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Writing Stream Shenanigans

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“Don’t speak softly!”

“What?” you asked, almost breathlessly before he slapped his hand, gently mind you, over your mouth. 

“Please, listen to me. Do not whisper. Do not speak softly. You must keep your voice either level, or make sure you’re shouting at the top of your lungs…” 

Your brows furrowed in confusion before you nodded your head lightly, humming into his hand. 

“Good, now then…” his dark eyes glanced about before he rested his hands gently behind his back. “Remember, sometimes the best thing to do is run…” 

Again you wanted to ask him why, before he grasped your hand and took off running, almost dragging you along at first, till your legs caught up. He pulled you quickly around a corner, then pushed you forward past him. “Keep going, I’ll be right behind you!”

“OH no you don’t—” you huffed as  you grabbed his arm. “— no one plays hero today, yeah? We both go, or we both don’t. That’s all there is to it…!”

“I said I would be right—” 

You practically screamed as he was pulled from your grasp, and tossed through the air, as if something quite large had picked him up and threw him about much like a small child with a doll. And you stared wide eyed at the space before you when he hit the dirt. 

And the only thing you could see was him. 

“What the fu—are you alright?!” 

“Y-yeah, I’m fine, just keep going!”

“What in the hell did I say?” you shouted back, practically storming over, and passing through whatever was standing between you and him. You grasped the front of his jacket in both hands and hauled him to his feet. “I said no one plays the fucking hero.” 

The Doctor blinked at you a moment, a light flush of color painting his cheeks before he cleared his throat softly. “Language, my dear.” 

Huffing out a laugh you took his hand instead, and pulled him along. 

...he was willing to admit he liked seeing you be forceful with him for a change.

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A sigh passed your lips as you gently rubbed your fingers against your temples. Glancing up at the window you scowled, as if that look alone would get the rain to stop. Three days now, you had listened to it patter outside your window, and for three days it left a dull, throbbing ache almost right behind your eyes. 

Cursing it quietly under your breath you shifted, hoping maybe that sitting in another position, or rubbing against your temples in a counter-clockwise fashion may make the pain go away. 

So far… it hasn’t helped. 

With a groan you lean forward, resting your elbows on the table in front of you as you rest your head in your hands. You try to drop your shoulders, only to find that a knot has appeared between them, so you shift again in your seat, hissing under your breath.

Till a gentle warmth presses against the small of your back. 

“Kadan…” Bull purrs gently into your ear as you sit up with a start. “Easy, I have you…” and without another word, he slips an arm behind your shoulders, and the other under your knees to pick you up with ease. 

“Ah! B-Bull! Please, put me down…?”

“No,” he rumbles softly, an affectionate smile on his face as he walks back to your rooms. “Just trust me.”

“I do, my heart, but—”

“Shhh…’ and he grins further as he simply pushes open the door with his foot, walking backwards into your room. Bringing you over to the bed he lays you gently upon it, mindful, as if you were fragile, then climbs in after you. Rumbling soft compliments to your ear on how lovely you are.

“Bull, I don’t need… well I don’t need that, I just need—”

He laughs, and loudly. “No, Kadan, I didn’t think you needed sex to feel better, but I had another thing in mind. Just trust me.”

With a sigh you let your head fall back against the pillows only to be turned over to your side. He wrapped a large arm about your middle and drew you close to his chest, and he practically purred when he let his lips travel along the skin of your neck. 

“Or is it you that needs sex, Bull.” 

He laughs again, shaking his head lightly as he continues to brush his lips over your skin, while his hand then moves to gently lace his fingers, in someway, with your own. “Just rest, Kadan. Know that I am here, and that my pain is yours. Though I may not be able to take it from you, I am here to comfort you, in anyway that I can.” 

A smile pulls your lips upwards as you turn your head to look over your shoulder at him. “Thank you,” and you lean more so into him as his lips cover yours in a gentle kiss. 

“Though,” he begins when the kiss ends. “If you want sex, I won’t be opposed to that either.” 

With a huff you moved your arm enough to slap him, only to get a soft purr of ‘harder’ huffed into your ear, glad that your pain was forgotten about, for now.

