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And So The Story Begins

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Midoriya goes into heat quietly, as if that’ll stop it from being noticed. It doesn’t, of course; he shares a dorm with mostly Alphas. While 1-B is a well-balanced mix of all three secondaries, 1-A is made up of only two Omegas, two Betas, and a whopping sixteen Alphas. The Hero classes are arranged so that there is an even distribution of high and low scorers and recommendation students in each, so that neither class can claim they’re the better one. Secondary sexes are considered unimportant in that light, and rightly so. It doesn’t stop Monoma from being an asshole about it, but some people are incorrigible.

So, Midoriya walks out of the elevator one morning late in the school year, Todoroki at his back, and fifteen heads swivel to stare at him.

“Um,” he says, as several people avert their eyes respectfully, “I’m not actually in heat yet. There’s about a week until that. I was going to request a room in a separate dorm for that.”

“What? No way!” Uraraka says, rising from her breakfast so fast she nearly topples the table she’s at, “Deku, you shouldn’t have to move because of your heat! That’s like one of those huts in Nepal, and I won’t let that happen to you!”

“What?” Shouji mutters.

“Period huts, they’re not just in Nepal,” Jirou replies quietly, as Uraraka waxes poetical about how they’ll keep Midoriya safe and happy during his heat, “They kick out anyone having a period and sometimes Omegas in heat, if they don’t want to risk having kids, and make them live in a little hut in the wilderness for however long it lasts.”

“No huts!” several people declare at once, having heard her explanation. Midoriya is looking a little teary-eyed at all the support by this time, and several people start hovering around him, offering to get his breakfast and trying to lead him to a chair, and generally becoming stereotypically nosy, coddling Alphas in three seconds flat.

“Some of you have never been around an Omega in heat,” Bakugou says flatly, still focussed on his breakfast, “And it shows.”

“Bakugou! What’s Midoriya's favourite brand of coconut water? He’s running low!” Kaminari cries from the fridge, looking alarmed.

“HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?” Bakugou yells back. The majority of his classmates are soon caught up in trying to please the rapidly-nearing-overwhelmed Omega, and Bakugou eventually sighs in frustration and rises to go to his room to finish his breakfast in peace.


“Operation: Help With Midoriya’s Nest” starts as soon as they realise that Midoriya will be needing a nest. Which is approximately three point four seconds after they leave the dorm in a way-too-tight huddle, all hovering around Midoriya and his new bodyguard, Todoroki, who glares at anyone that gets too close.

A new group chat is formed and they get to work plotting how they’re going to each give Midoriya an item of clothing for his nest without seeming way too eager.

They’re so absorbed in their scheming that they completely miss the look of weary resignation that crosses their homeroom teacher’s face and the watchful gaze of every subsequent teacher who walks through the classroom door. The five remaining classmates not caught up in their not-so-subtle plotting watch their antics through the day with varying levels of discomfort (and ire, in Bakugou’s case), chief among them Midoriya, who doesn’t know what to do with so much positive attention. It’s very new, and very different to what he’s experienced previously.

That evening, fifteen out of the sixteen 1-A Alphas all tromp up to Midoriya’s room, each of them carrying their favourite item of clothing – freshly-scented – and Kirishima does the honours and knocks.

There is no answer.

He knocks again.

Resounding silence.

“Midoriya?” he calls, hesitant and concerned. The guy isn’t normally in bed until past ten, there’s no way he’s asleep before eight.

“He’s at his nest,” Mineta says, half-hanging out his doorway as he frowns at the group taking up most of the hall.

“Oh!” Kirishima says, lighting up, “That’s great, then!”

“Yeah, we can deliver these straight to it!” Uraraka agrees.

“Maybe he’ll let us help construct it?” Kaminari suggests with enthusiasm.

“Where’s his nest, Mineta?” Yaomomo asks.

Mineta’s frown doesn’t shift. “As if I’d tell you.”

“He’s already recruited the Betas into his pack,” Iida declares, “Of course, very clever!”

“But- we want to be in his pack, too!” Ashido says forlornly.

“He must know we have no ill intentions,” Tokoyami agrees, frowning.

“He had a group of crazy, clucky Alphas up in his business all day,” Mineta says, “He probably doesn’t want you in a ten-mile radius.”

“You only think that because that’s how girls feel when you’re around,” Jirou scoffs.

“Come on,” Ojirou says over his sputtering, “We can ask Toru – she might be nice enough to tell us.”

