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Gone to far to change now

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“Dun. Dun. Dun.

This is Heroine News with Matt Foster and Katie Dudley reporting today’s news.

Good day I’m Katie Dudley

Today’s top stories:

Vixen Villains behind bars.

The murder of No. 4 Pro hero Clasher.

Proposed new civilian quirk control.

Hi, I’m Matt Foster. Last night after a three-hour fight in Chicago No. 4 Pro Clasher along with No. 7 Daydream and No. 10 Bouncer captured the Vixen Villains. The Vixen Villains is one of a rising number of villain groups appearing worldwide after the recent incidents caused by the League of Villains in Japan. Heroes easily handle most of these new groups, but the messages they send is far more dangerous.

Indeed, it is Matt. It’s made even worse by the strategic appearance of Tiamat just after the Vixen Villains capture. Officials say they waited long enough for hero backup to be cancelled, leaving only the three tired pros, law enforcement and the captured villains. Law enforcement left the scene taking the Vixen Villains with them, which appeared to be Tiamat’s plan. Taking on three heroes at once, a move never seen by Tiamat’s before, preferring stealth assassinations or one-on-one fights. Many began to believe Tiamat’s bone scythe was just for intimidation. Yesterday we all found out otherwise. After only a brief fight with the tired heroes, Tiamat severely injured Daydream, knocked out Bouncer and impaled Clasher. Killing the Pro instantly. Before using their teleportation quirk to escape before backup arrived on the scene. Officials say this supports the theory Tiamat is a villain for hire, only attacking Daydream and Bouncer when they were in their way and leaving them alive when they were vulnerable.

The public has another opinion on this and believes the Tiamat like the Japanese League of Villains wishes to show how weak our symbols of peace are. Either way, Clasher’s murder is now Tiamat’s 32nd hero kill worldwide in the last seven years. Chicago is on lockdown with a 7 pm curfew to limit public injury and unrest. As wherever Tiamat goes, chaos and discord follow.

In other news, the government is using the global rise of villains to further the proposed new civilian qu—”   

“You never seemed like the type to watch your handiwork TiaMat” teased the voice from the door.

You don’t even bother to look over as you sigh out a reply. “I’m not Shiv.” You need not look to know it’s him. He’s the only one in Ouroboros you gave your safe house location and the key to. Mostly since you know you could kill him in a heartbeat, he’s as shoddily built as the weapon he’s named after. “The dead matter very little to me. But I needed to know if they found anything in their search and were stupid enough to let the press know.”

Shiv snickers as he moves further into the crummy little safe house your using. “You got no faith in heroes do yah?”

Not even gracing that question with a response you turn to him. “Shiv you’re not here for entertainment, you’re here because I need something. Paperwork. A new birth and residency certificate to be precise.” Your starting to snap already. You hate dealing with Ouroboros. No matter how useful they are.   

“A birth certificate? You’ve got one, and you’d need to live somewhere for a resi—”

“I need a new one, you idiot. A new incognito one. Born in 01, in Australia, orphaned, adopted, moved to the US, travelled a lot but live here. But not here. Let’s say. Oh, what’s a shitty city?  Fuck it. Los Angeles.” You’re beginning to think you should write this all down for Shiv.

“Incognito? Why do you need this Tiamat? Ouroboros can get it for you. But you don’t need this kinda stuff when you can teleport and shape-shift your way into any place or country.” Shiv’s looking at you full-on now trying to puzzle it out. Jokes on him, it’s so suicidal he’ll never guess. 

You sigh. May as well tell him. You can kill him later after he gets you what you need. At least if he knows everything, the chance of him fucking it up is lower. “Okay, Shiv. I’m going to catch a plane–Don’t look at me like that there’s a reason. I’m meeting up with a boy. He believes I’m normal with a demon/bat-like quirk. Now if it were a regular boy, I’d just mock up a plane ticket and all that shit. But this boy is from UA Japan. So–Stop looking at me like that. So, I need perfectly falsified documents that even the top pros can’t tell their false.”

You wish you kept the security camera in the safe house. The look on Shiv’s face is priceless. You’d never seen anyone slack-jawed in real life. Snickering at his expense, you move to the bed. Finding a notepad, you make a list of all the papers requirements. You sit on the edge while you wait for him to recover. Although you wish you stayed on the couch. It’s covered in exotic and unnamed substances but at least it’s soft, unlike the brick bed full of god knows what. Such is the price of safe houses. Safe from heroes and the law. Infections and disease now that’s a danger.

“Ok. Your fucking nuts Tiamat. But ok. Ouroboros can get you the documents you need and make them so legit no one would suspect a thing. It’ll cost. But money hasn’t been a problem for you since your dad bought yah.” Shiv moves over and takes the list from you before pulling out his burner. “We can get this done in under a week. That good?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Any longer and I’ll start taking limbs” You huff out. Before icily adding “And he’s not my dad. He’s my Sensei. That’s teacher in stupid American”

“I know what Sensei means. I also know he’s locked up. Tartarus. The worst of villain prisons. Inhumane what they do there. Your brother was closer to him, wasn’t he? How’d he hold up with him being caught?”   

Not even pretending to be civil, you push past him to the door and hold it open. Your intention very clear even before you get out a knife to point at Shiv.

“Fine. I know when I’m not wanted” Shiv murmurs feigning hurt as he heads out the opened door. Once outside he grabs the door before you can take the pleasure of slamming it in his face. “I’ll let you know where and when to pick up your documents. See yah Tiamat”

You lock the door behind him before collapsing against it. What a tiring day. You kill a Pro hero and then had to deal with Shiv. Whatever did you do to deserve this?. Hmm. It was probably murdering all those people. Hell would be like that. Not painful or scary, just annoying. Sighing, you glance over at the clock. Almost 7 am you have been up since 6 am yesterday.

Running through the math tells you it’s only 10 pm in Japan. Which means your Suki’s asleep. Well, if one thing can improve your day, it’s him.

Humming to yourself you move to the bathroom to get ready. Looking in the mirror you see your pride and your bane. A pair of S/C bat wings spread out behind you, the membrane extending all down your back and ending a third-down your S/C tail. Your tail continues all the way to the floor, but you keep it curled around your thigh in the safe house. You are never repeating the rug burn event.

You love your wings, but you envy people who got nicer ones. Society considers feathered wings the best, so angelic. Draconic wings? Scary but impressive. You once saw a kid who had a jet engine sticking out of his back, he was amazing. But yours? Bat wings, they’re freaky. Bat wings and your black demonic features? You are considered monstrous. You remember when you used to keep your horns filed down to mitigate how “monstrous” you looked. Before you gave up pretending to make the sheep feel better. Back when you pretended your nails were black because you painted them and not because all your bodies keratin is black.

