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“Did someone take my glitter?!”


“No, Tae, you put it in your dresser, remember? And no one else here wears blue glitter, that’s your thing,” Jimin responded back at Taehyung from across the room, who was frantically getting ready for tonight’s show.


Jungkook shook his head, a smile peeking through his lips as he did up his strappy heels. He loved the aura backstage before a show; everything was so high energy; everyone scampering around to get ready, Namjoon probably tripping on a stray flogger left on the floor, Jimin doing the splits, Taehyung making yet another iconic makeup look. 


The crowd outside was getting louder as the night went on and Jungkook couldn’t wait to finally get back out there. In all honesty, he didn’t really think he would be a stripper for as long as he has, only getting into it because he needed to pay off his student loans. As it turns out, he loved the feeling of being on stage, knowing everyone in the audience desires him but only he gets to choose who can have him. Also, he was just a damn good dancer and fucking great on a pole.


Soon enough, the doors to the club finally opened and the night officially started. It was a Friday, which always meant a full house and heaps of money just waiting to be thrown at Jungkook. He thought about the new camera he could buy with just a few more nights performing as he added in his double helix, all his earrings dangling, just how he liked it.


“Hey, Kook, you’re up next!” Hoseok informed him hastily, to which Jungkook nodded in acknowledgement. Hoseok smiled brightly at him before rushing off to the sound booth. Hoseok, being the best backstage manager he knew, was always flitting about that Jungkook barely saw him in one spot for too long. 


“Are you gonna pour vodka over yourself today?” Taehyung asked as he sidled up beside Jungkook, both of them watching Jimin’s performance from the side, “You know it’s a Friday, you have to do something special.”


“Hmm, maybe nothing slippery this time,” chuckled Jungkook, “I’m planning to do some trapeze work tonight.”


“Oh, fancy! I’ve always envied your athleticism,” Taehyung pouted.


“Don’t worry, you got all of them thirsting over your heavy lidded gaze and thick ass,” Taehyung probably should have seen Jungkook slapping his ass coming, much to his chagrin. 


“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, flat-ass. Now go on out, Jimin just finished up. Go get that coin!” Taehyung cheered, lightly pushing Jungkook towards the stage. Jungkook laughed, sticking his ass out a tiny bit to prove that no, he does not have a flat ass, thank you very much, before bowing slightly in gratitude and taking one last deep breath. Showtime.




There was always something about the flashing lights, the glitter scattered on the floor, loud cheers, the blaring music that made the whole room shake to the beat. All of it brought out something in Jungkook that he couldn’t describe; something feral but focused, knowing exactly what he wanted to do, knowing exactly how he wanted the audience to react to him.


His hands came to grip the velvet silk hanging from the ceiling as a hush fell over the room. Everything was dark, anticipation pulsating through the air. Jungkook breathed in, waiting for the first note to hum through the air. And when it did, he was on fire.




This place was the last place you wanted to be at that very moment. Loud blaring music, blinding lights, drunk people that somehow always manage to bump into you and nearly spill their entire drink. It was a mess, yet somehow you found yourself dragged into this club at the insistent begging of yours friends. You need a break, they said, you work so hard, they said, you have to relax, they said. This was anything but relaxing, in your own honest opinion.


After your friends pulled you to a small table by the stage and you got to settle down a bit, you had to admit that the place wasn’t half as bad as when you just entered. You laid back into your seat and fixed your eyes on the stage, quietly admiring the pronounced lines and softly sculpted muscles of the current performer on stage. He was quite small, full pillow lips and hooded eyes, luring all the people by the front to him. You nodded, impressed, and enjoyed the rest of his set.


Not long after, a hush fell over the bar, lights dimming. You watched curiously as a strong figure walked on stage, reaching for thick ropes of silk that slowly lowered onto the stage. And suddenly, the room came alive with lights and music and an absolutely stunning boy.


You’re not often swayed by most men, and you never minded that. But something, something about him stirs a fire in you. It’s in the way he moves, the way his presence commands attention. His expressions are mesmerizing, and the way his gaze pierces through the audience as he flips and turns in the air has you yearning for more.


There’s an odd sensation brewing in you. Maybe it’s the way your eyes track each drop of sweat that trickles down his spine and catches light, maybe it’s the way he seems to always be looking your way when he does something obscene, maybe it’s the way he’s telling you to just take him. 