She is not.

“He didn’t say it, but I think you guys freaked him out,” she tells them, with much less derision and much more sympathy than Mineta, “So he and Todoroki are setting up his nest somewhere private. I’ve been sworn to secrecy as one of his Betas, so you’ll understand if I don’t say anymore.”

“You’re taking this really seriously!” Satou says admiringly.

“Of course!”

“As is to be expected from a future Hero!” Iida states, “You are a woman of great integrity!”

The sleeve of her pyjama top goes up, and she says, “You can’t see it, but I’m giving you a thumbs up. Maybe cool it and he’ll come to you?”

“Okay. Thanks anyway, Toru.”

“No probs, Mashi-kun!”

So, they make their way to the living room to regroup, only to find Midoriya waiting for them.

“Hey, everyone,” he says, smiling even as Todoroki stares them all down from behind him, utterly unimpressed and unafraid to show it.

“Mineta texted you?” Shouji guesses, and Midoriya nods.

“I asked him to let me know if any of you came looking for me. I, uh, don’t know if I was actually expecting anyone. Let alone all of you.”

“Why ever not?” Iida asks, “Surely you know that, with or without a formal attachment, we consider ourselves a pack.”

“I just-” he shrugs, “I’ve never had anything like this before. I normally take the whole pre-heat and heat off and stay at home. I can’t just disappear here, though; we all live together now. So, I thought I’d just take off the actual heat. But you were all so enthusiastic, and I got a little scared, and so I decided to hide-”

“Izuku,” Todoroki interrupts, which gets Midoriya back on track.

“Right, yeah, sorry. Um.”

“Midoriya,” Kirishima says, taking a step forward and half a step back as Todoroki snarls at him. “Sorry, too close, my bad! Midoriya. We, as a group, would each like to formally offer you something with our scent on it, to use in your nest, if you’d like.”

Midoriya’s eyes fill with tears, and the gaggle of Alphas all freeze to stop themselves rushing over to comfort him. Todoroki looks fit to kill them if they so much as breathe too heavily. But after a second Midoriya sniffs, clears his throat, and says, “Sorry, sorry. I’ve never had people who wanted to offer me scents, before. I’m over-reacting, sorry.”

“You’re not over-reacting, it’s a big deal!” Kaminari declares.

“Yeah! We’re properly forming a pack now – this is super important!” Uraraka agrees.

Midoriya wipes his eyes, and nods. “Can I see what you have?”

Kirishima steps forward, after a glance at Todoroki, and offers his piece. “It’s my favourite Crimson Riot hoodie; I love it to pieces. Will you accept this to put in your nest?”

Midoriya takes the offered hoodie and smiles up at him, “I will. Thank you, Eijirou.”

A murmur of excitement goes up from the remaining Alphas, and Kirishima beams. “Thank you for accepting, Izuku.”

One by one, each of the Alphas approaches and ceremonially hands Midoriya their clothing. Each of them is then called by their given name, and are allowed to respond in kind. By the end of it, Todoroki is holding half the pile and looking much less annoyed at them, and Midoriya is very bright pink and almost glowing from the hundred-watt smile he’s shining around.

“Thank you, everyone. Um, could you all step outside while we take this back to my nest? I’d still like to keep it a secret.”

“Of course, we’ll get out of your hair,” Aoyama declares, instantly taking to ushering the others out the front door, with the help of Ashido and Iida.

Once they’re all gone, Midoriya and Todoroki retreat to the vacant room next to Todoroki’s, on the top floor, and Todoroki leaves Midoriya to the mound of new nesting materials.

“Knock if you need any help,” he says as he goes.

“I will. Thanks, Shouto,” Midoriya says, “You’re the best.”

He shrugs; “I’m not the one with more than a dozen mates fawning over me.”

Midoriya blushes bright red at the word “mates”, and says, “You just wait. You’re next.”

“That circus is for one guy, Izuku, and it’s not me,” he says, and then goes.

Midoriya smiles – because that circus will definitely be putting on a repeat performance whenever Todoroki goes into heat – and starts assembling his nest. Once the offerings have all been arranged, he sits in the centre of the soft circle and sighs.

“Here goes nothing,” he mutters, and rises to make his way down to the fourth floor.

He knocks on Bakugou’s door, awaiting a screaming match for waking the other boy, and gets a fuzzy glare instead.

“The fuck you want, nerd?” he asks, rubbing an eye.

