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Music through the lotuses

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Jiang YanLi sighed softly, wiping her forehead off and glancing towards the sky, the sun beaming down harshly. She rolled her shoulders a bit before turning back to the washing she had been working on, feeling grief settling over her heart. So much had changed in just a handful of months, Jiang YanLi thinking of the hardness and coldness that had come over both of her brothers with a pang in her chest. She couldn't even begin to imagine what it had been like to see their home burned, the bodies of everyone they had grown up with in their sect piled around. And now she was sitting in a small town far away from Lotus Pier, tending to the needs of an army.

She shivered a bit, feeling grief at the thought that she’d never see her father’s gentle smile or her mother’s exasperation towards the antics of the disciples again. Wouldn’t be able to draw her parents into hugs of affection, or receive gifts of whatever had been brought back to her. She felt anger flickering at the thought of the Wens, her fingers shaking and tightening their hold a bit on the clothes she was currently holding in her hands.

And while she still had her brothers, they were so different. There was an edge of anger in Jiang Cheng that there hadn’t been before, while Wei WuXian still joked and laughed, but the smiles never felt real to her. There was something wrong, something that went deeper in his heart. And while he was trying to behave normally, there were hints of his temper being worse than it used to be, and it was clear he was hiding something. She let out a shaky, pained sigh as she began working again, wondering what she could do to ease her brothers.

Which then brought to mind what had happened a handful of days ago, shame rising at the thought of how she had broken down crying in public. She was avoiding Jin ZiXuan now as much as possible, trying to ignore him. It hurt how he had treated her, how he had spoken so coldly towards her without even listening to her words. And even if once things were cleared up and she thought he had seemed guilty, her heart was still aching too heavily to want to be in his company.

Jiang Yanli sighed softly, trying to dismiss the thoughts of one of the two men she had romantic feelings for from her mind. She glanced upwards, startled in seeing Lan WangJi, Lan XiChen, and Lan QiRen walking a distance away, feeling her cheeks heat up. She took in Lan QiRen’s appearance, seeing a slightly exhausted-seeming look on his face.

She felt flustered in recalling when she had first met the man at a discussion conference at Lotus Pier when she was younger. He had seemed so calm and dignified to her at the time, even if rather serious and distant to others in general. He had been polite to her but also hadn’t interacted with her much in general, focusing on the sect business. She had admired his clean, tidy white robes that had been untouched by dirt and how his hair had been shiny, his bearing highly dignified. 

She lowered her eyes to the washing, focusing on scrubbing it more in feeling flustered that a crush she had had in her girlhood had decided suddenly to make itself known again. She imagined that Lan QiRen would be scandalized if she even suggested having an improper interest in him, not that she would or had any intention to do so. She was distracted enough to not notice the footsteps as she was approached until a hand briefly touched her shoulder, Jiang YanLi jerking in surprise and lifting her head, staring at Lan QiRen, his nephews behind him.

“Maiden Jiang, you are looking a bit red. Maybe you should go and rest a bit, you seem like you might be overheating.” Lan QiRen’s voice was gentle, concern evident in it. She took in his own exhausted appearance, recalling the fact his brother had died a short time before her parents had, giving him a weak smile.

“I’m fine, thank you for your concern Master Lan. Ah… Do you need anything in your accommodations? I can track down some things to make it more comfortable for you, if you wish. That is… if you’re staying for a time?” Jiang YanLi asked, rising to her feet with a soft smile. Lan QiRen hesitated before clearing his throat softly.

“I doubt I will need anything added to my quarters here, but I am staying here for awhile. Although… I do believe lunch is over and I was travelling. If you think you might be able to track down a meal, I would be grateful. But your washing…” Lan QiRen studied her face, Jiang YanLi fighting to not blush, the concerned look in the golden-brown eyes gazing at her making her feel shy.

“Ah! I see. But of course I can find you something to eat or make you something. I’m almost finished and then I can hang them to dry, don’t worry.” Jiang YanLi smiled at him, a bit surprised at the attention he was paying.

