“Fuck. I was so afraid.”

He looked around and saw his father talking to a short man who seemed incredible angry. He was trembling and his head was brightly red. Erik was standing close to Mike's father doing what he did best: looking too large to mess with. The man seemed to stomp his foot and then turned around to talk to the ringmaster too.

Erik turned around and immediately locked eyes with Mike who nodded at him. He walked over and crouched down beside him.

“That looked brutal!” The redhead exclaimed not without a grin on his face.

Mike looked at his hands for the first time and noticed the skin over his knuckles had split open, they didn't hurt yet.

“Such idiots.” His dad sat down next to him.

“Their fighter started being unfair... they want a rematch but the meth head is out of it.”

“He gonna die?” Linda asked and was shushed by her mother who had appeared with a beer and a whole bottle of cheap whiskey.

She pushed the beer in Mike's and the liquor in his father's hand.

“If he'll die he will so because he was a goddamn cheater. And a bad one at that.” She ruffled Mike's hair.



Whilst smoking she checked the room.

“A few of the regulars are pissed because of the fight.” Again she let her fingers glide through Mike's hair.

“You're not the reason though.”

On the other side of the room a group of people was loudly speaking standing around a blue tarp on the floor which was occupied by an unmoving body. Probably his opponent guessed Mike. Linda got up.

“I'm going to get something to drink. Anyone?”

Erik shook his head and her mom only lit another smoke. She left the four alone and walked over to the other side of the barn.

“So, Erik?” His father looked at the tall boy with a lopsided grin. “Are you sure?”

The redhead nodded and blushed a bit.

“You ever boxed?”

“No Sir, only to train agility.”

“That's enough.” Robert beamed and Mike started to get suspicious.

“What should he do?”

“Just one tiny match.”

“I thought you'll fight?” He looked at his father and then at Erik.

“I asked your friend if he wants to. He seemed to enjoy yours.”

“But... he... he needs to play football and shit.”

Erik turned to him. “I can do this.”

“So it's settled.” Robert exclaimed grinning.

Chapter Text

Already Mike's heart beat loudly in his throat. Erik had entered the ring. He had removed all clothing except his jeans and the people were shouting for him. That much Mike could understand. Of all the people he had ever seen in the ring Erik looked the most like the real deal. His father smiled while the short man, his father had argued with, was still fuming and glaring at them from across the room. For a moment Mike thought he looked even angrier than before.

Erik's opponent climbed into the ring swaying. It was a fat guy. Clearly drunk and visibly unhappy with his new adversary. Aunt Lu was quietly smoking behind him but she didn't look too pleased with the situation as well.

“This was your fight Bobby.” She mumbled to her brother who shrugged and didn't deem the comment worthy to answer.

The ringmaster spoke his bit and hurried out of the ring again. Erik did wait for the other to move, which he didn't. So he lunged forward to lead a first attack. He feigned a direct hit against the others face with his right just to suddenly hit him with the left against his upper body. The left hook was brutal. The sound rose over the shouting of the crowd and the blimp just looked flabbergasted at his skin that had turned red immediately. His counterattack was fast but not fast enough. Erik dodged the movement of the other's right arm to lead his own right fist against the other's face. Another smashing sound and the other's temple exploded in a rain of blood sprinkling the ring and the redhead's face. The crowd was silent now. People just gasping. The impact made the fat ass shudder and then slowly like in a slow-motion scene he fell on his back and kept lying there. The ringmaster rung the bell and Erik moved back to his corner.

“Well done.” Bob patted the part of Erik's back he could reach. “Keep on going.”

Erik grinned at Mike who seemed a bit relieved by the others abilities. A bell rung and Erik needed to turn around. The fat guy had been put upright again. He was shaking and staggering but on his feet nonetheless. He wore a rabid expression on his face. The bell rung again and the massive human blob began to move. He was unexpectedly fast. His hits got Erik on both arms which the younger man just raised in time. Pushed into the ropes the redhead couldn't do much more than parry the other's jabs and protect his face.

A low blow to the inner thigh let Erik grunt. He pushed against the other and was able to get him into a clinch. The football training helped him immensely. Erik was able to push now and shoved the estimated 500 lbs of human form into the middle of the ring. There he broke away and swayed to the side to avoid the other's following hit. One nasty follow up caught Erik's shoulder and shoved it in an awkward position. A pained expression was crossing his face but he soon had his arm back where it belonged, dodged an upper cut to use an opening and landing two blows against the other's chest area. Again the struck patches of skin turned red immediately. The fat man charged at him once more but he had regained control of the battle avoiding hit after hit he made the other tire himself out.

When the fists came up slower Erik made his move. With an upper cut he got the other's head again, this time his right temple close to the eye. The eyebrow split and blood was clouding the other's vision. Once again the large figure started to shake and one of the legs gave out for a moment making the man sink a bit. Erik seized his chance to punch him against the right side of the face the loud smacking and crunching sounds making the crowd groan again.

A sucker punch hit Erik against the solar plexus and made him bend down trying to catch his air again but the other seized the moment and punched his face. Erik was knocked to the side and hit the floor. He was up fast, looked angryat the fat man and immediately attacked the other with renewed fervor. His jabs came faster and faster shoving the other man into the ropes. When the blimp tried to parry a nasty blow caught his forearm and an ear-splitting sound spread through the almost silent room. The fat man let his arm sink fast. Something wasn't right. There was no blood visible but a bump had formed on the outside where the straight edge of the bone should have been. Erik didn't stop though. His next hit got the other in the middle of the face smashing the nose in and only getting stopped by the prominent brow bone which even caved in a bit too. The bell rang but before the sound reached the two fighters Erik had raised the ante by hitting the other square on the right cheek making his mouth gape open spitting out blood and teeth.

Five men were needed to get the redhead off his opponent. He was covered in blood and his eyes flickered with rage. Bloodlust run in his veins and not for the first time Mike thought about Erik's teammates' claims the other was kicked out of the team for his violent temper. The short man from before was talking to the blob lying and crying in the ring. Mike turned around to look for his father but only found his aunt who had another bottle of cheap alcohol in her hand slowly approaching the redhead.

Groggy the blond boy moved to his classmate.

“Get your shit together Stevenson.” He said and patted the other's shoulder.

Erik recognized Mike and calmed down.

“Did... did I do good?”

He looked at him with those forlorn eyes he sometimes had and Mike hugged him despite the other men around. He felt the sticky blood on him but didn't care.

“Yeah, you did good. A bit overkill.”

His aunt pushed the liquor at Erik and he downed a good bit of the bottle.

“Fuck... that was so awesome!” The redhead exclaimed and then laughed. “I never broke someone's nose with my fist.”

He grinned and Mike grinned too. They sat beside each other on the ground and waited to see what would happen next. Bob came up with a bundle of dollar bills in his hand.

“There's no one who wants to go up against me. So...” He split the bundle of bills and passed both the boys a good amount. “...this is your price.”

They heard shouting and saw a few people rushing to the ring. The fat man was lying on the ground shivering and shaking, coughing up blood and clutching at his head.

“What's happening?” Erik looked worried but Mike shrugged.

“Maybe he's having a heart attack? He is fat...?”

Shocked Erik looked at the man. The huge body was cramping. The foul smell of vomit and piss filled the building and people were muttering to get the man out of there. Some men started to carry the two fighters on a truck and the short man hopped into the driver seat not without shooting Mike's dad a nasty look. Then he sped away. A few people emptied buckets of water in the ring to remove blood and other bodily fluids.

“Is he... is he going to live?”

“Maybe.” Lu sat down and took one of Erik's hands to make him look at her.

“Whatever happens. Both of the fighters knew what they got themselves into. You two are not responsible for what happens to them.” She kissed Mike's temple and hugged Erik closely. “So, now let's party.”