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You deserve so much better…

Xellos remembers telling you this. And he remembers the biting way he said it. All because you didn’t fit into his ‘masterplan’. You were an unknown factor that literally fell into his life. He had Lina to blame for that one, but that's another story. 

Yet, he never thought he would regret telling you those words. Not when you oh so willingly put yourself in harms way. 

Feeling his blood run cold as the spell struck you, instead of him, he watched with wide eyes as you fell. Yet you were smiling.


When your body fell to the ground and you curled up in slight pain, he couldn’t take his eyes off you. The color red that seeped between your fingers made him angry. 


Turning his head slowly to his—your—attacker his brows dipped down into a scowl. Never before had something angered him so quickly. Usually, he could keep that side of him at bay, tucked away in a dark part of his mind till he had need of it. Yet this… fool … turned their magic on you, instead of him. 

“You have made quite the mistake, Friend .”

The air shifted, feeling as if it was getting sucked into a void, then there was a loud pop. Not even a shriek to follow before he let out a sigh, then quickly moved to your side. He hissed at the amount of blood he saw as he pressed his hand to your wound, his mask slipping a little when you cried out softly in pain. 

“Just breathe,” he spoke to you softly. “I have you, you will be alright… “ though he was unsure if he was saying it for your benefit, or his own.

When had you come to matter so much to him? 

And again he asked himself why… ?

You weren’t part of his plan. You shouldn’t matter anymore than the rest. Yet… and yet you did. 

“It's… a s-secret..” 

He heard you softly speak through gritted teeth, causing him to blink at you in surprise. Had he spoken out loud? Or had you simply read his thoughts… ? You were nowhere near as powerful as he was, so there would be no way you could know what he was thinking. 

Could you?

“Is that so?” he asked you quietly, keeping pressure on your wound, yet somehow a smile pulled at his lips. 

“...I-I make it a point… to never lie…”

Xellos barked out a soft laugh at the fact that you had used his own words against him. It was then, that he was sure that you were part of his masterplan. 

A rather big part of that plan indeed...

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Giving off a quiet sigh, Ignis’ knee bounced as his car rounded the corner to your home. It had been long, too long for his liking, since he last saw you. He had silent the voice in his head that said you had moved on. That he was no longer welcome. That he had missed his chance…

Yet the text that you had sent him told him you would be waiting. 

No matter how long it took.

Taking a steadying breath, he slipped from the driver's seat and headed up the stairs to your apartment, pausing outside the door. His heart was pounding in his ears and he was almost afraid to knock. 

Would you reject him?

Would you tell him to leave?

Turning his hand just so he rapped his knuckles gently against your door, and waited. One breath. Then two, before he reached up again to knock once more only to have the door open slowly in front of him, and when he saw your face, his own lit up with a smile. 

“Hello Darling…” he spoke softly, before clearing his throat a little to hide the tremble in his voice. “I apologize for being absent so long. May I… May I come in?”

Stepping back from the door, you allowed him to enter, and once he was inside you quietly closed the door behind him. His heart was still pounding in his ears, so loudly that he was sure that you could hear it, so he took a breath and turned to face you…

Only to have his breath stolen. 

You were smiling at him. Your eyes dancing with excitement that he was here. And when you took his hand, he remembered to breathe. “Welcome home, Ignis.” 

The touch of your hand on his wasn’t enough, but he brought it slowly to his lips anyway, and left a rather revenant kiss on your fingers, before he brought your hand up to his face so he could kiss your palm. When his eyes glanced to you as you chuckled softly at him, he pulled you closer still, wrapping you up tightly in his arms as he leaned to press his lips to yours. The kiss was slow, and gentle, but the grip he had on you said otherwise. 

It was as if he couldn’t hold you close enough. 

His hand pressed against the small of your back to press you flush against him, as his arm held you fast about your shoulders as the kiss continued. With a soft pleased hum he broke it, then gently rested his forehead against your own. 

“I missed you, my Darling…” 

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A gasp passed your lips as you walked into the kitchen, to find Gray standing nude in the middle of the room. 

“Oh sweet mother of—”

Gray turned his head to look over his shoulder at you, only to lift a brow, wondering what had caused you to shout. “Is something wrong?”