“Thank you very much. The house I’m staying in is that one over there, where my nephews have been sleeping.” Lan QiRen gave a polite salute before leaving with his nephews, Lan XiChen giving her a concerned glance while Lan WangJi seemed to study her briefly. She let out a slow sigh, hurriedly finishing the washing and hanging it before heading to the kitchen, feeling warmth in her chest.

She paused in catching sight of Jin ZiXuan hanging around near it, feeling irritation rise but altering her route slightly to avoid him. Jiang YanLi wondered at why he was loitering near it, imagining that he was bound to have something more important to tend to. She shook it out of her mind, looking around the kitchen and was happy to see some of the lotus pork rib soup she had prepared that morning was still there, preparing enough for three people in assuming that his nephews would still be with him. She added some mantous as well, imagining that they were bound to be hungry.

She picked it up, leaving the same way she entered in case Jin ZiXuan was still hanging around, heading to the house Lan QiRen was staying in. She shifted the tray carrying the soup with one hand, knocking on the door with Lan XiChen opening it, giving her a kind smile.

“Maiden Jiang- Oh, you brought three bowls? WangJi left a bit ago to do something, but please come in. You should take a rest and eat with Uncle.” Lan XiChen suggested warmly, moving out of her way, Jiang YanLi blinking twice at the suggestion as she entered, heading to the small dining room and kneeling down beside it, placing the bowls down onto the table and settling into serving the soup.

“I’ve already eaten, Sect Leader Lan-” Jiang YanLi began explaining, her stomach choosing that moment to unfortunately growl slightly, Lan XiChen patting her shoulder gently.

“I saw how much you ate, and it wasn’t that much. You should eat more to keep up your strength. You are still playing an important role in the army even if it’s just through tending to the day to day necessities. And Uncle would enjoy the company, as I need to leave as well.” Lan XiChen’s voice was soft and gentle, a coaxing tone to it. Jiang YanLi focused onto his face before nodding with a faint smile.

“Alright, Sect Leader Lan. Thank you.” Jiang YanLi nodded, Lan XiChen straightening with a sunny smile aimed at her. Lan XiChen left right afterwards, moving rather fast in Jiang YanLi’s opinion. Lan QiRen walked out of the bedroom a few moments later, pausing at the sight of Jiang YanLi sitting by the table, serving the food diligently.

“Ah? Where did XiChen go?” Lan QiRen asked, startled at his older nephew leaving so abruptly. He moved to sit down, focusing on Jiang YanLi.

“He said he had something to do, and suggested I stay and eat with you since I brought enough for three people. I had assumed both of your nephews were going to eat with you.” Jiang YanLi explained with a cheerful smile, Lan QiRen nodding and moving to sit at her side.

“I see. Thank you for the company, Maiden Jiang. But WangJi left a bit after showing me over here. I did not realize XiChen would be busy.” Lan QiRen picked up a bowl, studying the soup before he began eating it, Jiang YanLi happily settling into eating as well.

“No problem, Master Lan. But this is lotus pork rib soup, and I made it earlier today.” Jiang YanLi explained, settling into eating herself. Lan QiRen perked a bit at the taste of the soup, finding the seasoning a bit stronger than his normal preference but enjoying it quite a bit.

“Your cooking is very good, Maiden Jiang.” Lan QiRen smiled at her faintly, feeling more relaxed with her. The two ate in silence afterwards, Lan QiRen following the rules of the Lan sect while Jiang YanLi respected that he didn’t seem to want to talk. The only rule being broken is he couldn’t quite resist having a fourth bowl of the lotus pork rib soup. After they were done eating Jiang YanLi gathered up the dishes, Lan QiRen hesitating a bit in being uncertain on if he should let her head off without helping her.

“Maiden Jiang, would you like some help?” Lan QiRen offered, Jiang YanLi shaking her head with a cheerful smile aimed at him.

“No, thank you. I’ll be fine carrying this back by myself. You rest and prepare Master Lan. See you later.” Jiang YanLi left after that, Lan QiRen gazing after her before sighing softly, stroking his beard slowly.

