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Mike "Thatcher" Baker just wanted to sit down with a pint or two after a long day of training scenarios and teaching the younger operators how to do things right. Of course, once he sat down, Adriano "Maestro" Martello showed up at his area's door. He sighed and placed the pint glass down. "Bloody hell. . ." he mumbled under his breath, ready to hear a complaint. Whether it was going to be about him or someone else, he didn't know but he just knew the upcoming conversation was going to be Adriano whining to him.

"Mike, I got something to tell ya. About one of the scenarios earlier today," Adriano spoke up as he leaned against the metal door frame.

Mike rubbed his forehead and rested his arms on his thighs. "What is it now?" he asked with hints of annoyance buried in his voice.

Adriano stepped in and closed the door. He looked back into the hall where the Russians and Aussies were getting rowdy from only one drink. However, his eyes were focused on a particularly short man. He turned his attention back to Mike. "It's about Mozzie. During one of the scenarios, he went off on his own when he should've been guarding the objective," he explained, "and this ain't just one occurrence. It's been happening for way too long and he won't listen to any sort of warning."

With a roll of the eyes, Mike grabbed his pint again and chugged it down. "And so you want me to do what?" he asked.

"I'm just suggesting Mozzie needs some punishment to get the message through." the other replied, suggestively raising his eyebrows.

A sigh escaped Mike's throat before he placed the pint glass upside down on the small table next to him. He stood up and stretched out his shoulders. He cracked his knuckles and turned to Adriano. "Fine. I'll teach the boy a lesson. But if he doesn't listen afterwards, go to Ash next time."

With that, Mike opened the metal grid door and walked out with Adriano. They parted ways and he headed over to Alexsandr "Tachanka" Senaviev's area where the five men were playing all a card game on the cold concrete floor. He leaned against the grided wall and peered inside through one of the many squares of the wall.

Alexsandr and Maxim had indulged in a few drinks while Timur had only just opened his first one. Shuhrat had taken in all the thrown around cards and began to shuffle them, starting a new game. And then there was Max "Mozzie" Goose going off about some story of his.

"Anyways, my prototype's going all psycho in the background as Gridlock's chewing me out for nearly blowing up the truck, right? So—"

"Mozzie, we need to talk." the old man snapped his fingers to grab the fives' attention, "Now," he demanded before pushing himself off the wall.

Max turned his upper body towards the door to see Mike waiting with crossed arms. "Oh, uh, sure," he turned to Maxim and Timur who both nodded their heads towards Mike, telling Max to go. No one enjoyed keeping the impatient old man waiting. "See you guys later then," he spoke as he stood up.

He quickly left Alexandr's area/locker room. Nobody really knew what to call them. When he was assigned his, Ash had called it a locker which seemed absurd to him and to a few others too apparently. A locker wasn't the size of a master bedroom. A few people, like Mike and Mark, for example, called them areas but he didn't like the sound of that. So he just called them cages, after hearing Shuhrat and Dominic call them that. It made sense, the rooms had been built like cages and he did like the ring of it. Made him sound like a wild animal. Like how he often bragged about him being one in bed.

"What's up? Something you need?" he questioned, "Listen, after whatever you need, you should join me and the others. Timur's got these amazing stories about some of his missions, Alexsandr too. Oh, I could tell you the story of how my prototype and I nearly destroyed Grid's truck--"

"Kid, let's get head to your area. This is a private matter," Mike told him, putting his hand up to shut the younger man up.

"My cage? Sure, why not? But what is this about?" Max continued to pry as he walked down the empty corridor with Mike. He wasn't going to lie, he was nervous over the reason Mike had called him over. It wasn't every day, not even every week for that matter, that Mike engaged in a conversation with him. He had always assumed it was the difference in age and culture which had pushed the two apart.

The two arrived in front of the metal door of Max's cage. He punched in his code into the number pad and the door made a quiet clicking sound, signalling that it had unlocked. He swung it open and stepped inside, holding the door open for Mike behind him.

Mike took a glance around the area, seeing many things he didn't often see in England. The Australian flag hung up proudly, it still weirded Mike out how the Australian flag was basically a rip off of the British flag. He wasn't fully finished unpacking so many cardboard boxes were shoved into one corner, either filled or empty. There were many tables set up, each cluttered with random items. One had a few gadgets and electronics scattered around a small table with a few bags of kangaroo jerky- some finished and a few unfinished -mixed in. Other tables either had Australian tourist items scattered about and one just had photos of him and what Mike assumed to be his family. He noticed two blankets and a pillow on some sort of short table, he walked over and flipped over the blanket to reveal two benches squished together. Mike didn't have a single clue where Max got the second bench but Max was a talker and barely a listener so Mike wasn't going to ask.

"Uh, welcome to my cage," Max spoke up, clearing his throat. He clapped his hands together and planted himself down on his make-shift bed of benches. "So what's this private issue you wanted to talk about?"

Mike closed the door and walked in front of the short Australian. "Listen, I've received some complaints about your performance in training scenarios," he explained blankly in which he was responded to with a groan.

