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Oh, Darling, I'd Slay a Thousand Men for You

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Ever since allowing Ren to hold her hand in public and kiss her on the cheek occasionally, Masako can't keep his hands off of her or stay his affections for more than a fifteen minute period of respite. He's particularly attentive this morning, she notes with a grimace, as he stands over her while she rummages through her desk drawers for sheet music needed in class later, pressing his front against her and throwing his arms around her waist after a few minutes of being outright ignored.

"You're like a house cat," she mutters with a twitching brow, turning to look over her shoulder at him with a mild scowl, "vying for my attention all the time when you know damn well that I can't constantly dote on you."

Ren chuckles and noses through her hair, whispering, "That doesn't necessarily mean that I can't dote on you constantly, and frankly, as your boyfriend I make it my job to do so."

Masako can barely turn before Ren has her flush against him, one hand in her hair and the other cupping her face as he leans in close, her heart races and she can feel its hoof beats drumming in her ears, waiting for the embarrassing, inevitable...and then the bell rings overhead, bringing the rush of other students along with it, and she ends up laughing at Ren's disappointed expression as he meets eyes with a teacher and releases Masako (for the time being.)

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"Why do you insist upon sleeping in the nude?" asks Masako, grimacing as she shrinks away from Ren's bed.

With a chuckle, Ren sits on the edge of the bed and pats the spot beside him, trying to coax her into sitting, and although his shirt lies on the floor at his feet, his pants remain on and he assures Masako that he has no intention of undressing completely as he lifts her hand in his and murmurs, "I don't have to if you feel uncomfortable with it, Masa."

This being her first time sharing a bed with anyone romantically involved with her, Masako can't help her shyness or odd revulsion at Ren possibly being naked for the duration thereof, but she still feels a little silly for forcing him to compromise his own comfort because of her. Still, her chest swells with warmth at the fact that he's even willing to compromise for her sake.

As they finally lay down together and Ren pulls the sheets over them, Masako surprises him by turning to face him and buries her face within the warm confines of his chest, hiding the obvious blush staining her cheeks and breathing in the faint scent of his cologne as she smiles herself and decides that intimacy isn't nearly as scary as she thought it would be.

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Their food finally arrives and all Masako can do is stare at her plate, brioche pancakes topped with butter and powdered sugar, and she feels her mouth water but her stomach twists with an inexplicable anxiety. Her hands tremble as she lifts the fork but she can't shake the feeling of a thousand eyes on her, scrutinizing her every move, and she's about to drop the fork when Ren's hand gently touches her and brings her back into reality for a moment.

"It's okay," he assures her, expression soft and unassuming as he traces little patterns over her hand and coaxes it back down to the table, "no one is watching you or judging you, Masa; no one even knows who we are here."

Masako takes a minute to glance around the cafe to confirm Ren's observations, smiling a little herself when she notices how chipper the other patrons look and how engrossed they are in their own company, so much that they don't even notice her or Ren there. The lump in her stomach remains, but she gathers courage lent to her by Ren and picks up her fork again, spearing a hunk of pancake this time before popping it into her mouth with a sigh; food never tasted so good.

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When Masako finally wakes that morning, she half-expects to find her boyfriend either gone or in the bathroom nursing the black eye she gave him the night before. Ren often gets carried away when it's just the two of them together and Ranmaru-senpai is out with his own girlfriend, Rei-chan, but last night they came far too close to crossing a line that Masako isn't ready to cross yet and she admits that she herself also got carried away with her response to his romantic aggression.

As she peers around the corner, though, the scene that greets her almost unhinges her jaw; the table at the center of the room has melon bread piled onto it and a thermos of piping hot green tea rests beside it on the carpet...where Ren sits squarely on his knees, and as soon as he catches sight of her, his face flashes a bright red and he bows prostrate to the floor in abject apology.

"Please forgive me for last night," he begs her, straightening himself again with a frown thinning his lips, "I didn't mean to try and force myself on you, Masa; I just got caught up in the moment and...why are you laughing?"

Masako has tears in her eyes as she staggers over to where her boyfriend sits and she collapses onto him, throwing her arms around him as she gently touches his swollen eye and says softly, "I'll forgive you if you forgive me, okay?"

Ren blinks a few times before grinning and embracing her at last, standing to whirl her around in circles before flopping onto the sofa with her, laughing along with her as he does so.

