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two hours. two hours have passed since the last time yoongi asked taehyung to step away from the addicting computer screen. taehyung had given him the response of ‘two more matches, we’re almost in plat’! yet here he is standing at taehyung’s bedroom door, knocking once again. he heard a frustrated sigh come from the other room and mumbled words before the door cracks open.

“what?” taehyung sighs. “i’m in the middle of a match right now, hyung.” yoongi crosses his arms, his bottom lip jutting out.

“when i asked you to come out you said two more matches. did each match really go so far into overtime that it’s been an hour per game?” taehyung’s eyebrows furrow.

“hyung, these are the intense games. of course it’s going to take a while!! we’ve got a cheater on the enemy team and neither team wants to draw. it’s going to take a bit. so if you don’t mind, i’ll come back out when they capture the next objective.” a fire courses through yoongi’s body as taehyung begins to slam the door. he grabs onto the door before it closes, annoying taehyung more. “what do you want? i already told you that i’ll be out when this is done.”

“taehyung. out. now. let the enemy team win and come out here with me.” taehyung scoffs.

“i cant do that. if i let them win, my SR goes down. if i leave, it’s a penalty and yet again, my SR goes down! there’s no way i’m leaving now. why are you so persistent?” yoongi puffs his cheeks out.

“because it’s our two year anniversary, taehyung. i wanted to spend it with you instead of having you spend it with jeongguk and the rest of your teammates. four hours have already passed by, i just want you out here.” taehyung chuckles.

“you want me out there so bad? keep running your mouth. you’re gonna get me removed from the game. unless you want to wait like a good hyung until my game finishes up? oh, guess what hyung? i don’t care about what you want for today. it doesn’t matter what you want for our ‘anniversary’. i don’t care about it! i’ll do what i want today whether you like it or not. you don’t get to tell me how to celebrate.”

yoongi stands outside the door, his heart shattering as taehyung slams the door and apologizes to his teammates for having to leave for a few minutes. yoongi sniffs, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. he wills them away the best he can, his sleeve acting as a tissue. walking off, he goes to his own room to wallow in the negativity and think of everything taehyung said. he curls up into a ball under the blanket, his mind wandering deep into the land of sorrows.

the moment taehyung finishes his game in the other bedroom, he smiles in victory as he watches his SR climb up thirty points. the next tier brightly shines on his screen, meaning he’s reached grandmaster with jeongguk. he thanks his team for pulling a tough victory against a cheating hanzo, and bids a goodbye to jeongguk before leaving the game and leaving their group. he opens his lootboxes and gives his teammates endorsements before shutting his computer down. running his fingers through his hair, he recalls what he said to his lover. taehyung sighs frustratedly, upset at himself for being so rude to his lover. he thinks of what to say to the smaller man, thinks of how he can apologize and make the past four hours up to him.

taehyung makes his way to the younger’s door and knovks on it, frowning when he doesn’t get a response. yoongi stays curled under his blanket, to upset with taehyung to get up and talk to him.

“baby,” he says, “please open the door. i need to talk to you.” if he thought his heart had broken when yoongi didn’t open the door, the sadness and tear stains on his lovers face truly broke his heart even more this time around.

“what do you want, taehyung? if you’re still in the middle of gaming with koo, go away. finish ranking up to grandmaster before you come here.” taehyung sighs, bringing yoongi into a tight hug. yoongi tries to squirm out of it, eventually failing and returning the hug.

“baby, i’m so sorry. you just wanted to make today memorable and all i did was turn the memories into something negative, didn’t i? i’m done. i told my teammates i would finish tomorrow. right now, how about we go cuddle and watch your favorite movie? courtesy of me.” yoongi perks up at that.

“we can watch tazza tonight?” taehyung smiles, placing a kiss to yoongi’s forehead.

“of course we can, bub. anything to spend this anniversary with you.” the two make their way back into yoongi’s bedroom, taehyung searching for the tazza cd while yoongi gets comfortable on the bed. taehyung inserts the cd once the tv turns on, cuddling with yoongi and tangling their limbs together under the blankets. he pulls yoongi closer so that his head is on his chest, running his fingers through his hyung’s hair. they exchange quick, gentle kisses throughout the movie. they share pieces of chocolate that yoongi had stored in his room somewhere who knows how long ago, hand feeding it to one another when they get hungry. through a piece of chocolate, taehyung opens his mouth to speak.

“you know, i truly do love you, petal. i’m glad that i came out to share our anniversary with you instead of spending the whole day with jeongguk. this is my favorite day of the year, the only day of the year ever.” this gets a smile out of yoongi, who turns half of his body to look at taehyung. taehyung brings him closer, squeezing his arm as yoongi lays mostly on him.

“you think so? because i think so, too. i’m happy that you came out to join me today. and i’m happy that i love you too.” the two continue to watch the movie in silence, smiling the entire way through. eventually, the end credits appear on the tv screen. and as a rose color gently touches the sky, the credits come to an end. the two fall asleep in each other’s arms. halos form over their heads as the two lovers meet each other in their love-filled dreams.