“Can I have something from you for my nest?” he asks, not bothering to beat around the bush. It will only annoy the grumpy Alpha more if he wastes his time, he knows.

Said grumpy Alpha stares at him for a long moment, and then turns and plods back into his room. He digs out a long-sleeved t-shirt from his closet, rubs his face and neck all over it, and then holds it out to Izuku, who is still standing respectfully in the doorway.

“Don’t fucking wake me up next time.”

“’Kay. My nest is in the spare room next to Shouto-kun’s, by the way. I’m telling you this in confidence, so please don’t tell the other Alphas.”

Bakugou stares again, and asks, “Are you acknowledging me as the Dominant?”

“We all know it’s you, Kacchan,” Midoriya shrugs, “We just don’t normally discuss dominance, so we don’t mention it.”

“Huh,” Bakugou says, “Great. Go the fuck to sleep.”

“On it. Goodnight, Kacchan.”

“Whatever, Deku.”


The next day, Aizawa brings a stranger into their classroom.

“This is Mr Kimura, he’s a psychologist specialising in pack bonds, particularly in younger people. Hero students often develop pack bonds and are counselled appropriately by our on-campus counsellor. However, I’ve never seen an entire class attempt to form a singular pack. Hence the specialist. Please listen to what he has to say.”

And with that, he gets into his sleeping bag and sets himself up for a nap. Mr Kimura doesn’t so much as blink – he must know about Aizawa’s ways – and says, “I’d just like to start by saying that at this stage I am in no way intending to interfere with whatever bonds you’re planning to form between yourselves. I have a few sheets here that I would like you to fill in as honestly as you can, which I will be looking over to ascertain your mental states and how ready you may be to undertake such a commitment, given your age. I rarely see unhealthy packs form in Hero courses, but if I see anything of concern, we will be able to intervene early.”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to interfere,” Sero said.

“I won’t, unless I see something of concern in your results. And I mean truly concerning – the level of concern which would also likely end with your expulsion. As you all have your provisionary licenses, I have to assume that you all possess the calibre of character that allows you to be Heroes – which almost certainly excludes you from being labelled “at risk”.”

Todoroki scoffs, and raps his fingernails across his desk. The rest of the class all tense at the sound, aware of why he had made it and unhappy that Kimura is making him uncomfortable.

Kimura looks a little surprised at the reaction, but moves on without comment. Clearly, the man is adept at reading his audience. “Now, who are the Omegas in the class?”

Midoriya and Todoroki raise their hands and are passed their sheets.


Hagakure and Mineta are also passed different sheets.

“And would you say there is a Dominant Alpha?”

“Bakugou,” the class choruses, a few people going so far as to point him out, and Bakugou accepts his sheet with only a mild frown at the rest of them.

All the other Alphas are handed sheets as well, then, and are soon set to filling in their responses. It takes all of homeroom, and Kimura tells them that he should have the verdict by afternoon dismissal.

Once he and Aizawa head off, the class erupts into indignant muttering.

“I can’t believe we’re getting a specialist!” Ashido exclaims, “We’re not that weird! Even Mr Aizawa said that packs are normal!”

“Yeah, but not big ones,” Kaminari reasons.

“Also, trauma,” Jirou adds, “There’s a lot of undiscussed trauma in here.”

“And we’re not going to start now,” Tokoyami butts in.

“Here, here,” a few people mutter.

“I think it’s good,” Asui announces, “If he gives us a report, we might end up with a better idea of how our pack dynamic works, kerro.”

“Besides, we know none of us are psychotic!” Kirishima says, grinning, “And we make great teams in any combination, so as a pack we’d be unstoppable!”

“That doesn’t necessarily make us healthy for each other,” Shouji says.

“Several of your just thought of me,” Bakugou growls, “And I didn’t like it.”

“I dunno, you’d definitely be the questionable one,” Sero agrees.

“And Mineta,” Jirou adds.


“I hope he thinks we’re okay,” Midoriya says, eying the door with concern, “I like this pack.”

“We’ll be fine!” Uraraka declares, “We know we’re a good pack!”

She’s right, in the end.

“Nothing of great concern, and it’s good to know that some of you have known each other for longer than just the span of your high school career,” Kimura informs them, “I’ve given my report to Mr Aizawa, and he will be uploading it to your intranet so that you can all access it. Thank you for your cooperation today, and congratulations!”

