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classmates for life

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Inko Midoriya Is Our Mom


DIY bondage: hey i need one of you guys to come and kill me real quick

emotional support demon: on my way

pikakin no doubles: only if you kill me first

uwuwavity: what’s wrong?

uwuwavity: also wow, you two are awful

emotional support demon: cry about it

pikakin no doubles: no she’s right

DIY bondage: would you rather i pull a deku

DIY bondage: just drop my location with no context in the middle of the gc

small might: can we please not make that a term?

invader zim: too late, it already is!

hand crusher: Sero. Whats wrong

DIY bondage: im out at dinner with my parents and as we walked in i saw present mic, mr. aizawa, and ms. midnight all at a table right by ours

pikakin no doubles: OOO THAT’S TOUGH

small might: yikes!!

uwuwavity: yikes indeed!!!

hand crusher: Thats very yikes

invader zim: how much awkward eye contact have you made?

DIY bondage: thankfully they haven’t seen me yet

constantly nakey: i can’t believe mr. aizawa is out in public!

karate kid: Right? I always assumed he went straight home and slept for 12 hours then came back to school

DIY bondage: guys

DIY bondage: not only is he in public, not only is he wearing real people clothes and not homeless guy rags, he’s LAUGHING

uwuwavity: :o

DIY bondage: like, i can’t hear what they’re talking about but he’s acting like a regular man with a group of friends out on the weekend

kermie: wow you guys are mean

kermie: he IS a regular man sometimes, you know that right?

uwuwavity: yes of course but he never acts like it around us!!!

constantly nakey: it’s good to hear he’s relaxing though!

constantly nakey: everyone deserves to have fun sometimes!!!

pikakin no doubles: important question: does present mic still have his hair up Like That?

DIY bondage: no lol he’s in his casual look

pikakin no doubles: damn it

punkpocalypse: mental image ruined

DIY bondage: midnight is too

DIY bondage: it’s weird seeing her in actual clothes

goth bf: you mean she only dresses like a dominatrix in school?

pikakin no doubles: lucky us

uwuwavity: they all went to UA at the same time, right?

sonic kin: Yes, although Ms. Midnight was a year above Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic

uwuwavity: it’s super great that they’re all still friends though!

kermie: do you guys think we’ll still hang out together 15 years from now?

hand crusher: Yes

uwuwavity: yes of course!!!

pikakin no doubles: lmao ur never getting rid of me

DIY bondage: same

invader zim: ^ same!

small might: definitely tsu!

constantly nakey: rt we’re classmates for life!!!!!!

sonic kin: Of course!

goth bf: after everything we’ve been through together, it would be hard to distance myself from you

hentai bf: ^

me me big gay: FUCK YEAH GUYS I LOVE YOU

yaomomo: I promise to keep track of all of you, reunions are mandatory!

twink(le): 💖💖💖

karate kid: ❤️

karate kid: Also it’s funny how Kirishima is the most affectionate out of all of us


sugar daddy: Thanks Kirishima, you’re really manly too

me me big gay: THANKS BRO

class cryptid: 💕

punkpocalypse: you’re all such doofuses

punkpocalypse: 🖤💜🖤

emotional support demon: why is everyone acting like a 14 year old girl on the last day of middle school

me me big gay: BECAUSE I LOVE YOU BABE

emotional support demon:

pikakin no doubles: bro if you don’t say it back im gonna kill you

invader zim: me too

small might: sorry kacchan but i’ll also have to kill you!

uwuwavity: yep!!

emotional support demon: fuck you guys

pikakin no doubles: y o u w i l l d i e b y m y h a n d s

me me big gay: hey please don’t kill my boyf!

invader zim: sorry ei but the law is clear

me me big gay: it’s cool we’re actually hanging out rn

me me big gay: he was sitting next to me when i sent that

pikakin no doubles: i’ll put the knife away so long as you confirm that he said it back

emotional support demon: fuck you guys

me me big gay: i don’t think i’m allowed to do that!

DIY bondage: what, confirm it or fuck us?

me me big gay: either

emotional support demon: fuck you guys

DIY bondage: well ANYWAYS you guys will be pleased to hear that i just watched aizawa do a shot

invader zim: oh my god

DIY bondage: so my night is going a lot better than i thought

DIY bondage: okay make that two shots

karate kid: Can you blame him? He deals with us all day

constantly nakey: oh my god you guys!! do you think mr. aizawa goes home every night and gets super drunk?

emotional support demon: i would if i was him

sonic kin: Hm.

emotional support demon: he’s like 30 emergency exit calm down

sonic kin: No, it’s not that.

sonic kin: If you were of legal age, I really wouldn’t care if you drank.

sonic kin: It’s just that my brother is meeting up with them tonight and if Tensei gets drunk he’s going to be very annoying.

uwuwavity: w h a t

pikakin no doubles: hello?

small might: um tenya is your brother friends with mr. aizawa?

sonic kin: Yes, he was a first year at U.A. when Mr. Aizawa and Mr. Yamada were second years.

constantly nakey: so were you ever gonna tell us this??

sonic kin: It didn’t come up until now.

small might: i dont know, i think it probably could have!

uwuwavity: important followup! did they know you when you were a kid?

sonic kin: Yes. Once my brother had to go out of town for his work-study and my parents were busy, so they were my babysitters.

uwuwavity: OH MY GOD

constantly nakey: !!!!!!!

constantly nakey: i don’t have enough exclamation points for this!!!!!!!!!

karate kid: Here take some of mine:

karate kid: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

constantly nakey: thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonic kin: I might have pictures at home. I’ll have my parents check the photo album.

pikakin no doubles: i’m gonna level with you class prez, i need those pictures more than i need AIR

invader zim: just IMAGINE young cringey awkward aizawa

kermie: and young cringey awkward present mic

invader zim: this is the greatest day of my life

small might: tenya. please.

sonic kin: I texted my mom. She’s going to look.

hand crusher: Tell your mom its a matter of life and death

small might: exactly! i will die if i don’t see those pictures!

uwuwavity: plus we get the bonus baby tenya!

hand crusher: The cherry on top

sonic kin: On second thought, I don’t know if I should be sharing such photos.

small might: i’ll detroit smash you!! don’t think i won’t!!!

hand crusher: He will

uwuwavity: heck, I’LL detroit smash you!

uwuwavity: i don’t even know how but i’ll figure it out!!!

sonic kin: I feel a little unsafe.

constantly nakey: good now give us piccies!

pikakin no doubles: pls

DIY bondage: please?

me me big gay: sorry i was busy for a sec there but i’ll also detroit smash you for pictures!

kermie: busy doing what

me me big gay: tsu please i thought we were friends

goth bf: you’re all ridiculous.

hentai bf: ...

goth bf: that being said, i would also like to see the pictures

hentai bf: that’s what i thought.

sonic kin: My mom says they’re in another photo album which is packed up in the attic. She’ll find it and send the pictures tomorrow.

hentai bf: we’re all going to hold you to that

small might: or else!!!

uwuwavity:   🔪 🔪 🔪

sonic kin: I would expect nothing less from you all.