Chapter Text

Erik was drunk. Mike could see it clearly. This wasn't the right ambience to get black out drunk but how should he know. He had never seen an illegal fight or the crowd it attracted before. At some point Robert had vanished and Lu was talking to Al and C.C. who had turned up earlier. The boys were sitting against the wall of the barn and shared the bottle Mike's aunt had given them. Sometimes men and women turned up to congratulate them both and a few girls had tried to flirt with them. Erik was swimming on his high. Being victorious in hand to hand combat was something new to him.

At the same time Mike was concerned. He didn't know why but he had noticed some guys giving them the stink-eye. It was clear as day not everybody was satisfied with the two boys winning. But the looks they earned were downright evil. At first Mike had suspected it being some homophobe bullshit because they didn't pick up on the girls' flirting but he was more and more convinced it had something to do with his father changing the last fight. Bob had been supposed to go up against the fat-ass but he made Erik fight, which was a genius move entertainment wise but of course it wasn't what people had paid for.

He felt a hand nudge against his side and turned to look at Erik.


“Can we go outside for a moment?”


Mike pulled his jackets over and helped the drunk boy into his clothes. The shoulder, Erik had dislocated during the fight, had turned a disgusting shade of purple.

“'S bad?”

“It's okay... s'not the first time.” The shorter boy nodded and hurried outside with the other.

Behind the barn Erik shoved Mike against the wall and started kissing him. Initially Mike was shocked and looked around but he couldn't see anyone. The snow was still coming down hard and obscured them well enough. The blond responded to the kisses. Putting his arms around the larger boy's neck and letting him pick him up. He hooked his legs around Erik and used his feet to push him closer to himself. The redhead moaned into the kiss, when he felt the other grind against him. Mike used the moan to move his tongue into the other's mouth and entangle the other tongue. The kiss was messy. With a desperation the blond boy never experienced before he started to rub his pelvis against the other. Erik put his hands against Mike's ass and kneaded the buttocks. He pressed the boy against himself and ground his groin against the warm body he was holding. Through the layers of winter clothes there wasn't much of a feeling except the pressure of the other body but Mike remembered the feeling of Erik's hard cock and rubbed up against him. He could feel his orgasm building and started to pant into their kiss. His head was dizzy while he moved against the other with abandon, chasing release. When he started cumming he felt the other still and then rub against him even harder. Erik grunted into the kiss and shoved his tongue deep into Mike's mouth. A blank stare took hold in the redheads eyes and then a blush crept in his face.

“Fuck... You can't tell anyone about this.”

Carefully he let Mike down onto his own feet. The blond's legs didn't seem to carry him for a moment but he steadied himself fast enough.

“Let's do this again but next time somewhere warm.”

He grinned, took the other's arm to pull him down into a kiss again. For the two of them it was a chaste peck on the lips.

“I don't want to go in yet.” Erik said and rubbed his neck.

He was still dotted with specks of blood and Mike guessed he didn't look any better.

“We could walk a bit, but let's not freeze to death.”

Slowly they walked through the nearly knee high snow. The wind had mostly stopped but the white precip came down relentlessly.

“I think it'll be a snow day tomorrow too...” Erik looked up at the grey clouds obscuring the sky.

Mike just walked along and enjoyed the moment of camaraderie.


Suddenly they heard a muffled groan and something hard hitting something soft. Mike started to walk faster the drunk redhead following him curious to find out what was happening. The first thing that happened was that a man was crawling to them. His face was a bleeding mess. His teeth and nose looked like he was kicked in the face. He was drooling and bleeding in the snow and didn't seem to notice the boys. They turned around the corner and saw a stack of hay from which two naked female legs protruded. A burly man stood between them and spread them apart forcefully. Another man's head was visible. He was bleeding from a laceration under his eye and from the bottom of his ear. Incidentally Mike noticed the earlobe being ripped off. The deep red flesh glistened and steamed in the cold air.

“Keep the bitch down”, the burly man grunted and shoved the legs up.

He fiddled with his pants but to do that he had to let go of one leg which kicked him against the throat making him choke a bit. He swiftly ripped his belt out of his jeans to whip it against the woman below him. But without hesitation the leg kicked out again and the heel of the foot connected with his sternum this time. He tumbled a bit then raised his belt again. Mike had managed to get a glimpse of the woman and turned white in an instant.

Down on the hay Linda lay. Her clothes had been ripped off of her and were strewn around the place. She had a bloody mouth that was gagged with a scarf, probably her own. She stared lividly at the men. Despite all of it Mike looked down between her legs. She wasn't bleeding there. He hoped no one had touched her yet but the wetness he was seeing made it unlikely that he had reason to hope such a thing. Slowly he moved behind the stack of hay, hoping the two men wouldn't notice him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Erik slowly approaching the burly man with the black hair from behind.

Without wasting any time Erik grabbed the man and took him in a choke hold. The other one didn't react fast enough when Mike just slid his throat covering himself and his cousin in steaming hot blood. The burly man kept clawing at Erik's arm but it seemed to be made of steel. He didn't budge an inch. The face of the culprit slowly turned red when he tried to kick the man behind him. Neither empathy nor anger crossed the redhead's face while he just avoided the other's attacks. When the other didn't calm down Erik coldly took his head into both hands and with a short but strong move he broke his neck. The sound was disgusting and pierced through the snowy silence.

Linda took her gag out and put her boots back on. Without any hesitation she took the knife out of Mike's hand and moved through the snow following a bloody track and thrust the hunting knife into the third man's skull. A gurgled sound was coming from him. Then he went quiet. Shivering the blonde stood there watching the blood spreading in the snow melting it in a few places and steaming in the cold.

“Shit! Fuck! Shit!” Linda let out in a hoarse voice.

It was Erik who moved first after that.

“Stay outside, I'll get your dad.” He pointed at Mike who just nodded. Looking down at his victim. His body was shivering. The adrenaline it pumped made him feel alive and the kill had satisfied something deep inside of him which had craved this kind of violence since the last time he was victorious. But something else was happening. Seeing Erik kill the other man had made him incredibly horny.

Chapter Text

It took no time for Robert Sullivan to take control of the scene. Before anyone could do anything he started to call people and a few moments later a battered tow-car arrived. On the back there was a container one would use too carry construction waste. The man who climbed off just looked annoyed at the scene and the snow lastly at the three blood covered culprits.


Mike held the knife up and the man scoffed.

“Keep it for now. Look for a place to get rid of it far away from here.”

He nodded.

“You.” He pointed at Erik. “Help me get them in there.”

They carried the bodies to the truck and threw them in the back. The sound they made when dropping onto the floor of the container was making Linda gag. She was shivering all over and not because the leggings she had put back on were in pieces. Her mother was nowhere to be found but Mike didn't want to imagine how his aunt would react if she knew what happened. He got closer to Linda and put an arm around her shoulders. She immediately crawled into his side and hid her face.

After the bodies had been put away, the guy looked at the blood in the snow.

“You had to cut and artery...”

He measured all of the speckles and then started to shovel snow around. He took the hay and threw it into the container and then shoveled snow on top of it all.

“The earlobe?” He turned to them and Linda squirmed in Mike's arms.

“What about it?” Mike asked.

“Did you swallow it?” The man looked at Linda listless. She started to shiver and then hesitantly nodded. A full on wail came from her and she pressed herself even more against Mike.

“Bob. You owe me.” The man climbed in the truck and started it. The whole procedure hadn't taken more than fifteen minutes.

“See you.” Mike's father shot the man a grin and waved.

When the truck was gone he looked the kids up and down then he threw the car keys at Mike who caught them effortlessly.

“Wait for Luann and me. You can't go back inside looking like this.” He walked back to the barn and the three stood there alone in the cold.

“Your dad isn't one to cross.” Erik whistled and started walking.

Mike tried to walk away too but he couldn't because Linda didn't move.