But at least you can smile about the fact when all the people you hate are old and grey if they ever make it to old age. You will still have perfect H/L, F/C highlighted black hair. And hey, your eyes will always be gorgeous E/C, that you can see in the dark with. Never mind the fact you can’t leave the house in the day without a hat and glasses. 

Looking at the clock, it’s now 7:30 am. Great 30min self-hate self-pride thing in the mirror. You should break the mirror. But it’s not the mirror you’re angry at and you need it. You only took off your outer armour when you got home. The titanium rods bolted to the bones on your wings remain. They hurt like a bitch. You’ve been wearing them ever since your 4th Pro hero hunt. The Russian hero Sudden-Impact got a good hit, obliterating the bones of your left-wing. You were completely grounded and without the added speed provided by using your wings, you were overpowered. It was the first time you were nearly caught and the first time you had to retreat a fight. After that fight, you adjusted your armour with titanium rods bolted to the delicate bones along the top and outer edges of both wings. But after years of wearing them, you’ve long grown used to them. They are a better alternative than being grounded. 

You still remember the jokes and laughs when you first revealed yourself as the Tiamat. Heroes and villains alike mocked your armour design saying it was over the top and colour blind. Of course, it is. You based it with the help of your “brother” on the male Heavensward FFXIV Dragoon armour. Killing Pro heroes is the game your best at may as well use your favourite game armour.

Granted, they didn’t realise even if it started as a gag you thought long about how to perfect your armour. All outer armour made of leather, lighter than any metal and much more flexible. Closed face helmet to prevent blinding your eyes during the day while also hiding your horns. Voice modulator to keep your voice neutral and kind of scary. But mainly neutral they can guess what gender you might be based on your name, but they won’t know until the time is right. Then the most delicate piece, the dragon/spider silk mesh blend. Designed and made by an Ouroboros trader with a spider silk quirk. Slash and bullet protection for the delicate membrane of your wings. Designed to completely cover your wings to your tail membrane. While hiding the bat design of your wings with the blood-red silk. Even before the bone break incident, you knew the risks should your wing membrane be severed. All sown and bolted together into a dragonesque look, with a red helm and body, green arm, black leg, blue arm and a white leg. After all, you are Tiamat the 5-headed draconic goddess, the chromatic dragon and symbol of primordial chaos.

You long since memorised how to remove bolts from your wings. It’s easy and relatively painless now. Your body can heal up the damage while you sleep. But you can’t afford any easily identifiable gear following you to your dreams. Speaking of. Your Suki is going to be so pissed you took so long. You wander into the bedroom to grab a blanket before moving and curling into the totally not gross couch. You drift off knowing what awaits in your dreams.

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You wake up in the usual spot. The park school with a bed atop the slippery dip in the middle of a classroom. Around you are desks and a chalkboard with legs disappearing into the green/purple mist. Usually, your Suki is close by to where you both wake up. But you have kept him waiting a while, so he probably wandered off to entertain himself. Taking the slippery dip down, yes you could jump or fly but that’s not the point you walk over to read the chalkboard.

Nerezza you were fucking taking forever. I’ve gone to blow off steam at the Opera Skytree”

-          Not your Suki. STOP CALLING ME THAT!  

Ah, Nerezza the name you chose for yourself since your birth name was lost to time. Tomura is your “brothers” Nerezza is yours. Mourning and Darkness. What a depressing pair you are.

Giggling at his last comment, knowing he found your previous message, you head out into the bizarre hybrid city. When you and your Suki first found yourself in this dream world, you were both lost. Some things were so like your real-world homes while some were so different. After a while, you both realised this dream world was an amalgamation of both your home cities. Sydney Australia for you and Tokyo Japan for Suki, together creating Tokney whereverthefuck. A stupid name but you both find it amusing, well you do, Suki says he doesn’t. You never believe him, he would have bitched more if he didn’t like it.

This dream world may be strange, but it never changes. You’ve long since learnt all the landmarks and such. Only one thing other than you and Suki change here. Which are the faceless people you both meet from the waking world. They wander in and out of the mist, their faces blurred, only one of you who knows them can see their face. Thankfully, even if they are dream copies they can listen to instructions. You’ve had to keep Tomura’s on the opposite side of Tokney since Suki was kidnapped. Lest Suki finds out you know the League of Villains leader, which would just be awkward at this point.

You're still two streets away from the Opera Skytree when you hear explosions. In the dream world, it takes a lot of concentration to use non-mutation quirks. Which means Katsuki is beyond pissed. So, he’s somewhere between got kidnapped again and “Deku” started to trip down the stairs but caught himself. Your Su–Katsuki is such a delight. Smiling, you continue you on until you finally see him. Stomping at the base of the Opera Skytree the engineer’s nightmare. As tall as the real Tokyo Skytree but which the aesthetic of the Sydney Opera House granted vertical and like the Opera House on the edge of a bay. It’s a bright pink bay but you’ve both just learnt not to question it. You watch Katsuki as he rips a bench from the ground before using his explosive quirk to launch it into the bay. Your guessing since he watches it until it splashes down, he’s measuring the distance he can make them travel. You intervene before he grabs the next bench.

“So, what evil thing did the villainous park bench do to you?” You smile as he jumps. Looks like he wasn’t watching his surroundings very well. “Poor form for a hero to not keep an eye out Kat.” He’s already glaring at you before you finish.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He snaps. You don’t even bother responding, you know he’s not mad at you. He wouldn’t have replied at all if that was the case. Besides, he’s sitting on the now safe bench, so you know he wants to talk about what’s bothering him. Wants to. But probably still isn’t going to.

You sit on the bench next to him. Unfolding your wing so you can wrap it around him, pulling him close to your side. He scowls at you before closing his eyes and leaning into your embrace. Well, now you’re worried. “What happened today, Kat? If you say nothing, I will hit you.” You ask him steadily, he can’t know you're worried or he’ll hide it. The moron, your moron.

“You know I’m interning at Endeavor’s Agency, with the nerd and Icyhot?”

“Yes, you did not shut up about it.”

“Fuck off. Well, I… I still can’t keep up. With Endeavor” Oh goddammit. Your Suki is always so hard on himself. But you’ve known him long enough to know this is only the first issue of the day.

“My Kat.” Snickering at his scowl you continue. “Katsuki, Endeavor is the now number 1 pro before that 20 something years as number 2. He has so much experience while you’re not even in your second year yet. Hush, I’m still talking. It takes time, it takes practice. Even you can’t just expect to be perfect at everything straight away. You have more determination than anyone I know, and you’ve seen how many people I know. You will get there. Not today, probably not tomorrow. But you will. You will be a great hero.”

