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Noise Complaints

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To: Finstock, B.

From: Collins, A.

Subject: Classroom Disruptions


Hi Bobby, 

Your first period class was exceptionally lively today. Unfortunately the exuberance of your classroom was easily heard through our shared wall. The frequent yelling and screaming from your room was not conductive to their agenda checks and binder reorganization. I would appreciate if you could mind the volume of your classes for the rest of the day.

Thank you for your assistance, 




To: Finstock, B.

From: Collins, A.

Subject: Practice Stock Exchange


Hi Bobby,

Thank you for explaining your lesson plan and the "essentialness" of an "authentic" trading floor. I will pass along your well wishes to my 2nd period students tomorrow. As spoken, please do watch the volume of your class.

Thank you for your assistance,




To: Finstock, B.

From: Collins, A.

Subject: Re: Practice Stock Exchange


Hi Bobby,

Thank you for helping thus far; there was a significant decrease in screaming during 3rd period. However, I and my students couldn't help but notice the yelling is still quite prevalent. Please kindly remember my class benefits from a quieter environment.

Thank you for your assistance,




To: Counselors, All

From: Collins, A.

CC: Assistant Principals

Subject: Re: Re: Practice Stock Exchange


Hello Counselors,

I have tried and asked Bobby to keep the noise down, but it has not been working. Please see attached e-mail chain and advise. If you come by and do not hear anything, it will be because his class is at lunch.

Thank you for your assistance,




Ivan: check your e-mail guys

Brenda: Collins again, huh.

Deborah: Oh shit, that's today!

Brenda: We really need to separate their rooms next year.

Deborah: My kids raved about it!

Brenda: Why are we handling this? Where are the APs?

Deborah: I'm gonna watch one later

Ivan: same

Ivan: are the aps back

Deborah: Nope.

Deborah: Hold up, it says B has the cafeteria stage booked?

Brenda: Kandinsky sniped it for some theater thing.

Deborah: OMG

Deborah: Want me to go kick her out?

Ivan: you can try

Ivan: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jennifer: Just send Yukimura, y'all

Several people are typing...



"Hey Kira, Deb here. Could you do us a favor?"



Room Change Announcement

Please Meet in Rm 203 Today

Ms. Collins



To: Yukimura, K.

From: Walker, H.

Subject: (no subject)


ms k,

todays class was lit

can we observe more of mr finstock