“Something wrong?! Are you—” you sighed through your nose, a rather deadpan expression now on you features. “—you do know that you’re naked… right?”

Looking down at himself, he felt his face grow warm for a moment before he cleared his throat, then turned to face you better. “I do now…”

“....will you please put something on?”

With a chuckle he sauntered right up to you, to the point of where he was sure that you could feel the heat of him. “Maybe? Are you going to make me?”

With a snort, you slowly turned your eyes to him, compared to looking absolutely everywhere else. “I might. What if one of the others happens to walk in?”

“So what? Would you be jealous?”

“Jealous? Of what?”

A grin pulled his lips upwards as he leaned in just a bit closer to you. “Me. Standing here. Naked.” 

“Don’t think I’d be jealous of that…” you retorted with a huff.

“No? Not with their eyes lingering on what is supposed to be yours?”

That got you to meet his gaze and you huffed out a small laugh. “Mine?” though your voice was soft.

“Yes…” and he leaned just a bit more, humming as your eyes started to close, sure that he was going to kiss you, but instead he brought his lips up to your ear. “Yours.”

Snapping your eyes open you turned your head to look at him, and before he could react you leaned in and pressed your lips against his. It was timid, and a bit clumsy but when you pulled back, you noticed his face was slightly flushed, and he leaned in after you. 

“Then what is mine should put some damned clothes on…”  

And you couldn’t help but laugh as he groaned, and hid his face against your shoulder. 

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“Relax…” Luche said softly as he grasped your wrist. “It’s just—’ then his eyes fell onto your hands. Taking in the cracks that ran along your knuckles, and over your fingers, and slowly he lifted his eyes to yours. 

“What’s all this then?” 

Giving him a nonchalant shrug of your shoulders, you shifted from one foot to the other. “It’s nothing.”

“Nothing?” he repeated, then brought your hand closer to his face so he could take a better look. “You wanna tell me how a crack in your skin, right down to the meat almost is ‘nothing’?”

You winced a little when he made you bend your fingers. “It’s just from work, and from the weather, there’s nothing I can do about it..”

“Tch, come here…” and he turned his hand to grasp your wrist a bit more firmly as he lead you off towards his room. With a huff he pulled you in and had you sit on his bed, as he fetched a first aid kit from under his bed. 

Shooting him a look with a lifted brow he huffed, and instead set the kit next to you as he kneeled down to get a closer look at your hand. “Don’t ask.”

“I didn’t…”

“Your eyes did…” and he couldn’t stop the soft smile that pulled his lips upwards as he got to work. He blew gently on your knuckles when you hissed at the sting the alcohol he used to clean your wounds. “Sorry,” though he felt a small bit of pride when he glanced up, and noticed that you were blushing. 

“S’fine…” you cleared your throat only to wince as he prodded gently at your middle knuckle. 

With a hum, Luche started to gently wrap a bandage about your hand, first between the fingers, then around your knuckles, and you smirked a bit. “I’m not going to a fight, Luche.”

“Sure you are,” and he lifted his blue eyes to meet yours. “You’re the strongest fighter I know.” 

Giving off a snort of a laugh, you dipped your head a bit in an attempt to hide the blush you could feel warming your face. Till you felt his finger press gently under your chin to lift your face. 

“I mean that,” he said with a smile. The pad of his thumb pet gently against your chin before he slowly let his hand fall away. “Now then, don’t let me see you so busted up in the future.”

“Fine f-fine, have it your way…” you stood up with a huff from his bed. 

“And if you are, find me.” 

When you looked to him again, he was still down on one knee, a gentle smile lights up his face. “I’ll be more than happy to patch you up again.”

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When he found you, he felt his heart skip a beat. Then again, that happened anytime he looked at you really. But this time… this time he was sure that if he didn’t take a picture, you wouldn’t believe him. 

He’d come home later than expected, and he knew that you had a super long day. You’d been so tired lately too, which didn’t make him happy, but, you were always willing to greet him with a smile when he came home. Though this time you didn’t stay awake long enough to do so. You were laying in bed, kinda--your legs dangling off the edge, and you were sort of slumped to the side. It was like you were getting into bed but you just didn’t quite make it. 