And so, 1-A is able to return to their dorm that evening content in the knowledge that their pack has been officially approved by someone with some actual expertise in the subject. Midoriya sets up on the couch once he’s done his homework, Todoroki beside him with an arm flung around him to ward off unwanted advances, and the rest of the class trickle downstairs over the course of the evening just to hang around together. They spread over the couches and floor, and a few people pull up chairs, and sit and chat and get rowdy like any other group of teenagers, until Bakugou comes stomping out of the lift at midnight and growls, “Sleep. Now.”

It’s admittedly a good call – they still have class tomorrow – so they all say their goodnights and file off to bed.

It’s lonely, after spending most of the evening with the rest of their friends, but they deal with it in their own ways, and all of them get to sleep eventually.


The next evening, Shinsou appears on their doorstep.

“Heyy, it’s Brainfreeze!” Kaminari exclaims as he opens the door, “What can we do for you, Shinsou?”

“Uh, is Midoriya in? I wanted to… ask him something.”

The doorway is instantly filled with hissing Alphas, and he steps backwards and nearly trips off the stairs.

“Oh my god, calm down!” Hagakure hollers, pushing her way through to the front of the huddle and doing her best to shoo her classmates away. “Back! Back, I say! Sorry, Shinsou-kun, they’re getting fussy over the dorm since the, uh, event is happening soon. Kaminari less so, apparently.”

“He’s totally not a threat!” Kaminari calls from behind the other door, where he’s been shoved aside by the tidal wave of defensive Alpha.

“It’s okay. I didn’t realise you were all like this,” Shinsou says, shrugging it off awkwardly, “I suppose I should have known. I’ll go, don’t mind me.”

“What’s in the bag?” Ashido asks abruptly, pointing at the large paper bag in his hands.

His grip on the handles tightens spasmodically, and he shrugs jerkily. “Nothing. Something I wanted to give to Midoriya. None of your business.”

“Wait there,” Sero orders, and yanks them all back into the dorm with a quick flick of his tape, a protesting Hagakure included, slamming the door in their wake.

Shinsou stares at the closed door for a moment, and then shakes his head and turns to leave. He doesn’t get far, because Midoriya is walking in from the road.

“Shinsou-kun!” he says in greeting, grinning brightly as he walks up the path. Todoroki walks in step beside him, eyes narrowed at the new Alpha in their territory. Midoriya pays him no mind, and asks, “What brings you here?”

Shinsou seizes the moment, and says, “You, actually. I wanted to- Midoriya, would you accept an offering of mine for your nest?”

“EXCUSE ME, DID WE SAY YOU COULD- AGH!” someone yells from behind him, but when he whips around, the door has already slammed shut again.

“Ignore them, they’re stupid,” Todoroki says blandly.

“… Right.”

“Can I see what you have?” Midoriya asks, and Shinsou descends the rest of the stairs to hand Midoriya his bag. Inside is his favourite winter robe, sewn for him by his grandmother, and he tells him as much.

“Will you accept it?” he asks, and Midoriya beams.

“I will. Thank you, Hitoshi.”

Shinsou grins, relieved, and says, “Thank you for accepting, Izuku.”

“I guess he’s allowed inside, then,” Tokoyami says from the doorway.

“Who?” someone from further inside yells.

“Midoriya accepted something for his nest from Shinsou!” Jirou calls back.

“Oh, cool, Bakugou made way too much for dinner!”

“So I’d have leftovers, fucker, not to feed strays!”

“There’s at least enough for leftovers for two days even if we do feed Shinsou; you cook like a grandma.”

“I don’t fucking hear you complaining!”

“Come on, Hitoshi-kun, come inside,” Midoriya says, nodding towards the entrance.

“Okay,” he says, and then winces, because does he really want to be entering the lion’s den?

“Face it, you’ll be spending a decent portion of next week in this dorm,” Todoroki says, “May as well get a feel for the mayhem now.”

“It’s always like this?”

“Yup!” Midoriya says, “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“I would.”



There are no more offers of nesting material from outside their class over the weekend, and by Sunday evening the Alphas have barricaded the windows on the lowest floor, secured as many doors and windows as they’re able to, and are arguing over how to best protect the courtyard when Midoriya appears, soft-looking and sleepy, in the living room where they’re plotting.

All conversation ceases, because the sweet smell of an Omega in heat just has that effect on most Alphas.

“Oh, wow, that’s cooler than any quirk,” Mineta snorts.

