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Losers Keepers

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He pulled back before Eddie even had a chance to reciprocate

"I'm sorry! I didn't kiss you to shut you up— That's a horrible trope and usually misogynistic, although not in this case, because we're both guys, but—"

Eddie kissed him to shut him up.

He gave Richie time to reciprocate, even though it meant waiting for him to stop smiling first. Eddie climbed into his lap, and for once Richie didn't mind looking up at him, although he wasn't looking for very long.

When Eddie eventually pulled back, he said, "Did you just catch up to the part where I talked about kissing you?"

Richie nodded.

"We were conversing. I was asking questions, and you were answering them. You were contributing to the conversation, as much as you ever do."

"I think you underestimate how little thought goes into what I say," Richie said solemnly.

"Is it safe to come back yet?" Bill was standing back in front of his computer, hand over his eyes.

"Seriously?" Eddie did the eyebrow thing again. He was still in Richie's lap, which hid his boner from everyone except Eddie (who didn't seem to mind, unless that was an inhaler in his pocket).

Bill tentatively removed his hand, before pulling out his phone, no doubt informing the other Losers their new It Couple wasn't in flagrante delicious.

"Well, you guys do have the longest unresolved sexual tension, like, ever," Bev said, sliding back into Ben's lap.

"Captain America and Bucky Barnes," said Richie.

"You're assuming they didn't have sex pre-serum," said Eddie.

"Wait," said Richie. "Are we talking MCU or comics?"

"Ew, Bucky was like, fifteen in the comics!"

"There was still homoerotic subtext. Like Batman and Robin."

"Every comic has homoerotic subtext," said Eddie. "They're called tights."

"Alright, get out, Losers," said Richie. "I can no longer restrain myself. I must have him now."

"You've never been able to restrain yourself," Eddie said primly. "I'll just have to do it for you."

"What is your obsession with tying me up, Kaspbrak?"

Mike wrinkled his nose. "How—"

"Google it, Michael. I am not teaching you about the bees and the bees," said Richie. The last of his shame seemed to have vanished when he realized Eddie Kaspbrak like-liked him.

Richie wanted to shout it from the rooftops, which actually wouldn't stand out in LA, because his co-op had a rooftop pool and all that water really carried the acoustics. He wanted to march at Pride and rallies for a Golden Girls reboot, or whatever it was gay people did when they weren't too busy hating themselves.

All this time, all those fucking years, people were throwing him ropes, and Richie just sat there, tying them into a noose.

Now he had the Losers, and none of them cared he was gay, except Eddie, who cared a lot (that was definitely not an inhaler in his pocket).

Mike smiled that Jedi Knight smile of his. "How come Eddie didn't know out about the nightmares if you've been living together this whole time?"

"I don't have nightmares when he's there."

"That's just 'cause you're too busy stealing the blankets," said Eddie.