“Come on cuz. We need to get into the car. You'll freeze to death out here.” She just cried onto his leather jacket. Tears cleaning the blood of her face. Erik came to her and patted her back. She went rigid and tried to crawl further into her cousin.

“I'm sorry.” The redhead said and lifted her up bridal style. She flailed her arms but he just wedged them in between himself and the arm he was carrying her with. When she tried to kick her legs he clamped his other arm around. Mike sprinted to the car, opened it and turned it on so the car heater could do his thing.

Erik pushed Linda onto the backseat and walked around to get into the other side. From the front Mike climbed in between the two and Linda immediately was at his side again, crying and clutching his arm. He carefully took his leather jacket off and put it over her legs, letting her cuddle up to him again. Then he kissed her head like you would a crying child's. She sniveled but conceded. Mike let his head rest upon her's and felt a body move closer to him. Erik moved his arm behind his back and around both of the cousins.

“The fucker's got what they deserved.” The tall boy uttered into the slowly heating car. His face was blank. Mike sighed and nodded. Linda's tears cut off a bit. Her voice was hoarse when she spoke.

“Thank you... you both.”

She started to sob again but kept the tears from running down her face. Mike hugged her and kissed her temple again. He didn't give a fuck how it looked when he saw his father and aunt approaching. Luann nearly ran up to the car and crawled into the backseat too. Her daughter threw her arms around her neck and started to cry again. Mike had to scoot over to Erik and nearly sat on his lab, when Bob started the car and they slowly drove back to the trailer park.

“What will happen to the bodies Mr. Sullivan, Sir?” Erik asked hesitantly.

“I don't want to know what he does to them. Come to think of it, he probably makes bio fuel out of them. He has one of these power plants on his property.”

“Ah... we have one as well.” Erik nodded and fell silent again.

Luann looked up from her daughter to the boys.

“You did good. You two.” She said and looked at them dead serious. Robert shook his head but didn't answer.

In silence they reached the trailer park. Bob steered the vehicle to Luann's trailer and helped her to get the girl inside. Then he went back to the boys.

“You'll wait for me in the trailer. We have to talk.” Both of them were alarmed but heeded the order and walked over to the other trailer.

Inside Mike threw his jacket off and turned the heat on. It was teeth-chattering cold. Nonetheless he walked up to the kitchen sink and started to rub the blood off of his face with the ice cold water. When he was finished he left the place to let Erik do the same. After they resembled civilized human beings again they huddled together on the bench at the kitchen table. For a while they sat in absolute silence and listened to each other breathing. Suddenly Erik sighed.

“Should we talk about it?”

“... 'bout what?”

The redhead fell silent again and stared out of the window. Moments passed, all they could hear was the heating slowly turning back on. Erik broke the silence again.

“Should I... we feel bad?”

Mike snorted.

“I don't know. I think... I don't... feel bad...”

Erik nodded and turned to Mike.

“I... I'm glad you didn't slit my throat.”

He forced a smile and the blond boy started to laugh. A hand snook up to the redhead's cheek. He turned his head and felt the other's lips against his own. With a lot of shifting and rearranging Mike managed to climb onto the other's lap. Their kiss deepened, tongues intertwining and breath quickening. The redhead bucked up into the warm body above him and Mike moaned when he felt the already half erect dick rubbing against his crotch. He moved his hands beneath the other's shirt and felt his hard muscles, cupping the pecs and stroking along his waist. He felt hands against his buttocks and thumbs pushing down the hem of his jeans.

Mike let his right hand wander under the hem of Erik's jeans and shorts and felt his hardening member already covered in a distinct wetness. He grinned sheepishly.

“I forgot we dry humped behind the barn.”

“Shit... sorry.” Erik turned red and looked at nothing in particular.

“I don't give a fuck.” Mike kissed him and let his hand glide along the wet cock.

The erection quickly rose and new slickness was added in the process. Erik moaned and pressed himself closer whereby he pushed the others back into the table behind him. The smaller boy captured the other's mouth again, he could feel the hands now fully grabbing his buttocks inside his jeans massaging them and pushing him against the other body. His own erection strained against his jeans and he felt every movement from his ministrations dulled through the fabric. With his second hand he started to open his jeans to grant his aching member freedom. He could feel the other nearing his orgasm, the cock in his hand twitching and pulsating, and shortly afterwards new cum was staining his shirt and running down his hand.

“Sorry...” Erik looked pleased and embarrassed at the same time.

“No offense taken.” Mike smiled and kissed him.

He moved his cum covered hand to his own erection but it was swatted away. He was lifted up onto the table and the redhead closed his lips around the tip of his cock and hollowed the cheeks. Mike was surprised and took the head in both of his hands noticing too late that he was smearing sperm all over the left side of Erik's hair.

The other didn't seem to mind. He just sucked down his length until it hit the back of his throat. His tongue wandered up and down the length following no particular rhythm or pattern. Both of his hands were grabbing Mike's behind forcefully most certainly leaving finger shaped bruises but the blond boy didn't care. He moaned unashamed and pushed his cock into the heated mouth. A few moments later he felt his orgasm building and said so but the other didn't let him go. The first shots landed in his mouth. Erik moved away and the last pumps got all over his face running down onto his shirt. He rested his head inside the other's lap lazily cleaning remains of the orgasm from the spent dick.



“That was so gay.”

Mike laughed and slipped back down onto Erik's lap. Kissing him slowly. He felt tired and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. He hugged the other who pressed him close to himself.

The door opened and Mike's father entered his trailer.

“Get up, lovebirds. We need to clear this trash pile.”

Mike sighed and Erik's face turned beet red.

Chapter Text

The two boys sat in the back of a rental car stuffed to the brim with illegal substances nearly all of Mike's clothes and more than fifteen black suitcases in varying sizes from the locked up room in Robert Sullivan's trailer. A distinct smell of bleach wafted around and made Mike nauseous. He was tired but his father was sure the cops would show up in the morning to question him and he had to transport everything as far away as possible. Behind them driving along with his own truck was C.C. who was supposed to bring Bob back to his trailer, when they reached their destination.

They followed a meandering dirt road into the lower foothills of the mountains. Crossing little streams that managed their way through stone and icy ground. The snow still hadn't stopped but the wind had calmed down a bit. Their way uphill was slow. After nearly an hour they reached the top of the mountain.

Erik looked at the car's clock. It was half past three. He sighed and looked down at his hands. They weren't bloody anymore but he couldn't shake the feeling that they still should be. The glorious feeling after his fight had left him empty yearning for something more. He wasn't entirely sure but he had the impression that killing the rapist had made him feel even better. But he couldn't possibly tell Mike about his new found interest, or could he?

They reached a little cabin on a larger strip of land. Past efforts of cultivating the ground were still visible. There was an additional building that looked like a stable and another little box that must have been an outhouse. Bob stopped the car and turned to the boys.

“Unload the car. Never speak of anything. You haven't been to a fight. You don't know there was a fight. You've been strolling around doing what teens do. And Mike! Get rid of that goddamn knife once and for all. You can use the car however you like or sleep here. I don't care but don't go back to the trailer park for a few days.”

Mike and Erik nodded and watched Bob entering C.C.'s truck to get back. When they saw the last of the taillights they busied themselves with unloading the rental car.
After half an hour they were sitting in the old cabin on two of four chairs and had a fire going. Everything was stowed away and Mike had noticed old batches of stuff his dad had hidden there.

“Shit...” Mike just said and looked at his hands.


“I'm tired as fuck but... you need to get home, don't you?”

“Dad will be back around ten. He expects me to train so... yeah.”

“We'll get you back.” Mike still stared at his fingers and at the chapped skin of his knuckles.

Erik nodded. They sat in silence and listened to the noises the little house made. Mike pulled the knife out of his jacket and shoved it behind one of the kitchen cabinets.

“Your dad said to get rid of it.”

“Will do... just not today.”