You hear him make a small huff sound, you don’t know whether he means to laugh or cry at your words. He probably doesn’t know either. He opens his mouth to begin to reply before you interrupt, you already know what he’s going to say.

“Don’t you dare bring up the kidnapping. It wasn’t your fault, Kat. I mean it. You did nothing wrong. It wasn’t your fault the League targeted you, it wasn’t your fault you were captured. It means nothing they think you’d be better a villain. You are a hero through and through. It wasn’t your fault heroes got hurt during your rescue and it absolutely isn’t your fault All Might had to retire after the fight.” You wrap your arm around him and tighten your wing. “You’re not weak, Kat. You're so very strong to get through it and you’ll just get stronger.” When you feel dampness on your neck where his tears fall, neither of you bring it up. You rest your head on him while you both sit on the bench. Looking out at the pink bay and all the copies wandering the dreamscape.

After a while, you feel as Kat begins to pull away. You tighten your wing around him, holding him in place, smiling as you feel his struggle and growl. When you feel him put force behind his attempt to escape you completely loosen your wing. You huff a laugh as he nearly propels himself off the bench. Usually, you would keep him trapped until he lets loose small explosions then mock him for nearly propelling him off the bench. But today isn’t a joking day, he’s already up and pacing in front of you.

He’s been pacing for several minutes now alternating between a pensive look and snarl. Well, fine if he’s not going to tell you himself. “What else happened today?” You ask to catch his attention.

Sighing, he begins “Okay, Icyhot invited me and Deku over his place for dinner. With his family. Including his dad.” You wince that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Kat’s told you of what occurs behind closed doors at Endeavour’s house. “Yea my opinion exactly. Why the fuck would Icyhot invite me? We’re not frien–“

“Shut up brat. You pair very much are friends. Hush, I know you better than anyone. I know what kind of people you like. I honestly believe if we weren’t connected as we are, you perhaps could have been very happy with Todoroki.” You know he’s going to have a scowl on his face. “You like people who can challenge you, Kat. Be it with their quirks or their words you won’t accept anything but the best. Todoroki and even Deku can match you and even overpower you with their quirks. My quirk is no match but you and I both know I can put you in your place so very easy my Love.” You’re just proving a point calling him that. You know he can’t handle it. Saying I love you or calling him love are the easiest ways to turn him to a gaping blushing mess. Hence you rarely use it, you never care for the easy win.

“Do you think I’m going to leave you?” He’s asking the question so seriously, but you can’t stop yourself bursting into laughter.

“Sorry. Sorry. No, I’m sure you’re not going to leave me and I’m certainly not going to leave you.” You best nip that thought in the bud before he can even consider that option. You look him head-on smiling as you speak. “I’m yours as long as you’ll have me. I said in another world where we never got to meet in this dream world, I could have easily not been hit with this quirk. We’d never have known each other. Never know what we’re missing. But luck was on our side. We met each other. We get to see each other whenever we are both asleep going on eight years now. And soon I’ll be able to afford the trip to see you in person.” You stood up and walked over to him during your speech. You lean your head into his neck, he’s only slightly taller than you, for a while you were taller than him. Sometimes you miss it, he was so much easier to fluster when you could look down at him.

As usual, he avoids the verbal reply to emotional conversations. Wrapping his arms around you tight, before loosening and pulling away. It’s ok you never need him to tell you. You can feel it. You know if you pushed, he’d say it but that’s not the point. It makes the times he says it without prompting the greatest of your life.

Anyway, you know you’d best get him back on track “Are you going to tell me how dinner went now?”

“It was okay. Went against my will. DON’T LAUGH AT ME! Icyhot’s sister made me Mapo Tofu, which was good. But then they started bringing up all their family drama. WITH GUESTS OVER! BEFORE THE DISHES WERE CLEAN! Fucking ruined my evening and MY TOFU!”

You’re biting your lip to stop from laughing. Of course, if you know Kat, he said the exact same thing at dinner, in front of everyone. You can’t laugh no matter how hilarious your Suki is. You need to know what is bothering him. Because you doubt it’s the tofu or the drama with guests over, it might be, but you doubt it. “Ah yes, drama in front of Mapo Tofu. It just absorbs all the bitterness. But are you going to tell me what’s the real problem?”

“Fucking Deku said something.” You wait, he’ll continue in his own time. “Said that Ic–Todoroki, any of them don’t owe their dad an apology. That they can just say they’ll never forgive him. But since they're so nice they’re just waiting for the moment”

Ah, you think you know where this is going. “Deku isn’t wrong. Nobody owes anyone an apology. You also don’t owe it to anyone to accept their apologies. I would never accept my guardian’s apology should they ever care enough to apologies for kicking me out on my 18th. But I have a feeling this really isn’t about the Todoroki’s. You’re wondering if Deku can so easily say that you never have to forgive someone. Why did he forgive you?”

Katsuki turned around at some point, his head lowered, body tensed. You don’t need him to confirm it. “Deku like the Todoroki’s is very nice. But you’re changing yourself, my love. You’re growing up. You were very young when the bullying was at its worst. Endeavour was an adult, their parent. You were and now are a friend again. Very different social standards, Kat. But I can only guess Deku’s intensions. I only know what you tell me of him. If you really want an answer, you’d have to ask him. But you won’t so you’ll just have to take what I could offer.”

You walk around to face him during your speech. His body has been relaxing as you talk so you guess he’s mulling over what you said. You lift his chin up so your eyes meet. He deserves some good news, it seems. “Want to know something good.” You screw with him by nodding his head for him. He glares and pushes your hand away. Smiling, you continue “Well I’ve saved up enough that I should be able to go to Japan next week.”

His eyes light up so you know he’s happy about it. Before his expression darkens. “Nez… I. Nerezza, I don’t like you working in those clubs.”

You’ve had this conversation before. Singing in seedy clubs is how he thinks you get your money. You can’t tell him you earn it by killing pro heroes and whatever target you’re hired for. “I know you don’t. I don’t like it either. But my guardians left me nothing when they stopped being paid to keep me. I couldn’t afford food, clothes anything. I’m now a fucking high school dropout. No place will hire me. Singing is better than the other options and it lets me keep what’s left of my dignity.” You kiss him in apology. You both know it’s your only option. “Besides you know me, I can look after myself.”