“She’s grown up quite a bit since I last saw her. She must be stressed out by all that’s happened, but she’s remaining surprisingly cheerful… Or is hiding it.” Lan QiRen sighed softly, feeling sympathetic towards her in thinking of what had become of Lotus Pier, wondering how long it would take Jiang WanYin and Wei WuXian to rebuild their sect. He moved to start going over some documents Lan XiChen had wanted him to look over.


Over the next several days Lan QiRen noticed Lan XiChen settling into a strange pattern of encouraging Maiden Jiang to spend time with him or vice versa, either through asking her to help him carry around documents or suggesting they eat together. It worked up to the point that Lan XiChen had suggested outright that Jiang YanLi could be Lan QiRen’s assistant, seeming to believe she would have the capability to do so easily.

An opinion Lan QiRen could admit was well-deserved, even if Jiang YanLi herself felt flustered over it. She settled into the work with a cheery and calm exterior but mentally was stressed out over the entire matter. The proximity was slowly reminding her of her initial crush on Lan QiRen when she was a teenager, and even now as an adult she found it all too easy for the feelings to well up once again. She was seated in the house, a foot away from Lan QiRen while trying to focus on the paperwork he’d asked her to look over.

She snuck a brief glance towards him, seeing him slowly stroking his beard. Jiang YanLi wondered if the texture of the beard was soft or coarse, thinking of how shiny and soft Lan QiRen’s hair looked. She refocused her eyes towards the paper to avoid being caught staring, her chest feeling uncomfortably tight and her back a bit tense. 

Jiang YanLi held back a sigh, the words swimming across the paper in front of her as she tried to shake off the admiration of Lan QiRen going through her head, Lan QiRen glancing at her. He’d noticed that she had seemed distracted that day, moreso than usual. He wondered if she was feeling stressed out or had been overworking herself, concern growing for the young woman.

“Maiden Jiang, perhaps you should go rest for a bit. Would you like to take a nap in my room or something?” Lan QiRen suggested kindly, not seeing an issue with allowing her to use his bed while he continued on working. Jiang YanLi flushed at the offer but nodded,too shy to admit the reason she was so distracted.

“Um, yes, that… that would be nice. Thank you.” Jiang YanLi cleared her throat softly, Lan QiRen not thinking much about it. 

“Go right ahead, then. I’ll let you sleep for awhile.” Lan QiRen turned to refocus on the paperwork, going over logistics. Jiang YanLi rose to her feet, heading to the room she knew to be Lan QiRen’s, her heart pounding slightly as she opened the door and entered it, closing it behind her. She moved to the bed, hesitating a bit before sitting on the edge.

She debated before laying down, faintly smelling a mix of incense and ink from the pillows she just rested her head on. She felt her cheeks heat up, wondering if Lan QiRen slept naked or in his robes, assuming that it would be the latter in how proper the man was.

“Better to… not think of that…” Jiang YanLi mumbled to herself softly, shaking her head a bit. She tried to relax into sleep, attempting to not think of the crush that she had once thought gone starting to flourish and grow again. Which was decidedly not helped in thinking of the fact she was currently laying on what Lan QiRen was using as his bed.

And found herself unable to sleep, her mind going to wonder if Lan QiRen had ever pleasured himself on the bed. She held back a moan of mortification, shifting slightly on the bed. She shifted again as the thought of Lan QiRen naked seeped into her mind, her mind landing on the image of him holding his own cock in hand, feeling a warmth starting to form in her lower stomach. She bit her lower lip, her mind continuing the fantasy while she imagined what Lan QiRen might look like with his face flushed in pleasure, imagining him pulling and tugging on himself.

She found her hand sliding between her legs, her fingers pressing lightly against her pussy through her clothes. She shuddered a bit, her other hand creeping up to press against her right breast, squeezing it lightly. She bit back a moan, her imagination shifting to it being his hands pressing against her body, her eyes closing. She continued rubbing and squeezing her right breast, her other hand pulling up the fabric of her hanfu for easier access to her pussy, her finger pressing against her underclothes and feeling a faint dampness there already.