The Aussie's shoulders slumped in a sign of annoyance. "Oh again? Who was it this time? Maestro? Mute? Alibi? No, wait! It was Castle this time, wasn't it?"

Jesus, the number of people annoyed with him concerned Mike. He shook his head and let out a heavy sigh. "It was Maestro but that's not the point. I've been told you've been taking these training scenarios as a joke and I'm certain Maestro isn't the only one thinking it," he lectured, staring down at the blonde male below him.

"Alright, alright, fine. I get it. I'll take them more seriously," Max replied, his hands raised defensively.

Mike leaned down to meet eye-to-eye with the younger male. He glared into the other's soul, making him sweat from nervousness. "No, no, no boy. This ain't a warning, this is a punishment," he stated. He stood up straight and crossed his arms. "And it ain't one of the typical military punishments."

The sound of that made Max even more nervous than he was before. He looked up at the older man in front of him. "Uh, punishment? What kind exactly?" he asked concerned, feeling sweat drip down his forehead.

"The kind that'll make sure you don't misbehave again," Mike stated as he grabbed Max's wrist tightly. He pulled the younger to his feet and placed his hands on the slim shoulders. He quickly pushed the male to his knees. He placed one hand on top of Max's head to keep him down. His free hand fumbled with his belt.

Max will admit he was oblivious from time to time but he wasn't this oblivious. And he sure as hell wasn't gay either. He had had multiple partners before, all-female, and he hadn't once ever felt any sort of attraction to men. "Listen, listen, listen. I get it, you need to get off, relieve some stress and I get it, we all want something other than our hand but I'm not gay." he quickly protested.

"It doesn't matter if you're gay or not, this is a punishment," Mike responded, sliding off his belt. He grabbed the other's wrists and used his leather belt as a rope substitution to tie the slim wrists together.

He unzipped his pants and shifted them off his hips. He let them dropped to the concrete floor, leaving him in his black undergarments. He shoved his hand down his underwear and pulled out his cock which was still limp. Although the thought of it getting attention after a month of nothing did get it pumping. He spat into the palm of his hand and slowly began to rub his cock. He bit his lip, thinking back to a few magazines he picked up, and his hand picked up its speed. His cock slowly hardened and rose to stand tall on its own.

Max watched in shock as the cock in front of his face grew an erection. He let out a nervous chuckle and averted his gaze down, trying to free his wrists from the skin-digging tight restraints. "Alright, sure, this is funny. Ha. Ha. Come on Thatcher, this is stupid," he mumbled with a soft hint of uncertainty.

He hissed in pain as his hair was yanked, lifting his head. "Ow! Watch the fuckin--" he quickly shut his lips as the erect penis moved closer to his mouth. The tip rested on his soft plump lips.

"Open wide and this'll be over quickly," Mike instructed.

He kept his lips firmly shut. There was no way he was going to suck some penis just because it was 'punishment'.

Mike rolled his eyes and pinched Max's nose. He watched the younger man squirm beneath him. Max struggled but remained strong, he held in his breath and kept his lips glued shut. After thirty seconds, his head began to sting as a migraine stirred up, the sound of heart banged around in his ears. He was never good at holding his breath and Mike seemed to catch up on this, they both knew he couldn't last much longer.

Unfortunately for Max, his body gave out sooner than he expected. His mouth popped open with a large and loud gasp for air. Before he could close his mouth, Mike's cock was pushed deep into his mouth and pushing against the back of his throat. His eyes widened in shock and felt his gag reflex react to the erection deep inside his mouth. He fought off the urge to gag on the penis, he didn't want to know what Mike would do if he did.
He raised his tied hands and tried to push himself away, using one of Mike's thigh. But the older man's hands were securely gripped onto the back of his head, he couldn't move back any further. His nostrils flared up as he took deep breaths through his nose, trying to keep himself calm and relaxed. He just had to let the old man get off and then they'd be done. Hopefully. He wasn't up for taking one up his ass.

Mike retracted his hips back and pushed them forward, stopping when his cock was half-way in the blonde's yapper. His face showed hints of cringe as he felt Max's teeth graze his sensitive skin. "Widen your mouth, you might as well be biting down on my dick like it's your favourite granola bar at this point," he ordered.

The blonde huffed and grumbled, which only sent vibrations down Mike's dick. He begrudgingly let his jaw hang loose, his teeth no longer touching the thick shaft in his mouth. Before he could get used to the stinging position of his jaw, his head was pushed into the older hips and forcing him to take in the entire dick. His nose was pressed into the other's hips, engulfed by the thick, dark pubic hair. He was disgusted and badly wanted to hold his breath but he couldn't. As much as he hated it, he had to breath. His mind grew clouded by the scent. It wasn't a good scent like roses, vanilla or whatever other scents people found good, but it was strong. Extremely strong.

And addicting.

Max oddly wanted more, he couldn't think of anything else but the smell. His head was pulled back and he was able to get some fresh air. He slowly bobbed his head, taking in more again. He wasn't sure if he was doing it right, he never minded to search up how to give head. He never thought he'd be the ones on his knees. Because he wasn't gay. Or at least he thought he was.