“I really hope so.” You look at him. He looks worried. The “club” alibi is nothing new, he’s never looked worried over it before. “When Endeavour was driving us back to school. Some villain he put away years ago turned up. Took trigger and kidnapped Icyhot’s brother. I want–no, I WILL be a hero. But I’m known enough to have been. Well, you know. I worry villains will target you.”

A fair assumption. You guarantee they will. You’ll kill them. But that brings up other issues. You could probably get Tomura to make you a none target. But that only works for his group. Independent villains are another issue. You can look after yourself, but as Katsuki’s girlfriend, you can’t kill any trash who test you. Now how to help, Kat. You can’t lie to him. But you can look after yourself if nothing else flying quirks are a minority, easy to escape with.

Bracing yourself, smiling as comforting as you can. “I won’t lie to you, my Suki. Villains will probably try. Such is the price of being a hero. You can save everyone else but in doing so put those closest to you in danger. But I’ve not gone into this blind Kat. I knew from the moment you said you would be a hero it was a danger. I’ll never ask you to give up your dream, but I hope I don’t have to ask you not to give up on us. I’m not as strong as you, or any of your co-heroes in training, I know that. But I can fight, and I can fly. I can look after myself. We’ll cross this bridge when we get to it and, hey. You’re going to a hero school. Maybe you should ask them?”

You move to rest your head against his during your speech. It seems to have calmed him. Time moves differently in the dream world it could have been only an hour or seven. You have nothing to do tomorrow but Kat needs to get up early for his internship. Trailing your hand down his arm to his hand you turn so you can both make your way back to the bed on the slippery dip. You end up forcing him to hold hands, you know he likes it, but he’ll blush and grumble the entire walk. Your silly sweet Suki.

You both arrive back at the park school, flashing him a grin you extend your wings and fly up to the bed. You hear him huff before he uses his own quirk to propel himself up. You grin as you lie on your side. Wings are great, but they’re a nightmare to sleep with. Kat lies down on his own side facing you. He must be feeling sweet tonight. He’ll probably end up on his back looking at the sky but for now, you both relax curling into each other, foreheads touching, and lips close enough for brief kisses.

Eventually, Kat will fade away as he wakes in the real world. Leaving you alone on the bed. To smile at memories of him and cry knowing one day he’ll know who and what you really are.

And it will break his heart.

You will break his heart.

But you can’t stop now.

You think when you wake up, you’ll call Tomura. You can’t abandon your only other surviving friend and the closest person you have to a brother. You won’t betray him. Especially not for heroes. Even if you love one. But he can probably help you save your Katsuki from the chaos to come.

Chapter Text

You spend the rest of your time in the dream world wandering through Tokney’s streets. Another blessing of this quirk, not only did it let you meet your Katsuki and continue to see him every night. If you’re awake in the dreamscape, your nights are free of nightmares. You used to wonder what the purpose of the quirk was.

May 2111 your Sensei had you teleported to Paris so you could observe a hired hit on the current French No. 6. You’ve long forgotten their name they never really mattered to you. But it was there you fell in love with the chaos killing societies symbols of peace cause. Even before the pro breathed their last breath. Civilians stampeded through the mall. Most injuries of that day weren’t even from the fight. But from people running, using their quirks and pushing others out of the way. You kept so close track on the fight you didn’t see the women run straight into you. They ran off before you could chew them out or more likely kill them. That fucking hurt. You never even considered that they had used their quirk on you by accident or otherwise. Not until that night at least.

When you fell asleep that night to awake in the green/purple mist of now named Tokney you were beyond confused. Running from the park school you eventually found Tomura. Sitting on a table staring at the sky. You were already beginning to ask where you both were before you saw both his hands. All ten fingers were on the table. Yet it wasn’t even slightly decayed. You went to sleep that night in your full civilian garb so your attempt to locate a knife was futile. Moving close to “Tomura” you asked him what he was. He smiled at you and pointed at the mist. The fact it was a proper normal person smile had to be the most concerning part of that encounter. Deciding “Tomura” would be less than helpful, you moved further into the city.

You see many people you know both living and dead wandering in and out of the mist. However, you were still shocked when you saw a person gesturing as if talking but with no face. Only a blur. You ended up following a blurred face person, finding more and more blurred faces the further you went. Eventually, you heard yelling. Childlike yelling. You followed the voice until you came to a creek surrounded by grass and rocks… in the middle of the city. But on a rock by the creek, you saw the loud kid. They looked around six you guessed, crazy spiked blond hair and bright red eyes. They were screaming at the top of their lungs at a green-haired kid, you're guessing their friend. But judging by the snarl on the blond brat’s face showing goddamn fangs if they were friends, they wouldn’t be for much longer. Because one of them is going to die.

“Hey, brat.” You screamed at the blond-haired kid. “You know they can’t talk right or are you dumb and loud?”

“THE HELL DID YOU SAY TO ME?” Screamed the kid as a bright flash appeared in his palm resonating with a loud pop.

Oh, goodie, he’s loud at everything. Loud voice. Loud quirk.

“I’m sure you’d hear better if you weren’t so loud.” You’re in no mood to babysit some random kid. You don’t even enjoy babysitting Tomura and he’s the eldest. You’re already turning to go back to creepy happy Tomura, he’ll at least just give you nightmares, not a headache.

“Hey wait.” You turn back to see the blond brat caught up. “How come you’re the only one who can talk? My parents, my friends even shitty Deku their all silent.”

Hmm, that’s a good question. You say as much to the brat. “I’m not sure. I just woke up here. All my friends are silent so are my guardians.” You cling onto one piece of information. “Is Deku the green-haired boy you were screaming at?”

“I wasn’t screaming, I was yelling. And yea can’t you tell just by looking at him he’s useless?”

Surprised you turn fully to the brat “You can see his face?”

“Yea. Why? Is he those faceless people to you?” Ok, the brats annoying but smart. It could be worse. 

“Yea, he is.” All right, you're guessing you each see faces of people you know. The people you don’t know are blurred. Saying this to the brat, he seems to agree. You should learn his name you can’t keep calling him brat. Well, you can. 

“I’m Nerezza L/N. Since we’re both stuck here might as well introduce ourselves.” You hold out your hand to the kid. When the kid hesitates, looking at you critically you put your hand down wondering what your missing.

“I’m Bakugou Katsuki.” Says the br–Bakugou. Wait… Bakugou.

“Are you Japanese?” Things are settling into place. You still have no clue what this world is but at least your pretty damn sure this kid’s Japanese.

“Yea of course I am. I’m speaking Japanese and so are you.” Kid probably thinks your nuts by the way he’s staring at you. But that’s not the important part of that sentence. You’re speaking English and so is he.