“Nnn…” A soft moan leaked from her mouth, still pretending it was Lan QiRen touching her, rubbing her finger slowly against her pussy, pushing against her clit in slow rubs while groping her own breast more, feeling her nipple peak under her rough touch. She shuddered slightly, her breathes slightly faster the more she rubbed at herself. She shifted to push aside her underclothes, unwrapping them slightly from her waist and touching her clit directly, shuddering a bit at the stimulation.

“Aaaa… nnnn….” She moaned more, trying to keep her voice quiet as she shifted her hand down, pressing a finger against the entrance of her pussy and slowly sinking it inside of herself. Her wet walls clung against her finger tip, Jiang YanLi shuddering slightly as she began slowly fingering herself, moving her hand off her breast to rub at her clit, keeping her eyes tightly closed.

“Nnnnnn….!” Jiang YanLi shuddered, feeling slick seeping out of her more, continuing to masturbate, slowly adding a second finger inside her pussy. Her walls fluttered around her fingers, with her pressing more against her clit, rubbing roughly as her breaths grew more rough. She felt frustrated as she continued masturbating but felt no closer to coming, the warmth in her lower stomach almost unbearable as pleasure was radiating out of it, her skin feeling tingles run through it.

“Aaa…” Jiang YanLi gave up trying to masturbate, feeling the heat pulse in her lower stomach all too well, but her fingers and hands had cramped up, leaving her frustrated and still horny. She adjusted her clothes, feeling how wet her pussy had gotten but feeling frustrated that she hadn’t been able to come.

She tried to sleep, feeling her clothes stick to her uncomfortably between her legs. She hoped that it wouldn’t be obvious what she had tried to do, feeling the heat of her arousal still pulsing through her. Finally, after an hour of trying to sleep she shifted to stand up, still feeling turned on and distracted but trying not to think of it. She took enough time to make sure her hair was smooth and tidy looking before leaving the room, Lan QiRen glancing up at her.

“Ah, are you feeling any better now? It’s about time for you to go and help cook, I think?” Lan QiRen asked kindly, Jiang YanLi nodding with a faint blush on her cheeks, unable to quite look him in the eyes. And feeling the arousal still slowly going through her pulse a bit at his voice, flustered by it.

“Yes, thank you. And it is. I’ll see you later, Master Lan.” Jiang YanLi dipped down before straightening up, leaving the house while Lan QiRen looked after her, still concerned for her. He had heard the quiet moans and gasps she had let out, but he had mistaken them to be her crying, feeling sympathetic in imagining the amount of grief she was in still.

“Poor girl tries to keep up such a strong face…” Lan QiRen sighed softly, turning back to his paperwork while remaining unaware of what exactly had been going on, the possibility of Jiang YanLi having been masturbating not even crossing his mind. And that night when he went to bed he didn’t notice anything amiss in his bedroom, oblivious to what had happened in it during the afternoon.

Several more days passed, Jiang YanLi putting more focus into just doing her work during the days. At nights she tried to masturbate again, her frustration growing that she just couldn’t do it for long enough to come. And feeling shy and flustered at the fantasies that came to her mind, all of them being about Lan QiRen and herself. She had tried once to imagine Jin ZiXuan, but that had killed her attempt before it could even get started, her chest having clenched painfully in memory of when Jin ZiXuan had treated her so poorly.

She wondered at what it would take to both get her mind off of sleeping with Lan QiRen and to stop the sudden intense longing for sex, unused to feeling such intense desire. She hid it from Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian both, neither of them picking up there was something bothering her. She also still had to dodge Jin ZiXuan, who seemed to be trying to talk to her but she was just as determined to avoid him. 

One day, Lan XiChen caught up with her, Jiang YanLi smiling at him even if she was flustered she’d been more of a hindrance than a help towards Lan QiRen, wondering what was going through the sect leader’s head.

“Maiden Jiang, tonight your brother, my brother, Young Master Wei, and I will be spending tonight outside of the base. I was wondering if you’d mind eating dinner with my uncle, to keep him company? I know it’s silly to be worrying over him when he’s doing well, I just don’t like leaving him alone.” Lan XiChen asked gently, Jiang YanLi feeling her cheeks flush bright red at the request. She felt awkward, uncertain if she should agree or not, also realizing if she refused then Lan XiChen would want to know why. She cleared her throat softly, giving in rather fast.