“I want him,” you say as the crowd breaks into a cacophony of cheering and whooping, dollar bills being thrown every which way. The boy on stage was absolutely soaking up all the praise he was getting, and rightfully so.


“You what?” one of your friends responded offhandedly, eyes still trained towards the stage as the boy sauntered off stage. Right before he disappeared behind the curtain, though, he looked back at you, and hell, you know for sure it’s you. The glint in his eye was calling out to you, and who are you to resist?


“I can get him for the night, right? That’s a thing in this place, isn’t it?” you asked your friends, all of which suddenly started hooting in your ears, shoving you teasingly.


“Oh honey, I know just who to ask,” one of your friends smiled wickedly before turning towards the bar, presumably to set some things up.


It’s time to finally have some fun.



You’ve been sitting in this small dingy room for a few minutes now, after being so graciously led there by one of the workers at this club. You honestly had no idea what you were doing, or what even came over you when you chose to ask for him. You’ve never done anything like this, finding yourself in a room with dim mood lighting and covered in velvet, lush seating and a few cabinets that you could only imagine what it contains.


It was him, he was the reason that pushed you to do something so out of your comfort zone. His eyes. The small peaks of his cupids bow. The small quirk of his lips. 


He baited you and you took it, but now you’re going to show him just exactly what he got himself into.


“Hey,” you blinked out of your reverie, fixing your eyes on the boy who just entered the room. He was wearing a little more than he was on stage, a soft yellow crop top slipping just so off his shoulder, revealing a plethora of tattoos scattered on his shoulder leading down his arm, and fuck was that sexy, “sorry if I kept you waiting, a few of my friends had me do a few things.”


He was rubbing the back of his neck timidly, but nonetheless walked deeper into the room after locking the door shut. When he finally met your eyes, he smiled, front teeth peeking out slightly, resembling a bunny, and somehow it made you want him even more.


“God, sorry, I’m really bad at this. I’m Jungkook, by the way. I-I didn’t expect you to actually get back to me or something. You thought I was being weird, looking at you all the time on stage, didn’t you? Oh god I really-,” he was rambling, suddenly unsure of himself as he started to walk back. You realized he was just as nervous as you are, probably more, and you couldn’t allow such a wonderful person to think he was unwanted.


“Hey, shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay. I asked for you specifically, didn’t I?” you reached out to him and took his hand in yours, tugging him forward lightly. 


His hands were surprisingly soft, but once you saw the look of surprise and wonder on his face, you realized that this was everything he was. Delicate but strong. Soft but piercing. Pliant but sturdy. A juxtaposition of all the best things a man can be.


Before you knew it, you were bringing his hand up to your mouth, placing a barely-there kiss on the heart tattoo engraved at the back of his hand. Jungkook let out a long, steadying sigh, eyes fluttering slightly at the sensation of your lips on his skin. There was something so freeing watching him lose his resolve, as if that small kiss was the first step in chipping away the walls he seemed to build up.


You didn’t break eye contact the second time you kissed his hand, this time straight on his knuckles. You caught the twitch in his eye, the way his jaw fell slack as you kept your mouth on him, opening up to let your tongue lightly graze the jut of his bones. 


Slowly, just enough to see every shift of emotion flash on his face without getting lost in your ministrations, you wrapped your lips entirely around the knuckle of his middle finger and sucked. 


And that was the last of it, the one thread keeping him together, snapping entirely. He whined as you kept going, breaths coming out in pants.


“Please,” he begged. He never even mentioned what he wanted, what he needed, but somehow you knew, “I’m all yours.”


“Then come here, baby,” you beckoned him to finally close the gap between you, grabbing both his hands and pulling until he settled on you, thick thighs straddling your hips.


He looked so angelic like this. Loose strands of hair falling in front of his face. Cheeks flushed a pretty pink. Lips bitten raw whenever he would try to keep in his noises.


He felt even better than he looked, as impossible as that seemed. You felt yourself getting greedy, wanting to feel more skin on skin with every moment passing, with every touch of his hands trailing down your face, following the lines of your neck and down your arm.


It was like Jungkook was trying to memorize you, just as mesmerized about you as you were him. You looked up at him again to find his doe eyes all blown out. Pretty, pretty, pretty.