“I hope it's a snow day tomorrow.” Erik sighed and waved Mike over to him. The blond one sat down on one of the other's legs and put his arms around his neck. The redhead hugged him closely and hid his head against the smaller boy's breast. Mike kissed the top of Erik's head.

“I wish we had fucked back there...” Mike blurted out and was immediately embarrassed by his own bluntness.

“Back where?” Erik whispered against Mike without moving an inch.

“In the trailer... now I'm too tired and afraid you don't want anything else to do with me anymore.”

The redhead's body began to tremble and Mike scooted a bit away, as far as his lap allowed it, but he soon realized the other was laughing.

“Are you kidding? I'm going to fuck you the next chance we get.” Erik smiled and kissed the other straight on the mouth.

“Shit. I would fuck you now on that table if you want me to.” He added smiling at Mike.

“Too tired... sorry.” The blond shrugged but smiled as well.

“Let's get home. I need to hide these clothes and get other peoples blood off of me.” Erik kissed the other again.

They moved into the car and started to drive back down the treacherous little path. More than an hour later Mike parked a few yards away from the Stevenson's farmhouse. He hid the car behind one of the large stables. Erik sat beside him in silence hesitant to leave the car.

“Do you know where to go now? I mean... you can't live in a car in winter.”

Mike smiled.

“Gonna be at my mom's place. Everything's fine. Go to sleep and don't worry 'bout me anymore.”

Erik nodded and kissed him a last time shoving his tongue inside Mike's mouth for good measure.

“I'll call or text you tomorrow. Maybe I can convince my dad so you can come.”

Mike nodded not very thrilled by the prospect of spending time with the other's tyrannic parent or disgusting brother.

Chapter Text

Mike awoke on the floor in front of the cream white couch in his mom's house. His head hurt like hell. He had managed to bring Erik back home but he had been so tired he couldn't even remember getting home with the car. Excruciatingly slow he picked himself up from the floor and walked over to a front window. The rental car wasn't there anymore and for a moment his heart sank because he thought he might have had crashed it but then he remembered texting C.C. who certainly took care of it.

He still wore his dirty blood and cum covered clothes. Pulling everything off he took the laundry he amassed from his dad's trailer and threw everything together in a washing machine in the laundry room. The large top loader was filled to the brim but he just threw loads of extra strong detergent in and put it on. Naked he stood in the room and started to shiver.

It took a moment then he limped up the acrylic stairs to the top floor and entered his room. It was impeccable. Not because he had left it like this. The cleaning lady had probably used the chance, with him not hogging the room and snarling at her, to get everything in order. He hated it. She had even changed his bedsheets and washed the white curtains.

He hadn't ever come around to decorate the room really so at the moment he just looked at the bed in front of him which stood very lost in the large room. There was a TV opposite of it and the video consoles he never used but his mom still gifted him every time a new one hit the market. The only other pieces of furniture inside the room were his desk, empty on top except for a laptop, and a large bookshelf filled with more graphic novels than books.

He walked through one of the two doors that led further from his bedroom and entered his bathroom. It was cleaned as well. He started the rain shower and made the house sound system play his psychobilly playlist. Under the soothing water the blood was cleaned of his skin. He took a little brush to remove the blood from under his fingernails. When he was clean enough for his liking he exited the large shower and turned to the bathtub. He filled the tub and threw a ton of bath salts with muscle relaxing properties inside.

Half an hour later he was groggy from the warmth but he didn't feel like he had been hit by a truck anymore. He dried himself off and walked inside his closet. From a loaded shelf he picked a fairly new pair of black jeans, chose a washed out grey shirt with some army print on the front and topped it with a grey flannel. Too late he noticed that he went commando again even though he had plenty of clean underwear in his drawers. When he walked down the house system informed him that he had multiple messages on his phone and that the school bus should come any minute. He sighed. So no snow day...

Lazily he took his phone and looked through the messages and informed the system it could fuck itself when it reminded him about the bus. Two of the messages were from his mom who wanted to know if he was fine. He send her a picture with the caption “No snow day.” and a sad emoji. Then he proceeded to read the other messages. A lot of them were his peers complaining about the school but one was from Erik. He had again send a voice mail.

“Mom says you can come home with me today. Dad will probably make you watch me train. You comin'?”

Mike answered by posting a thumbs up and left the house not without putting on another winter jacket because his other one needed to be cleaned. It was another old leather jacket lined with a really warm hoody. He put his phones inside and then grabbed his backpack. Another pair of boots was fished of the shoe rack and he left the house for the bus.

He got on it a few streets away from his house. And immediately saw Ashley waving at him.

“Didn't know you take the bus from here.”

Without acknowledging the comment he just sat down next to her.

“You smell good. Did you shower?”

“Had to.” He just said and rolled his eyes. This was going to be a long drive and he wasn't even a little bit intoxicated.

Ashley was happily yapping away about the fun snow day she had with Hannah and Kevin. While he just watched the bus filling up with students. The itch to just punch someone was growing strong inside of him but he kept quiet.

After a drive that nearly made him lose his mind they reached the school. He was close to strangle Ashley but all he did was smile when he let her out of the seat to storm to her friends for hugs and kisses. As if they hadn't seen her for weeks.

He exited the bus as one of the last people and looked surprised at the crowd that stood outside of the school. The front doors seemed to be locked and a few teachers were in front of them looking angry. Some were talking to the principal who just had his hands hold up high gesturing at a megaphone he was holding then at the students. Ty was at his side in no time and looked at him suggestively.

“Apparently there has been vandalism.”

She grinned at Mike and lifted an eyebrow.

“You don't know anything about it by chance.”

“Why should I?” Mike looked at the scene at the entrance.

The principal had turned the megaphone on. At first nothing was audible but then the amplified voice carried over the students and they quieted down.

“Students! There has been a grave case of vandalism in some parts of the school. I urge you to come forth if you have any information about the culprits. If they come forth they wont be punished as criminals and only be expelled. But, if they stay hidden, we'll have the police investigate the whole case.”

Between the students mumbling started and they turned around to look in their fellow students faces. Mike let his eyes wander over the crowd and saw Erik standing in a group of footballers looking around as well. His face and body language weren't betraying anything that had happened yesterday and for a brief moment Mike felt pride well up inside of him.

He felt someone tuck at his sleeve and looked into Hannah's eyes before he recognized her pointing at his temple.

“Was it Erik?”

He had to think a moment about what she was talking about but then he remembered the hit that had left him bleeding. The fight seemed so far in the past that he had completely forgotten about it.

“Nah. I've just been to stupid to walk on snow.” He smiled at her.

She didn't look convinced.

“Then why does Erik have this bruise over his left cheek?”

“Neither do I know nor care... isn't his dad a capital asshole?” Mike added the last bit for good measure.

Hannah shrugged and looked at Ty for help but the other girl had turned her attention back to the principal talking.

“... so far we cannot reopen the school. You'll all have your homework handed to you by the teachers and then you need to leave. We'll wait a week and if there isn't any reporting happening we'll launch the investigation.”

The students dispersed fast. Nearly no one was standing in line to get the homework but Mike and his group did. They somehow had to. It was their last year and they needed all preparation for the SATs they could get. When their teachers had handed them their homework they stood together for a moment. Erik looked discouraged at the package he'd received. But Kevin was the one starting to speak.

“Has anyone seen Henderson?” He kept staring in the direction of the teachers, who were still berating the principal, and Ashley looked curious in the same direction.

“You're right. He's missing.” The cheerleader added still counting the staff.

“Maybe he's sick.” Erik added shrugging.

“Maybe...” Ty said and looked at the staff and then at Mike.

“You can't stand him, can you?” She prodded.

“I hate the old bastard.” Mike answered slowly and then fixed his eyes on Erik. “But Stevenson hates him as well.”

Erik nodded.

“I wonder what happened inside...” A curly haired footballer chimed in and looked back at the building.