Laughing softly he made his way over to you, but of course, not before he snapped a photo on his phone. “Babe, hey…” and he smiled oh so brightly when you made a soft noise and nuzzled into the blankets. 

It seemed that you wouldn’t wake up for him, no matter how he kissed your face, though you wiggled your nose in your sleep when he smooched it, so instead, he decided he’d help you get ready for bed. 

He gently pulled you up so that you were at least sitting up, and then he waited to see if you roused from your slumber. When you didn’t, he gently grasped the hem of your shirt and pulled it up and over your head. He wouldn’t admit to anyone, well… maybe he’d admit to you, that he blushed when you moaned softly in your sleep, half naked to his eye. 

Shaking his head to get back on task, he pulled your nightshirt over your head, and laughed softly when you slipped your arms into it on your own. Even in your sleepy state, you were adorable!

He worked on your shoes next, then your jeans, and when he slipped your pajama pants onto your legs and you pulled them up, he was sure you were awake by now. Yet once you had pulled them up enough you simply seemed to slip back into deeper slumber. 

“Man, it’s been a heck of a day for you, huh babe?” he kissed your cheek, then got ready for bed himself, though he wondered something with how you were still sort of, half draped in bed. 

Climbing into it, he settled on his side, then waited. His fingers gently petting along your arm before he smiled as you shifted, crawled up into bed the right way, and snuggled up against him. He laughed again as you nuzzled against his chest, and he cooed when you made another soft noise. 

“Love you too babe, sleep well. I’ll see you in the morning…”

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It wasn’t often you got down time, where you could just simply sit, rest and just be. And it was even more rare when you found yourself with a book in your hands. Humming a tune as you turned the page, you felt a sudden warmth on your shoulder, and smiled. 

“Welcome home,” you said softly without looking up from your book, as he then gave your shoulder a squeeze before his face nuzzled gently at your neck, his faceplate missing. “I missed you too, Genji.”

Feeling him hum against your neck you let off a squeak of surprise when he lifted you up from the couch, to drape you over his lap instead. 

“Did you?” he says with a soft smirk, as he brushes his nose against your own.

“Y-yes, though you didn’t need to—”

“Yes, I did.” Genji says with a soft huff before turning his brown eyes to you. “I must always pick you up when I arrive home. It is tradition.”

You barked out a laugh. “Tradition? Since when?”

“Since now,” and he silenced any further retort from you with a kiss, his fingers gently petting along the side of your neck. With a hum he gently broke it he rested his forehead against your own. “I trust everything was well while I was away?”

“Everything is fine Genji,” you smiled to him, leaning in to kiss the corner of his mouth. “Your brother and I seem to be getting along as of late.”

Genji lifted his brows slightly before he smiled, and it crinkled the edges of his eyes. “I am glad, Little Dove,” he then glanced down at the book you still had clutched in your hands. “What are you reading?”

“Poetry, probably nothing that you’d really be interested in.”

“Or so you think…” Genji gave you a grin. “Try me.”


“I said, try me. Read to me, Little Dove.”

You sort of gaped at him a moment, your mouth falling open with surprise before you snapped it shut. “You want me to… read to you?”

“Yes,” he said softly as he once more adjusted you in his arms. Your head was now resting close to his shoulder and your legs were still draped over his, so he could pet his hand along your hip and thigh. “I missed you, I wish to hear you. Read to me, as if I, and you had not a care in the world.”

Biting your lower lip a moment you hummed softly before reopening your book. You started to read the poem that was on the page, and smiled as you felt him rest his head gently on top of your own.

It was good to have him home.

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It was Hanzo who found you first, and you wish he hadn’t. 

All around it was a bad day, nothing seemed to go quite how you imagined it. Everything either went wrong, or felt like it did, or it seemed that you had let everyone around you down. Though the logical part of your brain told you that negative voice was wrong, it was so hard to believe. 

You were hiding in your room, sitting near the edge of your bed and holding your blanket in a white knuckled grip. You could feel the tears running down your cheeks but you did your best to keep your sobs quiet… only to hear someone come into the room. Your eyes went wide with shock as he stared at you and spoke your name softly, before you felt yourself fall apart once more. 