“Shut up, you,” Ashido snaps, “How are you feeling, Izukun?”

“I’m good. The suppressants are obviously working, but they make me pretty drowsy,” he reports, shrugging uncaringly. He rarely shows much concern for his own wellbeing, and the Alphas all whine unhappily as the habit reappears. Midoriya doesn’t get it – he may well never get it – and smiles at them. “I’m okay! I was wondering if some of you might come sleep in my nest with me tonight, though.”

They all sit up straighter at this announcement, though they know it will be Midoriya’s closest friends that get the top pick.

Uraraka, Iida, Asui, and Aoyama are all indeed picked, and Midoriya bids the rest of them goodnight and leads them up to the top floor.

“Ah, of course,” Iida says when Midoriya pushes open the door to his nest room, “Close to Todoroki, just in case. Well chosen, Izuku!”

“Thanks, Tenya-kun,” he smiles, pausing and tilting his head as he surveys his nest pile. Todoroki is already there, seated cross-legged near the centre of the bowl and looking very much ready to go to sleep already – he’s normally early to bed and early to rise, and unused to having to wait up for someone else.

Midoriya apologises, tells him he won’t take long, and then pulls his Alphas over to the nest one by one and arranges them around the space. Uraraka will lie at his front, he decides, and obviously Todoroki will be at his back – a position which is both traditional and instinctual for an Omega assisting another Omega through a heat. Iida will lie beside Todoroki, Asui beside Uraraka, and when he asks, Aoyama says that he will be happy to snuggle in at their legs, so long as none of them kick in their sleep.

Over the course of the night, the loose arrangement gets tighter, until they’re all spooned together, centred around Midoriya, who sleeps peacefully in the middle of his packmates. Even Aoyama is cosy, despite using Uraraka’s left shin for a pillow and having his knees tangled with Midoriya’s ankles.

None of them are lonely, and none of them have trouble sleeping.


The next morning is nearly a disaster.

“I don’t wanna go!” Kaminari whines, looking towards the door with unconcealed distaste, “Why did we fortify the dorm if we’re just going to leave?”

“It’s for Izuku’s safety, so that he’ll be well-defended while we’re gone.”

“And you really needn’t have gone to all the trouble,” Todoroki points out, “He could maim anyone who tried to take advantage of him while we’re in class. His quirk is the strongest, physically, out of almost anyone in the school.”

“No one is immune to ambush,” Kouda frets quietly.

“I don’t want to leave either,” Iida states with feeling – and it carries more weight now that he smells so strongly of the sweet scent that Midoriya radiates even despite the suppressants. “Unfortunately, we have class. We cannot shirk our responsibilities because of selfish desires! Even Izuku will be studying via video link!”

“Why can’t we all do that?” Shouji asks, “It would satisfy our instincts and we could still attend class.”

“Mezo’s right. Why didn’t we ask to arrange this last week?” Tokoyami asks, frowning stormily.

“I’m not going anywhere!” Kaminari announces.

“Call dad!” Sero yells, and then there’s a scuffle as several people all dive for the phone which serves as a direct link to their homeroom teacher.

Bakugou, eating his breakfast with utter calm, watches the show dispassionately and regrets all the decisions he’s made that have tied him to these idiots.

“Fine,” Aizawa agrees over loudspeaker, to cheers and general jubilation.


The jubilation ceases.

“If any of your grades slip because you’re spending too much time focussing on whatever your hormones are asking of you, you will all return to normal classroom teaching. Barring Midoriya, obviously. Am I understood?”

“Yes, sir!” they all announce.

He then directs them on how to set up the TV properly and has them swap the couches for the dining tables and chairs, so they have somewhere to work from. Midoriya, in comfy pyjamas and clutching his morning high-protein hot chocolate, watches his pack work on their living space with a happy smile.

Disaster averted, they get through the school day without further incident. Come evening, once their homework is completed to Iida’s satisfaction and quickly checked over by Yaomomo to ensure quality, the tables are swapped back out for the couches, and they all settle in for a movie.

Midoriya sits with Todoroki on his right, and pulls Tokoyami to sit on his left, arranging him sort of like a human cushion. Uraraka pouts, a little jealous, but says nothing; she’s had her turn, and she knows better than to make a fuss.

Halfway through Meet The Robinsons, there’s a knock at the front door.