“Me too Nick.” Ty looked at Mike again who lifted an eyebrow and shook his head.

“Hey, watch it nerd.” Kevin had turned around angrily and looked at a small boy.

The pimple covered chubby boy in question pulled his head between his shoulders and stared down.

“Watch where you're going fag.” Erik added but only had an annoyed look on his face.

“” The boy piped up and tried to hurry away from them.

“You think bumping into me is something you can do?” Kevin looked livid an evil smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Ty was the fastest. When the boy started walking she strategically put her foot in front of his and made him fall into the dirty snow of the parking lot. In seconds Kevin's foot was on the boys back pressing him deeper into the snow. The boy was struggling but he couldn't move away and his flailing only made him sink further down into the snow.

“Let him go... pl... please.”

Another boy had appeared and pointed his phone at the scene. He was of small and fragile built and wore thick glasses. His hair had an unfortunate hue of brown that made it look nearly grey.

“Well fuck. There must be a nest.” Nick said and snatched the phone from the boy's hands.

Hannah was laughing at the whole scene and Ty was grinning too. Mike was just curious where this was going. The boy was jumping trying to get his phone back but Nick just threw it to Erik, which made the boy move.

“Run asthma-boy run.”

Erik laughed and passed the phone to Mike who threw it to Nick who caught it laughing. The boy was running around turning red and fumbling for his inhaler. He took a few pumps and then followed his phone which was passed around. The boy stopped in front of Mike again who just bowed down and laughed in his face.

“Your nerd friend there is suffocating Cliff.” He laughed and pushed him backwards which made him tumble and eventually fall.

Cliff crawled over to the other boy and started to shovel snow away with his hands. In the time he was trying to help his friend Ty had removed the memory card from the phone and broke it in half. The pieces she threw into a puddle between the cars where the salt had melted the snow.

“Please let him go.” Cliff howled which made the other teens laugh.

“Are you afraid for your bae.” Nick shouted laughing.

“Maybe you can kiss him better.” Ashley mocked him.

At long last Kevin removed his foot and let the other crawl out of the snow. His face was red as a lobster and tears and snot were streaming down his face.

“Fuck you Kevin!” The boy cried out but he didn't move. His friend helped him up.

“Fuck off faggots.” Kevin shouted still amused by the whole thing.

Ty threw the phone to Cliff.

“Catch it cum stain.”

He nearly let the phone fall to the ground then the two walked away stiffly.

“Unbelievable.” Kevin sighed and Erik nodded.

“So... what're we gonna do now?”

“I'm going home. Have to train and stuff.” Erik said and then seemed to remember something. “Mike? You still coming?”

“Yeah, why not.”

“You really made up?” Hannah looked amazed from one to the other.

“I don't trust this truce.” Ty said confused, looking more at Mike than she looked at her ex.

“Me neither but what can you do.” The tall blond boy smiled and let himself be pulled down by her to get kissed on the lips. She whispered a “Be careful” but he just smiled.

The two boys left walking over the football field because the busses still hadn't started to transfer the students back. Their friend group slowly splitting up into smaller parties.

Chapter Text

They only just reached a part of the field that was hidden from their friend's view when Erik pulled Mike close and kissed him hard. He let his hands roam along the other's sides and then grabbed his buttocks. The blond boy put his arms around the other's neck and pulled him down whilst shoving his tongue inside his mouth.

In seconds he was grinding against the muscled body that held him tight. He felt his cock rubbing inside his clean jeans the stiff cloth chaffing the sensitive skin. A moan escaped into their kiss which made Erik grin and knead Mike's ass harder. Without any visible effort he picked the other up and made him wrap his legs around him.
One of Mike's hands was pulled out of the glove, which was aimlessly thrown to the ground, and then moved down into the redhead's jeans. Mike cupped a feel of the other's erection and started to stroke it whilst rubbing himself continuously against the muscled body.

“Cummahhng...” His words were muffled in their kiss, then cum soiled his pants once more and he felt hot semen run down his hand as well.

They kept kissing for a while enjoying the post coital haze. Erik kissed him on the forehead before sitting him down carefully. Mike looked at his cum covered hand and licked everything off which made his limp dick stir again. The glove was picked up and he pulled it on again.

“Fuck you Stevenson. I put on a clean jeans this morning.” He grinned and stuck his tongue out.

Without any warning Erik grabbed his crotch through his clothes and massaged the sticky release into his skin.

“You could have opted for shorts for once.” He grinned still massaging the limp dick through the jeans.

“Stop it, or I'll need you to blow me before we reach your home.” Mike winked suggestively.

“Now?” Erik started to open the buttons of the black jeans when they heard something.

Immediately they moved away from each other and Mike closed his pants. They heard hushed talking and saw the undergrowth rustle a bit. Then a leg was visible a second one followed and Cliff climbed out onto the field with his back turned to them. Erik instantly grabbed him and put his hand over his mouth. Another pair of legs was visible and Mike stepped a bit closer. It was Cliff's friend, the one Kevin had tried to asphyxiate in the snow. The chubby boy got up slowly and turned around.

“What about Tyler Cliff?” He asked and then fell silent when he saw his friend being held captive.

Mike smiled a predatory smile when the boys unsure gaze stopped at him.

“Hello Lucas.” It had took him a while to remember his name but he had sold him Ritalin and booze a few times.

The boy was shaking and looking startled from one large teen to the other.

Erik took his hand off of Cliffs mouth who drew in a few breaths before starting to struggle against his captor. The redhead bend his body down so his head was beside the ear of the much smaller boy.

“What should I do with you breaking and entering?” He blew a bit of air into Cliff's ear and the small boy shuddered.

“L... leave him, please.” Lucas stuttered and made a move towards the other.

“Don't move Lucy or I'm gonna make this unpleasant for you.” Mike grinned and moved up behind the chubby boy.

Lucas was taller than Cliff but he didn't surpass 5'9 and was noticeably shorter than Mike's lanky form.

“Answer me four eyes...” Erik whispered menacingly into Cliffs ear.

“I we... I...”

A shudder went through the smallest boy's body and tears started to well up in his eyes. He started coughing and gasping for air at the same time.

“Stop it, please!” Lucas cried and took another step forwards.

With feline grace Mike was behind Lucas and bend his right arm up in a police grip.

“I told you to stay still Lucy.” A dirty laugh escaped the blond's mouth.

The chubby boy struggled but every move seemed to hurt his shoulder and arm so he calmed down.

“Again shithead. What should I do with you? This is my land.” Erik grabbed the boys chin with one hand and turned his face to him.

Cliff was panting and coughing seemingly close to having an asthma attack. His knees shook and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Please calm down Cliff.” Lucas said as composed as possible which earned him a slap against his temple.

“Hush!” Mike whispered and grabbed something out of his jacket.

With a swift movement he put a switchblade against his throat.

“Don't talk or I'll remove your tongue fucktard.”

Lucas legs started to shiver immediately but he kept absolutely silent.

“Answer me Cliff. Now...” The tall redhead had pushed the other boy to the ground.

The small boy was on his hands and knees wheezing and crying. A large foot was placed on his back and pressed down until his arms gave up and his face was pressed into the snow.

“We... we thought...” A coughing fit made it impossible for Cliff to keep on talking.

“Please! Let me talk.” The chubby boy piped up and Mike yanked his arm so his neck was pressed against the blade.

Erik just grinned menacingly.

“But I want Cliff to tell me what's going on. He was here first you see.”

He pushed his foot harder in the back of the boy on the ground who in turn just started bawling his eyes out. Nothing Erik did made him talk he just cried on and on, wheezing in between and coughing sometimes. Mike kicked the legs out under the other boy and stepped aside so he fell on his back, then he brought his foot down over the helpless boy's crotch.

“Come on. You wanted to tell now spill.”

“WE FOLLOWED YOU TO GET BACK AT YOU!” The boy cried when Mike pressed his foot down.

