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Majima-san is a difficult person to read; Yuki can study him for hours as he walks around the club, dealing with customers like this sort of work is built into his DNA, but she can never really tell what is going on inside his head. His face is expressive, often smirking when he teases Yuki or scowling when ranting about a rude customer in the back room, but she can never tell if it is all a mask. She knows a lot about him, but at the same time feels like he is a total stranger to her.

And this only gets confusing when she notices a sudden change in his behaviour. It isn’t anything big, but one day Yuki notices he seems to spend a lot more time staring into space, like he is daydreaming. Of course, he snaps out of it easily, but he just constantly seems to have something on his mind. He just seems absent, like he can’t stop thinking about something. And, given his mysterious past, Yuki has to worry a bit.

“Do you think Majima-san’s okay?” she asks Ai when they both get a break from serving customers, pulling her friend to the side and trying not to look like she is staring as she stares over at Majima-san.

Ai tilts her head. “Now you mention it… he does seem kinda… distracted.”

“I was just… worrying a bit,” Yuki says, cheeks going pink. “Think something bad happened?”

“…No, I don’t,” Ai says, still staring at him. “He’s distracted, sure, but… he doesn’t look sad or scared.” She smiles. “I think he’s happy.”

“Y-You do?”

Ai nods. “Yeah. don’t know what about though.”

“Maybe he’s in love?” Saki suggests, making them jump as she wanders over, inserting herself into the conversation.

Yuki actually flinches. “Majima-san? In love?”

Saki stares at her. “Why not?”

“I don’t know,” Yuki says, her face burning. “It’s just… Majima-san, you know?”

Saki looks puzzled, but Ai nods, smiling awkwardly.

“I know what you mean,” she says. “Still, you might be onto something, Saki-chan.”

Yuki stares at Majima-san, wondering if Saki is right. Is he distracted because… he is in love? She has no idea, but just thinking about Majima and romance makes her giggle awkwardly—although part of her thinks Saki might be right, just like Ai.

Still, what sort of person would Majima-san even be in love with? She has no idea; like she said, she doesn’t know him nearly as well as she first thought.


“Welcome to Club Sunshine, sir,” Youda-san says when the front doors swing open, an unfamiliar man walking into the club.

With Majima-san in the back room, Youda-san has been left on door duty, and Yuki has to admit he sucks at this sort of thing as much as she does (maybe Majima-san should give him lessons too). Not wanting Youda-san to mess up with an obviously new customer, Yuki hurries over, bowing when she reaches Youda-san’s side.

The man wears a rather ugly brown suit, his short hair greying and his face lined. He smirks, a hand tucked into his pocket, and a disturbingly familiar pin glints on his lapel.

He’s yakuza! Yuki thinks, forcing any anxiety off of her face. Even yakuza can have fun at a cabaret club; she just hopes he doesn’t cause trouble.

“Welcome, sir,” she chimes in, and Youda-san shoots her a grateful smile.

“Hey,” the man says, waggling the fingers of his free hand. “Nice little place you’ve got here.”

“Thank you, sir,” Youda says. “Would you like to request a specific girl?”

“Nice offer, but no. Am I right in thinkin’ your manager’s called Majima?”

Youda flinches, and Yuki forces back a little squeak. Desperate worries start swirling through her mind, and, judging by the way his hands shake behind his back, Youda has also started imagining this yakuza coming to murder Majima-san or something horrible like that.

Thankfully, Youda snaps out of it before her, nodding stiffly. “Um, yes, sir, our manager is called Majima. Would you like to see him?”

“If he’s free,” the yakuza says.

Youda glances at Yuki, and she takes the hint. As Youda starts rambling at the yakuza and leading him to a table, Yuki darts through the club and into the back room, trying to stop herself shaking. But when the door shuts behind her, she lets out a shriek—and Majima, who had been half asleep on the couch, jumps out of his skin.

“What the fuck, Yuki-chan?!” he says, blinking blearily. Taking rough breaths, he focuses his eye on her, frowning. “Wait, you okay?”

“M-Majima-san,” Yuki says, and she hurries over and grabs onto his arm. “There’s this yakuza out there. He wants to see you. Are, are you in trouble with the yakuza, Majima-san? Do you need to run away?”

Majima chuckles, giving her a pat on the head. “Easy, Yuki-chan. I’m not about t’ get murdered or some shit outta a movie. It’s all cool.”

Like Yuki said, she can’t read Majima-san very well. But in that moment, she actually spots some fear sparkling in his eye. Is he just trying to calm her down, whilst actually worried the yakuza might be after him?

“’Sides, I used t’ be yakuza,” Majima says, and he smirks.

Her eyes widen, bugging out as a gaps escapes her. “Y-You were a yakuza?”

“Yeah. It’s a long story. Anyway, Yuki-chan, mind tellin’ me what this yakuza looks like?”

How can he brush something like being in the yakuza off like that? And why is he asking that? Does he want to make sure this is a friendly yakuza, not one out to kill him?

Yuki swallows, picturing the man she met only a couple of minutes ago. “Kind of… old. Brown suit. Grey hair.”

And that’s when it happens. Majima-san’s eye widens ever so slightly, his lips twitching. And just as quickly, he snaps back to a normal Majima-san grin, patting her head again.

“Oh, then it’s all good. Thanks for tellin’ me, Yuki-chan,” he says, and he gets to his feet, walking out of the room.

Following him, Yuki can’t stop thinking about how he reacted. What is it about this particular yakuza (a man he can recognise from her vague description) that made him freeze up like someone put an ice cube down the back of his shirt?

But when she sees Majima-san approach the man, it all starts slotting into place. A weirdly fond smile crosses his face when he stares at the yakuza, who now sits in a booth, smoking with Chika sat beside him, only for Majima-san to snap back to his professional smile when the man looks up.

“Good evening, sir,” Majima says, bowing his head.

The man chuckles. “Cut the manager shit, Majima-chan. I just wanna chat to ya.”

Majima blinks, and an unmistakable pinkness flushes on his cheeks. Is Majima-san blushing? When he speaks, his normal Kansai accent shines through, and he mutters, “What are ya, my fuckin’ stalker, Sagawa-han?”

The man, Sagawa, laughs, tapping ash from his cigarette into the ashtray. “I guess ya could say that, tiger.”

The affectionate honorific and nickname… the fond bickering… the way Majima-san smiled and blushed when Sagawa appeared… Like a jigsaw, the pieces keep slotting into place, and Yuki can’t stop a smile spreading across her face…

Majima-san and this Sagawa guy must be… dating. Majima-san really is in love.

Now his weird behaviour makes sense. Yuki knows from personal experience how love can make you distracted, and she wants to giggle at the sight of Majima-san bickering with the yakuza sat in their club like they’re talking over the breakfast table.

Youda-san gestures at her, and despite wanting to keep watching Majima-san acting so… sweet, Yuki hurries over to him. Once she gets there, Youda-san puts a hand on her shoulder and whispers, “Yuki-chan, is Majima-san… flirting with that customer?”

Yuki smiles. “I think so, Youda-san.”

“I guess Saki-chan was right,” Youda says, and Yuki blinks.

“Wait, did you hear us?”

Youda chuckles. “You three talk louder than you think you do. But it’s fine. I was kinda thinking the same thing.”

Yuki smiles; you know you are acting weird when Youda-san notices.

“I’m glad he’s happy,” Yuki whispers.

Youda smiles too, staring as Majima-san pours Sagawa a glass of gold champagne. “Me too, Yuki-chan, me too.”