“It’s Shinsou!” the visitor calls, effectively calming the horde of territorial Alphas who had been seconds from charging through the door to chase off the intruder.

“Hitoshi-kun!” Midoriya beams once Yaomomo has ushered him inside.

“Hey,” he says, glancing around with somewhat forced nonchalance at the huge pack he’s found himself a part of, “I noticed none of you were in today; I thought they might have shipped you off somewhere.”

“No, no; nobody wanted to leave me by myself, that’s all,” Midoriya assures him, and Shinsou smiles. Tokoyami chins Midoriya’s hair, and then rises up, gesturing for Shinsou to take his place.

“Fumikage-kun?” Midoriya asks, looking a little bereft.

“I get to be around you all day, Izuku,” he says, “Shinsou will only get a few hours before curfew; he may as well have one day where he can sit beside you for the evening.”

Shinsou looks stunned, and says, “You don’t have to.”

“I insist,” he replies, “I’ll be sleeping in his nest at least once, as well. You won’t get that opportunity.”

Alphas,” Midoriya murmurs, tears springing to his eyes, “You guys are amazing!”

What’s truly amazing is the way that every Alpha in the room shudders at his words. Praise from one of the pack’s Omegas, in that tone of voice, whilst in heat, is borderline pornographic.

“Let’s keep this PG, please,” Hagakure says, “Also, I’d really like to finish this movie!”

“Sorry, Toru-chan,” Midoriya says, and the spell is broken. Shinsou seats himself beside Midoriya and melts a little as he wiggles himself into a comfortable position under his arm. While Tokoyami is shorter than Midoriya, Shinsou is notably taller, and his lanky limbs encompass the Omega easily.

“You really have put on a lot of muscle, huh, Hitoshi-kun?” he says quietly as the movie plays.

“Hero’s gotta train,” he says, heart stuttering as Midoriya’s arms encircle his ribs. He kicks his legs up onto the couch, too, to drape them over Shinsou’s lap and tuck his toes into the gap between the cushion and the armrest. Shinsou starts up an involuntary purr that refuses to cease, and Midoriya soaks up his Alpha’s affection with great enthusiasm.

That night, after managing to pry himself from Shinsou’s arms in time for the other boy to get back to his dorm before curfew – looking forlorn the whole time he’s leaving – Midoriya picks Tokoyami, Shouji, Satou, and asks politely if Kouda feels up to joining them. The shy Alpha nods that yes, he’d be happy to, and Midoriya beams and leads them all away upstairs.

“Okay, so, when is he going to take Bakugou up?” Kaminari wonders, only asking because Bakugou has been asleep since eight o’clock, as per usual, and isn’t around to rage at him for asking.

“Maybe he already has?” Asui suggests, “Bakugou didn’t offer him any clothing, but I definitely smelled something of his in the nest last night.”

“Izuku probably would’ve had to ask him, though, right?” Sero says thoughtfully.

“How like Bakugou to make an Omega come to him instead of offering as he should,” Iida says, full of disapproval.

“Izuku-chan isn’t exactly a traditional Omega, though,” Asui pipes up again, “We should put aside any expectations we’ve gotten from tv about both him and Todoroki-kun; they’re not stereotypes, they’re people. And they’re our friends, besides.”

“You’re right, Tsu-chan,” Ashido says, “It’s our job to support them, not make them doubt themselves.”

“It’s time for bed, guys,” Ojirou sighs, rising with a stretch, “We’ve still got class tomorrow, so we should sleep before Bakugou comes down to yell at us again.”

They say their goodnights and disperse. At midnight, Bakugou prowls down to the main area, surveys it, and scoffs. Come morning, the tables and couches have switched places again, ready for school, and no one will admit that they were the one who moved the furniture. Kirishima grins at Bakugou, who silently shovels food into his mouth despite the theories of ghosts and helpful dorm brownies being tossed around the room, but says nothing.


The next day, during their lunch break, Aizawa turns up at their door with Shinsou in tow.

“He'll be staying here, this week,” their teacher explains, while Shinsou scratches awkwardly at the back of his head, “His homeroom teacher noticed his scent, despite his classmates trying to cover for him. You should have told me you had an additional pack member from outside of the class.”

“It turns out we're not very good at planning,” Kaminari offers.

“It's not as is we've ever done this before,” Yaomomo says reassuringly, “We're learning.”