“At us? Kevin and Ty broke your phone?”

“You helped them and Cliff thought we might find you... you know.” Lucas went quiet and another press of Mike's foot made him move his hand down, trying to pry the foreign body part away from him.

“Stop it please...” He said but Mike just stepped on his crotch harder.

“You wanted to find us and?” Erik asked, slowly lifting his foot from the other boy.

“We thought we'll catch you banging.” The chubby boy confessed quietly.

Erik looked like he wanted to dismember them immediately but Mike just put his hand up gesturing him to wait.

“You think we fuck?” The blond boy asked sounding as confused as he could muster.

“I saw you yesterday. From the road. You kissed near the trailer park and kinda dry humped. And you don't want to be discovered because you immediately split when the tractor came.”

Lucas had uttered all of it in one breath and lay there now wax-pale staring up at his tormentor.

The redhead had turned an equally pale color but there was renewed murderous intent in his eyes. Mike still waved at him to keep his cool.

“So, what made you think it would be clever to blackmail us of all people?” The blond asked and pushed his foot down once more noticing the chubby boy squirm in pain.

“We... oww... please... we thought we could out you... we didn't want to blackmail you.” Lucas squirmed harder and tears welled up in his eyes.

Cliff had managed to get his inhaler to his face and took shots of his medicine. The sound of the puffs broke the silence that had come down.

“Now, what to do with you?” Mike mused and let his gaze roam to Erik who still looked ready to snap both of their necks.

Another hard kick to the crotch made Lucas cramp and he let out a loud: “No.” Slowly but surely wetness spread all over his crotch running down under his ass and staining the snow yellow. The urine soaked pants steamed and the boy was just crying haplessly.

“Oh.” Erik just stared disgusted at the sobbing boy, without further ado he had his phone in his hands and took a photo of him, clearly catching the predicament.

Mike grinned: “So that's a good start.”

He walked over to Cliff and put the knife against his neck: “Go and clean him up.”


“You heard him retard.”

Slowly the small boy crawled over to his friend and then knelt before his friend's body avoiding the yellow snow.

“What should I do?”

“Pull his pants down.”


Erik kicked Cliff forward and he fell over his friend's body catching himself by putting his hands into the soiled snow. Gingerly he started to pull them down revealing the nerdy boxers of the other. They had been white with the Logo of the Jedi-Order printed on them but now everything was a dirty yellowish color. Lucas still cried, now even more so.

“Remove them too.” Mike said sounding annoyed and a bit bored.

Cliff did so and revealed the others small chubby dick nestled in a bunch of dark pubes that glistened from the urine. Erik immediately snapped another picture.

“Lick him clean. Come on.”

Mike nudged the small boys head towards the stinking crotch. A while ago the piss stench had left the scene but on the warm body it still lingered strongly. Cliff cried but started to put his tongue out with just the tip he came in contact with Lucas shaft. He immediately pulled back disgusted but Mike shoved his face into the stinking mess before him and rubbed it around. Then he left the head be so Erik could take another photo. After that they kicked both boys for good measure kicking the dirty snow up at them and then moved a few steps back.

“What did you see yesterday?” Mike asked looking at the crying boys intently.

“N... no... nothing.”

“Good. What will happen if anyone hears of nothing?”

“You... you'll publish the photos.”

“Damn right. Now get your sorry asses out of here dipshits.”

The two boys got up. Lucas didn't even manage to close his pants and they just fled through the undergrowth.

“Unbelievable.” Mike said and turned to Erik who still looked angry.

“What if they tell someone?”

“Who's gonna believe them?”

“Mh... y're probably right.”

“But let's be careful with fooling around outside.”

He clapped the large footballer on his shoulder and the two started walking towards the farm. After a while Erik took up on Mike's jokes about the nerds and joined in, laughing about the whole incident.

Chapter Text

It was turning out to be an amazingly stupid idea to stay at the Stevenson's. Mike was drenched in sweat, bruised and at the same time as cold as ice. His pants clung to his body wet from the molten snow. White clouds were forming in front of his face, when he dodged another attack.


In the beginning it had been nice. Mike met Erik's mom, Donna, a middle-aged woman with feathery golden hair and restless light blue eyes. She welcomed them in the kitchen when they entered the two story farmhouse through the back door. After making sure they weren't skipping school, she made them lose the shoes on the doormat with a stern look, then she busied herself with preparing them a little snack.

It turned out to be french toast and Erik swiftly dug in. Mike's stomach growled and at the same time he knew he wasn't ready to commit to eating that much that day. He managed to get a few bites down the rest he shoved to Erik who looked at him confused but ate it nonetheless. Donna asked if he wanted something else but he declined saying something about his hearty breakfast he had allegedly eaten at home. She shrugged but smiled and told him her sons were always eating like there was no tomorrow.

When the door opened again a visible shudder went down her spine. When she recognized it was only a young boy entering the building she relaxed again. He looked at the table an unreadable expression on his face then he asked if he could have something to eat as well. She pointed at the kitchen clock it was already nearing eleven and she went off about having lunch ready soon. The boy muttered but sat down at the table.

“I'm Halden. Who're you?” The young boy asked.

Red hair and blue eyes seemed to be the norm in the Stevenson's household. Halden shared those features with the brother's Mike already knew. His eyes were darker than Erik's more a real blue than the grayish hue of the other. He was tall as well but not as tall as his brother's but if he was only fourteen there were still chances he would surpass them. His body was well trained like Erik's but he hadn't the same bulk of muscles though no doubt he would be pushed to gain them soon.

“My name's Michael.” Mike said and added: “Mike's okay.”

“Is he a friend of yours?”

Erik nodded annoyed.

“Mom, why can Erik invite his friend?”

“Because he asked and assured dad that he's alright. Now stop annoying them and start with your chores early. Maybe we can talk about you inviting a friend too?”

Halden rolled his eyes but got up walking towards a calendar.

“Mooom! I don't want to clean the chicken coops again! Why is it always me?”

“Y'can trade for pigs, tiny.” A voice entered the room and a stench followed.

A fat mass shoved itself into the kitchen.

“If you step on my kitchen floor Fynn I'll slice your chubby fingers off!” Donna said without looking.

“Oh, we have guests.”

The stable smell was getting into Mike's nose but he refused to let it show. Halden had quieted and started to move out of reach of his brother.

“Get outside piggy, you stink as bad as them!” Halden proclaimed swiftly leaving the room.

“Halden! Don't call your brother piggy!” Donna scolded.

“How's it Mickey!” Pure menace swung in Fynn's statement but he seemed ready to leave the kitchen under Donna's withering stare.

“Good, thanks.” He smiled to annoy the fat guy.

“Outside, now!” Donna nearly whispered and Fynn left as fast as his mass allowed it.

“Erik. Show your friend around a bit and maybe you can do your chores too. Maybe Mike'll help?”

“Yeah. Y'wanna?”

Mike nodded what else could he do. They put their winter clothes back on but Erik chose another jacket and rubber boots. They walked over the frozen yard to a large barn. When the redhead opened it warmth and a distinctly animalistic smell hit them.

“Meet the girls!” The footballer exclaimed.

Two rows of large cows stood there. It smelled of shit, the floor was covered with straw but it looked like it needed changing sooner than later.

“Don't look like that. We only need to feed them.” Erik hauled two large sacks and threw them on the ground. He gave Mike a knife.

“Open it so it falls into their troughs.”

Mike did and soon the sack was empty and the cows slobbering over the corn. Erik was petting the cow next to him. Then they left the barn. While leaving Mike noted a blanket on a mountain of hay and a light next to it but he didn't comment.

“So you've seen the ladies. We got a few chickens, the pigs are Fynn's, it's his “project“ and apart from that we have fields where we grow the food for all of the animals. Ah, and mom does a bit of gardening and stuff for the market.”