“I’m not speaking Japanese. I’m speaking English and before you interrupt, I’m hearing you speak English. What the hell is this place?” The questions more rhetorical but Bakugou offers you a shrug anyway.

“Okay issue number one. I know a bit of Japanese. Lived there for a while when I was younger.” Still, live there if you’re honest. But this kid doesn’t need to know that. “Bakugou is your last–I mean family name. While Katsuki is your first name.” After Bakugou nods you press on. “Ok Johnson is my family name and Nerezza is my first. Most non-Asian countries introduce yourself first name you know first.”

“How old are you L/N.” You cringe hearing your birth civilian surname. But you only use Shigaraki around Tomura or showing off to lower villains.

“I’m 10 this year and can you please use my first name. Hearing my last one is weird. And none of that honorific stuff” You give Bakugou a pleading smile.

“I’m 8. I guess I can do that Nerezza. You better not call me Katsuki though.” You huff a laugh. Serves you right for forgetting how rude this brat can be. Probably the only reason he’s agreed to use your first name.

You and Bakugou walked together across the city. Pointing out people you each know and checking if the theory is matching up that people who are unknown are blurred. While those you do are clear.

You continue walking through the strange city. Trying to ignore the presence at your side fixated on your mutant features. You’ll give the brat some credit most kids his age have already brought up how strange and dangerous you look. Its probably only because he isn’t looking at you in disgust that keeps you from snapping. “It’s rude to stare you know.”

“I’m trying to work out what your quirk is. Are your wings even big enough to hold you?”

God, this kid. If he were older, you’d try to kill him. Maybe. You don’t know how things like that work here. Plus, kids are your only soft spot. “I’m a mixture of my parents’ mutations and yes, my wings can hold me.”

“I had a friend with a wing quirk. They were a lot bigger th–.”

You interrupt him before he can continue. “Let me guess. He was a bird wing quirk?”

“Nope. Draconic wings.”

“Ah. Either way. Bat wings are unique. The membrane extends to my tail.” You demonstrate by fully expanding your wings, turning around to show the membrane attached to your spine down to your tail. “Feather add a lot of extra size to wings plus they can bend if you force them. My wing membrane is very easy to pull close and flat to my back. Plus, hooking my wing claws together helps keep them close. I’ve not seen many draconic wings. But I know their membranes thicker and it only extends to their shoulders.”

Bakugou is looking at your wings with interest. That’s new. Most don’t care. Deciding to give the brat a view of your wings in action, you take off. Only a few metres off the ground. It's harder to take off from a flat surface with your wings. Usually, you get yourself higher before launching yourself up. Landing you explain this to Bakugou. “Different winged animals have different flight styles. Same goes to wing mutations, our flight styles can be very different. Mine are built for manoeuvrability and speed. Sustained flight and take-off are harder on them.”

“Seems kind of weak at the end of the day.” He says after a while.

You feel your eye twitch. You’ve been called far worse. But being called weak when you could kill this kid in a heartbeat doesn’t sit well with you.  

“My quirks awesome. Everyone says so.” He demonstrates. Setting off small explosions in his palm.

Okay, it’s kind of cool. You’re not going to say that to him though. “So, what actually is it?”

“My sweat is nitroglycerin-like which I can detonate at will. More I sweat bigger the explosion. With it, I’m going to be the No. 1 hero. I’m going to be better than even All Might.”

Hmm. You can understand how this kid got so arrogant. He’s very passionate. It’s probably his only endearing characteristic. Pity hero society won’t accept him. Not with that quirk and that personality. One or the other, he’d have a chance. But heroisms a popularity contest. But may as well test this kid.

“So, you’re just going to sparkle villains into submission?” Kid this arrogant won’t take being mocked lying down.

“THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY!” He’s tensing up. Explosions stopped. Given what he said, he’s probably accumulating for a bigger blast.

You’re not worried. Even with that strong quirk, kids telegraphing his moves like a boxer. He’s probably used to intimidating opponents or just out punching them. A valid strategy for typical kid punch-ups. But you’ve been trained in life and death combat since you were 5. 

“You heard me, brat.”

As soon as the words out of your mouth, he lunges. It's too easy to dodge. You saw it coming a mile away. Bakugou easily if clumsily adjusts to continue following your dodge. Kids got a lot of potential you won’t lie. A better stance and ability to feign his moves, he’d be pretty good. You’re nearly dancing around him now. In a real fight, it would be a stupid move. But you’re having fun pissing Bakugou off. You can see on his face he knows he’s doing something wrong, but with you moving in and out of his periphery. It keeps him not only annoyed but keeps his concentration from adjusting his strategy. 

Your thinking you pushed too far when you feel your side get singed by an explosion. Bakugou looks shocked. His quirk is affected by his emotions. Good to know. But time to end this. Using your wings to throw him off balance, you lunge. Pushing him down onto his back. Using your larger size to keep him down. He’s livid. Guess he doesn’t lose much. Best distract him quick.

“Nice try Bakugou. But I’ve got pretty good at fighting in the last few years. You’ve got potential. If you perfect your stance and learn feigns, you’d give me a run for my money.” He calms down slightly as you talk. You can see him mulling over what you said. Clever kid. His next words still catch you off guard.

“Tell me what I did wrong. Exactly.” Of course, he demands not asks. But you appreciate he knows he’s missing something and wants to know how to improve.

“Next time say please. But alright.” You get off him and begin talking him through how he lost. Demonstrating feigns for him and times he messed up. You appreciate he’s watching and listening avidly. After the explanation, you try another fight. Bakugou learns incredibly quickly, naturally gifted. He still doesn’t win, but it gets closer each fight. He’s physically stronger than you but you have better agility, beginning to utilise your wings more as the fight progresses.

Your beginning to enjoy Bakugou’s company, resting between bouts when he makes a noise of surprise next to you. Quickly turning you watch as he slowly fades away into mist. You're still not proud to admit how severely you panicked. Running through all the streets you remembered trying to find where Bakugou went. After running for god knows how long you collapse against a wall. Wrapping your wings tight around yourself. You wonder to yourself why you’re cursed to lose all your friends. First Reo, then Hitoshi now Bakugou. You didn’t even get a full day with Bakugou. How much longer will Tomura last? He’s already been with you two years longer than anyone. You only had Reo and Hitoshi for ten months. You wonder if you’ll cry when you lose Tomura. You haven’t cried since Reo’s dea–murder, no point lying murder.