“Of course I’ll eat with Master Lan. Keeping him company is the least that I can do.” Jiang YanLi agreed with a smile, even if she felt reluctance curling through her. It was hard enough to sit near Lan QiRen during the day, when she was well aware his nephews could come in at any time. The thought of doing so at dinner time, alone, with the assurance there would be no one to interrupt them made her both nervous and excited. 

She spent the rest of the day in a state of mixed anticipation and unease, somehow feeling more turned on than ever. When evening came she carried the evening meal to the house, Lan QiRen letting her in and settling down, gazing at the food and smiling at her. He’d grown used to her company and felt at ease around her by then, liking that she had a respectful attitude and was a hard-worker, even if he was still concerned in thinking she was trying to put on a strong front.

“Thank you, Maiden Jiang. Please, sit down.” Lan QiRen and Jiang YanLi both settled down, Jiang YanLi eating her food slowly and quietly, all too aware of Lan QiRen being within easy reach of her arm. Lan QiRen mistook the way she was eating as concern for her brothers, feeling a pang go through his chest when he thought of his own brother. And was worried for his nephews, even if he trusted they would be alright.

After the meal was finished Jiang YanLi moved to start gathering the dishes when Lan QiRen gently grabbed her wrist, Jiang YanLi flushing when she felt a rush of heat go through her.

“Maiden Jiang, you should stay for awhile. I understand you’re worried for your brothers, while I am worried for my nephews, but spending some time here should be alright.” Lan QiRen commented gently, Jiang YanLi’s cheeks flushing as she felt heat curl through her. She wondered how to back out without offending him, feeling a throb in her lower stomach in feeling the desire for sex rising.

“Master Lan… I am worried for my brothers, but… Um…” Jiang YanLi bite her lower lip, Lan QiRen mistaking it to be her holding back tears. He debated for a moment before moving to very cautiously rub her back to try and comfort her, Jiang YanLi letting out a shaky sigh at the contact. And felt her self-control slipping further, turning more to face Lan QiRen in debating if she should make a move or not.

“Maiden Jiang… It’s normal to be stressed and scared in times like this, and- A-ah?!” Lan QiRen began trying to comfort her, still on his knees as he faced towards her. He was startled when Jiang YanLi suddenly hugged onto him tightly, with him falling backwards before he could fully catch himself, one hand going behind him to steady them both while his other hand went to her waist in being prepared to push her off. He flushed in realizing her legs had wound up straddling his lap, feeling her pressing against his crotch area. 

He felt her tremble slightly, mistaking it to be from her crying and hesitantly began rubbing her back again, feeling her shift her weight slightly. Her face was pressed against his neck, and he felt her breath trembling against his skin. 

“Maiden Jiang, it’s going to be-” Lan QiRen began trying to comfort her, shifting his legs slightly in wondering how to get her off his lap. He froze when he felt his cock rub against her, feeling a slight tingle of warmth. And feeling how dangerous the current position was, wondering how to get her to adjust without stressing her out. He was startled when he felt her shift her weight, Jiang YanLi slowly grinding against him, her breath hitting his neck more.

“Maiden Jiang?” Lan QiRen cleared his throat, wondering how to phrase the request for her to stop moving, his ears turning red as he felt heat curl through him in feeling her pressing and rubbing against his cock, his body starting to respond to it.

“Master Lan… Um… It… wasn’t that I was worried about my brothers, but…” Jiang YanLi mumbled into his neck, arms trembling slightly as she shifted again, Lan QiRen shivering a bit as well.

“But what? Maiden Jiang, can… can you stop, um…” Lan QiRen cleared his throat awkwardly, feeling Jiang YanLi pause before pulling back, her eyes not quite meeting his.

“It’s… more to do with the fact I’m, uh… attracted to you.” Jiang YanLi felt her heart pounding, Lan QiRen freezing at the words with his eyes widening. His fingers pressed into her waist, gazing at her flushed face. His mind began going through the previous days, flustered at the thought of her crying in his bedroom in starting to think it was from frustration towards her own heart.