They walked around the whole farmyard Erik showing Mike everything. Behind the house he noted the gear for football training, complete with dummies and everything.

“You should see the gym. But I guess dad's in there at the moment so...” The redhead flinched and looked down.

“Show me your room?”

“Yeah... okay.” Erik smiled. They entered back through the kitchen where Halden was sitting doing his homework trying to ignore his mother singing along to Loretta Lynn on the radio.

From the kitchen they got into a hallway complete with black and white family photos that were lining the old wooden stairs. On the upstairs floor were four doors or better doorways, only two of them were currently adorned by doors. Erik moved towards one of the doorways.

“You've been angry with your door?”

Erik shook his head and looked down.

“Dad has not completely forgiven me for... you know... getting kicked off the team.” His head hung low but then he forced himself to grin again.

“Anyway this is my room.”

It was a normal teenage boy's room, messy floor full of clothes, unmade bed, posters and flags of football teams, trophys from his matches, pictures of him and his friends behind a small desk with an old computer. The closet door was open revealing a mess of old toys and even more clothes that were haphazardly thrown on built in shelves.

“It looks nice.” Mike sat down on the bed and taking it all in.

He felt weird thinking of both his “rooms”. None of them was personalized in any way. Then he noticed a punchbag in a corner of the room. The middle had been taped white and deeply brown marks were covering that part.

“What happened there?”

“I... use it to get rid off stress.”

“Ah... no wonder you punch so hard.” Mike started to giggle then he noticed the wall behind it.

Countless holes had been punched into the old wall uncovering the wood that was used to hold the plaster.

“Maybe you should get your temper in check.”

Erik huffed.

“I don't need you to tell me that as well... everyone else already does...” He looked to the ground rubbing along his knuckles where his skin also looked bruised from their boxing match.

They sat in silence. Mike moved closer to Erik but he didn't respond. Only when the blond boy's hand started to caress his neck did he turn to him.

“Don't.” He said. “Not here.” He added quieter.

Mike nodded and sighed pulling his hand back. But then he felt the other grab his wrist.

“We've got half an hour before lunch. Follow me.”

He dragged the other into his closet and climbed onto the lowest shelves, than he opened a little door in the ceiling. He pulled himself up and then extended his arms so Mike could grab them. To Erik's surprise Mike could pull himself up into the attic without his assistance.

It was cold up there. Old furniture stood around and it was incredibly dusty.

“Follow me.” Erik said and walked behind a wall build from an old dresser, a barrage of chairs and stools and other random furniture items.

There was an old green couch, a rug and enough cushions to deck out two additional beds. Everything looked a lot cleaner than the rest besides the obvious stains on the carpet.

“So that's your secret lair?”

“T'was my older brother's.” Erik said and slumped down on the couch patting the spot beside him for Mike to sit down.

“Fynn? He managed to get through that hole?” Mike seemed impressed.

“No, my other brother... Jensen.” The redhead stared into the dusty room like he was remembering something.

“You got another brother?”

“Had. He died.” Erik said and then looked to the ground visibly sad by telling.

“Oh... sorry man.” Mike said and didn't really know what to do, sad Erik was a fickle creature he had learned.

But he soon felt a hand sneak down his back moving further down and then playing with the band of his jeans. He turned to the other and his lips were straight off caught in a brutal kiss. A moan escaped his lips and he let his hands roam over the muscled body. In seconds their shirts were lying on the floor. Mike was pressed into the couch while Erik's mouth attacked his body licking and biting at the exposed flesh.

When he reached his crotch Mike opened his pants. First he felt the mouth on his hipbones sucking at the thin skin and marking him, then it moved to his dirty crotch. Erik buried his face there and started licking along his balls he felt his jeans being moved down further. He felt the tongue lapping at his taint and a shudder went through his body. Unconsciously he moaned a bit and instantly a red tinge spread over his face and his neck.

He felt the tongue moving further down and now he felt hot breath against his hole before something wet entered him. It was a curious feeling having a tongue shoved inside him, at first his body had cramped up but it relaxed quickly. He felt feverish hot whilst pleasure slowly spread through his body. Something new entered him after the tongue was retracted. The finger was slicker than spit could have made it and he gathered that Erik must have had lube here. It didn't take long and a second finger managed his way inside. While doing so the redhead did something and Mike's back arched upwards. He moaned loudly and felt his cock jolt dribbling pre cum onto his belly.

“Don't be so loud.” Erik hushed him but continued to pleasure his prostate.

Mike was completely out of it but managed to put his hands over his mouth. He felt the third finger enter and for a moment pain dulled the delight he had felt so far but soon the massaging took a turn for the better. His dick hadn't been touched but Mike could feel his orgasm building fast. Pre cum was practically running from the tip down his shaft. He managed to move one hand down and grabbed the base to keep himself from spilling.

“Just cum if you want.” The redhead said looking absolutely ecstatic.

“Nooo.” Mike whined: “Fuck... please... put your fucking cock inside me.”

Erik's face turned pink and he nodded with glassy eyes. He had the decency to roll a condom over his dick and then entered with a hard thrust. Mike's eyes rolled into the back of his head. This was too much. The cock was stretching him further and it hurt a little. Just a little because the other was still hitting him in all the right places. He had to put his hands back over his mouth and was happy, when his lips were sealed up by a passionate kiss.

Erik ground into him, plowing him hard but it was so much better than the last time even though their half-dressed state and position made them lie in the weirdest ways. He had to move his hand down to his cock to stroke it even though the added stimulation would make him cum in no time. Erik's hand was joining his and together they stroked his member. Soon he felt his orgasm building. Cum shot at his chin and over his whole body. Erik wasn't spared, cum gathering on his belly. Mike turned limp and only partly felt the other hugging him tightly while finishing with a few hard thrusts.

The boys lay there panting. For Mike's taste Erik moved too fast, producing baby wipes and cleaning the cum off of both of them. After that he removed his cock and then the condom.

“Put your clothes back on, we need to cool down before lunch.”

They dressed and moved quietly back into Erik's room firstly checking for any visitors. Before Erik could leave the corner in which his closet sat Mike kissed him a last time.

“Let's do that again. Soon.” He winked and it made the redhead blush furiously.

Chapter Text

Lunch at the Stevensons' was a mostly silent affair which was in part owed to the presence of Magnus Stevenson. Erik's father was a tall muscled man. He was shorter than his two older sons and not as well trained as the younger ones but he had an air of brutal force around him. Something unsteady was lingering in his grey gaze. When he had entered the room Donna immediately turned off the radio and started to move the soup and rolls over to the table. She wasn't as steady handed as she had been before and Mike could see a bit of the terror she experienced in her eyes. With his white hair Magnus looked much older than Bob but Mike estimated he was only in his late forties not even ten years older than his own dad. Fynn arrived shortly after Magnus, who berated him for being late and smelling like shit, which, to be fair, wasn't true at all because the fat man had had showered.

After a few words to the other sons Magnus started to pray and every family member looked down onto the table. Mike, who had never experienced praying over food, apart from his mother's parents doing so before Christmas dinners, wasn't sure what to do and just partially looked down, getting the clue and said “Amen” just in time. The eating went down in silence. Mike knew he wouldn't get off the hook for not eating again so he gulped down the soup but didn't eat his roll. The soup tasted good but his untrained stomach cramped with every additional bite. The tension had left the room a little until Fynn stretched his arm out to get a third or fourth roll. “Don't”, was all that Magnus had to say and the fat man took his hand back looking miserable. It took only a few minutes until they had finished but to Mike it felt like ages. When everyone had put their spoons down, Donna looked inside the pot and offered the leftovers but no one claimed them.

“Thank your mother for the meal.” Magnus grunted and the boys including Mike did.

The man produced a few letters from a pocket. He read over them while everyone at the table stared at him.

“Don't you have something to do?” He whispered looking up a little.