Eventually, your focus blurs out. Half bathed in green/purple mist, half the shitty cot you fell asleep on last night. When you fully woke up were beyond confused. Eventually dismissing the whole incident as your tortured mind screwing with you. You didn’t realise until that night when again you met Bakugou something else was going on. You were relieved to see not only he was real but safe. Together you worked out when your sleeping you’re in the dreamscape until you wake up. Relaxing, you spent the next week getting to know Bakugou better and feeding him sweet lies about your own life. By sweet, you mean happy enough to be okay and shitty enough to not mask all your trauma. But no one especially a still innocent kid should be forced to deal with the hand life dealt you.

Sensei had you teleported back to Japan at the end of the week. But it gave you time to consider your options. You ended up in Doctor Ujiko’s lab asking for quirk testing. He was unfortunately useless only confirming a quirk was active on you but not being able to determine the specifics of the quirk. You’ve long considered this for the best.

You’ve read many dream-based quirks since Katsuki and you were linked. Some are so sickly-sweet binding perfect soul matches together so they can eventually meet to be in sappy love forever. Others force two completely different people together in bitter rivalries till death. The darkest ones link you to the person who will one day kill you. After discovering that last one you decided you didn’t want to know.

You and Kat will end in tragedy. Him an aspiring pro hero, a great aspiring hero. While you a villain. Too well known in the underground to leave. Killed too many to stop. Attached to a villain who will tear this world apart and you can’t lie to yourself. You enjoy the chaos you reap too much to choose peace. All you know for sure is you meant what you said. Your Katsuki’s for as long as he will have you.    

Chapter Text

You return to the waking world face down into the disgusting couch, a stain where you’ve been drooling. Yea, it’s really a good thing you removed the camera. No one needs to know the fearsome Tiamat drools in her sleep. Fumbling through the couch you find your burner of the week. Heh, its 5 pm. You may have overslept. Fuck it. If you can’t get away with sleeping in as a villain, then there’s no point living in this world. Now to have a shower or call Tomura first. You decide on the shower, if he’s in a good mood he’ll let you teleport over, and you can play games together. If not, well at least your clean that can be your progress of the day. Then you can go back to bed.

Checking the mirror on the way you see the bolt holes on your wings sealed up overnight nicely. Although now you’re looking your hair looks horribly oily. May as well wash it too. As you step in the shower you let your tail fall to the floor, wings relaxing, opening and slacking down. You wash your (length) hair toughly, the pros of having a shapeshifting quirk even if your hairs too dark to dye you can shift it into any colour you want. But you're happy with your (favourite colour) highlighted black, it's unique. Like you. Besides, Kat says he likes it. Tomura said it suited you, which is high praise from him. Turning off the shower you flap your wings dry before grabbing a towel.

Once you’re dry, you make your way back to the couch pulling burner out you text Tomura.

5:36 pm Nerezza: Heya Tommy can you chat?

Tomura usually messages you back quickly. The benefit of being his oldest friend. Before this year his only friend. Dadgiri doesn’t count. Well, now you're sad remembering you can’t annoy him with that name anymore. Like Sensei, he’s locked in Tartarus. Before you can get too depressed, you get a reply.

5:40 pm Tommy: -coordinates- *Picture of a laboratory*

Straight and to the point. Some things never change. Your teleport quirk while like Kurogiri’s is much more limited. You must have the coordinate of the location but also an accurate mental image of the location, satellites or pictures are more than enough. Your teleport only includes clothes and objects your holding when you use it. Just touching an object isn’t enough to include it. Unfortunately, you also can’t carry LIVING organic material with you. Well, technically you can, it’s just not living by the end. You're still haunted by that poor rabbit. But like objects touching it isn’t enough to ensure it travels, luckily for Tomura. You mostly use the quirk to travel worldwide or to escape losing fights. To properly escape you memorised the coordinates and image of two safehouses at a time.  

You quickly check that your safe house is locked before teleporting to the coordinates. You recognise the lab as one of Doctor Daruma’s nomu laboratories. Judging by the tubes surrounding you and the contents, this is the high-end nomu lab. You know they're still works in progress, but so close to their debut. You’ve had a vested interest in nomu ever since it was the beginnings of the nomu technology that help ensure your quirks stability. In the years after, using altered DNA from both you and All For One allowed for forcing the numerous quirks into the nomu without killing them. The Doctor describes it as a delicate balancing act. One wrong quirk and the whole nomu collapses. 

Focusing on the rest of the room you find a crutch next to the door and a medical bed surrounded by monitors. But no sign of the Doctor or Tomura.

You guess something came up. May as well wait, Tomura wouldn’t have invited you if he intended to ignore you… for extended periods at least. Walking to the far wall you find several cabinets, listing medical records, quirks, key players and one titled business. Going into the medical records cabinet you find the names of All For One's most important followers.

All For One



Nomu Split in three subfolders. 

  • Low-End
  • Mid-End
  • High-End

Shigaraki Tomura


You pull out the one with your villain name. It’s yours. You can read your own damn record. You begin reading through the file.

Birth Name: L/N Unknown

Chosen Name: L/N Nerezza

Parentage: Unknown

Villain Name: Tiamat

DOB: 27/06/2101

Quirk(s): Evolved Copycat

  • Highly evolved blood copycat – Unknown extent of the birth copycat. Believed combination of natural copycat quirk and parents copycat merging into one.
    • Consumption of blood allows for the use of targets quirk(s).
    • Does not gain targets knowledge of quirk use and activation.
    • Length of quirk use is exponential to the amount of blood consumed.
    • Can use any number of quirks at once. Holding over six at once affects mental state. Turning Tiamat more feral, over ten all higher functioning has gone leaving only instinct.
    • Tiamat can permanently gain quirks if lethal (>5 litres) of blood is taken from the target.

Note – perhaps the missing link between quirks like All For One and One For All. New nomu experiments include Tiamat’s DNA to ensure quirk acquisition.

  • Demon/bat mutation – no child ever found with this mutation. Believed to be first consumed quirk. Likely from parents. 
    • Wings of Spectral bat extending down to the tail. (Nocturnal carnivorous hunter, manoeuvrable and fast. Limited stamina for sustained flight)
    • All body keratin is black.
    • Thin sharp antelope-like horns
    • Horns, tail and wings have overlapping serrated keratin scales along dorsal.
    • Eyes possess tapetum lucidum with minimal pupil contraction. Extremely sensitive to light.
  • Memory shapeshifter 7 years old– consumed from Ouroboros teammate Reo.
  • Superficial mimic of humanoid forms.
  • Must use images of target to gain a perfect visual copy. Recordings are necessary to perfect voice. New scars or marks can’t be copied unless seen.
  • Changes in height require exact numbers.
  • Useful for blending as a random citizen, using various targets features.
  • A painful time-consuming process as bones extend or shrink.
  • Claws (8 years old) – test to determine blood needed for permanent quirk acquisition.
  • Nails on hands and feet grow continuously to sharp tips.
  • Only as strong as regular nails.
  • Return to sharp tips a week after cutting.

