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alcohol bubbles

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,,It's like...'' He tried to explain how it feels to be drunk.

But honestly Kakashi didn't need any liquid to feel that. He had felt drunk before quite differently.

,,It's like getting fuzzy inside, in your head-'' He put his index on his forehead lightly. ,,And doing things without thinking, nor being bothered in the aftermath.''

,,So like you, sensei.''

The males shared a fine laugh.

Minato's bubbles were already up and the fizzing has stopped long. He lifted his glass and sipped on his drink, licking his lips after. But Kakashi has not touched the glass with light yellow liquid poured in it. He wanted to, but he knew exactly what he would do-

What he wanted to do a long time ago.

It was his 19th birthday. Everyone was sure he has been damn drunk before he hit nineteen, but they were wrong. Kakashi wasn't the very type to drink, to get drunk. But there were other things that happened that day.

He got the taste of the liquid, sitting in his glass. It was bitter, just as Kakashi, Minato said. Kakashi didn't like it.

He got to finally open up. He finally let out everything that has been rotting inside him for oh so long.

He got to taste his lips. He could still feel the fresh alchohol from his lips.

Why is it sweeter from him than from the glass?