Bringing your hands up to hide your face, because he was the last person in the world you wanted to see you fall apart, you gasped in surprise when his hands gently grasped yours. He said not a word, but leaned forward and pressed gentle kisses against your fingers, then your palms, before he placed your hand to his cheek, and nuzzled into it. 

“I am here, my flower…” 

Hanzo moved himself closer, but only when you seemed to relax at his closeness, to press gentle kisses against your tear stained cheeks, though he couldn’t help but smile at the soft noise of surprise you made when he moved you, simply by pushing himself against you, to lay back in bed, making sure that you were comfortably snuggled against his chest. He turned his head to look back towards the door. 


“Yes? What—” When he found his brother protectively wrapped around you, he said not another word but simply climbed into bed behind you, and gently rested his hand on your hip. Giving it a gentle squeeze. “—I am here too, Little Dove.”

Giving off a soft noise akin to a whimper, you nuzzled into Hanzo’s chest a bit more, as you pushed back against Genji. 

“I want to forget today... please… help me forget?”

Hanzo moved then to lift your chin gently with a finger, and he pressed a gentle kiss against your lips. Genji, at the same time brushed his lips lightly against the back of your neck, giving off a moan when you squirmed a bit more against him. 

“Then you shall know only us,” Hanzo spoke softly against your lips. 

Genji lifted his head to speak softly into your ear. “You will only know our names, by the time we are finished with you.”

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Groaning quietly you took a seat on a nearby bench during your trip home. The day had been so very long, and everything hurts. You were surprised just how much your legs were bothering you. 

Heaving a sigh you rubbed your hand slowly against your thigh down to your knee, in hopes that some of the friction would cause enough warmth to take the ache out of your legs, only to hiss through your teeth when they seemed to throb worse.

You jumped with a start however when someone placed their hand on your shoulder, and you turned to look up at them wide eyed. 

“Don’t be scared, it’s just me…” 

“Six… don’t you ever make any noise when you walk?!” 

Cor couldn’t stop the soft chuckle that passed his lips at that before he took a seat next to you. “I saw you were here, and you looked… well it looked like you weren’t feeling well. Are you alright?”

“Ah, I’m fine,” you said quickly as you put what you hoped was a convincing smile on your face. “Just—It was a long day, and I’m a little tired is all.”

Cor lifted a brow a little and you gently turned your head to look away. “What about you? I’m sure you’re day couldn’t have been any shorter than mine…”

“It wasn’t, it was honestly probably longer,” Cor huffed out a little laugh. “But I was in the area and when I noticed you, I wanted to be sure you were ok.”

Turning your head to look back at him you gave him a rather incredulous look. “You… You live closer to the Citadel, why are you out this way?”

“As I said, I was in the area,” and he gave you a soft smile that seemed to warm you from the inside out that you couldn’t help but return it. “And again, are you alright?”

“Oh! I’m fine!” you exclaimed as you jumped up from your seat only to hiss through your teeth as your legs buckled out from under you. You screwed your eyes shut expecting to hit the ground but instead you felt almost weightless… which was an odd sensation in itself. Slowly you opened your eyes to find that Cor had moved quickly enough to slip a hand behind your knees, and the other behind your shoulder, and there he stood, holding you princess style in his arms. 

“I have you, you’re alright…” 

Your face flushed with warmth as you stared up at him wide eyed. “C-Cor! I’m sorry, p-please put me down!”


You squirmed a bit in his arms and all he did was hold you tighter as he turned off in the direction of your home. 


“No,” he repeated again and looked down at you. “You’re in pain, right?”

“I—” you couldn’t look at him as you admitted it and looked down at your hands. 

“I have you,” he repeated again, bringing his lips to gently kiss your temple. “Let me take you home. Make sure you’re safe.” 

“But… but I—”

“Shh,” and he stopped only to adjust you slightly in his arms, more to bring your head to his shoulder. “You’re not causing me any trouble. I want to carry you home.”

You were sure he could feel the heat of your face against his skin as you gave him just a slight nod, more or less gently nuzzling your face against his neck. 