“Maiden Jiang, I’m… flattered, but…” Lan QiRen floundered a bit, uncertain what to do. He recalled the fact she’d been recently humiliated by Jin ZiXuan, feeling sympathetic towards her. Her hands tightened against the back of his robes, her lower body still pressing against him.

“I know it’s… foolish… T-to even consider this, much less to say this but… Would… would you mind sleeping with me? As in, um…” Jiang YanLi faltered in her words, feeling shyness creeping up and preparing for Lan QiRen to refuse. Lan QiRen hesitated, feeling a rush of heat go through him at the request. He imagined it took her a lot of courage to even think saying such a request, the rules of his sect at the back of his mind.

He could see how attractive she was, though, and he found her personality likeable. Lan QiRen debated with himself, wondering what about him she found attractive and not feeling certain how to proceed. If he agreed, then that was a serious matter. If he rejected her, he was worried about hurting her. Jiang YanLi peeked at his face, uncertain what to make of his continued silence.

She shifted her weight again slightly, feeling uncomfortable with how she was positioned but uncertain what to do. Lan QiRen gasped softly in feeling his cock being pressed against, feeling a flash of heat go through him as his cock hardened slightly under his robes.

“...Very well. I can’t… guarantee anything, and I swear I won’t tell anyone. But… sleeping together once is… is fine.” Lan QiRen gave in, flustered in not knowing what to think of what he was about to do but giving in. Jiang YanLi perked up, moving to kiss him firmly on the lips, Lan QiRen startled by the kiss. He felt the tingle of the press of their lips, feeling her lick at the seam of his mouth. He opened his mouth slowly, feeling her tongue dart in, her breasts pressing against his chest and rubbing up against it.

He moved to put both hands against her waist, rocking his hips against hers, feeling the moan that left her mouth. Lan QiRen continued slowly rocking, feeling Jiang YanLi shifting to press back in time, his cock soon hardening. He broke the kiss, recalling where they were and panting slightly.

“My… my room. It is more proper.” Lan QiRen pointed out, Jiang YanLi breathing heavily but nodding, rising to her feet. Lan QiRen stood up as well, finding himself following her into his room, heat throbbing through him.

When they reached the bedroom, Jiang YanLi turned back around and pressed against Lan QiRen again, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He gasped into the kiss, his hands pressing against her hips, kissing her in return. Jiang YanLi found the itch of his beard and mustache pressing against her skin strange but ignored it, her hands going to start undressing him without hesitating, wanting to hurry through it before Lan QiRen could change his mind.

Lan QiRen huffed softly before going to starting undressing her as well, the two getting each other naked rather quickly. Jiang YanLi pressed against him, her hands tracing his arms and sides carefully, feeling a dampness growing between her legs as she felt impatient to finally get on with matters.

“Please… Lay down on your bed.” Jiang YanLi gave him a look, Lan QiRen gulping softly but obeying, propping himself to be sitting up. Jiang YanLi sank down onto his lap, her pussy rubbing against his cock and leaving slick smeared against it. Lan QiRen moaned, his cock half-hard and the direct contact making him harder.

Jiang YanLi reached down to grasp his cock, slowly sliding her hand up and down it a bit clumsily, the touch and warmth of her hand making it harden further, Jiang YanLi feeling a throb going through her lower stomach. She moved to guide Lan QiRen’s cock to the entrance of her pussy, impatient to get him inside of her. 

Lan QiRen gasped softly, feeling her warm, tight walls press around him. He wondered a bit dizzily if she had ever had sex before, as well as feeling like he was forgetting something. The thought was driven from his head in feeling her rolling her hips against his, her body accepting his cock deeper. 

“Nnn…!” Jiang YanLi moaned softly, feeling how deep Lan QiRen was inside of her, her pussy throbbing around him, the heat in her lower stomach throbbing harder. She moved to press her hands against his shoulders, slowly rolling her hips against his again, Lan QiRen’s hands going to her waist. He rocked up into her, timing it to her pressing and grinding down against him, their breathes mingling as their moans came at the same time, sweat mixing. 