Note – blood began to change colour, blackish.

  • Enhanced sense of smell (8 years old).
  • Dog-like sense of smell.
  • Ability to track scent to target with target's initial scent.
  • Emotion sense (8 years old) – first quirk fed specifically for their future hunting heroes.
  • Sense emotions of 20 people at once. Training increased to 50 people.
  • Similar emotions blend and slip focus easily. Different is easier to detect thus able to monitor all people subconsciously.
  • Must have seen the target at least once.
  • Long term surveillance to gage intensions.  

Note – all bodies blood black. The biggest blood vessels visible through the skin over the whole body. Blood pH dropped to 6.

  • The bone scythe (9 years old)– fed to Tiamat to ensure a weapon is always available.
  • A weapon created from users’ own bones. – specific to each user. Original had kitchen knives. Tiamat has childish game/anime inspired scythe.
  • Bones become weaker after weapon creation/summon. Unsummoning weapon recovers most of the lost bone.
  • Weapons are deceptively sharp and strong as the average human femur.
  • Repair quirk (9 years old) – given to ensure Tiamat can manage their own injuries.
  • Ability to repair minor to severe and life-threatening injuries on self or others.
  • Requires intimate knowledge and understanding of body and injury to fix.
  • Tiamat helped in the lab and practised dissections to speed up the knowledge of the body. Keeps human anatomy book to cross-reference.
  • Vastly quicker than natural healing but slowest of healing quirks. Requiring hours to locate and slowly repair injuries, attempting to rush causes quirk to fail, sometimes resulting in more damage. Causes severe pain during healing but no fatigue.
  • Can create small replacement sections of flesh and organs if given enough time. Can reattach limbs if recent. Can also use “donor” of same blood type however quirks can’t be used in the foreign limb.
  • Life-threatening injuries hardest to heal but if target stays stable enough usually survive.

Note – two days after consuming quirk, Tiamat was found screaming and clawing at their skin. After being taken to the lab, their skin began to melt into a black puddle. Within five hours Tiamat was completely gone leaving only the “puddle”. Testing was conducted on liquid and found it responded to stimulus, makeup was the same as Tiamat’s black blood. Blood was kept in a secure container and given nutrient blends. Within a week section of blood solidified into an arm-like structure. Two weeks Tiamat could completely create their body, albeit notably liquid but capable of speech. By the third week, Tiamat looked exactly as they did prior to the event. Using shapeshifting can create a complete human body, but black blood liquid is the true form.

You can still remember that day. You were terrified. Betrayed by your own quirk. Eaten alive from the inside. But like the Doctor said, your quirk was never supposed to evolve to that extent. You were probably meant to be like that copycat at UA. Monamna or whatever. Only using one quirk at a time, with a limit on how many you could hold at once. You wonder if anyone could guess the limits on copycat quirks, on many quirks are for the user’s survival. Anyone except Ujiko. You wonder that Monomna kid realises how dangerous his quirk could be. If he pushed it. If it evolved like yours. It would kill him or any of those around him if he went feral. Luckily heroes so rarely suffer forced evolutions. After all, it’s the result of starvation, trauma and near-death experiences after quirk manifestation. You know some crime groups force such conditions on those with unique quirks. Before trigger. Even now it seems the safer option, fewer side effects, but it’s not a guarantee to force an evolution. 

Either way may as well continue reading Tomura isn’t back yet. There isn’t much left to read.

Note 2 – a small volume of Tiamat’s blood kept in a test tube. When exposed to blood it consumed and multiplied until suddenly stopping. Tiamat came to lab complaining they were seeing and hearing double. Proceeded to move to the test tube and stare at the blood. Testing confirmed Tiamat’s blood can become independent outside body consuming and growing until linked to rest of bodies consciousness, from which Tiamat can control and see/hear from both body and blood point of view.

Note 3 – discovered parasitic properties by testing Tiamat’s blood on living humans. Small volume ate host from inside rapidly. Blood connected to consciousness slowly ate host but could also control sections of muscles by consuming them before replacing them. Parasitic blood was also capable of slowly eating brain gaining knowledge of the host. Near debilitates Tiamat due to influx of feeling and information. Hosts quirk is lost in the process.

Note 4 – from now on testing on Tiamat and specimens quirk before allowing permanent acquisition. Consuming incompatible quirk will result in death.

  • Teleportation (14 years old) – first quirk since the volatile event. Tested compatible with no issues after consumption.
  • User owner quirk. Can only transport carriable items.
  • Requires the coordinates and an image of the location.


Sold to underground KingsX: September 2104 by Aunt and Uncle.

Rented for: Sex within and outside the group. Lure.

Sold to Ouroboros – 28/03/2107

Ouroboros Operative: 21/12/2107 – 20/01/2109 

Training: Stealth, infiltration, assassination, manipulation, knife and gun.  

Ouroboros Codename: Apate

After helping Ouroboros property escape teammate Reo killed. Tiamat locked with the corpse and consumed shapeshifting.

Bought by All For One: 20/01/2109

Became All For One’s second prodigy. Tomura will rule the empire. Nerezza will support him as I have All For One.

Scanning to the bottom of the document you find something new.

Quirk testing:

Chisaki Kai – Quirk Overhaul INCOMPATIBLE

How sweet looks like Tomura is getting the Doctor to search out quirks for you. Pity you’ve seen Overhaul. It looks like such fun to use. The newest name catches your attention.

Hawks – Quirk Fierce Wings COMPATIBLE

Something you need to consider. You’d love the chance you use those pretty wings to butcher his allies. But you’re not sure how his wings would work with your bat ones. You can always test it out first. You have a feeling you know why his name is on the list too. The Doctor keeps you up to date on most of Tomura’s plans. If he is truly in trouble rules allow you to intervene. You’ve heard the No. 2 pro was trying to turn tail heroes but given his name on this list, Tomura suspects he’s a double agent. 

Birdy better hope not. You hate traitors. 

What you're doing to Katsuki doesn’t count. You said you weren’t a hero. He never asked if you were a villain. You wouldn’t even lie if he had asked.  

Thankfully, before you can get to caught up in your not lies and mistruth, you hear the door open. “You planning on feeding me a bird, Tom?” You ask, not bothering to turn around.

“I’m not Shigaraki, Tiamat.” You jump around hearing a voice most certainly not Tomura. Ah, it’s the Doctor. Dammit, you were trying to look cool. It pisses Tomura off.