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Ren's hands jerk and make the headboard shudder as he struggles lightly against his bonds, one of Masako's discarded socks, and he aches to dig his fingers into those beautiful hips of hers, drag her down onto him again and again and again until she can't take anymore, but his darling love has become an absolute terror tonight, drunk on power but still a little uncertain of herself as she tries to establish a rhythm without falling over onto his chest or faltering in her movements. Saliva pools in the back of Ren's throat as he growls at the tight heat sheathing him fully at last, and Masako has tears in her eyes as she tries her best to avoid Ren's ardent gaze and continue moving.

"A-And you boasted such a high amount of self-control," Masako taunts him, gathering enough courage to finally look him in the eyes as she leans down further to kiss the tip of his nose, "but you can barely contain yourself, can't you?"

A smirk thins Ren's lips and he suddenly reminds her, "You tied my hands, love, but that doesn't mean I'm any less of a danger to you."

Masako cries out as Ren suddenly bucks up into her, meeting her bounces with rough thrusts of his hips and sure, it hurt his legs like hell, but it's well worth the pissed off glare he receives in exchange for his efforts and the bit of spice it adds to their experience as a whole.


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Masako wakes with an undignified yawn, stretching her arms overhead and glancing around the bed for her boyfriend...when she spots tufts of blonde hair poking out from beneath the sheets and settled squarely between her breasts. Her eyes go wide and she flings the sheets back to give the bastard a shove, trying to get him to move, but Ren grunts and tightens his hold around her waist instead, pushing his face right back where it was.

"R-Ren..." she begins in a low voice, flicking him in the forehead again, "why can't you use a pillow like a normal person?"

Her boyfriend finally looks up from his 'pillow' and smiles sleepily, increasing Masako's urge to slap him cross-eyed, and he even has the gall to nuzzle into the side of one of her breasts as he hums, "Well, it's the warmest spot on your body, easiest to catch your scent here, soft, and I have access to the greatest sleep-sound therapy available: your heartbeat."

Before Ren has a chance to comment on just how fast Masako's heart is beating, she shoves his face into her chest once more and groans, "Idiot..."

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The choreographer in charge of that morning's practice stops them once more and corrects Masako, "You're supposed to bump hips with Jinguuji-san, Hijirikawa-chan."

Shoulders slumping, Masako regards her rival and childhood friend with a huff, folding her arms under her breasts and murmuring, "I apologize; I'll get it right this time."

Ren seizes his opportunity as it comes knocking this time, moving through the various steps of the dance assigned to them as the music blares in the background, effortlessly syncing his own to the rhythm as he approaches his cue with Masako, grabbing her by the waist to pull her what Masako considers a little too close for comfort, and then pivoting on his left heel to pull her flush against him and continue their duet portion of the song. Much to his surprise, his lovely partner just runs with his antics and even puts on a brave face while doing so, impressing both him and their instructor.

When the music ends, though, Ren lets his guard drop too soon and a pained grunt echoes throughout the studio as Masako delivers a well-placed knee between Ren's legs.

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Masako stands in stunned silence and she looks frantically between the lady's stained dress, the broken glass on the floor and the punch that oozes from it, and then up at her father's dark countenance as he clenches his fists, glowering down at her. As soon as he tries to open his mouth and yell at her, Masako's newfound friend jumps between them, laughing while grinning sheepishly.

"I accidentally bumped her from behind," he lies, moving so that he shields Masako from her father's smothering gaze, "but don't worry; we'll go outside and play instead!"

There's an obvious objection from both Masako's father and Ren's older brother, but Ren grasps his friend's hand and hurries across the ballroom floor until they're outside in the garden, and once Ren is certain that they've put enough distance between them and the nonsensical adults, he stops at a bench to help Masako onto it and catch his breath afterwards. He's about to make a joke to lighten the mood, but Masako throws her arms around his neck instead, hugging him and murmuring into his shoulder, "Thank you, Ren..."

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Ren scrambles to pull his carry-on bag from the rapports just above his seat after the plane finally lands, eyes red and puffy from lack of sleep, and he stumbles down the aisle in a hurry. With a quick fumble through his jacket pockets, he plucks his phone out and powers it on at last, eyes widening at the screen as it flashes 'thirty missed messages' at him. His hair is a wild mess and the wind whipping up behind him doesn't help any, and if he had to be frank with himself then he'd admit that this is possibly the worst he's ever looked in public, but that's the last thing on his mind as he hails a cab once he exits the terminal.

"Y-You're here already? I'm still having contractions, so you have time to...make it," asks his wife over the phone, her voice straining.

"I'll be there as soon as possible, love, so just hang in there for me," Ren murmurs to her in a shaky voice, tapping the headrest of the cab driver's seat with a fistful of yen and silently mouthing for him to go faster.