Cor gave off a soft pleased hum as he started walking again in the direction of your home, glad to keep you safe in his arms.  

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Moving slightly on your cot you paused, giving off a soft noise of discontentment. Everything still ached from the battle the day before, and while you were normally not one to complain about such things you couldn’t help it. Everytime you shifted on that rather unforgiving cot, you were reminded of just how sore you really were. 

You felt the warmth in front of you shift and you made a soft noise as you nuzzled closer to it, only to slowly open your eyes at his soft laughter. 


“Yes, I did say good morning…” 

“…did you?”

Ashe laughed softly again and leaned closer, gently pressing his lips against the middle of your forehead. A hum passing his lips as he felt your face relax under his kiss. He pulled back then leaned in again, pressing another kiss to the corner of your mouth, humming again when you smiled. 

“Yes, Good morning, My love.”

That got you to open your eyes fully and look up at him, the smile he gave you was so gentle you couldn’t stop the soft noise that passed your lips. 

“A-Are you still in pain?” he asked quickly, his hand moving over the somewhat thin blanket near your hip. 

“A little but… you make it better.”


Laughing softly you gently leaned up and pressed your lips against his. You hummed softly as his hand moved from your hip up to the back of your head, fingers threading into your hair, to keep you there just a bit longer before he gently rested his forehead against yours. 


“I… I do huh?”

Before you could answer he lifted his head once more, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth, then the end of your nose and he smiled when you laughed softly, but he didn’t stop there. He moved again, pressing another kiss to your forehead, then one near the laugh lines of your eyes, before he dipped his head back down and claimed your lips again, though this time he shifted, making sure that you were flat on your back as he hovered over you. 

When the kiss broke you were sure that his face was just as flush as your own. He brushed his nose ever so gently against yours as he spoke softly. 

“I love you… so, so much…”

Chapter Text

Yes… it is a fine night indeed.  

Dedue remembers saying this to you, on the night you accepted not only his proposal, but the agreement to travel to his homeland.  All because he wanted to show you flowers. Flowers in bloom, as they were meant to be seen.

He felt foolish now at the idea. 

It was a silly, rather spontaneous request. He was positive that, with you recently becoming the Archbishop, that you would have simply told him that you didn’t have the time, and that it would have to wait… yet here you were, at his side heading back to the borders of Duscur. 

Well, you weren’t at his side to be honest, at least not right now. 

Currently you were seated in front of him, on the saddle of your horse, leaning gently back against him. He was positive that you could feel the way that his heart hammered in his chest when you rested your hands over his. 

Dudue swallowed hard before he leaned into you, pressing his nose gently into your hair at the back of your head. He closed his eyes, and slowly breathed in the scent of your hair. His arm wrapped about your waist just a bit more protectively, only opening his eyes a little when he felt you laugh. 

“What is it?” 

You gently tilted your head back enough to look at him, and smile. “Nothing at all.”

“But… you laughed? Are my mannerisms so strange?” Dedue lifted a brow slightly which in turn earned him another giggle. 

“It is not that its strange, just that I find the act amusing.”

“Did I offend you?”

Turning enough in the saddle you moved your hand to gently cup his cheek, and guide him down to you so you could kiss him. You let it linger giving off a soft pleased hum as he kissed you back, and drew the horse to a stop. 

Slowly pulling back from that kiss you giggled softly as he chased after you, your hand slipping from his cheek to his chest to gently push him back, less he topple the both of you out of the saddle.


His eyes fluttered open slowly at the mention of his name, and he hummed in response before he realized what he was doing and flushed right up to his ears. It wasn’t just the fact that he had wanted to keep kissing you that had him so flustered, it was also the way you happened to breathe his name. 

“We should probably get going?”

Blinking again Dedue smiled softly, giving a slight nod of his head before gently flicking the reins in his hands, cresting the hill as a sea of red greeted his eyes. 

The flowers were already in bloom. 


Feeling his chest warm at your simple words he smiled, pulled you just a bit more firmly against his chest before he lowered his lips to your ear. “This. This is what I wished you to see, and like the ever blooming flowers of Duscur, I am never letting you go…”