You could tell he was also growing impatient but tried not to show it, knowing you were in charge here. He thought he was doing a good job at keeping it in, following your pace as you let your hands roam over the exposed skin of his torso. However, he couldn’t take it any longer once you dug the tips of your fingers into the small of his back, pushing forward. This only made him start rocking forward, his hips rolling in slow, hesitant motions over you.


It was almost subconscious, you realized, the way he had his head tipped back, reveling in your touch and taking in all you were giving him. It was all uncalculated movements, hips rocking forward onto yours in a way that wasn’t aggressive at all, just needy, which only made you want to give him everything.


“You’re so pretty, did you know that? So pretty for me,” the words come spilling out of your mouth, and with each word, Jungkook whimpered, burying his face in the crook of your neck while still continuing to roll his hips softly.


“All for you, all for you,” he panted, bringing his forehead to rest on yours. You trailed your fingers along the details of his face, wanting to commit all his features to memory. You pressed over his eyelids, across the small scar sitting high on his cheekbone, along the mole right under his mouth, and finally pressed onto his bottom lip. 


He opened up, so eager for you, so happy to please you. It was selfish, you know, how much you enjoyed watching him fall apart under your touch. You felt a heat burn bright in your core with every bob of his head, sucking your finger in and out of his wet mouth, drool leaking past his lips. 


You slipped your finger out of his mouth and Jungkook whimpered at the loss, only for it to be muffled by your mouth on his. This, this, felt right. Like two waves crashing into each other, then losing themselves in each other, you pushed and pulled and he just let you do it. He was a whining mess on you, soft tremors pulsating through his body with every lick into his mouth, every tilt of the head, every moment you break your kisses for air, only to come right back together again.


“I-I want more, please. More, more,” Jungkook was an enigma to you, looking so big and strong with sturdy muscles but crumbling under one simple touch. 


You took the liberty to take his top off him, your lips immediately latching onto the revealed skin of his collarbone, which just made Jungkook elicit a breathy moan in response.


Nothing in your life felt quite like this before. Nobody you were with previously has ever opened themselves up to you the way Jungkook has. Sure, not many words have been exchanged between you two, but he didn’t need words to strip himself bare for you emotionally. He seemed to have no inhibitions for you, but he didn’t take anything from you, not the way other men have so selfishly done. This time, he’s laying himself out for you, in his own way.


He bared himself for you in the way he no longer held back any emotion he was feeling, expressing himself freely with all your touches, all the sweet nothings you find yourself whispering in his ear, all the sounds he makes when you kiss him all over; from his neck to his collarbone, and down his chest.


Jungkook knew what you were getting at, too, because somehow you were revealing parts of who you are to him in such a small time frame that you were with him. He knew what you wanted, too. And so he pushed forward, this time taking the initiative to lead his hardened nipple into your mouth.


“Hhhh, that feels so good,” he moaned, absolute music to your ears. You rolled the nub in your mouth, tongue swirling all around, your hand coming up to give some attention to the other nipple, squeezing and twisting until Jungkook let out an endless string of whines. 


“Do you like that, baby?” you asked, letting go of his light brown nub with a pop, replacing your mouth with your finger and pressing in. Jungkook keeled, a sharp gasp ripping through him.


“Yes, love it so much,” he was panting now, his hands needing to rest on your shoulders for support. He pushed his hips down against yours, allowing you to feel the bulge in his shorts.


“Can you take this off for me, honey? Be a good boy for me,” you ordered as you trailed your hands down his back, slipping into his shorts, giving the tops of his ass cheeks a quick squeeze. Jungkook nodded obediently, staring at you almost sedately as he got off your lap, standing only to push his shorts down completely.


Of course he wasn’t wearing anything underneath, of course. His cock was flush against his stomach, pink and leaking precome.


His hands reached down to grip his length, but, “Nuh-uh,” you stopped him right before he wrapped his fingers around himself completely, “come here, let me do that.”


Nodding bashfully, he settled once again on your lap, groaning as he felt the friction of your own denim shorts against his dick. He was spreading precome all over your clothes and somehow, you didn’t really mind. There was just something about Jungkook that stopped you from blaming him for anything.