“Damn, I was hoping. Is he still coming? Or should I go back to Chicago?” The Doctor doesn’t even look at you already focusing on his papers and monitors. He may owe you for helping perfect his precious nomu. But unless it's time for your routine testing or blood donation, he cares little for you. The feeling is very much mutual.

“He was just providing the final ord –.” You interrupt him as you hear footsteps approaching the door.  Quickly turning back around and relaxing you prepare for attempt two. If it’s not Tomura, this time your killing whoever it is who ruins your second attempt.

“You planning on feeding me a bird, Tom?” You repeat as the door opens.

“A hawk actually” Ah good it is Tomura. You turn around expecting him to have a scowl on his face. But he doesn’t. He just looks tired. Exhausted. You know he has trouble sleeping at the best of times. But this is worse than usual.

You’re already opening your mouth to ask him about it before he cuts you off. “I look extra horrible, I know. I spent over a month fighting Gigantomachia then being forced into a fight with the Meta Liberation Army. I was forced to remember the thing I never wanted. I lost three fingers, broke my leg and my quirk tried to eat my arm.” He holds out his slightly decayed arm to you. You trace along the cracks as he continues. Some extend all the way to his shoulder and neck. “But I got over my trauma, you know what that is. I unlocked the full potential of my quirk. Now both our quirks try to kill us. Best yet, I’m now the Grand Commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front and all the League survived.” He’s giving you a half-smile by the end.

You smile back at him. Sensei would be proud. You are. “I could try to heal your arm if you wanted? Your fingers are beyond my help now.”

“No, don’t bother. I called you here to tell you about the newest plan. Doctor Daruma is giving me more power. Help me become far stronger. I won’t underestimate my enemies again. He says after the 'treatment’ I will be powerful enough to hold even One For All.”

You don’t like this. Tomura has that unstable look on his face. But you can understand his point. If your quirk was compatible with the treatments, you would have used it long ago. But your quirk evolved too fast. Tomura still has time, get the treatment now his quirk will never become as dangerous to himself as yours is to you. “How long will it take? What’s going to happen with your found family and your cult?” 

You get a bland look at that comment. He hates that you call the League his found family. But he never denies it anymore. “It will take four months. Ujiko says it will be hell. So, nothing new to me. I have granted the League the title of lieutenants of the front. I also granted the top four of the liberation army such titles. I trust them to keep the army’s members in line while I’m out. They have money and resources now, even some heroes on our side… Quit your smirking”

“I’m not smirking Tomura. I’m thrilled for you. You need people you can trust. Who trust in you. Who’ll help you. More than that, the group you’ve collected are perfect. The broken and the outcast. People like that built the liberation front. You treat those people as they should have been if this world were as sweet as heroes tried to make it. They will never leave you. I’ll always be here. But I’m only one person. All For One had many loyal followers, not just the money, power and influence. Treat your following as you wish we both were treated. You will gain their loyalty. There is no greater commodity in this world.”

He seems to ponder your answer. He’ll listen to you, eventually. You were always the voice of reason between you. An imperfect complementary pair. The oldest who never fully grew up and the youngest who grew up to quickly. Two powerful destructive quirks. One’s destruction outward decaying the world around them. The other's destruction inward, consuming their body from the inside. Both of you orphaned young. Tomura once haunted by faces of the family he killed. While you don’t even remember your parent's faces, only the blood of their murder. One of you to always be in the spotlight. The visual embodiment of evil. The other the silent shadow of chaos.

Tomura has since moved onto the medical bed, lying down. He turns to face you. “I’ve changed my plans since we last talked. The sickness of this society is too deep, crippling it isn’t enough. I want to destroy it all!” He looks extra manic saying it. Maybe it’s the pure white hair with his eyes. You should really get him some colour for his outfit. At least before the pastel blue livened him up. 

You smile. “You would probably go overboard with the crippling anyway. I’m not going to abandon you. We and your army will start here. Leave destruction in our wake. And from the ashes will rise something far greater.” He seems pacified. Relaxing into the medical bed.

Four months. You have no jobs left. You’ll get your new documents this week. Four months to give Katsuki a girlfriend he deserves. Before everything, he knows collapses. “So, any idea what day in April you’re going to destroy Japan? I better not be your birthday gift to yourself. I can’t beat that.”   

He huffs. “No, I don’t know. Why? You do literally nothing.”

Well, that’s just rude. You say as much to him. “I completed my last contract yesterday. Clasher. I’m now free to do whatever I want. Since you're going to be sleeping. I was wondering if I could do things you’d disapprove of. Please. It won’t affect your plans at all. Just something to make me happy.”

He narrowed his eyes when you let on it's something he won’t like. But you know he’ll give you this. So, few things can make you happy and only the most important you’d ask him to allow. He’s a good best friend and sort of brother. He’ll let you have this. The fact he hasn’t said no yet already tells you you’ll get your four months. Now to ask for something he won’t enjoy giving up.

“So Tomura. You know how you have a big Pokémon collection. With lots of nice shinies. Can I –.”


“But Tomura. Please.”


“I only want one.”

He pauses. Seeming to consider. “Which one?”

“The shiny Cyndaquil. But I’ll take an evolution if you got one.”

The way he’s glaring at you, you’d think you just sold him out to All Might himself. You really want to know what the Doctor thinks of this conversation. But you’re not breaking eye contact till he gives you that shiny. Well gives you permission to take it. You can find his room and take the shiny. You’d prefer his permission cause then you don’t have to worry about him trying to murder you.

“Fine. Take it and only it. Plus, if I wake up and whatever it is you’ve been doing has affected the army. You’ll be the first person I test my new powers on.”

“I understand Tomura. It won’t. I’m the stealthy one remember?” You smile to reassure him. He can always trust you.

You stay and talk to him as the Doctor finishes the preliminary testing. Before beginning to put Tomura under. You hold his least damaged hand squeezing four of his fingers to give him the best comfort you know. Everyone fears him. His looks, his quirk, his touch. You haven't for a very long time. You take every opportunity to prove it. 

You assure him not only will you keep your “game” away from the army. You’ll monitor the League and keep them safe. You hold his hand for a while even after his breathing even out in drug-induced sleep.

“Doctor?” You continue once you’ve gained his attention. “I don’t know how much influence you have with the lieutenants. But I’d appreciate it if you keep them from kidnapping the girlfriend of Bakugou Katsuki. At least until Tomura wakes up.”

You don’t stick around. Either he’ll do it, or he won’t. You’ll find out, eventually. If regular underling tries it, you’ll kill them. But for now, to get your Katsuki’s gift. Even if the gift is more for your amusement than his.