The boys started to hurry away from the table, Fynn swiftly leaving the building and Halden running upstairs with his homework. When Erik started to move Magnus looked at him.

“Not you. You need to introduce us.” He nodded at Mike.

“Dad, this is Michael Sullivan. He's in my year. We know each other from school.”

“I hope you're smarter than him.” Magnus looked at Mike.

“Nice to meet you Sir, I don't know, I think my grades are better than Erik's.”

Silence was falling over the table again only the washing up sounds were audible.

“Erik needs to train now. You play too?”

“No, Sir.”

“Any sports?”

“Boxing, Sir.”

“Good, then you'll help him get more agile.”

Magnus put the letters down.

“Give him some clothes and meet me for training in ten minutes.”

Erik practically jumped out of his chair, grabbed Mike and dragged him upstairs. Rummaging through his closet he grabbed a shirt Mike knew too well.

“That's the one I borrowed you.”

“Yeah, Mom washed it.”

To Mike's surprise Erik stripped amazingly fast and threw sports clothes on.

“I don't have pants that'll fit you. Wait a moment.”

Mike stood there waiting for Erik who stormed back into the room holding a variation of track pants.

“You can't just steel my pants!!!” He heard screaming from the next room but Halden didn't come over.

A little embarrassed Mike tried all of them deciding on the smallest pair. He considered for a moment that he was indeed too thin. But he hadn't much time to think when a pair of tennis shoes was thrown at him and he caught them just barely. He had just slipped them on when Erik nudged him out his room.

“We can't be late.” He whispered.

Mike let the other drag him across the slippery yard to the barn. When the door was shoved open a full on gym was exposed. Various types of training gear and fitness equipment stood along the sides. Gym mats laid in the middle and Magnus was busy laying a rope down on them in a rough circle shape.

“There you are. I'd suggest you go for a run first. I'll call you in when you're ready.”

Erik started to jog outside and Mike followed him annoyed. What had he gotten himself into? They ran around the farmhouse. The footballer didn't seem to mind but Mike started to shiver and sweat at the same time. Running in the snow in a t-shirt wasn't a smart decision. After what felt like an hour but probably had only been fifteen minutes the door of the barn opened and Magnus waved them inside.

Mike was panting, his face was tinged red and he felt a stitch in his side. His hair was wet from sweat and a few strands had started to freeze.

“Now come on. 50 push-ups.”

The boys got down and started to follow the orders. The gym mats beneath them got sweaty fast. Mike didn't know if he would be able to survive one more push up, when Magnus stopped them.

“Up the rope.”

Erik volunteered to climb up first, the rope swinging constantly but he got to the top eventually. When the blond started he soon got a grip on how to do it. His own training helping him so he reached the top a good bit faster.

“That's how it's done.” Magnus proclaimed and high-fived Mike who was grinning despite himself.

“Weights are next.”

Mike's high was destroyed fast, when he saw his friend raise the large weights with his arms stretched to the side. He could just manage with the twenty pounds he was given for each side and after thirty-two repetitions he was out of it. Watching Magnus counting to a hundred before Erik put his down. Only to start raising them in front of him. Mike started with smaller weights again but after a mere seventeen repetitions he had to put them down again. Afterwards he watched Erik push skids with varying weights around the yard. He himself hadn't managed to move the lightest of them more than a few inches despite the snow helping.

Erik was sweating profusely and Mike did so still when Magnus made them enter the homemade ring.

“When you manage to knock him down you get your door back.” Erik's father grinned and then blew a whistle.

Mike knew he couldn't let Erik punch him directly so he swiftly dodged the hits coming and then made it through his defense leading a jab against his chin. Erik tried to get him into a clinch but the blond maneuvered out of his reach. Mike evaded more hits and blows and noticed the other getting frustrated. This wasn't looking good. Angry Erik was a liability the blond had seen a lot of times already. But a hit from the other would hurt even if this was just training. He felt the power of the hit he dodged when the compressed air moved his hair. He hadn't noticed so far but his braid had loosend up. Strands of hair moving around him.

Another hit missed him only by a hairsbreadth and Mike had to rethink his strategy. He needed to make the other move out of the ring or destabilize him. A fast series of hits got Erik against his torso. He was too slow to get his fists back into position and Mike got him good. He felt it and it made him charge after the other. Mike ducked under the hits and got the redhead against his sides alternating left and right. Then he changed the rhythm and just started to shower the other in fast jabs that hit him so fast left and right that he lost his coordination. With a final hard hit against the sternum Erik tumbled down.

Mike was out of breath but proud of himself. Erik seemed disorientated and took long to get back to his feet. Magnus put his hand on his sons shoulder and smiled.

“Your friend is a good boxer. Let's make this harder.”

He let the boys outside. The trampled snow was slippery under their shoes. It had already been bad when they had been running but now it was firm and icy from the many rounds they had made around the farmhouse.

The whistle blew again and the cows answered by mooing in their stable. The sun was already setting and Mike asked himself how long he had been here now. But he hadn't a lot of time to question his decision when he had to duck the first hit. He slipped a bit when he dodged Erik's attack. His counter made him slip again and he kept skating over the ice falling down. The pants immediately were wet and clung to his body. His back hurt from the fall but he had to evade Erik's next attack and just barely did so. He jabbed at the other and got him a few times against his upper body but the other didn't even flinch. When Erik got to hit him Mike could feel the force through his whole body. It hurt and he felt as if one or two of his rips were broken. The only thing reconciling him with the pain was Erik's subsequent fall from moving forward. Face down he planted onto the firm cold ground and grunted.

“Dad... do we have to do this outside?”

Magnus just looked irritated from one boy to the other.

“No, you're both pathetic. Get the gym back in order. And shower.”

The grown up man walked away and climbed in a tractor driving off the yard.

Erik shook his head and scrambled back onto his feet.


He looked at Mike who held his ribs with a painstricken grimace.

“Did I hurt you bad?”

“It'll be okay. Can we go inside? I'm freezing my balls off.” As if on clue MIke's teeth started to chatter uncontrollably.

Erik nodded and they shuffled inside quietly. The redhead closing the door behind them.

“Your dad is an asshole.” Mike whispered.

“He wanted me to win...” Erik shrugged and looked down. “It could have been worse.”

In nearly complete silence they tidied the gym. Afterwards Erik dragged them into a bathroom in the back of the barn. The word bathroom was a bit misleading. It was a room with a floor drain and a garden hose. Erik excused himself and came back minutes later with their clothes. The redhead showered first. The water was ice cold, the soap was hard and smelled of nothing. Mike couldn't stand the water but cleaned himself as best he could. As fast as he could he braided the wet hair and still shivered in his clothes, when the wet braid touched his back.

“Now I know why you wear that buzzcut.”

Back in their normal clothes the boys stood in the yard.

“Mom wants you to stay for dinner.”

“I'm...” Mike had wanted to say he wasn't that hungry but he noticed that he was.

They saw the tractor coming back and Magnus got down. He carried a door leaf and entered the building. Erik stormed inside not waiting for Mike to follow. When the blond entered the house he saw his father putting the door back on the hinges. Mike noticed what was wrong. It wasn't Erik's but Halden's room.

“But dad... why?” Erik asked his father who just grinned at him.

“Halden got into the team.”

“But dad...” The redhead had seemingly said too much because a fist was driven into his stomach.

“Get your friend back home. I will not have you question me.”

“But dad, Mom invited him for dinner.”

“Who said you could eat dinner Erik?”

“No dad, please!”

“Get outside. And give that jacket back.”

Erik took the white jacket off and gave it to his dad. A black one was thrown at him. Mike knew it was the one he had worn when they killed the men. But the cold bloodedness Erik had exuded then was nowhere to be found now. The redhead hung his head low and left the building without arguing.

“Don't bring that trailer trash back here.” Magnus exclaimed and then locked the front door.

“Fuck...” Erik stared down at his feet and Mike could see the tears streaming down his face.