You rest your hand on his hip bone, the other wrapping around Jungkook’s cock, much to his relief. He let out a prolonged moan as you stroked up one, two, three. You loved this so much, greedily drinking in all his broken whimpers, his mindless babbling, his short gasps with every push up into your hand, head tilted, neck exposed.


“I’m so close, so close, please I want to come so bad,” he was begging again, his desperation so palpable that you almost stroked faster to let him come right then and there. Almost.


“Wait, Jungkookie, can I try something with you instead? I promise it will be good,” you asked, hoping he would give you this. He nodded, teeth digging into his bottom lip, evidently trying to keep himself together. You smiled, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips before urging him to stand up again.


“Do you have any lube in here, baby?” you ask as you slowly start to peel your own top off, letting the garment fall onto the floor. Looking up, you’re greeted with Jungkook, frozen in place, gaze burning a hole right through you. Well, this was different. Something cunning curled in you. You never denied to yourself that you enjoyed attention, but with Jungkook it just felt more. 


The way he was looking at you wasn’t unsettling. It wasn’t invasive. It wasn’t malicious in the slightest. No, he looked at you like you were a goddess, admiration blooming in and out of him. You steadied your gaze on him, eyes locked as you reached behind your back to unclasp your bra, letting it fall to the floor as well.


The low groan Jungkook let out sent a shiver down your spine, spurring you on to get rid of the rest of your clothes still on your body. 


“The lube, honey?” you reminded him with a smirk, ripping him out of his stupor.


“Yes, right, right, uhm, over here,” he coughed, blinking twice before turning towards a small cabinet.


You settled back onto the cushions of the couch behind you, the velvet on your bare skin catching you off guard. And suddenly, you got a lapful of Jungkook, still breathing heavily, clearly still on edge. 


One thing you noticed this whole time is that no matter how much Jungkook was desperate to get off, that was never his first priority. He always held your gaze, got a feel of what you wanted, touching you, pressing his skin against yours, grounding you. His priority was you. 


If that didn’t deserve an award, you don’t know what does.


Inch by inch, you slide your hands down to his ass, gripping at each cheek with vigor, enjoying just how firm they are under your touch without losing its softness. They were perfect, so perfect, you couldn’t stop yourself from laying one steady spank on his pert cheek.


“O-oh,” Jungkook gasped as your hand met his ass, red blotches blossoming so quickly, “again, again.”


One more spank turned to ten, and soon enough, Jungkook was a shivering heap against you. He tried kissing you again, only to being able to land quick presses of his mouth on yours, unable to kiss properly with all the stimulation.


You reached to your side, hand finding the bottle of lube Jungkook got. You clicked it open, squirting out a generous amount on your fingers, warming it up.


All the while, Jungkook had his eyes on each movement, following each finger as they glistened in the sheen of the lube against the warm lighting. His pupils were blown wide, the brown of his irises barely seen. Oh. So you hit the jackpot.


“Tell me if you feel any discomfort, okay?” you requested, to which he nodded, eyes heavy and glazed over, tongue licking over his lips over and over again in anticipation.


Your fingers made their way down his perineum, your other hand spreading his cheeks apart to make way. When you touched his rim with your middle finger, Jungkook jolted forward. He was writhing, almost as if he wanted to pull away but didn’t because this is exactly what he craved. The sensitivity, the overstimulation, and this was only the start.


“Just put it in me already, please, I want it so bad,” he almost pushed himself down on your finger himself, gathering the last of his self-control to resist, waiting for you.


“Of course,” you mouthed at his shoulder as you breached his hole, sinking deep with each knuckle into his warmth. Jungkook was letting out the most beautiful noises, whimpers and choked intakes of air dripping with desperation, you wanted to bottle it all up.


You worked him open slowly, being careful to keep things comfortable on his end. Jungkook was back to rolling his body onto yours, and god did it feel surreal. His bare skin on yours, sweat intermingling, heat radiating from both of you. You could feel Jungkook’s tremors with every push of your finger in and out of him.


“Can you take more, Koo? Will you let me fuck you open with my fingers?” you were also starting to lose your breath, the feel of Jungkook’s tight heat around you turning you on more than you thought it would.