The rocks lasted for several minutes, Lan QiRen breathing more heavily. The thought that he should pull out of Jiang YanLi before he came occurred to him, the need of release pounding through him. He felt Jiang YanLi speed up her rolls, about to open his mouth when she bent her head down to kiss him again, grinding down against his cock, feeling her fingers press against his back. And felt himself tip over the edge, Jiang YanLi moaning into the kiss as she pressed down against him, his cum filling her with some leaking out around the edges of his cock. She rode him through his orgasm, coming to a pause when his orgasm finished.

Jiang YanLi felt frustrated that she hadn’t managed to come before him, whining into the kiss as she felt her pussy throb around him, wondering what to do. Lan QiRen broke the kiss, rough pants escaping him as he felt flustered about releasing inside of her. He decided that it could be worried about later, shifting to pull her off his lap, flushing at the gush of cum that leaked out of her, his soft cock easily sliding out of her. He shifted to put her on his bed, hovering above her. 

“Stay still.” Lan QiRen ordered lowly before he began kissing down her body slowly, pausing at her chest and reaching up to squeeze one of her breasts gently and slowly, rubbing his thumb against her nipple and feeling it harden underneath his touch. He slowly rubbed his thumb over it more before going to gently bite her nipple before sucking on it, feeling and hearing her moan at the treatment. He sucked on it for a few moments before repeating the treatment to her other breast, being light and tender in it. He resumed kissing down her, his tongue slowly laving over her stomach, tracing the muscles of her abs slowly.

When he reached to between her legs he slowly licked her, licking up and tasting his own cum, Jiang YanLi squirming a bit at the rough brush of his beard against the sensitive skin. He moved to hold her hips down, pinning her effortlessly as he got to business licking her, his tongue pressing against her clit as he slowly licked at her.

Jiang YanLi dug her fingers into the sheets, wishing she could roll her hips against the tongue pressing and licking her, whimpers falling from her mouth as she felt her pleasure growing. The heavy throbbing in her lower stomach grew stronger bit by bit until she felt the tension snap, moaning as she came with slick drenching the bottom part of Lan QiRen’s beard. Lan QiRen pulled his head up, focusing up towards her with a heated gaze. He wondered if they should stop there, shaking off the thought as he shifted to press his lips against Jiang YanLi’s, feeling her trembling from her orgasm still.

“Maiden Jiang- No, YanLi. Get on your hands and knees.” Lan QiRen pulled away, feeling his cock twitch slightly, feeling startled at his recovery time but not questioning it. Jiang YanLi shakily obeyed, Lan QiRen grasping her hip with one hand, rubbing his fingertips against it before guiding his cock against her pussy, pressing back inside of her.

“Nnn…!” Jiang YanLi rocked back against him, Lan QiRen smacking her butt sharply, eyeing the red mark that appeared there. Jiang YanLi gasped in surprise, startled by the spank. And felt flustered in feeling how she had tightened around Lan QiRen’s cock at the hit, Lan QiRen noticing it

“Do you mind if I… do that again?” Lan QiRen asked softly, Jiang YanLi flushing before shaking her head, clearing her throat.

“You… you can.” Jiang YanLi gave her permission for it, Lan QiRen nodding. He began slowly thrusting in and out of her, lightly spanking her in time to his thrusts, feeling her tighten around him at each hit. He continued the steady spanks, watching her left ass cheek redden under the controlled hits. He hesitated before he began doing it to her right ass cheek instead, his thrusts gradually growing in speed and how deep they were inside of her, his cock reaching the deepest part inside of her that he could. Jiang YanLi moaned softly in feeling each thrust, able to feel the slight bulge in her lower stomach whenever he was fully sheathed inside of her. 