“As are the staff,” Aizawa agrees, “This is the first year we've implemented a dorm system, after all; our information on how to handle situations like yours is entirely based on case studies from other boarding schools. And none of those are putting their kids through half as many traumatic situations as you kids. Prepare to have half a dozen psychology papers written about your pack in future.”

“Fucking wonderful,” Bakugou sneers.

“In any case, I'll leave him in your care. His room is on the fourth floor. Remember to do your homework.”

“Yes, sir!” they chorus, and he turns and lets himself out.

Shinsou watches him leave, his bag gripped tightly in his hands, and jumps when Iida steps into his field of view. “Shall we put your things away?”

“Ah, yeah, sure,” he nods jerkily, following along in Iida's wake as the class prez explains some of their mutually-agreed-upon dorm rules.

“Class-Dad is best Dad,” Sero mutters to Tsuyu, jerking his chin at Midoriya who is watching his Alphas wander off with a bright smile.

Their class, plus one, goes as smoothly as it had the day before, and ends much the same as well. That evening, it’s Kirishima being cuddled, however, and when it’s time for bed Midoriya takes him by the hand, and asks for Kaminari, Shinsou, and Ashido to accompany him to his nest.

The remaining students all reset the living room, ready for the next day of class.

No one is surprised when the remaining Alphas – Jirou, Yaoyorozu, Sero, and Ojirou are whisked away that night, but they are left wondering the morning after.

“Is he really not going to spend a night in Izuku's nest?” Kaminari ponders, plastered to Shinsou's side and not allowing the other Alpha to escape the conversation he really doesn’t want to be a part of.

“I don’t know if Izuku's actually asked,” Kirishima replies, “And it’s not like Bakugou's just gonna do it himself.”

“Aren't dominant Alphas supposed to spend every night with their Omega, though?” Ashido asks, “I mean, it should have been Todoroki on one side, Bakugou on the other, and the rest of us as nest-fillers.”

“I don’t think Izuku thinks of any of us as nest-fillers, though,” Kirishima reminds them reasonably, “We're all his friends and packmates, and I doubt he’d want any of us to feel left out. Obviously, we all have our own close friends and relationships inside the pack, but Izuku is an Omega; he wants us all to be as close as possible.”

“It makes me all warm inside,” Ashido says, giving herself a tight hug, “knowing that an Omega wanted me in his nest, even for a night. Even if I had to share it with Kaminari.”

“Hey!” Kaminari yelps, finally letting go of Shinsou to chase a laughing Ashido around the living room.

“It is nice, having this,” Shinsou agrees, “I don’t know why Bakugou is trying to distance himself from it.”

“Bakugou and Izuku have a history,” Kirishima admits quietly, and Shinsou raises an eyebrow. “They were childhood friends, and then something happened, and then Bakugou hated Izuku for some reason, and now they back to being friends-ish.”


“When you get to the Hero Course, you’ll see what I mean. They genuinely enjoy beating each other half to death – it’s like their version of playtime.”

“Sounds like you and Tetsutetsu.”

Kirishima blinks, and then laughs. “Like that, but less bros and more yelling.”

“Shinsou, save me!” Kaminari suddenly cries, and Shinsou looks over to see him being held in a very form headlock by Ashido.

“Save yourself,” Shinsou says.


“Save yourself, dumbass.”

And then Kaminari masterfully frees himself of Ashido's grasp and flips her on her back.

Kirishima whistles as Kaminari is released from Shinsou’s quirk and starts staring at his own hands, amazed. “That’s so cool.”

“It’s nothing,” Shinsou shrugs. But he’s smiling, so it clearly means something.

That night, no one is asked to the nest. The pack is disquieted, but reluctant to say anything about it. Bakugou heads off to bed at his usual time, and Midoriya bids them all sweet dreams when Todoroki announces that he’s ready to sleep as well.

They debate locking the three in a room to make sure they at least simulate a night in a nest, but eventually sense wins out – the three strongest Heroes in their year will not be deterred by something as flimsy as a locked wooden door if they really want to get past it.

The next morning, they realise their fears are unfounded. Bakugou strolls into the kitchen to get his breakfast smelling like he’s bathed in Midoriya’s sweet pheromones, and the Omegas are both the picture of contentment.

As their first Omega’s heat comes to an end, Class 1-A (plus one) are united in mutual affection (which one of them will vehemently deny experiencing for several years yet) and the knowledge that they’re in this together, for the long haul.

No one mentions that Bakugou never quite stops smelling like Midoriya afterwards.