“Yes, please, fuck me open. Fuck me so hard it’s all I can feel in the morning,” he begged and begged, going from rolling his hips slowly to desperately bouncing on your finger, pace quickening as he wanted it more and more.


When you pulled your finger out entirely, he moaned miserably. You grazed your fingers over the rim so you could feel it clench and unclench, feeling empty, so, so, empty.


“Sshh, baby, I got you,” you whispered soothingly in his ear, “Jungkook, look at me.”


When he lifted his head, you were surprised to see his cheeks streaked with tears. His eyes were glassy, still filled with unshed tears. Your heart twinged almost painfully. You’ve gotten so fond of this boy in no time at all, it honestly scared you.


“Please, make me yours, take me,” Jungkook rasped, another batch of tears falling from his eyes.


Not being able to withhold any more from him, you pushed in two fingers through his asshole while kissing away his tears. Jungkook sounded so broken but oh so full of pleasure. He was blissed out, slamming his hips down as you scissored him open.


At one point, you crooked your fingers just so, and yup, there it was. Jungkook’s back bowed dramatically, letting out a shout so loud you swear people outside of the room could hear him.


“Hah, ah, oohh t-that’s so good I just-hnggh,” the words spewing out of his mouth were almost unintelligible at this point, letting whatever came to him go, so deep under as he kept fucking down onto your fingers, “I wanna, I wanna-haahh, oh, oh, you t-too.”


You gasped, your back straightening in surprise when you felt fingers rub at your clit. Jungkook sloppily sucked at your neck, taking advantage of it being exposed with your shock. He pulled his fingers away for a moment, wrapping them instead around his length to gather the precome that was coming out in streams, digging into his slit because he was just that kind of guy.


When he brought his fingers back to your clit, they were slick with his come, and just the thought of Jungkook rubbing himself against you while your own fingers were up his ass was so goddamn sexy, you could barely keep your own bearings in check.


By the time you slipped in a third finger, and soon after a fourth, Jungkook was wailing. His breathing came out in sobs. The only way he grounded himself was trying to concentrate on pleasuring you too, rubbing and flicking your clit to match the pace of your own fingers fucking into him. You honestly found it cute, how he stutters in his pace every time your fingers graze his prostate. 


You were both glowing, both feeding off of each other’s energy. Everything about this night was serendipity, something so unexpected turning into something so perfect.


“I-I’m so close, so, so, ah! So close! Please let me come, please, p-please,” he cried, pushing so hard against your fingers, so eager to be filled. He angled his hips so that his balls joined his fingers in stimulating your clit, pushing you closer to the edge with him.


“Baby, baby, you’re doing so well for me. Do you deserve to come?” you tested him, which only made him crave your validation even more, rubbing so vigorously against you, creating friction against his cock with the skin of your torso.


“Yes, yes, deserve to come, please!” he whimpered, chasing his climax. You sped up your pace, fucking your fingers into him so fast and hard it seemed like he was seeing stars.


Placing your mouth next to his ears, biting down gently on his lobe, you whispered, “Then come.”


With a broken moan, he came, spilling onto his body and yours. He was shaking, choking out whines with tears leaking anew. He was beautiful on stage, but this. This. He was the most beautiful being you have ever laid your eyes on, all open and vulnerable, soul bare for you.


When Jungkook came down from his high, he let out a deep sigh, allowing his body to melt onto yours for a moment before regaining his composure.


He brought his forehead to yours again, staring deep into your eyes, and saying, “Your turn.”


Before you knew it, his fingers found their way back to your clit, rubbing with fervor, determined to bring you to your own climax. You moaned in pleasure, making him smile before pressing one, two, three chaste kisses to your lips before trailing down your body, mouth latching onto one of your breasts.


You let out a pleased sigh, tilting your head back to rest against the wall behind you as Jungkook continued to suck and flick his tongue around your nipple, all while still rubbing you off with his come. 


The thing about Jungkook is that he always pays attention to detail, pays attention to what you like, what turns you on, and he keeps track of it, and makes the most of it. He’s such a good boy, doing so well for you. So good, so good, you finally come.


You both took a moment to just look at each other, the post-climax glow coming off of you in waves. There was something so special about this moment. The moment after the high, after the frenzied movements and desperation. The moment where you just get to soak each other up right after being so wrapped up in each other. The moment you learn more about each other just by looking at them, just by burning every detail about them into your mind.