The combination of the thrusts and the spanks turned on Jiang YanLi faster than she had thought possible, her second orgasm already fast approaching. Lan QiRen stopped spanking her, instead reaching to trace around where his cock was stretching her pussy, moving his hand to finger at her clit while the other shifted from her hip to roughly grope her breast, squeezing and rubbing roughly as he rocked in and out of her. His breathes grew rougher, Lan QiRen finally pressing fully inside of her, releasing more of his cum into her while she came at the same time, her pussy spasming and clenching tightly around his cock. Jiang YanLi’s arms shook as she tried to remain on her hands and knees, shuddering lightly.

Lan QiRen pulled out of her, watching his cum slide out of her, reaching up to push it back in with his thumb impulsively. Jiang YanLi gasped at it, shuddering lightly. Lan QiRen tugged her around, bringing her into another kiss, so focused on the sex that he didn’t care about propriety in that moment. He explored her body with his hands, waiting for his cock to be up for the next round as he touched and groped her body, feeling her hands run across his body as well.

After he could feel his cock stirring again he broke the kiss, pulling back and gazing at her. He broke the kiss to press a kiss to her cheek, his breathes heavy as he considered what to do next.

“Lay down on your back. I… I would like for you to use your chest.” He requested, Jiang YanLi confused but obeying. Lan QiRen moved to straddle her, settling down with his cock between her breasts. Jiang YanLi blinked in confusion, focusing onto his face curiously.

“It’s.. pressing your breasts together while I move.” Lan QiRen explained, Jiang YanLi moving to obey, flushing a bit as Lan QiRen began to rock his hips front and back, his cock easily sliding between her breasts. Lan QiRen moved to tease and flick her nipples lightly, Jiang YanLi moaning softly at each movement. After several moments, Lan QiRen’s hips stuttered as he came, Jiang YanLi barely closing her eyes in time before her face was covered in cum.

Lan QiRen shifted to pull off of her, his hand dipping between her legs and began playing with her clit again, pulling Jiang YanLi into another orgasm, both of them feeling winded and more than a little weak and dazed. Lan QiRen laid down, Jiang YanLi willingly moving to snuggle against him, Lan QiRen reaching to cover them both with a sheet, too wiped out to suggest to do anything more.

“Good night. We can… discuss matters later.” Lan QiRen murmured softly, Jiang YanLi nodding. The two fell asleep quickly, Lan QiRen hugging Jiang YanLi lightly in his sleep.

“There’s still dishes here? So Shijie was definitely here last night…” Lan QiRen woke up the next morning, hearing Wei WuXian’s voice. He blinked groggily, hearing footsteps approaching with a brief, brisk knock coming against the door before it was opened, the man in black robes looking in and freezing, a lock of shock and then horror appearing on his face.

“LAN ZHAN! Your uncle slept with my shijie!” Wei WuXian yelped out in shock, three other pairs of footsteps rapidly approaching while Lan QiRen felt his head throb, Jiang YanLi stirring awake at the yell.

“A-Xian…? A-Xian?! A-Cheng. O-ooh….” Jiang YanLi gazed at Wei WuXian in confusion before her cheeks turned brilliant red, Jiang Cheng making a wheezing choking sound, a look of pure shock on his face. Lan WangJi stared, his eyes wide and his mouth slightly open while Lan XiChen seemed cheery and completely relaxed, clearing his throat.

“Well… Let’s let them clean up, hm? I doubt you two want to see Maiden Jiang naked.” Lan XiChen suggested tactfully, Wei WuXian giving him a horrified look before bolting away from the room, dragging Jiang Cheng behind him. Lan WangJi turned and staggered after them while Lan XiChen simply closed the door, Jiang YanLi hiding her face against Lan QiRen’s neck. Who just realized it must be well after five, mortification rising at being caught by his nephews, Wei WuXian, and Jiang YanLi’s younger brother.

“...I did not expect them back so soon.” Lan QiRen mumbled, flustered by it. Jiang YanLi merely sighed softly, rubbing her face and groaning into her hand, wondering how to face her brothers after it all.

“Nor did I. I guess… we have to go face it…” Jiang YanLi sighed softly, the two starting to shift to get cleaned up. Both equally flustered at the coming conversation but resigned to it, Lan QiRen wondering what Wei WuXian and Jiang Cheng would do to him afterwards.