No, he wasn't. He knew this, he figured out who he was. He was thirty-five dammit, he was straight. This wasn't the time for some mid-life crisis.

Mike sighed and shook his head. "Mozzie, no," he spoke as he stopped the other's head movement. He gripped the locks of blonde hair and guided Max down his cock. He pulled the head away. "Like that, okay? Not like some puppy trying to feed off its mama's milk," he instructed.

Max grumbled but repeated what Mike had shown him. He closed his eyes and focused on sucking. The cock reached down his throat and he nearly coughed thanks to his gag reflex.

Mike had considered him too slow and began thrusting his hips while holding Max's head in place. He watched the man's eyes open wide and expression change from relaxed to annoyance. He ignored the change and continued to face fuck Max, his cock rapidly pounding in and out of the inexperienced mouth. He groaned and shoved the other's face deep into his hips as he released his seed deep down the other's throat. He pumped his hips with little thrusts to ride out his orgasm. He pulled his cock out slowly and quickly pushed his hand against Max's chin. "Swallow."

Max wanted to cough it up badly, he had to after Mike had so kindly forced a 'drink' into his mouth. Despite his throat screaming at him to cough, he managed to swallow the salty liquid. The hand left his chin and he immediately started to cough. He glared up at Mike who seemingly had little reaction to his coughing.

"Come on, get up," Mike ordered, pulling the younger male to his feet. "Drop the pants."

Max gritted his teeth, he wasn't going to be fucked in the ass. "Hold up! I'm not getting fucked in my arse! You already had your release, you aren't usin' my butt for another," he quickly objected. "'Punishment' my ass! You were just told about my performance and are using it as an excuse to bed me," he accused.

Mike rolled his eyes and spun Max around. He pushed him down against the benches and held him down with one hand while the other wiggled off the pants and undergarments. He watched the younger man beneath him struggle to escape and to stop him, he slapped the pale ass in front of him. The small body perked up in embarrassment and Max turned his head. "Don't you fucking dare!" he threatened.

He bit his lip and curled his hands into fists as he felt the tip of the thick cock press against his small bud of muscle. He grumbled a few insults under his breath before he yelped out in pain as the tip popped inside. He panted heavily and arched his back, trying to stop his heavy breaths.

Mike bit his lip and hovered over the younger man as his hips inched closer, his cock forcing its way inside. He groaned and felt Max's insides squeeze around his cock over his intrusion. Max was tight, as expected from someone's first anal. His hips were pressed against the small hips, his cock fully buried deep inside Max. He wrapped an arm around the other's chest and pulled him up, resting his chin on the small shoulder. He slowly pulled out and watched the other squeeze his eyes shut in pain.

"St-stop. . . It-it hurts. . . Please, I'll take the scenarios more seriously. . . Oh fu-ucckk!" Max moaned out, his hands clinging to the thin metal bars of the wall. He dropped his head and panted heavily. He looked down at his cock and noticed growing hard. No, there was no way he was enjoying being raped. A hand roped around and began to pump his dick. He bucked his hips, trying to get more from the handjob although he promptly regretted it as Mike's dick was pulled out swiftly. He let out a yelp and bit his lip with tears forming in his eyes.

"Don't go so fast, you'll tear yourself in two!" Mike lectured, as he slowly pushed back in. "Let me take control here, Mozzie."

Mike planted soft kisses on the back of Max's neck to soothe him and distract him from the anal. The handjob and kisses were distractions, he didn't want Max to focus on the pain. Sure, he needed to give punishment but he didn't want the kid to suffer too much. He pushed out and back in at a slow pace, keeping an eye on the younger man's reaction.

After an excruciatingly long two minutes, the pace picked up and Mike was pounding Max with all his speed, his right leg kicked up onto the bench. Max was leaning against the metal grid wall, no longer needing support from the older, and moaning loudly with pleasure. He rolled his eyes up as his body rocked back and forth from the intense speed. "Mo-more! Har-harder!!" he begged Mike.

"Bloody hell kid," Mike mumbled under his breath. He pulled out until the tip was the only thing inside Max and slammed right back in, earning a loud cry of pleasure from the younger male. He repeated this process and listened to the loud moans and groans. He leaned forward and bit down hard on Max's neck, leaving a mark.

He yanked on Max's hair as he made one last big thrust, orgasming deep inside the Australian. He gave a few more thrusts, pumping every last drop out into the other. He pulled out and stepped back.

Max panted heavily and slid down, resting on the benches. His body twitched softly as he slowly calmed down. He pushed himself up slowly until Mike stopped him. "Relax, don't move too much," Mike hushed as he got dressed. "Give yourself a few minutes."

Max only nodded and shifted his entire body onto the two benches. He felt blankets cover his body and he looked up to see Mike tucking him in. "Mm, so if I misbehave, will I be punished again? Because if so, I'll-"

"You misbehave and you'll be sent to Ash next time," Mike stated. "Now rest so you're not whining tomorrow."

He stepped out of Max's area and shut the metal door. He walked off to the shower room, he needed to get himself clean.