There was something about Jungkook. Something that tells you that you shouldn’t let him go. Not after tonight, not ever.




“Woah, hey, Jungkook? What are you still doing here?” Jungkook looked up to see Hoseok approaching him. He was sitting at the bar, nursing a drink, dressed in gray sweats, just mulling over everything that happened that night. Everything about her.


“Oh, hey Hoseok. Just finished a shift. I’ll be going soon, might help Seokjin close up,” he responded, his thoughts still quite distant.


“Just finished a shift? But your set was hours ago! The only way you would be held up this long is if you--hold on.”


“Yup,” he acknowledged Hoseok’s dawning realization, popping the p.


“Damn,” Hoseok grinned, playfully bumping shoulders before taking a seat next to him, “wasn’t this your first session in like, a whole six months?”


“Yeah, I’m not as in demand for private sessions as much as Jimin and Taehyung are.”


“Doesn’t make you any less of a catch,” Hoseok kindly reminded, catching Jungkook’s tinge of self-doubt, “Now, details! How was it?”


Jungkook didn’t answer right away, instead picking up his glass and swirling his drink around. The huge grin on Hoseok’s face dimmed slightly, “Was it bad? What happened?”


“That’s the exact opposite of the problem, Hoseokie. It was so good, she was, different.


“Jungkook,” he could hear the warning in Hoseok’s tone, which is exactly what he dreaded.


“I know, I know, number one rule, don’t fall for the customers,” he recited glumly.


“Hey, hey,” Hoseok reached out, placing a hand on his shoulder out of comfort, “take the memory you have with her and treasure it. If she’s meant to be with you, the moment for you two to be together will come around, okay? Have hope, but don’t hold yourself back enough to keep you from moving forward.”


“Thanks, Hoseok, I-I’ll try to remember that,” he forced out a smile. He knows Hoseok is right, dammit he knows. But, like a lot of things, words are easier said than done.


Hoseok gets up to leave, but not before gathering Jungkook up in a hug. With one last wave, he’s out the door, and Jungkook is left to his thoughts again.


Thoughts of her touch, thoughts of her warmth, thoughts of her beauty, thoughts of her, and everything about her that still remains unknown.




This place is the last place you thought you would find yourself coming back to, yet here you are. 


It’s been two days. Two days of mulling over your thoughts, two days memories flashing before you, no matter how hard you tried to focus on something else. Jungkook was all over your mind and you didn’t know what to do.


Damn it, you paid for your time with him. Was anything about it even genuine? 


No, no, it was. There was no way he could fake the emotion he showed you, no way he wouldn’t be that real, that raw, with you.


Rationally, the only thing to do was come back to the club. You just needed to see him again, just once more. If he didn’t want anything more to do with you, then so be it. And, on the slim chance of it being possible, he was waiting for you to come back to him, then everything would fall into place, right?


You were starting to get antsy. You’ve only been sitting at the bar for around five minutes, but it’s five minutes too long for anxiety to get the best of you. You needed a drink.


“Excuse me, can I get a drink please?” you waved over the bartender who had his back facing you, tending to a couple of other customers.


“Just a minute!” he called over, stumbling to finish a few drinks before heading your way.


“Hi there, what can I get-,” he stopped short, looking up at you and choking on his words.


You had no idea what kind of gracious deed you did in a past life, but here Jungkook was, standing right in front of you once again.


“So, you bartend now?” you asked, feeling a smile creep up your face.


“Uhm, yeah, I work the bar Mondays through Thursdays. Friday nights are when I, uhm,” he didn’t need to continue, knowing full well what transpired between you two the previous Friday.


“Interesting, interesting,” you hummed. He looked nervous, but happy? You could see the gleam in his eyes, like a galaxy suddenly appeared.


“I, uhm, I really don’t want to impose and you can turn me down any moment, but, my shift ends in an hour,” Jungkook started, rubbing the back of his neck again. A nervous tick, cute.


“Yes, and?” you asked, leaning forward on your elbows to bring your face only a few inches away from his. He gulped, nervous. You quickly shot him a soft gaze, a look that reassured him that you wanted him too, god, do you want him.


“Would you like to go somewhere after? Uhm, with me?”


“I thought you would never ask.”